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WEST PENNANT HILLS CHERRYBROOK CRICKET CLUB established 1930 YEAR BOOK 2016 2017 WEST PENNANT HILLS CHERRYBROOK CRICKET CLUB established 1930 CLUB STRUCTURE 2016 2017 Chairperson President Deputy Chairperson (Snr) Deputy Chairperson (Jnr) Director Finance Director Juniors Director Kanga Director Girls Director Seniors Director Operations SENIORS Director Deputy Director Treasurer Secretary Captains A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2 Blue C2 Red C3 D1 D2 James Makin Simon Smyth Daniel Fiedler Rick Turner Andrew Fiedler Steve Burrows Rob Knapman Tarun Lath Steve Quanborough Mike Kinchington Steve Quanborough James Makin Peter Lees Ross Anderson Barry McDonald Andrew Miedler Andrew Fiedler Bill Peterkin Peter Lees Julian Bish Bill Peterkin Graham Chivers Steve Quanborough Ross Anderson JUNIOR BOYS Director Deputy Director Treasurer Secretary Registrar HKHDCA Del. Equipment Coaching Trophies Photos Grounds Kit Storage Clothing Age Co-ordinators U 16 U 15 U 14 U 13 U 12 U 11 U 10 U 9 U 8 Simon Reynolds Andrew Morris Rob Hanich Dumi Thenuwara Craig Hutchinson Joseph Cooray Steve Burroughs Lyndal Harrison Ratna Siva KANGA Director Bill Peterkin Julian Bish Rob Hanich Peter Lees Rob Hanich Alicia Evans Julian Bish Craig Hutchinson Martin Gilogly Alicia Evans Paul Vink Julian Bish David Flook Sreeni Pillamarri Internet Services Andrew Fiedler GIRLS Director Graham Chivers 2 CHAIRPERSON S REPORT This season saw the completion of our 86th season and is my 32nd year as Chairman of our great Club. When I look at where we are today and where we have come from I get inspired by what has been achieved. We have been fortunate to have so many quality people lead us across all Divisions over many years. Our present leadership team though is one of our best and I commend each of these leaders and their quality team of volunteers for their outstanding contribution to our Club. Our leadership team will share the season achievements of each division with you in this report. There are though a few highlights that I would like to mention. History Our Club has an amazing history. Ross Anderson has documented this history in a piece of work that has been compiled over 30 years and taken many thousands of hours of effort. It is a remarkable snapshot of our people the stories and their achievements. When you get a chance have a browse on the website and you will get an appreciation of what makes our Club so special. Life Members James Makin and Bill Peterkin There have only been 22 Life Members inducted in the Club s history it is the highest recognition that we can give to those people who have made a significant contribution to our Club over a long period of time. This year we have 2 worthy inductees James Makin (our 21st Life member) James started playing Juniors for us in the mid-1980s in the U14s and started playing Seniors in 1989 90 just on 30 years ago. He has played Seniors continuously for 25 years. In terms of specific achievements James has Captained A1 Grade to a Club record 4 consecutive Premierships an A1 Runners-up an A2 Premiership 2 First Grade T20 Premierships and a Runners-up T20. He is our most capped Premiership Captain James has also made a significant contribution to our Club over many years - Seniors Deputy Director since 2007 08 - Developed the A1 Grade Player numbering system where every player selected in A1 has a unique playing number in the order they have played going back 66 years - Evolved the Club Wisden into a sophisticated historical data base - James sets standards of behaviour and on-field grace that has been commented on by opposition teams and also umpires. Bill Peterkin (our 22nd Life Member) Bill (pictured left below) started playing Juniors with us from the late 1980s and played Seniors in 1992 93. Some of Bill s achievements are Seniors Deputy Convenor between 2002 and 2006 Seniors Treasurer between 2009 10 Taking on the Kanga Director s role since 2015 16. Bill volunteered to fill a gap when asked and ran Kanga with many of the administrative records and operational details unobtainable due to illness. 3 Despite having no children playing Kanga he took on this role to help the Club in a time of need. It is worth mentioning that Bill has young children of his own and Saturday mornings are usually committed to swimming lessons. He gave Kanga priority with his wife looking after this important family function to make sure that Kanga ran smoothly. Bill is one of those people who is always there when needed. While his role in Kanga is a standout example Bill has volunteered to help whenever there has been a need and he has delivered every time. Bill is passionate about our Club and nothing is ever too much trouble. Girl s cricket Graham Chivers continues to do an outstanding job. His contribution to our Girls continues to be outstanding with 63 Girls now playing cricket. Graham is also a driving force in CNSW and uses his knowledge passion and drive regularly throughout the season. His commitment after winning the NSW Volunteer of the Year Award last season shows no abatement. Community Pink Stumps Day is one of the major community contributions we make beyond providing safe and well organised sporting opportunities. We have now raised over 26 000 for the McGrath Foundation and this effort has been acknowledged by the McGrath Foundation at national level. The Future Our Club is in a strong position with a clear strategy great people and a vision of where we want to be in the future. The Norwest Metro Project will provide opportunities and challenges over the next few years rapid population growth changing demographics new sports being formed grounds and training facilities being placed under more pressure. We also need to look at how we can better embrace providing cricket for people with disabilities and how we can extend the pathway for Girls beyond U17 cricket. Our focus will move to understanding how these changes will affect us and how we can pre-empt change rather than react. The future is exciting and not without risk. Barry McDonald Chairperson James Makin Bill Peterkin WPHCCC Pink Stumps Cup Graham Chivers Ross Anderson Barry McDonald Andrew Fielder and Lauren Smith 4 PRESIDENT S REPORT By any measure this has been an outstanding season. Standout achievements have been Under Bill Peterkin our In2Cricket (Kanga) has thrived with 123 boys and girls playing. To put this in context in 2012 13 we participated in the Association run U8s Competition that drew its numbers from our Kangas. This season we still managed to have 123 children playing Kanga and had 3 U8 Teams. To see the T20 Blast girls at James Henty on Friday nights with Graham Chivers being coach DJ and parent with the girls laughing and having fun this has been a wonderful success. Add to this the Sixers Competition for our U13s and U17s we are on an upward path. Julian Bish has provided outstanding leadership of our boys. With 36 teams last season our retention rate remains high and the close relationship built with the Seniors to support transition has been a highlight. In Seniors under Steve Quanborough in his first year as Director we won our first Club Championship since 2008 09 a competition that is difficult for large clubs to win under the complex calculation formula. We also had 8 of our 10 Seniors Teams make the Semi Finals with 5 Teams playing in the Grand Finals. We had 2 Premiers (B1 and C1) with A1 missing out by just 1 run. Our Schools program has been a tremendous success allowing us to build strong partnerships with our local schools and allowing us to introduce cricket to over 1 000 local children. This has been the single biggest driver in allowing us to build sustainability through our grass roots development. Pink Stumps Day continues to be a success. Barry has commented on the success of our U9s in driving this initiative. This season our U15s took this to another level during the Armidale Country carnival where they initiated and then ran a Pink Stumps day to coincide with McGrath Foundation day at the Sydney Test raising 2 000. Our new website has also been a significant advancement. Our old website did a very good job since being launched in 1998. Andrew Fiedler has done a great job in sourcing a developer building requirements and driving delivery. We now have a website that gives us the platform to take our communication to the next level. It also opens up sponsorship opportunities and to allow our website to be revenue producing. The season has also had its challenges. Lack of grounds and training facilities are a problem now and will only become a bigger issue over time as population density increases. Council amalgamations will also create issues where new relationships will need to be created and the important role we play in the Community may need increased focus. We are already working closely with Baulkham Hills Council to allow us to get access to grounds in our catchment area. President s Award (Jim Fuggle Trophy) Outside Life Membership the President s Award is our most important award. We are a volunteer community based cricket club and without our volunteers we do not have a Club. The winner this year is Julian Bish our Juniors Director. Photo Julian Bish (centre) receiving the President s Award from Andrew Miedler (left) with Barry McDonald Juniors Presentation Day Oakhill Drive Public School 18th March 2017. 5 The quality of the people who did not win this award is testimony to the outstanding contribution that Julian has made not just over the last year but throughout his leadership term. Julian has been our Juniors Director since 2013 and is a great leader. To put this in context last season we had 41 teams and 36 this season. The organisation required to run this number of teams is immense. Julian has done this very well while reinforcing our Participation over Results policy. He has re-written this policy to make it relevant in the current environment. Julian is inclusive and has built a great team of volunteers who will be able to take us forward into the next generation. Where to from here Our Club is strong with outstanding volunteers spread across all Divisions. The relationship with our Schools has never been better and to see the continued growth of our Girls cricket under Graham Chivers is exciting. Our challenges though are significant. Council amalgamations will create change and how we adapt to this and influence decisions that affect our ability to provide facilities and affordable organised sport for our community is an emerging issue. The Norwest Metro rail initiative will also change our operating environment almost overnight. From now we are focusing on what this means to us identifying the risk opportunities and risks and how we need to change to be part of the change and not be left playing catch-up. Andrew Miedler President Blowfly cricket at James Park Registration Day - Online 6 DIRECTOR OPERATIONS The 2016 17 season was our 86th as a Club. A lot has been achieved 123 children playing In2Cricket (Kanga) 63 Girls (22 playing in T20 Blast plus 1 x U13s and 3 x U17 Teams) 36 Junior Teams 10 Senior Teams. This is a total of approx. 720 players representing our Club. In the Juniors we entered the following Teams U8 x 3 (last season 5 Teams) U9 x 5 (7) U10 x 7 (7) U11 x 5 (6) U12 x 5 (3) U13 x 3 (4) U14 x 3 (3) U15 x 3 (3) U16 x 2 (2) Totals 36 (40) Our 36 Teams this season has brought us over the 900 Team mark in our history now sitting at 913 this is approx. 10 960 players based on an average of 12 players Team. Schools program Our strong relationship with local Schools continues to develop and this is at the centre of the continued strong Junior registrations. The support we get from Cherrybrook Public John Purchase Oakhill Drive St Agatha s and West Pennant Hills Public has been fantastic. Congratulations to our Coaches who did such a stella job Harrison Norrell Josh Banner Tis Mistry Andy Meikle and Daniel Heidegger. Some feedback is worth recording Your boys were absolutely fantastic. Flexible when the conditions changed and polite and engaging with the kids. An absolute pleasure to work with. So much so that I was planning to pass this onto you anyway. The rotations were fun for the kids and I know my kids had a ball. Thank you so much and please pass on how impressed I was with their efforts. Rob Ernsteins Assistant Principal West Pennant Hills Public School I just wanted to let you know that I heard lots of great reports about the cricket day at John Purchase today. The kids all had great fun and the teachers were full of praise for how well run and organised the day was. Sounds like it was a great success all round Lyndal Harrison (U9 Age Convenor) Thank you for coming to JPPS. The feedback from the teachers was very positive. Everyone was thrilled with the coaches their effective management of the children their clear communication and the activities 7 they designed. We had a staff meeting this morning and the teachers further expressed how impressed they were with the sessions and reported that all children loved their lesson. The coaches you sent were wonderful and very professional. They were great with the children and so patient with the kindy kids Thanks again. Yesterday has made a big impact on staff and students. Simone McIntyre Assistant Principal John Purchase Public School Volunteers Without volunteers we don t have a Club and we are fortunate to have a so many quality people who volunteer their time to support our Club. We have an estimated 265 active volunteers who are involved in activities such as Club and Division Executive roles Coaching Team Manager scoring umpiring and in In2Cricket (Kanga) our Assistant Coaches Assistant Managers and Gear Stewards. This doesn t include those folk who run BBQ s and provide back-up support when ever needed. Thank you. CNSW Volunteer of the Year Our Girls Director Graham Chivers was again nominated by CNSW as their nomination for the 2016 NSW Volunteer of the Year awards. To be nominated once is a magnificent achievement. To be nominated in successive years is extra-ordinary. Sport NSW Community Sports Awards 2017 We are delighted to have been selected by CNSW as Community Cricket Club of the Year . We now go on to represent Cricket at the NSW Awards for all Community Sporting Clubs at the NSW Parliament on 29 June 2017 (after the print date of this Yearbook). The NSW Community Sports Awards presented by Sport NSW recognise outstanding achievements and contributions to community sport in NSW events--networking 2017-nswcommunity-sports-awards . As there are more than 500 000 people across NSW who voluntarily dedicate their time every year through their involvement in sporting clubs and organisations this is a significant achievement. Importantly it is recognition for the 260 volunteers in our Club and our culture of giving everyone a fair go . Pink Stumps day and McGrath Foundation recognition Pink Stumps day A big thanks to Lyndal Harrison U9s Convenor and pictured below (right) took the baton to organise our Pink Stumps Day this season. This was another great day with our 5 U9 s playing double headers against each other on the last day of Competition. The following photos capture the spirit of the day In addition to our Annual Pink Stumps Day our U15 parents also initiated ran and raised over 2 000 for the McGrath Foundation at Armidale in a Pink Day to coincide with the Pink Day at the SCG during the 3rd Test. 8 Girl s cricket Graham s Report covers the Girls but it is worth calling out a couple a special achievements. Our Girls figured in some News articles throughout the season news article 2016 08 31 just-phenomenal-story-womens-cricket-set-boomaustralia-back-huge-cash-injection & a Facebook post too SixersGirlsCricketLeague fr ef ts&ref br_tf&qsefr 1 Heat cancellation a first On Saturday 11th February 2017 the Association abandoned all play due to predicted heat the first time in our Association history going back to 1921. Sydney had a record breaking 3 successive days of high temperatures with Friday 45 44 on Saturday and 45 degrees on Sunday. Sydney s West also recorded its hottest ever day hitting 46.9 degrees at Penrith while Richmond touched the 47 degree mark. In the Hornsby area temperatures peaked at 44.5 degrees on the Saturday. As an aside the coldest Hornsby temperature for February was 9.2 degrees on 28 February 1989. The Sydney Cricket Association that administers the Grade Competition abandoned all Competition games the first time since being established in 1853. Level 1 Coaching This year we ran our 9th Club funded Level 1 Coaching Program in conjunction with CNSW and had 8 participants. Congratulations to our latest Level 1 Coaches Josh Banner Matt Digby Country Carnivals This season the U14s and U15s participated at the following Country Carnivals and had some great results that will be covered in Julian s Juniors report Tamworth JCU (U14s) Walter Taylor Shield (Armidale U15s) We didn t participate in the Stan Austin Cup (Taree U16s) this season but will be certain starters next season. Sumitha De Silva Kam Patel Warwick Best Muditha Dissanayake Vinod Kumar 9 Movember Congratulations to our Movember Team this season with the boys raising 7 111 and being ranked 221 nationally. Our 13 participants all were amazing with a special mention to Rob Knapman (C2 Red) who setup our Team. The players each raised over 1 000 James Makin (A1) 2 299 Graham Chivers (Girls) 1 269 Ian Digby (C3) 1 088. Photo left to right Alex Robertson Ian Digby Mike Fiedler Rob Knapman James Makin Steve Quanborough Ian Paterson. It s all in the numbers The following Season stats gives an insight into our season and especially the scale. These stats cover every game from U8s through Girls Junior Boys Kimbo Cup Country Carnivals and all Seniors games including John Hayne Cup Overall 669 total matches have been played 269 wins (258 1st innings wins & 11 outrights) for a 40% win rate 276 losses (269 1st innings wins & 7 outrights) 124 drawn games Batting 76 490 runs have been scored 3 680 wickets have been lost in 19 491 overs at an average of 20.79 runs wicket 18 centuries have been scored 154 50s & 646 ducks Bowling 3 838 wickets have been taken at an average of 20.75 runs wicket 79 657 runs have been scored against us 19 735 overs have been bowled 21 5-fors have been taken 4 hat-tricks have been taken. Club History Our Club History 1930 to 2015 16 has been published and is on the website. It is worth a browse if for no other reason than to get an understanding of the rich history we have over so many years. Ross Anderson Director Operations 10 JUNIORS REPORT With our 2016-17 season done and dusted it is time to reflect on what has been another successful season for our great club. Unfortunately we did not secure any Junior premierships this season. Our club measures success through player retention year to year and by that measure we were very successful indeed. We added another 13 names to the Arthur Souter shield which recognizes players who have played continuously for our club from Kanga right through to Under 16s. Our club captain James Makin also shared an interesting fact while addressing our junior presentation day crowd that all but two of our club s A1 team played with WPHCCC from juniors. Well done to our U13 White team who made the grand final. We fielded 36 junior teams this season across all age groups from Under 8 to Under 16. What is especially pleasing is the very strong Kanga numbers (see Bill s Kanga report) which means our club is well placed for strong juniors numbers in coming years. Transition from Kanga to Juniors to Seniors remains a key focus point for our club s Executive Committee. To that end I thank Bill Peterkin Director of Kanga Cricket for letting us participate in the Kanga end of season presentations. Likewise I thank our Director of Seniors Steve Quanborough for all his effort and assistance encouraging juniors (and graduating juniors) to play senior cricket. A great thing about our club is with ten senior teams across all grades there really is a team for every ability. Armed with a new website we took the plunge this season and registered almost all of our junior players online. This proved to be a much more efficient process than the old forms and long queues to process payments on registration day. Our club treasurer Peter Lees was a happy chap on registration day. We will continue this in 2017-18 with registration day morphing into more of an info day where players and parents can come to ask questions get information try on shirts etc but with all registrations conducted online. This season we introduced three new perpetual trophies 1. Ross Anderson Trophy for an outstanding U11 player. Received by Harry Flower 2. Volunteer of the year (u8-11s) Received by Phil Carney 3. Volunteer of the year (u12-16s) received by Rob Hanich Rowan Love was presented the John Coulthard trophy (Junior Player of the Year) and Shaan Bakshi was presented with the Charles Booth Memorial Trophy (U13s). Well done to all our perpetual trophy recipients all well deserved. It was especially pleasing to me to introduce the Volunteer of the Year trophies. We initially planned for this to be a single trophy for all of juniors but with so many nominations rolling in it became clear that we should introduce two trophies one for the U8-11 age groups and one for U12-16s. We are fortunate in our club to have so many great volunteers who work tirelessly on their own time to ensure our success. There were many outstanding individual performances over the season including a hat-trick (Travis Love 3 15 v Kissing Point). Alexander Dunne Tom Dickinson and Danielle Chivers each took a five-wicket haul and Jayson Smart Aidan Jackson and Cameron Tunks each scored centuries (all unbeaten centuries I might add) Another significant accomplishment that came to light was that Louis Madison Hanlon (U15s) took 9 for 14 in a President s Cup game on 11 December. This is the best bowling performance by a WPHCCC junior in any game let alone a rep game 11 Louis Madison-Hanlon 9 for 14 December 11th 2016. Country Carnivals Each year our club is invited to send teams to Under 14 15 and 16 country rep carnivals. We are the only club invited to do so and so this represents a unique opportunity for players at WPHCCC. I can say from personal experience these carnivals provide a fantastic experience not only for the players but for their families and supporters who come along for a week of fun. This January Rob Hanich and Andrew Morris each led a team of U14s and U15s to Tamworth and Armidale respectively. Please see the separate reports on the Armidale and Tamworth tours. The teams had a great week both on and off the field. Pink Stumps Day In March each year our Under 9 teams and parents hold a Pink Stumps Day fundraiser at Oakhill Drive Public School to raise money for the McGrath Foundation. Led by Lyndal Harrison and her army of volunteers they made a great morning of it and raised over 4 000 Even the weather cooperated (for a change). Well done to all involved and to all those who came along and supported the cause. What started six years ago as an initiative from one of our junior teams has now grown into an annual event for our Under 9s. Over the past six years we have raised well over 26 000 for this cause. Please see Lyndal s report later in the book. To add to this our U15 Armidale touring team held an impromptu pink stumps fundraiser at the Armidale cricket carnival in January raising a further 2 000. This initiative was led by two of our U15 parents Wendy Paton and Ray Silins and it was embraced by the carnival organisers and the other participating teams. Volunteers West Pennant Hills Cherrybrook Cricket Club is a large club and it takes considerable time and effort from a large group of volunteers to get this show on the road each season. Firstly I would like to thank all of our team coaches and managers who have all spent countless hours at training and ensuring everything runs smoothly each Saturday. As custodians of our Participation Over Results policy our team coaches and managers have the tough job of ensuring equal opportunities for all our players. Thanks also to all of our parent volunteers. However you get involved whether it is umpiring scoring assisting with coaching etc the games simply don t happen without your help and I encourage all parents to get involved in some way. 12 Again this season I had the support of a terrific group of volunteers on your Junior committee. Many thanks to my fellow Junior Committee members Rob Hanich (Deputy Director and Secretary) organized our meetings (often held in his living room) kept the minutes and in his spare time coordinated our U14 teams coached the U14 Blue team and led a team to Tamworth in January. Peter Lees (Treasurer) managed our finances to ensure we spent less than we earned. Alicia Evans (Registrar) was a great new addition to our junior committee and took on the task of recording and managing all our registrations. Alicia also coordinated around 500 trophies for our presentation day Craig Hutchinson coordinated equipment and also coordinated our U12 age group including coaching U12 White. Paul Vink helped us out coordinating all the team photos. Martin Gilogly joined our junior committee and coordinated our specialist coaching clinics with Daniel Anderson and his team of coaches Sreeni Pillamarri took on the task of clothing coordinator. Our age coordinators commit considerable time not only throughout the playing season but in the lead up to the season. They are Under 8s Ratna Siva Under 9s Lyndal Harrison Under 10s Steve Burroughs Under 11s Joseph Cooray Under 12s Craig Hutchinson Under 13s Duminda Thenuwara Under 14s Rob Hanich Under 15s Andrew Morris Under 16s Simon Reynolds Thanks to our local schools who once again made their facilities available to our club for pre-season promotional clinics training facilities and grounds for games and in Oakhill Drive Public School s case provided their facilities for our registration day team photos Pink Stumps Day and our presentation day. Thanks also to the West Pennant Hills Sports Club the Brasserie at WPH Sports Club Sportspro and Kingsgrove Sports for their continued support of our club. Finally I would like to thank our club s executive committee particularly Chairperson Barry McDonald our club President Andrew Miedler and our club s Director of Operations Ross Anderson for all of their support and counsel throughout the season. I have had a sneak preview of a book that Ross has been putting together which covers our club s history from 1930-31 until today - in remarkable detail. This is being finalised and will be made available in chapters from our club website. It is certainly something to watch out for and shows what an amazing cricket club we all belong to. Julian Bish Director of Juniors 13 Seniors Report 2016 17 Another big season that saw Ten (10) Teams entered down from the 12 last season with the Association no longer offering a Sunday competition A major achievement was winning the Senior Club Championship for the first time since 2008 09 after missing out by just 1 1 000th of a point (2 runs in aggregate) last season Our Finalists this season were 8 Teams made the Semi Finals (A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C3 D1 D2) 5 Teams played in the Grand Final (A1 B1 B2 C1 and C3) 2 Teams won Premierships (B1 & C1) 5th Grade T 20 won the Pre-season T 20 competition C2 Red was Joint winners of the John Hayne Cup. Our Captains Thank you to our Captains for this season A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2 Blue C2 Red C3 D1 D2 James Makin Simon Smyth Daniel Fiedler Rick Turner Andrew Fiedler Steve Buzz Burrows Rob Knapman Tarun Lath Steve Quanborough Mike Kinchington Special performances Centuries 15 centuries were scored. Our century scorers were 446. 447. 448. 449. 450. 451. 452. 453. 454. 455. 456. 457. 458. 459. 460. 2016 17 (15) 106 104 106 101 115 118 115 150 132 100 139 147 108 102 115 Ashane De Silva Joel Behlevanas Max Harkin Andrew Morris Rohit Ninan Raghu Chary Ryan Gunn Michael Robertson Asees Rajput Pav Kozyrev Andrew Morris Joel Herzog Josh Banner Matt Marsden Brent Larkham B1 C2 Blue D2 4th Grade T20 C1 C2 Blue C2 Red A2 D1 D1 C2 Red C2 Red C1 C1 C2 Red Vs Castle Hill RSL Glenhaven 24 9 Vs Normanhurst-Warrawee Thornleigh Oval 8 10 Vs Kenthurst Upper Hills Campell Park 8 10 Vs WPHC 5th Grade Blue Greenway Park 9 10 Vs Sydney Lions Gilroy College 15 10 Vs Beecroft Cheltenham Oval 22 10 Vs Kenthurst Upper Hills Holland Rd 5 11 Vs Kenthurst Upper Hills Kenthurst 1 5 11 Vs St Ives Mimosa 5 11 Vs ARL Holland Rd 19 11 Vs Normanhurst-Warrawee Foxglove South 26 11 Vs Berowra Brooklyn Dairy 7 1 17 Vs Sydney Lions Dural Park 7 1 17 Vs Lankan Islanders Greenway Park 28 1 17. Vs Hornsby Greenup Park 25 2 17 Note The first number (446) represents the consecutive number in our History e.g. the first century this season is our 446th overall. 14 Hat-tricks This is a rare achievement and this season we had a 2 this season 45. 46. 2016-17 3 15 3 10 Ben Waldron Dean Carlin 5th Grade Red T20 C3 Vs WPHC 5th Grade Blue Greenway Park 9 10 Vs Hornsby Les Shore 1 11 3 2017 Semi Final Note The first number (45) represents the consecutive number in our History e.g. this is our 45nd hat-trick. 7 wickets in an innings 140. 141. 142. 2016 17 8 20 8 40 7 35 Simon Smyth Ishaan Singh Justin Paterson A2 C3 A1 Castle Hill RSL Les Shore 2 8 10 Hornsby Campbell Park 26 11 Berowra Berowra Oval 26 3 17 Grand Final Top performers Top 5 batsmen 1. Andrew Morris (C2 Red) 664 runs 51.08 2. Ashane De Silva (B1) 487 runs 54.11 3. Joel Herzog (C2 Red) 487 runs 40.58 4. Pratah Sinnetamby (D1) 415 runs 34.58 5. Ian Paterson (C2 Red) 413 runs 22.94 Top 5 bowlers 1. Ishaan Singh (C3) 38 wickets 6.95 2. Dan Costigan (B1 & A2) 33 wickets 15.64 3. Riley Miedler (A1) 32 wickets 13.75 4. Rob Knapman (C2 Red) 32 wickets 14.72 5. Dean Carlin (C3) 31 wickets 10.03 6. Nathaniel Chidgey (C2 Red) 31 wickets 11.94 Top 5 fielders 1. Tarun Lath (C3) 15 catches 2. Stanton Tam (C1) 13 3. James McBrien (A2) 11 4. Alex Robertson (A1 & A2) 10 5. Brent Larkham (C2 Red) 10 Top 5 wicket-keepers 1. Joel Behlevanas (C2 Blue) 21 dismissals (15 catches 2 stumpings 3 non-keeper) 2. Gautam Ayyar (C3) 21 dismissals (17 catches 4 as a non-keeper) 3. Nick Bennett (A1) 15 dismissals (14 catches 1 non keeper) 4. Michael Fiedler (B1) 13 dismissals (11 catches 2 non keeper) 5. Kyle Faber (B10 14 dismissals (11 catches 3 non keeper). 15 Champion player points Champion player points for the top 5 players are 1. Andrew Morris (C2 Red) 134.4 points 2. Dan Costigan (B1 & A2) 105.1 3. Ashane de Silva (B1) 95.2 4. Perry Waldron (C3) 87.6 5. Joel Behlevanas (C2 Blue) 84.5 Club Wisden Batting 2 000 runs Ian Paterson Lachlan Vile 1 000 runs Luke Christensen Perry Waldron Michael Fiedler Stanton Tan Bowling 450 wickets Eric Junkkari 300 wickets Andrew Driscoll Matt Jobson 200 wickets Richard Makin 100 wickets Steve Burrows Dave Behlevanas Justin Edwards Nathaniel Chidgey Rick Turner Cameron McBride Darshan Pandya Dean Carlin C2 C2 B1 C2 & B2 B2 B1 A2 C3 100 wickets Vs Beecroft Campbell Park 17 9 100 wickets Vs WPHC Red Holland Reserve 1 10 100 wickets Vs Mt Colah Montview Oval West 9 10 100 wickets Vs Beecroft Les Shore 2 19 11 100 wickets Vs Hornsby Montview Oval East 10 12 100 wickets Vs Hornsby Greenway Park 10 12 100 wickets Vs Kenthurst Les Shore 2 28 1 100 wickets Vs Hornsby Les Shore 1 11 3 2017 A1 200 wickets Vs St Ives Turramurra Oval 18 2 2017 B1 A1 300 Vs Castle Hill RSL Fred Caterson 2 17 12 2016 300 Vs ARL The Glade 21 1 2017 C1 450 Vs Lankan Islanders Greenway Park 21 1 2017 D2 C3 C1 C1 1 000 runs Vs Kissing Point Karuah 24 9 1 000 runs Vs Castle Hill RSL Holland Rd 15 10 1 000 runs Vs Lankan Islanders Gilroy College 5 11 1 000 runs Vs St Ives Bannockburn Oval 3 12 C2 Red A1 2000 runs Vs Hornsby at Greenup Park 25 2 2017 2 000 runs Vs St Ives Parklands Oval 11 3 2017 (Semi Final) Grade Performances 16 50 wickets Semonn Oleksyn Perry Waldron Andrew Meikle Prat. Datar Records 4th wicket D1 Grade Club record partnership 159 Asees Rajput (132) & Pav Kozyrev (89) Vs St Ives Mimosa Oval 5 11 2016 5th wicket C1 Grade Club record partnership 160 Michael Fiedler (98) and Eric Junkkari (79) Vs Lankan Islanders Gilroy College 5 11 2016 9th wicket D1 Grade Club record partnersjip117 Dylan Bish (76) & Ruanak Sethi (25) Vs Kissing Point Greenup Park 21 1 2017 10th wicket C2 Grade Club Record partnership 73 Brent Larkham (115) & Rob Knapman (3) Vs Hornsby Greenup Park 25 2 2017 Premierships B1 Grade WPHC 83 & 0 68 defeated Hornsby 78 The Old Dairy Brooklyn 25th & 26th March 2017 Day 1 WPHC 83 Vs Hornsby 3 38 We lost the toss against top placed team Hornsby and were sent in to bat. Runs were hard to come by and wickets fell slowly but consistently throughout the first day. At 20 overs we were 1 23. At 60 overs we were 6 75. Michael Banner displayed excellent patience and helped us put a semi-decent score on the board with his 35. Funnily enough second top scorer was sundries at 9 with no one else reaching double figures but fighting hard to keep their wicket. We were bowled out for 82 and had 18 overs at Hornsby at the end of day one to which we made up for a low score having Hornsby finish on 3 38 at the end of the day. Day 2 Day two was looking 50 50 all day as to who was going to win as we needed 7 wickets to get. At a drinks break Hornsby needed 12 runs to win with 2 wickets in hand. It was so close and both teams were just a few balls away from winning or losing the premiership. Dan Costigan struck the first of those wickets bowling out their number 10 batsmen. Then Justin Edwards finished them off to which the team nearly squashed him in glee after bowling their top batsmen on the day who got 22. C1 C3 A2 B2 50 wickets Vs Mt Colah Campbell Park 10 9 50 wickets Vs Kenthurst Upper Hills Kenthurst Park 12 11 50 wickets Vs SKLPS Greenway Park 3 12 50 wickets Vs Berowra Greenway Park 17 12 2016 Photo Dan Costigan (left) Daniel Fiedler (C) Michael Banner Calvin Breytenbach Cameron McBrien Taki Manolelis Kyle Faber Josh Banner Ashane de Silva Tis Mistry (obsecured) Justin Edwards Tim Leyshon 17 They were all out for 78 4 runs short of our score but the day wasn t over yet. Justin was the star of the day with 5 22 off 21 amazing overs. Finally Michael Banner and Ashane De Silva were sent in to which Hornsby hoped they would get quick wickets and go for the outright win. This was to no avail however as Ashane turned it on and decided to play T20 cricket and finished with 51 not out off 14 overs to which Hornsby called it off and we officially claimed the premiership finishing on 0 68. Well done to our boys and to Hornsby who put up a fight the whole way. C1 Grade WPHC 8 135 defeated Normanhurst-Warrawee 131 Auluba Oval 25th & 26th March 2017 Day 1 WPHC 1 12 Vs Normanhurst-Warrawee 131 We had an interesting start to proceedings today when our turf ground at Roseville (why were we placed out there ) was deemed too wet for play so we moved to Auluba Park which was a far more palatable proposition. Due to some overnight rain we lost an hour before tossing and electing to bowl. Footnote Skipper Andrew Fiedler cannot EVER remember winning a toss & bowling so maybe has turned the corner in his Captaincy Our bowlers got off to a bit of a rusty start having not bowled in a game since 18 Feb with the recent weather. Some wayward short bowling was greeted with open arms by the Normo top order and they got off to a good start before we made our first breakthrough with a fine run-out to Ray Khamis. The Normo top order saw off our fast men in the first session and looked threatening against our spinners reaching a dangerous 3 112 midway through the afternoon. Then came the game changer. Matty Marsden caught a screamer taking one of those over-the-shoulder catches running back to take a skier and we lifted as a result. We proceeded to crash through the Normo middle and lower order over the next 12 overs with Matty taking 3 18 Kyle Townsend 2 28 and Semonn Oleksyn 3 12 our main destroyers. We finished off the Normo innings taking 7 19 in this period. Stanton Tam continued his great catching this season snaring 4 catches while Mat Aaron Hawkins and Fieds took one each. We had 13 overs to negotiate to finish play and lost the vital wicket of Stanton. We have a deep batting order and remain very confident of running down the remaining 120 runs that will see us defend our C1 premiership victory from last year. Day 2 We resumed day 2 with all day to score a further 120 with 9 wickets in hand on a very slow Auluba ground. Rahul Mucherla had done the job of night watchman perfectly for the 3rd C1 Final in a row now and with the in-form Mat Marsden they saw out the first 20 overs of the day before both fell in quick succession Mat for 25 & Rahul for 20. At 3 48 we had to rebuild to ensure our young line-up weren t too pressured at the end of the run-chase. Rohit Ninan (19) and Eric Junkkari (20) added a further 36 runs in the next 28 overs taking few risks whilst putting the bad ball away. When Eric departed Normanhurst made their last roll of the dice and took the new ball. It paid dividends as our nerves started to get the better of us. In a reflection of the Normanhurst 1st innings we lost 5 25 and the supposedly comfortable run chase became extremely tense. At 8 109 Aaron Hawkins joined skipper Andrew Fiedler and the boys really knuckled down. The opposition were getting rowdy and were appealing for everything but the boys resolved to see things to the end. Azza was the aggressor and patiently waited for the right balls to hit finally finishing the match with 10 runs off the final 3 balls the last of them sailing over square leg for 4 as he made the most vital 20 runs of his career. The relief was enormous and celebrations were well deserved. Though we were Minor Premiers it was a very tight competition throughout the year so we never felt like the competition was ours to lose. 18 We had to fight every game with both bat and ball and had contributors right throughout the team all season without having the superstars some other teams in the Grade had. Well done boys and a special congrats to the retiring veterans you know who you are T20 5th Grade Premiers (D1 & D2 Grade) Auluba Oval on 23October 2016 WPHC 4 157 defeated St Ives 57 a convincing win after we set an imposing score batting first in our 20 overs. Andrew Morris (63) and Brent Larkham (66 ) were outstanding. In reply St Ives struggled to be all out in just 13 overs. Ian Williams was our best bowler with 3 8 from 2 overs. Also getting wickets was Roshan Withanage 2 19 Siby Joseph 1 0 and Cameron Bish 1 15. John Hayne Cup Congratulations to our C2 Red side who are joint Premiers in this Competition. Anecdotes I have never waited so long to bat... Michael Gunn (B2) bats at number 3 for B2s. Gunny is one of our young stars who just likes to bat and not hang around thinking about going into bat. At 0 97 with Aaron Carlini (46) and Chris Williamson (going on to get 58) well in control Gunny commented on the sideline I have never waited so long to bat famous last words Aaron got out the next ball One of the best days of my life Ian Digby (C3) is back playing cricket after a 16 year spell from the game. In our second T20 game a couple of weeks ago the big fella scored an impressive 16 . He was so stoked with getting runs after such a long break he commented ...after my wedding and birth of children this is the best day of my life and justifiably so too. Fast forward to the following weekend and big things were on the agenda. Ian s beautiful wife Nicole also came along with the video to capture the follow-up innings. One ball later it was over and Ian was heading back to the pavilion. Leadership Plus We have a great history with father son combinations playing together going back to the 1940s 50s with the Donaldson family who had 5 members of the family playing together. In 2009 we also had the 4 members of the Creais family. This year we have another record with the Fiedler s Andrew Captains C1 his eldest son Daniel Captains B1 and Stu Fiedler is Vice Captain of C2 Red. With Mikey Fiedler next in line we not only have 4 family members playing but to have 3 in Team Leadership roles is a new Club record. Add to this Daniel winning B1 and Andrew the C1 Premierships this is the first time for our Club and possibly the Association that a father son combination has won Premierships in the same season well done fellas. As far as Family participation goes this though has a long way to go from the early teams of the Association. The South Colah Cricket Club had 18 sons of Patrick and John Duffy (Duffy Ave) of Thornleigh Dural CC was sustained by the seven sons of Thomas Best Pennant Hills CC by the 10 sons of Arthur Thompson (Thompson Corner) and Castle Hill CC by the eleven sons of John James Back to back C1 Premiers 2016 17 - left to right Rahul Mucherla Michael Fiedler Eric Junkkari Aaron Hawkins Ray Khamis Rob Hitchcock Nathan Fathers Kyle Townsend. Front row Rohit Ninan Andrew Fiedler Matt Marsden Semonn Oleksyn Stanton Tam. 19 A sight not to behold Those who have played at Gilroy College will know that facilities are scant there is no cover no taps no bins and most importantly no toilets. The brave players may wander into the bushes when no one is looking and the shy ones just cross their legs. Then there s Ray Khamis (C1). At the fall of a wicket late in the day we noticed Ray absent himself from the team huddle. The nearest obstacle he found was a soccer goalpost on the boundary. What amused the team most during this exercise was watching a local walking his greyhound around the boundary in Ray s direction. Now Ray is not a little fella weight-wise. Dumb-founded by the sight in front of him the dog s owner heeled his pooch 20 metres prior to the goals and had a bit of a time controlling his dog from making a dash for ..... well you can guess. The team watched in utter amusement as the stand-off continued neither party budged for minutes until Ray eventually finished and returned to the team huddle with a look of relief on his face. We re not quite sure if the relief from Ray was due to his satisfied bodily function or due to the greyhound not using his assets as live bait. Perhaps NSW Premier Mike Baird s ban on greyhound racing has run long enough to wipe the dog s memory of its training practices. It s in the numbers Joel Behlevanas How about this one for an alignment of the planets. Joel Behlevanas (C2 Blue) one of our emerging stars was on 99 at Tea and on his way to his first Seniors ton. The match before Joel was run out for 99. Joel ended up getting his richly deserved ton but when he was out the partnership with Gopy Parathan was 99 runs The Behlevanas family and Thornleigh Oval Now this is scary. As mentioned Joel scored his first Seniors ton at Thornleigh Oval. It is also the Oval where he scored his first Seniors 50. It doesn t stop there. Joel s brother Riley also scored his first 50 and also his first ton (Juniors) at the same Oval. Space Cadets Eric Junkkari Eric Junkkari (C1) had one of those senior moments. We have all had the experience of putting up one of those shade tents you see at the beach or BBQ s. The boys were playing at an Oval with limited coverage from anything actually so Eric brought along a shade tent. After struggling with the wind the photo is on the website photo Gallery tells a great story it all become too much for the great man with the tent in pieces and unable to be used again. What isn t widely known is that Eric also runs a very successful business for Office design and fit-out the mind boggles. Taki Manolelis (B1) After taking a wicket the boys gave the ball to the Umpire for safe keeping. Taki was bullet-proof at this stage and nothing was going to stop him from going after the new batsman. He started his run-up for the new batsman but the only problem was that half-way through his approach Taki realised that the ball was still with the umpire. Rick Turner (B2 Captain) Rick is one of our outstanding Captains and players but he had a moment that has rocketed him into Space Cadet status. Making the toss at the start of the match Rick lost the toss and decided that we would bowl first. Anyway the boys did their warm-up and started to take the field until the Opposition Captain reminded Rick that we were actually batting and not bowling. 20 Zac Morris (C2 Red) During a C2 game Gunny was scoring and discussion went to International cricket and Bangladesh in particular. From out of no-where Zac asked Are there are any trees in Bangladesh . Losing count of runs scored Stu was commenting on how difficult it is to keep count of the personal runs scored in an innings something a lot of us experience typically once the score mounts over 20. Not in Stu s case where he made the observation that in one innings he lost count of his runs where he got 0 runs. Is he still batting Andrew Morris was powering towards his ton and it was here that Stu wanted to know how many runs Andrew was on. His score was 86 and Stu asked whether he was still batting. Prat Datar Another outstanding nomination this time Prat Datar (B2). Getting ready to come to the ground Prat realised that his cricket clothing from the previous weekend was still in the wash. Rather than rocking up in dirty gear Prat did the next best thing he went up to the shops and bought himself new cricket pants and a shirt arriving at the game at 1.45 pm. So Prat gets 2 Awards the Space Cadet Award for having to buy new clothing while he should have been playing and the Catwalk Award for sartorial elegance. Richard Hughes Richard Hughes (C2 Red) is enthusiastic about playing. After making multiple calls to his Skipper and Steve Quanborough about gaps in any Teams Richie turned up to the C2 game to support and see if there were any gaps at short notice there were none. Anyway at the coin toss Richie then asked the opposing Captain if they needed a player because he was available. The St Ives Skipper commented that it ...would cost you a bit . Richie thinking there was a possibility asked How much . Alex Chidgey and Ryan Gunn Alex Chidgey and Ryan Gunn (C2 Red) are genuine Team players. When a massive rain and hail storm that washed out all Seniors games hit Mimosa Oval they were prepared to race out to the wicket to get the stumps. Rather than wait for the hail to stop they took off while the storm was at its most intense. Alex though thought it through and put a boundary marker on his head as a hail protector. A little while later the storm passed and the sun shone. Watch the..... Adrian Chau (C2 Blue) is one of our keen fielders who will run down anything but he put in a Forrest Gump performance. Playing at Thornleigh Oval Adrian chased a ball down to fine leg and just kept going smashing into the fence head first to try and save a boundary fortunately the fence was undamaged. But wait there is more. Not to be outdone Adrian chased another ball to the boundary. Like watching a train wreck unfold no fence was going to stop Adrian and he just ran into it and somersaulted over the fence head first. The warm-up The A2 boys turned up to Les Shore 2 and had a 45 minute Team warm-up. Skipper Simon Smyth was the most active putting in a big effort before his bowling effort. Come the game and it was all over in 40 minutes with the boys getting the last 6 wickets in 8 overs to get 10 points for the match. The shortest path to a Premiership Paul Vink 5th Grade T20 made a comeback to playing cricket after an 18-year break. He played just 2 T20 games and the boys made the Final and won the game with Paul being the opening bowler. We don t have records on this one but it would have to be the fastest of fast tracks to winning a premiership in our history 2 games especially considering that the qualification to play a Final in the Saturday comp is a minimum of 4 games. 21 Crossing swords The great Eric Junkkari (C1) was at the Matador cup Final last Saturday. After a few beers Eric knew his way to the Gents at North Sydney Oval well. After a series of visits Eric got to know the Channel Nine commentary Team pretty well very well in fact. First up Eric has a chat to Chappelli in the gents and explains with hand motions how Chappelli washes his hands (or that s what he says). Next visit he has a chat at the urinal with Tubby Taylor. If this wasn t enough to scare off the Commentary Team next meeting was with Michael Clarke for a similar chat. We understand that the Commentary Team is hanging out (so as to speak) to get to Perth for the First Test and to use their private bathroom facilities. It s nothing Taki Manolelis (B1) works and lives at Singleton in the Hunter Valley. How about this for commitment Taki has a 4-hour round trip to get to the game and then home. When asked about the amout of travelling Taki just shrugged his shoulders and said .. It s nothing . Great commitment Taki. Should we call the game off Bill Peterkin was relaying a story from a keen Kanga parent who did a long-range weather forecast up until February 2017. This person mentioned that one of the weekends was predicted to be wet and asked if we should cancel that weekend s play De Costi s Phil Wurth (A1 and of Seniors Presentation MC Night fame) just happened to buy a couple of bags of frozen fish gut that just happened to find its way into the bottom of Lachie Vile s kit bag. Lachie isn t the type of player to take his kit out of the car and let the gear dry so there the kit bag stayed...and stayed in 30 plus degree heat. Early in the week Lachie knew something was wrong and thought a rat had died in the air conditioning system but stoically continued to drive around each day. By Wednesday the cause was found. While some of the boys were having dinner at the Club Lachie was explaining the rotting mess the maggots and the dry wrenching in cleaning it up. Retribution will come it is called the A1 End of Season (EOS). And they didn t give me a bowl Ray Khamis (C2 Blue) had been making plenty of noises about being a useful bowler. He even asked his Captain to watch him bowl 3 balls before play to show that he could at least hit the pitch (which they kind of did though it would have been touch & go if there was enough on any of them to knock a bail off). Mid-way through the day Matty Marsden (our 6th bowler for the day) bowled one of those balls that slipped from his hand and sailed over the head of the cover fieldsman. Never one to miss an opportunity Ray chirped And they won t give me a bowl Ray eventually got a bowl and took 3 1 off 2.5 overs and won the game. My bat is older than half the Team Michael Banner (B1) made his debut in 1997 98 and has scored over 4 500 career runs with 5 tons a pretty handy player Volc uses one of those original Puma Millichamp bats that haven t been seen this century. After scoring 73 in a 2nd wicket partnership of about 150 last weekend the big fella commented that his prized bat older than half the Team . It s like looking in a mirror An interesting conversation between B1 Club baldies Michael Fester McGregor and Tim Hollywood Leyshon showed they are forming a bromance like relationship. Macca complimented Tim s general good looks and shiny head to which Tim replied with It s like looking in a mirror Macca . They shared a laugh and started talking about previous shampoos they used to use. Ahh.... the good old days and everyone else slowly left them alone to let the relationship blossom. 22 Toilet stop Ray Khamis Ray Khamis (C1) is becoming the human headline. Earlier this season he tempted fate whilst relieving himself behind a soccer goal post at Gilroy College in full sight of a greyhound no doubt trained on live baiting. The big fella was at it again last weekend and was padded up to go into bat but this time the urge came to do a more substantial job. Fortunately the toilets were open and the Ray got back just in time for the fall of the next wicket. Sniper got 2 of them In B1 one of the Glenorie batsmen retired hurt early in the game with a hamstring problem only to return at number 11 with a runner. Two runs later after the batsmen played a shot and fell over the runner took off for the quick run. He fell down like he was shot by a sniper and tore his hamstring in the process. Half of our team fell on the ground in laughter as both the runner and the hammy injured batsmen were both on the ground struggling to get up. They decided they would not get another runner and finished the last over trying to not run at all. They thought I was a God Taki The Psychologist Manolelis (B1) has recently moved north-west to Singleton for work and in turn has decided to play some cricket up there and betray West Penno. Anyway he got what s coming to him when the first game he played was a T20 in their comps 3rd grade which he declared was the most boring game of T20 ever. He said we bowled 10 overs consecutively from one end. Then the next 10 from the other. So we just stood there in the same spot the whole time. He continued rambling about the most boring game ever and mentioned that the square leg umpire is just the next batsmen in. I opened the bowling and they couldn t play me. They thought I was a God. Even worse for poor Taki is that they have a 13 man squad who plays on the day so 2 people don t bat. Of course Taki has ended up as one of the players that is a non-batter . Do you want Fries with that The A1 game that we ended up winning was getting tight with our boys 6 42 chasing 115 so the boys were a bit nervous and were quiet. Enter Phil Wurth the same Philthy who accidentally left 2 packs of frozen fish bait in Lachie Vile s kit bag that he found a few days later. This time he was having a bread roll while watching the game. Disappearing for a short time Phil managed to rip out some underarm hair and put it in the bread roll. Rather than eat it himself he kindly offered it around the Team. Enter Justin Paterson who was feeling a bit peckish and was next man in. After finishing the roll Justin had a coughing bout caused by hair stuck in his throat and needed copious amounts of water to wash it down. Fortunately Justin didn t need to bat but if he comes down with some obscure disease we know the reason. You know you have been around when.... Andrew Fiedler (C1) was still in a state of shock at the Club after their game against Berowra. The boys were playing the Grand child of someone Andrew played against many years ago. The thought of playing against a 3rd generation was too much to bear as he settled into his next cold one. A performance to remember Louis Madison-Hanlon (U15 White) had a game to remember. Playing for the Association in the IDCA President s Cup Representative U14 side in the Round 3 game against Newcastle at Dural Park on 11 December Louis took the amazing figures of 9 14 (9 overs) the best Junior bowling performance either in Reps or at Club level in our long History. Five wickets were clean bowled. Prior to that he had taken 1 40 in the Reps. Well done Louis. 23 Take your hand off it Andrew Fiedler (C1) has taken lots of great photos that are on the website. His recent track record though is starting to make an impact on his son Mikey. In one match Andrew went out to square leg umpire Mikey batting on 98 and the only shot he took saw him getting bowled for 98. Fast forward to the following week and out comes the camera again for the same result Mikey being bowled this time for 29. Both photos are in the Gallery. Something about the 7 s On his day Joel Herzog (C2 Red) is as good as any batter in our Club. On Saturday he turned it on in the 1-dayer against Berowra with a high quality 147 single-handedly scoring more than the opposition. But.... there is something happening in the 7 s. Joel s highest score is 197 back in December 2012. Fast forward to this weekend and Joel gets 147. Now while this is a problem that most players can only envy an extra 3 runs in each innings would have given Joel a double ton and a 150 and a place in our history as being only the 2nd player in our Club s History to get 2 scores of a double and also 150 . Global superstar During the ODI Tis Mistry (B1) saw a commercial of Luna Park which featured our very own Ashane De Silva. We approached Ashane at the game today and he claimed that he is not in just one commercial but also in a McDonald s commercial. Ashane also has his own agent much to all of our surprise. On top of all of this he has to grow out his hair for a L Oreal Paris commercial in February to which he doesn t know if they will be cutting his hair dying it or styling it but one thing for sure is he is getting paid huge money superstar Why do I play this game After Michael Volc Banner was hit in the head earlier in the day he was nursing his face with ice for about 4 hours. We all felt sorry for poor Michael Old Man Banner as he claimed it was his day and knew he would have scored 100 easy . Still groggy Volc was asked how he felt about cricket now and if he would wear a helmet for the first time in 19 years. He mentioned that he hated wearing a helmet but that the game of cricket has caused him nothing but pain over the years. I m old and fat and got hit in the face. Why do I play this game Luckily for Volc he has a week away next week to recuperate and be back feeling better the next week. Quotes of the week The ugliest girl on the planet... Got to hand it to Phil Wurth (A1) who was recounting his younger days. When he was 12 years old he mentioned how his mum a perceptive lady told Phil on his 12th birthday that had he been a girl he would have been ...the ugliest girl on the planet . Time has obviously treated Phil kindly as compared to boys in A1 he ranks up there in the beauty stakes. Job interview At my job interview yesterday I was asked what s your greatest strength Anything on my pads I replied. I m confident I ll get a call back. Grade Cricketer. This doesn t look good Rick Turner (B2 Captain) turned up at Gilroy College looking to defend our 97 runs scored the previous week on an oval that had ankle length grass. As he came over the hill at Gilroy not only had the grass been cut but it was burnt to be like a road and hence the comment. 24 A long time between drinks Matt Marsden (C1) scored our 459th ton and our 14th this season. Matt s last ton was 125 in B1 Grade way back in 1995. What makes this amazing is that it is 22 years to the day that he scored his first ton our 202nd ton. So after 22 years 8 036 days and 257 Club tons history has been repeated with a not out ton. Isn t it good to get out Steve Burrows (C2 Blue Captain and U10s Juniors Age Convenor) shared a story the other night about how much the boys in the U10s are looking forward to getting out. Up until the first game after the Christmas New Year break the boys played Average cricket from Kanga days to U8s U9 and the first part of U10s playing with soft cricket balls and batting for overs in partnership. Now they are playing Real cricket with a hard ball and where you can get out. We think that in a very short period the days of batting on when you are out will seem like heaven. I thought I saw lightning In the B1 game against Glenorie Kyle Faber was on 92 and powering towards a ton. With a storm approaching Josh Banner was umpiring and stopped the game because he thought he saw lightning a while ago . Anyway the rain and hail came down and the match was abandoned with Kyle stuck on 92. To be fair to Josh you don t take chances with lightning but the boys would have been a bit more forgiving if the sighting was more than a while ago . The thinking man s cricketer Ray Khamis (C1) opened the batting with storm clouds approaching in our 2nd innings run chase. The opposition only had 9 players and as the games finish was close they set a field that had 5 slips gully and a mid wicket. Second ball of the innings Ray s saw the odd gap in the field and went for a big hit. With great skill he managed to lob it to 5th slip and was out. Hat-trick plus Hat-tricks are rare. In our long history there have only been 46. To get 2 is even rarer with only 4 players getting 2 or better. Dean Carlin (C3) went one better. In the Semi Final defending a modest 146 he opened the bowling and took a hat-trick in the first over all wickets bowled. What is remarkable about this hattrick This is just the 2nd time a Hat-trick has been taken in a semi final It is the 2nd time a hat-trick has been taken in the 1st over of an innings the first is by Riley Miedler (A2 Vs Castle Hill 15 10 2011) when Riley took 5 9 Dean s 2nd in Seniors and 3rd when Juniors are included The first wicket in the hat-trick was Dean s 100th career wicket An even more amazing coincidence is that Dean brought up his 50th wicket last season with his first hattrick. U13s Finals run Our U13s have had an amazing run in the Finals. The boys have played in every Grand Final since 2003 04 the exceptions being in 2011 12 and 2012 13 12 out of 14 seasons Our win loss ratio though is just 3 wins and 10 Runners up. In 2008 09 we had both the Premier and runner-up. Ross Anderson Secretary 25 KANGA Report 2016 17 saw us conduct and conclude our 25th In2Cricket (Kanga) season a huge achievement for everyone involved There have been many people over this time that have put a huge amount of effort in to make this a success the fact we continue each season and go from strength to strength is directly related to all the hard work put in by these people. We finished the season with 123 boys and girls registered allowing us to have 10 Teams. Since starting in 1992 93 we have now registered 2 445 children all who have been given exposure and the basics to play cricket for the rest of their lives. Prior to the season starting we again ran our School Development program that saw our Level 1 and Level 2 Coaches run skills sessions for our Kindy Year 1 and Year 2 children at many of the local schools. A special thanks to the Principals of Cherrybrook West Pennant Hills Oakhill Drive John Purchase Public Schools and St Agatha s. To be able to have the opportunity to run Cricket introduction sessions during school periods adds tremendous value in introducing children to cricket and building on the strong relationship we have had with these schools for a number of years. For many of our children and Parents this was their first taste of cricket. We again ran our Level 0 coaching program and this gave some of our new Coaches and Managers the introduction needed to run their Teams Many thanks to Nick Bennett Gavin Taylor & Lachie Vile for giving up their Sunday Morning to run the session. It was great to see all games run like clockwork with lots of involvement from parents and supporters. The sessions each week were a lot of fun and it was great to see the children and family support right until the end. We changed things up a little and added in a skills days which was extremely popular and will definitely return next season. The kids loved going from activity to activity and having the opportunity to learn from different coaches Unfortunately the weather gods weren t on our side especially after Christmas and we were unable to run more of this style of session. None of the amazing work that happens to facilitate Kanga would be at all possible without all the volunteers. This year we ended up having 11 coaches and Managers a HUGE thank you to each and every one of you for giving up your time to help so many other kids out each and every Saturday I know the kids all appreciate everything you have done for them. The children enjoyed the season thoroughly and learnt everything they did because of you guys. It was very clear to see the skill levels from the start of the season to the final weeks had increased greatly. A big thank you to all the parents your help and assistance made each week run much more smoothly. There are 2 people I must thank individually for all the help off the field that they have given to me Firstly to our Boss Lady Sarah Bridge you have been a saviour on so many occasions helping keep everything on track and making sure all the teams were sorted and also to Anthony Gray who has now acted as the Head Coach for the past 2 seasons Thank you mate your assistance with everything from checking all the kits to helping teams out when people were away to just being a great sounding board is very much appreciated. We hope to see all the boys and girls back out there playing cricket again this season. Once again thank you to everyone involved for all their help and support. Bill Peterkin Director Presentation Day at the Sports Club Kanga Trophies 26 JUNIOR BOYS TROPHY WINNERS Age Group U8 Red U8 Blue U8 Gold U9 Blue U9 Red U9 Orange U9 Green U9 Gold U10 Blue U10 White U10 Gold U10 Red U10 Green U10 Orange U10 Purple U11 Orange U11 Purple U11 Blue U11 Green U11 Gold U12 Blue U12 White U12 Green U12 Orange U12 Red U13 White U13 Blue U13 Red U14 Blue U14 Gold U14 White U15 Blue U15 Gold U15 White U16 Blue U16 Red Bronson Bayden Riley Neel Akith Akash Aidan Jacob Shakeel Vishnu Ayan Hugh Ryan Travis Aditya Aditya William Naden Jack Cohan Caleb Rudhra Shaan Ratul Stefan Kieran Joseph Saarujan Areeb Varun Jonathan Manharan Will Marsden Wood Colburt Jetley Ekanayake Merai Hall Hasrouni Mistry Raman Arora Lucas Diblasio Love Krishnamoorthy Arora Hitchcock Cooray Hutchinson Walker Stace Iyer Bakshi Kumbam Baker Jackson Calusic Sivakumarasingham Rashid Ravindran Moran Singh Harvey Angus Jack Aayush Samih Zak Josh Alex Stanley Eddie Joe Blake Samuel Joseph Louis Owen Harry Tejas Flynn Lachlan Cameron James Oscar Tomas Oscar Finn Aidan Selwyn Samarth Zac Oliver Yash Rowan James Weeden Sherry Kumar Mukhtar Gillogly Strefner Poimer Gade Osborn Newman Noonan Rankin Bullock Malandrino Prowse Flower Bharadwaj van der Zanden Edwards Tunks Stuart-Gray Irwin Kohlhagen Keyes Eddington Jackson Sweeney Ganju Morris Cunningham Patel Love Woolnough Bowling Award Batting Award Team Player Curtis Lucas Sethin Isaac Charley Lucas Savanna Owen Luke Riley Max Zac Ajeet Saad Tom Henry Nathan Yash Oliver Liam Abhay Tim Baliley Joshua Srikarthik Aman Luchith Harry Aden Reyhan Vinuk Dylan Jack John Mahir Leo Fullerton Heyes Ginige Taylor Pickens Medford Sweeney Cameron Speers Fahey Meredith Irwin Kali Mahmud Matthews Kelly Gelding Shivpuri Martin Cunningham Bhatt Sachdev Chong Wright Dasari Bindra Thenuwara White Hanich Ahmed Ekanayake Bish Barry Koleth Khan Liao John Coulthard Award Rowan Love Charles Booth Memorial Award Shaan Bakshi Ross Anderson Trophy Harry Flower Volunteer of the Year - Under 8-11s Phil Carney Volunteer of the Year - Under 12-16s Rob Hanich Arthur Souter Shield Riley Behlevanas Christian Brayan Scott Chapman Max Harkin Mahir Khan Rowan Love Oliver Maybury Christina Phillip Thomas Pratt James Reynolds Jayson Smart James Woolnough Tanay Hira Centuries Jayson Smart Aidan Jackson Cameron Tunks Hat Tricks Travis Love 5 or more wickets Alexander Dunne Tom Dickinson Danielle Chivers Runners Up U13 White 27 PERPETUAL AWARDS John Coulthard Trophy (Junior Play of the Year) - Rowan Love Charles Booth Memorial Trophy Shaan Bakshi Ross Anderson Trophy Harry Flower Volunteer of the Year - Under 8-11s Phil Carney Volunteer of the Year - Under 12-16s Rob Hanich Junior Girls Volunteer of the Year Michelle Boccalatte Lisa Sthalekar Award Lauren Kua REPRESENTATIVE PLAYERS IN HK & HDCA U10 Foster Shield Naden Cooray Joshua Strefner Louis Malandrino U10 Colin Cooper Cup Daniel Lukins Jackson Mcleod Harry Pratt Siddharth Ramachandran Thomas Shannon Jacob Donnelly Thomas Heyes Lachlan White Akash Krishnamoorthy Aditya Krishnamoorthy Anish Patel Lachlan Scowen Travis Love U11 Creak Shield Leo Herring Jordan Netto Sidhant Singh U11 IDCA Eamon Boyle Kai Carney Ryan Diblasio Joel Munro U11 Colin Cooper Cup Blue Luke Boland Jehan Polwaththe U11 Reserves Aditya Arora U12 Cawsey Shield Cameron Tunks Evan White U12 Alfred James Cup Oscar Keyes U13 Gee Shield Shaan Bakshi U13 IDCA Amardeep Gill Joshua Ramachandran U14 Moore Shield William Coffey Varun Ravindran Jonathan Moran Yash Patel Luca Vasic U14 Anthony Neal Cup Jude Boyle Benjamin Dunkerley Oliver Linschoten Louis Madison-Hanlon U15 Weblin Shield Oliver Cunningham James Reynolds U15 IDCA Connor Hindmarch Nicholas Sparks U16 Watson Shield Riley Behlevanas Oliver Maybury U16 Andrew Blamey Cup Will Harvey Tanay Hira Jayson Smart Rowan Love Kyle Townsend 28 TEAM ENTRANCES Year 1930 31 1931 32 1932 33 1933 34 1934 35 1935 36 1936 37 1938 39 1939 40 1940 41 1942 45 Sub total 1946 47 1947 48 1948 49 1949 50 1950 51 1951 52 1952 53 1953 54 1954 55 1955 56 1956 57 1957 58 1958 59 1959 60 1960 61 1961 62 1962 63 1963 64 1964 65 1965 66 1966 67 1967 68 1968 69 1969 70 1970 71 1972 73 1973 74 1974 75 1975 76 1976 77 1947 to 1976 Seniors Juniors Parramatta District Junior Cricket Association 1 1 1 1 1 No team No team 1 1 1 War years 8 Hornsby Kuringai & Hills District Cricket Association 2 3 1 2 2 2 2 3 4 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 2 3 3 3 3 2 3 3 6 3 6 4 4 7 3 3 2 (74) (79) Kanga (numbers) (numbers) Girl Year 1977 78 1978 79 1979 80 1980 81 1981 82 Seniors 3 4 4 4 5 Juniors 5 3 4 4 11 Kanga (numbers) (numbers) Girl 29 Year 1982 83 1983 84 1984 85 1985 86 1986 87 1987 88 1988 89 1989 90 1990 91 1991 92 1992 93 1993 94 1994 95 1995 95 1996 97 1997 98 1998 99 1999 2000 2000 01 2001 02 2002 03 2003 04 2004 05 2005 06 2006 07 2007 08 2008 09 2009 10 2010 11 2011 12 2012 13 2013 14 2014 15 2015 16 Seniors 6 7 8 8 6 7 6 7 7 7 7 7 6 7 8 9 7 6 8 10 10 11 10 11 10 9 11 12 11 12 12 (1 SPL) 12 (2 SPL) 12 (2 SPL) 12 (2 SPL) Juniors 10 13 15 10 10 11 10 11 11 11 11.5 14 16 20 23 28 29 29 32 26 24 29 27 28 29 32 35 35 30 29 31 30.5 31 40 Kanga (numbers) (numbers) Girl 70 108 130 85 100 99 100 126 86 92 86 97 100 100 118 101 110 128 100 94 90 121 103 87 2016 17 10 36 123 Sub-total 1930 42 1942 to 45 1947 46 to 1976 329 8 (74) War years 834 0 (79) 44 (4) 44 (4) 85 (7) 72 (6) 50 (4) 29 (2) 20 (2) 23(2) 37 (3) 13 (1) 13 (1) 11 (1) 31 (3) 32 (3) 31 (3) 28 (3) 24 (2) 8 (1) 10 (1 Breakers) 34 (T20) 11 U17 (1) 23 U13 (3) 35 T20 Blast 69 22 T20 Blast 28 U17 (3) 13 U13 (1) 63 TOTAL Aggregate 411 1 324 913 2 554 771 (61) 61 Note U10s 1979 80 Average Cricket introduced. The .5 team was a shared team with St Ives U14 1992 93 Kenthurst U15 in 2013 14 Includes Sunday Premier League Team (SPL) U8s 2012 13 we entered Teams in the U8s. These children previously would have played In2Cricket Kanga. Kanga introduced 1992 93 On 31 5 2006 we agreed to be part of the Milo Have-a-go programme. Girls introduced 1996 97 2014-15 CNSW launched the Breaker s Junior Cricket League for Girls 10 to 16 30 Pink Stumps Day Report On Saturday 11 March the Under 9s teams held our annual Pink Stumps Day at Oakhill Public School in order to raise money to support the McGrath Foundation. We had a beautiful sunny day for our Pink Stumps Day (after a long run of weeks of extreme heat and rain which caused many cricket games to be cancelled). We had planned to have our 5 teams playing Big Bash style games but with the school oval being closed after weeks of rain we quickly changed our format to skills based games instead which included bowling in the nets batting on the basketball court and fielding soccer . Each team was awarded points throughout the games and the team with the most points at the end of the day was announced as the winner. Congratulations to the Orange team who were awarded the Pink Stumps Cup trophy. Thank you to all of the coaches umpires scorers and other parents who helped on the day and who contributed in so many different ways Green team who organised the coffee van ice-cream van and the snow cones. Red team who organised the speed bowling and fabulous fun activities as well as the jumping castle. Gold team who organised the BBQ and served up the yummy sausage sandwiches and drinks. Orange team who organised the cake stall filled with lots of delicious and beautifully presented goodies. Blue team who did an outstanding job not just on the day but in the months leading up to the day organising all of the raffle prizes (17 of them ) 10 silent auction prizes selling raffle tickets general planning and organisation for the day including setting up and packing up all of the flyers and signs as well as all of the cricket tournament plans (and then the plan B skills games at the last minute when the school closed the oval). The kids all looked fantastic in their cricket whites with pink caps and everyone had lots of fun and enjoyed being part of a really special day which was such a rewarding way for our Under 9 year group to finish the season. We have raised over 4000 which is a fantastic effort and goes to such a worthy cause. Pink Stumps U9s wearing McGrath Foundation Caps Dave Weeden and crew coaching on Pink Stumps Day Goodies for sale to raise money for Mc Grath Foundation 31 Girls Report Girls Cricket Another exciting year for the Girls section of the Club this season. We managed to consolidate our numbers this year and coped with some changes across the entire section with relative ease. Strong numbers of players returned in our Sixers teams which was good to see and we attracted lots of new girls to our T20 Blast after a disappointing wash out of our School demo days for girls. Our T20 was forced to move from Edward Bennett Oval at relatively short notice and we relocated to James Henty Oval on Friday nights. In many ways this turned out to be a great move as the oval was quieter and allowed us to occupy most of the ground for our sessions. This season I was delighted to negotiate for Andy Meikle to run our T20 Blast as part of his placement with Cricket NSW. Andy did an outstanding job each week and proved a big hit with the girls. The girls all enjoyed the visit of Lauren Smith from the Sydney Sixers to one of our sessions The weather certainly messed with all our cricket and we lost a few Friday nights to heat rain and flooding. However the sessions were great fun and all the girls certainly had a good time playing. We managed to field 4 teams again in the Sixers Girls Cricket League again this year and had a total of 41 girls play at least part of the season. We had a number of girls who had to move up to the older age group this season so reversed last seasons entries with 3 Under 17 teams and one Under 13 team. Our numbers were messed up by a late change to the rules meaning that games became 9 a side rather than the 8 of the previous season which meant that a couple of the teams played short at times. While we did not manage to win any of the ladders this season the girls had a lot of fun and all improved their games. The Spring competition generally enjoyed fine weather but the Summer competition was affected by pretty much all the weather variations except snow One week we were rained on the next all games were cancelled because of heat then we had hail followed by more flooding rain so very little cricket was sadly played. As a consequence the season fizzled to a soggy close and we can only hope that 2017 18 is kinder to us. We were lucky to have a visit from Emily Leys from the Sydney Sixers to one of our training sessions. Under 13 Green Team This season we fielded an almost new Under 13 team with only a couple of the girls having experience of playing proper cricket before. They were grouped with teams that had played for the last year or two and consequently found stronger opposition just a little too experienced for them. The one week we had high hopes of success happened to be a weather cancelled round but the girls made great strides. For the first half of the season Muditha coached the girls and the improvement was tremendous with him teaching the girls the basics of the game. Sadly Muditha s daughter stopped playing at Christmas and so I had the pleasure of taking over the coaching sessions........the girls came back week after week and showed great enthusiasm even though they took some losses and also probably suffered more than any other with the crazy weather. Typical of the enthusiasm was when Zoey arrived for her first try at cricket immediately her hand was up wanting to bat and then at the end of training she managed to persuade her Dad to bowl to her in the nets again Hopefully all the girls enjoyed the cricket they played and that they will be back for another season next year. They are a young team with only one having to move to the older age group next season and will benefit greatly for the experience they have gained. I had a great time coaching them. Graham Chivers (stand in Coach) Under 17 Blue team The 2016 2017 season for our Division 1 Blue team will not be remembered for where we finished on the points table but more for how much fun the girls had and how much they enjoyed each other s company. This season we welcomed a new player to the team Abigail. Abi had played in the Under 13 team last season and was a bit nervous stepping up to Division 1 Under 17 s this season. Her nervousness was very much unfounded as she fitted right into the team and even took out the team bowling award at the end of the season. 32 Another surprise this season was Caroline who took the wicket keeping gloves one day when one of our regular wicketkeepers got injured. Caroline had never kept wicket before but did such an amazing job that she was regularly handed the gloves at just about every match after that. Anushka batted well through the spring and summer competitions and took out the team batting award. A talented player in all areas of the game who also took 6 catches. Lily in only her second year of playing cricket regularly opened the bowling and not surprisingly due to her friendly encouraging nature took out the team player award. Khushi and Minoli entertained the team with their antics at every opportunity and were always so much fun to be around. A sad ending to the season with two long standing WPHCCC players Jae and Christina leaving the junior girls team due to their age. Both girls have promised to keep in touch and Christina has even offered to coach one of the junior teams next season. A huge thank you to Mike who gave up his Thursday afternoons to coach the girls. Mike imparted great words of wisdom whenever he could get a word in amongst the laughter and chatter of eight very excitable girls. Another season over I m sure everyone is already looking forward to the next summer of cricket. Michelle Boccalatte (Manager) Under 17 White Team This season the White team welcomed a couple of new players to the team. We followed on from last season with lots of fun and made stronger friendships. Everybody on the team improved over the previous season and we ended up some pleasing results on the competition ladders. Fourth in the spring and undefeated & equal first in the summer. Lauren Varsha Amy H Amy S Jyothi Shannon Rhea and Ashlie all scored well in the MyCricket championship points. Each played some great cricket with bat ball and in the field (some very good catches this year). With only eight regular players and some absences we played short most weeks but did have some girls fill in a very big thank you to Abigail Aliya and Lily you are all welcome with us any time. Special congrats to Lauren who won the Lisa Sthalekar Award this year. She s very competitive very well deserved award. Despite winning lots of games this season some of our best bowling was in the nets at training so next season should be lots more fun and maybe even more successful. Anthony Hale (Coach) Under 17 Red Team With a couple of wins a couple of losses and three draws due to the extreme Sydney weather it was a mixed 2016 17 season. Results aside it was brilliant to see the improvements that the girls have made in their cricket skills and knowledge over the season. There were of course gains in batting bowling and fielding but the most pleasing was their confidence on the field to captain themselves with some great field placements and bowling decisions. One unexpected area of coaching which I can say has never crossed my mind before was appealing . After a couple of stumpings and snicks which did not elicit any consideration from the umpire due to the deafening silence we had training on when and how to appeal. Now they appeal but always nicely . Before the first game I challenged the girls to try and better their own personal performances week on week whether batting bowling or fielding. Whilst concentrating on their own personal goals they supported each other and had a great deal of fun. It s always great to see the genuine excitement when a wicket is taken or boundary scored and of course the team chants are always a highlight. 33 Some goals that were achieved this season by players were to occupy the crease longer each week and the runs followed to create pressure on the batter by standing up to the stumps and the stumpings came thick and fast. Some players came to the bowling crease with little confidence but then walked away far more confident after taking a haul of several wickets. A significant improvement is now having a slips cordon with our bowlers bowling to a plan building pressure and generating chances. A special thank-you to Sarah for managing the team and to all parents who have umpired helped setup and supported the team. Finally to Graham for creating the opportunity for all our daughters to enjoy what is a great sport. Mal Hall (Coach) 2016 17 will be remembered for so many great reasons. Jess Meikle and Danielle Chivers were asked to attend a Press release session at the SCG where Cricket Australia announced funding for girls cricket and Club shirts were to the fore on the news that night. Apart from all the winners of awards special mention goes to Jess Phillips who took an amazing 10 catches and 6 stumpings and Ragini Sen took 4 wickets in one innings for the Red team. I would also like to thank the girls who moved teams from time to time through the season to help when other teams were short especially Amy Harkin who stepped up to the Blue team on at least 3 occasions and even got a broken bat for her helping out. We managed to enter an Association team in the Margaret Pedon Under 15 Representative competition and many congratulations to Abigail Pereira Amy Hale Amy Harkin Danielle Chivers Jyothi Krithivasan Isabella McEwan Khushi Arora Lauren Kua and Lily Campbell who set a new record of 9 girls from our Club to play in the one Representative team. While results did not go their way they did really well and we now have a toe hold in Representative cricket in the Association. Hopefully we can get at least a similar number of girls playing Representative cricket next season. In addition Amy Hale represented Sydney West and Lauren Kua represented Sydney North in the PSSA tournament with Lauren playing in the winning team beating Amy s team in the final. Our season concluded with a wonderful Presentation night. We made a last minute change to the venue due to the flooded James Henty Oval and were so grateful we could use the hall at Pacific Hills School at such short notice. Lauren Smith from the Lend Lease Breakers Sydney Sixers and Shooting Stars kindly accepted my invitation to attend and her presence was very much appreciated. I was also very grateful for the support on the night from fellow members of the Club Executive in Barry Andrew Ross and Julian. Lauren Kua won the Lisa Sthalekar Trophy this year for her outstanding season with bat and ball with Club Association and also for Sydney North while Christina Philip was awarded the Arthur Souter Award and became the first young lady to get this in recognition of playing every season from Kanga through to the end of Juniors. Danielle Chivers also picked up a 5 wicket award which was the first time any WPHCCC girl had taken 5 wickets in an innings since 2000. Sadly we have reached the last season in junior cricket for Jae and Christina. They have been true stalwarts of the girls section at WPHCCC. Both of these young ladies have grown as people since I first met them both a few years ago setting very high standards both in cricketing terms and also in leadership roles encouraging younger team mates at every opportunity. They are both past winners of the Lisa Sthalekar Trophy and both represent everything that is good about WPHCCC. We will miss them greatly on and off the cricket pitch although Christina has already offered to come back and coach the younger girls which is wonderful. Hopefully we can find ways of keeping them both involved with the Club for many years to come. Huge congratulations to Michelle Boccalatte who was the inaugural winner of the Volunteer of the Year for Girls Cricket. Michelle and her daughter Jae joined the Club in 2011 and ever since then they have travelled from Mt Colah every week to train and play probably clocking up more kilometres than anyone else at the Club and certainly in the Girls section. In addition she acted as Team Manager and scored almost every ball of every season and is an incredibly worthy winner of this award and she leaves a huge gap in our team of Volunteers moving forwards. 34 My thanks to Michelle Mal Sachin Jo and Jae who were on the Girls Committee this year. Their help in running the girls section is very much appreciated. To the Coaches (Mike Mal Ant Prem and Muditha then Grant and Jind with the Under 13 s) my sincere thanks for all the effort you put in to help your teams. I know the girls all enjoyed and benefited greatly from your training and your leadership on match days too. To the Team Managers (Michelle Sarah Jo and Alida) thank you too for all your hard work this season. Without you wonderful ladies organising the teams the season could not have run as smoothly as this last one did and your efforts are very much appreciated. Thanks as well of course to Vanessa for her support again this season without her I could not devote the time that I do and it is as always very much appreciated. To all the families that turned up to support the girls got them to training each week scored umpired or any other form of help thank you. Sport needs the support of parents and other volunteers and without you we cannot make cricket such a success and I know the girls appreciate all you do for them. Graham Chivers Director of Girls Cricket Our T20 Girls at Presenattion Day Meg Lanning with Jess and Danielle at the SCG WBBL Sixers at Drummoyne - with WPHCCC Girls At WBBL Game 35 UNDER 8 AGE CO-ORDINATOR S REPORT It was all a new experience to the 22 kids who registered with the WPHCCC to play under 8 cricket. It was also fresh but a valuable experience for the coaches managers and the parents. This season with 22 players registered for the under 8s we formed three teams. The Gold team guided by Paul Higham and Tovin Honeyset The Reds under the coaching and management of Kam Patel and Muditha Dissanayake and the Blue team under the guidance of Mick Dalton and Thilina Abeysinghe. Some of the players had limited cricket experience and some were new to the game. The coaches and managers with the support of the parents well coached and trained the kids the results of which were evident as the season progressed. Thank you to the WPHCCC for providing the specialised coaching sessions to the under 8s who took advantage of the offer and gained further cricketing skills. The players improved their cricketing skills in every game they played. The team spirit was great with all three teams having their own fun at training and at the games. Sportsmanship was encouraged and the players were keen in playing cricket. The kids loved it and the coaches and managers were delighted with the end results. By the end of the season all kids were bowling batting and fielding very well. A successful season for the Under 8s. We look forward to another wonderful season of cricket next summer but at a slightly senior level - The Under 9s. OUR JUNIORS IN ACTION 36 UNDER 9 AGE CO-ORDINATOR S REPORT This season the Under 9s group had 45 players making up 5 teams. We had a majority of players returning from our Under 8s group from last season which was great to see. It was also great to welcome many new players to our age group. It has been fantastic to watch the improvement of the players over the season and to see them experience the fun and comradery that comes from playing in a team. The bowling has become faster and more accurate the batting is showing greater strength and precision and there is more urgency in the fielding. Thanks goes to the coaches and managers who volunteered their time and expertise and worked hard to improve the skills of our players throughout the season. We had Kasun Greg and Tim from the red team Vinod and Faisal from the green team Martin Jay and Amber from the gold team Robbie and Amanda from the orange team and Dave and Mat from the blue team. Many of our players further benefited from attending the extra skills sessions run by Daniel Anderson and his team of coaches. These sessions were a valuable addition to the weekly training sessions. Pink Stumps Day was a fantastic way for all of our players to come together as a group to finish the season and we hope that all of our players will return to play again in the 2017 18 season in Under 10s. Bat held high Owen Cameron One of our teams Coaching U9 s in action U9 s batting 37 UNDER 10 AGE CO-ORDINATOR S REPORT Under 10 Blue Under 10 Blue had a great season. The boys all improved throughout the season and enjoyed each other s company. Ben continued to develop all aspects of his game. His pace when bowling and ability to judge whether there was a run available were his stand out achievements. Luke provided a commentary on the field of the events as they unfolded and improved his batting and bowling during the season. Maxim had his first season in the team and did a great job learning so much about the game. Lucas was a new addition to the team too and provided fast out-swing bowling and many left-handed boundaries when batting. Matthew was very quick between wickets and did a great job as wicket keeper getting his body behind the ball. Josh tried his hand at spin bowling and was the leading run scorer in the team. Lachie enjoyed many vicious pull shots for 4. Zack showed off his full swing of the bat and hit the ball very hard. Kovidh displayed a lovely batting technique and hit some great shots. Akash excelled at bowling and hit some great boundaries too. Harrison has a beautiful straight bat that will enable him to bat very effectively as he gets older. Reuben has a natural ability that was very evident in both batting and bowling. I hope all the boys are back next season and that next season is as enjoyable as this one was. Under 10 Orange The team had a very enjoyable and successful season losing only 1 game. The team scored 200 runs on three occasions with a season high of 2 265. Players enjoying their first season of cricket Aneesh Gautum Saad Mahmud and Zac Hughes all scored runs took wickets and improved in all areas of the game during the season. Blake Noonan Tom Heyes and Blake Morrison all scored 250 runs at good averages. James Forder batted 11 times for 142 runs without losing his wicket. A season highlight for Matt Carrozzi was taking 3 wickets (all bowled) for 2 runs off 2 overs. A genuine all-rounder Harry Rushton scored runs took wickets and was involved in many direct hit run outs a feature of the teams fielding. Ayan Arora enjoyed his first season at WPHCCC with a top score of 42 and regularly taking wickets. Under 10 Purple The 2016 17 season saw the U10 purple team form again with five boys returning from the U9 purple team - Lachlan Will Rhys Tom B and Hugh. It was great to welcome five new boys to the team some of whom had previously played however for the majority it was their first season of cricket - Somil Rahil Sam Tom M and Nate. Even though 50% of the team had changed the boys gelled quickly because of school connections creating a fun and encouraging environment for them to continue to grow their cricket skills. As coach what really pleased me with this group of boys was the commitment and high attendance level at training where they were willing to learn and develop these skills further. Thanks must also go to the parents for providing this support to enable further growth in their boys cricket skills. What was great to see for the boys is that the training started to pay off as evidenced by improved results during the second half of the season. It was also evident in the way each of the boys skills evolved during the season. For many it was either their batting or bowling that improved significantly which as a coach is rewarding to see and provides the enticement to continue playing cricket. Thanks to the parent group for the support and encouragement provided to the boys during the season. Tanu and Jenny thanks for managing the team you did a sensational job. Under 10 white This year saw us gain 4 new players in Archie Joel Gurteer and Mani and all did well with Archie and Joel both being quite handy with the bat. This is now Aidan Alex Sam James and Riley s 2nd season and all came back with good knowledge of the game and what was expected and all performed well. Alex ended up taking out the batting award for the second year Aidan took out the bowling and Riley got my most improved player award for good reason. 38 It was a great season and all boys performed really well they all deserved awards but unfortunately I only had 3 to give out. Under 10 Green WPHCCC GREEN UNDER 10 SOME WE LOST MOST WE WON. THRASHED THE BALLS OUR LEFTY ANSH BATTING STRONG WITH AJEET & JOE GOT GALORE RUNS. PERFORMED WELL ALL ROUND WAS HASEEB ARMAAN AND ARJONIL SHOWED THEY COULD WICKET-KEEP. RAIDEN AND RYAN ADDED TO THE TEAMS GLORY BUT SADLY LUKE WAS INITIALLY DOWN DUE TO AN INJURY. MIX OF TALENT IN THE TEAM INCLUDES LAKSH s ALMOST HAT-TRICK AND VISHNU s FAMOUS SEAM. WPHCCC GREEN UNDER10 SOME WE LOST MOST WE WON Under 10 Red Over the past season all of the boys have improved on many of the skills in cricket while also having a lot of fun. It was amazing to see the amount of encouragement that the boys would give to each other not only at the game but also at training. Mohammed A very mature young man with a lot of confidence. Mohammed has improved quite a bit in all areas of the game. Amin Out of everyone in the team I believe that Amin has improved the most over the season and he should be extremely proud of himself. Hrithian Wow Hrithian can hit a ball just like Chris Lynn. I always had to keep an eye out just to make sure that I wouldn t get hit when he was batting. Shakeel A very good young player. Exceptional with his fielding bowling and batting. A very good future for him in cricket. Lucas A very consistent player and great leader in the team. Lucas is a very hard worker and has improved his skills over the season. Zac Willing to try new things every week whether it would be bowling with spin or trying to bat left handed. Also a very good leader in the team and not afraid to take on challenges. Eddie. He is a pocket rocket. Eddie does not let anything get in the way of his goals. A very polite young man too who has a lot of skill in cricket. Charlie The tree climber himself. Charlie has shown quite a lot of skill in cricket and has been improving every week. Sam So much improvement has come from this young man. With his height coming into play he was definitely a player to not be taken lightly. Ricky Great season by Ricky. Very consistent in all areas of the game and a very fun young man. Riley Every week Riley has always been improving. Always looked like he was having fun and putting a smile on everyone s face. 39 Thank you to all of the parents for giving me this opportunity to coach such an awesome group of boys and also thank you to Narelle for helping me with managing this season. Have a great off season boys and I hope that you come back to our great club. Under 10 Gold I ve had the pleasure of coaching this awesome group of boys for 3 years now and they get better and better each year I m am very proud of all of the boys for the way they play cricket each week. A special mention to Liam and Jackson that both unfortunately started the season with the same type of broken arms They both made it back in great spirits after the Christmas break and got straight back to bowling straight and taking wickets Well done boys We could have given a most improved award to everyone however Max finished the season on fire at training and on the pitch A fearless fielder and developed a really strong bowling action. Also on the most improved radar was Sebastian. Sebi played his first season like his cousin Pat Cummins A solid bowler batter and keeper it was great to have Sebi in the team this year Our fielding as a team was outstanding all season and we have a few standouts in the field including Paddy that took some amazing catches in the deep and was also great with the bat Jacob D is a joy to have in the team always in great spirits he took some beautiful catches as keeper and in the field and is also a natural leg spinner Stanley is another keen keeper and as a batter lead the team in runs this year Well done Stanley Lachlan had another terrific year and is a natural with all skills of the game. He scored runs and bowled really well again this year. William is a fabulous cricketer with a consistent line-n-length delivery and is a crafty left handed batter that loves a short ball Very keen in the field with several run outs again this year Jacob H had a great year and won the bowling award with the most wickets in the team Well done Jacob And as always Harry had a massive impact in every game with his determined batting bowling fielding and is an awesome all round cricketer A special thanks to our amazing manager Jules for doing everything yet again You are the best And to all the parents for all of the help with scoring umpiring coaching training and everything else We had another fun year with a beaut bunch of kids See you next summer Blake Noonan at Browns Field (U10 Orange) James Forder at Browns Field (U10 Orange) 40 UNDER 11 AGE CO-ORDINATOR S REPORT The 2016 2017 season was quite a successful one for U11s and everybody involved should feel proud of themselves. It is often said that success has many fathers mothers and this proverb holds very true in U11s. We had many parents non-parents players and siblings participating this year to create such a successful year. The Season commenced with a great sense of anticipation. The first year of exposure to Competitive cricket with official scoring ladders and the prospect of finals. We had most boys returning from last year but we also welcomed a number of new players to the Club. In total 60 players were divided into 5 teams during the current U11 season. As the season progressed we saw the boys continue to develop make new friends and most importantly enjoy playing. There were many positives to come out of the season. Out of 5 teams 2 teams made it to Semi-Finals. This is remarkable considering there were 21 teams in the competition. We also had Two players among top 10 run scores and Two players among top 10 Wicket takers in the competition. I Would like to congratulate every player for their contributions during this season. You made a big difference to your team. Congratulations to all our coaches and team managers for a great year. It often seems like a thankless job so I would like to thank them for all the effort and dedication throughout the year. Thank you to all the parents for helping out on game day at training and driving boys to cricket each week. Blue Team Most Improved team. Start of the season lost 4 consecutive games but with extra training and true team work they manage to win next 4 games. Remarkably Blue Team finished the season 11th on the ladder. This is an outstanding effort considering the way they started. Well done to everyone involved especially to coach Leon and manager Mandy. Gold Team Most Loyal team. Most of the players in Gold Team has been playing together since U9s. Even though results didn t go the way they would have liked there were many promising individual performances through the season. Hope to see all the players back next year to form the same team for the 4th consecutive year. Thank you coach Robert and manager Sachin for keeping the team together Orange Team Like Bulldogs in NRL this team like to play under the radar but always get the job done. Had a very successful season winning 7 Games out of 11 and reached Semi-finals. Unfortunately lost the semi-finals to more fancied Castle Hill team who were full with Rep Players. Playing Semi-final doesn t come often so everyone involved in the team should be very proud of what you managed to achieve this year. Well done to coach Darren and manager Chris for taking the team this far. Green Team Most Enthusiastic team. Rain or mud won t stop the team playing the game they love the most. When every other team would find excuses not to play due to weather this team will find a way to play even if it means finding sand bags to cover water puddles. There were new players in the team this year which made little difficult to play as a team every time. But this team has lot of promise and potential to get better results next year. Thank you coach Colin and manager Leon for been energetic. Purple Team The Super Team. Only lost one game whole year. If it wasn t for the terrible weather during last few weeks of the season they would have finished as minor premieres. Unfortunately they kept their worst performance for the semi-final to lose to Hornsby which they beat during the season comfortably. It was very promising to see how technically correct most players are and how much they have developed over the years. Well done to coach Phil and manager Andrew for the wonderful job they have done on each individual player. Finally Congratulation to Harry Flower from Green Team for winning the first ever Ross Anderson Trophy and Phil Carney from Purple Team for winning the Volunteer of the Year - U8s to U11s. For all the Players good luck with winter sports and can t wait to have you all back next year in U12s. 41 UNDER 12 AGE CO-ORDINATOR S REPORT In under 12 s this year we fielded an amazing 5 teams and although we had no teams in the finals we still had a wonderful season. I would like to thank all the coaches managers umpires and scorers for their selfless contributions to the development of cricket in our great club. U12 White We had a great season lots of fun and a lot of rain at the end of the season. Most of our team returned in 2016 17 and we continued to build on the skills we developed last year. We had a strong start to the year with an outright win but the second half of the season put paid to our finals aspirations with several close losses and batting costing us some games. There were some inspirational performances which included Tim s awesome catch against WPHCCC Green Some 50 s to remember from Lachlan and Jordan Mayank s around the wicket bowling brilliance Some superb hitting from Max and Ronan Some wonderful wickets Daniel s niggling medium pacers and Cam s let arm orthodox Wonderful opening bowling from Josh and Jack Vihaan s great fielding and pace bowling Zac s super wicket keeping and solid 50 Luke s cavalier batting displays U12 Red The under 12 s Red team this year was a combination of many of the Red team from last year and also some players from last year s Purple team. The boys came together very well and had an excellent season finishing the year in 6th place and with any luck in a couple of games could well have made the finals. It has been a pleasure to coach the boys this year and we have seen some fantastic individual and team performances throughout the year. One of the great strengths of the team is the depth in both batting and bowling with all players contributing towards the results in many cases with personal best efforts. Importantly whilst the boys fought hard for wins they also had a lot of fun together and developed into a close group by end of season. Thanks to all the parents that helped out with the team during the season either by assisting in scoring umpiring or training. Would also like to give a big thanks to Melissa Adams for managing the team Melissa s support ensured we were all organised on-time and ready to go. Thanks again boys for a great season look forward to next year and making a run at the finals. U12 Blue We lost a few familiar faces this season and welcomed some new boys into the team. We also added to the coaching team with Joseph bringing his wealth of knowledge to share. The team bonded well and we had an enormous amount of fun at training and on game day. The season was up and down for us and we had not one but two tied games. There was much improvement in all the boys as the season progressed and they should all be very proud. Thank you to all the parents who volunteered each game and particular thanks to the hard work of our manager Alicia and coach Joseph. 42 U12 Orange Well for the U12 Orange Team the start of the season was really exciting when our whole team returned (except one player). It was great to see the team again. As always the boys kept us on the edge of our seats with some very close games and despite some losses in the back end of our season the boys never gave up (and never lost by much). With highlights including A great win against last year s premiers. Caleb s quick 21 run knock including the only six of the season. Huntley s three wickets in the last over of the match. James three wickets in the one over and two 50 s. Nathan s in-swinger ball of the season. Thomas 41 run knock and his Kimbo Cup knock including nine runs in one over both in tough conditions. - Awesome wicket keeping from Josh James Jay and Luke. - Great bowling from Jehan Matt Ben Rishi Owen and Yash U12 Green U12 Green entered the season eager and confident from last seasons GF win. We welcomed three new team members being Resandu whom was a quiet achiever and as the season went on became a very economical bowler. Bailey an enthusiastic fellow whose batting and bowling skills are rapidly improving and Tom who proved a handy WK stopping the ball with all parts of a bruised and battered body. Cameron had a great season with the bat including a sensational 111 backed up by unsung hero Bailey in a terrific unbeaten last wicket stand against Beecroft. Congratulations to Cohan for taking out the bowling award. Also a special mention for Anish whose leg spinners I believe are fantastic and Zach J who is developing great pace with his almost Jeff Thompson style. Both boys wickets taken for the year by no means reflects their ability. Unfortunately our last two games in which we had good contests ended in draws due to weather and our chance of making the semi final of which we were on the cusp fell away. How good were our weekly bacon and egg rolls which were cooked by the Van Meygaarden & Vink families on their portable BBQ. Even our opponents sometimes enjoyed this tradition with us. A massive thank you guys. Special thanks to Anna our super manager and Roopal our ever reliable scorer. 43 UNDER 13 AGE CO-ORDINATOR S REPORT The U13s fielded 3 teams and were all very competitive this season. At the beginning of the season it was a bit of a challenge to field 3 teams due to the low number of players returning from last season. This was mainly due to some players enrolling in private schools and was mandatory to represent their schools in sports. Thanks to a few new registrations to the Club and one playing an age group up we had 35 players to form the 3 teams. Our White team performed extremely well throughout the season and progressed all the way to the Grand Final. They were runners-up playing against the Pennant Hills team. The Blue and Red teams couldn t make it to the semis due to a few games being washed out during the latter part of the season but they gave it their best shot. Thank you to all the coaches managers umpires and scorers who dedicated their time and support. Duminda Thenuwara U13s Age Coordinator Under 13 Blue Team This Cricket season although it was tough trying keep the team motivated it was very rewarding and enjoyable for me personally. I hope the kids also had fun and learned a little bit more about the game. When we started the season my objective was to ensure that the kids learn as much as possible about the game and ensure that they have enough fun doing this. As a coach I think I was very fortunate to be able to coach the Under 13 Blue team since the team consisted of a bunch of kids with mixed cricketing abilities but all the kids were willing to learn and put a lot of effort in to improve themselves. As a result all the kids had improved their batting bowling and fielding by the end of the season. The team had a mixed year with some good wins and some losses but overall the team won more games than they lost. The consistent rain over the last few weeks did not help the team. There were some highlights like coming from behind and beating Kissing Point. Some of the individual highlights were Oscar s batting especially his 60 against Pennant Hills Oliver s out swing bowling wickets in the opening overs. Riley s couple of match saving innings Cory s 3 wickets against Thornleigh Ritish s consistent batting Hiresh s maiden 50 against Thornleigh Seth s batting against the Red team Nikil s improved bowling Luchith s important little innings at the top of the order Evan s excellent wicket keeping especially stumping against spin bowling and Ratul s excellent bowling against Hornsby. Given below are some best moments of the season as some kids remember Riley I enjoyed the wickets that Corey took and especially when he got 3 wickets for 2 runs against Thornleigh. Oscar Enjoyed being part of this team for the year. Luchith Destroying Hornsby s Batting line up in the one-day match against them. Hiresh Enjoyed playing in the team and specially enjoyed the wickets I took with my leg spin bowling. I must thank Adam for being a wonderful manager. Dumi for doing a wonderful job as the age coordinator. Also I wish to thank all the parents for carrying the gear scoring helping out at practices games and encouraging the kids. Sumitha De Silva - Under 13 Blue Coach U13 White Team The 2016 17 season has been a successful one for the Under 13 Whites. Not only was reaching the final a rewarding achievement the development of the group throughout the season had been significant. When you consider that the squad is only in its second year of playing together what they have been able to achieve becomes even more impressive. 44 At the end of the regular season the team had finished in fourth position meaning they would face a tough challenge in the Semi-final against a strong Hornsby team who had dominated this age group in previous years. The team had never beaten Hornsby and appeared to be a daunting task. With the other Semi-final being abandoned the winner would take on the classy Pennant Hills team filled with many representative players. In the semi-final against Hornsby our bowlers were dominant early dismantling Hornsby s dangerous top order. With the continuation of accurate bowling and quality fielding the regular taking of wickets continued and the Whites had Hornsby bowled out for only 111 runs. After a steady start to our run chase and rain clouds looming our top order batsmen picked up the pace after the tea break. During only the 38th over and at 3 112 the job was done and the winning runs had been struck. Hornsby had finally been toppled. The first innings of the Final saw Pennant Hills deciding to bat first after winning the toss. Our bowlers and fielding in the first innings was impressive a carryover of the good cricket they had played previously in the Semi-final against Hornsby. Although not taking many early wickets the team persisted and eventually the wickets began to flow. In the 50th over the Whites had Pennant Hills bowled out for a gettable 131. Unfortunately it would not be our day. With some early wickets and inability to put pressure on the Pennant Hills bowlers we had faced our 55 overs and fallen short by 23 runs. Some might be disappointed by this result but the team was not and were proud of their achievement in reaching the final and beating Hornsby along the way. A key feature in the development of the team was the introduction of spin into its bowling attack. At the start of the season the team did not possess a spinner by the end of the season it had two good quality spinners. Many teams in the competition struggled with our spinners. They were effective in slowing down the run rate and creating wickets. Another area of improvement throughout the year was our increased ability to remain focused and positive throughout the game especially in the field. Many players within the team developed the awareness and belief that the next ball could get them a wicket. Being the case this heightened their alertness in the field and led to an improvement in their fielding and support and encouragement for each other. Perhaps the most striking feature of the White team is the way in which they carry themselves both on and off the field. At training they display a good sense of comradery and enthusiasm and when taking the field they always exhibited good sportsmanship and respect towards their opposition. This attribute of the team is the most satisfying and a credit to themselves and their families. Congratulations U 13 Whites on a successful 2016 17 season. Matt Kohlhagen Under 13 White Coach U13 Red Team The season got off to a terrific start with the team showing that when things aren t going well and they focussed on the job at hand they could adjust and dig in for the long haul. This became a common theme for the season with the boys showing terrific resilience to bounce back from difficult situations. Every member of the team improved over the course of the season with all making valuable contributions at some point and finding a way to support the team effort regardless of individual misfortunes. Harry led the team well making excellent decisions in the field whilst still consulting with the rest of the boys on the best way forward. Stefan took out the bowling award but everyone chipped in along the way particularly Tom s spin and Harry s and James pace which were difficult for other teams to deal with. Finn was Mr Reliable with the bat making some big scores and never giving up his wicket cheaply. Batting was an area that the team as a whole needed to improve and over the course of the season all worked hard to occupy the crease and accumulate runs. Many thanks to James for coaching the team and supporting the boys development as players and team members. Also thanks to a great group of parents who were always on hand to umpire and score. Looking forward to another terrific season in 2017 18. Scott Baker Under 13 Red Manager 45 UNDER 14 AGE CO-ORDINATOR S REPORT Under 14 GOLD The 16 17 season welcomed four new players to the Gold Team Selwyn Saarang Asvath Menura and new coaches with Paul and Zia taking on the reigns. Our season was full of highlights a few disappointments and a growing sense of team as we brought together the new and old to recreate the sense of fun that our team has always had a strong focus on. It was a slow start with our first win not coming until round 4. Our side has been traditionally strong with our bowling and fielding however neither discipline found rhythm. We ended the season with 4 wins 2 draws and 5 losses. The boys hung in tight and we had some great highlights such as Matt s season high of 77 with the bat against Beecroft Selwyn s 63 vs Kenthurst Rajat s 75 not out vs Normo Al s 59 vs Redfield and Pat s 58 vs Glenorie. With the ball Joey and Rey as our opening bowlers were very efficient and picked up 12 wickets a piece. Sach was in form against Castle Hill with 3 8 and we were thrilled with Menura in his first year of cricket picking up 6 wickets. Asvath and Naveen took 3 each and Saarang also 3 in his first year. The season had some nail biting moments we had great intensity in the local derby vs Blue but the weather gods decided to abandon the match. The last friendly game of the season the boys had great fun securing a decisive victory. Vino scoring a season high 23 not out Selwyn 75 and Luca 3 8 ending the season on a positive. Our boys always displayed great sportsmanship lead ably by Luca during the season. Big thanks to Paul for coaching the boys Zia for the on field support and our fantastic cohort of parents who week in and out turned up to cheer on our team. Under 14 WHITE A real coming of age It was always going to be a hard slog for the U-14 Whites who came about when two separate teams were merged. Not having played together or known each other made it hard for the boys to gel and the absence of strong teamwork played a big part in the early season losses. There were days when the team morale was completely down and out and this even caused some members to quit midway through the season. Despite the repeated setbacks however the boys trained regularly and showed a lot of commitment to improve. And over the next few weeks the boys slowly started to bond and began to understand each other s strengths and weaknesses. Encouragement started to flow and this created much positivity allround really a welcome change. As we drew nearer to December the margin of losses became narrower until........ that first win Yes what an amazing feeling it was to have finally won a game. That win gave the boys a tremendous confidence boost and they started to compete hard and play like a team. Of the last 6 games we won 3 drew 2 due to inclement weather (we had a real chance of winning both though ) and only lost 1. And this from a team that looked completely out of sorts at the season s start and even lost players No mean feat that Full credit to the boys for showing resilience and staying true the hard work paid off. Well-done Whites really proud of you all. We now have a great foundation for the 2017-18 season. Under 14 BLUE The 14 Blues had a great year both on and off the field. The season started with 11 boys all returning for another season and we were pleased to welcome Joshua and Kieran. Last season we built a brand new team with most boys not knowing each other but this year was different and we hit the ground running. It was great to see each boy pick up where they left off last year and improve again this year. 46 Each week the boys bowled better and tighter and stuck to the game plan. We put a lot of emphasis on economical bowling and the boys delivered all year. With the bat there were many outstanding performances and everyone chipped in when needed. All that hard work showed in the results. We ended the regular season as minor premiers with only one loss but unfortunately went out in the semi finals. The semis wasn t one of our better games and I am sure the boys will learn from that performance. Overall though a fantastic season Finally a big thanks to Arjun for all his time and effort in managing the team making sure everyone knew where they needed to be and what they needed to do. And to all the parents who umpired scored helped set up and pack up the grounds a huge thanks (especially with the coach running off early to umpire). Action shot batting Action shot bowling Aiden & Luc at drinks U14 WHITE TEAM U14 TAMWORTH 47 UNDER 15 AGE CO-ORDINATOR S REPORT The U15 s fielded 3 teams in 2016 17 in a strong competition. The Gold Team backed up making the finals for the 2nd Year running finishing 4th before drawing the Semi Final in a rain affected match. The Blue team were unlucky to pip the gold team for the last finals spot missing out by 1 point to finish 5th. The white team whilst finishing last had some close results but just could not maintain momentum throughout the year. Thanks to all the team Coaches Managers Umpires Scorers and weekend support staff on behalf of WPHCCC. Andrew Morris - U15 Co-ordinator Under 15 Blue This season the Blues had a playing roster of 12 and this gave each boy the opportunity to maximise their time on the field which they relished. Unfortunately significant pre-season and early season injuries to key players and unavailability of others resulted in the team playing short in the first three rounds. Two of these games were against teams that finished first and third on the ladder and a heart-breaking loss in the second last over of game three left the Blues registering three losses from their first three games. Such early season disappointment would have crushed the enthusiasm of most teams but the boys knew cricket couldn t get any tougher than this and developed a steely resolve. Each boy continued to train with exuberance and responded with three good wins from their next three matches. Playing under the mantra of never give up and it only takes one ball the Blues were a hard side to beat with a full complement of players especially when defending their total. The boys played near faultless cricket after Christmas culminating with an exceptional win (with only ten players) over a full strength second placed Normanhurst team. This was followed up with a good bowling performance in their next game only to be denied victory the following week by Sydney s heat wave and in their last game of the season the Blues came close to winning outright which would have resulted in the team sneaking into the semis. With 5 wins 5 losses and a draw the team finished 5th just 1 point shy of a semi-final berth. At the end of the day given the start to the season this was a good result. Season Highlights Attendance and attitude at training fantastic. The parent group responding (positively ) to the coaches request (demand) of an early game arrival to allow time for pre-game stretches and warm ups. The Blues were always first to arrive at the ground as a team and looked professional as they went through their routines. Round 3 vs Hornsby-Berowra Scored 6 183 without the services of the team s two top run scorers. This gave the boys a glimpse of what could be achieved with determination and it kicked started their season. Round 4 vs WPHC White bowled out for 186 the Blues made the most of their opportunity to bowl eight overs before close of play to take 3 for 13. This set up the first win of the season. Round 9 a one-dayer vs Normanhurst 3 145 vs 8 129. This win was achieved with only ten players and reversed the heavy defeat inflicted on the team by Normanhurst in Round 2 (95 Vs 9 237). A benchmark game demonstrating the vast improvement in the side. Round 11 vs WPHC White 3 171 vs 53 and 6 95. The boys clinically executed their game plan in a phenomenal all round performance that kept the team s semi-final hopes alive right to the very last over of the season. What a way to finish the season. 48 Player Profiles Connor Hindmarch (c) Pre-season and mid-season injuries prevented Connor from playing his best. Hit his stride as a bowler postChristmas when injury free (8 wickets 11) with best bowling of 3 18 vs Hornsby-Berowra. Always difficult to get out he provided good early foundations when opening the batting. Captained well with astute bowling changes. Dylan Bish (vc) Great season and deserved winner of the team player award. Really matured as a cricketer this season and performed consistently with both bat (231 runs 33) and ball (13 wickets 15). Chanceless 55 vs WPHC White under pressure 42 no vs Castle Hill and 34 vs Normanhurst the highlights. Reliable medium fast bowler who bowls with subtle variations of pace line and length. Best bowling of 3 22 vs Hornsby-Berowra. Assisted his captain well in the field particularly in the last three games. Andrew Cooper Bowled very quick at times. Developed the fast bowler s stare although it was usually followed with a smile. Took 5 wickets (best 3 17 vs Castle Hill) but was unlucky not to have more as he always created chances. Contributed some handy runs in a couple of games top score of 15 vs WPHC White. Became a good close to the wicket fieldsman always vocal in the field and played with passion. Tom Dickinson His quality bowling enabled the team to control games. Swings the ball late at fast medium pace and can adjust his bowling lines and lengths depending on the batsman. Took 5 wickets but his pressure bowling generally allowed his bowling partners to collect the prize. Batted very well (126 21) scoring valuable late order runs with 37 and 36 being his best against Berowra and WPHC Gold respectively. Good fielder with a strong accurate arm. Sam Kirkegard Gifted cricketer with a good technique who times the ball sweetly and bowls good leg spin. Opened the batting for the majority of the season (143 20) with top scores of 49 vs Hornsby-Berowra and 42 vs White. Took a bag of late season wickets when he concentrated on landing good leg breaks (12 wickets 21) best 3 18 vs White. Eshaan Kohli Slow start to the season but ended up with 9 wickets 19. When at his best his well flighted innocuous looking leggies bamboozle most batsmen. Always put an effort in the field and his ground fielding improved as a result. A delight to have in the team. John Kurian Good off spin bowler who bowled consistently all season (7 wickets 21). Has the ability to beat the batsman in the air. Will be able beat the batsman off the pitch more regularly as he gets stronger and is able to impart more revolutions on the ball for greater spin and bounce. Aggressive lower order batsman. Amazing how many times he can throw down the wicket in the field when required the one against Hornsby-Berowra off his own bowling was priceless Zac Morris Plays hard and hits the ball harder. A talented bat who always looks to score and once set can turn a game. Has the ability and determination to make a big score as evidenced with top scores of 53 vs WPHC Gold 71 no vs Normanhurst and 83 vs WPHC White. Deserved winner of the team s batting award (270 39). Good infielder with a rocket arm. Shared the keeping duties with Nick and improved in this role each game taking some good catches off the slow bowlers. 49 Riley Paton The Doug Walters of the team. Bowling his left arm mediums he had the uncanny knack of getting a wicket when the team needed one (7 wickets 11). Best strike rate in the competition (bowling more than 10 overs) with a wicket every 15 balls Exceptional outfielder (possibly the best in the competition) with his pace to the ball and flat accurate throws. Always plays with a smile on his dial. Areeb Rashid Good medium fast bowler who bowls outswing on a nagging line and length. Won the bowling award with 9 wickets 21 at 2.7 runs an over. Unselfishly opened the batting early in the season when the team was short of batsmen and scored a well compiled 26 in Round 3. Nick Sparks Did a great job warming up the boys pre-game and shared the keeping duties with Zac. Worked hard on his keeping and continued to improve throughout the season. The take above his head from a hard throw from the infield to get the run out vs Hornsby-Berowra was a highlight. Can be a devastating lower order batsman when at his best. Showed glimpses during games top score of 15 vs Castle Hill. Alexander Vink Assisted Nick with the team warm ups. A talented batsman with solid back foot play top score 26 vs Hornsby-Berowra. Bowls big inswingers with his slow mediums and opened the bowling in some games to great effect. Bowled very well post-Christmas (10 wickets 15.5). Thank you to Roger Kurian fellow coach for your valued input and to Jane Bish for your tireless effort as number one team manager. This team has a great parent group and the Blues were never short of umpires scorers amenities support and laughter throughout the season. Well done Blues another very enjoyable cricket season. Ian Cooper Coach Under 15 Gold Yet another year when a combination of old faces and some new ones started the season together. Handicapped by a combination of private school players and a player who opted out even before the first ball was bowled for the season the team was reduced to ten on the field for most of the games. It is an immense credit to the talent and character of the ten players who took to the field match after match to ensure that we had a game on (the team played with a full complement of 11 players for only 3 of the 12 matches played). Despite the numbers it has been another grand season for the immensely talented Gold Team who made it to the semis for the 3rd year in a row. It was unfortunate that the last 3 matches including the semis were a washed-out affair with only one innings played. It is a shame as the players would have loved to have a crack at making it to 2nd year in a row in the finals instead of the weather deciding their fate. There have been some individual brilliances during the season and some sensational achievements. Many a personal milestone had been achieved and some personal barriers overcome. However it would be unfair to credit individual performances as it would take the sheen off the incredible team spirit and the character that the team displayed in supporting and achieving together and this with fair play and respect on and off the field. As a coach and a parent they could not have made me any prouder. Well done boys and Anushka. You have been sensational...yet again. Ravi... the proud coach. 50 Under 15 White Season 2016 17 was a very challenging one for the Whites. We began with 14 players losing 1 seasoned player from the previous season and adding three new players to the team. The boys had a great time training and playing with their mates and there were some solid performances from the team and individuals throughout the season. Season Highlights Attendance and fun at training a weekly social highlight for the boys. The two wins against Berowra Maroon in rounds 2 and 9 some great teamwork in the field and great knocks across the games by Ed James S Yash Jonno Louis and Jude were highlights. Also some impressive bowling by Rahul Nathan 1 7 off 2 Jonno 4 31 off 11 & Johny K. Player Profiles Jonathan Moran (co Captain) Jonno had a great season in the co-captain role with Yash. He is maturing well as an all round cricketer and on many occasions he led from the front by accumulating a solid number of runs (240 runs 27av) taking 12 wickets (with a 15av) with two bests of 4 24 against Kenthurst and 4 31 against Berowra Maroon. Jonno was the well deserved recipient of the team bowling award this season - great job Jonno and well done. Yash Patel (co Captain) Yash had a terrific season and worked well together with Jonno in the co-captain role. Yash is a great cricketer and was the deserved winner of the team batting award with total season runs of 213 with a 27 average. He also did brilliantly behind the stumps & in the field (9 catches 3 stumpings and 3 runouts). Well done Yash. James Boulous JB bowled consistently all season & worked really hard for his wickets. In fact JB was one of the hardest working players in the team always pushing himself to do the best he could. He was very unlucky at times not to go on with his batting. He took 2 hard earned wickets (best 1 11 v. Castle Hill) and was unlucky not to take more as he consistently created chances with his deadly accurate centre stump balls. Saved loads of runs in the field and became a very good mid-wicket fieldsman this season. He is a team favourite with the boys and always supports all the boys in the team. Well done JB. Jude Boyle Jude has developed into a very good batsman. He is a run-making machine and he seems to be doing it easier and easier as he matures as a player. One minute he s on 5 next time you look up its 25 then he grabs your attention and he s moving through 50. Jude made several brilliant knocks this season with a best of 74 against Berowra Maroon. Jude s wicket keeping is also getting better and better and his bowling is very handy (6 wickets with a 17.5av). Great work Jude Ed Corby Ed is quite a gifted cricketer with good technique who is shaping into a quality player. His batting came along well this season with a top score of 25 against Berowra Maroon in round 2. We d like to see Ed open up a bit more some of his best batting came from knocks where he batted fluently. His off spin bowling was always exceptional (10 wickets 22.8av) with his best bowling of 3 17 against Kenthurst in round 7. He selflessly opened the batting for the majority of the season well done Ed. Rahul Das Rahul was one of our new players. He had a slow start to the season but ended up being a solid contributor in the field. He top scored with a knock of 10 against Castle Hill that was very handy against some quality bowling. Always put a solid effort in the field and his ground fielding improved as a result. Needs to get into the nets in the off-season and practice his batting and bowling could be the sleeper for next season. 51 Shazer Jang Shazer was another of our newbies for this year. Only played the first half of the season and went missing for the last 5 or 6 games. The teams resident blogger and a team online favourite. Next year more games John Koleth This young man is a very fine cricketer. Along with Louie MH Johnny K is one of the favourites amongst the boys. He is always encouraging in the field and is the first player to get a hand on a back when encouragement is needed. He was rewarded with the Team Player award by popular vote from the boys. He is a very good bowler and a super confident (sometimes too confident ) batsman. John s bowling figures (12 wickets 17av) with a best of 4 9 against Blue in round 4 were spectacular. John s batting was always a spectacle and his two bests of 30 against Blue in round 4 and 22 against Gold in round 9 were just brilliant to watch. Well done John great stuff. Rahul Nathan Rahul s bowling is coming along really well. He is tall and lean and when he bowls his right arm mediums he has developed the capability of getting a wicket right when the team needs one (5 wickets 9.6av). The second best strike rate of all WPH bowlers in the competition with a wicket every 9.6 balls It was a shame that he only played 5 matches and bowled 18 overs Always next year Rahul. Finley Nelson Finley is a good bat and also a solid medium pace bowler. He is a very handy fielder as well and as such is one of our good all rounders. Had a handful of great knocks a 50 against Hornsby Berowra in round 6 and a handy 24 against the Blues in round 11. Took 3 wickets for the year with a best of 1 11. Well done Fin great work. Louis Madison-Hanlon As mentioned previously Louie is one of the teams favourite players. He is also one of our best all rounders with some great bowling and batting throughout the season. Took 7 wickets for the season with an average of 22. Louie s batting was superb with some great knocks including 31 against Gold in round 1 for a total season tally of 130 18.5av. Very well liked by all the boys and always chirping away on the field with encouragement to the players. Of course Louie s best bowling for the year was not at club cricket but I have to mention it anyway because well it s just incredible Round 3 of the u14 Presidents Cup Louie took 9 wickets for 14 runs v. Newcastle in 9.1 overs with 4 maidens (yes you have read that correctly). Incredible stuff We are just amazed that there were no hat tricks in there Congrats Louie and well done what a season Agni Sen Agni is a second year player who is progressing well with his cricket. His batting and bowling are coming along well and his fielding is very handy. Agni s bowling is coming along nicely with 1 21 his best this season against Hornsby Berowra. Well done Agni James Skuodas James is a talented cricketer and has the potential to become a very good right hand fast bowler and a solid batsman. He took 8 wickets this season with a 31 average and a best of 2 36 against Normanhurst. His fielding is superb and easily the best in the team with his rocket throws in from the boundary that more than once dislodged the bails for a run out. Batted very well prior to Christmas with a best of 26 against Berowra Maroon. Liam Weiss Liam had a good season with the bat and the ball and was also a solid contributor in the field. He definitely seems to enjoy his cricket. He top scored with a knock of 15 against Castle Hill that was very handy against some quality bowling. Always put a solid effort in the field and took 3 valuable catches for the season. Well done Liam. Thank you to our coaches Mick Boulous & Snehal Patel for taking the boys on the journey this season. Thank you also to the parent group who umpired scored and barracked for the boys. Congratulations boys a great season and see you next year. Dean Moran Team Manager 52 UNDER 16 AGE CO-ORDINATOR S REPORT U16 Blue The under 16 comp this season was packed with strong teams. Our boys were competitive and made it to the semi finals where we played the premiers Normanhurst. Unfortunately in wet conditions we lost the toss and had to bat first in stop and start rain delayed bursts. This meant our innings was reduced to 35 overs. Despite this our boys gave their best with Will Deardon unbeaten on 50 N.O. Normanhurst full of quality batsman passed our score but not without some nervous moments when our bowlers were on top. Again this season all of the boys were required to bowl and bat. Some highlights included Jason Smart who scored his maiden century (102 N.O.) by playing straight and Rowan Love who scored 399 runs an average of 57 and received the clubs Junior player of the year award. Well done Rowan. Also Manu and Jessie Singh who both claimed 9 wickets each with some of the best strike rates in the comp. Special mention to our captain Oliver Maybury who ensured the team played every game in good sporting spirit. Also thanks to Simon Reynolds our manager and age coordinator for his tireless efforts to our team and club. Thankyou also to Rob Love Todd Maybury Dave Behlevanas Simon Reynolds Mike Schramko and Manjur Khan who helped out with scoring and umpiring etc throughout the year. The U16 Blue team is full of potential stars. It s been a pleasure coaching each of you. Good luck in your cricketing futures and remember bowl close to the stumps and lift your hands on your back foot shots Coach Murray U16 Red This season was a tough one for us with a few key players unavailable for extended times. That said the boys fought the season out and as a show of their dedication we fielded virtually a full side for the Kimbo Cup and scored a resounding win over Galston-Glenorie to round out our junior careers. Everybody in the team had a personal highlight and we all improved our games which is the main thing. Big thanks from Paul and I to our manager Wendy Lovell scorers Michelle Brayan and Warren Brooks and umpires Michael Woolnough and Simon Pratt. Tom Pratt (captain) Tom led from the front this year and was always the first player to pad up to face the new ball. He and Max Harkin had a tremendous opening stand against Mt Colah that exceeded 30 overs and took the outright result off the table. Tom s contribution of 39 was a personal highlight. His fielding at short cover underlined the leadership he displayed all season. James Woolnough James won our batting award this year and he achieved a personal best score of 58 against Mt Colah. He opened the bowling on several occasions as well and was the ultimate team man always giving 100% and doing whatever his coaches or captain asked of him. Will Harvey Will won our bowling award with 11 wickets and also scored 47 twice. He was very unlucky against WPH Blue not to get a half century. He batted through the innings on a very hot day to score those runs. Gerard Brooks Gerard is a versatile cricketer with his left-arm leggies causing batsman trouble when he gets things right remembering it is a hard craft to master. He put his hand up to open a few times and he also kept wicket as well and did the right thing by keeping everyone upbeat with his banter. Max Harkin Max had an interrupted season for family reasons but showed the benefit of a very good technique with long innings against Mt Colah (39) and Beecroft (37). Over the games he played Max s knee recovered from injury and he bowled some lively medium pace as well. Rhys Williams Rhys really improved his bowling this year earning 6 wickets with a best of 2 4. His batting also improved on 2015 16 and he earned the right to captain the team against Galston-Glenorie when Tom and Will were both absent. Daanish Mahmoud This was Danish s first season of cricket. His bowling is quick and accurate when he gets his run-up into a rhythm. He volunteered to open the batting a few times as well which greatly benefitted the team with his best score of 12 including two boundaries. 53 Christian Brayan Christian is another team player who steps up and does what he is asked to do. His legspinners got some handy wickets and toward the end of the season his batting was returning to the levels he enjoyed in the Under 14s. Ben Colley Ben joined our club from Normanhurst-Warrawee after a back injury. Fortunately his first game was against his old team and he scored a brilliant 70 in just 37 minutes enjoying our best partnership of the year with James of 85 after we were 3 4 early on. Ben has an excellent eye and when he gets it right few bowlers can contain him. He also bowls very handy off-spin and claimed 3 3 against Galston-Glenorie. Nick Colley Nick is a very talented sportsman and this unfortunately took him away from us for several games as he trialled with the Sydney Swans. Upon his return it was great he got to play some games with brother Ben and his mate Will. Nick s batting and keeping are of very high standard and his partnership with Will s leg-spinners producing several stumpings a real highlight. The good news is he is still eligible for juniors next year Harry Patchett Harry was another newcomer to cricket but took to wicket-keeping very well. He kept very tidily to all styles of bowling and developed his batting as the season progressed playing some nice shots on both sides of the wicket. Leo Liao Leo won the coaches award just by doing all he was asked never complaining and improving all aspects of his game. His best score of 20 against Beecroft saw him partner with Max and add 52 after an outright became a possibility. By the end of the year he had quality batsman playing back to his seam bowling demonstrating the extra pace he was generating. Well done Leo. Abdullah Saeed Abdullah picked up 5 wickets this year with his slow-medium bowling his good line and length often frustrating the batsmen. He has worked hard on his batting and his forward defensive shot is arguably the most technically correct in the team. Ryan Nelson Ryan worked hard all season on his left-arm bowling and batting. In particular he bowled some excellent spells generating good swing and was very unlucky not to claim more wickets. He was also very receptive to advice from his coaches. Lewis Williams Under 16 Red after a win against Galston Glenorie 54 Under 14 Tamworth Tour Report TAMWORTH Having had the privilege of taking these fine young men to Tamworth I can t help but smile and be immensely proud of the way the boys gave it everything and came away from Tamworth with an outstanding result. If someone had come to me before we went away and said you could place third win 4 out of 5 games and finish ahead of representative teams from Armidale Lismore Manly Nambucca Bellingen and Tamworth I would have jumped at it. Yet that is exactly what the boys did....quite amazing and just shows how special these boys are. What really pleases me is that every single boy played a very important role in this great achievement. Joey and Kieran you made a formidable opening bowling combination. Looking 8 10 years down the track I look forward to umpiring grade cricket and watching you both open the bowling for Northern Districts. If that is your goal in cricket I am sure you will both achieve it. I didn t see a better pair of bowlers in the whole carnival Not only did you both terrorise opening batsman every time we needed to slow the run rate or create something special Luca could throw you the ball with confidence. Outstanding and well done. Each game was played in high 30 degree heat yet every day Alastair and Aden H put on their pads leather gloves and helmets and stood behind the wickets. Keeping is a tiring and tough job in the best of conditions but in that heat outstanding. On top of that your half century in game 2 Alastair was a great controlled innings that went a long way to winning us that game. Well done And Aden H loved your quick 21 runs in the final and beyond being a great little cricketer. I truly appreciate your selflessness. Being a Coach and a Dad at the same time can be very challenging and not always easy. But you always make it easy for me. Allowing me to not bowl you in 3 games made it much easier to spread the bowling further for the team....thanks little buddy Louis my young mate you are a true enigma. If you really want to convince me you are a batsman and not a bowler then don t bowl as well as you did in the final. Your bowling performance in that game at the death was simply outstanding. To take 4 wickets for nearly nothing in your final 3 overs when they were swinging at everything was sublime. You kept your cool and simply bowled full and straight. They must have dreaded seeing that flaming red hair running in at them And yes you are a very very good batsman but at your age there is nothing wrong with being very good at both. Then there is the finisher Jude you played two perfect innings to close out our batting in both game 1 and game 3. You read the situation perfectly on both occasions and did exactly what was needed. Your Man-ofthe-Match performance in game 1 was very well deserved. With the ball you helped swing game 3 back in our favour with a great bowling spell with Ollie. The game was getting away from us but you pulled it back with unbelievably economical bowling. In fact you were our most economical bowler for the whole carnival Ollie I will remember your Man-of-the-Match performance in game 3 for a very long time. You took control with both bat and ball. 19 runs from 9 overs slowed them down and your bowling spell with Jude ground them to a halt. Then you came out with the bat when that game was in the balance and helped steer us home with an unbeaten 38.....outstanding. Your bowling all week was excellent and you had them guessing the whole time (including one particular umpire who could not work it out at all so he just called wide ). Your quick fire 27 late in game 1 also made a very big difference in a close game. The tone for the whole carnival and our momentum for the week was set by Ben. The boys were looking at the turf pitch like it might bite them but your opening innings on the first morning got us off to a flying start and the confidence in the team just built from there. A great 21 runs that came to an unlucky end. And despite suffering from ankle achilles issues all week your bowling in game 2 and the semi-final was beautiful to watch. You kept it super tight and made it very difficult for them to score. Luc your Man-of-the-Match performance in game 2 was excellent. You opened the batting and stayed there till the job was done and we chased the runs we needed for the win. Great determination as always. And with the ball you were as usual completely dependable and economical. Game 1 was particularly outstanding with only 9 runs coming from 5 overs in the highest scoring game against us 55 Aidan J....need I say more than maiden century. You will never forget that innings. Keep that ball and place it somewhere special. What a huge personal achievement. On top of this your 40 in game 1 was excellent and kept the score ticking over. Your bowling throughout the carnival was also outstanding especially in games 1 and 2. You were one of our work horse bowlers keeping it tight Keep it up you will go a long way. Tommy Tommy Tommy....what a true team player and a pleasure to have in any team. You bowled consistently well throughout and your bowling performance in the semi-final was outstanding. And no matter how hot it got out there you fielded like a demon saving us plenty of runs. Never a complaint never a grumble you fielded wherever it was needed and did it exceptionally well. Great teamwork in game 1 to play through a bad headache when your team mates starting dropping through heat exhaustion. And then there is Luca our captain. Thanks mate for leading the team through a tough 5 days. The boys wilted often but you picked them up. I really appreciate your leadership. Your innings with the bat in game 1 and game 3 made a huge difference. I will also never forget your efforts in the final to get Aidan J back on strike so he could get his ton before balls ran out. You took off like a hare and were happy to run yourself out so long as you crossed. Your bowling was also excellent especially in game 2 and the semi-final. Tight and frustrating......just the way the opposition batsman hate it BUT even more important than how the boys performed on the cricket field is the way they bonded as a unit and became great mates and had loads of fun. I am sure there were times when they could have skipped the cricket and just headed straight to the pool. The boys didn t all know each other before this week but it didn t take long. There were no ego s no friction just great fun. I hope they remember this trip for a long time And thanks to all the parents (and grandparents) for all your support. Thanks for the umpiring the scoring the washing of clothes the lunch runs and the laughs. I particularly enjoyed the daily debriefs by the pool or at the Longyard. Thanks for letting your champion boys be part of the team and taking the time off to drive to Tamworth and back But I have to save the biggest thanks to Lara. These carnivals do not organise themselves so a HUGE thanks to you Lara for all your time and effort. So to all of you.....boys parents and support crew.....a thanks for a very memorable week away that was hugely enjoyable See you all next year in Armidale Rob Hanich Coach Relaxing poolside at Abraham Lincoln Motel Our U15 Tamworth team with coach Rob and Manager Lara 56 Under 15 Armidale Report On Monday the 2nd Jan a team of 12 players and support crew left Sydney to travel to Armidale. It was a fantastic scenic drive over the Barrington Tops for anyone that hasn t travelled that route before. The Competition consisted of Representative teams from Armidale Lismore Tamworth Hunter Ballina Camden Manly President s XI and Penrith presidents X1 (winners). Over the course of the next 4 days the boys would play 5 games of cricket in the 50ov 20ov and 40ov format on a combination of Turf and Synthetic pitches. The Team recorded wins against Armidale on Day 2 and Lismore on Day 3. We finished 5th after the Round Robins and went down on the final day against Tamworth to finish 6th The Armidale Tour of 2017 was a great success on many levels. There were some fantastic team and individual performances both on and off the field. Through the efforts of players support staff and parents we have shown the participants and organisers of the Armidale Carnival what a wonderful club WPHCCC is and cement our reputation in this regard. An exceptional effort to take pink stumps one step further. Who would have thought the support would have been so great across all the carnival teams. A big thank you goes out to Ray and Wendy for their hard work and contribution. As the coach I would like to thank all the players for giving their all during the tournament. Well done to the certificate winners on your exceptional performances but also to each of you that gave your all and had those small personal wins along the way. Be it the highest score of the team a great catch a run out getting the team off to a solid start a wicket that turned the game a great shot or ball that deserved a wicket. Congratulations to the captains for the manner in which they conducted themselves on the field swung the fielding and bowling changes and giving everyone a go. I hope that each of the kids take something away from their own or team or opposition performances that allow them to reflect on what it takes to be a better cricketer but not forget to enjoy the team environment and the game... After all that is what it is a game. Until Taree 2018... Regards Andrew (aka C3PO) Coach Player Comments Connor Hindmarch A Splendid Cover Drive by Alec Silins For Connor best part was hanging out with his team mates during and after the games. Xander and Paul Vink For Xander it was definitely the friendly banter with his team mates that started when the sun came up to when the lights turned off. For Paul it was the opportunity to actually forget what day of the week it was and recharge the batteries. 57 John Kurian For John his favourite memory was all the fun he had the whole week whether it was playing cricket or the socialising with the boys before and after games. The team wins and any personal highlights were a bonus. Tom Dickinson Tommy Deeeee s favourite memories were taking a 5 for and the competitive pool competitions in the recreation room Alec and Ray Silins For Alec Hanging out with friends for the week.... and playing on turf. For Ray Everyone going so enthusiastically pink Ed Corby Seeing Tom Dickinson get 5 wickets and getting to know all the boys. Nic Sparks For Nic. Staying at Lexus Lodge which was near Prado Palace and watching the Big Bash Cricket with the team. For Jodi Finding her keys ) Andrew and Ian Cooper For Andrew on pink stumps day and wearing my pink head band I was able to channel my inner Dennis Lillee and get 2 wickets. For Ian with just Andrew and I in the car for 12 hours or so saw this as a great opportunity for quality communication and getting to know each other on a more deep and personal level. The Strepsils worked wonders for my dry sore throat after hours of talking. Andrew s earphones worked a treat for him. Can t wait for Taree Riley Paton The game of pool with Eddy Roger Brett and I to decide who had to cook for the BBQ and then waking up in the morning to do the BBQ. Also scoring 27 in our first competition game against Penrith. Sam Kirkegard Sam thoroughly enjoyed Armidale. Enjoyed hanging out with the boys. Cool playing on turf. Highlight was the Lismore game when he took 3 catches in one game but also because it was a great team win. Love the chance to play cricket for 4 days. Dylan and Jane Bish Dylan - Playing at The Armidale School - a nice ground where I got 63 Jane - managing this wonderful team of boys with committed parents who play in the true spirit of cricket. There were always plenty of volunteers and companions in the gazebo at the end of the day. Zac and Andrew Morris For Zac My favourite part about the Armidale Tour was beating Armidale. Everyone contributed and I even got a few runs on the board myself. For Andrew To coach a fantastic bunch of kids that put in a great team performance against Armidale after being comprehensively beaten by Penrith and giving it their best when they got their opportunity. 58 Memories from Armidale January 2017 Tommy D and Dylan Bish Pink Stumps Parents watch on at the club as the real contest unfolds Tommy D WPHCCC crew on Pink Test day Nick Sparks (WK) Dylan Bish batting Zac Morris Ray Silins in his Pink Stumps finery WPHCCC supporters tent Celebrating a wicket 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 WPH SPORTS CLUB The Sports Club has over 8 000 members and is known as the friendliest Club in the Hills. The Club offers many facilities that includes Quality dining at The Brasserie Restaurant Lunch and Dinner 7 days Caf and Coffee shop open from 10 am every day 2 state of the art beverage bars Modern lounge with large family area and BIG screen TVs Comfortable and private TAB lounge with more than 25 TVs The Sports Club has been a long term supporter of our Club for over 25 years and continues to be the venue of choice for our players to attend for after games refreshments and dinner over a generation. 103 New Line Road West Pennant Hills Phone (02) 9980 8500 Fax (02) 9980 8522 Email memberservices Website KINGSGROVE SPORTS CENTRE Kingsgrove Sports Centre Pty Ltd was founded in 1976 by Harry Solomons. The contribution of Harry and Kingsgrove Sports to Australian Cricket and to business in general was recognised by being awarded the prestigious Ethnic Business of the year by the then Prime Minister of Australia. WPHCCC has had a long term relationship with Kingsgrove Sports for over 25 years. Players supporters and friends get access to the biggest range of cricket gear in Australia great prices and service from people who know cricket. We recommend Kingsgrove as our preferred supplier for all cricket equipment and clothing needs. 570 Church Street North Parramatta NSW.2151 Phone (02) 9890 2311 Fax (02) 9682 5263 Email westside Website 73 We would like to thank our valued SPONSORS As you can see in various reports in the year book weather played a significant role in the business end of the season. On Saturday February 11th all games were cancelled (for the first time in our Association s history dating back to 1921) due to extreme heat in NSW. Then mid afternoon the following Saturday February 18th a massive hailstorm hit Sydney - right in the middle of senior games. From Heatwave to Hailstorm West Pennant Hills Cherrybrook Cricket Club