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IT&CM China 2016 46-8 May 2015 IT&CM China80% 13 000 MICE ---- MICE Meetings Imagined www. AppMeetings Service App IT&CM China 2015 TTG Heike Mahmoud IT&CM China () (IT&CM China) 13 000 500 MICE 8 2---- Melia Hotel International IT&CM China IT&CM China Wyndham Hotel Group Charles Teng IT&CM China Applied Materials Sotto Tour SA Jorge Rodriguez 2016 30 Apex Management and Special Events Inc. Kimberly LaBounty 2015IT&CM China 6 PCO PEO 2016 () IT&CM China 2016 2015 IT&CM China euromic Christophe Verstraete Kevin Blackman Manager IT&CM China IT&CM China IT&CM China Chic Outlet Shopping Marcelo Molinari Golden Isle Dion Boulton T&CM China MICE IT&CM China Destination Asia China Michael Assef T&CM China 2015 IT&CM China IT&CM China MICE 2 I Good Network Tour Service Yunju Oh IT&CM China I Jackson Wang Kiroro Associates Osamu Nakao Tourism Promotions Board Philippines Jasmin B.Parra 100%IT&CM China Adelina Ye 2016 Christine Lai T&CM China ----Meetings Imaginedwww.meetingsimagined. comMICE App MICE MICE MEET Taiwan Lily Su Ruben Casas I Heike Mahmoud I T&CM China 80 Charles Teng 2016 IT&CM China Applied Materials MGM Grand Sanya Raymond Wang IT&CM China 400 2015630 588 2016 (18 ) (9 ) 605 626 645 500 6% 3 2016 () IT&CM China 2016 2015 IT&CMChina 3 000 MICE TTG 13 000 JW SBEW 4 400 500 8 2 MEET Taiwan MEET Taiwan 5 2016 () IT&CM China 2016 MEET Taiwan 8 IT&CM China MICE Carlson Wagonlit Travel Bondurant Consulting 6 ASAEPCO 6 IT&CM China 2015 MICE IT&CM China Access China Tours Mark Huang Apex Management and Special Events Inc I Thomas Hinton T&CM China Chito B. Cabalu Kimberly LaBounty Australian Sports Marketing P L Chris Neville-Smith IT&CM China MICE Hohhot Xingyue Travel Service Shi Liqin Aeronet Travtour Pvt Ltd Sandeep Bhardwaj Alterego Banks Sadler Lei Gu IT&CM China 2015 MICE PSA MICE . Wang Dan Dominique Plaissetty IT&CM China 2016 CRI Global LLC Wang Ting MICE MICE Joyson Chen 7 2016 () IT&CM China 2016 MICE Hunan Overseas Travel Co. Ltd China Daniel Li IDA Ethan Wang IT&CM China IT&CM China MD Events Ltd Jowyn Tan Rising Star Tours & Travels Kanika Singhal T&CM China International Christian Organisation of the Media Dr. Jof Calstas I IT&CM China 201511 ---- Sichuan World Travel Service Co. Ltd Wu Yonghui 860 4 Mekong Discovery Huy Chhin 8 T&CMChina DVD Promoserv I Belliard Guy IT&CM China 30 Sottotour SA Jorge Rodrigues IT&CM China Riga Travel Agency Inga Freiberga IT&CM China IT&CM China 5250 Travel Warehouse Inc Jaison Yang IT&CM ---- ---- Vista Travel Center Agnes Csiszar IT&CM China 2015 IT&CMChina Aeropress Ltd Sweden Rolf E. Holmgren MICE ---- IT&CM China IT&CM China MICE Tourism Insider Joachim Fischer T&CM China IT&CM China BBT Online Jonathan Ramael I IT&CM China MICE Cai Xinhui MICE Heike Mahmoud IT&CM China MICE IT&CM China M sexpos Congresos & Convenciones Juan Carlos Ch vez MICE MICE IT&CM China Korea Tourism News Kim Eun Kyung MICE 9 2016 () IT&CM China 2016 IT&CM China 2015 IT&CM ChinaCTW China 900---- Michael Malik MICE Meetings Imagined 7 ---- Malik IT&CM China CTW China JW ---- Meetings Imagined AppMICE MICE 416 JW 40MICE Andy Jiang MICE JW 415 ----Meetings Imagined 3 Michael Malik IT&CM China MICE ----Meetings Imagined.comAppMICE 10 MICE MEET TaiwanLily Su MEET TaiwanIT&CM China 2015 IT&CM China MICE IT&CM China 2015MEET Taiwan Taiwan Value Go MICE2015 9 MICE MEET Taiwan IT&CM China Taiwan Value Go TTG EventsMEET Taiwan 40 MICE IT&CM China MEET Taiwan MEET Taiwan IT&CM China IT&CM China JW 201020152 6JW 501 Sakitori Park Caf Sakitori Grill & Sushi DOME Steak & Wine House Panorama Bar 1500 770 13 LEDMICE 2014222 317 2 800 1 400 1 000 4 1 1991 540 5 2 Dynasty RestaurantBLD Caf Raphael Food PavilionKasumi 20002 13 11 IT&CM China 2016 201646-8 TTG TTG Events (65) 6395 7575 (65) 6536 0896 itcmchina Organised By CITS International MICE (86) 010 8522 7997 (86) 010 6522 2310 itcmchina MP International (Shanghai) (86) 021 6010 8990 (86) 021 6010 8900 itcm Supported By Official Media X X X LOGO SPACING Minimum size 2cm width IT&CM China 2016 is proud to be part of the Shanghai Business Events Week 2016() Colour options against red black Where The MICE Industry Comes Together in Shanghai. An Exciting Week of Business Education And Networking Events. 2014 84% X X 29 September - 1 October 2015 The 23rd IT&CMA Incorporating Luxury Travel 40%