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FREE Please take a copy IN THIS EDITION Connect with Connect - using Tinder in Jersey o Read online at o Issue 43 November December 2015 Y J Unplugged Skills Jersey has a lot to learn Essentials Connect s gift guide Give in to temptation - Connect meets Apple s man in Jersey o Editor James Filleul Welcome FURTHER INFORMATION PUBLISHERS If you would like to appear in Connect have a story to tell or simply want to receive a copy then please get in touch with the publishers Bailiwick Publishing (LCI) 5 Bond Street St Helier Jersey JE2 3NP Telephone 01534 887740 CONNECT ONLINE For the latest news and classifieds straight to your inbox visit and subscribe to our daily news service. EDITOR James Filleul editor WRITERS Ben Qu r e ben Julien Morel julien Julia Hunt julia ADVERTISING Mark Ferns Telephone 01534 510309 markferns SUBSCRIPTIONS info DESIGN AND PRODUCTION Mark Jackson mark Artwork under 10Mb in size may be sent to this address. o Cover image by By Glen Perotte EDITION43 GET IN TOUCH... Please email editor L ife is what happens to you while you re busy making other plans. For the strategists planners thinkers and futurologists in a business John Lennon s line from the the 1980 album Double Fantasy (released with cruel irony just three weeks before he was shot dead) might give them pause for yet more thought. In the face of events how much is all that tiresome thought really worth The best laid plans can slip frustratingly into the sand once the full force of day-today waves crash over your desk. We can confidently kid ourselves we are the future s master as much as we like - but whether it is the star performer who hands in their notice the trusted business partner who decides to emigrate or the principal client who moves their business to a different jurisdiction our plans are just smoke in the wind once life decides to revise rewrite or rip them up. Please recycle this magazine. Turn to page 54 and you ll read the story of Tim Evans. When he first installed an Apple iPod in the Salty Dog Bistro in St Aubin in 2004 there was no way he could have truly foreseen the scale to which Apple products now permeate the lives of consumers yet that is the way which events have fallen and he has successfully stepped from stone to stone through to this Christmas which will probably see an Apple product top the present lists for another year in succession. Now that s not to denigrate his achievement by a single pixel if you believe in Lennon s framing of how life works then you need to be ready willing and able to take the opportunities as they come. You need to be open with your face turned to the wind. All of which bring us to medtech. Like it s pin-striped brother fintech (come on it s easy pick a sector which can grow through technology clue it s all of them hive off the first syllable and bash tech on the end. Now you too can sound like an innovative politician with his finger right on the pulse of business ) medtech is being used as an example of exactly how digital services can diversify and grow the Island s economy. But on page 28 you ll read about how a group of industry insiders are concerned that it s all being left a little too much to chance. You can t foresee exactly how the cards will fall and plan in minute detail accordingly but you can make sure you are ready to take advantage of whichever hand you are dealt. Interestingly it s not money they are looking for it s engagement. So in the year he would have been 75 I m going to leave the last words for Connect in 2015 to John Lennon Reality leaves a lot to the imagination - we hope our imaginations have found the words and pictures which help you make sense of it all. If not they ll be plenty more on the way next year. 01 Like Bailiwick Express connectjersey Follow Bailiwick Express jsy CONNECT NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 Contents SPECIAL REPORT Copyright Bailiwick Publishing LCI. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is strictly prohibited. Views expressed by our contributors are their own. Editorial opinions expressed in this magazine are not necessarily those of Bailiwick Publishing. Bailiwick Publishing does not accept responsibility for the advertising content. While every effort is made to achieve total accuracy Bailiwick Publishing cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions. no ordinary day job 28 REGULARS JERSEY NE WS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 06 LEG AL MAT TERS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Voisin Law . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 TR ADING PL ACES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .24 GUERNSEY NE WS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 HR Becky Hill . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 PIC TURE THIS . . . WITH C ATHERINE BES T . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 MY PERFEC T LIFE N E W . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 UNPLUGGED Steve Lewis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46 VIE WPOINT Wealth Management . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52 NO ORDINARY DAY JOB Tim Evans . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54 MARKETING FORCES Christopher Journeaux . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 61 HERE S THE THING . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62 DE ADLY DIARY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 64 WHO S THE FOOL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66 TECHNOLOGY Lisa McLauchlan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 68 THE ADVISER Olaf Blakeley . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 71 ESSENTIAL S . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 85 02 NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 jsy CONNECT 54 PROPERT Y FEATURES Appleby . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 72 Viberts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 74 Montagu Evans Channel Islands . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 76 INVESTMENTS Ashburton . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 78 Ogier . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 81 CORPOR ATE SERVICES Hawksford . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 82 Special Report OPPORTUNIT Y KNOCKS FOR MEDTECH . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .28 Jersey sits on the verge of a major opportunity that could create jobs develop a new strand to the economy and give us a worldwide reputation for innovation. A consortium of experts with a track record of real results stands ready the only thing that they need is a green light from the States - but the clock is ticking. What happens next is anyone s guess. Ben Qu r e reports. You can read this magazine plus the latest local UK and business new online with UNPLUGGED 46 52 36 78 76 21 68 jsy CONNECT NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 03 JERSEY NEWS Big steps to pedestrianise town Roads in St Helier could close to give shoppers more priority in the centre of town. Politicians are looking into temporarily closing off Broad Street and Conway Street over the next few months to see what impact it would have on traffic. It s part of a big review into managing traffic in the whole of town and comes about following feedback from Islanders on the regeneration of St Helier and the success of the F te de St Helier when Broad Street is closed off so that thousands can enjoy the street party. St Helier Constable Simon Crowcroft said I am delighted at the prospect of making some immediate changes and delivering improvements on the ground. Reclaiming streets and giving greater priority for pedestrians in the heart of the town while retaining essential access for buses taxis delivery vehicles and disabled drivers is something that is gaining more support and critical to the success of St Helier. And politicians are taking immediate steps to make life easier and safer for those on foot. New pedestrian crossings are being added to Seaton Place at the junction with Sand Street in Bath Street at the junction with West Centre and in Dumaresq Street at the junction with York Street. The police have already introduced temporary measures to improve safety at night closing off Mulcaster Street when it s busy to make sure people spilling out of pubs and clubs at kicking out time don t get hit by cars. VISION 800 TALENTED PEOPLE Behind the facts and figures you will find one cohesive firm. Appleby one of the world s largest offshore law and fiduciary groups. With strong connections and skilled teams we deliver a seamless service across jurisdictions sectors and international borders. It s this combination of talent and global presence that sets us apart. CONNECTING THE RIGHT PEOPLE AND PLACES Bermuda British Virgin Islands Cayman Islands Guernsey Hong Kong Isle of Man Jersey London Mauritius Seychelles Shanghai 06 NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 jsy CONNECT PERSONAL. PROFESSIONAL. QUALITY. We ve been dynamically growing over the past 45 years so we can offer you experience you can trust combined with the innovation of our team delivering a fresh and energetic approach. Accounts Preparation Management Accounts Audit & Assurance Taxation Services Bookkeeping & Administrative Services Payroll services Business Start-Up Advice Company Secretarial Services Accounting Software Installation & Support Outsourced Accountancy Support Business Valuation Forensic Accounting 01534 785200 accounts Thomas Edge House Tunnell Street St. Helier Jersey JE2 4LU Rosscot Secretaries Limited is regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission Why not treat yourself (or somebody else) to a bite of something delicious. Only the crunchiest biscuits tastiest cakes most luxurious desserts and gooiest dipping sauces make it into our Seriously range. JERSEY NEWS Economy 2015 looking tougher Following news the Island s economy grew in 2014 for the first time since the recession two recent sets of business health stats make tougher reading. Business activity indicators over the last three months particularly in the crucial financial services sector fell significantly from the strong levels seen in the last six months with some recording their lowest levels for two years. However Construction led the charge for the non-finance sectors having one of its best quarters to date mainly in terms of increased employment levels and the amount of business firms expect to have in the future. In fact business activity was actually reported to be stronger in the nonfinance sectors when compared to finance for the first time in the last six years. Similarly in terms of optimism for the future 42% of construction firms were more positive compared to the previous quarter followed by 25% of wholesale retail businesses and just 18% of those in Finance overall this measure was at its lowest for a year. The business activity indicator produced by the States Statistics Unit is a measure of the total amount of work being done by all businesses operating in Jersey. For the third quarter of this year it showed... ...thelowestlevelin financeformorethan twoyears ...thelowestlevelfor allsectorssincelast December ...27%ofnon-finance firmsreportinghigher levelsofactivity. While only being the results from one quarter those statistics might support predictions that economic growth generally in 2015 will be weaker than in 2014 when recent statistics showed that the value of Jersey s economy rose 5% to 3.9 billion last year that figure may be a long way off the 2001 peak but it shows the first annual improvement since the crash of 2008. Meanwhile the number of people looking for work in Jersey also increased last month by 130 which was 110 people higher than the average for the last three months. The Statistics Unit put this down to recent changes in the Income Support criteria though which they say will make this number higher than usual. To the p int. We get straight to the point managing complexity to get to the essentials. It is a collaborative approach. We listen actively asking the right questions focused on what really matters. We deliver targeted pragmatic advice with absolute clarity. Legal services in British Virgin Islands Cayman Islands Guernsey Hong Kong Jersey Luxembourg Shanghai Tokyo jsy CONNECT NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 09 JERSEY NEWS Jersey drawing in super-wealthy residents newcomerscomingto Jerseyineachyearhas been 2008 7. 2009 8. 2010 7. 2011 9. 2012 12. 2013 14. 2014 20. 2015 14(equivalentto21 overthefullyear). By the last count in 2009 super-rich immigrants classed as 1(i)k s under the old Housing Law contributed 13.5 million in tax besides a substantial benefit to the economy in terms of buying goods and services and providing employment that was estimated at up to 70 million. Jersey is on course for another big influx of super-rich immigrants this year. Figures for the year so far suggest that there could be 18 wealthy newcomers under 1(1)k rules meaning at least another 2.2 million in tax income for the States and possibly much more. That figure of 18 newcomers would be slightly below 2014 s record total of 20. Under rules updated in 2011 super-wealthy people coming to Jersey under the 1(1)k rules have to pay a minimum of 125 000 per year in Income Tax. They pay 20% on their first 625 000 worth of income and just 1% on the rest. Some 1(1)k s who came to the Island years ago are paying at much lower rates. In recent years the States have been trying to lure the super-rich into coming and living here establishing a new States-owned agency Locate Jersey with the aim of attracting wealthy immigrants and new businesses. Inthelastfewyears thenumberofwealthy Enhance your professional qualifications in 2016 CMI Level 2 Team Leading CMI Level 3 First Line Management CMI Level 5 Management & Leadership IAB Level 1 2 3 in Manual Bookkeeping CIPD Foundation Intermediate Level COA Investment and Fund Administration COA Trust and Company Administration COA Offshore Finance Industry Approved centre Contact us for professional advice on a course that will meet your career goals email us on bdc or telephone 608708 10 NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 jsy CONNECT Up to 30 September Your commercial ambitions achieved Hawksford is an international and award-winning corporate private client and funds business. Our dedicated team of thought leaders are always innovating no matter where they are. We are committed to giving our global clients the best service and solutions confirming the respected position we hold in the industry. Headquartered in Jersey and with offices across the world clients range from small and large corporates to ultra-high net worth individuals. Jersey British Virgin Islands Cayman Hong Kong New Zealand Singapore Switzerland United Arab Emirates Hawksford Group 15 Esplanade St Helier Jersey JE1 1RB Channel Islands T 44 (0) 1534 740 000 Hawksford Group (and Hawksford International) are the Registered Business Names of Hawksford Trust Company Jersey Limited which is regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission. WWW.HAWKSFORD.COM JERSEY NEWS Jersey hits a record number of jobs saying in particular that the additional 300 jobs created in the construction sector in the last year show confidence in the Island s economy. He said This is good news. It is clear that there is strength-in-depth in our financial services sector because although there is extensive restructuring in the banking sector the strength of the other sectors has led to overall growth. And the news about the growth in construction jobs is very welcome. The construction industry tends to be a good barometer of the economy anyway so that s encouraging and really underpins the economic growth that we have seen in the last 18 months and that we expect to continue in the years ahead. The figures out in the most recent Labour Market Report also show that the number of staff in the public sector dropped by about 30 in the last 12 months. Those figures are made more complicated by the way that Andium Homes and Visit Jersey staff are no longer counted as public sector but allowing for the changes the difference works out as far lower than the statistics initially suggest. The number of people employed in Jersey hit an all-time high at the end of June. More than 650 jobs were created in the last 12 months led by growth in finance and construction. But within the finance sector the trends away from the once-dominant banking industry are continuing 90 banking jobs disappeared while 140 were created in trust and funds and a further 100 in the legal sector. Economic Development Minister Lyndon Farnham has welcomed the figures More jobs could be moved to Jersey under new OECD rules Jersey s finance industry could get a major lift from international rules on profit shifting that will force companies to establish more of a presence here to get tax benefits. Changes to rules designed to stop multi-national companies from shifting profits around to reduce their overall tax burden have been put forward by the OECD. Those new rules are likely to take effect over the next two or three years according to Justin Woodhouse Tax Partner at PwC Channel Islands and could motivate firms to shift more employment 12 and activity to the Island to support their presence here. He says that the changes are not targeted at the Channel Islands but are intended to tackle companies that operate in high-tax jurisdictions but shift their profits to lowtax jurisdictions to reduce their overall bill. An example of the rules is a change to the way that mobile income is taxed. If the rules are approved it will not be enough to put capital or intellectual property here the assets will have to be actively managed in the Island and there will have to be substance behind companies presence in the Island. Mr Woodhouse said There will be a much greater focus on active management if you are to sustain your right to to say the profits belong here. The OECD give examples of things that will not be sufficient formal approval of decisions made in other locations is not going to be good enough simple minutes of a board meeting or signing of decisions is not going to be good enough there has to be other evidence that there has been real consideration of issues and real active management. I think that could be quite good for the islands and is entirely in line with the whole trend that people want to have more substance and governance in the Island so that actually is healthy and helpful. NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 jsy CONNECT Price inclusive of GST. Requires iPhone 5 or later. TM and 2015 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. JERSEY NEWS Elian s new depositary capabilities boosts AIFMD services in Luxembourg approval bolstered Elian s comprehensive range of AIFMD services. As we continue to build on the successful launch of our Luxembourg office in 2013 I am delighted to be able to support our clients with the provision of depositary services to complement our existing suite of AIFMD services and fund administration capability. Luxembourg is the jurisdiction of choice for European funds and Elian is ideally placed to service the needs of Alternative Investment Fund Managers and help them meet the regulatory challenges for funds in an efficient way he said. Following the implementation of AIFMD in 2013 fund managers must appoint a depositary to market their funds in certain jurisdictions. Elian launched its first depositary service in the UK following approval by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in July 2014. Elian s depositary services include cash flow monitoring the safekeeping of noncustody assets and oversight of the AIF to ensure it is managed in accordance with its principle documents. Fund managers can access Elian s depositary offering as a stand-alone service or as a bolt on to other administration activity. Elian Fund Services has strengthened its Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) capabilities with authorisation to provide professional depositary services in Luxembourg. Authorisation from the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) enables Elian to be appointed Depositary by managers of AIFs. Elian director Paul Lawrence said the JTC buys funds business from GAM JTC Group has expanded its operations in the Cayman Islands through the acquisition of GAM s fund administration business. The deal which remains subject to regulatory approvals will see all 14 GAM staff in Cayman transfer to JTC and completion of the transaction is expected in late 2015. Commenting on the acquisition JTC Group CEO & Chairman Nigel Le Quesne said Following other recent acquisitions in the fund administration space including our purchase of Kleinwort Benson s 14 Ravenscroft reaches assets milestone Ravenscroft s assets under administration have reached more than 2 billion for the first time. In its interim report the company which is the only independent stockbroking and investment management company in the Channel Islands saw assets under administration reach 2.06bn a 42% increase on its 30th June 2014 figure of 1.45bn. To achieve such a milestone is a great way of celebrating our 10th anniversary said group chief executive officer Jon Ravenscroft. I was delighted with our 2014 results and am thrilled to see our assets under administration reach 2billion in 2015 which in turn will lead to an increase in recurring annual revenue. This strong performance is great news for our team and for our stakeholders. This year has seen a number of key appointments to the Ravenscroft teams in Guernsey and Jersey and in August it was announced that Stephen Lansdown had trebled his shareholding in Ravenscroft Limited through his family office Pula Investments Limited from 9.36% to 27.86% at a cost of more than 9m. Mr Lansdown has subsequently been appointed to the board of Ravenscroft as a nonexecutive director. fund administration business this latest deal further strengthens and deepens our offering to institutional clients. We are delighted to welcome a high quality book of clients and an excellent team in Cayman to the JTC Group. JTC has over 450 staff operating from 18 jurisdictions around the globe and holds more than US 60 billion of Assets under Administration (AuA). The company was founded in Jersey over 25 years ago and offers a full range of institutional and private client services to clients based in 102 countries. NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 jsy CONNECT Whether you are building an international customer base or preparing for a fruitful business development trip producing great content and then getting the attention of the world s media is a powerful combination. Direct Input provides the support you need to get your message heard on the global stage. If you want to talk to us about reaching global audiences with your product or services contact James Filleul today on 01534 735253 or email james Communications Consultancy & Support Social Media Services Media Buying Media Training JERSEY NEWS Prestigious employee care award for RBC Wealth Management WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN READING A QUICK LOOK AT THE BIG STORIES LAST MONTH ON BAILIWICK EXPRESS Can you help identify these people and solve a crime If you know who these people are you could help the police solve a crime. jsy news can-you-help-identifythese-people-and-solve-crime Minister tells Condor Get a better ferry After a weekend of travel misery chaos and delays ferry company Condor have been told to sort themselves out and invest in a better vessel. jsy news condor-needs-get-anotherboat-says-minister Unholy row with Bailiff shuts down States debate RBC Wealth Management has been named Employer of the Year by the Jersey Employment Trust for its outstanding contribution to supporting employees with a disability and or long-term health condition. Gail McCourt Head of Regional Market Strategy and Development at RBC Wealth Management received the award at JET s biennial conference which this year focused on Managing Wellbeing and Mental Health in the Workplace. The firm began working with JET at the beginning of 2014 having recognised the need to create a more diverse and inclusive workforce. Since then it has offered eight placements to JET clients with six securing paid work thereafter. RBC has also been on the front foot in looking after the mental wellbeing of their own workforce working closely with conference co-host MIND Jersey to train staff as Mental Health First Aiders. This two-day course gives people the tools to spot the signs and symptoms of mental health difficulties. Jocelyn Butterworth Executive Officer of the Jersey Employment Trust said RBC Wealth Management is the deserving winner of our Employer of the Year Award. From top to bottom the organisation has embraced JET s values and the value of diversity and it has been instrumental in providing our clients with lifechanging opportunities. GET THIS LATEST NEWS & CLASSIFIEDS STRAIGHT TO YOUR INBOX Every day we send our top stories directly to the inbox of each of our subscribers that database includes a diverse readership or thousands from senior professionals looking for business news to house hunters in the property market. Our current email services are DAILYNEWSEMAILGoes out everyday to our largest database keeping them up-to-date with our top stories. WEEKLYRECRUITMENTEMAILGetting the right staff is key to all local businesses and our Wednesday e-mail is just what they are looking for. WEEKLYPROPERTYEMAILTargeted at our readers looking specifically for property. Published every Friday it catalogues open viewings over the coming weekend so property-hunters can plan their itinerary. WEEKLYMOTORINGEMAILGoes out every Tuesday to everyone looking for a new set of wheels. Our weekly e-mail makes sure they know the latest deals and are up-to-date with what s on offer. GUERNSEYBUSINESSNEWSEMAILGoes out everyday to a Guernsey database keeping them up-to-date with our Guernsey business news stories. 16 NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 jsy CONNECT Debate on financial plans worth millions of pounds was sensationally derailed this morning when a politician and the Bailiff got into an extraordinary row about Jesus. jsy news states-suspended-afterargument-over-jesus Sales Purchases Mortgages Leasing Residential qualifications Residential tenancies upon instructing Viberts on a property purchase. T&C s apply. A FREE Will property minded that s us Our award winning property team is renowned for taking the stress out of buying and selling residential property. Their aim is to make your property ownership dream become a reality whilst delivering excellent client service. So if you re buying selling or just require practical guidance and clear legal advice on property transactions contact us today. James Lawrence Property Partner Donna Hughes Senior Legal Assistant Michael Falle Conveyancer Marie-Anne Mezec Legal Assistant Stephane Rault Conveyancer Contact us 44 (0) 1534 632277 property Follow us vibertslawyers VibertsLaw company viberts c VibertsLaw COMMERCIAL EMPLOYMENT FAMILY LITIGATION PERSONAL PROPERTY JERSEY NEWS 1 TAKE FIVE Five reasons according to Deadly Diary to be cheerful Quick question for you who s the President of FIFA What s that Sepp Blatter No. You re wrong. He s suspended. And it s a beautiful thing for the beautiful game. For 17 years he has been in charge of football. And for 17 years there has barely been a story published anywhere in the world that has included the words Sepp Blatter but not the words bribery or corruption. Those stories have picked up pace in the last year to the extent that he says he s going to step down from the role to the extent that he s being investigated on the basis of dodgy payments and to the extent that last month he was suspended from the presidency of FIFA. For the first time since 1998 he s not in charge. Yes it s temporary. Yes there is absolutely no chance of any accountability at FIFA. Yes it doesn t really affect anyone. But doesn t everything just feel a little bit better What s the deal with everything Why are we here Are we just pointless organisms spinning around on a rock through an infinite dark cold space until we die DD lets you into a secret here no-one on the Connect editorial staff knows and given that we re the greatest repository of human knowledge ever assembled that means no-one knows. But the answer to one of the great mysteries of human existence could be about to be revealed. Scientists looking at Mars have found salt in dark streaks thought to be gullies formed by flowing water on craters on the Red Planet. It was thought that the freezing temperatures on the planet meant that liquid water one of the things that has to exist for life to be present could never have existed there. But the presence of salt could melt ice. That would make water. That might mean that there could be aliens (albeit very simple organisms) on Mars. We might not be alone in the universe. In fact if there s life on the only two adjacent planets where we ve had a proper look doesn t that suggest that there could be life elsewhere in the universe too That s quite a big story. The economy is picking up. That sounds boring until you translate it into non-politician-speak and it comes out like this There s more jobs and better money. GVA figures and profits in finance are flying the OECD seem (bizarrely) to have done us a bit of a favour in terms of requiring companies to put more people here if they want to get tax advantages out of the place and people in the tech sector seem to be taking the idea of economic diversity 100% more seriously than any politician in Jersey ever has in the history of time. This is good stuff. Muthaflippin Star Wars yo On the 18th of December the first Star Wars film since 1983 will be released IMPORTANT FACT HERE THERE HAVE BEEN NO STAR WARS FILMS SINCE 1983 AND ANYONE WHO SAYS OTHERWISE IS LYING AND EVIL and that is the best news you ve had this year. And then there ll be another one in May 2017. And Oh God DD can hardly cope with this information but most significantly the one this year has only got Han Bleedin Solo in it And R2D2 AND ADMIRAL ACKBAR AND DD CANNOT STOP WRITING IN CAPITALS Right. Ahem. Breathe DD breathe. Here s a final reason to be cheerful. Next time you hear from DD it ll be 2016. And that s an awesome thing. In 2016 we (mankind this is not Connect) will have sent a spaceship to Jupiter there ll be an Olympics there ll be a European Championship (by DD s reckoning a superior tournament to the World Cup) we ll be out of Afghanistan and there ll be a Superman film a Star Wars film and a Ghostbusters film (not to mention a remake of The Magnificent Seven). Here we re going to have a re-run of the Population Debate which means loads of fun for everyone In short 2016 is so awesome that they ve stuck another day on the end and called it a Leap Year to celebrate. Looks good. See you there. 2 3 4 5 Want more Read Deadly Diary on page 64 18 NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 jsy CONNECT N43 16 38 N43 16 38 E7 3 12 E7 3 12 Investment Outcome Char ting your own Course South of France Investment Outcome Char ting your own Course South of France Investment Outcome Char ting your own Course South of France Investment Outcome Char ting your own Course South of France Where will your investments take you Where will your investments take you Where will your investments take you Where will your investments take you Your world isn t con ned to a single set of geographic coordinates. Your world isn t con ned toto single set ofof geographic coordinates. Your world isn t con ned a a single set geographic coordinates. Neither should your investments be. set of geographic coordinates. Your world isn t con ned to a single Our experts have access to Neither should your investments be. Our experts have access toto Neither should your investments be. Our experts have access investment ideas around the globe wherever they have access to Neither should your investments be. Our experts happen to be. investment ideas around the globe wherever they happen toto be. investment ideas around the globe wherever they happen be. Contact Grahame Lovett tothe globe wherever they happen to be. investment ideas around learn about the wealth management services Contact Grahame Lovett toto learn about the wealth management services Contact Grahame Lovett learn about the wealth management services we offer.Grahame Lovett to learn about the wealth management services Contact 44 (0)1534 708090 we offer. 44 (0)1534 708090 we offer. 44 (0)1534 708090 we offer. 44 fall in value and you Investments can (0)1534 708090 might get back less than you invested. Investments can fall in in value and you might get back less than you invested. Investments can fall value and you might get back less than you invested. Investments can fall in value and you might get back less than you invested. To us there are no foreign markets.TM ToTo us there are no foreign markets.TM us there are no foreign markets.TM TM To us there are no foreign markets. Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management is a trading name of Canaccord Genuity Wealth (International) Limited ( CGWI ) which is licensed and regulated by the Guernsey Financial Services Wealth Management is Man trading name Canaccord Genuity Wealth (International) Limited ( CGWI ) which is isand is and regulated by by the Guernsey Canaccord GenuityCommission the Isle of a trading nameSupervision Commission and the (International) Limited ( CGWI ) which licensed a member of the London Stock Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management is a Financial of of Canaccord Genuity Wealth Jersey Financial Services Commission licensed and regulated the Guernsey Exchange and the Commission theSecurities trading name of is registered in Guernseythe Jersey Financial wholly ownedwhich is licensed and regulatedthe the Guernsey Financial Services Channel Islands the Isle Man FinancialCGWI CanaccordCommission and(International) is aServices Commission and is a memberGenuityLondon Inc.Stock Financial Services Commission Isle is a Exchange. Supervision Commission and no. 22761 and Limited ( CGWI ) subsidiary of Canaccord of of Group Stock Canaccord Genuity Wealth Managementof of Man Financial Supervision Genuity Wealth the Jersey Financial Services Commission and is a member the by London Registered ofand the Channel IslandsIsle of ManSt. PeterCGWI is registered in Guernsey no. 22761 and is a wholly owned subsidiaryandCanaccord Genuity Group Inc. Exchange ServicesTrafalgar IslandsAdmiral Park Exchange.Supervision Commission and the Jersey Financial a wholly owned subsidiary of Canaccord Genuity Group Inc. Exchange the Commission the Securities Financial CGWI is registered in Guernsey no. 22761 and is Services Commission of is a member of the London Stock Financial and ce Channel Court Securities Exchange. Port Guernsey GY1 2JA. Registeredandof ce Trafalgar Court Securities Exchange. Port Guernsey GY1 2JA. Registered the Channel Islands Admiral Park Peter CGWI is registered in Guernsey no. 22761 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Canaccord Genuity Group Inc. Exchange of ce Trafalgar Court Admiral Park St.St. Peter Port Guernsey GY1 2JA. Registered of ce Trafalgar Court Admiral Park St. Peter Port Guernsey GY1 2JA. LEGAL MATTERS Legal Matters Appleby advises on 500m restructuring Appleby acted as Jersey counsel to Tritax Big Box REIT plc (Tritax) in connection with a group restructuring and subsequent refinancing of existing debt. Tritax consolidated approximately 250 million of existing debt into one facility agreement before undergoing a restructuring that introduced two further Jersey holding companies into the group structure. Following the restructuring Tritax entered into a new five year 500 million secured debt facility with a syndicate of four lenders Barclays Bank PLC Helaba Wells Fargo Bank N.A. and ING Real Estate Finance (UK) B.V. The Appleby cross-border team was led by corporate partner Andrew Weaver and assisted in Jersey by senior associate Danny Cole and associate Kevin McQuillan. Other Appleby team members included Chet Pohl in Guernsey Andrew Jowett in BVI and Camilla Griffiths in Isle of Man. Commenting on the transaction Andrew Weaver said We are very pleased to have supported Tritax in this significant transaction having advised them previously in a number of our jurisdictions. Our multijurisdictional teams operated together to give a seamless solution to meet the cross-border requirements of our client. The Appleby team worked closely with the Taylor Wessing corporate tax finance and real estate teams who acted for Tritax. Mourant Ozannes act as sole Jersey legal adviser to Polyus Gold Offshore law firm Mourant Ozannes is advising Polyus Gold International Limited on the 9 billion unsolicited takeover offer for the company made by Sacturino Limited a wholly owned subsidiary of Wandle Holdings Limited. Wandle Holdings Limited which is ultimately controlled by Said Kerimov is an existing shareholder of Polyus Gold. Polyus Gold Russia s largest gold producer is incorporated in Jersey and is listed on the main market of the London Stock Exchange. The Mourant Ozannes team advising on the deal is led by partner James Hill and senior associate Jon Woolrich. Ogier advises NovoCure Limited on its IPO on NASDAQ Ogier in Jersey has advised cancer treatment company NovoCure Limited on its IPO on NASDAQ. NovoCure will trade under the symbol NVCR on NASDAQ. Incorporated in Jersey NovoCure is a commercial-stage oncology company developing a therapy called Tumor Treating Fields which destroys cancer cells in tumors using alternating electric fields. The company expects to use the proceeds from the IPO for clinical trials research and development commercialisation efforts and working capital. The Ogier team was led by Simon Schilder (group partner) with Dilmun Leach (senior associate) and Ian Clark (associate) and worked alongside Proskauer Rose LLP in New York in advising NovoCure on its IPO. Perella Weinberg Partners LP were Novocure s financial adviser. Commenting on the deal Simon Schilder said We are delighted to have advised long standing client NovoCure on its IPO on NASDAQ. Carey Olsen opens Singapore office Leading Channel Islands law firm Carey Olsen has opened its Singapore office following the granting of its licence by the Attorney-General s Chambers. Carey Olsen Managing Partner Alex Ohlsson said the addition of a South East Asian office allowed the firm to provide advice on British Virgin Islands (BVI) Cayman Guernsey and Jersey law from a network of 20 international offices that covered all time zones and key financial markets. We have 43 partners and over 200 lawyers across the globe opening a Singapore office gives our clients in the region direct access to our offshore legal services in their own time zone he said. The new office is led by managing partner Linda Lee who has been a high-level corporate practitioner in Singapore and Hong Kong for many years. Carey Olsen s Singapore office will have an initial focus on corporate and commercial transactions including capital markets mergers & acquisitions banking & finance and investment funds. The firm has one of the largest corporate teams in the offshore world with 23 partners and over 100 lawyers. NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 jsy CONNECT LEGAL MATTERS Legal Matters Children s Property and Tuteurs Law Sarah Hope probate administrator at Voisin discusses the proposed changes to the Tutelle system . Providing for those that you care about is at the forefront of people s minds when preparing their Wills but what happens when an individual inherits something of value before they reach the age of 18 Until this age they are not thought of as adults and are considered unable to manage their own financial affairs. In the absence of there being provision for a Trust to be established within a Will Jersey law protects the interests of minors by providing for a Tutelle to be set up. The purpose of the Tutelle is to protect the interests and manage the financial affairs of minors before they reach the age 18 at which time they are regarded as an adult and the property can be handed over to them. There is no doubt that the Tutelle system has an important role to play. However the establishment of the Tutelle and its subsequent administration under the current system is particularly cumbersome something that has been recognised by the Legislation Advisory Panel with the proposal of a new law to update the current system. As a result the Tutelle is now the subject of a potential overhaul with proposals issued for a new law to be passed to update and simplify the manner in which property inherited by a minor is administered. If passed the proposed changes will make the law clearer less expensive to administer and more suitable for modern families. At present a Tutelle is required where a minor child receives any form of property whether moveable or immovable which exceeds the sum of 5 000. It consists of one individual who assumes the role of the Tuteur and acts as the head of the Tutelle. Six other people known as Electeurs are also appointed and together they form the Tutelle. Usually the members of the Tutelle are family members and close friends who have a personal connection with the minor. Their appointment is formally constituted by the Royal Court. They work together to administer and protect the minor child s financial interests until such time as they have attained 18 years old at which time the property is handed over on the basis that the child is now an adult and able to deal with matters independently. In comparison the proposed new law provides for a sole Tuteur to be appointed by the Royal Court where a minor child inherits either moveable or immovable estate over a value of 25 000. There will be no need for the electeurs . The Tuteur will act alone and will be solely responsible for the administration and protection of the assets. It can be seen that the proposed new law does not detract from the current system but seeks to achieve the same purpose. However if passed the proposed new law will clearly see a simplification of the system with the appointment of a sole Tuteur which continues to ensure a high level protection but in a more cost effective way in line with a modern society. Commercial Law Property Transactions Matrimonial & Family Law Wills & Probate Litigation Made for Offshore Voisin is one of Jersey s leading law firms offering a comprehensive range of services to local and international clients. Our skilled and dedicated personnel advise upon on all aspects of Jersey law. Contact Ian Strang or Nigel Pearmain to discuss how we can make a difference. Ian Strang - ianstrang or Nigel Pearmain - nigelpearmain 37 Esplanade St Helier Jersey JE1 1AW Channel Islands. Tel 44 (0)1534 500300 Fax 44 (0)1534 500350 mail jsy CONNECT NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 21 Sit back relax and enjoy the growth and returns on your property investment Maybe you have some capital and want to earn a better rate of return or maybe you find yourself in a position where you can afford to invest in a buy-to-let property with a guaranteed return. A Dandara property is the hassle-free choice. All you need to do is invest your capital sit back and let us take care of absolutely everything else. Please note the value of your property can go down as well as up and past performance is not indicative of future performance and returns. Source States of Jersey House Price Index 2015 Q2. Invest in a Jersey property with a hassle-free guaranteed return of per annum Here s how it works... Invest just 10% upfront Earn a guaranteed 4% return per annum for 2 years until the build is completed Once completed earn 4% per annum on the sale price PLUS Dandara 100% Care Apartment sublet to us for the first 2 years We pay all service charges We pay all rates We pay for any maintenance items Did you know that on average over the last 10 years property prices increased by... 45 % Find out more about our hassle-free property investment opportunities. Call 789900 or visit APPOINTMENTS Trading places Rowlands has recently appointed a new recruitment consultant for temporary posts Maggie Meiklejohn and welcomed back a returning team member recruitment consultant Claudia Sutton to their growing team. As a recruitment consultant Mrs Meiklejohn will provide a personal service to clients and candidates building and maintaining relationships to fully understand their short-term and longer-term recruitment needs and how temporary recruitment can fit into this. As recruitment consultant Miss Sutton will facilitate the recruitment of permanent and contract staff for client companies Visit for all the latest business news Want more Rowlands grows recruitment consultancy team and building on developing key candidate relationships so that Rowlands can better support their current and upcoming recruitment needs. Jeralie Pallot Managing Director of Rowlands said I m absolutely delighted to welcome our new team member Maggie and welcome Claudia back to Rowlands I look forward to seeing them settling into the team and using their considerable experience and insights to match people with their dream jobs. Rowlands is a forward-thinking personal and friendly recruitment agency and both Maggie and Claudia embody this culture wonderfully. New appointment to boost growth at PR firm Direct Input Financial Stalwart Joins Qi Board Peter Shirreffs has joined the Qi Board as a Non-Executive Chairman. The former Regional Director of the Royal Bank of Scotland International and Natwest International will now help to shape the future of the Qi Group consisting Quidsin Qi Finance and Qi Business Solutions. Mr Shirreffs held senior management and executive positions with RBS Group before settling in Jersey in 1992 as MD of Royal Bank of Scotland Jersey Ltd. He has considerable corporate and retail banking experience and is also the Non Executive Chairman and a Director of several local and international companies. He is a fellow and past President of the Chartered Institute of Bankers and registered as a Principle Person with the Jersey Financial Services Commission. Kiri Cavill CEO and Founder of Qi Group said We have a dynamic group of businesses over three jurisdictions and for us to continue to diversify we require an innovative and experienced Board. We are very pleased to have attracted Peter to the Group and I m certain his financial acumen and entrepreneurial outlook will be instrumental to our future development. D Bedell Trust and Singapore Trust Company announce senior appointment Bedell Trust and Singapore Trust Company are delighted to announce the recruitment of Robert Ayliffe as Bedell Trust Managing Director Asia. Mr Ayliffe who has been based in Singapore for the past two years qualified as a Chartered Accountant in Jersey in 1996. He spent over 15 years with one of the big four international accountancy firms specialising in financial services and working in Jersey Kuala Lumpur and London. In 2007 he joined another major group to specialise in trust corporate 24 and fund administration services for the last two years concentrating on business development from Singapore. Mr Ayliffe said I am glad to have had the opportunity of joining Bedell Trust and Singapore Trust Company at an exciting time in the development of the group. The heritage and reputation of those organisations should provide an excellent platform to take advantage of the wider range of business opportunities in Asia not just in Singapore but also for the wider Bedell Trust Group in Jersey Guernsey London Dublin and Mauritius. irect Input has announced the appointment of Julia Hunt as a new Account Manager. Miss Hunt has worked as a journalist for over 12 years writing news features and travel articles for national international and island publications. She began her career as a graduate trainee with The Daily Record in Scotland before working as a news reporter and as a features writer with The Sunday Mail. As a freelance journalist Julia wrote for titles including The Sunday Telegraph The Financial Times The Herald and numerous consumer and corporate magazines and website. James Filleul Managing Director Direct Input said We are delighted to welcome Julia to the team. She has worked with us in a freelance capacity over the past year and has the depth of skills and journalistic credentials to make a significant contribution to the firm. Direct Input is in an exciting position as we grow our business and I am confident we have the right team in place to offer our clients a consistent level of service and expertise across traditional and new media and help them to communicate both locally and on the international stage. Founded in Jersey 13 years ago Direct Input is a communications and consultancy firm offering strategic media services for corporate consumer charity and public agency clients in the Channel Islands and beyond. NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 jsy CONNECT A CHANGE IN THE WAY YOU LOOK AT INVESTMENTS COULD BE VERY REWARDING Tyrian Plum 10 year CAGR of 6.72% between 2005 and 2015 Why rare stamps and coins could prove the perfect antidote to low interest rates and volatile markets... The waters haven t been inviting for savers or investors of late. The Bank of England base rate has rested at 0.5% for six years while capital markets and traditional investments have been buffeted. Meanwhile conditions in capital markets and traditional investments have been decidedly choppy. Global economic turmoil (most recently in China and Greece) has seen financial markets and whole currencies wobble impacting investment portfolios. Commodity prices have tumbled and even gold supposedly a classic safe haven has lost some of its lustre. A finite supply and a growing demand A track record of steady growth and capital appreciation is now fuelled by increased demand from a growing global middle class particularly in emerging economies. This coupled with a finite supply of investmentgrade stamps and coins means their value has tended to rise. For Stanley Gibbons Investment clients simple supply-demand economics could provide a reassuring buffer against potential financial volatility if this continues though of course past performance is no guarantee for the future. There s no need to be an expert in stamps or coins they ll provide you with a dedicated Investment Portfolio Manager who ll help you enter the market value your investment annually and give you structured exit options to help realise your return. You ll enjoy 0 fees no insurance or storage costs and only pay commission on any profit made at the end of it s term so your investment capital won t be eroded by charges along the way. A safe haven you may have overlooked But there is a safe haven investment growing in popularity that may have escaped your notice. It s the market for investment-grade stamps and coins such as those highlighted in the indices of internationally-renowned experts Stanley Gibbons which remain largely stable and potentially profitable. Uncorrelated with mainstream asset classes these indices haven t dropped in value for years even during the crash of 2008 09 nor have they been affected in recent weeks. Many considered investors have turned to rare stamps and coins to diversify their portfolios and preserve wealth they ve fought hard to accumulate over their lifetime. Read all about it In recent months the Financial Times and critically acclaimed World have covered the investment potential of rare stamps and coins in depth. The focus of both articles was the gradual realisation rare stamps have a place in a balanced portfolio with the right investment strategy. Stanley Gibbons has been serving collectors and investors almost since the creation of the world s first postage stamp the Penny Black. Unlike some investment advertising which requires you to have a minimum investment portfolio of 250 000 they offer investments from 10 000. Enjoying potentially healthy returns begins with downloading your free investment guide connect Diversifying your investment options begins with broadening the mind Stanley Gibbons is offering all our readers a FREE INVESTMENT GUIDE downloadable directly from their website. It explains how you might benefit from the lack of market correlation to rare stamps coins and other prestige collectibles. That could mean less volatility in your portfolio. Can you afford to ignore that Find out more at or call 01481 708 270 connect According to GB250 stamp Index as listed on Bloomberg Professional Services The value of your investment can go down as well as up and you may not get back what you put in. Stamps and coins and other collectibles are not Controlled Investments for the purposes of the Protection of Investors (as amended) and as such are not subject to regulation by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission ( GFSC ). However Stanley Gibbons (Guernsey) Limited has registered with the GFSC under the Registration of Non-Regulated Financial Services Businesses (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law 2008 (as amended) as a financial services business and therefore is regulated by the GFSC in respect of Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financial Crime and Terrorist Financing matters. Past investment performance or experience does not necessarily give a guide for the future. GUERNSEY NEWS Co-operative Society gives more than 14 500 to environmental projects funding is Edible Guernsey which has been allocated 2 500. The project will tackle subjects including food education local food infrastructure cookery waste composting and more to create a healthy abundant sustainable local food cycle. Edible Guernsey has ambitious plans to reimagine the food landscape in Guernsey creating community centred growing initiatives and working to create a new model of food production at the edible farm in St Peter s. There are so many threads to the project and we are very grateful to The Co-Operative Eco Fund for its support said Jock Pettitt Director of Edible Guernsey. Another recipient in Guernsey is St Martin s Primary School which has received 2 000 for its Cycle Train an accompanied bike ride to and from school once a week. The project supports a growing number of studies that show an active journey to school not only boosts children s physical health but can enhance academic performance too. The Bailiwick of Guernsey Scout Association was given 500 towards planting trees in newly acquired fields and tidying up a pond area. Environmental projects across the Channel Islands will benefit from more than 14 500 in funding from The Channel Islands Co-operative Society. The Society has chosen 12 benefactors in Jersey and eight in Guernsey to receive a share of the Eco-Fund which is in its eighth year. In Guernsey the GSPCA has received 2 000 for its Going Wild initiative aimed at enhancing the environment for both animals in its care and wild visitors. Also receiving Polygon Group creates new business development role Laura Preston has been appointed Business Development Director for local investment company Polygon Group. Mrs Preston has enjoyed a 17-year career within the finance industry having held a number of roles with leading banking organisations including Bank of Butterfield and most recently Investec Bank. With diplomas in both financial services management and marketing she has extensive experience in client relationship management and business development. In her new role Laura will be involved with launching Polygon s first bond as well as taking on responsibility for the promotion of Polygon s and Vantage Group s other services. Martin Belcher Chairman of Polygon Group said We have been refining Polygon s investment strategy over the past few years and we have some exciting future growth opportunities and development plans in place. It s the ideal time for us to have a full time business development resource to support the company in driving these plans forward. I am delighted to welcome Laura to the Polygon team. I am sure that her experience will be invaluable to this new position and I am looking forward to working with her towards the on-going success of our organisation. Record Breaking Skipton Swimarathon Swimmers look set to raise more than 55 000 for local charities during the 39th Skipton Swimarathon Guernsey s largest annual community fundraising event. 1 790 swimmers swam over 647 km to make this a record breaking event bringing to over 1 300 000 the total funds generated by the event since its launch in 1977. Steve Hogg Chairman of the Skipton Swimarathon said It has been a great success and I would like to say a big thank you to all those who took part and to all the people who supported and sponsored them. This is truly a community event with everyone from two-year-old beginner swimmers to people who have swum the English Channel taking part. This year s main beneficiary was The Guernsey Cheshire Home. The event has been sponsored by Skipton International since 2010 and is organized jointly by the Lions Club of Guernsey and Guernsey Round Table. Jim Coupe Managing Director Skipton International said Skipton International are proud to sponsor this event. It is wonderful to see so many families companies sports clubs and groups of friends get together to form teams and to swim for such good causes. Alongside the eight lanes of swimming at Beau Sejour supporters took to the water at three schools as part of Swimarathon At Large. Pupils from Les Beaucamps High School The Grammar School St. Sampsons High School and Le Murier School all took the plunge. 26 NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 jsy CONNECT Exceptional service Exceptional service is only possible with is only possible with exceptional people. exceptional people. With offices inin Jersey and Guernsey Grant Thornton Limited is With offices Jersey and Guernsey Grant Thornton Limited is one ofof the Channel Islands leading accounting tax and business one the Channel Islands leading accounting tax and business advisory firms dedicated toto serving the needs of privately held advisory firms dedicated serving the needs of privately held businesses financial services and private clients. We offer a full businesses financial services and private clients. We offer a full range ofof audit assurance tax corporate recovery and advisory range audit assurance tax corporate recovery and advisory services. As a member firm within Grant Thornton International services. As a member firm within Grant Thornton International we have access toto member and correspondent firms in over we have access member and correspondent firms in over 130 countries offering our clients specialist local knowledge 130 countries offering our clients specialist local knowledge supported by international expertise and methodologies. supported by international expertise and methodologies. Kensington Chambers 46 50 Kensington Place St Helier Kensington Chambers 46 50 Kensington Place St Helier Jersey JE1JE1 1ET Channel Islands Jersey 1ET Channel Islands T 44 (0)1534 885885 T 44 (0)1534 885885 PO PO Box 313 Lefebvre House Lefebvre Street Peter Port Box 313 Lefebvre House Lefebvre Street St St Peter Port Guernsey GY1 3TF Channel Islands Guernsey GY1 3TF Channel Islands T 44 (0)1481 753400 T 44 (0)1481 753400 Grant Thornton Ltd Ltd is a member firm within Grant Thornton International Ltd (Grant Thornton International). Grant Thornton International is one of the world s leading organisations of independently owned and Grant Thornton is a member firm within Grant Thornton International Ltd (Grant Thornton International). Grant Thornton International is one of the world s leading organisations of independently owned and managed accounting andand consulting firms. Grant Thornton International and the member firms are not a worldwide partnership. Each member and correspondent firm within Grant Thornton International is a managed accounting consulting firms. Grant Thornton International and the member firms are not a worldwide partnership. Each member and correspondent firm within Grant Thornton International is a separate national firm. These firms are are not members of one international partnership or otherwise legal partners with each other (with exception of certain limited instances) nor nor is any one firm responsible for separate national firm. These firms not members of one international partnership or otherwise legal partners with each other (with the the exception of certain limited instances) is any one firm responsible for the the services or activities of any other. Each firm governs itself and handlesadministrative matters on aon a local basis. Any and all references to Grant Thornton International are to Grant Thornton International Ltd. services or activities of any other. Each firm governs itself and handles its its administrative matters local basis. Any and all references to Grant Thornton International are to Grant Thornton International Ltd. Jersey sits on the verge of a major opportunity that could create jobs develop a new strand to the economy and give us a worldwide reputation for innovation . A consortium of experts with a track record of real results stands ready the only thing that they need is a green light from the States - but the clock is ticking . What happens next is anyone s guess . Ben Qu r e reports . PICTURED Dr Andrew Mitchell and Danny Bannister Over the next 20 years there will be a revolution in healthcare. Portable data mobile technology video-conferencing and wearable devices that monitor body functions will change the way that healthcare is delivered. These changes will make it easier to access information and quicker to share between doctors and consultants they will create huge amounts of data to help doctors and consultants make the right decisions for patients and most fundamentally they will put the patient right at the heart of their own care giving them direct access to their own records and decision-making about their treatment. The way that your healthcare works will be radically different in 2035 to how it is in 2015 as technology starts to have the same impact in health as it has already had in communication finance and the media. And all of that is going to happen regardless of what happens on this little rock measuring nine miles by five in the English Channel. But there s a big choice facing Jersey or more appropriately facing Jersey s Health and Social Services department do we take up an opportunity to be at the vanguard of that revolution to create innovation and jobs to supercharge the fledgling digital sector and to be able to export products and services developed here around the world That opportunity has been created by a consortium of experts including software developers clinicians and tech consultants all of whom have a track record not just of expertise but of getting results who say that Jersey is perfectly placed to create a vibrant new digital health sector that could create thousands of jobs and develop a new export industry in healthcare solutions. Global tech giants Samsung have visited and are paying close attention to what s going on. All that the new consortium named needs now is the support of the States not for once in terms of a massive injection of cash but in terms of sharing their problems and data. And so far that support has not been forthcoming. Except just once. There has been one occasion on which the local health community has reached out to the local tech community for help. And what happened next was one of the great Jersey 2 words Ben Qu r e A PICTUREs GARY GRIMSHAW 28 NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 jsy CONNECT SPECIAL REPORT Opportunity knocks for Medtech business success stories of the last two years. The request was simple - tech consultancy Total Solutions Group (TSG) were asked to develop a platform that managed the finances of a GP practice in Jersey in a way that integrated with patient records. The result of that work was a piece of software called MediBooks which worked so successfully that it has now spread from that one GP practice to every one in the Channel Islands. It has now also been licensed by the NHS the first package of its kind to have gained NHS accreditation and is currently in 130 GPs services across the UK (TSG estimate it will be 250 by the end of the year) and it is now being marketed across the Middle East. For Danny Bannister the Chief Executive Officer of Total Solutions Group the success of MediBooks shows that there is potential for companies like his and for Jersey to make a success of digital health. And it makes him wonder why the Health department are so reluctant to get behind them. We feel that we can innovate the solutions for Jersey to get the infrastructure working properly and once we have done that the same products and talent that we are using can be exported overseas also bringing in income. The only place where we have had an opportunity to innovate a local product in health care was with MediBooks. And it s now the first product of its kind to be accredited in the UK NHS and it s deployed across the UK. jsy CONNECT NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 29 b We have only had one opportunity and that was it . b We are not interested in being given money . What we want is very simple . We want open and transparent communication on both technical challenges and infrastructure challenges so that the health community and technology community in Jersey are joined up . The rest will take care of itself . SPECIAL REPORT We have only had one opportunity and that was it. Healthcare over here is a fundamentally introverted community and it serves itself. It does not ever go out to the technology community for solutions or for answers it s all managed in-house. So the technology community is saying ...let us engage and innovate and in helping you we can export off the Island in the same way that we have with MediBooks. We can leverage the benefits the massive benefits to government over here and make them see that if they work with us not only will they be able to solve their problems but the same problems we solve here we can go and solve in others places and bring income to the economy. Fine all sounds great. But in fairness it sounds like what you d expect him to say. The next thing will shock you. We don t want money said Mr Bannister. We are not interested in being given money. What we want is very simple. We want open and transparent communication on both technical challenges and infrastructure challenges so that the health community and technology community in Jersey are joined up. The rest will take care of itself. Another member of the MedTech consortium is Dr Andrew Mitchell the Consultant Cardiologist at the General Hospital. Although his background is on the clinical side not the tech side he is similarly enthusiastic about the possibilities of digital healthcare. Dr Andrew Mitchell is the Consultant Cardiologist at the General Hospital and an enthusiastic exponent of the possibilities of digital technology in healthcare. The change to healthcare he says is coming. And it s going to be a fundamental one. It has got to get to the point where you as an individual are in control of your own data he said. You pay for it with taxation or health insurance it s yours. You might allow me as a cardiologist to access that data when you choose because the technology will evolve to the point when you can have that conversation with someone in America or England using the high-speed connections that we have got. Those models of medicine that we practice at the moment with primary and secondary care are going to change dramatically over the next ten years. And the challenge is communicating that. The public get that but not the healthcare management. And like Mr Bannister he says that if Jersey wants to seize this opportunity then the time to act is running out. The time is right now said Dr Mitchell. jsy CONNECT NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 31 Who are is a consortium pulling together local expertise in the digital health sector. The six members companies are Total Solutions Group software suppliers and consultants in information management for the healthcare sector. C5 Alliance a major Channel Islands tech consultancy that works with the public and private sectors. WebReality a web consultancy based in Jersey England and Poland with more than 150 clients spanning e-commerce law and property. JT a publicly-owned telecoms company with an increasing global tech reach with growing interests in mobile-to-mobile technology. Carmen Health a local firm working in mobile health applications and personal health record systems. Zuri a new homecare management software solution. SPECIAL REPORT When Samsung came over in May the guy said Plant a big flag and say here we are. That is what the government should be doing. Let people know that we are here and we are ready for digital health business but we have got to get that platform sorted out here locally first. And both he and the rest of the MedTech consortium are in agreement about the potential benefits for Jersey. Mr Bannister said There is a massive shortage in the health-tech sector so people are looking around at jurisdictions to engage with. We have to work with government and this is the moment in time. If we cannot get everyone working together in the Island we will not retain those innovative companies in Jersey they will look for other places to go. The upside is massive. The downside is that we get the brain-drain. They will not stay in Jersey if they don t feel that we can work together. The potential for the industry if we can set this up as a Centre of Excellence and work together we can get engagement from the corporates like Samsung Microsoft and Apple... I don t see any reason why we can t be creating another 1 000 to 2 000 jobs in this Island over the next three years. That s digital jobs for developers support system integration systems analysts and business analysts. Asked what was special about the Island from a digital health point of view he said We have very close links with the primary and secondary care in a way that you do not have in the UK. We have got a captive population. If people wanted to do a longitudinal study [in which data is gathered on the same people over a period of time] you can guarantee you will be able to identify everyone six months down the road. They do not move quite so far. For medical research it s the perfect place. We should build the platform and the vision for digital health as a person-centered platform enabled around the person so the person has access to and can control who has access to their own medical records linking up that software backbone with the physical hardware of fibre and 4G and then we can say to the world come to us bring us your new concepts and we can help you to test them. I would like to see digital health companies identifying Jersey as a place to come and test develop and potentially finance their start-up companies. We need really good engagement from Health the Chief Minister Treasury and the Economic Development department. The government has got to engage with us trust us and work with us. END PICTURED from left to right Danny Bannister Mark Loane Mark Stuchfield Cheryl Kenealy Dr Andrew Mitchell Matthew Robins. jsy CONNECT NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 33 HR Rewards aren t just for Christmas W ant to create a highly engaged workforce 365 days of the year The forget financial incentives. Focus on providing meaningful work and making sure employees feel valued for a job well done. Workplaces are not the same as they used to be the very nature of work having changed drastically. In the past a lot of work was skills based with employees often undertaking repetitive tasks. Today the application of knowledge and ideas have become the core skills that employees require to get ahead and organisations need to succeed. The motivation for providing these skills is no longer achieved by financial rewards alone. So what does motivate today s employees Naturally everyone wants to be paid a good salary one that compensates them for the value they add and of course a very good benefits package. An excellent bonus scheme never goes amiss. But what really tips the balance and entices employees to give their best and importantly to stay in your employ is a more intangible form of reward. Employees today feel rewarded by doing work that feels meaningful to them and most importantly being valued for a job well done. of purpose and meaning to tasks at hand and demonstrates that the employee is playing an important part in the company s success. It s also important to empower employees to undertake tasks that play to their strengths so that when completed they experience a real sense of achievement. 2. Provide a good degree of autonomy. A greater degree of autonomy enables employees to feel free to experiment with ideas be more innovative in their approach and to employ a range of competencies and skills to the task at hand. At the end of the day when trusted to achieve what s required of them and given the space and autonomy to do so employees feel respected for the skills that they bring and their ability to get the job done. With the authority to choose their own path you might find that employees achieve more than you imagined and employees might achieve more than even they believed they were capable of. 3. Be clear about what it is you want employees to achieve. It s not all about the money Monetary rewards are no longer enough to drive employee engagement. No longer can employers simply provide the traditional tools of motivation pay rises bonuses and benefits such as medical insurance and expect fantastic employee engagement. What today s employees want and sometimes demand is to work for an employer who understands what it takes to motivate them to achieve and then being recognised for those achievements. So what does it take to motivate employees to give their best HR o Columnist BECKY HILL HR Now Employees feel greater motivation when they can see clear objectives and measurable outcomes it s far easier to achieve something when you know what is expected of you. Putting in place agreed milestones will also help to mark stages of accomplishment. This not only provides the opportunity for recognition for a job well done as well as a sense of value to the business at every step of the way but also acts as motivation for achieving the next milestone. 4. Celebrate success. Recognising and celebrating what went well and sharing that with others will motivate employees as well as the wider team to keep up the momentum increase productivity and achieve their strategic goals. It s no surprise that the best way to motivate people is to offer some kind of reward. But in today s work environment simply relying on financial incentives is no longer enough. What propels people to achieve is to have a sense of purpose and the understanding that what they do is important to the success of the business and to be valued for doing a good job. An employer who understands what truly motivates employees today will not only achieve greater employee engagement and higher productivity rates but also significantly increase employee retention - not bad for an approach that costs very little to put in place. Steps to true employee engagement Intrinsic rewards are those which an employee receives from doing work that is recognised as adding value and from having done it well. In order to provide today s employees with the right motivation and a sense of value employers need to 1. Link tasks to the company s strategic vision. Linking an employee s tasks to what the company is ultimately trying to achieve provides a clear understanding of the role they play in achieving an organisation s goals. In short it instils a sense 34 NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 jsy CONNECT Planning permission obtained for 70 000 sq ft and site sold by Montagu Evans in 2015 National expertise delivered from the Channel Islands 88 000 sq ft of prime offices acquired by Montagu Evans on behalf of Royal Bank of Canada S G Hambros Bank One of the many office buildings we manage on behalf of our clients Property of 25 000 sq ft acquired by Montagu Evans for the Channel Island Property Fund If you would like to discuss St Helier offices you need to talk to the office specialist Call TONY ROWBOTHAM on 01481 742280 t i Rent Reviews Lettings Sales Valuations Planning & Development Management Lease Negotiations PICTURE THIS Catherine s daughter Vikki joined the company as a designer in 2013 and has already won prestigious jewellery awards. OK dear reader we ll have a little Christmas bet with you . At some point in the next couple of months you ll root around in your stockings looking for something small and sparkly . What you find there will put a smile on the face of your dearly beloved . And it will probably have been made by Catherine Best one of the leading names in Channel Islands jewellery . Have a look through this month s Picture This which gives you a behindthe-scenes glimpse into how one of the most popular local presents in 2015 will have been made . PICTURES Gary Grimshaw 36 NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 jsy CONNECT PICTURE THIS St Peter s granite tower windmill is a Jersey landmark that has been in existence since 1848 A picture this.. Catherine Best Manufacturing at Catherine Best is a hand making process using traditional methods and employing up-to-date machinery. jsy CONNECT NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 37 PICTURE THIS Outdated jewellery with lovely stones or metal can be redesigned at Catherine Best. Catherine Best jewellery cannot be found in the high street or any other outlets. 38 NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 jsy CONNECT PICTURE THIS On average Catherine Best welcomes 100 customers per day through the doors during the summer months. jsy CONNECT NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 39 PICTURE THIS New for 2015 is a brand new extended manufacturing workshop. Catherine sources her gemstones from all around the world. 40 NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 jsy CONNECT PICTURE THIS Handmade limited edition and one-off designs feature the rarest gemstones in various precious metals. Catherine Best Jersey opened in 2003. jsy CONNECT NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 41 l My Perfect Life How to use tinder in a small island Smart successful sophisticated and so far single Fenella Bond is living the life of a twentiethfirst century professional woman in Jersey. She may be the new high-flying career junkie in your office she may be your friend on Facebook she may be your boss. She may even be the sassy lady sitting across from you as you read about her next attempt at building the perfect life. Go on take a look. Does she look right If so that s probably Fenella. I t has been slammed for promoting hook-up culture creating a dating wasteland of fuckboys and Tinderellas all smoothly swiping left or right though the profiles of prospective partners. About 50 million people have installed Tinder on their phones since it launched in 2012 it has reputedly made over nine billion matches in 196 countries and its success has inspired countless other mobile dating apps. Used by celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio Hilary Duff and ... umm Shane Warne Tinder has quickly moved from millennials to mainstream to become the Uber of dating. As a growing number of people in Jersey start using the app I sign up to find out what it s all about. 2 words Fenella Bond 42 NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 jsy CONNECT MY PERFECT LIFE Fenella Tries Tinder Okay I m online now. Concentric circles emanating from my profile pic like the epicentre of an earthquake. But is the earth going to move for me I wait for pics of handsome hunks to appear. And wait. And wait. There are quite a few guys who clearly have their own teeth and hair (although having to point this out in a profile statement is a not as humorous as these guys would like it to sound). But hunks Swipe left. Swipe left. Oh hello. Carl 35. Not bad. Dark hair cheeky grin pic of him on a ski slope one with friend who looks quite normal a shot with a dog. And online only five minutes ago on a Saturday morning. Let s move on. Swipe swipe swipe. All left sadly. Dude with a ginger beard pops up. 37 three miles away. And he shares 11 facebook connections. Bad idea. He should probably get himself on to Bristlr the dating site for men with beards. There are guys pulling funny faces (no) chaps who present themselves as cartoon characters (double no) and chaps in photos with kids or with women who look like the kids mothers (triple no). We re really doing well. I bypass Kevins Micks and Keiths Stephens Russells and a few Gregs. I accidentally right swipe a Graham who looks like a cross between Daniel Craig and Vladimir Putin. The fact he has half the buttons on his shirt undone only adds to the effect. Why do guys do this Does a button fairy sneak into their wardrobes and steal the buttons or are these chestrevealing chaps just too lazy to do them up I don t suspect Graham and I would get on very well. The majority of men don t write anything for their profile but some who do are quite intriguing although not necessarily in a good way. Tobias 43 puts quite a lot of effort into his Recently separated after 12 years of marriage he writes Not sure what I m looking for ... age race looks etc are unimportant to me although I have a definite preference for larger size ladies ... even better if you re also just a bit naughty. Okay dude we know what you re looking for even if you don t. There s quite a cute guy called Alex 43 who is photographed cycling in back tie. Good style. I swipe right. Then realise we have about five facebook friends in common. Maybe not such a good idea but it s too late. When it comes to Tinder there s no going back you miss someone bye bye. If you match with someone you realise you don t like you can unmatch later. I go though a few more Stuarts and Stewarts Scotts and Simons Andy who likes cricket Kris who likes cooking (and also has far too many facebook friends I know) and then I m done. I m out of men. My profile is staring back at me surrounded by sonar waves of dating dreams. I have gone through the entire population of eligible Jersey men on Tinder in about five minutes and how many men did I like Probably about the same proportion I might like if I met that many men in real life. Maybe I shouldn t have been so fussy. If I spent a whole week stuffing my face at McDonald s I m sure I could be Tobias s perfect woman. I go and make coffee. When I come back my phone is flashing. A little blue light just like for text messages only when I hit the screen a small icon the love child of a tear and a flame appears the Tinder symbol. Woo hoo. I have a match. It s the man on a bike Alex. I now see some text beneath his profile What s your biggest secret Ha. You might need to know me for longer than five seconds to ask that sort of question. I close the profile down then scroll over to messages. Nothing. The text has now changed to some good one-liners. Silly me it s just Tinder making mischief. I m not making the first move. No way. I go shopping. Later on check to see if there are any messages. Nada. Start the shockwaves again. Flights have been landing so there must be some new men in Jersey. OMG. This is strange. I have never seen so many black men before. Some are wearing suits others flowing white robes. There are a few Mohammeds but mostly names I m less familiar with. This is not downtown St Helier. Looking at the about section of my Jersey matches I see they are now over 2 000 miles away. This puts me ... somewhere in sub-Saharan Africa. WTF. Tinder you have failed me. I m off to the Yacht. Next day I login again. The GPS has sent me back to Jersey. All is well. And I have a message from Alex. How Tinder Works 1. Download the Tinder app and register with your facebook account. Don t have a facebook account Well if it s because you fear using technology surrendering personal data or are worried about people you know seeing you delete Tinder now. 2. Work on your profile. You have to use your first name and the age linked to your facebook account. You can only upload photos to Tinder that have appeared first on your facebook page so if you don t use facebook then you re stuffed anyway. 3. As well as six pics you can write a short biog about yourself which will appear if someone clicks the more info section. A lot of people don t write anything but it s a good opportunity to present something of your personality so hopefully your matches will be more on target. 4. Programme your discovery preferences. You can specify if you want to see men or women their age range and distance from your location. Your location will be wherever your GPS places you unless you go for Tinder Passport the paidfor premium version Tinder where you can search from any city you like whether you re there or not. 5. Once you re ready to search click on the settings to make your profile discoverable. It s a 43 jsy CONNECT NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 bit like the theory behind (sorry) nudist beaches you can t look unless you re exposed too. If you re travelling or have met someone you can hide your profile again to stop it appearing. 6. Potential matches come in the form of a photo with their first name and age beneath. You can see if the person has any facebook friends in common and see any facebook page likes you share. 7. If you like the look of someone you swipe right (or tap the green heart) and if you re not interested swipe left (or tap the red cross). There is also the new super like button (a blue star) which is supposed to get you more attention if you really like someone. 8. You can only send messages though Tinder when you match with someone. This means the other person can t get your email address full name or phone number unless you disclose this information. 9. Tinder might be more socially acceptable than Ashley Madison but if you re married using it in Jersey is highly dangerous. Your profile is open for anyone who fits your criteria to see so as Tinder gets more users it s only going to be a matter of time before one of your husband s or wife s friends spots you. 44 10. Dating apps are only as good as their users. Tinder is relatively new in Jersey but as it becomes more popular it will get more mainstream like facebook until everyone s granny is on it. In America Tinder is already facing competition from newer apps such as Hinge Happn Bumble and in the UK Bristlr. a lot of guys are on Tinder because they like messaging but often it doesn t go anywhere she said. It s kind of like a game. You play it for entertainment for an ego boost. The issues of using Tinder in a closeknit environment are clear to some of the men I spoke to. You are only ever two connections away from someone in Jersey Martin a mid-30s friend-of-a-friend warned. So before long you re going to run into people you know or even worse who know you. The problem is exacerbated when you have lots of facebook friends because the app flags up if you are connected to someone on facebook or have any mutual connections. You don t really want to run into lots of people from your own social circle on Tinder Martin said. There are a few people who work in bars who I might be friends with on facebook who aren t connected to other friends but it s quite rare. It s all about expectations Mr Debonair warned. Tinder can be tricky anywhere because people have different expectations about what they re looking for. But I guess that could apply to all forms of dating. What other Jersey users think of Tinder It s too risky to use it here a debonair chap I know grumbled. Although whenever I use it in the UK the girls I message turn out to be prostitutes. This gentleman should not be short of a date were he to make the effort to ask a lady out. So why is he on Tinder I like Tinder he shrugged. Where else can you meet so many people who are also single It s a similar story with another friend a girl half his age. You get a bit of a buzz from the matches ... and from the messages at the start she told me. I go on it for a while just for fun. Then I get bored and stop using it. This girl is now in a relationship with someone she met at work. I think NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 jsy CONNECT Get moving Take a step in the right direction search for your next property with Jersey s best new property website jsy property You ll find everything you need all in one place from dream homes to legal advice mortgages to removal services - Bailiwick Express property is your one stop shop for everything you need. JERSEY NEWS & CLASSIFIEDS In each edition of Connect we enable someone in the news to speak directly to you in their own words... Unplugged. What you are about to read is a transcript beyond minor changes to punctuation and syntax to aid clarity these words come directly from the person who uttered them. If you ask either islanders or visitors for what they love about Jersey the words food restaurants or eating out will almost certainly be in the mix. So if the route to the Island s heart is truly through its stomach how come hospitality employers are currently finding it so tough to recruit trained chefs It s just one of the skills shortages which is casting the Island s immigration policy (yes there is one) into cruelly sharp focus. No sooner will a politician have deflected a question about population growth then they will start talking about education and local people...if you unwisely let them continue there s always a risk they will morph into Lord Kitchen-er (sorry) and declaim ...your Island needs you Sitting squarely across the educational front-line is Highlands College. From hospitality to construction by way of financial services IT hair and beauty and engineering Highlands is there to be provide plug and play employees for the Island s businesses except life doesn t quite work like that. Y Ready for Work James Filleul interviews Steve Lewis Principal of Highlands College Its Principal Steve Lewis told James Filleul what the College was really all about Steve Lewis I think Highlands is a really important institution within Jersey. I think before I came it had gone on the back burner a bit. So part of what I ve done over the last year is to make sure that we re an essential part of the education service. We now work very closely with Secondary Schools in Jersey and I feel that we re now much more part of the Education Department rather than trying to be an independent republic. We have to be comprehensive in terms of compensating for some of our 200 students a year who don t leave school with the kind of qualifications they need to get to where they need to be for the next level five GCSEs at A to C. On the other hand we can also be elitist in a sense in terms of technical and vocational skills. So someone who is well qualified and left school and has aspirations to be an electrician or a plumber those kinds of skills then those are the kind of courses that we provide. But equally there is a whole realm of what s called general education and whereas probably half the students in Jersey go the A-Level route to university there s about 250 of them who go the advanced general vocational route which is things like BTECs and City and Guilds - so really we re about creating that sort of education for those sorts of learners where Unplugged Got a story to tell Get in touch email us at editor UNPLUGGED o Photography By Gary Grimshaw UNPLUGGED traditional academic subjects are not the kind of thing that floats their boat. I m still a great believer that for 16-19 year olds we re as much about general education a liberal education as we are about actually creating people ready for the job market. I think the advantage that Highlands has is that you can work much more closely with employers and also we ve got much more space to develop the employability skills things like communication or inter-personal skills. Unlike a lot of UK colleges 85% of our students have work experience - in the UK it s about 40%. The other important function that Highlands fulfils is that we re the only adult college in Jersey. We ve re-branded that as the University College Jersey. Again the unique thing about the brand in Jersey is that 100% of our graduates go straight into jobs because all those degrees are linked to the industries. There s room for growth there. There s only about 150 Higher Education students and there could be double the number. James Filleul Are you trying to be too many things to too many people 48 NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 jsy CONNECT SL I think that s always the problem with Further Education. We re always known as the Cinderella of the education system and that s probably because we do probably try and do too much. We re not a specialist college and certainly in Jersey I don t think we could be. I think that the one thing for me which is a real strength but which is very underplayed is adult and community education. We have 3 500 adults mostly over 55 and I think we provide an important function for those adults keeping their minds alive keeping their interests. Otherwise they ll just end up being a drain on social services and health services and everything else so I think that has got a lot more scope to develop. We re very lucky that we have a unique adult education centre in Trinity. That s a little known fact probably even in a place like Jersey. JF Why are employers still saying there s a lack of skills in Jersey SL I think you have to ask the question ... what do you mean by skills I m not sure we always talk the same language when we talk about skills and education. Skills must have a knowledge UNPLUGGED b base. Probably the real vocational qualifications are English and maths. When you think about it if people haven t got those basic skills of English and maths then they just close lots of doors. But we re a long way ahead of England. Last year our English GCSE re-takes were 71% at a grade C. In the UK it s around about 40% re-taking getting a grade C. So that s a phenomenal step forward. I think things like communication and inter-personal skills are something which employers want. They want young people to have initiative be creative have ideas. It s also the basic things like turning up on time attitude. That s something we put a lot into here. For example we don t have bells. I was talking to those students over there just now and they re keeping their eyes on the clock because they know they ve got a lecture at 11 o clock. They re child-care students and they have to learn that if you ve got a group of nursery kids waiting to be looked after you can t be late for them. JF So are the skills available but employers just aren t seeing it Unlike a lot of UK colleges 85% of our students have work experience - in the UK it s about 40% . SL I think there s a lot of misconceptions out there. We have to make what is implicit much more explicit in terms of saying to younger people can t go to an interview looking scruffy smelling of alcohol from the night before or cigarettes or whatever with tattoos up your arm particularly if you re going for say a job in the finance industry. These are all sort of soft skills which you have to think actually is that the job of education purely Education is the means through which you get people excited and curious about learning and then at the same time we have to teach them all those behavioural things too which I think in contemporary life are much more difficult. For me education is about change. It s about changing people s thinking and their behaviour about trying to think about the consequences of the things jsy CONNECT NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 49 UNPLUGGED that they do and I think that s the problem. JF Let s look at some specific examples for example chefs. Employers are saying that there are so few qualified chefs but that s been a focus of Highlands for some years. What s the problem SL The number of full time students we ve got doing catering is tiny it s about 20 so that s not a huge amount. Now whether that s to do with the careers advice that young people get or the aspiration about what it means to be a chef I m not sure. The ones that come here do amazingly well. They all get jobs. Basically we have employers queuing out of the door to take them so that s not a problem. I think we re not getting the message out there that actually you can come to Highlands we ve got some of the best kitchens of any college that I know of and yet we re not attracting those young people to come see it as a career. Having said that we ve got a lot of dayrelease students and a lot of people that are working chefs in restaurants and hotels in Jersey already who are coming here for a day a week to up their skills and to get their qualifications while they re in a job. And then of course there s also Trackers the apprenticeship scheme so there are a few through that process. I think we might be ahead of the game because as you can see we ve just 50 NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 jsy CONNECT refurbished our college cafeteria so where in the past we ve only been offering training for the fine dining end of the market we re now doing a much more faster food cafeteria sort of style catering so that students have actually got the opportunity to work in any of those sorts of skills. But I think it is one area that we do need to look at. We re spending some time at the moment re-vamping our travel and tourism course because again that s very traditional. When you look at the travel market in Jersey itself you ve got a lot of people now staying on Island to do adventure holidays to spend weekends in hotels particularly off-season yet none of our courses are designed in line with the kind of sorts of holidays you can actually have on Island. So I think there s a real opportunity there to get things like culinary arts and hospitality and catering together with travel and tourism and see it as one kind of service industry for Jersey. JF It sounds like you re playing catch up SL Yes but I think so are colleges in the UK. The benefit we ve got here is we re relatively small we know who all the employers are we know who our students are so I m trying to play on that and maybe it s taken somebody like me to come from the outside to realise ...hang on a minute isn t this a bit more straight forward than you think because I was very much aware that the college was in a sense designed as if it was an English college behaving in the same way. One of the fundamental changes we re making for 2016 is to create what s called the Jersey Progression Diploma. So we ve got a real opportunity to work with employers to have their input into the courses. I think we can do it a lot quicker than England can and because I ve got the backing of the Department of Education and because my colleagues in the Secondary Schools are also playing catch up where we ve plateaued in line with the UK in terms of results we re all on a journey to overtake the UK again. JF What do employers need to do SL The Department has got a project on the go at the moment to see if we can bring all the relationships that happen with Education and employers in the Island together because I think the last thing an employer wants is five schools two work experience co-ordinators and a college ringing them up all looking for the same thing. So I think we re trying to take the initiative by building up a network and look at a way in which we can communicate with employers. But I suppose it s when the call comes to that employer it s them also responding in a positive way and saying ...well what can we do for you what can we offer I think in education we re a bit shy of employers we don t really like talking to them very much because they re kind of doing a good job out there and earning lots of money and we re in education. But actually when you talk to employers they say well we d love to have some students we d love to get them in we could do something. JF Is it realistic to expect Highlands to solve the skills shortage SL No I don t think we can. What the UK did was to decide to get colleges to create courses to develop skills on the kind of if you build it they will come model but it ended up with colleges running all sorts of courses developing all sorts of skills and then the jobs weren t there. The College or the schools in Jersey can t make employment-ready individuals that you re just going to be able to take the wrapper off and they re ready to work. But we can get them to a point where they have the skills and the energy and the curiosity and the willingness to do it. END jsy CONNECT NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 51 VIEWPOINT E Viewpoint A great wealth manager in 2016 will be focused on... Viewpoint puts forward a key question facing one of the Island s main industry sectors and then a group of leading practitioners give their take on the answer and what it means for Jersey . If you would like to be included in a future panel of experts just email editor bailiwickexpress .com A great wealth manager in 2016 will be focused on making their clients happy. Generating strong risk adjusted returns delivering excellent service levels and communication as well as developing their systems for the future will all help to achieve this very simple goal. With the rise of robo-advice via the internet and the challenges of volatile markets across 2015 there has never been a more important time for wealth managers to provide comfort to their clients both in the form of sage advice about holding fast in tricky markets and supportive technology giving the client maximum access to their investment reporting in this fast-changing investment environment. Clients value a comforting steer above incredible investment returns although great wealth managers will naturally try to provide both. In terms of volatility markets are continually assessing the impact of diverging stages of monetary policy in Europe the US and Japan. Economic recovery and growth feeds through to asset classes and currencies and picking the right combination has rarely been more challenging. Correlation between asset classes increases in times of instability and recent politicisation of markets has led to fragility as we leave the financial crisis behind and attempt to bring the economy back into line. Increasingly policy decisions made by central bankers in the US and UK are not so much about their own economy (as has been the case in the past) as they are about the global stock market and what the knock-on effect of interest rate rises will be at any given time. Comments made by central banks can now move markets in ways that have not been experienced before. Gordon Bennie Director Enhance Wealth Consultancy 52 NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 jsy CONNECT VIEWPOINT Education In 2016 wealth managers are going to face many challenges. All asset prices will be volatile and those clients who expect year-on-year growth will be doomed to disappointment. To avoid frustration I believe it is important that wealth managers educate clients explaining their philosophy behind their investment tactics and reiterating the long-term nature of their strategy. Communication The ever-changing social political and macro-economic landscapes are impacting investments as never before. Decisions made at governmental and supranational levels are now just as important to asset performance as the results of a FTSE All Share company in which the wealth planner has invested and are far less easy to take into account. I would expect constant communication from the wealth managers reassuring clients that although a decision was unexpected the outcome is not a cause for concern. Given my experience in the private client arena I think I am fortunate to be able to observe what distinguishes a great wealth manager from the rest. A great wealth manager will really understand their client I mean they will know what makes their client tick they will know about the client s hope and fears in relation to that client s wealth they will understand their client s intentions with regard to managing the family wealth. A second key attribute of a great wealth manager is the ability to communicate both to the client and with other key professionals. So often in my business clients will say that the differentiator between one lawyer and another is communication. It s no different in the wealth management world. If a wealth manager is conveying the right message at the right time to their clients and other Continuation Tempora mutantur. However the underlying principles behind preserving and enhancing wealth for future generations remain. Long-term strategic objectives once set should be followed and I would remind wealth managers what is trying to be achieved. This is not to say that there is no room for flexibility indeed it is vitally important to retain the ability to adapt to changes in circumstances whether political regulatory or personal. However I submit that there is a danger that the day-to-day noise and volatility will disrupt wealth planners and the strategic objectives set. A great wealth planner will not be focused on 2016 but on 2116. Tom Hardman Associate Director First Names Group Decisions made at governmental and supranational levels are now just as important to asset performance as the results of a FTSE All Share company in which the wealth planner has invested and are far less easy to take into account . advisers alike they will already have marked themselves out. Finally and acknowledging that the above factors are all vital it does seem to me that the absolutely key selling point of a great wealth manager in 2016 will fundamentally be the ability to protect preserve and hopefully grow the client s wealth. We live in uncertain times. Such uncertainty breads fear on the part of clients. If the wealth manager can inspire the confidence of their clients that they can steer the client s ship safely through choppy waters that wealth manager will not only be great but highly prized. Steve Meiklejohn Partner Ogier Key selling point of a great wealth manager in 2016 will fundamentally be the ability to protect preserve and hopefully grow the client s wealth 53 jsy CONNECT NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 g No Ordinary Day Job Give in to Temptation 2 words Julien Morel o Photography By Gary Grimshaw NO ORDINARY DAY JOB Apples are the stuff of legend. Which other humble fruit has such a healthy history of symbolism from the discovery of gravity to keeping human beings healthy to their crowning achievement... representing sin itself and culpability in the total fall of man Wow. All in all it s not been a bad few thousand years. Temptation has walked hand-in-hand with the apple throughout human history a relationship which was given a technological twentieth century twist by a bearded American entrepreneur known as Steve Jobs. With Christmas fast approaching it s a fair bet that an Apple product will be on most present lists which means one Jersey store will continue to ride the still-building Californian wave that Jobs wafted into motion forty years ago. Julien Morel succumbed to temptation and bit deeply into the story of Apple in Jersey. Do you ever dream that a few years ago you d given a couple of grand to a young Steve Jobs to help get his fledging company up and running Or perhaps you d punted on Mark Zuckerberg when he was trying to get his idea off the ground Like winning the lottery it remains a fantasy for most because we re usually at the wrong place at the wrong time and perhaps we wouldn t have seen the potential even if we had been there. Of course iQ founder Tim Evans didn t directly back either of these tech pioneers. But what he did do was see the potential of Apple at a very early stage and through foresight fortune perseverance and hard work he is now synonymous with the world s most valuable brand at least in this little corner of the world. Tim s business is the only Apple Premium Reseller in Jersey which means iQ is the exclusive high street dealer of most Apple products. And from last year his Beresford Street store can even sell iPhones which used to be sold just by telecoms companies. So how did this 46-year-old Jersey-born cabinetmaker come to sell and support the most desirable brand in the world The trouble with being a cabinetmaker is that you re usually so close to your craft that you can t see it as a business so you work incredibly hard just to make ends meet he said. I ve always been an ideas person so my plan was always to come up with an idea that would mean I could run a business as a business. That idea the light bulb moment or perhaps the falling apple came one day in 2004 while Tim was sat in a town coffee house. All of a sudden the background music started skipping because it was playing on a CD. Earlier that day I had happened to see my first ever iPod which just looked amazing and I knew that people would want them. So I started thinking about setting up a background music service. The problem was that the iPod was just a loose NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 55 NO ORDINARY DAY JOB It s often the case in business that one path leads you to another and that was certainly the case with me . I started buying more and more Apple kit and badgering the Apple team . portable device so I designed a lockable bracket which allowed one to be fixed to a wall. I made up a prototype with a steel back and Perspex front sold my record decks bought my first iPod which I think was about 500 and just started cold-calling in my spare time and running the idea past a couple of friends who ran bars and restaurants. I had a good response so I started a service whereby I would take away the CD clutter install all the music on to the iPod set up playlists fix the bracket onto the wall and they would plug their iPod into the existing amplifier. My first customer was The Salty Dog in St Aubin so I have them to thank for kicking off iQ in Jersey. But how did this lead to an Apple dealership Apple got to hear about my business through the grapevine and I got a call from someone in the UK team. They loved the idea but because of artists rights and copyright it was never a viable model. But through that first call I got contacts at Apple including in their distribution team and I just started knocking on their door. It s often the case in business that one path leads you to another and that was certainly the case with me. I started buying more and more Apple kit and badgering the Apple team. At that stage I was purely selling stuff out the back of my car. I loved the Apple brand I had been into computers when I was at school and wanted to get back into it. I was looking at the landscape and buying computer magazines and I remember looking at the way PCs were developing and thinking ...this is looking really messy clunky and chaotic and I don t understand half the jargon. Thankfully someone suggested that I should buy an Apple. I bought my first one I think it was an SE and I loved it. I just started selling as much kit as I could at the lowest price I could simply to get my numbers up. It wasn t about profit it was simply about getting noticed at Apple Distribution to get better deals. jsy CONNECT NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 57 NO ORDINARY DAY JOB The iPod was the must-have gift that year...and something Apple-related has probably been the must-have gift every Christmas ever since . Then Christmas was looming in 2004 and 32 Burrard Street became available so I had an idea to hold an Apple Expo there. I was just going to white-out the shop get some Apple kit in and see what happened. The iPod was the must-have gift that year...and something Applerelated has probably been the must-have gift every Christmas ever since. I think it was Edward de Bono who said something like If you step outside of your comfort zone the universe will conspire to make you successful. It did feel like one of those moments because on the very day the shop opened major road works on that junction ended and Burrard Street suddenly became a major artery into town. All of a sudden traffic was streaming past my shop so I needed minimal advertising because my advert was the window. That first Christmas was amazing and we have just grown from strength to strength ever since. iQ s success has of course been on the back of Apple s which was recently named as the world s most valuable brand for the third year in a row. But the relationship is not as clear-cut as you might imagine. 58 It s a tricky one because what a lot of people don t realise is that Apple is split into two parts. The premium resellers are looked after by one team and the Apple Stores by another and they are run in the spirit of healthy competition. So they could set up an Apple Store in Jersey but fortunately Apple don t ship to the Channel Islands because we re small fry and they only tend to set up their own stores in big centres of population. Effectively we buy from Apple Distribution who are authorised by the main company to sell to us at a specific rate. We have to jump through lots of hoops in order to gain our status and that gives us what they call the functional discount which allows us to buy at a premium rate. But we are proud of the fact that we don t monopolise our position. My first priority is to provide excellent standards of service and excellent value for money. I ve always been insistent that wherever we can we keep to the official Apple ex-VAT price plus GST. It will always be a value product but we should be the best value that you can get. NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 jsy CONNECT NO ORDINARY DAY JOB Another thing that people might not realise is that Apple don t let us know about what s coming out when. They are very secretive about their projects so if there s a new product coming out possibly ten people in the organisation will know about it. They are incredibly good at keeping things tight and that is good in a way because it protects the consumer and us. That secrecy means that when it comes to our own service and training we are constantly on the edge. With the iPhone release though as part of our special status we got stock before the release date which nobody else could do. For the launch of the 6s we opened at 8 am and we had a queue of people stretching to the corner of the building. It was a great morning ... we were giving out free teas and coffees and we managed to re-create some of that Apple magic. People really love their Apple products to that degree and there is good reason for it because people interface with their device like no other. Apple can do that because they are the only company that offer the whole package they create and write the operating system they design the hardware they govern the design of what will connect with it in the future and they write a lot of the software that comes with it. It s not like that with PCs. Three years ago iQ moved to Beresford Street. With its central displays and enthusiastic staff in neat blue T-shirts it certainly has the feel of bona fide Apple Store. The staff are amazing and this is the special thing about iQ it s not just a shop. If all we did was stock shelves and sell stuff the business would be a loss less complicated but it wouldn t be the same. Our learning never stops which is great because it means the guys out front aren t just in retail. They genuinely love the product and we employ them pretty much on that basis. And that of course rubs off on the customer. Business is brisk in Jersey and Tim gets encouraging feedback from Apple. Sales of the iPhone are particularly encouraging. People might not realise that we had to wait seven years in order to sell the iPhone because they were only sold through authorised telecoms companies in the UK. There are still no authorised providers in the Channel Islands so the ones sold here were all grey-imported which is why Channel Islanders were paying over the odds for years. We have now put that straight which is great. The penny is still dropping because of the way that telcos bundle things together but on average you are paying over 200 more for an iPhone than you should be. So what changed to allow iQ to sell iPhones It does feel as though Apple has softened up a bit in the last few years. iQ was actually the first reseller in the British Isles to be able to stock iPhones. It wasn t a full solution at first because we still had to go via a UK telco but very recently it became an open device which is sold by Apple Distribution just like an iPad or computer. It took them seven years to get around to that. Similarly the Apple Watch started as an Apple exclusive so we thought we d have to wait an age to get it but very soon after launch the market was opened up. In order for us to be able to sell it two of our staff had to spend two days in London being trained at the Apple Store in the correct way to demonstrate and sell the watch. That gives you an idea of how tight it is when dealing with Apple. But it s good because those guys have come back with some really cool stuff about psychology and the way you present a product which they passed on to the rest of the team. Apple is very clever in the way it releases products. A cynic would say it is simply to get you to keep consuming but I don t see it like that. It is the evolution of technology and sometimes people just aren t ready for all that functionality. The Watch for instance is designed to be a satellite of the iPhone so if I get a message to my phone it pops up on my watch. But in time I m sure the Watch will be standalone when the market and technology is ready. While sales of the iOS devices such as the iPad and iPhone (and Watch) have grown sales of desktop computers have levelled off as more mobile products have come onto the market. Soon iQ will stock the the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil which is pixel perfect and has haptic feedback which means if you choose to say paint on canvas the surface will feel just like that because of vibrations through the pencil. What haptic feedback does is strengthen that bond between the human and the device. And that is why you get people queuing out of the door at seven in the morning. For most people their Apple device feels so much a part of their everyday life that they just take it for granted. END NO MEERKATS. NO TOY ROBOTS. NO MEN IN HIGH HEELS. JUST THE MONEY YOU NEED AND A REPAYMENT PLAN YOU CAN AFFORD. You can now apply for a loan with Jersey s leading lenders at Simply go to jsy finance JERSEY NEWS & CLASSIFIEDS According to Brand Finance the Apple logo is now worth an eye-watering 39.3 billion. That seems like a lot of money to me and I am quite good at imagining a lot of money. I guess with these kind of numbers in mind the time and cash spent creating the next great expression of a business in creative form makes sense. It is a cherished moment in the life of all keen marketers to sit back and enjoy the beauty parade of agencies vying with each other to prove they get your business more than the next more than you. I have sat through those parades of eagerness for the Jersey Tourism advisory board trying to guess which of the presenting team would actually end up working on the account. The lowly creative who never said anything Could be I have also been part of the parade hoping that the prospective client picks us and frequently marvelling at the contradiction between their job title and their ability to grasp the basics of marketing. Of course you have to start somewhere. One of my first jobs at the Jersey Museums Service (Jersey Heritage now) was to assess how well our logo was known. Remember it A stone bridge generally used in mono. Simple but effective if perhaps rather spurious given that we do not have any bridges. I went out clipboard in hand with a selection of well-known logos and interrogated the Jersey public. I recall that Shell came top closely followed by Jersey Telecom. We scored none. It was quite depressing but also quite pleasing because I would now be part of a long process to find our vision made real through a new logo. To cut a very long process short it proved painful. Our head of design wanted to go alone as creatives often do Marketing wanted to agree a brief and everyone else wanted to have a say. It was design by committee everyone s favourite. Still it was an afternoon at Hamptonne which is never to be sniffed at. Let s rewind for a minute though. So there I was new suit from M&S for my first job starting to have fantasies of actually being a marketer with my clipboard and well-honed selection of professional expressions primed and ready for action. Amongst all these career highlights I missed something kind of Y Marketing Forces o Columnist CHRISTOPHER JOURNEAUX critical. When I had shown the logos to the person being questioned shorn of all words my eager public would then ask me for the correct answers. Almost all had heard of and were highly complimentary about the Jersey Museum Service. They just did not recognise the logo. When I say complimentary they were positively effusive whilst unfortunately conflating us with the Soci t Jersiaise - which at the time was not well received by either the academics at the Soci t or the team at the Museums Service. That brings into question our fetishistic love of the logo. Can it really be that important I was reminded of this point when the blue version of the Ports of Jersey logo hit my Facebook page. For reasons long since sacrificed to the mists of time I had Liked their page. Now they were shouting about the new logo to all intents and purposes a very close approximation of the Scottish Saltire. What might this tell us about their services More flights from Scotland perchance Or maybe a Celtic festival with a hearty welcome to Scottish visitors It may of course just be an expensive agency suicide note showing a rather fatal lack of understanding of our national pride. Either way having calmed down my Jersey ire at this slur I assessed my feelings about Jersey Airport. Had they changed in the face of this new logo The truth is they had not. I enjoy travelling through our airport it has staff shops and security people who seem focused on helping rather than hindering my progress. I was stuck in the departure lounge for five hours last year and whilst not ideal it was never close to the horrors of ten years ago. Strangely relaxing actually. Arriving at the airport one Saturday I saw the logo again this time with red and up a flag pole and just knew I was in the right place which was encouraging. Whilst I would not decry the virtues of a wellconsidered logo crafted by an understanding of the values being communicated through the medium of creative skills I doubt the monetary value. At least I doubt it in the context of prioritising budget thinking and delivery. Let the logo be an apt reminder and never a replacement for substance. 61 jsy CONNECT NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 Here s the Thing Here s The scale of the 145 million black hole is surpassed only by the boldness of the package of measures to tackle it that has just sailed briskly through the States. The Council of Ministers have a mandate over the next four years to cut 70 million from the public sector pay bill to levy charges totalling 45 million on households and to cut benefits and services to balance the books. Last month s decision by the States Chamber to back the proposals is radical and brave and the reforms will mean a fundamentally different public sector in years to come. If you talk to people inside the government it s all looking great there s a political mandate there s progress and cultural change is beginning to take hold within the public sector. Here s the thing. The moment that you talk to anyone outside of the government the very second in fact that someone independent takes a glimpse behind the curtain or expresses a view the picture is completely different. And not different as in better. Not different as in well different. More different as in literally the opposite. As in not going to happen. Last month Kevin Keen revealed that he had walked away from his position as a States efficiency adviser saying that he had little optimism in the cuts programme agreeing that it was an uphill challenge from the start that the experience had been frustrating and that he would have stayed ...if I felt that I could add some value or make some change - but that was not possible. The short version of this is that ministers wanted him there and chief officers didn t. And now he s gone. Draw your own conclusions about who s in charge. Whatever your view all of this chat about little optimism and frustration or making changes being not possible well... it s not quite the message that tends to come out of the taxpayer-funded mob at Cyril Le Marquand House whether they re civil servants or politicians. But Mr Keen was not the first accountant to have a look into the public sector and have doubts about what they d found. Way back in April the States independent spending watchdog concluded that the Treasury department s financial management lacked transparency and led to behaviours which were not always in the best interests of good financial management and that the financial planning system ...was not fit for purpose and acted as a barrier to reform. And Karen McConnell the Comptroller and Auditor General was not done there also noting that there was ...too much focus on departmental responsibility at the expense of collective strategic leadership. Again. That message is different to the line pumped out 62 enthusiastically by the former Treasury Minister. Once again different as in opposite. But does this trend stop with accountants Well no. Cultural change within the public sector in terms of welcoming efficiencies and cuts and delivering value to taxpayers had reached such dizzying heights in August that the Jersey Civil Service Association that s civil servants managers and professionals as opposed to manual workers were so enthusiastic about reform that 89.2% of a ballot voted to reject a 12-month pay freeze and of those 87.1% were in favour of industrial action. Not to labour the point but those civil servants managers and professionals are exactly the people who will have responsibility for implementing and enforcing the reforms that we re talking about. So that s accountants auditors and trade unions. Well there s more. The Public Accounts Committee an independent committee of politicians and business experts including one former States chief officer - published a report that found reform in the public sector was you guessed it painfully slow with no clear strategy secretive plans and mysterious budgets. It found that spending had been under-reported that ministers wouldn t even let key documents see the light of day and that there was an ...unhelpful and ultimately unnecessary lack of transparency. And then there s e-Gov the silver bullet that was going to save money cut processing jobs and make the process of interacting with the government easier for everyone. Just over a year ago the civil servant then leading the project said that a lead contractor was about to be appointed and that the system would be designed by June 2015 and would be in place sometime between April 2016 and January 2017. By this point you ll have spotted the trend absolutely none of that has happened. All of this builds up a picture and it s not a pretty one. The idea of reforming the public sector is a bold one. It s the right thing to do. The problem is that right now it s not even a plan it s a fantasy and for all the confident chat from the ministers there is very little in the way of evidence that any of it is working or that those who are meant to be doing the spadework are remotely interested in making it a success. Have your say... Connect s political columnist Ben Qu r e spent far far too long covering the States during his 13 years as a noted news reporter and commentator. In Here s The Thing... he takes on a key subject each month drawing on his experience knowledge and contacts to lift the lid and stir things up If you want to contact Ben Qu r e please email ben NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 jsy CONNECT Entertainment and Leisure Insurance Services (Jersey) Ltd o ers a choice of competitively priced products with comprehensive bene ts backed by a high level of customer service. We provide a variety of policies with di erent levels of cover allowing our customers to choose a policy to suit their needs. We aim to provide you with a ordable insurance with comprehensive cover options and competitive premiums. 35% Intro Discount We provide insurance cover for Weddings Pets Horses Touring and Static Caravans Photography Boats Cycle Student Possessions Wedding Insurance 20% Intro Discount And Pet insurance covering up to 6 000 in Vet s Fees Wedding insurance covering up to 50 000 in Cancellation costs Quick quotes online or by phone UK call centre Cycle Insurance 45% Intro Discount 10% Intro Discount 30% Intro Discount Pet Insurance Marine Insurance Horse Insurance Visit cma1015 or Call 03300 243 939 Entertainment & Leisure Insurance Services (Jersey) Ltd is regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission. Based on Band 8 cover. Based on monthly Diamond Dog policy for dogs under 8 years old. To learn more about how E&L could help protect your lifestyle contact us today. 3 November The States And it s back to the yakkedy shmakkedy house for another round of you guessed it some yakkedy shmakkedy Lots of stuff about pensions lined up and a load of boring stuff that no-one understands DD invites you to call up a random States Member for a detailed explanation of the Draft Taxation (Double Taxation) (Amendment No. 4) ( Jersey) Regulations 201- if you disagree because you have DD s personal assurance that they won t have a clue. Not. A. Clue. There s also a bit about updating criminal offences involving crashes that cause death or serious injury which seems gasp eminently sensible. Fun fact it ll be exactly a year since DD s favourite The Gorstmeister was re-elec ted to the Chief Minister job unopposed. All hail the Mighty Gorstmeister 19 November Chamber of Commerce Lunch Treasury Minister Alan Maclean Something happened last November. Something... strange. The Economic Development Minister who had spent six years mooching about doing not very much landed the Treasury Minister job. And at exactly the same moment he transformed into A Dude Who Gets Stuff Done. Turns out there s a mysterious gaping hole in public finances that emerges days after the election he got that sorted out. About time we started allocating money for depreciation right Yeah he s fixed it. How s about investing 160-odd million in capital investment No worries Maclean s your boy. Makes you almos t think the last guy was a little you know...useless. Expec t to hear more about this baffling transformation at the Chamber lunch. 11 November Institute of Directors Lunch Harvey Biljon JRFC Head Coach While we are on the subjec t of all-conquering immigrants leading bands of giants to hither to-unknown peaks of triumph and glory here s Harvey Biljon chatting about leadership strategy and success. Expec t lots of nodding and beard-stroking from business-types who think that teaching a bunch of shaven-headed muscle freaks to stomp on each other and run with an eggshaped ball is the same thing as getting their compliance teams to work faster (spoiler it s 25 November Jersey Annual Social Survey This is the Lionel Messi of statistics releases. It stands alone untouchable unbeatable genre- defining in its brilliance. Where else can you find such shocking news as islanders don t like immigration that 8% of us are behind on our rent that the proportion of us struggling financially has slightly dropped and that we still love to smoke and drive cars That s all part of the stuff that come out last year but DD is being slightly flippant about this the truth is that the JASS is the absolute Mack Daddy of Jersey stats report s covering anything from zero-hours contracts to play equipment in parks and from Fort Regent to Condor s ferry service. This is the one report that tells us who we are and what we think and DD is looking forward to finding out. Deadly Diary Every month Connect will be flicking carefully through the future calendar of political and business events ...and chewing over what it finds there . 64 not). NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 jsy CONNECT 8 December Institute of Directors lunch Chief Minister Ian Gorst If Cicero and Winston Churchill had a baby (bear with DD on this) and that baby was basically some kind of hybrid of Pele Leonardo Da Vinci and Jimi Hendrix then reader and this is really impor tant that baby would still not be as cool as the Gorstmeister. The IoD are to benefit from an audience with the Great One and that if nothing else should drive double -digit productivity and innovation improvements in the economy in 2016. Expec t some kind of pre-Budget chat and some big announcement hint re relaxing Population Policy and getting rid of the thoroughly ridiculous target s thresholds planning assumptions that literally no one with a pulse and a brain has been taking seriously these last seven years. After the health charge (also up for debate next year) this is going to be the big debate of 2016. And The Gorstmeister is likely to fire the starting gun right here. a metaphorical tank through the street s to lead us to a better debate A tank composed perhaps of thoughts (Pause.) A think-tank. He s setting up a think tank people try to keep up. 15 December States Budget time. This used to be fun. Now it s not just an annual bunfight over duty on fags booze and petrol and a bit of tinkering with Income Tax led by our new Treasury Minister Alan Maclean. Utter utter snoozefest quite frankly and DD advises you to have nothing to do with it. But there s fantas tic news Dear Reader although Boleat doesn t rhyme with anything Maclean does. So here s the limerick you ve been waiting all this time for with a minor change to the structure rhyme scheme... A chap called Maclean had a plan Over spending and waste he would ban. With a black hole to fill And no time to kill He led a structured package of measured economic reforms including efficiency savings outsourcing public sector reform user-pays charges and investment in key services to create long-term sustainabilit y in public finances which while bold and well-intentioned would inevitably unfold because of the intransigenc y of the civil service. 9 December Chamber of Commerce Mark Boleat Nothing rhymes with Boleat which is a little disappointing because DD wanted to close this whole thing on a limerick. Maybe next year. Anyways Mr Boleat is a former head of the States development company and the competition regulator and a Big Cheese in the City of London. He s also a politician with gasp a sense of reality and perspective on questions including hang on population policy. Could he be the man to lead a revolution in Jersey s second-mos t divisive and pathetic debate Could he ride Check out Take Five on page 18 jsy CONNECT NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 65 Want more WHO S THE FOOL Who s The Fool o Illustration By Mark Jackson Et tu Brute 66 NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 jsy CONNECT WHO S THE FOOL I try hard not to do angry in these monthly ramblings. I appreciate that there are usually two sides to every story and that the answer to most problems usually lies in neither abject indifference nor calls for the hanging judge. But every so often something comes along that stokes my fire sufficiently for a few sparks to fly. In years to come Bailiwick Express s recent Q&A with the business doctor drafted in to tell the States how to deliver on essential cost savings should be a required text for those looking for the definition of understatement. Reading between the uphill struggles challenging periods lack of optimism and other such sops one can gauge a deep level of frustration from an individual who had sufficient form with turning around failing businesses to warrant the offer of a 650 per diem stipend from the public purse to try and provide a little positive advice. However despite the platitudes inanities and other niceties required to not completely close the door on cordial future relationships the message was overwhelmingly simple what s the bloody point If one is able to draw a single salutary lesson from the interview it is that we have allowed elements of our government to completely distort the concept of cost and benefit. It appears that those who benefit from the failure to institute savings bear no cost whilst those who bear the cost (i.e. you and me) appear unable to enjoy the benefits which those cost savings would bring us. That is not how public servants civil or otherwise are supposed to go about their business. Revolutions have happened for lesser reasons. Of course I get it. Making painful decisions in a small Island is tough. Bumping into people in the street whose life you have made harder is something nobody would enjoy. It s far easier to placate and obfuscate to ensure one has an easier life and damn the public interest. That s especially true if you re in a small cabal that is doing the very same thing and for which there appears to be no sanction. If that insight is the only benefit we the taxpayer have gained from the whole exercise then like much of the spending done on our behalf that represents a pretty poor return on our investment. To misquote Cool Hand Luke what we have here however is a problem with incentives. You can dress it up in any fancy management speak you wish but there are essentially two ways of encouraging somebody to do what you want the carrot or the stick. Hiring somebody whose CV leans toward the sticky end of the management manual and then denying them the ability to do what they do best just makes the whole exercise look like what it is an expensive piece of PR fluff. If politicians lack the courage to wield the stick what can be offered by way of carrot If you are a senior civil servant being asked to make savings and there is little sanction for refusing to do so you lack motivation. So how do we create an incentive How about that old favourite money As much as it sticks in one s throat to reward bad behaviour how about offering Chief Officers or those tasked with saving a few quid a bonus of 10% of the savings they are able to make in any one year Taxpayers enjoy 90% of the savings people are motivated to do the right thing and that little bung makes those awkward encounters a little easier to bear. Tout de la fruit everyone s a winner. In Edward Gibbon s History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire amongst overspending on vanity projects oppressive taxation and endless political infighting one of the primary reasons identified for the empire s descent was the destruction of trust in political power because of the rise of the influence of the Praetorian Guard. Instead of actually defending the Emperor members of the guard driven by promises of influence or money actually began to assassinate and replace their supposed leaders subsuming power from the person most citizens assumed to be their leader. Emperor Pertinax one of the most unfortunate was murdered only three months after being installed by the guards when he tried to institute new disciplinary measures to govern their actions. (His successor Julianus who won the guards auction to become leader fared even worse when he was killed a mere 66 days into his reign). Bar the internet I ve yet to read anywhere about political assassinations in our Island however the question remains as to who really wields the power If a successful private sector operator chooses to leave a highly lucrative advisory role in frustration that his political paymasters appear powerless to enact the public s will then maybe history really does repeat itself. WHO S THE FOOL Connect s insider in the finance industry sits at a desk somewhere near you. He s unspinnable unbiddable and very strictly anonymous. Don t expect marketing speak don t expect a rosy feeling inside and don t expect to like him (we re not entirely sure about him ourselves). Only expect this every month he ll bring you the unvarnished truth from the heart of the finance industry... DEFINITION The Fool A privileged position held at an ancient king or queen s court the fool was not taken seriously by the high and mighty but was the only person able to speak the truth to power. The Greater Fool Theory The belief held by one who makes a questionable investment with the assumption that they will be able to sell it later to a greater fool . jsy CONNECT NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 67 TECHNOLOGY Jersey... the ideal place for equal opportunities in tech BY LISA MCLAUCHLAN Head of Commercial Operations Sure I It is upsetting to read articles in the mainstream media about sexism and misogyny in the technology industry particularly in gaming. A Nottingham Trent University study of female technology journalists recently found that 62% had experienced sexist abuse as part of their jobs and there s a suggestion that a significant proportion of this comes from the games industry which has sadly developed a reputation for sexism. Naturally these reports sadden me but when I started thinking about Jersey s nascent technology sector it seemed obvious that this is a fantastic place to build an industry which defies these apparent norms. Jersey already has a good reputation for fairness in the workplace and whilst I m sure there are more men than women working in tech at the moment the reality is that there are many women often in key positions working in technology and the number is growing. At Sure for example about 30% of the people on our Executive Committee are women and whilst we have a legacy as a male-dominated company this is something that we are changing as quickly as possible. I see young women taking coding courses that are led by women and examples like this make me optimistic that Jersey can play a leading role as a jurisdiction known for Marshmallow the new taste of Android We ve had Kit Kat Ice Cream Sandwich and Lollipop now Android users are set to enjoy Marshmallow as their latest operating system taste sensation. The update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow began last month and will continue into the new year. Nexus users were the first to benefit from the update and users of locked phones are likely to be among the last as they need the operator to configure their systems first. Manufacturers have 68 been keen to announce which of their phones will receive the upgrade but few have been able to say when. If you d like to know when your phone will switch to Marshmallow then the best information will come directly from your handset s manufacturer so it s a good idea to follow them on Twitter or subscribe to their update emails. There may be haziness about when phones will be updated but I m pleased to say that we have a lot more clarity about the new functions that Marshmallow will bring with it. Perhaps the neatest and most useful new operation is an extension of Google Now that enables it to anticipate the information you are looking for when you are using other apps such as messaging emails and so on. Now picks out the main subject of the message and when you tap the handset it gives you the most pertinent information about that subject for instance the address of a restaurant mentioned in the message. NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 jsy CONNECT TECHNOLOGY Gadget New improvedandtruly awesome iPhone 6S Since it set the smartphone world alight back in 2007 the iPhone has maintained its position as the handset that other manufacturers aspire to beat. Given the strength and depth of competition this is an incredible record and amazingly it is one that Apple has been able to extend with the iPhone 6S. If you thought iPhones couldn t get any better then you were mistaken. The 6S takes the new iOS 9 operating system adds the faster and smaller A9 and M9 chipsets strengthens the body with aviation grade aluminium and improves an already impressive camera to give the market a truly superb phone that will have iPhone aficionados buzzing for months and most importantly for Apple will likely attract new customers in their droves. The 6S is available as a standard size or in a Plus version with similar dimensions to the iPhone 6 and it comes in four colours with the gold and rose gold looking particularly stylish. Its 12Mp camera is outstanding and integrates brilliantly with the multimedia functions that have made iPhones so popular. You can take edit and share images and video more quickly and easily than ever before. having an equal opportunities technology industry. If the games development industry is particularly bad for the way it treats women then I like to think that Jersey could develop a gaming sector that embraces women and the different ideas they will bring to the table. There s no doubt that games themselves are heavily weighted to appeal to men and boys which in itself means that 50% of all possible customers are not being engaged with and this doesn t make any business sense. Jersey has embarked on the road towards building a technology sector of significance one which I am proud to have worked in for many years. It would be wonderful to see the island combine the economic aims it has for the sector with values that ensure all members of our community are able to engage with it. So far we are doing well but I believe we could go further and make a real difference in showing the rest of the world that women have a crucial role to play in technology. w Technology Marshmallow also brings with it a battery-saving function that puts seldom used apps on standby and restricts the power they use in the background. Android s developers have also tried to give you greater control over the apps on your phone by letting you turn permissions on and off at any time so apps aren t able to share your information quite as freely as they have done before. All operating systems are an evolution of the versions that went before but by focusing on the issues of privacy security and battery life the developers at Android have made Marshmallow particularly relevant and have gone a long way to answering those critics who felt that Android didn t take these matters seriously. Visit for all the latest technology news or subscribe to get the latest news straight to your inbox jsy CONNECT NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 69 Looking for more Technology News We advertised for new staff on Bailiwick Express and were really delighted with the number of excellent CV s we received in fact we got so many we had to close the campaign early. Express was really effective and delivered excellent value for money. Alistair J. Rothwell Bracken Rothwell Reach 1 000s of Jersey jobseekers for just 25 per week Getting the right employees is key to all businesses and our jobs website and email is just what they are looking for. If you need to recruit simply go to jsy jobs create and post your jobs online TODAY JERSEY NEWS & CLASSIFIEDS THE ADISOR - OLAF BLAKELEY Who Regulates the Regulators I have had so many businesses complain to me about a lack of access to justice against some of the Island s regulators that it s become a subject worthy of comment. There are three main regulators in Jersey that pop-up with varying degrees of prominence and regularity in my law practice the Office of the Information Commissioner the Competition Authority and the Jersey Financial Services Commission. While each regulator carries out their work in different areas they are all responsible for amongst other things regulating groups of businesses. While I would prefer Jersey to resist too much regulation there is no doubt that the regulators presence is required. But what happens when you feel that the regulator has acted improperly What are your remedies The laws which create those regulators also control them. The laws contain limits on their powers. In fact unless the law gives them a particular power then they simply don t possess it. Their very existence and their operation is governed by the law. But of course it s all a matter of degree and you will see should you wish to carry out the exercise numerous references in the legal jargon of those laws to reasonable belief and similar. And it is the exercise of that form of discretion that often is the issue in disputes between the regulator and the regulated. A person aggrieved at a decision can appeal to the Royal Court and ask the Court to examine the action taken by the regulator. Great there is redress available. Even if the law doesn t contain a right of appeal in a particular circumstance there is a remedy by way of Judicial Review. In my experience the court has never been shy to tell a regulator that it s got it wrong in appropriate circumstances. I am fully aware that there are lots of people who think the courts will support the regulator no matter what but I know as a fact that is not true. You only have to research the law reports to see the courts stepping in and quashing decisions that are inappropriate. It happens. However an appeal to the court costs money and companies are not eligible for Legal Aid. This means they have to stump up substantial amounts of money (if they re lucky enough to have it) or just let the regulator s decision remain unchallenged. In my opinion that situation has gone on for far too long. Some other method of controlling the power has to be introduced. It is simply not acceptable for people to be left without appropriate avenues for redress. The media is alive recently about individuals rights to justice but I say it applies ten-fold at least for businesses. I say this because a serious decision by a regulator can cause a company to shut down and that is not simply a vacuous effect upon a faceless corporation it is something that affects all the people who work within it and whose livelihoods depend on it workers who have families and responsibilities. It is an effect of serious proportion. We need a regulator ombudsman. A panel to which complaints against regulators can be made and examined. A quick and cheap method of keeping check on the exercise of power. Just because a body is a regulator it doesn t mean that it s right and everyone else is wrong. And therein lies a problem a power exercised too much and unchecked for too long is at risk of becoming a power that may consider itself omnipotent. A panel would help any such power realise such thoughts are misplaced. I have no doubt whatsoever there are past decisions which are totally wrong and improper but remain right because they are not attacked. The balance has to be restored. And at the end of the day life is all about balance but at the moment there is a desperate need for more control over regulators. I am sure the regulators themselves would consider it a good thing. I mean after all no regulator wants to behave inappropriately do they So of course such a change would be welcomed by them we all need monitoring measuring and appraising from time to time. All of us. No exceptions. So which regulator should be monitored first Perhaps it could be the largest measured by the amount of people regulated Or it could be measured by the number of disgruntled people What s my experience measured by levels of alleged upset I really couldn t say could I Oh alright alright as experienced by my practice by numbers of complaints to me against regulators Information Commissioner 0 Competition Authority 2 JFSC lost count. 71 The Advisor Olaf Blakeley is an Advocate specialising in litigation and commercial law If you have a legal question you would like to put to Advocate Blakeley please email editor jsy CONNECT NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 Jersey the High Value Choice By Appleby Partner and Global Property Practice Group Head Tim Hart For high-net-worth individuals who are considering relocating there are a number of factors that will be weighed up in making a choice which is right for both the head and the heart. To be a serious contender a jurisdiction must certainly be fiscally friendly. But it must also be somewhere offering a high quality of life where one can seriously consider setting up home with one s family whilst at the same time being able to travel easily for business and leisure purposes. Jersey offers some of the lowest direct and indirect tax rates in Europe. Individuals are taxed at a maximum rate of 20% on income (with a special regime for approved high value residents as explained below) and the corporate tax rate is 0% except for financial services businesses (10%) and companies in receipt of income from property and property development. There are no capital or inheritance taxes and property taxes are low. The standard rate of Goods and Services Tax (akin to VAT) is only 5%. The Island may only measure nine miles by five but it contains a wealth of natural beauty with a stunning coastline and an unparalleled choice of beaches. In addition there are plenty of shops bars and restaurants including three Michelin-starred restaurants and high quality local produce. The Island is politically stable with very low crime rates and the standard of education at primary and secondary level is high with a range of state and private schools. Whilst Jersey is recognisably British it retains much of its Norman French heritage notably in relation to place names and immigration in recent decades from Portugal and Poland have also contributed to a cosmopolitan society. The right to work in Jersey and to buy and occupy residential property is controlled by the Control of Housing and Work (Jersey) Law 2012 (the 2012 Law ) and entitlement is generally based on length of residence in the island. However the 2012 Law recognises the benefit to the island of high-value residents and allows the Chief Minister to grant entitled status where satisfied that this is justified ...on social or economic grounds or both and as being in the best interests of the community. This requires applicants to show that they will be able to contribute 72 NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 jsy CONNECT FEATURE PROPERTY such as criminal records or adverse media coverage may work against a successful application. The Minister will also wish to know of applicants plans for further business activities in Jersey future local employment training diversification and any potential resultant increased tax revenues. Applications for high-value resident status are made through Locate Jersey a governmental agency established to promote inward investment into Jersey and to act as a facilitator and intermediary in relation to applications for both high-value resident status and for permission to relocate businesses into Jersey. Locate Jersey offer advice and assistance at all stages of the process including initial no-obligation discussions about relocating to Jersey one-to-one review meetings with the Director of High Value Residency for advice and assistance tailored to the applicant s individual circumstances assistance with the preparation of the documentation required for the application dossier undertaking due diligence and liaising with the Comptroller of Taxes and the Population Office in relation to submitted applications aftercare and advice including providing access to networking events and other opportunities to develop contacts in the island. The authorities are committed to processing applications as quickly as possible. Locate Jersey indicate that the decision-making process in relation to submitted applications can take as little as two weeks if all the information required for the application dossier is in order. Successful applicants will be granted entitled status for the purposes of the 2012 Law and may buy or lease property in Jersey as their main place of residence in the island. It will usually be necessary for the property to be valued in excess of 1.75 million or in the case of apartments to have been designated as a 1(1)K Category apartment under the under the Housing (Jersey) Law 1949 the legislation that was superseded by the 2012 Law. The object of this requirement is to ensure that high value residents do not compete for housing with the vast majority of the local population. As well as the support provided by Locate Jersey applicants for highvalue resident status will require the assistance of professional advisers. This will include not only legal and tax advice in connection with the application itself but also all other advice which may be required by clients their families and businesses in connection with their move to Jersey. These services will include estate planning and structuring advice and assistance on the setting up and relocation of businesses and the establishment and administration of trusts foundations and companies. The past few years have seen a significant increase in interest in relocating to Jersey and in successful applications for highvalue resident status with many such newcomers bringing their businesses with them. This is testimony not only to the fundamental attributes of the island for fiscal purposes and as a place to live and do business but also to the efforts of Locate Jersey and the business community generally in spreading the word that the Island is well and truly open for business. 73 at least 125 000 per year in personal income tax payments and that they have sustainable annual worldwide income comfortably in excess of 625 000 per year. Under the special regime for high value residents under the Income Tax (Jersey) Law 1964 such residents are taxed at 20% on the first 625 000 of worldwide income and 1% on other worldwide income. Applicants for high value resident status must also show that their residency in Jersey will benefit the island in some way. Factors which may be taken into account include voluntary work or business contribution to the local community training or sporting initiatives particularly aimed at youth or educational organisations actual or potential media coverage of any activities that involve their business or social life cultural interests or skills that have benefited a local community which could benefit Jersey general lifestyle and family circumstances including past charitable work and contributions. Conversely any clearly undesirable factors in applicants backgrounds jsy CONNECT NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 Are tenants deposits now as safe as houses By Advocate James Lawrence Partner Viberts Property Team Lawyers always advise that clarity avoids disputes uncertainty breeds them. Residential landlord and tenant law in Jersey was sparse and so the legal position of both landlords and tenants was far from clear. It bred dissatisfaction. Lack of clarity would often bubble up as a row in court. As a measure of the number of disputes the second biggest issue which the Jersey s Citizens Advice Bureau deals with each year concerns housing. Of the 1 490 occasions for advice to do with housing in 2014 roughly 10% concerned disputes about lease deposits. With the introduction of a new scheme on 2nd November residential tenancies in Jersey should now be much clearer and there should be fewer disputes between landlords and tenants. The stereotypical dispute is where the landlord retains the deposit or a large proportion of it to pay for cleaning charges. Often a landlord will say that money needs to be retained for his or her time to carry out cleaning or remedial works but this is charged at a rate which is plucked from the air. Horror stories abound of the unscrupulous landlord who for example retains 74 NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 jsy CONNECT money from the outgoing tenant s deposit to pay for the replacement of a stained carpet but simply passes the stained carpet on to the new tenant and pockets the money. On the flip side some tenants have taken contents with them when they leave claiming them to be their own property when they are not. The new requirement to have a clear inventory and schedule of condition at the beginning of the lease should solve this issue. The property s contents and its state of repair will be recorded at the beginning of the lease so that it can be easily compared at the end of it. Where will deposits be held Similar rent deposit schemes have been run in England and Wales for some time. The new law stipulates that deposits must be held by a UK company which already has experience of holding tenant deposits. Landlords will have to register and pay across to the company any deposit taken after 2nd November 2015. Principally registration will be through the landlord s website www. but may also be completed by telephone or post. The company will hold the deposit safe FEATURE PROPERTY as a neutral party. To encourage compliance a landlord can be fined up to 2 000 if a deposit is taken and not paid over to the company after 2nd November. There is a small charge levied for holding the deposit. Tenants may also search the company s database to check that the deposit is in fact held by them. The deposit will not be released to the tenant until it is clear that their lease has come to an end. a clearer relationship between landlord and tenant so that there are fewer disputes which have to be resolved. What will happen if there is a row about return of the money Deposits are held for a reason to cover the expense of accidental damage or other things which might go wrong during the course of the lease. The landlord and tenant may not agree on the costs of the remedy e.g. a new carpet or redecoration job. How would this disagreement be resolved Will mydepositsjersey have an office in Jersey with a panel of people ready to deal with disputes Unless court proceedings are initiated the scheme dispute resolution process will automatically apply to the row. The scheme has a panel of adjudicators but they will not be based in the island. If at the end of the lease the landlord would like to retain a portion of the deposit then written statements will have to be sent to the adjudicator giving reasons why the money ought to be held back. Clarity Deposits for new residential leases will have to be held by a neutral scheme. It is the final part of a list of measures aimed to improve the relationship between landlord and tenant. The Residential Tenancies (Jersey) Law 2011 requires the landlord to prepare a written lease including minimum terms an inventory of landlord items at the property and a condition report of the state of repair and decoration at the property. The above are aimed to establish A similar right is to be provided in favour of the tenant if he or she has objections. The process should be simpler since the introduction of a requirement on landlords to provide condition reports about the state of the property at the beginning of the lease. That requirement was brought into force in October last year. The exercise of the adjudicator should purely be a paper one to decide what should be deducted from the deposit and what should be disregarded. The decision of the adjudicator should bring a swift end to the matter. How effective is the scheme likely to be The aim of the scheme is to help resolve the dispute as quickly as possible. However judging by reports from English Solicitors on the experience in England the reality has fallen short. Some schemes in England quickly became bogged down with disputes and took months to resolve. It was intended to be quicker than referring to the court but ended up being slower. Hopefully Jersey will have a better experience. 75 jsy CONNECT NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 Fortune Favours The Brave Well Has It Back in 2013 I wrote an article for Connect which looked at the prospects for office development in both Jersey and Guernsey and the factors that were influencing both development and developers. The conclusion in my article was that the difference in supply and demand in the Island resulted in a situation of developers in Jersey pursuing tenants and tenants in Guernsey pursuing developers. With this pursuit in Jersey came a greater understanding and knowledge of tenant s requirements but linked to it was a degree of bravery to commence what was often wholly or partly speculative development. With the benefit of this knowledge we began to see broadly from 2010 onwards a renaissance in development commencing with JCN constructing a new headquarters for Ogier followed shortly afterwards by Dandara s development at 37 Esplanade. In the case of the former the building 76 NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 jsy CONNECT By Tony Rowbotham MRICS Managing Director Montagu Evans Channel Islands was pre-let in its entirety and in the case of the latter construction commenced without a single prelet having been signed. Clearly Dandara had knowledge and confidence of the sector they were operating in after all no-one embarks on a speculative office development unless they feel reasonably confident that occupiers can be secured. Yet at the time development finance was still scarce so it must have taken considerable bravery to embark on a development of this scale with no guarantee of income at completion. Back in 2013 I concluded that if developers were seeking to make their fortune they needed both knowledge and bravery. That knowledge was focussed on understanding a tenant s aspirations but most importantly understanding how to marry these into a deliverable development proposition. Tenants need the security of knowing that the product will be delivered to the agreed FEATURE PROPERTY building that is shooting up on the Esplanade just to the right of the Grand Hotel and Dandara who secured the pre-let will be delivering the site in the summer of next year within the agreed time frame. It should not be forgotten that committing to starting work on the scheme took significant bravery on Dandara s part. At 160 000 sq ft it will be the largest office building in the Channel Islands and although Deloitte signed at the same time as Royal Bank of Canada when ground was broken the scheme was only 65% pre-let. At the other end of the Esplanade a developer who had the bravery to commence development on a partially speculative basis was Comprop Ltd with the redevelopment of the historic Southampton Hotel and Traders Bar. It is understood that the ground floor has been let to the Liberation Group and much of the offices on the upper floors are under offer. This is an historic and important site for Jersey overlooking as it does one of the central tourist areas and the upgrade in building design and quality is startling. It s a different product to Dandara s but again it demonstrates an understanding of tenants needs and a degree of bravery to commence a partially speculative development. Since theses schemes have commenced we have seen yield compression in the investment market. As a result both developers will be aware that market pressure from the weight of money looking at commercial investment will be aiding their fortunes. Luck or judgement Probably a bit of both. Most recently Montagu Evans was approached by the owner of the Channel Island Tyre site on the Esplanade as they had been struggling to achieve planning consent for an office development. We reworked the designs and engaged with the Heritage Department to produce a scheme that blended the old with the new so as to preserve and enhance the listed brick frontage of the old warehouse with a proposed new 70 000 sq ft development to the rear. Post-planning we sold the site this summer to Dandara who announced a letting to the Jersey Trust Company. Work is due to begin shortly and again a degree of bravery is evident to embark upon a partially speculative development but an action no doubt guided by the knowledge of which tenants are in the market for space and those tenants being aware of their reputation which is that they can be trusted to deliver on time. Looking at this from Guernsey s perspective the development market has been somewhat quiet in recent years. Is that a lack of bravery on the part of developers or a lack of demand In my view it s neither. The issue remains a lack of development sites and without development land no matter how brave you are it does become impossible to build. Despite the best efforts of the forthcoming Island Development Plan creating land out of nothing requires not bravery or knowledge but a magic lantern. The issues of topography in St Peter Port remain a significant challenge and the question must exist as to whether the Government in Guernsey has the foresight and political will to make available additional development land to support the finance sector. It is perhaps unrealistic to rely just on the magic lantern. 77 specification within the agreed budget and most importantly on time. The issue of deliverability should not be underestimated. Jersey is not witnessing an influx of tenants coming into the Island rather it is seeing existing tenants move from older outdated and in some cases numerous locations into a single building one fit-for-purpose for the next 20 years. An understanding of when tenants leases expire and the costs tenants face when moving is of great importance. This was greatly evidenced when Montagu Evans acted for Royal Bank of Canada who sought during 2013 to relocate from four locations in the centre of St Helier to a single new building. The proposals we received from three developers were truly excellent but only one really met Royal Bank of Canada s aspirations and the ability to deliver on time was probably the deciding factor. It is almost impossible to miss the jsy CONNECT NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 Can China transition successfully The current global focus on China is testament to the enormity of the country s economic transformation over the last 35 years and its impact on world markets. In 1980 just after Deng Xiaoping had secured de facto control of China s ruling apparatus GDP per capita adjusted for purchasing power ( PPP terms ) was just 2.5% of levels in the United States and only a little more than half of India s levels. The next two decades saw China introduce market-driven reforms with a huge acceleration in growth. On the eve of joining the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in 2001 GDP per capita had reached 8.5% of United States levels and 145% of Indian levels. It was after WTO entry that French Emperor Napoleon s prophecy about China shaking the world came true. China s export growth accelerated to over 25% per annum after adjusting for inflation from 12% previously. The transformation wasn t only about exports. Urbanisation triggered a huge property and infrastructure boom creating enormous demand for basic materials. These trends propelled China to become the world s biggest industrial producer 78 NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 jsy CONNECT By Tristan Hanson Head of Asset Allocation at Ashburton Investments and Derry Pickford Macro Analyst by 2011. Chinese demand for raw materials transformed the terms of trade for commodity exporters such as Australia and Latin America. Although there were slowdowns during the Asian crisis of the late 1990s and the late 1980s growth on the official statistics on a five-year rolling basis never fell below 7.5%. This year GDP per capita will likely reach 25% of United States levels making China the biggest economy in the world in PPP terms. This extraordinary level of growth has generated scepticism for years. At the heart of these concerns have been fears that China is massively over investing. Over-capacity hasn t just been limited to heavy industries such as aluminium and steel (where China produced over half of global output last year) but also new sectors such as solar panels. By 2005 investment had reached 40% of GDP - a level in excess of the peaks seen in Taiwan and Japan during their economic transformations. Even the authorities recognised that this was unsustainable and there was a need to rebalance towards greater consumption. However in response to the global financial crisis of 20082009 China unleashed a huge FEATURE INVESTMENTS Premier Li Keqiang. He allegedly once told a United States diplomat this was how he estimated growth when in charge of Liaoning - a province in northern China. However while the Li Keqiang index may have provided a reasonable set of indicators for Liaoning in the mid-2000s it is perhaps less relevant to a China trying to shift away from heavy industry and transform into a consumer-driven economy. Chinese retail sales are growing at 10.8% and surveys of service activity and consumer confidence suggest an economy that is still expanding. infrastructure programme. Growth was maintained but the investment share of GDP rose still further to 44% of GDP. Short-term stability was bought at the cost of postponing long-term rebalancing. With stories of numerous ghost towns worries grew that the debt which financed these schemes would default and that China would enter a financial crisis that could cause a collapse in growth. In recent months these fears have built to a crescendo. There are several reasons for this. Firstly the economy is likely to grow at a significantly slower rate this year than the official target of 7%. Manufacturing surveys have been soft both the official and Caixin PMI (a gauge of nationwide manufacturing activity) have fallen to new post 2012 lows. Although official GDP growth beat analyst expectations in the second quarter of the year - at 7% year-on-year - many analysts remain sceptical about the official numbers. The Li Keqiang index (which uses three indicators to measure the Chinese economy) is currently growing at only 2.5% year-onyear. This index focuses on rail freight bank lending and electricity consumption and is attributed to Secondly in recent years China s reputation for good macromanagement has been tested. After freeing up capital flows into Chinese equities and cheerleading a bubble in domestic equities the authorities panicked and spent US 200 billion in a bungled attempt to shore up the market. Similarly a modest depreciation and supposed move to a marketdetermined rate has been followed by significant intervention and reversal of capital account reforms by the central bank to stop the currency falling precipitously. While China has US 3.5 trillion of foreign-exchange (FX) reserves those reserves are largely funded by base money issued by the central bank. Spending reserves to support the currency will therefore lead to a contraction in the monetary base. We don t know if China will chose to close off the capital account or allow the currency to slide however we believe it is unlikely that they will continue to spend FX reserves at the current rate at the expense of dramatically tightening domestic financial conditions. It is still unclear what will take over from investment as China s growth engine. Consumption has only contributed around 3.7% to 4.4% to growth in recent years. A bigger contribution than this will be tricky. China s aging population combined with a weak social safety net and public healthcare coverage drives high precautionary savings as well as the need to build-up a nestegg for retirement. Even if China decides to devalue the currency aggressively then net export demand can no longer help China is now the world s biggest exporter and big increases in market share are no longer possible. The poor capital allocation of the past will eventually generate bad debts for the banks. However the banking system is still controlled and largely owned by the government who will continue to underwrite and if necessary recapitalise it. The chances of a systemic financial crisis are slim. Poor investment allocation also has a silver lining there are still many good investment opportunities that have been missed. In provinces such as Guizhou - which has a population similar to that of Canada (35 million) although it is 1 60th of the size - GDP per capita remains lower than in India. The amount of infrastructure investment needed is evident to any visitor to the province but so too is the potential for tourism and hydropower. Indeed Guizhou is seen as the future centre for data-warehousing in China and according to the ChinaDaily newspaper will be the location for Apple s new Asia-Pacific data centre. While investment expenditure will no longer be China s growth engine it shouldn t collapse either. China will continue to grow albeit far slower than before. 79 jsy CONNECT NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 Would you work with this business TWITTER FACEBOOK LINKEDIN Put a face to your business. We all know the importance of creating a good first impression. At Photoreportage we bring fresh photography to the world of advertising and PR. Working with many of the Channel Islands top corporate companies to produce high quality images that not only support their communication and creative teams but enhance the perception of their business. If you re looking to raise your profile... Contact Gary Grimshaw on info or call 01534 858 571 CO RPORATE C OMM ER C IA L WEDDING JOURNALISTIC FEATURE INVESTMENTS Becoming one of the crowd by Ogier Group Partner Matthew Shaxson Crowdfunding is a hot topic. It s a funding platform whereby individuals and businesses offer equity investment or cash loans to businesses via online platforms. Initially a response to fund-raising challenges following the 2008 financial crisis it is now being deployed as a genuine alternative funding platform. The concept is simple if you can get enough people to lend you each a modest sum of money then the sums that can be raised by a company can be quite significant if 5 000 people were to each lend 10 to a company then that company will have raised 50 000 a significant amount of working capital for a company in its early stages of its development. It is fair to say that the rules and regulations governing crowdfunding platforms were historically based on legislation which was not designed to regulate such a sector. What is clear now is that in countries like the United Kingdom regulators are playing catch-up and are consulting on rules and regulations as well as introducing specific rules which are under constant review. In particular given that crowdfunding looks to the crowd to raise the capital regulators are looking to establish regulation that protects retail investors from making a bad investment decision or risking their life savings to a scheme which had little prospect of success. If you are thinking of raising funds through crowdfunding you may want to take advice to avoid potentially significant pitfalls. You ll need to ensure that the fund raising is structured to fall appropriately outside - or inside as required your local fund and or financial service regimes. When reaching out to the crowd with your offer document you will need to ensure that all requirements relating to the circulation of the offer documents are complied with including limiting the number of recipients obtaining the consent of the relevant regulator and investor health warnings where necessary. You ll also need to consider your local anti-money laundering requirements when receiving funds. Once set up advice could be sought on the start-up s crucial first steps such as obtaining a local business licence or advising on residential requirements employment matters and data protection. Future regulatory changes can be anticipated which may introduce additional regulatory hurdles. In the UK the United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) assumed responsibility for regulating loan-based crowdfunding platforms on 1 April 2014. The rules focus on protecting consumers who are interested in lending to businesses via online platforms. Such protections ensure that client monies must be protected and companies must adhere to strict minimum capital standards. Such capital requirements are being phased in to give businesses time to adjust to the new regulations. The transitional period is due to end on 1 April 2017. On the equity side crowdfunding was already within the remit of the FCA. Further rules to protect investors in crowdfunding equity platforms were introduced in 2014. Unsurprisingly these rules place restrictions on the marketing of such securities such that the shares can only be marketed to certain types of individuals namely those taking regulated advice high net worth investors sophisticated investors or those who confirm they will invest less than 10% of their net assets. This article clearly only covers the tip of the iceberg in terms of potential issues. Ogier s Regulatory team a cross-jurisdictional group spanning six jurisdictions BVI Cayman Guernsey Hong Kong Jersey and Luxembourg is on hand to provide to the point advice. The team brings insight into matters beyond financial service regulation including fund regimes competition and merger approval regimes change of control requirements anti-money laundering requirements data protection and business licence requirements from both a non-contentious and a contentious perspective. 81 jsy CONNECT NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 CORPORATE SERVICES Rubber-stamping is a thing of the past in the corporate world 82 OCTOBER 2015 jsy CONNECT FEATURE With globalisation and an increase in cross-border transactional work from both a client s and a service provider s perspective competition within all markets has increased and financial services business is of course no exception. Coupled with the relative buoyancy of this market is an increase in reporting obligations and regulatory supervision. One result of this is that more is now expected from every service provider or functionary including the corporate administrator. Long gone are the days of any suggestion that administrative rubber-stamping is a viable option. With this increased expectation a modern and effective corporate administrator must fully understand what is involved in the often complex corporate environment. They must comprehend and appreciate the rationale of a structure and or a transaction. They should be able to anticipate possible stumbling blocks and successfully navigate around them. In structuring or in a transaction the administrator will typically deal with firms of lawyers accountants tax advisers investment advisers bankers insurance providers listing sponsors and other functionaries as well as with regulators and government departments and potentially investigative bodies or authorities. More so now than ever before specialist advisers are engaged in every aspect of a transaction to ensure that relevant rules are not contravened especially in relation to regulatory and tax issues. The corporate administration role has evolved and they must now act as an enabler and leader in relation to a wide variety of external advisers. Choosing the right advisers to engage on behalf of a client requires consideration of the client s expectations and objectives. As well as a competent administrator being expected to understand the structuring or transaction as a whole they must appreciate each party s role. A successful administrator must ensure that all required or desirable procedural steps are taken in the correct sequence and in a timely precise and proper manner and it must add value. Corporate administrators now must prove their value throughout the process a notion that was perhaps less heard twenty years ago. To illustrate the above Hawksford s Corporate team acts as corporate service provider for a global banking institution in accordance with its various cross-jurisdictional structured derivative and capital issuance programmes. Corporate services in this instance involves SPV management and control in Jersey (ensuring that the structure complies with the tax objectives identified by the external tax advisers) company secretarial and administration services to issuance SPVs. We work alongside and are in continual contact with the institution s middle and back office functions (including legal reporting and accounting) as well as with external advisers ensuring that proper checks and controls are in place and are monitored and proper corporate governance maintained. When dealing with this type of cross-border operation it is essential to ensure strong foundations for the project procedures and codes of conduct must be defined at the outset in conjunction with the client and other key service providers and parties. Any jurisdiction-specific legal and or regulatory nuances or practices must be identified early on and managed throughout the project lifecycle. Today s corporate administrators and corporate teams must have detailed technical knowledge and be able to offer insight and advice to clients. The role has dramatically changed and is now an integral and valuable service offering a meaningful contribution to corporate transactions. By David Carswell Associate Director Hawksford jsy CONNECT NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 83 Why growing businesses are important for Jersey At Jersey Business we are a team of eight advisers all of whom have run or managed businesses across a range of sectors. In total we have more than 200 years of commercial experience having set up businesses built businesses and on some occasions managed businesses through periods of stress. Having experienced challenges as well successes we know that if you analyse any business that has been successful over an extended period you will find an organization that generates revenue because it understands its market manages its costs effectively and genuinely cares about its people. Getting all of these elements working efficiently together is the key to creating value and growth and these are the foundations of any strong business community and a diverse and productive economy. So why does productivity-led growth matter In simple terms the more productive a workforce and a jurisdiction is the more likely it is that new businesses will want to base themselves there and the more likely it is that established businesses will want and be able to grow successfully. 84 By the team at Jersey Business time depends almost entirely on its ability to raise its output per worker. In addition to the economic argument for productivity-led growth there is also a social imperative. We know that Jersey has an aging population and that the ratio of workers to pensioners has dropped from 10 1 in 1901 to 4 1 in 2005. Current estimates suggest that by 2050 this ratio will be nearer to 2 1 so it is more vital than ever that Jersey s economy is as productive as possible. So what is Jersey Business doing to help sustainable productivityled growth in Jersey We work with existing businesses to help them identify opportunities to generate growth and to find areas where they can become more productive. We are supporting our clients to improve their business processes invest in their workforce and pursue opportunities for new product development. In addition we are currently developing a program that will help companies identify and expand into new markets outside Jersey. By focusing on these areas we hope to generate sustainable productivity-led growth that will deliver a stronger business community and a stronger Jersey economy. More than ever before our increasingly interconnected world gives business much more choice when deciding where to establish themselves and who to trade with. So the less productive an economy is the more likely it is that business will flow out of rather than flow in to that economy. Ultimately this leads to reduced wealth creation and a reduced tax take from which governments must provide the vital services any community needs. So productivity led growth does matter. The USA is generally used as a benchmark for economic productivity as their workforce is both highly productive and works longer hours than most. Using the OECD s latest 2014 statistics on productivity we can compare the average American worker with say the UK and that UK worker will typically work 9% fewer hours and is nearly 25% less productive. Greece by comparison works 11% more hours than the Americans but is a staggering 46% less productive. France is nearly as productive as the US just 7% below but they work 18% fewer hours. One learned economist Paul Krugman stated ...Productivity isn t everything but in the long run it is almost everything. A country s ability to improve its standard of living over NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 jsy CONNECT ESSENTIALS Connect s ESSENTIALS great luxury gift ideas for Christmas ESSENTIALS It s all online... and next day delivery Powerhouse Jersey Electricity s long-standing retail arm offers customers the best of both worlds. Its 24 7 online site and next day delivery or click and collect service is increasingly appealing to those who prefer to shop from home or office via tablet and phone. While the 12 000 sq. ft. store with extensive parking and late night opening provides a super on-Island electrical goods hub for those who wish to see before they buy obtain expert product advice in person backed by great after-sales service and no-hassle returns policy. 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The designing mounting smithing setting and polishing are all done in-house and we are one of very few workshops left to do this and one of an extremely small number who have a workshop attached to the retail shop. The workshop still uses tools from days gone by as would have been used more than a hundred years ago but with these tools we are able to create the most up-to-date of jewellery. Here they can create a memory to last a lifetime. From the simplest engagement ring or stud earrings personalized with initials worked into the mount to an elaborate bangle set with multi-coloured precious stones we are delighted to spend time with you discussing what you want to achieve your timescale and your budget. We will then let you know what is possible which stones materials and techniques you can choose from and explain to you how your dream can become a reality. 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The Awa rd Winning O ut la nd er PHE V The Mansell Collection La Route St Aubin St Helier Jersey JE2 3SD 01534 880606 PLUG-IN HYBRID TECHNOLOGY Using twin electric motors and a highly efficient 2.0 litre petrol engine the PHEV knows which to choose to match your driving achieving superior fuel efficiency and optimised performance with a combined range of 541 miles. COMMUTE FOR PENNIES A DAY Capable of 32 miles in EV mode the average commute can be driven solely on electricity reducing the cost to you and the environment as well as producing combined emissions of only 42 CO2 g km. CONTROL AT YOUR FINGERTIPS You choose how and when the battery is used. The Outlander PHEV sports a host of simple to use features that give you complete control. Activate power saving eco mode and regenerative braking at the touch of a button. ALL THE INFORMATION YOU NEED Everything you need to know from the efficiency of your driving to the electric and petrol range is right there in front of you. You can even see the history of your recent journeys using the MMCS. 93 ESSENTIALS Je r s ey s ve r y own Wa t c h s p e c i a l i s t s a t your s e r v ice. So the Apple Watch has landed at iQ what has the initial response been in Jersey What is different about choosing an Apple Watch to other products Martin Apple Watch is the most personal device Apple have ever made and because of this we urge every Apple Watch customer to come in and experience the Apple Watch and try-on devices before making their choice. We have found a lot of people change their mind when trying on Apple Watch because there are configurations or materials that they hadn t considered. It is really important to have that experience to know you are getting the right thing for you that you will wear every day. Mollie Buying an Apple Watch is completely different to buying any other Apple product it s not only a device that you ll use it s an extension of you - a fashion accessory which means choosing your watch is a really personal thing. What you put on says a lot about you and as Apple offer a range of different sizes and styles to get what s right for you. When you re wearing your Apple Watch how does it make you feel Martin It feels great as both an extension to my iPhone and a great fashion accessory. Mollie I feel connected and informed but in a non-intrusive way. I feel empowered In your opinion what are the best (or most innovative) Apple Watch features and why Mollie I love the fact that I can check my heart rate through my Watch so amazing. I also love that I m able to track my activity throughout the day especially as I don t usually carry my iPhone on the shop floor so I ve never really known how many steps I m actually doing. Now I just keep my iPhone in the office and wear my Watch so easy. Martin Phenomenal We ve seen la lot of people coming in to see what it s all about and to try on Apple Watch in person - they completely love it. Mollie Yes it s been incredible We ve even had customers flying in from Guernsey and France especially 94 NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 jsy CONNECT As the Channel Island s only Apple Premium Reseller iQ Jersey are able to offer expert Apple advice training and services. As such iQ has a team of specially trained staff who are ready to help with your every Apple need. With Apple Watch now available exclusively at iQ (from just 265) Connect caught up with iQ s Apple Watch Specialists Mollie & Martin to hear how they feel about the latest addition to the iQ offering. Martin I agree with Mollie on the health tracking and integration with the Health and Activity App on iPhone. Great way to track your own exercise I also love control my music using only my voice or pay for things with the flick of a wrist It s like I m in a sci-fi movie Mollie Also form an aesthetic point of view - I love that I can change my Apple Watch appearance when I like. I have a number of band designs to switch between depending how I feel or what I m up to and I can switch bands and watch faces accordingly. Since becoming an Apple Watch owner have you noticed any difference in the way you interact with your iPhone or other devices Mollie I have more time. The Watch tells me when something has happened. So with a quick glance at my wrist I m up to date when I need to be rather than constantly checking my phone just in case. Giving me more time to go about my day-to-day life. Martin I m definitely using my iPhone a lot less than before - which also means the battery life on my iPhone has improved. It has changed the way I respond to notifications and interact and communicate with others. Ultimately it has made communicating much more fluid for me. Mollie It s great that I can go out for a run without my phone yet I can listen to my music track my personal fitness goals and make calls hands free What about the future Martin With the introduction of WatchOS 2 there are even more powerful apps that will open up a whole new range of features and ways you can use your Apple Watch. We haven t seen what developers are capable of yet. Wa tch to wea r i t i s to love i t Receive and response to notifications in an instant. Track your activity. Control your music using only your voice. Pay for shopping just like that. With Apple Watch important information and essential features are always just a rise of the wrist away. And all this is now available exclusively at iQ our local Apple experts from just 265. What s more iQ offer finance solutions on purchases over 500. Visit our shop and speak to a member of their expert team. iQ your local Apple expert. 10-14 Beresford Street St Helier 95 jsy CONNECT NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 ESSENTIALS I n s t y l e a t Het t ic h From fine jewellery to leading watch brands family-run jeweller Hettich has been at the heart of the island for 115 years. Whether you re treating yourself or someone special discover the dazzling selection on offer at Hettich. Hettich has a tradition of supplying the best in fine diamonds from princess cuts to sparkling brilliant-cut gems and with 5 carats of dazzling diamond this exquisite platinum ring is certainly fit for a princess. 5.05ct princess-cut diamond ring in platinum POA Showstopping style and art deco elegance combine in this contemporary range of gem-set jewellery - this ruby and diamond ring adds dramatic style to ensure you are always the belle of the ball. 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