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WENONA 130 EDITION 1 2015 News from the 2015 2016 Capital Appeal PRINCIPAL S UPDATE The enthusiasm already shown towards this project reflects the generosity of our community with more than 2 million of our 5 million target already raised. Forever the optimist it is my hope that together we may even break through this target As part of the application process we have held a series of information sessions and consultations over the past few months to ensure the development is sensitive to the needs of our neighbours and surrounding community. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We also have extensive plans in place to ensure our students learning is not disrupted by the development. As we approach Wenona s 130th year there is growing excitement around the investment we are making in our girls education. The strength of our community in achieving our Capital Appeal goal together is reflected in the amount of money raised to date. I would like to thank you for your time in considering how you may be able to contribute to the wonderful investment in the future of our young women. Dr Briony Scott PRINCIPAL The areas of STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) are significant and influential disciplines recognised by current businesses and industry as essential for future careers. Wenona as a girls school committed to relevant contemporary and outstanding education is focused on developing best practice to prepare our girls for equitable participation in these fields of study and employment. We are committed to pioneering an education for our young women so they are prepared with the knowledge and skills to not just participate in this future world but to do so with confidence and success. Our world class STEM Centre and Sporting Facility is on track to receive approval from the NSW Department of Planning in the near future and construction will commence as soon as possible after this date. APPEAL UPDATE Together we can make a difference A message from the Capital Appeal Chair Marie Soghomonian Albert Einstein said I never teach my pupils I only provide the conditions in which they can learn. As parents we guide our daughters and provide them opportunities to venture out into vast and varied dimensions of education. We encourage their creativity in the arts their critical thinking in the humanities and pushing their physical boundaries in sport. With more women in STEM than ever before we are in the enviable position of also supporting their endeavours to be world renowned scientists the next technology entrepreneurs award winning engineers and great mathematical minds. How fortunate are we to send our girls to a school that recognises the importance of matching infrastructure with education and most importantly has the support of the entire Wenona community. Since launching the Capital Appeal for the STEM and Sporting Facility in May we have been inspired by the generosity of Wenona families - so far raising over 2 million of the 5 million target that has been set for the appeal. The development application for the state-of-the-art centre to be built on the Miller Street side of the campus is progressing to plan and the building project remains on track for commencement in late 2016. It is exciting for the community to work closely on this project with an amazing group of educators at Wenona to help make their vision for the future of the School a reality. I would encourage you all to think about how you can be a part of this vision and in turn part of Wenona s history. How your commitment to this Capital Appeal will be appreciated and celebrated not only by your own daughters but by all those who follow in their footsteps at Wenona. We are standing on the shoulders of the generations that have gone before us. They have made it possible for our daughters to have the education we have come to expect and appreciate from Wenona as a leader in girls education. Help us continue the work of previous generations of the Wenona community together we can make a difference not only to our daughters but to future generations of aspiring young Wenonians. 2 Capital Appeal Update Edition 1 2015 Beyond the bricks and mortar The new building is not only a place for learning but a place of learning explains Dean of Academic Studies Dr Nicole Archard. The STEM Centre is an exciting and innovative learning space that will allow Wenona to re-envisage the way we deliver curriculum to students. Not only does this building facilitate our delivery of new curriculum areas thus enhancing the range of student learning opportunities the building itself becomes an artifact of learning. By making the principles of engineering and construction visible students will be able to learn from the physical structure itself as well as the facilities provided. Facilities that allow for the teaching and learning of bio-mechanics which subsequently sit alongside a state-of-the-art pool will ensure that students are able to synthesise theory and practice in relation to sport science. New food technology facilities will enhance our current curriculum offerings allowing students to understand the science of food and the impact of this understanding on our daily lives. Using the principles of Design Thinking specially built maker spaces where students will engage with electronics CAD software programs and 3D printing and scanning will allow our girls to develop the skills required for a future world of innovation and change. In these spaces girls will challenge stereotypes and study subjects such as Engineering and a specifically designed STEM course. In addition new and creative science facilities which are supported by the innovative use of technology has at its heart the desire to engage girls in STEM learning. Finally a Senior College eco system that is flexible in its usage whilst allowing for independent and collaborative student learning combined with a staff area for multiple faculties will facilitate an organic learning environment for both students and staff. Thus the new STEM Centre is not merely a place for learning it is a place of learning. Capital Appeal Update Edition 1 2015 3 STEM HIGHLIGHTS STEM surpasses science fiction Back to the Future - maybe not but our students hold the keys to the inventions of our future says Head of STEM Mr Andy Draper. Having grown up in the distant 1980 s October 21 2015 was a very important date for me. It was to the early hours of this day that the character Marty McFly was transported from 1985 in the classic science fiction movie Back to the Future . Much to my chagrin no DeLoreans were actually spotted arriving in a lightning bolt that day but the fictional anniversary gave us all a chance to think about the fantastic things our own future might hold. While we may not have the flying cars robotic waiters or the groovy hoverboards encountered by Marty when he landed in the imaginary 2015 there can be no doubt that things have certainly changed since the 80s and I think Marty and his enthusiastic mentor Doc would be well impressed with the technological advances the world has seen over the past 30 years. I d also like to think that they would be impressed by the STEM studies going on at Wenona and I have a sneaking suspician that Doc would be particularly interested in our Year 11 Car Restoration Club It goes without saying that technology is firmly linked to the STEM disciplines and we know that by studying these areas students are better equipped to deal with the emerging technologies of tomorrow. They are better able to utilise technology to assist them in their endeavours rather than being passive consumers of it and it opens their imaginations to the endless possibilities technology can offer. Studying STEM subjects allows our students to be better critical thinkers. A firm STEM grounding helps them see through spin and rhetoric in order to be able to ask questions for ethical understanding. Although not all of our students will take up careers in the core STEM areas there can be no doubt that by continuing to promote excellence in STEM we are giving our students the best possible start in an increasingly technological future. We have no idea what our world might look like in another 30 years and if we were to guess I d wager we 4 Capital Appeal Update Edition 1 2015 A YEAR IN STEM January Students attend UNSW Women in Engineering Camp. February Year 11 Engineering Studies course launched by NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer Professor Mary O Kane. Space Science Club kicks off another exciting year. Programming Club hones students computer skills. Maker Club designs games and weather stations. March Mini Minor Car Restoration featured on Foxtel s SkillsOne TV for International Women s Day. Electric Guitar Building Club launched. April Class 4MA design and building igloo project. Lunchtime engineering challenges begin. June Wenona takes out top three places in the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI) Titration Competition. Second annual Wenona Car Show and launch of our second vintage car restoration project. July Wenona wins Round 1 of Science & Engineering Challenge. Bricks 4 Kidz Robotics and Electronics Club launched. August Wenona places 3rd in Round 2 of National Science & Engineering Challenge. School wide Science Week celebrations. Junior School Engineering Day. September Car Restoration Club rebuilds gearbox at Spring Fair. Wenona wins 1st and 2nd places in the Senior MiniSprint Boat class of the UNSW MiniSprint competition. October Space Science and Programming clubs enter Zero Robotics competition through MIT. Wenona enters two boats in the national finals of the UNSW Minisprint Boat competition. November HSC Engineering Day at University of Wollongong. December Wenona launches Code Camp . would be as far from the mark as Back to the Future was about our world. We can t teach our students about technologies that don t yet exist but we can give them the conceptual and theoretical tools to understand interact and improve upon those technologies as they emerge. For those girls who decide to take on a challenging exciting and ever changing STEM career who knows what one of them might invent Capital Appeal Update Edition 1 2015 5 INTERVIEWS Women in STEM The acronym STEM is part of every Wenonian s vocabulary but what kind of jobs are women holding in the field. Wenona 130 talks to four of the nation s best and brightest. APPLEGATE JACQUELINE Jacqueline Applegate Member of the Bayer CropScience (BCS) Executive Committee & President of the Environmental Science Division Worldwide What does your role entail I m responsible for the global business strategy operational results and people leadership of BCS s Non Crop Business. We provide pest and weed solutions to foster healthy environments and aim to improve the quality of people s lives. How did you get involved in this field I had a passion for science in school and wanted to be the next Jacque Coustea Oceanographer but when I started doing research in an organic chemistry lab in college I fell in love with chemistry. I got a BS in Chemistry and went on to a PhD in Organic Chemistry and an MBA. This led to a job at Bayer in 1992. Are there many women doing the same thing When I was in undergraduate school women accounted for about 25-30 per cent of the BS class while the PhD figure was a lot lower. More women are moving into science and we are seeing more women in senior roles in science based industries but there is still not a 50 50 balance at the C-suite or the level below. What is rewarding about being a woman involved in STEM I ve had an interesting and challenging career full of opportunity but I have worked very hard to build trust credibility and respect over the years. I work in a company that develops innovative solutions that have a positive impact on people s lives which is a fantastic legacy perspective and purpose. Your advice to schoolgirls thinking of engaging in STEM Be true to yourself and do what you are passionate about Be confident collaborative and engaged. Never be intimidated - you can do anything if you believe in yourself. Dream it believe it and achieve it Passion is the fuel to your spirit and soul. Liv Ellingsen Senior Product Manager eBay What does your role entail I work on introducing new technology solutions to the eBay site that makes it easier for people to sell things. Sometimes I get to help design the solution and decide how it should work. How did you get involved in this field We always had computers at home when I was growing up which might not sound surprising today but I m talking about the late 70s and early 80s. Our very first computer didn t even come with a screen my father had to convert a portable television so we could see what was going on. When I had the opportunity to do one of the first post graduate computing courses I took it. Are there many women doing the same thing I encounter a fair number of female product managers but it s still common to find myself in the minority on most projects. I ve only worked with one development team that had 50 per cent females in their engineering pool. Becoming a product manager from an engineering background gives you a strong technical focus and a different perspective to a lot of your peers. What is rewarding about being a woman involved in STEM Having an opportunity to build something that is needed and makes a difference to people s lives. Things that we take for granted today like email marketing software or shopping on your mobile phone were born out of a need and the first iterations were hacked together by people like me. Your advice to schoolgirls thinking of engaging in STEM If you re inspired by the idea of exploring designing and creating if you want to be involved in finding or seeing something for the first time if you want to build solutions that make a difference to people s lives then STEM is the path for you. 6 Capital Appeal Update Edition 1 2015 Women in STEM LIV KATE I ELL N N GSE LATTE Y ICa JESS ERT TAUB Kate Lattey Technical Manager Innovation Pernod Ricard Winemakers What does your role entail My role is to work with our marketing and operational teams to develop and bring new wines to our global markets. I like to think that I make the wine marketing dreams become reality . How did you get involved in this field I grew up in a wine region in New Zealand so wine runs in my veins but it wasn t until I was studying my chemistry biochemistry degree that I had a light bulb moment in which wine could also be my career. Since then I have worked in various roles around the world within viticulture winemaking research sales and marketing. By following my dual passions of wine and science I eventually specialised in wine sensory science - something I had no idea even existed - which led me to Pernod Ricard Winemakers where the consumer and the taste experience are of utmost importance and completely fascinate me. Are there many women doing the same thing None that I am aware of What is rewarding about being a woman involved in STEM Being exposed to things that you wouldn t expect getting to travel the world watching the different ways people react to the same situation constantly being challenged learning and having to adapt behaviour to situations and learning new things as the world revolves and evolves. Your advice to schoolgirls thinking of engaging in STEM Don t hesitate it s a truly rewarding career path and one that can open the world to you. Also it s ok if you don t have a plan of where to go with it just do what you re good at and passionate about and the rest will follow. Jessica Taubert Neuroscientist School of Psychology University of Sydney What does your role entail My job is to build experiments that help us to better understand the relationship between activity in the brain and our behaviourial responses to visual stimuli. How did you get involved in this field I enrolled in a psychology degree believing the role of a psychologist was to help people talk about their problems while they were lying on a couch but psychology extends into all sorts of fields from forensics to human development social behaviour cognitive sciences sensory perception and more. A fourth year honours project in sensory perception lead me to a PhD in psychophysics. I then trained overseas as an evolutionary psychologist and neurophysiologist. Are there many women doing the same thing There are not many women in Neuroscience especially neurophysiology where experiments might involve invasive procedures (which require basic medical surgical training) with statistical analyses and computational modelling (math and computer coding). These skill sets were not traditionally taught to women although that has changed. What is rewarding about being a woman involved in STEM I firmly believe that all the answers we need to make this world a better place will come from scientific discovery. Being a small part of a much bigger process that will ultimately be able to explain our differences and cure our diseases is inherently rewarding. Your advice to schoolgirls thinking of engaging in STEM If there is a field topic you want to know more about contact the people working in that field and ask. We appreciate emails from students and we can often offer opportunities for research experience so please reach out to us. Capital Appeal Update Edition 1 2015 7 CONTRIBUTIONS What is the projected cost of the development and how will the School pay for it We are working to keep the overall cost at approximately 40M. The School will make 20M available before the main building contracts are signed in 2016 with the balance funded by commercial borrowings and funds raised through the 130 Capital Appeal. What is the infrastructure development plan for the School Our overall long term strategy for the School has been developed by the Board over the past two years. The requirements of our long term needs were put out to a group of architects so that we could gather the very best ideas and these have been incorporated into our Master Plan which includes An expanded Senior College including the state of the art STEM Centre and Sporting Facility on the Miller Street site A performing and creative arts ecosystem A new K-6 Junior School on the existing Junior School site General classrooms and faculty areas on the 170 Walker school hall site Expanded and enhanced boarding facilities on the existing precinct with expansion. How much does the Foundation expect to raise in the 2015 Capital Appeal The Foundation is aiming to raise at least 5M through donations and pledges but the more money raised by the Capital Appeal the less commercially borrowed funds will be needed by the School. Who is contributing to Capital Appeal This is an all-inclusive Capital Appeal and we will be asking every member of the Wenona community to consider contributing within their personal capacities. Every contribution regardless of the size is precious to us and your contribution will help secure a relevant education for all Wenona students current and future. Why is the STEM Centre and Sporting Facility the first project in the Master Plan The construction of this facility can be completed with limited disruption to the normal activities of the school and once completed will enable the decampment required for subsequent construction phases. How much is the School spending on raising the required funds The School has budgeted the funds to pay for the Capital Appeal campaign. Every dollar raised will go towards the proposed projects. 28 May 2016 Wenona Foundation Capital Appeal Ball Westin Hotel Sydney Grand Ballroom How can I contribute For further information or to have a confidential discussion about contributing to the 2015 2016 Capital Appeal please contact Shelana Silver Director of Development on (02) 9409 4481 or email ssilver or visit the official Capital Appeal website pledging The Wenona Foundation is a registered Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) so all gifts made to the 2015 2016 Capital Appeal are tax deductible. I would like to make a pledge now Wenona School Ltd ABN 83 000 250 304 CRICOS 02275A 176 Walker Street North Sydney NSW 2060 T 02 9955 3000 F 02 9959 4460 E wenona