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INSPIRATIONS EDITION 03. 2015 Inspired and Inspiring Gugu Phungula Women Empowerment Principles CIMERWA in Partnership with PPC PPC Women s Forum Committee Tryphosa Ramano Chairperson Marlene Corrie Deputy Chairperson Francie Shonhiwa Strategic Alliances Zimkitha Zatu Finance Michelle Marks Development Bernalene Adams Marketing Mpume Dlamini Secretary Introduction TJDR 55584 efficient Deliveries Intelligent deliveries for better building project management. More Value Improved mix ratios make every bag go further. TECHNICAL SUPPORT LINE Call 0800 023 470 and speak to one of our helpful technical experts. THE PPC BUILDER S APP Calculate quantities and find your nearest seller of PPC Cement. Download your free App at As a builder your customers demand a lot from you. That s why you need a cement company you can rely on. At PPC we re always exploring new possibilities and solutions that we can offer our clients so they can do the best job for all their projects. From a unique Builder s App for smartphones to on-site Inspirations Magazine deliveries and our technical support line PPC always gives you strength beyond the bag. 1 Our strength Your vision. Introduction 4 5 6 PPC Area Foreword Publisher s Letter A Word from the Chairman 8 10 12 13 Feature PPC Women s Forum South Africa PPC Zimbabwe Women s Forum CIMERWA in Partnership with PPC PPC Botswana Women s Forum 14 16 18 Report Inspired and Inspiring Gugu Phungula Big Steps into a Bright Future Basani Rivombo Have an Appetite for Challenges Ronell Lombard 21 24 Year Under Review 2015 PPC Women s Forum Conference Programme Development 26 28 29 A Catalyst for Change Diana Genu Woman doing it for Herself Zanele Ntsibande Two Inspirational Women from CIMERWA 2 Inspirations Magazine Leadership CREDITS My View on Servant Leadership Pay it Forward Francie Shonhiwa Be Involved It Matters Constance Netshifhefhe Women Empowerment Principles Chairman Bheki Sibiya Chief Executive Officer Darryll Castle Editor in Chief Tryphosa Ramano Editor Francie Shonhiwa Contributions PPC Botswana WF PPC Dwaalboom WF PPC Slurry WF PPC Zimbabwe WF CIMERWA Rwanda Gugu Phungula Dwaalboom Basani Rivombo Hercules Ronnell Lombard Mooiplaas Diana Genu Sandton Zanele Ntsibande Pamela Kayitesi CIMERWA Gloriose Uzayisenga CIMERWA Constance Netshifhefhe Sandton Peter Max Sales & Marketing Coastal Betty Masinge Sandton Maggi Loubser Group Laboratory Services Busisiwe Nyembe GLS Phindile Ntuane GLS Zelna Klaaste GLS Sinobuhle Mlotshwa Zimbabwe Leslie-Anne Boer Sales & Marketing Coastal Vivens Kalinganire CIMERWA Design Layout & Production Ideas Wise and Wonderful (iww) 30 42 48 Conversations 32 Opportunity Being Involved A Father s Perspective Peter Max 34 In My View CIMERWA Carpentry Project 35 38 46 Inspiration Know Yourself Betty Masinge The Female Touch Maggi Loubser Believe in Yourself Busiswe Nyembe 36 40 44 Upliftment Inspired by the Majesty of the River Sinobulhle Mlotshwa Self-Development When Life Throws You Curve Balls Phindile Ntuane Inspiration Leslie-Anne Boer 45 Awards My PPC Story Zelna Klaaste 50 The PPC Women s Forum Awards Inspirations Magazine 3 Introduction Foreword A Productive Africa through Gender Equality W hen I first heard that there was a PPC Women s Forum within the Group I was both impressed and intrigued why have a women s club What is its role and how does it add value Why is this forum of importance to both the women and men of PPC As a key supporter of diversity I needed to understand the role of this Forum in identifying and addressing the barriers that still exist as we journey towards a truly inclusive company. Thanks to a passionate member of the Forum s Committee I now have a clear sense of what the PPC Women s Forum represents what it does and the important role it fulfils. It is a much needed platform for women to voice their views on issues that matter to them to debate and discuss resolutions. The African Union dedicated this year 2015 as the Year of Women s Empowerment and Development towards Africa s Agenda 2063 . Harnessing diversity is critical to the success of any business more so a business such as ours that has ambitions to be a global player. Women represent 53% of the global population control 60% of global spending and make up 60% of university graduates. A business model that does not embrace women excludes over half the population. We will not achieve our vision of being in the first instance a Pan-African player and then a global player if we exclude significant sections of the population. Although gender empowerment is a legislative requirement in some of the countries in which we operate our agenda should not be set by legislation but rather by what is right for us as a business and a global citizen. The advancement of women in PPC does not happen by chance the business continues to invest in gender mainstreaming and women development. The PPC Women s Forum brand continues to grow enabling the company to attract and secure women of highest calibre at all levels including at board executive and general management level. If you haven t already done so I encourage you to engage with the Women s Forum and understand the role forums and engagement platforms such as this play in our quest to have a workplace free of prejudice. On behalf of the Board I would like to congratulate the PPC Women s Forum initiated and led by Tryphosa Ramano for this forward thinking initiative. The PPC Women s Forum is a true business partner and can count on the support Team PPC. A toast to another four years of dynamic change transformation and insightful action from the PPC Women s Forum and PPC s inspirational women. Darryll Castle CEO 4 Inspirations Magazine Introduction Publisher s Letter Together we Stand for a Brighter Tomorrow T he PPC Women s Forum was launched in 2011 and it has grown from strength to strength bringing out true change and transformation over the past four years. The successes we have had the lives that have been touched and the remarkable journeys that we have undertaken these have all been due to the commitment and heart of the women of PPC. The work we have done has been both uplifting and empowering and given us the impetus to carry on and give even more of ourselves. And this year we have chosen a theme that really captures the essence of what we do and why we are committed to doing it African Women United Gender Equality towards a Productive Africa. This theme is one that stands out brightly against the African skyline. It is one that is echoed in hallways and organisations across the continent and the globe. It is a theme that resonates with the need for change and for more support to be given to women as they rise up and take their rightful places in the African economy. The theme is also aligned to the African Unity strong call for women in Africa as a step towards achieving the goals of 2063. So how can we join forces and make a difference What steps can we take to ensure the equality of gender in the work place in the fields and in the future The PPC Women s Forum is recognised as a change agent of inordinate value across the industry and each year we look to share our successes and learnings with others so as to inspire and ignite transformation. By continuing this legacy we are engaging with change and achieving the extraordinary. So welcome to another year and another conference another opportunity to be leaders in bringing about gender equality and to unlocking the gender potential of Africa. Tryphosa Ramano Editor in Chief and Chairperson of the PPC Women s Forum Inspirations Magazine 5 Introduction 6 Inspirations Magazine Introduction A Word from the Chairman T he PPC Women s Forum has been making the right kind of waves for a while now and each year it seems that they manage to do something better something more. This year 2015 is no exception and I find it to be a huge privilege to be able to spend time with these women and to experience some of the amazing work that they do. Thanks to the determination of Tryphosa and the heart and commitment of Francie the PPC Women s Forum has continued to push through the gender equality goals of PPC as a whole and ensured that women are given an equal voice where it counts when it counts. This company a rugged and masculine presence in the industry has undergone a timeous and valuable overhaul. Now instead of being overwhelmingly dominated by men it is a proud example of how a business can embrace transformation and benefit from it in every way. According to McKinsey s report Women Matter Gender Diversity a Corporate Performance Driver companies with a higher proportion of women in top management are those that perform the best. Unfortunately the report also shows how the employment rate for women is still 21% lower for women than for men and that change is only coming very very slowly. However through the commitment and passion of the PPC Women s Forum and the ladies that drive its agenda every day PPC has been able to grow and change as an organisation far faster than the statistics and we are already reaping the benefits of a gender neutral organisation. In 2014 PPC exceeded its gender equity goals for the year under review and we are showing no signs of slowing down our march towards an equal future for all. Here s to 2015 and beyond Bheki Sibiya Chairman Inspirations Magazine 7 PPC Area PPC Women s Forum South Africa The South African PPC Women s Forum has been an active and dynamic part of the landscape for some time now and this year has been no different T he PPC Women s Forum (PPC WF) is all about change resilience and inspiration. Over the past year the women have engaged in some exciting and amazing activities that have played a role in transforming the lives of others. Kicking things off this year was PPC Slurry women who believe that empowering women as key change agents is an essential part in ending hunger and poverty. The team designed programs that are aimed at supporting women and building their futures. The PPC Slurry Women s Forum has a strategic plan to minimise poverty through meeting the basic needs of those who live in isolated small villages where there is no opportunity for women to become literate as the majority of children in these areas are not in schools particularly girls The forum has highlighted two target groups for 2015 Ottoshoop Village 10km from Slurry and Lomanyaneng in Mafikeng 25km from Slurry. Through a targeted Mandela Day campaign the forum gathered and prepared hampers of supplies such as maize meal samp salt and toilet paper which they distributed to the Ottoshoop village community. The Dwaalboom Women in Mining (DWIM) team also stepped up in December 2014 recognising the 16 Days of Activism Campaign in style. The event included a self-defence demonstration by local sensei Donovan Will and sensei Urich Drawe. The demonstration made it clear that DWIM is not promoting violence but rather provided women with insights into powerful self-defence techniques that can be used in the event of an actual physical attack. Many of the women joined in and tried out some of these newly acquired techniques. 8 Inspirations Magazine PPC Area The demonstration was then followed by a talk by EAP Colleen Kgatse who emphasised the importance of women supporting one another and speaking out when others are abused. Her talk was inspirational and insightful and drove home a vital message that we should all remember. The Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) then came for a visit and they expressed their satisfaction with how well the Forum was progressing. The Forum completed the Risk Assessment for Women and this was submitted to the Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) at the end of June 2015. On another worthy note with the help of the DWIM committee ladies safety shoes are now a stock item in the store these were not available in the past and this is a huge achievement especially when women have had to pay extra for ladies safety shoes In addition to this proper ablution facilities for women are now being completed and this was another initiative driven by the DWIM committee. In certain areas like in the stockpiles new ablutions have been erected as the ladies who worked there had to walk a long distance to the nearest facility. The Sandton PPC Women s Forum in partnership with Mampho Selekoma CEO Bustique 244 Pty Ltd as well as a member of the Association of Women in Manufacturing Africa designed work suits for women and these were piloted at PPC Slurry and PPC Hercules. Through the women s recommendation Mampho is in discussions with the Chamber of Mines to roll out these ladies worksuits to all mines. Mampho is also assisting Time for Change an NGO supported by PPC in sourcing 100% cotton work suit material. The Sandton PPC Women Forum embarked on Power Lunch Seminars in May 2015. The purpose of these seminars is to utilise normal rest periods such as lunch breaks to provide talks by inspirational and professional leaders in a voluntary and informal setting. These inspirational learning forums are intended to educate men and women on how to face new opportunities and setbacks with confidence build forward thinking and to be able to trust in one s abilities. The first seminar titled Grow Inspire Lead was held on 13 May and the attendees were greatly inspired by Ma am Yvonne Kgame. It has been an impressive year for the South African arm of the PPC Women s Forum and if this amazing news is anything to go by the next year is going to be just as successful Inspirations Magazine 9 PPC Area PPC Zimbabwe Women s Forum The Zimbabwe PPC Women s Forum has spent the past year making a difference and working towards a sustainable future for all T o celebrate International Women s day on 08 March 2015 the PPC Zimbabwe Women s Forum ladies attended an inspirational Women s Health High Tea event held at the ZITF Tea Room with the theme Make it happen The event focused specifically on women s health issues and gave us an opportunity to network and share stories with women from other organisations on various issues affecting our gender. We received useful information on issues such as fitness nutrition lifestyle and general health and well-being. One of the guest speakers was a female oncologist who educated us about various cancers affecting women and measures we can take to ensure early detection. The ladies who attended this event had a wonderful afternoon and felt that it was a worthwhile investment of their time. 10 Inspirations Magazine PPC Area Then on 12 June 2015 some representatives of the PPC Zimbabwe Women s Forum donated 120 sets of Sheets and 105 Towels to the Maternity wing of United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH) which is called Lady Rodwell Maternity Hospital. The donation was made on behalf of our colleagues based in Sandton. This project was initiated by Francie Shonhiwa who is currently the Group CSI Manager. She mobilised the Head Office staff on an employee volunteerism project to help with towels and sheets for the hospital. A number of our staff members in Sandton contributed and we ended up with many employees sponsoring around four to 10 towels each These towels were then sent to Time for Change a home in Johannesburg for youth who have lived on the streets former sex workers abandoned and abused children. The adults embroidered each towel with the name of the person who had donated the towel. Time for change also made the 120 sets of sheets and pillow cases that were paid for by PPC South Africa. The sets include a fitted sheet a flat sheet and a pillow case. The sheets are embroidered UBH . The UBH employees really appreciated this remarkable donation and we are delighted to have been part of such a positive exercise. Workshop and Elections On 21 June 2015 we conducted our Women s Forum elections at the ZITF tea room. The elections were well attended by the ladies from all sites. At the same event we conducted a workshop on Self Worth and Women s Health issues. As the pioneer committee we ran for a term of two years and were made up of the following dynamic women Karen Mhazo (Chair Lady) Elsie Thabalala Sinobuhle Mlotshwa (Vice Chair Lady) Mantungwa Abraham Linda Nyoni Two of the pioneer committee members have since gone on VSP (Sibongile Moyo and Florence Phaswana) and we elected six new members with equal representation from each site. The new committee is comprised of Gertrude Matongo Ntando Nkomo Pauline Sibanda (Chair lady) Nothabo Buhali Faith Musinga Linda Ncube As the outgoing committee we pledge our full support and assistance to the incoming committee. We would like to thank our MD Njombo Lekula and the entire EXCO for the support they have given and continue to give to the Women s Forum in Zimbabwe. Inspirations Magazine 11 PPC Area CIMERWA in Partnership with PPC CIMERWA Cement Plant Commissioned Bugarama Rwanda CIMERWA has been busy creating new things and spaces for women and being a force for transformation and inspiration. The commissioning of the CIMERWA plant was bolstered by the arrival of some dynamic and driven women. Maggi Loubser (read her story on page 34) Group Chief Chemist provided support for the commissioning and the calibration of XRF-spectrometers ensuring that installation was done correctly. The QA systems must be in place prior to the new plant commissioning says Maggi. The XRF spectrometer is an integral part of the quality system as analytical values are the only way to ascertain whether raw materials are within specifications calculate mix designs for the raw mix and measure conformity of the clinker and cement manufactured. Phindile Ntuane GLS Operations Manager visited to conduct a quality review and check for operational readiness of the quality assurance systems needed for the new plant. Her expertise was used to verify and give technical support in expediting the requirements for sampling such as sampling points sampling frequencies stockpile management systems and raw meal control systems. Kabira Akoob Packaging and Logistics Manager was in charge of commissioning the new packing plant and imparting her valuable knowledge to the new plant. She will continue to train and supervise CIMERWA s packing team and help them to run the new processes. Tshilidzi Dlamini Group Environment and Sustainability supported CIMERWA in the process of getting permission to use coal and supported the management team in developing and implementing environmental management systems that align with the requirements of ISO 14001 and Group Environmental Policy. These dynamic women brought much needed expertise and skills to CIMERWA. 12 Inspirations Magazine PPC Area PPC Botswana Women s Forum The Botswana PPC Women s Forum has done some incredible work over the past few months and this is exactly what they did was doing. It is dedication such as this that keeps the river of inspiration flowing through Botswana and the team There are still some clothes on sale so if anyone fancies helping to make a contribution to this amazing day care then there is no time like the present. We also formed a fundraising committee with Dorcas Chabanga Stella Bua Malebogo Koketso (vice secretary) Kolobetso Masisi Keamogetse Jansen (vice chair) and Fidelma Webb (chairperson) as the primary members. Kolobetso Masisi took on the role of Treasurer and the committee has so far raised a total of P2 000.00 that is being held in the PPC Botswana bank account. The funds will be used for the Mokolodi day care and our next event will be a delicious dinner and a dance. We haven t set the date as yet but it promises to be a good one. Finally we sold tea and muffins at The King of the Hill Race on the last Sunday of May. It was a huge success and not only did all the ladies enjoy some much needed time together but the funds raised were added to the bank account to be used for future endeavors. T he PPC Botswana Women s Forum has been very busy this year and the work done has been both inspirational and fun. To kick things off the team set out to purchase chocolates for their colleagues on Valentine s Day. This led to a great deal of delight and mouth-watering approval with many recipients really taken aback by the kindness of the team. A sweet treat indeed The team then worked hard to get staff to donate used clothes that could be sold and the funds then used to assist with the day-to-day running of a day care centre in Mokolodi. The whole committee went to see the school and to see the kind of work that it Inspirations Magazine 13 Feature Inspired and Inspiring By Gugu Phungula Cement and production and people these are just some of the things that Gugu deals with on a daily basis at PPC Dwaalboom where there are few women but plenty of opportunities 14 Inspirations Magazine Feature Gugu Phungula is a Production Superintendent at PPC Dwaalboom where she makes sure that the plant runs effectively and that everything is moving smoothly. She checks to see if the plant is stable ensures that any issues are addressed and plays a pivotal role in keeping everything going on a day-to-day basis. She started working at PPC Lime and then applied for the role at PPC Dwaalboom in January 2014. I wanted to get experience in the cement industry and this role was absolutely perfect says Gugu. Cement has different approaches and is quite exciting and it has allowed me to really explore my abilities and grow as a person. Gugu is a driven and dynamic woman who is focused on making sure that things need to be done when they need to be done and this role allows her to really tap into these qualities. She says that it has given her an opportunity to stretch her talents and push herself further. I love feeling like I am part of a project from start to finish this really inspires me says Gugu. I also like to feel like I can become a better person today than I was yesterday and this forms the backbone of my work ethic and how I like to live each day. It is a male dominated industry but Gugu is undaunted by this and in fact her role makes her responsible for any issues around people and any problems that may arise. She is onhand to support staff experiencing problems that include anything from gender concerns to their jobs. I deal with people and any issues that they may have so it is a very demanding job says Gugu. I need to make decisions on the spot and I have to make sure that they are good ones. I ensure that solutions are implemented effectively and dealt with as and when they happen there s no hiding from decisions here She makes sure that if things are not going well she is on hand to assist people and help them until things have settled down or come to a conclusion. It is challenging work but she thrives on the dynamic environment and the fact that she loves people. I am a very spontaneous person and I like to grab hold of opportunities when they come past me she says. I take hold of what life has to offer and try to make the most out of it. I am motivated by the fact that I can make a difference in somebody s life. Gugu is also powered by her faith a strong believer she is inspired by the word of God and it sustains her in her daily life. Day to day problems that arise I am taking them as they come secure in the knowledge that things can only get better she says. My job may be challenging but my faith keeps me going. In my environment we are also more informal and sit down and discuss things as a team working together to find solutions and help one another get through the day. For Gugu the fact that it is a man s world is no problem at all. She believes that as long as a person does their job and does it to the best of their ability then gender shouldn t matter at all. I like the fact that we have men and women working together says Gugu. Sometimes women say No no I m a woman I can t do that and it creates a negative climate but if you just do the work and you do it as a team then everything just falls into place. It doesn t matter what kind of job is given to me I put myself there and do it. In the operation environment you sometimes come face to face with challenges that are demanding physically I do the best I can so I can achieve the right outcomes. I believe I bridge out the gap between the high profile women in the company and entry level as I m actually fitting in both environments. She loves her job and is inspired by it each and every day. For Gugu this is an exciting environment to be in and she counts herself lucky to be a part of it. Talented dynamic and committed Gugu Phungula is an inspiration to others and it is very likely that she will continue to rise steadily in her career thanks to her positive attitude and inherent capabilities. Inspirations Magazine 15 Feature Work hard and be focused as it really pays off By Basani Rivombo Nkuna Big Steps into a Bright Future I am an Environment and Sustainability Specialist for the PPC Hercules Factory PPC Jupiter factory and Beestekraal Quarry. I studied at the University of Pretoria where I completed my first degree in Bachelor of Science majoring in Statistics and Geography in 2008 and I then completed my Honours degree in Environmental Management in 2010. I joined PPC in February 2011 as a Safety Health and Environmental Practitioner looking very tiny and young at that time. I made a request to be part of the Graduate Development Programme in 2012 and I was accepted Through this programme I learned so much. I have been at PPC and in the Environment industry for only four years and in that time I have grown as a person and experienced a lot. During the programme I had great leaders and a very good mentor Mr Anben Pillay. He really supported and guided me until I could run on my own. I have matured through the programme however I feel like I still have a lot to learn because environmental management moves at as swift a pace as technology. I was appointed as an Environment and Sustainability Specialist in July 2014. This was a giant step for me Now I was looking after two sites and a quarry and this is no joke. The work just suddenly tripled personally professionally and as a leader. I got to see that the duties increase and the level of accountability also rises. However I had to swim in order to survive and I am still swimming towards the coast. I know I will get there soon. The difference between being a student and a professional is that whenever I work on something it is no longer as a study or trial but as an action for me to ensure environmental compliance. I work on something as if it is a finished product so that the standards can be set high. I do have advice for the women out there... Please do not sit relax and pity yourself. Work hard set your standards speak out and be strong. I plan on furthering my studies and I will have to double the effort and work hard because I recently got married and I will definitely have to learn to balance family work studies and social life. 16 Inspirations Magazine Feature Inspirations Magazine 17 Feature Have an Appetite for Challenges Challenges are here to test your abilities and make you stronger By Ronell Lombard Engineering Manager PPC I am an Engineering Manager at PPC Aggregates and carry the legal responsibility for the two quarries at Mooiplaas and Laezonia. My Engineering career started way back in 1995 when as a single mom I decided to take on the challenge of completing an apprenticeship as electrician within Sasol Mining in Secunda. At that stage it seemed farfetched but I have never looked back. I completed my second trade as a millwright completed my National N6 Diploma and was fortunate enough to obtain both Government certificates of Competencies at first attempt Mines and Works in 2000 and Factories in 2003. I gained valuable experience as I worked through the ranks from an underground coal mine environment to a fertilizer factory two chemical plants in Sasolburg an FMCG plant making cigarettes back to the underground environment in Sasol Mining in Secunda. I started my career with PPC Aggregates in June 2012. Being a woman in mining is tough. You are exposed in a male dominant world where circumstances are difficult especially in the underground coal mining environment. You are continuously challenged by the risks in the mining space which is not female friendly at all and colleagues tend to test your abilities and skills to the limits in order to finally 18 Inspirations Magazine Feature accept you in their environment . A huge challenge is to continuously develop your skills through hard work and very long working hours. A positive attitude towards your team and environment and acknowledging your worth and strengths are crucial to carry you to success. Another huge challenge is to maintain your femininity in a sometimes harsh environment where there are no toilets no facilities and no special treatment for ladies. Luckily the environment has changed over the years and lots of work has been done to improve the working conditions of women in mining. My message to all ladies whether you are involved in the Engineering field or any other challenging environment whether at home or at work. Firstly have an appetite for challenge and change the only sure thing in today s world is change. Secondly you have to be willing to take risks. Don t always opt for the known or generally acceptable choices. Take risks but be prepared to deal with the consequences. Thirdly you have to continuously explore opportunities within your current environment and outside work life. Try new things Fourthly you have to balance your work and family life. Remember who you are and where you come from. Your family and friends are the people supporting you through difficult times. I was fortunate to captain the Gauteng lightweight team at the most challenging ever 201km endurance horse ride at Fauresmith this July. We competed in extremely cold conditions over very difficult terrain. Last but not the least is to believe in yourself. My motto has always been that I can do anything that I put my mind on. As long as I believe I can do it I can YBK Consulting YBK Consulting is a boutique consultancy that focuses on awakening ones true potential by unleashing ones untapped power within. YBK offers a range of inspirational and dynamic services aimed at improving performance and alleviating stress both in the workplace and in personal life. About the Founder Yvonne Busisiwe Kgame is a professional with thirty one year s diverse experience both locally and internationally. She has played a leading role as a Broadcaster Publisher teacher examiner mentor inspirational speaker published author and researcher across the continent. Yvonne uses her inner power and strength to deliver targeted talks aimed at harnessing the greatness in people and releasing their unique genius. Inspirational Speaking Leadership Development Executive Mentorship Employee Wellness SERVICES (T) 27 (0) 10 590 3040 (C) 27 (0) 82 561 0690 yvonnekgame Inspirations Magazine 19 Report 20 Inspirations Magazine Report Year Under Review 2014-2015 Review By Francie Shonhiwa farming and recently turf-block making. In March the first group of 40 women walked into in the local bank dancing and celebrating the opening of their own bank accounts for the first time in their lives. Most of the Forums reported that they had adopted a charity to support with funds contributed by the members with their male counterparts supporting the worthy causes. August 2014 to July 2015 8 August 2014 PPC Women s Conference A record of more than 400 participants including the Chairman board members the CEO his executive and management committee members attended the conference. Highlights of the day included education of drugs and drug abuse three things successful women do differently and a case study on PPC CIMERWA. R4 500 was raised on the day and the money was spent on purchasing clothes for children around the CIMERWA community. Conference participants also contributed non-perishable food and sanitary pads worthy approximately R8 000. The PPC Women s Forum has a vision to attract nurture and advance female talent to lead PPC and it continues to gain momentum. The brand has grown in strength in operations outside South Africa namely Zimbabwe and CIMERWA Rwanda. Zimbabwe has made significant progress in achieving gender diversity at PPC Zimbabwe. The PPC Zimbabwe Women s Forum chapter was launched in July 2013 a few months after the arrival of the current Managing Director Njombo Lekula one of the great supporters of gender diversity. He not only supported the launch but demonstrated his commitment to gender equality in the workplace by appointing two ladies the Company Secretary and the Audit Senior Manager both of whom are now members of the PPC Zimbabwe Executive team. For the first time in its history PPC Zimbabwe appointed a female Trainee Process Engineer currently operating from the Bulawayo factory. Although not yet officially launched CIMERWA is taking a lead in women empowerment having recruited more than 60 women to work in the new cement plant. Since her arrival at CIMERWA Busisiwe Nyembe has made great inroads in empowering the local women who are now running small businesses in carpentry knitting poultry Inspirations Magazine 21 Report Women Development Association of Women in Manufacturing in Africa (AWIMA) If Africa is to succeed it needs to invest in economic transformation create industries and inclusive growth. Women are at the core of the transformation of industry as they are the producers of labour and the consumers of goods and services. It was with this in mind that the PPC Women s Forum with support from PPC Ltd sponsored the formation and launch of AWIMA on 8 August 2014. AWIMA s vision is to implement sustainable programs that attract nurture retain and advance women in the manufacturing sector in Africa. The purpose of this organisation is to Provide a platform for women to network and share ideas Provide opportunities for women to develop and support each other Develop a pipeline of potential women leaders in the manufacturing sector in Africa Bertie Lubner founder member of the Manufacturing Circle gave his full support to set up AWIMA and backed its mission. By increasing diversity and widening the talent pool available to the industry AWIMA will ensure that we are in the strongest position to build an innovative future for manufacturing in Africa. Endorsements of AWIMA were also received from Ghana Department of Trade and Industry Women in Manufacturing - America MPACT PPC Ltd International Women s Forum South Africa Two ladies are on the 2015 2016 IWFSA Strategic Leadership Programme an executive leadership programme run in association with GIBS. Manufacturing Circle Executive Development Programme (EDP) This programme is designed to help candidates stretch their thinking and work differently. Since 2012 14 PPC women have been on this programme with seven in the 2014 class five from South Africa and two from Zimbabwe. Fordham University Emerging Markets and Country Risk Analysis Programme In 2015 PPC Women s Forum sent two Chartered Accountant interns Mapeta Huma and Nick Mamabolo to the Fordham University programme which gives the participants an opportunity to develop the political economic and financial analytical skills that are needed to evaluate the potential rewards and risks associated with dynamic and volatile financial markets of Asia Africa Latin America and Eastern Europe. GIBS Leadership Programme Four women two from South Africa and two from Zimbabwe have been enrolled in classes starting from September 2015. Strategic Alliances UN Women and the United Nations Global Compact Through the PPC Women s Forum PPC Ltd is a signatory to the United Nations (UN) Women s Empowerment Principles (WEPs). WEPs seek to point the way to best practice by elaborating the gender dimension of corporate responsibility the UN Global Compact and business role in sustainable development. As well as being a useful guide for business the Principles seek to inform other stakeholders including governments in their engagement with business. The PPC Women s Forum continues to engage with this organisation. The seven Women Empowerment Principles can be found on Page 48. 22 Inspirations Magazine Report Business Engage PPC Women s Forum also supports Business Engage an organisation that encourages gender mainstreaming and organizes gender mainstreaming awards. In 2014 PPC won three awards and were runners up in three categories. See the Awards section on page 50 to find out more. International Women s Forum Membership to IWF is by invitation only and three of our ladies are now members. Department of Human Settlements In the spirit of the Woman s Month from 2015 the PPC Women s Forum will invest in a house towards the annual August women build in partner with DHS and PPC. This year the house will be built in Limpopo. Inspirations Magazine 23 Report 2015 PPC Women s Forum Conference Programme T An exciting event with an impressive line-up is guaranteed to inspire the women of PPC. he 2015 Women s Forum Conference Programme has been carefully crafted to ensure that Inspiration can be found at every turn. Here are some of the highlights of the event that really should be attended and people who should be met and listened to... AFRICAN WOMEN UNITED FOR A PRODUCTIVE AFRICA Thursday 13 August 2015 MC Ms. Lerato Molefe 09 50 10 05 Entertainment 10 05 10 30 Mr. Bheki Sibiya Why Africa is a Laggard on Women Empowerment How can we fix it 07 30 08 30 Arrival Registration and Buffet Breakfast 08 30 08 45 Guests are seated 08 45 08 50 PPC WF Journey Video 08 50 09 00 Opening remarks and Welcome of Guests Ms. Tryphosa Ramano Chairperson of PPC WF 09 05 09 10 Remarks by PPC WF Sponsor Mr. Darryll Castle CEO of PPC Ltd 10 30 11 00 Tea and Entertainment 11 10 12 10 Panel One How can you Impact Africa 09 10 09 15 Praise Singers Rachel Gobingca and Jesicca Mbangeni Moderator Mr. Victor Kgomoeswana Panelists Dr. Namane Magau Engaging with the social and human faces of leading for positive Change in Africa today Ms. Dawn Mokhobo Tools techniques innovation to advance women of Africa to get them to positions of influence Ms. Miranda Nyathi Engaging the youth of Africa A ticking bomb or opportunity 12 10 12 30 Mr. Bonke Shipalana Motivational Speaker 09 15 09 50 Keynote Speaker Ma am Yvonne Kgame Vision of a Productive Africa 24 Inspirations Magazine Report 12 30 13 30 Lunch 13 30 14 00 Awards and Entertainment 14 00 15 00 Panel Two Integrated Business Models 15 00 15 30 Tea Break 15 30 15 45 Ms. Phuti Mahanyele Insights into the issues facing women today 15 45 16 00 Closing Remarks and Vote of Thanks Ms. Marlene Corrie PPC WF Deputy Chairperson Moderator Ms. Sindi Mabaso Koyana Panelists Mr. Paul Nyamuda Selling self new career idea business product or service while strengthening the social impact Ms. Helen Nicholson Crafting the future What are the Vital needs for a successful business Dr. Judy Dlamini The Working woman success in business and tools for learning. How can corporates partner better for Women s economic empowerment) 16 00 18 00 Entertainment Inspirations Magazine 25 Development A Catalyst for Change By Diana Genu In 2000 I moved to Cape Town to further my studies in Information Technology. This was a challenge because I was new to the lifestyle the experience of travelling by train and being fully independent. Things got worse in the classroom because it was the first time I had ever used a keyboard I was one of only two black students in the classroom my friend from the Free State who spoke Sesotho and did not even understand my language Xhosa and I. And yet we had to stay together so it was English waya waya but I taught her a bit of Xhosa. Nevertheless I passed my national diploma with bright colours and became the best student in one of the most difficult IT languages - JAVA. In 2002 I was employed at Life Health Care Centre in Hewu Hospital as an Administration Assistant for a period of six months and then I moved to Johannesburg in 2003 working for the same company at a Psychiatric Hospital in the same position. I resigned in 2004 and joined SANBS as a PA to the IT Director and I was the first black woman to be employed in the IT Department. I got promoted in 2009 to be a Service Administrator and in 2010 I joined the Procurement Department as a Buyer. It was in 2011 that I was promoted to be an Acting Contract Specialist and I was the only woman to sit in the tender adjudication committee. D iana the Princess of Love was born on the 21st of June 1982. I was born on the same day as Princess Diana s son Prince William and so my parents decided to name me Diana. My birth was announced in the newspapers which meant there was something special about me. I am a successful career woman a God-fearing woman and a mother of two my boy is 10 years and my daughter is 18months and they are both staying with my parents in the Eastern Cape. I was born in the Eastern Cape at Frontier Hospital in Queenstown and grew up in a small Township called Whittlesea. Growing up in a disadvantaged background taught me how to be humble and to be dedicated and my objective has been to work hard so that I can create change for my family and my Community. During my school years I was awarded certificates for being the best learner in Primary and High School. 26 Inspirations Magazine Development I grew in my career to a point where I was given a platform to present one of the tenders to EXCO and that remains one of my highlights today I resigned in 2012 and joined my current employer PPC as Buyer for Zimbabwe. I was told that they would not be able match my salary but I saw it as an opportunity to grow my career. It also gave me the chance to engage with the PPC women s Forum this year 2015 which is just so amazing. I have learnt a lot from the conferences which helped me to stop thinking like a girl and tackle work and life situations like a woman. I also attended the IWFSA conference with our CFO Mama Tryphosa - and Mama Francie and mingled with prominent business people dignitaries and the who s who s of Africa This year I volunteered to assist with the women s forum conference. I am also a member of Association of Women in Manufacturing Africa (AWIMA) thanks to my role models Mama Francie and Mama Tryphosa for bringing the opportunities that are changing women s lives. I am also very heavily involved in community projects. Our Vision is to showcase the previously undermined power and ability of women to contribute meaningfully to our community and so we use different kinds of events and the influences of entertainment and personalities to give voice to the voiceless and bring awareness development and community unity where necessary. We also give classes for Maths and Science to learners especially to those from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. I have groomed youth from different careers including the music industry and I was privileged to manage one of the big artists Mr. Xaba aka Joe Nina . I am also a member of Young Leaders Connect Prominent Women s Forum and I was a young speaker to be invited to the Prominent Women s Forum in 2014 to talk about how to educate a girl child. Soon I will be launching my perfume Made in Mzantsi working with Ntando Bangani to honour men. I have been very lucky and have even appeared on SABC 2 Ngomgqibelo ka Mokibelo to receive an award for a debate SABC 1 Roots talking about culture and heritage and appeared in Drum Magazine as part of the Prominent Women s Forum. I was interviewed on E-TV (Sunrise) for Vhakegula Vhakegula (Limpopo Granny s soccer team)and I am a founding member of Imbokodo Productions (wantint abafazi wantint imbokodo). I know what it feels like to lack and as long as I am still alive I will give and share my knowledge and be a catalyst of change. Thanks to Tata Madiba for this Freedom. I feel honoured to be an employee of PPC. Enkosi (Thank you). Inspirations Magazine 27 Development Woman doing it for Herself I am the founder sole owner and CEO of Lokuhle Trading and Projects a wooden door manufacturing company specialising in interior wooden doors based in Boksburg South Africa. I chose this business because every house needs a door. Every human inhabited building needs a door. Lokuhle Trading and Projects is not just a wooden door manufacturing company we are a company that in fact offers security privacy and protection from the elements in the form of a door. That is the core of our business. I am currently training in furniture manufacturing and offering interior design services at CIMERWA(PPC Rwanda) helping them to train young people in the art of carpentry and furniture design. CIMERWA is passionate about uplifting the community around which it works and as part of its CSI decided to uplift its carpentry centre section and to offer 10 members of the community training in furniture manufacturing using industrial machines with the intention of assisting the community members to establish a solid business once having received the training. Once the community members have completed the training they will be manufacturing the furniture for the new offices at CIMERWA something that has already begun. We got the contract in CIMERWA by referral. I had made some furniture pieces for one of the executives and while having a conversation with the CEO of CIMERWA the executive recommended Inspiration can be found in every space By Zanele Ntsibande founder sole owner and CEO of Lokuhle Trading and Projects Lokuhle Trading and Projects. I officially met with the CEO of CIMERWA as per invite in December and was briefed by the CEO about the project. The CEO of CIMERWA gave us the green light and we commenced with the current project. We currently supply hardware retailers construction companies and the DIY clients. Amongst other clients we supply Motheo Construction Group a grade 9 construction company. We are also listed to supply Builders Warehouse. My next goal is to increase our foot print in the retail and construction spaces and to add new product offerings which includes exterior doors skirtings and mouldings. I am inspired by a quote that I love by Learnard Ravenhill. I first heard this from Professor Nick Binedelle the Dean of GIBS The opportunity of a lifetime must be taken within the lifetime of the opportunity South Africa inspires me. Our history. Our People. Our tenacity. The will of the people of South Africa to make this country a better place for all. The job of an entrepreneur is to identify challenges or the needs of the community and to solve them and in turn make a profit. South Africa is a country with great challenges. IT IS THE OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME. 28 Inspirations Magazine Development Two Inspirational Women from CIMERWA Inspiration can be found in many places and can come from all sorts of incredible people. Two women who played a powerful role in the commissioning of the new CIMERWA plant deserve a moment of recognition for all their hard work. We take a look at Gloriose and Pamela. Gloriose Uzayisenga is an appointed Training Officer and has been employed at CIMERWA Ltd since May 2014. She is a source of inspiration for other employees who want to get the best out of their careers. On many occasions she has worked long hours and completed work in the stipulated time period even though she has to cater to her family as well. Her cheerful attitude to our employees who she calls her clients is to be saluted. I have seen her resolving conflicts and handling other difficult situations with remarkable patience and admirable tact. She loves people works hard and always tries to lift the spirits of those around her. For only one year after joining CIMERWA Gloriose achieved different targets where she started by ensuring that all staff members were equipped with necessary skills for the New Plant as she is convinced that a well prepared team is a productive team. She developed and implemented a training plan for operational readiness which played an important role in start-up of the New Plant. She is dynamic and driven and a wonderful person Pamela Kayitesi joined the company as the Personal Assistant to the CEO a position she held until August 2014 when she was appointed the Kigali Office Administrator. Among her heavy workload is included the handling of the logistics and accommodation of all the company guests as well as a liaison officer between sites and Kigali which is the capital city and the hub of all essential plant supplies. During the commissioning period Pamela handled this challenging workload with a high level of professionalism and customer care ensuring that all the guests were taken care of from their flight booking to their departure back home. It is worth noting that during this period the only flight connecting site to the outside world had to temporarily stop but her sense of organisation prevailed and removed the hardships around driving guests eight hours to the site. Both Gloriose and Pamela deserve congratulations for their hard work and spirit and of course inspirational behaviour. Inspirations Magazine 29 Leadership My View on Servant Leadership - Pay it Forward By Francie Shonhiwa W hen I think about leadership I think of the matriarch of an elephant herd. When the water dries up she assumes the grave responsibility of leading the herd sometimes across territories that she has never been to before in search of water. Such an undertaking requires faith courage commitment tenacity hope and selflessness - the desire to do something for the betterment of others commonly known as Servant leadership. In my life I have come across truly inspired and inspirational people who fit this model. Many leaders have bits and pieces of servant leader attributes and claim to serve the people they oversee. However exceptional servant leadership focuses on the needs of the followers without exception without prompting and without hesitation. A lot of organisations offer leadership training to their employees but this does not translate people into great leaders they still have to prove themselves. Leadership is recognised by the community or society one serves and this community bestows upon the person the mantle of leader. In most instances people in position of power are either rulers or leaders and some of those in positions of power may influence our lives but they may not necessarily lead us. 30 Inspirations Magazine Leadership The question is What journey does one have to walk to transform oneself as a leader You can only become a leader when you know very well the society or community you want to serve. Servant leadership is about service and choice - choosing what type of a leader you want to be. You have to work very hard to become a servant leader. In my own experience I had to search long and hard to find my purpose in life. What seemed like dead ends at the time weren t really they were just experiences testing me shaping me making me ready for what was to come. Lady Luck shone on my career and with my desire and commitment to uplifting others I was led to the most powerful servant leader Barbara Hill. Barbara founded and now runs Time for Change a home for orphaned and vulnerable children and youth who have lived on streets as well as former sex workers. Barbara is like the matriarch of an elephant herd. She has greatly inspired me to change my outlook when it comes to working with the marginalised people of our society. I had to elevate my own performance without thinking about my own wellbeing and by engaging with a servant leader like Ma am Barbara I work tirelessly to martyr myself for the sake of others or for the cause . Barbara taught me not to worry about my own needs my needs are being monitored and protected by her as a servant leader. For the last nine years I have been in this enviable position of working with a true servant leader. I am confident that this star leader will continue to rise with me allowing me to walk in her footsteps so that both of us will move beyond where we stood together years ago when we first started out. From lessons learnt I am pursuing to leave an indelible mark on my own leadership territory working on perfecting the best of my abilities to forge a brand of servant leadership for all those I lead. And in doing so I will be paying it forward. Because that s really what servant leadership is all about... Great leaders are led by great visions of what they want to achieve. You cannot be a leader in everything you have to make a choice of where you want to lead. I made a choice to be a leader in the socio-economic development business and my vision is informed by what I want the community to remember me by when I leave this planet. Will the community sing praises about my leadership style Will my wisdom be remembered long after I am gone With these two questions in mind I have written my own obituary which I read every day OBITUARY Francie was a simple woman who loved people and spent her life helping others discover who they truly are. She was a visionary who believed in herself and others treating everyone with respect and dignity. She was a true mentor and a role model to the community. Francie exuded passion and commitment in whatever she did. She was a woman who led From a position of trust justice fairness and excellence By inspiring a leadership culture where everyone thinks like an entrepreneur and is proactive By showing kindness through small simple acts By displaying a standard of care compassion and character well beyond anyone could imagine By stressing teamwork and involvement her favourite saying A single arrow is easily broken but not ten in a bundle Francie was fair firm honest empathetic consistent courageous and very approachable. Even at 110 Francie had amazing energy and enthusiasm always making things happen. Francie walked the talk she led by example. Francie touched many lives and her presence will be sorely missed. I may have not achieved the above yet I am still on a journey to my true self but I know the path that I wish to tread as I move forward into my future. Inspirations Magazine 31 Conversation Being Involved A father s perspective By Peter Max Retail Peninsula & Country Districts 32 Inspirations Magazine Conversation I t s early Saturday morning the 28th February 2015 and I hardly slept a wink in anticipation and excitement about the wonderful challenges that lay ahead of me as I prepared to pick up Gabriel (my new born son) and my wife Verna from the hospital. All I knew is that I had done my best in preparation for this day but was it enough As I made the trip to the hospital I could not help but wonder whether I had prepared enough for Gabriel s arrival. I went through a mental checklist to see if there was anything that I could have done. Was there any last minute preparation that I could have improved on This is a huge stage and I am going to need to bring more than my A game so as not to drop any balls. It s an exciting emotion that also commands a certain degree of fear and trepidation as you realise that you and your wife will be responsible for bringing up this young life in a challenging and changing world. Once Gabriel arrived home I quickly realised how huge the task at hand was for caring for such a small baby. He was born at a healthy weight of 3.84 kilograms (two weeks before his due date due to caesarean section) but yet somehow as a father I felt that my strong hands were not gentle enough to manoeuvre my way around the daily chores that my son needed me to do. Nappy changing is the first moment that you realise the level of dexterity required of you as a delay in placing the new nappy on may result in an accident and believe me you do not want an one of those as it means hard hand washing in order to get rid of the stains on the clothing that was involved The majority of our home now resembles a war zone that includes toy characters and a plethora of goods from Disney Fischer Price Chellini and some baby companies that until a few months ago were unknown to me. These lie strewn across the dining room and bedrooms and as I help my wife pack them away I cannot help but try and figure out how some of these gadgets work as many of these were not available when I was growing up as a kid. I am truly fascinated and in awe of how such a small person could command so much respect authority from his mother and father. He communicates in the only way that a child can at this stage crying and some weird sounds that range from little mumblings to loud and high pitched and that are indicative of his mood or request. Friends and colleagues had tried to instil fear into me with the dreaded pyjama drill as they call it. Gabriel s arrival has definitely meant some changes around our house as well as our daily routine but we have somehow managed to adjust our schedules accordingly. Sometimes we have to have a shift system for sleeping as his pattern may not necessarily tie in with ours. After a long day of growing up eating sleeping and staring into space as if to mark out his destiny and future goals it is now time to prepare Gabriel for bedtime. Our usual routine involves me carrying him in his baby carrier and a bit of television watching before he decides to call it a night or in some instances a morning as he may only fall asleep well after midnight. It is during these breath taking moments that I realise that this is what being involved as father is truly about. No amount of material wealth or money can replace this wonderful feeling especially after you master various intimidating tasks like nappy changes and feeding sessions. It is rewarding and satisfying. As exhausting and difficult as it may be at times I would not change it for anything in the world and I know that my place is to be cemented in this role of a father and always be involved in my son s life. His arrival has brought with it new challenges but also many indescribable moments of happiness. Inspirations Magazine 33 Opportunity CIMERWA Carpentry Project O ver the years CIMERWA had some carpentry equipment kept in one of the halls on site and it was used to repair furniture and fittings and also to fabricate small furniture on the site. During our engagement meetings with the community we realised that the youth in the neighbourhood no longer wanted to be given fish but instead they needed to be taught how to fish. It is against this background that management initiated a programme of training local youth in carpentry and this is a capacity building programme implemented in the framework of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This programme apart from capacitating local youth also makes use of the local resources in terms of wood and accessories alongside creating jobs for the community through processing the timber that makes the furniture. The project started in March 2015 with four trainees and one local trainer. As the carpentry project gained momentum it gained the attention of the local leaders who started calling for more enrolments of more trainees and more advanced skills and something that started out small suddenly began to expand both in scope and in size. At the same time the new plant was being completed and we had to equip the office with furniture fit for the purpose. The market could only provide the standard designs and we needed something more. Management then decided to expand the project to address both concerns manufacturing of the unique furniture tailored to our specifications and the training of local with advanced carpentry skills. As the project grew we also expanded its implementation framework and in that context we signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with MUGANZA Vocational school to partner in this project. The school allowed us to use part of its premises teaching staff and machinery while CIMERWA agreed to provide advanced training expertise and specialised machinery to implement this project in a way that is beneficial to both parties. Lokuhle Trading and Projects a South African company run by Zanele Ntsibande was also brought in this project to offer specialised skills in finishing and designing. Today the total trainers enrolled in the programme are 10 of which two are women. This project will benefit all the partners in various ways but more importantly the community in general and it is classified under the CIMERWA CSR projects. It is expected that after the project CIMERWA will have equipped all the offices in the new plant with fit for purpose and well-designed equipment. On the other hand the MUGANZA Voactional Training Centre (VTC) will acquire advanced skills for its teachers and students while earning rental on their equipment. This will contribute to the brand image and reputation of CIMERWA and it is in line with our CSR policy of empowering the community. It is expected that the trained community will form carpentry cooperatives which will uplift their leaving standards. All in all this is a wonderfully successful project that has enormous potential for the future and it is one that we are proud to be part of. 34 Inspirations Magazine In My View Know Yourself We are created differently know yourself and always remember that no other person in this whole world is like you By Betty Masinge B e authentic in the traffic of personalities around you. Keep calm move at your pace think at your own pace speak breath laugh love cry all at your own pace. Then the world will acknowledge you because there is none like you. Make time to discover who you are and be aware and alert at all times. You can only be aware if all your senses are engaged. Start where you are not all people need to travel the world to find themselves. Start with small simple things. Affirm your standpoint on those first because bigger things with far-reaching impact will require you to do research and know the facts first before you can put your weight behind them and do a deeper introspection. Be mindful about recording your achievements dreams challenges and aspirations. Add to these the skills that you have acquired along with the qualifications associations and experiences. The latter are means and ways to achieve dreams and express yourself as well as your aspirations but your core is made of your beliefs values and perceptions. Take from your past successes and failures live in peace and gratitude and always have a positive outlook of your future- imagine only the best. After all life is for us to make what we want to make of it. Self-mastery does not happen automatically it is the process of discovery actively searching with deliberate affirmation and conscious enforcement. Discovery meditate read meet people participate in events around you travel speak to family members Actively searching self-awareness coaching ask feedback from friends family and colleagues to identify areas of development Deliberate affirmation be true to your beliefs in all you do let people know what your point of view is talk to yourself practice your beliefs more than talking about them. Conscious enforcement avoid people environments and behaviours that are not consistent with your beliefs. Watch your thoughts they become words watch your words they become actions watch your actions they become habits watch your habits they become character watch your character for it becomes your destiny. Inspirations Magazine 35 Inspiration Inspired by the Majesty of the River By Sinobulhle Mlotshwa In this journey called life we will encounter many different situations and it is important to keep going 36 Inspirations Magazine Inspiration Happiness sadness hard times and good times. No matter what we are going through it is important to just keep going no matter what the circumstances. When I have fallen on hard times or feel like giving up I like to think of a river and all of its fascinating properties and this helps to keep me going. Rivers go through a journey of growth and change. They deepen and widen with the passage of time. This journey can be likened to the journey of life. The greatest rivers in the world must have started off as small little streams. That is the way we should look at our hopes and ambitions. We all have to start somewhere. Every experience that we go through shapes us and helps us grow into the great women that we dream to become. Rivers are dynamic. Although the river itself stays in the same place the water flowing through it changes. We should be like rivers constantly flowing but different and dynamic and willing to adapt and change. Rivers are beautiful. As a woman make sure that your beauty always shines through all the seasons of your life. Remain beautiful inside no matter what your situation. Do not let your circumstances dictate who you are. A river is beautiful whether it is dry or flowing. Rivers overcome obstacles. They flow around rocks and bends and they just carry on going. At some point in our lives we will encounter obstacles. Obstacles help us focus on what s important and make us tougher. Rather than focus on the obstacles we can use them to become stronger. Rivers are focussed and will flow to the sea. A river flows in one consistent direction. Staying focussed will keep your eye on the ball and will ensure you don t lose direction. Rivers dry up from lack of rain but as soon as it rains they come right back to life. Picking yourself up after a fall is never easy. Disappointment is a fact of life and must be dealt with. You can chose to become discouraged and give up or you can use it as a stepping-stone to better things. A river doesn t hold back. It flows freely without fear. Do not allow yourself to be confined and to only flow when people want you to. Make sure that you flow freely and create your own path. You are the master of your own destiny. Who you are and what you wish to be depend on you and you alone. Do not let anyone define your path or tell you what you can and cannot achieve. We should all aim to find a source of inspiration that will keep us going and enable us to refocus our energies when tough times come our way as they most certainly will. Your source of inspiration must be something that resonates with your soul. Inspiration cannot be acquired. It is something that comes from inside. I read of a lady who was inspired by the flow of ink in a pen. She was inspired by the way that ink worked for its specific purpose. The design of ink in a pen is such that there is no wastage and that principle can be applied to our jobs and homes. I am a Christian and God is my ultimate source of inspiration together with all of his creations. My job my family and all my material possessions have been acquired through God s mercies and he truly is the source of all my strength and comfort. My prayer and hope is that each and every PPC employee finds a source of inspiration and are inspired to work to the best of their ability. Inspirations Magazine 37 In My View The Female Touch By Maggi Loubser Group Chief Chemist Managing people requires a feminine hand The woman from Venus men from Mars analogy has much more to it than the tongue in cheek smile it elicits. Women are wired differently approach life and work differently and that is not a bad thing. While men are a lot more task-orientated and manage to compartmentalise their lives quite easily women often struggle to separate the two. We are at work the same person we are at home. At home our responsibilities are often as carers nurturers and organisers and we bring these same skills to the workplace. Women know how to listen and support and reach out to support fellow colleagues. This does not just happen in tangible ways but also often in emotional ones. Why As a scientist I like to look for the real hard evidence Recent neuroscience research findings have revealed that oxytocin is a bonding hormone that underlies the emotion of trust and helps humans to lower their guard. The release of oxytocin is modulated by the hormone oestrogen which we know are found more abundantly in females than males (yes men do have oestrogen ) This confirms why bonding behaviours like nurturing and caring come more naturally to women. Men can do it but physiologically they have less of the oestrogen building block helping them to release oxytocin so it is a lot harder E mployment equity. This is such a strong topic and one that raises a number of queries. Is it governmental bullying that impacts the future prospects of our male colleagues Or is it the one chance we have apart from trying to recognise and correct past imbalances of creating a workforce that is more holistic 38 Inspirations Magazine In My View Oxytocin also inhibits the release of cortisol (the stress steroid hormone) That s good news for women and also why women are viewed as having the ability to cope better with stress than their male counterparts. However sustained stress and suppressing high levels of cortisol are not good for either of us PPC is currently striving to increase the percentage of female managers and in the long run this may have an immensely positive effect on the organisation. We may be a cement manufacturer but our most valuable asset remains our people. A younger workforce understands the value of gender and demands a work environment that does not just remunerate them financially but contributes to their quality of life in a holistic way. PPC was built into the success it is through a traditional style of management with a very structured and disciplined approach that followed strict lines of reporting and relied on rules and regulations to provide guidance in all circumstances. The PPC of 2015 is a different place with a different workforce and over the past decade the employee has changed the way in which they want to be managed. Corporate change was slower and this led to climate issues and broken units in certain circumstances. Herein lies the strength of the female manager - don t dare call us a soft touch Have you ever seen a mother calling her brood to order (and often husband too) While we still are mainly a patriarchal society it is the silent strength of African woman that keeps this continent balanced spinning perfectly on its axis. In the workplace this silent strength gives women in management the ability to cope better with emotional demands and stress. Yes tears do occasionally spill but it is this outlet together with our greater ability to share our true feelings and emotions that keeps us healthy and strong for our teams. Our Teams - female managers tend to develop a healthy emotional bond with their subordinates that lends itself to nurturing and mutual trust alongside caring discipline where necessary. Genetically programmed to be mothers and nurturers we know instinctively how to curb exuberant enthusiasm without crushing spirits. We know how to discipline the unruly without destroying relationships and above all we know how to dream with our employees about their potential and guide them along the way. Organisational skills - having had to balance work and family our entire career women have excellent organisational skills. (Try to keep up with a husband and three children s work school and extramural activities and you will understand what I am referring too). We do not just have the ability to prioritise but also the hard-earned ability of knowing when and where to let go and to delegate. In delegating more we empower those reporting to us. Technical ability - female employees do not stand back for their male counterparts in this regard. The sad reality in current day South Africa is still that most girl children have had to overcome many hindrances just to make it to tertiary education and once in the workplace they have had to prove their mettle by working twice as hard. This provides them not just with the technical skills but also the tenacity to follow through on projects. It is only when we reach the stage where we do not have the need to refer to a manager as male or female that we will have reached the truly holistic environment where the strengths and weaknesses programmed into our X or Y-chromosomes work together for the greater good of the company. In the meantime give us a fair chance and measure our success by the outcomes. Inspirations Magazine 39 Inspiration Self-Development When life throws you curve balls All human beings have a desire to learn to grow and to contribute by Phindile Ntuane W hen I decided to enrol for an MBA in 2014 I was offered a promotion and my head of department suggested that I defer my studies for one year so I could focus on my new role. I agreed to the idea and that was my first curve ball park my studies until 2015. Then in September there was structural reshuffle in the department and I found myself in another new role. So now what Does this mean I must defer the degree another year I then realised there will always be curve balls and if I do not take the leap of faith I will never realise my dream and so I soldiered on and applied to start studying my MBA regardless. The second curve ball was in September when I received a letter that I had been accepted by a PPC approved institution to enrol for an MBA but I did not get the funding from PPC. I needed the funds as my studies were not part of my budget. My heart sank I cried and I was angry I was hurt and I was disappointed and discouraged. So now what My manager said I could enrol if I could afford to pay for myself he would support me in whatever way he could throughout my studies. This didn t make me feel any better as I had not saved for the degree and I had to think hard about why I wanted to study and what value the degree will add to my life. I had to somehow get funding and re-adjust my lifestyle and budget. I went and registered and I was on my way. The excitement I had when the classes started somehow reduced the emotional and financial strain on my life. This was an investment in my future and I soldiered on. During the first orientation week the syndicate teams played Amazing Race and received clues to collect items from downtown Johannesburg. This Amazing Race is as exciting and challenging as the real TV show. Towards the end of the Amazing Race right in the middle of Braamfontein next to the Eiland I got a phone call from the office that I need to call my son s school urgently. When I called the teacher explained how he had fallen during break and hurt his hand which had swollen up so I needed to go collect him and take him to hospital as she suspected that he had a fracture. Another curve ball My thoughts were on how I would manage these situations when the real modules started. How would I balance the family the career demands and the volumes of work required by the MBA Eventually my husband managed to get my son to hospital later that day. This experience made me realised that my studies will be a hard and emotional 40 Inspirations Magazine Inspiration journey. I had to reflect on the decision realising the potential obstacles going forward. During this experience I realised how much it would cost me emotionally. I had to keep my focus on the dream and on the vision of what I wanted to achieve to keep myself focused. With this in my mind I soldiered on. Now seven months into the journey and on the fifth block I have managed to pass all my modules still keep the climate positive in my department be a part time mum and wife with lots of family support and I am so glad I have soldiered on. The experience of studying towards an MBA has been so stretching and I am learning so much about the business environment. I am also learning so much about me and about my own capabilities. I have no regrets about this journey that I have and while I am sure life will still throw curve balls I will soldier on because I know where I am going. The curve balls are there to build character to expose our imperfections and to also make us realise the tenacity of our souls. If you have a dream and a vision about your life do not let go of that dream even when life throws you curve balls. One of my favourite motivational poems goes like this God did not promise days without pain laughter without sorrow nor sun without rain. He did promise strength for the day comfort for the tears and LIGHT for the way... Inspirations Magazine 41 Leadership Be Involved It Matters By Constance Netshifhefhe L eading world religions encourage their followers to be involved in both religious and social activities this is not only of utmost importance to their followers religious obligations but individual enhancement. People who seldom participate in social and religious engagements miss opportunities that in some cases that could alter their lives for good. 42 Inspirations Magazine Leadership Involvement has more benefits than drawbacks. Many people miss opportunities because they aren t interested this may cause them to miss what may turn out to be a tipping point in their life. Involvement can be loosely defined as participating in some task and for someone to be immersed in something that requires emotional and to some extent spiritual investment. Participation does not necessarily involve class hierarchy or particular influence but a person s innate interest and passion. A genuinely involved person is selfless but the return for their giving is immeasurable. A common thread in effective leadership hinges on the level of involvement. It s an experience - so what can a person become involved in Well that is a good thought. Where someone may say being involved is a waste of time as it does not make me a better person or enrich me financially or materially I would simply reply with a proverb that says less is more which is simply a purpose bigger than self. We are blessed to become a blessing to others and this is partly derived from our African heritage. You can be involved in giving a helping hand - a socially responsible person will be involved in helping others in need. No matter the position at our working place society or spiritual space - we need one another. Others are strong financially and can help with their endowments. Others are warm and just their words are enough to inspire the next person. For others just their presence is an influence enough and an encouragement. The question is What strength do you have that can be useful to others The second level of involvement is at the workplace what we call going the extra mile. A person that goes the extra mile catapults their usability. Your involvement at work beyond your job space will help you to increase your knowledge base your skills and broaden your horizons and tomorrow this will fuel your growth. Obviously there are dangers of over commitment and that should be guarded against. People who are overcommitted end up being too involved and this then leads to failure. A person who has good leadership skills would know how they can delegate or distribute whatever is on their plate to empower others further. A proverb that says you cannot give what you don t have is the reason why I chose to write this article. I believe my achievements to date are attributed to my involvement in different faculties of my life. I am involved in my family I am involved in spiritual matters I am involved at work and in other career building organisations and forums. When I went to my spiritual denomination in 2009 I barely understood the subject and the scale of the word Involvement . I would be involved only to comfortable levels until I came to understand that involvement requires some effort and maybe some level of discomfort. Involvement provides an opportunity for networking and interacting with people of diverse backgrounds nationalities tribes educational levels positions in society gender talents and so much more. My interaction with diverse Africans has enhanced my appreciation of diversity and further given me an opportunity to learn about other cultures and what unifies us as Africans. My involvement in the ministry world opened the doors for me to participate in some African projects an area yet to be fully explored. I am involved in my family - I am a role model to my two beautiful princesses Mukona and Munei. I may not have a full bank account but I can influence positive change for someone needing help. I am involved at work including my participation in the PPC Women s forum. I am involved in different spheres of life. I am involved because I am connected to humanity and the environment God has blessed us with. No matter whether you are young or old people should get involved in social political and religious duties as this will enhance their opportunities spirituality and bring some meaning to the lives of others. As a timeless South African creed Ubuntu emphasises I am because you are and we can only become complete human beings when we enhance each other s lives. Inspirations Magazine 43 Inspiration Inspiration by Leslie-Anne Boer Human Resource Manager S&M Coastal One child one teacher one book and one pen can change the world. - Malala Yousafzai I nspiration seems to be in short supply these days. You can easily be affected by news and media reports that tend to focus on the negative aspects of human nature. I ve learned to search for inspiration like some would seek out a hidden treasure. Some days you find a nugget and other days you hit the mother lode. Not too long ago inspiration came my way in the form of a young Pakistani school girl named Malala Yousafzai. Her book I am Malala caught my eye at an airport book store. I remember looking at her picture thinking what beautiful kind eyes she had and that she held herself with a grace and dignity beyond her years. I was intrigued to read her story little did I know the journey it would take me on. As a young girl I was a ferocious reader but now as an adult I m sad to say reading has become somewhat of a luxury activity. My father has always been a fierce advocate for reading and education and often relates the story about how he smuggled banned books through South African customs by wearing a body suit. These books included writings by authors of colour such James Baldwin and Richard Wright. We should cherish and exercise the freedom we have to read whatever we like. From a young age I cultivated a love for reading. I would visit other countries in my mind. I would become absorbed in people s lives struggles and triumphs through the pages of a book. I travelled up Mount Everest with Joe Simpsons and read how he survived a near fatal fall in his autobiography Touching the Void. I visited Afghanistan and became absorbed in two boys Amir and Hassan s friendship in The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. I went to the Congo with a missionary family in Barbara Kingsolvers book The Poisonwood Bible . It was all incredible... But I digress back to the airport where I purchased Malala Yousafzai s autobiography. I started to read it as soon as I boarded the airplane and could not put it down. I read about how Malala was shot in the head by the Pakistani Taliban for advocating girls rights to an education. I was inspired by her courage and determination in the face of fierce violence and opposition. She is quoted as saying When the whole world is silent even one voice becomes powerful. She was that one voice and she survived a vicious attack for standing up for what she believed in that every girl has the right to an education. Her voice was so powerful that she went on to become the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner in history. They say if you educate a man you educate an individual but if you educate a woman you educate a nation. Malala has taught me that education is the vaccine to violence. My wish is that we all become inspired to influence the young girls and women in our lives and to empower themselves through reading and education. 44 Inspirations Magazine Upliftment My PPC Story By Zelna Klaaste Technical Administrator at Group Laboratory Services G rowing up in a small mining town your only option for a good job was to work for the mine companies and in Lime Acres that was either PPC Lime or De Beers Finsch Mine. I worked for both organisations but was permanently employed at PPC Lime in 1997 as a typist clerk. I worked for Tokkie van As and Kleintjie Wiese was my supervisor. In 2001 I applied for a secretarial position at PPC Head Office in Parktown Johannesburg and to my surprise I was called for an interview and later got the position as Finance Secretary working for Keith Gibson. Moving from a small mining town to a big city was a big adjustment for me. I had to learn a lot very quickly as I was going to use public transport. Hectic I got lost a few times and either got home late or arrived late at work. The worst was for my parents to let me go to Johannesburg. In their minds they were sending me to Sodom and Gomorra and they were afraid that something awful would happen to me. Today I do agree with them this is definitely Sodom and Gomorra but I m still here and still alive by the grace of God. In 2006 I moved to Group Laboratory Services as Administrator and today I m still with Group Laboratory Services but now as the Technical Administrator and doing more health and safety work. I have been with PPC for more than 17 years now and I have grown up within the company in years and in my career path. I started my career in a clerical administration position but took a totally different turn in my career path as I m currently working as a SHE Practitioner and I m half way there already. For this I must give credit to Alta Walker who recognised my potential and pushed me in this direction. It has been a wonderful few years at PPC and here s to many more Inspirations Magazine 45 In My View Believe in Yourself 46 Inspirations Magazine In My View There are lessons to be learnt at every opportunity By Busisiwe Nyembe Chemist Group Laboratory Services I n February 2015 I was seconded to PPC Dwaalboom along with a colleague of mine. The plan was that we would be there for three months sharing our experience with the region since we are coming from Group Laboratory Services and also learn what happens in the quality department in a factory environment. The secondment came with no time for preparations and very little time to decide on whether I should go or stay so I chose to go. The decision was the best I could have made because I had come to PPC as a student in training many years ago got employed permanently and therefore had never worked anywhere else since leaving tertiary. Being at PPC Dwaalboom felt like a starting at a new job it was scary exciting and not what I had gotten used to at GLS so I quickly had to learn to adjust and gear up. There are many lessons this experience has taught me. The first lesson was that in life you should never be afraid to make a bold decision. Life may seem good because it is stable but the truth is you are just doing the same things every day and you have gotten so used to the same that you don t even stop to think of what if today could be different When an opportunity knocks on your door sometimes you must just make a decision and do the planning around it. The second lesson I learnt is that you need to be grounded in who you are because it keeps you sane when things get tough. Being grounded for me is making sure that my base is always taken care of and by that I mean my faith and my family. If your base is taken care of when the going gets tough you can always retreat so you can recharge and come back stronger. The third lesson I learnt was to blend in. Being in a new place meant spending time with new people learning about new personalities and that can be a challenge. What helped me is that I saw myself as a team member and not a guest therefore I could see things from my teams perspective and I felt confident in bringing in the insights from my fresh pair of eyes. To truly learn about people around you so that you can make an impact blend in and be a part of who they are. The fourth lesson I learnt is that knowledge shared is knowledge renewed. The best way of keeping yourself up to date with anything in your career is to share the knowledge that you have gathered over the years because the more you teach others the more you will realise that you need to go to the next level of acquiring knowledge so that you can grow There is a lesson to be learnt at every level of our jobs and from everybody that forms part of our teams therefore never look down on any contribution each member brings to the whole team. The last lesson I learned is to treat each day as an opportunity to make a difference whether big or small. It makes your day much more worthwhile when you can count at least one good thing that happened. In the midst of all that you need to do remember to always carry with you an attitude of gratitude because it is a reminder of how fortunate you are to be where you are when so many people in our country are without employment. Never stop believing in yourself and that you can do more because you are your biggest motivator no matter what comes your way that which you say to yourself about the situation can determine whether you will win or lose Inspirations Magazine 47 Leadership Women Empowerment Principles Principle 1 Establish high-level corporate leadership for gender equality Leadership Promotes Gender Equality Affirm high-level support and direct top-level policies for gender equality and human rights Establish company-wide goals and targets for gender equality and include progress as a factor in managers performance reviews Engage internal and external stakeholders in the development of company policies programmes and implementation plans that advance equality Ensure that all policies are gender-sensitive identifying factors that impact women and men differently and that corporate culture advances equality and inclusion Assure sufficient participation of women 30% or greater in decision-making and governance at all levels and across all business areas Offer flexible work options leave and re-entry opportunities to positions of equal pay and status Support access to child and dependent care by providing services resources and information to both women and men Principle 3 Ensure the health safety and well-being of all women and men workers Health Safety and Freedom from Violence Taking into account differential impacts on women and men provide safe working conditions and protection from exposure to hazardous materials and disclose potential risks including to reproductive health Establish a zero-tolerance policy towards all forms of violence at work including verbal and or physical abuse and prevent sexual harassment Strive to offer health insurance or other needed services - including for survivors of domestic violence - and ensure equal access for all employees Respect women and men workers rights to time off for medical care and counselling for themselves and their dependents In consultation with employees identify and address security issues including the safety of women traveling to and from work on company-related business Principle 2 Treat all women and men fairly at work - respect and support human rights and non-discrimination Equal Opportunity Inclusion and Non-discrimination Pay equal remuneration including benefits for work of equal value and strive to pay a living wage to all women and men Ensure that workplace policies and practices are free from gender-based discrimination Implement gender-sensitive recruitment and retention practices and pro-actively recruit and appoint women to managerial and executive positions and to the corporate board of directors 48 Inspirations Magazine Leadership Train security staff and managers to recognise signs of violence against women and understand laws and company policies on human trafficking labour and sexual exploitation Principle 6 Promote equality through community initiatives and advocacy. Community Leadership and Engagement Lead by example showcase company commitment to gender equality and women s empowerment Leverage influence alone or in partnership to advocate for gender equality and collaborate with business partners suppliers and community leaders to promote inclusion Work with community stakeholders officials and others to eliminate discrimination and exploitation and open opportunities for women and girls Promote and recognise women s leadership in and contributions to their communities and ensure sufficient representation of women in any community consultation Use philanthropy and grants programmes to support company commitment to inclusion equality and human rights Principle 4 Promote education training and professional development for women Education and Training Invest in workplace policies and programmes that open avenues for advancement of women at all levels and across all business areas and encourage women to enter nontraditional job fields Ensure equal access to all company-supported education and training programmes including literacy classes vocational and information technology training Provide equal opportunities for formal and informal networking and mentoring Articulate the company s business case for women s empowerment and the positive impact of inclusion for men as well as women Principle 5 Implement enterprise development supply chain and marketing practices that empower women. Enterprise Development Supply Chain and Marketing Practices Expand business relationships with women-owned enterprises including small businesses and women entrepreneurs Support gender-sensitive solutions to credit and lending barriers Ask business partners and peers to respect the company s commitment to advancing equality and inclusion Respect the dignity of women in all marketing and other company materials Ensure that company products services and facilities are not used for human trafficking and or labour or sexual exploitation Principle 7 Measure and publicly report on progress to achieve gender equality Transparency Measuring and Reporting Make public the company policies and implementation plan for promoting gender equality Establish benchmarks that quantify inclusion of women at all levels Measure and report on progress both internally and externally using data disaggregated by sex Incorporate gender markers into ongoing reporting obligations Source Inspirations Magazine 49 Awards The PPC Women s Forum Awards It is always a privilege to hand out awards to the women who have dedicated their time to helping others and making a difference and this year is no different. Here are our award winners our awards and insight into why these are so important to women today... The 2014 Gender Mainstreaming Awards saw PPC become the overall winner in three categories and first runner up in four categories. These are Winner Winner Winner Runner up Runner up Runner up Runner up Diversity & Transformation Economic Empowerment Mainstreaming Gender & Disability Equal Representation and Participation Investing in Young Women Women on Boards Gender and Poverty Alleviation 2014 PPC Women s Forum Annual Awards Emerging Young Talent Constance Netshifhefhe Maverick of the Year Mpume Dlamini and Juanita September Mentor Coach of the Year Liezl Appolis Leadership Busi Legodi Special award by PPC WF to PPC men Kelibone Masiyane 50 Inspirations Magazine Awards A number of the ladies who belong to the PPC Women s Forum also received awards and these are as follows 2014 Standard Bank Business Woman of the Year Busi Legodi Finalist 2014 Most Influential Woman in Business & Government Tryphosa Ramano Finalist 2014 Stevie International Award Women helping Women Francie Shonhiwa Gold 2014 Stevie International Award Maverick of the Year Juanita September Bronze 2014 Stevie International Award Executive Woman of the Year Tryphosa Ramano Bronze 2015 Standard Bank Business Woman of the Year Busi Legodi Finalist 2015 Young Achiever of the Year Azola Lowan Finalist 2015 Most Influential Woman in Business & Government Mpume Dlamini Finalist Constance Netshifhefhe Finalist Francie Shonhiwa Country Winner South Africa Regional Winner - SADC Inspirations Magazine 51 Awards The judging of the 2015 PPC WF Annual Awards was concluded on 30 July. We thank the judges Ma am Yvonne Kgame and Gwynn Prickett as well as our Auditors Phuti Semenya and Candice Putzier - for their efforts time and commitment. Committee Members The PPC WF Zimbabwe conducted elections on 21 July 2015 and the new committee is shown on Page 20. The Zimbabwe outgoing committee is delighted to welcome the new team to the fold and hope that their time on the committee is as rewarding and wonderful. Two members from the Sandton committee resigned. Mpume Dlamini was co-opted to replace the Samantha Seshoka as Committee Secretary until the next election in November 2015. Special thanks to the volunteers of the PPC WF annual conference who selflessly gave their time and effort to make the conference a success. We salute the following women Constance Netshifhefhe Diana Genu Anza van Huyssteen and Mpume Dlamini. To all those who contributed articles for publication thank you all for making the Inspirations Magazine a success. 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