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A Parkway Pantai Quarterly JULY - SEPTEMBER 2015 COVER STORY Parkway Pantai expands into East Malaysia PAGE 6 Recipients of Nursing Philosophy PAGE 28 Excellence Award Long-serving staff behind Singapore operations PAGE 34 july to september 2015 editor s note Saving and transforming lives is the raison d etre of every healthcare provider. Sometimes the significance of what we do is lost as we battle daily challenges in our fast-paced environment. The recent Sabah earthquake is an excellent reminder of the important role we play. Gleneagles Kota Kinabalu was quickly mobilised by the local authorities to treat some 20 injured climbers who were evacuated from Mount Kota Kinabalu. While we were saddened by the disaster we took comfort that our newest hospital in Malaysia responded expeditiously to the emergency and was able to offer medical assistance to the victims. This was only possible because the hospital had opened one month ahead of schedule. As Parkway Pantai continues to bring its healthcare expertise into new markets we must always be mindful of our purpose and duty in delivering outstanding patient care. We must also remember and salute the nurses who work roundthe-clock to bring comfort to the ill. As Singapore celebrates Nurses Day on 1 August we would like to take this opportunity to thank all angels in white no matter where you may be and wish you happiness and good health. Happy Nurses Day PARKWAY PANTAi TEAm Editor-at-large Lim Bee Ling Editorial Advisors Ahmad Shahizam Janet Low Copy Editors Angeline Ang Charissa Tan DESiGN ENTELECHY CONTRiBUTORS Writers Thava Rani Evelyn Mak Photographers Terence Tan Sng Meng Lee EDITOR S NOTE Mosaic is published quarterly by Parkway Pantai Limited and printed by A&D Printhub Pte Ltd. All rights reserved. No portion of this publication may be reproduced without the written permission of the publisher. We take every care and precaution to ensure that information published in Mosaic is accurate at the time of publication but Parkway Pantai cannot guarantee its accuracy and we may change the information at any time without prior notice. The information contained in Mosaic magazine is not an invitation to invest in the shares or any other products or services or otherwise deal in these or enter into a contract with Parkway Pantai or any other Parkway Pantai Company. 1 Parkway Pantai Limited TripleOne Somerset 111 Somerset Road 15-01 Singapore 238164. Tel ( 65) 6307 7880 Fax ( 65) 6738 7341. Parkway Pantai Limited 2014. This publication and information contained herein is strictly for internal use only and contains Parkway Pantai proprietary information which is restricted to Parkway Pantai employees and within the Parkway Pantai Group. Access to use or copying by non-Parkway Pantai employees in any form or other is strictly prohibited. For information about Parkway Pantai visit All information correct as of date of print. Parkway Pantai Limited Company Registration No. 201106772W MCI (P) 111 02 2014 WE WANT YOUR FEEDBACK Do you have story ideas or comments to share with us Write to grpcorpcomms or Group Corporate Communications Parkway Pantai Limited 15-01 TripleOne Somerset 111 Somerset Road Singapore 238164. 04 28 06 32 12 34 16 40 20 CONTENTS 04 06 10 NEWS BITES Bite-sized health news and tips 28 AT YOUR SERVICE Four exemplary nurses share their philosophy Reinforcing the importance of patient safety COVER STORY Parkway Pantai delivers on growth strategy with new world-class hospitals 34 40 SPOTLIGHT Parkway Pantai celebrates long service and commitment of its Singapore staff CORPORATE CITIZENSHIP Life Renewed turns life around Nurturing tomorrow s healthcare professionals Waging war on colorectal cancer NEW SCIENCE Pantai Hospital Ampang enhances diagnostic capability 16 20 SNAPSHOTS Through the lens around Parkway Pantai PROFILES Dr Ong Sea Hing on how cardiology brings on his adrenaline rush Dr Peter Ch ng explains why troubled skin goes beyond skin deep exercise during pregnancy There are mums-to-be who believe they should eat for two and rest as often as they can during pregnancy. Recent studies suggest otherwise. Researchers from the University of Alberta analysed 28 studies that looked into the relation between maternal exercise and the influences it had on babies. It was found that women who exercised during pregnancy were 31 per cent less likely to have a large baby without increasing the odds of having a small or premature baby. The probability of having a Caesarean birth also dropped by 20 per cent. Gaining too much weight and not engaging in physical activity during gestation has been linked to obesity in children. Researchers say that engaging in moderate exercise has been found to reduce the chances of the baby becoming obese in childhood significantly. Source Mail Online healthier cereal Cereals are a popular breakfast choice. Despite their wholesome image many household favourites are in fact loaded with sugar and do not provide as much nutrition as you might expect. When choosing a cereal prioritise its fibre content and go for one that contains at least 7g per 100g. Wholegrain ingredients such as whole wheat barley and rolled oats contain natural fibre protein and antioxidants so look for a cereal that is at least 50 per cent whole grain content. Cereal containing dried fruit adds variety but keep the total sugar content below 25g per 100g for a healthier choice. As for sodium content 400mg per 100g or less is the way to go. Source NEWS BITES 4 going bananas A study from Appalachian State University s Human Performance Lab revealed that half a banana provides as much fuel as a sports drink plus a boost of antioxidants and other nutrients when consumed every 15 minutes during a cycling time trial test. It s no wonder even top athletes are going bananas over bananas Bananas are one of the cheapest fruits available. They can be eaten in a multitude of ways and are packed with nutrients. One medium-sized banana provides 20 per cent of an adult s daily requirement of vitamin B6 15 per cent of the vitamin C intake three grams of fibre and close to 10 per cent of the daily potassium requirement. Studies have shown that individuals who have potassium-rich diets are at a lower risk of getting high blood pressure and stroke. Bananas are also easy to digest and provide relief for gastrointestinal distress. Source check obesity with a string A new study by Oxford Brookes University suggests that using a piece of string to measure your waist is a more reliable method of gauging healthy weight than the commonly used Body Mass Index (BMI). Critics of the BMI have said it does not take into consideration people with heavy bones or lots of muscle. The string method is simple. All you have to do is to measure your height with a string first then fold the string into half and wrap it around your waist. If it doesn t fit comfortably you re probably carrying more than healthy levels of body fat. The study of 2917 people aged 16 and above revealed that more than a third of those classified as normal by BMI would have been flagged up by this method. Source The Telegraph bacteria on beard In the eyes of some people beards are like a fashion statement but they may also be a mega collection of poop particles. Microbiologist John Golobic of Quest Diagnostics collected bacterial samples from the beards of a number of men and found that some beards contained shocking amounts of rancid bacteria that are usually found in faeces to a degree that could be putting beard owners health at risk. There is no need for alarm as such bacteria can be found on almost everything including mobile phones and toothbrushes. However researchers recommend that beard wearers wash their hands regularly and avoid touching the facial hair to maintain the cleanliness of a beard. Source NEWS BITES 5 running in reverse Reverse running first emerged in the 70s when it was recommended to injured athletes and footballers by sports doctors. Now it is often recommended to those with knee and back problems as there is less movement of the hips reducing impact on the joints. Backwards running expert Karl Twomey says it improves balance and peripheral vision in addition to toning calf and thigh muscles without straining the Achilles tendon like regular running. To top it off it also burns as much as 20 per cent more calories than running forward. Source Body Soul Australia DELiVERiNG on our GROWTH STRATEGY Parkway Pantai expands into East Malaysia with the opening of Gleneagles Kota Kinabalu in Sabah. 2015 is a landmark year for Parkway Pantai as it ramps up its expansion plans with four new hospitals coming on stream. The first Gleneagles Kota Kinabalu commenced operations on 5 May 2015 to warm welcome from the local community. COVER STORY 6 With this Parkway Pantai further grows its hospital network to a total of 22 in 7 countries across Asia. Sometime in August Danat Al Emarat Hospital our managed hospital in Abu Dhabi will open its doors. Come second half of 2015 Gleneagles Medini an iconic hospital in Iskandar Johor with adjoining medical suites will also start to see patients. Construction of Gleneagles Khubchandani a 50 50 joint-venture hospital in Mumbai India is expected to be completed by end of the year. And the Parkway Pantai growth story continues to unfold. COVER STORY Our role here goes GLENEAGLES KOTA KiNABALU beyond that of a First hospital in Sabah built to JCI standards healthcare operator. Located in the heart of Sabah s capital city along the coastal highway Gleneagles Kota Kinabalu (GKK) bears the hallmarks of a premium Gleneagles hospital. Built We see ourselves as to Joint Commission International (JCI) standards the tertiary care hospital is well modern facilities and a an integral part of the resourced with cutting-edge technologies healthcare professionalstalented pool of leading medical practitioners and allied committed to provide best-in-class patient care and clinical outcomes at competitive rates. community promoting course and sunset local employment and On the finer side GKK offers golfhired from hotels. views plus wholesome and delicious food prepared by chefs the well-being of the The hospital is poised to be a new referral centre for East Malaysia attracting international patients from around the region. Even local doctors and nurses who local population. We had migrated overseas found themselves drawn back to Sabah with the prospects of working in a highly reputed Gleneagles hospital. also hope to make a Environment Minister Datuk positive contribution in Tourism Culture and GKK s international standard Seri Panglima Masidi Manjun is to optimistic that given facilities which are comparable some of the best hospitals in Singapore and Thailand Sabah would become one of boosting tourism the preferred destinations for medical tourists. for Sabah. Jean-Francois Naa Chief Executive Officer Gleneagles Kota Kinabalu 7 The doctors and nursing team were professional and very attentive. That plus the modern and comfortable environment of the hospital made the whole birthing journey a pleasant experience. Parents Dickson and Nicole Chong whose baby was delivered at Gleneagles Kota Kinabalu COVER STORY 8 Now I can talk with confidence whenever I go overseas to promote Sabah that we have a hospital that is as good as anywhere in the world he said at a press conference held after Chief Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Musa Haji Aman and his cabinet ministers previewed the new hospital on 29 April 2015. We hope that Gleneagles Kota Kinabalu will not only provide quality healthcare to Sabahans but also draw people from other countries around Sabah such as Indonesia Philippines Korea and even China for treatment. Gaining momentum GKK has been notching milestones since it began serving patients on 5 May 2015. On 7 May it welcomed the birth of its first baby a 2.53kg bouncing baby boy born to third-time parents Dickson and Nicole Chong by Caesarean section. It was a very special and exciting moment for our family to deliver our baby at GKK. The doctors and nursing team were professional and very attentive. That plus the modern and comfortable environment of the hospital made the whole birthing journey a pleasant experience said the proud parents. 15 May witnessed the soft opening of the hospital by its Chief Executive Officer Jean-Francois Naa and his team with the local media in attendance. On the same day GKK s first baby girl was born. To engage the community the hospital held an Open Day on 24 May during which members of the public enjoyed a day of fun and games participated in health talks and health screenings and learnt about GKK s offerings through guided tours. Despite being a young hospital GKK s team of doctors and medical professionals responded swiftly and efficiently when mobilised after an earthquake struck Sabah on 5 June. The hospital treated 20 patients 18 of whom were climbers transferred from Mount Kota Kinabalu. COVER STORY Key offerings GKK is Parkway Pantai s first healthcare facility in East Malaysia built in partnership with Riverson Corporation Sdn Bhd and Warisan Harta the Sabah government investment arm. The eight-storey hospital houses 250 beds 84 medical suites six operating theatres 15 intensive care units (ICU) and six labour and delivery suites. It is complemented by comprehensive support services such as radiology and imaging health screening dialysis clinical laboratory physiotherapy and rehabilitation and a first-rate ambulance service run by the same provider for the Sepang Formula 1 Circuit. For a start GKK has centres of excellence in cardiology gastroenterology orthopaedics and women and children. Enabling the hospital s service ethos of Excellent Healthcare Quality Service and Patient Safety is a team of 250 medical professionals including more than 30 fulltime resident doctors and visiting consultants. The majority of them including 90 per cent of the hospital s nurses are local Sabahans. We are providing many jobs for the local people by employing mostly Sabahans and Malaysians who have established their roots in Sabah to work in the hospital. We even have Sabahans returning from Dubai Saudi Arabia and West Malaysia to join us said Jean-Francois. Our role here goes beyond that of a healthcare operator. We see ourselves as an integral part of the community promoting local employment and the well-being of the local population. We also hope to make a positive contribution in boosting tourism for Sabah. 9 A NEW LiFE at last Born without an anus M B Nesh was shunned for most part of his life because of his medical condition until Parkway Pantai s Life Renewed programme turned his life around. Growing up Nesh was subject to countless merciless taunts as he was born with an imperforate anus meaning that he had no anal opening. At birth surgeons made small openings in his belly and attached the ends of his intestines to the openings so that he could pass motion directly into a pouch that was attached outside the body. When he was three his doctors surgically created an anus for him. However there was one problem he could not control the release of his bowels so faecal soilage was a daily occurrence. I still wore diapers when I went to K1 and because of that the children teased me. It got so bad I didn t want to go back. I dropped out of K1 he said. The teasing continued when he went to primary school. I was relegated to the back of the class where I sat alone. No one wanted to sit with me or be my friend. They said I was stinky. CORPORATE CITIZENSHIP 10 I got a second chance to make something of myself. I will definitely make sure I will live up to my late parents expectations. M B Nesh a beneficiary of the Parkway Pantai Life Renewed programme At 16 Nesh dropped out of school. That same year he lost his mother suddenly to a heart attack. Eight months later a road accident claimed the life of his elder brother. Before he could bounce back both his father and his best friend a pet dog died from cancer half a year later. Nesh contemplated suicide. But he did not want to disappoint his late mother who always encouraged him to make something out of his life despite his condition. Nesh knew then he had to pick himself up. He started studying part-time and took up odd jobs working as a cleaner mover and security guard. Despite his best intentions his incontinence condition worsened. Performing an artificial bowel sphincter (ABS) surgery was recommended. However due to financial constraints he went with the cheaper option of creating a stoma to divert his stools to a bag attached to his abdomen. Post-surgery Nesh went on to complete his O levels as a private student. Thereafter he studied for a diploma in logistics and operations management and landed a job in a shipping firm. However constantly moving heavy equipment caused him to suffer hernias at the stoma site repeatedly. A more permanent solution was needed. But the surgeries including the cost of ABS implant and hospital expenses would exceed S 100 000. This was way beyond his means. His doctor Dr Aileen Seah a general surgeon at Parkway East Hospital (PEH) recommended him for the Parkway Pantai Life Renewed corporate social responsibility programme. Life Renewed is supported by the Khazanah IHH Healthcare Fund which was set up in 2012 to improve the quality of life for less fortunate patients by covering the costs of surgical and medical procedures. His case was accepted by the Life Renewed programme. Nesh underwent a series of surgeries successfully at PEH this year to implant an ABS. Life is looking up for the 29-year-old. Recently he wedded his girlfriend of four years. CORPORATE CITIZENSHIP I got a second chance to make something of myself. I will definitely make sure I will live up to my late parents expectations. 11 NURTURiNG tomorrow s HEALTHCARE professionals 60 students got a glimpse of what it is like working in a hospital as part of a new community engagement programme organised by Parkway East Hospital. CORPORATE CITIZENSHIP 12 Handling mock medical emergency scenarios and treating patients that was what 60 students aged 15 to 18 got to experience at Medical High School . The programme was launched on 28 March 2015 at Parkway East Hospital (PEH) and held over three Saturdays. The students were exposed to various specialties such as general surgery gynaecology orthopaedics radiology and physiotherapy via event lectures and trainings conducted by PEH doctors. Through Medical High School we aim to give students a better appreciation of various healthcare professions and inspire them to embark on a career that makes a difference said Phua Tien Beng Chief Executive Officer of PEH. CORPORATE CITIZENSHIP Through Medical High School we aim to give students a better appreciation of various healthcare professions and inspire them to embark on a career that makes a difference. Phua Tien Beng Chief Executive Officer of Parkway East Hospital 13 In addition to educating the future generation this programme also gives the students a realistic view of the medical profession beyond the classroom and textbook. Student Karan Singh Randhawa shared along with learning more about how everything works in the hospital and how doctors work together I have also learnt about the challenges of becoming a doctor. It is definitely not an easy task having everything going on and helping people out to the best of your ability. More than 200 students from Dunman High School Victoria School and Victoria Junior College had to ballot for a slot in this programme. By popular demand PEH is holding second intake for Medical High School in July 2015. the CURABLE CANCER Sending a strong message to the community that colorectal cancer is preventable treatable and beatable Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur and Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur held special Blue Star events in conjunction with International Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. CORPORATE CITIZENSHIP 14 In Malaysia alone an estimated 2 900 new cases of colorectal cancer are reported yearly with 60 per cent of cases affecting males. With proper and timely screening the risk of developing colorectal cancer decreases by 90 per cent. Yet a majority of Malaysians are still unaware of screening as a pre-emptive measure resulting in this disease being one of Malaysia s leading causes of cancer deaths. Their approach may be different but Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur (GKL) and Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur (PHKL) are gunning for the same outcome increased public awareness of the importance of screening for colorectal cancer. The Blue Star a recognised symbol for colorectal cancer awareness represents their collective commitment to this cause. We decided to bring the Blue Star campaign to Malaysia because we believe that it is vital for Malaysians to be educated about colorectal cancer. With proper education and awareness we can prevent it from taking our loved ones too soon. Dr Adzuan Rahman Chief Executive Officer of Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur gklgoesblue GKL launched its Blue Star campaign on 11 March 2015. Malaysian celebrity chef Chef Wan lent his support by doing a healthy cooking demonstration. The hospital also organised public health talks a 3D learning gallery and a photo contest on Instagram titled gklgoesblue to galvanise Malaysians into showing solidarity with the Blue Star campaign and supporting the fight against colorectal cancer. Colorectal Cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in the world today. We decided to bring the Blue Star campaign to Malaysia because we believe that it is vital for Malaysians to be educated about colorectal cancer. With proper education and awareness we can prevent it from taking our loved ones too soon said Dr Adzuan Rahman Chief Executive Officer of GKL. PHKL A Fundraiser PHKL together with Colorectal Cancer Survivorship Society Malaysia (CORUM) and Malaysian Society of Colorectal Surgeons (MSCRS). launched the Blue Star Buds & Guts A Colorectal Cancer Carnival for a Cure on 29 March 2015. The event attracted over 1 000 participants. Members of the public of all ages took part in various educational activities such as the Blue Star car treasure hunt free basic health screening free colorectal cancer screening blood donation drive and other health-related programmes. The Carnival for a Cure is an interactive and informative platform for the community to understand more about the disease. It is unfortunate that most cases of colorectal cancer presented to us are in the later stages of the disease. It is a highly curable condition if detected in its early stages emphasised Dato Dr Meheshinder Singh Organising Chairman PHKL. The proceeds from the PHKL carnival were channelled to CORUM to support various public health outreach programmes and Malaysian colorectal cancer patients and survivors. CORPORATE CITIZENSHIP 15 PARKWAY PANTAi professorship cheque presentation Research work into the causes prevention and treatment of agerelated disorders by the NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine received a S 3 million boost from Parkway Pantai. On 3 July 2015 Parkway Pantai Chairman Dato Mohammed Azlan bin Hashim and Group Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director Dr Tan See Leng presented the donation to NUS at their 110th Anniversary Medical Dinner. With this S 3 million gift comes the Parkway Pantai Professorship in Medicine and Healthy Ageing which will provide direction and support for more extensive research into the causes as well as prevention of neurocognitive and orthopaedic illnesses associated with ageing such as dementia and bone muscle and joint disorders. Our contribution to this Professorship will enable NUS to access eminent academics and clinicians to help advance geriatric medicine in Singapore said Dr Tan. Parkway Pantai has always believed in making a positive impact to the world. We do that daily together with our clinical partners to save lives and bring comfort to our patients. By investing in research and enhancing education in emerging healthcare issues we would not only benefit our patients today but also the generations to come. SNAPSHOTS 16 screen for PEACE OF miND An apple a day keeps the doctor away but doing that does not mean one gets to skip their regular health screening In the month of May the Quality Work Life Committee arranged for free annual health screening by Parkway Shenton for all Parkway Pantai staff in Singapore. Family members of staff also got to enjoy this perk at discounted rates. it s a STRiKE Pins went rolling as Parkway Pantai staff in Singapore took the lanes once again to compete for the coveted annual Gala Bowl challenge trophy. This year a total of 30 teams comprising 120 staff gathered at Orchid Bowl E hub Downtown East on 12 April 2015 for a morning of strikes spares and splits. Team Smart Bowler from Mount Elizabeth Hospital emerged as overall champions with a winning score of 1801 pinfalls. SNAPSHOTS 17 REViEW mid-year Close to 800 staff in Singapore gathered at Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre to attend Parkway Pantai s mid-year town hall on 23 June 2015. Dr Lim Suet Wun Chief Executive Officer of Parkway Operations Division updated the crowd on the organisation s accomplishments to date as well as plans and programmes across the facilities for the next six months. Staff were also treated to a special preview of the funky mass dance they were supposed to learn for the upcoming Dinner and Dance in August. As the theme was Back to School. The Chairman of the organising committee Adrian Lee gamely donned his prefect uniform while making his sales pitch why 2015 D&D is one not to miss to the tickled staff. Staff also enjoyed the refreshments provided post-town hall and catching up with one another. SNAPSHOTS 18 an oceanarium ADVENTURE On 31 May 2015 a group of 30 Pantai Hospital Ayer Keroh (PHAK) Junior Club members and their families went on an interactive educational journey at The Shore Oceanarium a new attraction in Melaka. They had a memorable time discovering the wonders of the marine kingdom and experiencing the underwater world through a 3D tour. The PHAK Junior Club was formed in April 2001. Membership is given exclusively to children who are born at the hospital and is valid for a period of 12 years. SNAPSHOTS 19 PROFILES 20 small TOWN BOY makes GOOD Malaysian interventional cardiologist Dr Ong Sea Hing finds his groove at Parkway East Hospital. There are many ways one can make a difference to the lives of others. Thankfully for his patients these were not too obvious to interventional cardiologist Dr Ong Sea Hing back when he was deciding on his career. Growing up in the small town of Sitiawan in Perak Malaysia things were pretty straightforward to the young Dr Ong. He knew he wanted to do something meaningful. He also enjoyed dealing with people communicating and interacting with them. PROFILES Cardiology is also very exciting. I enjoy that adrenaline rush when doing CPR putting in tubes or unblocking arteries. Dr Ong Sea Hing interventional cardiologist at Parkway East Hospital In my naivet then I thought I could do all these things only as a doctor. There was also the stereotype that we all grew up with if you were smart and you were competent enough you became a doctor says Dr Ong. Moving across the Causeway By this time he had already met a young girl from Johor at a national youth camp. They became friends and even after he got accepted to read medicine at University of Malaya and she at National University of Singapore they continued to stay in touch as pen pals. There were no emails back then so you write letters and wait excitedly for a few weeks for a reply to come in. Soon love blossomed between the two and they were keen to find a way to be in the same country. So after graduation he applied to work as a house officer in Singapore. The Singapore Medical Council required me to pass the local exams before I could work here. As far as I know I m the only University of Malaya Faculty of Medicine graduate who has sat for the MBBS final exams in two different countries within the same year shares the 40-year-old. 21 Heart matters Having tried different postings as a house officer Dr Ong realised he liked using his hands. However he found out surgery was not his cup of tea because you could stay awake for two days in a row Eventually he found his calling with cardiology. It had just the right balance of patient contact intellectual analysis and hands-on procedures he felt. Cardiology is also very exciting. I enjoy that adrenaline rush when doing cardiopulmonary resuscitation putting in tubes or unblocking arteries. At his clinic that he now shares with long-established cardiologist Dr Baldev Singh Dr Ong specialises in performing coronary artery angioplasty and stenting including complex coronary interventions. So the addition of a young interventional cardiologist will not only prolong the life of the practice but will also invigorate and synergise the practice. Dr Baldev Singh interventional cardiologist at Parkway East Hospital Happy partnership The practice at Parkway East Hospital (PEH) was set up by Dr Singh in the late 1980s when the medical centre extension to the hospital was first built. Since then it has grown into a thriving outfit with loyal patients. I ve been a doctor for 40 years and worked in PEH for 28 years. After all these years I still enjoy seeing patients and interacting with them. I would say the practice is at its peak now shares Dr Singh. But he was also acutely aware of the need for succession planning and started making plans about two years ago. And that led to an introduction to Dr Ong through mutual friends. The addition of a young interventional cardiologist will not only prolong the life of the practice but will also invigorate and synergise the practice. Young doctors like Dr Ong are better trained in newer procedures which use new technologies to treat patients explains Dr Singh an international cardiologist himself trained in the USA. For Dr Ong it was Dr Singh s reputation and good relationship with patients that sealed the deal. He officially joined the practice in April this year. After getting to know Dr Singh over the past one year I realised we re very similar in the way we manage patients and in our personality as well. So far we ve gotten along very well. He s really serious about caring for his patients and ensuring they continue to receive good care even when he decides to retire some time later. The partnership worked out well for Dr Singh too. We liked each other immediately. Patients also develop an instant liking for Dr Ong. He s taking over bit by bit as I slowly scale down so that I can have a bit more time for myself and my family. But I intend to be here for at least another three to five years lets on Dr Baldev. PROFILES 22 The home front A happy partnership also works in the home front for Dr Ong. His childhood sweetheart and now wife Dr Melanie Seah is a breast surgeon. They have a daughter and two sons. Clearly a family man at heart Dr Ong believes in finding the right work-life balance. This can be a challenge as some days can be really long and being on-call takes him away from the family. PROFILES It s not as frequent now. If you come back to the hospital early part of the night by the time you head back the kids are all asleep. And if you come in after midnight your body finds it hard to recover. Hopefully as I grow in private practice I can have better control of my time he reveals. The 18 months the family spent together in Germany in 2010 and 2011 were therefore to him the best time as a family . He underwent a one-year training stint at Siegburg Heart Centre on a scholarship and then spent six months homeschooling the older two kids while his wife completed her training. We both had minimal responsibilities and it was good bonding time for all of us. Germany is also a really good location to see the rest of Europe. Nowadays family time centres round coaching the kids in their homework and getting them to their enrichment classes. As a father there are many qualities he wishes to inculcate in his kids. I try to teach them to carry out their duties responsibly and to love and care for others. I feel these things are important to keep them grounded he says. Spending time with his wife is also a priority to him. So they enjoy weekly date nights and swing dancing lessons together. One thing is for sure Dr Ong is clearly on his way to making a difference in the lives of others both in and out of the hospital. 23 beyond SKiN DEEP Think skin and the first thing that comes to mind would probably be beauty . Dermatologist Dr Peter Ch ng begs to differ. One look at Dr Peter Ch ng Wee Beng is enough to convince anyone that he practises what he preaches. The consultant dermatologist who practises at Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur has smooth glowing skin that would put most women to shame although he jokes that it is only an occupational requirement for him. 24 Dermatology is a unique specialty where the pain and suffering is not necessary physical but can be emotional or psychological. Beneath the seemingly happy-go-lucky 38-year-old father of four is a clinician dedicated to his specialty. The skin being the body s largest organ he takes his work as a craft that demands continuous improvement. Dr Ch ng s commitment to his work did not arise out of the blue. To this day he remembers catching a bad cold at the age of 12 and suffering from a sore throat cough and fever for days. Even after seeing three doctors his condition remained until his uncle a doctor practising in Brunei visited his family during Chinese New Year. He took a good look at me diagnosed me with gastritis and mild pneumonia and increased my dosage of medications. Within two days I was well recalls Dr Ch ng. The incident left an indelible mark on the young boy imprinting on him the importance of being a good doctor. PROFILES Choosing dermatology Dr Ch ng s call to dermatology started way before he even contemplated doing medicine. His father suffered from severe psoriasis and was in and out of hospital a lot in the late 1970s. The constant trips to the hospital were distressing to the family because his mother a housewife had to make the long drives from Pasir Gudang to the Sultanah Aminah Hospital 40 kilometres away. That was before the highways were built and the narrow roads then were a real challenge to my mother. At the hospital my father had to come down from his ward to see us because children were not allowed to visit he says the rare furrow appearing on his smooth brow in recollection. His father s condition made him see that skin disease is not just an aesthetic problem as it can cause the patient and the entire family so much grief. His practice today reaffirms his belief with many patients expressing deep relief and gratitude after their treatment. PROFILES 25 PROFILES Success stories Skin problems can have a deep impact on the quality of life he shares. One of his patients from Turkey for instance had been suffering from bad trichoepithelioma (lesions or bumps on face with unknown causes) and had seen countless doctors before coming to him. With laser treatments the bumps are gone and she could not thank him enough for solving her major woe. Another patient had a plantar wart at the sole of her foot since childhood. In United Kingdom where she sought treatment the wart kept growing back even after removal each time becoming more painful than before. What was more painful was her spouse s sarcasm and jokes over the years not realising how much it was affecting her. After Dr Ch ng successfully removed the wart the patient was happy at last. Similarly the mother of a 14-year-old patient with severe acne felt so indebted to the good doctor for changing her son s life that she always brought prized produce for him from her village such as salted fish and fresh sea cucumber Skin problems can affect one s self-esteem and confidence levels which will have an indirect impact upon one s personal career and social development. What s more dermatology is exciting because new discoveries are always being made about skin diseases he says. 26 Clinical excellence vs simplicity Skin problems can affect one s self-esteem and confidence levels which will have an indirect impact upon one s personal career and social development. With only 90 certified dermatologists in Malaysia Dr Ch ng feels a need to be in the forefront of new developments in the field. He constantly keeps himself updated on advancements in dermatology most recently being awarded a prestigious two-week clinical updates scholarship to the United States sponsored by the American Association of Dermatology. Pursuing excellence in his field is one thing living a modest simple life is Dr Ch ng s philosophy. His own family are among the few in the Klang Valley who do not own a television set. I want my children to play and learn just like what we did as children. Gadget time is strictly restricted by my wife a general practitioner and me. We want our children to have a real childhood playing with toys which help in hand-eye coordination and brain development he explains. There is also a skin-related reason behind his reluctance to get the idiot-box . More people are getting skin problems such as eczema psoriasis and skin cancer these days. This can be attributed to the Hygiene Hypothesis where surroundings that are too clean deprives the immune system of a natural build-up of immunity against common irritants such as dust fungus viruses or pathogens in the air he notes. Holing up indoors all the time is actually a bad thing he says. PROFILES The dermatologist who is in his dream job knows that the impact of troubled skin goes beyond skin deep. Dermatology is a unique specialty where the pain and suffering is not necessary physical but can be emotional or psychological Dr Ch ng shares. Being treated by someone who understands that well is already half of the therapy. 27 the BEST that THEY CAN BE In January 2015 Parkway Pantai launched its Nursing Philosophy in Singapore a trio of values comprising Professionalism Expertise and Advocacy to guide nurses in their daily work. Four exemplary nurses garnered the most number of nominations from colleagues doctors and the public over a 10-week period to bag the inaugural Nursing Philosophy Excellence Award. The winners share with Mosaic their interpretations of the Philosophy. AT YOUR SERVICE 28 From left to right Senior Staff Nurse Zhao Junyu Staff Nurse Chia Li Fen Staff Nurse Imee Custodio Staff Nurse Sheila Mae Tingzon Parkway Pantai s Nursing Philosophy focuses on three values Professionalism Expertise and Advocacy. Let s start with Professionalism . What makes a professional nurse SN Li Fen Professionalism is making sure you follow policies and not to just do whatever you like. SN Imee A professional nurse is someone who respects others remembers the importance of culture and accepts the different cultures at work. SSN Junyu To me conduct and behaviour is most important. This encompasses knowledge and skill communication and respect for your colleagues and their cultures. SN Sheila In addition I feel that professionalism is presented through your actions like how you communicate non-verbally with others. It isn t just about what you say but how you behave. Explaining your actions goes a long way in making patients and their family members feel comfortable. Senior Staff Nurse Zhao Junyu Being a nurse establishing relationships plays a big part in professionalism. What s the secret to building relationships with colleagues or patients SN Li Fen Listen to feedback and give constructive criticism. Building a relationship isn t just about making the other person feel good it s about helping them improve and showing them the right way SSN Junyu Explaining your actions goes a long way in making patients and their family members feel comfortable. SN Imee I make sure I keep patients and their families informed so that they know what s going on. If you re honest with them they trust you and it s easy to build a relationship. And of course you must respect their cultural beliefs. 29 AT YOUR SERVICE SN Sheila One of the things my supervisor does is to assign buddies of the same culture to junior nurses who are new to the team. This avoids cultural misunderstandings and helps explain things in a familiar context which I find very helpful. Moving on to expertise do you think it s important to upgrade your skills as a nurse SSN Junyu Definitely I ve been on all kinds of courses even on improving documentation skills. SN Imee I ve also attended many in-service training sessions and seminars. But more important is being able to learn on the job from the many surgeons and other senior colleagues I work with. SSN Junyu That s why I make sure that I share what I ve learnt from seminars with my colleagues. Every day is a learning opportunity. SN Sheila I feel I learn most from my seniors at work especially with regards to managing conflicts. It s a daily effort. On Advocacy which is about standing up for patients rights what does it mean to you SN Li Fen Advocating patients rights means we are responsible for doing what is best for the patient letting them know what is happening to them along with what the nursing plan is. If something is being done incorrectly we should speak up for them regardless of the seniority of other people. SSN Junyu It s giving them information about their condition and empowering them to make decisions so that they are involved in their own treatment. With more knowledge they are able to play a bigger role in their recovery. SN Imee And this applies not only when the patient is awake and conscious. For example if I notice something wrong when the patient is under anaesthesia in the Operating Room being a patient s advocate means that I speak up for them and inform my colleagues what is going on. SN Sheila When we speak about rights it s about having the power to make decisions. So to me giving the patients alternatives and telling them about the consequences of their actions is one way that I try to become their advocate. AT YOUR SERVICE 30 Being a patient s advocate means that I speak up for them and inform my colleagues what is going on. Staff Nurse Imee Custodio What tips do you have for your fellow colleagues to live up to the guiding principles of Professionalism Expertise and Advocacy SN Li Fen Be happy with what we are doing and work with a smile on our faces SN Imee Following these principles doesn t have to be difficult. Just greeting each other with a smile and treating every person as a unique individual would change the work environment. SN Sheila Run the extra mile Instead of offering just the basics to patients or colleagues anticipate what they need. I think this would make a lot of difference. SSN Junyu If someone helps you remember to thank them. And go out of your way to help each other. It may be as simple as buying a drink for a colleague or taking over a simple task so that they can take a breather. A little help goes a very long way in enhancing the workplace. The second round of nominations for the Nursing Philosophy Excellence Award runs from 1 May to 31 July 2015. Nomination cards are available to staff doctors and members of the public at wards in all Parkway Pantai Singapore hospitals. Staff Nurse Chia Li Fen Ward 10 West Gleneagles Hospital SN Li Fen is committed and takes pride in serving patients and making them feel comfortable. A strong team player she works cohesively with colleagues readily lends help in times of need and takes up added responsibilities cheerfully. She is always keen to upgrade herself and is currently pursuing a nursing degree. Nurse Manager Selvi Iruduya Staff Nurse imee Custodio Operating Theatre Mount Elizabeth Hospital SN Imee is versatile in neurology and orthopaedic cases and has a good rapport with doctors. She is dedicated and committed to her work volunteering to come back over the weekend when she noticed there was an orthopaedic case listed. Most of all she shows compassion to patients who are anxious while waiting to be wheeled into the operating room keeping the mood light and making small talk to ease their anxiety. Nurse Clinician Yasmen Bte Mohd Moidin AT YOUR SERVICE Senior Staff Nurse Zhao Junyu Intensive Care Unit Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital SSN Junyu is humble professional and a role model to others. She is meticulous in her work providing detailed and accurate documentation and ensuring a smooth handover of her patients. A team player she works well with doctors and other team members to provide safe patient care and is a great mentor to new staff. She takes the initiative to improve herself through inservice education courses and conferences. Nurse Manager Low Siew Yean 31 Staff Nurse Sheila mae Tingzon Ward 3A Parkway East Hospital SN Sheila is always positive respects patients rights and is able to work under minimal supervision. She anticipates patients needs and possesses an unparalleled ability to calm patients. A wonderful mentor to new nurses she inspires many in her department with her enthusiasm for work. I would say she is reliable dedicated and eternally upbeat Nurse Manager Wong Yoke Yin PATiENT SAFETY learning fair Communication and teamwork are essential in creating a safer environment for patients and colleagues. AT YOUR SERVICE 32 Patient safety is a hallmark of Parkway Pantai s success. And the annual Patient Safety Campaign 2015 aims to reinforce this quality. On 10 April 2015 more than 300 staff across Singapore facilities gathered at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital to participate in the Patient Safety Learning Fair. The fair was the star event in the Safety Campaign which made use of real-life examples innovation from industry partners and open discussion forums to show how staff could self-check and use self-reflection for teamwork. By combining knowledge gleaned from past experience with new ideas and innovative technology a safer environment for patients and colleagues could be created. Designed to be interactive with a fun carnival atmosphere the fair had educational game booths manned by staff and vendors. Every staff was given a card to earn stamps by participating in selected games. Upon accumulating four stamps they could exchange the card for a limited edition souvenir. Staff singled out the Patient Story booth as providing the most memorable learning experience. Using the true story of 18-month- old Josie King who died from preventable medical errors at Hopkins Children s Centre attendees were encouraged to think and discuss how the doctors and nurses who cared for Josie could have achieved a better balance between their professional judgement and listening AT YOUR SERVICE 33 to the needs and concerns of the family. The breakdown in communication and teamwork had resulted in a tragedy that went beyond individual errors and lapses. For staff leaders and organisations the learning journey in healthcare is infinite and ongoing. We all want to and must continue to learn what it takes to deliver safer care said Yong May Chin Chairperson of the organising committee. The learning fair created opportunities for hands-on learning serving as a strong and poignant reminder of how things can go awry if there is a breakdown in communications and teamwork. For staff leaders and organisations the learning journey in healthcare is infinite and ongoing. We all want to and must continue to learn what it takes to deliver safer care. Yong May Chin Chairperson of Patient Safety Campaign 2015 Organising Committee building a HEALTHCARE LEGACY together Parkway Pantai s Singapore Operations celebrates committed colleagues at its annual Long Service and Golden Years Service Award ceremony. The pride and satisfaction of contributing and shaping the long-term growth of an organisation is one of the biggest payoffs for staff who stay. SPOTLIGHT 34 Parkway Pantai held its annual Long Service and Golden Years Service Award ceremony on 8 April 2015 at the Stamford Ballroom of Raffles City Convention Centre in appreciation of its Singapore employees. There were 478 Long Service Award (LSA) recipients a 12.5% increase from 2014 of which 429 staff have worked between five and 30 years and the remaining 49 remarkable individuals were conferred the Golden Years Service Award (GYSA) for staying with the organisation beyond the official retirement age. Dr Lim Suet Wun Chief Executive Officer of Parkway Operations Division in his opening speech to the recipients gave full credit and recognition to the long-serving Parkway staff To provide the very best care we rely on you the very best people to work together to give that excellent quality of care that is unmatched in Singapore and the region. He noted that with each year Parkway Pantai sees an increasing number of people receiving the LSA and GYSA. We are retaining and keeping more of you talented people within the organisation to continue to help us serve our patients. It is only with your experience and capability that we can do that. On behalf of Parkway Pantai the senior management and the Board of Directors let me thank you for all the wonderful things you do on a day-to-day level that makes Parkway such a distinguished and growing organisation taking care of patients year after year who continue to entrust their health and their lives to all of you to all of us. As an additional gesture of appreciation award monies were increased for those in the 25 years and above LSA Category and all Categories in the GYSA. To provide the very best care we rely on you the very best people to work together to give that excellent quality of care that is unmatched in Singapore and the region. Dr Lim Suet Wun Chief Executive Officer of Parkway Operations Division SPOTLIGHT A song for Parkway Pantai The ceremony ended on a high note when host Sue Goghari sprang a surprise song item much to the delight of the staff present. The witty and energetic performance entertained the crowd. She had rewritten the lyrics of ABBA s Mama Mia titling it simply Parkway Pantai. We reproduce the lyrics here for your reading pleasure. Parkway Pantai ama Mia Sung to the tune of M w when you since we don t kno We ve been working for e to an end d it mustn t com So we made up our min r learn at us now will we eve Look t love working here we jus We don t know why but Pantai Oh with you Parkway can hear a bell ring Just one look and we forget everything One more look and we -oo Oh we go again Parkway Pantai here ist you My my how can we res does it show again Parkway Pantai let you go My my we will never bad days Yes there were some of good days But with lots let you go My my we will never really know Parkway Pantai now we ployer of Choice My my You re the Em 35 decades of COmmiTmENT Mosaic speaks to four members of Parkway Pantai s Singapore family who have dedicated a major part of their lives to the organisation. Even after so many years on the job their passion for helping their patients and training the younger generation of medical professionals continues to burn bright. We find out their secret to staying in love with their work. Dr Jason Yap 58 Branch Manager Parkway Shenton To help the sick to learn to teach to pass precious knowledge and experience on to a new generation of doctors... these are just some of the responsibilities Dr Jason Yap Branch Manager at Parkway Shenton has held close to his heart during his 31 years in Parkway Pantai. Dr Yap s interest in medicine was first aroused by a book he read as a 16-year-old which compared the work of a doctor with the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. A doctor with a sharp mind gathers relevant data from the history physical examination and investigations to come to the correct diagnosis he shares. Dr Yap found his love in Family Medicine. A family physician plays a pivotal role in patient-centred care. He assists the patient to make the best choices in managing medical problems. And unlike other specialisations that require a good pair of hands and eyes being a family physician allows me continue to practice clinical medicine even after I turn 80 he laughs. In 1984 he joined Parkway Shenton. And 30 years on he still enjoys seeing his patients some of whom have become his good friends and making a difference in their lives. While his first love is medicine Dr Yap also has another passion educating the younger generation of doctors. When I looked into the meaning of the word doctor I found that it actually came from the Latin word doce which means teacher he shares. I ve said that if I didn t become a doctor I would have been a teacher. This is why he enjoys his role as Head of Training and Development in Parkway Shenton mentoring younger doctors and encouraging them to get involved in teaching medical students. Because in teaching we become better doctors he shares. Dr Yap has also been an Adjunct Associate Professor at Duke-NUS in 2008 and NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine in 2013. He started to teach Clinical Methods at Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine this year. I ve benefitted much from teaching medical students as it helps to keep me on my toes to keep myself up to date with hospital medicine and more skilful in the physical examination of my patients Dr Yap says. And Dr Yap is grateful to have an employer like Parkway Shenton that allows him to pursue his passion for both teaching and medicine. I feel very fortunate that I ve been given the opportunity to learn and grow in many areas mentally professionally socially and spiritually in my years at Parkway Shenton. And the company has enabled me to maintain a good work-life balance which is why I cannot see myself anywhere else. I am truly grateful for having been given the chance to touch and impact lives and I look forward to doing more with Parkway Shenton I would like to continue to work beyond 80 like Dr Lee Suan Yew... the best is yet to be SPOTLIGHT 36 I learnt to multitask and plan my time to cope with the many responsibilities. I also learnt to be very resilient and to not back down when faced with challenges. Leong Ming May Principal Pharmacist Mount Elizabeth Hospital Leong ming may 55 Principal Pharmacist Mount Elizabeth Hospital Principal Pharmacist Leong Ming May made the move to Mount Elizabeth Hospital (MEH) 26 years ago drawn by the opportunity to set up the first pharmacy cleanroom in a private hospital in Singapore. It was a major accomplishment setting up a cleanroom all by herself. And up till about seven years ago Ming May was also the only cleanroom Pharmacist in the hospital working with her four specialist-trained cleanroom pharmacy technicians to prepare sterile admixtures for patients. The challenge of running this one-woman department has allowed Ming May to develop many skills that she is most proud of. I learnt to multitask and plan my time to cope with the many responsibilities. I also learnt to be very resilient and to not back down when faced with challenges she laughs. Over the years Ming May s responsibilities have grown beyond MEH to providing cleanroom services to all four Parkway Pantai s hospitals in Singapore. My typical work day involves reviewing and prioritising total parenteral nutrition (TPN) patients from the four hospitals cytotoxic drugs reconstitution making recommendations to doctors dispensing prescriptions for outpatients and guiding and training younger pharmacists she reveals. Ming May also provides counselling and training for home TPN patients and their caretakers which she finds most satisfying. I do my best to give home TPN patients support and advice when they need it and these patients and their families often come back to visit my department whenever they are in town to update me on their progress. Seeing their smiling faces always gives me a sense of fulfilment and makes me feel like I ve made the right career choice she says. I also feel honoured when the other Parkway Pantai hospitals in the region consult me when they are setting up pharmacy cleanrooms. Not one to rest on her laurels Ming May always seeks to upgrade herself and impart her skills and knowledge to the juniors she is overseeing. She keeps the team up to date on the latest technology and developments in pharmaceuticals through courses and clinical seminars. I always tell them to look listen assess and empathise with the patients and to understand their needs especially with overseas patients who may not have easy access to our resources she says. And I remind them to be passionate about what they do and to acknowledge and recognise their team members. For Ming May what makes MEH an attractive employer are its people and location. Having such a great team working with me along with the strong relationships I ve built with other healthcare teams in the hospital are big factors. In addition I ve really enjoyed the prime location in Orchard Road which allows me to de-stress during my lunch hour and to take a moment to collect my thoughts and solve problems she smiles. MEH is a place that I have learnt and developed different skills and my team is like a second family to me. SPOTLIGHT 37 Nursing isn t just about clinical practice. It s about management and operations as well so I wanted to learn about the other parts of the industry. Nurse Manager Linda Ong Gleneagles Hospital Linda Ong 65 Nurse Manager Gleneagles Hospital For the last 12 years Nurse Manager Linda Ong has been working in the hospital s Nursing Administration on the permanent night shift working from 9.30pm till 8am the next morning ensuring that every patient at Gleneagles Hospital (GEH) is well taken care of. While everybody is sleeping at home we take care of the operations of the hospital in almost all the departments she describes of her work scope. Besides attending to patients clinical needs we also make sure various resources are readily available as part of quality management. This can range from allocating beds for new admissions to medicine dispensing to scouting medical equipment. I m like an octopus at work because of everything I have to juggle on my shift she jokes good-naturedly. Linda has come a long way. Born into a family of lawyers and bankers the young girl from Penang went against her parents wishes to become a nurse relocating all the way to Southampton for over three years to complete her nursing studies and training. In 1987 Linda moved to Singapore. While pursuing a management course here in 1990 she decided to join GEH Day Surgery ward. Nursing isn t just about clinical practice. It s about management and operations as well so I wanted to learn about the other parts of the industry she says. Armed with her administrative and management knowledge Linda was more than ready to take up the challenge of moving into Nursing Administration and going onto the night shift. It was here Linda found her calling. I realised I had much more time with the family and with the schedule that I had I could even take short trips abroad if I wanted to she says. And that s why I decided to make this a permanent posting. Above all Linda feels that being on the night shift allows her to accomplish much more than she would be able to if she was attached to just one ward. I get to teach and mentor other nurses during and after their shift ends. And I still get some clinical work done if help is needed in any ward she says. Receiving her Golden Years Award this year Linda is still going strong three years after retirement age. And she is extremely grateful for the opportunities she s been given to experience new things and to upgrade herself one of the numerous reasons why she s stayed in GEH for 24 years now. I ve been allowed to progress through the different departments at my own pace. But honestly it s the people whom I work with who are the reason why I m still here she reflects. When I lost my husband to a heart attack nine years ago every single department in the hospital even the cleaners and security sent representatives to the wake. It was so touching and made me feel that all my hard work was recognised. The support that I ve had from my colleagues both on and off the job has kept me going over the years. SPOTLIGHT 38 Gleneagles Hospital is truly a place where staff are well taken care of with a lot of flexibility and freedom. So why wouldn t I want to stay on here Nurse Manager Lim Chow Hiang Gleneagles Hospital Lim Chow Hiang 57 Nurse Manager Gleneagles Hospital It was 30 years ago when Nurse Manager Lim Chow Hiang joined the maternity ward in Gleneagles Hospital (GEH) and embarked on an exciting learning journey that would take her to various wards including gynaecology paediatrics and surgical. The knowledge and skills she acquired come in handy in her current role as Nurse Manager at Ward 8E. We are a multi-disciplinary ward which means we take in patients with many different needs she shares. Although this can be very challenging because of the variety of ailments we have to deal with I really like general nursing because it allows me to learn a lot. And this knowledge allows me to help not only patients but also my friends and family. Chow Hiang s responsibilities also include nurturing the younger generation of nurses through proper mentorship on-the-job learning courses and training. To do that I have to know my staff well understand their strengths and weaknesses so that I can provide them with what they truly need. Chow Hiang is thankful that Parkway Pantai prepared her well for the leadership role. I first took an in-house leadership course to learn about the administrative side of the job before taking up a degree programme in management about 10 years ago she remembers. There were many skills I picked up from the courses from budgeting and leadership skills to management issues like conflict resolution all of which have been very useful on the job. Still Chow Hiang freely admits that there are many challenges that she has to face. But I m glad that I have people both colleagues and personal friends who are willing to hear me out and allow me to vent. When I need to de-stress I also get active. I swim and I play games like badminton and squash. And I go to church After so many years on the job the most useful lesson that Chow Hiang has learnt is to listen and to empathise - something that she wants to impart to her nurses. Always take time to hear the patient out be sensitive to their needs and do what we can to help them. This is especially important because we are on the front line of handling patients she states. I also encourage my nurses to keep upgrading themselves in order to advance their careers. There are so many different courses out there you just have to take the initiative to sign up. Knowledge is power 30 years of working in GEH is a huge accomplishment and Chow Hiang is looking forward to more happy years here. Gleneagles Hospital is truly a place where staff are well taken care of with a lot of flexibility and freedom. So why wouldn t I want to stay on here she smiles. SPOTLIGHT 39 Prof Dr Sharifah Noor Akmal Syed Husain Shahabuddin Lab Director Consultant Pathologist Pantai Premier Pathology PANTAi PREmiER PATHOLOGY expands service offerings NEW SCIENCE 40 Parkway Pantai enhances its diagnostic capabilities in Malaysia with a new high-end laboratory in Pantai Hospital Ampang. Pantai Premier Pathology (PPP) launches an advanced Cytogenetics & Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory (CMDL) which offers advanced diagnostics and personalised medicine. The new laboratory employs high-end technology to provide fast reliable and excellent services to both clinicians and patients. The wide range of diagnostic tests it provides is designed to answer important clinical questions in the areas of risk prediction prognosis and therapeutic triage of malignancies. CMDL adopts well-established methodologies such as DNA sequencing fluorescent In Situ hybridisation (FISH) and RealTime Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-qPCR). These techniques enable our scientists to accurately identify many tumour-specific mutations chromosomal alterations and a panel of infectious diseases. CMDL also offers personalised medicine that uses targeted biomarkers to accurately identify the presence of specific proteins related to the disease. Using this technique clinicians are able to tailor suitable and effective treatments for their patients. With this new laboratory PPP now has a network of 12 hospitalbased laboratories six non-hospital laboratories and two satellite laboratories across Malaysia offering a diverse range of high quality diagnostic and analytic laboratory testing services. Key services CMDL provides quality diagnostic services in three disciplines Cytogenetics Peripheralblood(constitutional)cytogeneticssuchas microdeletion aneuploidy FISH probe and sex determination region Haematologicalmalignanciescytogenetics molecular (solid tumour) Lungcancer Breastcancer Gastrointestinalstromaltumour(GIST) Braintumour Colorectalcancer Thyroidcancer Melanoma(skincancer) Ewingsarcoma(raretypeofbonecancer) molecular (infectious disease) Mycobacteriumtuberculosis HepatitisBvirus HepatitisCqualitativeandquantitative Humanpapillomavirus H1N1 InfluenzaAandB Respiratoryvirus ChlamydiatrachomatisandNeisseriagonorrhoeae (sexually transmitted infection)