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TTG associations 12 GUIDE TO New hotel venues in Asia 22 DESTINATIONS Malaysia India and Macau Victor Lee What to expect from an association whose mission is to advance management excellence Surely excellent management. Victor Lee executive director of the Hong Kong Management Association offers a peek behind the management of an association MCI (P) 085 05 2014 JULY 2015 EDITORIAL Karen Yue Group Editor (karen.yue Xinyi Liang-Pholsena Assistant Editor TTG Asia (liang.xinyi Hannah Koh Assistant Editor TTG Asia Online (hannah.koh Paige Lee Pei Qi Assistant Editor Singapore (lee.peiqi S Puvaneswary Editor Malaysia Brunei (puvanes Mimi Hudoyo Editor Indonesia (idmfasia Greg Lowe Thailand (ttg Oliver Slow Sid Dhartha Myanmar (oslow99 siddhartha.ttgasia Prudence Lui Hong Kong Greater China (prului Caroline Boey China & Special Projects (caroline.boey Julian Ryall Japan (jryall2 Rosa Ocampo The Philippines (rosa.ocampo Rohit Kaul India (rohitkaul23 Feizal Samath Sri Lanka Maldives (feizalsam Redmond Sia Goh Meng Yong Creative Designers Jerlene Ng Editorial Intern Lina Tan Editorial Assistant SALES & MARKETING Michael Chow Group Publisher (michael.chow Jonathan Yap Senior Business Manager (jonathan.yap Mervin Lee Business Manager (mervin.lee Stephanie So Business Manager (Hong Kong Cheryl Tan Corporate Marketing Manager (cheryl.tan Stephanie Toh Marketing Executive (stephanie.toh Cheryl Lim Advertisement Administration manager (cheryl.lim Carol Cheng Asst Manager Administration & Marketing (Hong Kong carol.cheng PUBLISHING SERVICES Tony Yeo Division Manager Haze Loh Senior Creative Designer Lynn Lim Web Executive Carol Wong Senior Circulation Executive OFFICES Singapore TTG Asia Media Pte Ltd 1 Science Park Road 04-07 The Capricorn Singapore Science Park II Singapore 117528 Tel 65 6395 7575 fax 65 6536 0896 email contact Hong Kong TTG Asia Media Pte Ltd Unit 2011 20 F Harbour Centre 25 Harbour Road Wanchai Hong Kong Tel 852 2237 7888 fax 852 2237 7227 TTG ASIA MEDIA PTE LTD Darren Ng Managing Director Raini Hamdi Senior Editor (raini.hamdi What a great idea The American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) brought its Great Ideas in Association Management conference to Asia-Pacific for the first time and what a great idea it was. Firstly the event held in Hong Kong in April came at a time when the associations sector in Asia-Pacific is evolving. Governments in countries such as China and South Korea where there are thousands of societies are loosening their grip on and sponsorship of these groupings. Throughout Asia associations also need to be stronger and more sustainable with proper governance and management and the wherewithals to cater to a changing membership. And where better can they learn from the experts and peers than at conferences that specifically address these issues such as the ASAE conference Secondly there were many great ideas big and small fun and serious that came from the conference itself. For example a great way to break the ice was giving delegates a pick of brightly-coloured ribbon badges they could wear. But instead of titles like VVIP or Chairman on them the ribbons had catchphrases like Plays Well With Others It s All About Me etc. So when delegates mingled at the welcome cocktail they had ribbons bearing Lifelong Learner Trouble Maker Workaholic Kid at Heart Beach Bum Wannabe No Whining etc that were superb conversation starters apart from lightening up the mood. They could even stack the ribbons for example Official Something followed by Really underneath. Speakers were not only insightful they were entertaining. Ajay Kakkar president-elect of the International Academy of Periodontology peppered his presentation with so much humour and wit no one needs to cry anymore at the thought of going to the dentist or periodontist. For instance in talking about why there are associations in this world Kakkar said it s because they create a sense of togetherness but he could not resist quipping that at a time when developing countries are worried about the next meal there really is an association for pet obesity prevention and an association for dressings and sauces (we checked the website it s founded in 1926). When assessing ROI for members he reminded A man will pay 2 for a 1 item he needs. A woman will pay 1 for a 2 item that she does not need but is on sale. Another great idea was to have participants write down a great idea they had garnered from the conference on a board outside the seminar rooms for everyone to see (sometimes the oldfashioned way remains the best). But of course the greatest idea was to form a grouping for Asia-Pacific s societies of association executives (read about it on page 3) an idea whose time has come. So well done ASAE All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in whole or in part without written permission of the publisher. MCI (P) 185 05 2014 Printed by Times Printers Pte Ltd 16 Tuas Avenue 5 Singapore 639340. Raini Hamdi Senior Editor PROFILE 10 Victor Lee What to expect from an association whose mission is to advance management excellence Surely excellent management. So Raini Hamdi sits down with Victor Lee executive director of the Hong Kong Management Association to see what goes behind managing an association brilliantly GUIDE TO 12 New hotel venues in Asia Association events are not always massive affairs. When a smaller-scale seminar or workshop is to be held hotels with function rooms and unique spaces may just fit the bill. TTGassociations reporters in the region put together a selection of new meeting-friendly hotels that have opened or refreshed its hardware over the past two years DESTINATIONS Kuala Lumpur ups the game The capital soon to welcome a tourism bureau with dedicated support for business events can expect to host more international meetings. S Puvaneswary reports 22 Reeling under a lack of support As the Indian capital and hub for many industry sectors Delhi NCR has the right infrastructure to welcome association meetings but poor government support is dulling the destination s shine. By Rohit Kaul 26 30 Neighbourly ties Macau is courting Hong Kong associations in its quest for more business events. Prudence Lui reports DEPARTMENTS 1 3 7 To our readers News On the shelves 20 Case studies 32 How to Asian association leaders sign historic charter for advancement global federation which could in turn see issues such as governance incorporation By Raini Hamdi the materialisation of other big dreams as constitution management strategic planThe first bricks in building an umbrella a world congress of association executives. ning and the like. body of national societies of association More urgently however it represents a In India 99 per cent of associations do executives in Asia-Pacific have been laid platform where Asia-Pacific asnot have a CEO according to Ajay Kakar signifying a breakthrough in efsociation leaders and executives who founded the BITEIN Dental Portal forts to advance the sector and a can exchange knowledge and which now has a multi-tier membership huge boost to the MICE industry know-how to build efficient and fee structure and who is the presidentin the region. sustainable associations. elect of the International Academy of The charter was signed in The charter was initiated by Periodontology. Kakar said he was talking March on the sidelines of the Octavio Peralta secretary-general to ASAE to create a chapter in India. American Society of Association of the Philippine based AssociaAssociation leaders in Malaysia and Executives (ASAE) inaugural tion of Development Financing Singapore also told TTGassociations that Asia-Pacific conference in Hong Peralta more Institutions in Asia they wished they had such a Kong by heads of the Philippine societies needed and the Pacific who society. Council for the Advancement spearheaded the formation of Peralta hoped the Hong Kong of Association Executives (PCAAE) the the PCAAE in November 2013. charter would spawn the birth Korean Society of Association Executives Aside from the job being of more such societies which (KSAE) the Associations Forum Australia unrecognised as a profession in would advance the cause for the and the Australasian Society of Associathe region another huge issue Asia-Pacific federation. tion Executives the only four national facing Asian associations relates Greta Kotler chief global desocieties of association executives curto proper governance and manvelopment officer of ASAE said rently in the region. Peacock help with agement. the leaders could now connect ASAE and association leaders from professional advice John Peacock general managonline to further the cause and Europe India and Singapore were also at er of Associations Forum which meet face-to-face a year from the meeting. has been providing consultancy to Asian now at the second ASAE Great Ideas The move is historic as its aim is to Asia-Pacific Conference in Hong Kong eventually form an Asia-Pacific Federation associations said associations in Asia need to seek more professional advice on next year. of Association Organisations and then a News No surprises in ICCA s 2014 ranking The world s top five cities for international meetings have held their ground in ICCA s 2014 ranking. Paris remains champion with 214 meetings conducted in 2014. Vienna and Madrid traded places with a two-meeting difference between them Vienna with 202 meetings and Madrid with 200. Likewise Berlin came ahead of Barcelona this year with 193 meetings while the latter scored 182 meetings. Singapore was Asia s top city coming in seventh with 142 meetings right behind London s 166. Beijing Seoul and Hong Kong took 14 15 and 16 spots for hosting 104 99 and 98 meetings respectively while Taipei wrapped up the top 20 list with 92 events. There was little change in the international list too. The US (831 meetings) Germany (659) and Spain (578) remain top scorers in 2014 while the UK (543) and France (533) swapped into fourth and fifth place respectively. In Asia-Pacific Japan held seventh place for its 337 meetings and was followed by China with 332. South Korea hosted 222 meetings in 2014 and thus came in 17th place. Health inspectors pick Kuching The Health Inspector Union of Sarawak Health Department (HIUS) is organising the International Environmental Health Conference in Kuching this October. This inaugural conference themed Threats To Health Uncovering Issues Challenges and Prevention for a Healthier Environment Safer World is expected to attract Pullman Kuching Hotel will welcome health inspectors from all over the world more than 1 000 delegates both local and international tion climate change trans-boundary and said Sabri Sahari president of HIUS. non-communicable diseases genetically The two-day conference will start on modified food and organisms world October 27 at Pullman Kuching Hotel. environmental problems as well as best It will include plenary sessions and practices in occupational safety and symposiums only for delegates as well health among others. as exhibitions and CSR activities that Meanwhile exhibitions will be held will be open to the public. at both the hotel and the adjoining Hills Plenary and symposium sessions will Shopping Mall. include topics on environmental health Corporate social responsibility activimanagement and enforcement critical ties will include free health checks and issues pertaining to global health polluscreenings. TTGassociations July 2015 3 ROI calculator itemises what the members get free and what they have to pay if they are not a member of the association Are you a scrooge milk or antique association By Raini Hamdi Are you a scrooge milk or antique association Ajay Kakkar president-elect of the International Academy of Periodontology and CEO BITEIN India hopes you are none of that warning that if you are you won t survive the critical factors affecting membership today. In the face of the demographic shift from baby-boomers to Gen Y ers technological advancements that give people instant access to data and economic dynamics associations must reconsider their purpose and focus even more on giving instead of cutting back Kakkar said. Addressing delegates of the ASAE Great Ideas Asia-Pacific Conference in Hong Kong recently Kakkar described the scrooge association as nickel-anddime types which take huge membership fees while their board does not know how to spend the money and is not re-investing it in the organisation. Milk associations are those in which the paid membership offers little exclusivity or access. It is difficult to distinguish between the benefits of joining the association and just paying to attend its events or purchase services a la carte. In other words why pay for the whole cow when you can just pay for the milk said Kakkar. Antique associations have been around for years and are renowned brands but are in decline because they are no longer relevant he explained. Today s audience is selective about where they spend their time and money Kakkar reminded associations. They can create networks and access information online and often struggle to see what additional benefit an association membership can provide he said. He recommended that associations are transparent about their ROI being able to show how a membership fee of say 100 can yield an ROI of 12 000. An ROI Calculator on the Texas Medical Association which he used as an example itemised every item for example premium rate reductions in insurance and access to online journals that a member would have to pay US 5 283 and US 1 000 respectively if he had not joined the association. He also suggested associations consider a multi-tier membership fee in order to make themselves accessible to a wider audience. His BITEIN a webbased multi-activity portal for Indian dentists for instance offers Standard (no payment required) Premium (onetime payment and small renewal every four years) and Elite (one-time payment and no renewals required) with different ROI for each tier. Kakkar reiterated associations need to focus on VOI (value on investment) of which ROI is a part of. While ROI is a tangible measure VOI is the intangible asset such as knowledge processes the organisational structure and the ability to collaborate. To stay relevant solve a problem or deliver a positive emotional experience for members do a regular survey of members or focus groups to monitor their changing needs. Get honest open feedback he urged. News SBF SUTD SBF Foundation invest in new blood Ties between Singapore s business community and educational sector received a boost this April with the signing of a MoU between the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) Singapore Business Federation (SBF) and SBF Foundation. The partnership will benefit not only the university s curriculum but also the business community s need for talent in the areas of technology engineering and design. SBF Foundation will offer 12 full undergraduate scholarships to highachieving Singaporean students in financial need. The scholars will also be offered internships and opportunities to pursue their Capstone projects with SBF member companies. Starting with the scholars SBF will provide SUTD students with networking opportunities with member companies through organised events. It organises more than 500 events and activities yearly ranging from CEO roundtables to dialogues with key business leaders. Under the collaboration SBF will also provide mentorship to SUTD students seeking to start their own businesses. The business mentors will share their knowledge and experience and offer advice on the students business plans and operations. Students working with SBF member companies in their final year Capstone programme will learn to apply concepts learnt in their curriculum to solve real world business challenges. In turn the business community stands to benefit from the right to ownership of intellectual property generated during the Capstone project. Member companies will also have access to SUTD s faculty and research centres such as the SUTD-MIT International Design Centre Temasek Lab and the Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities to augment their R&D needs. In addition SBF member companies will contribute career opportunities to SUTD s recruitment programme for its undergraduates starting with its pioneer batch of students who will be graduating in August this year. 4 TTGassociations July 2015 Vendor rage bers in Asia-Pacific Europe and North America has been organising two annual conferences the International Conference on Cyber Crime (ICCCF) and Computer By Raini Hamdi Forensics and the International Forum An association chief has lashed out at on Mobile Technology and Applications some venues in Asia for being too com(IFMTA). ICCCF was held in Hong Kong mercial-minded and charging high rental in 2013 Taipei in 2014 and will be held rates forgetting the impact organisations in Macau this year and in Vancouver in and their congresses have on the society 2016. It is expected to be held in Australat large. ia in 2017 and in Turkey in 2018. Laurie Lau chairman of the Asia-PacifIFMTA was held in Hong Kong last ic Association of Technology and Society December and will be held in Jakarta in (APATAS) singled out venues 2016. We re skipping this year in Hong Kong and Singapore but bringing the date of the 2016 in particular adding that those conference to March said Lau. in Macau and Chinese cities Both conferences attract such as Beijing and Shanghai around 150 delegates. are also becoming expensive. Lau a founding member of In contrast destinations such APATAS who also helped create as Turkey are more supportive the two events said the main their governments and flag car- Lau association challenge to grow attendance riers coming forward to encour- events benefit the was the unwillingness of people society at large age association meetings to be to pay a registration fee. It s held in the country he said. a culture thing that people want things When asked if it wasn t a question of for free and in the past in countries like demand and supply Lau said Venues China and India conferences were ususee themselves purely as a business ally government-sponsored. concern associations have a different He added In the past we did waive perspective. Venues don t see it (associathe fee for a couple of guys from China tion meeting) as being beneficial to the who said they didn t earn enough. To my society at large. They should be more surprise they turned up wearing gold community-minded and see it as part watches. I also remember an Indian delof their corporate social responsibility. egate who turned up registered got his I do understand they have margins to certificate of attendance then the next make and I don t mind if the margins day he was off to Macau to gamble. are reasonable. Although it is hard for Despite these few experiences he said the property owner to accept that they conferences not only spread the gospel must remember the indirect benefits of of your association but the knowledge association meetings (such as delegate and know-how to the wider society . spending future repeat business word We believe technology is affecting of-mouth marketing etc). all societies not just any one particular Since its formation three years ago area and is getting into our daily lives APATAS which has some 400 memeven more. Advertorial ONE MINUTE Mark Your Calendar Association Days IT&CMA 2015 30 Sep - 1 Oct Forum 1 Are You Prepared To Be Led By Millenials Millenials are up next but their sense of volunteerism is quite different from the older generation. How should associations approach succession planning and what changes are afoot News with IT&CM Events Forum 2 Being Smart About Rising Meeting Cost The rising cost of services in the meetings and events space is a constant challenge for associations. Is outsourcing end-to-end meetings management really the most cost effective approach for time- and budgetstrapped associations Forum 3 Incentive Travel for Associations How relevant is incentive travel to associations Should such a programme be limited to full- time association executives only or do board members need incentivisation as well This session explores the case for incentive travel in the association industry. Forum 4 Partnering Your Sponsors Two-day programme to boost Philippines association standards The Philippine Council for the Advancement of Association Executives (PCAAE) launched in June a two-day certification programme to further professionalise the industry. The programme includes a series of learning courses through which participants accumulate credits counting towards becoming a certified professional association executive. A Philippine first the first two interactive courses were open to PCAAE members and non-members and were held from June 29-30 at Manila Marriott Hotel where John Peacock general manager of Australia s Association Forum was featured as a speaker. The theme for the first day was The Right Foundation for Association Governance and Management and the second Designing Successful Association Membership and Services. Explained PCAAE president and CEO Octavio B Peralta The certification programme is one of the pillars of PCAAE in its aim to professionalise the management and governance of associations and membership organisations in the country. Association governance and management is as much a science as it is an art so the body of knowledge and its practice are there to be learned and shared among the association community. Those working in associations and those who will work for such organisations in the future need not reinvent the wheel and start from scratch Peralta added. Rosa Ocampo For associations the sponsorship dollar is as important as it is elusive. Building greater efficiency into your sponsorship programme could start from changing your perspective and looking at potential sponsors as business partners. How do you create a menu of sponsorship opportunities that deliver greater value to your sponsors What We Deliver To Association Buyers 50% Learning 30% Sourcing 20% Networking Hosting Programme Register Today As An Association Buyer For Priority Hosting Consideration TTGassociations July 2015 5 News New association hub aims to strengthen capabilities to industry development or even tap on By Paige Lee Pei Qi The more the merrier could be the slogan shared resources to organise overseas of the recently announced Trade Associa- networking activities he added. Also present at the dinner was Singation Hub (TA Hub) scheduled to open pore s minister for trade and industry by early 2017 and become both a work Lim Hng Kiang who said Besides more space and melting pot of ideas for local efficient resource utilisation through the trade associations and chambers (TACs). availability of shared facilities the coTA Hub established by the Singapore location will catalyse more cross-industry Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Induscollaborations amongst the TACs. This is try (SCCCI) and JTC Corporation at the an important mark of this step old Jurong Town Hall will allow forward in collaboration. the sharing of facilities and He also hailed the 10-year amenities among the 10 TACs old LEAD programme as a key permanently housed there to form of government assistance bring down operating costs. supporting capability developSpeaking at the Local Enterment and growth for TACs. The prise and Association Developscheme was rolled out in 2005 ment (LEAD) programme 10th and has supported around 160 anniversary dinner in June Lim encouraging industry projects with a total of Thomas Chua president of more cross-industry about S 100 million (US 74 milcollaboration SCCC explained the rationale lion) in grants for 31 TACs. behind TA Hub The chamThe 10 TACs collaborating with SCCCI ber s objective is to cluster the trade and include the Association of Electronic industry associations under one roof learn from one another s experiences and Industries in Singapore Association of Singapore Marine Industries Container stimulate innovative ideas. The TA hub is not just an office space Depot Association (Singapore) Singapore Renovation Contractors & Material Supand activity venue but can provide pliers Association Singapore Food Manuprofessional services and be a hub of facturers Association and the Singapore activities. It can be used to bring in Timber Association. targeted training programmes beneficial Bureau brief Budget slashed for Perth CVB Western Australia has announced a shocking 28 per cent cut in funding for the Perth Convention Bureau (PCB) despite the CVB having surpassed its annual target for the last financial year and being on track to do the same for 2014-2015. The reduction is specifically for the Business Events Marketing and Promotional Services Agreement with Tourism Western Australia for the financial years of 2016 2017 to 2018 2019. PCB CEO Paul Beeson said the development was discouraging especially PCB is one of the highest performing convention bureaus in Australia with an ROI to the Western Australian state government investment of 31 1 double that of its east coast capital city bureau competitors . PCB delivered A 107.9 million (US 87.2 million) in direct delegate expenditure in the last financial year reaching and surpassing the targeted A 104 million. This year the CVB is expected to again exceed the annual target and secure A 106 million for the state. Japan flaunts new business event brand Japan has launched a new brand for its business event sector designed to underline the nation s combination of modernity and tradition experience and convenience. Atsushi Nishida director of the project development division at ADK International engaged by Japan National Tourism Organization to advise the agency on promotion and provide strategic advice said the new brand was developed through detailed market research and it highlighted Japan s achievements in science and industry that came alongside its dearly held customs culture and regional diversity. Nishida noted that that the country has a long track record of delivering highquality conferences and events while its cities are safe and clean. Venues and other infrastructure are among the best in the world. Julian Ryall Kuala Lumpur gets serious about events In line with the city s 10-year master plan for more tourists Kuala Lumpur will upgrade the City Hall tourism unit to a tourism bureau with a dedicated MICE desk component in 2H2015. The new bureau will be headed by a COO who will in turn report to Kuala Lumpur mayor Ahmad Phesal Talib. Its tasks will include the development of a MICE strategy such as branding and offering subventions and fostering industry collaboration between associations with members of the Malaysian Association of Convention and Exhibition Organisers and Suppliers and the travel trade event planners transportation and equipment suppliers venue providers and restaurant operators in Kuala Lumpur. So as not to overlap with Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB) the MICE desk will be limited to providing on-ground support to MyCEB s bids for business events to Kuala Lumpur. PATA gets smart in member engagement The Pacific Asia Travel Association and will include some 800 worldwide (PATA) is increasing its online presence travel and tourism events apart from to better engage members through initiathose organised by PATA PATA-endorsed tives such as a revamped website with and PATA-sponsored ones. added content its digital magazine PATA The calendar site aims to help event Voice and a CEO blog. organisers plan better. Mario Hardy PATA CEO said the The association is also using smartassociation had in May relaunched its phone technology to drive its events with research and planning capabilapps such as Eventjoy now ity with eStores which now only available on iOS devices includes third-party research. for PATA and PATA-endorsed Pricing will be tiered for memevents and for training purbers chapter members and poses. non-members. PATA is also getting memConnecting Travel also new bers to engage more digitally to the website is PATA s version via other apps for the distribuof LinkedIn for the travel comtion of board papers for examHardy harnessing munity and replaces the PATA ple Hardy said. technology Directory. This is more cost Meanwhile iBeacon positioneffective and will benefit PATA and its ing technology will be tested at the PATA members to connect with fellow memTravel Mart in Bangalore this September bers and non-members Hardy noted. as well as other events with sponsorship PATA Hardy said wants its website to tie-ups. be dynamic and content will be constant PATA is exploring opportunities with ly added to make it the primary point of companies such as BeMyGuest Qunar contact online. and Alibaba. The new technology will He added In addition a Global help us look at trends in the digital space Event Calendar accessible to both memand cover all sectors of the industry he bers and non-members has been created added. Caroline Boey 6 TTGassociations July 2015 New-build Vibe Hotel opens doors in the Yarra Valley Victoria has added to its catalogue of MICE products with the milestone opening of the A 28 million (US 22 million) Vibe Hotel Marysville. Officially launched this April the new-build comes six years after the small township was ravaged by the Black Saturday bushfires on February 7 2009. Located 90 minutes from Melbourne in the Yarra Valley at the base of the city s closest alpine resort the 4.5-star hotel features 101 guestrooms including five suites a conference centre with capacity for 300 guests theatre-style and five meeting rooms spa and wellness centre outdoor pool and Radius Bar & Grill restaurant. TFE Hotels group director of marketing Emma Fraser said the group has a 12-month strategic activation plan in place with each of its trade partners to take the Vibe Hotel Marysville to market. Our joint venture partner Far East Hospitality gives us the gateway to Asia and this is a perfect opportunity for us to ensure all of our hotels are featured in Asia from a rooms and MICE perspective she said. We also have a GSA in that market to deliver business into our Vibe Hotels as well as our key MICE hotels in the TFE Hotels portfolio. Events hosted so far at Vibe Hotel Marysville include a 1 300-pax conference. Rebecca Elliot On the shelves Drink like a German in Melbourne s bierhaus Eat drink and be merry in Munich Brauhaus a traditional Bavarian bierhaus where guests are invited to dine and drink like Oktoberfest never ended What would delight meeting planners is that this 900-seater waterfront German beerhall is located in the heart of South Wharf which is a literal step away from the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. This saves planners the massive hassle of planning for shuttle bus services already. You will be spoilt for choice as to where to host your guests within the venue itself because the hall is split between three distinct zones separated by two mezzanine structures. Featuring two bars and three private function rooms that comes with audiovisual capabilities flexibility is the key word here. Cocktail parties for small groups of 20 guests through to 1 100 partygoers can be catered for within this diverse space. Lunch and dinner events can be accommodated for 10 to 400 pax while meetings and conferences can be held for up to 70 pax within the private Ein Stein dining room. Opt for the 250 waterfront seats if you want to further impress your guests even better if they are in time to catch the sunset across the renowned Yarra River. Clearly paying homage to their beer Munich Brauhaus brings a stein-full of Bavarian cheer with their signature Munich Lager as well as exclusively imported beers. Of course not to forget the food the set menus here feature Bavarian classics including pretzels pork sausages pork belly crispy pork knuckles and the suckling pig sourced locally from Riverlea and cooked over a charcoal spit. Now that is some serious pork business Paige Lee Pei Qi Tablet-size system to revolutionise conferences Congress Rental Singapore (CRS) has introduced a revolutionary conference system with multi-tasking capabilities. Called the Bosch DCN Multimedia Conference System the sleek tablet-size gadget provides audio video and multimedia content Internet access participant touchscreen capabilities superior audio quality and IP based on OMNEO architecture. The system is recommended for U-shape or hollow-square meeting configurations but can also be used by head-table attendees to view video presentations without having to turn around. Customer categories CRS is recommending the new system for include government agencies corporate and associations meetings. Jeremy Ducklin managing director said the product was used at meetings in the banking and finance sector in Singapore and Tokyo this year. He added that CRS is the only company that carries the Bosch DCN for rental in the region but it is exploring the possibility of launching the system in Malaysia. Caroline Boey Largest integrated convention space launches in Jaipur Accor has been appointed the operator for the new Jaipur Exhibition & Convention Centre (JECC). Located in the industrial hub of Sitapura and 5km from Jaipur International Airport the 17ha JECC along with the 241-room Novotel is the largest integrated exhibition-convention-entertainment facility in South Asia. Facilities include two exhibition halls with a combined column-free space of 20 000m2 and an open exhibition area of 10 000m2. The convention centre includes seating for 1 200 delegates supported by 20 meeting rooms spanning 5 000m2 as well as pre-function areas registration counters interpretation booths and a lawn for outdoor events. Jean-Michel Cass senior vice president Accor India said in a statement In India we have been the pioneer in the field of convention centres through the Hyderabad International Convention Centre and the Lavasa International Convention Centre and Novotel Visakhapatnam Varun Beach. Already open JECC hosted India Stone Mart 2015 in January. Novotel will begin operations in 2016. TTGassociations July 2015 7 On the shelves Holiday Inn Express arrives in South Korea InterContinental Hotels Group has opened Holiday Inn Express Seoul Euljiro South Korea s first Holiday Inn Express hotel. Located in the heart of Seoul the 224room hotel is just a minute s walk from the Euljiro 3-ga subway station and an hour from Incheon International Airport. Travellers can visit the nearby Bukchon Hanok Village or the famous N Seoul Tower. Holiday Inn Express Seoul Euljiro offers a choice of twin- and double-bed rooms free on-site parking Wi-Fi and breakfast. The hotel is promoting an opening rate of 137 500 won (US 126) per night for bookings made until August 31. Checking in 600 rooms including 38 suites 71 Mody Road Tsimshatsui Hong Kong Tel (852) 2722-1818 Email Website Regal Kowloon Hotel pened in 1982 constant refurbishment and reinvestment keep Regal Kowloon Hotel Hong Kong as fresh as day. The location in downtown Tsimshatsui is convenient five minutes walk to the waterfront promenade 10 minutes to the Pier that takes you to Central five minutes to MTR East Tsimshatsui station and 10 minutes to MTR Tsimshatsui station. The hotel also runs regular shuttle buses to the airport Hong Kong Disneyland and Ngong Ping 360. Additional advantages for meeting planners 600 guestrooms including 38 suites an executive floor and club lounge 14 function rooms and a well-equpped business centre. Rooms Because of its convenient location affordable pricing and reliable name I would have been happy with just an old-fashioned but clean room. To my astonishment Room 1019 looks like it was renovated yesterday. One of the 38 suites it is awashed in white and beige looks pristine inviting (and definitely clean) is modern in design and ultra-spacious with generous-sized living room dining room bedroom and bathroom. It is also luxurious with all the amenities I could ask for including L Occitane toiletries LCD TVs free wireless Internet etc. This room is made for working and resting I feel re-energised and happy in it. Meeting rooms The hotel has 14 function rooms that can accommodate anything from small business meetings to elegant weddings. Its contemporary and pillarless Versailles Ballroom can take up to 450 pax. A new high definition LED wall enables planners to include a single static image as backdrop or with powerpoint or video presentation displayed on the wall. F&B Your delegates won t go hungry here. There s a Cantonese restaurant Regal Court which can seat 266 and has private rooms with a capacity of 88 seats a 70-seat American O Italian Mezzo Cafe Allegro which seats 186 pax and offers international buffets all day V bar & lounge with 32 seats Regala Healthy Cakes corner and 24-hour room service. I was not able to try any of the above due to time constraints but also because I could access the club lounge and loved it there. Like the room the lounge is spacious modern and generous with its F&B and wines. Other facilities A 24-hour gym although the area or floor it is on looks so sad and dark. Fortunately there is a whole waterfront promenade to jog on. Service My welcome was rough. I arrived from another hotel the porch area was busy and the bellboys did not bother to lift a finger to help me as I struggled to lug my luggage up a short staircase to the lobby. But my whole stay proved this was an anomaly. The hotel really has great people who care. Especially at the club lounge. When they saw that I liked the Lemon Grass & Ginger Tea they served me one evening I got that each night in my room without me asking. Vietjet lets you fly like a SkyBoss Vietjet is the latest Asian low-cost carrier (LCC) to offer a higher grade of product with the official launch of its SkyBoss class of travel. Introduced to meet the demands of the airline s growing number of passengers Vietjet has provided SkyBoss travellers with priority check-in services free 20kg baggage allowance priority seat selection airport lounge access in-flight meals and flexibility to alter date and time of travel. It has also tied up with Visa and the Vietnam Golf Association to offer promotional programmes for SkyBoss passengers. Each SkyBoss ticket purchased will also ensure a donation to NPO Compassion in Vietnam which aims to rescue Vietnamese trapped in the poverty cycle through means such as education. SkyBoss tickets are now available for purchase on the LCC s website. PRice check Special mini bar package 2 cans of beer (any kind) 1 pack of nuts 1 pack of potato chips (HK 80 original HK 175) Conference room rental (10-12 seats) HK 480 per hour HK 3 500 per day (9 hours) 8 TTGassociations July 2015 VeRdict An experienced hotel which offers real value for meeting planners and for those on business trips. Raini Hamdi Banyan Tree goes green for meetings Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts is pushing for a bigger share of the regional MICE market with a new meetings programme and a dedicated meeting and event website. Banyan Tree s new programme incorporates volunteerism and CSR and works with EarthCheck to measure how much carbon is generated during meetings to aid clients in holding carbon-free meetings. Vice president for sales and marketing David Spooner said We observed (a demand for) responsible meetings and the trend of more engagement in CSR incorporated with experiencing the local flavours of food and entertainment. Meanwhile the group will continue to boost awareness of Banyan Tree and sister brand Angsana s MICE capabilities. A lot of MICE organisers... think we only do leisure groups and couples. In fact we do have a demand for small executive retreats incentives and board meetings. Banyan Tree launched a dedicated MICE page in January with one for Angsana in the works. Meeting organisers can look for functional information like capacity charts and size of meeting rooms... Moreover the site also features Destination Dining for meeting organisers who need special dining options like al fresco dining on top of a mountain said Spooner. Prudence Lui What s on offer On the shelves JW Marriott Hotel Bangkok JW Marriott Hotel Bangkok will brandish its newly renovated Grand Ballroom and nine function rooms come September and is rolling out an introductory offer to mark the occasion. For the price of 5 999 baht (US 190 ) the hotel is offering superior deluxe accommodation for single occupancy daily international buffet breakfast at Marriott Caf a free full-day or half-day meeting package and high-speed Internet connectivity throughout the entire stay. Booking is open now for meetings to be held between September 1 and December 31 2015. For more information and reservations call (66) 2656-7700 ext 4406. alcohol minibar one-way ferry ticket from to Hong Kong and upgraded coffee break or VIP meeting set-up. For more information and reservations email macau.grand JW Marriott Hotel Bangkok Grand Hyatt Macau A new package deal for meetings held at the Grand Hyatt Macau has been unveiled giving organisers the choice of two pillarless ballrooms and eight meeting Salons. Priced from HK 820 (US 106) the Full-day Meeting Package allows organisers to choose two desired benefits from a range that includes an upgrade to Grand Suite King Twin room (maximum up to 20 rooms) a free round-trip limousine transfer from to ferry pier or airport daily free non- Grand Hyatt Macau TTGassociations July 2015 9 Profile Managing brilliantly What to expect from an association whose mission is to advance management excellence Surely excellent management. So Raini Hamdi sits down with Victor Lee executive director of the Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA) to see what goes behind managing an association brilliantly So how is the HKMA structured and why is it effective I m the CEO. Backing me is a council and executive committee and together we develop activities to keep members abreast of the latest developments in say marketing or HR management. So we always have the inputs of the industry as the council and executive committee members bring real insights into HKMA. (The council comprises leaders from heavyweight companies across industries in Hong Kong including The Hong Kong and China Gas Jardine Matheson Hutchison Whampoa Hongkong Land The Hong Kong Jockey Club and The Bank of East Asia.) How many members do you have Around 13 000 including some 10 000 individual managers and executives and corporate members including organisations such as HSBC Standard Chartered Swire and McDonald s. And the association s mission We are a non-profit organisation with a vision of advancing management excellence across all industries in Hong Kong. Now of course that s a broad statement and we need to come down to the nuts and bolts of what it is that we do. Firstly we do a lot of training and development programmes these are a major source of our revenue. We offer something like 2 000 courses a year everything from a one-day seminar two-day workshops one-year certificate course to degree programmes all the way to doctorate programmes. We train around 40 000 people a year so I believe we are the largest organisation that provides management development and education for this region. Whether or not we re the largest association with the most number of members is not important. What is important is the impact we create on the society and we do this through training and education. Being a volume player is not in our DNA. If your organisation is meaningful people will join. You need to do something that has an impact and that maintains your brand. Secondly we run awards such as our marketing excellence awards sponsored by the broadcast company HKTVB and our distinguished sales persons award in which we select the most outstanding sales persons from all industries and each year more than 1 000 people attend the awards ceremony in Hong Kong. Such business awards create great impact in not only promoting best practices but in giving insights into future directions. Thirdly we have a number of clubs for our members eg the IT management club or the HR management club so they can network with their peers or the big bosses may be find a job or learn about the latest developments in their industry. We organise field trips for them to big companies say Alibaba or Tencent how can they approach such companies on their own But with our reputation chances are the big companies will welcome us for these field trips and many do. I understand you re quite new at the helm of the association Yes I m young (laughs) not a young guy but young in this organisation which is 55 years old and is still going strong. I joined over three years ago. Before I was with the university. Must be quite a change from theory to practice I never managed an Victor Lee 10 TTGassociations July 2015 organisation like this but I did manage a school I was the dean although yes it s not exactly the same. But management professors don t just sit still It s not my style anyway. I always believe we need to advocate the best practices in management but also look out for the next best practices to help organisations become more effective and innovative in producing their products and services. Was there an existing CEO before you Yes she was retiring and the association wanted a person who welcomes change initiates change and wants to do something different. Why For the first 40 to 50 years of its life the association had enjoyed good times. In the 60s there were only two universities in Hong Kong now we have eight public universities and Hong Kong has opened itself up for all qualified institutions around the globe to come to the city and offer training and education. So gradually we see that the competition is getting keener and the market is becoming more mature. There are more players and more people are educated. Are your members changing Demographically we are seeing younger members with less experience. I think that s great because these are the people we want to serve in the long run. The well-established people will eventually retire and we need new blood. This is why I literally reach out to students for our courses from outside the business world as they are the ones who will be our future customers. How For example we don t just go to the business schools they already have hundreds of courses. We go to say the school of education where students are learning to be teachers. We ask the director of student affairs if we could bring a marketing hu expert or a human resource expert from member our membership to speak stu to the students so they know what is going on outside the classroom. Photos by Raini Hamdi Profile Lee (right) with Alan Bai chief representative Institute of Management Accountants Beijing Rep Office during the ASAE (American Society of Association Executives) Great Ideas in association management conference Asia-Pacific in Hong Kong recently The students are training to be teachers and don t know much about the business world. But even though they go on to become teachers they take our courses in management or become our members. It s the same with engineers social workers etc these are the people we want to attract. We need to tap new sources of membership. People say yours is an association that promotes management excellence so of course it has to be professionally-managed. Not necessarily. It all has to do with the mentality personality and calibre of the people running the association. If they are ever so satisfied with what they have accomplished chances are they won t do a lot of new things. I always look for breakthroughs new initiatives to satisfy my desire for development and my curiosity that has to do with my personality. Long-serving staff also have a mindset. FROM THEORY TO PRACTICE Victor Lee was appointed executive director of the Hong Kong Management Association on January 18 2012 succeeding Dr Elizabeth SC Shing who was the director-general. He studied maths and computer science at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania but did his PhD in management (University of London) and taught management in many universities including the State University of New York. He has over 25 years of experience in the education sector with the last 20 years being in Hong Kong. Before joining the association he was direc- They don t see that change is a matter of life they just want to get on they are satisfied with what they are doing until their retirement. But I m patient unlike the US organisations which just dismiss you if you don t perform or are not up to standards or expectations. But that s not going to work in our society and in particular in the culture of this organisation. So I try and use my persuasive powers to talk to people and get them to see things test new ideas. If it works it proves I m correct. If it does not then we learn a lesson from it. Were you able to change mindsets Gradually. I do see that my staff new or long-service are realising that we need to work not just harder but smarter in the face of a competitive market. Competition is not such that there are 100 apples and you take 50 and I take 50 or you take 60 and I take 40. Eventually the market dries up so you need to tap new sources of membership. tor of the School of Continuing and Professional Studies of The Chinese University of Hong Kong leading a team of 220 full-time staff and over 800 part-time instructors. Lee was also director department head of management of The Open University of Hong Kong from 1991 to 1999. Lee is experienced in collaborating with overseas institutions and has extensive networks in China. He was chairman of the Federation for Continuing Education in Tertiary Institutions from 2007 to 2009. TTGassociations July 2015 11 Guide to Reserve seats 20 guests for a meal or 40 for drinks and canap s. Why meet here Smaller meeting groups with up to 50 delegates can enjoy the hotel s Sweet Meetings package which includes table treats such as mini chocolate bars San Pellegrino sparkling and Acqua Pana still water a Nespresso coffee machine and a very tempting lolly buffet. Recent association clients West Australia Chinese Petroleum Association February 2015 Four Points by Sheraton Brisbane Rooms 246 including 80 twins Venues The hotel offers 312m2 of function space that is equipped with state-of-theart in-built technology and comes with natural light. It can support events with up to 120 guests in a cocktail Venues The hotel has 2 274m2 of meeting space comprising a 1 048m2 grand ballroom and 11 meeting rooms. Perfect for larger gatherings the grand ballroom can take 300 to 600 guests for a sit-down banquet or 1 000 for a standing reception. The venues are equipped with the latest meetings technology and wireless Internet access. They are also located on the same level for convenient access. Supporting facilities and services There is a 605m2 foyer that can be used for private cocktail funtions with up to 500 guests while the hotel s signature Seasonal Tastes restaurant has three 10-seat private rooms that can be combined for larger gatherings. The hotel also has an events team that can create ice-breaker programmes for meeting delegates. Parmelia Hilton Perth Rooms 284 including 31 twins Venues There are nine meeting and event venues with eight located on level one. The striking Argyle Ballroom can accommodate up to 450 pax in theatre style while the meeting rooms vary in size for 10 to 100 guests. The elegant Penthouse Boardroom on level 10 seats 20 for a private meeting. Supporting facilities and services The Outdoor Piazza on level one is perfect for meeting breaks or a sunset cocktail party for up to 250 guests. The popular Adelphi Grill Bar & Restaurant features The Reserve a semi-private area that houses an impressive 1 000-bottle collection. The Association events are not always massive affairs. When a smaller-scale seminar or workshop is to be held hotels with function rooms and unique spaces may just fit the bill. TTGassociations reporters in the region put together a selection of new meeting-friendly hotels that have opened or refreshed its hardware over the past two years The Westin Chongqing Liberation Square Rooms 336 including 80 Deluxe Double and 16 Executive Double The Westin Chongqing Liberation Square 12 TTGassociations July 2015 setting or be divided into two smaller areas for 50 pax each in theatre seating. Supporting facilities and services Altitude a sheltered rooftop venue on level 30 boasts specular views over Brisbane city and river and makes an ideal venue for a cocktail reception VIP party or private dinner. This exclusive space can accommodate up to 150 guests for a cocktail reception. Association secretariats can also utilise The Eatery all-day restaurant for dining functions and Wrapped a deli-style caf that transforms into a comfortable bar in the evening. Why meet here The hotel s meeting rooms and restaurant are located on the same level making it extremely easy for event attendees to navigate their way around as well as for association secretariats to keep track of their event delegates. Recent association clients Australian and New Zealand Why meet here The hotel sits in Liberation Square the central business district of Chongqing with many corporate offices F&B options shopping and entertainment close by. Recent association clients Undisclosed The Castle Hotel A Luxury Collection Hotel Dalian Rooms 292 including 82 twins Venues Thre are over 2 600m2 of indoor function space which includes a grand ballroom two junior ballrooms and five function rooms. The pillarless Chengbao Grand Ballroom can accommodate up to 1 100 pax theatre-style. It comes with a spacious ocean-view pre-function area and a beautiful terrace. The Emperor and Empress Ballrooms each feature 450m2 of space and are equipped with state-of- Guide to Four Points by Sheraton Brisbane Institute of Insurance and Finance March 2015 Sheraton Melbourne Hotel Rooms 174 including 40 twins Venues The hotel offers a ballroom and four meeting rooms all with natural light. The grand ballroom can take 300 people in a theatre setting while the-art facilities. The Esplanade on the fifth floor covers 4 000m2 and is the perfect outdoor location for social functions. Supporting facilities and services The hotel offers an enriched variety of facilities and services to enhance delegate experience. The indoor swimming pool and fitness centre present exhilarating athletic activities while Kaiser SPA pampers guests with a menu of relaxing treatments. Event delegates are also supported by a business centre and the Luggage Liaison service. Why meet here Spectacular views of the Yellow Sea and Xinghai Bay make the hotel an enchanting venue while an experienced team is on hand to oversee all aspects of the client s event. Recent association clients The 4th Asia Pacific Hotel Design Association Annual Meeting October 2014 the meeting rooms are good for breakout sessions with up to 40 people in a cabaret setting. The meeting rooms are designed for board meetings breakouts and intimate gatherings one of which can also be divided into two smaller spaces. Supporting facilities and services The Terrace Bar is an allweather rooftop venue and can be used for private cock- tail functions with up to 100 guests. The hotel s signature restaurant Little Collins St Kitchen can take 90 guests. Why meet here All function rooms sit on level two for convenient access. In addition two pre-function areas are available for registration as well as morning and afternoon tea breaks. Recent association clients Undisclosed tion rooms on offer Noire (60m2) Ocher (14m2) Fuchsia (47m2) and Turquoise (43m2). They are located on the third floor and can be connected to create a larger space. Supporting facilities and services Three on Canton restaurant Gateway Hotel Rooms 400 including 25 twins Venues There are four exclusive and flexible funcGateway Hotel s Three on Canton meeting TTGassociations July 2015 13 Guide to Crowne Plaza Greater Noida Rooms 398 including 124 twins Venues The hotel has a total banquet space of 4 366m2 including two open lawns of 1486m2 and 929m2 in size. The ballroom can accommodate 700 people in a theatre setting and 900 for a reception and is supported by 16 breakout rooms. The hotel also boasts an adjoining standalone convention centre for larger conferences. Supporting facilities and services Association secretariats are supported by a specialised events team. Facilities in the hotel include three restaurants and bars (two more will open soon) a business centre a fitness centre and spa. This new hotel is also built for special needs guests. Ramp access into the hotel meeting rooms and F&B venues are available while facilities for vision- and hearing-impaired guests are provided. Wheelchair accessible guestrooms are available too. Why meet here The hotel has an impressive inventory of event spaces both indoor and outdoor. It is also said to be the largest Crowne Plaza property in South-west Asia. Recent association clients Internet Service Providers Association of India August 2014 Indian Dental Association December 2014 Hyatt Regency Gurgaon Rooms 488 including 65 twin rooms Venues Spread over 3 716m2 the hotel s range of function rooms comprises the Regency Ballroom six meeting rooms Regency Lawns and three boardrooms. Regency Ballroom can host up to 3 000 guests and can be divided into three soundproof spaces. It has a cargo entrance and three pre-function areas. Supporting facilities and services Dining functions can be hosted at Awadhi restaurant a multi-cuisine outlet with five different live kitchens. Social events can be had at The Long Bar which overlooks the swimming pool and the lobby lounge. Why meet here The ballroom is the only such facility in India to offer an inbuilt Christie digital projector. Association secretariats will also appreciate the hotel s tailor-made packages that include conference and recreational activities. Recent association clients Undisclosed Vivanta by Taj Dwarka Rooms 250 including 52 twins Venues Association secretariats can utilise four meeting rooms and three banquet halls with seating capacities for up to 120 delegates in boardroom style. There are also four conference rooms offering 1 560m2 in all suitable for gatherings of 12 to 800 pax. Supporting facilities and services Video conferencing and webcasting facilities as well as translation services are available at this hotel. Private events can also be hosted on an outdoor lawn good for 250 to 275 guests in a dinner setup and at Creo all-day dining restaurant. Why meet here The hotel is located close to the airport and Gurgaon s business district. It is also a short drive from New Delhi. Recent association clients Undisclosed Grand Hyatt Hong Kong and Be on Canton bar al fresco dining terrace can support private cocktail parties. Why meet here The property is centrally located on Canton Road and complements sister hotels Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel and Prince Hotel both within Harbour City. The major transport hub of the China Ferry Terminal Star Ferry and the MTR station are all within walking distance. Recent association clients Hotel Controllers and Accountants Association of Hong Kong August 2014 GSLG German Speaking Ladies Group December 2014 Grand Hyatt Hong Kong Rooms 539 including 73 twins Venues The hotel offers 22 flexible venues for meetings incentives conferences and private parties with 12 to 1 200 guests. The newly designed Grand Ballroom is one of the largest in Hong Kong and can accommodate up to 1 600 persons. The Poolhouse an outdoor venue overlooking the hotel s swimming pool and gardens but with the comfort of an indoor venue is ideal for welcome or farewell cocktails. All venues are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and broadband connectivity. Wi-Fi is free. Supporting facilities and services Event organisers can take their pick of nine restaurants and bars that are capable of supporting private functions. The hotel s outdoor heated swimming pool fitness centre and Plateau Spa can also provide creative solutions for events. Why meet here Grand Hyatt Hong Hong has hosted many conferences and meetings of various sizes and has the experience to ensure that all goes well. Recent association clients Rotary Club monthly event Lions Club monthly event Hong Kong Racehorse Owners Association November 2013 Hong Kong Shipowners Association November 2013 Trade Commission of Chile February 2014 14 TTGassociations July 2015 DoubleTree by Hilton Jakarta Diponegoro Rooms 253 including 121 twins Venues Makara Ballroom can accommodate 350 pax banquet-style and 700 theatre-style. It is supported by seven flexible meeting rooms that come with unparalleled technology and services to ensure the success of any event with 10 to 80 people theatre-style. Supporting facilities and services Makara Garden and Makara Square can be used for outdoor events with 250 and 300 guests respectively. The hotel s all-day dining restaurant has two 10-seat private rooms. Parmelia Hilton Perth Outdoor piazza Recent association clients E Commerce Indonesia Association April 2015 Indonesian Internet Service Organizer Association June 2015 Aston Solo Hotel Rooms 208 including 82 twins Venues Sidoluhur Ballroom can accommodate 550 pax theatre-style and 250 pax for banquets. It is supported by a pre-function room that can take more than 1 000 guests. Three flexible meeting rooms all on the same level complete the hotel s event space inventory. These rooms are good for VIP meetings and can take 50 to 300 pax. Supporting facilities and services The hotel offers three F&B outlets Sky Dining Cashmere Restaurant and Chiffon Lounge and is the only property in Solo City with a rooftop restaurant. Sky Dining is perfect for private cocktail functions with up to 300 guests. Association secretariats are also supported by an in-house banquet planner. Why meet here The hotel is brand new and affords an ideal location in Guide to Aston Solo Hotel Why meet here Association secretariats and event delegates can enjoy Hilton s promise of excellent service. Besides that the hotel is located outside of Jakarta s restricted 3-in-1 zone which requires all cars entering the area during peak hours to contain at least three persons. DoubleTree by Hilton Jakarta Diponegoro the heart of Solo s central business district. It is close to a train station government offices and the airport and is adjacent to Solo Center Point IT mall. The renowned Laweyan Batik s Village and the Kasunanan and Mangkunegaran Royal Palaces are nearby too making the Aston Solo Hotel a perfect base for business travellers who wish to extend their trip for pleasure. Recent association clients Indonesia Furniture Business Association Lions Club and Indonesia Management Association The Alana Hotel & Convention Center Yogyakarta Rooms 265 including 126 twins Venues The property boasts a convention centre with 10 meeting rooms and a ballroom that can accommodate up to 2 310 pax theatre-style. Breakout rooms can take up to 196 pax theatre-style. Supporting facilities and services Offering both business functionality and pleasure options the hotel houses varied culinary experiences an infinity swimming pool on the first floor an outdoor swimming pool a spa and a gym. TTGassociations July 2015 15 Why meet here The hotel is located in one of the biggest complexes in Yogyakarta s Mataram City. There s plenty of parking space and shopping opportunities. Recent association clients Undisclosed Guide to Pullman Surabaya City Centre Hotel Rooms 292 including 52 twins Venues The hotel offers two ballrooms and nine meeting rooms all located on the same level. The ballroom can accommodate up to 1 000 pax in a theatre setting while the meeting rooms are great for breakout sessions with 40 pax in classroom settings. Supporting facilities and services The poolside deck can host private cocktails for up to 60 guests while the hotel s signature Chinese restaurant offers four 10-seat private rooms that can be combined to support larger gatherings. The hotel s in-house events team can create out-of-the-box entertainment programmes for meeting delegates. Why meet here The hotel sits in the central business district of Surabaya and is close to one of the city s major shopping malls the Plaza Tunjungan. Recent association clients Undisclosed Novotel Tangerang Room count 266 (number of twin rooms unavailable) Venues Novotel Tangerang s Meeting Novotel solution provides a customised service for small to large-sized meetings. The hotel is equipped with seven meeting rooms four breakout meeting rooms and a 1 600m2 ballroom for up to 2 500 guests the largest meeting venue so far among hotels in Tangerang Banten. All meeting rooms are equipped with state-ofthe-arts audiovisual system and supported by a team of trained technicians. Supporting facilities and services Besides the business centre event delegates can access the hotel s range of fitness and wellness facilities to recharge. Dining opportunities are offered at the signature The Square Restaurant on the Podium Floor. It serves local and international cuisines and boasts an open kitchen concept which allows guests to enjoy direct interactions with the chefs. The Lounge Bar opened until midnight is suitable for post-meeting social gatherings. Why meet here With superb meeting facilities and the largest ballroom in Tangerang Novotel Tangerang sets a new benchmark as the city s top international-standard business hotel. Recent association clients Undisclosed Mercure Bandung Setiabudi Rooms 205 (number of twin rooms unavailable) Venues A grand ballroom four flexible meeting rooms and one boardroom are on offer. The grand ballroom can accommodate more than 1 700 pax for a standing reception or 650 guests for roundtable banquets. All meeting rooms are equipped with modern technology including videoconferencing systems. There is also an amphitheatre for outdoor activities. Supporting facilities and services Association secretariats are supported by a range of business services including simultaneous interpretion. F&B destinations in the hotel include Hardy s Dining Room which serves international cuisine and Jing Paradise Restaurant which specialises in Chinese fine dining. Why meet here Husein Sastranegara Airport is just a 30-minute drive away and the hotel provides easy access to popular attractions such as Tangkuban Perahu dormant volcano and Ciater Hot Spring park. Recent association clients Undisclosed Mercure Bandung Setiabudi Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel Rooms 360 including 218 twins Venues The hotel has seven function rooms across 422m2 on the 20th floor and all boast spectacular views of the city. The largest venue the Akane room has a maximum capacity of 160 pax in a theatre configuration and up to 120 pax for receptions. The other six rooms are ideal for meetings with no more than 10 delegates each and can be reconfigured into a single larger space. Groups using these event facilities have 24-hour access to the business centre as well as a full range of meeting equipment. Supporting facilities and services The hotel offers a meeting planning service while the Club Lounge is available for guests staying in Club and suite rooms. The business centre and fitness gym are open to all in-house guests and they operate round the clock. ZK restaurant serves Japanese Western and teppanyaki-style dishes while Cooka is a buffet-style restaurant. Wi-Fi is free throughout the hotel. Why meet here Already a landmark in Osaka since its opening in March 2014 the hotel benefits from being located in the tallest building in 16 TTGassociations July 2015 Hilton Okinawa Chatan Resort access. The pre-function space is perfect for group registration and coffee breaks. Supporting facilities and services Social functions for association members can be held by the infinity pool on the sixth floor. There is also a choice of three restaurants to hold lunches and dinners. Grill 582 restaurant offers a private dining room for 12 guests. This space is good for private meetings luncheons and dinners and comes with an LCD projector and screen upon request. Why meet here All meeting rooms are on Level 6 and a centralised area can be used for coffee breaks allowing all delegates to mingle in a common space. The hotel also appeals with its convenient location. It is a 10-minute drive from KL Sentral Station and complimentary scheduled shuttle services to KL Sentral are provided. For local event attendees the hotel charges a flat rate for its indoor car park. Recent association clients Malaysian Spanish Chamber of Commerce & Industry May 2015 Four Points by Sheraton Puchong Rooms 249 rooms including 148 twins Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar Rooms 513 including 191 twins Venues This city hotel boasts two large ballrooms that can accommodate up to 2 000 guests and 12 meeting rooms. All function rooms are equipped with stateof-the-art facilities. Meeting rooms come in different sizes some with natural daylight and most are pillarless. This allow associations to have the flexibility to conduct events of various sizes. Supporting facilities and services The outdoor pool deck can host cocktail functions with up to 150 guests while the hotel has four F&B outlets to keep dining experiences fresh for event delegates. Association secretariats are also supported by a dedicated meetings and events team. Why meet here The hotel is located just off the Federal Highway and away from Kuala Lumpur city centre allowing event delegates to escape heavy traffic in the city. The hotel also has all meeting rooms on the same floor allowing organisers to have smoother movement. Recent association clients Private Medical Practitioners Association of Selangor and Kuala Lumpur March 2015 Malaysian Association of Tour & Travel Agents April 2015 Ramada Plaza Dua Sentral Kuala Lumpur Venues The hotel s 1 358m2 of versatile function space comprises the 720m2 Puteri Grand Ballroom which is divisible into two. Boasting a high ceiling the space can comfortably accommodate up to 700 guests. In addition there are three meeting rooms ranging from 44m2 to 97m2 in size. The largest of these can fit up to 32 pax in a classroom setting. Supporting facilities and services The lobby lounge can be converted into a pre-dinner cocktail venue for up to 70 guests and is adjacent to an outdoor patio while the poolside offers the perfect setting for barbecue parties. The Eatery can seat 100 people and is suitable for casual networking events. Why meet here It is the only internationalbranded hotel in Puchong and the property promises a high level of service. For logistical ease all function rooms sit on level one. Natural daylight streaming into the foyer adds comfort and reduces the sense of being in a confined space. In addition the hotel is within walking distance to a diverse range of food outlets and on request a food trail for meeting delegates to sample local cuisine can be organised. Recent association clients Rotary International District 3300 Malaysia January 2015 Guide to Japan the 65-storey Abeno Harukas. Guests get to enjoy a stunning view across the city. Recent association clients Undisclosed Hilton Okinawa Chatan Resort Rooms 346 all twins Venues Although primarily a resort hotel the property has five function rooms including a grand ballroom and a 12-seat boardroom. The 450m2 grand ballroom can accommodate up to 400 guests for receptions. All function rooms can support meetings and events of various sizes. Supporting facilities and services Groups meeting in this hotel have access to a comprehensive 24-hour business centre. The hotel s lush surroundings are great for garden parties while the terrace which provides spectacular evening views out to sea are perfect for small gatherings. For relaxation event delegates can head to the hotel s state-of-the-art gym and spa. Why meet here The hotel wins with its location. It is 45 minutes from Naha International Airport and has two beaches and a marina within strolling distance. Recent association clients Undisclosed TTGassociations July 2015 17 Rooms 357 including 101 twins Venues The hotel offers 10 meeting rooms of different sizes that can host between 12 and 160 people. All meeting rooms feature advanced meeting equipment and Wi-Fi Internet Guide to Marco Polo Ortigas Manila Room count 316 rooms including 83 twins Venue The Grand Ballroom can accommodate 300 pax for banquets and is divisible into two sections. It comes with a prefunction area. There are also eight function rooms for up to 900 pax all with advanced audiovisual equipment and sound-proof dividers. Event attendees can enjoy natural daylight and complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi access. Grand Hyatt Incheon Rooms 1 022 including 319 twins Venues After adding a new West Tower wing in September 2014 Grand Hyatt Incheon muscled up on the events front with a total of 27 individual spaces 3 074m2 in the East Tower and 5 303m2 in the West Tower. The East Tower houses a pillar-free Ballroom that can accommodate 540 pax in a banquet setting as well as 11 event rooms three boardrooms two hospitality suites and a large pillar-free conference room. A covered Sky Bridge connects the Ballroom and meeting space of the East Tower with the event deck of the West Tower featuring a Grand Ballroom with a capacity of 830 people in a banquet setting augmented by a 500m2 pre-function foyer with a built-in bar. The West Tower houses two large pillar-free conference rooms and two drawing rooms on Level One and three meeting rooms on Level Two most of which offer panoramic views of either Incheon Airport or the terrace garden. Two al fresco venues that seat up to 300 guests each are available on Level Two. Supporting facilities and services A free shuttle service between the hotel and Incheon Airport departs every 15 minutes free wireless Internet is available throughout the property and business centre services are available to all guests. For guests staying in Grand Club rooms the rebranded hotel now houses two private Grand Club Lounges on the 11th floor of the East Tower and the 12th floor of the West Tower offering panoramic views of Incheon Airport and the West Sea. The hotel offers five unique F&B concepts and for recreation event delegates can utilise the 24-hour Club Olympus fitness centre and spa. Why meet here Grand Hyatt Incheon is located just three minutes from Incheon International Airport and major cities in Gyeonggi Province including Seoul. All the hotel s event spaces feature advanced multimedia conference equipment and high-speed Internet access. Supporting facilities and services The hotel s seven restaurants and bars lobby and poolside can all be utilised for private events. For a more exquisite venue associations can consider the 344m2 Anantara Presidential Suite which overlooks the pool and garden. It can host gatherings of up to 18 people or a sit-down dinner for 12. Why meet here Given its wide range of meetings facilities the property is ideal for smaller association events wanting to handle group sizes of anything from 16 to 100 or more. The diversity of F&B facilities is another plus as they support formal dinners and more relaxed settings. Recent association clients ASEAN Council on Petroleum Grand Hyatt Incheon West Tower A creative and experienced events team is always on hand to provide personalised service and help plan and execute flawless meetings and events. Recent association clients Asia Pacific Aviation Education and Training Symposium February 2015 AOTrauma July 2015 Glad Hotel Yeouido Seoul Rooms 319 including 82 twins and 64 jumbo twins Venues Bloom banquet hall the hotel s largest event venue can host 400 pax in a theatre layout. Its adjoining venue Welcome is good for 50 pax in the same layout. Four additional rooms are available on the second floor offering Supporting facilities and services Backed by Hong Kong-based parent Marco Polo Hotels the Manila property s event planners can create tailored themed events for meeting delegates. Its five restaurants and bars can double as unique event venues including Vu s sky bar and lounge on the 45th floor of the hotel tower. Lung Hin which specialises in Cantonese cuisine and fresh seafood has seven private dining rooms. Why meet here The hotel has earned a strong following with its well-trained staff and quality service since its opening in mid-2014. It is also an ideal venue for medium-scale events since its Grand Ballroom can be strategically set up to house both the plenary and exhibition areas. All event delegates can also be accommodated in the hotel depending on the association s requirement. Recent association clients Philippine Society of Optometrists November 2014 Le Meridien Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Resort & Golf Spa Rooms 223 rooms (number of twin rooms unavailable) Venues With seven meetings rooms and a pre-function area the property offers 740m2 of combined space. Three ballrooms can be reconfigured into a single 420m2 venue and all rooms are fitted with the latest audiovisual technology. There is also plenty of outdoor space for group events. Supporting facilities and services There are three F&B outlets. Latest Recipe can seat 136 people (92 inside 44 outdoor). Favola Italian restaurant seats 102 people 49 alfresco with up to 16 in the Anantara Siam Bangkok Rooms 354 rooms including 107 twins Venues The hotel has more than 17 meetings spaces the largest of which is the 814m2 ballroom for up to 1 000 pax in a cocktail setting. Montathip 1 to 4 can fit a maximum of either 60 or 154 people in a classroom setting and the rooms can be combined to create a single space for a 360-pax banquet. A number of other meeting rooms and venues afford the ability to arrange more intimate meetings for groups of 16 to 40 pax. 18 TTGassociations July 2015 Mandarin Oriental Taipei Rooms 303 including 57 twins Venues The hotel offers a versatile range of rooms including the 960m2 Grand Ballroom with seating for up to 1 200 guests the 500m2 Mandarin Ballroom with capacity for 600 pax as well as five flexible Oriental rooms that can accommodate 10 to 110 guests. Supporting facilities and services The business centre provides all basic services an event delegate would need while the Oriental Lounge satisfies discerning business guests with perks such as exclusive check-in services and refreshments throughout the day. For recreation the hotel offers a 20m outdoor temperaturecontrolled swimming pool Fitness & Wellness Centre sauna steam room and Jacuzzi. Why meet here Located in the business district on Dunhua North Road the hotel is a short walk to Taipei MRT Nanjing Fuxing station which provides easy access to key areas in the city. Songshan International Airport is a fiveminute drive away while the iconic Taipei Arena is 500m down the road. Recent association clients Taiwan Convention & Exhibition Association March 2015 Taiwan Tourist Hotel Association October 2014 Shangri-La s Far Eastern Plaza Hotel Taipei Rooms 420 including 160 twins Venues The Far Eastern Grand Ballroom seats up to 700 guests while the Shangri-La Ballroom takes 400 pax. Nine other function rooms spread across four different floors are better suited for smaller-sized events. They range from a 41m2 boardroom with 15 seats to a 279m2 function room for 150 people in a reception setting. All venues are fitted with advanced audiovisual technology. Supporting facilities and services Association secretariats looking to take their dining event Mandarin Oriental Taipei out of the function rooms have five restaurants and three lounges to choose from. For post-meeting recreation event delegates can dip into the rooftop pool work out in a fully equipped fitness centre or retreat into the Qi Shiseido Salon and Spa. Why meet here The hotel promises a one-stop service and tailor-made programmes that are supported by an event team. A high level of privacy is also promised. Recent association clients American Chamber of Commerce in Taipei January 2015 European Chamber of Commerce Taipei January 2015 Rotary Club of Sheng Yang February 2015 Grand Hyatt Taipei Rooms 853 rooms including over 300 twins Venues This recently renovated hotel offers 13 meeting rooms including a pillar-free Grand Ballroom and The Grand Residence a residential-style multi-event venue. All venues boast advanced facilities and are capable of hosting any event from a private business meeting for eight to a large convention for up to 1 200 people. Supporting facilities and services There are nine restaurants and bars to choose from and they all have private dining rooms and areas that can be combined for larger gatherings. Why meet here Grand Hyatt Taipei is adjacent to Taipei 101 Mall and close to the Taipei World Trade Centre and the Taipei International Convention Centre and the Exhibition Halls. It is also a three-minute walk to the train station. Other draws at this hotel are its culinary innovation and creative excellence important elements that enhance each delegate s experience. Recent association clients Undisclosed Guide to between 38m2 and 93m2 of space. The largest of this lot Project Room A can host banquets with 40 guests. Supporting facilities and services Facilities at the hotel include Creative Lounge business centre a gym and The LOFTY executive lounge on the 14th floor. Greets Restaurant and Mark T whiskey bar are great for social functions with a dining element. Why meet here The four Project Rooms are perfect for smaller-sized association member workshops and seminars and the hotel s location in the Manhattan of Seoul puts its within easy reach of attendees coming from their offices. Recent association clients Undisclosed private dining room while six people can dine in its wine cellar. Latitude 13 39 is the property s bar which seats 39 people and can be used as an alternative events space. Supporting facilities and services Delegates can unwind at Explore Spa with 11 treatment rooms and have young accompanying family members hang out at the kids club. Why meet here The resort s highlight is the Summit Windmill Golf Club which boasts an 18-hole Nick Faldo designed course. It is one of only two courses in Bangkok offering night golf. Preferential rates are available for guests. The airport is just a 15-minute drive away. Recent association clients Undisclosed TTGassociations July 2015 19 Case studies Indian Travel Congress 2015 TAAI leverages its business connections to deliver a successful member meeting writes S Puvaneswary T Event Indian Travel Congress 2015 Organiser Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI) Date March 26-28 2015 Venue Bali International Convention Centre Nusa Dua 20 TTGassociations July 2015 TTGassociations April 2014 20 No of attendees 700 Challenges A programme that is exciting enough to attract attendees from all over India must be created within 45 days shortages in hotel rooms and airline seats due to Bali s busy travel period here were many firsts for the 62nd Convention & Exhibition of TAAI (Travel Agents Association of India) also known as the Indian Travel Congress 2015. It was the first time that the event was held in Bali Indonesia the first time the organisers chose a destination without a formal invitation from the government and without any bids and also the first time that TAAI worked primarily with the private sector in Indonesia to organise the event. The purpose of holding it in Bali was to facilitate networking among agents and suppliers from Indonesia and India and rally behind the Indian government s Festival of India in Indonesia campaign to promote inbound and outbound tourism between the two countries. The congress had to be organised within 45 days the shortest time TAAI has ever had to put together an event said Harmandeep Singh Anand honorary secretary-general and co-chairman of Indian Travel Congress 2015. At the same time the organisers had to grapple with the lack of direct air access between India and Bali. Delegates who hailed from small Indian cities had to travel at least 15 hours to get to the resort island. They had to first travel to an Indian airport which had direct flights to Malaysia Singapore or Thailand and then head onwards to Bali. Even delegates from major cities such as Mumbai and Delhi took more than 10 hours to reach Bali due to a lengthy transit. To entice delegates from all over India to make the journey to Bali an attractive programme was needed. Adding to the challenge was the fact that the event was due to take place during Bali s shoulder period when hotels were experiencing strong occupancy and flights from Asian gateways had good loads. Sunil Kumar president of TAAI and congress chairman said the event would have attracted more attendees if there were more airline seats available. The organisers in India received much support from many parties in Indonesia which made the event a success. For instance prominent Indonesian DMC RajaMICE. com helped to reach out to local tourism suppliers who were keen on courting the Indian travel market to participate in the congress as exhibitors. The Westin Resort Nusa Dua Bali provided the conference venue for free and helped to coordinate with surrounding hotels to host delegates. Hotels in Lombok Yogyakarta and Jakarta jumped in to host delegates for pre- and post-show tours all complimentary in a bid to showcase their properties and allow the delegates to experience their services and hospitality. also took care of the ground arrangements outside of Bali. CEO Panca A Sarungu said It was an opportunity to show what Indonesia has to offer and by doing this attract more tourism business from India. TAAI also enjoyed special fares from airline partners Singapore Airlines Malindo Air AirAsia Jet Airways Emirates and Garuda Airlines which helped to incentivise delegates to attend the event. Other tourism partners from Bali such as Devdan Treasure of the Archipelago show at Bali Nusa Dua Theatre also helped by offering complimentary services. According to Sunil the success of this convention was possible because TAAI had worked with numerous partners from Bali s private sector. The organisers also learnt that it was better to hold an event during the low season to make it easier to avail of room and airline inventory. Case studies EWC Okinawa East-West Center discovers that while communication is key financial backing is just as vital. By Julian Ryall I Event EWC Okinawa Organiser East-West Center Association Date September 17 - 19 2014 Venue Okinawa Convention and Visitors Bureau No of attendees 400 Challenges Getting financial support and plugging communication gaps n the 19 months running up to the 2014 East-West Center International Conference the organisers learnt that it pays to communicate. The event was staged at the Okinawa Convention and Visitors Bureau over three days in mid-September bringing together 400 delegates from 24 different countries in Naha. Attendees were tasked with debating on Developing a Peaceful and Sustainable Asia-Pacific Community but were also able to learn about Okinawan culture everything from how to make a mythical shisa from pottery to playing the sanshin three-stringed lute and the buku-buku cha Okinawan tea ceremony. The entire event went rather smoothly said Keiko Yamazato of the Okinawa chapter of the East-West Center Association and the key coordinator for the event. However the event support company that won the bid from the local government was not sure about the characteristics of the East-West Center so there was a communication gap she said. Fortunately experienced organisers were able to step in to ensure that all sides knew what was required. It is important to have communication and negotiations with local government officials in order to have their support for an international conference with many attendees from many different countries Yamazato said adding that guaranteeing financing for the event was the single biggest hurdle. Organisers were required to regularly meet with representatives of the local government to impress upon them the importance of the event if they are truly committed to making Okinawa the top location for conventions in the Asia-Pacific region as well as enhancing its reputation as a destination for vacationers. Similar effort and hours went into convincing local businesses and organisations to provide financial support including the Okinawa Tourist Service Orion Beer the Bank of Okinawa and Naha Airport Building. Having successfully staged the event Yamazato said the team has learnt a number of valuable lessons for the next major event. We need a good financial plan to support such a big event as the registration fee alone is not enough she said. We will decide the venue as early as possible and have younger executive members carry out the plan. We will also promote the event to the local media more strongly and encourage more locals to attend. In addition other enhancements would be to have at least two full-time staff working on any given project and including more people in the executive committee to ensure the burden does not fall on a small number of people. TTGassociations July 2015 21 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur ups the game The capital soon to welcome a tourism bureau with dedicated support for business events can expect to host more international meetings. S Puvaneswary reports he Kuala Lumpur Master Plan (2015 to 2025) aimed at turning the capital city into a top-ofmind destination for exciting and diverse urban experiences was launched early this year. It is a roadmap towards achieving the city s ambitious targets of nearly doubling the number of tourist arrivals to 16 million increasing average length of stay from 3.1 to 5.5 nights and increasing average spend per day from RM682 (US 189) to RM900 by 2025. In line with the plan City Hall s tourism unit will be upgraded to a tourism bureau with a dedicated meetings incentives conventions and exhibitions (MICE) desk in 2H2015. The desk will report to the bureau s COO who will in turn report directly to Kuala Lumpur mayor Ahmad Phesal Talib revealed Noraza Yusof head of tourism Kuala Lumpur City Hall. It will provide ground support to Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau s (MyCEB) bid initia- T tives to attract business events to Kuala Lumpur without duplicating the role of MyCEB i.e. by not directly bidding for international business events. Among the many initiatives of the new desk include developing a strategy for business events through branding and a subvention to attract more associations to hold their meetings and events in the city as well as fostering collaboration between associations and members of The Malaysian Association of Convention and Exhibition Organisers and Suppliers the travel trade event planners transportation and equipment suppliers venue providers as well as restaurant operators in the city. Noraza elaborated The idea is to bring people together three or four times a year to update all parties on what is happening in the city and to build a closer 22 TTGassociations July 2015 The establishment of the MICE desk is a welcome development for the meetings industry. Having a dedicated authority to provide ground support bodes well for the sector s further growth. Alan Pryor General manager Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre A scene from the newly launched musical Mud Our Story of Kuala Lumpur which lets visitors in on the early beginnings of the city working relationship so everyone knows what s happening. Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre general manager Alan Pryor said The establishment of the MICE desk is a welcome development for the meetings industry. Having a dedicated authority to provide ground support and attract business events to the city bodes well for the sector s further growth and development. We look forward to working closely with the desk as well as all industry players to bring more international events to Kuala Lumpur. Anthony Wong The International Association of Professional Congress Organisers ambassador for South-east Asia added The MICE desk with a dedicated team is much needed because there is no clear vision or strategy for the development of the MICE industry in Kuala Lumpur. MyCEB is a national body but it is not able to focus its efforts entirely on the city. Asia Pacific Network on Accessible Tourism president Sia Siew Chin opined The MICE desk should also engage associations for the disabled to ensure future projects services and tourist attractions are disabled friendly as this would ensure greater participation of international delegates with disabilities in international conferences held in Malaysia. Accessible tourism must be part of the development agenda. Currently City Hall s tourism unit supports MyCEB s bidding initiatives to attract more meetings to the city by for instance preparing a support letter from the mayor stating that Kuala Lumpur is ready to welcome delegates should the city win the bid to host the event. Noraza explained The support letter from the mayor is an important bid document for conference organisers to evaluate our commitment and overall readiness. Meanwhile the tourism unit has introduced more products for business events and leisure tourists alike over the past one year. One such offering is the onehour English musical called Mud Our Story of Kuala Lumpur performed at the iconic city theatre Panggung Bandaraya through to 2017. It tells a fictitious tale of the harmonious friendship of the early settlers in Kuala Lumpur based on historical events that took place in the 1800s. Performances are staged at 15.00 and 20.30 daily except on the second and fourth Mondays of the month. Arokia Das senior manager at Luxury Tours Malaysia said The musical makes a great introduction of the city and gives a succinct account to tourists about its early beginnings. Being only an hour long it can be easily incorporated into the programme as a post-lunch or post-dinner activity. Two free guided walking tours in the city were also introduced. One takes visitors into the heritage areas of the city and the other to Kampong Bharu to see important historical landmarks as well as traditional Malay wooden houses and the lifestyle of the inhabitants. Wong who is also group managing director for Asian Overland Services tourism and hospitality group in Malaysia said International delegates look for authentic experiences in the city thus the tours are perfect for them who want to see the real Kuala Lumpur. Other new attractions in the city include carriage rides drawn by Friesian horses that take visitors past the old parts of the city where buildings date back to the 1800s and early 1900s as well as helicopter city tours introduced in March. Nadzariah Cheng Abdullah president of the Malaysian Small Animal Veterinary Association concurred that the new product offerings will provide international delegates with more things to do and see but she pointed out they are not the main reason for delegates visiting a city nor are they compelling enough to bring about stay extensions. She opined When time is so valuable to every delegate of professional background conference content plays an important role along with quality technical tours where delegates can benefit by learning something new. Need to know 1 Malaysia Twin Deal X promotion This initiative was introduced by Malaysia Convention & Incentive Bureau in February and aimed at corporate meeting and incentive planners worldwide. It comprises Deal 1 which provides value-added support for international corporate meeting and incentive groups and Deal 2 which provides incentive rewards for international corporate meeting and incentive planners depending on group size. Business events organisers and event planners can visit www.likeneverbefore. my to find out more about these new initiatives which will run until June 30 2016. 2 Connectivity possibilities Kuala Lumpur is served by three airports namely the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) klia2 and Subang Skypark. Public transportation such as taxis and buses are available from all three airports. In addition train services take travellers from both KLIA and klia2 into KL Sentral station. Malaysia TTGassociations July 2015 23 3 Rainy season Heavy rains typically descend on Kuala Lumpur from November to February during which traffic tends to be heavy as well. Thus to transport delegates from one place to another efficiently it may be a good idea to use the services of police outriders. Also be sure to have a backup plan ready for an outdoor event planned during these months. 4 Best place and time to shop The best destination in Malaysia to shop for branded as well as local items is Kuala Lumpur with the capital s the large number of shopping malls and retailers. There are three annual sales periods namely 1Malaysia GP Sale (throughout March 2015) held in conjunction with the annual Formula 1 Grand Prix 1Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival (July to August 2015) purposely coinciding with the Middle East peak summer travel to Malaysia and 1Malaysia Year-end Sale (November to December 2015). Pre Post Malaysia A relaxing green sanctuary Perdana Botanical Garden is situated within the Tun Abdul Razak Heritage Park in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. At the garden visitors will delight in the ambiance of a tropical rainforest that is nestled in the middle of a bustling metropolis. Guided walks are provided free-of-charge on Sundays from 8.00 to 10.00. At other times private tours can be arranged for a fee. Contact Email klbotanicalgarden Take a bus tour of the city A great way to explore Kuala Lumpur at a leisurely pace is to board the KL Hop-On Hop-Off buses which stop at over 40 major attractions. The double-decker buses are air-conditioned and offer pre-recorded commentary. There is also complimentary Wi-Fi on board so visitors can instantly upload and share pictures on their favourite social media channels. Depending on how much time they have to take in the city tickets are available for 24- and 48-hour tours. Contact Tel (60) 3-2691-1382 Visit world s tallest towers Any visit to Kuala Lumpur must include the Petronas Twin Towers. Standing at 452m above ground this is the tallest twin towers in the world. Find here the Suria KLCC shopping centre KLCC Park and Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra performance at Petronas Philharmonic Hall. For an upscale sky dining experience check out Marini s on 57 located on the 57th floor. If time permits go up to the sky bridge that links the two towers on levels 41 and 42 for a stunning panoramic view of the city. Contact Paradise for bird lovers KL Bird Park is the world s largest free-flight walk-in aviary and home to more than 200 species of birds. Activities include a bird show at 12.30 and 15.30 daily as well as bird feeding at 10.00 and 17.00 daily. The park is open daily from 9.00 to 18.00. Contact Tower of observation KL Tower stands at 421m high and it is the fourth highest telecommunications tower in the world. There is an observation deck for visitors that is open daily providing a 360-degree bird s-eye view of the city as well as a revolving restaurant on the top floor. Find also many shops selling souvenir items and a cultural village showcasing replicas of traditional houses in a village setting. Contact Tel (60) 3-2020-5499 24 TTGassociations July 2015 Safely in the depths of the ocean Aquaria KLCC is a large oceanarium occupying 5 520m2 in the concourse level of Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre within Kuala Lumpur City Centre. Personalised half-hour tours can be arranged upon request to guide visitors through their journey of discovery. Those who are certified divers may want to participate in the oceanarium s special activity where they can swim alongside sharks. Contact n vdays iaTi C ssoc It&oM E ents a 2015 Destinatio pointments Business Ap s ns & Dinners ing Luncheo tional Forum ork Educa Hosted Netw sentations n Pre Curated Programmes Tailored Just For Association Executives & Professionals Held During Each of Our Leading MICE Events 30 September & 1 October 2015 The Leading International MICE Event Centered in Asia-Paci c Incorporating Luxury Travel Bangkok Convention Center at CentralWorld Bangkok 7 & 8 April 2016 The Leading International MICE Event in China Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Centre of International Sourcing A Business Group of TTG Asia Media 1 Science Park Road 04-07 The Capricorn Singapore Science Park II Singapore 117528 Tel 65 6375 7575 Association secretariats can take their meetings to a number of venues in Delhi NCR including the India Habitat Centre (pictured here) India Reeling under a lack of support 26 TTGassociations July 2015 As the Indian capital and hub for many industry sectors Delhi NCR has the right infrastructure to welcome association meetings but poor government support is dulling the destination s shine. By Rohit Kaul he new Indian central government that took over the reins last year has failed to meet the aspiration of professional conference organisers (PCOs) looking to promote Delhi NCR as a destination for international association events. Some industry stakeholders also rue the lack of effort from the local state government T which is making it difficult for the region to realise its true potential. The new government had expressed its commitment for the tourism sector (but) there has been no policy announcement for the conference industry. The Indian Convention and Promotion Bureau (ICPB) still doesn t get any support from the ministry of tourism in bidding for international association events. There is also a lack of effective marketing for association business said Chander Mansharamani managing director of Alpcord Network Travel & Conferences. According to the 2013 ICCA Statistics Report which looked at the performance of countries and cities in hosting global association meetings New Delhi stood at 65th position with 35 meetings way behind neighbouring cities like Bangkok (20th position 93 meetings) and Kuala Lumpur (33rd position 68 meetings). There are great expectations of the new government. Prime minister Narendra Modi was instrumental in hosting business events with overseas delegates while he was chief minister of Gujarat so we feel that there is someone at the top who thinks conventions are important said Lalit Chadha directorbusiness development MCI Management India. But (since the new government came into power) there has not been many government-level events like United Nation meetings. Chadha added that the industry must India The Laxminarayan Temple also known as the Birla Madir is one of the major attractions of Delhi also make an effort to help the government realise the importance of this business . While the new government had established a system last November that allows citizens of 43 countries to apply online for a travel visa to India conference delegates are not able to enjoy the scheme. Swadesh Kumar vice chairman of ICPB told TTGassociations that discussions had been held with the government on the possibility of extending the e-visa facility to conference travellers. The government has assured (us) that it will be considered said Kumar. While Kumar lamented that the ground realities remained unchanged for India s convention industry he admitted that the new prime minister had succeeded in creating an investment friendly environment which had changed the world s perception that India is a difficult destination . The world is now thinking of India in a positive way he remarked. Meanwhile some PCOs are critical of the Delhi government which they said have done nothing to attract association business to the capital. It is the local chapters (of global associations) that have been bidding for meetings. Support from the local government can help business increase exponentially said Chadha. Mansharamani also believes that government support is critical during event bids. He said Conferences held in cities like Singapore or Bangkok get support from the local bureau such as a hosted lunch or dinner for the delegates. There is no such support from the Delhi government which is a major disadvantage for us when we are trying to attract international association events. Kumar told TTGassociations that second tier cities like Jaipur and Bhopal are emerging as strong rivals in the competition for association meetings thanks to the development of many new hotels and convention facilities. He noted Market growth in Delhi NCR is flat. The world today emphasises on publicity and promotion but the state government is not proactive in promoting its convention venues. Despite these challenges the massive region continues to be the leading destination in India for international association events attracting about 60 per cent of such gatherings coming into the country. Most of the meetings in Delhi NCR are in the fields of medical scientific education and textile. Chadha sees Delhi NCR as a natural choice for international association events in India as it is the capital of India and possesses the necessary infrastructure. Many local organisers are based here and Delhi is the (hub for) healthcare and education (sectors) added Chadha. Besides traditional markets like the US and Europe Delhi NCR is now welcoming more meetings organised by international associations based in Asia-Pacific. The Asia Pacific Association of Medical Informatics and the Asia Pacific Regional Conference Alzheimer s Disease International were two such meetings held in Delhi NCR last year. TTGassociations July 2015 27 The new government had expressed its commitment for the tourism sector (but) there has been no policy announcement for the conference industry. Chander Mansharamani Managing director Alpcord Network Travel & Conferences Need to know India 1 Alternative venues Besides meeting facilities within hotels and convention centres Delhi NCR is home to medical and academic institutions like All India Institute of Medical Science and Amity University which offer value-for-money venues that are suitable for smaller gatherings. 2 A convenient hub for meetings New Delhi Aerocity which sits close to Indira Gandhi International Airport offers a number of hotels with different star ratings and meeting facilities. It is ideal for association event organisers look- ing to accommodate all delegates in the same vicinity. New Delhi Aerocity also offers convenient access to the national highway connecting the capital to the pink city Jaipur for post-event tours. 3 Consider Pragati Maidan Although a number of new hotels with state-of-the-art convention facilities have opened in Delhi NCR the state-run Pragati Maidan continues to be the ideal venue for large-scale events with an exhibition component. The venue in the heart of the city has a number of hotels nearby and is connected to the Delhi metro. Pre Post Jama Masjid Buy home some local craft Dilli Haat Janakpuri in West Delhi is a destination packed with open-air shops displaying craft items giving it the lively vibe of a rural marketplace. And when visitors are done shopping they can savour local cuisine at the food courts. Contact (91-11) 2561-2181 Ride around Delhi The rikshaw tricycles is a pride of Indian roads and provides a fun way to explore Delhi s colours smells sounds tastes and unforgettable images. The rikshaws will take visitors down narrow lanes and shopping arcades of the Mughal Kings and past historical sites. Contact (91-11) 4132-2940 saiko3p Take a walk through Delhi s past Explore the lesser-known parts of Delhi through heritage walks. One can take on routes that cover landmarks such as Chandni Chowk (one of the oldest and busiest markets in Old Delhi) Lodi Garden (an archeological site) and Jama Masjid (the largest mosque in India). Contact (91-92) 1253-4868 What an adventure Spread across 62 acres of prime land in Rohini Delhi Adventure Island is among the largest amusement parks in India. It comes complete with a lake a lagoon fountains adventure rides water rides camping grounds shopping facilities and fine dining outlets. It also houses a 1 000seat amphitheatre called The Toon Area. Contact (91-11) 4704-1111 28 TTGassociations July 2015 Make time for water thrills Oysters Beach in Gurgaon an hour s drive from Delhi city makes a delightful leisure experience after days of solemn meetings. It features 15 water rides such as the 90-foot Skyfall and a variety of beach sports. To ease the hungry belly Oysters Beach offers four multi-speciality restaurants. There s even a spa to sooth those tired limbs after an afternoon of fun. Contact (91-12) 4489-1000 Eye on the sprawling capital Located in Kalindi Kunj and reaching 200 feet (61m) into the sky Delhi Eye is the tallest giant wheel in the country. Visitors will get to ride in one of 36 air-conditioned glass-bottom cabins that can seat six people each and catch beautiful views of Delhi s historical monuments such as the Red Fort Qutub Minar Akshardham Temple Lotus Temple and Humayun s Tomb. The ride lasts 20 minutes. Delhi Eye is located within an amusement park which offers a 6D movie theatre a haunted house food courts and gaming zones. Contact (91-11) 6465-9291 Bottoms up The aptly named Bottoms Up gastropub was launched recently in the Punjabi Bagh region of Delhi. It can seat 150 pax and specialises in Western pub grub that is given a local spin. Hits on the menu include Goan shrimp curry mac and cheese lamb kofta and spicy pork chorizo. Contact bottomsupgastropub ASSOCIATION FOCUS & EVENING Association executives deserve education and global networking opportunities tailor-made to the way you do business. That s why we created this conference within a conference the day before the trade show. Register now Email natasha.richards or visit association. THE pulse OF THE MEETINGS INDUSTRY. IMEXAMERICA.COM XXXXXX Macau s gaming facilities have turned off some conservative associations Neighbourly ties Macau is courting Hong Kong associations in its quest for more business events. Prudence Lui reports G iven the strong international membership enjoyed by many Hong Kong associations the Macau Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) is looking across the Macau border for opportunities to grow Macau s association events market. It has expressed particular interest in courting association events relating to tourism leisure culture and heritage as well as professional associations for healthcare technology and creative services industries. Its action plans include forging partnerships between associations in Hong Kong and Macau and the identification of local and regional hosts which is often a prerequisite for association meetings. So far a workshop has been planned to educate associations in Macau on how to bid for and secure events. Powerhouse MICE president Todd Cai supports IPIM s move saying Macau needs to partner with neighbouring cities like Hong Kong or those in the Pearl River Delta in event bidding because international associations and societies do not set up their branches here (in Macau). IPIM s plans require sound marketing support from local business event sup- pliers and several have stepped forward with a commitment to winning over association executives. Sands Resorts Cotai Strip which comprises The Venetian Macao Conrad Macao Holiday Inn Macao Sheraton Macao and Four Seasons Hotel Macao regularly joins forces with IPIM and the Macau Government Tourist Office to host site inspections of its properties travelling together to promote Macau as a potential destination for association meetings. Sands Resorts Cotai Strip s efforts were rewarded with several association event wins. In 2014 it hosted the 14th Asian & Oceania Congress of Neurology and the APAC Meeting of the World Federation of the Deaf. It triumphed recently with a successful bid for the Asia Pacific Dental Congress in 2017 a result of close cooperation with the Macau Dental Association an active member of the Asia Pacific Dental Federation. IPIM will be a supporting organisation for this congress. Dave Horton global chief marketing officer with Las Vegas Sands Corp and Sands China said We all worked together to pitch Macau as a destination and to secure this major medical event. It was also recently announced that in 2016 we will be hosting the World Chinese Life Insurance Congress. Securing this event for Macau was the result of close cooperation between IPIM and The Venetian Macao. Horton added Accommodating a global mix of clientele can be perceived to be challenging at times however we consistently offer localised packages geared towards different clientele across the globe. Teamwork communication and flexibility some of our core team strengths as well as our understanding of the capabilities of our event space enable us to create solutions tailored to our client s needs. Delegates and guests can enjoy over 100 international and local restaurants 650 duty-free shopping options spa facilities as well as concerts and entertainment events almost every weekend. Delegates are thus provided with a variety of leisure activities to choose from after their meetings conclude. However Macau s reputation as a casino destination has made bidding for association events tricky. According to global events specialist Pacific World some clients had refused to consider Macau because of this reputation. Despite the lack of interest the company is perservering in its efforts to market the destination. Ivy Sung destination manager at Pacific World Hong Kong said We always tell our clients that Macau evolves on a daily basis (in terms of new infrastructure coming online) and is a destination that serves multiple needs especially for business events. It has the necessary space (and they offer) good value. Associations avoidance of Macau as an event destination is worrying especially since gross gaming revenue for the destination had fallen for 10 months since June 2014. Hotels that have also seen weaker occupancies as a result of the decrease in Chinese high rollers have responded by pitching harder for business events that promise volume bookings. Sung observed that many hotels have now set new strategies that target business events and corporate clients. However MCI Hong Kong s managing director Peter Hassall insisted that there was no need to downplay Macau s casino reputation. (Macau) needs to clearly demonstrate that the benefits it provides an association congress are above and beyond its competitor destinations and show that there are many non-gaming offerings to partake in. No other cities in Asia can host large numbers of delegates in such close proximity with thousands of square metres of columnless event space all within walking distance of thousands of hotel rooms hundreds of restaurants world-class entertainment options and a rich cultural heritage. he remarked. Macau 30 TTGassociations July 2015 cescassawin Need to know Macau 1 Good local help The Macau government has an excellent subvention programme that is made available through the office of the Macau Trade and Investment Promotion Institute. The latter can also help event organisers and association executives to liaise with the various Macau government departments which could be instrumental in helping the destination to win a bid. 2 Policy compliant options For associations with a policy that prohibits the use of hotels or venues with gaming facilities it is useful to note that there are several non-gaming hotel establishments in Coloane and the Macau Peninsula. The Pousada de Mong-H run by the Institute for Tourism Studies Mandarin Oriental Macau and Grand Coloane Resort are some examples. The Macau Tower is also equipped with meeting rooms in various sizes. 3 Look beyond Macau While Macau has no lack of entertainment associations may wish to consider staging pre post-event tours beyond the destination s border given the recent emergence of new attractions nearby. The Chimelong Ocean Kingdom in Zhuhai China is an example. This attraction is just a stone s throw from Macau and regular shuttle services are available. Pre Post Tromba Rija comes to town Portugese restaurant Tromba Rija made its Asian debut at the Macau Tower last December. Its indoor and outdoor dining areas can accommodate more than 150 guests. Besides an a la carte menu it also offers over 60 signature dishes in a buffet line. Event planners can book the entire venue for private functions. Contact dining tromba-rija Scale great heights AJ Hackett Macau Tower has installed a purpose-built climbing wall onto the tower s concrete shaft. Rising 32m the climbing wall is billed as Asia s highest. Experienced staff provides coaching for climbers and the outdoor activity is suitable for individuals and groups. The climbing wall is open to the public every weekend from 11.00 to 19.00 while group bookings are available on weekdays. Contact macau Meet at the St. Regis Macao The 400-room St. Regis Macao Cotai Central will roll out its red carpet on December 1 bringing with it the 599m2 Astor Ballroom which is good for a 350 pax banquet. As this hotel is connected to the Sheraton Macao Hotel association groups can be accommodated across both properties and utilise the latter s 4 891m2 Kashgar Ballroom should more space be needed. Contact macao Hit this street party Opened on May 27 The Broadway is Macau s first open-air street entertainment district. Visitors can catch live performances and see local artisans demonstrating their skills in this hawker-style attraction or indulge in great eats from more than 40 eateries. The Broadway s 3 000-seat Broadway Theater stages live concerts led by established and up-and-coming entertainers from Hong Kong and Macau every weekend. Contact Galaxy expands Galaxy Macau integrated resort has added two new hotels to its inventory. JW Marriott Hotel Macau the brand s largest property in Asia offers 1 015 rooms while The Ritz-Carlton Macau has 250 suites. They are equipped with a suite of event spaces. JW Marriott Hotel Macau offers more than 2 700m2 of function space including a pillarless Grand Ballroom. The Ritz-Carlton Macau houses a pillarless Grand Ballroom and two meeting rooms. Contact macau Ready action role play Branded as the world s first live action role play theme park Planet J in Sands Cotai Central invites visitors to be part of the action. Armed with the Magic Scroll a smartphone loaded with Planet J apps and connected to a master computer participants will adopt a fantasy persona to act out a series of customised physical and intellectual challenges that will drive away evil forces from the mythical Stone Kingdom. Contact TTGassociations July 2015 31 How to Snag that sponsorship Associations seeking funding for their events should think out of the box for ideas. World PCO Alliance s Kitty Wong shares some tips on how to get sponsors to say yes and transform sponsorships into lasting legacies 2 Facilitate funding logistics It now takes longer for a potential sponsor to decide on whether to offer support and associations may need to spend more time and effort than before to obtain the same or increased funding. Sometimes sponsors may have issues that mean they end up paying later and even at the last minute. In such instances offering various payment options may help to better secure sponsorships. Consider splitting invoices between different company departments addresses so that eager sponsors can contribute the total across different offices or budgets. Also think about allowing payment in instalments sometimes even post-event in order to secure the sponsorship. 1 Establish a corporate social responsibility link to the sponsorship There are many interesting ways to accomplish this and here are some examples. A medical congress last year featured a five-kilometre charity run (pictures above) that required participants to pay a registration fee which went into a sponsorship fund raised for young medical professionals in Third World countries. The run was given a fun twist requiring participants to do push-ups and hang off a horizontal bar. At a surgical conference a major medical company sponsored a programme to involve local youths and trigger future career interest. The Experience being a surgeon programme conducted in collaboration with a major university fulfilled the sponsor s own corporate social responsibility goal. Participating middle-school students were given an opportunity to wear scrubs and handle actual surgical instruments. An AED manufacturer was roped in to sponsor a community event that reached out to the locals and educated them on CPR techniques using AED devices. The event took place in conjunction with an association for acute medicine. A medical conference featured a sponsor that backed a video competition that saw people sharing their experiences with Parkinson s disease. The competition was open to healthcare professionals pharmaceutical and medical device industry representatives non-profit workers as well as people with Parkinson s disease and their caregivers and family. The videos were shared on-site and promoted to the general media effectively linking the sponsorship to the goal of inclusiveness and extending the benefits of the sponsorship long after the conclusion of the congress. 3 Foster a closer relationship between the sponsor and association Sponsors are seeking more returns on their investment and are desiring more of a partnership in meeting mutual goals. They are more willing than ever to pay for a long-term relationship such as a year-long one with the association. Associations will do well in their quest for sponsorship by achieving and providing the following Nurture and grow the relationship through one-on-one negotiation and interaction Recognise that sponsors desire access to key thought leaders and recognition Provide metrics that allow sponsors to value their investment Sponsorship has now gone way beyond mere logo placements. Associations need to think of ways to make sponsors part of their events and how to have this relationship transcend traditional borders. It s an exciting time to get creative 32 TTGassociations July 2015 TTGassociations April 2014 32 The World PCO Alliance helps associations organise effective meetings worldwide. Representing 21 front-runner PCOs in six continents this group aims to capitalise on the efficiency of consolidating conference and event services within one network. By sharing resources knowledge technology training and best practices the alliance is associations one-stop solution for international meetings and conferences. The alliance is led by president Kitty Wong of K&A International Taiwan and vice president Gregg H. Talley of Talley Management Group the US. Ma i F r u ie s v ns it u wo k .h nl a o b s s e e t vs f n r sp n i Most ingenious development yet Lonely Planet s (Australia) Best Travel 2015 Avatar in real life Singapore s Gardens by the Bay -- The Sydney Morning Herald Top 10 Indoor Gardens of the World -- by the Bay Step into a space where inspiration blossoms. Where you re surrounded by dazzling flowers in full bloom. Where panoramic bay views will take your breath away. Nestled in the Flower Dome the World s Largest Glass Greenhouse as featured in the Guinness World Records 2015 the Flower Field Hall brings the best of outdoors indoors. Surrounding it are fascinating flowers in full bloom and uninterrupted bay views. Inside specially programmed LED lights add ambience and highlight any theme. It s the perfect place for weddings gala dinners and private events. This is just one of the many spectacular event spaces that we offer. To learn more about our unique venues email us at venue.hire