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SUPERIOR FENCES & GATES Custom Fence Designs Standard (Weld on Side OR Punched Rail OPTIONS AVAILABLE) COLORBOND STEEL FENCING Ascot Fraser KIngsley Kingswood Moreton Sherwood St Ives Stanbroke Prestige (Punched Rail ONLY) Glass Heritage Kensington Killara Silverton Slats Silverton Toorak Level Stepped Warwick Sloped Raked Rakes Extended Nibs Curves Problem Sites Scrolls & Infill panels available Variety of spear tops available Custom Made. Free Quotes. Phone (07) 3205 2466 Fax (07) 3881 2026 Email janet Address 15 Pinacle Street Brendale Qld 4500 Postal Address PO Box 5585 Brendale Qld 4500 Panels Flyer.indd 2 5 12 07 2 51 32 PM 4 Leonard Crescent Brendale QLD 4500 (07) 3205 2466 sales Aluminium Slat Privacy Systems Colorbond Steel Fencing With Superior s Colorbond Steel Fencing you can relax entertain and showcase your outdoor living areas with a huge range of unique fencing solutions to suit every home. This clever design makes it easy to install and adds functionality and modern style to your home. i i i Superior s Colorbond Steel Privacy Fencing is rolled using only genuine Bluescope COLORBOND Steel - giving you the peace of mind that you are purchasing the best quality material available. POST PROFILE RAIL PROFILE The unique Zigzag Sheet Profile ensures your fencing looks the same on both sides. This means everybody s happy. Our unique post and rail system is designed to work seamlessly together with our sheet profile ensuring a hassle free install experience. Suitable Usage Boundary Fencing Side-of-House Security Pool Fencing Colorbond Steel Fencing can be used as pool fencing but MUST be installed in conjunction with all other pool regulations to comply with Aust. Stds AS1926.1 Bin Enclosures Lockable Storage Sliding and Swing Gates can be manufactured to incorporate our Colorbond Steel Fencing Panel Details All material is made from Bluescope supplied Colorbond Steel Panel Widths 2400mm 3180mm Gate Widths 930mm 1720mm Panel Gate Heights 1200mm 1500mm 1800mm 2100mm See the Order Form for all Colorbond panel elements specifications In Fill sheets have a unique zig zag profile ensuring they look the same on both sides Tools Required Tape Measure String Line Post Hole Shovel Cordless Battery Drill Hex Head Drill Bit (5 16) Spirit Level Tin snips or Nibbler Concrete Mix Handy Hints Consult your local Council before deciding on your fencing requirements Check for all underground services. Simply Dial 1100 for more information It s best to allow at least 24 hours for posts to set in concrete before installing your panels gates Rails & posts can be easily cut down with a hacksaw or grinder and infill sheets with a nibbler or tin snips Remove all metal filings and concrete splatter after installation i Did you know you can mix and match frame and sheet colours There are dozens of combinations to suit any home s colour scheme. Standard Colours These colour swatches are meant as a guide only Frost Teatree Grey Ridge Riversand Terrace Harvest Domain Summershade Eclipse Posts & Rails Only Estate Red Oak Bluestone Hedge Evergreen Willow Meadow Materials Checklist & DIY Guide D A Panel Frame Posts & Rails illustration only B Panel Sheet B C A C Gate D Gate Kit 1 Site Plan & Ordering 2 String Line & Post Holes 3 Install Posts 4 In Fill Sheets 5 Install Gate(s) Decide on fence position and measurements of panels & posts by creating a mud map of your site. Following the above Materials Checklist calculate how many of each component you require Contact your local supplier to complete your order Set String line along the desired line of the fence Measure out all holes starting with the gate post holes Dig post holes along string line 600mm deep x 250mm in diameter Posts will sit approximately 500mm into the post holes Ensure post centres are accurate - see below diagram Screw posts back to back place them in post holes and concrete them in ensuring they are level and flush along the string line 50 x 50 steel posts should be used for gates and corners Channel posts can be screwed on to these corner gate posts Insert the bottom rail into the post channels and screw through each side of the post channel to secure it along the bottom level of your fence line Place sheets into the channel posts and bottom rail ensuring they overlap evenly and lock in to place Place the top rail over the top of sheets and screw through each side of the channel post to secure Gates assembly See below diagram Attach hinge & latch components of the Gate Kit to Gate as per instructions Attach hinge & latch components of the Gate Kit to the 50 x 50 Steel Gate Posts as per instructions STEP 4 Gate Stile 2 x Channel Posts Screwed together back to back Panel Span Standard Pedestrian Gate Span STEP 3 In Fill Sheet Channel Posts Screwed to 50 x 50 gate posts STEP 2 Rails 600mm 250mm Tapered Concrete Channel Post Centres 2400mm 50 x 50 steel gate post Centres 1005mm STEP 1 Gate Stile Care Instructions & Warranty Exposure to U.V. light pollution salt deposits and chemicals can affect the long term performance of the fencing coating if not removed with regular washing. A regular monthly clean with a soft brush warm water and mild detergent followed by a rinse of fresh water will maintain the finish of both powder coated Colorbond Steel and stainless steel fencing components and fulfil warranty conditions. Year nty Warra C on d it p p ly io n s A Disclaimer Drawings not to scale. While all care is taken in the production of this DIY (do it yourself) guide it is provided as an indicative installation guide only. The seller is not liable or responsible for the outcome of any fence installed using this guide. Copyright 2014. All rights are reserved in relation to this matter. Product Order Form STORE NAME STORE CONTACT ADDRESS SUBURB PH FAX POST CODE CUSTOMER ORDER CUSTOMER NAME CUSTOMER PHONE MOBILE PHONE CUSTOMER EMAIL - SEE PAGE 3 FOR COLOUR SELECTION FRAME COLOUR (POSTS & RAILS) CHOOSE COLORBOND COLOUR IN FILL SHEET COLOUR COMPLETE COLORBOND STEEL PANELS & GATES CODE CP2412 CP2415 CP2418 CP2421 DESCRIPTION COLORBOND Steel Panel - 2400 x 1200mm COLORBOND Steel Panel - 2400 x 1500mm COLORBOND Steel Panel - 2400 x 1800mm COLORBOND Steel Panel - 2400 x 2100mm QTY COMPLETE COLORBOND STEEL GATES CODE CG1012 CG1015 CG1018 CG1021 DESCRIPTION (w x h) COLORBOND Steel Gate - 930 x 1200mm COLORBOND Steel Gate - 930 x 1500mm COLORBOND Steel Gate - 930 x 1800mm COLORBOND Steel Gate - 930 x 2100mm QTY CODE CG2012 CG2015 CG2018 CG2021 DESCRIPTION (w x h) COLORBOND Steel Gate - 1720 x 1200mm COLORBOND Steel Gate - 1720 x 1500mm COLORBOND Steel Gate - 1720 x 1800mm COLORBOND Steel Gate - 1720 x 2100mm QTY COLORBOND STEEL PANEL & GATE ELEMENTS CODE CS1200 CS1500 CS1800 CS2100 CS3000 CS3100 CS3200 CS2700 CS4000 CS4100 CS6200 CS6500 CS6800 CS7200 DESCRIPTION COLORBOND Steel Infill Sheet - 1190mm High COLORBOND Steel Infill Sheet - 1490mm High COLORBOND Steel Infill Sheet - 1790mm High COLORBOND Steel Infill Sheet - 2090mm High COLORBOND Steel Channel Post - 1800mm COLORBOND Steel Channel Post - 2100mm COLORBOND Steel Channel Post - 2400mm COLORBOND Steel Channel Post - 2700mm COLORBOND Steel Rail - 2400mm COLORBOND Steel Rail - 3180mm COLORBOND Steel Gate Stile - 1200mm High COLORBOND Steel Gate Stile - 1500mm High COLORBOND Steel Gate Stile - 1800mm High COLORBOND Steel Gate Stile - 2100mm High QTY COLORBOND STEEL FENCING ACCESSORIES CODE HW9901 HW9907 HW5000 CS8000 SP5021 SP5024 SP5027 HW5355 HW5600 CS9810 CS9810 DESCRIPTION SINGLE GATE PACK - D-Latch Striker & Extension Arm Butt Hinge Pair DOUBLE GATE PACK - D-Latch Striker & Extension Arm 300mm Drop Bolt 2 x Butt Hinge Pairs TEK SCREW 10-16 16 - Colorbond Coloured CHANNEL POST CAP - Suits Superior s Channel Posts Steel Post - 50 x 50 x 2100mm - Colorbond Colour Steel Post - 50 x 50 x 2400mm - Colorbond Colour Steel Post - 50 x 50 x 2700mm - Colorbond Colour PLASTIC POST CAP - Profile 50 x 50mm GALVABOND CAP - 50 x 50mm SHARKFIN Base Plate 120 x 100 - Galvanised SHARKFIN Base Plate 120 x 100 - Colorbond Colour QTY