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Description: Prospectus for LIST Premier 2015

LE PANY PROFI COM 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ......................................................................................................4 Our Company ...................................................................................................................4 List Premier s Philosophy And Methodology ....................................................................4 Awards ..............................................................................................................................4 Prof. Johann DeBeer.........................................................................................................5 2. WHAT IS INTERACTIVE TRAINING EDUCATION ............................................................6 Key Aspects Of Interactive Education .............................................................................6 Workplace Training Programs...........................................................................................6 3. TECHNICAL PROGRAMS ..................................................................................................7 3.1 Visualsafety A Workplace Safety Program ..................................................................7 3.2 Underground Coal Mine Safety Training Program ......................................................8 3.3 List Premier s Surface Mining Program ......................................................................9 3.4 VisualTrade ............................................................................................................... 10 3.5 Custom Solutions...................................................................................................... 11 4. JUNGLE BEAT CHILD AND LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS ........................ 12 Child And English Language Development.................................................................... 12 4.1 Junior Jungle Beat Language Development Program (Ages 3-6) ............................ 13 4.2 Jungle Beat Child And Language Development Program (Ages 7-10) .................... 14 4.3 Jungle Beat Enrichment Program (Ages 11-15) ........................................................ 15 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. INTERACTIVE GRAMMAR ............................................................................................... 16 VISUAL SCIENCES (PRIMARY SCIENCES) .................................................................... 17 JUNGLE BEAT LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM RESOURCES ........................ 18 JOIN THE INTERACTIVE TRAINING REVOLUTION ....................................................... 19 CONTACT US ....................................................................................................................20 3 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY OUR COMPANY List Premier is a world leader in developing Industry Recognized Training Programs presented on an Interactive Touch Board in a classroom situation facilitated by a certified trainer teacher. List Premier has designed programs to meet the curriculum needs of various Mining Groups Education Departments the Vocational Education and Training Sector (VET education and training for work ) and Franchise Organizations worldwide. These programs are used in 34 countries. The Australian company based in the Redlands Queensland was started 15 years ago focusing on school based programs. The Executive Chairman Professor DeBeer is considered the father of interactive programs for interactive touch boards the philosophy behind using modern technology and the interactive touch board in the presentation of lessons. In 2008 List Premier was approached by a mining group based in South Africa requesting the development of Mine Safety Programs for use on the interactive touch board. Since then numerous programs for the mining industry have been developed. Since 2011 List Premier has been strongly encouraged to produce the next generation of leading interactive touch board children s programs. As such List Premier Education is proud to announce the introduction of our brand new program called The Jungle Beat Child and Language Development Program. LIST PREMIER S PHILOSOPHY AND METHODOLOGY A student gains new knowledge once that knowledge is stored in the long term memory. Our Methodology is successful because we cover all possible learning styles that a student may have. These include Visual Learners (graphics diagrams TV) Auditory Learners (listen & talking) and Kinaesthetic Learners (learn by doing and practising skills) Our Methodology ensures the newly gained knowledge is stored in the long term memory through following the 6 Levels of Bloom s Taxonomy Knowledge (the ability to memorise and recall) Comprehension (students can demonstrate that he she has understood) Application (use and apply new knowledge) Analysis (analyse parts understand the different sections) Synthesis (take component parts and combine them) and Evaluation (evaluate ideas judgements own opinion). AWARDS Queensland Export Award 2011 ICT Finalist 2011 Australian Export Award for ICT Regional Export Award in Education 2007 Japan Queensland Export Excellence Award 2008 4 PROF. JOHANN DEBEER CEO and Founder of List Premier Education Pty Ltd Prof. DeBeer is an internationally renowned expert in special education and teacher s training. He is recognised throughout the world for his contributions to higher education and for elevating performance standards for students of all ages. Prof. DeBeer holds Doctorate Degrees in Literature (Linguistics) DLitt and Educational Philosophy (PhD) as well as a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology. Prof. DeBeer has served as an educational consultant and advisor to a number of government education departments private schools and universities. Johann received an Honourary Professor Award in 2010 from NCIST (North China Institute for Science & Technology). Prof. DeBeer is considered as the father of Interactive Programs for Digital Whiteboards the philosophy behind using modern technology and the interactive electronic whiteboard in the presentation of lessons. He has designed various interactive educational programs which are being distributed worldwide. He has been a keynote speaker corporate consultant advisor TV presenter and curriculum developer for an impressive list of educational corporations world education councils and private education groups worldwide. A few quotes from Prof. Dr. DeBeer Our focus is on optimising function ability well-being productivity talents and opportunity to boost learning as a life-long process. List Premier Software offers a holistic solution that places all required resources at the teacher s or trainer s fingertips while giving the teacher or trainer all the freedom required to be innovative and individualistic. 5 2. WHAT IS INTERACTIVE TRAINING EDUCATION Interactive education and training involves using software modules which are brought to life using interactive technology such as a touch board. An interactive touch board is best described as a large screen connected to a computer which allows the user to interact directly with the surface of the screen using their hand or a special pen without having to use a keyboard or mouse. In the interactive classroom trainers teachers reinforce and evaluate the lessons that students are taught. The Content is highly stimulating and fun making it easier to master the key-learning content. Our Research indicates that students learn far more effectively using our interactive programs than traditional training education. Students can touch select drag and manipulate information on the screen. It is as if students step inside thousands of learning worlds through animation presented on the screen. The software programs are complemented by comprehensive trainer s teacher s and student support materials classroom activities and student workbooks etc. This method of learning greatly benefits students ability to focus and concentrate in the class. The interactive screen becomes the Focal point of interest in the classroom. Key learning content comes to life on the screen and students can interact with this information through hands on learning and classroom activities. The List Premier Interactive programs are using the latest technology and teaching systems to ensure maximum student understanding development and cooperation. guide instructors teachers with fully planned comprehensive and structured lessons in order to ensure that the quality of training will always be on the highest possible level incorporate practical sessions focus on evaluation and assessments and present clear evidence of participation and student competence. Workplace Training Programs List Premier s Training incorporates a unique hands-on minds-on interactive training. List Premier s training is costeffective and easy to set up and use. It is important to List Premier to capacitate and empower their clients trainers. Clients using our programs are able to do the training themselves after an initial training done by List Premier. It is important to empower our clients for which these programs are intended without the fear that the quality and standards will be compromised. This is quality control at its best With this philosophy in mind let s have a look at some of the trainees quotes Training has never been so easy For facilitators the structured lay-out and different facets of the DVD s make presenting a dream. It not only incorporates theory with practice but also assesses along the way. KEY ASPECTS OF INTERACTIVE EDUCATION Successful interactive education should expose students through visual displays to real-life learning situations ensure that students should interact and participate in the learning process ensure that students should experience real-life situations seek to improve the students focus concentration and understanding of learning content expose students to knowledge and for them to learn how to apply this knowledge ensure the development of the students communication skills always present students with structured lessons filled with knowledge and presented in a manner that will ensure they understand the context and enjoy the learning experience Minimum learning aids are necessary due to photos graphics video and interactive activities. This is a wonderful innovation to make effective training as easy as pressing a button. It is helpful to us as trainers we don t have to talk as much as it used to be so the participants will not be bored to death 6 3. TECHNICAL PROGRAMS 3.1 VisualSafety - A Workplace Safety Program Managing Health and Safety Risks In short effective induction and ongoing training play a key role in managing health and safety risks in the mining industry. With our visual display of real-life situations and the fact that students are constantly required to INTERACT and PARTICIPATE the learning process is so much more effective. They learn for life because they EXPERIENCE reallife situations Communication skills are being developed and we constantly see how trainees are soon changed into trainers. A training Program on Safety in the Workplace suitable for Mining and manufacturing industries As an induction program Elevating safety standards Advantages for Industrial Workplaces List Premier VisualSafety presents a great opportunity to Better work practices Lowering risks Avoiding incidents and accidents Avoiding downtime The Training Package can be translated into any language Training Packages can be developed in cooperation with the client according to their curriculum and requirements THE TOPICS VISUALSAFETY FOR INDUSTRIAL WORKPLACES Level 1 01 Methodology for Safety Training 02 Introduction and Orientation for Safety 03 Colour Codes and Signs 04 Workshop Safety 05 Electrical Safety - Basic Electrical Competency 06 Electrical Safety - The Dangers of Electricity 07 Electrical Safety - Earthing electrical equipment 08 CPR 09 First Aid 10 Inspection of Work Environment 11 Common Sense and Indentifying General Dangers in your work Environment. 12 Your role in helping maintain Health and Safety in your workplace. 13 PPE Safety in the Mining Industry and Industrial Workplaces Safety in the mining industry is of paramount importance given the inherent dangers that exist in performing mining and manufacturing work. Aside from the obvious moral obligation towards workers to protect their health and safety the mining health and safety legislation places an obligation on all participants in the industry to prevent exposure to unacceptable levels of risk. The legislation also consists of stringent requirements in order to ensure that workers are adequately skilled and trained in safety systems and are appropriately inducted before they commence work on site. It is therefore imperative that inductions and ongoing training be designed to limit the chances of accidents or incidents arising. In a worst case scenario such safety training programs and inductions may be called in aid when a) Defending and apportioning responsibility of health and safety prosecutions and or b) Other statutory or civil claims. Level 2 14 General Mine Inductions 15 Dangers While Underground 16 Emergency Preparedness and Response 17 Operating Vehicles in Mines 18 Safety with Machinery and Equipment 19 Hazardous Substances and Chemicals 20 Fatigue SIckness Alcohol and Drugs 21 Manual Labour Tasks 22 Noise 23 Slips Trips and Falls 24 Explosives Fuel Flammable Gasses and Heat 25 Toxic Dust 7 3 TECHNICAL PROGRAMS 6. Risk Management This module looks deeper into hazards that may occur in the underground mine as well as managing the risks. The module covers hazard management techniques tools and risk matrix tables. 3.2 Underground Coal Mine Safety Training Program Developed in co-operation with Simtars (Safety in Mines Testing and Research Station) and the Australian Federal Government Department of Resources Energy and Tourism for a Coal Mining Group in China. The most up to date and latest Industry Information were used to develop an informative theory and practical experience based curriculum exceeding all mining and industry requirements. This program is broken down into a 10 part module curriculum suitable for most Mining Groups worldwide. The Underground Mine Safety Program is also accredited by the North China Institute for Science and Technology (NCIST). In recognition of his ground breaking work our Executive Chairman Dr De Beer was awarded a position as an Honorary Professor at the NCIST and the North China University an honour we at List Premier are extremely proud of. For more information or a sample lesson please visit our website 7. Spontaneous Combustion This module explains the very real danger of the spontaneous combustion of coal. The module covers everything from understanding how spontaneous combustion occurs to managing spontaneous combustion through methods of prevention detection and control. 8. Introduction To Strata Management This module focuses on an in-depth examination into strata strata support methods techniques tools and machinery. 9. Emergency Response This module covers the Principle Hazard Management Plan Trigger Action Response Plans including the action to be taken in emergency situations such as Underground fires Ventilation failure Power failure Gas build-up Water inrush Entrapment Underground explosions and Outburst. The 10 exciting modules available in Mandarin (as well as in English) are 1. Methodology for Safety Training This module is purely about training the trainer about the training methodology used in delivering the curriculum and using the touch screen technology to accomplish the training goal. Additionally it instructs the trainer on how to physically operate and use the interactive software on the touch screen. 10. Energy Isolation This module covers isolation of energy sources tagging methods permits as well as a system for reporting defects incidents accidents etc. 2. Introduction and Orientation for Safety Training This module is aimed to prepare the students and trainers in using the interactive software and touch screen as well as an introduction to the safety program. AVAILAB LE IN CH IN ESE (MAN DA RIN) AN D ENG LIS H 3. Underground Mining Techniques This module covers the different mining techniques used particularly in China. 4. Mine Safety An Introduction This module covers the worker s legal obligations and duty of care types of hazards that can be expected Legislation Safety Framework and so forth. 5. Underground Safety This module covers safety and operating issues when working underground. Additionally this module covers Underground Personal Protective Equipment Mine plans Ventilation Escape ways Underground barricades and Underground communication. 8 3. TECHNICAL PROGRAMS 3.3 LIST PREMIER S SURFACE MINING PROGRAM List Premier s most recent program is the Surface and Open Pit Mining Safety Program. Using the highest recognized standards in mine safety List Premier has developed a workplace ready program for any surface or open mine. A wide range of topics are covered such as Permits Defects Tagging and Isolation Regulations Rules and Legislation Managing Hazards (Risk Management) Lifesaving First Aid and many more. Topics included (6) Managing Hazards (Risk Management) Hazards need to be identified assessed and managed. This module deals with the following hazards found at a surface mine Housekeeping static lifts and manual lifting working with electricity and using hand and power tools working with hazardous substances and lubricants using ladders and working at height stationary equipment and machinery and working around conveyors working with compressed air hydraulics and process pumps using cranes (slinging and lifting) working around explosives working around Arial work platforms and using scaffolding using gas and gas cutting equipment as well as working near geochemical hazards. (1) Methodology for Safety Training This module is about the methodology used in teaching the curriculum and using the interactive touch board technology to accomplish the training goal. It instructs the trainer on how to physically operate and use the interactive software on the interactive touch board. (7) Permits Defects Tagging and Isolation Mine workers need to be protected from unsafe working conditions and situations that may arise during the course of their work. To train the workers properly this module covers the following aspects isolation isolation locks isolation general procedures isolation special conditions isolation removing of personal danger tags electrical isolation other tagging procedures permits reporting system. (2) Introduction and Orientation for Safety Training The aim of this module is to prepare the students and trainers to use the interactive software and the interactive touch board as well as an introduction to the safety program. (8) Traffic and Mobile Equipment Procedures Vehicle accidents cause injuries and even fatalities. Accidents also lead to a financial loss in production and equipment. This module focuses on training the workers in the following aspects traffic and mobile equipment procedures authority to operate on the mine site the operator s responsibilities for checking and operating equipment general traffic procedures and the response to emergency situations. (9) Emergency Procedures Before starting a task or entering the workplace the workers should assess where the hazards and potential accidents and emergencies are. This will ensure that many emergency situations can be avoided. Emergencies in the workplace will however arise from time-to-time. By adopting the correct procedures the effects on people and plant can be minimised. To ensure that this will happen the workers are trained in the following aspects emergency procedures emergency communication muster points safety showers and eye wash stations and bomb threats. (3) Surface Mining This module introduces the mine workers to surface mining. It covers the following aspects the formation of coal the classification of coal surface mining surface mining methods and the processing of coal. (4) Obligations Under the Law It is imperative that the workers know their obligations under the law. This module deals with the workers obligations under the law including site safety and health management systems on-site training checks and balances as well as non-discrimination and anti-harassment. (10) Lifesaving First Aid After completing this module the mine worker will be competent to respond as an initial response first aider. They will be provided with information and skills to sustain life until qualified first aid help arrives. They will also be provided with information on providing basic care for people suffering from the more common workplace injuries. This training module includes lifesaving first aid basic life support DRS ABCD Rescue breathing Compression Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation and basic care for the injured. (5) General Safety This module covers safety signage protective devices personal protective equipment the bathhouse water on a mine site personal health and hygiene heat associated illnesses standard operating procedures and communication. 9 (11) Firefighting and Prevention This module explores the conditions necessary for a fire to occur. This knowledge will help the workers to prevent fires and to fight small fires if they occur. These fires must be identified correctly because all fires cannot be extinguished in the same way. To identify the fire correctly the fuel involved has to be identified. Fires must also be classified in the correct classes. To ensure that the workers are trained properly this module covers the following aspects the fire tetrahedron classes of fires fire extinguishers fighting a fire and fire prevention. (12) The Environment The need to protect the environment is recognised by all mining organisations. Each mine has environmental policies to manage the environmental impact the mining operation will have. It is every mine worker s obligation to ensure that his work has minimal impact on the environment. All reasonable steps must be taken to prevent the risk of harm to the environment while performing their duties. This module focuses on the environment duty to notify strict liability vicarious liability and penalties site environment policies and cultural heritage. 3. TECHNICAL PROGRAMS 3.4 VisualTrade Noting the need for a Trade Skills Development Program List Premier has developed a Trade Program for electricians. This four year program is also accredited by MERSETA in South Africa. The target population for this program is school leavers and first time Apprentices or Technical Students. Undertaking work with electricity can be extremely dangerous and students need to be suitably trained. The importance of Safety Principles is incorporated throughout the program. Trainers and students are reminded to STOP and think before undertaking any task that carries risk. 3 LEVELS OF LEARNING 1. Introductory modules through which students are exposed to a basic introduction of hand tools workshop tools materials and equipment used in the trade. Basic safety principles are also covered in this level. 2. In this Intermediate level students get to understand the working of equipment measuring instruments testing instruments fault finding trade theory and drawings. 3. Advanced and Final Level. Students learn how to apply their knowledge regarding installations fault finding they gain experience and apply basic principles. A training Program on Safety in the Workplace suitable for Mining and manufacturing industries As an induction program Elevating safety standards TRADE SKILLS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM FOR Vocational Education Technical Training Skills & Apprenticeship Training Mining and Manufacturing Training This Program is being implemented in mining manufacturing and technical training groups worldwide. Advantages for Industrial Workplaces List Premier and VisualTrade present a great opportunity for Improving work practices Lowering risks Avoiding incidents and accidents Avoiding downtime The Training Package can be translated into any language Training Packages can be developed in cooperation with the client according to their curriculum and requirements. TARGET GROUP The target population for this program is school leavers and first time Apprentices or Technical Students. SAFETY PRINCIPLES The importance of Safety Principles are incorporated throughout the program. Facilitators and students are reminded to STOP and think before undertaking any task that carries risks. THE AIM The aim of the List Premier VisualTrade program is effective learning through the unique combination of modern technology an interactive educational approach and key learning aspects Managing Health and Safety Risks In short effective induction and ongoing training play a key role in managing health and safety risks in the mining industry. With our visual display of real-life situations and the fact that students are constantly required to INTERACT and PARTICIPATE the learning process is so much more effective. They learn for life because they EXPERIENCE reallife situations Communication skills are being developed and we constantly see how trainees are soon changed into trainers. Please see course subjects on following page. SPECIALLY DESIGNED SOFTWARE A series of lessons (modules) have been designed in order to fully incorporate the abilities of the interactive Touch Board. 10 1 Introduction orientation induction Workshop safety Hand Tools Electrical components Conductor materials Cables and insulating materials Colour codes and signs Electrical measuring instruments Lights and lamps Electrical mechanical components 22 AC motor theory 23 AC motor test 24 Cable test 25 Connecting motors 26 Current carrying capacity 27 Interpreting electrical drawings 28 Protection equipment 29 Circuit design 30 Wire distribution boards 31 Conduits 32 Soldering 33 Basic electrical resistors 34 Basic electrical capacitors 35 Basic electrical semi-conductors 36 Basic electrical transistors 37 Motor phase out 38 Transformers 39 Problem solving 40 Fault finding 41 Drawing to build circuits LEVEL 1 - 1ST YEAR 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 11 10 Strapping of electrical cables 12 Electrical safety LEVEL 2 - 2ND YEAR 13 Unit prefix 14 Connecting plugs 15 Analysing units 17 Electrical measuring instruments 16 Terminate cables 18 Electrical symbols 19 Join cables and conductors 20 Basic drawing sketches 21 Protection equipment Any additional training packages can be produced 3. TECHNICAL PROGRAMS 3.5 CUSTOM SOLUTIONS List Premier can produce any custom program for any client for any use or purpose. We can take any or all existing training or education programs required by you and convert them into fully customised interactive training programs. Alternatively we can obtain the content through our own research. For example we can develop Workplace health and safety - Using the interactive touch board will allow safety training to be conducted and refreshed in a safe and controlled environment before conducting practical exercises or activities. Technical or Category Training - Complicated theory is made simple through the vast array of media offered. For example a learner studying first aid can learn best practices and try out different situations. The learner can practice DRS ABCD the learner can clean wounds apply dressings all in a safe and controlled virtual environment. Additionally the practice of procedures will reduce physical waste of training materials when moved into a laboratory or hands on training session. Topics such as cultural awareness workplace harassment racial diversity alcohol and drug awareness programs etc. can also be developed. Visitor induction programs. Visitors to a client site can be briefed on security rules and regulations mandatory safety procedures and general information etc. all in a fun informative and controlled environment. Visitors will be impressed to say the least. Induction and Orientation programs for new workers. Any other training requirements such as those required by public transport networks (railroad airports cruise ships etc.) large factories and the manufacturing industry (automobile aerospace construction ship building etc.) training of foreign workers or training of police and defence force personnel. This is guaranteed to improve training performance and results by your workers learners and personnel. Using our programs will allow you to train your own trainers and become fully independent and self-reliant. You won t need any external and costly RTO (Registered Training Organisations) again. Additionally our programs can be used over and over again for decades making it extremely cost effective in training all your workers students or personnel. Our wide diversity of clients and programs prove that we can do anything LEVEL 4 4TH YEAR LEVEL 3 - 3RD YEAR 11 4. Jungle Beat Child AND Language Development PROGRAMS List Premier Education is proud to present our latest cutting edge innovation in children s education. CHILD and ENGLISH LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT JUNGLE BEAT IS AN INTERACTIVE TOUCH BOARD PROGRAM FOR English Language Development (Junior Jungle Beat) Child and English Language Development Knowledge Enrichment - A Modern Gifted and Talented Educational Program. The three Jungle Beat programs are exciting and entertaining interactive teaching programs for children from ages 3 to 15 years. Jungle Beat is a great program for brain development knowledge enrichment and critical thinking. The programs are meant for interactive white boards touch boards and touch screens. Each Jungle Beat program is introduced by a 5 minute captivating colorful and funny high quality CGI cartoon. The cartoons follow the many exciting adventures of various African creatures. They are also specifically designed to set the scene for ongoing activities in the interactive component of the programs which teach reinforce and emphasise the learning content. The run time of each lesson can vary from 3 hours to 5 hours depending on the class size learning pace activities conducted and use of interactive tools. The Jungle Beat software programs use List Premier s time tested and proven interactive methodology which leans on countless educational philosophies and the CEO s years of knowledge and experience in trainig teachers as a Professor. Children relate well to the stories and characters used and it is easy for them to understand and apply new knowledge. The animation and interactive content is the latest in technology and yet familiar and very popular with children. List Premier Education s new Jungle Beat interactive educational software makes learning easy fun memorable and rewarding. THE PROGRAMS ARE DESIGNED TO DEVELOP Confidence Language Skills Life Skills Self-Esteem Visual Perception Auditory Perception Application and Retention of Knowledge Problem Identification and Solving Spatial Orientation The Physical (Body & Health) Knowledge Enrichment The Intellect (Mind) Emotions (Heart) The Morality Leadership Communication Team Work Creativity Critical Thinking Lateral Thinking Concentration Focus Our program s are used wo rldwide in kindergart ens private and public sc hools learn ing centres afte r hours centr es an d as E SL EF L and E A L program s. RESOURCES FOR THE JUNGLE BEAT PROGRAM Each program consists of 12 (36 in total) interactive software modules suitable for 3-5 hours of teaching. Each program includes The Additional Classroom Activities CD-ROM. This contains a printable book for each module that will give the teacher extra games songs activities material etc. to enhance the learning. Student workbooks can be provided in printed format for each module and also as an online multiplatform compatible digital workbook. Suggested schedule timetable to implement the Jungle Beat curriculum. JUNGLE BEAT A detailed Teacher s Manual explaining Enrichment Program the methodology behind the programs. (A Modern Day Gifted and Talented Program) Furthermore it contains instructions details Ages 11-15 and recommendations to teachers of how to best utilize the interactive programs and tools. JUNIOR JUNGLE BEAT Language Development Ages 3-6 JUNGLE BEAT Child Development & Language Program Ages 7-10 12 4.1 Junior Jungle Beat Language Development Program (Ages 3-6) This is an English Language Development Program for Beginners (Ages 3-6) and will start with the alphabet phonics vocabulary basic sentence patterns conversation and presentations. Students go on to learn about themselves (the body) healthy habits food the restaurant colors and shapes things we can do (verbs) celebrations me and my friends going places (nouns) etc. Children are constantly required to repeat words and sentences out loud. There are many opportunities for communication through presentations reports activities and student-teacher contact. A student can truly only learn a language by speaking it and practicing it. Modules include songs extensive vocabulary phonics spelling word building basic sentence patterns conversations questions and answers and presentations. For each module there is a wide variety of Activity Pages Interactive Activities and Workbooks. Our programs are inline with international curriculum requirements and follows the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). JUNIOR JUNGLE BEAT Language Development Program Modules (Ages 3-6) Modules become progressively more advanced. 1. Blowin in the Wind The Ant and the Alphabet (including phonics) 7. This Little Light of Mine I dream of fun (Birthday parties going to the beach holidays etc.) 2. Because you are Gorgeous This is me (All about myself my body) 8. Better Be Home Soon Me and my friends. (Things we can do together. Good habits health etc) 3. I Believe I Can Fly Things I can do (verbs) 4. Bent Up and down (Things people do opposites adjectives descriptive words creativity) 9. I m Like a Bird Protection. (How to take care of yourself and others prepositions location) 5. Somewhere Over the Rainbow Colors around me. (Shapes and colors) 10. Down by the Riverside Going places. (Places to visit mountains the beach the river etc.) 6. I ve got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts Ready Steady Eat (All about food restaurant good table manners etc.) 11. If at First you don t Succeed To succeed. (Be positive. Good things to do verbs.) 12. Love is in the Air Describe it Adjectives adverbs pronouns descriptive words. 13 4.2 Jungle Beat Child and Language Development Program (Ages 7-10) The purpose of the Child Development and Language Program is to give children a solid English language foundation to set them up for life and to make learning English fun rewarding and lasting. Additionally the program stimulates brain development knowledge enrichment self-esteem personality leadership problem solving and critical thinking. The program incorporates cross curricular activities (e.g. maths science geography) to enhance the learning enjoyment and effectiveness. The program covers Grammar Vocabulary Sentence Building Discussions Using Grammar In Real Life Increasing Vocabulary Grammar Rules Practical Exercises Using vocabulary and correct sentence patterns Situational English Reading English Past present and future tenses Pronunciation and Presentations Plan and Present Formal and Informal Presentations Formulating Questions and Statements Video Recording Activities Our programs are inline with international curriculum requirements and follows the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). The target audience is English speaking children English as a second language and non-English speaking students keen to learn and develop their English language skills through cross curricular activities (e.g. maths science geography). Child Development and Languages - Each module includes activity pages and a workbook Language Development Program Modules (Ages 7-10) Always Take The Weather With You Includes Vocabulary structuring sentences introduction to nouns and verbs. Shout Shout Let It All Out Includes Introduction to prepositions prepositions and time prepositions of location and the application of prepositions. Moondance Application Language and Communication Includes Vocabulary related to the lesson sentence patterns and an introduction to pronouns. Because I Got High Includes Recap sentence structure the simple past tense more on affirmative and negative statements and more on asking and formulating questions especially in the simple past tense. I Want To Break Free Includes Sentence structure introduction to adjectives singular and plural nouns introduction to adverbs. I ve looked at the Clouds from both sides Includes Recap sentence structure simple future tense affirmative and negative statements asking and formulating questions especially in the simple future tense. You Give Me Fever Application Language and Communication And So The Feeling Grows Includes Adjectives degrees of comparison regular and irregular forms of comparison and the application of degrees of comparison. I ve Got You Under My Skin Includes Recap sentence structure adverb of manner time and place. Yes We Have No Bananas Includes Recap on sentence structure introduction to the simple present tense questions affirmative and negative statements. Stuck On You Includes Subject and verb subject- verb pair and the application of the subject- verb pair. Born To Be Wild Includes Sentence structure the subject verb and object in a sentence. Application of the subject- verb- object sentence structure. 14 14 4.3 Jungle Beat Enrichment Program (Ages 11-15) A Modern Day Gifted and Talented Program The purpose of the Enrichment program is to stimulate brain development develop critical thinking and to enrich and expand the knowledge of students by exposing them to interesting fun and easy to learn lessons across various scientific disciplines. Topics include physics chemistry astronomy biology meteorology basic mathematics technology cultures and geography. The target audience for the enrichment program is English speaking children and English as a second language students keen to enhance their English skills. The necessity of Gifted and Talented education is a requirement recognized by all schools. Identifying the particular gifts and talents of young children in various subject areas is critical in order to develop these children. Often times Gifted and Talented children may be wrongly identified as students with learning difficulties due to their boredom in classrooms. Their young minds have the ability to absorb a great amount of information but unfortunately the information and method of presentation in normal classrooms do not always connect with these students. As such the goal of the Jungle Beat Enrichment Program is to expose the students to new and fascinating knowledge in interesting and fun ways through the videos animation activities discussions and so forth. Each module includes activity pages and a workbook. ENRICHMENT Program Modules (Ages 11-15) Always Take The Weather With You Includes Primary sciences weather seasons temperature reporting on weather and environmental conditions condensation states of a material (solid liquid gas) conducting a presentation. commonly played sports religion practiced common dishes and important celebrations. Shout Shout Let It All Out Includes Sound waves speed of sound echoes and the human ear. Moondance Includes Astronomy time of day planet earth s rotation and orbit around the sun. Daylight moonlight reflection of light reflection of light on different surfaces the circle diameter of a circle scale measuring and measurement. Because I Got High Includes Knowledge and facts about giraffes nature geography of Africa and measuring length in meters or feet using a ruler and measuring tape. I Want To Break Free Includes Primary Sciences problem solving mathematics communication and creativity. I ve looked at the Clouds from both sides Includes Density s dependence on mass and volume. Calculating density mass and volume when two variables are known. Ecological damage of oil and chemical spills. You Give Me Fever Includes Mathematical shapes energy and fuel Bee waggle dance languages spoken and communication technology. I ve Got You Under My Skin Includes Information about tortoises and turtles the difference between them other types of reptiles different forms of shelter problem solving communication and creativity. And So The Feeling Grows Includes Force the unit of force Sir Isaac Newton types of forces moving objects with force division of an object into more pieces fractions. Yes We Have No Bananas Includes Introduction to particle theory periodic table of elements the Optical microscope the Transmission Electron Microscope and the Scanning Electron Microscope. Memory sharpening games. Stuck On You Includes Gravity gravitational pull counting addition subtraction and gardening equipment. Born To Be Wild Includes Ostriches Geography Germany Russia and China. Common phrases used in those countries flags 15 5 INTERACTIVE GRAMMAR List Premier s Interactive Grammar Program is a comprehensive set of tools and resources to teach the core fundamentals of the English language. It is aimed at Lower Primary schools with 30 lessons in this program. These lessons are structured to be used in the first three years of education Practical aspects integration concepts and skills instructional models co-operative learning (student activity on the Touch Board) Aspects of Equity Relevance Student learning outcomes whole-school implementation Introduce and expose information step-by-step with stimulating graphics and information basic knowledge enrichment and stimulation (Touch Board activities with animated graphics ) Grammar in FUNCTION Exercises for students on the Touch Board Evaluations Child activity and integration classroom activity pages Role play situations conversations dialogues Reading activities on the Touch Board with FAST MEDIUM and SLOW functions Practice Passages on the Touch Board to investigate Structured and comprehensive lessons including visuals narration questions answers instructions child activity etc. Step-by-step exposure to Language rules Language structures and theory OUR PRIMARY FOCUS Conversation and Communication Grammar Vocabulary and Sentence Patterns Situational English Exposure to thousands of learning situations Grammar rules Practical exercises and Grammar exercises BENEFITS Easy assessment with quick reporting time Catering for visual audio and kinaesthetic learning Most of the multiple intelligences covered More student participation leading to improved learning. MODULES 1-30 16 6 VISUAL SCIENCES (PRIMARY SCIENCES) The Visual Sciences Program is aimed at Lower Primary schools. In this program there are 9 lessons structured to be used in the first three years of education. The lessons Are comprehensive with key-learning aspects explained step by step Have a great variety of child activities included Focus on developing Primary Scientific investigations Accelerate to an in-depth study include intensive knowledge enrichment thinking problem identification reinforcement of core key information Assist with the application of knowledge students do reports design structures on the Touch Board group activities creative activities presentations Contain evaluations of key-learning content. OVERVIEW OF ACTIVITIES 1) Cross-Curricular priorities. Students apply the language skills of reading speaking viewing and sentence construction. The students also learn how to recognise read and interpret the specialised language that is used in science. 2) Working Scientifically Students go outdoors study the sky and report on what they can see. Then they write a short report on the role air plays in what they indentified in the sky. Students report to the class how rain is formed by reflecting on what they have learnt about evaporation condensation precipitation and transpiration. They draw an illustration of the 4 processes using the interactive Touch Board. Students do an experiment to learn more about condensation evaporation and precipitation including Touch Board activities. Students report on the natural energy and the life support systems including Touch Board activities. Students report at home on one of the life support systems and how natural science has influenced it. Students report to the class on the natural energy resources and how they sustain and support life on earth. (Video taped report). Students deliver a report about science on a chicken farm. TOPICS INCLUDE MODULE 1 SCIENCE AND SOCIETY Lesson 1 Introduction to Energy Lesson 2 Energy and Fossil Fuels Lesson 3 The link between Science and Society MODULE 2 ENERGY AND CHANGE Lesson 1 The use of Energy Lesson 2 Water and Air as powerful Resources of Energy Lesson 3 Force Friction and Gravity MODULE 3 THE EARTH AND BEYOND Lesson 1 The Surface and Layers of the Earth Lesson 2 The Sky Planets and Beyond Lesson 3 Learn about the Weather 3) Assessment Strategy Constant control Evaluation test at the end of the module and other evaluations throughout the lesson. BENEFITS Easy assessment with quick reporting time Catering for visual audio and kinaesthetic learning Most of the multiple Intelligences covered More student participation leading to improved learning. ALSO SUITABLE FOR GIFTED AND TALENTED EDUCATION VISUAL SCIENCE 17 7. Jungle Beat language development program resources List Premier Education is offering 36 Jungle Beat Workbooks on the List Premier Workbook HTML 5 Website. This will allow customers (parents students teachers etc) to view and complete the workbooks from their Android devices Apple device (iPad) Windows tablet laptop or computer through their device web browser. It is a multi-platform solution that can be accessed at anytime from any location. Additionally students can draw colour print and save their work. 18 8. Join The Interactive Training Revolution The resistance to new techniques is a reality in education and training. Education and training traditionally don t keep pace with the latest technology and accompanying methodologies. Even in areas where trainers have access to the latest technology they only use it to a fraction of its potential. Interactive screens tend to be used for little more than power point presentations. 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