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Soba Soba Dilastar-R Allows you to design continuous gutter systems by eliminating the need to reduce gutter lengths because of thermal expansion. Advantages Gutters can be installed in continuous lengths The number of stopends and overflows can be reduced considerably Accommodates thermal expansion of the guttering especially at corners Allows for free form design. Full gutter circles are possible Safer application even if one overflow is blocked water is able to run to the next overflow without compromising the system Material can be ordered in continuous lengths or cut and bent to client specification Materials Stainless steel copper and zinc Craft Metals Pty Ltd Head Office Unit 4 39 King Road Hornsby NSW 2077 T 02 9482 4166 F 02 9476 1366 Phone 1300 400 610 Queensland PO Box 95 West Burleigh QLD 4219 T 1300 400 610 M 0425 348 587 info Victoria PO Box 12920 A Beckett Street Melbourne VIC 8006 T 1300 400 610 M 0448 580 931 F 03 9850 2688 Soba Dilastar-R Continuous Gutter Systems Soba Darling harbour Waterfront Development was constructed using the Soba Dilastar-R continuous guttering system. Guideliness for calculating the distance between expansion joints Material The calculation of distance between expansion joints depends on local conditions e.g. expected annual temperature range (minimum & maximum) the temperature at the time of installation and the proportion of the guttering exposed to direct sunlight. The distance between expansion joints is D . Distance D between 2 expansion joints 8.0m 6.0m 5.0m 6.0m Galvanised iron Copper Zinc Stainless Steel Installation Trafficable box gutters require continuous support The support must be notched out of the rubber area - see illustration below Saturated felt is required between rubber underside and the support The expansion joint must be installed in the direction of the water flow The bending radius for expansion joints must be a minimum of 2mm The front bending bar of a standard folder has to be lowered by at least 5mm The top holding bar of a standard folder sound never press directly on the rubber When soldering or welding close to the polychloroprene a minimum of 50mm clearance must be observed. If necessary the polychloroprene should be covered with a wet cloth. Never allow the polychloroprene to come into contact with naked flame. Soba Max. allowable movement per joint is 5mm Distance D 2 between outside corner stopend gutter outlet etc 4.0m 3.0m 2.5m 3.0m Distance D 4 between inside corner 2.0m 1.5m 1.25m 1.5