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Plumbing work to measure Play it safe Soba makes buildings resistant to all weathering exposure Soba expansion joint systems for sealing and joining building components Simply clever Structural components are constantly exposed to extreme environmental influences. Large fluctuations in temperature have an effect on the volume and structure of the construction materials used and can cause symptoms of fatigue or fractures with unforeseeable consequences. As a genuine solution for the problem we filed a patent application for the Soba Dilatation some 30 years ago. Soba expansion joint systems have since been installed all over the world between exposed structural components and in eaves gutters in order to allow for the expansion of material and prevent any stress in the metal. Swiss quality An expansion joint system is only as good as the elastic material used for it. A special elastic caoutchouc mixture was developed for the Soba products that makes the product unique thanks to the rubber-metal bond guaranteeing a long working life for the expansion joint system. Soba production is subject to strict quality standards in accordance with ISO 9001 and QS 2000. Every Soba product can be recognized by the trademark and for the user s safety it is provided in addition with the imprinted manufacturing date in the expanding part. Safe choice safe application Soba Dilas are made of all construction sheet metals galvanized steel plate aluminium lead nickel chromium steel Mattplus copper titanium zinc Roof Inox Ugitop and offered in the well-proven developments and lengths. Whether gutter elements flat roof edgings wall junction plates or eaves soffit plates you will certainly find the right product in the Soba range. Guarantee for aesthetically neat solutions in construction Play it safe The right type for simple Gutter elements with edging We supply gutter expansion joint systems type Star R vulcanized one side with integral edging and type GS vulcanized face-and-back with mounted edging semicircular and boy-shaped. Widths Star 375 mm and 260 mm GS 375 mm and 240 mm. Expansion joint systems endless Expansion joint systems type GS endless in the length 3000 mm are available in the widths 240 mm and 375 mm. The 375 mm version is also part of our range in the length 6000 mm. Expansion joint systems type Star R endless in the length 3000 mm are available in the widths 260 mm and 375 mm. Head elements The 375 mm wide 1-head and 2-head expansion joint systems are available in various lengths and materials. The 1-head expansion joint systems are available as covered and uncovered versions. They are used in the edging of flat roofs and in eaves soffit plates. installation This is how it works For the problem-free and safe installation of Soba expansion joint systems the following points must be observed Rubber areas must not be torched. When welding soldering in place the rubber area is to be protected and cooled. When bending a minimum radius of 2 mm must be observed. Practically indispensable Bend edges in a safer simpler and faster way by using the Soba edging device No squeezing or indenting of expanding parts The open rubber is bent gently at the same time Automatic angle stop with given minimum radius Faultless reliable machining Small space requirement Drill holes for simple installation Clear installation table Reasonable investment Soba Dila 44 Soba Dila-Star covered Soba Dila-GS uncovered Soba. The original We invented the expansion joint system had it patented and are continually developing it further. Our products have been copied thousands of times but they nevertheless remain unequalled. Soba has been the registered trademark for proven technically state-of-the-art products for over 30 years. You can rely on that. Soba. The measure of things With a 100 C difference in temperature the expansion of various metals per metre amounts to approx. CrNi steel Steel plate Copper Titanium zinc Aluminium 1 6 mm 1 2 mm 1 7 mm 2 2 mm 2 4 mm proven safe aesthetic L 4 Spacing with recessed corners L Normal spacing between two dilatations L 2 Spacing with projecting corners long-lived Copper Aluman CrNi steel Titanium zinc Uginox Galvanized plate 6 4 6 5 8 8 m m m m m m 3m 2m 3m 2.5 m 4m 4m 1.5 m 1m 1.5 m 1.25 m 2m 2m functional L A L 2 L 2 L L 2 L 2 L 2 A tested A L 2 A L A A L 2 L 2 A L L 2 L 4 L 4 L 2 E E L 4 L E L 4 L 4 L 4 E E re-entrant angle leading A receding angle Member Partner member of SVDW Member of the suissetec association Contracting supplier IS SW S CER T FI A Certified ISO 9001 SCES 003 ION Sales through the specialized trade SOBA INTER AG Im Grund 15 CH-5405 Baden-D ttwil Tel. 41 56 483 35 20 Fax 41 56 483 35 22 info Play it safe 3.05 04SCHO 1.26