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AstroTM Snap Lock Cladding System for Roof and Fa ade AstroTM Snap Lock Cladding System An architectural wall and roof style at an affordable price The very sophisticated AstroTM Snap Lock System opens a new dimension in metal cladding. AstroTM provides a quick and straightforward installation over a plywood decking. The roof trays and specially engineered accessories are premanufactured according to your specification and delivered to your building site. AstroTM provides permanent metal roofing solutions with excellent performance in regards to waterproofing wind uplift and longevity. Together with an insulation layer the noise level is equal to asphalt wood or terracotta. Architecture Traditional double standing seam appearance Flat roofs pitched roofs Walls and mansard roofs Straight or tapered roof sheets Concealed stainless steel fasteners 38 Profile AstroTM 38mm (variable width) Performance Long lasting suitable for harsh environment and maritime climate Concealed fixings no drilling holes through the roof trays Constraint free thermal expansion Any tray length possible no cross welds necessary AstroTM interlocking seam provides a quick and trouble-free installation No special tools required Light weight Virtually maintenance free Technical Specifications Seam height Tray width Copper Tray width Aluminium Tray width Stainless Minimum roof pitch 38mm variable up to 558 mm variable up to 485 mm variable up to 485 mm 3 Rollforming Specifications Material gauges Non-ferrous metals 0.6 0.8 mm Stainless steel 0.4 0.5 mm Coated steel 0.5 0.7 mm Coil width From 300 mm to 800 mm 37 A state-of-the-art non-ferrous cladding system for roof and fa ade Similar to traditional mechanic standing seam roofs AstroTM provides a distinctive 38 mm high thin structural standing seam. The aesthetically pleasing design will cover a full range of buildings from residential properties to commercial constructions. The AstroTM system is also suitable for many fa ade applications with a limited tray length of 6 m. A single cross seam connects the individual lengths and the seam is installed with staggered joints. Perfectly roll-formed trays Each AstroTM tray is cut to the desired length and roll-formed by machine to ensure the highest precision. Our qualified craftspeople guarantee the upmost quality and work to the exact specification you provide. Technical advisory service Our experienced staff is at your service for CAD-drawings cost estimation material supply approved installation companies and other related issues. A selection of detail drawings of flashings and cappings can be ordered from our offices at no charge. Flashings and rainwater goods All our roof and fa ade installations are completed with stylish European engineered looking flashings and cappings. Matching half round gutters and round downpipes are part of our service. The roof drainage system enhances functionality and design. Material Finish Falzonal Aluminium Falzonal prepainted aluminium in LockWelt-Quality is a material specially developed for roof cladding. A wide range of colours allows individualised design options in numerous colour tones. The high plasticity and workability mean that Falzonal is ideal for all types or architecture. Processing the material is both easy and cost effective. Technical Data Aluminium Dimensions Strength G auge Tray width Tensile Strength Proof stress Elongation Coefficient of linear expansion Front face 0.7 mm 488 mm Rm 130 - 170 N mm2 Rp 0.2 100 N mm2 A50 6% 2.4 mm m 2 layer system (primer and top coat applied using coil-coating process Paint System PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) transparent protective lacquer Thermal Expansion Coating Reverse face Stainless Steel Grade 445M2 is a ferritic stainless steel specially formulated to give excellent corrosion resistance to the atmosphere particularly marine atmospheres. It will give corrosion performance superior to the austenitic grade 316. The low reflective surface finish (2DR) is produced by skin pass rolling the strip with shot blasted rolls. The resulting surface is a uniform matt grey. Technical Data Stainless Steel Dimensions Strength G auge Tray width Tensile Strength Yield stress Elongation Coefficient of linear expansion 0.4 mm 485 mm 535 MPa 385 Mpa (0.2% Proof Stress) 27% 10.0 x 10-6 Thermal Expansion Technical Data Copper Dimensions Strength G auge Tray width Tensile Strength Proof stress Elongation Coefficient of linear expansion 0.5 1.0 mm 558 mm Rm 255-285 N mm2 Rp 0.2 180-235 N mm2 A50 8% 1.7 mm m Copper Classic Copper sheets and strips produced in their classic bright rolled form. The surface will slowly develop the patina typical of copper when exposed to the atmosphere. Oxide (brown) Copper sheets and strips are pre-oxidised on both sides which allows the bright copper phase to be bridged so that a uniform dark brown oxidised layer is achieved. The surface further develops into the natural oxide layer in the course of weathering. Thermal Expansion Technical Data Zinc Dimensions Strength G auge Tray width Tensile Strength Proof stress Elongation 0.70 1 .00 mm 558 mm Rm 190 N mm2 Rp 0.2 110-160 N mm2 A50 8% Thermal Expansion Coefficient of lengthwise expansion 0.022 mm m C Titanium Zinc Rheinzink millfinish pre weathered or graphite grey. Rheinzink alloy an electrolytic high-grade fine zinc according to DIN EN 1179 with 99 995% Zn degree of purity. Added to this are small quantified amounts of titanium and copper. In addition to other factors the alloy composition is not only of importance for the technological material properties of Rheinzink but also for the natural colour of the Rheinzink patina. Craft Metals Pty Ltd Head Office Unit 4 39 King Road Hornsby NSW 2077 T 02 9482 4166 F 02 9476 1366 Phone 1300 400 610 Queensland PO Box 95 West Burleigh QLD 4219 T 1300 400 610 M 0425 348 587 Victoria PO Box 12920 A Beckett Street Melbourne VIC 8006 T 1300 400 610 M 0448 580 931 F 03 9850 2688 info