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Description: QuakeFlex community resilience supporting brochure.

Seismic Restraint for appliances & furniture Flexes to keep you safer in a quake Introducing QuakeFlex QuakeFlex is an award winning earthquake restraint for building contents as used by GNS Science corporates and medical facilities. Its patented design flexes during an earthquake to dissipate seismic forces. This provides better protection than traditional mild steel brackets or quick release tethers. Features Easy to install no holes in your electronic equipment. Low profile earthquake safety no longer needs to be ugly Quick release for easy cleaning and servicing electronic items Stainless steel corrosion resistant to last a life time New Zealand made each batch independently tested to guarantee quality Professional installation service can be arranged nationwide Quick release Easy to clean No holes What is QuakeFlex QuakeFlex is an earthquake safety restraint for building contents. Its patented semi-rigid quick release features give it unrivalled versatility from protecting electronic equipment in sterile laboratory environments to corporate office fittings through to home furniture and appliances. Flex-ability QuakeFlex is a stainless steel leaf spring which is designed to flex during an earthquake. This dissipates some energy to reduce potential prying or shearing of fasteners. It is a spring and therefore not prone to metal fatigue whilst its radiused corner eliminates a potential weak point. Stainless steel construction offers increased corrosion resistance and allows easy sanitising for use in sterile environments. Why was it developed The Christchurch earthquakes highlighted problems associated with vertical acceleration. As a result the QuakeFlex concept was born. Traditional seismic restraints in this category comprise of Fixed restraints typically use mild steel L shaped brackets. Under certain conditions can be too rigid and resulting in prying or shearing of fasteners or failure of the restraint. Quick release restraints are generally made from nylon straps chains or cables which tend to be visually obtrusive. Their loose fit can allow items to build up a rocking momentum which could cause failure of the attachment points. QuakeFlex offers the benefits of both fixed and quick release restraints without any of the disadvantages. Quick release The restraint is attached to the item with 3M Dual LockTM. This provides a high strength bond between the item and the restraint that is easily disengaged and does not require drilling screwing or riveting. This is allows leased equipment to be secured without damage. Versatile Although primarily designed as a quick release restraint QuakeFlex can also be attached to an item with mechanical fasteners or 3MTM very high bond tape. For more information or 0800 2 QUAKE 0800 2 7 8 2 5 VISIT US AT BOOTH 2 QuakeFlex Commercial use We help people survive a large earthquake and reduce damage to speed up recovery operations. Our services are generally used by tenants or owner occupiers of commercial premises. An earthquake safety audit is a practical planning document that facilitates informed decisions about your emergency planning. GNS Science corporates and medical facilities have used our earthquake safety audits as part of their earthquake safety programs. The audit report investigates the following issues Options to reduce the risk of injury to building users Safeguards to ensure access from and into the building Check existing seismic restraints (if any) meet NZS-4104 standards Highlight specific hazards such as Tsunami zones ground shaking liquefaction slip hazards etc. Identify seismic safety considerations relating to building evacuation assembly points Review your emergency kit Review staff training requirements See full details on back page. Preparing your workplace to deal with an earthquake is not a new requirement. We re not asking you to do anything above and beyond what you re already expected to do under the HSE Act and that s to identify and manage hazards. However you do need to continue to be mindful about new or emerging information. When in doubt get professional advice. WorkSafe NZ - Dec 2013 QuakeFlex for Home Owner s - Promoting Resilient Communities QuakeFlex is partnering with Wellington City Council to promote resilient communities by packaging commercial grade earthquake safety restraints for residential use. The Home Owners Value Pack is being made available at significantly reduced prices using a discount coupon code which also enables savings on future purchases. Talk to us today about expanding this programme to your City Council Organisation or business. Home Owner s Value Pack Home owner s value packs are convenient and affordable. They contain all the fittings for the DIY restraint of the five most dangerous items in the home. The pack costs 99 including GST. Contents are valued at 165 when purchased individually. A professional installation service is also available from Auckland to Christchurch as an optional extra. Exclusions may apply to rural areas. Alternatively installation is made easy with a series of online how to videos. Designed to keep you safer in an earthquake Easy to install instructions Bonus Quakewax for ornaments Secures hazardous items Parent Company Profile Disaster Prepare Ltd are multi-award winning earthquake safety professionals. We are trusted suppliers of earthquake safety services to GNS Science corporates and medical facilities. As members of the New Zealand Society of Earthquake Engineering our seismic restraints meet NZS-4104 standards. We specialise in the often overlooked area of seismic safety for building contents to help people survive initial seconds minutes and hours following a large earthquake. Our 4 step seismic safety programme includes Step 1 - Earthquake Safety Audit Earthquake safety audit identifies and reports potentially unforeseen seismic hazards in and around your premises. It provides a prioritised list of recommendations with cost estimates to help with your planning. Typical single floor audits cost 499 gst. Additional floors cost from 150 gst when audited at the same time. Step 3 - Staff Training Train staff what to do in the minutes hours and days following an earthquake. Training is based on your site specific hazards and including Stay or evacuate decision making What to do - what not to do Alternative evacuation options from your building Where to go once you have evacuated How do you get home Family preparedness. Training takes 45-60 mins plus 15-30 mins Q&A as required. Training costs 349 gst per session. Step 2 - Seismic Restraints Provide QuakeFlex seismic restraint options tailored to suit your needs. Options include Supply only Supply and install seismic restraints Supply and project manage installation including training your staff to correctly install restraints and quality control their work on completion. Step 4 - Survival Kits We work in partnership with Survive-It Ltd who offer a free assessment to ensure your Civil Defence Kit is appropriate for your needs.