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A Parkway Pantai Quarterly JANUARY - MARCH 2014 COVER STORY Life Renewed Brings Colours of Joy to the Community PAGE 8 january to march 2014 editor s note Mosaic rings in the New Year with a fresh look. We hope you like the new mosaic tile design modelled after the publication title. The mosaic concept exemplifies Parkway Pantai where success is built on the combined efforts of every individual employee making the whole greater than the sum of its parts . To staff who contributed time and ideas during the design selection process we want to say a big Thank You . We have taken some of your feedback including starting a new column on staying fit at work in collaboration with the Rehabilitation Department of Mount Elizabeth Hospital (page 46). This first issue of 2014 celebrates the launch of Life Renewed Parkway Pantai s first CSR programme spanning Singapore and Malaysia (page 8). We also see the various ways the hospitals from both countries supported the breast cancer cause (page 12). 2014 is going to be an exciting year. We held the grand opening of City International Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City on 5 January and the groundbreaking ceremony for Gleneagles Hong Kong on 10 January. Since 1 January Dr Tan See Leng Group CEO and Managing Director of Parkway Pantai has taken on an additional role as Managing Director and CEO of our parent company IHH Healthcare Berhad. In Singapore Gleneagles Hospital and Parkway East Hospital also welcomed their new CEOs Dr Vincent Chia (former CEO of Parkway East) and Dr Adzuan A Rahman (former COO of ParkwayHealth Laboratory). Our congratulations also go out to Mount Elizabeth Novena and Parkway East in Singapore as well as Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia for achieving JCI re-accreditation. We hope the Year of the Horse will bring you good health and vitality. Gong Xi Fa Cai PARKWAY PANTAi TEAm Editor-at-large Lim Bee Ling Editorial Advisors Ahmad Shahizam Janet Low Copy Editor Angeline Ang DESiGN ENTELECHY CONTRiBUTORS Writers Evelyn Mak Chan Li Jin Photographers Terence Tan Lim Yao Hui EDITOR S NOTE Mosaic is published quarterly by Parkway Pantai Limited and printed by A&D Printhub Pte Ltd. All rights reserved. No portion of this publication may be reproduced without the written permission of the publisher. We take every care and precaution to ensure that information published in Mosaic is accurate at the time of publication but Parkway Pantai cannot guarantee its accuracy and we may change the information at any time without prior notice. The information contained in Mosaic magazine is not an invitation to invest in the shares or any other products or services or otherwise deal in these or enter into a contract with Parkway Pantai or any other Parkway Pantai Company. 1 Parkway Pantai Limited TripleOne Somerset 111 Somerset Road 15-01 Singapore 238164. Tel ( 65) 6307 7880 Fax ( 65) 6738 7341. Parkway Pantai Limited 2014. This publication and information contained herein is strictly for internal use only and contains Parkway Pantai proprietary information which is restricted to Parkway Pantai employees and within the Parkway Pantai Group. Access to use or copying by non-Parkway Pantai employees in any form or other is strictly prohibited. For information about Parkway Pantai visit All information correct as of date of print. Parkway Pantai Limited Company Registration No. 201106772W MCI (P) 118 03 2013 WE WANT YOUR FEEDBACK Do you have story ideas or comments to share with us Write to grpcorpcomms or Group Corporate Communications Parkway Pantai Limited 15-01 TripleOne Somerset 111 Somerset Road Singapore 238164. 04 34 08 42 12 46 16 48 26 CONTENTS 04 NEWS BITES Bite-sized health news and tips 34 AT YOUR SERVICE Parkway Pantai honours its long-serving staff Graduates of Parkway College share their student experience 08 SPECIAL FEATURE Parkway Pantai returns to society through its CSR programme 42 SPOTLIGHT Gleneagles the choice of celebrities Mark Lee and Cavin Soh 12 CORPORATE CITIZENSHIP Parkway Pantai fights breast cancer on different platforms 46 TAKE 5 Simple stretching for a healthy work life 16 SNAPSHOTS Through the lens around Parkway Pantai 48 NEW SCIENCE Singapore s first in robot-assisted adrenal tumour removal 26 PROFILES Dr Lim Lian Arn sets patients firmly on their feet again Dr Patricia Gomez on her unusual journey to be a surgeon an apple a day Apples give a similar boost to cardiovascular health as medicines such as statins yet carry none of the side-effects according to researchers from the University of Oxford. The researchers analysed the effect of statin a drug which lowers cholesterol and apple on heart attacks and strokes. They did this by prescribing either a statin a day or an apple a day to people over 50. By their calculations if adults of all ages were to eat an extra portion of fruit or vegetable a day as many as 11 000 vascular deaths could be averted each year. take care of that stye NEWS BITES 4 Got a stye on your eyelid As tempting as it may be do not squeeze or puncture it as that may cause a more serious infection. Apply warm compresses four to six times for about 15 minutes at a time to help drain the pus. To clean your eyelid use tap water with a mild and non-irritating soap or shampoo. Also discontinue the use of eye makeup and eye creams as they may aggravate the condition. Similarly discontinue wearing your contact lenses to prevent the infection from spreading to your cornea. With proper care styes should go away on their own in about a week. Source exercise to slow down dementia Does regular exercise improve dementia symptoms In a new review researchers pooled the results of 16 past studies with 937 people suffering from dementia to see what conclusions might be drawn. The review found that those who exercised regularly scored better overall on tests of their mental abilities such as their memory and attention level. They also scored better on questionnaires measuring the ability to carry out daily activities. Though more research is needed to explore questions such as what types of exercise are most suitable for different types of dementia the review provides indication that regular exercise helps to slow down dementia. Source WedMD sweat not If you believe sweat is good for the body think again. According to Dr Oliver Jay an associate professor of exercise physiology and director of the Thermal Ergonomics Laboratory at the University of Ottawa in Canada sweating provides no health benefits apart from preventing overheating. The benefits are derived from the exercise itself. The more intense the exercise is the greater the health benefits. That situation does not change if you are sweating due to a hot environment. As a rule of thumb drink when you sweat so that you do not end up dehydrated. NEWS BITES lower cholesterol to beat breast cancer Researchers at the Duke University Cancer Institute have found that a by-product of cholesterol called 27HC fuels the growth and spread of common types of breast cancers. 27HC mimics the hormone estrogen which causes an estimated 75 percent of all breast cancers. For the first time the research explains the link between high cholesterol and breast cancer especially in post-menopausal women. The researchers also found that anti-cholesterol drugs such as statins appear to diminish 27HC. Findings suggest that keeping cholesterol in check either with statins or a healthy diet may reduce the risk of breast cancer. For women who have breast cancer and high cholesterol taking statins may help delay or prevent resistance to hormonal therapy which treats cancer. Source 5 musical activity arrests mental decline A new study by researchers at the University of St Andrews has shown that playing a musical instrument could help protect against mental decline through age or illness. The study compared groups of amateur musicians with varying lengths of time spent practising with their instruments to a nonmusician control group. They then measured each group s behavioural and brain responses to simple mental tasks. The musicians were found to be more adept at recognising and correcting mistakes and also responded faster than those with little or no musical training. The results showed that playing a musical instrument even at moderate levels can benefit brain functioning. Higher levels of musical activity were found to result in more efficient information processing as indicated by faster overall speed across tasks without compromising accuracy. Dr Ines Jentzsch who led the study said the study suggests that music activity could be used as an effective intervention to slow stop or reverse age or illness-related decline in mental functioning. NEWS BITES 6 Sources University of St Andrews healthy gums for healthy babies Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important during pregnancy and this includes periodontal (gum) health. Several research studies have suggested that women with periodontal disease may be more likely to deliver babies prematurely or with lowbirth weight than mothers with healthy gums. Indications of periodontal disease include tenderness redness swollen gums gums that bleed with brushing or eating gums that are pulling away from the teeth bad breath and loose teeth. These signs should not be ignored and may require professional treatment. The clinical recommendations released by the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) and the European Federation of Periodontology state that non-surgical periodontal therapy is safe for pregnant women. Dr Nancy L Newhouse President of the AAP emphasised that it is important for expectant mothers to take care of their periodontal health keep up with routine brushing and flossing and consult a periodontist or dentist. Source Medical Xpress nuts about good health Scientists from the Harvard-affiliated Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Brigham and Women s Hospital and the Harvard School of Public Health have found that people who ate a handful of nuts daily were 20% less likely to die from any cause over a 30 year period than those who did not consume nuts. The study the largest ever of its kind also found nut-eaters to be more slender. The reduction on mortality was similar both for peanuts (a legume or ground nut) and tree nuts which include walnuts hazelnuts almonds Brazil nuts cashews macadamias pecans pistachios and pine nuts. The findings are strongly consistent with the wealth of existing data supporting the health benefits of nut consumption on many chronic diseases. Source Harvard Gazette NEWS BITES algae against acne Marine scientists at the Institute of Aquaculture University of Stirling found that certain fatty acids including some produced by algae prevent the growth of Propionibacterium acnes a bacterium which causes acne. Scientists found six fatty acids to be effective including eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) an omega-3 fatty acid already known to be important for human health and well-being and dihomogamma-linolenic acid (DGLA) an omega-6 fatty acid with antiinflammatory properties. EPA is produced by marine algae and then accumulated via the food chain into fish like salmon while DGLA is made by some types of brown algae. Marine Biotechnology lecturer Dr Andrew Desbois who led the study said that these fatty acids are usually obtained through consuming fish or seaweed and the scientists are planning to formulate the fatty acids into a topical ointment. Source University of Stirling 7 SPECIAL FEATURE 8 giving back to SOCiETY Parkway Pantai launches Life Renewed in Singapore and Malaysia to sponsor medical treatment for the needy. Now needy patients can look forward to a new lease of life thanks to Parkway Pantai s Life Renewed corporate social responsibility programme. This CSR initiative is made possible by the Khazanah IHH Healthcare Fund. The RM50 million fund was established at IHH Healthcare Berhad s initial public offering in July 2012 to provide partial and fully sponsored medical treatment to patients who qualify for financial assistance in IHH s home markets of Malaysia Singapore and Turkey. The Fund covers the entire spectrum of treatment from surgery to post-surgical therapy such as physiotherapy speech therapy or counselling. Apart from supporting hospital costs the Fund is also extended to IHH Healthcare s subsidiary the International Medical University (IMU) for the IMU Cares outreach campaign. The campaign provides basic health and medical screening to underserved populations such as orang asli villages. Details of Life Renewed and the Fund can be found at Knee renewed life renewed In Singapore Life Renewed Mount Elizabeth Novena sponsors knee replacement surgeries in full for needy elderly patients. Since its inception in September 2013 nine seniors have benefited from the initiative. Said Dr Kelvin Loh Chief Executive Officer of Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital (MNH) A bad knee can be disabling for the elderly not only physically but also psychologically. We want to change that. Knee replacements are relatively safe and simple procedures but their benefits go beyond removing the pain of moving around. We want to help seniors in need regain their mobility so that they can lead more active and independent lives. A typical total knee replacement costs between S 21 000 and S 25 000 depending on the surgeons involved and the implants used. In support of the good cause of helping needy elderly replace their knees and their lives some of the surgeons and anaesthetists even waived their doctor s fee so that more patients may benefit from the fund provided. To top it off the elderly patients enjoyed the same quality care that private patients get at MNH. When asked about how she felt about her stay at the hospital a beaming Madam Ang Kwee Eng 72 said We felt like we were here on a holiday. It was like staying in a five-star hotel. SPECIAL FEATURE 9 All nine patients are on the road to full recovery. Over the next five years the Fund will finance various CSR efforts at Parkway Pantai s other hospitals in Singapore Gleneagles Mount Elizabeth and Parkway East. Watch the Life Renewed Mount Elizabeth Novena video at http about_ parkway_pantai community_projects Caring from the heart In Malaysia the Life Renewed campaign funds medical treatment for needy patients at 11 Pantai and Gleneagles hospitals in collaboration with their specialist doctors. To date the Khazanah IHH Healthcare Fund has sponsored 170 cases with the majority of cases related to paediatric cardiology. Chairman of Pantai Holdings Berhad Datuk Khairil Anuar Abdullah who presided at the launch event at Gleneagles Penang on 11 December 2013 said Over time we hope to reach into other areas including urology as well as cleft lip and palate. They may not be life-threatening conditions but people who suffer from these conditions have a compromised quality of life. Getting them corrected is almost like being given a second chance at life. In conjunction with the launch event the Fund s logo and new microsite were also unveiled to increase awareness of the Fund among members of the public. SPECIAL FEATURE 10 Currently potential patients are referred to the participating hospitals through 16 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) where they will be guided through the application process. SPECIAL FEATURE A SECOND CHANCE AT liFE It was a life-changing moment for the family of Muhammad Darwisy Hamsyari Bin Hisham when he was accepted as a beneficiary of the Life Renewed programme. Darwisy was born with a congenital heart problem. His mother 27-year-old Norzalna Bte Abdul Rahman could only watch in pain during his first year of life as he struggled to achieve the developmental milestones of normal babies such as rolling over crawling walking and talking. The housewife from Baling Kedah recalled how anxious she was when the doctor at the Penang General Hospital recommended surgery to repair the holes in Darwisy s little heart My husband is a factory worker. We have trouble making ends meet every month. How can we afford a major surgery Fortunately the doctor informed her of Parkway Pantai s Life Renewed programme and directed them to Gleneagles Penang. Fully supported by the Khazanah IHH Healthcare Fund Darwisy completed his surgery and treatment successfully in December 2012. Another grateful beneficiary is 68-year-old Chiew Kok Chaing a gardener who stays at a welfare home in Balik Pulau Penang. My ageing eyes have been troubling me for years. My blurred vision affects my reading and my work relates the senior citizen. When he saw the advertisement for free cataract surgeries for the underprivileged supported by Parkway Pantai he decided to apply. He has since had cataract surgery done on his left eye in August 2013. As he is mostly alone Chiew recognises the need to stay healthy and mobile in order to remain independent. He considers himself blessed to have saved over RM3 000 from the cataract surgery performed at Pantai Hospital Penang. 11 THE PINK revolution Breast cancer may be the most common cancer in women yet it is also among the easiest to detect and to recover from. Parkway Pantai s hospitals organised a slew of different initiatives to raise public awareness of the disease. Breast cancer is the number one cancer that is claiming the lives of Singapore women. Within Malaysia it is also the most common cancer among the population and the leading cause of cancer death among women of all ethnic and age groups. Approximately one in 20 women are at risk of contracting breast cancer in their lifetime. Joining the fight against the disease Parkway Pantai kicked off a month-long breast cancer awareness campaign in both Singapore and Malaysia as part of its corporate social responsibility in October 2013. Parkway Pantai pledged S 0.50 for every post carrying the hashtag operationpink posted on Twitter or Instagram to the Breast Cancer Foundation of Singapore. The hospital group eventually committed S 10 000 to help financially needy breast cancer patients. Other Operation Pink initiatives include specially-priced screening packages supported by Parkway Shenton and ParkwayHealth Radiology to encourage more women to go for screening as well as educational talks held at the four hospitals. Dr Kelvin Loh Chief Executive Officer of the two Mount Elizabeth hospitals said We are proud to be the first private institution to kick start this meaningful campaign. We hope that we can continue to hold this campaign every year turning this into an avenue for more people to become aware of this disease. CORPORATE CITIZENSHIP 12 Singapore s Pink Fight Termed Operation Pink the four Parkway Pantai hospitals Gleneagles Mount Elizabeth (Orchard) Mount Elizabeth Novena and Parkway East sent their pink ambassadors to distribute badges around town to promote their cause. The large-scale campaign by Singapore s largest private hospital group encouraged the public to stand alongside breast cancer patients and survivors in raising awareness of the disease. The emotion-charged campaign with its tagline of Who will you fight for received overwhelming response recording 17 339 tweets and Instagram posts. The posts included words of encouragement and support to those who have suffered from or are fighting breast cancer. A post by Licks Like Vic xoxovictor94 on twitter said I salute survivors of breast cancer you re a warrior. And those battling we re with you in this keep fighting CORPORATE CITIZENSHIP 13 Malaysia s Pink for Hope In Malaysia the Parkway Pantai breast cancer awareness campaign was also community-based. Pantai Hospital Klang On 13 October 2013 Pantai Hospital Klang held its third annual Pink Charity Run . Launched in 2011 the charity run has seen a steady increase in participation. More than 2 000 runners donned in pink took part in the latest run. Proceeds of RM20 000 were channelled to the National Cancer Society Malaysia a charitable organisation that provides education care and support to cancer patients and caregivers in the country. Said Datuk Khairil Anuar Bin Abdullah Chairman of Pantai Holdings Berhad who was present at the run Today we bring a message of hope. Malaysians are beginning to understand how early detection can save lives. Our breast cancer survivors can attest to this fact and the fact that they lead meaningful lives with good prognosis of being disease-free in the years to come. CORPORATE CITIZENSHIP Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur 14 Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur (PHKL) launched its inaugural Women s Health Summit 2013 on 22 October 2013. The event was part of the hospital s Wear It Pink campaign aimed at raising health awareness. At the summit women shared their thoughts ideas and experiences combating critical illness such as cancer. Participants include practitioners experts thought leaders as well as prominent women in the Malaysian society. Said Dr Azlina Firzah organising chairperson of the Women s Health Summit Though women today are better educated and informed about their health choices and provisions than their mothers or grandmothers there are still significant social cultural and financial obstacles that make receiving or prioritising adequate healthcare a challenge. PHKL intends to institutionalise the summit as an annual fundraising event to support health initiatives led by credible foundations and institutions committed to improving the health and well-being of women. In 2013 the hospital donated RM20 000 in the form of breast prostheses to Persatuan Cancerlink Malaysia Kuantan branch a non-governmental not-forprofit organisation that provides support to cancer patients as well as their families and friends. Pantai Hospital Ipoh Pink October Carnival organised by Pantai Hospital Ipoh in collaboration with Perak Women for Women Society (PWW) Persatuan Pink Champion Perak (a breast cancer support group) and Puspanita Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh was held on 29 October 2013. Highlights of the event included Walk-A-Hunt where teams of participants hunted for clues related to breast cancer women issues and related activities Eco Tenpink Bowling Walk-in-Her Shoes and booths which provided health screening and information on breast cancer. A flash mob on One Billion Rising advocating an end to violence against women and children elicited rousing participation from the crowd. In addition major collaborative sponsor Maybank Berhad presented aids to 150 breast cancer survivors in the form of breast prostheses wigs and a computer for Persatuan Pink Champion Resource Centre. The bank also sponsored workshops for counselors held in January 2014. Pantai Hospital Ayer Keroh & Gleneagles Penang Pantai Hospital Ayer Keroh (PHAK) held its Beat Breast Cancer campaign throughout the month of October. Building on the theme of hope strength and courage the campaign sought to inspire those fighting cancer and paid tribute to survivors. PHAK s Pink Team gave away 300 pink ribbon cupcakes to patients and visitors over three consecutive days in an effort to raise awareness. The hospital also ran a RM90 mammogram promotion till the end of the year and held public talks. Gleneagles Penang held its breast cancer awareness drive on 19 October 2013. Staff distributed specially made hand fans with information on the disease to the public at parks and community areas. CORPORATE CITIZENSHIP 15 THE MOUNT ELIZABETH experience Two locations one great team The Mount Elizabeth brand comprising Mount Elizabeth Hospital (Orchard) and Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital has bagged the Best Healthcare Award in the Singapore Tourism Board s Singapore Experience Awards 2013 Gleneagles Hospital was among the finalists and gave the winning hospitals some very tough competition. This award recognised hard work and constant innovation to provide exceptional experiences. SNAPSHOTS interactive creative programme 16 BAGS GOlD Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital s Doctor For A Day (DFAD) programme collected a Gold Award for Excellence in Integrated Marketing (B2B). The award is presented to the hospital s marketing team at Marketing Magazine s Marketing Excellence Award 2013. DFAD is an interactive programme for children 5 to 12 years old to role-play in an operating theatre and Accident & Emergency setting. supporting mEDiCAl education SNAPSHOTS 17 Senior executives of Parkway Pantai hosted recipients of the Mount Elizabeth-Gleneagles Scholarship fund to a lunch and tour of Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital on 20 December 2013. The medical students from National University of Singapore s Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine are among the first batch of eight students to receive bond-free financial assistance from Parkway Pantai. They were accompanied by management staff from the medical school including its Dean Associate Professor Yeoh Khay Guan. The S 2 million scholarship fund was set up in June 2012 to support financially needy medical undergraduates in Singapore. The endowed gift together with the government matching grant will provide up to S 160 000 of student financial aid annually. GiViNG Patients and staff were treated to early Christmas celebrations at Parkway Pantai s four hospitals in Singapore. A key highlight was Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital s special cube tree made from light cubes painted by five local artists and 60 special needs students from Pathlight School. The cubes were for sale with all proceeds going to the school in support of underprivileged children living with autism. The hospital matched each sale dollar-for-dollar in cash donations. SNAPSHOTS 18 season of SNAPSHOTS 19 A big THANK YOU to our DOCTORS SNAPSHOTS 20 Parkway Pantai s accredited doctors in Singapore were treated to an evening of wine and dine at the annual Doctors Cocktail on 28 October 2013. Hosted by the Parkway Pantai Board of Directors the event at Shangri-la Hotel drew a record turnout of 370. In his welcome speech Chairman of Parkway Pantai Dato Mohammed Azlan Bin Hashim gave special thanks to the doctors for their ongoing support. You are fundamental to our Group s success he said. Thank you for providing excellent medical care to our patients and upholding the strong reputation of our hospitals. APPRECIATING partners SNAPSHOTS 21 In October and November Parkway Pantai organised a series of events as part of the Doctor Partner Programme (DPP). Halloween was celebrated through four sessions of wine appreciation aptly entitled HalloWine. For physicians who prefer the outdoors there was a golfing event on 13 November. Doctors and their family were also invited for a special screening of Hunger Games Catching Fire. GET TOGETHER SNAPSHOTS 22 the more we Parkway Pantai employees in Singapore now have another reason to celebrate with the introduction of a Department Bonding Fund. The suggestion came from a staff during one of the GCEO Tea Sessions in 2013. As our fun-loving colleagues demonstrate there are many creative ways a department can utilise the fund to foster teamwork and camaraderie. Thank you for your submissions. However due to overwhelming response we are not able to use all your pictures. We hope you enjoy the photo spread nonetheless. SNAPSHOTS 23 CHARiTY food and fun fair Gleneagles Penang organised a charity food and fun fair on 1 December 2013 to raise funds for three non-governmental institutions Penang Hospice Charis Hospice and Cancer Link. Officially launched by Dr Afif Bin Bahardin the state EXCO for Agriculture & Agro-based Industry Rural Development and Health the event raised RM200 000 breaking the record set three years ago. SNAPSHOTS sushi making 24 PHAK 27 children from Pantai Hospital Ayer Keroh (PHAK) s Junior Club tried their hands at sushi making at Sushi King Mahkota Parade. The event included a best sushi maker competition and parents were also invited to compete for the best temaki (handroll). PHAK Junior Club is a free club membership exclusively for those born in the hospital. GLENEAGLES PENANG turns 40 Gleneagles Penang celebrated its 40th anniversary with a gala dinner at the Eastern & Oriental Hotel Penang on 28 June 2013. Over 260 guests attended including guests of honour YBhg Tan Sri Dato Dr Abu Bakar Suleiman Chairman of IHH Healthcare Berhad Dato Mohammed Azlan Bin Hashim Chairman of Parkway Pantai Limited and Chairman of Pantai Holdings Berhad Datuk Khairil Anuar Bin Abdullah. SNAPSHOTS 25 PROFILES 26 ON YOUR feet The joy of having the freedom to move around without any pain this is what Dr Lim Lian Arn sees on the faces of his patients when they leave his office at Gleneagles Hospital (Singapore). Being able to walk is something that many of us take for granted. But for some of the patients who walk through the doors of Gleneagles Hospital to see orthopaedic specialist Dr Lim Lian Arn that simple act may be something that they need help with. And for almost 20 years Dr Lim has been giving his patients the opportunity to get on their feet and move around pain-free. It started with an arm Medicine had never been a childhood ambition for Dr Lim. When I was younger the only exposure I had to medicine and doctors was going to the GP when I was sick. I clearly did not like injections. My mum also brought me to see the traditional Chinese medicine practitioners quite a lot when I was younger because I was quite a sickly child Dr Lim remembers. But medicine was a respectable profession and my parents were more than happy for me to pursue a career in it. His interest for orthopaedic medicine started from playing rugby. PROFILES The whole village came out to meet us and welcome us. It was extremely gratifying for me to see the patient walking around the village and having fun with her family and friends. In my third year of medical school I hurt my arm during the first-half of a rugby match. The doctor examined me declared that it was nothing and sent me back into the game. Well I went on to finish the game. But it started to really hurt which was my clue that something wasn t right. After heading to the hospital and getting some x-rays they found that I had fractured my arm. So I had to go for surgery and had a metal plate put in my arm. Inspired by how the doctors nursed him back to playing sports Dr Lim made a decision to specialise in orthopaedics. I m not the most cerebral person around when I see a problem the first thing I do is try to find a solution. So I knew I wanted to be a surgeon and one who specialised in orthopaedics because of my love for sports he recalls. Another attraction of orthopaedics was the fact that there are a lot of instruments to use during surgery something I really enjoy. 27 Step by step Over the years Dr Lim has seen many patients who needed help with his subspeciality of knee and hip replacement and also with more general orthopaedic problems. I remember one young lady from Tanjung Pinang who had been in a bad traffic accident but didn t receive proper treatment. Her hip fracture healed very badly and she couldn t really move around properly he describes. Some church workers brought her to me. I had to break the badly healed leg and set it again in surgery. PROFILES 28 The patient recovered quickly and returned to her home in Indonesia. Three months after the surgery Dr Lim paid a visit to her hometown with friends. The whole village came out to meet and welcome us. It was extremely gratifying for me to see the patient walking around the village and having fun with her family and friends. Another patient which has stayed in his mind was a Dutch lady with very bad knees there was no cartilage and she was in a lot of pain. She came to me in her late 30s which is relatively young. I had to do a cartilage transplantation as well as a tibial osteotomy for her knee. She took almost a year to recover but now she s back to doing triathlons and surfing he smiles. Another patient fractured his pelvis in an accident. Working with a partner we fixed the pelvis and told him to take it slow for some time. Eight weeks later he sent me a picture of himself finishing a triathlon I was upset that he hadn t listened to our advice but at the end of the day it was amazing to see him back in action in such a short period of time. But the job isn t without its challenges and sometimes Dr Lim finds the patient s mindset the biggest obstacle. Very often I have patients who come in to see me with all sorts of preconceived notions about what treatment they want. They are usually looking for the latest technology or procedures he explains. But in orthopaedic surgery the newest things aren t always the best. New technology may seem cool and exciting but results for new procedures can take years to mature. Nobody can tell if the results five years down the road will be good. My priorities in life are simple my faith and my family. I felt having my own clinic would give me some control over the amount of time I spent at work. And Gleneagles Hospital was the perfect choice I liked the warm homey feel the hospital has. So Dr Lim finds that spending time talking to his patients is very important. I sit down with my patients and explain my point of view of how I need to see results before I jump into any new procedure and also show them that the current technology available is trustworthy and has proven itself. Active lifestyle It was just two years ago that Dr Lim opened his own clinic at Gleneagles Hospital. My priorities in life are simple my faith and my family. I felt having my own clinic would give me some control over the amount of time I spent at work. And Gleneagles Hospital was the perfect choice I liked the warm homey feel the hospital has. The job has also given him a chance to spend more time with his wife of 17 years Chai Yuan who acts as his clinic manager. She s the boss... both in the office and at home he chuckles. Sports continue to be an important part of his life. I knew I had to cut down on playing rugby when I kept getting injured he jokes And I discovered a love for long-distance running that s my truly personal time when I get to relax and unwind. Likewise Dr Lim s love for orthopaedic medicine has not waned after over 20 years on the job. I spent a year at the Mayo Clinic in the US and there were many things I learnt there to have humility on the job to care for the patient. At the end of the day my hope is for patients to remember me as somebody who cared personally and had compassion for them. Some patients come in and tell me I don t want to be treated as a knee. And I hope I will always treat my patients not as a knee but as a person with a knee . PROFILES 29 rebel turned SURGEON Some people lead colourful lives others add colour to the lives of others. For Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur Consultant Breast Surgeon Dr Patricia Alison Gomez however it is both. For as long as she could remember the 55-year-old doctor who initiated and helmed Pantai s Breast Cancer Centre had always wanted to be a doctor. Unfortunately her father who was a banker wanted all his children to be bankers. Upon completing her SPM her father promptly got her a place in a local university to study Economics and eventually join her brothers in England and Australia. She refused insisting on Medicine instead. Undaunted she did her own research and enrolled herself into the Sophia Girls College in Rajasthan India an extraordinary feat for a teenager in the days before the Internet. When I brought all the official documents to my father for his signature he sighed and called me a rebel. But he signed everything and gave me his blessings she recalls. After graduating she continued her studies at the Manipal Medical College but not without another tussle with her father as he had earlier paid the deposit for her at another institution. The deposit was forfeited and again young Patricia got her way. The spirited young lady completed her studies with flying colours and returned home to do her housemanship in Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) ready to commit to a life of service. PROFILES 30 When I brought all the official documents to my father for his signature he sighed and called me a rebel. But he signed everything and gave me his blessings Life on the fast lane Fresh out of medical school Dr Patricia initially planned to specialise in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Based at HKL s Delivery Unit she was thrown into the fast lane with up to 60 deliveries and 12 caesarean sections a day. It was crazy in those days We were practically on our feet the entire time working 72-hour shifts and surviving on cat naps here and there she reminisces. After the Medical Officers knocked off for the night the housemen were left in charge sometimes a single houseman to an entire ward of 30 to 40 patients. Not only did they take care of deliveries and new mothers they were also answerable to the senior doctors especially the Professor and Head of the Department who came at six every morning for their ward rounds and expected the housemen to remain sharp as they related each patient s condition. After her posting Dr Patricia applied to practise in HKL again this time under the wing of Datuk JC Mehta who was then the Chief Surgeon of the country. He was not only well-known as a strict disciplinarian but also for his principle of not accepting women in his team. PROFILES 31 I was called to his office on the first day I joined as a Registrar. He looked at me sternly and said Young lady I m taking you on the provision that you don t ever tell me you re tired. If you can promise me that you re in she relates. With her experience of working long shifts she knew what she was capable of. That marked the beginning of an amazing journey where she learnt from a great mentor completing her Masters in the process and becoming the first female surgeon to qualify from the National University in Malaysia. As a registrar she continued to work 4-day shifts believing that it gives a sense of ownership and subsequently responsibility of a patient s case to the doctor-on-duty. Medicine is apprentice-based you cannot learn it from a book. If we restrict working hours to eight a day there won t be enough time to learn all the basic skills or do much else after your on-call hours she points out. And that is how the operating theatre gown ended up as her pyjamas today. I ve got five or six in four colours. I bought them from Foyles in London and they re the most comfy sleepwear in the world she says gleefully. Surgery was nothing new to me by then. But in the United Kingdom where I received training it was eye-opening to see how they dealt with patients in a holistic manner. I was struck by their bedside manners how they prioritised communication with the patient and families she said. When she returned she was promoted to Head of the unit and this came with lots of management responsibilities. Paperwork made her restless and she didn t want to lose her surgical skills. That was when she decided to leave government service after 20 years of service and joined Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur (PHKL) in 2005. As soon as she set foot in PHKL she took it upon herself to establish the country s first dedicated breast cancer centre. The idea she stressed was simply to guide women get through breast cancer with minimal stress from diagnosis to treatment and after-care. Breast cancer is the number one cancer killer among Malaysian women but not enough is being done. Women here are not getting what they deserve she says drawing from her experience in UK. She looks into every detail such as placing all breastrelated services in the same location to provide one-stop convenience for patients. Working with the Breast Cancer Welfare Association she obtained free prostheses for deserving cases and is currently involved at pushing insurance agencies to look at breast reconstruction as an essential aspect of breast cancer treatment not as a cosmetic procedure. PROFILES 32 Breast is best When the time came for her to choose her sub-specialty Dr Patricia wanted to choose liver surgery initially. But the waiting list for a scholarship was two years hence she opted for breast and endocrine surgery instead to get immediate entry. PROFILES Breast cancer is not a disease that just affects one physically. The removal of a breast can have long-term devastating effects on a woman. We need to look into a mirror and feel whole she stresses. Time and tide With so much to do it is hardly surprising that she cites time as her major challenge joking that she sometimes wishes she could change the way the sun rises . 33 The removal of a breast can have longterm devastating effects on a woman. We need to look into a mirror and feel whole . The single lady looks up to her 84-year-old mother who single-handedly brought them up since her father s passing when she was 21. Although her father is not around to see her success today she attributes her tenacity and resilience to him. Her voice softens as she speaks of him. He used to say Aim for the sky and if you fall you ll drop on a coconut tree. If you aim for the coconut tree you ll be falling on the ground . He made sure we all received ample education in our chosen fields and both my brothers are established bankers today. He made my mother learn driving which she is still doing today at her age She even drives all the way to pick her two sisters for church every weekend she says adding that she ll be grateful if she could be half of her mother at that age. Rebel no more the good doctor still has the fire in her belly which will be harnessed to benefit the world. MOTIVATED AND STILL going strong Parkway Pantai honoured its long-serving staff at the annual Long Service and Golden Years Service Award ceremony. On 4 October 2013 Parkway Pantai held its annual Long Service and Golden Years Service Award ceremony for its Singapore employees with 397 staff receiving the Long Service Awards for between five to 30 years of service. In addition another 32 staff were awarded the Golden Years Service Award. This award is given to staff in recognition of every 3-year period of service for staying with the company after the official retirement age. AT YOUR SERVICE 34 A SONG WORTH SiNGiNG TO The ceremony was made extra memorable when host Sue Goghari who was also a recipient of the award for her 20 years of service sprang a surprise song item much to the delight of the staff present. Inspired by the company s long-serving staff in the company she rewrote the lyrics of Jessie Jay s Pricetag titling it the Transformation of Parkway Pantai (TOP) a reference to the organisational change that Dr Tan See Leng Group Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director was leading. The witty and energetic performance reminded everyone that relationships are what matter. We reproduce the lyrics here for your reading pleasure. AT YOUR SERVICE Transformation of Parkway Pantai Sung to the tune of Jessie Jay s song Pricetag 35 Now that it s over and done Before we say Goodbye Sit back relax and all you have to do is SMILE Why is everybody so serious Life in Parkway is not that hideous Dr Tan say Yeah Dr Lim say Yo We re gonna have a great time Everybody look to your right Everybody look to your left These are friends we have here at Parkway Pantai It s not about the money money money Always about the money money money It s dedication and Work Life Balance It s not about the (uh uh) cha change cha change It s not about the (uh uh) the blame the blame It s about Transformation of Parkway Pantai Yeah yeah yeah... AT YOUR SERVICE 36 Three long service award recipients share what they enjoy most about their work and what keeps them going in Parkway Pantai These days his work consists of four main areas people management patient management clinical work and dealing with day-to-day tasks of running the department. I am extremely proud of how the department has progressively introduced new technology over the years. We may be small in comparison with our sister hospitals but we are well-equipped with all the latest technology from CT scans MRI OT Angiography to even digital mammography he enthuses. Achievements of his department aside what Joseph appreciates and enjoys most about the hospital are the people he works with. The staff here are warm and friendly and I have a very supportive boss Lim Poh Suan who is Chief Executive Officer of ParkwayHealth Radiology. She gives me a lot of autonomy in managing the department while making sure she understands our needs. With 30 years at PEH under his belt Joseph is looking forward to welcoming more juniors into this great working environment and sharing his life experience with them. Honestly it doesn t feel like I ve been here for 30 years It truly feels like home. Some of the most memorable moments of my personal life also happened here where I got to witness the birth of my daughter Rebecca and welcome my two grandchildren Sophie and Luke he smiles. A HOmE AWAY FROm HOmE Joseph Teo Eng 62 Senior Manager Radiology Parkway East Hospital For the last 30 years Parkway East Hospital (PEH) has been almost like a second home for Joseph Teo Eng Senior Manager of the Radiology Department at the hospital. Joseph s journey into radiography began many years ago after he completed his National Service. He found out about a career in radiography through an advertisement in the newspapers. After completing two years of training and working for some time in a number of restructured hospitals he applied for a job at PEH then known as St Mark s International Hospital in 1982. He was offered a managerial position and tasked with setting up their radiology department. He worked hard to grow his department to what it is today a solid team of 18 offering quality radiology services. lEADiNG THE TROOPS Tang lin Yok 58 Senior Nurse Manager Mount Elizabeth Hospital Three wards with 77 beds and a group of 76 nurses who are caring for patients with surgical medical and neurological needs these are the responsibilities that Senior Nurse Manager Sister Tang Lin Yok faces on the job daily. She began her career at a government hospital even becoming one of the pioneers at the Singapore Ambulance Service before beginning her 25-year long career at Mount Elizabeth Hospital (MEH) in 1987. She worked in the hospital s intensive care ward for over 20 years also playing a part in setting up the intensive care ward at Gleneagles JPMC in Brunei. It was also during this time that she took up a Bachelor of Healthcare Nursing Management course no easy feat considering she had to juggle work family and her studies at the same time. But the opportunities that have been made available to her are a major part of why she appreciates this work environment. In MEH having a good attitude and showing that you are interested in your work opens many doors for you to progress on the job which is a great motivational force to do well. Sister Tang has been recognised many times over for her outstanding performance first with a Service Excellence Award in 2005 then as a Super Grade Nurse Manager in 2009 and the Ministry of Health Nurses Merit Award in 2010. These days her responsibilities are quite different from her days in the ICU involving more managerial and administrative work for the three wards under her care. And it is her turn to pass on that same support and encouragement to her staff. As a Senior Nursing Manager it s my responsibility to nurture the younger nurses especially those who are fresh graduates she says. Watching her junior nurses blossom and develop during their time with her gives Sister Tang a new sense of satisfaction. I love doing my rounds because that s when I can connect with my staff and find out how they are doing. It s my chance to talk to them let them know that they are among friends and that they are not alone. Sister Tang is grateful to the MEH management for their support all these years especially Deputy Director of Nursing Mrs Ho-Lim Bee. AT YOUR SERVICE 37 PATiENTS COmE FiRST Dr Goh Kiat Seng 66 Medical Director Executive Healthcare Screeners Mount Elizabeth Hospital For the last 36 years Dr Goh Kiat Seng has dedicated his work to serving his patients helping them identify potential health problems early and suggesting changes to their lifestyle to give them better health. Graduating from medical school in 1972 Dr Goh made the decision to become a general practitioner with Shenton Medical Group in 1976 before making the move to Executive Health Screeners (EHS) in 1982. My bosses at Shenton Medical Group back then were quite visionary and they anticipated the need for health screening services. They saw that health screenings were often done as a part of some other type of examination and there was no one offering health screenings as a stand-alone service he remembers. Today EHS has grown into one of Singapore s foremost health screening service providers with six offices all over the island providing a range of screening services to both local and international patients. And while Dr Goh has been instrumental in the growth of the company his patients have always been his top priority. I am first and foremost a doctor. There were times that I took up managerial responsibilities that were entrusted to me but I never stopped seeing my patients he reveals. I love spending time with and talking to my patients learning more about their lifestyle and seeing what I can do to improve their health. And it is precisely this love for his patients that has kept him in EHS long enough to collect the Golden Years Award 2013 awarded to staff who stay on the job even after the retirement age. When asked if he would ever retire Dr Goh admits that he hasn t really thought about it. I feel good I can still play golf I cycle I travel. And more importantly I still enjoy my job. So even if I do decide to slow down I don t think I will stop working altogether. As long as the company needs me I will be here. Even if it means working part-time he smiles. AT YOUR SERVICE 38 AT YOUR SERVICE a brighter FUTURE Hard work and perseverance pays off for Parkway College s third batch of graduates in 2013. 15 November 2013 was an unforgettable day for 167 proud young men and women who celebrated their graduation at Parkway College. Associate Professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim Parliamentary Secretary Ministry of Health and Ministry of Transport attended the graduation ceremony held in Concorde Hotel as Guest of Honour. Since the institution opened its doors in 2008 Parkway College has built a reputation for training students who have the skills knowledge and competencies to excel as nurses and allied health professionals. The school is always looking to expand its reach and the variety of courses offered. Among the graduands in this year s ceremony were 13 graduates from the pioneer batch of Bachelor of Science (Hons) Diagnostic Radiography and Imaging course awarded by the University of Hertfordshire (UK). They are the first professional radiographers to graduate from a private educational institution in Singapore. 18 other graduates received their Masters in Health Administration from Flinders University (Australia) while another 123 graduated with a Diploma in Nursing. The remaining 15 graduated with Diplomas in Healthcare Management and Graduate Diplomas in Healthcare Management. This new cohort of graduates from Parkway College will support the need for qualified healthcare professionals in Singapore at private and public healthcare institutions. Mrs Nellie Tang Chief Executive Officer of Parkway College also announced its first intake of students for a new Diploma of Optometry programme this year making the school the first private institution to offer this course. 39 AT YOUR SERVICE 40 Two valedictorians tell us about their experiences as students at Parkway College and what their hopes are for the future. on our book knowledge but also practical tests during which we had to answer questions verbally in a limited length of time to ensure that we were able to make quick and accurate decisions and able to justify them with sound reasoning too. mosaic Was the course very challenging Yes At the start I really felt a little overwhelmed by all the things we had to study. But as the course progressed I realised that everything I was taught came in very handy especially when I had my clinical placements. Xiwen My lecturers were always on-hand to help us. They shared their experiences on the job with us which was very useful because it helped me remember the concepts. mosaic Now that you ve started work as a radiographer do you feel your course has equipped you for the job Xiwen I started working at MEH in July 2013 and so far I ve found all that I ve learnt in school very useful. The most important thing I ve picked up from my time at Parkway College is to make sure I think twice before I act and to be conscientious about what I m doing to minimise the chance of error. But I know that there s always more to learn in my field so I would love to continue studying perhaps to specialise in ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging. Fong Xiwen 23 Valedictorian BSc (HONS) Diagnostic Radiography & Imaging A lifelong love for science and finding out what makes the body tick led Fong Xiwen on a quest for a career in the medical sciences. And graduating at the top of her class is what Xiwen believes is just her first step to an exciting career as a Radiographer with Mount Elizabeth Hospital (MEH). mosaic How did you come to enroll in Parkway College Xiwen I knew after I graduated from Republic Polytechnic (RP) that I didn t want to just work in a laboratory as a biomedical technologist because I enjoyed interacting with patients. So when I found out about my course through an email from RP I decided that it was a good option to consider. Best of all I was offered a partial scholarship mosaic What did you enjoy most about your three-year course Xiwen Definitely learning more about anatomy and physiology I found the medical conditions diseases and uncommon pathology that we covered in our classes fascinating. And I like how the course wasn t just theoretical we had regular hands-on practice sessions to learn how to position patients during procedures. We were not only graded Altai Erdenetsolmon 32 Valedictorian Diploma in Nursing A stint with the Red Cross while she was schooling ignited a love of medicine and helping others for Altai Erdenetsolmon. So she decided to move from her home in Mongolia to Singapore to make her nursing dreams come true. mosaic How did you decide on Parkway College Altai When I first came to Singapore I took up a nursing course with the Institute of Technical Education. When I graduated I heard about Parkway College s Diploma in Nursing and decided to find out more. And when I knew about the balance between classroom lectures and handson practice opportunities along with the chance to do my attachment in a private hospital I decided to take it up. mosaic What were your favourite modules Altai There were so many I loved learning about pathophysiology med-surgical nursing and even how to do research. Someone once told me that I should try not to favour a particular subject and instead focus on subjects that I had the least interest that was great advice and I learned to love and enjoy all the different modules. Aside from the classroom learning the most enjoyable thing about the course was that I got to put theory into practice during practicum that gave me a real sense of purpose. Listening to my lecturers share their on-the-job experiences also gave me an insight into what working life would be like. mosaic Any other memorable moments Altai My graduation ceremony is one that I will never forget Being able to lead my whole cohort in the nurses pledge was such an honour mosaic What are the most important skills that you have picked up from your time at Parkway College Altai Well aside from the nursing knowledge I think one of the most useful skills is how to communicate with others. With Singapore s multi-racial society having to communicate with people who speak so many different languages and dialects is a very important part of the job. And because patients have access to so much information these days they may ask many questions. It is important to explain to them the steps and procedures to minimise their anxiety. mosaic Finally what goals have you set for yourself in the future Altai Right now I m most looking forward to starting work as a nurse at MEH. And beyond that I hope to upgrade myself and get a degree one day and perhaps to choose a specialisation. Ultimately my goal is definitely to become a better nurse and take on bigger roles. AT YOUR SERVICE 41 SPOTLIGHT 42 celebrities pick GlENEAGlES Comedian Mark Lee and actor Cavin Soh welcome new additions to their families. Two sweet little princesses have arrived. Between them they have quite a few things in common. They are daughters of local celebrities they were out in just three pushes and they were both welcomed into their parents arms at Gleneagles Hospital. I never felt like they were intruding or interrupting because they respected our privacy. The doctors and nurses were also very helpful and patient when it came to my endless stream of questions. Serena Yeo wife of celebrity Cavin Soh Bethany born on 21 July 2013 is the daughter of local celebrity Cavin Soh and his wife Serena Yeo while another local celebrity Mark Lee and his wife Catherine Ng welcomed Calynn on 19 August. Needless to say both families were overjoyed and couldn t wait to spend time with their precious bundles of joy. The big day Catherine s obstetrician was anticipating an early arrival and had suggested that she come packed for what was supposed to be her routine checkup that week. Fortunately she had heeded his advice because although she did not know it she was already in labour. mosaic Was it the smooth delivery you hoped for Catherine Mark was advised by the feng shui master on the best time and so when I informed the doctor he and the team got to work immediately. Everything was set up very quickly the doctor and nurses all just came together so that we could get our request fulfilled. The delivery took three pushes Serena It was an easy labour all of six hours for my first child and that gave me the expectation that our second one would be easier and faster. I can hardly recall the experience as it only took me three pushes before baby Bethany was born. By the time reality sank in I had her in my lap crying. mosaic What did your husband do during the delivery Serena Cavin was great support Even a few days before I went into labour he was already going through the process trying to recall what was needed of him to assist in the delivery. I think he felt really proud to be able to cut the umbilical cord I could see the smile and that accomplished look on his face Catherine When I got admitted Mark had to go back to work because he couldn t change his schedule at the last moment. But he was back in time for the delivery. In fact he was the cameraman and director SPOTLIGHT Exciting news When they first found out that there was going to be a new addition to the family these celebrity parents could barely contain their excitement. Serena We were excited to receive the news of course But we were also anxious about how to prepare Kayden for his new big brother status. Catherine I found out and immediately called Mark. He wasn t surprised because he had been secretly planning for it all along For Mark it felt like an early Christmas present just like it was for their second child two years earlier. mosaic How was the pregnancy Catherine Despite this being my third pregnancy it was quite tedious especially the first four months. I was also taking a course and had to cope with the morning sickness while studying for the exams. I ended up losing weight during that period I also had a terrible itch all over my body which even the dermatologists couldn t fix. Calynn s behavior was different from the first two. She used to stretch a lot almost as if she was doing kung fu Serena I guess there is a difference between having a baby girl and a baby boy. With Bethany there was somehow more pressure on my diaphragm which made it really difficult for me to eat and sit upright. But I would readily go through those nine months all over again if I had to because it is always a blessing to be able to have a child. 43 Hotel Gleneagles Picking Gleneagles Hospital was initially quite a practical decision for both families their obstetrician was stationed there. But after one baby they didn t need much convincing to keep coming back. mark I particularly like all the high-tech stuff. Everything is remotely controlled from the TV and DVD to the lights and curtains. Other hospitals may also have this feature but the remote here doesn t need any studying on my part This really makes a difference because the patient may not always be so patient. Catherine I ve had massages and hair washes arranged for me. What more can I ask for The food was good and nicely presented. I took pictures and posted them on Facebook. My friends commented that I was having room service in a hotel The confinement food was also delicious. Mark loved the roti prata for breakfast too. Serena The staff and nurses were professional and very attentive to my needs. Whether I was breastfeeding watching TV having guests or sleeping I never felt like they were intruding or interrupting because they respected our privacy. The doctors and nurses were also very helpful and patient when it came to my endless stream of questions. The lactation consultant deserves special mention for helping me regain my breastfeeding confidence . Being an anxious mum I appreciate that very much. All in all it was a wonderful experience. I almost forgot I was in the afterbirth recovery stage . SPOTLIGHT 44 What s next Once back home both Catherine and Serena are likely to have their hands full. But the husbands share the load too though very differently. Serena Cavin is very hands-on and that is what I appreciate and love about him He takes pride in being involved every step of the way with our children including baby care upbringing and disciplining. Catherine Mark is not so comfortable with young babies. But he helps with the older two children like showering them and such. So I can focus on Calynn and that is a big help. mosaic Any plans for another baby Catherine I don t really want another child because I m getting older. Managing them is also not going to be easy as the gap between them is not very wide. I think I need more time with them and having another baby may mean I can t give them enough attention. But Mark s ideal family is four kids. Serena It s going to be a stretch for us but we recognise the importance of giving both our kids equal attention. For now two is the ideal number but who knows what lies ahead. Well one thing is for certain. If either of them were to have another baby they will be back at Gleneagles Hospital without a doubt. I ve had massages and hair washes arranged for me. What more can I ask for The food was good and nicely presented. I took pictures and posted them on Facebook. My friends commented that I was having room service in a hotel Catherine Ng wife of celebrity Mark Lee The Gleneagles Touch Technology. Expertise. Agility. Care. With you at every step. With over 300 multidisciplinary specialists Gleneagles Hospital has been fulfilling its legacy of providing quality healthcare services for more than 50 years. Through the years one thing has remained constant our commitment to putting the patient in the centre of all we do. That is our Touch. That is our Promise. SPOTLIGHT 45 Call us and get a specialist appointment within 48 hours. Gleneagles Patient Assistance Centre 24-Hour Hotline 65 6575 7575 Email gpac 6A Napier Road Singapore 258500 stop AND stretch Our body is designed to move. Maintaining a static posture for a long period of time may cause neck pain back pain and other muscle aches. Experts recommend taking a break every hour to do stretches particularly for desk-bound workers. A regular change in posture and stretching exercises will give our muscle a chance to recover and reduce unwanted stress over our back and neck. Don t sit on it - embark on a healthy work life today with these 12 simple stretches. Stretching tips Stopandstretcheveryhour Relaxandstretchgently Performthestretchesonbothsides Donotover-stretch stopifyoufeelpainordiscomfort and consult a health professional This article is contributed by Anand Sivayogam Physiotherapist Rehabilitation & Homecare Services Mount Elizabeth Hospital. TAKE 5 Neck side stretch Do twice hold for 10 seconds 46 Neck forward stretch Do twice hold for 10 seconds Front shoulder stretch Do once hold for 15 seconds Back shoulder stretch Do once hold for 15 seconds Bridge stretch Do once hold for 15 seconds Upper back extension stretch Do once hold for 15 seconds TAKE 5 lower back extension stretch Do twice hold for 10 seconds Trunk side stretch Do twice hold for 10 seconds Front thigh stretch Do once hold for 15 seconds 47 Back thigh stretch Do once hold for 15 seconds Side thigh stretch Do once hold for 15 seconds Calf stretch Do once hold for 15 seconds pioneering surgery in ADRENAlECTOmY Urologist Dr Chin Chong Min from Mount Elizabeth Hospital shares his experience on performing Singapore s first case of robot-assisted adrenal tumour removal. NEW SCIENCE 48 With the help of the da Vinci robot the operation was successfully completed in an hour at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital (MNH) on 27 August 2013. The patient Dr Rima Semiarty a 50-year old female Indonesian hospital doctor had a large 4cm adrenal tumour removed without any complications. She was discharged on the second day after surgery and flew back to Indonesia the day after. Dr Chin Chong Min recalls Much less time was needed compared to the standard laparoscopic surgery as the robot made dissection easier thanks to the articulate instruments and superior view. I was able to complete the surgery in an hour with a blood loss of less than 100 ml. I would have normally taken 2 to 3 hours had I done it with standard laparoscopic method. The robot gives surgeons a 10 times magnified view with threedimensional vision of the operative field during adrenal gland surgery. With greater precision and lower complication rate compared to conventional laparoscopic surgery robotic surgery is safer with a shorter recovery period. In trusted hands Located above the kidneys adrenal glands are part of the body s hormonal system. Tumors of the adrenal glands have been reported to affect 1 to 5% of the adult population. They can be benign or malignant. While small adrenal tumours can be removed using laparoscopic surgery larger tumours would require an open surgery which could lengthen the hospital stay by about three days. With the laparoscopic technique patients experience less pain and scarring and recovery is faster. However there is still a 5 per cent risk of excess bleeding and conversion to open surgery. This risk is reduced with robotic-assisted laparoscopic adrenalectomy especially for larger tumours. This explains the increasing popularity of the procedure.