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Pool water that s the perfect balance for your health wellbeing and for the environment. 01 The MagnaPool Story The story of MagnaPool begins with the simple idea of creating a swimming pool more in harmony with nature. A pool that would be rejuvenating refreshing gentle on the skin as well as a pool that would be better for the environment. Developed here in Australia after years of research trials and testing by some of the best minds in swimming pool water care technology MagnaPool has embraced the science of minerals and adapted it to enhance the swimming pool experience. Today MagnaPool is the only trusted and authentic mineral water swimming pool that s beautiful to swim in environmentally friendly and beneficial to your health and wellbeing. MagnaPool s revolutionary blend of minerals provides pool water that is a healthier and more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional pools. 02 Healing Through Water Not only is every swim in a MagnaPool rejuvenating and refreshing it s also a gentle and healing experience. Everyone can enjoy the MagnaPool experience even people with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis can swim and bathe in comfort and enjoy the mineral rich therapeutic experience. Read how MagnaPool has improved the swimming experience for one little girl here. 03 Ruby s Story Two year old Ruby has a skin condition called ichthyosis which means her skin struggles to create its own oil. She also suffers from eczema which makes her skin very sensitive and itchy. Dust mites are one of the main triggers and although Ruby s skin is oiled a number of times a day if she comes into contact with something such as carpet her skin becomes inflamed and itchy. Since she was hospitalised with her condition when she was one her family have worked hard to minimise dust mites in their home no carpet leather and vinyl lounges only plastic toys dust mite covers on bedding and a washing machine that boils water. Ruby cannot play on grass carpet or sand and she can t visit the beach near her house. Even swimming lessons were out of the question as despite her sensitive skin being covered in Vaseline within minutes of being in a pool her skin was red raw and she was taken out in tears. Then her family heard about the MagnaPool system and decided to finish their in-ground pool. And this is what her father has to say today I am very happy to report we ve had our new MagnaPool for over five months and Ruby is in the water three times a day for up to two hours at a time and absolutely loves it. No creams and no rinsing of the minerals is needed just a towel dry and off to play. Zero side effects or irritations in fact it seems to be helping her condition and reducing the amount of oil we have to use. This would be impossible in a saltwater pool or a pool with excessive levels of chlorine disinfection by-products. This has brought an enormous amount of joy to the whole family. We rave about the pool to everyone as it has actually changed our lives not only making it possible for Ruby to play like a normal kid but also a relief to know our little girl can now learn to swim. Thanks MagnaPool. You have a fantastic product. 04 Health Giving Minerals MagnaPool s unique blend of minerals replicates the therapeutic and healing properties of the Dead Sea and well-known mineral springs and spas around the world. For centuries people have understood the health benefits of the transdermal through the skin absorption of minerals to soothe skin conditions and relax and rejuvenate the body. 05 One of the key elements in MagnaPool is magnesium which is an essential mineral required by every organ in the human body. Often referred to as the miracle or beautiful mineral magnesium is a valuable detoxifying agent a muscle relaxant and can help reduce the effects of stress and anxiety. It also plays a role in managing conditions such as asthma migraines diabetes and high blood pressure. Although magnesium is found naturally in nuts wholegrains green leafy vegetables fish and meat many of us do not get enough in our daily diets. The good news is that while swimming in a MagnaPool your body can absorb the magnesium it needs for optimal health energy and wellbeing. In addition the well-documented healing effects of magnesium will help to detoxify your skin leaving it soft and smooth alleviate aches and pains and wash away life s daily stresses restoring a sense of balance of wellbeing. 06 Environmentally Friendly The MagnaPool mineral water pool system is easier on the environment and will help to reduce your carbon footprint. A MagnaPool saves water requires less chemicals and when used with a variable speed pump option. The filtration system uses less energy which reduces carbon emissions released into the environment. Unlike regular pool water MagnaPool water can be diluted 5 to 1 and backwashed onto your garden instead of being poured down the drain. Traditional sand bed filters trap much of the organic debris until the media is changed. This places excessive strain on the santizer demand in the pool. The MagnaPool filtration system ensures that when backwashing is performed that most of the organic debris is released and discharged from the pool system. This means less backwashing than traditional filters saving around 50% of water and much less strain on the sanitation system. Plus the active ingredients in MagnaPool water can help promote healthy green foliage and better root growth in your plants. 01 The premium clear glass media has an ionic charge that ensures that debris is captured within the filter. Crystal Clear Water MagnaPool water is crystal clear. This is due in part to the MagnaPool mineral water system and in part to the naturally occurring flocculent effect of magnesium which helps to clump debris particles together allowing the filtration system to work more efficiently. MagnaPool glass media has two main advantages over sand media firstly the ionic charge means that debris is actually attracted to the media and secondly the surface of glass is much greater allowing for a much greater capture area. 08 The MagnaPool System Blended Ocean Minerals MagnaPool is a patented blend of two natural ocean minerals magnesium and potassium. This unique composition has been fine tuned over many years of laboratory and infield testing to deliver the best possible swimming experience health benefits and sanitation properties. The patented MagnaPool blend does not include any sodium chloride (regular salt) or other cheap fillers that do not provide any real benefits to you. Yes we may cost a little more but you can be confident you re paying for active ingredients harvested from nature that provide the perfect balance of health and wellbeing. Integrated Equipment MagnaPool works as efficiently and effectively as it does for one simple reason it s an integrated system of products that work synergistically within the pool environment. The components work together to bring you the very best in swimming pool and water science technology. The system comprises of Zodiac Hydroxinator Zodiac Filter Zodiac Pump (either variable or single speed) Zodiac Crystal Clear Glass Media Potassium Magnesium Mineral Blend 1 2 3 4 5 01 An integrated system of products that work synergistically within the pool environment. 1 The heart of the system is the HydroxinatorTM which converts the mineral blend into a combination of a strong sanitizer and magnesium hydroxide (milk of magnesia) providing you and your pool with great health and wellbeing properties. 2 4 3 5 01 Your Pool s Health The Zodiac hydroxinator works in tandem with the MagnaPool system to give you peace of mind knowing that your pool water is sanitised and healthy to swim in. The Zodiac Hydroxinator naturally produces two key properties hypochlorus acid and magnesium hydroxide that together ensure your pool is pure crystal clear and natural. Hypochlorus acid is an effective sanitiser that works to keep your pool healthy all year round. Magnesium hydroxide also known as milk of magnesia is extremely nourishing gentle and soothing and is particularly beneficial for sensitive and problem skin. 01 MagnaPool is extremely nourishing gentle and soothing and is particularly beneficial for sensitive and problem skin. Healthier water for your skin and your body Pool water that is soothing and therapeutic for sensitive and problem skins A MagnaPool is environmentally friendly saves water and reduces your carbon footprint No more dry itchy and irritated skin 12 Facts about a MagnaPool Health & Wellbeing Swimming in a MagnaPool is a therapeutic treatment for your skin hair and body Absorbing magnesium through your skin while swimming in a MagnaPool is the most effective way for your body to receive this essential mineral. The magnesium naturally detoxes and balances your body and can help to relieve stress and anxiety and aches and pains No more residue or chlorine smell on your skin No more discoloured blonde hair MagnaPool water is gentle and healing for skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis 13 Science The natural blend of magnesium and potassium is a healthier alternative to traditional pools The science behind MagnaPool gives you crystal clear and safe water Environment Eliminates harsh chemicals MagnaPool diluted backwash water can be used to water your garden Reduces your carbon footprint Delivers energy savings Reduces water consumption to learn more go to Part of the Zodiac group. Zodiac is committed to creating the perfect pool experience by designing innovative solutions that increase pool owners enjoyment and peace of mind. Zodiac is proud to bring you MagnaPool. For more information on the full range of Zodiac products go to