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OCTOBER - DECEMBER 2013 OCTOBER - DECEMBER 2013 Behind the scene with our Nurses Merit Award 2013 recipients Don t stop the party at Parkway Pantai s Dinner & Dance 2013 Dr Lee Shu Jin shares her passion for work and life OCTOBER - DECEMBER 2013 EDITOR S NOTE Medical talent is one of the most important resources for any healthcare organisation. At Parkway Pantai we recognise that every staff plays a role in delivering the best medical care to the patient and in ensuring the organisation s continued success. We value our staff and show our appreciation in many ways as evident in this issue of Mosaic. The Ministry of Health Nurses Merit Award (pg 12) Parkway Pantai Awards (pg 18) Nurses Day Awards (pg 10) and Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital Pioneer Award (pg 19) were opportunities to acknowledge and thank staff who have contributed beyond the call of duty. In August Parkway Pantai held numerous Nurses Day celebrations and a movie outing to pay tribute to our nurses for their hard work and dedication (pg 8). We also celebrated the tireless efforts and achievements of our staff with a Dinner & Dance (pg 16). Parkway Pantai team Editor-at-large Lim Bee Ling Editorial Advisors Ahmad Shahizam Janet Low Copy Editor Angeline Ang As part of staff engagement and communications the third series of employee town halls for the year was held to update about key corporate developments and gather feedback from the ground (pg 22). What is not featured is the company s ongoing efforts to groom its staff through training and career development planning. A rigorous talent management acquisition and retention programme is in place to develop our top tier healthcare professionals to become the next generation of healthcare leaders in their respective areas. With the right people Parkway Pantai is set for its next phase of growth. Cheers Achates360 Creative Director Winnie Lee Art Director Jin Xiang Yang Contributors Writers Thava Rani Chan Li Jin Photographers Terence Tan Lim Yaohui Stock Images Shutterstock iStockphoto We want your feedback Do you have an interesting story idea news or happening you would like to share with us Let us know and we will give you a special token of our appreciation. Write to grpcorpcomms or Group Corporate Communications Parkway Pantai Limited 15-01 TripleOne Somerset 111 Somerset Road Singapore 238164. Parkway Pantai Limited TripleOne Somerset 111 Somerset Road 15-01 Singapore 238164. Tel ( 65) 6307 7880 Fax ( 65) 6738 7341. Parkway Pantai Limited 2013. This publication and information contained herein is strictly for internal use only and contains Parkway Pantai proprietary information which is restricted to Parkway Pantai employees and within the Parkway Pantai Group. Access to use or copying by non-Parkway Pantai employees in any form or other is strictly prohibited. For information about Parkway Pantai go to All information correct as of date of print. Parkway Pantai Limited Company Registration No. 201106772W MCI (P) 118 03 2013 Mosaic is published quarterly for Parkway Pantai Limited by Achates360 Pte Ltd and printed by Ee Tai Press Pte Ltd. All rights reserved. No portion of this publication may be reproduced without the written permission of the publisher. We take every care and precaution to ensure that information published in Mosaic is accurate at the time of publication but Parkway Pantai cannot guarantee its accuracy and we may change the information at any time without prior notice. The information contained in Mosaic magazine is not an invitation to invest in the shares or any other products or services or otherwise deal in these or enter into a contract with Parkway Pantai or any other Parkway Pantai Company. 01 CONTENTS 04 NEWS BITES Bite-sized health news and tips 08 SPECIAL FEATURE Nurses Day celebrations Four nursing awards conferred to 13 outstanding nurses Nurses Merit Award 2013 recipients from Parkway Pantai 16 SNAPSHOTS Through the lens Events and happenings around Parkway Pantai 02 24 PROFILES Dr Lee Shu Jin shares her accidental success Dr Chew Nee Kong on creating a better tomorrow for Parkinson s disease sufferers 32 EN ROUTE Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur s water birth facility blood donation drive and Quality & Patient Safety Week Pantai Hospital Ipoh and Astro Vaanavil s wellness camps in Perak Cycling finale to Pantai Hospital Ayer Keroh s month-long safety campaign Gleneagles Penang and Pantai Hospital Cheras s new technology for better service Pantai Hospital Ipoh holds breaking-of-fast and Majlis Berbuka Puasa events 40 YOUR HEALTH New clinical laboratory and innovative genetic services Multi-disciplinary approach in breast conservation treatment 03 Faster bone repair In the near future doctors may be able to use glass implants help our injured bones heal faster and better. Researchers at Missouri University of Science and Technology have succeeded in creating such implants which are made from bioactive glass and strong enough to bear weight stresses. In their studies Mohamed N. Rahaman a professor of materials science and engineering and his colleagues implanted porous scaffolds made with the bioactive glass into the skulls of rats and found that new bones quickly grew into the scaffolds. New bone growth was seen six weeks after the implant. The first of its kind bioactive glass allows implants to integrate precisely with injured bones and hasten the recovery process. Rahaman said that currently there is no synthetic material that is practical for structural bone repair . Source ScienceDaily Chase away the blues Feeling down Have a dose of sad music and you may just perk up. That was what Dr Ai Kawakami from Tokyo University of the Arts and the RIKEN Brain Science Institute and his team members found out in their recent study. The researchers ran experiments by getting 44 participants which comprised musicians and nonmusicians to listen to a piece of happy music and two pieces of sad music. After that they asked the participants to describe how they felt about the music and their feelings using a set of predetermined keywords. The researchers said that the music that was described as sad triggered sadness as well as romantic feelings in the participants. However this sadness was different from the one that people would experience in daily life. The sorrow triggered was surprisingly a good feeling probably because such kind of unhappiness did not present any real danger and we could actually enjoy it explained the researchers. Source ScienceDaily 04 News Bites Fried food If you have a craving for fried food you may want to reconsider your options. In a recent study a team of researchers from the University of Porto in Portugal and the University of Extremadura in Spain discovered that fish fingers that were fried contained a significantly higher level of furans than oven-baked ones. Although furans enhance the flavours of cooked food they are now classified by the World Health Organisation as possible carcinogens for humans. Results from the experiment showed that while every gram of oven-baked fish fingers contained 30 micrograms of furans fish fingers fried in sunflower oil and olive oil had double and triple the amount respectively. Fried fish fingers that were reheated in the microwave contained the lowest amount (8.15 micrograms) of the toxic compounds. The good news is we can lower the furan level in our food by frying them at a lower temperature and shorter amount of time four minutes at 160 degrees Celsius is enough. We should also let the cooked food sit for 10 minutes before eating it. Source News-Medical.Net Full moon less sleep A recent study reveals that the full moon can affect your biological cycle and thus your sleep. Researchers from the University of Basel conducted an experiment with 33 participants sleeping in a controlled environment during which the participants did not know the time of the day. Data on their hormonal changes and brain activity was collected for comparison. The results showed that the participants sleep quality fell in the four days before and after a full moon. On average they slept 20 minutes less and spent about one third less time in deep sleep. Their body also produced a lower level of melatonin a hormone that helps regulate the body s circadian rhythm that corresponds to sunrise and sunset. Source Baby-making app Now there s a new iPhone app that helps couples who want to have babies. Created by Max Levchin a co-founder of PayPal Glow would offer you suggestions like putting on sexy underwear and buying flowers as well as advice on planning ahead for it. A woman trying to conceive can enter her data such as menstrual cycle details and body temperature and Glow would generate a colour-coded chart that tells couples the best time for procreation. When the woman is most fertile it informs the couple through their mobile phones saving them the trouble of remembering to get intimate. Source News Bites 05 Creative mess Researchers at the University of Minnesota recently found that a messy work desk or room promotes creative thinking while a neat and clean one encourages people to eat healthily be generous and be conventional. In one of a series of experiments the participants were asked to perform a task one group in a clean and neat room the other in a messy one. After the completing the task the participants were given a choice to donate to a charity and collect some chocolate or an apple as they leave the room. The results showed that the participants from the tidy room made more donation and picked an apple over chocolate. In another experiment the researchers asked the participants to think of new uses for table tennis balls. This time the messy-room participants came with ideas that were deemed more interesting and creative . This group also preferred a novel product to a conventional one when asked to pick one. Research lead Kathleen Vohs said Disorderly environments seem to inspire breaking free of tradition which can produce fresh insights. Orderly environments in contrast encourage convention and playing it safe. Source Power your brain Now you have a good reason for some video game indulgence. Scientists have discovered that we could improve our flexible thinking skills by playing real-time strategy video games. In a study involving 72 participants a third of them was asked to play The Sims which needed no memory or tactical skills while the others played StarCraft a fastpaced real-time strategy game that required the players to make battle plans in order to win. After six weeks and 40 hours of gaming the participants were tested for cognitive flexibility which encompasses one s adaptability task-switching ability and the capability to come up with numerous problem-solving ideas within a specific period. The StarCraft players showed a higher level of cognitive flexibility than The Sims players. Our paper shows that cognitive flexibility is not a static trait but can be trained and improved using fun learning tools like gaming explained lead researcher Brian Glass from the Queen Mary University of London. However he said they need to find out how the video game triggered the improved thinking ability and whether the effect would be permanent before using the findings to develop new brain injury treatment. Source WebMD 06 News Bites Secret to longevity Researchers at the University of Exeter Medical School found that people with parents who live to a ripe old age were less likely to suffer from cancer diabetes and stroke. In addition with every 10 years a parent lived after 65 years old the possibility of their child dying before 80 years old dropped by 20 per cent. The overall death rates of people with mothers surviving up to 85 years old fell by as much as 40 per cent. However similar benefits were not found in people with long-lived parents-in-law suggesting that the contributing factor was more likely to be genetic than lifestyle-related or environmental. Source Caffeine for healthier liver Ready for your daily caffeine fix Your liver will thank you for that. A group of scientists found that consuming more caffeine is likely to help improve the condition of fatty liver in people suffering from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). The international research team led by Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School and the Duke University School of Medicine fed the mice a high fat diet and later caffeine. They discovered that the mice could metabolise the lipids stored in liver cells better and fatty liver was reduced. Translating that into guidelines for our caffeine consumption the findings suggested that drinking four cups of coffee or tea a day could help us prevent against NAFLD. The researchers hope to develop caffeine-like drugs that are free of the adverse effects associated with caffeine in the near future. Source Why volunteer A recent review by researchers from the University of Exeter Medical School have some interesting revelations people who engage in volunteering tend to live longer experience less depression and feel more satisfied with life. After analysing the information garnered from 40 published papers the researchers realised that the volunteers risk of death was 20 per cent lower than that of people who were not involved in any volunteering. Source News Bites 07 angels brightening lives As Singapore celebrated Nurses Day on 1 August 2013 Parkway Pantai said a big Thank you to all its nurses for the incredible work they have done with multiple celebrations and a special movie treat. 08 Special Feature At the Central Celebration held in Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital Dr Tan See Leng Group Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Parkway Pantai serenaded the nurses whom he hailed his unsung heroes with his rendition of medley Close to You Yesterday Once More Thank You for the Music and The Moon Represents My Heart. The nurses were also treated to entertaining dance and singing performances and a hilarious skit by their peers. The theme for this year s Nurses Day is Nurses Brighten Lives . As Group Director of Nursing Elaine Ng explains a nurse s passion for work manifests itself in many ways and the positive energy can impact and brighten the lives of everyone they come into contact with. She adds Nursing is an exciting and fulfilling career which appeals to those who have a heart for people a head to make critical judgements and decisions and the strength and foresight to make a difference. Nursing has come a very long way from certificate training to even doctorate. The challenges we face today are very different from the ones we faced ten years ago. Nursing has gone beyond just the element of care. We need to be confident and be responsive to patients needs integrating theory with practice to derive excellent clinical outcomes. 1 August 2013 also marked the day that all Parkway Pantai nurses across the Singapore operations would don the same nursing uniforms henceforth to strengthen the sense of belonging and camaraderie. Special Feature 09 our nursing role models To recognise the wonderful work of our nurses in Singapore Parkway Pantai gave out four awards to outstanding nurses during the Nurses Day Central Celebration. Inspiring Nurse Leader Award (highest nursing award in Parkway) 2012 Winner Chan Mui Hoon Assistant Director of Nursing MEH An advocate of patients and staff Mui Hoon believes strongly that if these two groups of people are well looked after Parkway Pantai will achieve its goal of having the best hospitals in the region. Mui Hoon is an absolute star at MEH. She connects with people instantly and is a passionate advocate of nursing as a challenging but rewarding career says Mona Soh Director of Nursing MEH. skills she is able to solve problems and handle difficult situations at the High Dependency Unit. Mui Teang ensures that those in need hear and feel her and she treats every job challenge as a kind of happiness that you can t get anywhere else. She s an angel with that special calling says Mona Soh Director of Nursing MEH. Inspiring Nurse Leader Award From left 1. Kuu Meei Ting GEH 2. Chan Mui Hoon MEH 3. Chiang Mui Teang MEH 2013 Winners Kuu Meei Ting Nurse Manager GEH One who always puts patients as her top priority Meei Ting led a project on reducing medication errors which has resulted in favourable outcomes. She also ensured the smooth running of the Liver Unit during the renovation period. Meei Ting demonstrates enthusiasm and positivity in her work with patient safety as her vision. She led her staff with both heart and mind balancing compassion and discipline says Sally Lim Assistant Director of Nursing GEH. Chiang Mui Teang Nurse Manager MEH Mui Teang has the ability to inspire her staff to work towards the shared goal of enhancing patient care. Equipped with knowledge and good communication GEH Gleneagles Hospital MEH Mount Elizabeth Hospital MNH Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital PEH Parkway East Hospital 10 Special Feature To all award recipients these awards are a testament of your excellent work. Your commitment to care teach mentor and precept make you exemplars and role models to many who will learn from you. I hope you will continue to lead the way and set the pace in achieving continuing excellence in all that you do. Elaine Ng Group Director of Nursing Promising Young Nurse Award From left Nurse I Admire Most Award From left 1. Ng Zhe Zheng MEH 2. Ng Ming Ying GEH Fernandez Theodore II Dasmarinas PEH (not in photo) 1. Suzette Paguntalan Porto PEH 2. Ruth Tiong Kai Kee MEH 3. Delos Reyes Milrose Alisbo GEH Outstanding Nurse Preceptor Award From left 1. See Mei Teng GEH 2. Sanes Charity Yosores MNH 3. Maggie Chia Sian Choo PEH 4. He Ling MEH Special Feature 11 nurturing nurses passionate people Tsang Shuk Yin Rita Anayan Catalan Jennifer Ong Lay Ke ow Three of Parkway Pantai s nurses have been conferred the Ministry of Health Nurses Merit Award 2013. For many years these dedicated individuals have been making significant contributions to improving the lives of our patients as well as raising the service standards of Parkway Pantai. The award winners share their thoughts on how they have excelled in the nursing profession and what drives their passion. 12 Special Feature What does nursing mean to you Shuk Yin Nursing can really make a difference in people s lives. A word of assurance a warm hug or even a sincere smile can go a long way to help patients feel better. Knowledge and commitment are two hallmarks of being an outstanding nurse. Knowledge is critical because we directly care for the patient and with knowledge we can detect any challenges and address them early. So is commitment to follow through and take responsibility of the well-being of the patients. I am always mindful of my important role in relieving patient s discomfort and promoting their recovery. Knowledge is important but it is the heart that makes the difference to our patients. Jennifer A nurse is more than a caregiver a nurse is an educator and a bridge between the doctor patient and family members. Often when a patient arrives they are scared uncertain of their health and situation. A nurse s assurance or explanation can ease the patient s fear and their family s uncertainty. Nurses give care as well as give assurance to both patients and their families. My passion for nursing is an extension of my desire to help those in need a value that I uphold firmly. Tsang Shuk Yin Nurse Manager Accident and Emergency Department Mount Elizabeth Hospital (MEH) Shuk Yin is an outstanding and highly competent nurse manager consistently striving for excellent outcomes and adopting the best practices for her unit. She always encourages and inspires her nurses to be committed and responsible in upholding the nursing profession. Jessy Woo former Director of Nursing MEH In her fifties Has been with MEH for 20 years Graduated from The Nethersole School of Nursing Hong Kong where she spent three years as a student and a year training as a midwife Had experience as a staff nurse in a very active Accident and Emergency (A&E) Department in Hong Kong for over 10 years Selected for her years of experience and expertise to launch the A&E Department at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital which she helped set up successfully within a month with her team s support before returning to MEH Winner of the Outstanding Nurse Manager Award (2008) from MEH Feels that her nurse manager position empowers her to serve by improving the staffing and service standard from a macro level giving her a great sense of achievement Believes that experience is a nurse s most valuable asset Special Feature 13 Rita Being a nurse is to have compassion care and kindness for people. A nurse must be able to put herself in the patient s shoes. Medical treatments are standard but how we treat the patients as people makes all the difference. What inspires you and keep you going beyond the call of duty Shuk Yin My passion for people and procedures keeps me anchored and focused on helping my patients recover. It has been over 36 years and I am more passionate today than when I first started. Jennifer When a patient gets well enough to leave Critical Care it is like watching someone get a new lease of life. When we nurse a patient back to health we return them to their loved ones it is this that keeps me going. Rita When I see my patients slowly but surely recovering from being bedridden to taking their first shaky steps I get motivated immensely. It might be a long road to recovery but the journey has started. Knowing that I have given my best in taking care of my patient fills me with a sense of pride and fulfilment. A simple thank you or a smile from a patient gives me the strength and energy to continue doing what I love most. Jennifer Ong Lay Keow Nurse Clinician Intensive Care Unit Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital (MNH) Aged 45 with a 26-year nursing career Was with MEH for 16 years and is now with MNH Has won numerous awards including Gold Award from the Red Cross Society (2005) Team-Worker of the Month for Critical Care Unit (2009) Employee of Quarter by Parkway Pantai (2013) Believes that the most effective way to learn is to teach Has contributed greatly to her ICU through caring and sharing creating a family-like culture where everyone feels a sense of belonging How has Parkway Pantai contributed to your growth as an outstanding nurse Shuk Yin I am grateful for the opportunities given to me by Parkway Pantai and my superiors including Medical Director Dr Tan Seow Hwee and ADON Hai Yan to start up the MNH A&E Department. Given the tight timeline and resources I was very proud of my team for completing the project on time. Jennifer The management of Parkway Pantai encourages learning and personal development. I had family 14 Special Feature In setting up a new hospital there are many challenges and despite that Jennifer is always so resilient. Her hard work efficiency and ready-to-help nature never go unnoticed. Elaine Ng Group Director of Nursing commitments which limited my time for full-time studies. But when my mother got better and I had some time freed up Parkway Pantai sent me for a full-time advanced diploma course immediately. The management was waiting for me to be ready for them I would also like to thank ADON Catherine who has empowered me exposed me to management duties and given me her fullest support to help me become the nurse I am today. Rita What I really appreciate about Parkway Pantai is the career planning it has for every nurse. The management works closely with the nurses to provide the opportunities for them to acquire the skills and experience to advance in their careers. The goal is predictable and is something every good nurse can look at so as to achieve their best and be recognised for their commitment. Rita Anayan Catalan Nurse Clinician Medical Surgical Ward Parkway East Hospital (PEH) What does winning the Ministry of Health Nurses Merit Award 2013 mean to you Shuk Yin My team was more excited about me winning the award than I was because I felt that it has always been my duty. This award has helped my team bond better. I feel that this award gives me a way to inspire more nurses to aim for excellence and make a difference in the lives of their patients. Jennifer The greatest personal satisfaction I get as a nurse is to see my patients reclaim their lives and winning the Ministry of Health Nurses Merit Award 2013 is a strong recognition of the work I have done in the past 16 years as a critical care nurse. Rita I am deeply honoured to receive the Ministry of Health Nurses Merit Award 2013. It is every nurse s dream to receive such recognition. No nurse works alone in Parkway Pantai and winning this award would not be possible without the strong support of the management my supervisors and my team. Aged 57 with 32 years of nursing experience Has been with PEH since 1981 and worked the ground to rise through the rank Spent three years a nurse manager keeping her ward in perfect order from balancing the staff mix to ward-wide budgeting Has won the Preceptor of the Year (2005) and the Nurse Manager of the Year (2008) awards from PEH Manages cases across a broad spectrum of disciplines and relishes the opportunities to learn different types of nursing care and skills for professional and personal growth Rita is recognised for her knowledge dedication and excellent clinical care. In addition to being a compassionate caregiver Rita is a role model and leader in the education of students and nurses. Saudamany Hong Director of Nursing PEH Special Feature 15 A CELEBRATION OF SUCCESS Over 3 000 people comprising Parkway Pantai staff its Board of Directors doctors and corporate partners attended its Dinner & Dance 2013 held at Marina Bay Sands Grand Ballroom on 23 August 2013. With Don t Stop The Party as the event theme the entire ballroom was transformed into a shimmering dance floor complete with live music and disco lights. The senior management led by Group Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director Dr Tan See Leng brought the house down with their surprise dance item. Teams from the four hospitals also put up rousing performances. It was a memorable night with good food good entertainment and excellent company. Guest-of-Honour Dato Mohammed Azlan Bin Hashim who is also Chairman of the Board said in his opening speech We are here tonight to celebrate the people who are fundamental to Parkway Pantai s success. Parkway Pantai staff this Dinner and Dance celebration is for you He added that he was very happy to personally acknowledge everyone present for their consistently good work contribution and dedication. 16 Snapshots Snapshots 17 A SALUTE TO STAR EMPLOYEES At the staff Dinner and Dance the inangural Parkway Pantai Awards was held to honour employees who have gone the extra mile to enhance the patient experience at our hospitals. The highest service accolade the GCEO Service Excellence Award went to Ward 8 West of Gleneagles Hospital (Team category) and Mary Chiraporn Ruangphukaew from Mount Elizabeth Hospital s Rehabilitation & Home Care Services (Individual category) for their outstanding service delivery and contributions to service improvement initiatives. Dr Tan See Leng Group Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Parkway Pantai Limited also presented the newly established Quality Award to three hospital teams who raised the quality of service and standards of patient care through their respective projects. Congratulations to all the award winners. GCEO Service Excellence Award (Individual) Mary Chiraporn Ruangphukaew Quality Award Gleneagles Hospital Improving Telemetry Monitoring GCEO Service Excellence Award (Team) Ward 8 West Gleneagles Hospital Quality Award Mount Elizabeth Hospital Reducing Patient Falls 18 Snapshots Quality Award Parkway East Hospital Speedier Medication Supply by Fax MNH PIONEER AWARDS On 23 July 2013 the pioneers of Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital (MNH) received a special tribute for their contributions to the opening phase of the hospital. Group Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director Dr Tan See Leng personally presented certificates and personalised FlashPay cards to some 500 MNH Pioneer Award recipients in deep appreciation of their hard work in operationalising the brand new hospital which opened on 1 July 2012. In his thank-you speech Dr Tan said that patient volume at MNH is growing steadily and on the cards will be its official opening slated for 2014. Snapshots 19 IT IS POSSIBLE Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital (MNH) organised its first Experience Day for the public on 24 July 2013. In line with its event theme Quality Healthcare Made Accessible various activities were planned to give realistic insights into private healthcare to debunk misperceptions and stereotypes. Visitors enjoyed a free sensory tour of the hospital that showed what went on behind the scenes in a modern new hospital like MNH including the latest medical technologies and procedures. In addition a series of health seminars was held at 10 per seminar and all proceeds went to providing free health screening for the needy. Visitors also got to do some 20 Snapshots A DOSE OF LAUGHTER Staff visitors and patients of the four Parkway Pantai hospitals in Singapore were in for a treat when stand-up comedian Papa CJ popped into the hospitals for a series of shows in September 2013. The 36-year-old who is hailed as India s numberone stand-up comedian proved that laughter is still the best medicine. shopping at a social enterprise marketplace which provided help for the underprivileged at the same time. The highlight of the event was the well-received Doctor for a Day meant for children 5 to 12 years old to role-play in an operating theatre and Accident & Emergency setting. Snapshots 21 AUGUST CATCH-UPS Dr Lim Suet Wun Executive Vice President of Singapore Operations Division held a series of staff town halls in August 2013. Apart from an overview of key developments within the Singapore facilities he also updated participants on the various initiatives and activities that four work groups of Welfare Communications Pay and Benchmarks as well as Training and Development had implemented to ensure a quality work life for staff. Staff also seized the opportunity to raise concerns during the question and answer segment. 22 Snapshots DOCTORS GO PLACES On 27 July 2013 about 700 Parkway-accredited doctors and their families were treated to The Wolverine movie screening as part of the Doctor Partner Programme (DPP) to engage our physicians. Before the movie started Dr. Lim Suet Wun Executive Vice President of Singapore Operations shared about Parkway Pantai s performance and overseas projects as well as recent developments in the medical tourism industry thanking the doctors for their support and contributions. Another DPP initiative on 3 August 2013 saw some 100 doctors and their partners treated to Hossan Leong s musical-cum-stand-up comedy Hossan-ah Celebrating 20 Leong Years After the side-splitting act a cocktail reception was held where the participants had a chance to get up close to the Singapore Boy. Snapshots 23 24 Profiles lady luck A self-proclaimed accidental success story Dr Lee Shu Jin shares her thoughts on work motherhood and life in general. With three generations of doctors before her becoming a doctor was practically a given for Dr Lee Shu Jin. Not that there were any expectations or pressure. It s something I wanted to do. Mount Elizabeth was like our weekend playground. Sometimes we had to leave our home midway through dinner because they had an emergency surgery. We would wait in the hospital tea room until they finished said the daughter of general surgeon Dr Lee Boon Teck and anaesthetist Dr Yeoh Saw Cheng. Having a general surgeon grandfather who officially opened the hospital his name is on a plaque on level two may have given anyone else the excuse to expect special treatment in the medical fraternity. But Dr Lee didn t stand for any of that and earned herself a name as a respected plastic surgeon through her own merit. Nevertheless she is also quick to give credit to lots of luck . Dad has always been my biggest inspiration. Coming out and joining my parents felt more like a family tradition than anything else she explained. After a quick overhaul of the clinic to make it trendier and to ease work flow she now sits in what used to be her mother s room. My mom now comes in whenever we need an anaesthetist. She also helps with the accounts. It s actually quite fun to see them every day. Not sure if it s fun for them to see me every day though mending broken faces As a young doctor Dr Lee got to witness facial deformities in children. That together with a knack for solving 3D jigsaw puzzles drew her to plastic surgery. In most people with facial deformity the brain is normal. And if you give them a normal face they can actually have a normal life. The greatest reward is seeing a patient walk in after all the surgery their shoulders back their heads held high and there s great self-esteem shared Dr Lee. working with dad Coming into the private sector only in January this year Dr Lee now runs a joint practice with her father at Mount Elizabeth Hospital. As one of the rare few female plastic surgeons she had her fair share of job offers from other medical organisations but working with family won hands down. Profiles 25 Women have to multitask but they don t have to be so harsh on themselves. We re like the Beijing acrobats spinning plates around on sticks. Last time I used to get really upset if a plate drops. Now I know I just have to pick it up and continue spinning. Although she started with cleft lips and deformed facial skeletons she realised that there was more to it. The adult patients who came in after some trauma wanted more than just to fix their nose they hoped to get a nose they had always wanted. So now Dr Lee not only sees little kids and mangled limbs she also works with her dad to perform breast reconstructions following mastectomies. The mature clientele who look to maintain their looks but do not want to completely transform themselves also seek her out. I feel very comfortable with these patients like we re on the same page. Some days I m like a petrol kiosk attendant who does refilling. Other times I operate a laundromat where I focus on ironing out wrinkles. I m also like a contractor who does maintenance work such as brightening firming and lightening let on Dr Lee with a laugh. She does not think being a woman in a male-dominated field puts her at a disadvantage. In fact she believes that because she comes with the female aesthetic eye she is more likely to understand what other women actually want. Most of her patients find her through word-ofmouth referrals whether they are locals or foreigners. I think I have a low-profile but happy practice. My overseas clients tend to be from Cambodia Vietnam China Indonesia and increasingly Myanmar. But I think this is a result of Singapore s position as a medical hub rather than anything I m doing perse. the science behind beauty Dr Lee is equally modest about the Young Investigator Award she won in 2007 for her work on facial nerves which she again credits serendipity. Using a technique that had never been used on the face before her research now allows doctors to see all the fine nerves of the face without dissecting or distorting them. With this new understanding surgical techniques can be modified to provide the best result for the patient. The prize money that she won from the award spurred on another project the quest to find the science behind beauty. To start Dr Lee convinced people whom she considers beautiful to allow her to create facial moulds of them. She now has a collection of 80 such moulds. With the help of the School of Engineering and the School of Computing in National University of Singapore she scans measures and analyses these moulds in the hope of finding some way to systematise beauty. She even studied sculpturing and drawing to help with the project. 26 Profiles the chance meeting Luck also played a part in her personal life she believes. She met her husband Dr David Ong now a gastroenterologist when he was a houseman. I was a medical officer then and I saw this cute guy in the hospital food court and was wondering how to get introduced. Believe it or not a few months later we were introduced by a mutual friend They now have an 11-year-old girl and a nine-year-old boy and spend weekends shuttling between activities just like typical Singaporean families . A hands-on mom Dr Lee coaches the kids herself and makes sure she is home for dinner so that she can spend time with them. Despite having to juggle her busy practice her innovative research and family in her mind work-life balance is a conscious decision. Women have to multi-task but they don t have to be so harsh on themselves. We re like the Beijing acrobats spinning plates around on sticks. Last time I used to get really upset if a plate drops. Now I know I just have to pick it up and continue spinning. Dr Lee is also grateful to have a very indulgent husband who is her cheerleader and psychiatrist . He supports all my crazy ideas. There was once I wanted to find out if there was a better way to fix a broken nose. It struck me that the structure of the nose is like a gothic cathedral. He actually brought me on a gothic cathedral hunting holiday to France and Portugal she revealed. Her husband also shared with her the lyrics from a John Lennon song Life is what happens to you when you re busy making other plans. So to her life is about making the best of every day and treasuring every moment. I used to be the kind who needs to have a plan but my life so far career or otherwise has been accidental. It s been good so why mess with it Profiles 27 28 Profiles creating a better tomorrow Dr Chew Nee Kong shares how he lives by Winston Churchill s famous words We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give. But I have a boring life Even before the interview could begin consultant neurologist Dr Chew Nee Kong from Pantai Cheras Hospital was quick to provide a disclaimer when informed that the article would be a personality piece. Hobbies I don t really have any because I m usually at work. I even come to the hospital on Sundays to check on patients admitted the gentle soft-spoken doctor from Alor Setar. He offered a brief self-introduction Married with a 12-year-old son family activities include going out for dinner or catching an occasional movie together. Nothing spectacular he pointed out. Educational path Quite the usual...I was an average student in my school days. My father was a carpenter and my mother was a housewife and we lived a simple life. In fact my ambition as a child was to become a technician he recalled with a laugh. His path to medicine was sparked in Form 6 by his biology teacher Mr Jayamohan. He made biology so interesting recollected Dr Chew. It was obvious that he really loved what he was doing which was very inspirational. The most important thing he taught us was to love what we do for a living and do the best we can His eyes lit up suddenly when the topic of Parkinson s disease was broached. A former president of the Parkinson s Disease Society of Malaysia Dr Chew is a leading figure in creating awareness and a support group for Parkinson s disease in the country. In 2011 he founded the Malaysian National Movement Disorders Society (MNMDS) a non-profit organisation that provides moral support and health education to patients with abnormal body movements such as Parkinson s disease dystonia ataxia and other brain disorders. Bringing out two latest editions of A Better Tomorrow the official newsletter of MNMDS he spoke confidently and passionately about his work. Profiles 29 reviving communal traditions One of Dr Chew s earliest childhood memories was the frequent visits to the Kin Cho Hong Association Hall in Alor Setar with his father. The association provided a venue for his father and other fellow members to come together to chat play mahjong and generally relax. In the inaugural issue of A Better Tomorrow published in December 2012 Dr Chew wrote that even today in his 80s my father still goes there occasionally to meet his old surviving friends. He is still happy to be there. That explained his nostalgic mood on 18 November 2012 during the soft launch of the Cultivate Hope Parkinson s Centre (CHPC). Equipped with a conference room gymnasium internet service library facilities for physiotherapy and occupational therapy the CHPC is intended to serve as a resource and activity centre for Parkinson s disease patients and their family members. The key word is friendship something that binds people of different backgrounds and leads to a strong sense of unity he stressed. This is particularly important for people living with Parkinson s disease whether as patients or caregivers as almost all tend to suffer from varying degrees of depression. The problem is compounded by a general lack of awareness of Parkinson s disease as well as the challenge in getting a timely and accurate diagnosis. Unlike many diseases Parkinson s cannot be easily confirmed with blood tests brain scans or any other tests. It s hard for people to understand that Parkinson s patients can have on and off periods hence it s a struggle getting through their daily activities he explained. The CHPC is like a dream come true for the dedicated doctor who aims to create a better tomorrow for the 40-plus members. In the last 20 months he has conducted several activities such as karaoke sessions exercise programmes dancing classes a charity concert talks on Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture by Taiwanese experts and even a lion dance performance by a patient with Parkinson s disease. These activities give MNMDS members the opportunity to interact with each other share grievances experiences and knowledge said Dr Chew who believes that the fellowship is part of their therapy. keeping it real Having worked in a government-run healthcare provider for over a decade Dr Chew moved on to Pantai Cheras Hospital five years ago to widen his horizons. He chose the hospital because he loved the camaraderie and harmonious relationship between fellow doctors and other hospital personnel. It is a different experience he shared. One thing he enjoys is having more time for his community work such as visiting his patients homes to enjoy simple home-cooked meals or during festive seasons. For normal people preparing a meal is an everyday task that is taken for granted. For patients with movement disorders such as Parkinson s disease however being able to cook dress walk or bathe is a major triumph said Dr Chew. 30 Profiles The key word is friendship something that binds people of different backgrounds and leads to a strong sense of unity... This is particularly important for people living with Parkinson s disease whether as patients or caregivers as almost all tend to suffer from varying degrees of depression. His greatest joy is seeing his patients improvement after successful treatment such as the case of Ms Goh Mei Ling who was diagnosed with Parkinson s at the age of 16. Now aged 42 she was housebound for over ten years between the ages of 30 and 40 because of her uncontrolled movements and tendency to fall. She had to crawl around the house to avoid injuring herself if she were to fall. It was like being imprisoned in your own body and your own home he related. After being administered apomorphine Ms Goh saw a 95% improvement in movement control. The first thing she did was to go shopping It was such a liberty to be able to step out of the house and go about her daily chores unaided he shared. As Goh s medications cost over RM2 000 a month Dr Chew s team managed to secure financial aid for her through the welfare department. Realising that costly yet effective treatments such as apomorphine or Deep Brain Stimulation are inaccessible to many underprivileged patients he established the Lloyd Tan Fund to provide financial assistance to needy patients who qualified. His other challenges include fund-raising and setting ground rules for the CHPC which include no gossiping and staying creative committed and sincere. The low-cost black-and-white official newsletter that he wrote and produced single-handedly is proof of his life philosophy no frills no fuss just plain facts. At the end of the day actions speak louder than words says this community-centric doctor. Community work makes life meaningful he states simply. Down-to-earth Check. Practical Check. Inspiring Check. Boring No way Profiles 31 water babies In 2009 the first water birth delivery took place in Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur. Four years later the hospital launched its brand new water birth facility with much fanfare. As water birth gains steady traction among Malaysians as an alternative form of natural delivery Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur (PHKL) opened its state-of-the-art water birth facility on 5 July 2013 to cater to the increasing demand. The hospital is a pioneer in offering water birth delivery services since 2009 under the care of its Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist Dr Choong Kuo Hsiang. The new water birth facility is spa-inspired comprising amenities such as a ceramic pool that functions like a Jacuzzi bathtub and comes with both hand held and rain shower complete with soul music for comfort and convenience. The delivery suite is also furnished with comfortable sofas and a mural with a choice of sea scape or waterfall view to give the mother-to-be a sense of relaxation. 32 En Route Dr Choong who has successfully delivered nearly 100 babies through the water birth technique commented on its merits I always believe that a woman should have a natural active birth whereby they have some control over what they are doing. This includes the ability to move around in labour and to deliver in upright positions or positions that are comfortable to them. Water birth offers such flexibility. Encik Anwar Anis PHKL s Chief Executive Officer said We continue our tireless journey and remain focused on delivering our brand promise Caring from the Heart. The introduction of the water birth procedure and its continuous development is a testimony to our commitment to care for our patients and to offer them alternative medical solutions for their good health and good life. Three Malaysian couples who opted for water birth also joined the hospital team at the launch. Among them was the first couple who opted to deliver through the water birth technique at PHKL in 2009. Mrs Joanna Cheryan PHKL s first water birth mother shared that her inaugural experience of water birth happened in Netherlands it was an extremely positive experience for her as a mother. Subsequently when they moved to Malaysia in 2006 she was disappointed to discover so few choices for mothers to give birth gently without interventions until she found out about the water birth facility at PHKL. She added I gave birth to my third baby Neena Cheryan safely and naturally on 14 June 2009 in the birthing pool at PHKL. I am so excited that PHKL has since upgraded its water birth facility with three birthing pools and ambience rooms. I would encourage every mother especially those who may be nervous about delivering a baby or who may have undergone traumatic birth experience in the past to explore this beautiful and natural way of bringing a life into this world. En Route 33 two for life Setting the bar higher Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur aimed to double its blood collection by campaigning for donors to come in pairs. Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur (PHKL) in partnership with Pantai Premier Pathology organised a Twosome Blood Donation Drive encouraging donors to come in pairs to double the blood bank collection on 13 June 2013. The event was held in conjunction with the 10th anniversary month of World Blood Donor Day. With this year s World Blood Donor Day slogan being Give the gift of life donate blood I m indeed glad to see the crowd of blood donors gathered at PHKL to selflessly donate the life-saving gift of blood said Encik Anwar Anis PHKL s Chief Executive Officer. PHKL has been committed towards this cause of donating blood for more than two years and we have institutionalised our Blood Donation Drive in our annual calendar of events with positive support from many active donors who have come forward to benefit and save many lives over these years he added. In appreciation of their life-saving contribution all eligible donors were presented with a complimentary goodie bag and light refreshments during the blood donation campaign. Donors who came in pairs were given special goodies. 34 En Route back to basics Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur organised Quality & Patient Safety Week for better and safer healthcare. Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur (PHKL) held its annual Quality & Patient Safety Week from 26 to 28 June 2013 to remind its staff and partners to embrace the culture of quality and safety consistently in delivering healthcare solutions. As we celebrate the Quality & Patient Safety Week I would like to remind everyone that initiatives such as this will go a long way and contribute positively to the national agenda. The Economic Transformation Programme for instance has laid out key strategies to generate a RM35.3 billion incremental gross national income from the healthcare sector between 2010 and 2020 said Datuk Khairil Anuar bin Abdullah Chairman of Pantai Holdings Berhad. In addition the government expects the country to be hosting one million health travellers a year by 2020 contributing RM27.8 billion to gross national income. If this is the potential of our industry it should be both a challenge as well as our aspiration to enhance quality technology capacity as well as the reach of our healthcare infrastructure all towards improving safety and efficiency of our medical services. Against this backdrop I feel we are on the right track in our quest for better safer healthcare he emphasised. The event saw an interesting activity line-up including an elocution contest as well as safety talks on the importance of accreditation and continuous education for hospital consultants and staff. Among the highlights was the Poster and Tagline Competition for Quality & Patient Safety Week. This year the winning tagline is Patient Safety Our Utmost Priority . En Route 35 camps for wellness Advocating the Pantai Group s tagline Caring from the Heart Pantai Hospital Ipoh collaborated with media broadcast partner Astro Vaanavil to give back to the local community. Pantai Hospital Ipoh and Astro Vaanavil organised wellness camps from 6 to 20 July 2013 as part of their corporate social responsibility programme at five rural areas This was with support from non-government organisations such as Pertubuhan Jati Diri & Kebajikan Masyarakat India Negeri Perak and Persatuan Sathya Sai Baba Malaysia. These wellness camps were intended to help detect early diseases prevent the onset of some illnesses and raise awareness of health problems. The half-day programmes covered free health screening including blood pressure check body fat assessment dietary counselling random blood sugar screening hearing assessment eye check-up breast examination subsidised mammogram Pap smear test dental screening and medical consultation. There were also health awareness stations on smoking alcohol abuse breast cancer as well as cardiopulmonary resuscitation and first aid workshops. Blood donation drives were also conducted in these areas with the support of government and district hospitals. Free spectacles were given out to poor school children and wheelchairs to the disabled. In addition motivational talks were conducted for school children by Dr Sai Sathiamoorthy President of Pertubuhan Jati Diri. Dr Sai shared the importance of family studying and coping with life challenges as well as tips on handling stress. 36 En Route pedalling to a finale Pantai Hospital Ayer Keroh s month-long campaign which aims to educate the public that safety is everyone s responsibility ended with a cycling flourish. Close to 170 cycling enthusiasts participated in Pedal for Fun in Ayer Keroh on 19 July 2013 a fun cycling activity held for the first time by Pantai Hospital Ayer Keroh (PHAK) as part of its safety month campaign. The participants with over 40 of them being the hospital staff pedalled 17km across the city before making their way back to the finishing line at the hospital s car park area. The event was one of a series of joint collaborations between PHAK s official cycling club Pantai on Wheels (PoW) and the Environment Cycling Club (ECC). There was also fervent support from various other cycling clubs. Participants gave the thumbs up for the event and urged the organisers to establish Pedal for Fun as an annual affair to continuously raise awareness for safety on the road. PHAK s Chief Executive Officer Michael E.C. Wong who was present to flag off the event was pleased with the tremendous support and positive feedback received from the cyclists for this first edition. PoW is an excellent platform for our staff to stay healthy and fit for a balanced work life. I m delighted that PoW has made it possible for our staff to pick up cycling as a form of exercise and they in turn have also roped in their family to pedal for a cause. PoW with its recurrent partnership with the ECC has been instrumental in raising awareness for various foundations previously breast cancer and now road safety he said. En Route 37 better results now Gleneagles Penang and Pantai Hospital Cheras open a new chapter in local healthcare history. CT scanner in Penang Gleneagles Penang (GP) installed the new 640 slice Computed Tomography (CT) scanner in September. The equipment is designed to improve patient care through a faster and more accurate CT examination with reduced radiation exposure. This is the first of its kind available in Northern Malaysia. With this new CT scanner on board we are able to reduce the waiting time for procedures as the device can scan the entire heart in one heartbeat the brain in one rotation of the scanner and the entire body in six seconds said Ronald Koh Chief Executive Officer of GP. MRI in Cheras Pantai Hospital Cheras (PHC) also reached a new milestone having launched its new 1.5 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in June. With the MRI providing high-quality images and improved diagnostic confidence through wholebody capability this technology upgrade is set to benefit patients from Cheras and its surrounding community. PHC s Chief Executive Officer Chong Siet Fong said that the hospital is confident that the new imaging services will deliver faster and more accurate results while ensuring patient comfort. 38 En Route breaking it together Pantai Hospital Ipoh puts together two breaking fast events in celebration of Ramadan and relationships. Pantai Hospital Ipoh (PHI) hosted a breaking-of-fast get-together on 29 July 2013 for 140 guests comprising corporate and community partners for the second consecutive year. The hospital s Chief Operating Officer Kelen Leong said the event was to renew and build closer ties among healthcare partners and the community and celebrate a joyous occasion together. The guest-of-honour State Health Tourism and Culture Committee Chairman Nolee Ashilin Mohd Radzi commended the hospital for carrying out corporate social responsibility activities such as raising awareness of cancer implementing cataract projects with Lions Ipoh Mandarin as well as running cleft lip and palate projects with Kelab Bakti Gunung Keledang. Separately into its fourth year PHI also organised a Majlis Berbuka Puasa event for all resident consultants and staff on 30 July 2013. Residents were also invited to join in the celebrations to boost rapport and camaraderie within the community. En Route 39 analyse this Over the last four months ParkwayHealth Laboratory has been steadily ramping up new service lines in clinical laboratory and genetics. And we are not seeing the end of it yet. As a leading reference laboratory in Singapore ParkwayHealth Laboratory is relentless in its efforts to enhance and expand its services to doctors and patients and improve the turnaround time for test results. We build long-term relationships with our clients. That s why it is important that we continue to provide high-quality services and value-add to their needs. With ParkwayHealth Laboratory now processing more tests in-house it allows us to offer tests cheaper and with faster turnaround time for patient results. In the next few months doctors and patients can expect many more new tests and services to come on stream said its Chief Operating Officer Dr Ahmad Adzuan Rahman. new services Among the new tests introduced by ParkwayHealth Laboratory is the Hepatitis B Surface Antigen (HBsAg) Quantitative Assay. ParkwayHealth Laboratory is the first in Singapore to offer the fully automated HBsAg quantitative assay. With this procedure doctors now get more valuable information about the condition of patients afflicted with Hepatitis B with just a small blood sample. This enables better tailoring of treatment and clinical management to the patient. 40 Your Health The test also helps chronic Hepatitis B virus patients monitor their illness and their response to treatment as well as predicting the risk of developing liver cirrhosis and cancer. Other new clinical laboratory services include Endocrinology & Diabetes Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) - Potential test to evaluate fertility in women and help identify reproductive issues Thyroglobulin panel (TG ATG) - Widely used to identify patients with autoimmune thyroid diseases Calcitonin - Aids in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases involving the thyroid and parathyroid glands C-peptide - Helps differentiate between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes ascertains causes of low blood sugar and aids the monitoring of insulin production Free and Bioavailable Testosterone Calculated (FBIOT) - Helps in the diagnosis of suspected hypogonadism infertility andropause and evaluation of excessive hairiness in females Others Neisseria Gonorrhoeae PCR - Non-invasive and rapid procedure that can detect the asymptomatic sexually transmitted infection early Point of Care Analysis (limited to Mount Elizabeth Hospital) HbA1c - Rapid provision of diagnostic information to monitor blood glucose level Urine Microalbuminuria - Rapid test to detect leakage of protein which is an indication of early kidney disease Recently ParkwayHealth Laboratory also launched two innovative genetic services MaterniT21 PLUS - This is a highly accurate and non-invasive pre-natal screening test by referral only for abnormalities such as Down Syndrome Edwards Syndrome Patau Syndrome and also Sex Chromosomal Syndromes Pathway Fit - This test helps those who want to understand their metabolism and response to exercise for maintenance of a healthier lifestyle. It can only be administered in consultation with and interpreted by a qualified medical specialist For more information on MaterniT21 PLUS please call (65) 6248 5873 or (65) 6248 5874 To contact a clinic for Pathway Fit please call (65) 6238 8238 or (65) 6776 2288 For more information on the other tests mentioned please call (65) 6278 9188 Alternatively please visit for details. ParkwayHealth Laboratory is located in Singapore at Mount Elizabeth Hospital Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital Gleneagles Hospital and Parkway East Hospital. Your Health 41 keeping abreast Dr Mona Tan Consultant Breast and Endocrine Surgeon at Mount Elizabeth Hospital Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital and Parkway East Hospital talks about a multi-disciplinary approach to breast cancer treatment. rates compared to mastectomy followed by immediate breast reconstruction. With advances in science and therapy mastectomy or breast removal surgery is no longer the only treatment for breast cancer. BCT which involves the removal of the diseased area of the breast with a clear margin followed by radiotherapy is found to offer equivalent survival rates. With appropriate medical technology up to 85.5 per cent of women may be eligible for BCT. a multi-disciplinary approach BCT requires the combined expertise of a team of medical professionals including radiologist medical oncologist radiation oncologist pathologist and surgeon. The radiologist identifies the area of abnormality and position markers to minimise tissue sacrifice in a surgery thereby leaving more tissue to remodel the space that is left after the diseased tissue is removed. The medical oncologist works on downsizing the larger tumours through pre-operative chemotherapy allowing more women to be amenable to breast conservation surgery. The pathologist ensures that there is a rim of normal tissue all around the cancer a prerequisite for reducing the risk of recurrence. Finally the radiation oncologist delivers radiation treatment to the rest of the conserved breast lowering the risk of recurrence close to that for mastectomy. At Mount Elizabeth Hospital breast conservation rates are reported to be as high as 85.5 per cent compared to other centres in Singapore. Patients experience improved quality of life with better body image and lower risk surgical complications. Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in Singapore with more than 1 600 new cases diagnosed each year. With early detection and improved therapy an increasing number of women are expected to survive breast cancer. A key consideration in breast cancer treatment then turns to post-surgery quality of life. the need for breast conservation Breast conservation treatment (BCT) enables women to achieve a healthy and meaningful survivorship without being constantly reminded that they have undergone cancer treatment. Breast conservation not only benefits women in terms of body image it is also associated with lower complication 42 Your Health 43 STEAK WRAPS WITH FRUITY SALSA By CHEF BRIAN JENZER This recipe is adapted with kind permission from Parkway Cancer Centre s Awakening the Appetite. This recipe provides some great lean protein while the fruity salsa boosts your vitamin C intake. It s easy to prepare and keeps well so you can snack on it to keep your energy up during the day. SERVES 4 500g sirloin steak For the marinade 300ml orange juice 3 cloves garlic finely chopped 100g grated ginger 15g cumin powder 2 tablespoons light soy sauce For the salsa 1 mango peeled and diced 2 oranges peeled and diced pineapple peeled cored and diced red onion finely chopped 20g coriander chopped Salt and pepper to taste Olive oil for cooking 1 head romaine lettuce DIRECTIONS Combine the steak and all marinade ingredients in a plastic bag. Let it sit in the fridge for 4 hours. Combine salsa ingredients and season with salt and pepper. Let it sit for 1 hour. Remove the steak from the fridge an hour before you cook it. Take it out of its marinade dry with paper towels and brush with olive oil. Season with pepper to taste. Heat a frying pan till very hot cook the steak on one side for 3 to 4 minutes then reduce the heat to medium and cook for another 2 to 3 minutes. Flip the steak over and cook for a further 5 minutes depending on how well-cooked you like your steak. Let the steak rest at least 10 minutes. Soak the romaine lettuce leaves in ice water. Dry the leaves in a salad spinner or press with paper towels. Slice the steak thinly across the grain and place one or two pieces on a lettuce leaf with a spoonful of the fruit salsa. Wrap lettuce into a parcel and serve. 44 Recipe 45 46