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Welcome to Mount Anville Montessori Junior School T Mount Anville Community would like to welcome you and your child to our he school. We the staff are committed to fostering a kind caring and stimulating environment to create the optimal learning atmosphere. T first day of school in Mount Anville is an important event in your child s life. he Your child is beginning a journey. T is the start of our close and supportive his relationship. T booklet provides details of Mount Anville Montessori Junior School and its his composition. T Mount Anville Community comprises of many different groups he pupils parents teachers school staff Parents Council Committee and the Board of Management. We promote a true relationship and a sense of team spirit between home school and the Mount Anville School Community. Learning is an unending journey where exciting adventures are discovered. In Mount Anville Montessori Junior School our focus is to support pupils to make sense of the world through engaging in the adventure of life within a supportive environment. Our moral compass stamped with the Sacred Heart ethos will support us along this journey. I wish you and your child every happiness over the coming years of your child s educational journey in Mount Anville. Mise le meas Elizabeth Kavanagh Contact Us T 01 288 5313 Mount Anville Montessori Junior School Mount Anville Road Dublin 14 E montessori.junior The School Ethos T Mount Anville flower describes he our positive spirit throughout our school community. Each petal on the flower represents the Sacred Heart Goals. T language we use he is child-friendly . Pupils in the Montessori Department place their finger prints on the petal to symbolise We their agreement to follow the Mount Anville ethos. Pupils in the Junior Department agree to be part of our community and follow our ethos statements. We Believe Care We are Unique We Work Together We Learn The Vision T Sacred Heart founder Saint Madeleine Sophie s philosophy was the education of he the whole person . In Mount Anville we promote and foster the holistic development of each individual child. T images and words express our school spirit and the values he that we hold dear for the Mount Anville pupil. Ideal Atmosphere Teaching and Learning Mutual Respect Active Involvement Caring Environment Inclusive Community Active Learning Montessori Approach The Montessori Approach Our School Curriculum T curriculum consists of he Gaeilge Literacy Numeracy Social Environmental and Scientific Education (SESE) Music Drama Visual Arts Physical Education Social Personal and Health Education (SPHE) Religious Education Literacy and Numeracy Literacy incorporates reading writing and oral language. It embraces the complexity of skills that are needed for life-long learning. Literacy skills incorporate three main components conventions comprehension and critical thinking. In Mount Anville we are supportive of the pupil s individual learning needs tailoring structures that allow pupils to embed their learning experiences through purposely practiced lessons. Pupils are active learners active participants and active researchers. Quality education is vital for pupils. We the staff members of Mount Anville are supporting the pupils to develop their skills and knowledge to take ownership of their own destiny. The School Environment Support Team We aim to promote a curriculum that supports the learning needs of each child through continual assessment standardised assessment teacher observation and pupil self-assessment. Supplementary support is available to pupils on a needs basis to scaffold reinforce and extend learning. support our pupils. Whilst competition is important we promote active participation throughout our activities. Drama Drama plays an important part in our school curriculum which transcends through all subjects. T senior classes he perform a variety of school plays. Music Teacher Information Technology (IT) We are constantly revising and up-dating our technology facilities in line with IT advancements. Presently we have a computer room and a suite of i pads for a full class. We the staff pupils and parents are exploring IT skills and contexts that enhance and support our learning for life. Music permeates throughout activities in our schools. We promote singing percussion and composing. Music plays an integral part in our school lives at assemblies masses celebrations and festivals. We have a percussion group and a school choir that make all events special. Physical Education Extra-Curricular Activities In Mount Anville we have vast grounds facilities and amenities. We provide a wide and varied suite of activities which include Hockey Basketball Athletics Irish Dancing Games Swimming All pupils participate in two physical education sessions each week. We are constantly exploring opportunities to Each year the school provides details of the vast suite of activities that are available for all pupils. We ensure that we have a variety of activities from the areas of sport languages and the arts. Religious Education Mount Anville is a Catholic school. Our aim is to promote and foster the holistic development of the child including a relationship with God fellow pupils and the environment. Religious education permeates all aspects of life through the Gospel and the teachings of the Catholic Church. We have the most wonderful chapel in our school where monthly masses prayer services and reflective practices are key features. We prepare our pupils for the sacraments of First Confession First Holy Communion and Confirmation in accordance with the Dublin Archbishop diocese. We are directed by the live-O scheme which is a A continuous and progressive programme that permeates all class levels. T live-O programme promotes respect he A empathy and Christian values at a local national and global level. Home-School Communication We encourage good communication between the child parent and school throughout a variety of modes such as.... Parent-teacher meetings Class meetings Class reports Meeting by appointment Informal contact Correspondence School Newsletter E-mail Texting T Parents Council he Committee Each class has a class representative Morning Class Morningers & Middle Morningers 8.50am 12.30pm Afternooners 6th Class 8.50am 3.00pm Morning Supervision for all children 8.00am 8.50am Aftercare for morning only children 12.30 5pm Monday to T hursday 4pm on Friday The School Day Supervised Study for full day children 3pm 4pm Monday T hursday After Study Supervision for full day children 4pm 5pm Monday T hursday and 3pm 4pm Friday