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auTumn ediTion 2013 OUR PARTNERS MAGAZINE The gracewood communiTy officially opens Bcs chaplains provide supporT across ausTralia volunTeering wiTh passion Your Care Our Passion ceo welcome Our Mission To express Christ s love as we serve individuals families and people in the community who have unmet spiritual emotional or physical needs Our Vision To be a passionate innovative Christian organisation bringing life transforming care to our clients various regions across Australia experiencing natural disasters (page 5). BCS Chaplains have been seconded by the Disaster Relief for Samaritan s Purse the NSW Disaster Recovery Chaplaincy Network and the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team and have been a comforting strength for families and individuals whose homes and lives have been devastated. Values Mutual respect and trust in all relationships Integrity and the highest ethical standards Stewardship of the resources and responsibilities in our care Communication that is open consistent and two way Continuous improvement in all we do Performance with recognition for results Creativity co-operation and commitment in the workplace This year has begun with much excitement for Bcs as we officially opened The gracewood community at Kellyville after five years of preparation and building. The official opening event on Sunday 10 March was the culmination of many years of planning designing and working to discern how BCS can best provide for the current as well as the future needs of our ageing community. This opening which you can read about on pages 2 and 3 marks the beginning of a new era within the Baptist Community Services portfolio as we celebrate our newest development. Our first residents will begin moving in next month and our cover photo of Tony and Gini Todd shows you just how excited these residents are. I invite you to read Tony s story on page 4. BCS Chaplains have also had a busy start to this year providing care and support to BCS continues to rely on the support and passion of our many volunteers and in this edition of TRUST we share with you the story of Vera as well as opportunities for you to join the BCS family as a volunteer (pages 8-9). I hope you enjoy reading the news and events from across BCS and I look forward to your continued interest support and prayer in 2013. For regular news I also encourage you to visit and sign up to our E-Newsletter or Like our Facebook page. sign up for e-news like us on facebook baptistcommunityservices visit our you Tube channel BCSNSWACT ross low chief eXecuTive officer To advertise in TrusT visit the publications page at ABN 90 000 049 525 Your Care Our Passion contents 1 Ask Seek Knock 2 cover sTory The Gracewood Community Officially Opens 3 BCS Care Centre Relocates to Kellyville 4 The Gracewood Community A New Lifestyle 5 news BCS Chaplains Provide Support Across Australia 6 appeal feaTure This is Their Home 10 BCS Resource Wins Film Award asK seeK KnocK regulars 8 Bcs volunTeering Volontariato Con Passione (Volunteering with Passion) 9 volunTeering opporTuniTies 11 church parTnerships Herons Creek Heritage Community Chapel each year Bcs holds staff dedication services across the organisation encouraging staff and volunteers to commit their service and the year ahead to god. Approximately 250 staff and volunteers from across NSW and the ACT participated in one of this year s official services while many more staff attended local services conducted by their Chaplain. Last year s theme focussed on how God sees our small but significant contributions and this year s services expanded on this idea with an invitation to Ask Seek Knock based on the passage from Matthew 7 7-12. During the services staff were encouraged that God gives us what we need to do what we are called to do but sometimes we need to ask Him for it. There is positive action on God s part and likewise we need to be positive in receiving His good gifts. Following a Bible and poetry reading and time of worship a devotion was shared and staff and volunteers were invited to take part in a dedication activity selecting from an array of 12 wallet cards each containing a gift from God and an associated Bible verse relevant to the gift. Staff and volunteers were encouraged to share these gifts with colleagues friends and family as an encouragement to them at a later time. Some services involved musicians from local Baptist Churches who were invited to lead staff in worship singing. CEO Mr Ross Low and Board Chairman Dr Graham Henderson attended each of the official services spending time with staff and volunteers during refreshments after each service. The Apostle Paul in 2 Corinthians 1 3-4 speaks about the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort and how He wants us to respond when we feel blessed by His generosity or kindness or mercy or joy or any of the other gifts that He lavishes upon us as we ask and reach out to Him said CEO Ross Low during each of the services. This publication is printed on EVOLVE 100% recycled paper TrusT editorial Team Brendan Wood & Elizabeth Byrne TRUST is the partner s magazine produced by Baptist Community Services NSW & ACT for the benefit of its members donors and supports clients the Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT and the wider community. TRUST is distributed quarterly to a readership of up to 11 500. This includes distribution of specified quantities to the Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT. TrusT AUTUMN 2013 1 cover story The gracewood community officially opens Today is the culmination of a dream ... We salute those who have gone before us and perhaps we see the future a little more clearly because we have the advantage of standing on their shoulders. Dr Graham Henderson federal member for mitchell mr alex hawke officially opened Kellyville s newest independent living development The gracewood community on sunday 10 march. Mr Hawke was joined by Mayor Clr Dr Michelle Byrne of the Hills Shire Council and State Member for Baulkham Hills Mr David Elliott to celebrate Baptist Community Services NSW & ACT (BCS) largest development 2 TrusT AUTUMN 2013 in its 69 year history. The development includes 73 modern 1 2 and 3 bedroom independent living apartments a pool a gym medical consulting rooms a dining area multipurpose room library business centre and coffee shop. Residents including Tony Todd and his wife Gini (see article over) will begin moving into their new homes from late March. These care service offerings are a key feature of the service delivery model that BCS is offering at The Gracewood Community. It is about providing choices and a continuum of care that allows people to access the services they require as they age said Mr Ross Low BCS Chief Executive Officer during the official opening ceremony. The residents here have the flexibility to choose from a suite of in-home services to access care cover story BCS Care Centre relocaTes To Kellyville on monday 5 march Bcs opened the newly relocated Bcs care centre hills district at The gracewood community Kellyville as part of a service delivery model offering a continuum of care and a variety of choices for seniors in the hills district. The BCS Care Centre Hills District provides in-home care services to seniors and people living with a disability in the Hills Parramatta and Blacktown local government areas. With 110 staff and 500 clients the Centre provides Home and Community Care (HACC) packages Community Aged Care Packages (CACP) and Extended Aged Care in the Home packages (EACH). in their home and when the time comes to enter into a Residential Aged Care facility he said. The independent living apartments encompass age-friendly features including easy-open drawers waist-level power points and the latest emergency monitoring technology. Every apartment employs smart environmental and energy-saving ideas and materials including recycled water from the Rouse Hill Water Recycling Plant and harvesting rain water for landscaping. The layout of apartments have been arranged to best utilise the natural environment with a high level of amenity resulting. All apartments have either district or site landscape views with large balconies and terraces integrating indoor and outdoor living areas and providing a strong connection with the external open space. Architecture is based on the local climate and the building forms are unique in being a reverse veneer construction with thermal mass walls being located internally and screened by a lightweight cladding. Double glazing to the apartments the use of sun shades and high levels of thermal insulation in roof and wall construction all maximise efficiency in the use of solar access and prevailing breezes for natural cooling and heating. Each cluster of the development has been named after NSW State forests including Dorrigo Mimosa and Bindarri. These forests are depicted throughout the development in various photos and pieces of art. BCS has ensured the natural environment including the Cumberland Forest has been retained throughout the development while also creating open spaces walking paths and beautiful gardens for residents to enjoy. Display apartments are now available for viewing. Visit www.thegracewoodcommunity. or call 1800 116 550 for more information. Staff are embracing this new home in a lovely new location. For now it is a lovely new building but it will be the people that will give it a heart said Linda Organ Community Manager at BCS Care Centre Hills District. Our staff will no longer work in isolation but become part of the budding new community that will be at The Gracewood Community Kellyville she said. We are developing a new culture that will be open and inclusive of the people who live where we work. Until now we could pass someone on the footpath adjacent to our office and not necessarily speak to them but at Gracewood they are our near neighbours and we will care for them with smiles and friendly greetings. We hope to serve them some as clients some as lunchtime walking pals and some as neighbours. We have a great chance to love our neighbours show Christ s love and involve them whenever possible in our activities adding value to their Gracewood lifestyle said Linda. From July BCS will also begin operating a day respite centre from the community centre at Kellyville. TrusT AUTUMN 2013 3 cover story a new lifesTyle Tony and his wife gini will be some of the first residents to move into The gracewood community Kellyville. from the hills district the couple tells their story about why and how they chose to start a new home and lifestyle at The gracewood community Kellyville. It is now over a year ago since my wife and I started to realise the house gardens and pool were just getting too much to handle. We wanted a life away from the house. We like travelling and as much as we love our kids we were not overly anxious to think that we will be going into retirement just to support them and their lifestyle. A number of our friends had started to look at selling their houses and taking to the caravan or going into an existing retirement village. I guess we were looking for more than that and really wanted a new lifestyle without the 4 TrusT AUTUMN 2013 challenges of owning and looking after our own home. Initially we were looking for location and the cost of the move into the retirement location. After about four months we realised that our priorities were quite wrong. We needed to look at the financial stability of the service provider then the quality of the building and architectural design. We certainly didn t want something from the 80s and we wanted to know the service provider had both the reputation and financial backing to stand behind our decision of moving into their facility. There was an endless list of options yet once you get away from the thought of location and the return after you have left this life you start to realise there are not so many alternatives. After six months of searching we found The Gracewood Community. Gracewood ticked all the boxes a reputable provider with a strong commitment to aged care service a high quality building with an architectural design which will take a lot of years before it looks tired probably not in our lifetime. Also the apartment layouts are creative and with good consideration to energy savings. Getting in with an expression of interest last September gave us the advantage to secure a prime apartment. However it is hard to distinguish what is better than another when you consider the security gymnasium exercise pool men s shed proximity to public transport the activity rooms and dining area. I come from an industrial and commercial building background and can see the level of thought that has gone into the kitchens balconies lighting and general layout. We feel privileged that we both found The Gracewood Community and that we get to move in to our new apartment in four weeks. news Bcs chaplains provide support across australia Bcs chaplains have been seconded to Tasmania coonabarabran and Bundaberg seeing what most of us could only imagine through media reports families and their houses under threat and devastated by the bush fires and floods that have ravaged australia in recent months. Under the auspices of the Disaster and Relief for Samaritan s Purse Chris Burdett Regional Chaplain for BCS Western Region was seconded from his home in Maroubra to Tasmania to provide support and comfort to families returning to their houses for the first time since fire tore through their property. One hundred and thirty recovery kits were organised by Chris the Samaritan s Purse and a team from the local church consisting of a rake spade hammer crow bar sieve gloves mask goggles and work suit. These kits were then distributed to families whose properties were destroyed. Going out for the first time through Dunalley was a taste of reality. There was devastation everywhere we went. Every property we drove past had police tape on either a pole next to the letterbox or on the letterbox to show that the police had searched that property for bodies said Chris. We saw many people surveying their property and we were able to approach them and to bless them with a recovery kit and they were so excited to receive one. We also spent time at the recovery centre in Dunalley sitting down with many people to speak about their ordeal how they could go forward and how we could be a support to them and we prayed for them when it was appropriate to do so. There is still so much to do in Tasmania. The hard work starts now but they have an Aussie spirit and they are fighters. They will pick up the pieces and recover from this said Chris. Ross Wakeley under the auspices of the NSW Disaster Recovery Chaplaincy Network (DRCN) was seconded from his home in Kellyville to Coonabarabran to provide support and comfort to families returning to their houses for the first time since fire tore through their property. As we got closer to town the smoke got thicker filling valleys and between trees. Then the smell hit 41 000 hectares of burnt bushland said Ross. One of the first homes I visited was a mud brick home built by a husband and wife. The bricks had survived but not the timber. The wife and her son were awaiting a visit from the insurance assessor and they told me they had received a call from a neighbour and they were able to drive into town before their 33 acres went up in smoke and they lost everything he said. Another couple I met had managed to save their house. The husband and his cousin had stayed awake for over 36 hours fighting the fire putting down cattle and burying them before his wife and children returned safely from town. It s heartbreaking to hear their stories. As part of the chaplaincy team and together with local Pastors we spent time at the Recovery Centre chatting listening and providing a friendly face to a community who was fearful and anxious and awaiting much needed rain. While I was in Coonabarabran a total of 51 houses had been destroyed and while thankfully no lives were lost these families will take months and years to get over their loss said Ross. Finally both Vicky McPhee Chaplain at BCS Aminya Centre and Trevor Wight Sydney Regional Chaplain were seconded to Bundaberg where floods have left the Queensland city in devastation. Vicky and Trevor are working alongside the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team and Samaritan s Purse. Many people have told us stories of how quickly the water came up. It started coming up through drain pipes and was up to their ankles in an hour. In some of the worst effected places we visited they told us that just before they were rescued the water flow was 70km per hour said Trevor. We spoke to a man today who rescued many of his neighbours in a little boat with a small outboard motor. They are living in their garage while they wait for the insurers to finalise their assessment. It is possible that a number of BCS Chaplains will be involved in this area to support the families and businesses in the Bundaberg community as the clean up operation continues. TrusT AUTUMN 2013 5 appeal This is Theirhouse home Bcs darcy with rising costs of living limited employment opportunities and a difficult rental market the number of people struggling to keep a roof over their heads continues to increase. The 2006 census recorded a total of 22 219 homeless people. This number has climbed to 28 190 in the 2011 census an increase of 27%. For BCS Darcy House our community centre providing a safe space for street-based sex workers and those who are homeless or marginalised in the Port Kembla and surrounding areas these increases can dramatically impact the provision of services. In an interview with the local paper BCS Chaplain Mathew provides insight into the lives of those who come to BCS Darcy House A lot of people come from good families. They are well educated but something has happened in their lives to steer them on a different path. It s easy to become homeless it can happen to anyone. Life sometimes leaves people vulnerable to changing circumstances whether it is a relationship breakdown or loss of employment. David in his early-50s facing financial hardship and dealing with the death of a family member came to BCS Darcy House after a couple of rough nights. After having flown from North Queensland to attend the funeral David missed his return flight when the train to the airport was delayed due to track work. While he was offered an alternative flight for an 80.00 fee David was unable to pay and forced to return to Wollongong. Without accommodation he had no option but to resort to sleeping at a bus stop. People with similar stories to David and others with multiple levels of emotional and physical unmet needs are all supported at BCS Darcy House. Support is offered by trained staff and volunteers and services include free hot meals tea and coffee shower and laundry facilities an art space computers and a clothing bank. BCS Darcy House now has a Men s Shed giving men opportunities to undertake projects utilising their practical abilities which so often lie dormant. What makes BCS Darcy House distinctive is the wholistic nature of the community care provided. As the manager says This is their home their lounge room their laundry their shed that is why they come. Stories showing the impact of BCS Darcy House programs on people s lives the positive reputation the centre has in the community and the supportive networks available are so encouraging. After the caseworker at Darcy House heard David s story contact was made with the airline and railway to set up alternative arrangements and short term accommodation was provided until David could return home. But we need your help. Simple challenges and everyday issues most of us tackle with our networks of support are not so easily solved by those who visit Darcy House. A change in airfare had such an impact on David and sadly his story is not isolated. As the needs increase the 6 TrusT AUTUMN 2013 news i want to support the work of Bcs darcy house 1. my details (please print) Rev Dr Mr Mrs Ms Miss First name Surname Address (please circle) Mobile H( DOB Email ) W( ) This is their home their lounge room their laundry their shed that is why they come. ability of BCS Darcy House to cope is being stretched. With limited funding from the government the program is reliant on donations to ensure services can continue. Some examples of how your donation will be used are 25 50 75 One hour of counselling and support Twenty five lunches Client casework meeting including documentation phone calls and travel to appointments 2. decide your gift I would like to give to help BCS continue to support the homeless and marginalised through BCS Darcy House. 3. payment details I enclose my cheque money order made payable to Baptist Community Services - NSW & ACT OR Please debit my credit card Visa Mastercard ..................... ....................... ..................... ..................... Name of cardholder Expiry date Signature 4. request more information Please send me information on Regular donations Including BCS in my Will Volunteering BCS Membership 100 Backpack bed swag toiletry pack and shower facility for one person All donations to the work of BCS Darcy House are tax-deductible and can be made using our secure online donation form calling 1300 275 227 or using the coupon adjacent. Make a donation today and be a part of the impact on people s lives as BCS Darcy House makes a difference in the community. Name and some details have been changed for privacy reasons. Please detach coupon and mail to Baptist Community Services - NSW & ACT PO Box 655 Epping NSW 1710 DONATIONS OF 2 AND OVER ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE ABN 90 000 049 525 NEWSAUT13 TrusT AUTUMN 2013 7 volunteering volonTariaTo con passione (Volunteering with Passion) craig goodreid BCS VOLuNTeeR SeRViCeS CONSuLTANT During her time as a volunteer she has assisted five Italian clients all who have been delighted to have someone to talk to in their native language. The rest of Vera s clients have come from a wide range of backgrounds including Burmese Armenian Fijian Maltese and Australian. Vera is dedicated and committed to her volunteer work and is well loved by her clients and fellow volunteers. She has dedicated her time to wanting to make a difference in somebody s life and in return she feels a sense of fulfilment helping BCS clients who live in their own homes. Vera has combined her heritage passion knowledge and caring attitude and put them into volunteering. BCS Social Support programs provide assistance to people over 65 or people with a disability who are still living independently. Volunteers are needed for BCS Social Support programs that service the suburbs near Castle Hill Auburn Dubbo Harrington Park and Nowra. Please see the following page or contact Craig Goodreid on (02) 9023 2563 or volunteering vera is a wife mother grandmother and volunteer at Bcs care centre - castle hill. she also happens to be italian. Vera began volunteering with BCS by providing office support and assisting the office administration with filing reception and answering telephone calls from early 2006. However she soon found herself with the opportunity to share her language and heritage by volunteering as part of the social support program and visiting her first Italian client. 8 TrusT AUTUMN 2013 For the past seven years Vera has been providing services to BCS Social Support clients by visiting them at home as well as transporting and accompanying them on grocery shopping trips social shopping and social group outings. Currently Vera has seven clients and spends 15 hours a week volunteering. While Vera is the only Italian speaking volunteer at BCS Care Centre - Hills District she also enjoys spending time with clients from all cultures and backgrounds. 8 Be part of the change... today Do you want to make a difference in the lives of people in need BCS greatly values the contribution of volunteers as we pursue our vision of life-transforming care. Read on and find out more about current opportunities. SYDNEY & ILLAWARRA BCS Nukara Respite Centre (Willoughby) Drivers Morning or afternoon drivers are needed to pick up clients from Ryde Hunters Hill and Kuringai areas and drop them at BCS Nukara Centre in the morning or pickup from the centre and drop them home in the afternoon. The driving can either be in your own insured car with reimbursement of kilometres or in a BCS pool car. Time is 8am or 3 30pm and a valid driver s licence is required for this role. Please contact Nicola on 9410 0272 for more information. a disability in the Campbelltown area. The time commitment is two hours weekly fortnightly. NSW driver s license and own vehicle are a requirement of this role. Please contact Donna on 4648 7110 for more information. involves interaction with clients and requires light cleaning duties. Time commitment is 2-3 hours one morning per week. Garden Support Volunteer A volunteer is needed to assist with gardening maintenance and landscaping. Time commitment is 2-3 hours one morning or afternoon per week. Please contact Colleen on 4298 2800 for more information. QUEANBEYAN BCS George Forbes House (Queanbeyan NSW) Craft Coordinator The ladies of BCS George Forbes house are looking for someone to help them with craft for two hours a week. Driver A female volunteer is needed to take female residents to doctors appointments Please contact Bernard on 6151 6903 for more information. Mens Group Assistant The men of BCS Warabrook and BCS Kara are looking for someone to organise and run a small men s club. Ladies Activity Assistant The ladies are looking for someone with an interest in craft and event planning to help with theme days and regular craft time. Please contact Di on 4915 2453 for more information BCS Darcy House (Port Kembla NSW) Kitchen Support Volunteer Volunteers are invited to join with a great volunteer team in assisting with client meal provision. Flexible commitment is available (3-4 hours) one day per week 10am to 2pm. Clothing Assistant A volunteer is required to assist with sorting and display of donated goods and clothing. Time commitment is 2-3 hours one morning per week. Men s Shed Support Volunteer A volunteer is needed to help with the Darcy House Men s Shed program. This MID NORTH COAST BCS Kularoo Centre (Forster) Bus Driver We are seeking a volunteer with an LR licence for three hours a week to take residents on outings. Activities Assistants We are looking for activities assistants to help with craft bingo and reading for 2-3 hours per week days are flexible. Please contact Davina on 6555 1673 for more information. NEWCASTLE BCS Warabrook Centre (Warabrook NSW) Coffee and Conversation Volunteer Volunteer conversationalists make a huge difference to our residents it can be any day any time and even half an hour a week of one on one conversation makes a difference to someone s life. For more volunteer opportunities visit the BCS website. BCS Care Centre Macarthur (Harrington Park) Companion Social Activity and Shopping Assistants Volunteers are needed to provide transport companionship and support to isolated and or housebound aged frail aged and younger people with news Bcs resource Wins Film Award Production company Iris Pictures received the award in Melbourne during November last year and have an international reputation for broadcast documentaries and client communication programs particularly with not for profit organisations. The Not In My House resources including a DVD and manual were developed by BCS LifeCare Relationship Services for skilled trainers and group facilitators working with families and women affected by domestic and family violence. They were developed in response to the need for resources that can be used in men s behaviour change programs and to train professionals in the issues surrounding domestic and family violence. The ATOM Awards have been recognising film and media excellence in education and industry since 1982. Funding for the Not In My House project was provided by the NSW Department of Family and Community Services and BCS. following the launch of Bcs domestic and family violence resources the not in my house dvd has won a prestigious film award. The DVD depicting seven powerful and evocative stories drawn from Australian families impacted by domestic and family violence won an ATOM award for Best Instructional Training Resource late last year. The DVD series of vignettes depict a brief glimpse into the lives of women children and men impacted by domestic violence. The DVD trailer can be viewed on the BCS You Tube Channel BCSNSWACT BreaKing The cycle The Not In My House Resource - for professionals with experience in the field of domestic violence. DVD - 5.00 The Not in My House DVD depicts seven powerful and evocative stories drawn from Australian families impacted by domestic and family violence. Preview the DVD trailer on BCS You Tube Channel BCSNSWACT Manual - 20.00 The Not in My House training manual is a resource for skilled trainers and group facilitators to explore the dynamics of domestic and family violence and its impact on women and children. BCS LifeCare Relationship Services Responding to Domestic & Family Violence Not in My House is a resource for skilled trainers and group facilitators to explore the dynamics of domestic and family violence and its impact on women and children. Professionals with extensive experience in the field of domestic violence are invited to utilise this resource for practitioner training and in men s behaviour change group work. To order the Not In My House resource Phone 1300 130 225 Email lifecare Visit lifecare.aspx 10 TrusT AUTUMN 2013 church partnerships con-nect (kon-ekt) [verb] To join link or fasten together to partner to establish communication to form relationship to unite. BCS Connect Grants 2013 herons creek heritage community chapel herons creek is a dispersed rural settlement that once was a thriving village. it was a small self-sufficient township with a hall corner shop garages and post office all which fostered positive connections for members of the community but these are no longer. The last remaining shop and garage in the village closed in 2006. The only remaining community buildings are the small local school (a specialist school with many students coming from out of the area) and the heritage listed church. In the last two decades Herons Creek has been known as the Mount Druitt of the Port Macquarie area with low socio-economic rental dwellers and a depressed housing market. There is no public transport and being a farming area there is often distance between properties. To add to the isolation the Pacific Highway upgraded to a dual carriage freeway runs right through the middle of the district effectively cutting the village into little sectors isolating streets from the rest of the greater community dividing families and friends. The Herons Creek township had lost its community identity. Martin and Jeanette Parish members of North Haven Baptist Church had a vision for the area to re-establish a community identity. In 2010 monthly services were commenced in the heritage listed ex-Anglican church as a church plant ministry from North Haven. When enquiries were made in regard to leasing the church it was discovered that the building was for sale. As the Parish s could not see the church being used for anything other than for ministry Martin and Jeanette bought the site a unique way to plant a church The vision for Herons Creek is becoming a reality with monthly services attracting an average attendance of 15 people from the area which is made up of previous attendees of the church who are thrilled the church has reopened. A number of people who are without church commitment but wanting to be part of this new community. Last year BCS was approached through the Connect Grant program to assist the church with the costs of establishing a Community Website and e-bulletin. The goal of the project was to begin building community connectedness through a website communicating news and community events with the local church community the central focus of the care and reaching out. ...continued over page TrusT AUTUMN 2013 11 church partnerships The church had significant local exposure with the re-opening of the church building as the leadership team established a Christian presence in Herons Creek. The aim of the project was to establish a communication medium to enable positive connections with the Herons Creek district bringing with it a closer sense of community with the church the hub for information and news. In addition to the on-line resource a printed copy of the bulletin is available at the church for a small cost for those who preferred this option. The Connect Grant panel were excited to read of the Herons Creek ministry and were unanimous in supporting this project. Rev Howard Bennett had the privilege of attending the worship service in December on behalf of BCS to present a Certificate of Partnership to the church family. It was a privilege to sense the excitement of the community to be part of the church family to share with Martin and Jeanette and to hear stories from those who were there. Members spoke of how they now felt closer as a community and spoke highly of Martin and Jeanette s ministry. Young couples who grew up in the area have returned to the Chapel to be married community members are joining the church services and community movie nights under the stars are attracting large numbers as the Herons Creek community draws together. BCS is proud to be partnered with Herons Creek Community Heritage Chapel and it will be exciting to watch this ministry develop and to see what blessings God will bring as a result of a vision and a dream to reach out to a community. Applications for the 2013 BCS Connect Grant program will be accepted from 1 June but if your church has a new community ministry in mind or an existing ministry they wish to take to a new level of engagement and would be interested in this program please contact Rev Howard Bennett BCS Partnerships Development Manager on hbennett au or phone 02 9023 2562 to register your interest. 12 TrusT AUTUMN 2013 church partnerships Wi nd s Rd or A Better Way of Living 34 Memorial Avenue TrusT AUTUMN 2013 13 BCS LifeCare ministry expresses Christ s love serving individuals and families in the community who have unmet spiritual emotional or physical needs. With limited government funding BCS relies on the generous gifts and support from individual donors and church communities. Please give a gift of hope this Christmas to those in need. Online Call 1300 ASK BCS (1300 275 227)