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FEBRUARY.2013 FREE EVERY MONTH SINGAPORE ( cos we don t wanna break your achy breaky heart) S.O.S START juicesg 02 SURVIVORS We actually survived While 21.12.12 didn t kill us (not even close) the nonstop partying last month on top of Laneway and Big Night Out totally wore us out phew Anyway we re glad that you re still with us so stick around yeah Heh not that any of you needed reminding but this month it s all hearts and kisses as St. Valentine gets ready to make his Cupid rounds again. We do have a lot of love to give but why only show it once a year right Well in the spirit of this love-fest we re declaring Zouk our official love nest (always been and always will) and have dedicated over 10 pages in this issue (page 24 onwards) to the superclub and all its awesomeness. Muacks As for those of you who abhor V-Day not to worry cos we haven t forgotten you loners yet this is not our Love Hate issue for nothing. Romance aside Feb doesn t look to be slowing down one bit with the promise of big acts guest DJs and anniversary parties (hello Poptart ) heading our way. It ll all come to a head in March when Mosaic descends upon us but we ll fill you in on that a bit later so let s just stay in the present for now. Hope you ve got your Red Bull and Energizer batteries prepped cos it s time to shift into high gear and take on the music world like the die-hards that we are Love s not a competition but we re winning EDITORIAL editor alicia tan [alicia] senior fashion writer fiona chen [fiona] music writer hidzir junaini [hidzir] lifestyle writer ain aziz [ain] editorial intern nadia rahmat [nadia] contributors amos wong christopher chen chris ujine ong eddie ivanho harlim justin toh kevin ho marie liang samantha tan shysilia novita terence lai valerie lam zachary tang ART DIRECTION designer janice lin [janice] designer lim siu fang [siufang] ADVERTISING & MARKETING account manager kelvin ha [kelvin] DID 6325 8031 M 9789 1342 account executive wilber go [wilber] DID 6325 8032 M 8289 4224 PUBLISHER & DIRECTOR david see [david] DIRECTOR calvin cheng [calvin] regional contacts MALAYSIA editor ben liew [ben] INDONESIA editor agiani salima [agiani.salima] is a free monthly publication Published by JUICE Media Pte Ltd Under license from Catcha Media Group Pte Ltd JUICE Media Pte Ltd 28 Maxwell Road 03-12 Red Dot Traffic Building Singapore 069120 T 6325 8042 F 6221 2230 ON THE COVER JUICE Media Pte Ltd is part of Save our soles The Heartbreaks CATCHA MEDIA GROUP group head of publishing luke elliott chief operating officer ken tsurumaru chief executive officer patrick grove regional advertising enquiries voon tze khay [tzekhay T 60 12 307 6737] Distributed by Mediawheel Singapore 31 Toh Guan Road East 07-01 LW Technocentre Singapore 608608. Printed by KHL Printing Co Pte Ltd 57 Loyang Drive Singapore 508968. MICA (P) 106 04 2011 shall not without the written consent of the Publisher or his gerbil be given lent resold utilised as a religious document hired out or otherwise disposed of in a mutilated condition or in any unauthorised way or affixed to any part of any publication or advertising literary or pictorial matter whatsoever or we will send the legal dogs for your ass biatch. While every reasonable care is taken for editorial contributions no responsibility will be assumed for return of materials or for corrections of contributed stupidity. Opinions expressed or implied in are solely those of the writers and are not necessarily well thought out intelligent interesting or endorsed by the Editor or Publisher. Advertisers and or their representatives indemnify the Publisher in relation to defamation slander breach copyright infringement of trademarks of name of publication titles unfair competitive or trade practices royalties or violation of rights or privacy. The Heartbreaks hometown of Morecambe once placed third in a rather amusing travel book called Crap Towns The 50 Worst Places to Live in the UK. As the book explains nothing of interest has ever come out of that dreary seaside resort. Well until The Heartbreaks that is The fact that such jovial energy and romantic wryness could come from a supposed cultural wasteland is a testament of the boys talent and ability to find beauty in bleakness. The band seems to have turned their hometown s fortunes around (the book s editor famously reconsidered his opinion upon listening to Funtimes) and now they re off around the world to prove that there s more to come from Morecambe. And getting on our cover is a pretty good start Photography Amos Wong Hair & grooming Danny Toh The Heartbreaks wearing their own clothes and Dr. Martens shoes Special thanks to Dr. Martens Airwair Singapore & Universal Music Singapore All editorial and design requests for March issue of should be received by 8 February. All advertising bookings and materials should be received by 13 February. CONTENTS FEBRUARY 04 52 EVERYBODY S BUSINESS IS OUR BUSINESS Just when you thought we couldn t get more irreverent we poked our noses (ewww ) into the bathrooms of the top nightspots to rate them. The RAS (Restroom Association Singapore should so hire us. 8TH ANNIVERSARY 24 POPTART that feeling Never lose 66 BEN SHERMAN PLECTRUM SS13 Singin the blues STRANGER 78 BEAUTIFULthe eyes of the beholder Beauty is in 34 STARS star bright Starlight HEARTBREAKS 44 THE will be boys Boys 94 WHATEVER WHENEVER 8 reasons to check into W Singapore REGULARS 06Inbox 09Flash Music 16Sounds 18Focus Artist 42Spin 55Flash Fashion 60Wardrobe 75Flash Made Up 87Flash Navigate 102Scene 110Stockists 112Final Word INBOX 06 Liam G is a prick so Sally can wait and you can hit us at inbox NUTRITIOUS STUFF OF THE MONTH Ola This is my first time writing in and the reason being that I thoroughly enjoyed reading your January issue and I wanted to pat you guys on the back. It was so packed with good stuff that it took me a few days to digest it all I particularly liked the interviews OMG there was Alt-J The Ataris and Citizens Speaking of the latter they were amazeballs at Fred Perry s 60th party and it it didn t matter that my chums and I got kinda soaked in the rain. Emily G Yes Jan 13 was a massive issue and there s more to come We re glad that our slaving paid off. Here s a leather bangle from Untitled (worth 70) for your rain-dance efforts Dear Ever since I arrived in Singapore in 2011 your magazine has been my constant companion -- first by chance and then by choice. Your magazine has been a part of my lunch break it fills me up. I usually go to the lobby of Intercon at Bugis and devour your well-thought content. After which I could say I had a full meal. Looking forward for more creative nourishment this 2013 and beyond. E dict We have more value than McDees value meals that s for sure. THERE ARE FREE LUNCHES Dear I love Not just because it s free It s always filled with pretty people and I love it cos I m pretty myself. And I can always count on to keep me updated about the music scene as I m a music junkie so always rocks my panties. I m writing this to express my appreciation and also I m trying to win something for myself. B Juicy Jeff We re not sure how someone with a name like Jeff rocks his panties but we ll keep the compliments thanks PLEASE SIR I WANT SOME MORE Hi I know 2013 is shaping up to becoming a great year for gigs and all but would it be too greedy to wish that Frank Ocean and Radiohead drop by our little island Consider this a plea Broke Music Fan We ve sent your prayers over to the music gods and his heavenly secretary said he ll get back to us soon patience. KEEPIN IT REAL Yo I was flipping through your latest issue when I was suddenly reminded of just how far you guys have come I remember reading it when it was a massive A3 size and when it was almost purely an EDM mag (yup very telling of my age). 14 years on is still a choice read for me. Thanks for keeping it real OLD BOY We re as real as KimYe s baby but sexier. THIS MONTH S MAIL OF THE MONTH WINS A LEATHER BANGLE ( 79) FROM UNTITLED S ESSENTIAL RANGE. WWW.FACEBOOK.COM UNTITLED.LAB MUSIC INSPEKTOR DECK HOLD UP JUST LET US CATCH OUR BREATHS FOR A SECOND. INHALE. EXHALE. OKAY WE RE GOOD. NOT THAT WE RE WHINING BUT WOW JANUARY SURE HEAPED A FURIOUS PACE UPON ON OUR MUSIC-LOVING SOULS. AND THANKFULLY (MAYBE NOT FOR OUR FEET OR LIVERS) FEBRUARY AIN T GONNA LET UP EITHER. WE RECOUNT ALL THE INDIE FUN IN THE FORM OF THE RAVISHING REGINA SPEKTOR AND TRIPLE J UNEARTHED-APPROVED THE RUBENS WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY PREVIEWING INCOMING SATELLITES LIKE STARS AND JOSE JAMES VIA INSIGHTFUL INTERVIEWS. ZOUK S VELVETUNDERGROUND ALSO GETS THE SPOTLIGHT FROM US AS WE SHOWER SOME LOVE ON DISCERNING NIGHTS LIKE PARA EL AND POPTART WITH THE LATTER S MASSIVE 8TH ANNIVERSARY PARTY (FEATURING CLOCK OPERA) FAST APPROACHING. LOOKS LIKE WE RE PLAYING WITH A FULL DECK ONCE AGAIN TAKING IT EASY IS FOR THE WEAK. Text Hidzir Junaini FLASH MUSIC Text Hidzir Junaini & Nadia Rahmat Images Various sources 09 PANTHA DU PRINCE & THE BELL LABORATORY ELEMENTS OF LIGHT Minimalist magician Pantha Du Prince is no stranger to understated experimentation but even for him this partnership with Norwegian percussion group The Bell Laboratory is infinitely intriguing. And the dense chiming of marimbas and a massive three-tonne 50-bell carillon interweaving with knotty and intimate house and techno arrangements make for a majestic listen indeed. As always du Prince s kaleidoscopic patterns are anything but floor-friendly but labeling his sound as dance music isn t strictly appropriate anyways. It s all about beauty in tension and mood and Elements Of Light provides that in gradual osmosis amidst seamless waves. You re best advised to consume this marriage of acoustic and electronic with eyes closed. AND SO I WATCH YOU FROM AFAR - ALL HAIL BRIGHT FUTURES Northern Irish math rock outfit And So I Watch You From Afar are one of our favourite instrumental bands out there and we re glad that they didn t pack it in after the departure of founding member Tony Wright. Instead the Belfast boys have teamed with new guitarist Niall Kennedy (Panama Kings) for an ambitious follow-up to Gangs called All Hail Bright Futures. Lead track Like A Mouse is nothing like a mouse sounding expansive frenzied and energetic. All that seems par for the course but according to the lads the new album will feature ambitious departures incorporating tropical guitar pop hand claps and gasp infectious vocals . Colour us intrigued official DANNY BROWN OLD We greet news of Danny Brown s brand new mixtape with hollers and toothless grins. Titled Old the new release promises to live up to its name by displaying a more mature side to the Detroit emcee. But while there ll be fewer juvenile jokes about fellatio the Fool s Gold rapper still retains his impeccable flow and connections to incredible producers. Long-time collaborators like SKYWLKR Paul White and Oh No have been tabbed to drop beats alongside UK beatsmiths such as grime badman Darq E Freaker and Glaswegian future bass visionary Rustie. There s also a whole host of great guests collabs prepped highlighted by A AP Rocky ScHoolboy Q Ab-Soul Kitty Pryde and Purity Ring. NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS PUSH THE SKY AWAY The ambiguous album artwork features a dapper Nick Cave holding a shutter open while a mysterious woman in the nude tip-toes on the other side of the room. It looks exactly as it promises to sound like - ominous creepy theatrical sexual in other words typical Nick Cave Cave himself explained that if he were to relate a metaphor of albums being like children Push the Sky Away is the ghost-baby in the incubator and Warren s loops are its tiny trembling heartbeat. However cryptic that explanation may be their new record is poised to deliver with a well-honed palette of rich strangeness that promises to engage any listener. BRANDT BRAUER FRICK MIAMI Classically trained German trio Brandt Brauer Frick are best known for their insane ability to translate techno into a live context via an 11-piece orchestral ensemble However their third album Miami sees the group scaling things back stripping themselves of their elaborate structure and massive instrumentation. Mr. Machine especially was very planned and strict. We wanted to be more spontaneous this time. We wanted to do something very different more dark and more rough explains Paul Frick. The new album set for a March release on K7 also features a star-studded guest cast that included Nina Kraviz Jamie Lidell Gudrun Gut (Einsturzende Neubauten) and Om mas Keith (Frank Ocean Jay-Z). FLASH MUSIC FIVE MINUTES WITH... YEASAYER Text Hazlinda Elina Image Chugg Entertainment 10 SHIFT 002 The momentum is with Midnight Shift at the moment and their label arm is set to capitalise with the release of their second EP. The four-track record is anchored by two faces that should be familiar to fans of their nocturnal party series Iron Curtis and Ultrademon The Berliner turns in two classy cuts that display two very different sides of his 4 4 repertoire. Never Give Up (Original Version) exudes smooth deep house while its techno twin Never Give Up (The Chant) is an industrial rattler. Meanwhile the seapunk originator contributes Bend and Goonchie Blunch a pair of tracks that shine and express themselves as loudly as Ultrademon s hair. Available in vinyl and digital (25 February) formats via label DIPHASIC INSOMNIA Diphasic may be saying farewell to Singapore for a bit as he heads to Europe to pursue his studies but at least the local junglist has left us with one helluva parting gift his new EP Insomnia Released via the Phyla Digital the record first hit our radars during its launch party at Broadcast HQ last month (during Deep Transits SURROUND 02 shindig) and we have to admit that it s been on repeat ever since. This is probably the best out of Diphasic s already stellar body of drum & bass work with four outstanding tracks that span from fast-paced tribal tunes to creepy hypnotizing head nodders. Pick it up phyladigital diphasic-insomnia-ep-phyla003 Part of the evolving indie band scene in Brooklyn Yeasayer is a psychedelic pop trio consisting of vocalist Chris Keating bassist Ira Wolf Tuton and guitarist Anand Wilder. More than just acid dropouts they re known for replanting psychedelic roots back into the 21st century much like hipster brethren Animal Collective ushering us away from most of the gibberish we call music today. After their much-hyped return performance at the recent St. Jerome s Laneway Festival 2013 we got the chance to speak to guitarist Anand Wilder thankful for the fact that they re still alive after almost being killed by a giant spider in Brazil. What are your memories from your first Laneway in Singapore back in 2011 It was raining all day long It was a huge sensation. We were told that never before have people in Singapore stayed in the rain that long. It was pretty amazing. People came from all over South East Asia Where is the strangest place you would actually love to live in I ve always had fantasies about living in India South America or Japan. But I don t know if I would be able to just drop everything and transplant my life I have pretty deep roots now in Brooklyn. What sets Fragrant World apart from Future Cymbals and Odd Blood I think the rhythms are a little bit more abstract than the other two albums and it s probably more mature. What is the strangest thing any of you have ever encountered on tour A giant spider that almost killed us in Brazil Besides the genre you do psychedelic pop what are some other genres you like that might surprise us I really like folk music. I also like hip-hop and some heavy metal. If you could go back to the 60s what is the first thing you would do The first thing I want to do is record all the hits from the 70s 80s and 90s put them all in one album and make the greatest album of all time. And maybe go see a Bob Marley concert or something. A lot of your videos exude trippy visuals and they re all amazing Mind sharing what goes on behind the process of making them Well usually we just pick a music video director whose works we re familiar with and intrigued by. And then we have some dialogues and see what their ideas are bounce our ideas between one another and hope for the best THE JOY FORMIDABLE - WOLF S LAW At last fans of the alt-rock trio can rejoice after months of making do with teasers and the release of a music video on the band s Facebook page for their long awaited second album. Deriving their title from a medical rule written by a German anatomist in the 19th century Wolf s Law builds upon a more emotional and spiritual level compared to The Big Roar. Indeed vocalist Ritzy Bryan admits how separation death and redemption all played a part in shaping the album. But it s not all sorrow and suffering it s the reflection of positivity from the band that shows how much they ve grown stronger by outpouring honest emotions. FLASH MUSIC 12 YOUNG FATHERS TAPE ONE While indie-pop and post-punk are synonymous with Scotland the hip-hop scene there barely gets any attention at all. Well that s likely set to change with the arrival of Edinburgh trio Young Fathers Recently picked up by Anticon Ally Massaquoi Kayus Bankol and Graham Hastings have finally found the right platform to re-release Tape One. Their debut record is filled with analogue spirit cassette nostalgia and most importantly vivid storytelling a lost art in the age of braggadocio rappers. African beats and Jamaican dub provide the soundtrack to the emcees spitfire poetry that s as consequentially emotional as they are contagiously danceable. Long held in the backburner we re glad that Tape One is finally getting the attention it deserves. THE KNIFE SHAKING THE HABITUAL Ghostly Swedish electronic duo The Knife haven t exactly been hiding in the shadows over the last six years (though still behind creepy Venetian masks) but it has been six long years since the Gothenburg siblings have released a proper album together. Well the drought s almost over because the follow-up to 2006 s dark ambient stunner Silent Shout is swiftly coming News of the new album Shaking The Habitual was unveiled via cryptic teaser video and we re psyched to learn that it ll feature Shannon Funchess of Light Asylum Best of all the rarely glimpsed outfit will be hitting the road again and we re desperately hoping that The Habitual tour will bring them to our shores. UNKNOWN MORTAL ORCHESTRA When Unknown Mortal Orchestra caught our attention with their gritty psychedelic guitar riffs in Ffunny Friends we couldn t find anything else that could satiate our thirst for lo-fi as much as UMO managed to just from that one track. Even their much-awaited performance at The People s Party last year did little to curb our unending cravings for these Kiwi psychedelics. Now with II fresh out UMO is back to lure listeners into their realm of fuzzy garage-tinged goodness. If their first album was mind-trippingly addictive then the soundscapes of the second one will feed you with more of their distinct and blissful analog textures. TEGAN AND SARA HEARTTHROB We ve followed these twin Canucks from their indie cult beginnings to their current commercial success and we ve never stopped being totally infatuated with their organic vocals and their refreshingly candid lyrics. In fact we still find ourselves singing along passionately to stuff like Nineteen and Where Does The Good Go in the shower. It s a pleasure to keep track of their steady climb and so it is with no surprise that the duo has emerged with a brand new pretty amazing seventh album Heartthrob delivers tracks drenched with synth-pop beats and Tegan and Sara s trademark two-part melodies keeping things organic while delving into new exuberant territory. LOCAL NATIVES HUMMINGBIRD After intentionally keeping a low profile since the debut of Gorilla Manor L.A. based band Local Natives is finally back on track with a second LP that promises to captivate fans with their newfound energy that sees the group experimenting with sparse musical arrangements while keeping certain elements that were distinct to their sound. Along with the release of a music video for the single Breakers Hummingbird takes flight with soaring vocals and dynamic percussions ensuring an album far more expansive than their last. Take a peep of the peculiar visuals from the music video for Breakers and you ll find your curiosity piqued. HEINEKEN SOUND COUNCIL SOUND BITES BAL FESTIVAL GLO SPOTLIGHT ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL HEINEKEN TAKES YOU ON A FIRSTHAND GUIDE THROUGH THE BEST MUSIC FESTIVALS AROUND THE WORLD. SO STRAP IN AND PLAN YOUR SONIC TRAVEL SCHEDULES WITH US. yr purit ing disclosure THE APPEAL OF INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FESTIVALS No stranger to massive internationally acclaimed music festivals like Worldwide Festival in Sete France Big Day Out a music festival held in a castle in Melbourne music festivals are her audio-visual indulgence. She is a familiar face in the local electronic music scene as well as one of the co-founders audio-visual collective SYNDICATE Cherry Chan is also a beloved member of the Heineken Sound Council. She appreciates that the curation and quality of music at these international festivals are more daring and more experimental instead of simply catering to the masses. Constantly on the look out for music festivals that intrigue her Ultra Festival is definitely on Cherry s to-do list She is certain that the upcoming one will be a blast with the festival hitting their 15th year milestone and the impressive line up that promises nothing short of an epic event. festival flashback Few electronic music festivals in the world hold as much star-power or prestige as Miami s massive Ultra Music Festival - and that s a fact backed up by their numbers. Held in beautiful Bayfront Park over at downtown Miami the outdoor extravaganza has expanded from an all-day free-for-all from 19992006 to a two-day blowout from 2007 2010 before eventually morphing into a gargantuan three-day weekender bender from 2011-2012. As you can tell Ultra can barely contain their ever-increasing demand growing from 45 000 attendees in 2005 to 165 000 last year breaking the City of Miami records for tickets sold at a single event along the way MIAMI USA 15 MAR - 17 MAR 22 MAR - 24 MAR NEWS BULLETIN look out for And it keeps getting bigger 2013 s Ultra will now be held over TWO weekends (March 15 to 17 and March 22 to 24) to coincide with the start and climax of Miami Music Week. With more days and slots the fest is also charged with upping the ante with their lineup and thankfully that s never a problem for these guys. Huge names David Guetta deadmau5 and Ti sto have been confirmed alongside the epic final ever performance of Swedish House Mafia who are culminating their farewell One Last Tour at Ultra Music. This special 15th Year Anniversary edition will also feature Armin van Buuren Fatboy Slim and The Bloody Beetroots amongst dozens of others. KEEP THE LANEWAY FESTIVAL 2013 MEMORIES FRESH spotlight - disclosure Thousands of indie music fans thronged The Meadows at Gardens by the Bay for the kick off of St Jerome s Laneway Festival 2013 and a jam-packed day of music against a stunning backdrop. Through Radio Heineken Heineken created a holistic festival experience marrying radio digital and live stage connecting fans with their favourite acts and allowing them to be truly one with the gig. Even though the Singapore leg of the festival is over with a bang you can still keep the memories of the festival fresh with a set of signed memorabilia from one of the bands To find out how you can win them stay tuned to Heineken They may not be the most recognisable name on the poster but Disclosure is definitely one of the coolest acts on this crazy bill. South London siblings Guy and Howard Lawrence (17 and 20 respectively) have made quite a splash with their 2-step and UK garage revivalism. Memorable originals such as Latch and Tenderly alongside their immensely popular remix for Jessie Ware s Running saw them turn white-hot last year bubbled by tremendous critical adulation and their visceral live performances. We ve seen them in action and trust us you really don t wanna miss these guys Visit for more deets Follow us on Twitter Heineken_SG to be part of our music movement. BOOMBOX 14 JAYDAH Text Hidzir Junaini Profile image Juffrie Friday Portishead Dummy This is an absolutely beautiful album and has been through with me at my most difficult times. The subtle jazziness occasional orchestra and dark soulful beats paired with Beth Gibbon s soothing vocals makes melancholy look elegant. Dummy to me is the epitome of modern poetry. Electric President S T I found this album when I was 16 after the Postal Service craze which got me formally fascinated in electronic sounds. I fell in love with its distinctive rawness and lyrical meaning that revolved around our everyday human errors. It was one of those albums where its meaning unnoticed at first innocently struck me and made me go holy fu.. . Alias & Tarsier Brookland Oaklyn A friend of mine introduced this album and it broke my heart when I first listened to it. The contrasting melodies of the synthesized and organic the heart wrenching lyrics where Tarsier sings with quiet optimism everything about it is a beautiful mess. This record meant a lot to me because of its honesty that made it so uplifting to begin with. The xx xx I first heard Teardrops in a car ride home after a date which got me so intrigued by the melody that I had him play the song again. The song got me in love with The xx instantly. Just like its ethereal quality this album holds a special place in my heart for that special someone. 2012 S BATCH OF FFF GIRL DJ BOOTCAMP ALUMNI OFFERED UP LOTS OF FRESH NEW FELINE TALENT BUT FOR OUR MONEY FEW WERE MORE PROMISING OR EXCITING THAN JAYDAH. HER GRADUATION BASH SHOWCASE AT ZOUK WINEBAR WAS A STANDOUT SHOWING BUT IT WAS HER RECENT SET AT NIGHT AND DAY DURING THE OFFICIAL LAUNCH OF BEFORE THE WALL (A SILENT STORM AND PHYLA DIGITAL FUNDRAISING EFFORT IN SUPPORT OF SOS CHILDREN S VILLAGES PALESTINE) THAT REALLY IMPRESSED US. HER TASTE FOR DEEP DARK ELECTRONIC BASS MUSIC ERRS TOWARDS THE SMOOTHER AND MORE SOLVENT SIDE OF THE DUBSTEP AND DRUM & BASS OFFERING A WELCOME FEMININE TOUCH TO A MALEDOMINATED SCENE. WE RE TOTALLY DIGGING HER SOUND SO WE GOT HER TO DIG THROUGH HER CRATES TO PICK OUT HER FAVE RECORDS. WWW.MIXCLOUD.COM JAYDAH Skream Skream It took me some time to appreciate Skream s ingeniousness until I heard Tortured Soul introduced by my friend during a car ride home. There s something about this record that holds that beloved rawness that made me appreciate the filth that Skream could easily get away with. Skream Outside the Box Not everyone would like this transition of Skream but I thought it was a truly brilliant album even though it appealed more to the masses. Tracks such as Metamorphosis and Reflection were an extension of his maturity as a producer which very much adds to that cinematic raw quality that he was originally known for. Kahn Like We Used To Helter Skelter Kahn is my biggest influence so it s hard to choose one particular record from him because none of them seem to disappoint so I leave you with his debut record instead. I remembered the first time I heard Like We Used To and it blew away my heart mind and soul. I ve not kept my eyes off him since then always on the edge waiting for his newest releases. Mala From London to Cape Town (Studio Mix June 2011) Changes and Forgive were my first listens to Mala and it made me fall in love with the way dubstep could make me feel warm fuzzy and yet surreal at the same time. I got this mixtape from the godfather himself during his unbelievably amazing set for Worldwide Festival 2011 in Singapore. It was an experience I will never forget. Burial Burial Yeah. Burial. The album speaks for itself. Various Kokeshi Kompilation This was only released last year and has made itself deserving to be part of my list. I came across this album without knowing what Kokeshi was about and I have A LOT to say about this great record but I would need at least a quarter page. Basically all I can say is if you re looking to shoegaze to a dubstep tune this is it for me. SOUNDS 16 BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR BY ALICIA TAN We usually reserve this column for our regular guest columnists but heck sometimes we just wanna be self-centred and have a free rant too. Do note that we ve recently come off two months worth of nonstop partying weekend after weekend (sometimes even on weekdays yeah FML) so yes we ve stored up quite a bit of ammunition and it s time to unleash the kraken. A few months back we ran a column on the right etiquette to have at gigs and concerts that was some good advice that we noticed many of you took into account. To that job well done give yourselves a pat on the backs we re proud of you. Now enough with the bushwacking we ve got deadlines to meet and villains to defeat (all in a day s work). Welcome to s etiquette school of dance floor Dos and Don ts Text Christopher Ujine Ong PICKS OF THE MONTH DEAD IN THE BOOT ELBOW (FICTION POLYDOR) ESSENTIAL TUNES FROM SOMEBODY PUT BABY IN THE CORNER So you ve got that middle child syndrome and feel the need to act out. Please for the sake of other partygoers who are there to enjoy the music and vibe do not use the dance floor as your sulk zone. It makes us sad when we see your sad face and if your friends can t say it to your face let us be the ones to enlighten you nobody likes a party pooper. If you ain t feeling it just go home. Do not head to the bar for another drink spare yourself the pity party and your friends having to clean up after your sorry ass. PRACTISE P.L.U.R The dance floor is always a bit of a squeeze so can we all just ref kin-lax already We all just wanna dance so if you do accidentally bump into someone apologise. Even a small smile goes a long way. And an excuse me will score you some extra space from your fellow clubbers. What we don t appreciate is the jabbing elbow the non-stop tsking and your b ch face. Should anyone make a case for B-sides Hardcore fans of any band will shout you down to pound that gavel and scream sold just to them and only for them even if the goods are damaged. But what of us commoners who just wanna have some goody-goody ear gum elbow s B-side compilation gives us enough chewiness to qualify as Wrigley-worthy. After the recent Olympics made them the biggest stadium rock balladeering band around (until the next Olympics rolls around at least) this release will cement the notion that these guys know how to craft come-down reflective plaintive rock. It s like Guy Garvey and his mates collected these tracks to purposefully signpost them as alternatives to their typical A-side rousing rock songs. Whatever the reasons the bluesy The Long War Shuffle the folksy Gentle As and minimalistic Tom Waits-esque McGreggor are no second rung BTW-ers with these B-sides they add depth and perspective to a band s growth highlight hitherto underestimated strengths and in elbow s case show how rock ballads are most beautiful when they are inherently flawed unpolished and downbeat. LOOK MA I VE GOT TOURETTES Okayyyyy we know you love the guest DJ. We know you ve been dying to put out those awesome dance moves like a b ch in heat. We are too So please please please stop flailing your arms around into our unsuspecting faces and stamping on our precious feet. A little restraint is always welcomed and it just makes it so much easier for all of us to appreciate your enthusiasm. Let s all get along yeah PUT A LID ON IT VICIOUS LIES AND DANGEROUS RUMOURS BIG BOI A little overblown a little ambitious a little over-starred a little too much hype Big Boi s follow up to 2010 s Sir Lucious Left Foot The Son Of Chico Dusty does not cohere that well feels a little unadjusted with disparate musical elements sewn into one album. But hey ya This is one half of the genre busting duo OutKast so what were you expecting Never one to settle easily into just one musical box Antwan Patton aka Big Boi steps away from the out-and-out funk & pop rap that he s known for to make indie-electronica rap pop not the easiest musical pie to bake even in his kitchen of tricks. Tracks such as Lines featuring A AP Rocky and Phantogram and Shoes For Running featuring B.o.B and Wavves can either appeal or repel depending how you take to the rappers indie act combo. Then there are the club bangers In The A starring T.I. And Ludacris and Gossip featuring UGK and Big K.R.I.T which spell commercial rap . But the three tracks where he works with Little Dragon are where he and singer Yukimi Nagano make the unlikeliest but most surprising of pairings. The dance floor is not a bar so if you re gonna have to drink on the dance floor lay off the red wine. Unless you re gonna be picking up the drycleaning tab for some poor white-clad dude dudette please have some common sense. Here s our list of dance floor approved drinks shots (quick and easy to drink) champagne (doesn t stain and care to share ) and bottled beers (least chances of spillage unless you have two left hands). (PURPLE RIBBON DEF JAM) FRIENDS OF FRIENDS OF DJS We ve noticed a growing number of DJ console invaders recently no need to name names. Some are legit friends of ours and some are your typical what s his her face . Before you mistake this for bitterness on our part please note that we ve been back there ourselves on occasion. What we don t appreciate are the smug holier-than-thou looks that are cast down upon those on the dance floor. From where we re standing you look like a bunch of confined cows ready for the slaughter house. The grass is not neccessarily greener on the other side. justsaying PSYCHO NANA ALERT Stop your DJ stalking. Stop staring at the DJ from the dance floor. Stop accidentally bumping into him when he s taking a pee break. It s creepy it s bloody embarassing and excuse us miss you re taking up vital dance space. There you have it kids six teeny weenie pleas from us so we can all have a helluva good time together at the next dance floor outing. Let s all behave and there shall be no blood on the dance floor. Peace out. INTO THE FUTURE (MEGAFORCE RECORDS) How many ska reggae metal punk bands do you really know No No Doubt does not count. So that leaves in the last 30 years possibly only Bad Brains. Paul H.R. Hudson Dr. Know Darryl Jenifer and Earl Hudson return after their last Adam Yauch produced album in 2007 still with devilish fire in their belly and more gremlin wooziness in H.R. s vocalisations. They may not be as gung-ho as they were in the past but they sound revitalised going Into The Future. BAD BRAINS GRACE CONFUSION (CARPARK) Chillwave is going through an evolution with its prime proponents (Neon Indian Toro Y Moi et al) scattering and diffracting in different directions as though they feared being pigeonholed. Davye Hawk wants his new direction to be messy and his songs less crafted and regarded more as pieces of a larger sound set. With some measure of success he does on Neighborhood Watch and Let Me Be but then because of the laissez-faire chintziness of it all some lagginess sags in in the breath of these six songs. MEMORY TAPES THE GREATEST STORY NEVER TOLD - CHAPTER 2 BREAD & CIRCUSES (SUBURBAN NOIZE) Saigon drops his sequel to The Greatest Story Never Told the good news is that Brian Daniel Carenard keeps it gangsta real and same-o by sticking to what he does best but the bad news is that it s nothing new cos every other rapper has been there and done that creative ground that even Saigon has covered himself. Still aggro with a message or two to bear unto the listener Saigon tells 17 tales about his life with guests Chamillionaire Styles P and Marsha Ambrosius in tow. SAIGON TRUE (TERRIBLE RECORDS) Envy the girl who is Beyonc s younger sister or pity her for being a less successful sibling to a diva superstar At the tip of a double-edged sword Solange may teeter as a singer-songwriter in the past but on her newest True EP LP she does so ever so delicately and gracefully. Engaging one Devont Hynes (Lightspeed Champion Blood Orange) to help her out she finally manages to stand apart from her sis with some low-key cool-indie R&B sounds Losing You is the one to win you over. SOLANGE FABRICLIVE 66 (FABRIC RECORDS) If you think Skrillexstyle bro-step and Guetta-gutter dance-pop are the last words in dance music then don t put your peanutsized noggin to waste trying to understand Daniel Avery s brand of techy hypno-house. Lauded by Erol Alkan and Andrew Weatherall Avery s time is now with FabricLive 66. Avery s the newest killer-kiddo on the klub-block knifing & twisting ya by hooking you up on the punchy mid-tempo thumps of JR Seaton s Way Savvy and Sneaker s You Think You Think . DANIEL AVERY DAUGHTER OF CLOUD (POLYVINYL) Those completists clued into Kevin Barnes kaleidoscopic psychedelic indie rock should pick up this compilation of rarities and B-sides from his band s 2007-2012 oeuvre. For those who are virginal to the Athens GA. band s orgy of sound effects wild tempos and loopy lyrics best to look through their earlier works. The band has gone from a creative high to more creatively bonkers in the last two releases so hearing focused tracks like Noir Blues To Tinnitus is quite a welcome (return ) listen to Of Montreal. OF MONTREAL TEMPORAL (IPECAC) Two years after calling quits on their 13-year progressive metal post-metal career Isis decides to gift fans with an album of rarities covers unreleased tracks and demos. But this is no mere look back at their epic highs. What you get (regretfully or not depending on your penchant for hard and heavy kerrranging) are stripped back demos of Ghost Key and the stupendous 17-minute Grey Divide . Far more interesting are their takes on Godflesh s Streetcleaner and Black Sabbath s Hand Of Doom . ISIS PALE FIRE (CONTROL GROUP) We heart Swedish music and we heart Sarah Assbring aka El Perro Del Mar s fifth album to all of its 10 teeny itsy song bits. This is Sarah s dance-pop album she taking inspiration from 90s house and synth music and getting playful with their electronic elements to create Swedish chilled synth music. Sounding like a less affected whimsical Lykke Li Sarah is at her twee best in the terrific title track Walk On By I Was A Boy and Dark Night . EL PERRO DEL MAR DUALITY (SELF RELEASED) Samples flying in and out of nowhere muffled The Low End Theory beats gruff rhyming this is Steven Ellison (Flying Lotus) acting as Captain Murphy MF Doom Madvillainy style. When the first few tracks and mixtape came out Captain Murphy s undisclosed real identity put people in a tizzy. Even now that all s been revealed the album s no less awesome. This is Ellison as Flying Lotus producing an actual Brainfeeder rap album blown out of a bong of course. Weedy weedy good. CAPTAIN MURPHY PINES (VIRGIN RECORDS) How Alison Sudol has grown from One Cell in the Sea to Bomb in a Birdcage and now Pines as A Fine Frenzy she has matured from being a mere folksy singer-songwriter to one who s willing to cast her inner I lyricism within the larger creative play of sounds and atmosphere building. Accompany Ms Sudol into the Pines on the wonderful Winds Of Wander where she is at her best vocally the jazzy & rocking They Can t If You Don t Let Them and the upbeat indie-pop number Now Is The Start . A FINE FRENZY TR (REPRISE RECORDS) Why must Green Day try to take on ambition and make a disaster of it Releasing three albums in a year the band started with Uno and Dos and finally end with Tr . Overturning their past work with fillers scraps and some can-dos the band starts wrong-footing on a maudlin note with Brutal Love and end everything with a forgettable The Forgotten . Most significantly these albums teach us all the wrong that can happen when punk rockers grow from green to mouldy. GREEN DAY (EMI RECORDS LTD) Okay so this is Parklive Blur live at the London Olympics 2012 Closing Ceremony Concert at Hyde Park. There are very few moments upon which a band can mark their career with that is as momentous as this and the flag bearers of Brit pop do not falter. Girls & Boys Beetlebum Country House Song 2 The Universal ... the list of 25 songs goes on. We are absolutely biased this is a definitive live album to get listen and love. BLUR PARKLIVE FOCUS ARTIST IF YOU LIKE THAT YOU LL LOVE THESE... 18 ONE HUNNED Coming from a b-boy background (seriously you should see him dance during his DJ sets) Lunice has a pretty uncanny understanding on how to make hip-hop-based dance music. Twinkly synths spaced-out crunk and Rick Ross organs bloom like a basshead wallflower. LUNICE BAAUER Text Hidzir Junaini WAKA FLOCKA FLAME So let s just get this out of the way we know Flocka s music isn t subtle we re not gonna wax lyrical about how smart it is. We love it because it s a straight-up gangsta sledgehammer that simply bombasts you with cocky aggression. FLOCKAVELI DUMDUM BOY So maybe you re one of those folks who s sick of hearing Harlem Shake in every other bass set and maybe you re also intent on choking the next producer who thinks it s still a fresh idea to drop that Damn son where d you find this sample. Or more likely you re one of the many that remain confused by all the Run The Trap tees you see around town. Because fact is as much as the people on the inside think that trap has become entrenched in popular club culture in the same disgusting way that dubstep proliferated (and eventually diluted) in the late noughties it s simply not true. The vast majority of dancefloor denizens will give a blank stare if you mention trap to them which is a good indicator that the T word isn t a dirty one at least not in the sense that brostep has become. But just because the genre isn t widely recognised (yet) doesn t mean that the sound isn t instantly recognisable to the common clubber. Tunes by RL Grime Flosstradamus and yes Baauer are regularly rinsed and not just by DJs in the underground but by big mainstream names too. People can tell the hallmarks the ghetto snares and hood high-hats. But subconsciously people already have that sound ingrained in their heads from Luger-era Southern rap or Baltimore bounce and trap s appeal is instinctual because the genre s structure is familiar and new at the same time. Harry Baauer Rodrigues is a pretty prime example of a quiet distinctly un-ghetto producer who grew up on hip-hop and twerked to Bricksquad in his room while trying to make it in the EDM world professionally. I guess the stuff I tried to make was like Ministry of Sound dance music but the stuff I listened to was all hip-hop me and my friends like nerdy white kids you know. We listened to a lot of Madlib MF Doom and Dilla. Eventually Baauer figured out that the best plan was to play to his influences marrying his intelligent understanding of hip-hop with partyfriendly dance floor ethics. And the first people to get what Baauer was doing surprisingly came from the bass scene across the pond. Guys like Rustie slipped his stuff into his Essential Mix while Hudson Mohawke s label LuckyMe quickly snapped him up and before long Baauer s name was made both in the UK and back in his hometown NYC. The UK bass guys intrinsically understood because the American trap explosion was so similar to what they were pushing combining booming hip-hop with British dance staples like funky garage and dub. And as always Diplo got in on the groundfloor too with Mad Decent being the first one to pimp him out to the masses. Shuddering visceral cuts DumDum Yaow and Iced Up will give you an idea as to why Baauer has been so inescapably huge over the last six months or so. baauer Like Baauer first popped up on Jeffree s too and this elusive dude has come to personify the trap genre as a whole. You can tell by his name that his shizz is the sonic equivalent of a streetwise sub-machine gun. 6 9 Z FLOSSTRADAMUS Bet you saw this coming. Floss role in the trap thang is undeniable and their affiliation to Mad Decent and Fool s Gold certainly played a part. From rave build-ups to skittering 808s this Chicago duo is probably the best lead to follow. X LISTEN UP 20 WHO S H0T ON THE PLAYLIST THIS MONTH WE TELL. Text Hidzir Junaini RAINY MILO HAIM Made up of three laidback longhaired Californian sisters in their late teens and early twenties Haim is immediately noticeable. But besides that familial gimmick it s their blend of adventurous a capellas bubblegum pop and upbeat nu-folk meets 90s-R&B that really piqued our interest. With minimal blog buzz and low profile word-of-mouth Haim were already opening for the likes of Julian Casablancas and No Age over the last couple of years. However once their debut EP Forever got out indie obscurity would be a thing of the past. Impossibly refreshing singles like Forever and Don t Save Me recently earned the band top spot on BBC s immensely influential Sound of 2013 poll an unmistakable signpost pointing to huge things for the girls this year. There s an inspired wave of R&B revivalism going on right now but perhaps no newcomer offers as much promise as Rainy Milo. She s been at it since age 14 and her inclination to sing over jazz-tinged hip-hop led to her discovery in a beat by BLCK RSSN. The result was a yearning stunner called Bout You a track so good and featuring a voice with so much potential that she was immediately offered record deals. Displaying patience beyond her years Milo opted to wait and let her sound mature first. But judging by her FREE debut EP Limey the girl s already there. Anchored by her startling voice soulful pacing and fantastic collabs with Chet Faker and Cole MGN (Ariel Pink s Haunted Graffiti) the record will leave you in love. rainymilo sets limey CHL E HOWL This 17-year-old pixie is the baby-cheeked lovechild of Kate Nash and Foster The People which is basically just a fancy way of saying that she s a cute freckled redhead Brit with a proclivity for ultra-catchy indiepop. Her breakout track is No Strings and it s an infectious bit of pop irreverence but while its youthful exuberance is what attracts attention it s actually the track s lyrical personality that gets you hooked. No more crawling in your bed f ck your no strings I hope I have twins expresses a relationship ruined by the other half s desire for casualness and it s something all of us can relate to on some level. You know how we like out sweet things with a slice of subversive. chloehowlofficial SHLOHMO This leftfield LA lad got everyone s tongue wagging last year with a string of incredible remixes for the likes of LOL Boys ( Changes ) Jeremih ( F ck U All The Time ) and Little Dragon ( Sunshine ) but the gauzy producer has been on our good side for far longer than that. Earlier records such as Bad Vibes and Vacation offer a much clearer view into his groggy instrumental imagination growing steadily from glitchy FlyLo-esque ambience to his own unique take on lo-fi low-end and knotty ruminative elegance. At once distortedly detached and sublimely emotional his style is the kind of delicate and elastic beatmaking that remains resonant despite lacking an obvious hook. Whether it s a remix a DJ set or an original production Shlohmo s always awesome which is we can t wait his March-bound Laid Out EP shlohmo ESSENTIALS 22 TALKING HEADS Text Zachary Tang It s not music you would use to get a girl into bed. If anything you re going to frighten her off. David Byrne KEY TALKING HEADS Although this resulted in limited mainstream chart successes with only one American Top 10 hit Burning Down The House throughout their whole career they achieved critical success and like all forward-looking musicians too sophisticated for their time would come to be increasingly appreciated not just in the esoteric rock community but by the masses. The Heads discography starts out with their impressive debut 77 which showcases Byrne s eccentricity in songs like Psycho Killer one of the most enduring Heads songs. Their next album marked the beginning of a resplendent collaboration between the Heads and Brian Eno that lasted through three of their albums. It was within this era that the Heads arguably produced their most diverse and brilliant work including 1980 s masterpiece Remain In Light giving rise to memorable tracks like Once In A Lifetime a perfect slice of punkera pop with lyrics that feel ever more relevant today. It is worthwhile to note that Byrne s genius and eclecticism extended beyond his songwriting. Their live shows were impressionable and unforgettable with his trademark oversized suits sporadic bouts of running around the stage isolated dance moves and fervent piercing eyes he revolutionised the way live music was perceived and created. U2 s Bono modeled their live performances after them Radiohead named themselves after one of their songs Arcade Fire Local Natives and many other artists made covers of their songs all these go to show how great an impact they have left in their wake. If musicians today continue making music as timeless as Talking Heads we think we re all gonna be just fine. Fear of Music (1979) This ain t no party this ain t no disco goes Life During Wartime an apt description of the Heads third studio album one which is evidently more detached and abstract than its predecessors despite its upbeat tempo and big choruses. In this album Byrne s quirkiness portrays inconsequential thoughts resulting in a myriad of bizarre lyrics. Remain In Light (1980) once in a lifetime Talking heads a term used in the 70s by TV studios to describe a head-and-shoulder shot of a person talking as all content no action is seemingly ill-fitting for a band so energetic and inventive in their prime. A look at their legendary live concert documentary in 1984 Stop Making Sense filled with neurasthenic dance moves and avant-garde imagery exposes how unapologetically erratic they are contrary to the motivation for their name. Formed in 1975 in New York City Talking Heads was an American new-wave band a genre birthed from the golden age of punk rock who have since emerged from their humble beginnings into Rock And Roll s Hall Of Fame and the hearts of many die-hard fans thanks to eight boldly experimental yet pop-ready studio albums. The Rolling Stones had their Mick Jagger Queen their Freddie Mercury and Talking Heads their David Byrne. With such a riveting and postmodernistic vocalist that Byrne was as a frontman it was imminent that the Heads would be propelled into monolithic rock star status. In 1974 Byrne together with Chris Frantz and his then-girlfriend Tina Weymouth moved to NYC to focus on making music. Byrne and Frantz unable to find a bass guitarist rooted in punk rock culture convinced Weymouth to pick up the bass guitar. Their first gig was an opener for the already-famous Ramones and since then they ve have matched if not surpassed their fame. Byrne was brilliantly original daring to experiment with multitudes of musical styles combining elements of punk with art-rock and funk which culminated in their eclectic and iconic brand of sound. A masterpiece created with Brian Eno Remain In Light gave life to great classics like Once In A Lifetime while retaining their experimental edge in tracks like Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On) and The Great Curve . Their audience was finally ready to follow their idiosyncrasy allowing them to be even more daring. Speaking In Tongues (1983) The mood here is noticeably airier as they detach themselves from the solemnity of their previous two albums. The arrangements are intricate and the songwriting genuine apparent in timeless songs This Must Be The Place (Na ve Melody) . Also check out Burning Down The House for a brilliant display of instrumentation complimenting Byrne s howling vocals. ALERT POPTART 8 ANNIVERSARY TH Time flies and eight years have passed but you know what we never have to get old if we never lose that feeling. And that s exactly the kind of indie-frenzy time capsule that Poptart is. No matter how familiar you become with the people the tunes or the atmosphere every party feels just as fun as your first party. We ve made countless friends at Poptart and magically enough their DJs treat everyone of us like family. There s a real sense of hominess about the whole thing which is why we all keep coming back. Whether you were one of the pioneering few who discovered that feeling during their old-school DIY shindigs or if you were one of those who picked up the magic along the way (maybe at Home Club maybe at Butter Factory or maybe more recently at Zouk) chances are that Adrian Wee Jah and Jinmart probably know you all on a first name basis. Those community vibes are genuine and all the more telling when you re in the midst of an epic sing-along. And unlike most other communities this one hasn t only retained their core devotees over the years it s expanded to become a monster evident in the sweaty sardined euphoria during their time at Velvet Underground Dance and even during those rare voyages into Zouk s immense main room. Those crazy crowds made up of Poptart converts from all eras prove that their fanbase is building by the month and their fans ravenous enthusiasm is at once scary and heartwarming. Poptart recently took a brief break in January (we felt your pain) but don t worry guys they were merely taking time to gear up for their 8th Anniversary party this month. So expect an amplified dose of indie debauchery along with a special performance from London buds Clock Opera Poptart s 8th birthday takes place at Zouk on Friday 15 February 24 Text Hidzir Junaini Image Zouk Management GLAMOUROUS INDIE ROCK & ROLL CLOCK OPERA LIKE A FINELY CRAFTED SWISS TIMEPIECE CLOCK OPERA S SHIMMERING SOUNDS ARE KNOWN FOR ITS METICULOUS COMPLEXITY. BUT WHILE THEIR LAYERED SONGWRITING AND SAMPLING PROCESS CERTAINLY SEEMS UNORTHODOX THE END RESULT ISN T ONLY REMARKABLY COHERENT IT ONLY EXUDES THE KIND OF FANTASTICAL ELEGANCE THAT LEAPS AND LURCHES AND LOVES. BEGUN BY PRODUCER REMIXER GUY CONNELLY THE SYMPHONY BEHIND CLOCK OPERA SOON BECAME TOO BIG FOR ONE MAN TO HANDLE LEADING TO THE RECRUITMENT OF ANDY WEST CHE ALBRIGHTON AND DAN ARMSTRONG. THE QUARTET SOON TOOK CLOCK OPERA S TICKING RHYTHMS AND TIMELESS EMOTIVENESS TO NEW TERRAINS WITH SINGLES SUCH AS WHITE NOISE AND BELONGINGS BEFORE ENCAPSULATING THEIR PIECE OF BRITISH POP PERFECTIONISM WITHIN DEBUT ALBUM WAYS TO FORGET. HERE S THE PRODUCT OF TIME WELL SPENT WITH DAN ARMSTRONG. Why is the band named after a symphony written for pocket watches That was an old idea a composer once had. Allegedly And we stole it. Or perhaps imagined it. We re not sure. I think our music has detailed repeated sounds and at times big vocal melodies and emotion. Clock Opera seems to express what we do quite well the machine and the human. And it doesn t sound like the other billion band names out there. You only have to look at the graffiti backstage in a venue to get drowned in variations on the same theme. What has life been like as Clock Opera over the last couple of years The band seems to be getting buzzier and busier... The journey has been amazing so far. Creating and performing the music producing our own artwork and videos. It s a full on process. And to see where it leads to new places like Singapore to play to big crowds... and to people who seem to really care about our music is a special experience. We re super intrigued by your songwriting and sampling process. Could you describe it for us Well it s just playing around really. We ve created some makingof videos on our channel to show part of the process. I guess the aim is to make something which sounds new and different but is still to us a good song. We try to achieve this by sampling strange noises and creating unique rhythms from them. That is how we usually begin writing a track. Those strange noises might be a beeping supermarket checkout or a bouncing basketball or whatever. Suggestions are welcome. It s trial and error really. If we like something we see where it leads. Your debut album came out last April to much critical acclaim. But why wasn t the album s title track Ways to Forget on the main release It s a great song We had a huge number of songs to choose from so unfortunately I ve heard your question many times but with different tracks mentioned. It is certainly unusual to not put the title track on the album but I guess we just liked other ones more but wanted to use the title of that song as it captures the ideas on the album. My apologies to you Perhaps buy the deluxe version and everything will be alright. There s a song on there called New Arrivals as well which I still can t accept didn t make the 10-track edition. A good chunk of Clock Opera fans came to know about the band via your remixes. Does remix work rank high on the band s agenda Guy does all of the remixes on his own and I consider myself a fan too. I m not sure how high on the agenda it is but it s a great way of reaching new audiences and having a broader artistic experience. I think he does some very interesting things with those tracks and I listen to them pretty often. And of course we re really looking forward to your show in Singapore What can fans here expect from a Clock Opera gig We love playing live and usually the audience seems to feel something similar. I d say it s pretty energetic real and we do our very best to actually play what you hear on the record. It s our first time in Singapore and aside from Japan our first show in Asia. It s going to be very special for us. REPORT DR. MARTENS PRESENTS THE HEARTBREAKS Their name might conjure up an image of four hopeless romantics singing tragic songs on young love lost and their melancholic trials of everyday life with a complementing disposition to boot. Quite the contrary really as the four-piece fresh-faced band displayed the opposite picture with a rather buoyant stage presence at their debut gig hosted specially by Dr. Martens at Zouk. Sheathed in a modern type Morrisey-esque vibe vocalist Matthew Whitehouse emerged onstage and got the crowd warmed up in no time with his keening vocals elevating the atmosphere in steady progression soaring and swooning to bittersweet songs like Winter Gardens and Polly belted out from their debut album Funtimes. Flanked by guitarist Ryan Wallace bassist Deaks and drummer Joseph Kondras the boys delivered a captivatingly upbeat performance much to the delight of fans and first listeners alike. It was evident that the crowd was thoroughly immersed in the band s highly charged melodically punchy pop sounds with loyal fans spotted mouthing along to the lyrics while making the most out of the comfortable space available around them to mimic the jaunty feet-shuffling dance moves that were being pulled off by the band onstage. Despite being strapped in Dr. Martens boots of different colours heights and styles everyone present during that gig danced to the same exhilarating buzz of their crisp jangly guitar hooks that kept the atmosphere pumped from beginning till the end. But it wasn t just original tracks lined up on the band s setlist that night. Towards the end of their performance the boys surprised the crowd with a tongue-in-cheek rendition of Whitney Houston s I Wanna Dance With Somebody mashed up with their very own I Didn t Think It Would Hurt To Think Of You . As the lads bid farewell to the audience with a promise to return for the second time we knew right then and there that our hearts have been unmistakably won over by the Morecambe quartet. Props to the good folks at Dr. Martens for bringing in such an apt band to perfectly define the true essence and spirit of the people who wear their iconic shoes is proud to be the official magazine for Dr. Martens Individual Style United Spirit presents The Heartbreaks. 26 Text Nadia Rahmat Images Dr. Martens Airwair Singapore FUNTIMES INDEPENDENT SPIRITS ALONG WITH AN AWESOME THE HEARTBREAKS GIG AT ZOUK WE WERE ALSO TREATED TO A VISUAL FEAST OF THE STYLISH INNER-MAKINGS OF SINGAPORE S MOVERS AND SHAKERS. HERE S A CLOSER LOOK AT SIX OF OUR LONG TIME GOOD MATES WHO PARTOOK IN THE SHOWCASE AND THEIR DR. MARTENS STORY. ALVIN PHUNK STUDIO Indie Rock Dandy best describes my personal style. And it s not about what you wear it s about how you wear it. It s important to always be yourself. And I m a little street a little rugged and a little boho. CHOOEE STREETHING AIDA POPTART ANTHONY LEFT FOOT To me individualism is about knowing who you are and telling the whole world about it. Beth Ditto of Gossip inspires me as a plus size woman who embraces her body and dresses for herself. My very first pair of Dr. Marts is the Adrian tassel loafers in Oxblood a good pair of loafers that has been worn extensively through the harshest of treatments and I am astonished that they have not disintegrated yet indeed a firstandforever. My favourite pair of Dr. Marts right now is the Floral Print 1461 3 eye shoe. I like the interesting and eclectic mix of very loud floral prints on a classic pair of oxfords so discordant and yet harmonious in its own way almost like my personal style. I always like to inject a twist in my outfit KEITH HIDE&SEEK My personal style is of a schoolboy lost in the woods till he found the business district a jacket and a camera. And my favourite pair of Dr. Marts tells the world that not caring sometimes can be a good thing. DARREN THE UNIFORM REPORT 28 HOSPITALITY PRESENTS NETSKY & HIGH CONTRAST Drum & bass in the Zouk main room is a pretty rare occurrence which makes any time that happens a special occasion. And that also makes Zouk s decision to kick off their first weekend of 2013 with a massive (and we mean massive) drum & bass party well incredibly ballsy. Headlined by Hospital Records biggest names the move wasn t only brave it also turned out to be a brilliant one judging by the crazy vibes and splendid music on offer that night. Kicked off by Zouk s very own drum & bass whizkid Ming the junglist gathering got off to a wicked start before the Hospitality crew even got anywhere near the decks. That being said the hype train only truly hit breakneck bullet speed when the frizzy-haired High Contrast took the helm. This was Lincoln Barrett s lion city debut and you could tell that the Welshman was eager to make the most of his first impression. And beautifully enough the d n b heads in attendance were more than willing to give back as good as they got. High Contrast masterfully manipulated the floor with his liquid funk signature and never let up for the duration of his stellar set. Old school rinse-outs (we freaked when Return Of Forever from his 2002 album True Colours appeared) typified the Welshman s magic offering lots of love to long-time fans. Not to be outdone d n b s new school also represented in the form of Boris Daenen better known as Netsky The 23-year-old Belgian prodigy quickened the night s pulse a tad when he got on revving up the rave to delightfully dangerous levels. And while his frenzied set stayed true to his d n b roots shots of variety (splashes of R&B trap and even an epic drop of TNGHT s Higher Ground ) definitely added spice to the proceedings. Although enjoyment was a tiny bit marred by a patchy soundsystem (unusual for a music-oriented space like Zouk) we can t call the night anything other than a success. This was a milestone moment for the main room (and drum & bass in general in Singapore) so here s a standing ovation to Zouk for making it happen. Text Hidzir Junaini Images Ungku Muhammad Ibrahim Interview courtesy of Zouk Singapore Management DRUM & BASS DOCTORS HIGH CONTRAST Founded by London Elektricity and Chris Goss Hospital Records has risen to become a premier drum & bass label over the last 17 years. And huge chunk of the independent imprint s unimpeachable reputation can be attributed to one of their key signings High Contrast. Influential albums such as his debut True Colours the universally celebrated Tough Guys Don t Dance and most recently The Agony and The Ecstasy have established Lincoln Barrett (and consequentially his label) as an immovable force in the d n b scene. His fluid retro style and influence from classical music and cinematic scores certainly has a lot to do with his uniqueness (alongside that awesome Sideshow Bob hair) and we were keen to sit down with the Cardiffbased producer to get a first-hand account of his uncanny approach. You ve been in the drum & bass scene for such a long time. There s even that famous story about how it was one of your tracks a remix of Gold Digger that inspired Netsky to become a drum & bass guy Do you see yourself as one of the genre s elder statesmen now Weirdly enough yeah I mean in my head I m still a kid but I ve been doing this professionally for 10 years so that s a long time. I do see a lot of similarities between myself and Netsky in terms of how he came up signing to Hospital and all that. It s great to be an example to some of the newer generation I guess but it s not my intention time just flies by so fast Is it true that you used to study film If so what made you switch to music Yup I think because film involved so many people time and money. When I was starting out it was very complicated to get a film made. Whereas with drum & bass I found it easier to make it on my own during my own time and just be in charge of everything. But mostly because something just clicked with the music I fell in love with it and I just wanted to make drum & bass music all the time. I didn t even have interest in music before then. But you do still practice film on occasion when you direct your own music videos. Do you see those video productions as an extension of your music production I d like to get more into filmmaking now that I get older. But yeah both are the same to me just different ways to be creative and different ways of expressing your ideas. What s your favourite music video From this year I really love The Shoes Time To Dance with Jake Gyllenhal as a serial killer going around killing hipsters in East London. (Laughs) I think that s a pretty interesting video. I love Spike Jonze s videos too because they work in such an abstract way. We loved your last LP The Agony and the Ecstasy. But we were wondering what does the title refer to I guess it can mean a few things and different things to different people. But to me personally it refers to the creative process. The longer I ve done this the harder it is for me to finish tunes because I ve become a perfectionist and more focused technically on getting it sounding right which can be very frustrating. But when I do finish a track it s like a real rush. But then it can also refer to life the contrasts and the ups and downs. There are plenty of vocalists on the latest record but they weren t used in the typical way producers employ dance vocals. Could you explain your approach to working with vocalists I try not to choose an obvious sound and lyrically dance music vocals are usually pretty bad. (Laughs) So I try to make them more unique. I think I was inspired by 70s singersongwriters like David Bowie Leonard Cohen and even some 70s musicals as well Things people wouldn t normally associate with drum & bass. So do you write the lyrics yourself or are they up to the vocalists you pick It depends some I ve written myself and some are by the vocalists. But the one I m most proud of is for Wish You Were Here which is from an old 70s song that I kind of rewrote and reconstructed and put into a new format. The original song was called Love A Song For You by Eddie Hardin who we tracked down and got his permission to recycle his lyrics. Wow most of your influence is outside of drum & bass isn t it I listen to mostly classical music and film soundtracks actually. I tend not to be exposed too much to contemporary music just because I prefer to take influence from older forgotten things. I don t listen to dance music strangely enough but I do like Rustie and my favourite DJ is probably Gaslamp Killer. He s such a character and has such a great presence. Is that also because you have the same hair (Laughs) Maybe subconsciously REPORT PARA EL PRESENTS APPARAT Velvet Underground s flagship for quality beats and tasteful sounds has been on a roll right from its inception reeling off a string of amazing guests and memorable nights with unending consistency and their latest party featuring Apparat was certainly no exception The elusive Berliner is one of those electronic enigmas with a huge crossover fanbase catering to techno fiends with his BPitch Control and Shitkatapult efforts alongside the more band-centric live music aficionados with his latest LP The Devil s Walk. And looking at the large swath of punters that descended upon Velvet Dance during Apparat s Singapore debut Sascha Ring s appeal cannot possibly be disputed. The German IDM-specialist gracefully and purposefully took us on a fabulous journey that spanned all kinds of house and techno spectrums covering everything from his own productions (sneaking in Rusty Nails was a nice touch) alongside essential Detroit staples such as Carl Craig. Apparat s track selection and progression was expectedly top-notch and we re glad that the packed room appreciated every second of it. It s awesome to see so many discerning party peeps out on the floor true music lovers who were there to soak in deep emotive soulful cuts of class sans cheese wankery or pretense. Trusty Zouk resident Adrian Wee bookended the night by dishing a bit of brilliance of his own ably keeping our limbs moving before and after Apparat s set. And just because we spent all that time on autopilot boogie doesn t mean that we didn t notice the cool live visuals on offer either Folks have CYMBAL (from motion design collective Non Aligned) to thank for the lovely LED pleasures. As for Apparat well we hear that he s gone straight back into the studio with his buddies from Modeselektor hard at work on a new full-length Moderat album - hurray 30 Text Hidzir Junaini Images and Interview courtesy of Zouk Singapore Management SASCHA RINGS TRUE RESIDENCIES PARA EL PARA EL MAY BE ZOUK S YOUNGEST BABY RESIDENCY BUT IN ITS RELATIVELY SHORT LIFESPAN IT S ALREADY ATTRACTED NAMES SUCH AS GUY GERBER RYAN CROSSON TECHNASIA ALAN FITZPATRICK AND TIEFSCHWARZ TO ITS HELM AT VELVET UNDERGROUND DANCE. AND AS YOU CAN TELL WE RE TOTALLY ENAMOURED BY THE NIGHT S SOUNDS AND SENSIBILITIES. MOSTLY WE LOVE THAT STAR POWER ISN T A DRIVING FORCE BEHIND ITS PROGRAMMING MERELY AN INTEREST IN ATTRACTING DJS WITH SHARP 4 4 ACUMEN AND ASTUTE UNDERGROUND PERSPECTIVES. WE SAT SIDE-BY-SIDE WITH ONE OF PARA EL S PROUD PURVEYORS ADRIAN WEE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE NIGHT S PASSIONATE BEGINNINGS ONGOING PHILOSOPHY AND FUTURE PLANS. 31 For those who haven t been tell us what the night is all about. It is a night that celebrates a sound that is very focused and has a cult yet passionate following. Most of the people that attend Para el have a very keen interest and understanding of the sound we play and the headliners we book. So far the reception has been more than positive and it s fast growing into something that the club and the crowds look forward to every month. Besides yourself who else from Zouk holds down the fort at Para el Our resident DJs Hong Ming Byden and Jeremy Boon Who have been your favourite guests so far and why Alan Fitzpatrick and Apparat are the two that I ve enjoyed the most. Alan for his very pumping techno set one of the best I ve heard in years. And Apparat for an amazing Berlin-esque melodic and emotional set. Warming up for him was as much an honour as it was enjoyable. Any dream DJs that you d personally like to see side by side with you at Para el Yes Laurent Garnier is my top pick. It has always been a dream of mine to perform with him. What s the best way to have fun Hit the dancefloor with a fair bit of alcohol an open mind comfortable shoes and sick techno dance moves. I personally would love for everyone on the dancefloor to appreciate and groove to what the DJ plays whether the tracks are familiar or otherwise. Could you fill us in on future plans for the night We have a very interesting and diverse lineup of upcoming DJs with Guy J next in February and many beyond that. And we re also looking to having a special all-Zouk resident edition which I am really excited about. Keep up with the PARA EL community via groups parallelzouk REPORT 32 BASSIC 1ST ANNIVERSARY WITH SCUBA It s been a year since we fell madly in love with bassic and we still remember their debut night like it was yesterday. From Jeremy Boon s house-centric take on bass to Ming s and special guest Kiat s all-encompassing sets (spanning d n b dubstep hiphop garage etc) we were kept in perpetual motion for a good five hours. In fact the night was so amazing that we were even reluctant to buy a drink at the bar or go for a pee break nothing was going to break our groove and focus on the music. And so it was especially apt that bassic managed to recreate that mood and magic on the night of their 1st birthday this time with a little help from Paul Rose aka Scuba Bass boss Ming (bassic s savant mastermind) started off the night with a typically outstanding opening set displaying a good sense for dub-tinged 4 4 the perfect appetizer for his renowned guest. Scuba s the man who discovered acts like Joy Orbison and Mount Kimbie (coincidentally also special guests for one of bassic s most memorable nights) and a keen ear such as that paired with Rose s deft fluid hands is always going to be a force to be reckoned with. The Hotflush Recordings founder played a connoisseur s set going about his methodical and tactile techno-savvy with the utmost of skill and concentration. It felt as if Scuba had transported his Berghain-based Sub Stance residency from Berlin to Velvet Underground Dance just for one night and it was something to savour. We were psyched to see Scuba s set head into extra innings early in the morning (we would have been fine if he went on for another 12 hours to be honest) and we were even happier to see Ming carry on the goodness if only for a few extra tunes. It really was one of those huge nights that nobody wanted to end a sign that this fledging residency is peaking and heading in the right direction. The beauty of bassic is its open-mindedness a trait that allows the night to remain perpetually fresh and unhindered by one single genre. Bass is versatile and therefore so is bassic We look forward to even bigger things from Ming s baby in their second year and we re confident bassic won t disappoint. Text Hidzir Junaini Images Zouk Management SUB STANCE REPORT REGINA SPEKTOR Text Hidzir Junaini Images Joanna Kwa 33 GOT LOST IN THE SOUNDS Regina Spektor s live debut here has been long anticipated ever since her 2006 album Begin to Hope became such a transcendent transatlantic success. And though it ll take another six years for her tour schedule (this time in support of her latest LP What We Saw from the Cheap Seats) to cross our little red dot her splendid showcase at the packed Esplanade more than made up for the wait. But before the Moscow-born Bronx-bred singer stepped on we were first treated to a rather charming opener by her singer-songwriter husband (and lead guitarist of The Moldy Peaches) Only Son. Despite his set-up being somewhat strange with Dishel live on acoustic guitar along with his iPod as his backing band Only Son s set was very enjoyable. Armed with folk-pop numbers ( Magic was particularly memorable) and disarming humour unsurprising once you learn that he just completed a comedy residency at NYC s PIT Theater Dishel seemed perfectly comfortable carrying his own show. But this was still Regina s show so the loudest hollers were naturally reserved for the rosy Russian. Beginning with an enthralling acapella rendition of Ain t No Cover and running through an immensely rich collection of intoxicating musical idiosyncrasy we were quickly taken in by her oblique melodies and unorthodox vocal inflections. Regina cast a spectral mist over us as she demonstrated just how imaginative and big-hearted her peculiar colours could be all culminating with three of her most recognisable hits in Us (that other song from 500 Days Of Summer) Fidelity and Samson . THE RUBENS Text Hidzir Junaini Images April Luistro Untitled Live LAYIN IT DOWN If you take the time to look past the usual British and American suspects you ll discover that Australia has its fair share of exciting emerging bands as well. Down Under is teeming with immense talent and just because they aren t on Pitchfork doesn t mean that they aren t worth your attention. One such promising outfit is The Rubens hailing from Menangle New South Wales You d be hard-pressed to find anyone with bigger buzz than these earnest boys down in Oz and it appears that their good-looks catchy tunes and triple j stamp of approval has also earned them a following far beyond. And after their stellar Singapore debut gig over at Home Club (courtesy of Untitled Entertainment s keen eyes) we certainly get why The Rubens are getting so much hype. With punchy soul post-modern blues and lots of presence the brotherly bunch was able to keep the intimate crowd exceedingly entertained for the duration. While pop-rock was the name of their game none of their radio-ready songs ever felt by-thenumbers. Even to those unfamiliar The Ruben s style earns them immediate accessibility with strong tracks like My Gun and Lay It Down sounding even stronger in a live context. These guys are gonna scale greater heights soon and we re really glad that we got to catch them on the groundfloor. CHAT 34 STARS conversations with constellations Text Hidzir Junaini Image De Wilde Interview courtesy of Symmetry Entertainment Through all the concerts that we ve attended over the years Stars 2009 show here easily ranks amongst one of our most memorable - and we have absolutely no doubt that their return gig will shine just as bright. Since we last saw Torquil Campbell Amy Millan and company the band has gone on to release two LPs in the form of The Five Ghosts and The North which still sees them conjuring vivid characters and memorable melodrama within their baroque pop earworms. From classics like Elevator Love Letter and Your Ex-Lover Is Dead to newer gems like Theory of Relativity the indie trailblazers continue to operate with filler-free consistency remaining as spectral and bittersweet in their musical storytelling as they ever were. Here s our chat with Amy ahead of Stars return engagement. Hi Amy Singapore s really eager to have you guys back Do you guys have any fond memories from your last gig here Yes the food. I love the night markets I had one of the best tasting noodles I have ever had in my life Let s talk about The North a little bit. The album cover pictures the Habitat 67 complex in Montreal. What s the significance of that housing development to you guys It was built in a time of great hope in our country. Lots of tax money was being spent on culture. It was built over 40 years ago but it looks so futuristic. We loved the symbolism of the building that it conveys a time where people wanted the best for our country. Unlike now where every piece of it is being sold our environment destroyed and our taxes being put towards the military and arts funding is being cut drastically. So much of Stars music including the new record is about love and the drama that goes along with it. Why is that such a recurring and prominent theme I suppose it s just the place where we live. We are alive and being alive reminds us that we die and if we die we best love now and hard. How long did recording take and what were some of the challenges the band faced We wrote and recorded it over a year. Anytime you have to face an empty palette the challenge is always just to start. To throw yourself at it again and try to let those little voices in your head telling you you re s t get smothered by beautiful melodies. After over a decade together does the process of songwriting change or get easier over time No it is never ever easy. What s better is that we trust each other so much now. So in that regard there is more space less ego. Are your songs somewhat biographical I suppose it would be impossible not to have your own life influence the writing but Torq and I when writing lyrics like to also create characters. The Five Ghosts was the only album without a spoken word intro. Why was that We always thought that the intro was a nice way to lead listeners in... We had one originally actually but it got cut off right at the end... it was too sad. But yes it is something we love to do. We re glad that you guys brought the spoken word prelude back on The North. Who s the male voice that opens the album It s from an aural documentary called The North by Glen Gould. It features overlapping voices from people who had traveled far up north. It was a little excerpt I loved. And who s the speaker who opens A Song Is a Weapon How does he relate to the music context That is from a rare interview with Woody Guthrie. He was the ultimate political songwriter. He is such a hero. He had This machine kills fascists written across his guitar. We hope he s right. Stars perform at Kallang Theatre on Tuesday 19th February at 7.30pm. Tickets are available via CHAT 36 TAME IMPALA Text Hidzir Junaini Image and Interview courtesy of Chugg Entertainment What are some of the artists that influenced the way you make music A lot of stadium pop bands from the 70s actually. We really dig that stuff as you can tell. (Laughs) And just personally The Flaming Lips are a big inspiration to me. And much like The Flaming Lips there s lots of retro and psychedelic romanticism to your sound. Do you sometimes wish you could time travel to 40 years back and just stay there I mean I identify with the music from that era but I like the time I m living in now and I wouldn t want to have it any other way. Everyone would love to go on a holiday to a different period but I don t think the 60s or 70s were better than it is now. There s so much possibility with technology now so I m not too caught up in nostalgia. Your sophomore album Lonerism is certainly igniting sparks of love all around the world including Singapore. But we understand that it s a highly personal album dealing with the theme of solitude. How does it feel to have the eyes of the world viewing you in such light It s definitely... exposing. You sort of have to believe in what you re singing about because what you re writing about is so incredibly personal. But there s always a reward when you expose yourself like when you put some really deep emotions into a song and people really like it or associate it with their own life. When your music is meaningful to someone else it becomes a reward you know Other people who feel the same will get something out of the song so that s what s great about bearing your soul. That latest single Feels Like We Only Go Backwards is a trippy number with a fittingly hypnotic video that looks like it got dug out from a 1970s Saturday morning cartoon. Are you a big fan of such old-school cartoons Yeah I love cartoons (Laughs) But it wasn t my idea it was someone else s. We contacted this experimental filmmaking company in England and we asked them if they wanted to do a clip for us. We really loved their work and they always these weird trippy videos. I think it s their first music video actually. I think it s just such a miracle to be working with them I m such a fan of them. I never thought they d say yes. They worked so hard on this video and so much went into each frame because it was this meticulous stop-motion thing. The song was also endearingly covered by the PS22 Chorus and we have to say there s nothing more heartwarming than hearing such a brilliant piece sung by an ensemble of happy children. What were your thoughts when you watched it My gosh yes that was amazing It was totally surreal I couldn t even accept that it was our song. It felt like we were covering a song that they were also covering you know (Laughs) It was so weird to see a whole gymnasium of kids singing it it was pretty heartwarming. That s probably the best thing to have happened to us in the Internet world. And speaking of covers of that song could you tell us a bit more about the remix cover bundle that s coming with that single s 7 release It s always interesting when there s a remix of something. I mean if the person really loves the song and are really into it they re always able to bring new life and a new perspective to it because the songs mean something to them emotionally. But some people just do remixes because they re getting paid and that sometimes leads to boring ones. We ve been really fortunate with this because we got people who genuinely liked the music and added something to it. And plus we were already fans of guys like Memory Tapes and Madlib beforehand so were psyched to get them onboard. going forwards Tame Impala may channel the pop psychedelia and arena expansiveness of late- 60s and early- 70s era experimental bands but that doesn t mean that they re one of those nostalgic romantics. Just as their ocean of hypnotic meandering melodies swell with 40-year-old sonic signifiers they re also unbounded by time and counter intuitively enough incredibly forward-thinking. The reconstruction of guitar-focused psych-rock spirit plus its combination with modern day technology and Kevin Parker s engrossing confessionals have made for some handsomely rewarding listening as evidenced on albums such as Innerspeaker and Lonerism. The barefooted and soul-bearing Melbourne mates talked to us just before they took the stage at Laneway 2013 and here s what Kevin Parker had to say about the bruises and rewards that come with isolation. CHAT 37 ELI & FUR Text Hidzir Junaini Image and interview courtesy of W Singapore house of pop It seems only natural for two girls who met at a performing arts school to end up well performing together. With a palette for classic Chicago house and European synth-pop alongside a keen eye for art and fashion Eli & Fur swiftly made an impact when they took to the decks four years ago. Their Ron Hardy meets Robyn aesthetic was a dual-edged sword that swung with mainstream big room appeal and underground 4 4 underpinnings as evidenced by their recent showcase at W Singapore. But DJ sets would only be baby steps to Eli & Fur s ascent into the studio to craft their own material with sweet singles such as Tonight and Sea of Stars serving as graceful introductions to their pop prowess. Hi girls We hear that you ve been friends for a long time. How did you both meet We met at school when we were 16. And we started hanging out together because we enjoyed the same music. Could you tell us a bit about your musical background prior to teaming up I ve played the guitar and wrote songs since I was 11 while Fur s has always been into dance music. We are inspired by the things we see and places we go. Most of Eli & Fur s repertoire seems to revolve around pop and house. Who were your primary influences Old-school Chicago house Marshall Jefferson But we grew up pretty much listening to pop music. As much as we love your sound we also like your image and sense of style. How important is the role of fashion in the world of music Fashion is very important in the world of music. It pretty much runs parallel with it. Do you girls remember the first DJ set you ever played What was the experience like Our first DJ set was at a friend s party and it was super casual. However our first DJ set in a club was in Chelmsford UK at Bar House. It was different and less crazy compared to the house parties. How has your musicality behind the decks grown or changed over the years It s always changing and has more live elements to it now. Over the years we have become more confident and experimental such as using beat loops and stuff like that. You both have been playing huge festivals like Glade and Glastonbury lately. Do you prefer the bigger stage or is that sort of intimidating The bigger the better The more people the better It s more fun and exciting that way. You both are now making a bold leap as recording artists. What inspired this decision We wanted to play our own music on the dance floor. It was a natural step toward that progression. What were the biggest challenges you girls faced during this transition The biggest challenge is to constantly do something original and new. And it helps that we are able to overcome this by being able to test tracks on the dance floor and view the response. Could you tell us a bit about your songwriting process It s pretty much coming up with an idea or experience of what to write about. And a lot of the tracks start with the melody and we build the music around it which was the case with Sea Of Stars CHAT 38 BLOC PARTY Text Aizyl Azlee Image and Interview courtesy of Warner Music Malaysia What was the band s mindset while recording Four I guess we just wanted to get back to how it was in the beginning. Writing songs where it s just the four of us in the room without any embellishment and reliance on studio techniques. We wanted to make something that had that kind of primal energy. How did you decide on that We hadn t done it in a long time and it felt like it was the right time to go back to try and realise where it is we ve been. It sounds a lot different from before the break did the solo album change your approach Yeah I think this record is different from any record that we ve done before. But we re different people now you know It s been four years since we last made a record together. And of course you have new life experiences that change how you feel about music and how you feel about creativity and what not. I think it would be kind of depressing if we had that four years in between and we came back and made the same sounding record. It would ve meant we didn t learn anything. Definitely making the record by myself it changed my perspective on what it is I ve learned as a songwriter and what things mean. The song 3x3 gets really dark where did that come from It was just the idea of making an oath to someone. Making an oath or a pact that can t be broken. I don t know that was probably the darkest song on the record and part of me really doesn t know where it came from. But it s got that kind of intensity that I really like. How did you guys decide on Octopus as the lead single We all felt that it was a bridge from the past to the new. All the songs are really different with what we were doing in the past so we thought it would make a good introduction to our new record. There s a story about how you guys got some help from Franz Ferdinand while you guys were first starting up. What s your relationship with Franz Ferdinand like these days It s pretty alright. We don t really see them much anymore. They re a very busy band we re a very busy band but every time we see them I always like to give them a high five. Do you guys feel the need to please a certain era of listeners with every release No. Not really. I think that s probably not our problem. We don t aim to please anyone other than ourselves. It s never really come into my mind this idea that we have to do things to please other people. It s how we feel when we re writing our songs. What s important to us is sounding honest. Last year there were talks about the band deciding to go on without you and then you revealed that it was really a prank. What was that about It was just about being misquoted really. And then watching your words kind of being taken out of context and turning into an international story. It was a funny period to me because it s really absurd that it was happening and in the end it was a laugh it was fine. Do you have any plans to go solo again I don t know. I haven t really had any thoughts about that so ask me in a year s time and I might have a better idea about that. So yeah one step at a time. Right now I m in Bloc Party so that s all I m really thinking about. Untitled Entertainment and Now Live present Bloc Party LIVE at Fort Gate Fort Canning Park on Monday 18 March at 8pm. Tickets are available via SISTIC. stripped down and getting primal Four seems to be a significant number for Bloc Party. There are four core members in the band it s been four years since they released their previous album and their latest album is their fourth record since the band started back in the early 2000s. So it s only befitting for them to call the new album Four. We got a chance to talk to frontman Kele Okereke who spent the four years apart from the rest of the band on his own solo effort garnering rave reviews. Four sees the band throwing out production theatrics and their sound stripped down to its essence shocking fans and reviewers alike. We picked his brain on the creative process behind the new tracks. CHAT 39 JOS JAMES Text Hidzir Junaini Image and interview courtesy of TAB Singapore no beginning no end Born to a Panamanian saxophonist father and bred in Greenwich s storied New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music one would assume that this modern jazz boy wonder grew up shaped by geniuses like Duke Ellington and John Coltrane. But surprisingly enough Jos James was actually introduced to blues and bebop via the jazz-kissed samples of hiphop groups like De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest. Eventually the crooner would come to incorporate his love for both genres through soulful sensual R&B-inflected albums such as BlackMagic and No Beginning No End. Jazz is all about experimentation after all and James studio work with rappers such as Oh No or electronic futurists like Flying Lotus makes him one of the most forward-thinking jazz cats on the planet right now. We first noticed your inclination for hip-hop when we first heard your cover of Park Bench People back in 2008. Did you grow up listening to hip-hop Absolutely. I was into Ice Cube the Geto Boys Black Star Snoop Beastie Boys all that So what was your introduction into jazz My introduction to jazz was also by hip-hop actually. I loved A Tribe Called Quest De La Soul Digable Planets The Pharcyde. Great music. Awesome Some of our favourite music comes from that Venn diagram cross-section between hip-hop and jazz too... Well there s lots of overlap. For example a lot of hip-hop artists like Ludacris hire jazz musicians to play with them live. Robert Glasper has emcees rhyming on his live set all the time. We assume that the jazz scene in New York is difficult to break into and stand out in. Were you frustrated initially Absolutely. It s tough. But those that keep going find themselves something great. What was the first song you ever wrote Could you describe the creative process behind it The first song I ever wrote was The Dreamer which got me signed to Gilles Peterson s Brownswood label in London. I wrote it while studying in New York at the New School. I was writing using hip-hop forms looping these two chords on piano and this beautiful ballad came out. I put the jazz on top and the lyrics are about Reverend Dr. Martin King Jr. How has your creative process changed or evolved since then Now I have a body of work something to compare and to push against. It s great because I don t like to repeat myself so I m always looking for something new. Were you always a singer or did you dabble in various instruments as well I was always a singer but I also played a Gibson 330 electric guitar in high school. Now I play a Taylor Acoustic live and I played an Epiphone on Sword Gun on my new album with Hindi Zahra. Your last album For All We Know won both the Edison Award and the L Acad mie du Jazz Grand Prix. Do you consider that your best work People loved that album... and I m really happy about it. But this new album is my best work. And speaking of the new album is coming out on Blue Note which is a huge deal How s life at Blue Note treating you Amazing They gave me complete artistic control on this album and it shows. It s a true artist album and they re doing great stuff on the label. It s the return of Blue Note. The new album No Beginning No End drops soon. What can we expect from it Soulful uplifting and romantic music is proud to be the official magazine for Jos James Presents No Beginning No End. The event happens on Monday 18 February at TAB. Doors open at 7pm. Tickets are available via 2013 01 jose-jamespresents-no-beginning-no-end CHAT 40 CASHEW CHEMISTS Text Hidzir Junaini Image Juffrie Friday days in sepia When we first noticed these dapper boys during last year s Baybeats auditions we could immediately tell they were primed for big things. And thankfully that promise is being realised and released through the unveiling of their self-titled debut EP. Judging by the sizeable crowd during their record launch party at Beer Market (heck all their shows are pretty packed actually) their surf rock swagger and earworm-y harmony is catching on in a big way too. Dreamy tunes such as Not In Love and Winter Sun always gets us jiving but according to frontman Yuji this is simply the first phase of a pretty catchy chemical reaction and we can t wait to see what they have in store for us. Here s why we like them better when they rock and roll. A lot has happened since we last spoke From being spotted by NME to being on the cover of Life what s the band s biggest highlight (Laughs) That NME thing was a little unexpected ok well maybe we gotta set it straight now we found out it was some automated video sharing nanomachine that NME hired... or something. So no we don t think the entire NME knows who we are...yet The band s biggest highlight so far was probably The Attic Show at Blu Jaz. We re big fans of DIY and of course as much as the newspaper and the media helps in a band s recognition and exposure we appreciate all of it but sometimes setting a show up you know like scouring out venues handling the administration setting up your own soundchecks and things like that. The end result is a lot more magical if you know you ve done it all by yourself. As for show itself it was the earliest gigs we ve played that we were playing to a full house and we were playing with our good friends ANECHOIS and Hush House so that was one of the best nights we d say... very communal-like and just a very good time. We thought the band s episode on Kombi Sessions was amazing. What was filming something like that like When Lennat asked us with so much enthusiasm to be featured in the first episode we were all like hell yeah It was a really hot day and there was no air-conditioning in the van too. We ve always wanted to go on tour in a kombi driving past picturesque mountains and having a 60s playlist on the radio. Channeling that spirit by singing our songs in a kombi was already good enough for us Congrats on the debut EP Could you tell us a little bit about its sound and themes The debut EP captures the vibe and sound of the Cashew Chemists and it contains all the very first songs we ever wrote. We see this EP as the first step towards the direction we re heading in. We re in love with everything that s from the past and when the melody mattered the most so all of the old-time vibes were reflected in the artwork and sound of the EP. We re really proud of what we ve accomplished so far. But like we said this EP is just the first step towards better songwriting so let this record soak your days in sepia and we ll be back with another one sooner than you think. What were some of challenges the band faced while recording the EP and how did you overcome them Funding was the biggest if not the only significant problem in recording the EP. We had a successful crowdfunding run we appreciate you pledgers from the bottom of our hearts and we had some money left over from shows but we had never imagined how much the total figures would ve amounted to at the end of it all. We had to dip into our own personal savings and take loans to pay it all off. There was a bit of tension because of time constraints and scheduling of the band to get in the studio and record as well. But leaving all that behind here we are accomplishing our goal of releasing a debut EP produced with a lot of effort time and money. And we are proud of what we ve done so far If we asked you to do one of your old metal songs right now would you remember how to play it (Laughs) Really it s all up to you if you d actually enjoy watching four guys dressed in suits doing power stances screaming their lungs out and shredding and headbanging. We d look more like Django Reinhardt if we did shred though. Cashew Chemists debut EP is out now via CHAT 41 SAPPORO SAFARIS Text Hidzir Junaini Image Sapporo Safaris a family affair In the end that s what we re all about a family beneath the curtain of sound proclaims Kevin Ho the poofy-haired proud papa (and vocalist) of Sapporo Safaris. And talking to them one does indeed get the sense that they aren t merely tight musically they re tremendously tight personally as well. Chemistry plays a big part in their colossal complicated and extremely catchy chorus of interweaving instrumentation and that s a pretty mean feat for a band that accommodates eight different individual talents. Outside of ska and jazz outfits the local indie scene hasn t really experienced something of this scale before and if you re interested their flair for the anthemic and the emphatic can be fully explored within their recently released debut EP Figures Of Eight. An eight-member band is pretty epic. What inspired you guys to go for such an ensemble Kev We ve always been inspired by musical collectives such as Arcade Fire and The New Pornographers. Personally I d look at such bands and go I wanna make anthems too with seven other people on stage no less . It s been a dream come true so far. A really big one. Roy Traditional bands usually comprise of a guitar-bass-percussion-vocals pack. So we had this question of how to up the ante in the local scene in the sense of sound and grandeur that is. Our musical direction was simple to sound big. Our explicit goal was always to ensure that our listeners feel overwhelmed by our work. Chemistry and live tightness is an issue for all new bands but we imagine that it d be a pertinent one for one with such an expansive lineup... Shaun Tightness was a major issue for us when we started out but we ve come a long way from there. Kevin s songwriting skill has had a major part in solving these problems many of our songs contain sections where the various instruments play counter-melodies or harmonies or alternate solos and accompaniments. In this way we have somewhat averted the problems and even turned the eight-member lineup into an advantage. With so many members and different instruments we are able to play complicated sounding melodies that would otherwise be more exhausting for a smaller band to achieve. The band has gotten noticeably better with each passing gig. What s been the best show for the band so far K That d have to be MAAD Sounds back in September. There was something in the air that particular evening. Maybe it was the venue s soundman or the vibe exuded from the arts bazaar around us or maybe it was the crowd enthusiastically singing along to our songs or perhaps the dancing kids who went on to steal our stage props post-show we happily let them keep everything Our hairs were standing at the end of that set and we ll never forget it. How about your first ever gig Could you describe that experience for us S Our first gig was a major eye-opener. A few of us were gig-virgins back then and had to warm up to the whole experience of being on stage and responding to the audience and the other band members during the song itself. The gig was at Prince of Wales and we were really psyched to play at a venue with such a reputation for hosting up-and-coming talents. Though we faced the problem a heavily recurring one of stage constraints we somehow managed to squeeze and it turned out alright. I fell off the stage at one point though. (Laughs) We heard that Sapporo Safaris got into the Baybeats auditions this year but had to pull out at the last minute. Why was that K That was by far the hardest decision we ve ever had to make but also our proudest one cos we made it together. An eleventh hour change in schedules prevented Cheryl from flying back to Singapore in time preventing her from playing Baybeats altogether. Though she adamantly insisted we carry on without her we were unanimous in our response. We do Baybeats together or not at all. Your track Electric Handshakes seems to have garnered a lot of buzz and attention even before its official release. What do you attribute that to K I think it s cos it s unintentionally catchy musically and lyrically. We admit that s how most of our songs turn out a playfully conjured tune today becomes a haunting lick tomorrow. Electric Handshakes in particular has an appealing dancey groove blended with classical components provided by our horns. Moreover the song is about being bold and making new friends through all possible social paradigms. After all that s how we all came together. SPIN OUR GIG PICKS OF THE MONTH Text Hidzir Junaini and Nadia Rahmat 42 SMACK MY BEACH UP CHINESE NEW YEAR SPECIAL SUNDAY 10 FEBRUARY AT TANJONG BEACH CLUB After raking in some angpow money from your relatives in the day head on down to the seaside to end your CNY festivities like a true islander with TBC s Smack My Beach Up This round sees DJs Nad-trix Brendon P and Matty Wainwright helming the decks to spread some good fortune beats to keep your festive spirit burning till the wee hours. Ain t no better way to end CNY if you ask us Just be sure to remember changing out of your traditional garb before heading down to party aye BOOTLEGS FRIDAY 22 FEBRUARY AT BROADCAST HQ MAAD FRIDAY 1 FEBRUARY AT RED DOT DESIGN MUSEUM SPREADLOVE LOVE AND LUST SATURDAY 16 FEBRUARY AT ZIRCA It may be two days after Valentine s Day but that doesn t mean the generous displays of public affection need to end there. Keep the romances flowing right into the weekend by sharing the love with Zirca s SPREADLOVE Love and Lust With phat beats to croon sweet tunes into your ear hearts will go aflutter on this night of passionate music communion between strangers. They say it s best to make love not war so let SPREADLOVE show you how to the way they know best. The good folks at Broadcast HQ are back for another round of Bootlegs to keep your Friday nights occupied with top-notch remixes of familiar songs spun with an alternative twist Featuring resident DJs Darkwing and RTYPE this installment will put the producers years of DJing experience to the test by pitting their remixing abilities against each other in an attempt to deliver the ultimate arsenal of reconstructed beats. With these two mixing masterminds manning the turntables Bootlegs looks set to deliver another epic night of creative music overflow for hungry ears. ELLIE GOULDING TUESDAY 26 FEBRUARY AT ESPLANADE CONCERT HALL MUGIC We love heading to MAAD every month (hey it s just underneath our cozy office after all) and this February s art and crafts bazaar promises to be just as tasty as their affordable beers. And as always these MAAD get-togethers always comes paired with MAAD Sounds featuring homegrown talent selected and spotlighted by the ever-discerning Andy Yang. We re especially excited to see upand-coming indie-electronica outfit The Auditory Effect get red dot dancing to their rousing beats and mischievous melodies. Go check out their debut EP 4 29 to find out why we re feeling the effect. goMAAD SATURDAY 23 FEBRUARY AT BROADCAST HQ No the name is not out to poke fun at people who possess a speech impediment. Mugic is a storied party series that has the proud distinction of being one of the Singapore s longest running alternative music shindigs - and this time loyal supporters can expect the same ol feel-good vibes delivered by their original DJ line-up. With tunes ranging from disco to deep house to 80s pop Mugic promises to stick with the familiar dose of alt goodness that has been keeping the event thriving for as long as it has lived. Dazzling electro-pop artist Ellie Goulding has amassed a commendable number of feats since emerging on the music radar with some of her achievements encompassing The Critics Choice Award a spot on Billboard s Hot 100 list as well as a legendary performance at the Buckingham Palace for Prince William and Kate Middleton. Soon Goulding will be making her mark on our shores with a much awaited debut performance and fans can definitely look forward to getting all starry-eyed by the English songstress with tracks performed fresh off her latest album Halcyon. nowlivesg PETE HERBERT SATURDAY 2 MARCH AT LOOF Remix champion Pete Herbert has earned himself a firm reputation in the international house and disco music industry through his multialias collaborations with Reverso 68 Bushflange and Baby G just to name a few. The musical polymath is known to serve up massive dance buffets in a freestyle tangle of genres consisting of dub Balearic house nu-disco and cosmic funk which is exactly the type of good stuff you can expect to groove to when the English DJ producer arrives on our shores. VOLUME WITH KYAU & ALBERT STONEFACE & TERMINAL SONY VAIO PRESENTS FLOSSTRADAMUS FRIDAY 1 FEBRUARY AT FASH THE BUTTER FACTORY They ve won over Fool s Gold and Mad Decent with their crunk meets electro brand of ghetto rave and we can promise that you ll be won over too once they get you twerking to their live set. Floss may have made their name on that Original Don remix but it s their boisterous originals like Test Me and Hood Fantasy that s got the world on notice. Trap s blowing up everywhere so it s about time that Singapore gets one of its electronic originators to show us how it s done. And fittingly enough we re glad that it s Fash that gets first dibs. Zushan Dave Does (AOS) and Zeratone also feature on this certified hood classic. FRIDAY 22 FEBRUARY AT AVALON Volume is big in size and sound and the night continues to be one of Avalon Singapore s best-attended nights for a good reason in trance we trust They seem to have this unparalleled pull for trance s coolest names and this February sees them reel in two euphoric duos in the form of Kyau & Albert and Stoneface & Terminal. The former have a string of bonafide laser-grabbing anthems such as Made Of Sun and Velvet Morning and we haven t even begun to mention their incredible collab with Above & Beyond for Anphonic . Meanwhile Stoneface & Terminal obviously need no introduction. These Euphonic vets are dance staples buoyed by hits such as Venus and Incognition (featuring Ronski Speed). BOYS NOIZE RACHAEL YAMAGATA SATURDAY 2 MARCH AT ESPLANADE CONCERT HALL Dubbed the troubadour of heartbreak Rachael Yamagata s richly textured songs and soulful breathy vocals are known for possessing the innate ability to transport the senses into an ethereal realm of heartfelt emotions capable of softening even the hardest of hearts. With fresh tunes from her album Heavyweight in tow Rachael returns to the Esplanade to regale us once more with her lush form of cinematic musical storytelling as well as delighting fans with her much loved lighthearted quips that have become a staple in all her performances. pages Greenhorn-Productions SATURDAY 23 FEBRUARY AT ZOUK Boys Noize aka Alex Ridha is geared to turn things up once more at Zouk with an explosive DJ set to ring in the weekend with a bang. Aside from pumping out waves of eclectic remixes and electro-techno beats known to rattle dance floors the world over the Berlin-based producer is also known for working with major artists like Scissor Sisters and Spank Rock to create mammoth remixes that have earned him the stellar recognition he receives today. Make sure you don t miss this chance to witness this party-starting prodigy FEATURE 44 JOSEPH WEARS FLANNEL SHIRT DR. MARTENS RYAN WEARS POLO SHIRT FRED PERRY CHECKERED SHIRT MARKS & SPENCER DEAKS WEARS FLANNEL SHIRT DR. MARTENS MATTHEW WEARS PLAID SHIRT DR. MARTENS HEARTBREAK S MORECAMBE WISDOM TEXT HIDZIR JUNAINI PHOTOGRAPHY AMOS WONG STYLING FIONA CHEN ART DIRECTION JANICE LIN ASSISTED BY NADIA RAHMAT & LIM SIU FANG PHOTOGRAPHY ASSISTANT JUSTIN TOH HAIR & GROOMING DANNY TOH SITTINGS EDITOR ALICIA TAN SPECIAL THANKS TO DR. MARTENS AIRWAIR SINGAPORE & UNIVERSAL MUSIC SINGAPORE THE UPON MEETING THESE AFFABLE MORECAMBE BLOKES AT STRANGELY ENOUGH A BOOK SIGNING IN MANCHESTER SCOTTISH POSTPUNK LEGEND EDWYN COLLINS IMMEDIATELY HIT IT OFF WITH THE HEARTBREAKS. THEY WENT OUT AND SAT DOWN FOR A LOVELY MEAL AND UPON RECEIVING THE BAND S UNVARNISHED DEMOS COLLINS THEN DECIDED THAT HE D LIKE TO HELP PRODUCE THEIR DEBUT ALBUM WHICH WOULD LATER COME TO BE KNOWN AS FUNTIMES. THAT LITTLE ANECDOTE IS ESSENTIALLY A MICROCOSM OF THE BAND S EASY CHARM AND NATURAL TALENT. JUST SPEND A LITTLE TIME LISTENING TO THE BOYS (BY CONVERSATION OR BY CD DOESN T MATTER) AND ANYONE CAN BE WON OVER EVEN THE FABLED FOUNDER OF ORANGE JUICE. WE WERE SIMILARLY TAKEN IN BY THEIR JANGLY MELODY AND INNATE WARMTH AS THE LADS CHEERFULLY SPOKE TO US ABOUT THEIR SMALL-TOWN APPROACH TO POP AND THE PARADOXICAL BEAUTY OF THE BRITISH SEASIDE... still be people sitting outside eating ice cream. (Laughs) It s kind of funny it s tragic and inspiring at the same time. R (Laughs) That s the point I guess. You re by the sea and you look and you re reminded you re on an island. But when you turn around you see all these shabby buildings. But maybe 50 years ago they were bustling and full of people and glamourous. There are all these really nice buildings that just need a bit of TLC. It s a good environment to make you think. And to be fair it makes you very upset and angry you want to be away from there because there s nothing else to do. (Laughs) So do you sort of wish that you grew up in London or Manchester or something J Not at all. In London you see kids going to school on the tube and I could never imagine doing that myself or my kids doing that. It s a different life. M And we wouldn t be the band we were if we had grown up in London or Manchester. There s not a chance of that. People in cities are spoilt in some respects because there s always something to do. You could go and watch bands go to a club and if you wanna be creative there are so many outlets. Whereas in Morecambe you ve just got to make it by yourself you know what I mean C I think that made us all the more determined to create and to succeed. The band has previously listed influences as far flung as Motown and C86. How do you make all that mesh M Oh I see them together just in a pop sensibility. That s something we have in our writing and all our best bands have this pop sensibility. We looked through your gig dates and you guys have been all over the past few months How s the tour been going for you guys Joseph We ve been everywhere but home really. Ryan We ve intentionally struck out and tried to play as many places as possible. Japan last year was cool. What s been your most memorable show outside of the UK Matthew We did a gig for Kitsun in Paris that s the first ever gig we did outside the UK. I remember we played Liar My Dear which was featured on one of their compilations and there were all these French people singing the words back at us. And that s the first time I even thought about people outside our immediate environment enjoying our music. It was a mind-blowing experience that these people in Paris knew the words to one of our songs. Chris But then in Japan in the summer take that situation and multiply it many times when we played Fuji Rock We had no idea if people had even heard of us really it was a long way away. And then there were 6 000 people who turned up singing along to Delay Delay now that was really strange. J Besides supporting Hurts and Morrissey this was the biggest audience we ve had. We ve heard you wax lyrical about how the British seaside inspires your music. What is it about the British seaside that captures your imagination Britain doesn t really have a reputation for its beaches... M (Laughs) There s a certain charm and sadness to a British seaside town in the rain and during winter. I don t quite know what it is but there really is something beautiful about it. C It can be pouring down with rain and there can J They re both just pop played different ways really. C86 people could barely play whereas Motown people were all really slick and talented. R You might think they re different influences but we re quite different from a lot of guitar bands because of that strange mix of influences. Like we re equally influenced by Bruce Springsteen and The Smiths. They re polar and worlds apart but we take from both of them. And I think that s a lot to do with where we re from again because there was no lineage of bands that we had to subscribe to. It s a blank slate nothing s happened before in Morecambe so we just took bits of everything. C The influence of soul music is quite a big thing as well. Guitar bands like young white males from the north of England they tend to like bands like The Clash. The Clash was a punk band with a real sense of soul they understood reggae and black music. But typical guitar bands just do it without the soul they miss the point. We re deeply into soul music and that comes out in our playing and songwriting subconsciously. J You ll see it in our new album too. We re gonna be braver and more widescreen when producing it. What s been the most heartbreaking moment of your lives R Oh we ve just recently had our hearts broken because our local pub where we came up in just closed down. It s an Irish pub and its five minutes from my house. We had been going there since we were 16 and I can t believe that it s gone We re still in mourning. FEATURE 46 WE VE BEEN EVERYWHERE BUT HOME REALLY. RYAN WEARS CARDIGAN DR. MARTENS SHIRT AND PANTS BURBERRY LONDON MATTHEW DEAKS AND JOSEPH WEARS ALL APPAREL FROM BURBERRY LONDON FEATURE 48 WE RE DEEPLY INTO SOUL MUSIC AND THAT COMES OUT IN OUR PLAYING AND SONGWRITING SUBCONSCIOUSLY. LEFT TO RIGHT RYAN WEARS SHIRT THE SOCIAL AT SWAGGER PULLOVER MARKS & SPENCER MATTHEW WEARS SHIRT TOPMAN PULLOVER MARKS & SPENCER DEAKS WEARS PULLOVER FRED PERRY JOSEPH WEARS FLORAL SHIRT BEN SHERMAN PULLOVER MARKS & SPENCER FEATURE 50 RYAN WEARS SHIRT TOPMAN WINDBREAKER FRED PERRY MATTHEW WEARS SHIRT TOPMAN KNITTED VEST MARKS & SPENCER JOSEPH WEARS FLORAL SHIRT BEN SHERMAN DEAKS WEARS SHIRT DR. MARTENS THERE S A CERTAIN CHARM AND SADNESS TO A BRITISH SEASIDE TOWN IN THE RAIN AND DURING WINTER. FEATURE 52 Text Alicia Tan & Ain Aziz Illustrations Lim Siu Fang THEY SAY NEVER TO JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER WE GUESS THAT APPLIES TO CLUBS AND BARS TOO. ACTUALLY SCRATCH THAT COS WHAT WE DO IS JUDGE THE JOINT BY ITS BATHROOM FACILITIES. FORGET THE FANCY DESIGNER DIGS AND MILLIONDOLLAR SOUND SYSTEMS WHAT REALLY MATTERS TO US IS A CLUB THAT IS CLEAN WELL-STOCKED AND OF COURSE PUKEFRIENDLY (GET REAL THAT S IMPORTANT). SO THIS MONTH WE GO WHERE MANY HAVE VENTURED BUT DARED NOT DIG DEEPER THE DRRTY BUSINESS TO RATE THE BATHROOMS OF 12 TOP NIGHTSPOTS IN SINGAPORE. THIS IS INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM STYLE. This feature was written in jest and good humour without any intention on our part to cause harm to the above-mentioned parties. FYI the only bathroom that will warrant a 10 10 rating would be the ones in the comforts of our own home equipped with an electronic bidet and dryer. YOLO VELVET UNDERGROUND Whenever we visit Velvet s bathrooms we feel like VVIPs. Not only are we on a first-name basis with the toilet attendant aunty she sometimes sneaks us a mint or two to freshen us up (subtle way of telling us we need to get sober) personalised treatment FTW. Since Aunty Ah Lan is always present the bathrooms here are spick and span and we even think twice about throwing up in there to not risk making a mess We re all well-behaved kids under her watchful eyes so no complaints except for the sink area the automatic tap takes a bit of figuring out for first timers and very drunk peeps. Another plus factor The little booth area for the inebriated to chill out at makes for a good icebreaker zone to chat up cuties too. Rating PERANAKAN PLACE Location location location We don t understand why the bathroom at Peranakan Place is like a maze to get to (a trek through Alley Bar). By the time we make it there we re usually in such a rush that we barge into the potty rooms of the opposite sex instead. This is usually followed by a lot of apologising embarrassed laughter and some side leakage not cool. Fairly decent with less than a handful of stalls and it s recently gone through a much-needed facelift since it used to resemble a food court s toilets rather than a bar s. B for effort. Rating ZOUK HOME CLUB Accessible (just next to the bar) with plenty of cubicles to cater to the neverending queues we re hard pressed to not give Zouk s main room bathrooms an 8.5 rating. Our only gripe comes from the ladies why is there only one tap in there Hygiene comes into question when there s barely any chance to wash our hands before re-applying makeup. Another suggestion Zouk needs to get the fountain taps fixed the force we have to apply to turn it on could break noses just saying. Other than those we re kinda happy knowing that at Zouk we ll never get nasty surprises upon entering a bathroom stall. Rating Home is where the heart is but all of us should know by now it is not where the toilet is (if you ve been using the darkest corner of the club to relieve yourself then honey you ve got the wrong watering hole). You ve got to journey outside into the adjacent building for permitted opening of bowel gantries and it s like stepping into a lengthened chamber once you re in. We can never be quite sure of the definite level of cleanliness because sometimes grime is character (attributed by the grime of crazy bass booming intermittently out of the club itself). Most of the time it s well-stocked with toilet paper most of the time the mirror is clean and most of the time the toilet bowl is passably spotless. It s an okay toilet good enough for touch-andgo basis since most puking is done straight into the river anyway. Because it s an okay toilet we ll give it a passing mark. Rating NANA Where do we even begin Yeah this is a Thai club but do the bathrooms need to smell like and resemble the dirtiest parts in Bangkok where people go to die We could smell Nana s bathrooms from a mile away while in the club s premises and after risking bladder failure from holding our pee for too long we finally made a run for it and let s just say nasssstyyyy . The stall floors are covered in pee sinks clogged with puke and lotsa unknown substances littering the entire area. Just looking at the mess made us wanna puke ourselves and fortunately we managed to hold it in cos there s no place left for us to desecrate. We wonder what the RAS has to say about this. Rating AVALON When it comes to cleanliness and space we can t find fault with Avalon s bathrooms. Well that s if you can find them in the first place. It s one floor up from the main room but once you get on the lift you might find yourself at Spider Room or even Pangea instead. When you do make it to the bathroom on the second floor (there s actually a smaller one in the basement somewhere out there) it s a nice joint for girls to gossip in (boys don t do that) but the face mirrors are tiny which makes for difficult touching up. We re also not too big fans of the frosted glass doors naked butts that get too close to the offending object will result in a full monty show. And be careful around those stairs we ve witnessed a few slips tumbles and giggles (the latter is courtesy of us) after one too many drinks. Rating THE BUTTER FACTORY The sad news is for a big club The Butter Factory doesn t have its own designated bathrooms. That is unless you call the two stalls for VIPs a bathroom (we ll get there in a minute). Firstly us commoners have to exit the club premises to use the building s bathrooms which tend to get filthier and bordering on inhumane as the night wears on not the club s tai chi. We therefore usually make way for OverEasy s bathrooms but that s a few floors down and not an easy feat when inebriated. Now onto the VIP bathrooms those are tiny and everyone s packed like sardines in there with some VIS (Very Important Strangers) getting too close for comfort. Be warned the queue snakes on for long so depending on how urgent your business is it s your choice to make whether to wait in line or head on down to OverEasy like everyone else does. Rating LOOF The glaring question right here is why is there only one cubicle One would think that when your name contains the word loo you would have more toilet space than that. It s either an attempt at extreme minimalism or achieving a sense of exclusivity. But expanse of legroom aside we re quite happy with Loof s latrine interior. It s spick and span and pretty comfortable and most of the times cleanliness is never an issue. And since there ll be nobody else around when you puke your guts out after one too many cocktails (excluding hair-holding BFF) the puke-ability level is near-perfect. We can look at it this way good things come to those who wait. Rating THE VAULT Newly opened there s no excuse for The Vault s bathrooms to not live up to our expectations. The little boys room is alfresco-style right next to the smoking area so it s kinda apt to answer to nature s call out in the open. The only downside is that it ain t soundproof so you might wanna think twice about doing big businesses here. As for the powder room there s only one stall so be prepared to queue on busy nights. There s relatively enough space to fit two girlfriends in there too so one can pee while the other powders her nose (not the illegal way). The extra space is also good for your BFF to hold your hair back while you retch. Rating CLARKE QUAY Like most bars in Singapore the smaller establishments share a common bathroom it just makes sense to the management. If you ve been to Clarke Quay in the day you ll realise this tourist stretch is already kinda gross (premises-wise let s not get personal) so just imagine the bathrooms reflecting its surroundings plus the filth the night brings you get the picture yeah That s just the tip of the iceberg Clarke Quay instills a nagging fear for our safety when we venture into unknown spaces crowded with dodgy characters so whether you re male or female we d recommend you go to the bathroom in pairs. Better to be safe than sorry. Oh and remember to BYO supplies of toilet paper. Rating ZIRCA The bathrooms in Zirca are huge the biggest we ve come across so there s no chance for claustrophobia to set in here. Here there s room for everybody so everyone gets along However the trek from dance floor or VIP room to our end goal (relief) can sometimes be a hike especially when you re intoxicated (which is always in our case). Management should also check on the locks cos during our last visit there several doors weren t working. We really hate to get caught with our pants down while hovering over the toilet bowl not classy. And FYI there was one time we were kinda drunk to a point where we stood for a full minute outside the VIP bathrooms wondering where the door was obscure much Rating TANJONG PAGAR This business distract attracts a whole different kind of crowd when dusk falls and we love the one-gendered bars that s littered around gives the area character Anyway we re not here to review the bars so let s go straight into the logistics of the bathrooms in these very specific joints. The little boys rooms are never little in fact a nuclear family could move in there. On the downside it s a hole in the wall for the ladies. No need for outrage cos in the first place girly this place ain t for the likes of you although you have every right to be there. So just grin and bear it and let your knees poke out of the folding bathroom doors while you re doing the hovercraft. Good news since there are hardly any female patrons around you can always count on the ladies to be clean and well-stocked. Rating (if you re the right clientele) (if you re female) FASHION BRIGHT IDEA Text Fiona Chen Image Lim Siu Fang SENDING YOU STRAIGHT INTO SPRING S SUNSHINE AND BUTTERFLIES IS COMME DES GAR ONS WITH THEIR 2013 RELEASE OF FOOTWEAR THEY ALL COME IN MEGAWATT ELECTRIC BRIGHTS THAT GRIM SORTS WOULD WANT TO STEER CLEAR OF. MEANWHILE THE REST OF YOU SHINY HAPPY PEOPLE WOULD SURELY EMBRACE THESE SUEDE SNEAKERS WHERE MINIMALIST DESIGNS KEEP THEM FROM LOOKING LIKE JAILBAIT BUT STILL ALLOWING THE FLUORESCENCE TO DO THE TALKING. WE CAN ALWAYS COUNT ON CDG WHEN IT COMES TO INJECTING COLOUR INTO OUR WARDROBES THIS IS A SIGNATURE OF THEIRS THAT WE JUST CAN T GET ENOUGH OF. RAVE ON YOU CRAZY KIDS COMME DES GAR ONS IS LOCATED AT HILTON GALLERY 02-39. FLASH FASHION Text Fiona Chen & Nadia Rahmat 55 TEE OFF One of the most established go-to stores for all our street skate and sports wear needs Black Chamber turns a sexy seven this year. And to kick things off they are throwing at us a capsule collection that s generously endowed with collaborations. Apart from two exclusive tees that cops the design that coincided with Black Chamber s opening the Black Chamber Foil Original and the Optimus logos the multi-label shop that first opened in Far East Plaza has also tied up with Stussy and Japanese streetwear label Bounty Hunter with tees in an assortment of colours to choose from. As with all good things the tees come in limited quantities so make haste. The capsule collection will be available exclusively at the Stussy Shop in Shop Cathay Cineleisure Orchard 02-01. theblackchamber stussysingapore SHUTTER LOVIN KARL TELLS THE TIME It goes without saying that Karl Lagerfeld will stop at nothing to conquer every facet of the fashion industry (or is it the other way around ) and his latest launch of a new line of watches is a testament to that. Produced together with Fossil the collection embodies elements that are symbolic of the Kaiser s very own personal style. A piece to look out for is the Karl Zip a cuff-like watch that can be zipped into several different widths. All the watches will incorporate Karl s signature ponytail silhouette as part of the design yup his mug is his mark. Available from 23 February onwards. Is the idea of gifting chocolates and flowers for V-Day a little bit too mainstream for you Well fret not because Lomography has launched these lomo cameras for you to conveniently immortalise all your significant lovey-dovey moments lo-fi style The Diana F and Diana Mini Valentine s Day edition feature specially designed camera bodies adorned in love messages and fitted with a red retro-flash to add that extra dose of vintage in your photos. Analogue love FTW. Available at Lomography Singapore 295 South Bridge Road. FLASH FASHION opening ceremony 56 TREND ALERT GREENER PASTURES Pantone s Colour of 2013 is a pretty emerald green and we re not about to dispute the last say in all hue-related matters. The lush jewel tone has been touted as the new black (as with all other It colours) and it ll look as good on a slinky evening silk dress as on knitted sweaters. The runway of course has listened and has accented looks with verdant shades just in time for Spring While black and green is a classic combo other winning pairings include yellow purple and camel... or just about every shade in your Crayola box. In this case we re all for putting the green-eyed monster on display. jil sander UNDER THE SEA Known for their iconic coloured watches Swatch revives their Jelly Fish Species collection with a design revamp that features all 51 of their watch s inner components in fresh eye-catching colours. One of the designs aptly named Random Ghost ensures that no one model will be the same as the other as each watch is fitted with different coloured parts to result in different colour combinations for every piece. Talk about exclusivity If monochrome is more your thing opt for their Gilt Ghost or Black Ghost designs which feature gold and black coloured components respectively. Available at all Swatch outlets islandwide. escada s s 13 MAD SKILLS Ah Jeremy Scott you crazy person you It s widely known that with Scott you ll always get OTT so don t expect anything less when it comes to his contributions to adidas Originals the brand that he has been working with since 2008. In his latest S S 13 collection he expands on the totem design which he dropped in sneaker form last December and has also included a basketball jersey dress and a leotard with a woman s cropped mugshot in the mix. Surprisingly palatable in small doses if you ask us com originals A SPACE ODYSSEY JUNGLE BOOK A common or should we say permanent fixture in fashion blogs and magazines Nick Wooster is the arbiter of good taste. The moustached and tattooed-one has lent his fashion smarts to big boys like Bergdorf Goodman and JC Penney and more recently bag maker Want Les Essentials Da La Vie. With the latter the lover of all things camo unabashedly unleashed the army forces on a small collection which includes a briefcase and an iPad 3 case all trimmed with green leather. Very good looking indeed. We can t get enough of incorporating space elements into our looks but it s time to retire the tired images of supernovas and nebulae. Perhaps a good start would be to equip your wardrobe with a selection of galactic worthy looks that do not involve any of the above mentioned and Coup -cousu s Spring Summer 13 collection does just that. Highlights include cosmonaut inspired detailing stardust printed designs and gold foil treatments. Reminds us of Star Trek and that can t be a bad thing at all. Coup -cousu can be found at W.E Wisma Atria 03-16 TANGS Orchard and First Storey Blk 78 Guan Chuan Street 01-49. FLASH FASHION 58 SEA YOU SEA ME If you re all about soaking in the sun sand and sea you ll definitely love this new collection by Billabong to aid in all your seaside frolicking. Make a splash on the beach (or even on the street) with Saltwater Syndicate a collection with a throwback theme influenced by the 50s and 60s counter-culture of California. Bold electric colours vintage travel destination images as well as reverse miniature prints are just some of the designs featured in the collection. Life s a beach Available at all Billabong stores islandwide. SWEDE NOTHINGS It may resemble a clean-cut monochromatic rubber bracelet at first glance but make no mistake about this seemingly bare accessory. Mutewatch operates solely on its tapping and swiping capabilities this is as close to the future as it gets. The best part is the Swede-designed watch s built in vibrator which allows you to set off a silent alarm instead of the usual annoyingly in-your-ear ones. In addition to those nifty functions you can also now snag the futuristic timepiece in their latest special design that features gold details on the strap of the watch. Swede stuff Available at Tangs Orchard (Level 4) Cumulus Wheelock WeSC Store 112 Katong TwoBros Lifestyle & Gadget Store Novena Square and authorised Mutewatch Resellers. A BAG FOR ALL REASONS If you ve ever had dreams of travelling around the world in 80 days we re not so sure about being able to conveniently acquire a hot air balloon to aid in your globetrotting ambition. We do know though that it s easier to circumnavigate the world (sort of) through these bags from DKNY s Spring 2013 collaboration with fashion website Refinery29. Based on the diverse living demands of seven countries the capsule collection features seven bags named and designed according to the locations inspired by each of Refinery29 s local editions. A special bag for every country We don t see why not Available at all DKNY stores from March onwards. THE COLOUR SCALE Slither your way into a bold Lunar New Year by welcoming this new range of 574 Pack shoes by New Balance themed around this year s zodiac animal the snake Available in four striking colours these kicks come in black red forest green as well as a unique design that combines the first three hues resulting in an explosion of colour. All the sneakers feature snakeskin detailing and embellished with a gold emblem that features the Chinese character for Snake . Appropriately grandmother-approved. Available at all New Balance outlets. WARDROBE 60 LORDS OF DOGTOWN REPORTING FOR DUTY. text and styling fiona chen photography ivanho harlim & shysilia novita styling assistant nadia rahmat photography assistant marie liang models matvey & anna ave SKATE THAT ANNA WEARS CAP SUPREME AT BIEN TEE MATERNAL AT ALLEY CROPPED DENIM TOP FUNDEKO CAMO SKIRT OAKHAM MARKET SNEAKERS VANS MATVEY WEARS CAP SUPREME AT BIEN TEE OBEY AT SUP SHIRT PLECTRAM BY BEN SHERMAN CHINO PANTS BEN SHERMAN SNEAKERS VANS graphic tee carhartt wip fur sneaker mulberry denim shirt new look shirt new look camo tee carhartt wip pullover aeropostale backpack topo at actually nike sb x supreme dunk low 10th anniversary shirt aeropostale checked shirt esprit graphic tee lanvin at striped cardi esprit printed sneakers vans tee lazy oaf at actually WARDROBE SHINY HAPPY PEOPLE ALL THAT GLITTERS IS GOLD (AND SILVER) JOIN US ON THIS GILT TRIP. metallic dress topshop multi-chain necklace bernard delettrez at on pedder 62 metallic dress mulberry knot earrings ted baker ingrid shoes alexandar wang pencil skirt esprit chain hoop earrings new look graphic clutch bao bao issey miyake tassel bag charm 3.1 Phillip Lim ANNA WEARS EMBELLISHED JACKET MISS SELFRIDGE SEQUINNED DRESS (WORN AS TOP) MISS SELFRIDGE SEQUIN SKIRT TOPSHOP SILVER SLIP-ONS VANS sequin shorts new look metallic skirt stradivarius jamesy messenger silver fox bag marc by marc jacobs metallic pump nine west sunglasses miu miu WARDROBE BILININDA BUTCHER OF MY BLOODY VALENTINE lace leggings topshop 64 lace collar necklace ted baker ankle boot nine west snakeskin print top esprit lace dress miss selfridge baroque print tee new look lace tee new look THANKS TO MY BLOODY VALENTINE THE WORLD WAS PRESENTED WITH SHOEGAZE IN THE 80S. DESPITE TAKING ALMOST 10 YEARS OFF BEFORE THE IRISH BAND WOULD COME TOGETHER AGAIN MY BLOODY VALENTINE AND THEIR BRASH DISTORTED LOUDNESS NEVER QUITE LEFT US THOUGH WE ONLY HAD TWO RECORDS ISN T ANYTHING AND LOVELESS TO SNUGGLE UP TO. BUT NOT FOR LONG NOW FOR BILINDA BUTCHER KEVIN SHIELDS DEBBIE GOOGE AND COLM C OS IG WILL BE RELEASING THEIR THIRD ALBUM REALLY SOON IT WAS COMPLETED SOMETIME LAST DECEMBER. IN CELEBRATION WE RE TAKING A CLOSER LOOK AT BUTCHER S WARDROBE A ROCKER SHE MAY BE BUT HER CHOICES ARE SURPRISINGLY FEMININE AND PRETTY. JAMES DEAN duffel coat topman pocket square crawford & sons denim jacket nudie at tortoiseshell shades spektre at actually shades ray-ban jeans levi s knit tie crawford & sons leather tote beams plus at leather gloves dkny jeans HIS STAR UNFORTUNATELY DIDN T BURN FOR LONG BUT WHILE IT DID IT WAS THE BRIGHTEST OF HIS TIME. JAMES DEAN WAS THE UNDISPUTED POSTER BOY OF THE 50S AND EVEN NOW SOME SIX DECADES AFTER HIS DEATH HIS MUG STILL DEPICTS A TIMELESS IRREFUTABLE COOL THAT MOST TRY TO EMULATE AGAIN AND AGAIN. FOR HIS ICONIC SLICKED BACK HAIR AND THE WAY HE SPORTED HIS RAY-BANS SO EFFORTLESSLY THIS REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE WILL ALWAYS BE FONDLY REMEMBERED. FOCUS LABEL 3 1 66 4 BEN SHERMAN PLECTRUM S S 13 Text Fiona Chen Images Ben Sherman all that jazz Turning 50 is a worthy cause for celebration especially when you re in a business where casualties happen more often than roadkill. All the more reason to embrace Ben Sherman s Plectrum S S 13 collection where we time travel back to the brand s quintessentially English roots through music. This time machine is set for the swingin 60s and even takes us past the continent into America right smack into the seminal jazz chronicle Jazz Life which is also the namesake of this upcoming collection. FYI for those not in the know a plectrum is the sexier name of the guitar pick an appreciative nod towards the inspiration of Ben Sherman s sub-line presented some two years ago. In an era where music and style were beginning to take major leaps innovation was borne out of both passion and the need to move forward resulting in the basis of Plectrum s S S 13 looks. Naturally instead of stuffy suits the colours in this collection are vibrant (but not gaudily so) with a special emphasis on graphics. The prints are a quiet but impactful affair ranging from art deco to the ikat a traditional fabric popular in Indonesia but commonly produced by artisans in India. It s a diverse collection alright but one that works beautifully especially when astutely layered. 2 5 6 7 KEY LOOKS We can t help but be impressed by these 1 Keeping a beige outfit from being overtly American Expat meets African Safari is the imaginative tie shaking things up a notch. 3 Traditionalists would baulk at the idea of pairing prints with a suit but the key is to keep the loud where it belongs snug under a jacket. Make that a cobalt blue one. 5 Once again the ikat gives a nuanced yet still effective performance as the lining in a parka. 7 The clashing of colours and styles never looked so palatable. This is what we call the real Clash of the Titans. Available from March 13 at all Ben Sherman stores. 2 6 A fitting tribute to not just the Jazz scene of the 60s this graphic shirt pays homage to the kitschy arts community as well. 4 The traditional ikat gets a refreshing update in a camo colourway to great results. Kueh Lapis for the modern day preppy gentlemen We ll take 10 of those thanks. FOCUS LABEL graphic logo tee 68 striped boat neck top A ROPOSTALE Text Fiona Chen Images A ropostale classic logo tee the american dream At the height of the online spree craze some years ago A ropostale was one of the labels that got the most love from the online community and that s just a tiny indication of the American label s popularity They ve got the numbers to back their success up as well more than 1 000 stores have sprouted up across the globe since their inception. Born in 1987 A ropostale is the quintessential American casual wear and it s hard to miss their signature graphic logo that can be found across their range of apparel and accessories from hoodies to caps. Of course this is just a small sampling of their extensive repertoire walk into any A ropostale store and you ll be kitted out in no time from top to toe. And yes they have a dependable range of undies there too on top of their comfy basics dressier options and seasonal offerings. For almost a year now with the opening of its brick and mortar stores here us lucky folks no longer have to endure an arduous waiting time and blow extra moolah to ship A ropostale s wares over. The first two stores opened to much fanfare with fans lapping up what they ve been missing and it wasn t long before the third outlet in Bugis joined its older siblings located at ION Orchard and CityLink Mall just recently. While we don t know if there ll be more stores to come we can rejoice in the fact that the stock is set to drop its Spring 13 collection soon watch this space A ropostale is located at Bugis 01-04 CityLink Mall B1-47A and Ion Orchard B3-06A plaid shirt FOCUS LABEL 70 BANANA REPUBLIC FOR MAD MEN SPRING 2013 Text Alicia Tan Images Banana Republic who is don draper Since the inception of TV series Mad Men back in 2007 the mod look has been all the rage. From Halloween to fancy dress parties there were no lack of Dons Megans and Joans in the last six years. Far from getting old we can t get enough of the Mad Men vibe and how it perfectly encapsulates the nostalgically mod spirit of the late 60s one of the biggest trends to come off this season s runways. It therefore comes as no surprise that Banana Republic s successful Mad Men capsule collection is back for its third run this Spring. Designed in collaboration with Emmy Award-winning costume designer for Mad Men Janie Bryant the latest edition graduates from the previous Camelot era s inspiration into the later years of the decade. Featuring the series stylish wardrobe characteristics translated into bold prints bright colours and new silhouettes you can channel Joan Megan Peggy or Don with a snap of your fingers (and of course by putting on some of these clothes and accessories). Ad man or not play the gent with traditional classics such as a sport jacket plaid suit or skinny tie we bet the Ed Westwicks of the world would be jeals and picking up a style tip or two from you then. As for the ladies you re in for a tasteful treat. The essentially 60s shift dress makes a flashy comeback with shorter hemlines so be ready to flaunt those Twiggy gams accentuated by mirrored heel shoes. If accessorising is more your thang take your pick from a selection of graphic scarves and geometric jewellery. We honestly couldn t be happier with this time traveller s tale courtesy of Banana Republic an homage towards a great TV show that s been jazzing up our weeknights a celebration of an era that liberated women s fashion and of course a nod towards our boys playing the gentleman again. All without breaking the bank We like. The Banana Republic Mad Men Spring 2013 collection launches exclusively at Paragon Shopping Centre and The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands beginning March 19 2013. SHOP 72 P.V.S Text Fiona Chen Images P.V.S hot to trot 2012 has been a year of multi-concepts pop-ups and a busload of f&b joints so it was a pleasant surprise when we first got wind of P.V.S (pronounced as provisions) a store solely (yay pun ) dedicated to footwear for the fairer gender. Set up by the same folks behind Leftfoot it goes without saying that the owners impeccable tastes have rubbed off here as well. There are therefore no surprises that the labels found in this store are not your run-of-the-mill types. The wares run the gamut from Jeffrey Campbell s architectural wonders with their height-defying heels to the sleek shiny choices from G.H Bass and a smattering of other offerings from newer names like The Sak and probably in a bid to stay true to its sneakerfreaker roots brands like Nike as well. Upon our first forays into this space we found that P.V.S is cosier than the chi chi big name boutiques and we aren t complaining since it means everything on display is within arm s length. Nothing beats the opportunity to get up close and personal with the goods without nosey parker retail assistants hovering over us like starving vultures. The footwear are mostly displayed in grocery baskets stacked right up to the ceiling like a MoMA-approved supermarket for shoe fiends. And in a little schizo twist in its decor the G.H Bass babies are housed in a grand cabinet which may very well belong to some poor deceased Earl. Speaking of weirdly wonderful fittings do also check out the shop front s delicious window installation of preserved cherries in mason jars which according to owner Anthony Ho would only be there until the next installation takes over as he intends for it to be a kinetic gallery of sorts for P.V.S. With so much to see touch and feel in here our senses are fully engaged and our feet hooked. P.V.S is located at Cathay Cineleisure 02-05. pvs.singapore PROFILE 73 left to right sven tan kane tan and marketing merchandisers julene ow and jaclyn teo IN GOOD COMPANY Text Fiona Chen Images courtesy of In Good Company Congrats on IGC There has been quite a lot of buzz and excitement around the new label were you guys expecting a response of this magnitude We did expect the Mini-me concept to shine and the encouraging response has proven that there is a future for a new-age brand collective with a lifestyle concept. On the About section on your website it was mentioned that IGC is committed to making real clothes. What are real clothes in your definition They are best described as easy wardrobe staples. These are our creative expressions of key items that every woman not restricted by demographics will need every season as the trends evolve to keep looking updated and still look like themselves (vs. runway model copycats or celebrity wannabes) It s about finding the simple beauty in things and making it relevant while putting our mark on the products we create. For IGC our mark is keeping it real and desirable with flattering silhouettes and thoughtful details and we aspire to be the go-to label for modern everyday style. In a world dominated by fast fashion how much harder do you think it is now to carve out a name in today s fashion scene Or do you think it is easier with help like social media and the opening of minds It is both easier and harder. Considering the blogshops that have done so exceptionally well... and social media does provide good opportunities as an alternative platform for a new brand like us to market ourselves in many ways. Consumers today are spoilt for choice and there is also a huge throwaway culture. But at the same time they are also more individualistic diverse and creative in their approach to dressing. So I think at the end of the day it still is about the right product for right person at the right price. What are you planning to explore now that you have complete rein The main focus for IGC is to gain momentum in brand presence in our homeground Singapore It is our goal to keep to our vision in creating well-designed and desirable products at an accessible pricing. Our plans are strategic and the key focus for 2013 is to grow and mature both creatively and as a business. We noticed that your collections are named as capsules . Does this mean that the collections won t be seasonal and would be more dependent on IGC s pace As a non-seasonal brand our objective for IGC is not to put another collection of 40 to 60 looks out according to the seasonal schedules. Instead we will function like a cruise line with tighter edited capsule collections (four to six a year) and multiple deliveries to generate consistent freshness of product offerings for both our RTW and Mini-me collection. Makes sense to us Also we heard that IGC is also extremely receptive to collaborations too The label does not only describe the partners behind the company it also represents our collaborative initiatives that we will always be on the lookout to create produce and market choice limited-edition collaborations with like-minded parties and designers. This is the heart and spirit of IGC and our goal is to keep our product offers constantly surprising and covetable for our audience. Lastly is there a key look for the label in 2013 I think the beauty of IGC is that the pieces are essentially all very modern and ineffably cool even in the simplest of designs. They are also extremely easy to style and what I love most about the collection is that instead of dictating a particular look these are the enduring pieces that will add up to great personal style over time and according to the wearer s personal taste. In Good Company can be found at Front Row Raffles Hotel Arcade 02-09 and modern talking Following 16 seasons as designers of one of Singapore s most successful fashion exports alldressedup Sven Tan and Kane Tan have branched out on their own to start up a new label In Good Company. Together with two other partners the former designers of alldressedup are now ready to bring their brand of understated aesthetic into the market. The look of In Good Company is largely contemporary and feminine with quirky touches injecting a nuanced excitement. What has also gotten people talking is their Mini-Me collection a series for little ones. However don t expect candy pink bows in this they are the wee versions of what their hip mamas would wear. We say keep an eye on this fresh upstart for they have plans to venture into more collaborations as well. Exciting times ahead indeed and we speak to the duo to find out more on what s to come. Text & Styling Alicia Tan Photography Ivanho Harlim & Shysilia Novita Styling Assistants Ain Aziz & Lim Siu Fang Photography Assistant Marie Liang Hair Ken Hong Evolve Hair Salon Makeup David Scheffen & Julian Loo using NARS colours Model Anna Ave Anna wears Embossed leather jacket 449 and pineapple earrings 17.90 both H&M MADE UP SMOKE GETS IN YOUR EYES THE TRUSTY SMOKY EYE GETS A SPRING UPDATE WITH A WASH OF BOLD COLOURS OVER THE LIDS AND PARED DOWN WITH A NUDE LIP. LEND THIS LOOK A NICE CONTRAST BY OUTLINING YOUR LOWER LASHLINE WITH AN ARRAY OF DIFFERENT METALLIC HUES. YES DOLL ALL EYES ARE ON YOU THIS SEASON. FLASH MADE UP Text Alicia Tan & Ain Aziz LAVENDER IS THE NEW PINK If you ve seen lavenderisthenewpink floating around in Twitter-sphere and wondered what this trend is all about well here s your answer. Nicki Minaj is seen this year holding firmly onto her throne at M.A.C as VIVA GLAM s freshest deity of hip-hop and this time she brings forth a delectable duo of Lipstick and Lipglass in an all-new lip-smacking shade of pastel lavender pink that is suitable for both day and night and for the times in between. Although the shade is not too in-your-face it s bright enough to ensure that you don t blend in with the boring masses. Plus every cent of the selling price of this limited edition M.A.C VIVA GLAM Nicki 2 goes towards helping women men and children living with and affected by HIV AIDS. Perfect pastel pout and philanthropy at the same time Only with M.A.C M.A.C VIVA GLAM Nicki 2 Lipstick and Lipglass retail at 29 each at all M.A.C counters. I M A B.LIV-ER Egad wrinkles Yes darling you re getting old. While you can t stop time from ticking you can at least still keep those crow s feet and wrinkles at bay with Cellnique s b.seen i m wrinkle eraser ( 49.95). This non-comedogenic hypoallergenic product uses Apple Stem Cells to replace cells that go somewhere to die as they age and other key ingredients to aid damaged cells and improve the skin s elasticity. See you can still say no to needles. b.seen products are available at all Sa Sa outlets. 75 HEY THERE CANDY GIRL It s time to dip those fingers into the candy jar and satiate that sweet tooth. rainbow caviar manicure ciat MY FAIR LADY The impossible has been made possible. MAKE UP FOR EVER has launched their new White Definition Instant Brightening Powder Foundation that reconciles three irreconcilable qualities moisturised and bright skin white and translucent finish pure and flawless skin. Yep you read that right. Make haste and get your hands on this as it s sure to sell like hotcakes. Available at Sephora and MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy & Pro Loft for 85. RULES OF SEDUCTION heavy petals pure color nail lacquer collection 26 each est e lauder scented nail polish & top coat duo in pineapple 14 sephora caviar manicure kit in rainbow 34 ciat at sephora nail polish in haymarket 20 nails Inc at sephora scented nail polish & top coat duo in orange 14 sephora It s not like we need to teach you how to seduce your man but some extra help wouldn t hurt eh If you re gonna treat your man to a special massage with your own hands might we suggest you use Total Body Elixir Seductive Make Love from Intelligent Nutrients as a massage oil Not only in this a multifunctional certified organic body oil ( 10 karma points) but it also has an intoxicating and spicy scent that will leave him wanting to tear your clothes off before you re done. 39 is a small price to pay for love. Available at C.K TANGS Vivo City C.K TANGS Orchard and selected retailers. FLASH MADE UP MEET MABEL We ve got two words for this one too much In a good way of course because Maybelline s latest ambassador is just way too kawaii. As the new face of Maybelline New York s Limited Edition Pure Mineral TwoWay Cake Foundation Mabel is seen livin it up in NYC and reinvents herself everyday according to her whim and fancy. One day she s Chillax Mabel sipping a macchiato in the Village and peoplewatching the next she s Sakura Mabel enjoying a sake-tini in a silk kimono and if she feels like it she ll be as illuminated as the Statue of Mabelty. Her cheeky persona and jet-black hair fronts the cases of the tried-and-tested Pure Mineral compacts that we ve come to love We ll have one of each please. Available at Guardian Sa Sa Watsons selected departmental stores and major supermarkets and hypermarkets. Retails at 20.90 each. 76 SMART IS SEXY While thematic makeup paints different stories it is the eyes that convey emotions the most so it s important to get your eyes done just right. It could get relatively tricky to get your desired look sheathed on flawlessly but Benefit has come up with a brilliant lessonplan to help attain instant beauty. Following up with the brand s Tips & Tricks range are three Eyeshadow Kits that teach you how to mix and match colours for the ultimate flattering look. Each kit is made up of different neutrals of which are already favoured worldwide and come in the form of creaseless creams and powder shadows. Soft & Flattering lends you a subtle nuance of eye colours that is best contrasted with a bold lip Rich & Illuminating will make you look like your peepers glow with sun-kissed warmth and Dramatic & Daring are for the mysterious lasses to add that sexy edge to their visage. Regardless of your choice you ll still end up looking smokin hot with this one. Benefit Instant Beauty Eyeshadow Kits retail at 47 each. FOREVER YOUNG As you probably already figured out we re obsessed with antiageing. For good reason taking into account our party lifestyles and the stress levels in the office that contribute to premature ageing sad face. Well good news is we ve recently stumbled across YSL s Forever Youth Liberator collection and let s just say we re hooked. After years of research the French brand has discovered a new innovation in the skincare market with the science of Glycobiology. We ll spare you the technicalities and get straight to the point the products in this range work by unlocking the cells to reactivate their vital functions and liberate the youth potential at all levels of the skin. So far users of Forever Youth Libertor have reported awesome results in increasing skin s luminosity plumping up skin and also visibly reducing wrinkles. Look at us we re living and breathing proof. Available at YSL beauty counters. ONE IS THE ANSWER You can replace over 10 toxic products in your bathroom cupboard with this one natural remedy says Chey Birch creator of Australia s best-kept secret Black Chicken Remedies. She s a diehard advocate for using remedies that Mother Nature generously holds in store and firmly opposes the notion that you need many different types of products to soothe and fix skin problems and calls out on it as being a waste. Her beauty care baby Balm of Ages (Special Edition) All-Purpose Remedy challenges a myth around the effectiveness of multi-use skincare products. It contains oils known for centuries to cleanse moisturise and be effective for providing a barrier for skin conditions such as Eczema and Psoriasis. One of the specially-drawn oils is the Frankincense oil which has been used for centuries for its spiritual and remedial value as it contains high immune stimulating properties and is known to bring life back into your skin. And because multi-purpose is key you can also apply this concoction on sunburns bruises and even to restore hair on your scalp This one s a must-get for sure. Available at Blackmarket Hide & Seek Miles & Theodore and CASHMERE MAFIA Most lip glosses look better than they feel with all that stickiness it s as if there s a whole look-but-don t-touch policy when it comes to lip lusters. L Oreal Shine Caresse is the brand s latest and dare we say one of the best innovations yet. It tackles the problem of uncomfortable sludge while maintaining perfect shine and colour by utilising the secret of high-concentration moisture. Made up of 30% oil and 60% water it s a breakthrough invention that is best described as lip gloss without the fuss. It comes in eight bright candy-coloured hues which makes the fabulous line-up not only good for Spring but throughout the year as well. Putting it on is also a breeze with the feather-shaped applicator which is supple yet sturdy enough for effective application. Shine Caresse retails for 18.90 each and is available at Watsons Guardian Sa Sa selected departmental stores and super hypermarkets. CANVAS 78 BEAUTIFUL STRANGER TEXT & STYLING ALICIA TAN PHOTOGRAPHY IVANHO HARLIM & SHYSILIA NOVITA STYLING ASSISTANTS AIN AZIZ & LIM SIU FANG PHOTOGRAPHY ASSISTANT MARIE LIANG HAIR KEN HONG EVOLVE HAIR SALON MAKEUP DAVID SCHEFFEN & JULIAN LOO USING NARS COLOURS MODEL ANNA AVE SPECIAL THANKS TO NARS Dive face first into our favourite makeup trends for Spring Summer 2013. THE MOD SQUAD EVERY SEASON WE GET TO RELIVE THE GOODNESS OF AN ERA. THIS SEASON IT S ALL ABOUT THE 60S AGAIN COMPLETE WITH FILLED-IN BROWS DOE EYES AND NUDE LIPS. TWIGGY WOULD APPROVE. ANNA WEARS STUDDED VEST 299 H&M. NEON FLUX IT ISN T REALLY SPRING IF THERE S NO BURST OF COLOUR ON YOUR FACE. WHILE NEON EYESHADOWS ARE HARDER TO CARRY OFF WE D OPT FOR THE LOUD MOUTH INSTEAD. TANGERINE ORANGE VIBRANT FUSCHIA OR FIERY RED GET READY TO STOP TRAFFIC WITH PLAIN LIP SERVICE. ANNA WEARS AZTEC PRINT SPORTS BRA 17.90 H&M. HEAVY METAL NO NIGHT OUT IS COMPLETE WITHOUT SOME SMOLDERING EYE MAKEUP. IT S KINDA DISCO DIVA MEETS GRUNGE ROCKER ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU CHANGE UP THE SMOKY LID WITH METALLIC SHADES (INSTEAD OF BLACK) AND SMUDGE YOUR LOWER LASHLINE HAPHAZARD PERFECTION FTW. ANNA WEARS EMBOSSED LEATHER JACKET 449 BODYCON TANK TOP 49.90 AND TEXTBOOK 82 RED LETTER DAY Text & Coordination Alicia Tan Photography Christopher Chen & Valerie Lam Click Photography Art Direction Janice Lin & Lim Siu Fang Our top 10 red lippies for scribbling love notes on mirrors and leaving marks on lovers. 1. Lip Color in Cherry Lush 70 Tom Ford A newbie in the market for us this by far offers the smoothest application and the colour is just simply irresistible pure and with the right amount of luminousity. Tom really gets us girls. 2. Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lip Colour in 99 Pirate p.o.a Chanel This is super comfortable to wear (almost thought we had forgotten to put on lipstick) and there s no excess peeling after the colour sets. In a deep and dark red hue this will suit fair porcelain skins best. 3. Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm in 03 Mightiest Maraschino 26 Clinique Is this a lip balm lipstick or lip crayon Doesn t matter cos the colour isn t too sheer or heavy it s just right and glides on like a dream while keeping the lips wellmoisturised for ages. 4. Perfect Rouge in Dragon RD514 43 Shiseido As its name suggests this lippie is dramatic sexy intense and contains light-reflecting properties to give lips a plumped look. High definition without a visit to the docs Sign us up 5. Rich Lip Color SPF12 in Crimson 16 36 Bobbi Brown We can t get enough of the wine red shade it lends the wearer a mysterious air about her. With SPF12 to protect the lips it s impossible to not fall in love with this all-rounder. 6. Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick in Le Orange 13 p.o.a YSL With a tangerine tinge to it this is a bold choice that s best suited for loud mouths. With just one swipe you ll be able to get the look you need. This also has an ultracreamy texture to it so it can be applied directly onto unprepped lips. 7. Matte Lipstick in Russian Red 29 M.A.C This has been a cult favourite for as long as we can remember and for good reason. It s a mid-tone cool red that pretty much suits all skin tones and can help you achieve that to-die-for pin-up girl look. 8. L absolu Rouge in 357 Rose Mystique p.o.a Lanc me This is a great choice for beginners in the red lips revolution. The satin texture allows for the lipstick to glide on smoothly and you can slowly build up the intensity of this rose-coloured lippie to your liking. 9. Semi Matte Lipstick in Jungle Red p.o.a NARS This is another cult favourite that results in a glamorous red carpet look tres chic. The velvety finish is thanks to its highly pigmented non-drying formula so take our word for this the hype is all real. 10. Rouge Unlimited Lipstick in RD185 33 Shu Uemura This lippie is a pink-based red and has been reformulated to pack double the punch from its predecessor. The texture is creamy and pigmented but lightweight so it lasts for a long time without drying lips out. ICON LA VIE EN ROSE 83 Text & Coordination Ain Aziz color balm lipstick in peachy pink 30 Stila studio fix powder plus foundation 51 M.A.C poreraser uv under base mousse in beige pink 60 Shu Uemura stylish brow duo in brunette p.o.a M.A.C contour eye pencil 25hr wear waterproof in 01 black lace 12 Sephora caviar stick eye colour in rosegold p.o.a Laura Mercier lash power lengthening mascara 38 Clinique stylish brow brush p.o.a M.A.C naked flushed palette 48 Urban Decay at Sephora manifesto edp 129 50ml and 159 90ml YSL bamboo style shape moldable texture paste 32 Alterna at Sephora We re head over heels in love with Anne-Catherine Frey for this European pixie not only has a porcelain face that we d kill to have but also her distinct mish-mash sense of pageboy style as evidently seen on her blog is simply immaculate . This sprightly cutie is also the designer for sleek French fashion label The Kooples and is steadily spreading her fashion presence amongst the troop of elites in fashionland. It s high time for us to take a breather after piling on much drama for the festivities so tone it down tastefully and make it like Anne by keeping your face fresh and clean with a rosy glow this month. GET THE LOOK PSY-FICTION Text & Coordination Alicia Tan Backstage Image M.A.C for Holly Fulton S S 13 84 Time to thank the beauty gods it s the revival of pop-art with a 60s twist. Think graphic shapes and fluorescent brights on luminous skin this is organic contrast at its finest. SCENT OF A WOMAN A woman s scent says a lot about her. It adds a whole new layer on top of your persona and like shoes to an outfit completes the canvas. As we go down this 60s-inspired route we can t help but be drawn to a fragrance built around freshly cut grass and the forest. It s so mysterious and magical that we can t help but use this as a finishing touch to complete things. Our pick (untitled) edp from 149 Maison Martin Margiela ACE OF BASE You should know by now how we feel about the importance of a good base for applying makeup. If you have sensitive skin and want to avoid clogging your pores skip the foundation and instead invest in a dermatologist-approved BB Cream. To create dimension and highlight the planes of your face apply a good cream highlighter and blend into your skin. Our picks skintangible faint ation bb cream (12mg) 24 VMV Hypoallergenics touche cl t manifesto 55 YSL TOOLS OF THE TRADE Like an artist you need the right tools to perfect your masterpiece. Since we re trying to achieve a graphic pop-art look here the three musthave brushes in your kit are the lip brush face brush and eyeshadow brush. Go on and make Andy Warhol proud Our picks precision face brush 45 Bare Minerals at Sephora retractable lip brush p.o.a Lanc me 242 shader brush 45 M.A.C BEAUTY SPOTS While others moan over their freckles makeup artists everywhere are trying to recreate them on models for the runway. If you weren t born with it don t fret You can easily cheat freckles with a light coloured (one or two shades darker than your natural skin tone) eyebrow pencil. Just dot freely across your nose and cheekbones way cute Our pick brow pencils p.o.a Bobbi Brown NUDE AWAKENING READY SET GLOW To create that healthy and glowy radiance the trick lies in your setting powder. The ones that contain light-reflecting formulas are your best bet as it helps set your makeup without caking the skin. Also learn how to shade your face with a face powder to create cheekbones that will cut through glass. Our picks light reflecting setting loose powder p.o.a NARS year of the snake beauty powder in shell pearl 46 M.A.C GO WITH THE FLUO Pop-art makeup isn t necessarily restricted to the eyes. If you re gutsy enough draw kabuki shapes with a pencil before filling them in with bright coral and fuschia lipsticks. Otherwise you can take the safe route and intermix both shades to blend your own unique mix of lip colour. Our picks perfect rouge lipstick in tiger 43 Shiseido dior addict lipstick in 687 espiegle 45 Dior With makeup it s always about balance. Since your lips are doing the talking this time your eyes can take the day off. However we tend to have a yellow tinge to our eyelids which looks sickly in pictures so you can easily fix that by dabbing on an almostnude (with some shimmer) cream shadow base across your lids. Our pick pro longwear paint pot in chilled on ice 45 M.A.C SPOTLIGHT IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE Text Alicia Tan Coordination Nadia Rahmat Image Various sources While we re not the most lovey-dovey people around we can t ignore the fact that the best time to indulge in a spa treatment or retreat is during V-Day. Why Cos we re just not that into the Hallmark bulls t and a day or two spent chilling with your other half away from the gagging romance will certainly put the L back into L-O-V-E. If you re flying solo don t worry cos we ve got you covered too - there s nothing wrong with loving yourself more. 85 TO EACH OTHER BY LOVE FOR OLD TIMERS SAKE Congratulations on your nuptials or finally coming out as the new couple on the block We expect with all couples in the honeymoon period you two will be doing everything together. Since you guys won t able to stop sucking face for the next six months now s the best time to take the plunge as a duo. While girls might be no strangers to Brazilian waxing guys on the other hand might experience some anxiety so moral support is always a good thing Besides it s always good to enforce some consideration and hygiene rules early on in your relationship a bush-free Down Under thank you very much. We recommend Brazilian 62 (girls) and Boyzilian 85 at none other than one of the many Strip outlets in Singapore. With a HSQ mantra (Hygiene Speed Quality) these trusted waxing experts will have you both hair-free in no time. Also Strip is famous for their own wax formulations so this treatment will be super gentle yet effective. Who knows the boy might actually get hooked and sign up for a package We don t know how you oldies do it but do share your secret with us when you have the chance to. Well whatever it is you guys are definitely doing something right which explains the longevity of your relationship. We can t think of a better way to relight the fire in a long-term relationship than with a trip across the borders for a hot springs retreat. While soaking up the goodness in one of those welcoming hot springs you ll get to reconnect with your significant other as well as relive your days as honeymooners. A few words of advice if you have kids hire a babysitter. Nothing ruins romance more than the reminder of childbirth or teenage growing pains. We recommend The Banjaran Hot Springs Retreat in Ipoh Malaysia. Aside from the obvious you both can partake in energy healing and Ayurverdic treatments or even go the distance (again heh pun intended) with the Malay Ramuan Spa Journey. Also you guys can always skip out for some Ipoh hor fun food always keeps the magic alive in any relationship. We don t know what s with our obsession with secret lovers lately but yeah it s kinda sexy. Even secret lovers deserve to celebrate a day of love too just not openly. And we actually think with all the hard work you both put into keeping your dalliance a secret more pampering away from prying eyes will prevent things from going stale. So while you guys continue at debating whether to take things out in the open we d suggest you do it in paradise and in total relaxation helps for deep thinking. Things could go either way from there so enjoy it while it lasts. We recommend Tamarind Springs Forest Spa in Lamai Koh Samui. You can t get more obscure than in a forest spa in the boonies so no worries about getting caught red handed. The herbal steam cave is said to work wonders on your emotional well-being so if you re kinda unsure of where this relationship is taking you meditate on it in there. Otherwise you can do couply stuff together and try their signature Drift Away treatments. THE SECRET LIFE OF US FIXING A BROKEN HEART Okay that a-hole who dumped you right before V-day is a right a-hole. But stop moping around feeling sorry for yourself the best form of revenge is to live well and let him know what he s missing but don t you go back to him girl. While your girlfriends are spitting fire at him don t get mad just get even and some perspective. Get yourself back on form and treat yourself to a full day of spa-ing trust us after one or two hours you ll realise how unworthy that a-hole is of your fabulous self. We recommend Ikeda Spa at Bukit Timah Road. Not only is this Singapore s first traditional spa offering authentic Japanese massages facials and beauty treatments you can actually book yourself in for the works five whole hours of being pampered into oblivion. You even get to dress up in their gorgeous yukatas and experience a tea ceremony in their quaint little tea garden. Who needs a man now huh Calling all lone rangers we salute you in your abstinence from relationships during this lovesick season. It takes a true free spirit to enjoy his or her independence and not get sucked into the hoola-boola of V-Day. If you feel the need to get away from the madness then a mini Eat Pray Love is just what you need. Indulge your spiritual side and take a long-weekend trip to Ubud Bali (it s the choice destination of yogis) to sign up for a yoga retreat it really helps to reaffirm your confidence and independence. You ll also get to meet like-minded people and who knows what will conspire from there on. The world is truly your oyster when you live for yourself. We recommend The Yoga Barn at Ubud Bali. This place is renowned not only does it have amazing daily classes of all sorts respected instructors and a caf that serves one of the best raw foods in town there s also a spa for you to enjoy treatment after treatment (at very affordable prices). The last time we checked in the Hot Stones massage was simply to-die-for. ONE (WO)MAN SHOW NAVIGATE ONE AND ONLY Text Ain Aziz Image The ABSOLUT Company NEVER HAS THE STATE OF LONERISM BEEN MORE COVETED THAN WITH ABSOLUT S LATEST SPAWN OF PSYCHEDELIC INVENTION. ABSOLUT UNIQUE REITERATES THE TRUE MEANING OF BEING SOLITARY BY BEING A MEGA TROOP OF DISTINCT BOTTLES WITH NO ONE DESIGN SIMILAR TO THE OTHER. THIS BRILLIANT VODKA BRAND RE-ENGINEERED THEIR ENTIRE PRODUCTION LINE TO ENSURE THAT EACH OF THESE FOUR MILLION CHURN-OUTS BEARS A DIFFERENT MOTIF AND THIS RECONFIGURATION CONSISTS OF AN INSTALLATION OF A WHOPPING 38 DIFFERENT COLOURS AND HIGHLY COMPLEX COATING PATTERN AND PLACEMENT ALGORITHM. WHAT RESULTS IS A HYPNOTIC MASH-UP OF TONES ILLUMINATING THE TRADEMARK GLASS BOTTLES THAT EVERYONE HAS COME TO LOVE. SO IF YOU RE SINGLE OR LONELY THIS MONTH CHUCK YOUR INSECURITIES ASIDE AND REMIND YOURSELF THAT SOMETIMES GOING SOLO IS THE WAY TO GO WWW.ABSOLUT.COM UNIQUE FLASH NAVIGATE Text Ain Aziz TRAVEL PICK EUROPE ON EURAIL WITH STA TRAVEL Travelin ain t cheap especially when you re young and broke. But don t extinguish your desire for greener pastures just because cashflow is low. Divine travel aid comes in the form of STA Travel cos these folks are shaving away the excess costs of going around Europe and giving you good deals while they re at it. There s no better way to explore this great continent than with an age-old transport that has got all lands covered we re talking about the rail of course STA Travel provides you with Eurail passes that serve as an all-access ticket that makes your vacation heaps cheaper and if you re under 26 years of age or if you travel with friends it will cost you even lesser The way to get the Eurail passes to work for you is simple as pie. Start by working out a rough plan of how many countries and cities you d like to visit in the time you have available and then pick the pass that s right for you. You can hop onto as many trains as you like on any given day enjoy free or discounted ferry travels to get you across the bits where the train doesn t go and even change your plans as your mood takes you. The best thing about the Eurail pass is that they re not restricted to rail travels many Eurail passes include free (or discounted) ferry travel so you can mix things up a bit with a relaxing mini-cruise across the Baltic or Mediterranean sea. Many of Europe s trains are marvels of futuristic engineering with high-speed services such as France s TGV and Germany s ICE slashing journey times between major cities. This means not only do you get to save moolah you get to save time as well. As we all know it could get pretty pricey to book individual train journeys in Europe. So we re pretty happy that these kind folks are offering up a FREE EXTRA TRAVEL DAYS promo that ll take place between 1 February all the way to 31 March This one s a good deal to steal so if you re heading up to Euroland anytime soon be sure to check out our travel pick this month Valid on selected Eurail Global Consecutive passes. Log on to eurail for more details. 87 DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC Well we do These beer-spawns of psychedelia have finally landed on our shores adding muchneeded shake-up to our usual repertoire of booze-fix. Brewed in USA the Magic Hat Beers have been made famous for the easy-drinkability (good for beginners) and quirkiness (have you seen their labels ). While we re totally feeling the label design for Encore a deep hazy amber ale with aromas of freshly-cut grass citrus zest and underlying toasted bread (yes you read that right ) we think Circus Boy deserves a wee bit more attention with it being limited in quantity but more because we love us some lemongrass to perk up our day. Also deserving of mention are its equally interesting counterparts the 9 a seductive concoction of ripe apricot nectar and gentle hops and Heart of Darkness a mysterious stout full of roasted malts and velvety dark chocolate. Because they look so pretty each bottle is a conversation starter as well making them the perfect beer choice for that next house party you re planning Available at CAN BUY ME LOVE Why wear your heart on your sleeves when you can do it on a snazzy bottle of champagne We re head over heels with the oh-so-charming Mo t Ros Imp rial Declare Your Love program where romantic expression meets champagne chic. When luxury is personalised and doused with a sense of affection it takes the whole bubbly experience to another level and makes it the ideal gift for memorable moments. The premium Love Case includes everything you ll need to create your own memorable declaration on the champagne bottle including the gilded pen and an elegant booklet with an array of stickers to personalise and lend the bottle your own special touch. It s a glam-ed up way of saying Honey you re totally worth my money. Nothing spells love better than that. FLASH NAVIGATE WRITE AWAY HEMINGWAY Neil Gaiman was caught saying that being a writer is a very peculiar sort of a job it s always you versus a blank sheet of paper (or a blank screen) and quite often the blank piece of paper wins. But quite obviously we feel all you aspiring young uns whose desire to write burns even hotter than the hindrance of hard parts that come with the job. So mark your calendars this month for the All In Young Writers Media Festival a two-day affair jam-packed with talks from industry experts from across the field of writing (including our very own ed - yay ) from playwriting to journalism to creative writing and intensive workshops constructed to inspire and help hone your writing capabilities. Organised by the National Book Development Council (NBDC) this annual festival aims to act as a platform for young writers to meet their peers as well as established practitioners from the industry. To shake things up this year for the first time ever All In is having a Prologue 55 Word Fiction Competition that is made open to anyone from 16 to 25 years of age. If you think your storytelling skills are succinct original and interesting enough log on to all-in 2013 competition.html to find out more The All In Young Writers Media Festival is held on the 23rd and 24th February at the National Library. Tickets are priced at 30 for the full day seminar on 23rd February and 30 per workshop on 24 February. For more information visit all-in 2013 register.html 88 YOU ME AND KIKKI It s a dainty love affair with Swedish sweethearts kikki.K as they serve up a pink V Day collection specially for those wishing to kick 14 Feb off in full steam. The extensive Date Night Kit will aid even the most unromantic souls to create a memorable night with a complete date set that includes cutesy paper cups placements a menu and even a list of conversation starters Of course if you want to do it right do it full-on from the start by creating invites with their wooden stamp set and printed notepads and put a sweet end to it by carving memories in the So Much Love Memory Book. There s even a heart bunting to set the date ambient right Available at all kikki.K outlets. SWEET LITTLE THINGS Lest we forget February is also the xin nian month for 2013 We are all fat kids at heart here and so festive food is always welcome. Dessert maestros Bakerzin is giving us the perfect CNY sweet fix with its Chinese New Year Sweets Collection 2013 an amazing array made up of four new and unique creations. For those with a soft spot for the texture and taste of the traditional su bing choose between the Pineapple Paste with Egg Yolk Good Luck Pastry and Lotus Paste with Egg Yolk Good Luck Pastry. If quirky tastes are your thing there s the Sichuan Pepper Leaf Pineapple Tarts and Vanilla Caramel Yuan Bao Pineapple Tarts (our personal pick BTW) for you to satiate your discerning palate with. Classics such as the Classic Pineapple Yuan Bao and Classic Pineapple Leaf Tarts are hauled back as well as Bakerzin s famous range of dainty bite-sized Japanese-style mochi balls. Ke ai Available at or all Bakerzin outlets. HOT DAMN Now this is something we all can rejoice to. Audiophiles like us and you now have our very own playground to have fun in without getting any complaints from snarky neighbours. House of Turntables (HOT) is a spanking new space conceived for sound enthusiasts to shop learn and get inspired in and with more than 15 models of analog turntables 12 amplifiers 10 000 vinyls acoustic speakers as well as an extensive range of third-party products available for a full hands-on experience somebody might have to drag us out by the collar for us to leave this place. These guys are full-on dedicated to providing affordable European sound systems from turntables and vinyls to amps loudspeakers and audio lifestyle accessories. There s also free consultation if you fancy yourself a customised sound system to cater to your personal preference all you have to do is book an appointment with a HOT personal shopper. The friendly ambience also lets you loosen all tension as you try out the latest vinyls in store. Sounds like a new hide-out to us. House of Turntables (HOT) is located at Plaza Singapura 04-65. IMAGINE SPECIAL PRESENTS... 89 IMAGINE FACE OF THE MONTH ZOE LIN 22 ZOE LIN IS PINT-SIZED BUT THAT DOESN T MEAN SHE DOESN T PACK A PUNCH. THE EVENTS EXECUTIVE IS A NOCTURNAL ANIMAL WHO ENJOYS HER DRINKS AND PARTIES WHICH EXPLAINS HER CHOICE OF A NON-DESKBOUND PROFESSION. LIKE MOST OF THE YOUNG FOLKS HER AGE ZOE TAKES HER SHOPPING SERIOUSLY TOO AND HER BUYING HABITS HAVE TAKEN HER EVERYWHERE FROM ACROSS THE DIGITAL FRONTIER TO FOREIGN LANDS LIKE BANGKOK. NEEDLESS TO SAY SHE COUNTS THE IMAGINE CARD AS ONE OF HER BFFS WHERE IT MAKES HER SHOPPING LIFE A GREAT ONE WITH ITS GENEROUS BAG OF PRIVILEGES. WE CHAT UP THIS SWEET LASS TO GET TO KNOW HER BETTER AND ON HOW SHE HAS BEEN WIELDING HER IMAGINE CARD. Hi Zoe So tell us what s the best bit about working in an events firm It ll have to be meeting people from all walks of life and the priceless learning experience. We heard that you re a shopaholic but while you re not seeking new wardrobe additions what do you enjoy doing in your free time I love travelling and anything that I can do with my friends such as baking. I also like clubbing so my weekend nights usually begin at Zouk and it may end at other places where it closes late such as the popular Thai disco Nana. Speaking of shopping where are your favourite shopping haunts I usually shop online at local blogshops and international sites as well. Online shopping is great cos it can be done anytime of the day and it delivers right to your doorstep We agree We re guessing that you ve been putting your Imagine card to good use too Of course Apart from the fact that it prevents me from overspending since it s a prepaid card I ve been taking full advantage of the deals and privileges. For example eating out has become that bit more affordable now with the discounts that come with it. Sounds like you re having fun with the Imagine Card Yup for sure. Apart from that I like that it also gives me a peace of mind as in the event that I misplace my card I can easily suspend it online or via the Imagine mobile app. Plus the Imagine card also prevents online fraud thanks to the American Express SafeKey programme. Basically it s just a simple verification step with a one-time password sent to my mobile phone before the transaction is completed but it makes a world of a difference DO IT LIKE ZOE IF YOU ALREADY OWN AN IMAGINE CARD THEN YOU LL GET TO ENJOY THESE GREAT AMERICAN EXPRESS SELECTS OFFERS THE PUMP ROOM 15% savings on a la carte food bill Not valid after 10 pm and for set menus brunch or any other promotions. HOUSE 10% savings on total bill with min. spend of S 100 FIVE IZAKAYA BAR 10% savings on all premium bottles (S 150 & above) 15% savings on all premium bottles (S 275 & above) PASTA INC ITALIAN RESTAURANT 10% savings on total food bill SPAGEDDIES ITALIAN KITCHEN 15% savings on total bill Valid from Mondays to Fridays only. Not valid for alcohols and set menus. SPINELLI COFFEE 1-for-1 Large Signature Beverage Valid from 1 Jan - 31 Mar 2013 Complimentary S 100 worth of Spinelli vouchers and Tamper (worth S 107) with every purchase of Rancilio Silvia Coffee Machine Set Voucher terms and conditions apply. RUNNING LAB 10% savings storewide on regular-priced items Terms and conditions apply. All privileges are valid until 31 December 2013 unless otherwise stated. Visit for more details. THE IMAGINE CARD The first American Express-branded contactless prepaid card issued by EZ-Link Pte Ltd in the region sounds too good to be true but it is. The EZ-Link Imagine American Express Card is exactly what its name suggests a prepaid card with all the sweet icing that comes bundled with a traditional credit card and the convenience of a contactless card (you just tap to pay ). By icing we mean perks like 2% rebates and discounts at popular joints across the F&B entertainment lifestyle and fashion spectrum including Pull&Bear Swensens and Shaw Theatres and since it s a multifunctional card it also conveniently doubles up as an ez-link card to use on your bus and train rides. Because the good folks at Imagine Card also know you young things are always on the go they ve also helpfully set up an app that lets you view the latest merchant offers and your card balance and transactions in real time as well as ensuring there are many convenient ways to reload your card. Consider us convinced The Imagine Card can be purchased at and at TransitLink Ticket Offices. American Express is a trademark of American Express. The Imagine Card is issued by EZ-Link Pte Ltd pursuant to a license from American Express. WAIT THERE S MORE Shop at Challenger Popular Shaw Theatres and many more for a contactless payment experience. FLASH NAVIGATE GEEK ALERT We re in the supporting camp of The Hobbit especially since the epic movie didn t fail to please. Therefore the Moleskine Hobbit Collection gets our vote for being the must-have item of this month. We don t care if this passes off as a cheap fad in a couple o days which is highly unlikely considering how the artworks represent original drawings from JRR Tolkien himself. This collection comes in two versions the ruled one bears a burgundy red cover that is illustrated with the iconic Lonely Mountain framed between two dragons and the plain style cover is in chestnut brown and bears the seal of a dragon hot-foil stamped in shiny silver red over a silk-screen printed background representing the map of the Mirkwood (all kept steady with a monogram-ed spine bearing the venerable author s initials).The best part is definitely the secret of this wonderful Moleskine release well hidden in the secret back pocket of these diaries is a map of Wilderland stretching from the Misty Mountains west to River Running east We would queue our hearts out for these gems Available at onlineshop-hk the-hobbit 90 GOOD READS It s time to put down that Kindle iPad Tab and go back to reading ink on paper. Nothing beats the feel of a newly-bought book so here are two substantial picks from us for your healthy dose of reading pleasure. There s always a hanging question of what makes an influential figure reach cult status that successfully transcends generations. Could it be credited to laudable marketing efforts sheer talent or maybe... their past life Sylvie Browne gives a rare and riveting look at the lives of some of the most notable celebrities all of whom have now passed on in her new book Past Lives of the Rich and Famous. Over 50 names are included in this intriguing fictional tale from Steve Jobs to Michael Jackson to Martin Luther King Jr. and it seems that Browne is getting us hooked as we follow a spiritual connection between their previous lives and the lives that they left. What s interesting is the debate of whether the latter is the final age of the existence of these influential spirits who have changed history within the years that they were present on this good Earth. It s a potentially mindless indulgent read since it s mostly hypothetical and unproven but we all need to put down that heavy literature once in a while. Available on Past Lives of the Rich and Famous by Sylvie Browne THE TIES THAT BIND Reknowned photographer and visual artist John Clang puts forth his adroit skills by exploring the theme of Family the central building block that still holds together the Singaporean society by looking at Singaporeans sense of identity rootedness and connection to their families both in our country and abroad such as London Tokyo and Los Angeles. Being Together Family & Portraits Photographing with John Clang is inspired by Clang s personal recounts of being away from his family and touches upon a topic that is related to many of us today as the world keeps on globalizing at a rapid pace. It is a thought-provoking journey of appreciating who we are as a people in the context of the modern world that we live in. Being Together Family & Portraits Photographing with John Clang is showing at the National Museum of Singapore from now until 26 March 2013. So you want to be the Don of style but you have zero knowledge on what s in what s out and you think bleached stubble on tanned skin is cool. Fret not lads for the suave saviours from MR PORTER has come to save your arses with a beautifully designed 240-page style compendium edited by MR PORTER s Editor-in-Chief Jeremy Langmead and designed by highly esteemed book designer David Pearson (previously from Penguin Books). It features content from The Journal magazine on the site and includes full-scale advice on fashion cars interiors design and music plus insider style tips interviews and profiles with distinguished men worth their salt from across the globe. To completely ensure you ve got the whole Mr. Gentlemen vibe down pat they ve also slotted in a gallery of Style Icons and a special section named The Knack (and how to get it) which comes with illustrated guides to everything from dancing at a party to bonding with the in-laws. You should be able to polish your new-age Humphrey Bogart persona by the end of this book and ladies this is also the perfect opportunity for you to give your significant other a hint at the right way of how he should be treating you. Available on THE MR PORTER PAPERBACK The Manual for a Stylish Life Volume One ABSOLUT SPECIAL 91 US MANICURIO 2012 was a juicy year for multi-concept stores and there are plenty of space for more. Really a shop in a shop in a shop Manicurious is a nail parlour caf and retail space rolled into one well-lit and spacious lot along Beach Road. Here getting your nails prettied up are no sedate sessions you can have a cuppa or two before checking out their range of both fashion and lifestyle wares out at the front. Speaking of their manicures have been highly raved about for being out of the ordinary and when it comes to nail art the sky s the limit. THESE DAYS IT S HARD TO STUMBLE ONTO A RETAIL STREET WITHOUT BUMPING INTO A CONCEPT STORE THAT S 100% MADE-IN-SINGAPORE AND BOY ARE WE PROUD OF THAT BECAUSE ABSOLUT VODKA CELEBRATES INNOVATION AND ORIGINALITY IN THEIR MANY ARTIST COLLABORATIONS AND CREATIVE LAUNCHES THEY RE ALSO DOING THE SAME HERE. ARMED WITH A MEGAWATT TORCH THE SWEDISH VODKA LABEL IS TURNING THE LIMELIGHT ONTO THESE IMAGINATIVE RETAIL IDEAS BOTH YOUNG AND OLD THAT ARE GIVING THE BIG BOYS A RUN FOR THEIR MONEY. NOW HOW S THAT FOR A LITTLE ABSOLUT-DRIVEN PROD IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION W.E This has to be the biggest congregation of local labels under one roof and it has helped to push the street cred of brilliant homegrown designs by a mile. With more than 18 brands lusciously spread across the industrial-looking space this fashion emporium is tangible proof that yes Singaporean designers are pretty darn good at what they do. It s not all just apparel you ll get here one of the more interesting finds come from Dark a collection of leather accessories that border on kinky. Whoever said that we were a boring lot eh DESIGN MUS EUM SHOP Design Museum Shop is as its name suggests a place to cop well-designed items. Situated in the appropriately arty site of Red Dot Traffic Building the shop has become somewhat of a must-visit icon and the crowds that throng it throughout the day is living testimony. In there you ll find a curious mix from winners of the international Red Dot Design awards as well as merch from global brands selected for their cutting-edge designs. It s also home to MAAD Pyjamas a monthly event dedicated to arts crafts and music. ABSOLUT S FLAVOUR OF THE MONTH The first flavoured vodka in the world Absolut Peppar was launched in 1986. With the birth of this spicy spirit Bloody Marys which were enjoying the peak of its popularity in the U.S back then suddenly became a cinch to create thanks to the distinct accents of green bell chili and jalape o pepper forming the foundation of Absolut Peppar. It s not all about the savoury classic cocktail though the folks from Absolut also urge you to try it as a base for the Chocolate Martini a perfectly fiery ending to a sweet brew. BARS-TOP 92 SPIDER ROOM Text Ain Aziz Image Avalon life in the fab lane First up folks with arachnophobia can and should keep reading our bar stop of the month because despite its misleading name there are no eight-legged foes crawling around here. Spider Room is in fact the latest and much glitzier sister to super club Avalon and the lounge is definitely not dimming its shine just because it is younger than the latter. What lends much flash to this glossy space is the fact that its establishment on our island took a leaf out of the existence of Spider Club the go-to party pad in Los Angeles notorious for being the hush-hush place of solace for A-listers and celebs like Gwen Stefani and Ashton Kutcher. Since its opening not too long ago our very own Spider Room has also served as a recluse for the who s who in Singa-wood maybe it s because of the status quo but we re pretty sure the thirst-quenchers play an even bigger factor of attraction. Led and designed by local mixologist extraordinaire Ethan Leslie Leong the cocktail program in this auroral lounge is kept classy with its acquired concoction and selection of classic cocktails and premium alcohol. The star of this plush pad is its signature cocktail the Spider Torch a cool feast for your senses with black grapes muddled with gin rosemary fresh lemon juice and syrup all built into a Colin s glass with crushed ice and topped off with a flaming sprig of rosemary that emanates a delish herbal aroma. That sounds really good and all but we ve personally got our eyes and taste buds fixed on a mysterious concoction dubbed the Dark Vesper 007 which is said to be inspired by the classic James Bond martini. Let s not talk about seconds we re already thinking about five rounds of good quality bar churn-outs Remember YOLO. Cool crowd and quality drinks need a special place to be in and Spider Room is just that. There s an unmistakable St. Tropez vibe emanating in the air courtesy of the nautical elements woven into the interior and the sweeping curves of the bar that is akin to a boat s hull and table tops lined with polished wooden beams like that of a ship s deck. In a nutshell Spider Room is Feb s pick because everyone needs to feel like a VIP once in a while. Only for us that means every Friday night. Spider Room is located at 2 Bayfront Avenue Marina Bay Sands and is open on Wednesdays Fridays and Saturday from 10pm til late. good as gold liquid luck FLAVOUR OF THE MONTH 93 JOHNNIE WALKER GOLD LABEL RESERVETM GOOD AS GOLD & LIQUID LUCK Text Alicia Tan Image Johnnie Walker Singapore Illustrations Lim Siu Fang make ours a double Just last month we featured one of three cocktails from the Johnnie Walker Gold Label ReserveTM collaboration and it seems many of you can hardly wait for Lunar Harmony to hit Nektar. Well good news for you thirsty and discerning folks out there there s two more from this collab to get you well oiled for the Lunar New Year festivities Good As Gold and Liquid Luck. And just in case you guys needed a reminder the Johnnie Walker Gold Label ReserveTM is a prestigious Clynelish malt whisky where legendary gold deposits were found in the same river that feed the distillery. And since it s all about good fortunes this time of the year it s only fitting that an esteemed luxury blend such as this is used to create these three winning cocktails one doesn t spare any expense when it comes to this important tradition and holiday. Huat Good As Gold Created by Tippling Club s Zachary Connor de Git this is one cocktail that s good as gold (pardon the pun but it s the truth ). To ring in a wealthy and prosperous Snake year this striking rose gold liquid is achieved by mixing Mirabelle Plum Liqueur DOM Benedictine and Johnnie Walker Gold Label ReserveTM together with fruit and wood with sweet plums. A heavenly concoction that we couldn t help but knock back and savour the rich tastes from throat to tummy. Liquid Luck To complete the triple Johnnie Walker Gold Label ReserveTM whammy is none other than Liquid Luck from Gan Kwok Yee of Jigger and Pony. This cocktail takes the traditional association of oranges and grapes to good luck and happiness and transforms it into liquid heaven by combining the luxurious whisky blend with zesty Grand Marnier brandy and Fino Sherry. It s a bold move to make which explains why we love this so much plus it s tasty INGREDIENTS INGREDIENTS DOM Benedictine Fino Sherry Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve Mirabelle Plum Liqueur Grand Marnier Brandy Good As Gold and Liquid Luck will be available at Tippling Club and Jigger & Pony respectively from 1 to 28 February. STAYCATION 94 WHATEVER WHENEVER Text Alicia Tan Images W Hotel Singapore Illustrations Janice Lin Barely six months into its occupation on our sunny shores and W Singapore-Sentosa Cove has become the choice accommodation of travellers and locals from all walks of life. If you thought the W deal was gonna blow over by now well think again. There are several reasons why we keep going back for more of W s signature Whatever Whenever treatment and you re in luck as we fill you in on all the nitty gritty details and give you eight reasons to pack your weekender bag now to check into this boutique in concept not in size hotel. 1 THE HANGOVER We ve heard this one before guys getting s t-faced and not remembering anything (even their mother s name) during a buck s night. Well boys just to set the record straight we don t recommend you do a Johnny Depp and wreck the rooms here at W you wreck you pay. Instead allow us to suggest you guys have a real boys night out the decent way (something that won t land your asses in jail). Kick off the night with dinner at SKIRT no real man can pass up the offer of grilled meat fit for kings. Once your stomachs are filled booze the night away at WOOBAR (the singletons might still be able to pick some hotties up here) before you take it to one of the suites to have a bit of a gamers night. We like the idea of a bunch of mates playing poker while smoking cigars and sipping whisky very civilised. Once the clock strikes 12 you guys can head out into town to do what boys do on a buck s night get trashed (strippers optional) just don t bring the dirty business back to W it s after all an upmarket joint. The following day nurse your hangovers by the pool at WET and then it s back to reality and a wedding for y all. 2 CHICKS VS. DICKS Alright ladies time to show the boys how to have a good time. To one up the gentlemen you re gonna have to book the one and only Extreme WOW suite. Why Cos this suite is the bomb-diggity and comes with a DJ booth in it. So after you girls have gotten the usual spa and nails pampering out of the way make sure you get the suave Creative Director of W Singapore Mr Has to spin at your bachelorette party. Yep your own party in a dream pad with a goodlooking DJ with great taste BAM Forget the typical Chip n Dales show it s tacky beyond words. The best kinda parties happen in a place you can call your own (even if only for a night) and what s more you get to be in control now everyone without a doubt will want a ticket into this hen s night. 3 RELIGHT MY FIRE 4 WORK IT BABY This might come as a surprise to y all but we actually do have friends who travel out of Singapore for fitness getaways. Yes that s overseas bootcamp for those who count walking up a flight of stairs as exercise. Good news is W Singapore is actually home to a much-raved about 24-hour gym so there s no longer the need to get away for a fitness getaway. What s so great about W s gym you ask Well it s always about the personal services in such cases and the gym here have day-time personal trainers that will whip your butt into shape without making you feel you re on The Biggest Loser. Depending on what kinda regime you re after your personal trainer will draw up a personalised plan according to your goals and capabilities. We especially love that he will take us out on a jogging route so we get to enjoy the picturesque scenery while getting fit. Talk about going a mile without having to travel miles away sign us up already to get rid of those muffin tops The post-holiday burn out blues happens pretty much to seven out of every 10 Singaporeans. Too much vodka caviar and debauchery over the holiday season leads to non-stop burning of midnight oil in the office to rush that overdue project or proposal. We ve all been there. Before you continue to run yourself ragged might we suggest checking into W for a night or two to recharge your batteries For one you get to get away from those white collared crazies and secondly W has the renowned AWAY spa. Just as its name suggests you can get yourself massaged primped and pampered until you reach a new state of enlightenment. And while you re at it you might even make use of the Whatever Whenever service and learn to whip up some yummy dishes from the Chefs or even get the concierge to arrange for a yachting trip out for one. No honestly whatever it takes to get you back into top form it s possible here at W. 6 HOME AWAY 5 THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL From our past experience at W Singapore the people around this part of the cove really are better looking it must be the air just take a look at the supermodels coming out of Perth Australia (just an example). We re suckers for eye candies so if you re one of the glam squad W should be your home base. It s like a music video director s dream come true you and your equally hot friends coming off the yacht docked at the marina then checking into W for good food lotsa cocktails by the pool as the sun goes down before your gang heads out to paint the town red then return to your room to crash. You guys even look good with a hangover so there s no ghastly sights for the rest of the diners to behold in the morning over breakfast at the Kitchen Table access granted For all you workaholics out there who still have 14 days of leave brought over from last year to clear yet still can t leave your work behind well lucky you now that there s W. No passport is needed to travel into Sentosa but the Cove area is absolutely ideal for a resort vacay without actually leaving the country. And whatever kind of vacationer you are there s something to tickle your fancy here at W. If R&R is your thing then head on over to WET to soak up the sun take a dip or sip on mojito after mojito. Party hardies will love (maybe a bit too much) WOOBAR since you ll get to enjoy an extensive range of cocktails while grooving away to good choons (and if you re lucky enough you ll get to catch a guest DJ spinning) all day and night long. W is also known to play host to some exciting travelling exhibitions so culture vultures will be able to get their arty fix here. Lastly if you absolutely must (cos you are after all a workaholic who can t not work) they do have a swish business centre for you to continue to slave your ass off in style. FROM HOME 8 THE SECRET 7 ZOUKOUT 2013 Hey we re aware that ZoukOut 2012 just ended but it does pay to plan ahead We already know for a fact that the hotels that are a stone s throw away from Siloso Beach charge a limb and kidney for their rooms during this crucial time of the year and we actually do want to keep aside spare change for boozing it up during the festival. Besides everybody s grandma will be living there boring. We d rather swank it up and have a sleepover around the cove any time of the day so W has got our vote for accommodation of choice for this year s ZoukOut edition. The hotel provides a shuttle service to and fro the venue and if you do so happen to miss the last bus a long good walk through the beaches (40-minutes) to take in some fresh air will do you plenty of good (yes we re talking about you drunkie). Yeah you know who we re talking about. The are we or aren t we couple or just two people who partake in sleepovers on the sly. Whether you have a dirty little secret or simply just don t feel the need to take out a full-page ad that you guys are together we get you. We ve had our fair share of shady business as well so best to take your business somewhere where the chances of bumping into any familiar faces are slim. Look W is perfect not only due to its quietly tucked away location but also cos the rooms are so awesomely comfy that you can conduct your affairs very privately and stealthily in the confines of your room. Order room service lounge by the balcony for a romantic drink experiment with their different mood lighting and erm get up to no good rest assured that not a soul will know. Also we d recommend this over your run-of-the-mill budget (coughdodgycough) hotels cos if you want to keep this relationship or agreement going for some time best treat the lady to some romance a worthy investment. Time to check in at ARTY ADELINE TAN (FEAT. YELLOW) Text Ain Aziz Images Adeline Tan 96 Mighty Duo We first heard of Adeline when we were made aware of her cause-worthy exhibition I Love You So Mutt a first-of-its-kind gallery that raises awareness and funds for Gentle Paws a privately run pet shelter that is genuinely dedicated to rescuing strays and abandoned pets. Our snooping efforts have unearthed an artist whose original artworks and illustrations gleam with a personable charisma that charmed our pants off and we fell even deeper in love when Adeline describes her style as colourful na ve and imperfect. Although we must shed some obligatory limelight on her partner-in-crime Yellow who is a harmlessly haughty and delightful character who well is the star of majority of Adeline s works. These two make a quirky team but apart from strange dynamics the way that Adeline makes her creations come to life deserves much attention. Couple that with a humanitarian edge and you ve got yourselves a noteworthy artist to watch out for. When did you realise that you could actually draw I liked drawing like most children but realised that I could draw for a little extra money in my second year as a graphic designer. At first it was proposing illustrative design for pitches then it was making the illustrations on a colleague s layout and then I got introduced to people in the magazine industry who wanted drawings for their articles. That was how I got started. Who were your early inspirations I love David Shrigley and still do. I also liked Misaki Kawai & Ian Stevenson. You ve got a pretty diverse portfolio from installations in the Facebook office to drawing for a sushi bar. What would you classify your creative aesthetic to be It s too much fun trying different ways of making drawings I m not sure if I m ready to label my drawings as having a specific style. I think it has to be fun or funny in a way. And most importantly Yellow has to like it I Love You So Mutt is such a worthy cause to be a part of. Tell us the story of your works that are on display and the thought processes behind them. It started six months after my first dog passed away. I started to miss the company of a dog so much one day I made a trip down to the shelter with my fianc . The dogs there look so different from the spoilt little dog I had but I slowly realised dogs are the same inside all capable of unwavering loyalty love and friendship. Besides I also feel that mongrels are very beautiful with their unique markings and varying coats and deserve to be seen as such. We also heard you re nursing a recovering puppy as well. Is she better now Yes she is Good as new and wouldn t stop bothering us with her toys to play. Yellow is just too cute Where did the idea for him come from Yellow wouldn t be too pleased to know that people think he is merely an idea He insists he is real. He sauntered past me while I dozed off at work one afternoon. He woke me up demanding that I draw a picture of his handsome face. We weren t even friends yet but I was so amazed by his shamelessness that I agreed to do it. But it was fun and I didn t mind. What else do you have planned for this year No concrete plans but I m currently drawing a little zine in memory of my second dog Dyana. After that I ll just get back with painting Yellow and the stuff he wants me to paint. Since this is our Love Hate issue what would Yellow think of the idea of love and hate Yellow loves himself the colour yellow and people who love him. He hates being called fat. I Love You So Mutt runs from now until 8 March at Mad Nest 378 380 East Coast Road Singapore 428985. ESCAPE GETTING THERE 97 ERING WAND BEEN T... ABOU WARSAW POLAND COS WE VE BEEN BITTEN BY THE TRAVEL BUG AND CAN T GET ENOUGH OF EXPANDING OUR HORIZONS THE WORLD IS OUR OYSTER. It s still frosty here in Warsaw this time of year so for those who wish to stretch the winter sparkle a little longer this city is perfect for you. This capital land of Poland which is also the biggest in that area beckons for history geeks and culture vultures as well with the grit of past wartime leaving significant resonance weaved into the landscape. In fact this city has survived quite a few land brawls throughout its history therefore some have bestowed the title Phoenix Land to this resilient territory. If you think hard times have crumbled the spirit of Warsaw well think again. If anything surviving dire situations have enabled Warsaw to muster a mighty spirit that is heavily laden with substantial art and culture. You can witness how the city is steadfastly elevating itself in Warsaw s eastern suburb Praga which is known now as the place to be. It s slowly being gentrified as creative bright peeps move in (like Brooklyn before the spawn of hipsters) including the artists musicians and entrepreneurs who are attracted by pre-World War II buildings that are known for their character. What is more important than the expansive presence of culture is the authenticity of it all. Although several monuments have been restored to make them look like how they were post-war much of the music that lilts on the streets museums and art galleries tell the city s stories without a single sound and its potent theatre scene has gotten our attention in a chokehold. It s a city that has still got its raw identity intact and we re more than willing to brave rocky terrains to witness Warsaw for ourselves. From 6 February 2013 passengers flying out of Singapore can choose to fly on EK 349 or EK 405 which operates daily on the Singapore-Dubai route before connecting seamlessly to the Emirates daily EK 179 flight from Dubai to Warsaw. Baggage allowance is 30kg for those traveling in Economy Class 40kg for Business and 50kg for First Class. Visit now to book your flight out to Warsaw. STOP THE PRESS Lookie here The lovely folks at Emirates have definitely not forgotten the young uns and have therefore launched a collection of really adorable characters to accompany all tots on long-haul flights. Named Worze Mundy Grumpel and Furgus this ratpack of furry friends come in the form of blanket buddies and seat-belt critters. We want one too Text Ain Aziz GEAR LONELY NO MORE Text & Coordination Ain Aziz Images Various sources 98 INTRODUCING SNAZZY GEAR THAT LL KEEP LONELINESS AT BAY FOR THE SOLO ONES. BEST PART YOU GET TO KEEP THEM FOR AS LONG AS YOU WANT SPLURGE AUDEL ART LOUDSPEAKERS IN DESIGN SERIES (FRED & GINGER) Get yo head outta the gutter These speaker pals are here for you to play with music-wise. If like us you appreciate the attempt of good design when it comes to speakers these quirky ones will seal the annual purchase deal. Choose between Fred and Ginger to cosy up to and because they re made of laminated multilayered birch wood constructed using a Multipanel System that s cut with the help of numerical computer control (which pretty much equates to unparalleled precision) they ll be flawlessly smooth to your touch. The solidity of these speakers also means that the linearity of the sound they project doesn t slacken with expanded proximity and irregularities that might otherwise affect the quality of music you re tuning into are diminished. High quality components that make up these beauties such as the top of the line SEAS drive units (transducers that convert electrical energy to sound waves) from the UK fully ensure that function is not at all compromised despite its attractive form. Although they come sans obvious anatomy Fred and Ginger are pretty sexy we think. Audel Art Loudspeakers retail from 4 800 and are available at the House of Turntables located at Plaza Singapura. STEAL SONY XBA-10IP IN GOLD It s young it s white hot and it shines brighter than Mr. T s everyday bling. Sony s blinding new generation XBA in-ear headphones twirl with a subtle alluring vibe and it sounds even better than it looks. This second release features the highly favoured micro-sized Balanced Armature (BA) drivers that are specially optimised for music enjoyment and their double-layered housing prevents unwanted vibrations for crystal-clear mid to high range audio reproduction. Because these young ones aim to please the Sony XBA now comes with high quality PCOCC grain-free and oxygen-free copper cable wiring. What this means is that sound transmission loss is significantly cut down. What seals the deal for us is the serrated anti-friction tangle-free cord which means no more trying to figure out what the hell happened while you left your ear-pieces in your bag Also as our STEAL pick is an iP version of the XBA these ear candies are most convenient for iPhone users as it offers the convenience to remotely control the functions of your digital music players while talking hands-free. This mini one sure comes packed with a mean punch only goes to show that sometimes smaller is inarguably better. The Sony XBA-40iP in Gold retails at 118 at all Sony stores and authorized outlets. OTHER FRIENDLY TECH-PALS TO KEEP YOU COMPANY SEXY SWIPING IPAD MINI Although these juniors are smaller they perform as good if not even better than their larger counterparts. Being able to hold them in one hand also makes them easier to use. (Wink wink ) FINGER PLAY PRO-JECT DEBUT III This bad boy s gotten a major nod of approval from the European Consumers Choice panel. Its high technical competence and compact design makes it one of the best bedroom companions out of many. SKINNY & FLEXIBLE LENOVO IDEAPAD YOGA 11S This new release comes equipped with the latest in Intel CoreTM i5 processors and Windows 8 all in a svelte 0.68-inch thin frame. Can also be used in four modes laptop tent stand and tablet. BIG & HARD PIONEER HDJ-2000 Pioneer s impressing us with its new matte white version of its popular professional DJ headphones stealing the spotlight from its silver and black counterparts. Hey if it looks and feels this good we ll take it. NAVIGATE ALERT 100 ZOUK CANDY LAND MEMBERS PARTY There is a little Charlie Bucket hidden within all of us a conjured childhood fantasy that longs for the day when a real-life Willy Wonka would reward us with a golden ticket for a once in a lifetime chance at a rare tour inside his chocolate factory teeming with infinite assortments of diabetic goodies in every form imaginable. The promise of such a fantasy materialising for real may seem far-fetched but all hope is not lost They say dreams can turn into reality if you wish for it long and hard enough and although it may not come as close to the majestic candy-filled wonders that the imaginary chocolate factory has got to offer we re pretty certain this Zouk event promises to deliver the ultimate sugar rush all the same Get set to feed your wildest childhood fantasies of frolicking in a candy land paradise with Zouk s Candy Land Members Party On this very special confectionary themed night Zouk will indulge members in a rich treat-filled experience that is set to sweep you off your feet and up into the fluffy cotton candy clouds of sheer gratification. What s more members get to bring a sweet-toothed friend along on their sugar rush fuelled adventure of treading into a world chock full of ooey gooey delights to titillate your senses and make all your sugary-sweet dreams come true. The cherry on top would most definitely be the decadent pampering experience that awaits all members To show the amount of love and appreciation for all those years of loyalty Zouk will indulge members in copious amounts of tender loving affection by treating everyone to drinks... on the house Getting to frolic in a real life candy paradise while basking in the thrill of a surreal saccharine dream Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to us The Zouk Candy Land Members Party happens on Friday 22 February at ZOUK. By invite only. Text Nadia Rahmat Images Zouk Management SWEET MOTHER OF PARTIES NAVIGATE REPORT CHIVAS HERE S TO REAL FRIENDS PARTY What s better than a rock-solid friendship Well one that s formed over rounds of good whisky of course. The folks from Chivas 12 threw a party in celebration of the bro-ties that bind recently (on the auspicious date of 12.12.12) in conjunction with their aptly named new campaign Here s to Real Friends . All guests at Zirca that night were handed an RFID-enabled friendship band connected to their Facebook accounts which can be tapped at various booths throughout the club so that their friends who weren t present could live vicariously through their photos and messages. And to bring home the message there were also the screenings of two films directed by Oscar-winning short filmmaker Joachim Black Here s to Big Bear and its sequel Here s to Twinkle. Both movies revolve around four men and their comradeship told through their journeys facing both the good times and the bad. Let s face it real men have best friends too. Obviously no Chivas 12 party is complete without the life of the party and at Zirca the liquid gold came in the form of a specially concocted cocktail The Chivas Handshake. Between that and rounds of Chivas 12 on the rocks we saw how it was to be surrounded by mates who s got your back an experience filled with laughter hearty conversations and the occasional fist bump. There was also an ongoing contest where contestants were required to submit a video on friendship to the Chivas 12 Facebook for a chance to score a private party overseas worth 12 000 with their friends and as we speak the panel of judges are judging the pool of submissions. Even if you didn t win don t lose heart at least you ve got your pals and a nice stiff glass of whisky. To friendship To get the freshest dibs on Chivas 12 and its events this year like their page at chivas12singapore 101 Text Fiona Chen Images Chivas 12 THAT S WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR SCENE THE DJ DISPENSARY AT LOOF DISPENSING QUALITY TUNES. 102 REVELATIONS 2013 AT ZIRCA ENLIGHTENMENT VIA SPIRITS. BOTTLES OF SPIRITS. THE SHINING TALE WITH TROUSE BROTHERS & EMMA HEWITT AT ZOUK CARRIED AWAY POPTART AT ZOUK OI TO THE WORLD SCENE TIGER BEER FESTIVE PARTY AT PIT BUILDING HAVE YOU BEEN GOOD 104 CARNEVALE 2013 AT KU D TA HAVING A BALL. SCENE SMITHAGENTSMITH AT MINK MR. ANDERSON... 106 SANTA S SWEATSHOP AT THE BUTTER FACTORY GO HOME SANTA YOU RE DRUNK THAT WAS SO LAST YEAR AT THE BUTTER FACTORY FOR AULD LANG SYNE MY DEAR SCENE MAD THRILLS AT AVALON PIKA PIKA 108 HOME CLUB & 65 PRESENTS FEATURING CASPA & DYNAMITE MC AT HOME CLUB WHERE S MY MONEY SANTA S LITTLE HELPERS AT PLAYHOUSE BIT TOO MUCH EGGNOG AYE SHOP AT THESE CLUBS PUBS & BARS 1-ALTITUDE Level 63 1 Raffles Place T 6438 0410 Music Chill out TO CHECK OUT POST BAR STOCKISTS 3.1 PHILLIP LIM HILTON SHOPPING GALLERY 02-05 AEROPOSTALE ION ORCHARD B3-06 ACTUALLY 29A SEAH STREET ALEXANDER WANG HILTON SHOPPING GALLERY 02-03 BEN SHERMAN PARAGON 03-48 BURBERRY ION ORCHARD 02-16 CARHARTT PLAZA SINGAPURA 04-61 DR. MARTENS ORCHARD CENTRAL 03-05 DKNY JEANS ION ORCHARD 03-12 ESPRIT MARINA SQUARE 02-309 ISSEY MIYAKE FORUM THE SHOPPING MALL 01-28 MULBERRY MANDARIN GALLERY 01-09 MARKS & SPENCER CENTREPOINT 02-50 MISS SELFRIDGE PARAGON 03-49 NEW LOOK ION ORCHARD B2-04 NINE WEST WISMA ATRIA B1-06 ON PEDDER SCOTTS SQUARE 02-10 SUP 34 HAJI LANE STRADIVARIUS ION ORCHARD B2-15 TOPSHOP KNIGHTSBRIDGE 01-05 TED BAKER ION ORCHARD B1-22 VANS CINELEISURE 03-07 Looking for find-juice HARRY S BAR ACID BAR 180 Orchard Road Peranakan Place T 6738 8828 Music Live acoustic ALLEY BAR 180 Orchard Road Peranakan Place T 6738 8818 Music Nu-groove lounge acid jazz and funk Harbour Front Centre 01-64 T 6271 8234 Clarke Quay Marrakesh-Morrocan Lounge and Bar Block 3D 01-01 T 6331 7331 Changi Airport T2 Departure Transit Lounge North T 6542 2261 Changi Airport T1 Departure and Transit Lounge West (Cactus Garden) T 6542 7035 Changi Airport T1 Nexus Lounge T 6214 0865 1 Esplanade Drive 01-05 07 The Esplanade Mall Music Jazz blues country and r&b The Fullerton Singapore 1 Fullerton Square T 6877 8135 Music New age and chill out POWERHOUSE GALLERY BAR MOVIDA BELLINI ROOM St. James Power Station 3 Sentosa Gateway 01-01 T 6270 7676 Music Pop house (Powerhouse) Disco funk (Gallery bar) World music (Movida) Jazz (Bellini room) ALTIVO Beside Mount Faber Cable Car Station T 6270 8855 6270 8223 Music Down-tempo and World music 3A River Valley Road 01-03 Clarke Quay T 6333 9973 Music Classic dance anthems r&b and hip hop HELIPAD Q BAR 6 Eu Tong San Street 5th Floor The Central T 6324 8118 Music House electro new rave down tempo lounge The Annex The Old Parliament House 1 Old Parliament Lane 01-04 T 6336 3386 Music Hip hop r&b dance and house music ATTICA & ATTICA TOO HOME CLUB 20 Upper Circular Road The Riverwalk B1-01 06 T 6538 2928 Music Indie rock electro drum and bass QUE PASA 7 Emerald Hill Road T 235 6626 Music Modern & traditional jazz guitar instrumental & acid jazz with female vocals AVALON Marina Bay Sands Floating Pavilion T 6597 8325 ICE COLD BEER THE ARENA 3B River Valley Road 01-08 Clarke Quay T 6338 3158 Music Live music 9 Emerald Hill Road T 6735 9929 50 Stamford Road Singapore Management University Lee Kong Chian School of Business 01-01 T 6837 3585 Music Classic alternative and adult contemporary rock THE RABBIT HOLE REBEL 3C Harding Road T 6473 9965 3C The Cannery River Valley Road 01-07 08 T 6235 2292 Music Hip hop r&b urban BARRACKS & TIPPLING CLUB 8D Dempsey Rd T 6475 7787 INK CLUB BAR BAR COCOON Raffles The Plaza 80 Bras Basah Road T 6431 5315 Music Sexy funky house ROYAL ROOM MINK 7 Raffles Boulevard Pan Pacific Hotel Music R&b and hiphop 3A Merchant s Court Clarke Quay River Valley Rd 01-02 T 6557 6268 Music Eclectic new wave electro uplifting house big tunes & deep house J BAR BROADCAST HQ BAR OPIUME M-Hotel 81 Anson Road Level 9 T 6421 6128 Music Live acoustic pop rock r&b jazz contemporary STELLAR BAR 9 Emerald Hill Road T 6735 9929 Music Classic rock SOUL 109 Rowell Road T 62924405 Music Drum n bass breakbeats 1 Empress Place ACM T 6339 2876 Music Rosanna & Her Jazz Players Mon - Sat from 9.30pm KU D TA 1 Bayfront Ave Sands Skypark T 6688 7688 Odeon Towers 331 North Bridge Road T 8100 9991 Music Trance TAB LANTERN The Fullerton Bay Hotel 1 Fullerton Road T 6597 5299 Music Live cuban band nightly 442 Orchard Road Orchard Hotel T 6493 6952 Music Live music TAK BLUJAZ CAF 11 Bali Lane T 6292 3800 Music Live jazz funk boogie LOOF THE BUTTER FACTORY 331 North Bridge Road Odeon Towers (extension rooftop) 03-07 T 6338 8035 Music Eclectic chill out 3 Nanson Road Studio M Hotel T 6808 8888 Music Live music on Fridays and Saturdays 45 Armenian Street (The Substation Garden) T 6338 8277 Music EIC Ngak & Jack Timmy and Alemay Fernandez TIMBR MUSIC BISTRO One Fullerton 1 Fullerton Road T 6333 8243 Music (Fash) Eclectic-Indie electro Music (Bump) Hip hop r&b LUNAR 3C The Cannery River Valley Road Clarke Quay 01-03 T 6887 3733 Music Live band COASTES 50 Siloso Beach Walk 01-05 MULLIGAN S WALA WALA CAF EM BY THE RIVER 1 Nanson Road 01-05 Gallery Hotel T 6836 9691 Music Weekdays- Down Tempo Bar Sounds Weekends- Bar Sounds Soulful and Deep House The Forum Resorts World Sentosa B1-215 216 217 218 T 6733 3280 31 Lorong Mambong Holland Village T 6462 4288 Music Live band plays nightly from 9pm onwards NEW ASIA BAR Level 71 Swissotel The Stamford T 6431 6156 Music Top 40s & r&b WAVEHOUSE 36 Siloso Beach Walk T 6377 3113 EM STUDIO 1 Nanson Road Gallery Hotel 02-05 T 6836 9691 Music All genres of house NO.5 EMERALD HILL COCKTAIL BAR YING YANG FABRIKA klapsons The Boutique Hotel 15 Hoe Chiang Road 17th Floor Sky Terrace 5 Emerald Hill Road T 6732 0818 Music Acid jazz blues r&b and classic charts hits 28 Ann Siang Road The Club Hotel T 6808 2188 Music Bar grooves & House ZIRCA NOVUS COURTYARD FILTER MEMBERS CLUB HARD ROCK CAF 1 Nanson Road 02-05 Music Hip hop r&b and mash-up 50 Cuscaden Road T 6235 5232 Music Live acoustic and rock National Museum of Singapore 93 Stamford Road 01-04 T 6732 0818 Music Live acoustic 3C The Cannery River Valley Road Clark Quay 02-01 08 T 6235 2292 Music Electro house progressive techno trance ONE ROCHESTER OVEREASY 1 Rochester Park T 6773 0070 1 Fullerton Road 01-06 One Fullerton T 6423 0769 ZOUK PHUTURE VELVET UNDERGROUND WINEBAR 17 Jiak Kim Street T 6738 2988 Music Techno electro (Zouk) hip hop r&b (Phuture) deep house soul (Velvet Underground) downtempo (Winebar) FINAL WORD 112 IDEAL C UPLE PAIRINGS PAIRINGS SHUT UP ABOUT LOVE ALREADY. WE KNOW VALENTINE S DAY IS HERE BUT WE ALL GET SICK OF SEEING NAUSEATINGLY MAGNIFIED PUBLIC DISPLAYS OF AFFECTION JUST BECAUSE THE HYPE CALLS FOR IT. AT THE RISK OF SOUNDING RESENTFUL FOR FEELING LIKE CITIZENS OF FOREVER ALONE-LAND LET US SAY THAT L AMOUR IS NICE AND ALL BUT HEY TOO MUCH IS TOO MUCH. INSTEAD OF TELLING YOU WHERE TO GO FOR DATES WITH YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER OR SHOWING YOU WAYS TO SCORE MAJOR POINTS IN THE SACK WE RE CREATING A WORLD WHERE PERFECT COUPLES EXIST SO THAT WE CAN ACTUALLY ENJOY MAJOR PDA. WELCOME TO ST. S DAY. (SCHMALTZY BACKGROUND MUSIC OPTIONAL) Text Ain Aziz Illustrations Janice Lin Mr. Ross beard is perfection. We d like to keep it as it is. Couple with Best Dynamics Rick Ross topiary artist Best Hair Couple Legolas Snooki Those beautiful nubile elfin locks need some guidette action we think. Zen Couple Nicki Minaj The Pope It s cool if you re in the Minaj mania because well someone has to do the job of being her fan. But too much ass is way too crass. Plus imagine the outfits these two can come up with. Kanye West Kanye West Kanye West Kim K. who We know she s preggers with supposedly his child and we re jealous. So we d like to see Kanye multiply (without the Kardashian gene please) so we can tap that too. Inter-species Vonleska Duo Birthing whale Jonsi We d like to hear how their wedding vows would sound like. Totes original. Good Music Couple Bon Iver Caffeine Superhero Couple Obama Oprah The Kaiser and the Ice Queen YEP High Fashun Superhero Couple Karl Lagerfeld Anna Wintour According to SNL (their words not ours ) even Bon Iver himself falls asleep while listening to Bon Iver. So we actually kinda need this relationship to happen. We want this to happen so much we could cry. O2 is the oxygen we need to survive. Holy Matrimony Xenu Vennu (Mallesh) One rules outer space while the other dictates life on Earth. We d live in this galaxy. Because we re sexy and because we can. World s Sexiest Couple Ryan Gosling Ed