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ISSUE 107 DECEMBER 2012-JANUARY 2013 RRP NZ 17.95 AUD 15.95 (INCL. GST) Page 8 Page 18 Page 20 Page 34 RACING S HURDLE GETTING INTEGRITY RIGHT RACING INTELLIGENCE WHY HORSES NEED IT CUPS YEARLINGS SEARCH FOR A STAYER EYE ON THE PRIZE PAUL MESSARA FEATURE NEW ZEALAND BLOODSTOCK NATIONAL YEARLING SALES SERIES ISSN 1444-4593 PP 255003 05323 ANOTHER GENERATION OF SUCCESS FROM THE PRODUCERS OF ETHEREAL DARCI BRAHMA DE BEERS GUISEPPINA BURGUNDY ROMANEE CONTI AND MANY MORE WE INVITE YOU TO SAMPLE THE ELITE NEW GENERATION THAT PENCARROW STUD HAS TO OFFER THIS YEAR AT KARAKA 2013. 2 013 K A R A K A Y E A R L I N G S A L E S S E R I E S PREMIER SALE LOT SIRE DAM LOT SIRE DAM 2 30 95 104 110 132 143 192 205 218 233 235 237 239 Br.C B.C B.C B.C B Br.C B.C B.C B.C B.C B.C B Br.C B.C B Br.C B.C High Chaparral Darci Brahma Exceed and Excel High Chaparral Pentire Encosta De Lago Darci Brahma Pins Keeper O Reilly Darci Brahma Zabeel Flying Spur Darci Brahma A rmed Lane Battocchi Darcybee Devil s Lair Division Ethereal Felenic Jeanetta Cochrane Kirin Belle La eur Lucky be Lucky Lycia Madeleine Noblet Magical Moment 277 282 286 317 367 417 441 B Gr.C B.C B.C B.C Br.C B Gr.C B.C Mastercraftsman High Chaparral Stratum Keeper Bel Esprit Mastercraftsman Commands Oh So Precious Our Echezeaux Paolino Romanee St. Vivant Star Jasmine Velvet and Satin Zygadene SELEC T SALE 453 454 678 847 B.C B.C B.C B Br.C Alamosa Tavistock Red Giant Darci Brahma Almaviva Alpine Iconic Pavan Please contact Leon Casey to arrange your pre-Sale inspection or for further information on any Pencarrow Stud yearlings Ph 64 7 856 7624. Mob 64 274 901 325. lcasey So You Think (NZ) Ten-time Group 1 winner KEY CONTACTS AT BREEDING&RACING Editor-In-Chief Gary Knowles gknowles Editor-At-Large Renee Geelen dekabat Advertising Manager Christian Whitehead girdlestone15 Staff Writer Merissa Borg Graphic Designer Effie Coutsoudis Chief Photographer Steve Hart Photographers Mark Gatt & Bruno Cannatelli Production Manager Madeleine Stratton ADVERTISING INQUIRIES Christian Whitehead girdlestone15 Ph 0413 112 020 Fax 61 2 9281 7529 EDITORIAL DISTRIBUTION & SUBSCRIPTION Gary Knowles gknowles Ph 61 2 8204 1007 Fax 61 2 9281 7529 Cover image NZ Bloodstock s 2013 National Yearling Sales Series Dear industry colleague It is said that wherever thoroughbreds thrive vines will grow and wherever old vines struggle valiantly to yield benchmark vintages is a great place to raise thoroughbreds. But even the most talented vignerons are sometimes forced to make do with challenging years where crops are wiped out by frost rains at harvest time or less than ideal conditions exist for ripening. In some ways it s the same with thoroughbreds. ere are years where your best mare won t go in-foal she slips her foal the foal is born with shocking legs or something happens to it a few months a er birth. It might also turn out to be a wobbler a weaver a roarer or leave you questioning how your glorious mare and that foal s star sire could possibly produce something quite so boofheaded or with a parrot mouth akin to a McCaw s. en there are the yearlings you keep that can t run out of sight on a dark night while the ones you let slide as cheapies to secure much-needed turnover go undefeated 5 in-a-row and start hot-pot in a feature race. ose outcomes like a corked 300 bottle of boutique wine are whimsical occurrences from the Murphy s Law library of things that can go wrong. But not everything in this industry falls into that capricious category. If we ponder 2012 s Spring it s clear some things could have been avoided perhaps not altogether or in any event handled di erently. What s done is done and enough s been written so it s possibly best at this stage to simply adopt the approach of least said soonest mended . And so we cast an eye towards 2013 where both Black Caviar and Hay List might terrorise the sprinting ranks again or not For if there is one certainty in racing it s that the next thoroughbred star lies just over the horizon whether it s a gawkish yearling an up-and-coming 3-year-old or a late maturing type for whom the penny nally drops. Whichever one it is may it be yours. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year. Gary Knowles Editor-In-Chief PRODUCED & PUBLISHED BY Gadfly Media ABN 86 066 598 427 Level 1 579 Harris Street Ultimo NSW 2007 Australia Managing Director Gary Allen Reproduction in whole or in part is not permitted without the written authorisation of the publisher. All reasonable efforts have been made to trace copyright holders. This magazine contains general information only and does not purport to be a substitute for expert advice. All readers are advised to seek expert advice from a travel agent if considering travelling to a specific destination. The publisher and the authors do not accept any liability whatsoever in respect of any action taken by readers in reliance on the recommendations set out in this magazine. For FREE Daily Industry News Updates 6 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM RACING S HURDLE GETTING INTEGRITY RIGHT YES MINISTER ARB CEO SPEAKS PAGE 8 PAGE 12 RACING INTELLIGENCE WHY HORSES NEED IT CUPS YEARLINGS SEARCH FOR A STAYER PAGE 18 PAGE 20 GRIST FOR THE MILL REARED TO PERFECTION EYE ON THE PRIZE PAUL MESSARA FEATURE PAGE 26 PAGE 34 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM 7 Racing s critical HURDLE 8 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM Following a Spring that left the thoroughbred industry s image severely tarnished one of the world s most experienced stipendiary stewards John Schreck reinforces how without integrity the entire business model is threatened. he name of the game in any business will always be the same GET NEW CUSTOMERS. AND DON T LOSE THE ONES YOU ALREADY HAVE. Racing has to retain its customer base and nd new people if it is to survive. And with the recent awful press the sport has been generating that just may be a battle. But despite everything a day at the track is I reckon still a wonderful experience. And it seems to many newcomers a pleasant surprise. Many race clubs have spent and are spending millions of dollars on capital improvements. For what Why spend the money Why all the renovations On track business except for a few carnival days continues to decline. Sometimes at alarming rates. A lot of tracks are spi er than ever for fewer people. Maybe simple teletheatres would do. I hope not. No matter how much money is spent on facilities or marketing the sport will implode without strong integrity processes in place. If corruption is le unchecked or insu cient attention is given to integrity matters any business will go into decline. Tolerance of misconduct empathy ignoring warnings or an inability to respond QUICKLY to negative behavior creates an environment that allows acts to continue from minor o ences to more serious forms of rule breaching. Racing through the Spring has as is always the case been in the headlines but this year o en for the wrong reasons. Many of the stories we have seen have no doubt created widespread dismay among people who have not truly understood the whole story. Please keep in mind not everyone involved in racing is a crook and not every good thing beaten was dead . Recently a friend of mine was called for jury duty. He was being interviewed or whatever it is called as a prospective juror for a murder trial. I thought a rather important issue. He was not selected. However the circumstances hammered home to him and to me were the basis of the Australian legal system. e trial judge pointed to the defendant and informed the room full of prospective jurors the defendant was innocent and would remain so until he was proved to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. e judge said if a verdict was rendered at that time the defendant would have to be found to be innocent by the jury because there was no evidence of his guilt and the burden of proof was on the prosecution. is is something we should never forget. e burden to prove somebody is guilty of an o ence under the Rules of Racing lies with the Racing Stewards and it never never shi s from them. It seems to me if innocent until proven guilty T is good enough for (suspected) murderers it should be good enough for people who are licensed to participate in horse racing. Even when chasing crooks fundamental rights have to be safeguarded. We must always remind ourselves if corruption is evident at any level of racing it could have at least the following impact 1 Loss of public trust 2 Loss of respect for the sport 3 Loss of co-operation 4 Loss of revenue 5 Loss of jobs And as we have seen recently if there is a perception of corrupt or unethical practices negative media coverage ourishes. In addition there is always the possibility of involvement by external agencies. Many involved with such agencies would not know a horse unless it had a milk cart attached to it. e temptation to cheat is great for some. But always remember that when a person agrees to take out a licence with a racing body they agree to be bound by the Rules of Racing. ey have to attend inquiries when directed to so and whilst there must answer questions. It was only in 1948 that the Court of Appeal in the United Kingdom held that the Jockey Club had an unfettered discretion to cancel a trainer s or jockey s licence without holding an inquiry. Of course this is now not the law. We all have an inalienable right to work. But at a Racing Stewards inquiry answering questions is compulsory. ere is no privilege against self incrimination. Licensed people must always remember this and if they don t like it then don t accept the licence. Racing is founded on its participants telling the truth. Obviously this does not always happen. O en there is evidence to show the untruthful witness should not be believed. Let us look at the current model aimed at protecting integrity within racing. One could say the primary focus is enforcement of the Rules. Under the Rules powers are given to Racing Stewards and such powers allow them to act as investigators prosecutors juries and judges and so issue penalties for violations of the rules. is system has been in place for a long time and is somewhat similar in most parts of the racing world. e system we have is arguably quite successful when enforcing breaches which occur on track. However racing o cials with the power to penalise must be willing to change. Successful risk management will require racing organisations to develop and maintain e ective FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM 9 RACING S CRITICAL HURDLE (cont) intelligence programmes. Racing enjoys a very with this type of 007 business. But I guarantee if the game. Nobody wants to walk into an empty aggressive grapevine and competent o cials racing does not change and look at addressing restaurant. Racing o cials and those hearing will have informants to assist with reliable feed- these complexities then others will. It might appeals must always remember a conviction in back to ght against those who endeavour to be an over zealous Federal Government or a a domestic tribunal does not depend on proof undermine the sport. ere will always be those regulatory body with the powers to subpoena beyond reasonable doubt and in racing swi justice is good justice. e sport must have no who resort to cheating. When they are caught material and force non-licensed people to talk. they should be dealt with quickly and kicked out ose running racing today must remember room for those who choose to resort to crime of the game. things have changed. Matters including selling and bring with them a perception of dishonesty and an intention to corrupt e work Racing Stewards others with whom they do on track is generally excellent. However times have changed and The burden to prove somebody is guilty associate. Of recent it may be that di erent investigative of an offence under the Rules of Racing been heard oftimes much has jockeys betting. techniques are needed to address o track malpractices. Some of lies with the Racing Stewards and it never Jockeys are employed by owners to ride their horses to the techniques are sensitive and never shifts from them... the best of their ability. Surely intrusive and simply cannot be if jockeys are allowed to bet carried out by Racing Stewards in the normal course of their work. Actually the information and unsavoury relationships with there would be a temptation for corruption law of the land would prevent it. crooks are not readily detected. e behaviour and a severe distraction from the duty in hand. People are suggesting some matters be is intentionally concealed conversations are To allow jockeys to bet without restrictions is referred to police. I would not be in favour of o en in private and an evidence trail not easy ridiculous. Surely there is a con ict of interest if such a move unless police can be encouraged to to trace. Working on such cases is di cult for a jockey riding in a race backs another runner work expeditiously and not listen all the rumour Racing Stewards. ey don t have the time in the same race. en if a jockey were allowed and innuendo that is always ying around and issues have to be prepared and presented to bet on the day in a race in which he was not race tracks. Maybe Police should help with the di erently from normal race day work. And riding it would obviously be a distraction. e exchange of criminal information on licensed always remember the laws of the land have to be perception of jockeys betting is without doubt persons and applicants for licences. But if we observed. In some cases there probably should detrimental to the image of racing. e public would certainly infer corruption exclude police o cials must learn to struggle be a separation of fact gatherer and prosecutor if jockeys were to bet on horses ridden by their through the challenges of legal questions and in putting together and presenting their cases. determine the best means on how to proceed. Going forward Racing Control will require mates and such horses received a dream run. e facts have to be acquired in such a way that an e ective intelligence programme. And I Jockeys should never be encouraged to be allows action to be taken which is consistent do not mean someone from the Stipes Panel punters. Jockeys betting is surely the ultimate con ict of interest. Racing is with the Rules and does not deny historically full of rumour participants a fair go. innuendo and speculation. With an on-track matter even Racing is founded on its participants present system is clearly serious issues such as non triers telling the truth. Obviously this does not noteperfect but I guarantee it is video footage is available. e a long way in front of a system same will not be the case with o always happen... which would allow jockeys to track malpractices. Usually there bet. will not be willing witnesses. ey Many racing o cials of recent times have have to be found and then encouraged to help talking with an urger in the betting ring. sometimes in ways which will prevent Racing Combating o course threats must have the bagged the press as I have done in the Stewards from doing their work in the normal full support of management Racing Stewards past. But this time o cials got it very wrong. way. Hence the sport has to change. Police and Racecourse Investigators or it will Accurately reporting wrongdoing is a legitimate To build a case and acquire evidence of say be fragmented and the sport will continue to be role of the media. e sport can be improved by a licensed person associating with a drug baron reactive. Today regrettably the court of public fair reporting (though some do not know the will require someone observing the parties opinion has convinced many the sport is on the meaning of that word) and providing a forum concerned. Maybe even someone over hearing nose. I would concede many inexcusable things for fans complaints. But I loathe the idea of the a conversation. A Racing Steward simply cannot do happen on and around race tracks as is the press thinking they are all powerful and always wanting to have the last word. Such a power is carry out such functions and as a general rule case in society generally. the sport is not well prepared nor suited to deal Most people in the sport want to be proud of not theirs to have. 10 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM 11 New ARB CEO Peter McGauran YES MINISTER by the State-based income stream. Calls for racing to be run on a national level are unlikely to occur as the funding models in the eight di erent States and territories make this near impossible for change to happen. erefore it is the role of the ARB to provide governance for the whole industry rather than administer the process and income of racing. e real strength of the ARB is in the uniform national rules of racing. B&R So the ARB sets the rules and the States run racing. It must be a juggling act to balance all the various in uences. McGauran e Board is made up of two seats from each State and territories Principle Racing Authorities (PRA) so there is good buy-in from each jurisdiction and there is a solid process for change that requires input from the various committees through to State level and nal approval by the Board. I see the key task of my position as ensuring these processes are improved in e ciency by improving the communication streams as required. e ARB has great technical skill through its standing committees on integrity horse welfare race date planning jockey safety and handicapping and there is great potential for harmonization of rules so as to reduce duplication and cost to the bene t of participants. B&R You speak about the strength in the Rules of Racing. How does that align on an international scale McGauran ere is much work occurring around the globe to attain more harmony in the Rules of Racing in di erent nations. For example the Asian Pattern Committee sets out the list of races that are eligible for black-type and there is ongoing work to ensure that the quality of blacktype between the di erent racing nations is standardized across the region. A Gr1 anywhere should mean the same thing. is means that some nations will have a higher percentage of stakes-races compared to all races but the quality of those stakes-races should be the deciding factor not the relative number of them. Australia plays a huge role on the international stage particularly in the exporting of skills around the world. Most obviously it is the horses trainers and jockeys that are succeeding around the world such as Brett Prebble and John Size in Hong Kong Peter McGauran the new CEO of the Australian Racing Board brings experience and enthusiasm to the figurehead position. reviously chief executive of oroughbred Breeders Australia and Aushorse Peter McGauran also spent a brief period at Racing NSW as Director of Strategy Marketing and Public A airs. Prior to his direct involvement in racing administration McGauran spent 25 years as the Minister for Gippsland with signi cant time spent in Cabinet. e political skills learnt combined with his legal degree give McGauran a wealth of experience and bring political acumen to a position that requires a balance of racing knowledge as well as an ability to e ectively mediate between a multitude of interests. He spoke to Breeding&Racing about his role and the future of the Australian industry. B&R What is the role of the Australian Racing Board McGauran Many people see the ARB as a seen and not heard organisation and to some extent this is based on the historical position where the States run the day-today business of racing. In a fashion it is a hangover from the founding fathers where all industries in Australia are run on a State level and in racing this is largely compounded P 12 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM Carnival racing is well promoted] There is much work occurring around the globe to attain more harmony in the Rules of Racing in different nations... Peter McGauran and Michael Freedman and Steve Burridge in Singapore to name just a couple. Less obviously and yet perhaps more importantly it is the administrative skills that Australia has exported that will have a long-term in uence on racing globally. Many of the Asian racing nations employ stewards that started their careers in Australia and racing administrators such as Paul Bittar CEO of British Horseracing Authority and Jamie Stier BHA s Head of Racing Operations will ultimately strengthen ties between racing jurisdictions in an increasingly global racing environment. B&R Surely it s not just about rules and regulations What other roles does the ARB provide for the industry McGauran e ARB provides a national voice for racing and is the public face on issues such as integrity and welfare. e ARB is an active participant within the Asian Racing Federation and the International Federation of Horseracing Authorities so that Australia as the second largest industry in the world has its voice heard on technical issues and the commercialization and marketing of racing on an international scale. We undertake research and development on horse injury and illnesses with the results published and circulated widely. Furthermore the ARB has jockey health and safety as a priority with ve years of research into a safer jockey helmet about to come to fruition and a 12-month study on jockey vests has now commenced. is organisation is also a good forum for the State jurisdictions to discuss ideas to work together on issues that cross State lines and to achieve consensus for the bene t of the national industry. B&R What do you see is the biggest issue facing the industry at the moment McGauran Integrity and in particular the need for scienti c analysis and detection of prohibited substances. I include horse welfare in the de nition of integrity. ere have been vast developments in biochemistry and many substances are available over the internet to trainers and veterinarians. In order to maintain a level playing eld the industry is making an enormous investment to keep pace with these developments. As seen in human athletes it will be a never ending battle but one that is a worthwhile ght to keep racing fair for all participants. e jockey betting issues in Victoria will grow like a cancer in our sport if not stamped out and RVL stewards are doing a great job in combating this wrongdoing within the constraints of the law of the land. Stewards do not have the same powers as the police and have to tread carefully through a legal mine eld every time they undertake a complex or large scale enquiry. Racing is looking afresh at the adequacy of the powers available to it and there may well be approaches to Sate Governments to strengthen the ability of stewards to obtain convictions against o enders who hide behind legal technicalities. B&R You ve been involved in the racing industry in Australia in various roles for some time now. What excites you about the future of racing here McGauran e joy in the faces of young people attending the races. Our clubs do a wonderful job of promoting the big carnivals and in creating an atmosphere that encourages participation. e challenge for racing as a whole is to get more commitment from these new people throughout the year and into long-term participation in the wider industry. It gives me great hope for the future of racing. FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM 13 BELGIAN RACING RESURRECTED Almost on its knees Belgium s once proud racing industry is staging a slow but eventful resurrection. European correspondent John Gilmore reports. 14 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM F ollowing a long period of decline Belgium s racing has recently been o ered a lifeline to reverse the trend courtesy of their French racing neighbour s agreement with the Belgium Jockey Club. e agreement includes organising a number of race meetings annually in the country with linked pool betting to the French pari-mutuel pools. In the past 25 years ve of the 10 racecourses shut down as betting revenue on Belgian horseracing diminished resulting in lower prize money the inevitable knock-on e ect of less owners fewer horses in training and the deterioration of the breeding industry. is year the French P.M.U. signed 4 agreements with betting operators in Belgium that will allow Belgian punters to make daily bets placed on French races into the common pool of the P.M.U. covering 80 percent of the betting market. A percentage of the turnover will be deducted to fund both French and Belgium racing. is agreement was signed by Ladbrokes in April 2012 and P.M.U. Belge WFA and Euro Tierc in September. Ladbrokes which has been in Belgium since 1984 is the country s leading bookmaker with an annual turnover of around 170 million euros. e new service has been operational for the past eight months in its 300 betting outlets Belgium backed up by live TV than coverage of French racing under a contract with the French Equida Racing Television service. Of the other three operators the P.M.U. with 400 outlets expects to have the service up and running by January 2013. It enables punters to play all the pool bets also including the daily Quint plus race where one has to pick either the rst three four or ve in the correct order and which o ers a daily jackpot of more than 1 million euros for the rst ve home. is all became possible in 2010 a er new legislation in Belgium for the rst time allowed betting in that country to be transferred to a common pool of a foreign country. is involved scal action from the regional authorities in Belgium and the P.M.U. model based on support of the local racing industries. It ensured a nancial return for Belgium racecourses via the Belgium Racing Federation. Meanwhile a percentage return to Belgium s racing from all betting placed on horseracing no matter where the meeting is held in Belgium was legally imposed by legislation. is followed on from last year s collaboration with France Galop and Mons-Ghlin racecourse located 33 miles southwest of Brussels and which o ers both at and of more than 5 000 spectators attended every day with 8 000 the top proving that the negative spiral has stopped and Belgium horseracing is not dead reveals De Bruyne. Waregem jump racecourse Manager Jan Van Den Broacke helped get Ostend up and running again. I was involved in keeping the racecourse alive before renovation so that all the contracts could be signed and the renovation take place. Ostend has one of the best locations you could imagine a er stepping out of the racecourse you almost walk on the beach. e restoration was partly funded by Belgium s regional Flemish government and this year s mix of racing and entertainment got of to a ying start and was a good cocktail to attract the public and sponsors. Even if the on-course turnover was okay there is still a need for sponsorship. Van Den Broake still considers a lot of work will have to be done to put Belgium racing on a positive footing. It s good that money is coming back to Belgium Racing it will have to be spent mainly on better prize money to keep owners investing in horses because this has become a critical matter. It s expected that around 1.5m euros will be Belgium s racing is on the improve received to fund Belgium racing from betting on foreign racing alone in racing is now looking a lot healthier Belgium this year. is is to be divided between even three or four years ago... trotting and at racing. Eventually Belgium can become a province of renowned seaside resort with a Grandstand France for racing. that backs onto a superb wide sandy beach Historically Belgium Racing had a system of the regular meetings during the summer were Federal legislation in force which unfortunately highly popular with both tourists and the locals. did not consider racing was a particular sport During the 11-week summer season evening requiring a necessary percentage of betting meetings took place every Monday until early revenue to maintain the industry s funding September. e feature race worth more than needs for prize money. No consideration was 43 000 euros in 1984 remained the Grand Prix given to ensuring owners continued their Prince Rose except the 5 000 euros prize money interest in the sport thereby maintaining to the winner for the Gr2 event is somewhat employment for those in racing stables and the lower. breeding industry. O -course bookmaker betting turnover Marcel De Bruyne director of the Belgium Jockey Club points out Next year the Grand was liable for state taxes but none of this was Prix Prince Rose will o er 10 000 euros to the distributed to fund racing. Only o -course tote winner and total prize money of 16 000 euros bets taken through the P.M.U. Belge returned and I have just made an application to the around 8 percent of turnover back to racing. International Racing programme to approve Ladbrokes Belge the leading o -course betting Listed status for the Prince Rose and one other operator moved into Belgium in 1984 buying 400 betting shops (streamlined to 300 today) race at Mons-Ghlin . e French P.M.U. is also preparing to put and have an annual turnover of around 170 on ve at meetings in a similar arrangement million euros. As far as horserace betting is to Mons-Ghlin at Ostend in 2013 as part of concerned the company has always shown the summer season of racing. e 10 race days more interest in taking bets on particularly this year were all mixed trotting and at with French Racing and also British Racing rather music concerts an added attraction. An average than Belgium racing. trotting races to put on 7 winter at meetings between October and December 2011 with 400 000 euros prize money generated by the racecourse. e meetings formed part of the French daily racing programme and screened on the French racing service Equida with French punters able to bet on it through the P.M.U. pools in France and with Belgium racing bene ting through a percentage of funding from increased turnover. is initial exploit was so successful that 16 meetings were put on this year and a further 17 are planned for 2013. Another positive factor saw the famous Wellington Ostend seaside racecourse open on June 25 this year a er a four-year closure since September 2008 - for refurbishment and upgrading. Constructed in 1883 at a well- FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM 15 BELGIAN RACING RESURRECTED (cont) Ironically one of the major problems a ecting Belgium horse racing turnover over the years has been the competition from French race betting with Belgium s punters more interested in the better quality of racing and larger pool dividend possibilities. Prior to the recent changes in Belgium regulations this betting was not subject to any funding from turnover for Belgium or French racing and betting operators in Belgium paid out the French quoted pari-mutuel dividends for winners even though it was not linked to the French common pool. Having a common language the French Paris Turf racing daily paper is sold throughout Belgium and live televised coverage of French racing is shown in Belgium Betting shops and can be picked up at home on the French racing channel. Joere Impens P.M.U. Belge Manager says Belgium s twice a week race meetings in their 400 outlets represented between 5-10 percent of turnover with the rest split 50 50 between French racing and other sports betting. e Belgium Lottery has had a damaging e ect on racehorse turnover for a long time without any contributing compensation from lottery pro ts which the racing industry had wished. In addition high state tax deductions over the years of up to 15 percent on betting turnover (depending on the region) was another negative factor but certain changes are imminent. ese include actions that are being taken by the Jockey Club to try and have a decree voted in that will x details for the imposed return to the sector. Jan Van Den Broacke Manager of Waregem racecourse which holds a successful one day a year International festival jump race meeting with races of 50 000 euros prize money is an example of what can be achieved. e Waregem Koerse in the Flanders region of Belgium is like a festival meeting and run like an event. e event was never dependent on o course betting and was organised with people from outside the racing industry. Sponsorship is the main source of income and it attracts a lot of French jumping horses . He is quite critical of the way things have turned out for the Belgium racing industry. ere has been mismanagement all the way. At the end of the 80s the Belgium P.M.U. was at its top. e problem at that time was that the board of Directors was made up from the President of the racecourses old aristocrats or older people without any management experience. Prize money became too high for the income of the P.M.U. but some of the Directors had horses in training and a race xing scam in the trotting races was very badly approached. Ladbrokes was always above this trying to pick up the corpse and never had any interest in Belgium racing. For Ladbrokes only the French betting market was their goal. No doubt as eluded to earlier the Lottery was a signi cant factor in Belgium Racing s revenue slump in the 10 years up to 1996 for which it has never recovered up till this year. e Belgium P.M.U. o -course and on-course tote fell by a third between 1986-1996 to 48m euros while lottery turnover shot up by 60p percent to 840m euros. As a result Belgium racing saw the rst cut in the number of meetings to the annual program which sadly continued with the loss of racetracks. But the section that has paid heavily for Belgium racings decline are those working within the industry as the number of meetings fell and the knock on e ect for breeding thoroughbreds. For Trotting I don t have the numbers but for at races currently 50 percent of the Belgian-based horses are trained by their owners reveals De Bruyne. At present a few die-hards survive as professional trainers. at number has not signi cantly declined in the last 10 years because the crisis started long before. Practically no jump horses are trained in Belgium. Waregem Koerse the one and only jump event in Belgium is mostly for Frenchtrained horses. is season just 411 horses were registered in Belgium to run in at races by the Belgium Jockey Club and understandably trainer and jockey numbers have slumped. e new legal framework and management approach for racing in Belgium gives some hope for the industry but it will be di cult to get more owners interested in buying quality racehorses - unless prize money signi cantly rises. Even though some owners are buying French horses with the goal of racing them in France for lucrative prizemoney at race prize money has slowly increased in the past two years thanks to the French involvement in supporting races at the Mons track. In 2011 average prize money was 5 252 euros for 127 races- compared to 1 843 euros in 2002 from 420 races. e better prize money on o er has seen 20 percent of runners coming from Holland and Germany and 20 percent from France. ere is clearly still a lot of work to be done but Belgium racing is now looking a lot healthier than even three or four years ago with better nancial regulations to help the industry from racehorse betting turnover in the country as well as the French agreement. It remains to be seen if the momentum can be maintained. 16 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM festival of racing Flemington Group 1 Race Schedule 505 000 Australian Guineas Sat 2 March 2013 2013 melbourne Group 1 28th of Series (3YO Set Weights 1600 metres) For Three-Years-Old Colts Geldings & Fillies - Set Weights. Of 750 000 & 5 000 trophies. Colts & Geldings 56.5kg. Fillies 54.5kg. First 300 000 and trophies of 5 000 Second 90 000 Third 45 000 Fourth 22 500 Fifth 12 500 Sixth 10 000 Seventh 10 000 Eighth 10 000 (No allowances for Apprentices) ENTRY LATE ENTRY FIRST DECLARATION FURTHER LATE ENTRY FINAL DECLARATION 12 Noon 12 Noon 12 Noon 12 Noon 10am Tuesday Friday Tuesday Monday Wednesday 22 January 25 January 19 February 25 February 27 February 275 825 440 27 500 2 750 Weights will be declared not later than 11.00am Wednesday 30 January. 1 005 000 Darley Australian Cup Group 1 151st of Series (WFA 2000 metres) Sat 9 March 2013 Standard Weight for Age. Of 1 000 000 & 5 000 trophies. First 600 000 and trophies of 5 000 Second 180 000 Third 90 000 Fourth 45 000 Fifth 25 000 Sixth 20 000 Seventh 20 000 Eighth 20 000 (No allowances for Apprentices) ENTRY LATE ENTRY FIRST DECLARATION FURTHER LATE ENTRY FINAL DECLARATION 12 Noon 12 Noon 12 Noon 12 Noon 10am Tuesday Friday Tuesday Monday Wednesday 22 January 25 January 19 February 4 March 6 March 550 1 650 880 55 000 11 000 Weights will be declared not later than 11.00am Wednesday 30 January. 1 005 000 Lexus Newmarket Handicap Group 1 140th of Series (1200 metres) Sat 9 March 2013 Handicap. Of 1 000 000 & 5 000 trophies. First 600 000 and trophies of 5 000 Second 180 000 Third 90 000 Fourth 45 000 Fifth 25 000 Sixth 20 000 Seventh 20 000 Eighth 20 000 (No allowances for Apprentices) ENTRY LATE ENTRY FIRST DECLARATION FURTHER LATE ENTRY FINAL DECLARATION 12 Noon 12 Noon 12 Noon 12 Noon 10am Tuesday Friday Tuesday Monday Wednesday 22 January 25 January 19 February 25 February 6 March 550 1 650 880 55 000 8 250 Handicap Weights will be declared not later than 11.00am Tuesday 26 February. For further information contact VRC Racing Manager James Earls Tel (03) 8378 0720 or email j.earls FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM 17 VRC4445 The Flemington and VRC logos are trade marks of Victoria Racing Club Limited. Copyright in the logos and other content on this advert is owned by Victoria Racing Club Limited or used under licence from third parties. All rights are reserved. BIG A The horse with the Big A or ability is what all trainers seek writes Ross Brunt of Horsegears. he Big A is a natural talent to run and without it a racehorse s potential will always be limited. e Big A is inherited and a highly valued and elusive trait as the horse either has it or does not. e willingness of a racehorse to compete is also paramount to success. Although this can be inherited generally this is in uenced by a horse s environmental or life experience. Inherited and environmental traits combine to determine each horse s real potential. However having outstanding individual traits may not be enough. A horse s realised success also depends on an ability or intelligence to use and coordinate its skills into an instinctive e cient and fast gallop under racing conditions. is is not a general intelligence but an athletic inner racing intelligence . is includes subconscious and learned skills such as powering muscles heart action lungs exhaling and inhaling posture and balance hoof placement propelling and stretching limbs forward and during races taking gaps and racing clear from the safety of the pack etc. When the racehorse successfully uses and coordinates these skills as one its potential translates into performance. Emphasizing the importance and wide ranging implications of racing intelligence e champion or horse in a purple patch of form typically displays optimal racing intelligence. Fast from the gates travels with ease takes runs between horses accelerates when asked for an e ort and runs truly to the line. An ability and willingness to execute a range of skills. Handling a wet track may also partly be due to an inner physical ability such as e ciently concentrating a small number THE HORSE WITH THE T is is generally made up of subconscious skills. Critical to this is the nervous system. e nervous system transmits signals between individual part traits of the body and coordinated actions. is includes muscle contraction energy system function suspension action rhythm e ciency etc. One of the largely subconscious individual traits that may be responsible for both the oroughbred being a noted jumper and the Big A is tendon sti ness . is ensures that the athletic tendon works as a powerful spring and during strong movements has the strength or intelligence to hold form and rebound hard. is is largely inherited and particularly o the hind limbs provides raw galloping power. Consequently this indicates both correlation between jumping and galloping ability and as the athletic tendon is intelligently powerful why many fast ones break down. Generally natural skills allow for fast improvement quick recovery and high topend potential. e young horse that adapts and learns quickly is obviously showing a degree of subconscious racing intelligence. Other signs include In the paddock loves to lead others twist turn and gallop Displays a light owing rhythmic movement and an extended stride Free jumping ability scope and zest Natural tness and clean wind The Big A of muscle bres on superior balance and stability leaving the bulk to produce raw power and galloping speed. Alternatively environmentally the horse that has a bad experience on a wet track may lose con dence and su er lowered racing intelligence on the surface. Learnt skills eventually mould into the horse s inner racing intelligence... is is similar to the human who is naturally athletic and appears to play sport uently and instinctively without thought or e ort. Skills learnt consciously add to a horse s racing intelligence. ese develop over time during its upbringing and education and o en relate to attitude and a willingness to please the rider. e horse that genuinely lacks the inherited Big A will never show outstanding ability and fast work will always be an essential to racing. However particularly for the lean awkward type of horse varied training methods can add racing intelligence by quickly improving its coordination and strength. ese are common knowledge and include Keeping the horse happy. At the top of the list and a Bart Cummings training key. e happy horse will learn and recover quicker perform as its rider wishes bene t more from good hormones and adrenaline and try harder Education. Provides knowledge of what a rider expects and adds to both the horse and jockey s con dence to execute Upbringing. Being raised with a large herd and ample galloping space increases spatial awareness. Provides con dence to move within a pack without fear of being pole-axed Adding racing intelligence 18 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM Living Legends Bart Cummings aims to have his horses happy Amelia s Dream naturally very fast Octagonal responded to a change of tactics Lunging. Builds prime moving bone and muscle mass and increases coordination suppleness and balance. Improves galloping action Fitness and natural pace. Energy to gallop with strength encouraging a relaxed strong uent action Slow work. Ensures hard bones strong tendons and restricts muscle soreness Hurdles. Adds racing keenness By improving movement strength and setting a positive attitude a range of skills are optimised including both the learnt and subconscious. Just as outstanding traits add to a horse s top-end ability so too does improving weaker traits. Learning these skills early gives the horse every opportunity to show its best while still young fresh and sound. is is signi cant as nding as little as a length considerably adds to a good racehorse s prizemoney. Learnt skills eventually mould into the horse s inner racing intelligence. e horse that is consistently ridden in the same way also learns and knows what is expected. It does not over-think during races rather it follows the preset pattern. e horse with racing intelligence presents its jockey options during the run. Black Caviar s con dence lets her settle early then ease wide and lengthen stride to the line. Previously Makybe Diva s con dence led her to weave through the eld and saved her lengths in each of her Melbourne Cup wins. Anything that takes away a horse s focus from following its jockey s cues and running fast generally lowers its racing intelligence. inking rather than doing is a negative. is is why aids like blinkers and winkers work they focus the horse on galloping forward and eliminate thinking and negative thoughts. Injury pain can be obscure and alone can cause the horse to adjust its preferred action. Less adrenaline ow in older horses may also be a factor. During work this results in niggles becoming painful and during and particularly late in a race further pain. Further once a horse su ers a serious injury the repair process of adding strengthening and slowing is a natural safety body reaction. is healing process is designed to protect the horse from a repeat injury rather than return it to its more risk-oriented original tendon sti ness and top speed. Pain and injuries can result in a lack of con dence to stretch out. Lost skills through age attitude or injury not only restrict improvement but lessen ability across a range of seemingly unrelated skills like a uent gallop and in coordinating a genuine racing intelligence. An example is the leading horse with elite skills that loses top-end speed with age. It now requires a greater e ort to keep pace which stains the horse. is is ampli ed as the horse tires late. Losing racing intelligence is a ects balance and con dence and reduces E ective acceleration having a lower topend speed to accelerate too Tactical speed and the ability to take gaps Cruising threshold speed Endurance in high pace pressure races Although a standard racing pattern helps the racehorse learn there are exceptions. A change of tactics can also shock the older stale horse into performing and a good example is Octagonal. e dour stallion had won only one of his previous eight races but in the 1997 Chipping Norton Stakes Shane Dye pulled the whip and went quickly from last to a clear lead 700m out and the awoken champion went on to win not only this race but in succession the Gr1 Australia Cup and Mercedes Classic. Layered education When education is carefully layered step by step it sets a positive pattern. When development is rushed a lack of knowledge and or con dence leads to a lowered racing intelligence. Phases of horse learning 1. Not sure what is expected appears tense and awkward 2. Building con dence increasing coordination and learning what s right 3. Performing a task while staying relaxed 4. Performing a series of tasks automatically without over-thinking or trying too hard FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM 19 Reset is doing a great job FINDING YEARLINGS TO By Jane Henning GO THE DISTANCE H aving recently experienced the 2012 Melbourne Spring Carnival culminating in the 3200 metre Emirates Melbourne Cup it s natural that the thoughts of owners and trainers are turning to breeding or buying staying bred horses. While the tactic du jour is to import readymade stayers the international market has twigged to our desperation and the price of this commodity is steadily rising. Australia s breeding industry has happily trotted alongside New Zealand s in the past allowing and probably encouraging the Kiwis to produce solid stayers while we specialised in sparkling sprinters. It seems that New Zealand has tired of the tag of stayer specialists in recent years and has imported sprinting stallions from both Australia and the Northern Hemisphere seemingly in an e ort to shake o the tag. Align Captain Rio Keeper and orn Park come to mind. Australian buyers have largely been guilty of ignoring stamina-bred yearlings over the years to the point where breeders were nervous about the prospects of standing a stallion of this type. Auction houses similarly have preferred to o er what the buyers demand and have further emphasised this position by dangling huge rewards in front of the owners of early two-year-old winners. Of course there has always been big stakes money available for the winners of middle and long distance races here it s just that buyers have seemed unable to imagine that wait from yearling to (perhaps) three-year-old without breaking into a sweat and therefore breeders have fallen into line. A shi in thinking a change in the tide there is a perceivable buyer maturity emerging over the past couple of seasons. Commercial studs are overtly putting up the shingles of stamina-bred stallions and it seems to a good reception. Darley has a diverse line-up which includes New Approach and Authorized both English Derby (2400m) winners. Darley stalwart Reset has produced VRC Derby winner and Champion Australasian 3YO Stayer Rebel Raider as well as Cox Plate winner Pinker Pinker. Coolmore has English The female side of the pedigree is equally important in contributing distance characteristics... Derby winner High Chaparral as a star on its Australian roster and this year has introduced his Champion Middle Distance winning son So You ink. High Chaparral served 235 mares in 2010 and 187 last year said Coolmore s Sebastian Hutch. He and So You ink will serve well over 300 mares between them this season. Duke Of Marmalade and Dylan omas are other Gr1 winners over 2400m on the Coolmore roster. So are we starting to grow up Maybe. While the very large studs can a ord to stand the full spectrum of distance speci c stallions at least the quality and range of staying-bred 20 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM stallions has improved in the past few seasons and the smaller studs will hopefully follow suit. If you want to buy or breed a stayer there are a few ways of maximising the chances of ensuring the horse you choose will still be breathing easy at the 2200 metre mark. Choosing the progeny of proven stayerproducers is the obvious point. Progeny out of mares which also display a stamina-biased background is also very important the dam having as much say in the outcome as the stallion. While it doesn t necessarily follow stallions who themselves performed over the longer distances should be on the longlist. An experienced eye can whittle down the list of suitably bred yearlings by identifying potential stayers on type. ere have been many articles written on this subject (including in this publication) so I won t go into this in detail here. Like human athletes however those built for long distance running have more slow-twitch muscle bres and generally present as leaner and lighter muscled longer framed types with plenty of heart and lung room. A phlegmatic temperament is also a feature ensuring that they have the ability to relax and conserve energy. You can o en tell when looking at the eld in the enclosure whether the race is for sprinters or stayers. e sprinters are much more likely to be on their toes their compact muscular bodies sweating up while the stayers will o en dri around the mounting yard unfazed their lengthy frames cool as a cat. Some studs are taking the guesswork out of what distance their new stallions will throw by having them genetically tested amongst them leading Australian farms Widden and Swettenham. Equine genetic research has come along in leaps and bounds in the last decade. We started DNA testing foals for parentage early in the new millennium and in 2007 the horse genome sequence was completed. Since then Dr. Emmeline Hill a leading young Irish scientist headed one of the world s rst academic research programmes dedicated to understanding genetic contributions to equine athletic performance. Her team s discovery of the Speed Gene led to the formation of a company named Equinome in 2009. Using DNA samples from 179 elite racehorses they were able to extrapolate their laboratory ndings to predict best race distance for an individual. In collaboration with leading Irish trainer Jim Bolger DNA was also taken from 142 two-year-olds (via a simple blood test) in training to test the integrity of the process. Such is the growing popularity of such information that Equinome is soon to open an o ce in Australia. In a gene responsible for muscle mass development a speci c position in the genetic code can contain either the letters C or T . Table 1 Individual Winners of Staying Stakes Races (2200m ) in Australia 2011-12 Table 2 Individual Winners of Staying Stakes Races (2200m ) in Australia 2011-12 As each individual inherits a copy from both sire and dam there are three possible combinations C C horses excel at sprints and are best suited to races up to 1600 metres with an average best distance of 1300m. C T horses have a mixture of speed and stamina and are the most versatile. A C T horse can perform well as a two-year-old but is best suited to races between 1400 and 2400m. T T horses are later maturing and do not perform optimally as a juvenile. On average T T horses earn up to 20 times less as twoyear-olds than C T horses of similar pedigree. Winners of the Irish Oaks Derby St. Leger and the Melbourne Cup have been identi ed as T T. Not only is this test useful for stallion owners so that they know how their stallions will work but foals and or yearlings tested give trainers and owners the information which allows the animal to be trained for distances appropriate for their inherent abilities. While none of Widden s or Swettenham s stallions are T T as testing becomes more widespread no doubt T T identi ed stallions will emerge. In response to the growing demand to own a stayer auction house Inglis has come up with an initiative which will debut at the 2013 Melbourne Premier sale. ey are incorporating a Blue Riband sector into Session 1 which will o er yearlings that have been bred to excel over middle and staying distances. In keeping with the high standard at this sale the pedigrees of the 49 selected lots are not only stamina based but commercial. We have yearlings by High Chaparral Shamardal Pentire Big Brown Street Cry Encosta De Lago Redoute s Choice and Street Cry amongst others said director Peter Heagney. We even have one by Choisir It s not always the sire line that we have identi ed we have also considered the progeny of stamina bred mares in making our selections. According to Racing Victoria the de nition of a staying race is that which is 2200 metres or over so using that as our starting point we ve looked at the 2011-12 Australian racing season to ascertain from where our best stayers have been emanating. ere were sixty individual winners of stakes-races held over 2200 metres and upwards and you may be surprised to know that only eight (13%) of those were Northern Hemisphere-bred horses. ey were by eight di erent sires (see Table 1.) Interestingly twelve individuals were by nine New Zealand-based stallions and the remaining forty were Australian-breds by 29 di erent sires. Of course the bloodlines of our racehorses are largely global these days so it is perhaps more relevant to look at the actual sire lines from which these stayers are emanating (see Table 2) FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM 21 FINDING YEARLINGS TO GO THE DISTANCE (CONTINUED) Table 3 Individual Winners of Staying Stakes Races (2200m ) in Australia 2011-12 Table 4 Number of Individual Winners per Australian Based Sire Staying Stakes Races (2200m ) in Australia 2011-12 As I inferred earlier the female side of the pedigree is equally important in contributing distance characteristics to the progeny. Looking more holistically at the pedigrees of the sixty individual stakes winners it s revealed that a high ratio (42%) carry either Sadler s Wells his brother Fairy King or their three quarter brother Nureyev. (see Table 3.) is may be more easily digested when you consider that Galileo High Chaparral and Montjeu for instance are from the Sadler s Wells line while Zabeel is out of a Nureyev mare. Fairy King is on the sire line of Helenus and Encosta De Lago. IDENTIFYING STAYING SIRES OF UPCOMING YEARLINGS A search through the pedigrees and race records of stallions established and not yet established in Australia reveals the following information. Of course not everybody who buys a young horse will be buying at a commercial sale so therefore I have included stallions whose progeny are not generally o ered at these sales. Of the 45 stallions which went to stud in 2009 (of all levels from commercial to private) Duke of Marmalade (standing in NSW) Prince Arthur (NSW) Redoute s Dancer (Vic) and Super Kid (SA) were the only ones to have won a stakes-race above 2200 metres. e progeny of that crop of stallions are only current two-year-olds. Last season (2011) there were 47 new stallions. Of those only Monaco Consul (NSW) Roman Emperor and Rebel Raider (Vic) won a stakes-race at 2200 metres or further. Only 39 new Stallions went to stud this season. Of those Gio Ponti (NSW) Illustrious Blue (Vic) and So You Think (NSW) won black-type at staying distances. Of the 92 Freshman sires going to stud back in 2010 only two Annenkov (NSW) and Hala Bek (WA) have earned black type over a staying distance. Looking at Table 4 you can see the sires which have produced stakes-winners at 2200 metres or beyond. e 29 individual sires of the forty Australian bred distance race winners are spread as illustrated with Galileo taking honours as the most proli c siring four of the forty individual winners. With Galileo no longer shuttling and the second most proli c Jeune deceased this information is chie y academic. Of the ve stallions which have two individual winners only Al Maher and Blackfriars are currently standing. e chart therefore appears chie y academic however sons of Galileo are now standing in Australia so this information is not irrelevant. ere are several established stayer producing stallions (with runners three years old or older) in Australia. PROVEN STAMINA PRODUCERS OF 2013 YEARLINGS AL MAHER (DANEHILL) While the average winning distance of Al Maher progeny is only 1432m he has produced more than the odd classy performer over longer distances. Dance With Her is todate second in the 2400m Brisbane Cup and a Listed winner at 2350m. She is out of a Tights (Nijinsky II) mare. King Lionheart (Manntari) has won up to 2200m and Unchain My Heart (Prince of Birds Storm Bird) won a Listed race over 2800m. Kinnersley (Geiger Counter) has won up to 2200m. BLACKFRIARS (DANEHILL) is Champion Sire is a consistent source of middle and staying distance progeny. Not only did he produce two stakes-winners 2200m and upwards (Pop Culture and Rohan) but a further four individuals who won stakesraces at 1600m to 2199m (God Has Spoken Playing God Moneghetti and Rosie Rocket). Blackfriars was a VRC Derby winner and is out of a Grosvenor (Sir Tristram) mare. DYLAN THOMAS (IRE) (DANEHILL) Winner of the 2400m Prix de l Arc de Triomphe Dylan omas Australian progeny are currently two year olds. Overseas he has produced several stakes performers over longer distances his oldest being three year olds. DESERT KING (IRE) (DANEHILL) is seasoned stallion boasts triple Melbourne Cup winner Makybe Diva as his gurehead. He has produced a further three Gr1 winners in Australia and Europe in the 2200m-plus category. Desert King s dam is by the great Nureyev a three quarter brother to Sadler s Wells. His Australian-bred Gr1 winners are out of mares by Riverman and Last Tycoon. GOLDEN SNAKE (USA) (DANZIG) e sire of 2012 s Italian Gr1-winning star Quiza Quiza Quiza Golden Snake s local talent include Hissing Sid the dual winner of the Warrnambool Cup and whose nine wins stretch to a distance of 3300m. Hissing Sid is out of a mare by Melbourne Cup winner At Talaq so there s no surprise that he is able to excel at stamina distances. WA Gr1 winner over 2100m Gilded Venom (dam by Delgado) is a half-brother to VRC Newmarket Hcp winner Scenic Blast a top class sprinter. is demonstrates the stamina in uence that Golden Snake o ered their dam Daughter s Charm. HELENUS (HELISSIO) A grandson of Fairy King Australian Derby winner Ethiopia and BMW Stakes winner Cedarberg head his stakes winners. Both are out of mares by Spectrum (Rainbow Quest) with Cedarberg carrying Nureyev through his second damsire Zabeel. Helenus other two stakes winners are out of mares by Australian buyers have largely been guilty of ignoring staminabred yearlings over the years... 22 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM WHEN THE SEAS OF L WATERTIGHT COVER IFE GET ROUGH IS YOUR LIFEBOAT With horses as in life it pays to know the risks involved. As a genuine equine insurance broker we re here to look after YOUR interests and we know that price is irrelevant unless you have the right cover for your needs. We ll get the right cover at the right price and because we ve already done your homework for you your time can be better spent finding another winner. Want to know more Simply go to our website at or call Wayne Aldridge on 61 2 9988 4546 0412 333 808 & wayne FINDING YEARLINGS TO GO THE DISTANCE (CONTINUED) Prince Arthur ticks all the boxes So You Think has covered a big debut book Ethiopia is by Helenus number of individual winners at 2000m-plus in the 2011 12 racing year in Australia. Tanby Sea Galleon Niwot and Galizani successfully represented him. A half brother to triple Gr1 winner Sea Siren Discorsi stands in WA. DUKE OF MARMALADE (IRE) (DANEHILL) With eldest progeny only two-year-olds Duke Of Marmalade is yet to have a Southern Hemisphere runner. His European crop has to-date produced a 2YO stakes placegetter who has won over 2000m. GREY SWALLOW (IRE) (DAYLAMI) Grey Swallow s oldest progeny are only three-year-olds. To-date he has only had eight starters (for two winners). Irish Champion Older Horse (11-14f) in 2006 he is out of a mare line bred to Stolen Hour. is is also the family of Redoute s Choice Domesday Umatilla Hurricane Sky Try My Best etc. It would be interesting to further line breed to this family by using mares by one of the stallions mentioned. Grey Swallow s sire Daylami was represented at this year s Spring Carnival by Voila Ici which ran second in the Gr1 VRC Underwood Stakes and mid eld in the Melbourne Cup. HALA BEK (IRE) (HALLING) A freshman stallion in WA Hala Bek won at 2200m and was fourth in the English Derby (2400m). Hala Bek is out of a Sadler s Wells mare a rming his ability to pass on stamina. Combined with the largely sprint type-pedigreed mares in Western Australia he should be able to produce a good middle to distance type. NEW APPROACH (IRE) (GALILEO) On Darley s Victorian roster English Derby winner New Approach is another representative of the great Galileo. As mentioned earlier there is an encouraging group of quality stamina-bred stallions standing in Australia yet to have yearlings. With various sectors of the industry seemingly committing to producing and o ering this product it will be very interesting to see if the buying public grab the stayer by the tail and hang on for the long ride. Here s hoping for diversity s sake they do. Marauding (Sir Tristram) and Woodman (Mr. Prospector). Bringing the brothers Sadler s Wells and Fairy King together in a mating would be an interesting stamina pattern for Helenus. HIGH CHAPARRAL (IRE) (SADLER S WELLS) High Chaparral s top class performance as a stallion rides on his New Zealand and European sired progeny who have an AWD of just under 2000m. His oldest Aussie-breds are only yearlings. HOLD THAT TIGER (USA) (STORM CAT) No longer standing in Australia but with yearling progeny here Hold at Tiger had a good season last year producing two stakeswinners at staying distances. Red Typhoon (ex mare by Bluebird thereby duplicating Storm Bird) and Apprehend (mare by Touching Wood) are his representatives. RESET (ZABEEL) By proven stayer-getter Zabeel (who is out of a Nureyev mare) Reset has produced several top class runners above 2200m. Rebel Raider (out of a Dehere mare) and Vatuvei (Rivotious) come to mind. ird in the VRC Oaks (2400m) the Cox Plate heroine Pinker Pinker (Success Express) may have also won in this category but for her untimely death. SAVOIRE VIVRE (IRE) (SADLER S WELLS) Tasmanian based Savoire Vivre has produced three stakes performers (of 13) which have performed at 2200m or further. Tasmanian Derby winner Methuselah (dam by Weasel Clause) Benalla Gold Cup winner Rhumb Line (Keltrice) and VRC Bagot Stakes placegetter Viva Delspec (Aliocha) demonstrate that Savoire Vivre is living up to the great strike rate sons of Sadler s Wells have in the stayer producer department. SHAMARDAL (USA) (GIANT S CAUSEWAY) While he is no longer gracing our shores Shamardal s last Australian crop will step through the ring in 2013. Assisted by Faint Perfume s damsire Zabeel Shamardal s daughter was a Gr1 winner up to 2500m. STREET CRY (USA) (MACHIAVELLIAN) A half-brother to Shamardal s dam Street Cry has also produced Gr1-winning middle distance and staying horses. Shocking (ex mare by Danehill) won a Melbourne Cup. TEOFILO (IRE) (GALILEO) Teo lo has demonstrated early on that he can throw a stayer. His oldest are European three-year-olds but the current average winning distance of his progeny is 1878m and as they further mature this may lengthen. His Gr3 winner (2200m) Light Heavy was third in the Gr1 Irish Derby over 2800m. VALIXIR (IRE) (TREMPOLINO) A dual Gr1 winner and a Gr2 winner over 2800m Valixir s oldest Australian progeny are four-year-olds. Of his 15 winners to-date his best performed is the WATC Melvista Stakes (2200m) winner Lethal Jones (ex mare by Arena). A complete outcross for most Australian-bred mares it s not surprising that he clicked with Arena a stamina biased son of Danehill. YET-TO-BE-PROVEN STAMINA SIRES of 2013 YEARLINGS ANNENKOV (IRE) (DANEHILL) A winner over 2400 metres in France Annenkov is an OTI import which also won three races here up to 2000 metres. He is a full-brother to Aquarelliste a triple Gr1 winner up to 2400m and Artiste Royale a dual Gr1 winner up to 2400m. He is out of a mare by Manila (by Lyphard). Standing in NSW his oldest progeny are yearlings. AUTHORIZED (IRE) (MONTJEU) By Sadler s Wells s son Montjeu Authorized is an English Derby winner (2400m). His sire produced two AJC Australian Derby winners and of course the 2012 Melbourne Cup winner Green Moon. DISCORSI (GALILEO) Discorsi s sire Galileo had the highest Some studs are taking the guesswork out of what distance their new stallions will throw by having them genetically tested. 24 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM Nothing in the world is Nothing in the world is so powerful as an idea so powerful as an idea whose time has come whose time has come Victor Hugo - 18th Century Poet. Victor Hugo - 18th Century Poet. The information I get from heart rate and GPS E-Trakka saddle blankets is quite comprehensive The information I get of champion Mare GPS E-Trakka saddle blankets is quite comprehensive Paul Messara (Trainer from heart rate and Ortensia) The Daily Telegraph May 14 2012 Paul Messara (Trainer of champion Mare Ortensia) The Daily Telegraph May 14 2012 Every trainer wishing to improve their professionalism and knowledge should not Every trainer wishing to improve theirE-Trakka . Over 20 000 readings should not ignore the immense value offered by professionalism and knowledge collected from ignore the immense value offered by E-Trakka . Over 20 000 readings collected from leading trainers around the world have provided overwhelming evidence that E-Trakka leading trainers around the world have provided current training techniques. information will greatly enhance and complementoverwhelming evidence that E-Trakka information will greatly enhance and complement current training techniques. The E-Trakka system monitors heart rate speed sectionals and stride length and The E-Trakka the information in heart rate friendly sectionalsprogram. The same then presents system monitors a trainer speed software and stride length and then presents the information in an trainer friendly software program. The same monitoring as if your horse was a elite athlete at an institute of sport only at the monitoring as matters. track where it if your horse was an elite athlete at an institute of sport only at the track where it matters. Contact Andrew Stuart today on 0422 868 181 to discover how E-Trakka can make Contact Andrewthe you a trainer of Stuart today on 0422 868 181 to discover how E-Trakka can make you a trainer of the THE FUTURE IS NOW...EVERY BEAT COUNTS. FOR DAILY INDUSTRY UPDATES VISIT NOW - EVERY BEAT COUNTS THE FUTURE IS NOW...EVERY BEAT COUNTS. NEWS THE FUTURE ISWWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM Phone (08) 9315 4570 Phone (08) 9315 4570 Email andrew Email andrew Web THE FUTURE IS NOW - EVERY BEAT COUNTS Web 25 B GRIST FOR THE MILL distinguished. Mill Park graduates Serious Speed (MRC e ousand Gns) Devil Moon (VRC Turnbull Stks) and Divine Madonna (MRC Toorak Hcp) landed three of the biggest features on the Melbourne spring calendar the latter having already bagged the 2006 VRC Emirates Stakes 12 months before. And if this honour roll isn t impressive enough preceding these results were the top-shelf victories of Proprietor (2006 AJC e Galaxy) Undoubtedly (2005 MRC Blue Diamond Stks) and St Clemens Belle (1999 WATC Fruit n Veg Stks) as well as four individual Gr1 wins recorded by Mummify wedged somewhere in between. operation Chris Watson has no trouble recalling the stud s speci c involvement with each individual member of the baker s dozen and proudly details their ties. Happy Trails Captain Sonador Princess Coup Mummify Divine Madonna and Gold Guru were all in utero [on Mill Park] con rms Watson. All their dams were then sent interstate to be served before returning with their foals at foot. Serious Speed arrived as a foal at foot while Devil Moon Undoubtedly Proprietor Southern Speed and Rebel Raider all arrived as weanlings before being grown out to sell or race. St Clemens Belle arrived as a yearling. Watson explained the successful procedure Mill Park has in place to accommodate the needs of their clients and to achieve such impressive long-term results. All the mares now foal-down in NSW or Vic where they are served and then all of them get transported back to Mill Park. I believe all of the Group winners we have produced were reared here and were either subsequently sold or le in the paddock until 2-year-olds and then raced by the owners. EG. Southern Speed. e role the Watsons have played in the development of so many top-liners has not been lost on the marketplace where the name of Mill Park carries genuine cache. However the family spokesperson is the rst to point out the part the Limestone Coast s environment has played in the stud s success. We believe the coastal environment high calcium balanced feed and very low stocking rates probably helps a lot contends Chris Watson. eing able to lay claims on one of the stars of this year s Melbourne spring racing carnival isn t a bad way to establish the bona des of any thoroughbred nursery but just one Gr1 winner of very recent time doesn t remotely do justice to Mill Park Stud of Meningie. A family concern located on the Limestone Coast of South Australia Mill Park has a record of achievement any major commercial operation would be proud of boasting a strike-rate of Pattern Race success way above and beyond the norm. In fact if they were a racing stable there s be a stewards enquiry. Happy Trails is the latest Gr1 graduate in a remarkable sequence witnessed over the past dozen or so years. e celebrated 2012 VRC Emirates Stakes winner spent virtually all of his formative days at Mill Park before being sold by the out t at the Magic Millions 2009 Adelaide Yearling Sale for a paltry 11 000. Now a multiple black-type winner of over 1.2 million in earnings Happy Trials emergence is another instance of what is basically bordering on being an industry phenomenon. In chronological order MRC Caul eld Cup winner Southern Speed proved to be the Mill Park Stud standard bearer in topight company in 2011 and 2010 AJC Epsom Handicap winner Captain Sonador the year before that. Prior still season 2008 09 not only witnessed Rebel Raider become a dual Derby winner in the Australian Classic division but Princess Coup soar to great heights in A-Grade company across the Tasman. e spring of 2007 was no less That s 13 Gr1 winners all told from Classics to Cups under handicap and weight-for-age conditions... at s 13 Gr1 winners all told from Classics to Cups under handicap and weightfor-age conditions plus a coveted juvenile jewel thrown in for good measure all with a past involving Mill Park Stud. Mill Park Stud s association with these modern-day stars is by no means tenuous and emanates from the fact that the aforementioned gallopers all spent at least one important stage of their development under the supervision of proprietors Peter and Serena Watson as well as their son Chris and his wife Sian. Speaking on behalf of the 26 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM e horse enterprise has been established on 2000 acres with an average paddock size of 40-50 acres. Add to this a very good feeding programme for all stock as well as very professional yearling preparation. All these factors enable a natural free-range upbringing that we believe is part of the successful raising of competitive racehorses. An obvious advocate of the region Chris Watson adds It is just excellent country for nishing-o all stock. It is used traditionally as a dairy beef and wool production area. We are at the top-end and further south are some excellent vineyards too. e property was originally called Belacre. We still market our top quality merino wool as the Belacre clip. Mill Park started as a successful commercial cattle and sheep operation with breeding horses as a hobby. It became a more commercial commitment in 1990 with the farm converting additional paddocks to suit horses. Watson recalls that it was success in the sales ring that triggered his family into increasing the scale of its thoroughbred arm. We topped the Adelaide sale in 1989 with a Rancher colt and our con dence grew [from there]. We subsequently accepted all the stock from Toorak Park Stud who closed down its own property at the time. We then gradually increased the quality of our infrastructure and continued to get winners and sell well. I believe the success of Gold Guru and St Clemens Belle and then a bit later on Mummify set us up and gave us the con dence that we could breed raise and race thoroughbreds to compete at the highest level. Ironically Mill Park s rise and rise has come during a period of a time that has seen the thoroughbred industry of South Australia slip into decline. Once renowned for providing some of the nest quality racehorses in the country the Festival State is no longer the force it once was despite Mill Park s considerable e orts. e breeding industry looks tough in SA at the moment concedes Watson. e overall broodmare numbers in the state have dropped and it is a cause for concern. But there are numerous boutique breeders like Summerset Park Cornerstone Stud Kiah Glen as well as farm clients Toorak Park Stud and Brenton & Liz Parker punching above their weight. We hope this continues to provide incentive for other like-minded breeders in South Australia to continue to improve their broodmare bands in quality as well as quantity to compete successfully with the Eastern States. As for Mill Park Chris Watson has a clear mission statement that not only explains how his family s out t has come so far in such a short space of time but also re ects a determination to stay at the same level for the foreseeable future. Declares Watson We will always hope to race some great llies to stakes class and add these to our broodmare band. We will always concentrate on improving the quality of mares we have on the farm. We will continue to build the best infrastructure to cater for mares foals and spellers. We will aim to continue to breed and sell the best types possible and hope for continued success at the highest level. But at the end of the day we would like to be remembered for our integrity for our commitment to providing the best possible care for our clients and their horses remaining safe in the knowledge that purchasers can buy from us with the utmost con dence. Mill Park Stud s achievements for more than the past decade are proof positive that Watson means every word. THE ONE STOP INSURANCE SHOP FOR THE THOROUGHBRED INDUSTRY Newmarket Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd - 32 South Terrace Adelaide SA 5000 Telephone (08) 8211 8444 Toll Free 1800 882 355 Fax (08) 8211 8022 Web N newmarket.indd 1 NEWMARKET I N S U R A N C E B R O K E R S SPECIALISING IN LIABILITY INSURANCE FOR STUDS & AGISTMENT PROPERTIES 12 12 12 8 49 AM Flemington s mounting yard A RACE IN ISOLATION In the wash-up to 2012 s Melbourne Cup editor-at-large Renee Geelen found more questions than answers in the swirling debates that continues surrounding local and overseas runners. All images Steve Hart THE CUP 28 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM he rst seven horses home in the Melbourne Cup were bred in Ireland. Last year s winner was born in France. Where is the logic in trying to have the world s best staying race in a nation that doesn t value stayers enough to produce one of world class quality And does the Cup represent our staying stock or is it a race in isolation e rst nominations show that there are plenty of horses out there that trainers think are worthy of running but the di erence in conversion rate into the eld is a concern. ere is a huge swing in favour of the Northern Hemisphere bred horses. Horses bred in the NH were only 43% of the rst nominations but made up a whopping 75% of the nal eld. And the conversion rate for making the eld was a massive 28% if the horse was born in the Northern Hemisphere while only a miniscule 7% of the Southern Hemisphere nominations made the nal eld. e skew shown by these statistics tell us that European horses are more likely to get into the Melbourne Cup eld but they don t tell us why. e most obvious reason is that they get more weight and thus are higher up the order of entry. But some argue that the European raced horses aren t getting enough weight so too many are making the long trip down here and running under false light weights. Gai Waterhouse s husband Rob a former bookmaker and one of the country s leading form students believes that the European horses should be given more weight to properly re ect their quality relative to our local product. He claims e European stayers are better horses and should be weighted appropriately. As a group the Northern Hemisphere horses outperform the locals despite inappropriate preparations. Consider Gai s runner Fiorente he ran second while e ectively still su ering jetlag and rst-up from a spell. Waterhouse declares e only conclusion is that they are weighted too lightly. Perhaps the handicapper gives the European horses lower weights in order to encourage them to compete here but that would be in breach of the handicapper s duty to give all horses an equal chance. It seems counter intuitive to give more weight to the European raiders as more weight will put them further up the ballot T Country of Birth NZ AUS IRE GB FR GER USA ITY ARG TOTAL SH bred NH bred First Nominations 47 38 28 12 9 8 7 1 1 151 86 65 % Nominations 31% 25% 19% 8% 6% 5% 5% 1% 1% 57% 43% Final Field 4 2 10 2 2 1 3 0 0 24 6 18 % Runners 17% 8% 42% 8% 8% 4% 13% 0% 0% 25% 75% Conversion Rate (Runners Nominations) 9% 5% 36% 17% 22% 13% 43% 0% 0% 16% 7% 28% Local winner Efficient I propose a new race... a Cup Consolation (3200m) on Melbourne Cup day at adjusted weights for the next 24 horses in the Cup order... list. Yet this is what will be required in order to ensure a higher transition of local horses from the rst nominations into the actual eld. Higher weights for the international raiders will disincentivize them from travelling here giving more opportunity to the locally-trained horses and ultimately increasing the punters knowledge of the eld. And how o en do we hear that the international horses are only Listed winners at home yet become Gr1 or Gr2 horses over distance here Furthermore for big name European trainers like Luca Cumani to say that previous Cup winners and placegetters wouldn t be classy enough to win a race like the Arc de Triomphe only adds to the perceived quality gap between hemispheres. To put this comment in some perspective the aforementioned Fiorente ran fourth seven lengths behind the winner Orfevre in the Gr2 Prix Foy over 2400m in his start prior to the Cup. Orfevre followed his Prix Foy victory with a runner-up in the Prix de l Arc de Triomphe and a nose 2nd in the Gr1 Japan Cup. Meandre who ran second in the Prix Foy nished in 12th in the Arc. e higher number of internationallytrained horses in the eld might be good for the idealistic belief that it gives the race a global reputation. e bias towards Northern Hemisphere-bred horses in the eld both locally and internationally trained is also bad for the local breeding scene and probably hurts New Zealand the most. ey are the traditional market for Australian trainers to source their stayers and yet New Zealand-bred horses have won the Cup only once in the last ten years. NZTM s CEO Andrew Birch refutes this interpretation stating I think looking at the Melbourne Cup in isolation as the sole indication of the health of our industry is fraught with danger. New Zealand breeders are essentially sellers with around 40% of our foal crop exported annually. Hence our breeders are acutely aware of market demands which in recent years has been for middle distance and fast stayers. ere are too few out and out staying races in Australasia for people to base their breeding programme around producing two-milers. We have already seen races like the Brisbane and Wellington Cups reduced in distance to 2400m which gives people even less encouragement to breed a horse that will go two miles. FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM 29 THE CUP - A RACE IN ISOLATION (cont) The Cup attracts sold-out crowds Year 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 Winner Green Moon (IRE) Dunaden (FR) Americain (USA) Shocking (AUS) Viewed (AUS) Efficient (NZ) Delta Blues (JPN) Makybe Diva (GB) Makybe Diva (GB) Makybe Diva (GB) Media Puzzle (USA) Ethereal (NZ) Brew (NZ) Rogan Josh (AUS) Jezabeel (NZ) Might and Power (NZ) Date Start Prior 27 Oct 19 Oct 20 Oct 31 Oct 1 Nov 27 Oct 21 Oct 22 Oct 16 Oct 18 Oct 23 Oct 20 Oct 4 Nov 30 Oct 17 Oct 18 Oct Start Prior 7th Cox Plate 1st Gr3 Geelong Cup 1st Gr3 Geelong Cup 1st Gr3 Lexus 11th MacKinnon 9th Cox Plate 3rd Caulfield Cup 1st Cox Plate 2nd Caulfield Cup 4th Caulfield Cup 1st Gr3 Geelong Cup 1st Caulfield Cup 1st Gr2 Saab (now Gr3 Lexus) 1st MacKinnon 6th Caulfield Cup 1st Caulfield Cup Cup Day is about more than horses What this table shows is a need to further encourage those European raiders to plan to race here for more than just one race. We can t promote the Cup in isolation to the rest of our racing scene. It is the overall picture that counts believes Birch. You only need to look at our record in Australia in recent years and see that we have produced 23% of all Gr1 winners over the past 5 years from just over 5% of the runners. Ocean Park is probably the pinup weight for age horse in Australasia right now and our Classic-bred horses continue to perform. I de nitely think the fact that racing in Hong Kong and Singapore continues to go from strength to strength is also having a bearing on our breeding program. While New Zealand bred horses have captured 6 of the last 10 Hong Kong and Singapore Derbies respectively there are certainly limited racing opportunities for stoutly-bred horses in those jurisdictions. Birch concludes by noting Personally I think the international competition we are seeing across the spring carnival is great for racing. e racing world is a much smaller place these days as evidenced by the fact that 3 of the 7 Gr1 races at Royal Ascot this year were won by horses bred and raised in Australasia. e other problem with the current import fad is that the punters struggle to gure out the market and this lack of con dence in the form could that they just stay away. is should in theory be bad for turnover - which ultimately is bad for prize money however betting giant Tabcorp experienced a 6.5% increase on the 2012 Cup to almost 100 million. Either way punters should take some comfort from the following table. Every one of the past 16 winners of the Cup had their start prior to their Cup victory in Australia. Ok so plenty of the placegetters didn t but as far as simplistic theories go it s pretty good. One race sticks out on this table and yet it is not included in the current ballot exemptions races 2012 VRC The Lexus Stakes 2012 VRC AAMI Victoria Derby 2012 VRC Mackinnon Stakes 2012 MVRC Cox Plate 2012 MRC Caulfield Cup 2012 Irish St Leger (IRE) 2012 Tenno Sho (Spring) (JPN) e Cup could have the potential for up to half the 24 runners get in the eld through an exemption race. at makes 12 races all up that qualify you directly. Let s add 30 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM Targeted Nutritional Support for Shinsoreness (DMD) and OCD S IN U E QUIN E N BONAFIDE Before Bonafide TR Getting 2 year olds to the track with the strength and foundation to withstand the rigours of fast work is one of the great challenges faced by Australian trainers. Astute horsemen and horsewomen judge the potential of youngsters by an assessment of conformation movement size and balance while taking into account the results of airway and skeletal examinations. Unfortunately the predisposition of a 2 year old to shinsoreness is not something that can be accessed early and yet it is possibly the greatest limiting factor to 2 year old racing performance. Bonafide s active ingredient Quinaquanone is the only proven and patented Vitamin K1 and K2 product available that has shown in trials to significantly reduce the incidence of shinsoreness (DMD) in 2 year olds. That s why many of Australia s leading trainers insist that every horse in their stable receives a daily dose of Bonafide either in their Mitavite race feed or as a supplement. It makes sound economic sense. Vitamite Bonafide is available in 1.5kg 3kg 10kg and 20kg pails and is added to Mitavite s Premium race feeds Athlete Plus Formula 3 and XLR8. LE A DE I TI O N R After Bonafide Images courtesy of Agricure Pty Ltd. Performance Enhancing Nutrition from Mitavite For further information about Bonafide and a copy of the trial data visit our informative website or freecall MITAVITE 1800 025 487 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM 31 THE CUP - A RACE IN ISOLATION (cont) 2012 Irish-bred winner Green Moon The Melbourne Cup the Geelong Cup and the two local Cups that are still over two miles (Gr1 Sydney and Gr2 Adelaide). A historical hangover is the current season VRC Derby. There have been 13 3YOs win the VRC Derby and go on to win the Melbourne Cup only a few days later but the most recent one was Skipton in 1941 (and 10 of the 13 were before 1915). Swap it for the season before (last winner of that double was Efficient in 2007 s Melbourne Cup). And add the previous season s AJC Derby while we are at it to ensure the best up and coming stayer gets a shot. at makes eleven races for trainers to chase to guarantee their charges a spot. It could be said that the Sydney Cup winner (Niwot) and the AJC Derby winner (Ethiopia) made the eld anyway so why bother But the Geelong Cup winner (Gatewood) did not and surely that is a travesty given the race s form record. e proposed ballot system will ensure that these horses are in the Cup regardless of the handicapper s opinion of them in September. It is good for Australian racing to have horses here and competing in our racing scene for their spots in the Cup and it is even better for punters who will get to see more potential Cup runners in local conditions. Give the punters con dence in the form and they ll increase turnover even further than the increase we saw this year. For the last berth I propose a new race. e Cup Consolation to be run as the last race on the card on Melbourne Cup day over 3200m at weight for age for the next 24 horses in the Cup order i.e. those horses nominated for the Cup but which didn t make the eld. ese horses are t and ready to run in the Cup they may as well race on the same day over the same conditions. Especially if it gets them the chance to win the right to run in next year s Cup by winning the Consolation. It ll add colour and interest to Cup day and will add to your form deliberations did we just see next year s major winner from this year s minor event 32 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM s It k c a b ENETREN E P A LINIMENT 500mL 2.5L 200mL 5L A medicinal fluid rubbed into the skin to combat sprains strains and rheumatism. Penetrating and absorbing liniment with mild antiseptic qualities. Relief of sprains strains and rheumatism in horses. Can be used to help maintain and protect the animal s muscular system by applying both before and after training. Enhances natural repair and reduces internal scarring. Stimulates blood circulation to muscles ligaments and tendons underlying the area of application. IS AVAILABLE FROM YOUR NEAREST WHOLESALER PENETRENE A LINIMENT info (02) 9517 1166 33 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM EYE ON THE PRIZE hen asked if he like his peers aspires to having a runner in Australia s biggest race the Melbourne Cup Paul Messara replies Winning. Having a runner is only participating. e 34 year-old son of Arrow eld Stud principal and Racing NSW Chairman John Messara operates his training base in the Hunter Valley heartland of Scone and is fast establishing a reputation for results. Having achieved successful international campaigns with Gr1 winning mares Alverta and Ortensia it is these results on the world stage that see Paul Messara at the forefront of the next generation of our thoroughbred training ranks and which have added fanned the ames of his winning ambition. Taking horses overseas gives you a taste for those big carnivals Messara notes. His stable star is unquestionably the sevenyear-old Testa Rossa mare Ortensia who since joining the Messara team has gone from would-be retirement as one of the unluckiest horses in racing to a triple Gr1 winner. From March to August this year Ortensia set out on a remarkable six-month international expedition with Messara at the helm. e results victory in the Gr1 Al Quoz Sprint at Meydan followed by a European campaign which saw triumphs in the Gr2 King George Stakes at Goodwood and the Gr1 Nunthorpe Stakes at York. Ortensia has returned in good health and is currently building up her tness levels with work on the aqua-sizer (underwater treadmill) with her rst up target a likely clash with Black Caviar in the Gr1 Lightning Stakes on the agenda. With such a quality record over the last twelve months the mare s Autumn program is likely to be centred around weightfor-age options including possible tilts at the Gr1 TJ Smith Stakes and a return trip to Dubai. YOUNG TURKS THE NEW GENERATION TRAINERS Paul Messara In the first of a series on Young Turks Australia s next generation of up-and-coming trainers Cassandra Simmonds finds Arrowfield Training Centre s Paul Messara has his eye firmly on the prize. With 45-50 horses in work at any one time 95 percent of Messara s work is completed at the Scone training facility. Whilst he does have the privilege of nine boxes at Randwick these are primarily used over carnival time. Messara describes his team as not a big stable and has no immediate plans for expansion into other states. He previously operated a satellite stable on the Sunshine Coast which proved not to be viable with the prizemoney levels in comparison to those in NSW. Messara has built a core team at the Arrow eld Training Centre with 18 sta many of which are long-term employees. He believes maintaining this continuity is crucial without established clients. It s your future every year Messara explains. is future appears to hold plenty of promise with a lovely bunch of 20-25 twoyear-olds including a number purchased at the Magic Millions sales earlier this year coming through the Arrow eld Training Centre regime. at s the number we re interested in keeping Messara advises. As well as these untapped juveniles he has some very promising unraced three-year-olds and the recent Gr3 Sandown Stakes winner Mahisara to provide inspiration for those early mornings and long days. With a degree in Communications at Bond University to his credit Messara created plenty of media attention with his video updates of Ortensia s progress during her overseas assault. Whilst surprised by the attention as he modestly admits the videos were inspired by spare time on his hands during his sojourn he recognises utilising new technology is another important avenue to engaging owners. Nonetheless to attract new owners to his stable Messara believes the most successful technique is physically meeting people. is aided by performance on the racetrack and having a headline horse in your stable is the best advertising that money can t buy. Back to those Melbourne Cup aspirations and Messara is not in any hurry to join the long queue of Australians looking to acquire European-tried horses. He believes they have become over-priced due to the demand of a competitive market most with no residual value. is approach will not dampen Messara s drive and blinkered vision to succeed in the training sphere. I don t enjoy having a runner just for the sake of it. I d like to think whatever I put in a race has a winning chance he reveals. Sounds like a chip off the old block W Having a headline horse in your stable is the best advertising that money can t buy... to communication for his sta to understand exactly what he wants. You can t do everything yourself he quips. With a rich family heritage in the thoroughbred world Messara describes the two biggest in uences on his training as legendary vet Dr Percy Sykes AM and former leading Sydney trainer Dr Geo Chapman. I ve had a lot to do with Percy Sykes. He s a great sounding board to bounce ideas o Messara reveals. e yearling sale season is important for any ambitious trainer and Messara is no di erent. I approach it with great vigour he says when asked about the upcoming 2013 yearling sales. He loves selecting yearlings and says sourcing young horses is critical to a stable 34 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM IAH Sales Pty. Ltd. 18 Healey Circuit Huntingwood NSW 2148 Australia IAH Sales Pty. Ltd. 18 Healey Circuit Huntingwood NSW 2148 Australia Freecall 1800 801 201 Ph 02 9672 7944 IAH Sales Pty.7988 18 Healey Circuit Huntingwood NSW 2148 7944 Freecall 1800info Website 9672 Australia Fax 02 9672 Ltd. Email 801 201 Ph 02 Fax 02 9672 7988 Email info Website 9672 7944 Freecall 1800 801 201 Ph 02 Fax 02 9672 7988 Email info Website War ononWorms War on Worms War Worms Choose Your Choose Your Choose Your Weapons... Weapons... Weapons... 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Alldrma Dreat v ave aq id formulation whi An ar r great h is li wid oemu i n h Al are Dren value liquid foraf. margin ll products lu ts v de afet and can great valueo or edofory.hose horses that prove difficult to worm. and cae great value f fe mone t and are gre at valu to feed fory. ose hor e that prove diffic t to worm. added f ad dd or those horses h t ove ifficult worm. orse f m and ar n be added t foeed ney. an ar b eat dalu for money. e All 4 products have a wid safety margin Al products av All products have wid safety ma gin ll du ave wide afet margin ide afet and are great value for money. and are great valu fo money. ar great value for oney. at alu ey. Free Advice Line Free Advice Line Free Advice Line 20595_War on Worms Ad_HorseDeals (19127 v2).indd 1 20595_War on Worms Ad_HorseDeals (19127 v2).indd 1 You can FREE CALL from our website by clicking on You can FREE CALL from our website by clicking on You can FREE CALL from our website UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS by clicking on FREE CALL FREE CALL FREE CALL 35 8 05 12 9 45 A 8 05 12 9 45 A BIOWORMA NEW SOLUTION TO OLD PROBLEM nternational Animal Health (IAH) an Australian-owned company was announced as a nalist in the Shell Innovation Challenge run in conjunction with e Australian newspaper. Judged by a panel of international experts IAH was nominated for its project to commercialise a world- rst solution to the problem of parasite resistance which is a major problem for all horse owners. In fact resistance threatens the viability of all the livestock grazing industries that together make a major contribution to many economies throughout the world and to the global protein and bre supplies. As horse owners know the health and performance of their animals depends on successful management of their parasitic nematode burdens which has traditionally been done with chemicals. ese chemicals are losing e ectiveness due to resistance and this is rapidly-becoming an important problem for horse owners due to increased treatment costs and reduced e ectiveness of treatment. e situation is bad-enough now and getting worse and for other grazing animals the situation is even worse than in horses. For example there have even been instances where it has forced farmers to abandon grazing sheep altogether. is situation could also occur in horses if something isn t done. In addition the animals shed chemical residues in their urine and manure which causes unintended environmental harm such as to dung beetles. Based originally on CSIRO research IAH s BioWorma products will provide a chemical-free solution employing biological control. e active ingredient is the spores of a natural fungus which is harmless to animals and humans and is already widespread in the environment. Worm populations in grazing animals are propagated in a cycle in which worm eggs are shed into the animals manure where they hatch into larvae that migrate onto the pasture and re-infect the animals as they feed. Owners will simply feed BioWorma to their animals and the spores will pass intact into their manure where they will become active trapping and devouring immature worms breaking the parasite infestation cycle. e fungus seeks a nitrogen source for its growth 36 I This is rapidlybecoming an important problem for horse owners due to increased treatment costs... and gets this from the larvae. To see Sir David Attenborough s description of this process please see http watch v 0n04wCkIpuQ. In practice the animals would be treated with a chemical wormer and if possible moved onto rested pasture (not grazed by horses for 3 months) which should ensure it has a low level of parasite larvae. Use of BioWorma will maintain the animals in a lowworm state which will be checked from time to time by monitoring of their manure. Because of its unique natural mode of action BioWorma will be e ective against parasites that have become resistant to chemicals and research has proven that BioWorma will be environmentally friendly. IAH has been conducting an extensive program to convert this concept into practical products for owners to use and then to prove their e ectiveness in eld trials. Conducted by a leading contract research organisation IAH s trials have primarily targeted horses cattle sheep and goats. BioWorma will be e ective for all grazing animals said IAH CEO Chris Lawlor but we have focussed on those of prime economic importance. However to prove a point we have also conducted some preliminary trials in a range of zoo animals and the results were just as good. IAH has conducted 19 eld trials in Australia using trial designs worked-up with input from CSIRO and leading veterinarians. ese have encompassed a variety of climatic zones and covered di erent seasons. A typical result from one of IAH s horse trials is shown in the graph above. is shows the number of infective nematode larvae that are found on the pasture surrounding pats of horse manure over an eight-week period. As you can see said Lawlor the numbers of larvae were greatly reduced when the manure pats were from animals that had been fed BioWorma . He also pointed-out that BioWorma has proven to be e ective against all the major species of nematode worms. IAH has secured funding for moving forward with BioWorma into early stage commercialisation with support from AusIndustry. is is a good example of private industry working with government support to bring a CSIRO idea into the real world said Lawlor. Due to the pressing need for a solution to the problem of chemical resistance the project has strong received support from the rural industries including rural merchandisers feed mills and veterinarians. IAH s product range includes the wellknown products Livamol Protexin and its worming range including MecWorma & Tape Allwormer MecWorma & Bot Worma Paste and Worma Drench. It is intended that BioWorma will go to the Australian regulator in 2013 and IAH anticipates a two-year time frame before reaching the market. C M Y CM MY CY CMY K FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM Located close to Sydney & Hunter Valley. Excellent facilities which include Post & Rail paddocks with electric fencing and shelters in all paddocks. Fully irrigated improved pastures. Foaling down & walk on service to all HUNTER VALLEY STUDS. Veterinary service within close proximity. Very experienced staff with years of experience. Fully qualified vet nurse on farm. Able to cater for dry mares mares & foals yearlings & weanlings and race horse spelling. Horses prepared for all sales. Long or short term agistment. Jennifer Burrow Manager E jennifer M 61 (04)08 600 254 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM 37 THE 2013 SALES MERRYGO ROUND By Gary Knowles M ost sporting pundits have empathy for international cricket players and their families where teams are sometimes on the road for 5 months of the year. Spare a thought then for yearling vendors and stud farms whose experience is sometimes not too dissimilar when it comes to each year s round of yearling sales. What used to amount to a few weeks away at most for the bigger farms that have a presence at all the major sales it can be more like a long-distance relay from one event to the next but where the same players always appear to have the baton in hand. Of course these days it s not just about yearlings but also the major breeding stock sales where many hundreds of broodmares and weanlings also come under the microscope and go under the hammer. In 2013 the Australian & New Zealand Sales start with a bang in January with no less than 3 majors underway before the end of the month a situation that continues more or less unabated till June. Remembering that consignors teams are o en on site for yearling inspections a week before the actual sales start here s the complete 2013 line-up. Start 9-Jan-13 20-Jan-13 28-Jan-13 30-Jan-13 3-Feb-13 14-Feb-13 19-Feb-13 3-Mar-13 12-Mar-13 17-Mar-13 9-Apr-13 16-Apr-13 28-Apr-13 3-May-13 8-May-13 19-May-13 21-May-13 27-May-13 23-Jun-13 26-Jun-13 Finish 15-Jan-13 21-Jan-13 29-Jan-13 1-Feb-13 4-Feb-13 14-Feb-13 19-Feb-13 6-Mar-13 13-Mar-13 18-Mar-13 11-Apr-13 18-Apr-13 29-Apr-13 3-May-13 10-May-13 19-May-13 22-May-13 7-Jun-13 23-Jun-13 28-Jun-13 Company MM Inglis NZB NZB NZB MM MM Inglis MM MM Inglis Inglis Inglis Inglis NZB Inglis Inglis MM Inglis Inglis Sale Gold Coast Classic Summer Premier Select Festival Tasmanian Perth Premier Premier Adelaide QTIS Australian Easter Australian Easter VOBIS Gold Red Centre National HTBA Scone Great Southern National Classic Winter Australian Weanling & Bloodstock Venue Gold Coast Sydney Karaka Karaka Karaka Launceston Perth Melbourne Adelaide Gold Coast Sydney Sydney Melbourne Alice Springs Karaka Scone Melbourne Gold Coast Sydney Scone Type Yearling Yearling Yearling Yearling Yearling Yearling Yearling Yearling Yearling Yearling Yearling Broodmare Yearling Yearling Broodmare Weanling & Mixed Yearling Weanling Broodmare Weanling & Yearling Yearling Weanling & Mixed Inglis Magic Millions NZ Bloodstock 40 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM Get your horses Burning Up The Track with the latest release Horse Walkers from IronGate. TH NEW... E ALL iWankers t ol olund Ev La Win Walk to AU After extensive consultation with our clients and over 16 years of product refinement the latest IronGate Evolution 3 Land Walkers deliver race and sale yard results So confident in the all new Evolution 3 we re now offering an extended and unbeatable 2 YEAR WARRANTY ST PR RA OU LI DL AN Y M AD E Improved features Higher inner & outer races Higher dividers with longer One greasing point to service complete drive assembly hanging rubber Stronger robust centre drive Proximity switch for Most cost efficient machine on the market drawing only 0.4 amps stop start at gate Call Peter Netherwood today on 0438 651 217 for a personal quote or email peter For more information Freecall 1300 783 444 International 61 8 8293 1099 And still offering Fully hot dipped Australian made Fully weather proofed motor & gearbox galvanised construction The new Evo 3 walker from IronGate out performs all other walkers on course... Bill Shuck Racecourse Manager Eagle Farm. FRESHMAN YEARLING SIRES With the 2013 major Australian yearling sales not far away it is a good time to explore which sires will make their sales debut as their first crop yearlings enter the ring in 2013. Ultimately one of these sires will become the leading first crop sire next season when these juveniles begin ripping up the track. Merissa Borg reports. Stallion All American (AUS) 2005 Annenkov (IRE) 2002 Anton Pillar (AUS) 2005 Bryannbo s Gift (NZ ) 2003 Bushranger (IRE) 2006 Captain Gerrard (IRE) 2005 Champions Gallery (GB ) 2003 Coubertin (AUS) 2005 Delightful Choice (AUS) 2006 Denman (AUS) 2006 Discorsi (AUS) 2003 Dreamscape (AUS) 2005 Duporth (AUS) 2005 Globetrotter (USA) 2005 Hala Bek (IRE) 2003 I Am Invincible (AUS) 2004 Krupt (AUS) 2005 Manhattan Rain (AUS) 2006 Masked Assassin (AUS) 2004 Medaglia d Oro (USA) 1999 Mint Lane (USA) 2005 My Atacanta (IRE) 2004 Nicconi (AUS) 2005 O Lonhro (AUS) 2005 Onemorenomore (AUS) 2006 Pillar Of Hercules (AUS) 2004 Raheeb (AUS) 2003 Red Arrow (AUS) 2003 Red Element (AUS) 2004 Shimonhro (AUS) 2005 Shrewd Rhythm (AUS) 2004 Time Thief (AUS) 2005 Torch Relay (AUS) 2006 Turffontein (AUS) 2004 U S Ranger (USA) 2004 Universal Ruler (AUS) 2004 Venice Beach (AUS) 2005 Von Costa De Hero (AUS) 2005 Wanted (AUS) 2006 Wicked Style (USA) 2005 Wilander (AUS) 2005 Sire Red Ransom Danehill Flying Spur Zabeel Danetime Oasis Dream Dansili Redoute s Choice Redoute s Choice Lonhro Galileo Choisir Red Ransom Street Cry Halling Invincible Spirit Flying Spur Encosta De Lago Danzero El Prado Maria s Mon Traditionally Bianconi Lonhro Red Ransom Rock Of Gibraltar Royal Academy Red Ransom Red Ransom Lonhro Danehill Dancer Redoute s Choice Lonhro Johannesburg Danzig Scenic Redoute s Choice Encosta De Lago Fastnet Rock Macho Uno Exceed and Excel Dam Milva Agathe Prove It Dantelah Danz Danz Delphinus Pure Circles Of Gold Lady s Delight Peach Express A Smile Faith In Dreams Staging Cool Slew Place De L Opera Cannarelle Categorical Shantha s Choice Duk Duk Cappucino Bay Sister Girl Rihan Nicola Lass Mamzelle Pedrille Palia Coat Gatana Lady Jakeo Tracy s Element Shingle Moss Balcanny Procrastinate Olympic Flame Spirit Of Grace My Annette Rulings Boardwalk Bell Piavonic Fragmentation Deviletta Scandinavia Damsire Strawberry Road Manila Dehere Volksraad Efisio Soviet Star Slip Anchor Marscay Local Talent Vain Success Express Ferdinand Success Express Seattle Slew Sadler s Wells Canny Lad Hennessy Canny Lad Claudius Bailjumper Conquistador Cielo Dayjur Scenic Zoffany Last Tycoon Brocco Marauding Last Tycoon Last Tycoon Twig Moss Canny Lad Jade Hunter Buena Shore Dr Grace Red Ransom Hurricane Sky Bellotto Scenic Snippets Trempolino Snippets Mares Covered in 2010 2013 Fee in 2010 Stood 2010 Arrowfield Stud NSW Allandale Park NSW Barree Stud VIC Shipton Lodge NSW Eliza Park VIC Lindsay Park SA Kilto Park QLD Greta West Stud VIC Meadow Farm VIC Darley NSW Yarradale Stud WA Widden Stud NSW Kitchwin Hills NSW Brackley Park VIC Mungrup Stud WA Yarraman Park NSW Lincoln Farm NSW Arrowfield Stud NSW Burwood Stud QLD Darley NSW Willow Grove SA Waterford Stud WA Widden Stud NSW Larneuk Stud VIC Vinery Stud NSW Grange Thoroughbreds VIC Patinack Farm NSW Lincoln Farm NSW Glenlogan Park QLD Bombora Downs VIC Touchstone Farm WA Darley NSW Park Crest Stud TAS Blue Gum Farm VIC Independent Stallions VIC Durham Lodge WA Northern Park Stud NSW Darley VIC Eliza Park VIC Oaklands Stud QLD Lindsay Park SA 130 29 20 27 67 62 20 26 30 132 99 92 112 34 48 133 42 105 29 97 60 47 156 75 145 21 81 66 135 26 42 110 25 68 47 86 38 125 75 76 55 16 500 4 400 1 100 8 800 11 000 8 800 2 500 4 400 3 850 38 500 5 500 9 900 22 000 8 800 5 500 11 000 8 800 49 500 4 950 88 000 6 600 2 750 22 000 9 900 24 200 6 600 8 800 6 600 8 800 3 850 7 150 13 750 4 400 13 750 11 000 5 500 7 500 16 500 38 500 8 800 8 800 42 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM All American (AUS) (Red Ransom-Milva by Strawberry Road) Stood 2010 at Arrow eld Stud NSW Red Ransom smashed the 100-plus stakeswinners mark while All American arguably heralds his best-performed son to stud since Charge Forward. A Gr1-performer at 2 3 and 4 he won a Listed race as an early 2YO then scored second in the Gr1 Blue Diamond followed by a salute to his juvenile year with a Gr3 win in the Skyline Stakes. A sensational sprinter-miler his Gr1 Emirates Stakes win saw him beat champion So You ink by 2.5-lengths in a blistering time of 1.33.98. Out of a half-sister to US sire Rock Hard Ten his pedigree and million dollar performance earned him the honour of becoming the rst Aussie stallion to shuttle to the US in 2011. Bushranger (IRE) (Danetime-Danz Danz by E sio) Stood 2010 at Eliza Park VIC ere are only two words for this horse phenomenal speed. If you saw his astounding record time run in the Gr1 Prix Morny and his course record at Newmarket over 6 furlongs (previously held by Oasis Dream) you would know why he was dual Champion 2YO of England and France. Touted as the best performed son of sire Danetime who was a success story in Australia leaving 18 stakes horses from only three crops Bushranger s four wins were all as a 2YO. In fact his 7 starts at two produced six cheques. His dam produced four winners and her sire E sio boasts 41 stakes-winners and eight individual Gr1-winners. Captain Gerrard (IRE) (Oasis Dream-Delphinus by Soviet Star) Stood 2010 at Lindsay Park SA. His multiple Gr1-winning sire Oasis Dream has been dubbed the European version of Redoute s Choice a er his rst three crops le four Gr1-winners and 28 stakeswinners. Not surprisingly Captain Gerrard s arrival in Australia was duly greeted with enthusiasm. A 5-time winner at two who counts the UK Gr3 Cornwallis Stakes Listed Harry Rosebery Stakes and Listed Roses Stakes among his 2YO wins he was also a Gr3-winner at three in the Gr3 Palace House Stakes at Newmarket. A half-brother to multiple UK and HK performer Saturn Captain Gerrard is from the immediate family of Gr1 winners Double Form Eva Luna and Sholokhov. Denman (AUS) (Lonhro-Peach by Vain) Stood 2010 at Darley NSW Champion sire Lonhro has been on re in recent years as a leading sire of both two and 3YOs and with Denman his leading son to stud there was always going to be hype. Notching nine wins from only 12 career starts his performances included three wins at two. As a 3YO he took out the Gr3 Run To the Rose and followed with Gr1 glory in the Golden Rose. In fact his dash to seven consecutive wins was only marred by his run in the Gr1 Caul eld Guineas. He was fully booked within a week of being announced to stud and served an enviable book for a rst season sire. Discorsi (AUS) (Galileo-Express A Smile by Success Express) Stood 2010 at Yarradale Stud WA A 1 million yearling at the Sydney Easter sale Discorsi won two races including the Listed Gibson Carmichael Stakes over 1620m at Flemington as a 2YO. By Champion sire Galileo in all he had 20 starts and notched eight placings at both Sydney and Melbourne tracks before being retired prematurely due to a wind problem. Despite this you can t go past his superb pedigree being a half-brother to leading Western Australian stallion Oratorio (by Stravinsky). eir stakes-related dam has produced seven winners including triple Gr1winner Sea Siren and leading 2YO in NZ Lady Dehere (also a producer of two black-type winners). His rst crop will be well received. Dreamscape (AUS) (Choisir-Faith In Dreams by Ferdinand) Stood 2010 at Widden Stud NSW Sharing the same sire as the celebrated Starspangledbanner Dreamscape came out on debut at three and won the Gr3 Up & Coming Stakes against Gr1-performed company. Trained by Gai Waterhouse he notched four wins and two placings from 11 starts including the Gr2 AJC Stan Fox Stakes and the Gr3 Liverpool City Cup. His dam Faith In Dreams boasts a siremaking pedigree home to Gr1-winning sire Northern Meteor and Dreamscape is closely related to champion sires Sadler s Wells and Nureyev. is world-class pedigree and his quality type and athleticism as a sprinter set him in good stead for success. FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM 43 2013 FRESHMAN YEARLING SIRES (CONTINUED) Duporth (AUS) (Red Ransom-Staging by Success Express) Stood 2010 at Kitchwin Hills NSW e arrival of Duporth to stud represented an exciting outcross prospect for Danehill mares. Not only had his wins in the Gr2 Golden Rose Stakes and Gr3 San Domenico Stakes proven his status as a leading 3YO of his year his subsequent win in the Gr1 BTC Cup over older rivals beating stalwart Apache Cat sealed the deal that he is a serious sire prospect. Duporth is a million dollar earner just like his multiple Group-winning dam Staging. She is also the producer of Gr1-winner Excites and Gr2winning dual Gr1-placed Tickets making her one of the most famed broodmares in this country. His yearlings will be highly prized. Hala Bek (IRE) (Halling-Place De L Opera by Sadler s Wells) Stood 2010 Mungrup Stud WA A top rated 3YO of international standing with a Timeform rating of 121 Hala Bek won his rst start by 3.5-lengths and went on to nish fourth in the English Derby. With only three starts under his belt his nal race at ve was a scorcher notching a 7-lengths victory. His 5-time Gr1-winning sire Halling has 47 individual stakes-winners including Cavalryman while his dam has produced three stakes-winners Imperial Stride High Pitched and Zero Tolerance. Dam Place De L Opera is a half sister to Gr1-winner of the Gran Criterium Count Dubois and Irish 2000 Guineas winner Indian Haven both proven sires. I Am Invincible (AUS) (Invincible Spirit-Cannarelle by Canny Lad) Stood 2010 at Yarraman Park NSW Once targeted at the US Breeders Cup but retired due to injury I Am Invincible recorded ve wins the rst on debut in Sydney before notching third place in the AJC Gr3 Kindergarten Stakes. He went on to score two more black-types winning the Gr3 Stakes and Listed Sir John Monash Stakes over 1100m. His other placing saw him play runner-up to Takeover Target in the Gr1 Goodwood Handicap. His sire was a Gr1-winner who has le 62 stakes-winners to date. His dam has a 100 percent record of winners and his grand dam is a full-sister to multiple Group-winner Mamzelle Pedrille dam of Gr2-winning sire O Lonhro. Krupt (AUS) (Flying Spur-Categorical by Hennessy) Stood 2010 at Lincoln Farm NSW It s a case of what could have been for Krupt. A 450 000 Easter yearling he showed plenty of promise as a 2YO with three starts for a rst second and third. He placed in the Gr3 Kindergarten Stakes and then won the Gr2 Todman Stakes assuring connections he was a top Golden Slipper prospect. Injury forced his retirement but his pedigree ensured his graduation to the breeding shed. Now standing at Kooringal Stud he is closely related to two champion sires his own sire Flying Spur and Encosta de Lago through his third dam Grand Luxe who is a stakeswinning half-sister L Enjoleur D Accord and Medaille D Or. Manhattan Rain (AUS) (Encosta De Lago-Shantha s Choice by Canny Lad) Stood 2010 at Arrow eld Stud NSW Arguably the hottest young sire prospect this century Manhattan Rain sealed his future with his Gr1 AJC Sires Produce win retiring to stud with earnings of 1.3 million from 11 starts. e son of champion sire Encosta De Lago was in the money nine times also winning the Gr3 Skyline Stakes and placing in the Gr1 Golden Slipper Gr1 Champagne Stakes Gr1 Caul eld Guineas and Gr1 Cox Plate showcasing his skill at distances from 1200m up to 2040m. Purple hen Shantha s Choice has produced eight winners three Gr1-winners and four further stakes-performers and Manhattan Rain is a half-brother to champion sire Redoute s Choice Gr1-winner Platinum Scissors and Gr3-winner Sliding Cube. Will rock the house . Mint Lane (USA) (Maria s Mon-Sister Girl by Conquistador Cielo) Stood 2010 at Willow Grove SA His sire Maria s Mon was a US Champion 2YO and leading US sire of 54 stakeswinners to date including triple Gr1-winner Wait A While and Kentucky Derby winner Monarchos. With a grandsire in Raise A Native Mint Lane was a Gr2-winning 3YO of the US Gr2 Dwyer Stakes and Listed Postponed Stakes both over 8.5 furlongs. Between his four career wins he was runnerup in both the Gr2 Peter Pan Stakes and Listed Federico Tesio Stakes. His damline is a standout featuring names like US champion and sire Fantastic Light champion French sprinter Desert Lord and champion llies Music Show and Golden Attraction. 44 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM BIG BROWN Boundary Mien (by Nureyev) MAKE IT BIG IN 2013 Already the sire of 16 first crop winners across U.S Europe and Japan (27 Nov. 32 runners). Sire of star 2yo BROWN ALMIGHTY (Sunny Halo Stakes L). Big Brown is back in 2013 ONEMORENOMORE Red Ransom Palia (by Last Tycoon) ONEMORE IS THE ONE The only Gr. 1 winning 2yo by sire of sire s Red Ransom at stud. Sire of a stunning first crop inspect them at Magic Millions. Big Brown Congrats Dubleo Excites More Than Ready Mossman Myboycharlie Onemorenomore Pluck Testa Rossa 02 6543 8333 Call Adam White Conor Phelan or Peter Orton All Vinery stallions carry a transferable free return if your mare fails to deliver a live foal (conditions apply). Payment is not due until June 15 2013. FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM 45 2013 FRESHMAN YEARLING SIRES (CONTINUED) Medaglia d Oro (USA) Stood 2010 at Darley NSW A Gr1 winner at 3 4 and 5 by Champion 2YO and top sire El Prado and from a stakes winning mare Medaglia d Oro would have plenty to o er even as an unproven horse. His dam won a Listed race and he has a Gr3 winning half sister as well. It s the family of Gr1 winners Travelling Music and Mistic . And it gets better Medaglia d Oro arrived in Australia with his rst American crops already making their mark led by ve time Gr1 winner and Eclipse Award winner Rachel Alexander so there was always going to be a big wrap on this horse. Now the sire of eight Gr1 winners across the northern hemisphere Medaglia d Oro has been supported with an excellent book of mares. Nicconi (AUS) (Bianconi-Nicola Lass by Scenic) Stood 2010 at Widden Stud NSW Nicconi has all the makings of a top sire. He was super speedy on the track with a win and Group place at two before taking out the Gr1 Lightning Stakes and e Galaxy against older rivals at three. Securing his place at the top of the 3YO Australasian Sprint Classi cation he then headed overseas for a stint at Royal Ascot where he placed a commendable fourth in the Gr1 King s Stand Stakes. He is a half-brother to 5-time Gr1 winner Niconero who carved up the track in 55 starts and collected over 3 million in earnings. Nicconi s the best-performed son of Bianconi and his Gr3-winning dam Nicola Lass has produced two other stakes-placed progeny. O Lonhro (AUS) (Lonhro-Mamzelle Pedrille by Zo any) Stood 2010 at Larneuk Stud VIC He was highly prized as a yearling and was the rst stakes-winning son of champion sire and 11-time Gr1-winner Lonhro to be retired to stud. Lonhro s on re again this season with his Slipper winning golden boy Pierro graduating to further Gr1 greatness in the Sires Produce and Champagne Stakes. O Lonhro s nine starts resulted in three wins including the Gr2 Chelmsford Stakes and two seconds one of those the Gr2 Warwick Stakes over 1400m. His Group-winning dam Mamzelle Pedrille was an 11-time winner (three at Group level and four at Listed level) and she has produced nine winners to date. Onemorenomore (AUS) (Red Ransom-Palia by Last Tycoon) Stood 2010 at Vinery Stud NSW If anyone was in doubt as to who might ll Red Ransom s shoes then look no further. Onemorenomore is out of topclass race mare and producer Palia who has four Group performers to her name. Onemorenomore won the Gr1 AJC Champagne Stakes at two (a er placing in the Gr2 Silver Slipper and nishing fourth in the Gr1 AJC Sires Produce Stakes). At three he raced on to place in the Gr1 George Main and Gr3 MRC Norman Robinson Stakes. He s a half-brother to top 2YO Dr Green from the immediate family of international Gr1-winner Green Birdie and Gr1-winning sire Casino Prince. Raheeb (AUS) (Royal Academy-Gatana by Marauding) Stood 2010 at Patinack Farm NSW Royal Academy le only a handful of siresons none so prominent in recent times as Bel Esprit. Raheeb is a close relation to champion sire Fastnet Rock being a fullbrother to the Rock s dam Piccadilly Circus and Fastnet Rock proved the worth of his freshman year leaving 12 stakes-winners from his rst crop. Raheeb won his maiden by 4.5-lengths backing up two weeks later with a 3.5-length win over 1400m. His four wins included a Gr3 and a Listed race and his last start had him placed fourth in the Gr1 Toorak Handicap. Out of dual stakeswinning Gr1 runner-up Gatana he is a half-brother to stakes-placed Dorradane and Heart Strings. Red Arrow (AUS) (Red Ransom-Lady Jakeo by Last Tycoon) Stood 2010 at Lincoln Farm NSW He showed great promise on the racetrack winning on debut at two then training on to score four wins and ve placings overall. He placed in both the Gr3 Bletchingly Stakes over 1200m at Caul eld and the Listed Sir John Monash Stakes over 1100m. He also had a stint in the US where he showcased his adaptability and athleticism notching wins the Gr3 Los Angeles Handicap (6 furlongs on all-weather) and two more wins over 6.5 furlongs on turf at Santa Anita Park. His dam Lady Jakeo was a top 2YO and winner of two Gr1s and producer of ten winners including high-class HK performers Able Choice and Momentum. 46 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM w w w . t h e w a i t i s o v e r. c o m . a u first yearlings sell at Magic Millions FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM 47 2013 FRESHMAN YEARLING SIRES (CONTINUED) Red Element (AUS) (Red Ransom-Tracy s Element by Last Tycoon) Stood 2010 at Glenlogan Park QLD is family can do no wrong. One of the most proli c families in the stud book sitting at the head is champion 2YO and older mare Tracey s Element while her 100 percent produce record includes Red Element the full-brother to multiple Gr1winner and Horse of the Year Typhoon Tracy and Gr1-placed Kylikwong. is is also the immediate family of Gr1-winners Danasinga and Suntagonal through another fertile source of winners dual Gr3-winner Princess Tracy. A genuine sprint type Red Element was a Gr2-placed dual stakes-winner of ve races four of those in ve starts at three. Shrewd Rhythm (AUS) (Danehill Dancer-Balcanny by Canny Lad) Stood 2010 at Touchstone Farm WA People sat up and took note when Danehill Dancer-son Shrewd Rhythm came out and won the Gr3 Blue Diamond Prelude and nished third in the Gr1 Blue Diamond Stakes. At three he won the Listed Vain Stakes and was third in the Gr3 Caul eld Guineas. Dam Balcanny was a stakeswinning 2YO who has produced eight winners. Shrewd Rhythm s full sister Dancescape is a stakes-placed 2YO and his half-brother Blur a multiple Group winner. He started his stud career in WA then moved to the now Cornerstone Stud in SA. Time Thief (AUS) (Redoute s Choice-Procrastinate by Jade Hunter) Stood 2010 at Darley NSW His looks and pedigree a orded him a 2 million price tag as a yearling and on the track he didn t disappoint. He boasts two wins and four placings from seven starts winning on debut at three before notching three consecutive placings two at Gr3 level and second to Whobegotyou in the Gr1 Caul eld Guineas. He then won a Listed race in Melbourne before adding another Gr1 placing in the Australia Stakes against Apache Cat. His Gr3-winning dam is a halfsister to Galapagos Girl and Kampaign and Procrastinate produced eight winners four at stakes-level. Time ief is a three-quarter brother to 5-time Gr1-winner Laisserfaire and Gr1-placed sire Foreplay. Turffontein (AUS) (Johannesburg-Spirit Of Grace by Dr Grace) Stood 2010 at Blue Gum Farm VIC He s a dual Gr1-winner who was triple Gr1placed and earned over a million dollars in prizemoney. His solid pedigree boasts a stack of black-type winners including the top 2YO and producer Alynda dam of four stakes-winners including Alinsky Capestad and Zalinda (dam of Fast N Famous). His wins included the Gr1 William Reid Stakes and the Gr1 Sir Rupert Clarke Stakes and he placed in the Gr1 Doomben 10 000 Gr1 Sir Rupert Clarke Stakes and VRC Patinack Classic. Johannesburg was an unbeaten world champion juvenile and Tur ontein represents an unbroken sire-line of six Gr1winners tracing back through Johannesburg Hennessy Storm Cat Storm Bird and Northern Dancer. 48 Universal Ruler (AUS) (Scenic-Rulings by Hurricane Sky) Stood 2010 Durham Lodge WA Standing at the aptly named Scenic Lodge Universal Ruler recorded six wins ve of those consecutively at two and three including the Listed Perth Stakes over 1100m Listed Bunbury Stakes over 1400m and Listed WATC Easter Stakes over 1500m. He also made a run at four scoring in the Gr3 WATC Belmont Sprint. His sire Scenic was a champion Australian sire whose top performers included Scenic Blast Scenic Shot and Universal Prince. Universal Ruler s second dam is AJC Gr1 Sires Produce winner Rhythmic Charm who produced eight winners including stakes-placed Sports Freak. Von Costa De Hero (AUS) (Encosta De Lago-Piavonic by Scenic) Stood 2010 at Darley VIC Showcasing top performances at both two and three Von Costa De Hero proved he was a genuine sire prospect racing against the top opposition of his era and winning the sire-making Gr2 VRC Sires Produce Stakes. His celebrated run in the Gr1 Golden Slipper going down a half-head to the winner Sebring would earn him a higher rating than six of the last ten winners and propel him into his 3YO year. At three he was Gr1placed in the Gr1 Australian Guineas and Gr1 Caul eld Guineas over 1600m. He s by champion sire Encosta de Lago and his Scenic dam Piavoni was a winner of the Gr1 Manikato Stakes. FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM TURFFONTEIN (Johannesburg - Spirit of Grace by Dr. Grace) Multiple Group 1 winning sprinter of the MVRC William Reid Stakes (defeating Wanted Nicconi etc) and the MRC Rupert Clark Stakes. His sire Johannesburg is quickly becoming a dominant sire of sires. Three sons at stud so far have all sired Group Grade winners in their first crops SCAT DADDY Champion USA Freshman Sire 2011. Sire of this seasons multiple Grade 1 winner Lady of Shamrock etc. TEUFLESBERG Sire of this seasons Grade 1 BreedersCup Sprint winner Trinniberg etc. SAGEBURG A leading Freshman Sire in France this season. Sire of Group 3 winner Peaceburg etc. BLUEGUMFARM 659 Euroa-Strathbogie Road Euroa Victoria Australia 3666 Ph (03) 5795 3331 Fax (03) 57953606 Email bginfo Website FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM 49 2013 FRESHMAN YEARLING SIRES (CONTINUED) H K Wanted (AUS) (Fastnet Rock-Fragmentation by Snippets) Stood 2010 at Eliza Park VIC Champion sire Fastnet Rock continues to rake in the winners including multiple Gr1 llies Mosheen and Atlantic Jewel. A super fast sprinter from his sire s rst crop Wanted blew his opposition away taking out the Gr1 VRC Newmarket Handicap in sensational style at three rivalling past performances by leading sires Century General Nediym & Exceed and Excel in the same race. A half-brother to Gr2winner and Gr1-placed Shrapnel from the stakes-winning Snippets mare Fragmentation Wanted graced the track 15 times 14 of those in black-type races and was a Gr1-runner-up 3-times in the Patinack Classic Lightning Stakes and William Reid nishing just shy of a win each time against Nicconi All Silent and Tur ontein. Wicked Style (USA) (Macho Uno-Deviletta by Trempolino) Stood 2010 at Oaklands Stud QLD With just four starts at two for three wins including the Gr1 Keeneland Breeders Futurity and Gr3 Arlington Washington Futurity Wicked Style trained on to notch a further 2 wins and 4 placings including the Gr2 Fayette Stakes over 9 furlongs and Gr3 Wellington Park Handicap both over 9 furlongs. His early form could be attributed to his sire Macho Uno who was a champion 2YO in the US and winner of the Gr1 Breeders Cup Juvenile Stakes. His stakesplaced dam has a perfect record of winners and a family which boasts French G1-winner Polonia and US Gr1-placed Peat Moss. Wilander (AUS) (Exceed and Excel-Scandinavia by Snippets) Stood 2010 at Lindsay Park SA is lad has plenty going for him being a son of multiple champion sire Exceed and Excel and bred on the successful Danehill Snippets cross. His dam Scandinavia was a Gr3-winning juvenile of the Blue Diamond Prelude who trained on to strike Gr2 fortune and four Gr1 placings. Wilander showed precocity as a 2YO winning on debut by eight lengths followed by a two and a half length victory in the Gr3 Blue Diamond Prelude. His win in the Gr2 Schillaci Stakes and a fourth place in the Gr1 Lightning earned him a reputation as a 3YO. A three-quarter brother to Gr1 Galaxy winner Magnus from the immediate family of Black Caviar as a sireprospect Wilander is all class. Leading Australia 1st Season Sires for 2011-12 Season Rank Stallion Ccode Yof - To Stud 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 Casino Prince (AUS) 2003 - 08 Husson (ARG) 2003 - 07 Court Command (AUS) 2003 - 08 Bernardini (USA) 2003 - 07 Magnus (AUS) 2002 - 08 Haradasun (AUS) 2003 - 08 Danehill Express (AUS) 2001 - 08 Hard Spun (USA) 2004 - 08 Breeding Flying Spur - Lady Capel Hussonet - Villa Elisa Commands - Court House Lane A.P. Indy - Cara Rafaela Flying Spur - Scandinavia SW Rnrs Wnrs Wins (SWins) Earnings Best Performer 36 26 27 29 21 8 11 8 4 5 14 13 10 5 5 1(3) 2(2) 0(0) 1(1) 0(0) 740 960 494 525 356 225 334 900 318 475 230 000 All Too Hard - 418 700 Hussousa - 170 000 Robert s Command - 73 500 Meidung - 106 000 Imprimis - 69 380 Kabayan - 128 700 B Fusaichi Pegasus - Circles of Gold S 16hh Foaled 2007 24 5 5 0(0) Danehill - Savana City 28 3 0(0) 222 650 The Sire Fastnet RockTryst Dam Snippets 3Lass (Snippets)Danehill -Rose - 71 100 Danzig - Turkish 22 6 6 0(0) 192 301 Crystal Web 43 963 Hennessy - Meadow Flyer Tale of the Cat - Surrealist Hussonet - Snip Snip Henny Hughes (USA) 2003 - 07 Purrealist (AUS) 2004 - 08 Husson Lightning (AUS) 2004 - 08 Vital Equine (IRE) 2004 - 08 Zizou (AUS) 2004 - 08 Excellent Art (GB) 2004 - 08 Brilliant Group winning 20 7year7old 0(0) two Group 1 performer at 224 23 years and 2 5 2 5 30 5 5 0(0) 0(0) 0(0) 0(0) 0(0) 0(0) 0(0) 179 385 178 783 178 135 166 000 149 739 136 245 126 100 120 530 Hurricane Henny - 51 730 Pure Hustle - 46 500 Theoria - 52 500 Wombie s Legacy - 145 800 Risky Blonde - 33 410 Family Portrait - 38 200 Saturday Skies - 81 000 Urquidez - 69 750 Modern Warfare - 112 500 Regular - 112 000 Psychic Mick - 71 300 Classical Melody - 37 755 Rise to the Top - 27 440 Mustang Dylan - 14 100 Flying Hostess - 25 775 Park Lane - 26 300 Heavens Shout - 39 600 Danetime - Bayalika Fusaichi Pegasus - Natural is My Name Pivotal - Obsessive First colt home in the Golden Slipper Son of Fastnet Rock 4 23 16 brother to Snitzel 3 16 3 19 3 3 4 4 3 Any Given Saturday (USA) 2004 - 08 Distorted Humor - Weekend in Indy Street Sense (USA) 2004 - 08 Street Cry - Bedazzle Dance Hunter (AUS) 2002 - 08 Mearas (AUS) 2003 - 08 Shinzig (AUS) 2001 - 08 Librettist (USA) 2002 - 07 Shaft (AUS) 2004 - 08 Dylan Thomas (IRE) 2003 - 08 Host (CHI) 2000 - 08 Balmont (USA) 2001 - 07 De Beers (NZ) 2002 - 08 Ran fastest Hunter - Corps deat Randwick by a 1 year old in 115 100 2 2 0(0) 1.8.8 Lion 1200 ever Ballet 7 Redoute s Choice - Eldarin Danehill - Shindig 3 1 Great looks and temperament1 7 2 0(0) 0(0) 113 150 84 650 72 755 72 295 71 635 61 440 58 300 53 550 Covered an outstanding rst book of5 mares Danzig - Mysterial 17 4 0(0) Flying Spur - Traceable Danehill - Lagrion 17 4 Great value at 16 500 incl2 GST 27 15 14 5 4 2 1 1 4 2 2 3 0(0) 0(0) 0(0) 0(0) 0(0) Hussonet - Colonna Traiana Stravinsky - Aldebaran Light Quest for Fame - Chimeara 4 PO 50 279 Scone INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COMemail studoffice Box FOR DAILY NSW 2337 Ph 02 6545 1961 Fax 02 6545 1145 For further information please contact Arthur Mitchell 0412 495 687 or Harry Mitchell 0412 280 576 II E E IIam invincible am invincible BB S S 16.2hh Foaled 2004 16.2hh Foaled 2004 Sire Invincible Spirit [IRE] Dam Cannarelle (Canny Lad) Sire Invincible Spirit [IRE] Dam Cannarelle (Canny Lad) BBAY STALLION 16.2hh Foaled 2004 AY STALLION 16.2hh Foaled 2004 Incredibly handsome Incredibly handsome Dominant siresire line Dominant line Brilliantly fast Sire Invincible Spirit [IRE]Brilliantly fastCannarelle (Canny Lad) Sire Invincible Spirit [IRE]Dam Cannarelle (Canny Lad) Dam Great sire of of Great sire Son of Invincible Spirit (IRE) champion value 2YO s in 2012 and sire of sires. Son of Invincible Spirit (IRE) champion value 2YO s in 2012 and sire of sires. SiringOutstanding yearlings SiringOutstanding yearlings super impressive individuals super impressive individuals First crop selling at 2013 major sales First crop selling at 2013 major sales Covered large books (133 and 140) in hishis rst two seasons Covered large books (133 and 140) in rst two seasons Incredibly handsome Incredibly handsome ServiceBrilliantly fast incl GST ServiceBrilliantly incl GST fee fee 11 000 11 000 fast PO Box Box 279 Scone NSW 2337 Ph 6545 1961 Fax Fax 6545 1145 email studoffice PO 279 Scone NSW 2337 Ph 02 02 6545 1961 02 02 6545 1145 email studoffice For further information please contact Arthur Mitchell 0412 495 495 687 or Harry Mitchell 0412 280 576 For further information please contact Arthur Mitchell 0412 687 or Harry Mitchell 0412 280 576 THE KIWI ART OF WINNING T he theme for New Zealand Bloodstock s 2013 Karaka Yearling Sales the Art of Winning is something the kiwis have been perfecting since their first National Yearling Sale back in 1927. e New Zealand Yearling Sales have been producing top horses this side of the Tasman since this rst Sale 87 years ago. One of the headline horses to emerge from this historic rst Sale was Concentrate (NZ) who ran a heroic third in the 1931 Melbourne Cup a er injuring himself in the straight. A year later the 1928 New Zealand Yearling Sales produced one of the all-time greats the kiwi icon Phar Lap (NZ) whose achievements are etched into Australasia s equine racing history. Phar Lap was the rst graduate of the New Zealand Yearling Sales to win what has become Australasia s Weight-for-Age Championship the Cox Plate winning the 1930 & 1931 editions and he was closely followed by Mosaic (NZ) who won the race in 1939. is proud tradition has become a major draw card for New Zealand as it has become the leading producer of Cox Plate winners in recent history having bred 25 of the last 50 Cox Plate winners. New Zealand-bred horses have also won ve of the last six Cox Plates with El Segundo (NZ) (Pins) Maldivian (NZ) (Zabeel) So You ink (NZ) (High Chaparral) twice and the 2012 winner Ocean Park (NZ) ( orn Park). e success of New Zealand gallopers in Australia has not just been limited to this one race. Kiwi-bred horses have won almost a quarter of all Australia s Gr1 races over the last ve seasons all this with just over 5% of the total racing population. As New Zealand Bloodstock s CoManaging Director Petrea Vela explains this success has played a major role in attracting Australian buyers to the Karaka Yearling Sales. e results that New Zealand horses have been achieving not only in Australia but around the world has stamped New Zealand into one the world s leading thoroughbred nurseries. New Zealand horses have a hugely impressive record in some of the most coveted races in Australia which belies the size of the kiwi representation. e Derbies and Cups are still our unique strength and are making Karaka a compelling option for yearling buyers. In addition to the Cox Plate New Zealand has also bred half of the last 50 Melbourne Cup winners and has an outstanding record in the classic three-year-old races in particular the Derbies having won 18 Derby titles in six countries since 2010. Australia has become the leading buying market at the Karaka Yearling Sales and in the last three years alone Australian buyers have spent over 127 million on almost 1 000 yearlings almost a quarter of the horses o ered at the Karaka Yearling Sales in the last three years. But it s no wonder when the Karaka Sale has claimed no less than 75 individual Gr1winning yearling graduates in the last ve seasons more than any other auction house in Australasia. 52 For Daily Industry News Updates visit KARAKA YEARLING SALES SERIES JAN 28 FEB 4 2013 KARAKA 2012 - STATS PREMIER Aggregate Average Median Clearance Catalogued Lots Sold Top Price 54 137 000 154 677 120 000 74% 516 350 1 750 000 SELECT 19 114 500 46 059 35 000 74% 620 415 230 000 FESTIVAL 3 197 800 15 300 12 000 77% 308 209 70 000 COMBINED 77 334 300 78 512 47 500 75% 1444 985 1 750 000 Australia has become the leading buying market at the Karaka Yearling Sales spending in the last three years 127 million on almost 1 000 yearlings... at s nearly 40% of all Gr1-winning yearling graduates sold in Australasia over that period commented Vela. New Zealand Bloodstock sells just over 20% of Australasia s auctioned yearling crop each year so it s an achievement we are very proud of. e 2013 National Yearling Sales Series at Karaka will commence with the Premier Sale on Monday 28 & Tuesday 29 January. Graduates of the Karaka Premier Sale have won 35 Gr1 races since the beginning of the 2010 11 season including the multi-Gr1winning globe-trotter So You ink. In January 2013 the Premier catalogue is set to feature 441 entries by 57 leading sires from around the world. Amongst them are yearlings from 106 stakes-winning mares 22 that have won at Gr1 level including Ethereal Seachange Aqua d Amore La Bella Dama Bazelle and Popsy. e catalogue will also feature 123 siblings to stakes-winners 34 that have won at Gr1 level and include stars Ocean Park Lights of Heaven Norzita Monaco Consul Anacheeva El Segundo and Serenade Rose. e second session the Karaka Select Sale is a three-day event and will be held from Wednesday 30 January to Friday 1 February. e Sale will feature 661 yearlings by a broad range of 77 sires from New Zealand and Australia. When it comes to value with no compromise on track success the Select Sale is in a league of its own. With an average sale price of under NZ 50 000 for the last ve years the Select session has produced no less than 15 individual Gr1 winners since the beginning of the 2010 11 season. ese 15 elite graduates include star Australian Gr1 winners Quintessential Sangster (King) Mu asa Brazilian Pulse Shamrocker and the new kiwi star Ocean Park and they have catapulted the Sale into the limelight as a leading Sale of thoroughbreds in its own right. e nal session of the 2013 Karaka Yearling Sales will be the Karaka Festival Sale which sees the nal 440 yearlings catalogued for Sunday 3 & Monday 4 February. Karaka Sales Week gets underway at the Karaka Million Twilight Meeting on the eve of the Premier Sale (Sunday 27 January) and has rapidly become a must-attend event. Featuring the running of New Zealand s richest race the 1 million Karaka Million (Res.L) (1200m) the Twilight Meeting at Ellerslie racecourse acts as the grand opening for the Karaka Sales and features fashion music and high quality racing. With just six races from 5pm it sets the tone for a New Zealand auction extravaganza that promises a wealth of opportunity from a region steeped in success. For Daily Industry News Updates visit 53 KARAKA YEARLING SALES SERIES JAN 28 FEB 4 2013 HIGH SO SIRETY Monaco Consul has a half-brother on offer he 2012 NZ Bloodstock Premier Sale is headed up by a plethora of outstanding sire talent. ose with deep pockets will possibly eschew the unproven division of stallions and elect instead for those sires who have earned their stripes and then some. Among their numbers are the two reigning sires respectively of New Zealand and Australia. Both O Reilly and Fastnet Rock are well represented and with the added impetus of another exceptional start to the current season the buying bench will attempt to pick the eyes out of what s on o er. O Reilly has dashed clear to an already formidable lead over Pins and Darci Brahma in the 2012 13 NZ Stallion Premiership and the Waikato Stud stallion is represented by 47 Premier yearlings a large percentage consigned by Waikato Stud themselves. Among O Reilly highlights are Lot 231 a sister to the multiple Gr1 winner and exciting young sire Alamosa plus a colt from the Gr2-winning Zabeel mare La eur (Lot 218) dam of Group 3 winner Amaryllis (Red Ransom) and stakes winner Papilio (Redoute s Choice). Fastnet Rock has been hailed as a potential breed shaper. With Redoute s Choice having carried the mantle as the heir-apparent to his sire Danehill for so long Fastnet Rock appears to be in the same rare ed company and the 15 Fastnet Rocks 10 consigned by Curraghmore at Premier will shake the house . Among them Sea Change has a Zabeel colt for sale 338) La Bella Dama (Lot 208) plus siblings to Gr1 winners including Military Move (Lot 11) Monaco Consul (Lot 20) and Tavistock (Lot 412). On the subject of Tavistock he is the sire of Lot 159 a half-sister to Gr1 winner Linky Dink (Keeper) meanwhile a colt by Duporth is from the Gr2 winning Flying Spur mare Flying Babe (Lot 151). Reigning Dewar Champion Sire (combined Aust & NZ performers) a distinction he has held an unprecedented 15 times is notable for over 40 Premier yearlings among them a colt out of multiple Gr1 Seachange. Amazingly though the attraction to Zabeel for many owners at Karaka may not only be for his yearlings but equally for the progeny of his daughters. Having won BOTH Australia s and New Zealand s Broodmare Sire Premierships the Cambridge Stud warhorse is repeating the dose for the new season. ere are 42 yearlings in the Premier Sale that are out of Zabeel mares and some of the highlights include Lot 4 half-brother to Planet Rock by Alamosa Lot 218 half-brother to Amaryllis and Papilio by O Reilly Lot 264 half-sister to Headturner and Anacheeva by O Reilly Lot 282 half-brother to Dolmabache and Pure Elegance by High Chap Lot 330 half-brother to Ocean Park by Pins Lot 404 half-sister to La Sizeranne by Tavistock T Of course as is always the case there will be strong focus on the freshman yearling sires... is Lot 252 the half-brother to Hong Kong Gr1 Champions & Chater Cup winner Liberator and the lly from dual Gr1 winning mare Scenic mare Episode (Lot 129). Of course as is always the case there will be strong focus on the freshman yearling sires those young stallions with their rst crop of yearlings from whose ranks anything is possible. At this year s Premier renewal buyers will nd progeny of 13 individual rst crop sires they include Big Brown (2) Denman (4) Duporth (4) Manhattan Rain (1) Nicconi (1) Nom de Jeu (4) Onemorenomore (1) Red Giant (5) Road to Rock (3) Swiss Ace (2) Tavistock (14) and ewayyouare (1). But it is Mastercra sman who most holds sway among the freshman with by far the largest dra among the freshman sires 54 yearlings entered. Champion 2YO colt in Europe and Ireland in 2008 Mastercra sman trained on to win the Gr1 Irish Two ousand Guineas St. James s Palace Stakes and Railway Stakes and much is expected of the son of Danehill Dancer. His highlights include yearlings from Gr1winning mares Popsy (Lot 291) Sharvasti (Lot 54 For Daily Industry News Updates visit With a rich history of consistently producing athletic resilient thoroughbreds from its grassy isles New Zealand has an extensive gallery of big feature race stars. They have earned a remarkable 18 Derby titles around the world since 2010 and with winners of ve of the last six Cox Plates the kiwis have stamped this as their domain. In the last 50 years New Zealand has won 24 BMWs 25 Underwood Stakes 26 Yalumba Stakes 26 Turnbull Stakes 26 Mackinnon Stakes 29 Sydney Cups three of the last four George Ryder Stakes and four of the past ve Doncaster Handicaps Australia s richest mile. Brambles (NZ) 2012 G1 Queensland Derby (2400m) Added to this classic and big feature dominance the Karaka sale ring has been the source of over 75 Group 1 winning yearling graduates in the past five seasons the best record of any Australasian sale company. Plus it has claimed nearly 40% of all Group 1 winning yearling graduates in Australasia in the past four seasons from just 21% of the auctioned yearling crop. 56 For Daily Industry News Updates visit KARAKA YEARLING SALES SERIES JAN 28 FEB 4 2013 KIWI GR1 SUCCESS ACROSS THE TASMAN The Karaka Sale ring has been the source of seven Gr1 winners in Australia since the beginning of last season. With three of these Gr1 winners coming this season alone they are headed by the 2012 Cox Plate winner Ocean Park (NZ) (Thorn Park) who won three Gr1 races in the Melbourne Spring. These also included the Gr1 Caulfield Stakes and Gr1 Underwood Stakes. Mufhasa who races in Australia as King Mufhasa collected both the Gr1 Futurity Stakes & Gr1 Toorak Handicap. Sangster meanwhile won the Gr1 VRC Derby Brambles the Gr1 Queensland Derby Quintessential the Gr1 Queensland Oaks Norzita the Gr1 Flight Stakes and Solzhenitsyn beat a top field in the Gr1 Toorak Handicap. Mufhasa INTERNATIONAL SELECT SUCCESS CONTINUES Meanwhile although some members of the international buying bench may in earlier years have had just the Premier Sale in mind that s certainly no longer the case s the Classic section has really come into its own. In fact for a sale that has averaged under 50 000 for the last ve years the Karaka Select Sale has burst its way into prominence with a staggering record of success. Since the start of the 2010 11 season the Select Sale has produced 15 individual Gr1 winners that have won a total of 27 Gr1 races in Australia Hong Kong and New Zealand with a total of 68 stakes-winners over that period. ese 15 elite graduates have accumulated a star-studded list of achievements. Between them they ve won a Cox Plate the last three Hong Kong Miles the VRC Australian & Hong Kong Derbies the New Zealand Queensland & VRC Oaks the NZ 1000 Guineas the Australian Guineas the Futurity Stakes and Toorak Handicap and average over NZ 2.3 million in stakes earnings each. Quintessential Ocean Park e latest star to emerge from the Select Sale is the afore-mentione kiwi-trained Gr1 Cox Plate winner Ocean Park (NZ) ( orn Park) who earned the cover of the 2013 Select Sale catalogue when going unbeaten in four Gr1 races in the spring in New Zealand and Australia. Ocean Park is one of four Gr1 winners for the Select Sale so far this season. e Sale has also seen pin-up graduate (King) Mu asa (Pentire) also mentioned above take his tenth Gr1 victory in the Windsor Park Plate the tough lly Rollout the Carpet (Holy Roman Emperor) beat a cracking eld in the Gr1 New Zealand Bloodstock 1000 Guineas in November and Ambitious Dragon (Pins) win the Gr1 Hong Kong Mile. Select Sale graduates are making as much of an impression overseas - particularly in Australia and Hong Kong as they are at home. In Australia the likes of (King) Mu asa (Pentire) who won the Gr1 Toorak Handicap and Futurity Stakes Quintessential (Fast N Famous) who took the Queensland Oaks and Shamrocker (O Reilly) who beat the boys when winning the Gr1 Australian Guineas Derby double have all put the Sale into the limelight across the Tasman. Australian buyers have been big supporters of the Select Sale spending an average of 7 million over the last three years on 330 yearlings. e Select Sale is renowned for featuring progeny by a wide range of sires from around the world and the 2013 o ering is in keeping with this tradition with 77 individual sires represented. Included in the list of sires with progeny on o er in 2013 are kiwi-based stallions Alamosa Any Suggestion Captain Rio Darci Brahma Elusive City Falkirk Guillotine I raaj Keeper O Reilly Pentire Pins Sakhee s Secret Savabeel Sir Percy orn Park Volksraad and more. ese are well supported by a good selection of Australian sires including Bel Esprit Commands Exceed and Excel Haradasun Henrythenavigator Starcra Stratum and 19 rst season sires including All American Denman Mastercra sman Nom de Jeu Red Giant Swiss Ace and more. For Daily Industry News Updates visit 57 MAGIC MILLIONS GOLD COAST YEARLING SALE 9 -15 JAN UARY 2013 GROUP ONE WINNING FILLIES MAKE THEIR OWN PEDIGREES FOR MORE INFORMATION GO TO OR CONTACT GOLD COAST HEAD OFFICE PO Box 5246 GCMC Queensland 9726 T 61 7 5504 1200 F 61 7 5531 7082 E info SELLING SCHEDULE Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4 Session 5 Session 6 Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun Tues 09 Jan 10 Jan 11 Jan 12 Jan 13 Jan 15 Jan from 11am from 11am from 11am from 6pm from 11am from 11am NECHITA COMMANDING JEWEL and DEAR DEMI all Magic Millions graduates and all Group One winners over the Spring Carnival. At Magic Millions we put the odds in your favour with statistics like 8 out of the last 10 Golden Slipper winners sold at auction our impeccable record speaks for itself. Buy a champion race filly not just a piece of paper. By Gary Knowles YOU CAN DO MAGIC FIVE YEAR TREND Session 1-4 Sale 2012 Catalogued Sold Withdrawn Passed Sold % Gross Average Top Price Top Colt Top Filly 645 492 62 91 84.4 62 570 000 127 175 960 000 960 000 600 000 2011 674 515 56 103 83 63 669 000 123 629 1 150 000 1 150 000 500 000 2010 690 515 59 116 82 66 640 500 129 399 925 000 925 000 700 000 2009 690 503 62 125 80.1 66 211 000 131 632 2 000 000 2 000 000 750 000 2008 900 686 68 146 82.5 107 922 500 157 321 2 200 000 2 200 000 725 000 I t s an old clich and perhaps a bit of an urban myth that US trainer D. Wayne Lukas used to dispense with catalogues at the major horse sales. He purportedly took the view that if the horses didn t have a decent pedigree they wouldn t be in the sale in the rst place so he d prefer to simply work with the yearling in front of him. e bottom line is that top- ight racehorses tend to come from all sectors of the breeding industry pedigrees notwithstanding and that unless residual value is the primary motivation behind a buyer s purchase decision what s most important above all else is that the individual they re planning to bid on is an athlete. In essence Magic Millions early foundations were paved on the premise of selling type yearlings those forward enough to be a signi cant chance of making the lucrative Magic Millions 2YO Classic held in each January on the Gold Coast. ese days there are also Magic Millionssponsored races across other States and in Asia plus of course there s an equally enticing 3YO Classic and a host of other options on their big day Gold Coast day in January. What s emerged over the past few decades is that Magic Millions graduates aside from competing against each other in MM-speci c races are among the best racehorses in Australia year-in year-out with their 2YOs winning 8 Golden Slippers at Rosehill Gardens since 2000. Magic Millions graduates are among the best racehorses in Australia winning 8 Golden Slippers at Rosehill Gardens since 2000... It s equally true that while type is almost a prerequisite for a Magic Millions Gold Coast yearling these young horses inevitably carry plenty of clout on their pedigree pages as well. e 2013 Magic Millions Gold Coast Yearling Sale has 28 relations to Gr1 winners. Among the on pedigree are a couple of major standouts. Some of the examples include a Encosta de Lago half-brother to Absolute Champion Fastnet Rock half-sister to Whobegotyou Show A Heart full-brother to Heart Of Dreams Encosta de Lago -brother to Manhattan Rain More Than Ready full-brother to Perfectly Ready Northern Meteor half-brother to Nechita Fastnet Rock -brother to Stratum Encosta de Lago half-sister to Hollow Bullet Given the paucity of Gr1 races set aside purely for llies and mares females who earn a Gr1 invariably have to do it the hard way against their male contemporaries. ey are justi ably prized as broodmares and buyers even those focusing on type will pick the eyes out of the progeny of the 21 mares who are members of that star-studded club. ere are some stallions that seem able to produce crack athletes from a deep spectrum of broodmares no matter their dam lines sire lines or any other familial connections. Inevitably the progeny of these breed-shapers command a premium and Fastnet Rock is now unquestionably in that category. e son of Danehill boasts 36 catalogued yearlings one more than Choisir who has 35. Others with large drafts include Flying Spur (31) Nicconi (30) More Than Ready (28) Manhattan Rain (27) Not A Single Doubt (26) Sebring (26) Big Brown (25) and Northern Meteor (25). e allure of winning the Magic Millions 2YO Classic vies with the Blue Diamond Stakes behind the Golden Slipper at Rosehill as one of THE three big juvenile races to win each year. Here s a breakdown of all the key payment info etc. that relates to the current 5.85 million series of races (note that conditions apply check with Magic Millions for details). There is also a table of key race dates and associated information. 60 For Daily Industry News Updates visit MAGIC MILLIONS GOLD COAST YEARLING SALE JANUARY 9-15 Date 25 November 2012 20 December 2012 Magic Millions Race 200 000 Magic Millions 2YO Clockwise Classic (1000m) 200 000 Magic Millions Wyong 2YO Classic (1100m) - RL 100 000 Magic Millions Wyong 3YO Stakes (1200m) 2 000 000 Magic Millions 2YO Classic (1200m) RL plus 500 000 Magic Millions Racing Women s Bonus 1 000 000 Magic Millions 3YO Guineas (1400m) RL 400 000 Magic Millions Cup (1400m) RL 12 January 2013 200 000 Magic Millions Open Sprint (1000m) 200 000 Magic Millions Stayers Cup (1800m) 200 000 Magic Millions Fillies & Mares Hcp (1300m) 100 000 Magic Millions Maiden Plate (1200m) 100 000 Magic Millions Class 6 Plate (1200m) 10 February 2013 13 February 2013 50 000 Magic Millions Summer Hcp (BM78 1400m) 50 000 Shaw Contracting Magic Millions 2YO (1200m) 50 000 TasBreeders Magic Millions 3YO (1200m) 250 000 Magic Millions Perth 2YO Classic (1100m) RL 100 000 Magic Millions Perth 3YO Trophy (1400m) RL 100 000 Magic Millions Adelaide 2YO Classic (1200m) 50 000 Magic Millions Autumn Mile (BM78 1600m) Ballarat Victoria Launceston TAS Gold Coast - QLD Location Ballarat Victoria Wyong NSW 16 February 2013 11 March 2013 21 April 2013 Ascot WA Morphettville SA Ballarat Victoria Prizemoney Queensland Races 2 000 000 500 000 1 000 000 400 000 200 000 200 000 200 000 100 000 100 000 Race Distance 1st Acceptance (incl GST) Late Payment (if applicable incl GST) Final Acceptance (incl GST) Magic Millions 2YO Classic (RL) Magic Millions Racing Women s Bonus Magic Millions 3YO Guineas (RL) Magic Millions Cup (RL) Magic Millions Open Sprint Magic Millions Stayers Cup Magic Millions Fillies & Mares Handicap Magic Millions Maiden Plate Magic Millions Class 6 Plate Western Australia Races 1200m N A 275 27 500 1400m 1400m 1000m 1800m 1300m 1200m 1200m N A N A N A N A N A N A N A 275 275 275 275 275 275 275 13 750 5 500 2 750 2 750 2 750 1 375 1 375 250 000 100 000 Magic Millions Perth 2YO Classic (RL) Magic Millions Perth 3YO Trophy (RL) New South Wales Races 1100m 1400m N A N A N A N A 3 437 1 375 200 000 100 000 Magic Millions Wyong 2YO Classic (RL) Magic Millions Wyong 3YO Stakes Victoria Races 1100m 1200m N A N A N A N A N A N A 200 000 50 000 50 000 Magic Millions Ballarat 2YO Clockwise Classic Magic Millions Ballarat Summer Handicap (3YO BM78) Magic Millions Ballarat Autumn Mile (3YO BM78) South Australia Races 1000m 1400m 1600m N A N A N A N A N A N A N A N A N A 100 000 Magic Millions Adelaide 2YO Classic Tasmania Races 1200m N A 1 375 50 000 50 000 5 850 000 Magic Millions Tasmania 2YO Classic Magic Millions Tasmania 3YO Classic 1200m 1200m 100 100 1 100 1 100 550 550 For Daily Industry News Updates visit 61 If you wa horse you d some go Lot Lot 125 125 141 141 227 227 286 286 401 401 530 530 540 540 641 641 Sire Sire Not AA Single Doubt Not Single Doubt Testa Rossa Testa Rossa Not Single Doubt Not AA Single Doubt Nicconi Nicconi Nicconi Nicconi Haradasun Haradasun All American All American Snitzel Snitzel Burnewang North. The Burnewang North. The nt a fast better buy od grass. Dam Dam Paris End Paris End Port Isabel Port Isabel Sheezvalue Sheezvalue Swinging Babe Swinging Babe Apologies Apologies Dubai Dream Dubai Dream Elleandee Elleandee Jamelden Jamelden Sex Sex Filly Filly Filly Filly Filly Filly Colt Colt Colt Colt Colt Colt Colt Colt Colt Colt soil is where the race begins. soil is where the race begins. Contact Darren Mackereth 0400 894 506 oror Cathy Hains 0409 705 575. Contact Darren Mackereth 0400 894 506 Cathy Hains 0409 705 575. MAGIC MILLIONS GOLD COAST YEARLING SALE JANUARY 9-15 Vendor Profiles Sebring s cross is duplicated in Lot 247 Lot 443 is from Taikun s family Sprint By s half-sister is dam of Lot 540 AMARINA FARM Boutique producer Amarina Farm has 18 yearlings in their draft for the 2012 Magic Millions Gold Coast Yearling Sale. There are 8 colts and 10 fillies to pick from with 4 lots by Vinery s young sire Myboycharlie who has started his career with a bang. One of these is Lot 83 a colt from Miss Sultry Song a half-sister to tough triple Gr1 winner Mentality. Other highlights include two fillies by Champion Sire Fastnet Rock. One filly Lot 308 is a half-sister to Gr1 Blue Diamond Stakes-winner Sleek Chassis (by Flying Spur) from the family of Gr1 winner Marble Halls while the other is Lot 532 from Gr2 winner Dynamic Love. Sleek Chassis is also represented in this draft with Lot 247 a filly by Champion 2YO Sire More Than Ready and this is the More Than Ready Flying Spur cross that has produced Sebring. Another top class 2YO represented in this draft is the Gr2 winner Halibery (by Red Ransom) who has Lot 603 a colt by Medaglia d Oro. This is his first Australian crop but he is a top sire in America with the likes of Eclipse winner Rachel Alexander. Another Medaglia d Oro filly to inspect in this draft is Lot 187 the first foal of Gr2 winner Rocha (by Encosta de Lago) whose second dam is Gr1 winner Larrocha and third dam is the blue hen Kensington Gardens (dam of 5 stakeswinners). A filly for breeders to look at is Lot 92 the Flying Spur 3 4 sister to Hong Kong Gr1 winner The Duke (by Danehill) from Moorea a winning Zabeel mare who boasts a top European family. BROADWATER THOROUGHBREDS Broadwater Thoroughbreds are represented with a draft of 11 lots and have a mix of proven and new sires on offer. Three lots are from Listed winners including Lot 573 a Lonhro colt from Danehill mare Fleischer who has already left two stakes-winners. Another Listed winner is Shannon Bank (by Bluebird) has Lot 220 a colt by Henrythenavigator who has 2 Gr1 winners in his first European crop while the third lot from a Listed winner is Lot 343 the colt from Voldaca (by Stravinsky) by Champion Sire Fastnet Rock. Other proven sires in this draft include More Than Ready whose filly is Lot 443 the first foal out of stakes-placed Boogaloo (by Encosta de Lago) and is from the family of Gr3 winner Taikun Flying Fulton and Zapurple. Stratum is a sire who is kicking some serious goals and the Broadwater draft includes Lot 557 a filly from stakes-placed Familial (by Encosta de Lago). This family has sold well in the past with the dam Familial herself a 300 000 yearling in 2006. There is also Lot 332 a Choisir filly that is the 3rd foal from Verbatim who is a halfsister to Black Caviar s sire Bel Esprit. Two yearlings in this draft are related to young sires one being Lot 489 the Testa Rossa filly out of Court House Lane (by Zoffany) who is the dam of Court Command while the other is Lot 142 a colt by new sire I Am Invincible from the Octagonal mare Portrait already the dam of stakes-placed Raeburn. This is the family of young sire Jet Spur Gr3 winner Verocative and top sire and Gr1 winner Zeditave. BURNEWANG NORTH There are 8 yearlings in the Burnewang North Pastoral draft with three fillies early on followed by 5 colts. The Testa Rossa filly from winning Encosta de Lago mare Port Isabel is Lot 141 and is from the family of tough Listed winner Calming as well as globetrotting Champion Sprinter War Artist (by Orpen). The other two fillies are both from young city-winning mares and both by Not a Single Doubt the Arrowfield sire who is producing a lot of promising types including Magic Millions winner Karuta Queen. These fillies are Lots 125 and 227. First season sire Nicconi has two colts Lot 286 is out of stakes-placed Encosta de Lago mare Swinging Babe from a good running family. The other Lot 401 is from winning Giant s Causeway mare Apologies from the family Leica family that has produced many Gr1 winners such as Leica Smile and Nothin Leica Dane. Another freshman sire represented here is All American who has Lot 540 a colt from Elleandee (by Snippets). This young mare a half-sister to Gr1 Doncaster winner Sprint By is already the dam of stakes-placed Ridethebreeze. An experimental inbred mating (2x3 to Marscay) is Lot 530 the colt by young sire Haradasun from Marscay mare Dubai Dream. She is the dam of Listed winner Al Dhafra (by Fusaichi Pegasus) and it is the family of Gr2 winner Regal Crown among other stakes horses. The final yearling in this draft is Lot 641 a colt by Snitzel the young sire of Sizzling and Snitzerland from city winner Jamelden (by Kenny s Best Pal) who is a half-sister to Gr1 winner Testafiable. 64 For Daily Industry News Updates visit Gow-Gates Insurance Brokers Specialising in thoroughbred insurances Gow-Gates has been arranging all forms of Equine Insurance for racehorse owners and breeders for over 30 years. Experience the difference of dealing with a dedicated professional team by contacting us today. For more information P 02 8267 9999 F 02 8267 9998 E info W Gow-Gates Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd ABN 12 000 837 785 AFSL 245432 MAGIC MILLIONS GOLD COAST YEARLING SALE JANUARY 9-15 Vendor Profiles (cont) BYLONG STUD Bylong Park has a small draft of 6 yearlings on offer including Lot 579 a filly by New Zealand s top sire Pentire. The fourth foal of stakes-placed Fusaichi Pegasus mare Flying Dansino each of the first three dams are stakes horses. This family has produced stakes horses to a wide variety of stallions so this filly looks like one with strong residual value. Champion Sire Encosta de Lago has a standout with Lot 223 a filly from Gr2 winner Sharp (by Danzero) bred on the Encosta de Lago Danehill cross of Gr1 winners Aloha and Delago Deluxe. Another stakes winning mare in this draft is the NZ Gr3 winner Molly Dot Com whose colt Lot 87 by Snitzel is the first to sell in this draft. Also on offer is Lot 454 a Testa Rossa colt from Octagonal mare Capto who is from the family of Gr1 Khaptingly while Lot 255 is a Not a Single Doubt filly that is the second foal of Sneakerella a halfsister to Gr1 winner Danglissa herself dam of stakes-winner Euryale. Lot 133 is a filly by Stratum from the unraced Zabeel mare Lot 255 from the family of Danglissa Personal Service who is a half-sister to Gr1 winners Universal Prince and Universal Queen. This is also the family of Blevic. CORUMBENE STUD Corumbene Stud has 17 lots on offer highlighted by Lot 607 a More Than Ready colt from Gr1 winner Heart Ruler (by Marscay). Heart Ruler is a half-sister to dual Gr1 winner Coronation Day and their dam is also a Gr1 winner. Also from this family is Lot 683 a colt by Bernadini from Heart Ruler s family from unraced half-sister Mrs Windsor. Bernadini s oldest Australian crop are 3YOs and include Doomben Slipper winner Boban as well as one of the best 2YOs in NZ in Ruud Awakening. Gr2 winner Superior Star (by Nothin Leica Dane) has already left a stakes-placed filly and has a colt on offer at Lot 283 by recently retired Champion Sire and Golden Slipper winner Flying Spur in this draft. For those looking for 2YO types a halfsister to 2YO stakes-winner Raceway might fit the bill. Lot 474 she is by Not a Single Doubt from Claws (by Flying Spur) from a good running family. Two fillies in this draft are from daughters of Champion Older Mare Flitter one is Lot 150 by Not a Single Doubt from Proclaim (by Quest for Fame) while the other is 574 by Choisir and is the second foal of Zabeel mare Flighty. Flitter s Gr1-winning half-brother My Royal Captain is also by Zabeel. Another Choisir filly in this draft is Lot 612 from stakesplaced Marscay mare Highest already the We can t make good co ee nor serve up gourmet food but if you want a racehorse from a 270 Rapleys Loop Road Werombi 2570 T 61.2 9362 8100 F 61.2 9362 8677 E contact Vendor Profiles (cont) dam of two winners. The stakes-winning second dam of this filly has left four stakes horses including Perak Derby winner Vibrant Virgo. The 11 colts in this draft are mostly by proven sires the likes of Charge Forward Flying Spur More than Ready and Danzero. Freshman sire Denman has Lot 763 a colt out of young mare Vestabaa (by Anabaa) from the family of Gr3 winner Vestey while fellow first season sire All American is represented by Lot 735 a colt from winning mare Song of Unbridled (by Unbridled s Song) from the Gr1 WA Oaks winner True Devotion s family. Raceway is a recent Corumbene graduate Arrowfield Champion Sire Flying Spur are led by Lot 235 the first foal of stakes-winner Shoboard (by Show a Heart) who is from the family of Gr1 winner Star Satire (dam of Satin Shoes). Also by Flying Spur is Lot 240 a filly from Silk Ending an American mare from the Fanfreluche family and Lot 552 a colt from stakes-winning imported mare Expensive (by Royal Applause) from the European family of Emirates Park new sire and Champion Sprinter Dream Ahead. Champion Sire Lonhro is represented by Lot 376 1st foal of Absolutelyfabulous Lot 376 the first foal a filly of Gr3 winner Absolutelyfabulous a daughter of stakeswinner Joker s Girl herself a daughter of Gr1 winner Scarlet Bisque. Another lot with a champion sire and stakes winning dam is Lot 486 the colt by More than Ready from Gr3 winner Corton Charlemagne a halfsister to stakes-winner Laura s Charm. Stratum has two lots (576 and 861) in this draft both are fillies from stakesplaced mares and both with plenty of residual value. Cressfield Boutique producer Cressfield is always represented by strong pedigrees and this year s draft of 10 lots is no different. First up is Lot 79 a colt by Champion Sire Redoute s Choice from Gr3 winner Miss Judgement who is a half-sister to two other stakes-winners. It is also the family of Gr1 winner Lady Jakeo. Three lots by fellow proven source of winners for over 40 years come and see us at The Magic Millions Stable Z. MAGIC MILLIONS GOLD COAST YEARLING SALE MAGIC MILLIONS PERTH YEARLING SALE JANUARY 9-15 JANUARY 9-12 HILLSIDE LOMAR PARK STUD Vendor Profiles (cont) family is Lot 162 the Dylan Thomas filly from winning mare Queen s Suite (dam of My Lady s Chamber). The Super Elegant family has another filly in the Lomar Park Stud draft and this one Lot 842 should be on buyer s short list with a proven sire in Encosta de Lago from young unraced mare Elegant Jewel. Two colts by Rock of Gibraltar are in this draft and both are from strong families. One colt Lot 859 is a half-brother to stakes-winner Kid Choisir while the other colt is Lot 499 a 3 4 brother to stakes-winner Rock the Moment (by Rock of Gibraltar from top 2YO and Gr2 winner Moment s Pleasure). The dam of this colt is an unraced daughter of Moment s Pleasure and has left one winner from her only foal to race so far. The first of the six lots on offer from Victorian operation Hillside is Lot 90 a filly by Not a Single Doubt from stakeswinner Montreal Gold (by Gold Brose). A strong pedigree belongs to Lot 370 a half-brother to stakes-placed Hello Fuji (by Dansili) who is by proven sire Danehill Dancer from unraced Ziya mare from the family of South Africa s champion mare Igugu and Gr2 winner Zerpour. Freshman sire Wanted is represented in this draft by Lot 548 a filly from Woodman mare Evening Charmer whose Fastnet Rock gelding Ebony Rock was stakes-placed last season and is a 3 4 brother to the lot in question. Evening Charmer is a halfsister to American Gr1 winner Spinning Round the dam of Gr1 winner Dream Supreme (who has left 3 stakes-winners led by Gr1 winner Majestic Warrior). Hillside also have Lot 444 a colt that is the second foal from Red Ransom mare Boracay who is a half-sister to Gr1 winner Cannsea from the family of Gr1 winners Librici and Procol Harum. Lomar Park Stud has a small but select draft of 9 yearlings at this year s sale. Scorching hot sire Fastnet Rock is represented by a colt Lot 101 the third foal from stakes-winner and Gr1 placed My Lady s Chamber (by Arena). Also by Arena in this family is Gr1 winner Regal Cheer and this colt is inbred to Danehill just like recent Gr1 winner Southern Lord. Also by Champion Sire Fastnet Rock is Lot 251 a colt from Smart Company a sister to Gr1 winner Super Elegant (by Mister C) and group winners Elegancy and Mister Elegant. A young mare Smart Company has already left 2YO winner and stakes-placed filly Divine Choice. Also from the Regal Cheer My Lady s Chamber Igugu features in Lot 370 s pedigree Moment s Pleasure grand dam of Lot 499 2013 MAGIC MILLIONS Yearling Sale Draft Lot 79 Lot 235 Lot 240 Lot 376 Lot 455 Lot 486 Lot 552 Lot 576 Lot 737 Lot 861 Bay Bay Bay B Br Grey B Br Bay Bay B Br Bay Colt Filly Filly Filly Colt Colt Colt Filly Filly Filly Redoute s Choice - Miss Judgement Flying Spur - Shoboard Flying Spur - Silk Ending Lonhro - Absolutelyfabulous Shamardal - Casigris More Than Ready - Corton Charlemagne Flying Spur - Expensive Stratum - Flouze Danzero - Spring Forward Stratum - Full Bloom 68 For F C R E S SDailyIIndustry News Wayne Bedggood 0419 226 551 ELD for select breeding Updates visit BROADWATER THOROUGHBREDS 2013 Ma g i c Millions Premier Draft. 142 160 220 237 332 343 443 489 557 573 894 BAY BAY OR BROWN BAY BAY OR BROWN CHESTNUT BAY GREY BAY BAY BAY BAY C C C C F C F F F C C I AM INVINCIBLE MEDAGLIA D ORO HENRYTHENAVIGATOR STREET SENSE CHOISIR FASTNET ROCK MORE THAN READY TESTA ROSSA STRATUM LONHRO HARADASUN PORTRAIT QUEENOFTHEFAERIES SHANNON BANK SIERRA LEONE VERBATIM VOLCADA BOOGALOO COURT HOUSE LANE FAMILIAL FLEISCHER JERSEY CITY BOBS ELIGIBLE BOBS ELIGIBLE BOBS ELIGIBLE BOBS ELIGIBLE BOBS ELIGIBLE BOBS ELIGIBLE BOBS ELIGIBLE BOBS ELIGIBLE BOBS ELIGIBLE BOBS ELIGIBLE BOBS ELIGIBLE BROADWATER THOROUGHBREDS PO Box 99 ABERDEEN NSW 2336 61 448 254 365 - Mobile 61 2 6543 8114 - Office 61 2 6543 8115 - Fax MAGIC MILLIONS GOLD COAST YEARLING SALE MAGIC MILLIONS PERTH YEARLING SALE JANUARY 9-15 JANUARY 9-12 MILLBROOK Another small draft comes from Millbrook who have six lots to showcase at the 2013 sale. Proven sire Lonhro has Lot 511 a colt from De Lago Lass a half-sister to Gr2 winner Rothesay and from the family of Gr1 winners Canny Lass Canny Lad and Sepoy. Freshman sire Manhattan Rain appears in this draft as the sire of Lot 118 a filly from One Dream a Danehill half-sister to Gr1 winner Sydney s Dream (dam of Gr1 winner Charge Forward). Domesday the sire of Gr1 winners Doctor Doom and Pressday has Lot 396 a first foal colt from an unraced half-sister to tough Gr2 winner Mitanni (by Danewin) who won 20 races and over 1 million. Duke of Marmalade s oldest foals are only 2YOs and Millbrook have Lot 222 a filly from winning mare Sharjah on offer. A first foal from a half-sister to Gr3 winner Tallow this is an Australian family that has produced stakes-winners around the globe. Vendor Profiles (cont) This colt is the half-brother to stakes-winner Dark Valley an especially talented 2YO who defeated subsequent Gr1 Golden Slipper winner Crystal Lily on debut. Lot 279 is a colt by equally influential speed influence Not a Single Doubt. His dam Strategic Plan has already produced 2 winners from 2 runners and this family traces to Gr1 Blue Diamond Stakes winner Paint. The new kid is the son of first crop yearling sire and Gr1 Emirates Stakes winner All American (Lot 301). He s from Danehill Dancer mare The Look of Love who is from a Bluebird half-sister to stakeswinner Battlefield. This is also the prolific Captivation family (Khaptivaan Khaptingly Khaptrist etc.). The penultimate offering (Lot 824) is also by Not a Single Doubt. She s the filly from Country Kate s winning family and includes stakes-winners Kengrande and Bulletproof Billy. Sebring is already showing extreme potential as a juvenile sire with his first few runners this season and Lot 860 is his filly from Royal Academy mare Friskee. This family traces to one of the best in the stud book (Easy Date s elite stakes-winning clan of Snippets Quick Score Asawir Rewaaya True Blonde Forensics etc.) MANE LODGE Situated in the prime Capital Regions of Sutton NSW Mane Lodge is a 26-yearold operation helmed by experienced and respected horseman Neil Osborne. Its 2013 Magic Millions draft is a well-balanced mixture of established and emerging sire talent and some high-class dam lines. Lot 99 opens proceedings and he s not only by leading juvenile sprint sire Snitzel he s also from a half-sister to stakes-winner Sir Avalanche and stakes-placed Mighty Century. Lot 511 is related to Sepoy 70 For Daily Industry News Updates visit Corumbene Stud where winners are bred MAGIC MILLIONS YEARLING SALE THE CORUMBENE STUD PRESENTS ITS YEARLING DRAFT LOT 52 150 283 xxxxxxxxxxxx 419 474 574 575 607 612 624 647 683 714 763 807 845 COL Bay Brown Bay Bay Grey Chestnut Bay Bay Brown Brown Bay Bay Chestnut Bay Bay Brown Bay Chestnut SEX C F C F F F C C F C F C C C C C SIRE Charge Forward Not a Single Doubt Flying Spur Flying Spur Not a Single Doubt Choisir Danzero More Than Ready Choisir Northern Meteor Snitzel Bernardini Charge Forward Denman Not a Single Doubt Choisir DAM Mantova Proclaim Superior Star Baranbali Claws Flighty Flitter Heart Ruler Highest Ilikecats Jolie Mrs Windsor Rapala Vestabaa Celtic Moondance Esther For further information phone Toby Frazer Stud Manager For 0428 115 528 or 02 6375 1275 Daily Industry News Updates visit 71 MAGIC MILLIONS GOLD COAST YEARLING SALE MAGIC MILLIONS PERTH YEARLING SALE JANUARY 9-15 JANUARY 9-12 Vendor Profiles (cont) MILL PARK STUD Mill Park Stud continues to produce Gr1 winners from a small group of broodmares and their draft should be on everyone s inspection list given recent results such as Emirates Stakes quinella Happy Trails and Fawkner Caulfield Cup winner Southern Speed and many others such as Gr2 Zipping Classic winner Tanby who will be aimed at the Sydney Cup. Mill Park Stud have a draft of 9 yearlings at Magic Millions this year. Among highlights a filly by globetrotting top class sire Choisir is nice and early at Lot 138 and is the second foal from stakeswinner Pleasantsundaygirl (by Cape Cross). Another by Choisir is Lot 439 the second foal of stakes-placed Bold Moment (by Fasliyev) from the family of Gr2 winner Flushed. Choisir has already left 4 Gr1 winners including July Cup winner and Champion Sprinter Starspangledbanner. Another proven sire is Flying Spur who is represented in this draft by Lot 243 a halfsister to Gr2 winner Catapulted (by Catbird) from winning Umatilla mare Siren Miss who is a full-sister to 2YO stakes-winner Umatune. Exciting young sire Stratum sire of Golden Slipper winner Crystal Lily Streama etc has Lot 319 a colt from Gr2 winner Umaline (by Umatilla) who has already left two stakes horses and is from the family of Mill Park-bred Gr1 winner Captain Sonador. There is also Lot 337 the first foal by Starcraft of Victory Cry to consider. This filly is from a mare who is a full-sister to stakes-winner Victory Chant (by General Nediym) from the family of Gr1 winner Serious Speed. Rounding out the draft is Lot 514 a filly by young sire Sebring from Danehill mare Defiant who is a daughter of Gr1 sprinter Ruffles. Fawkner is a recent Mill Park star Sledmere Stud Lot 12 - Sebring x Lady Katina By very exciting young stallion from a top Australian pedigree recent stakes winners are Speed Baby G1 Secret Liaison L. Lot 201 - Stratum x Royal Snip By top stallion form a stakes placed mare who has thrown a stakes winner in Royal Babe L top winning colonial speed family. Lot 242 - Dane Shadow x Simply Enchanting By proven stallion with 10 stakes horses on the catalogue page 3rd foal from mare who has already left a winner bred on same cross as Foxwedge. By very exciting young stallion from a top colonial winning speed family first live foal from young mare who is half to Celts G3 winner. Lot 385 - Sebring x Alright Lot 434 - Exceed and Excel x Bit Tiddly This colt will get up and run for you by the ever consistent sire of 2yo s and from a Canny Lad mare who has produced a stakes horse and is a half to I Got Chills L. Lot 739 - Nicconi x Star Clusters An early foal by exciting first season sire from a half sister to G1 winner in Isca with 10 stakes horses on the catalogue page. SLEDMERE STUD CATRIONA MURPHY (stud manager) 0409 369 965 treenmurphy For Lot 750 - Haradasun x Take Care 3rd foal from Gulch mare who comes from a tremendous USA pedigree who has already left a city placed horse from her first foal. Lot 883 - Dane Shadow x Hooplahula By proven stallion of top horses from a catalogue page with 10 stakes horses on it including Serious Speed G1 Majestic Music G2 March Hare G1 72 Daily Industry News Updates visit A specialist sale consignment farm and agistment property Amarina Farm presents its 2013 Magic Millions Premier Draft. LOT 22 67 83 92 148 149 187 206 244 247 282 362 469 531 532 601 603 COL Bay Brown Bay Chestnut Chestnut Bay Bay Bay Bay Brown Bay Bay or Brown Chestnut Bay Bay Bay Bay or Brown SEX Filly Colt Colt Filly Filly Filly Filly Colt Filly Filly Colt Colt Colt Colt Filly Filly Colt SIRE Myboycharlie (IRE) Statue of Liberty (USA) Myboycharlie (IRE) Flying Spur (AUS) Starcraft (NZ) Myboycharlie (IRE) Medaglia d Oro (USA) Exceed and Excel (AUS) Northern Meteor (AUS) More Than Ready (USA) Myboycharlie (IRE) Testa Rossa (AUS) Haradasun (AUS) I Am Invincible (AUS) Fastnet Rock (AUS) Myboycharlie (IRE) Medaglia d Oro (USA) DAM Leica Lotto (AUS) Miduki (AUS) Miss Sultry Song (USA) Moorea (AUS) Princess Isabella (AUS) Princess Tinkabell (AUS) Rocha (AUS) Salice (AUS) Six O Clock Rock (AUS) Sleek Chassis (AUS) Suantrai (IRE) Young Vic (GB) Cherokee Ridge (USA) Dynamic Lass (AUS) Dynamic Love (AUS) Guthega (GB) Halibery (AUS) PO Box 132 DENMAN NSW 2328 PH 02 6547 1261 FAX 02 6547 1265 Email office Website MAGIC MILLIONS GOLD COAST YEARLING SALE MAGIC MILLIONS PERTH YEARLING SALE JANUARY 9-15 JANUARY 9-12 Vendor Profiles (cont) SLEDMERE Sledmere Stud has 8 yearlings on offer including a colt with a real 2YO pedigree in Lot 201. By Golden Slipper winner and sire Stratum from stakes-placed Royal Snip this colt is a half-brother to 2YO stakes-winner Royal Babe and boasts 2YO stakes-winner Snippet s Girl as a second dam. Also in the family is 2YO Gr1 winner and young sire Fully Fledged. Lot 434 is a half-brother to stakes-placed Relentless Pursuit the colt is by Exceed and Excel from a Canny Lad half-sister to Maribyrnong Plate winner I Got Chills (by General Nediym) a race also won by the 3rd dam. Another colt from a strong family is Lot 739 by freshman sire Nicconi from a half-sister to Champion Sprinter Isca and three other stakes-winners. The dam Star Clusters of this lot has already left a city winner so there is a lot in this pedigree to like. Sledmere Stud have two lots by promising sire Dane Shadow including Lot 242 a colt from Simply Enchanting a young American mare who has started her breeding career well with a winner from her first foal. The draft also includes two lots by Golden Slipper winner Sebring - Lot 385 is a colt from a half-sister to Gr3 winner Celts and Lot 12 is a filly from a half-sister to Gr2 Silver Shadow stakes-winner Katima and this is the family of tough Malaysian Gr1 winner Speed Baby. C M Lot 434 closely related to I Got Chills Y CM MY CY CMY K Lot 87 - Snitzel Molly Dot Com colt. Well grown strong precocious colt great shoulder line showing alot of power behind also. Lot 133 Stratum Personal Service fiily. Great length of hip fantastic elongated walk BYLONG PARK THOROUGHBREDS Valley of Champions MM YEARLINGS 2013. Bylong Park is proving to be one of the most successfull boutique farms with its recent multiple group winning fillies Mosheen and Driefontein. Richard Johnston owner of Bylong Park along with his manager Sarah Constable have proven to be an outstanding business partnership in the breeding of champion thoroughbreds. The draft of yearlings on show at this year s MM Sales features 4 outstanding fillies and 2 colts all by well renowned commercial sires and out of well bred mares. It s an athletic strong and precocious draft that s shown talent and eagerness even in the early stages of the preparation. showing scope and maturity Lot 223 Encosta de Lago Sharp filly. Compact strong yet elegant filly Lot 255 Not a Single Doubt Sneakerella filly. Precocious deep girth great overall strength well balanced Lot 454 Testa Rossa Capto colt. Lovely length of stride well balanced athletic Lot 579 Pentire Flying Dansino filly. A very compact balanced suprisingly well matured filly keen to work great walk 74 For Daily Industry News Updates visit PO Box 469 Avalon Beach NSW 2107 Enquiries Richard Johnston M 0415 262 495 E richard MAGIC MILLIONS GOLD COAST YEARLING SALE MAGIC MILLIONS PERTH YEARLING SALE JANUARY 9-15 JANUARY 9-12 Vendor Profiles (cont) TORRYBURN STUD The draft of 8 yearlings from Torryburn Stud includes only 2 colts but they are well worth the inspection. We all know how well Zabeel broodmares have been going lately and Torryburn have Lot 137 a colt from Zabeel mare Pixels by top sire Choisir in their draft. He is from the family of Gr1 winner Sea Siren (herself one of 4 stakes-winner for her dam). The other colt in this draft is Lot 652 by Tale of the Cat from winning mare Kabuki Doll from a good running family that has been recently represented by Gr1 winner Luckygray. With 6 fillies to pick from and several good families on offer this draft might prove a good one for buyers who want residual value. Gr3 winner Joy of Flight (by Flying Spur) has started her breeding career well with stakeswinner Landing (by More than Ready) and has Lot 648 a filly by Shamardal the sire of Gr1 winners Faint Perfume and Captain Sonador on offer here. This is a top family responsible for Gr1 winner Grand Journey. Also from a stakes-winning mare is Lot 171 by Choisir from Ready to Live whose first foal is already a winner. This is an American family full of stakes-winners including Gr1 winner and young sire Astronomer Royal. 2YO stakes-winner Chance Bye (by Snitzel) has a half-sister Lot 193 on offer by promising sire Stratum. This is the family of Gr1 winners Warfever and Jymcarew. And freshman sire Manhattan Rain (a half-brother to Champion Sire Redoute s Choice) has a filly Lot 34 in this draft from Flying Spur stakes-placed mare Lustre Lady and who boasts a third dam that won the English Oaks. Sea Siren features in the family of Lot 137 Mane Lodge 2013 Magic Millions Draft Snitzel Not a Single Doubt All American Not a Single Doubt Sebring 99 279 301 824 860 Bay Chestnut Bay Bay Chestnut Colt Colt Colt Filly Filly Musical Chimes Strategic Plan The Look of Love Country Kate Friskee 76 For Enquiries Neil Osborne m 0418 625 127 Daily Industry News Updates visit Contacts - 2840 Sutton Road Sutton NSW 2620 e manelodg PROUDLY PRESENTING OUR 2013 MAGIC MILLIONS DRAFT xxxxxxxxxxxx CHOISIR CHOISIR STRATUM DENMAN CHARGE FORWARD SHAMARDAL MANHATTAN RAIN TALE OF THE CAT PIXELS READY TO LIVE ROUGE FEMME VICEREINE ENDEARMENT JOY OF FLIGHT LUSTRE LADY KABUKI DOLL COLT FILLY FILLY FILLY FILLY FILLY FILLY COLT ON FARM INSPECTIONS WELCOME We cordially invite you to inspect our draft at the farm prior to sale by contacting Reggie Mackellar 02 4938 9739 For Daily Industry News Updates visit Torryburn Stud 245 Torryburn Road Torryburn PO Box 5 Vacy NSW 2421 T 61 2 4938 9739 F 61 2 4938 9742 E torryburn torryburnstud 77 MAGIC MILLIONS GOLD COAST YEARLING SALE MAGIC MILLIONS PERTH YEARLING SALE JANUARY 9-15 JANUARY 9-12 Vendor Profiles (cont) TYREEL STUD Tyreel Stud s honour roll includes Singapore s champion galloper Rocket Man who this season won the Gr1 Lion City Cup for the fourth year running. Their draft of 13 lots for Magic Millions includes Lot 175 a son of Gr1 winner Recurring (by Pentire) by High Chaparral the sire of dual Cox Plate hero So You Think. Recurring has left two city winners and is a half-sister to Gr1 sprinter Lady Madonna. Another Gr1-winning dam is Pace Invader who has Lot 123 a colt by Stratum in this draft. Red-hot sire Fastnet Rock is represented by three lots including Lot 597 a filly from Gold Chant a stakes-placed half-sister to Champion Sprinter Starspangledbanner. This is the family of fellow international gallopers Elvstroem and Haradasun. Another by Fastnet Rock is Lot 656 a filly from stakes-winner Kissing the Camera (by Galileo). Tyreel Stud s Gr1-winning broodmare Sydney s Dream is the granddam of Lot 801 a filly by freshman sire Big Brown making the dam Brothers Dream (by Redoute s Choice) a half-sister to Gr1 winner and good sire Charge Forward. Tyreel also offer Lot 465 a colt by freshman sire Wanted from a half-sister to the great Makybe Diva whose half-sister has left stakes-winner Wales this season. Finally there are three lots from Australia s best family - that of Denise s Joy the dam of Gr1 winner Joie Denise who has left Gr1 winners Tuesday Joy and Sunday Joy (dam of More Joyous). Tyreel has Lot 819 a Not a Single Doubt colt from Coconut Mamma Lot 649 a Northern Meteor filly from Joyful Moments and Lot 670 a filly by Duke of Marmalade from unraced Galileo mare Majestic Girl all from this outstanding Gr1 producing family. Tuesday Joy appears in 3 Tyreel pedigrees Sale consignment and agistment property We invite you to inspect our exceptional 2013 Magic Millions Premier Draft. LOT 118 511 666 747 222 396 COL Brown Black or Brown Bay Bay Bay Bay SEX Filly Colt Filly Colt Filly Colt SIRE - DAM Manhattan Rain - One Dream Lonhro - De Lago Lass Ad Valorem - Lonhro Lass Nadeem - Sweeper Duke of Marmalade - Sharjah Domesday - Another Hug 78 For Daily Industry comes from daring to begin.visit All glory News Updates William Arthur Ward MILLBROOK 2586 Cecil Plains Road Biddeston QLD 4401 Ph (07) 4691 6327 Fax (07) 4691 6341 M 0438 068 689 Lot 123 br c STRATUM Pace Invader by Westminster Out of the dual Gr 1 winner Pace Invader by Champion 2YO sire Stratum HIGH CHAPARRAL Recurring by Pentire A half brother to two winners being out of the Gr 1 winner Recurring FASTNET ROCK Ryvnine by Broad Brush Out of a sister to the Gr 1 Breeders Cup Classic winner Concern. The family of Mentality DOMESDAY Fashion Week by Dehere A half sister to to 2YO winner Pure Hustle out of a half sister to the Group winner Cornwall Queen NORTHERN METEOR Joyful Moments by Viking Ruler The rst foal out of a sister to Joyful LIfe. Her third dam is Denise s Joy FASTNET ROCK Kissing The Camera by Galileo The rst foal out of a sw daughter of the Gr winner Hoh Dear. The family of Gr 1 winning globetrotter Wigmore Hall BIG BROWN Brothers Dream by Redoute s Choice The rst foal out of a half sister to Gr 1 winning sire Charge Forward NOT A SINGLE DOUBT Coconut Mamma by Fantastic Light Out of a daughter of the stakes placed Joie from the family of Tuesday Joy Sunday Joy and More Joyous Lot 175 b br c Lot 203 b c Lot 559 br c 2013 ____________ Magic Millions Gold Coast Yearling Sale draft Lot 649 b f Lot 656 b f Lot 801 b f Lot 819 b c AS AGENT FOR MAKYBE Lot 174 b f SHAMARDAL Real Pzazz by Green Desert A half sister to the Group performer Renewed Vitality. The family of Stagecraft Mullins Bay and Alkaadhem WANTED Celtic Reign by Woodman Out of a half sister to the Champion Makybe Diva & Gr winners Musket and Valkyrie Diva FASTNET ROCK Gold Chant by El Moxie A daughter of the stakes placed Gold Chant a half sister to Starspangledbanner. The family of Elvstroem & Haradasun EXCEED AND EXCEL Kyllaros by Monsun The rst foal out of a winning half sister to the stakes winning 2YO Specter Lot 465 ch c Lot 597 b f Lot 660 gr c SCOTT HOLCOMBE STUD MANAGER _________________________ TEL 61 0 2 4776 1142 MOBILE 61 0 452 213 762 INGLIS CLASSIC YEARLING SALE SUMMER JAN 20 21 INGLIS CLASSIC YEARLING SALE BOOK 20 21-JAN 2013 NEW LOOK SYDNEY CLASSIC SALE SET TO TURN HEADS IN JANUARY T he Inglis Sydney Classic Yearling Sale has taken on a new look in 2013 with the great value sale being split into two books a Summer Book on January 20 & 21 and a Winter Book on June 23. Buyers and vendors are faced with a busy yearling sale schedule at the start of each year with the new changes to Classic brought about to assist both parties Inglis Bloodstock Director Jonathan D Arcy pointed out when the change was announced. anks to strong vendor support the inaugural edition of the Summer Book will o er 467 yearlings over two days Sunday 20th and Monday 21st January 2013. Classic has established a strong reputation for a sale that rewards buyers with a precocious physical type. Champions such as Choisir Silent Witness and Whobegotyou were all sourced Only those offered at Classic are eligible for the 250 000 Inglis Classic held at Rosehill in January 2014 as part of the series. from the sale. In the last two years Classic has produced no less than seven individual Gr1 winners including this season s VRC Derby winner Fiveandahalfstar and million-dollar earners Sincero Manawanui & Secret Admirer. Other Gr1 winners include Ilovethiscity Hurtle Myrtle & e Verminator. From precocious juvenile sprinters to stayers that keep improving with age horses sourced from Classic have had a fantastic 2012 with no less than 15 graduates joining the stakes register. ey include Gr2 winner Howmuchdoyouloveme Inglis 2YO Classic and Gr3 winner Cavalry Rose and Maribyrnong Plate winner Direct Charge. Add to those Lady of Harrods who took out the Gr3 McNeil Stakes at Caul eld Molto Bene who won the Gr3 Sires Produce Stakes in South Australia and Marchinski victorious at G3 level in Hong Kong. Other graduates to record their rst stakes win in 2012 include All Legal Coliseo Fire underbolt Hioctdane Hour of Peril Irish Dream Miss Solis Ringmeister & Unanimously. Inglis Bloodstock team led by D Arcy put a lot of emphasis on selecting the right type of yearling for Classic each year and that 80 For Daily Industry News Updates visit INGLIS CLASSIC YEARLING SALE successful formula has been put into practice again to compile the 2013 Summer Book to suit buyer demands. Attractive types especially by young sires are always in high demand at Classic as they have provided buyers with great success on the racetrack from the sale D Arcy adds. Whobegotyou (by Street Cry) Secret Admirer (by Dubawi) Pressday (by Domesday) Manawanui (by Oratorio (IRE)) and Hurtle Myrtle (by Dane Shadow) were all purchased from the rst or second crop of their sires at the Classic Sale. Young stallions are heavily represented in the inaugural Summer Book. e locals are headed by I Am Invincible (23) Nicconi (18) Duporth (15) All American (14) Time ief (7) and Dreamscape (5) while shuttlers are headed by Big Brown (5) and U.S. Ranger (2) who will also have their rst yearlings on o er to Australian buyers. e 2013 catalogue features 467 yearlings representing 99 stallions. Proven black-type JAN 20 - 21 presenting a strong dra of 52 yearlings next year followed by sizeable dra s from Arrow eld Stud (23) Patinack Farm (21) Emirates Park (18) Bowness Stud (17) & Middlebrook Valley Lodge (14). Around 90% of the yearlings set to be o ered on 20 & 21 January are also BOBS eligible just like Golden Sunshine was when picked out of the 2011 Classic sale. e daughter of Danzero has earned 45 000 worth of BOBS Bonuses in New South Wales since October 2012. All horses sold at the Inglis Sydney Classic Yearling Sale Summer and Winter Books are eligible for entry into the 5 million Inglis Race Series. Of course only those o ered at Classic are eligible for the 250 000 Inglis Classic held at Rosehill in January 2014 as part of the series. e second consignment of Classic yearlings will be o ered in the Winter Book on Sunday 23 June. producing stallions which will have substantial numbers on the Newmarket grounds in January include Magic Albert (22) Not A Single Doubt (21) Casino Prince (14) Choisir (14) & Domesday (13). In addition to this excellent representation of stallions there are progeny from 28 stakeswinning dams as well as 24 yearlings who are half or full relations to stakes winners. Widden Stud leads the vendor ranks BROADWATER THOROUGHBREDS 2013 Inglis Classic Summer Book. 81 113 145 269 370 371 BAY CHESTNUT BAY CHESTNUT BAY BAY C C C F F F DANE SHADOW (AUS) NOT A SINGLE DOUBT (AUS) DOMESDAY (AUS) MAGIC ALBERT (AUS) HIGH CHAPARRAL (IRE) BERNARDINI (USA) WHISPERING QUEEN (USA) ALOHI (NZ) BELLA VIE (AUS) FUJI EXPRESS (AUS) LUSCILLA (NZ) LUSCILLAS CHOICE (AUS) BOBS ELIGIBLE BOBS ELIGIBLE BOBS ELIGIBLE BOBS ELIGIBLE BOBS ELIGIBLE BOBS ELIGIBLE BROADWATER THOROUGHBREDS PO Box 99 ABERDEEN NSW 2336 61 448 254 365 - Mobile 61 2 6543 8114 - Office 61 2 6543 8115 - Fax For Daily Industry News Updates visit 81 INGLIS CLASSIC YEARLING SALE SUMMER JAN 20 21 INGLIS CLASSIC YEARLING SALE BOOK 20 21-JAN 2013 VENDOR PROFILES AMARINA FARM Immersed in the golden upper breeding region the Amarina 2013 Classic dra is headlined by youth. Lot 29 opens proceedings the rst of 2 o erings by smashing rst crop stallion I Am Invincible. is colt from Somethingbeautiful descends from the speed family of Gr1 Golden Slipper winner Sir Dapper. Lot 175 is also by I Am Invincible a well-bred lly from Cathead a half-sister to stakes-winners Lifeline Express and Touch of Mahogany closely related to champion Mahogany. Another youthful sire presence in the Amarina dra is that of Myboycharlie whose rst crop 2YOs look ultra promising. First of 3 is Lot 31 the lly from Sophisticat spruiking a 2-from-2 winner record and from a half-sister to stakeswinner Sir Success. Lot 165 is from young Canny Lad mare Caantheladyecho a halfsister to stakes-winner Undertone while Lot 279 is a colt from Gloravega a stakes-placed mare from the family of Gr1 Australasian Oaks winner La Volta. Don t miss the 2 colts by Top 20 Australian sire Casino Prince. Lot 34 is from Southern Gem a Rubiton half-sister to Gr2 winner Royal Accord dam of stakeswinners Good Tradition and Mermaid s Flannel while Lot 151 is from Big Issue a three-quartersister to stakes-placed Majorette. Speaking of boom rst crop sires Lot 197 is by Vinery s Big Brown. is lly is from US mare Co ee Shop a sister to stakes-winner Ghost Queen and half-sister to stakesplaced Mocha Queen. Meanwhile the Stratum lly by super performing Widden stallion Stratum from stakes-placed Jesterchine is sure to be blessed with speed. A cracking dra rounds out with an Astronomer Royal lly (Lot 302) from NZ Gr3 winner Hootandance from the family of stakeswinners Hint and Wallstreet. A specialist sale consignment farm and agistment property Amarina Farm presents its 2013 Inglis Classic Summer Book Draft. PO Box 132 DENMAN NSW 2328 PH 02 6547 1261 FAX 02 6547 1265 Email office Website LOT 29 31 34 71 151 165 175 197 279 302 323 82 COL Brown Bay B or Br. Grey Brown Bay Bay Grey B. or Br. Ch. Ch. SEX Colt Filly Colt Filly Colt Colt Filly Filly Colt Filly Filly SIRE I Am Invincible (AUS) Myboycharlie (IRE) Casino Prince (AUS) Mastercraftsman (IRE) Casino Prince (AUS) Myboycharlie (IRE) I Am Invincible (AUS) Big Brown (USA) Myboycharlie (IRE) Astronomer Royal (USA) Stratum (AUS) DAM Somethingbeautiful (AUS) Sophistocat (AUS) Southern Gem (AUS) Virginia Key (IRE) Big Issue (AUS) Caantheladyecho (AUS) Cathead (AUS) Coffee Shop (USA) Gloravega (AUS) Hootandance (NZ) Jesterchine (NZ) For Daily Industry News Updates visit INGLIS CLASSIC YEARLING SALE JAN 20 - 21 BROADWATER THOROUGHBREDS In the heart of the fertile Hunter region the Mike Fleming-managed Broadwater oroughbreds is de ned by boutique class and its dra for the 2013 Classic only con rms this reputation. Lot 81 is by precocious in uence Dane Shadow (sire of Gr1 winner Shellscrape Hurtle Myrtle etc.) from US-bred mare Whispering Queen a half-sister to Gr1 Hong Kong mile winner Ecclesiastical Olympic Express (HK) and stakes-placed French lly Arandora Star. Not A Single Doubt is currently white-hot and the colt from Alohi (Lot 113) is sure to be well regarded. is colt is a half-brother to Waikiki Beach from the family of NZ Gr2 winner Bayremah. Next up is Lot 145. By Domesday (sire of Gr1 winner Pressday as well as Domesky and Divorces) this colt has Gr1 Coolmore Classic winner Chlorophyll as her grand-dam. Enough said Lot 269 is by Magic Albert whose stakes producing tally includes Gr1 winner Albert e Fat. is lly (from Fuji Express) is closely related to superior black-type performers Arlington Road Joie Denise Miss Danehill Miss Minden and Pentastic. It s a contemporary family with much upside. Just over 100 lots later (Lot 370) be sure to wait for the lly by brilliant middle distance and staying in uence High Chaparral from stakes-winning mare Luscilla. Featuring a double-cross of legendary Sadler s Wells she s from a halfsister to Gr2 winner and sire Falkirk as well as Gr2 winner Mulan Princess. e following Lot is from the same dista line but by US headlining stallion Bernardini. She s a Chlorophyll daughter of Luscilla (Luscillas Choice) by Redoute s Choice. Another with high residual value. SLEDMERE STUD Another Hunter Valley operation steeped in history and the highest of standards is Sledmere Stud Lot 10 - Reset x Secret Cove By proven stallion bred on the same cross as her stallions 2 best performers 6 stakes winners on the page. Lot 30 - Duke of Marmalade x Songs By a champion son of Danehill from a great winning family Pane in the Glass G3 and Gold Brose G2 up close in pedigree. Lot 102 - Al Maher x Zinzin By ever consistent stallion from a mare who won 210K who already has a foal who is city placed top winner family. Lot 116 - Canny Lad x Anachelle By a sire who has left 52SW 2nd foal of Anabaa mare who was city placed and won 3 family of Sober Suit and Titanic Jack G1 winners. Lot 159 - Dane Shadow x Bombshell Beauty By a proven stallion is a half to Ronorik who won 125K from a good winning family. Lot 177 - Choisir x Catrille One of the best bred colts in the catalogue half brother to 2 stakes horses from family of Mamzelle Pedrille G2 O Lonhro G2. Lot 201 - Northern Meteor x Conclude By up and coming stallion half brother to Born to Fly who won 180K family of Sizziling G1 and Hoss Amor L both recent black type winners. Lot 212 - Teofilo x Cryptique August foal by stallion taking all before him in Europe family of Pane in the Glass and Gold Brose G3 G2 winners respectively. Lot 241 - Red Arrow x Ebbtide From a young city winning mare from a great running family first foal of mare has already won 2 and city placed family of Flitter G1. Lot 327 - Nicconi x Kaapstad Glamour By exciting first season sire a half brother to the Champion 2yo in NZ twice a G1 winner from a great black type family. Lot 394 - Nicconi x Miss Zambezi By exciting first season sire from a city winning mare who has had 5 to race all winners including the progressive Commanding Time 150K. Lot 401 - Myboycharlie x Mrs. Beerman By stallion who looks to be taking all before him 2nd foal from a stakes placed mare great black type and winning family. Lot 403 - Road to Rock x Myladys By a top son of Encosta de Lago from top NZ family second foal of a stakes placed mare whom won 4. Lot 444 - Time Thief x Quadrunner By exciting first season stallion half brother to 2 winners from the family of Assertive Lass Assertive Lad Reset all G1 winners. 83 SLEDMERE STUD CATRIONA MURPHY (stud manager) 0409 369 965 treenmurphy For Daily Industry News Updates visit INGLIS CLASSIC YEARLING SALE SUMMER JAN 20 21 INGLIS CLASSIC YEARLING SALE BOOK 20 21-JAN 2013 VENDOR PROFILES (CONT) the Catriona Murphy-managed Sledmere Stud. It proudly presents 14 yearlings at the Classic by 13 di erent sires. Be ready early for Lot 10 By Zabeel s undefeated son Reset this lly from Dehere mare Secret Cove is part of a smashing page featuring Gr1 winner Alynda dam of stakes-winners Alinsky Capestad Altrista and Zalinda. Not long a er (Lot 30) is one of 3 llies in the Sledmere dra . She s by promising Danehill entire Duke of Marmalade from Songs a half-sister to Gr3 winner and Gr1 placed Pane in the Glass. Lot 102 is by Gr1 Epsom winner Fat Al s sire from the stakes-placed Celtic Swing mare Zinzin. is is a speedy family. e Canny Lad colt from 3-time winning Anabaa mare Anachelle is Lot 116. He s closely related to Gr1 Emirates Stakes winner Titanic Jack and Gr1 Toorak Handicap winner Sober Suit. Moving to Lot 159 and another precocious proposition in the Dane Shadow colt from Bombshell Beauty a sister to stakes-placed Pallid. Lot 177 looms as a standout. He s by Choisir from Catrail mare Catrille a half-sister to multiple Group winner Mamzelle Pedrille (dam of Gr2 winner O Lonhro). She s also the proven producer of the stakesplaced pair Bubbleobill and Danish Shadow. Lot 201 is by promising 2YO sire Northern Meteor from the family of Loving Cup while Lot 212 is by Teo lo from Cryptique a half sister to Gr2 winner Gold Brose. Lot 241 is by rst cropper Red Arrow from winningproducer Ebbtide from the Gr1 family of Flitter. ere s 2 Nicconi s. Lot 327 is the colt from Kaapstad Glamour from the adaptable family of stakes-winners Isopach Assertive Lad and Curved Ball while Lot 394 is the lly from Miss Zambezi (5 to race 5 winners) and a daughter of Gr2 speedster Miss Kariba. A Myboycharlie colt (Lot 401) from stakesplaced US mare Mrs. Beerman a Road To Rock colt (Lot 403) from another stakesplaced US mare MyLadys and a colt by Time SYDNEY CLASSIC YEARLING SALE Berkeley Park Stud Scone 2013 LOT 12 42 170 218 306 335 380 407 COL B CH. G. BR. B. B. B. CH. SEX Filly Filly Filly Filly Colt Colt Colt Colt SIRE Manhattan Rain Starcraft (NZ) Murtajill Bernardini (USA) Ad Valorem (USA) Starcraft (NZ) Stratum Duke of Marmalade (IRE) DAM Sequi Stolen Girlfriend Cape Belle (NZ) Dane Vintage Hypodermiss La Chasseuse Mehitabel (NZ) Not Always BERKELEY PARK STUD PTY LTD contact Neale Bruce 0427 764254 fax 0265 459960 neale BF5 7 12 12 2 41 PM Berkeley_Half.indd 1 INGLIS CLASSIC YEARLING SALE JAN 20 - 21 ief from Quadrunner a three-quartersister to multiple Gr1-winners Assertive Lad and Assertive Lass puts the icing on an exceptional dra . BERKELEY PARK STUD Scone-based edgling operation Berkeley Park Stud delivers a dra packed with punch at the 2013 Classic. Four llies head the dra and their dista lines highlight winning black-type families. Lot 12 by boom rst crop yearling sire Manhattan Rain from winner-producing Danehill mare Sequi opens proceedings and is herself a sister to HK Gr2 winner Planet Ruler and half-sister to stakes-placed Amory Lane. At Lot 42 the Starcra lly from Stolen Girlfriend a three-quarter-sister to Champion NZ sprinter-miler and Gr1 winner Calveen is sure to command attention. is is the regal family of Dr Grace and Gr2 Emancipation Stakes winner Kosi Bay. Lot 170 is by promising young sire Murtajill from NZ mare Cape Belle. With 1 to race for 1 winner her dam is also a half-sister to stakes-placed sprinter Chairmano heboard. e nal lly on o er is by ying US-based stallion Bernardini from Danzero mare Dane Vintage already the producer of stakes-winner Vintner and stakes-placed Perfect Drop. She is also a half-sister to multiple Gr1 winner Triscay (dam of Gr1 winner La Baraka). is lly o ers prime residual value. On to the colts. Lot 306 is by commercial Danzig stallion Ad Valorem from More an Ready mare Hypodermiss. With 2 to race for 2 winners the dam is also from the classic Newhaven Park family of Worth Burst etc. Speaking of foundation families Kosi Bay the Starcra colt (Lot 335) is from the Vionnet line. His dam La Chasseuse is a multiple stakes-winner from 1000-1200m. Gr1 Golden Slipper winning stallion Stratum is quickly making a big impact and his colt from Mehitabel (Lot 380) a half-sister to Gr1 NZ 2000 Guineas winner Danske has a HUNTWORTH STUD LOT Lot 121 Lot 293 Lot 423 Lot 466 COL Brown Bay BROWN Bay SEX Filly Filly Colt Colt SIRE PROUDLY PRESENTS IT S 2013 CLASSIC DRAFT DAM AQUALUNA HAPPY CAMPER PARDALOTE RUN AND JUMP DOMESDAY NOT A SINGLE DOUBT DOMESDAY SNIPPETSON Please contact Peter Stewart or Bridgett Woodford-Smith HUNTWORTH STUD Mingay 4995 Mingay Road Coolac NSW P 0407 211 779 E huntworthstud Huntsworth 107.indd 1 12 12 12 10 53 AM INGLIS CLASSIC YEARLING SALE SUMMER JAN 20 21 INGLIS CLASSIC YEARLING SALE BOOK 20 21-JAN 2013 VENDOR PROFILES (CONT) quality page. Plus the colt is a half-brother to the stakes-placed Exceed With Me. Lot 407 rounds out the Berkeley dra . He s by well regarded young stallion Duke of Marmalade from Not Always. She s had 3 to race for 2 winners already including HK Gr3 winner Always Flying. half-sister to stakes-placed Twain herself dam of HK Gr3 winner Hantu Down Town (HK) this is a winning high class family with a page featuring Procrastinate (dam of 5-time South African Gr1 winner Laisserfaire stakes-winning sire Foreplay etc) as well as Gr3 winner and Champion sire Centaine. Lot 293 the second of the llies is by dynamic juvenile sire Not a Single Doubt from Happy Camper. With 2 to race for 2 winners including multiple metro winner Magic Weekend the third dam of this lly More Happiness is a blood-sister to Brave Warrior s dam Nothing to Do and includes stakes-winner Cat D Antibes and recent VRC carnival stakes-winner Eximius. e rst of 2 colts (Lot 423) is also by Domesday. From Catbird mare Pardalote a half-sister HUNTWORTH STUD e athletic win of highly promising Charge Forward colt Direct Charge in the 2012 Gr3 Maribyrnong Plate underlined the calibre of yearlings prepared and presented by Huntworth Stud. A 105 000 purchase at the 2012 Inglis Classic Sale from the Huntworth dra he has a bright future. So although small on numbers (4 lots) this is a dra you cannot a ord to miss. e rst 2 on o er are llies. Lot 121 is by a sire that continually produces stakes-performers in Domesday. From the Quest for Fame mare Aqualina a Domesday to Gr2 winner Vocabulary and stakes-placed Synonym her rst foal has already placed. Huntworth Stud s dra concludes with Lot 466 the colt by Snippets precocious producing son Snippetson. He s from 8-time winning mare Run and Jump with a 1 from 1 winner record. Grand-dam Nadia is a Garry Isaac Manager - Marquee Stud 295 Warrah Ridge Road Willow Tree NSW 2339 Phone - 02 6747 1789 Fax - 02 6747 1776 Mob - 0429 480 755 email - garry Lot 9 Lot 157 Lot 216 Lot 281 Lot 346 Lot 365 Lot 376 Bay Bay Chestnut Bay Bay Bay Chestnut Colt Colt Filly Filly Filly Colt Filly Choisir (AUS) Starcraft (NZ) Sebring (AUS) Time Thief (AUS) Mossman (AUS) Snitzel (AUS) Choisir (AUS) Search the Stars (AUS) Bodacious Harmony (AUS) Dance Twig (AUS) Goanna (AUS) Laletta (AUS) Lotto Rock (AUS) Mantelpiece (AUS) (Tale of the Cat) (Danehill) (Danzero) (General Nediym) (Dash for Cash) (Bellotto) (Elusive Quality) INGLIS CLASSIC YEARLING SALE JAN 20 - 21 sister to Gr3 winner Suavity and Listed winner Dance Twig dam of speedy 3-time winner Scandalize and half-sister to Akarana (dam of Champion Singaporean Older Horse and Gr1 winner Always Certain). Gr2 winner Celestial Choir. Lot 281 is interesting - a lly by Redoute s Choice s rst crop yearling sire Time MARQUEE STUD ief a son of blue-hen Procrastinate. Nestled in the acclaimed Willow Tree region of the Hunter Valley Marquee Stud is a boutique She s from Goanna a half-sister to stakes-winner Amphritite. It s a nice farm that puts the p in professionalism. family including Luna Tudor and And its 2013 Classic dra is emblematic of daughter Allez Wonder. e diversity that ethos. Bidding starts at Lot 9 for the Choisir colt from Tale of the Cat mare Search continues with Lot 346 the lly by Bu ering and Love Conquers All s the Stars a half-sister to stakes-placed Fast sire Mossman from the stakes-placed and Sexy. is is a solid Irish-US family Laletta. Again a super family tracing tracing to stakes-winner Hillfa and stakesto the Robert Sangster owned Gr2 winner winning daughter Walk With Attitude. Lot Schubert. 157 is by Gr1 Blue Diamond-producing sire Want speed Buy a Snitzel Lot 365 is Starcra from metro-winning Danehill mare his colt from Gr2 placed mare Lotto Rock. Bodacious Harmony dam of 1 to race for 1 winner. Grand-dam is Gr1 Australasian Oaks She s a half-sister to two other stakes-placed mares in Mono Rock and Xaarhea. With Gr2 winner La Volta. A must see Emerging sire Adelaide Cup winner Rialya in the pedigree Sebring has Lot 216 from Danzero mare Snitzel this may be a horse with early precocity that trains on to a middle distance. e Marquee dra ends on a high note with Lot 376 the lly by the highly commercial Choisir from Elusive Quality mare Mantelpiece. is is a dynamic family that features Gr2 winner and Gr1-placed mare Staging and her 3 ultra INGLIS CLASSIC YEARLING SALE JAN 20 - 21 VENDOR PROFILES (CONT) talented colts Duporth (Gr1 BTC Cup) Excites (Gr1 AJC Sires Produce Stakes) and Tickets (Gr2 Phar Lap Stakes twice Gr1 runner-up). in Zarissa. He s by Snitzel and simply appeals. e next Lot (97) is just as enticing. By speed in uence Mossman he s from an Exceed and Excel daughter of Zarissa in Zaxcel. Only 10 lots on and 2 Casino Prince youngsters will parade. First is the colt by leading Australian st season sire Casino Prince from Agnesar. It is a page that includes Gr1 Hong Kong Dergy winner Centalong Super Fit (HK) as well as NZ Gr1 winner Young Centaur. Hot on his heels (Lot 109) is the Casino Prince lly from Air She Goes the stakes-winning sister to stakes-placed Sir Debonaire. With 3 to race for a perfect record the odds are on your side. Lot 296 is by another spruiked rst crop yearling sire in Nicconi. He s the colt from Galileo mare Heavenly Insight. A well-balanced mating second-dam August Queen was a stakes-winner and is a half-sister to US GR3 winner and sire For Really. Lot 462 is the last cab on the TOOLOOGANVALE FARM e Harris family-owned Toolooganvale Farm continues to make rapid strides in the bloodstock market from its 600-acre prime Hunter base. Its 2013 Classic dra features 5 colts and 2 llies with de nite commercial appeal. Lot 49 is the lly by regally bred rst crop yearling sire Duporth from Last Tycoon mare Sweet Executive who has already produced stakes-winner Tron Kingdom so far from only 2 to race. It s a black-type family including stakes-winners Strike Oil Emirate Chador Border Rebel and Abu Zaby. Yearlings out of Zabeel mares are like the last piece of chocolate cake commercially and Lot 96 is from one of his stakes-producing daughters (Gr3 winner Imana) Mossman Tolooganvale rank but he s certainly worth the wait. By rst crop yearling sire I Am Invincible (a son of dominating European sire Invincible Spirit) his Marscay dam Royal Taboo has already produced 2 winners. His page includes stakes-winners Palace Gossip Mountebank and Vietnam. CANADA HONG KONG IRELAND JAPAN KOREA MACAU MALAYSIA NEW ZEALAND Classic Treadmills are delivered all over Australia and exported throughout the world. Ask about Bill s Classic Champion 940 Model the most popular treadmill in the industry for galloping heart rate monitoring and lactate testing WHD (Bill) Lindsey Contact Bill Lindsey to discuss your treadmill requirements Kenilworth QLD AUSTRALIA bill Delivering Classic Treadmills to the horse industry for 30 years Leading trainers studs and research institutions run Classic Treadmills including MC Kent Northern Racing David Hayes Lee Freedman Gai Waterhouse Bart Cummings Michael De Kock Lloyd Williams Sean Buckley Hong Kong Jockey Club Stephen Gray Arrowfield MJ Williams Wilde Racing Matthew Hyland Ciaron Maher Lee and Shannon Hope 61 (07) 5446 0938 OMAN SAUDI ARABIA SINGAPORE SOUTH AFRICA UNITED ARAB EMIRATES UK USA For a one-stop thoroughbred resource... visit Australia and New Zealand s leading thoroughbred pedigree provider Pedigrees Produce a catalogue-style pedigree in either Magic Millions Inglis or NZ Bloodstock style. Horse Tracker Race Records Leading Sires Set your mares up on our Horse Tracker service and we will email you when their progeny or grand-progeny trial are nominated or race. Race records from full charts to a summarised product. Select the country the criteria and the season. Now operating out of our new Cambridge office in The National Hotel 47 Alpha Street PO Box 941 Cambridge Telephone (07) 827 7730 Freephone 0800 4ARION Kyla Johnston Managing Director Mob 64 (0) 21 864 224 Email kylaj Andrew Stewart Bloodstock Manager Mob 64 (0) 21 864 226 Email andrews For Daily Industry News Updates visit Arion Pedigrees 89 CLEAN GREEN elcome to Tasmania where the grass really is greener on the other side of the fence. Tasmania sometimes known as Australia s own little New Zealand conjures up a myriad images including ne wine from the Coal River Valley prime King Island beef cheeses Atlantic salmon the pristine water used by the James Boags Brewery history in Port Arthur and the beauty of Wineglass Bay and Cradle Mountain Located 240km south-east from the mainland Tasmania the apple isle is the island state of Australia the country s smallest state in size and in population (about 500 000) it is world-renowned for producing some of the nest quality agriculture viticulture and aquaculture as well as showcasing its world heritage listed areas to the world. And in an age where clean and green are fast developing serious cache and becoming in-demand selling points the world over Tasmania s unspoiled pristine environment is also rapidly becoming an acknowledged leader in producing high quality thoroughbred bloodstock. ese horses reared in pollutionfree environs are competing with distinction locally domestically on mainland Australian and also internationally. Due to Tasmania s temperate climate of reliable rainfall and rich soils which are very similar to the Waikato region of New Zealand Tasmanian breeders are able to produce a strong sound well-conformed HORSEPOWER W thoroughbred and at a much more e cient and cost competitive rate compared with many mainland centres. From when the colony of Van Diemen s Land was established in 1804 it took just over 15 years before settlers were importing thoroughbred racehorses. Two of the earliest arrivals were a stallion Peter Fin and a mare Edella. Both were to become ancestors of the remarkable Tasmanian bred horse Malua which won the Melbourne cup about 60 years later. Lanesborough came to the state in 1964 from Ireland. His legacy was assured with Beer Street winning the Caul eld Cup in 1967 and Piping Lane the Melbourne Cup in 1972. As gratifying as it is that people think of Piping Lane and Beer Street when Tasmanian-bred success stories are bandied about it s equally true that Tasmania is responsible for producing black type winners on an annual basis with some of this success in the nation s most prestigious Gr1 races In the 1970 s the late David Whishaw decided to convert his property Armidale to a thoroughbred breeding nursery and since that time the family has stood some twenty 20 stallions including leading sires St Briavels Poachers Moon Weasel Clause Aliocha Ladoni and the beautifully pedigreed Savoire Vivre. Armidale Stud continues to thrive today. Another stud farm of particular note is Grenville Stud which commenced operations in the early 1980s standing several stallions including successful sire West Quest. Among Tasmania s best-performed horses from the 1990s were Sydeston (by St Briavels) and Alfa. Sydeston competed in some of the best quality race elds of all time with his leading wins including the BMW in Sydney and the Caul eld Cup. He was also placed in a Cox Plate earning 3.125 million in stakes a fortune for that era. Alfa meanwhile was the champion 2YO in Tasmania of his year before transferring to the Bart Cummings stables where he won a Caul eld Guineas. And only recently Lady Lynette (by Ladoni) is a standout performer earning over 1.13 million in stakes. While the Bass Strait crossing was once considered an issue when transporting horses to and from Tasmania the Spirit of Tasmania ferry now provides a regular and speedy overnight service between Melbourne and Devonport less than one hour s drive from the majority of Tasmania s major thoroughbred studs and the famous Tamar Valley wine region near Launceston. oroughbred racing features in Tasmania every week with a relatively small and stable pool of horses trainers and jockeys. e state s racing product is being managed to exemplary quality standards all designed to best service customers at the three thoroughbred racing tracks. e three racetracks include Tattersall s Park in Hobart with a traditional turf track the Tote racing Centre in Launceston which features a premium StrathAyr turf surface 90 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM Living Legends Pristine Tasmania Come and experience the Tasmanian Magic Millions Yearling Sale in 2013 and see for yourself what a unique place Tasmania is... that was installed in 2006 and Tapeta Park at Spreyton which features an all-weather synthetic surface constructed in 2010. e Tote racing centre is also complemented by track lighting for night racing. A de facto acknowledgement of the riches on o er is the continual raiding parties that come from north of Bass Straight. Many of Victoria s leading trainers regularly travel racehorses to Tasmania by boat with their charges performing very well during the annual Tasmanian Summer Racing Carnival. Annually the Tasmanian Breeders Association (TasBreeders) conducts a yearling sale held in early February of each year. For 2013 the sale in conjunction with TasRacing and Magic Millions will be conducted on the 14 February 2013 with the Tasmanian Magic Millions two-year and three-year classic races conducted the evening before (Wednesday 13 February) under lights at e TOTE Racing Centre Launceston. is will also include a pre-sale welcoming cocktail party. e 2013 edition of the sale will comprise a 136 lot catalogue which features an even mix of Tasmaniansired stock by stallions such as West Quest (Gone West) Incumbent (Choisir) Tough Speed (Miswiki) and Savoire Vivre (Sadler s Wells) with mainland sires such as Bushranger (Danetime) Written Tycoon All American and Holy Roman Emperor also represented by stock. Each of Grenville Aceland Alva Stud and Brooklyn Park will also feature strongly with solid dra s of yearlings for sale. February is simply a stunning time to visit Tasmania as in addition to the AAMI Tasmanian Summer Racing Carnival featuring the Gr3 AAMI Hobart Cup on 10 February and the Gr3 Launceston Cup on 27 February Tasmania showcases a number of high pro le events. ese include Festivale a celebration of Tasmania s food wine and entertainment conducted in Launceston s City Park and held 8-10 February. Meanwhile for lovers of marine activities the Australian Wooden Boat Festival is conducted on 8-11 February on Hobart s Waterfront showcasing a spectacular celebration of maritime culture and cra smanship. Apart from the events that highlight Tasmania s culture people visiting the state may also be interested in experiencing the history of Tasmania in the form of the World heritage-listed Port Arthur or the natural beauty on o er at Freycinet National Park which is home to one of the world s top ten beaches in Wineglass Bay. ere are of course also the World Heritage-listed areas of Cradle Mountain or the wild beauty of the FranklinGordon Wild rivers National Park. Tasmania has become an iconic brand in its own right and any epicurean around the world associates the name with clean green pristine cuisine. All grandstanding aside it s a reputation that s both deserved and wellearned. In the same way that critics once sco ed at the notion Tasmania had a future as a worldclass producer of wines the island state has all the attributes to leverage o the fertile source of bloodstock it is proving to be. But seeing is believing Come and experience the Tasmanian Magic Millions Yearling Sale in 2013 and see for yourself what a unique place Tasmania is. At best you ll leave with a horse reared to perfection at worst you ll fall in love with the majestic setting and experience somewhere utterly unique. Acknowledgement the late Bert Wicks penned the basis of this article which has been altered for the purposes of the feature. His contribution is gratefully acknowledged. FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM 91 MAGIC MILLIONS TASMANIAN YEARLING SALE FEBRUARY 14 MAGIC aunceston s Magic Millions Tasmanian Yearling Sale continues to build in momentum and unearth future blacktype performers around the country. A quorum of recent graduates includes Gr2 winner and million dollar earner Lady Lynette dual Gr3-winning 2YO Triple Asset and Listed Tasmanian Derby victor Methuselah. Add rising stars Lake Sententia a close second in the recent Gr2 Matriarch Stakes during the Flemington carnival and a picture quickly forms of a sale that absolutely supports and delivers on its proud history of producing quality racehorses. e sale is bolstered by two 50 000 Magic Millions Tasmania graduate races on February 13 the day before the cream of the state s yearling crop is paraded and sold. e full complement of Tasmania s sire ranks will be present at the sale as well as some of the mainland s most commercial names. Leading vendors by numbers include Aceland Stud (10 lots) Armidale Stud (21) and Grenville Stud (32). In terms of sires it s a diverse mix of established proven winner producers and new commercial kids with 49 individual sires represented. e largest dra s are by Incumbent (19) Savoire Vivre (16) and West Quest (18). In total 136 lots will be o ered at the Tasmanian Yearling Sale with the pedigree ON THE APPLE ISLE L highlight lots including Lot 3 - Tough Speed-Almighty Buzz lly Full-sister to stakes placegetter and 120 000 earner Buzzing Along. Lot 14 - Sha -Brockovich lly Half-sister to twice New Zealand stakeswinning juvenile Nosmo King. Lot 15 - Snitzel-Butzie lly First foal of a six-time winning and stakesperformed Delago Brom mare. Lot 18 - Churchill Downs-Caralowe colt Half brother to multiple group winner and 267 385 earner Triple Asset. Lot 29 - Astronomer Royal-Darcenell colt By Longchamp Gr1 winner. From a four time stakes winner by Tailings. Lot 30 - Strategic-Dartington colt Half-brother to stakes placed Why For. From a dual stakes winner by Tertian. Lot 34 - Any Given Saturday-Di s Angel lly Second living foal of a Tasmanian Guineas winning and Hobart Cup-placed mare. Lot 38 - Ladoni-Echarpe bay colt ree-quarter brother to G2 winner Lady Lynette. Half brother to stakes placed Forbidden Quest. Lot 39 - Tale of the Cat-Ehor lly Second foal of a dual stakes winner by Val Royal. By sire of 80 stakes winners. Lot 43 - Ladoni-Escapada lly ree -quarter sister to group placegetter White Hart Lane. From stakes winner. Lot 48 - Incumbent-Flying Diva lly Half-sister to stakes placed juvenil Kenjorwood. From a stakes-placed Flying Spur mare. Lot 49 - Savoire Vivre-Gehenna colt From a stakes-winning Ladoni mare who won ve and is a half-sister to Full Velocity. Lot 56 - Incumbent-Horkins Nancy lly Half sister to ve time winning juvenile and stakes placegetter Western Hero. Lot 74 - Holy Roman Emperor-Mermaid s Flannel lly Second foal of a stakes-winning international daughter of Woodman. Lot 78 - Incumbent-Miss Barysh lly Half-sister to Hobart Guineas winner and Derby placegetter Barysh Quest. Lot 98 - Murtajill-Private Nip lly Half-sister to stakes winner Twenty Grand. From a stakes-winning El Moxie mare. Lot 106 - Savoire Vivre-Royal Egypt colt Full-brother to 11-time winner and stakes placegetter With Decorum. Lot 107 - Mr Innocent-Royal eme lly Half-sister to Group 3 Hobart Cup winner and 250 000 plus earner Our Dashing Dane. Lot 111 - Partners Choice-Scottish Lass lly Full-sister to four-time winner and Launceston Cup placegetter White Yard. Lot 114 - Hard Spun-Shot n Sweep lly Half-sister to Melbourne stakes-performer First Course. From a half sister to Blizzardly. Lot 130 - Written Tycoon-Wavishing lly Half-sister to stakes-placed seven-time winner Emily s Girl. From an Oaks winner. 92 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM MAGIC MILLIONS PERTH YEARLING SALE FEBRUARY 19-20 W MAGIC IN THE WEST ith its record for producing high-class gallopers around the country and indeed world there s little wonder why the Magic Millions Perth Yearling Sale is so popular with buyers with this season s stars already including the likes of Luckygray and Moment of Change. e 2013 sale will be held over two quality packed days - February 19 & 20 at the Belmont Park Sales Complex. On the Saturday prior to the sales the Ascot Racecourse will play host to the 250 000 Magic Millions Perth 2YO Classic (1100m) and the 100 000 R.M.Williams Magic Millions Perth 3YO Trophy (1400m). For the rst time in 2013 both Magic Millions feature events in Perth will carry restricted Listed status - ensuring important black type for pedigrees. is is a serious endorsement on the quality of both races from racing o cials. Yearlings catalogued in 2013 include close relations to star gallopers including Gr1 winners Barakey Carry on Cutie Cats Fun Choice Bro Covertly and Playing God. ere are also fullrelations to stakes-winners including Clueless Angel Full Reign Gabbidon Gold Rocks Impact Rating Kincaple La Famelia Mocassin Bend Monaghetti Penny Banger Pop Culture and Rock My Pago. Youngsters consigned include those from group-winning mares including Bantry Bay Born Priceless Burning Embers Card Queen Isanami Kalatiara Libidinious Moodometer Mystic Chantry Native Song No Questions Paradise Park Pride of the Class Westerly Breeze and Zola. All the top local sires and many leading international sires have representation. Expected highlights of the rst session of the sale include Lot 6 - Oratorio-True Dane colt ird foal of a lightly raced Danetime fullsister to Karrakatta Plate winner and 633 100 earner Roman Time. By sire of Motion Pictures Clueless Angel Waratah s Secret etc. Lot 15 - Exceed and Excel-Zola lly Half-sister to ve winners. From a Gr1winning daughter of Volksraad. By same sire as stars Excelebration Helmet Reward for E ort etc. Lot 36 - Rock of Gibraltar-Born Priceless colt Half-brother to group placed Born to Excel. From a Gr2 Karrakatta Plate winning daughter of grand producer Born Rich. By record breaking son of Danehill. Lot 38 - Myboycharlie-Broccoletta colt 94 For Daily Industry News Updates visit MAGIC MILLIONS PERTH YEARLING SALE 19 20 FE BRUARY 2013 TRIUMPH HAS NO BOUNDARIES ....ONLY BEGINNINGS In the last three racing seasons Magic Millions graduates have won a total of 3 133 races and over 70 million dollars in prizemoney for Western Australia trainers. The Magic Millions Perth Yearling Sale source of G1 winners LUCKYGRAY and MOMENT OF CHANGE will again be the source for the next generation of winning thoroughbreds. Put the odds in your favour and buy from the proven sales company. SELLING SCHEDULE LUCKYGRAY Winner of the Group 1 Railway Stakes Session 1 Tues 19 Feb from 11am Session 2 Wed 20 Feb from 11am For Daily Industry News Updates visit FOR MORE INFORMATION GO TO OR CONTACT MAGIC MILLIONS SALES PTY LIMITED PO Box 448 Belmont Western Australia 6984 T 61 8 9477 2455 F 61 8 9477 2488 E perth 95 From the breeders of CAT S FUN FAMOUS ROMAN and MODEM comes another exceptional draft for the 2013 Magic Millions Perth Sale 15 TOP QUALITY AND PEDIGREE YEARLINGS AWAIT YOUR INSPECTION 1 19 34 48 65 66 80 91 114 132 135 165 182 331 362 Bay Br Bay Bay Bay Bay Br Bay Br Bay Br Brown Brown Ch Bay Bay Bay Brown Ch Colt Colt Colt Filly Colt Filly Colt Filly Filly Colt Colt Filly Colt Filly Filly Testa Rossa Statue of Liberty Myboycharlie Bletchley Park Bletchley Park Viscount Oratorio Medaglia d Oro Lonhro Choisir Lonhro Viscount Flying Spur Flying Pegasus Bletchley Park Tantra Dancer Amineh Bold Joy Choican Fairy Fix Famous Friend Godelago Kalatiara Most Secret Overnightsensation Paradise Park She s Zeel Sudden Headache Magical Memories Paylita Contact Peter Dowdell (08) 9398 2504 - 0419 951 750 Graham Daws (08) 9364 4016 - 0407 148 685 MAGIC MILLIONS PERTH YEARLING SALE FEBRUARY 19-20 Inspection time First foal of a city winning and Oaks placed Brocco mare. Family of Money Exchange. By champion 2YO now freshman sire of winners including Charlie Boy. Lot 41 - Big Brown-Capozzene lly First living foal of a stakes winning Capote half-sister to stakes gallopers Mom s Day and Senorina Valentina. By Kentucky Derby winning son of Boundary. Lot 43 - Blackfriars-Card Queen colt Half-brother to three winners including group winner and 1.74 million earner Karuta Queen. From a Group ree winning daughter of Final Card. By leading WA sire. Lot 47 - Lonhro-Chic and Easy colt First foal of an unraced Flying Spur daughter of Sydney stakes winner Lake Susannah. By sire of champion Pierro as well as Denman Beaded Mental Ben ca etc. Lot 57 - Starcra -Ebony Magic colt By same sire as Star Witness We Can Say it Now Hallowell Belle etc. From a stakes winning sister to Most Secret am of stakes winners Covertly So Secret and Secret Link. Lot 63 - High Chaparral-Europa Point lly First foal of Melbourne and Adelaide winning and stakes placed daughter of Rock of Gibraltar. By same sire as So You ink Shoot Out Descarado Monaco Consul etc. Lot 83 - Choisir-Gran Bella lly Half-sister to Grand Beau. By sire of Starspangledbanner Sacred Choice Choice Bro etc. From a city winning Rory s Jester half-sister to Grand Nirvana. Lot 86 - So Secret-Ifestio colt Half-brother to Mavromata. From a stakes winning Key Business sister to unbeaten Gr1 winner Barakey three quarter sister to Key to Money and half-sister to Hi on Love. Lot 87 - Flying Spur-Imaginaire colt ird foal of a stakes-winning and Oaks placed daughter of Fusaichi Pegasus. Dam is a daughter of Derby winner Beaux Art. By the same sire as 86 individual stakes winners. Magic Millions winner. By same sire as Pierro. Lot 124 - Snitzel-Olivia de Belle colt Full-sister to quality Sydney galloper Debelle and full-brother to O Hara de Belle. From a Sydney winning daughter of Silver Chalice. By sire of Sizzling Snitzerland Hot Snitzel etc. Lot 133 - Oratorio-Palace Alice colt Half-brother to Perth Cup winner and 870 000 earner Lords Ransom. From a stakesperformed 10 time winning daughter of Palace Music. By star WA sire Oratorio. Lot 135 - Lonhro-Paradise Park colt Half-brother to 10 time stakes-winner and millionaire earner Grand Nirvana. From a group-winning daughter of Bletchley Park. By sire of Pierro Mental Denman etc. Lot 141 - Exceed and Excel-Pride of the Class colt Half-brother to Melbourne winners Baron and Valedictorian. From a group-winning daughter of Volksraad - she a half-sister to Fulmonti. By sire of Helmet etc. Lot 144 - War Chant-R Brown Sugar lly First foal of an American stakes winning Exchange Rate mare. By Breeders Cup Mile winning Danzig sire of Midnight Interlude Kingsfort Brilliant etc. Lot 153 - More an Ready-Rose of Hallowell lly First foal of a lightly raced and placed Commands full-sister to four time groupwinning sire Court Command. By same sire as Sebring Phelan Ready Benicio More Joyous etc. Lot 154 - More an Ready-Rose of Latakia colt Full-brother to Gr1 Champagne Stakes winner Carry on Cutie and group placed Legislature. By More an Ready sire of over 107 stakes winners worldwide. Lot 178 - Blackfriars-Stop in Time lly Full-sister to stakes winners Impact Rating and Full Reign and group placed Black in Time. ree quarter sister to stakes winner Exquisite Timing. By sire of Playing God. Meanwhile the new Westspeed two-year-olds (2010 foals) continue to enjoy a flying start to 2012 13... Lot 89 - Blackfriars-Jeverre colt First foal of a ve time winning and stakes performed Noverre mare. Dam is a half-sister to Answers Are and Svara. By same sire as Playing God God Has Spoken Rohan etc. Lot 91 - Medaglia d Oro-Kalatiara lly Half-sister to Perth winner Kalahaar. From a dual hemisphere group-winning daughter of Metal Storm. Dam a sister to Kentiara. By sire of champion lly Rachel Alexandra. Lot 96 - Myboycharlie-Lady Jeumont colt First foal of a twice winning Montjeu daughter of stakes performer Lady Sunshine. Family of NZ and HK star Russian Pearl. By same sire as Charlie Boy. Lot 99 - Exceed and Excel-Libidinious colt Half-brother to two winners. From Group ree winner and Gr1 runner-up by Jugah. By Newmarket Handicap winning son of Danehill and sire of Helmet etc. Lot 104 - O Reilly-Lookamelads lly Half-sister to Melbourne winner Muchos Respectos. From a stakes winning daughter of College Chapel. By sire of Alamosa Guyno e Jewel Silent Achiever Sacred Falls etc. Lot 109 - Rock of Gibraltar-Marscara colt Half-brother to listed Bunbury Cup winner and 275 515 earner Street Value. From a ve time winner. By sire of 77 stakes winners including Eagle Mountain Rock Kingdom etc. Lot 114 - Lonhro-Most Secret lly Half-sister to Gr1 winner Covertly group winner So Secret listed winner Secret Link and stakes placegetter Siesta Park. From a stakes 98 For Daily Industry News Updates visit Breeding Success and Peace of Mind 15 16 20 33 52 53 84 96 120 128 143 161 177 242 249 272 284 311 313 317 363 379 402 Bay Grey Bay Chestnut Chestnut Bay Bay or Gr Bay Bay Bay or Br Chestnut Brown or Bl Bay Bay Bay Bay Bay Bay or Br Bay Brown Bay Bay Brown Filly Filly Colt Colt Colt Colt Colt Colt Filly Colt Filly Colt Colt Colt Colt Filly Colt Filly Filly Colt Filly Colt Colt Exceed and Excel Holy Roman Emperor I Am Invincible Strategic Rock of Gibraltar Sebring Blackfriars Myboycharlie War Chant Myboycharlie Exceed and Excel Blackfriars Oratorio Due Sasso Discorsi Fath Musket Musket Due Sasso Musket Vital Equine Bon Hoffa Oratorio Zola Adalia Amphritite Blondine Dancing Pago Danecay Grey Sea Lady Jeumont New York Citi Our Bella Jeune Pro Challenge Scenic Rules Steely Gaze Bring it Home Babe Candid Smile Diamonds and Dust Femme d Affaire Ishibabe Karma Suture Koroleva Pillow Pal Reveal Smytzer Sky Drama GEISEL PARK STUD AS AGENT ALL LOTS ARE WESTSPEED ELIGIBLE EXCEPT LOTS 15 & 20 Inspections welcome Contact Brian Collison M 0447 434 735 136 Pead Road Myalup WA 6220 MAGIC MILLIONS PERTH YEARLING SALE FEBRUARY 19-20 INCENTIVE WINNERS ON THE SPEED Meanwhile the new Westspeed two-year-olds (2010 foals) continue to enjoy a flying start to 2012 13... W estspeed-nominated yearlings o er a terri c additional incentive to buy and race horses from the Magic Millions Perth Sale. Here s some important information related to Western Australia s progressive incentive scheme... Westspeed Owner Options Connections of Westspeed Breeder nominated yearlings (2011 foals) who are considering exercising their option to lodge an Owner Nomination are reminded that they now have two levels of owner participation from which they can choose. Westspeed Standard Owner Option for which the subscription fee is 1100 (inc 100 GST) Westspeed Owner Extra Option for which the subscription fee is 2200 (inc. 200 GST). e current bonus schedule applicable to each option is tabled below. Advertised Race Stake 40 000 - 99 999 17 000 - 39 999 7 500 - 16 999 7 500 Standard Owner Bonus 15 000 7 500 3 750 1 875 Extra Owner Bonus 22 500 7 500 3 750 1 875 selected this option for their 2009 foals upon its introduction in 2010 11 are now reaping a major dividend from that investment. is is evidenced by the fact that whilst still shy of the halfway mark of their three-year-old racing season the 2009 crop already has three Westspeed Extra runners on the All Time Top Ten Bonus Earners List despite the fact that each has recorded signi cantly less wins than others on the list with comparable bonus totals. One of these three look certain to head the leader board before too long and with other talented Westspeed Extra three-year-olds such as Rebelson ( 65k) Darlington Abbey ( 60k) Hard Ball Get ( 55k) and Mister Panon ( 55k) snapping at their heels the foals of 2009 may well dominate it by season s end. Meanwhile the new Westspeed two-yearolds (2010 foals) continue to enjoy a ying start to 2012 13 maintaining a 100% bonus strike rate at the time of writing this article. ey ve won all seven of the events conducted to date and with four of these being Westspeed Extra winners their progressive bonus total of 150 000 is well in advance of anything recorded by 2YOs for the same period in any previous season. O Hara De Belle leads the charge with a two from two record that s already yielded 37 500 in bonuses whilst Saturday wins to Petrol Power Danny Rip and Moet Me have already secured the maximum return for their connections. Westspeed All Time Top 10 (As at 5 12 2012) Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Horse Hawkeye Mort Star Encounter Detection For Your Eyes Only Chester Road Revolition The Rising Dark Target Nollamara Passion Cantata Wins 8 8 5 8 7 6 4 6 6 4 Breeder 40 000 36 250 25 000 30 000 30 625 30 000 20 000 27 000 26 250 20 000 Owner 120 000 108 750 112 500 100 000 91 875 90 000 90 000 81 000 78 750 82 500 Total 160 000 145 000 137 500 130 000 122 500 120 000 110 000 108 000 105 000 102 500 Foaled 2005 2004 2009 2006 2007 2005 2009 2004 2005 2009 Whilst the Extra bonus appears relatively modest and is currently limited to the top tier of eligible races winning owners who 100 For Daily Industry News Updates visit MOGUMBER PARK 2013 YEARLING DRAFT MAXIMISING POTENTIAL is the mantra of Mogumber Park and the philosophy by which Colin Brown and Fiona Lacey (the owners of Mogumber Park) approach every aspect of their business. We all know that not every horse will become a champion. Colin and Fiona s belief is that by breeding well feeding well educating well and always giving that extra attention to detail they will increase their chances of success. From a small number of yearlings sold their winners to runners ratio is over 60% (and growing) and includes black type winners Wolfe Dreams and Flag Officer. The Mogumber Park team have worked hard since 2010 to produce what they believe is their best draft yet. From stallion selection right through pregnancy foaling weaning and growing out to the final stage of yearling preparation they have maintained passion for and commitment to providing the highest level of individual care to each and every horse on the property. Their own draft of nine Session 1 yearlings is nicely supported by a number of impressive lots for clients in Sessions 1 and 2. With colts by Ad Valorem Blackfriars Discorsi Domesday Foreplay Not A Single Doubt Oratorio Time Thief and Red Arrow plus fillies by Big Brown Choisir Myboycharlie and Ready s Image it really is a must see draft. Visit the Mogumber Park website for more information on these yearlings. Lot 89 Blackfriars-Jeverre Lot 81 Foreplay-Goldburg 41 . . . . . .Chestnut Filly. . . . . . . . . . Big Brown . . . . . . . . . . . . .Capozzene 49 . . . . . .Bay Colt . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Oratorio . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Clarecastle 81 . . . . . .Chestnut Colt. . . . . . . . . . Foreplay . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Goldberg 89 . . . . . .Bay or Brown Colt. . . . . . . Blackfriars . . . . . . . . . . . . .Jeverre 118 . . . . .Brown filly . . . . . . . . . . . . Ready s Image . . . . . . . . . .Mystic Chantry 121 . . . . .Chestnut Colt. . . . . . . . . . Ad Valorem . . . . . . . . . . . . .Night Time 129 . . . . .Chestnut Colt. . . . . . . . . . Not a Single Doubt . . . . . . .Our Chantilly 142 . . . . .Brown Colt . . . . . . . . . . . . Domesday . . . . . . . . . . . . .Princess Baxaar 152 . . . . .Bay Colt . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Time Thief . . . . . . . . . . . . .Retrospective 170 . . . . .Bay Filly . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Myboycharlie . . . . . . . . . . .Snow Squall 185 . . . . .Bay Filly . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Choisir . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Swanky Girl 205 . . . . .Bay Colt . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Discorsi . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Viking Lass 226 . . . . .Bay Colt . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ad Valorem . . . . . . . . . . . . .Angels Above 394 . . . . .Brown Colt . . . . . . . . . . . . Red Arrow . . . . . . . . . . . . .Second Dance Wolfe Dreams - a graduate of Mogumber Park Outstanding 2yo with 3 wins & 2 seconds from 5 starts. Stakeswinner and ran second in the Karrakatta Plate with earnings of 511 210 and was WAROA 2yo of the year. MAXIMISING POTENTIAL M P Contact Colin Brown Mogumber Park on 0408 251 880 for private inspection or email info Flag Officer - a graduate of Mogumber Park Brilliant 3YO winner of the Listed TJ Smith Trophy and dashing 4th in the Western Australian Derby with earnings of 230 950 PHOTOS TAKEN 14 DEC 2013 MAGIC MILLIONS PERTH YEARLING SALE FEBRUARY 19-20 Vendor Profiles ALWYN PARK Alwyn Park will present a dra of 17 horses this year and 15 of those are as agent. Ten are llies and Lot 11 is by Champion NZ sire Pentire from stakes-winning Blackfriars mare Wave Rock who is a half-sister to stakes-winner Delta Gee. ey ve also got a High Chapparral rst foal lly out of stakes-performed Europa Point from the family of triple Gr1-winner Special Harmony. e lly at Lot 395 will be snapped up quickly being a Danehill Express half-sister to four winners (all llies) including Gr3-winner Playcidium Mint and WA Oaks placed Celt Code. He s also got a colt in this bunch from the family of top 2YOs Plagiarize and Tapildo. ere are a couple of New Zealandbred llies one by I raaj from the family of Champion NZ 3YO Great Command and the other by O Reilly from the family of Golden Slipper winner Dark Eclipse. Bletchley Park also makes an appearance with a rst foal lly from a family of multiple Gr1-winners that includes Strawberry Fair. e lly at Lot 268 is by newcomer Time ief and her pedigree contains the successful Mr Prospector x Danehill cross her grandam being Gr1 Karrakatta Plate runner-up Rose of Dane. New boy Discorsi has three in this dra and Lot 125 is a lly whose dam is a half-sister to Strawberry Girl (dam of Danroad Newtown Jet and Tippitaka). e other lly at Lot 267 is from the family of Gr2 Maribyrnong Plate winner Catnipped while the colt is from a fullsister to stakes-placed 2YO Red Enzo. Lot 95 is a second foal lly by Oratorio from a full-sister to Gr1 Derby runner-up Lords A Leaping. It s an exciting family that also contains Gr1 NZ Derby winner Coniston Bluebird. ere are seven colts in the dra including one by Trade Fair from a full-sister to Kim Lisa A Rock of Gibraltar colt half-brother to stakes-winning lly Street Value and a Choisir colt half-brother to stakes-placed Snug Buggles. Lot 124 is a Snitzel colt brother to three winners whose grandam Silver Chalice won the Gr1 orndon Mile. ere is also a Husson Lightning colt from a daughter of Gr1- placed Vaigly Star from the immediate family of multiple champion sprinter miler and 2YO Dream Ahead. DAWSON STUD Dawson Stud has a strong reputation at this sale and this year they have 15 quality yearlings. You won t have to wait as they have Lot 1 in the sale a Testa Rossa colt out of local stakes-winner Tantra Dancer. is family also includes Gr1winners Denman and Preserve. ere are eight colts on o er and the Myboycharlie colt should prove popular. He s out of Bold Joy a producer of three winners including multiple stakeswinner Reverend Lovejoy. You won t go wrong with the Lonhro colt either. His dam s ve foals to race are all winners including 5-time Gr3winner Grand Nirvana. ere s also a rst foal Oratorio colt whose grandam is a full-sister to stakes-winning 2YO Umatune and a half-sister to the dam of multiple Group-winner Catapulted. Lot 19 is a colt sharing the same sire as Gr1-winner Hay List from a three-quarter sister to multiple stakes-winner Secret Flyer. Also liked the Choisir colt from a daughter of a half-sister to Piccadilly Circus and a Flying Spur colt from a half-sister to dual stakes- winner and multiple stakes-producer One Fine Shweetie. Bletchley Park has three in this dra two llies and a colt. Of the llies one is from a half-sister to Gr3-winner Load and Lockett while the other is out of a US-bred half-sister to Champion racehorse Black Co ey. e colt s dam is a 2YO producer and a half-sister to a top 2YO producer both daughters of Gr1winning mare Our Cure. Out of the seven llies there s also one from the rst crop of Medaglia D Oro from multiple Group-winning producer Kalatiara. She s a full-sister to multiple stakes-winner Kentiara and Gr1-placed Antique as well as three stakes-producers. ere s also a Flying Pegasus lly from the immediate family of Gr1-winner Jungle Dawn. Any would-be breeder would love to have a daughter of triple stakes-winning 2YO Most Secret. At Lot 114 she s by Champion sire Lonhro and a half-sister to Gr1-winner Covertly Gr3-winner So Secret and stakeswinner Secret Link. ere are also two Viscount llies one is a half-sister to Gr1-winner Cat s Fun from a family which includes Gr1 WA Oaks winner Trappings and multiple Gr1-winner Sound 102 For Daily Industry News Updates visit Alwyn Park Stud The 2013 draft includes full and half relations to Playcidium Mint (SW) and Street Value (SW) O Hara de Belle (2 wins) as well as a 3 4 relation to Hunter Forward (winner in Aust GB and US). Western Fever Magic Millions 2YO Classic Winner Consigned by Alwyn Park at the 2010 Perth Magic Millions 11 63 95 109 124 125 146 158 197 211 267 268 285 380 387 395 399 Bay Bay Bay Chestnut Brown Bay Chestnut Bay Chestnut Brown Bay Brown Brown Chestnut Brown Bay Bay Filly Filly Filly Colt Colt Filly Colt Filly Colt Colt Filly Filly Colt Filly Colt Filly Filly Pentire High Chaparral Oratorio Rock of Gibraltar Snitzel Discorsi Choisir O Reilly Discorsi Trade Fair Discorsi Time Thief Danehill Express Bletchley Park Husson Lightning Danehill Express Iffraaj Wave Rock Europa Point Ladies Dancing Marscara Olivia de Belle Ooh Gorgeous Me Rare Performance Sambar Tudor Comic Wild Park Dance Duo Danpegi Fight to Live Robrays Girl Sabotiere Sercidium Singadablues Contact John Andrew Serpentine WA P 08 9525 2072 M 0419 929 483 E alwynpk MAGIC MILLIONS PERTH YEARLING SALE FEBRUARY 19-20 Vendor Profiles (cont) Horizon. e other at Lot 66 is a half-sister to Gr2-winner Famous Roman and stakesperformers Power For Glory and Majestic Legend. GEISEL PARK Geisel Park has 23 yearlings on o er this year with a range of sires represented thus giving buyers plenty of choice in this dra . Stakes-winning mare Sky Drama has her second foal Lot 402 an Oratorio colt on o er in this dra and this is a strong WA family. Another stakes-winning mare whose yearling highlights this dra is Dancing Pago the dam of Belmont Oaks winner Rock My Pago. A full-brother to the Oaks winner is Lot 52. Immediately a erwards Lot 53 is young Listed winner Danecay who has a Sebring colt to show o to buyers. Exceed and Excel is having a good season with the likes of Excelebration and Geisel have two yearlings by him on o er here. Nice and early in the auction Lot 15 is a lly from 2YO Gr1 winner Zola while Lot 143 is a lly from stakes-placed Pro Challenge who has already le Gr2 winner Stormy Nova (by Metal Storm). Blackfriars has Lot 84 a 3 4 brother to stakes-winner Lambton Castle in this dra as well as Lot 161 a colt from a winning full-sister to Gr3 winner Universal Ruler. is season s triple Gr1 winning sprinter Sea Siren s family is represented by Lot 249 a colt by Galileo son Discorsi. Another sire on the rise is Holy Roman Emperor whose daughter Rollout the Carpet recently won NZ s One ousand Guineas and this dra has Lot 16 a lly from an American mare with a strong family full of stakes-winners including Gr1 winner Seek Gold. A full-brother to stakes-winner La Famelia (by Strategic) is Lot 33 while American stakes-placed mare New York Citi has Lot 120 her rst foal a lly by War Chant a sire who has kicked goals in the USA before he arrived here. Freshman sire I Am Invincible has Lot 20 here a colt from stakeswinning mare Amphritite. Another young sire is Mycharlieboy whose oldest are 2YOs and showing promise and he has Lot 96 in this dra a colt from the family of Gr1 winners Russian Pearl Eastern Joy Pernod etc. Lot 128 shares the same sire and is from a young mare who boasts the family of Gr2 winner Grey Song and stakes-winner Slanchyvah. A family on the improve can be found at Lot 284 a half-brother to recent WA Oaks runner-up e Social Network. With a stakes-winning second dam and French Gr1 winners Septieme Ciel and Macoumba in the pedigree this colt by Musket is worth an inspection. Another by Makybe Diva s little brother is Lot 311 from young stakes-placed mare Ishibabe and the family of NZ Gr1 winner Sedecrem. GOLD FRONT THOROUGHBREDS BREEDING & RACING Gold Front oroughbreds have a dra of 24 yearlings with 11 colts and a large selection of eastern state stallions to select from. e highlight has to be a full-brother to 2YO Gr1 Champagne Stakes-winner Carry On Cutie. To be found at Lot 154 this colt is also a brother to stakes-placed Legislature. Also from this family is Lot 398 that is out of Carry On Cutie s half-sister and by top sire Choisir. Gr3-winning mare Libidinious (by Jugah) is the dam of Lot 99 a colt by Exceed and Excel. Lot 45 has plenty of residual value being by Haradasun from a Galileo daughter of 2YO Gr1 winner Ballroom Babe the dam of 3 stakes-winners including popular young sire Hidden Dragon. Ortensia s sire Testa Rossa is represented in this dra with Lot 199 a colt from tough Gr3 winner Native Song. Still a young mare Native Song is from the family of stakes-winner Savabill and Gr1 Queensland Oaks winner A Little Kiss. is is a family that usually sells well so this colt is likely to be a good type and worthy of inspection. Lot 151 by freshman sire All American is from a half-sister to triple Gr1 winner March Hare. Consistent sire Danewin is the sire of Lot 72 a lly from an equally consistent family that keeps on producing stakes-winners in every generation. Lot 180 is a colt bred on the same cross as top quality 104 For Daily Industry News Updates visit NAMERIK THOROUGHBREDS 2013 MAGIC MILLIONS PERTH YEARLING SALE KING SAUL Winner 2011 WA Guineas G2 and 2012 Northerly Stakes L Prepared and sold by Namerik Thoroughbreds at the 2010 Perth Magic Millions Lot 2 Lot 112 Lot 244 Lot 279 Lot 332 Lot 343 Lot 351 Lot 367 Bay Bay Chestnut Bay Chestnut Bay Chestnut Bay Filly Colt Colt Colt Filly Filly Colt Colt Authorized Dylan Thomas Danasinga Viscount Flying Pegasus Blackfriars Danasinga Blackfriars Tease Me Miss Mahal Broglio Epitome Markedly Absent Mimicry Never Guilty Princess O Lara Contact Mary Scott (Stud Manager) Phone 08 9525 2505 Mobile 0417 934 256 namerik MAGIC MILLIONS PERTH YEARLING SALE FEBRUARY 19-20 Vendor Profiles (cont) Gr1 winner Shoot Out (by High Chaparral from a Pentire mare). Sizzling s sire Snitzel has two lots in this dra Lot 160 is a lly from a Red Ransom mare who boasts the likes of Hong Kong Gr1 winner Scintillation in her pedigree while Lot 173 is out of a 2YO winner that is a half-sister to stakes-winner and 2YO Gr1-placed Ebury. MOGUMBER PARK A dra of 13 yearlings from Mogumber Park is highlighted by Lot 41 the rst foal of American stakes-winning mare Capozzene and is by Vinery s Big Brown. is is a family that already has success in Australia through improving sprinter Bel Sprinter. Stakes-placed Clarecastle from the family of Gr1 winner Dynamic Beau is the dam of Lot 49 a colt by Stravinsky sire Oratorio. Another by a WA based sire is a colt Lot 89 by Blackfriars and is the rst foal from stakes-placed mare Jeverre. Choisir is represented in this dra by Lot 185 a lly from a half-sister to stakes-winners Bahira and Cong er who are both out of Gr1 winner Conifer Bay. Lot 142 is a colt that will appeal to Asian buyers. He is by Domesday from a half-sister to rising Hong Kong talent and Gr3 performer Sapelli. A half-brother to stakes-winner Antidotes is Lot 81 and this is also the family of VRC Oaks winner Taj Eclipse and current stars Tanby and Fawkner. Lot 81 is by Foreplay whose stock have performed well from limited numbers. Another from a Gr1 family is Lot 170 by Mycharlieboy from a winning mare (and half-sister to Gr1 winner You Remember) who has started her career well with a stakes-placed horse. A half-sister to a Belmont Oaks winner is the dam of Lot 394 and this young mare has started her career in promising fashion with two winners from as many starters. is colt is by freshman sire Red Arrow an Australian son of Red Ransom that raced with success here before travelling to America and taking out a Gr3 sprint. NAMERICK THOROUGHBREDS A well polished band of ve colts and three llies make up this dra for Namerick oroughbreds who have a solid track record when it comes to producing the goods. Having prepared and sold Gr2 WA Guineas winner King Saul who this year claimed the Listed Northerly Stakes buyers will be on the look out for yearlings from this stable. ey might nd what they re looking for with Lot 279 who is a colt sharing the same sire as champion international sprinter and Singapore Horse of the Year Rocket Man. His dam was a classy sprinter who is from a long line of consistent producers with plenty of international blacktype to boot including Gr1-winner Ultra Fantasy who also won the Gr2 HKJC Sprint Cup. Another proven sire represented in Namerick s dra is Danasinga and he has a colt and lly. e colt is from the direct damline of Golden Slipper winner Century Miss. She produced seven winners and ve stakes-producers whose daughters have le Gr1 Hong Kong Sprint winner Natural Blitz stakes-winning 2YO Crozier (II) Gr3-winner November Flight and Gr2-winning Gr1 Singapore International Cup runner-up King and King. e lly at Lot 351 is from a halfsister to precocious 2YO and Golden Slipper runner-up Justice Prevails. Lot 2 is a lly by Authorized whose rst Australian crop are 2YOs this season. His rst two northern hemisphere crops have le ve stakes-winners so jump on board now. She s out of Encosta de Lago mare Tease Me who is a half-sister to Angelic Light. Dylan omas rst crop meanwhile have just turned 3YO in Australia and having le stakes-winners in four countries so far you ll need to snap them up early. ere s a colt at Lot 112 and his grandam is a half-sister to stakeswinners Grey Man and Tolo Harbour as well as the dam of Gr2 Karrakatta Plate winner Roman Time so it s a family that should nd plenty of local support. Lot 332 is a lly by Flying Pegasus from a half-sister to multiple stakes-winner Presently and Gr3-placed Another Time. If you glance down the pedigree page you will also nd Gr1-winner Testa able and Gr2 HK sprinter Multiglory so there s plenty there to recommend residual value. e two Blackfriars consigned by Namerick include a lly out of stakes-related Mimicry from the same family as Lot 279 while the colt is a rst foal for stakes-placed sprinter Princess O Lara. is is also the family of Gr1 Metropolitan winner e Verminator and Gr1-winner in South Africa Strategic News. 106 For Daily Industry News Updates visit Gold Front Investments PERTH MAGIC MILLIONS DRAFT 14 45 61 72 77 82 88 99 100 119 126 151 154 157 160 173 180 184 261 358 398 AS AGENT 74 219 342 Eavesdropper Haradasun Myboycharlie Danewin Hussonet Al Maher Blackfriars Exceed and Excel Myboycharlie Testa Rossa Mutawaajid All American More Than Ready Al Maher Snitzel Snitzel High Chaparral Choisir Dane Shadow Ready s Image Choisir Blackfriars Not a Single Doubt Blackfriars Zappeal Celestial Babe Elvish Foxy Joan Genuine Halo Governing Spirit Jacoba Libidinious Light Waves Native Song Opera Etoile Regal Topic Rose of Latakia Saadiyat Island Saturnal Southern Jazz Strait Laced Sutra Convictions Oui Bubbly Sigaro Frilly Knickers Acapulco Rose Mill Green Filly Filly Colt Filly Filly Filly Colt Colt Colt Colt Filly Colt Colt Filly Filly Filly Colt Colt Filly Filly Filly Filly Filly Colt 2013 Contacts Alan Olive 0427 938 592 Peter Bamford 0414 263 440 400 380 360 340 320 300 280 WEIGHT vs TIME FROM BIRTH - Actual weight - Ideal weight WEIGHT KGS 260 240 220 200 180 160 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 DAYS OLD FOAL GROWTH SOFTWARE Track the weight of your foals against the Australian ideal or simply monitor the average daily gain. This new web enabled version also lets you compare foals out of the same mare over various years simply at the touch of a button - or compare foals by the same sire. Upload photos and comments. Most importantly its easy to use. It s a system built by horsemen - for horsemen At Cressfield we use the Horsepower Foal Growth Software as an essential part of our horse husbandry program in particular when it comes to assessing the growth stages of our foals weanlings and yearlings. We have a lot less developmental issues now we can constantly maintain our horse s growth rate. It s been a great addition to our existing strategies and practices assisting us in ensuring we achieve the optimal development of our horses. Wayne Bedggood - Manager CRESSFIELD STUD For more details contact - 1800 681 117 Website EQUINE NUTRITION SYSTEMS PTY LTD. Now iPad ENABL ED