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SuMMER EDITION 2012 OUR PARTNERS MAGAZINE BCS NEWEST DEVELOPMENT ABOuT TO WELCOME RESIDENTS BCS PARTICIPATES IN DISCuSSION PAPER ABOuT DEMENTIA LAuNCh Of LOANS fOR WOMEN ESCAPINg DOMESTIC VIOLENCE Your Care Our Passion ceo welcome Our Mission To express Christ s love as we serve individuals families and people in the community who have unmet spiritual emotional or physical needs Our Vision To be a passionate innovative Christian organisation bringing life transforming care to our clients Project managers building and construction teams along with marketing and sales staff are all working together to bring to fruition BCS most important development in our history of aged care. It is no small feat to meet the challenges of building standards and codes along with the weather and unexpected contingencies that are part of every building project. We trust in God as this ongoing project continues to progress and we are thankful for His provision allowing us to provide care to senior Australians. I am also pleased to announce the eight Baptist churches that have successfully applied for a 2012 BCS Connect Grant (page 6). It is a real privilege to be partnering with local churches who are working in their local community to see people s lives impacted in a positive way. Thank you again for your continued encouragement to our organisation. I wish you and your family a very safe and restful Christmas and New Year and look forward to your ongoing support in 2013. Values Mutual respect and trust in all relationships Integrity and the highest ethical standards Stewardship of the resources and responsibilities in our care Communication that is open consistent and two way Continuous improvement in all we do Performance with recognition for results Creativity co-operation and commitment in the workplace The Christmas and New Year season is approaching very quickly and I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to our supporters across NSW the ACT and beyond who have volunteered prayed given and participated in BCS ministries in so many ways. At Christmas many Australians living on the margins will not experience a season of light or hope. Our Christmas Hamper Appeal is an opportunity for BCS supporters to provide a practical gift to people in need families lonely men and women children and the frail and elderly. You can read about the Hamper Appeal on page 4 and use the coupon included with this edition to support this very important appeal. There is much excitement around our new development at Kellyville which is nearing completion and will be ready very soon for its first residents (page 2). Sign up for E-News Like us on facebook baptistcommunityservices Visit our You Tube Channel BCSNSWACT To advertise in TRuST visit the Publications page at Ross Low ChIEf EXECuTIVE OffICER ABN 90 000 049 525 Your Care Our Passion contents 2 COVER STORY Open for Business BCS Newest Development About to Welcome Residents 4 APPEAL A Gift of Hope 5 NEWS BCS Participates in Discussion Paper about Dementia 8 Launch of Loans for Women Escaping Domestic Violence 9 39 Years of Nursing Passion Found in Alstonville with Brendan Wood (Rev) Public Relations Manager Conduits of Gods Comfort One of the casual jobs that helped me pay my way through college was with a local electrician. Most of what I learned during those years has long been forgotten. However there is one term that will stick with me for life the word conduit . I discovered very quickly that electricians or sparkies as they call themselves use conduit for virtually everything. This is because wires or electrics that need protecting and routing all need to be conveyed through conduit. Conduit is vital to help transmit the electric current safely and effectively from the source to the destination. I discovered that without the conduit no transfer is possible. As we read the Apostle Paul s subtle directive to the Church at Corinth we realise that he was challenging and encouraging this gathering of people to be conduits of God s comfort to those in trouble. From 2 Corinthians 1 3-4 we read Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort who comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God. Within this short passage we are provided with both hope and empowerment. We are given hope that we can and should approach God in all our troubles and that when we do we will be comforted. This is no problem for God who is the Father of Compassion. We are also empowered to share the comfort we have received from God with others who are experiencing trouble. This strikes right to the heart of the vision and mission of BCS to offer life-transforming care and to express Christ s love as we serve individuals families and people in the community. You and I are indeed conduits of God s comfort to those in need. Finally we are implored to give praise to God for this privilege of knowing Him and being able to share this love with others. As you read this issue of TRUST please take a moment to give thanks to God for all that is being achieved. Likewise in our own lives it is good to acknowledge and give praise to God always. regulars 6 ChuRCh PARTNERShIPS Announcing 2012 Connect Grant Recipients 10 BCS VOLuNTEERINg Volunteer Receives Junior Steel Magnolia Award 11 VOLuNTEERINg OPPORTuNITIES 13 TRuST fILE This publication is printed on EVOLVE 100% recycled paper BW TRuST Editorial Team Brendan Wood & Elizabeth Byrne TRUST is the partner s magazine produced by Baptist Community Services NSW & ACT for the benefit of its members donors and supports clients the Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT and the wider community. TRUST is distributed quarterly to a readership of up to 11 500. This includes distribution of specified quantities to the Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT. TRuST SUMMER 2012 1 cover story OPEN fOR BuSINESS About to Welcome Residents BCS Newest Development The gracewood Community Kellyville BCS newest development is due for completion by the end of December 2012 and will welcome its first residents in late february next year. Stage 1 of the development comprises 73 modern 1 2 and 3 bedroom independent living apartments boasting contemporary open plan living with one or more generous balconies. The first residents will have access to the Wellness Centre including a pool and gym medical consulting rooms a dining area the multipurpose room library business centre and coffee shop. Prospective clients can now view a 2 bedroom display apartment 2 TRuST SUMMER 2012 which has recently opened for inspection. A second display apartment will be available to view shortly. We are delighted that the reach of our aged care services is being further developed. We welcome this expansion of our ministry and the attendant challenges that the building of this new development brings said Dr Graham Henderson Chairman of the BCS Board. The Gracewood Community signals the culmination of a vision. The vision of an integrated model of care he said. The Gracewood Community will offer seniors in north west Sydney a full spectrum of quality care including in-home independent living and nursing aged care. Close to public transport and community facilities the development will allow residents to live independently with the choice to receive in-home or nursing care as required. Construction of this milestone development officially began on 8 September 2011 with roads and services developed earlier in August. Stages Two Three and Four of The Gracewood Community will include a residential aged care facility consisting of 160 beds and another 158 independent living apartments. For more information about The Gracewood Community see page 12. cover story TRuST SUMMER 2012 3 appeal A gift of hope 25 December can mean different things for different people. Many of us enjoy the opportunity to celebrate the birth of Christ a time of giving and receiving and spending time with family and friends a tradition that seems so simple. But for some Christmas can be the loneliest time of the year for it is a reminder of what they do not have or what they have lost. Can you imagine what Christmas would be like for people with families who are not in touch and where there is no special meal to share in Last Christmas BCS was able to deliver more than 850 Christmas hampers to people assisted by BCS programs who didn t have a great Christmas to look forward to. Lenore is a 46 year old woman with a history of mental illness no occupation and no place to live. With the encouragement help and support of BCS staff Lenore now has a place she can call home. While Lenore has a long journey of recovery ahead the joy in receiving a Christmas hamper last year made a significant impact as it was more than just food in a box It s wonderful they are here to help and provide a Christmas for the less fortunate like so many of us around here. Tommy a single man aged 61 is awaiting hip-replacement surgery. BCS helped Tommy to find appropriate housing and is helping him to discover positive ways to live. Receiving a Christmas hamper last year made me realise some people do really care. Being cared for made a difference to Tommy s usual experience of Christmas. Brian 57 a single pensioner with various heart conditions living in public housing has come to love and appreciate the BCS staff for their support and kindness. He has learned to look after his health and has quit smoking with their support. Last year Brian was able to experience a joyful Christmas when he received a Christmas hamper it made me feel good over Christmas. These stories reveal the impact of a simple act of giving. Those who gave towards the hamper appeal and those who delivered the hampers to our clients were all blessed as they were able to share the love of God in a very practical way. This Christmas we would love you to share in this act of giving as we seek to make Christmas special for many more people supported by various BCS LifeCare programs and ministries. You can help. For 25 Christmas hampers sourced through Foodbank Australia will bring much encouragement and blessing to an individual or family who are struggling to make ends meet or who are facing a lonely time over the Christmas period. To know they are not alone or forgotten will make such a difference. All gifts to the Christmas Hamper Appeal are fully tax deductible and can be made using our secure online donation form calling 1300 ASK BCS or using the coupon in this magazine. 4 TRuST SUMMER 2012 news DISCuSSION PAPER ABOuT DEMENTIA Moving a loved one with dementia into residential care is often the most difficult stressful and emotional time of the caring experience a new discussion paper released by Alzheimer s Australia NSW has found. More than half the people in residential aged care facilities have dementia which affects an estimated 300 000 Australians and 100 000 people in NSW. The Hon. John Watkins the CEO of Alzheimer s Australia NSW said the discussion paper The Most Difficult Decision Dementia and the Move into Residential Aged Care identified the profound impact moving into residential care can have on people with dementia their families and carers. The discussion paper was also co-funded by BCS and UnitingCare Ageing. Many tell us that even if they find a great facility for their loved one the decision to make the move and then the days leading up to the change are some of the most difficult days of their lives Mr Watkins said. One carer told us that moving his mother into care and taking her away from her home and her cats was the most traumatic and saddest event he had ever had to cope with in his life while another said coping with the change after 63 years of marriage had not been easy. But what we have found is that when it is managed the right way it can be much smoother and a much less stressful experience than expected and can help alleviate some of that grief and guilt that is so often associated with this time. The discussion paper contains TRuST SUMMER 2012 5 BCS Participates in several recommendations to help make the transition easier including that the Australian Government fund a network of key workers to support the carer and person with dementia and that standardised application and information forms are developed. Recommendations also include that service providers enable staff to work with the person with dementia and their carer in their care planning decisionmaking and service delivery and that the State Government works with Local Health Districts to develop service pathways for the person with dementia and their carer to plan for a future that may include residential care. What the research has found is that communication in this process is key that includes the person with dementia and their families and carers planning ahead for the possibility of the need to move into a residential aged care facility as well as with staff in the care facility at the time of the move to help ease the transition Mr Watkins said. The report also found that almost half of people with dementia in residential aged care have been moved in directly from hospital following a crisis adding to the confusion stress and grief felt during this time. Ross Low the CEO of BCS said a move into residential care should be viewed as an opportunity to share the care and support the carer s ongoing role and relationship. In response to the study s findings BCS will be taking action in a number of areas to target additional services particularly in regard to connecting carers with support from both professional and peer counselling and support services Mr Low said. Within the Sydney region BCS has recently developed an enhanced program for providing professional psychological support specific to the stresses associated with these difficult transitions and adjustments. In addition BCS will be expanding access to carer support groups as well as providing tools to practically assist carers in understanding and engaging with their loved ones who may be experiencing advanced cognitive decline. The discussion paper was launched at an event held at NSW Parliament House on Wednesday 17 October which also marked the thirtieth Anniversary of Alzheimer s Australia NSW. church partnerships con-nect (kon-ekt) [verb] To join link or fasten together to partner to establish communication to form relationship to unite. BCS Connect Grants 2012 BCS IS PRIVILEgED TO PARTNER WITh BAPTIST ChuRChES IN NSW AND ThE ACT IN EXPRESSINg ThE LOVE Of ChRIST TO PEOPLE IN ThE COMMuNITY ThROugh ThE BCS CONNECT gRANT PROgRAM. The program commenced in 2001 and grants totalling 401 037 have been made to 96 different Baptist churches in NSW and the ACT to fund new (or expand existing) church-based compassion or outreach ministries. This year 27 applications were received and each application was assessed by a panel against the Grant criteria which included responsetoaresearched A need in the community ouldbenefitpeoplelivingwith W disadvantage or distress pecificoutcomesidentified S and to be evaluated heprojectneededtoshowit T would be financially sustainable beyond the first 12 months. The following churches were successful in gaining funding for 2013 Armidale District Baptist Church Christians Against Poverty (CAP) Money The church became aware of people in the wider community of Armidale directly impacted by the changing economic circumstances of living in a rural economy. The lack of education about finances and how to budget what income comes into the household was one main factor affecting families. The project to be established is a Christians Against Poverty (CAP) Money outreach providing a foundational course in money management. Campsie Baptist Church Community Connections In a district where 46.9% of the population are born overseas and 70% of the population have English as a second language many immigrants struggle to adapt and are often isolated within the community. The project is to establish ESL classes as well as child-minding facilities providing the opportunity to build relationships with many in the local community. Dural District Baptist Church Out of the Wood Into the Works Dural church discovered a great need in the community to help young men who for a variety of reasons had entered the court and juvenile justice system. Many had no positive life role models and were socially marginalised. Together with the Department of Juvenile Justice Blacktown and Whitelion (a group with a mission to find employment for young men from JJ and indigenous youth on the fringes of society) the church will offer opportunities for young men to learn wood and metal working skills supported by a volunteer group of men from the men s shed operating at the church. Herons Creek Heritage Community Chapel Community e-bulletin Herons Creek a dispersed rural settlement is a low socio-economic area of the Port Macquarie district. Ten months ago a church plant ministry from North Haven Baptist was established with the purchase and refurbishment of a small heritage listed ex-Anglican church. The goal of the project is to begin 6 TRuST SUMMER 2012 church partnerships The Port Macquarie Baptist Church community garden funded in the 2011 BCS Connect Grant program. building community connectedness through a website communicating news and community events with the local church community the central focus of the care and reaching out. Riverside Church Riverside Community Garden From recent surveys conducted by the City of Parramatta among the most disadvantaged groups in the area of Ermington were those who were disabled. In partnership with Cultivate the peak body for horticultural therapy in NSW who will provide advice and gardening courses the church will establish a garden with disabled access with church members working with the visitors from the community as well as helping to maintain the garden. Ropes Crossing Community Church Christian Meditation Group Ropes Crossing is an area of western Sydney with extreme mortgage stress where families usually have both parents working full-time. The church is commencing a Christian meditation group in the local community centre providing relaxation opportunities in a non-demanding non-confrontational connection with God and God s people. Tanilba Bay Baptist Church Pete s Kitchen Pete s Kitchen is a unique service offered to the community by Tanilba Bay church where once a week a free evening meal is offered to anyone who feels the need to use the service for any reason. One of the key aspects of the program is to ensure a church member sits with a guest sharing a meal stories and experiences providing opportunities for new relationships to be built. Warilla North Baptist Church Common Ground For some time the church has been involved in a variety of community consultations looking at the strengths within the community and the areas of growth. The Common Ground project will establish Community Arts and Parenting Workshops to assist people build confidence in existing skills develop new and improved skills and to learn how to be involved in community development and transformation from a Christian perspective. If you would like further information about the Connect Grant program contact Rev Howard Bennett Partnerships Development Manager or go to the website (http www. GetInvolved BCSConnectGrants.aspx) TRuST SUMMER 2012 7 news LAuNCh Of LOANS fOR WOMEN Escaping Domestic Violence BCS Microfinance Loans Services continue to expand with a new specialist no-interest loan program soon to be launched for women who are leaving domestic violence. The No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS) already operated by BCS in seven locations will now assist women escaping domestic violence in the Macarthur area and beyond to re-establish their lives. The program is supported by BCS domestic violence services including BCS LifeCare Relationship Services and BCS Chisholm Care crisis and transitional accommodation. Women will be able to borrow up to 2000 to purchase bedding furniture white goods moving and 8 TRuST SUMMER 2012 vehicle costs children s needs medical and dental costs as well as education and employment related costs. The loans are interest free and come with no fees charges or penalties. While paying back the loan women will also continue to receive counselling or work alongside of a case worker as they rebuild their lives. What has been so impressive about this service is that BCS has been able to link in with other domestic violence service providers said Mrs Diane Coleman Manager of BCS Specialist Domestic & Family Violence Services. Recently one of our clients needed to start fresh she had nothing. She was provided with subsidisation for private rental by Housing NSW s Start Safely program Domestic Violence Support Western Sydney Service were able to find her a fridge and our NILS program allowed her to buy a new washing machine. All of this came together within a week and it was thrilling to see the unity of organisations working together to provide holistic care to a woman in very real need said Diane. Already seven loans totalling almost 8000 have been provided to women making a practical difference as they move on to a life of freedom and safety. news 39 Years of Nursing Passion Found in Alstonville I LOVED IT fROM ThE DAY I STARTED WORKINg hERE Thirteen years ago Sydney nurse Linda Finati made a tree change decision to move to Alstonville. After 26 years of working as an aged care nurse in Sydney Linda and her family relocated to the close-knit community they now call home. A few months after arriving in Alstonville Linda turned up on the doorstep of local aged care facility BCS Maranoa Centre Alstonville seeking employment. She was hired the very next day. I loved it from the day I started working here she said. I m very passionate about my job and I treat all of my residents like my grandparents they are my second family. It s so rewarding hearing their life stories and their experiences of the world. You can t get enough information Being with the residents is something I absolutely treasure. As an ageing in place facility we are able to care for the residents from when they arrive until the end of their life. It s a privilege to care for each of our residents during this special time. We re like a family and we care for each other very much. Linda spends a lot of her day interacting with the residents which is what she enjoys most about being a nurse. Every day you learn something new from the residents. I say hello to them first thing in the morning during breakfast and they ll find me at my desk or stop me in the hallway to chat too. They have a lot of history and amazing LINDA FINATI WITH RESIDENT LILLIAN BENSLEY knowledge about Alstonville which is lovely to hear she said. Linda has a Certificate IV in nursing which she gained while working in Alstonville and in partnership with St Vincent s Hospital in Lismore. My family and I have loved living in Alstonville. It s a lot slower than Sydney and more community orientated. You can t go up the street without bumping into one of the resident s relatives and we always have a good chat. For career opportunities at BCS visit the careers section of our website today. TRuST SUMMER 2012 9 volunteering VOLuNTEER RECEIVES JuNIOR STEEL MAgNOLIA AWARD CRAIg gOODREID BCS VOLuNTEER SERVICES CONSuLTANT Bob Hooper Sophie Scott and Amy Jones When Sophie Scott first started volunteering at BCS Orana Centre on the NSW Central Coast she was shy lacking self-confidence and looking to find a meaningful activity and purpose for her life. The staff welcomed her as a co-worker and since then she has been volunteering three days per week in the DSU. One year later Sophie is a new person full of confidence with a beaming personality. In March two staff from BCS Orana Centre had the privilege of attending a lunch in support of Sophie who was 10 TRuST SUMMER 2012 nominated for the LifeLine Junior Steel Magnolia Award. BCS Orana Centre Chaplain Bob Hooper and Lifestyle Coordinator Amy Jones were delighted to hear Sophie announced as the winner of the award. In Sophie s acceptance speech she gave credit to her adopted mother and the opportunity given to her by BCS Orana Centre in changing her life. BCS Orana Centre is proud to have Sophie as a most valued volunteer and to have played a part in her successful life transition. Organised by Lifeline Central Coast the awards recognise women who have overcome personal adversity to make a positive change in society and inspire others to make a difference. The benefits of volunteering with BCS are not just experienced by the organisation and its clients. Volunteers receive and encounter new motivation experiences and skills and increased career options. This gives volunteers a sense that they are contributing back to the community. 10 Be part of the change... today Do you want to make a difference in the lives of people in need BCS greatly values the contribution of volunteers as we pursue our vision of life-transforming care. Read on and find out more about current opportunities. SYDNEY BCS Marsfield (Marsfield NSW) Bus Driver BCS Cooinda Court is seeking a bus driver for the first Wednesday of the month between 10am and 3pm to assist with taking clients on outings. A C class license is required for this role. Client Visitor BCS Dorothy Henderson Lodge is seeking some volunteers with even just half an hour a week to visit and talk with clients individually. Only requirement is a caring heart. Please contact Aimee on 9346 1242 for more information. Volunteers are needed to transport clients as well as assist and participate in the training sessions. Time commitment is 2-3 hours and days are flexible. Please contact Kimberlie on 8706 3655 for more information. residents it can be any day any time and even half an hour a week of one on one conversation makes a difference to someone s life. Mens Group Assistant The men of BCS Warabrook and BCS Kara are looking for someone to organise and run a small men s club. Ladies Activity Assistant The ladies are looking for someone with an interest in craft and event planning to help with theme days and regular craft time. Please contact Di on 4915 2453 for more information. Hand and Nail Care A volunteer is required to provide hand and nail care. Days and times are flexible. Activities Assistant Table Games A volunteer is needed to play table games such as Scrabble and Cards with residents in a small group or one on one basis. Days and times are flexible Entertainers Musicians To provide musical entertainment such as concerts and or sing-a-longs. Days and times are flexible. Please contact Julie on 6195 3009 for more information. WOLLONGONG BCS Darcy House (Port Kembla NSW) Kitchen Support Volunteer Volunteers are invited to join with a great volunteer team in assisting with client meal provision. Flexible commitment is available (3-4 hours) one day per week 10am to 2pm. Please contact Colleen on 4298 2800 for more information. BCS Care Centre South West Sydney (Liverpool NSW) Healthy Aged Training Sessions Volunteer The Healthy Aged Training Sessions (HATS) program includes a walking club and Heartmoves gentle exercise classes. NEWCASTLE BCS Warabrook Centre (Newcastle NSW) Coffee and Conversation volunteer Volunteer conversationalists make a huge difference to our CANBERRA BCS Carey Gardens (Red Hill ACT) Bus Driver Light rigid license required to drive 12 seater bus for scenic caf and local attractions. Days and times are flexible outing duration 2-3 hours. For more volunteer opportunities visit the BCS website. news The Gracewood Community Construction Nearing Completion The Gracewood Community Kellyville is a world-class development providing a better way of seniors living in the north west Sydney area. Broad Construction will complete construction of Stage 1 of the development by the end of 2012 with the first residents moving in at the end of February 2013. Residents will be able to choose to live independently or call upon care services when they need them. A display apartment is currently available for viewing on Sundays with a second apartment to be opened for inspection by the end of November. Prospective residents who have inspected our display apartment have expressed delight with what they have seen. love the generous living spaces the neutral colour schemes will suit my furniture the kitchen is fantastic great finish and plenty of bench and cupboard space the lounge dining area and the balconies are ideal for entertaining You haven t overpromised You ve thought of everything Great value for money in the Hills area Finally people tell us they are reassured that Baptist Community Services NSW & ACT (BCS) is the name behind The Gracewood Community. They feel confident that BCS will always operate Gracewood with the best interests of the community in mind. If you are interested in being one of the first to see the better way of living that The Gracewood Community offers please book your appointment by calling our Business Development Manager Maria Carew on Free Call 1800 116 550. The official opening for The Gracewood Community will be held in February 2013. In the weeks that follow we will open the Community for the public to inspect all of our new facilities including the pool lounge gym and of course the display apartments. Retirement living that lets you live the way you want Gracewood Kellyville offers a choice of living options for seniors from independent and assisted living to aged care. You can live independently for as long as you want in the comfort of your new apartment knowing that care and support is on your doorstep. FREE CALL 1800 116 550 OR VISIT WWW.GRACEWOODKELLYVILLE.COM.AU 12 TRuST SUMMER 2012 AD006 T&T0812 trust file Double Celebration for Maranoa BCS Maranoa Centre Alstonville enjoyed a double celebration on Friday 19 October when it received its three year Accreditation Certificate as well as a Better Practice Award for the centre s Interactive Life Stories Project. Better Practice Awards recognise quality improvement and better practice in aged care and serve as exemplars to encourage improvement and innovation and recognise the aged care industry s high achievers. Baptist Community Services NSW & ACT (BCS) 28A Cambridge St Epping NSW 2121 PO Box 655 Epping NSW 1710 T (02) 9023 2500 F (02) 9023 2501 E ask W ABN 90 000 049 525 2011-12 Annual & Financial Reports The Annual and Financial Reports have been published presented to the BCS Annual General Meeting and are now available online as e-books. To read a copy of the Reports visit http AboutBCS Publications.aspx. To order a copy of the Reports email ask or call (02) 9023 2500. The Trust file Annual Inspire Awards One of the key dates in the BCS calendar the BCS Annual Celebration Dinner will take place in early December. Twenty staff who have exhibited outstanding service in their day to day work will dine with the BCS Board of Directors and Strategic Leadership Team in Sydney to celebrate winning a BCS Inspire Excellence Award. BCS Inspire Awards recognise the value of all staff and volunteers and have been intentionally developed with an inclusive nomination process enabling any staff member or volunteer to nominate a colleague. The project helps care staff discover what is genuinely important to residents while empowering residents to share their life stories with staff families and each other. This sharing also extends to the wider Maranoa community as residents and their families become actively engaged with activities that lead to the digital production of a variety of media including movies posters and books. The ripple effect continues in the wider community local musicians forge friendships with residents while taking part in movie shoots for instance while historical organisations strengthen bonds with the facility by helping with research-related tasks. Dr June Heinrich AM presented the innovation award on behalf of the Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency and a short film featuring the life of one of the residents was screened during the presentation. New Film Profiling BCS Ministry BCS has recently produced a short film profiling the ministry of BCS. Available as a resource for churches participating in our awareness month BCS Sunday the film brings together supporters of the organisation to explain why they support BCS many ministries. You can view the film Pray Give Volunteer on BCS YouTube Channel http com BCSNSWACT TRuST SUMMER 2012 13 BCS LifeCare ministry expresses Christ s love serving individuals and families in the community who have unmet spiritual emotional or physical needs. With limited government funding BCS relies on the generous gifts and support from individual donors and church communities. Please give a gift of hope to those in need. Online Call 1300 ASK BCS (1300 275 227) This December BCS will again be distributing Christmas Hampers to some of our most disadvantaged clients. Each hamper is more than just a box of Christmas treats and groceries - it s an expression of God s love for every person who receives it. One recipient commented Thank you for the hamper it gave me some great memories and a sense of gratefulness and happiness . Please join us in sharing God s love this Christmas with many of our clients by donating to the BCS Christmas Hamper Appeal using the coupon overleaf calling us on 1300 275 227 or visiting our website I want to help BCS share god s love for people this Christmas 1. My details (please print) Rev Dr Mr Mrs Ms Miss First name Surname Address (please circle) Mobile H( DOB Email ) W( ) 2. Decide your gift I would like to give to help BCS bless people in need this Christmas. Please direct my gift to Christmas Hamper Appeal Where most needed 3. Payment details I enclose my cheque money order made payable to Baptist Community Services - NSW & ACT OR Please debit my credit card Visa Mastercard Diners ..................... ....................... ..................... ..................... Name of cardholder Expiry date Signature 4. Request more information Please send me information on How I can support BCS regularly Including BCS in my Will Becoming a BCS Company Member Subscribing to TRUST Volunteering Please detach coupon and mail to Baptist Community Services - NSW & ACT PO Box 655 Epping NSW 1710 DONATIONS OF 2 AND OVER ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE ABN 90 000 049 525 NEWSSUM12