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Description: DIGITAL EDITIONS. Create YOURSELF in minutes or use our BUREAU SERVICE. For ONLINE (quick online read) DESKTOP (saveable offline) and MOBILE (iPad iPhone, Andriod)

Reasons to choose our Digital Publishing Solution 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 True Paperless Editions Simple Online Creation Read Online and Offline All i-devices Enabled Integrate any Rich Media Unlimited Global Distribution Dramatic Cost Savings Eliminate Paper Archives Update at Anytime 10 Dynamic Search Functions 11 Extensive Tracking Reports AND Very ECO-Friendly Publishers can easily enter the realm of inter-active rich media Editions - with the ability to overlay hyperlinks sounds and video to give reader a media-rich viewing experience unlike that offered by traditional print thereby combining the best of print and website rich media. URL Links to webpages and sites Page links within the edition Email links on any page Sound Clips Video Clips e-Commerce linking to your shopping engine Complete control over Hotspot settings and page position for all rich media components on a page. Auto-enabling of URL Email links and Text Search. Your existing URL and Email links are automatically enabled and the Text Search is automatically added to the Nav Bar. Imagine being able to overlay as many videos as you like onto your print publications and bring them to life. There are good reasons why videos has quickly grown to be one of the key communication mediums on the Internet and with Digital Editions you can take advantage of this combining rich media with the focus of your print publications. Your video clip can be automatically activated on the turn of a page or on the click of a button. Only one auto play video can be supported per spread.