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SprinG edition 2012 Street Service expandS With neW van and trailer Support for NewcaStle S MoSt VulNerable a home of hope lIVING free of VIoleNce never too old to exerciSe traINING SeSSIoNS for older auStralIaNS Your Care Our Passion ceo welcome Our Mission To express Christ s love as we serve individuals families and people in the community who have unmet spiritual emotional or physical needs and management of mental health conditions for aged care residents. These projects are both outlined on page 9. I recently met Mr Rod Dunbar a BCS care service employee at a relocation ceremony of one of our Care Centres. The speech he gave that day clearly illustrated the passion and care he has for his clients and confirmed for me again that BCS staff are our most important and valuable resource. Please take a glimpse into Rod s day on page 8. To our family of Baptist churches I encourage you to read about the BCS Connect Grant program on page 6. This seeding grant program seeks to assist Baptist churches as they develop new compassionate ministries with a focus on alleviating disadvantage and distress in their local community. Applications close on 28 September 2012. I thank you sincerely for your ongoing support of BCS and I encourage you to continue with us on our journey of life-transforming care. Our Vision To be a passionate innovative Christian organisation bringing life transforming care to our clients Values Mutual respect and trust in all relationships Integrity and the highest ethical standards Stewardship of the resources and responsibilities in our care Communication that is open consistent and two way Continuous improvement in all we do Performance with recognition for results Creativity co-operation and commitment in the workplace in this edition of trust we continue our attention on homelessness by featuring one of BcS expanding ministries to people who are vulnerable. a new van for our hunter-based BcS night vision outreach service was launched just last month following a generous donation from the eventide foundation. Our Volunteer Services Consultant also spent a night on the road with the BCS Night Vision team recently and you can read his story on page 10. BCS continues to direct our effort in caring for women and their children who are victims of domestic violence. The launch of a new resource for people working with men s behaviour change programs (page 5) as well as our BCS Chisholm Care accommodation program (page 4) is helping women to find confidence independence and freedom. I am pleased to be able to share with you the news of two BCS aged care facilities that have been recognised for original and creative programs that promote a positive approach to the prevention Sign up for e-news like us on facebook baptistcommunityservices visit our You tube channel bcSNSwact to advertise in trUSt visit the publications page at ross low chief execUtive officer ABN 90 000 049 525 Your Care Our Passion contents 2 cover StorY Street Service expands with New Van and trailer 4 neWS a Home of Hope 5 New domestic and family Violence resource launched 7 exercise classes No age limit 8 proud and Humbled 9 art and learning projects take aged care awards with Brendan Wood (rev) community relations manager The Personal Touch For the staff and volunteers at BCS there is the daily challenge of caring for and serving over 15 000 clients across NSW and the ACT. At a practical level the size of this responsibility necessitates an approach that at one level can be programmed or systemised. The danger in this macro approach is always that the individual needs of those we are responding to may be missed or overlooked. Despite the demands of the crowd Jesus is well known for His personal approach and His ability to care for the masses but also to identify the one in need. We see Jesus taking the time with individual people as He sits with the woman at the well (John 4 126) as He calls Zacchaeus down from the sycamore fig tree and invites himself to his house (Luke 19 1-10) and as He heals the man born blind (Mark 8 22-26). These are just a few examples of Jesus coming alongside people in a close personal and intimate way. The people BCS are reaching out to who are experiencing homelessness or who are escaping domestic violence are all individuals who require a personal touch. This takes time energy and emotional outlay but speaks volumes to those we are ministering with. Brenda Robbiliard BCS Chaplain at Westmead Hospital recently reminded the BCS Support Services staff that there are three things all people desire. These are unconditional love a sense of belonging and to be encouraged. Amongst the busyness of our lives the opportunity exists for each of us to slow down enough to see the one in need. As we take the time to notice and appreciate the people around us to acknowledge their uniqueness and to offer them the precious gift of time we reach into and touch the deepest desires of those we are caring for. My prayer is that the remainder of 2012 may provide opportunities for you and your community to share the personal touch with those you come in contact with. As with Jesus it is this that makes all the difference regulars 6 chUrch partnerShipS bcS connect Grants 2012 10 BcS volUnteerinG Homeless Hot Spots 11 volUnteerinG opportUnitieS 13 trUSt file This publication is printed on EVOLVE 100% recycled paper BW trUSt editorial team Brendan Wood & Elizabeth Byrne TRUST is the partner s magazine produced by Baptist Community Services NSW & ACT for the benefit of its members donors and supports clients the Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT and the wider community. TRUST is distributed quarterly to a readership of up to 11 500. This includes distribution of specified quantities to the Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT. trUSt SPRING 2012 1 cover story Mr Ross Low Lord Major CR John Tate Dr Graham Henderson and Mr Rob Dalais Street Service expands with new van and trailer Services to support newcastle s homeless youth at risk and other vulnerable people were expanded with the launch of a new street outreach van and food trailer on tuesday 14 august. Night Vision a street outreach service first established in Newcastle in 2007 with the vision to provide practical support and care to some of the city s most vulnerable people. A 50 000 donation from a Sydney-based Christian care organisation Eventide Foundation enabled BCS to purchase a new customfitted van and an additional grant from Housing NSW supported BCS to acquire an accompanying food trailer. The Lord Mayor of Newcastle Cr John Tate officially launched the new van and trailer during a ceremony at City Hall followed by a ribbon cutting event in Civic Park. The new street van and food trailer are operated by BCS The new van and trailer will enable the BCS Night Vision service to expand its practical care and support to vulnerable people across the city including the homeless those in squats and other unsuitable housing situations at-risk youth people affected by alcohol and drugs street-based sex workers and other lonely and isolated people. The van is used for after-dark street outreach to people in need across Newcastle and stops at a number of hot 2 trUSt SPRING 2012 cover story spots providing free tea and coffee food emergency grocery parcels blankets clothing toiletries and other practical assistance as well as a listening ear and referral of clients to other support services. Team members also provide follow up support and care to clients through the week and clients are also able to access other BCS community service programs based on their needs. The custom built community food-BBQ trailer is becoming a common site across the operated with one second hand street van which had limited the service s growth capacity. With the support of our generous donors we now have a new custom fitted van and the food trailer both of which will enable us to enhance our practical care services on the streets of Newcastle Mr Low said. The street van and trailer are great examples of grassroots care. It s about meeting with people where they are and seeking to Community Services NSW & ACT (BCS). In 2010 BCS Night Vision became a program of BCS with the goal of service expansion and the integration of the street outreach initiative into BCS LifeCare s growing holistic care services in Newcastle. Other BCS LifeCare services in the Hunter include BCS MayCare Community Centre BCS Food 4 Life BCS Microfinance and the BCS Community Outreach Team. The street van and trailer are great examples of grassroots care. make an immediate difference while also assisting the person gain longer term support for whatever their need may be. The BCS Night Vision service was established in 2007 by Rob Dalais and a team of volunteers following Rob s increasing concern for the homeless and youth at risk in Newcastle and their desire to provide more practical support and care. The service was established with a funding grant from Baptist The service s original van is still in use and is now being utilised on weekends for outreach in the Wallsend area linked to other BCS services with a focus on youth at risk. The service receives no recurrent government funding and BCS has applied for further philanthropic support with the vision of further expanding the BCS Night Vision service in Newcastle over the next few years. Newcastle CBD. The trailer forms part of an assertive outreach strategy in connecting with homeless people in Newcastle with referral of clients to other specialised homelessness services. The trailer and its volunteer team also engage with youth at risk and others affected by alcohol and drugs in the Newcastle CBD on weekends. BCS Chief Executive Officer Mr Ross Low said that up until 2012 the BCS Night Vision service has continued trUSt SPRING 2012 3 news a home of hope living free of Violence trapped and no way out Shauna s mind is in torment as she seeks to work out her next step. a 25 year old woman with a master s degree and a one year old baby Shauna has an international student visa and is forced to cope with little support. Shauna and her son have been locked in her house for months by her partner a man with a mental illness. Her partner s hold over money results in nutritional and developmental deprivation to their son. Shauna knows she needs to get out of this environment but doesn t know how. Have you ever wondered what future lies ahead for Shauna and so many women like her Sadly her story is not isolated as many victims of domestic violence are deprived of any sense of control becoming trapped in a cycle of emotional blackmail and unable to see a way out. When they do find a small opening the process of change can seem overwhelming. For someone whose confidence has been eroded it is often easier to return to the setting of the violence allowing the cycle to continue. Domestic violence remains the most common reason people access specialist homelessness services across Australia. Through BCS Chisholm Care Baptist Community Services NSW & ACT (BCS) is able to provide a safe place for women and children along with vital support and resources needed to break the cycle of violence all in the name of Jesus. BCS Chisholm staff work specifically with each victim and family of domestic violence. A process of determining which facility best meets the required needs ensures that a family or victim has the necessary safety food clothing and emotional support. An important aspect of support is to assist women to make decisions for their future and seek to establish new ways of living free of violence. Being able to live in a house makes a big difference in facilitating not only physical recovery but also regaining emotional strength and confidence to build a new life. Victims are able to live independently and cook for their families. After years of abuse and fear what a difference a key to a home brings with a boost in confidence self-esteem and hope For Shauna she is now learning to drive what a sense of freedom You can help. You can offer Christian care and hope to individuals and families who are victims of domestic violence. Supporting the work of BCS Chisholm Care with your tax-deductible donation will enable more women like Shauna to gain a sense of freedom and hope as they receive practical care in the name of Jesus. To donate please visit or use the coupon at the back of this magazine. Name and some details have been changed to protect the privacy of our client. Please pray ivethanksfortheministryofBCS G Chisholm Care and the impact they have had in supporting many women and children breaking free from the domestic violence cycle. rayforBCSLifeCarestaffworking P with the women and children through different programs of support that they will be given strength and wisdom as they minister in this time of transition. 4 trUSt SPRING 2012 news new domestic and family violence resource launched Mr Rob Ellis Mrs Diane Coleman Ms Tania Mihailuk MP and Mr Ross Low BCS LifeCare Relationship Services has developed and launched a resource for skilled trainers and group facilitators to explore the dynamics of domestic and family violence and its impact on women and children. Ms Tania Mihailuk MP Member for Bankstown and representatives from the Office for Women s Policy attended a launch event at BCS LifeCare Relationship Services Bankstown in early June including a screening of the DVD trailer. The Not In My House Manual and DVD resources were developed in response to the need for resources that can be used in men s behaviour change programs and to train professionals in the issues surrounding domestic violence and family violence. The DVD offers a series of vignettes that depict a brief glimpse into the lives of women children and men impacted by domestic violence. Women and children impacted by domestic and family violence have said we want our stories to be told and we want to stop this happening to others . Almost 100 DVD and manuals have been distributed to various organisations across NSW Queensland Victoria South Australia and Western Australia said Mrs Diane Coleman Specialist Domestic and Family Violence Services Manager. A variety of organisations are utilising this resource which is incredibly promising including TAFE community legal centres domestic violence resource centres and women s services she said. Support material provided for the Not in My House DVD includes BCS LifeCare Relationship Services philosophy and values for working with domestic and family violence the experience of women and children definitions of family violence and resources for training professionals around the effects and impacts of domestic violence. It also includes suggestions for facilitators to use the vignettes in men s behaviour change programs. BCS LifeCare Relationship Services has been active in the prevention of domestic violence and in offering services to victims and perpetrators of domestic violence for over 30 years. A whole of family approach to domestic and family violence is integral to the Building Safer Families philosophy of BCS LifeCare Relationship Services where priority is given to increasing the safety of women and children. Funding for this project was provided by the NSW Department of Family & Community Services and BCS. BreakinG the cYcle The Not In My House Resource - for professionals with experience in the field of domestic violence. DVD - 5.00 The Not in My House DVD depicts seven powerful and evocative stories drawn from Australian families impacted by domestic and family violence. Preview the DVD trailer on BCS You Tube Channel BCSNSWACT Manual - 20.00 The Not in My House training manual is a resource for skilled trainers and group facilitators to explore the dynamics of domestic and family violence and its impact on women and children. BCS LifeCare Relationship Services Responding to Domestic & Family Violence Not in My House is a resource for skilled trainers and group facilitators to explore the dynamics of domestic and family violence and its impact on women and children. Professionals with extensive experience in the field of domestic violence are invited to utilise this resource for practitioner training and in men s behaviour change group work. To order the Not In My House resource Phone 1300 130 225 Email lifecare Visit lifecare.aspx trUSt SPRING 2012 5 church partnerships con-nect (kon-ekt) [verb] To join link or fasten together to partner to establish communication to form relationship to unite. BCS Connect Grants 2012 is your church passionate about meeting the social and spiritual needs of people in your community do you have an idea for a community-based ministry but lack the funds to get it started then a BcS connect Grant may be the answer. BCS Connect Grants are a seeding grant program to assist Baptist churches in developing new compassionate ministries with a focus on alleviating disadvantage and distress in local communities. Through grants of up to 5 000 BCS partners with Baptist churches to express Christ s love in practical and relevant ways. Since 2002 BCS has provided more than 380 000 to support local Baptist congregations in developing and resourcing a diverse range of community ministries. The following are a small selection of the diverse ministries supported nglish and Computer E classes (Matraville) The original project was to provide computers and English classes to the local community. Now it has grown to also deliver Spanish and child-minding services as well as a playgroup. 6 The church plans to continue building up from these activities linking participants with other planned events from church. Pastor Julian writes We are grateful for the support received from BCS. It has made such a difference knowing that we are not alone in these projects and encouraging to know that we can count on experienced and committed people for our support. ommunity Garden C (Port Macquarie) The grant was an encouragement to the congregation and resulted in a general forward looking approach. As the garden was established there have been many positive reports from local members of parliament and council as they recognised the contribution from the church to the local community. In addition local community members not associated with the church have taken advantage of the garden and are involved including a group for people with disabilities who come regularly to work in the garden. The community garden is the beginning of the project but the impact in the community will be ongoing. hristians Against Poverty C money program (Riverstone) The grant was used to establish a 3 week basic financial budgeting course devised by Christians Against Poverty run by local churches for the benefit of their church and local community. Each time the course is conducted an opportunity is provided to build relationships with course attendees to talk with them about life values and goals and express God s interest in every facet of their lives. The program has assisted the church to reach out to their local community and to mobile church members to express neighbourly love and concern for the broader community. Every day across NSW and the ACT BCS strives to bring hope for people living with disadvantage and distress who struggle in today s materialistic and changing world. BCS recognises and values the importance of supporting church and community programs. In 2012-13 BCS will again provide grants of up to 5000 to support trUSt SPRING 2012 news local community ministry projects in churches who are members of the Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT and we invite churches to share in this exciting initiative of hope by applying for a Connect Grant. Further details about the program can be found on the website or contact Rev Howard Bennett Partnerships Development Manager on 02 9023 2562 or email hbennett Applications close 28 September 2012. exercise classes No Age Limit BcS SUndaY iS cominG SAVE THE DATE All Baptist Churches are invited to participate in BCS Sunday on Sunday 4th November 2012. Plan now to show the new BCS DVD and pray for the work of BCS in your Sunday service or other gathering. A limited number of speakers are available. Contact Rev Howard Bennett Partnerships Development Manager on 02 9023 2500 or email HBennett BCS Sunday Information Kits will be distributed to all Baptist Churches in early October 2012. a new program promoting exercise is being piloted for older australians living in their own home who need support to regain their functional strength and confidence. The Healthy Aged Training Sessions (HATS) exercise program run by BCS Care Centre - South West Sydney is currently taking place three times a week in Revesby and Campsie. BCS clients receive transport to the class venue and participate in a 45 minute low to moderate intensity exercise class followed by social interaction and morning tea before being returned home again. The program also gives our clients particularly those who are lonely or isolated the opportunity to meet and mingle with friendly people and chat while having fun and exercising said Kimberlie McNabb Coordinator at BCS Care Centre South West Sydney. The exercise classes can be done standing or in a chair with a range of different variations of exercises available to ensure that clients who are recovering from injury or are suffering from chronic illness or disease can participate at their level. All HATS clients undergo fitness testing and have an improvement log attached to their care plan. Memory and reflex activities also take place during the classes which are run by BCS care staff and HATS volunteers. For more information about HATS contact BCS Care Centre South West Sydney on 8706 3655. trUSt SPRING 2012 7 news Proud and Humbled In late June BCS celebrated the relocation of BCS Care Centre South West Sydney from Bankstown to a larger more central office in Liverpool. The Care Centre is one of BCS biggest providing in-home care to older Australians living alone through 75 care staff representing approximately 21 nationalities including Spanish Vietnamese and Arabic speaking groups. During the relocation ceremony Mr Rod Dunbar a care worker at BCS for six years spoke about his hands on role as he cares for the frail and elderly in south west Sydney each day. His reflections are below. Thank you for the opportunity to speak to you about some of our clients not as statistics but as valuable and respected members of our society. The first thing we are taught when joining BCS is that our clients are unique individuals equal before God who deserve our respect and must be treated accordingly. I met a lady just last week. The brief was to help her make two beds clean the bathroom vacuum throughout and mop the kitchen and bathroom floors. During that process I saw a framed citation on the wall from NSW Health to her for 42 years of dedicated service. She is a registered nurse specialising in mental health but can no longer work as she is in her eighties and her body is racked with arthritis. I have seen this next lady for over two years now. On my first day her husband who has Alzheimer s and cancer introduced himself to me four times. She was his full time carer at 83 years of age. When he went into residential care he was assessed as a high care patient. She had been doing the job of a professional on her own for many years. When I saw her two weeks later her face had relaxed and she was now sleeping through the night. Now I am not allowed to start my work before I have my raisin toast and a cup of tea with her. My next client is a double amputee who lives in Department of Housing accommodation. The first day I went to him he told me he wasn t expecting me and didn t need anything done I ll sign your book and you can go he said. Then I spotted the racing guide. He has a punt each week but doesn t back horses only jockeys. Damien Oliver and Clair Lindop. BCS is currently replacing his bedding towels tea towels and bed linen. Only Heaven knows what challenges he faces on a daily basis. He has now accepted me and looks forward to our services and our chats. meet care Worker rod dUnBar Finally a wonderful couple originally from Messina Sicily. They have lived in Australia for over 50 years and are a shining example of a post-war immigration success story. I have been with them for five years he has had a stroke and I stay with him while she goes and does the shopping and pays the bills. He worked in a factory for 37 years scouring the streets for scrap lead to sell. She worked in a uniform manufacturing company. They put two children through school and university. Their son is an architect who owns a house in Mosman. Their daughter is happily married and lives in Canberra with her husband and two daughters. They both see their parents regularly and their grandchildren love their Nonna and Nonno . She is just a sweetheart. They are devoted to each other. These are just a few of our 800 clients here at our Care Centre who each have such rich histories and some sadly who are lonely and vulnerable people to whom we are sometimes the only company they see each week. Our seniors deserve all the care respect and attention that is in our power to give. I am proud and humbled to be a part BCS a passionate innovative Christian organisation bringing life transforming care to our clients. 8 trUSt SPRING 2012 news art and learning projects take Aged Care Awards The residents thoroughly enjoying the experience engaging in a meaningful activity and forming new friendships. The activity was simple enough for residents to partake without any previous experience in ceramics. Some residents with very limited motor skills were still able to contribute. At BCS Morven Gardens in Leura the Never Too Old program received a highly commended award with an innovative partnership between the Blue Mountains College of TAFE and residents at the Centre where life long learning is encouraged and senior students are the norm. The program involved ten residents participating in a weekly study program in subjects from basic computer skills to creative writing. Aimee Green Julie Bajic and Erica Roy two of BcS facilities were finalists in this year s positive living aged care awards which recognise residential aged care providers in nSW who are implementing strategies to promote a positive approach to the prevention and management of mental health and wellbeing of residents in aged care facilities. BCS Cooinda Court a low care hostel in Marsfield won one of the three Positive Living in Aged Care Awards and 10 000 with an art therapy project that aims to prevent the onset of mental illness for aged care residents particularly for residents from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds. The eight week project was a collaborative work between residents staff a specialist in ceramics and a contracted psychologist Julie Bajic from Wise Care Pty Ltd. Twenty-four residents identified creative ways to express their emotions by painting on ceramic pots and planting young orchid plants in the finished product. Julie and the team observed reduced symptoms of psychological distress among residents which was validated with psychometric tests administered before and after the project. Many of the residents used their studies to help achieve worthwhile personal projects that may have not come to fruition. One resident Dudley Barker did a computer course and wrote an entertainment piece about his memories of celebrating Christmas while living in India. Executive Care Manager Mrs Donna Dobson said the partnership between the centre and TAFE produced wonderful results keeping the residents minds active and allowing them to learn new skills. We re never too old to learn Six awards were given across the three categories with a total of 45 000 in prize money by the Aged and Community Services Association. trUSt SPRING 2012 9 volunteering homeleSS hot SpotS craiG Goodreid bcS VoluNteer SerVIceS coNSultaNt is black tea because his throat is sore. He explains he d recently had an operation on it because he d been involved in a violent domestic dispute. Our next location is near a large block of subsidised housing units and it is here that we are met by our final volunteer for the night Morgan a 19 year old university student. Two men are already waiting as the van pulls up and they spend some time eating and chatting with us. most friday and Saturday nights BcS volunteers in newcastle work alongside the BcS night vision van and a custom built barbecue trailer travelling to hot spots where people who are homeless congregate. on fridays the van takes blankets food hot coffee and a listening ear while the barbecue trailer is utilised on Saturday evenings. i recently joined BcS night vision s friday volunteer team to see first hand the difference they are making in peoples lives. The team leader that night Josh has been volunteering with BCS Night Vision for over four years since moving to Newcastle to work at the RAAF base. During the night one of the people we meet asks him why he is there. He just smiles and replies I love being out here and helping people. 10 trUSt SPRING 2012 That sums up the passion of the BCS Night Vision volunteers I spend time with that night. After meeting Josh at BCS Maycare Community Centre to help him load the trailer with sausages donuts and boiling water we head out to pick up another volunteer Angela who usually lives in Gloucester almost two hours north of Newcastle. Angela stays at the house of a local relative when she s volunteering which she began doing for work experience. She plans to continue volunteering at least once every two months after seeing the difference that her time and contribution makes in peoples lives. Our first stop is at a location frequented by street based sex workers. It s a quiet night but we meet several people including a guy who is walking around looking for someone to talk to. We offer him coffee and a donut but all he wants Our final stop is Newcastle train station where we set up a small portable barbecue and provide sausage sandwiches to people who will spend the night sleeping on trains travelling between Newcastle and Sydney. The team assures me it is a quiet night but we go through two packets of sausages and a full loaf of bread in the couple of hours we are there. BCS Night Vision Coordinator Rob Dalais vision for the future is to have enough volunteers to operate both the trailer and van separately on Saturday nights while increasing the number of people who are reached by this vital ministry. If you are interested in helping BCS Night Vision and can volunteer for even one night a month please see the following page or contact me on (02) 9023 2563 for more information. 10 Be part of the change... today Do you want to make a difference in the lives of people in need BCS greatly values the contribution of volunteers as we pursue our vision of life-transforming care. Read on and find out more about current opportunities. NEWCASTLE BCS Night Vision (Newcastle) Outreach volunteer BCS Night Vision is a street outreach van and BBQ that operates on a Friday and Saturday night working with homeless and other marginalised groups in the Newcastle area. There is a need to interact with more male clients on Saturday night and we are seeking more male volunteers to meet this need however all volunteers are welcome. Please contact Rob on 0431 503 030 for more information. SYDNEY BCS Chisholm Care Assistant to Client Support Worker To assist the case worker to provide services to women and children living in our supported housing program one to two mornings per week. Female applicants only as this is a domestic violence service. A driver s licence is also essential. Please contact Lesley on 0423 561 197 for more information. 12.30pm. No experience necessary. ctivities Assistant A Waldock Assisting the Lifestyle Team with activities. Flexible role. No experience necessary although would suit a mature person. Please contact Eira on 8832 2033 for more information on these positions. BCS Care Centre Hills District (Castle Hill) Companion Social Activity and Shopping Assistants Volunteers are needed to provide transport companionship and support to isolated and or housebound aged frail aged and younger people with a disability. The time commitment is 2 hours weekly fortnightly. NSW driver s license and own vehicle (with comprehensive insurance) are a requirement of this role. Please contact Agnes on 8896 4700 for more information. BCS Carlingford A range of volunteering opportunities currently exist at the BCS Carlingford site hopping Assistant S Yallambi Assisting residents with their shopping needs on the first Monday of the month and or third Thursday and or fourth Tuesday 9.30am -12.30pm. No experience necessary hopping Assistant S Hayfield Court Assisting residents with their shopping needs on the first Tuesday of the month and or third Tuesday and or fifth Tuesday 9.30am BCS Care Centre Hunter (Newcastle) Social Interaction and Bus Driver We need volunteers to assist with Centre Based Day Care. This involves interaction with clients helping in the kitchen and some transport in volunteer s own car possible shopping respite home based interaction as well as possibly driving a small bus which requires a standard C Class license. Please contact Amanda on 4962 8230 for more information. ILLAWARRA BCS Care Centre Illawarra Shoalhaven Social Support and Shopping Assistants Volunteers are needed to help support clients to remain living independently in their own homes by assisting with shopping at their local centre as well as providing companionship and social contact. Desired time commitment is 2 hours minimum per week (client service is 2 hours). NSW driver s license and own vehicle (with comprehensive insurance) are a requirement of this role. Please contact Emma on 4480 7500 for more information. CENTRAL WEST BCS Care Centre Central West (Parkes) Activities Assistant To assist Care workers with preparing Morning Tea Lunch and Afternoon Tea and assist with Dementia related activities prepared to assist with bus outings. Driver s licence preferred Bus Licence would be an advantage. Please contact Kathryn on 5317 5010 for more information. ACT BCS Morling Lodge (Red Hill ACT) Musicians To provide musical entertainments such as sing-along s and mini concerts. Days and times are flexible. Bus driver Light rigid license required to drive 12 seater bus on scenic drives and local outings. Days and times are flexible outing duration approximately 2 hours. Please contact Susan on 0423 671 303 for more information. For more Volunteer opportunities visit news brand new display apartment ready for inspection The first residents at The Gracewood Community Kellyville will be moving into their new apartments in the New Year. Broad Construction the builders of the development are currently making progress on installation of the internal fixtures and fittings for the first 73 apartments in stage one of the development. Also the landscaping of the site is well underway with particular care being taken to preserve the fragment of the Cumberland State Forest that is nestled on the site near the newly constructed lake. Our new display suite is now open for inspection by appointment. Complete with age-friendly fixtures and features such as easy-open drawers waist level power points and the latest emergency monitoring technology the suite has been fully furnished so that you can see how comfortable it will be to live at Gracewood. The Gracewood Community Kellyville offers a choice of living options for seniors from independent and assisted living to aged care. Residents can participate in a range of activities stroll through peaceful gardens and catch up with friends at the clubhouse hairdresser or caf . To find out more Free Call Maria Carew on 1800 116 550 to arrange a personal appointment or visit Retirement living that lets you live the way you want Gracewood Kellyville offers a choice of living options for seniors from independent and assisted living to aged care. You can live independently for as long as you want in the comfort of your new apartment knowing that care and support is on your doorstep. FREE CALL 1800 116 550 OR VISIT WWW.GRACEWOODKELLYVILLE.COM.AU 12 trUSt SPRING 2012 AD006 T&T0812 trust file them to provide more personcentred levels of care. The Interactive Life Stories program also received national recognition when Mr Greg Price Executive Care Manager in Alstonville won the HESTA & Aged and Community Services Australia (ACSA) Provider Assist Scholarship Program Award last year. exceeded 1 million worth of loans to households in need across NSW. Baptist Community Services NSW & ACT (BCS) 28A Cambridge St Epping NSW 2121 PO Box 655 Epping NSW 1710 T (02) 9023 2500 F (02) 9023 2501 E ask W ABN 90 000 049 525 Relocation of Care Centres Two BCS Care Centres have recently relocated to larger and more suitable premises allowing both teams to better support the delivery of care to older Australians living in their own homes. BCS Care Centre South West Sydney relocated to Liverpool and is now more centrally located to the area serviced by this Care Centre. The Centre boasts a separate and generous sized training room as well as ample office space. With the amalgamation of the Parkes and Cowra Care Centres the newly named BCS Care Centre Central West moved to the main street of Cowra. This centre also provides significant office space as well as meeting and training rooms for staff who work across the wide spread Cowra Weddin Cabonne Forbes Parkes Blayney Boorowa Bathurst Orange City Lachlan and Oberon local government areas. the trust file Better Practice Award for Alstonville BCS Maranoa Centre Alstonville has won national recognition with a Better Practice Award from the Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency. Their award for an Interactive Life Stories program has residents and their families actively engaged with activities that lead to the digital production of a variety of media including movies posters and books. Interactive Life Stories has improved the social and emotional wellbeing of participating residents while offering staff a level of residentrelated knowledge that enables Microfinance Loans Expands Again BCS has further expanded its no interest and low interest loans schemes with specialised programs now operating for seniors and women escaping domestic violence. This represents a significant development in the collaborative approach to service delivery being undertaken by BCS AgeCare and LifeCare Divisions. The low interest Step Up loan scheme is now also available in the ACT and marks BCS first LifeCare service in the Territory. This LifeCare program will be operated in partnership with BCS AgeCare in the Southern Region and will be based at BCS Care Centre Canberra and Regional Office in Symonston In the last financial year BCS microfinance loan services have trUSt SPRING 2012 13 A Home of Hope BCS LifeCare ministry expresses Christ s love in serving individuals and families in the community with unmet spiritual emotional or physical needs. Many people are forced to live on the margins of society and face great difficulties accessing services and facilities as they try to commence a new life. One BCS LifeCare program BCS Chisholm Care provides a safe place for women and children along with vital support and resources needed to break the cycle of domestic violence. With limited government funding BCS LifeCare relies on the generous contributions and support from individual supporters and church communities. Can you help to bring hope Please donate online at or call 1300 ASK BCS (1300 275 227). God calls us to see people as He sees them children of God with the potential to live a transformed life. For women trapped in the cycle of domestic violence support through BCS Chisolm Care brings hope and confidence. Your gift will make a difference. Please send your tax-deductible gift using the coupon overleaf or donate online at i want to help BcS bring hope 1. my details (please print) Rev Dr Mr Mrs Ms Miss First name Surname Address (please circle) Mobile H( DOB Email ) W( ) 2. my gift of hope I would like to make a gift of to help BCS transform lives and bring hope. Please direct my gift to Where most needed BCS Chisholm Care (for women and children escaping domestic violence) BCS LifeCare Relationship Services BCS Chaplaincy A Home of Hope 3. payment details I enclose my cheque money order made payable to Baptist Community Services - NSW & ACT OR Please debit my credit card Visa Mastercard Diners ..................... ....................... ..................... ..................... Name of cardholder Expiry date Signature 4. request more information Please send me information on Regular giving Joining the prayer team Becoming a Volunteer Including BCS in my Will BCS Membership Please detach coupon and mail to Baptist Community Services - NSW & ACT PO Box 655 Epping NSW 1710 DONATIONS OF 2 AND OVER ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE ABN 90 000 049 525 NEWSWIN12