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BREEDING RACING Patinack Farm Freshman Sire Murtajill INGLIS EASTER SPECIAL 32-PAGE FEATURE FALLING FOAL NUMBERS Potential Impact FRENCH LESSONS Why Tote Turnover Matters THE JEWEL OF AFRICA Summerhill Stud ISSUE 103 MAR APR 2012 ISSN 1444-4593 PP 255003 05323 RRP AUST 15.95 (incl. GST) NZ 17.95 (incl. GST) BREEDING RACING KEY CONTACTS AT BREEDING&RACING Editor-In-Chief Gary Knowles gknowles Editor-At-Large Renee Geelen dekabat Advertising Manager Christian Whitehead girdlestone15 Staff Writer Merissa Borg Art Director St phanie Blandin de Chalian Designers Louise Summerton Luke Gover Chief Photographer Steve Hart Photographers Mark Gatt & Bruno Cannatelli Production Manager Victoria Hordern ADVERTISING INQUIRIES Christian Whitehead girdlestone15 Ph 0413 112 020 Fax 61 2 9281 7529 EDITORIAL DISTRIBUTION & SUBSCRIPTION Gary Knowles gknowles Ph 61 2 8204 1007 Fax 61 2 9281 7529 f you say it quickly it rolls off your tongue and we can furtively slip onto some other sporting sound bite Black Caviar is now the equal highestrated filly or mare in Timeform s history. Next... Except there probably won t be a next. This is equine s Don Bradman Babe Ruth Muhammed Ali Pele and Roger Federer all rolled into one and then some. You could equally use Dawn Fraser Betty Cuthbert and Nadia Comaneci to make the point however Black Caviar doesn t dominate just her own sex she breaks the heart of every male she meets too. The grandiose superlatives have long since ceased to have meaning. What does matter is that so long as she s still racing in Australia we should treat every race as her last. We should hire a camper van load up the kids and the grand parents and follow her around like groupies. We should dine on Black Caviar and black caviar and savour the memories. Atlas carried the weight of the world. So too does Black Caviar s halfbrother All Too Hard. Depending on how you look at it luck s either a fortune or costs a fortune. He wasn t cheap but the decision by Nathan Tinkler to go beyond a million to buy All Too Hard suddenly looks all too easy. Two starts for two stakes-wins including a Gr2 romp reminds us of a filly not so long ago whose luck was sure to run out soon. Except it didn t. And so to the debutante. Lot 200 at Inglis Easter may want for some things but suitors is not one of them. The Redoute s Choice half-sister to Black Caviar All Too Hard and Moshe won t ever have to feel unwanted. Like a glittering prize she will be ogled by those with deep pockets. And they ll need them. It s called a sales arena for a reason. Yes it s almost Easter again when brittle leaves morph into burnt sienna and blood oranges and we all huddle beneath Inglis Morton Bay Fig. If only it were Christmas. I would write Dear Santa please bring me a Helsinge just one will do... Happy Easter. Gary Knowles Editor-In-Chief I PRODUCED & PUBLISHED BY GADFLY MEDIA ABN 86 066 598 427 Level 1 579 Harris Street Ultimo NSW 2007 Australia Managing Director Gary Allen Reproduction in whole or in part is not permitted without the written authorisation of the publisher. All reasonable efforts have been made to trace copyright holders. This magazine contains general information only and does not purport to be a substitute for expert advice. All readers are advised to seek expert advice from a travel agent if considering travelling to a specific destination. The publisher and the authors do not accept any liability whatsoever in respect of any action taken by readers in reliance on the recommendations set out in this magazine. For FREE Daily Industry News Updates 2 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM INGLIS EASTER SALE 32-PAGE FEATURE FALLING FOAL NUMBERS THE POTENTIAL IMPACT E PAGE 44 E PAGE 4 FRENCH LESSONS WHY TOTE TURNOVER MATTERS THE JEWEL OF AFRICA SUMMERHILL STUD E PAGE 8 E PAGE 14 HONG KONG TOP WEIGHT AUSTRALIAN JAMES ROSS WARDS OF THE COURT TRIPLE CROWN S REIGN E PAGE 24 E PAGE 32 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM 3 POTENTIAL IMPACT OF SIRELINES The sirelines of the current cohort of stallions to stand have the following features 76% or 496 trace to the immortal Nearco compared with 78% in 2010 58% or 381 stallions trace to his grandson Northern Dancer 55% in 2010 11% or 69 trace to his son Royal Charger 9% in 2010 6% or 36 to another son Nasrullah 7% in 2010 38% or 245 trace to Northern Dancer s son Danzig 33% in 2010 31% or 200 trace to Danehill continuing his rise to dominance with 26% in 2010. Eight other sirelines comprise the 22% balance including the Mr. Prospector line which has 11% or 74 stallions compared with 12% in 2010. Phalaris the ancestor of all the above sires and of three of the other sirelines held 90% of the pool. Sireline Phalaris Others Stallions 587 66 653 90% 10% 100% Mares 20 988 816 21 804 96% 4% 100% FALLING FOAL NUMBERS By Michael Ford Keeper of the Australian Stud Book jointly owned by the Australian Turf Club Limited and Victoria Racing Club Limited. QUESTIONS FROM THE KEEPER To date at 15 February 2012 653 stallions were reported covering 21 804 mares for the 2011 season. While this is 9.5% below last year s total when 786 stallions covered 24 140 it is expected that the total will be around 22 500 after late reports are lodged or 7% below that for 2010 with 700 stallions. What impact will these numbers have on racing in the future What sirelines make up the cohort of stallions at stud How are the smaller studs faring And what is the impact of Danehill Phalaris dynasty Nearco Native Dancer Other Phalaris 496 74 17 76% 11% 3% 18 404 2 223 361 84% 10% 2% FOAL CROP SIZES While a decrease in figures is always a concern I maintain that there are enough coverings to produce sufficient foals for racing. For the fifteen seasons up to 2006 18 300 foals were produced on average from each crop and out of these an average of 10 500 raced. This meant that 45% of each foal crop never raced. While not strictly a matter of supply and demand there have always been plenty of horses to fill race fields even when some of those races had less than eight starters. The perception by the punter is that there must be too many races and not enough starters. Race programming differs from state to state and one only has to look at Brisbane race fields which seem to be well populated week in and week out for many years to see that there are enough starters. Certainly a great proportion of that 45% just did not have the conformation for racing. The Thoroughbred despite its size is a fragile beast with slight legs supporting frames of up to half a tonne. Many things can go wrong even for the Thoroughbred that is suited for racing yet over a quarter of a foal crop makes it to the track as two-year olds. For the next three to five years however racing authorities need to keep a sharp eye on the trends to ascertain whether there will be an impact on field sizes when several of the recent foal crops from 2007 onwards are represented on the track. Foal crop sizes and horses racing in the last five years have been as follows Season 1997 1998 1999 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Foal crop 18 510 18 250 18 670 18 500 16 670 17 710 16 200 15 500 est Horses racing 32 040 31.950 31 640 29 970 31 670 31 770 31 180 Other dynasties Better Boy Hyperion Others 13 38 15 653 2% 6% 2% 100% 63 435 318 21 804 0% 2% 1% 100% Within a decade all lines will trace to Phalaris born 1913. Being an ancestor of both Nearco and Native Dancer has its advantages. Nearco is the sire of Royal Charger Nasrullah and grandfather of Northern Dancer. Hyperion is battling on through Star Kingdom-Biscay-Bletchingly but seems doomed eventually. Native Dancer lines Mr. Prospector Majestic Prince 65 9 10% 1% 1 998 225 9% 1% These lines offer a suitable outcross to Northern Dancer Nearco branches Northern Dancer Royal Charger Nasrullah Other Nearco 381 69 36 10 496 58% 11% 6% 2% 76% 14 739 2 520 750 395 18 404 68% 12% 3% 2% 84% Note that horses racing are drawn from crops as early as 2001 up to 2009 for the current season These branches are sufficiently removed to provide outcrosses to each other. Nasrullah s descendant A.P Indy is a leading USA . stallion and has 3 sons standing in Australia including Bernadini and Congrats. 4 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM Royal Charger lines Hail To Reason Sir Gaylord 39 30 6% 5% 1 708 812 8% 4% STUDS An economic description of the breeding industry would use the term oligopoly a few major players dominating without any of them being a monopoly. A proper breakdown of the studs standing stallions provides a clearer picture Stallions 4% 2% 840 868 4% 4% 1 2 Studs 2011 293 47 25 14 2 3 1 3 2 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 394 200 45 245 31% 7% 38% 8 001 2 049 10 050 37% 9% 46% Stallions 2011 293 94 75 56 10 18 7 24 18 10 0 12 13 0 0 0 26 656 Mares 2011 4 274 2 143 2 198 2 064 407 594 692 973 2 143 937 0 1 117 1 712 0 0 0 2 550 21 804 Avg 15 23 29 37 41 33 99 41 119 94 0 93 132 0 0 0 100 33 Studs 2010 287 58 26 10 10 1 2 3 2 2 1 0 0 1 1 0 0 404 Studs 2006 440 48 20 11 7 0 6 1 2 2 1 0 0 0 1 1 0 540 Studs 2000 671 100 41 12 4 3 1 3 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 837 Hail To Reason branches Halo Roberto 25 14 Sir Gaylord branches Zabeel Others 26 4 4% 1% 784 28 4% 0% 3 4 5 6 7 245 23 14 17 34 24 7 8 9 372 38% 4% 2% 3% 5% 4% 1% 1% 1% 57% 10 050 631 461 740 1 271 1 108 322 66 90 14 649 46% 3% 2% 3% 6% 5% 1% 0% 0% 67% 8 9 10 11 12 13 15 18 20 26 The mainstays of this line are More Than Ready and his 9 sons including Sebring for Hail To Reason and Lonhro with his five sons Including Denman for Sir Gaylord. Northern Dancer lines Danzig Fairy King Nijinsky II Nureyev Sadler s Wells Storm Bird Try My Best Vice Regent Others This line continues to go from strength to strength with its ability to keep producing sire sons. Danzig branches Danehill Others Danehill s grandsons Choisir and Stratum are finding favour as sires of sires. Danehill branches Danehill Redoute s Choice Flying Spur Danehill Dancer Danetime Exceed And Excel Fastnet Rock Lion Hunter Others 90 48 11 9 7 5 5 5 20 200 14% 7% 2% 1% 1% 1% 1% 1% 3% 31% 3 044 1 869 731 497 298 261 536 108 657 8 001 14% 9% 3% 2% 1% 1% 2% 0% 3% 37% Danehill himself still has 90 sons at stud covering 14% of the mare herd. The depth of this line is exemplified by the 20 other sons of Danehill which covered 3% of the mare herd. This group includes sons of Danzero and Rock Of Gibraltar. Field sizes are not a concern at this stage FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM 5 POTENTIAL IMPACT OF FALLING FOAL NUMBERS (CONT) Obviously the biggest decline since 2000 is the number of studs with one stallion from 671 down to 293 although it increased by 6 from the 2010 season. Darley s rise to prominence is evidenced by the 26 stallions which stood in 2011 eclipsing Coolmore s 13. There has been very little change since 2006 in the number of small studs which stand 2 to 4 stallions and a mixture of variation for the medium-sized studs which stand 5 to 8 stallions has resulted in similar numbers to the 2000 season. DANEHILL DAUGHTERS AND GRAND-DAUGHTERS Mares Daughters of Danehill Grand-daughters of Danehill Sired by Al Maher Arena Blackfriars Catbird Catbird Commands Danasinga Danehill Dancer Danetime Danewin 319 2 880 41 59 47 127 127 192 58 196 40 66 227 67 85 77 340 108 276 123 45 579 DANEHILL PHENOMENON The phenomenon of Danehill continued unabated with 91 of his sons now at stud and a further 104 grandsons including sons of Fastnet Rock Exceed And Excel Flying Spur and Redoute s Choice the most potent with 46 sons and six grandsons. These stallions covered nearly 8 000 mares or 37% of all mares covered. This is quite significant compared with other major sirelines Sires Overall Danehill sons Danehill Danehill 653 91 104 6 201 Nearco s line Nasrullah Royal Charger Nearctic 35 67 254 557 Native Dancer line Star Kingdom line Better Boy line 69 33 11 2 073 387 59 747 2 515 9 300 Mares covered 21 804 3 044 4 698 252 7 994 14% 22% 1% 37% Includes Danehill 3% 12% 43% 94% 10% 2% 0.3% Mostly Sir TristramZabeel Predominantly Northern Mostly descended A loved line disappearing Danzero Desert King Exceed And Excel Fastnet Rock Flying Spur Lion Hunter Redoute s Choice Rock Of Gibraltar Shovhog G-daughters by 91 other sons With almost 3 200 daughters or grand-daughters of Danehill at stud 14% of all mares covered in 2011 descend from Danehill. We know from above that 37% of all mares were covered by sons grandsons and great-grandsons of Danehill. A further analysis shows that of the 3 200 mares covered by male descendants of Danehill only 40 had Danehill as a grandsire and 136 as a great-grandsire. This means that 50% of all foals for 2012 will have Danehill in them from either The 8 000 mares covered by Danehill s males The 3 200 mares covered which descend from Danehill It appears inevitable that matings in the future will contain Danehill on both sides of the pedigree. FIRST SEASON STALLIONS DANEHILL STRIKES AGAIN So far 78 first season stallions have reported for work in the 2011 season and unsurprisingly 33% are descendants of the great Danehill with 4 great-grandsons and 20 grandsons at stud for the first time. Such is the depth of his popularity that everyone seems to want a male that traces directly to Danehill. He is the flavour of the decade. Will he be the flavour of the century Other represented sirelines include 9 or 13% from the Royal Charger line (Sir Tristram-Zabeel Hail to Reason-Roberto) 8 or 12% from the Mr. Prospector line A total of 46 or 66% with Northern Dancer at their helm half of these of course descending from Danehill. Notable racehorses that carried out breeding duties for the first time include 6 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM Tickets and Rothesay with 152 mares Reward For Effort 150 Star Witness 147 Stryker with 123 mares Hinchinbrook 119 Starspangledbanner 116 Drumbeats 112 and Beneteau with 102. Except for Star Witness by Starcraft a great-grandson of Northern Dancer through Nureyev these stallions have Danehill in the top line of their pedigrees. VRC Derby winner Monaco Consul a son of Northern Dancer s grandson High Chaparral through Sadler s Wells weighed in with 99 mares. With Northern Dancer being deceased for 21 years having been born in 1960 it is rare to have a great-grandson of the champion sire as a freshman. Notable overseas racehorses to commence stud duties for the first time in Australia include Congrats (USA) with 140 mares Lope De Vega (IRE) 110 Lookin At Lucky (USA) 102 and dual King s Stand Stakes winner Equiano (FR) 91. Overall the new Australian product was well tried. The freshmen covered in all 2 745 mares or 13% of the total of 21 550 mares covered. WHEN THE SEAS OF L IFE GET ROUGH WATERTIGHT COVER IS YOUR LIFEBOAT With horses as in life it pays to know the risks involved. As a genuine equine insurance broker we re here to look after YOUR interests and we know that price is irrelevant unless you have the right cover for your needs. We ll get the right cover at the right price and because we ve already done your homework for you your time can be better spent finding another winner. Want to know more Simply go to our website at or call Wayne Aldridge on 61 2 9988 4546 0412 333 808 & wayne FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM 7 FRENCH LESSONS 8 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM I With possible lessons for Australia European correspondent John Gilmore finds that France s no-nonsense approach to its tote system has made it the envy of other European racing nations. t remains the jewel in the crown of French horseracing. On the first weekend of each October racing enthusiasts flock to Longchamp to enjoy the world s richest turf race the Arc de Triomphe which has total prize money of 4 million Euros including 2.3 million for the winner alone. The irresistible lure of the Arc 50 000 spectators attended last year including 20 000 Britons and it is televised in scores of countries is testament to the rude health of French racing. Despite the economic crisis the French tote the PMU (Pari Mutuel Urbain) saw betting turnover grow by 7.3% percent to 10.236 billion Euros in 2011. Racing turnover in France is split fifty fifty between France Galop who run flat jumping and Le Cheval Francais who do likewise for trotting. For 2012 France Galop has announced a 5% across the board increase in prize money from a total 266 million euros allocation. This is a 16% increase since 2007. But French Racing s current success is no accident resulting from a clear policy over the past 120 years to ensure proper funding of the industry. This started with the 1891 law banning bookmakers leaving the State-run Pari Mutuel on-course pool betting as the only legal operator. This was further enforced eighty years ago when offcourse Pari Mutuel services were first introduced mainly in cafe bar outlets and these still exist today with 11 200 now operating throughout the country (linked to a central computer system) and with each fitted with live TV coverage. In 1954 the PMU introduced the first Tierc race along the lines of Australia s trifecta where the punter had to pick the first three home in a designated handicap race giving them a chance to win a lot for a small stake. Proving very popular the Tierc is now run every day with a minimum of 16 runners and has extended to three separate pools - the first three four and five home (Tierc Quart Quint bet) for a minimum 1 euro stake accumulating to around 25% of annual turnover. This offers the possibility to win six figure sums which has proved a marketing dream for daily race sponsorship and is a major source of funding for the Industry. Yet storm clouds had been on the horizon to upset the apple cart prior to betting markets finally being opened to outside operators in June 2010. The European Commission through former Internal Market Commissioner Mr Charles McCreevy threatened action against the French if they continued to refuse to open up their closely regulated betting industry. For several years the French Government has been battling with the European Commission to keep out foreign bookmakers and betting exchanges all eager to gain a share of the lucrative French betting market. Ultimately the French Government finally proved more than a match when plans to open up their betting market were initially revealed at the end of 2009. The current mutuel PMU system of betting on horseracing would remain in place as the only bricks and mortar betting vehicle legally allowed. Bookmakers were allowed to enter the French horseracing market via the internet but not allowed to set up terrestrial betting shops within the country or offer fixed odds betting on horseracing. They would have to be licensed and taxed in France operate within the PMU system and pay the same levy - 8 percent of turnover - to fund French racing plus 4.8% state tax and 1.8% social security deductions. Bookmakers were allowed to apply for an internet game of skill licence such as poker taxed at a flat rate 2% or a fixed odds betting licence taxed at 7.5% on French sports other than horseracing including paying 1.8% to the French sports governing body plus 1.8% social security deductions. This proposition was given the green light by the European Commission in time for the market opening on June 12 2010 but not by the leading British bookies like Ladbrokes who had been lobbying the Commission to force the French to open up their betting market... Unsurprisingly none of the leading British bookmakers applied for any licence considering they pay around 1.5% of their turnover to fund the racing industry in Britain and nothing for other sports betting. With only PMU betting allowed via the internet for horserace bets this theoretically put paid to Betting Exchanges who were equally outlawed 9 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM FRENCH LESSONS (CONT) from obtaining a sports betting licence by French law. That s because laying and placing a bet between unlicensed individuals contradicted these principles. Introducing licensing regulations for foreign horserace betting operators through the French betting and gaming regulating authority Arjel effectively ruled out illegal betting. It also levelled the playing field for the PMU by reducing the advantages of companies like ZEturf (based in a low tax country like Malta) as they were now obliged to pay the same percentage of turnover as the PMU to support French Criquette Head Karl Burke FRENCH BETTING TURNOVER GREW BY 7.3% PERCENT TO 10.236 BILLION EUROS IN 2011... racing thus reducing their profit margins. Currently eight companies have a French Horserace betting licence issued by Arjel including the PMU. The French PMU was also quick to meet the challenge of competition from online foreign bookmakers - branching out from day one into the sports betting market. Aware of its limitations in this field the PMU signed an agreement with leading Irish bookmaker Paddy Power to use their expertise to assist with fixed odds sports betting. They also did likewise with Party Gaming the world s leading listed online gaming company for poker bets. PMU Managing Director Philippe Germond stated The PMU with its traditional business of horseracing has planned its expansion into fixed odds online betting and online poker where it is hoping to capture 20-25% market share. This some 18 months later has proved to be the case - even with competition from a total of 29 Sports betting and or poker-licensed companies. The web site was completely re designed to cater for sports poker and horseracing linked to a revitalised marketing campaign. It already has a core base of around 6.5 million horserace punters of which 87% of turnover is placed through the PMU cafe outlets or on-course. The aim of the web site was to attract a new and younger market to on-line betting which seems to have been successful 2011 saw dramatic growth in sports betting and poker making the PMU a front rank player in this market. Germond also noted that Sports betting grew by 129% for the full year and by 34% during the comparable period of activity from June-December 2010. Market share grew steadily doubling in 12 months to nearly 20%. The poker business grew by 141% for the full year and by 30% during the comparable period from July December 2010. Importantly PMU research showed a third of new sport betting or poker customers also bet on horse races which generated a 20% on-line growth over the year. In total activity on the PMU website for all three areas grew by 45% in 2011 to reach 1.346 billion euros with 500 000 active customers. The average age of on-line betting customers dropped by 9 years in the past 18 months. Its core horserace betting in 2011 saw an overall rise in turnover of 4.5% to 9.765 billion euros. This progress has coincided with an aggressive commercial strategy offering a super Quint jackpot of 5 million euros on the 13th of each month the extension of key exotic bets increasing daily racing programming covering major races abroad and the new Pick 5 race bet launched on January 7 this year. Nonetheless the French racing industry which directly and indirectly employs around 100 000 people is alarmed at the possible consequences if foreign bookies ever established a foothold here. Representatives claim that off-course bookmaker betting is rarely if ever good news for racing itself. Wherever bookmakers exist in strength the horseracing industry suffers says leading trainer Criquette Maarek-Head President of the French trainers association since 1998. In Belgium Italy England Germany and Ireland prize money is going down and we don t want the same thing here. That s why the French plans for opening up the market were necessary to prevent any damage to French racing s future funding as bookmakers and betting exchanges are interested in making a profit for themselves not funding the sport itself. Indeed for years France has indirectly been partially supporting other nations horseracing industries. This country s races have seen regular runners from Belgium Britain Ireland Italy Germany and Spain as owners and trainers seek the more lucrative prize money on offer here even for lower category claiming and handicap races. In Germany general handicap races are worth only around three thousand euros to the winner. In France this type of race is worth around three times as much in the provinces and at least seven times as much around the Parisian tracks. In 2002 there were 394 German runners in French flat races but by last year the number had jumped to 1 954. In total 4 146 foreign runners raced in France from the above countries in 2011. This included a noticeable increase over the past four years from Britain 220 to 313 runners mainly in lower level maiden claiming and handicap races which shot up from 14 to 115 during the same period. A major problem in Germany is that only the Pari Mutuel contributes to fund racing through the 16.6% deduction from turnover. Bookmakers do not pay anything to German racing and can therefore offer more attractive prices with many based offshore. The result has seen a spectacular impact with thoroughbred horserace numbers falling below 3 000 from 5 500 some 20 years ago and the inevitable impact for owners breeders trainers and staff of falling revenue for German prize money levels at the 40 racecourses. Danedream ridden by Andrasch Starke and trained by Peter Schiergen may have been a shock 5-lengths 27 1 winner for Germany in last year s Gr1 Arc but it has sadly had little impact on the underlying problems facing the industry. The Government is looking to introduce new gambling regulations by next July but any changes would have to address the bookmakers non-payment to racing and be accepted by all 16 L nder (regions). Britain meanwhile has a 96% bookmakeroriented operation offering 1.5% of horseracing turnover to fund racing when around 5% is considered the minimum. In recent years bookmakers have significantly increased betting on sports other than horseracing. This has seen a knock-on 8% fall in racehorse prize money since 2007 as racehorse turnover decreased. In addition some bookmaking behemoths have moved their operations offshore to Gibraltar in order to save on taxes. Karl Burke a flat race trainer at Spigot Lodge in North Yorkshire puts the purse disparity into perspective I won a maiden two-year-old race at Lingfield recently worth 2 800 euros to the winner with a horse that cost 65 000 euros as a foal. That prize money was less than I received for a 10-year-old gelding placed in a claimer at Deauville last year. Burke observed It s much more difficult now to keep owners and find new ones and I am looking at a regular business plan with my owners to run horses in France on more or less a monthly basis when the 10 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM IAH Sales Pty. Ltd. 18 Healey Circuit Huntingwood NSW 2148 Australia Freecall 1800 801 201 Ph 02 9672 7944 Fax 02 9672 7988 Email info Website War on Worms Choose Your Weapons... Th importance The importance of rotating wormers by active The importance of rotating wormers by active rtan rotati ormers active ive NO NOT by brandname has never been as important OT a dname a ever e mportan nt NOT by brandname has never been as important as it is today Resi t nce is on y matte of time... oday Resistance only matter atter m ... as it is today Resistance is only a matter of time... 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To the east of France Italy s horseracing only resumed on 11 February at Siracusa in Sicily after a strike since 1 January by all those connected with the racing industry over falling prize money. Italian racing turnover in the past few years has been in decline and fell by a further 20% to 1.37bn euros in 2011 with the Italian racing authority announcing a cut of 40% in prize money for 2012. Angry racing staff went on strike and lobbied the Italian Parliament to seek help for the industry that employs 50 000 staff. Some broke into the UNIRE TV offices and took away cabling and broadcasting equipment to stop the station broadcasting foreign racing for Italians to bet on. The Government has proposed a near term solution by using some of the taxes from slot machine revenue which will require an amendment in Parliament. It also is planning to look at other European countries and how they run their horse race betting industries with a view to improving the industry s image and implementing changes to stimulate the betting industry. In Europe only France and Sweden who both have a similar strong brand Pari-Mutuel betting system for horseracing appear to have the right solutions. After opening up the market the PMU has been looking to expand its product oversees. The PMU s enormous pool betting base and diversified exotic bets have proved attractive to foreign countries operators looking for more profitable betting products backed up by the high quality Equidia TV channel which broadcasts live racing. In 2011 the PMU s turnover generated by foreign partners grew by 20%. The export of French races significantly increased with new or renewed partnerships completed with Switzerland Belgium Germany Finland Morocco Poland the US Luxembourg and South Africa. A pool-linked agreement with the German Tote aids their racing as a percentage of turnover is designated for this purpose but is hardly a solution for German racing s problems. In the future French racing cannot survive on its own if the racing industries in near neighbour countries do not get their act together to introduce clear betting regulations for the benefit of horseracing as opposed to what s good for bookmakers and betting exchanges. Clearly moving forward it is not in French racing s interest to have a situation where overseas owners and trainers regularly raid the cookie jar. French racing is the envy of its European neighbours. Perhaps emulating underlying structural economic disparities across the region that threaten to derail the great European dream it would seem that decisive action is required in those countries whose administrators have let the game slip away. FRANCE ALREADY HAS A CORE BASE OF AROUND 6.5 MILLION HORSERACE PUNTERS 87% OF THEIR TURNOVER IS PLACED THROUGH THE PMU CAFE OUTLETS OR ON-COURSE... 12 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM The Number One Choice With Veterinarians Fence Contractors Horse Owners and Horses The World s Safest & Most Durable Horse Fencing In a class of its own... Ben Duncan Horserail Australia Freecall 1800 259 365 Email horserail Horserail Patent No. 6533881 Spoolers Patent No. 6431487 Buckles Patent No. 7 566 047 14 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM THE OF AFRICA On a recent trip to South Africa editor-inchief Gary Knowles visited Africa s leading thoroughbred property Summerhill one of the world s great stud farms. JEWEL I t would be nice to write about this African equine landmark by employing the standard reporting approach of who what when how and why but that s just not possible. Entering Summerhill founded in 1879 by the one-time Deputy Prime Minister of the Old Colony of Natal there is a flooding of emotions an unsettling sense of sliding doors of never having been here but never having left. It is the fall of light shadows on the nearby Drakensburg mountain ranges the birdsong and the smells listening to the linguistic clicks of Zulu men as they handle mares and foals combine to shake me from my reverie that 21 years in Australia have rendered me a nonAfrican. I might have affected a lilt and twang to my accent but like it or not roots are roots. And besides this journey is a homecoming in more ways than one. Nearly 30 years ago Summerhill s principals Mick and Cheryl Goss patiently bore the brunt of a young man s unbridled enthusiasm about all things thoroughbred providing encouragement and a seat outside their stables at sales. It was a vantage point from which I enviously ogled their battalions of year-old horses. The reference to battalions is apt because KwaZulu-Natal is scattered with Champion Sire Northern Guest the remnants of some astonishing military history including mighty battles between the British and the Zulus and then in the lead-up to apartheid s fall when virtual black-on-black civil war ebbed and flowed in the valleys dotted with African villages. With sufficient means and global connections to have made a handsome life anywhere in the world the Goss family chose to stay in South Africa. Embracing the African National Congress was easy reveals Goss of what was then a looming change to black majority rule. We grew up in their heartland and we knew which way they were going to go that s what gave us our faith in the future. It appears on the surface to have been a prescient decision. Mick Goss is no Johnnycome-lately white farmer with a patrician attitude. Although trained as a lawyer he grew up in far-flung trading posts of Transkei s Wild Coast running barefoot with little Zulu umfaans as his playmates one of who serendipitously became one of South Africa s future rulers. In a country where most whites struggle to get by with a smattering of pidgin English when conversing with black Africans it is astonishing to listen to Goss chatter away in Zulu as though it were his mother tongue. In many ways it is. It clearly makes an enormous difference that to the vast majority of his staff he is not some outsider but a fellow African with a deep affection for their culture and the land they all share. They are without question the greatest horsemen I have ever seen declares Goss of the Zulus. I don t know what it is about the relationship they share with horses but 15 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM THE JEWEL OF AFRICA (CONT) School of Excellence lecture hall SUMMERHILL STUD WAS RECENTLY CROWNED CHAMPION SOUTH AFRICAN BREEDER ITS 7TH CONSECUTIVE TITLE... Mick Goss Summerhill s School of Excellence I can tell you I have never seen a horse try to hurt a Zulu and neither have I ever seen a Zulu mistreat a horse. GEOGRAPHY Situated at Mooi River just over two hours to the west of Durban on South Africa s east coast Summerhill lies in a region that is atypical of most people s perception of Africa. It is a green canvas with pockets that appear very English blanketed in lush verdant pastures and home to the pukka landed gentry whose young sons play polo still. Summerhill skirts the northern reaches of the majestic Midlands Meander a leisurely drive that starts near Howick s famous falls and wends its way through myriad little towns restaurants organic stalls colonial book-shops bric-a-brac stores and shabby-chic hideaways. Long known as the last bastion of the British Empire due to its very English history this part of the former Natal colony is famous for two of the African continent s finest schools Hilton College and Michaelhouse. Fierce rugby rivals their derbies attract cult-like followings where running rugby is the norm and where students are as likely to be from London or Lagos as they are from a farm near the Limpopo. 16 Here apparently breeding is everything. And it s catching. Summerhill Stud was recently crowned Champion South African Breeder its 7th consecutive championship following record-breaking feats in previous seasons. In 2005 the record books were re-written as the stud claimed the Breeder s Premiership by a record margin. In 2006 their previous record was eclipsed five weeks before the season s close and this was followed by recordbreaking margins in 2007 2008 and 2009. In 2010 Summerhill s record earnings for the Championship were more than double its closest rival. The property consists of over 3 000 acres of fully fenced secure paddocks where all pastures and cropland is maintained on strictly organic principles. In addition there is a carefully monitored complementary grazing program to control parasites and paddocks are sewn with a mixture of 11 grass species selected for optimal equine nutrition and growth. Boasting internationally trained staff across separate divisions that include foaling yearling ready to race stallion and broodmares Summerhill has 320 stables and a yearling and stallion walker. There are also two 1400m turf gallops two 1600m sand tracks and a 2400m turf track. With round-the-clock supervision Summerhill is a registered quarantine facility with on-site veterinary care a foaling unit and a surgery unit. Mick Goss family have had a life-long love affair with racing his grandfather having owned St Pauls winner of the 1946 Durban July Handicap South Africa s most famous race run over 2200m at Greyville in Durban. Although his father also enjoyed the industry business interests had to come first. As a result it was left to genetics to ensure that Mick and his brother Pat would resume the family s love affair with the turf. Initially involved in 1979 as a legal advisor to the syndicate that purchased the original property (Hartford House was just a neighbour at that point) the Goss boys took the bit by their teeth and gradually increased their shareholding in Summerhill to the point they became majority owners. In the late 80s Mick Goss assumed total control by buying his brother out. INTERNATIONAL CONNECTIONS Despite its African setting Summerhill Stud has a surprisingly international FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM 400 380 360 340 320 300 280 WEIGHT vs TIME FROM BIRTH - Actual weight - Ideal weight WEIGHT KGS 260 240 220 200 180 160 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 0 300 350 50 400 100 150 FOAL GROWTH SOFTWARE Wayne Bedggood Manager CRESSFIELD STUD Track the weight of your foals against the Australian ideal or simply monitor the average daily gain. This new web enabled version also lets you compare foals out of the same mare over various years simply at the touch 200 a button - or compare of 250 foals by the same sire. Upload photos and comments. Most importantly its easy to use. It s a system built by horsemen - for horsemen At Cressfield we use the Horsepower Foal Growth Software as an essential part of our horse husbandry program in particular when it comes to assessing the growth stages of our foals weanlings and yearlings. We have a lot less developmental issues now we can constantly maintain our horse s growth rate. It s been a great addition to our existing strategies and practices assisting us in ensuring we achieve the optimal development of our horses. 1800 681 117 For more details contact - EQUINE NUTRITION SYSTEMS PTY LTD. Website THE JEWEL OF AFRICA (CONT) Hartford House IT IS IRONIC THAT MICK GOSS HAD TO TRAVEL HALFWAY ACROSS THE WORLD TO FIND PERHAPS HIS BEST BUY. Ready To Run gallops clientele... Besides playing host to a sizeable proportion of the breeding stock of its own nation s top owners more than a third of the farm s resident horse population belong to customers in the United Kingdom the USA the UAE Australia France Japan Germany Ireland and Hong Kong. For a man who has achieved so much in his own back yard it is ironic that Mick Goss had to travel halfway across the world to find perhaps his best buy. Goss is a frequent visitor to Australia s sales with his regular team of Annet Becker and Tarryn Liebenberg in search of prospects for Summerhill s ready to run operation. And it was at Inglis 2009 Melbourne Premier Sale that a Galileo filly caught their eye from the Kia Ora Stud draft. Picked up for the relatively modest sum of 65 000 Igugu s victory in last January s Gr1 J&B Met at Kenilworth in Cape Town was the icing on the cake. Along the way the 4YO mare took her record to 10 wins. These included 2011 s Gr1 Durban July over 2200m and Gr1 Woolavington 2000 over 2000m (both at Greyville in Durban) Gr1 SA Fillies Classic over 1800m Gr2 South African Oaks over 2450m at Turffonetin Gr2 Ipi Tombe Challenge over 1600m Gr2 Gauteng Fillies Guineas over 1600m 18 and 2010 s Gr3 Johannesburg Spring Challenge over 1450m (all at Turffontein in Johannesburg) & 2 runners-up (including 2010 s Gr1 Cape Fillies Guineas over 1600m at Kenilworth) from 12 starts. Igugu s Horse of the Year title and her place at the top of the earnings table for 2011 (in excess of R5 million) follow on the heels of 2010 s biggest earner Pierre Jourdan and Imbongi s status in the same year as the earnings Victor Ludorum at Dubai s Racing Carnival. It is deeply satisfying for Goss that Igugu was on-sold at the annual Ready-To-Run Sale whose 2012 edition was recently held at Summerhill s Centre Of Management Excellence. With the support of other industry bodies Summerhill has continued to champion the Ready-To-Run and they along with a strong and diverse South African buying bench were again very active at last month s Inglis Melbourne Premier Sale despite facing an exchange rate where every dollar cost the equivalent of eight rand in South African currency. the stud recently completed their 40th International Scholarship with the return of two of their young Zulu staff from the USA and the UK. The doors of the on-site Al Maktoum School of Management opened at Summerhill in May 2011. It is already regarded by many as the finest educational facility of its kind in the world. At 2011 s Melbourne Premier Goss excitedly shared the news on the upcoming opening with Breeding&Racing. It sounded in theory like a fine idea however it s not until one has experienced this faculty in the flesh that one can appreciate the extent of the vision that lies behind it. Housed in a very special building with majestic views of the farm the school may be brand new yet it exudes a presence of ingrained gravitas its lecture hall s leatherbound airline seats a curiously satisfying addition to this acoustically designed African setting. Africa demands that you give something back exclaims an infectiously enthusiastic Goss about this local undertaking which has gone globally viral and which attracts the cr me of the world thoroughbred fraternity as guest lecturers. STALLION POWER AL MAKTOUM SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT As part of Summerhill s ongoing commitment to education and training Summerhill s farm is home to arguably Africa s most formidable band of young sire talent and includes among its stallion owners the leading studs in Australia Japan the United States Dubai and South Africa. Great stallions make great farms and Summerhill was blessed in its early days to have stood Northern Guest an impeccably bred son of Northern Dancer out of the celebrated blue hen Sex Appeal. His imposing list of progeny whose earnings eclipsed R50 million included the Gr1 winners Senor Santa Travel North Spook And Diesel Northern Princess Imperious Sue Unaware Angus and Mystery Guest. And with the benefit FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM EL 42 SWAROVISION. THE NEW DIMENSION FOR OBSERVATION REVOLUTIONARY Razor-sharp clarity right up to the image periphery. Maximum colour fidelity. Spectacle wearers also benefit from the full wide-angle field of view. Experience a previously unequalled image quality even in poor light conditions. NEW FOCUSING MECHANISM fast precise reliable unique close-focusing distance of down to 1.5 m UNIQUE EL WRAP-AROUND GRIP for a secure grip easily operated with one hand TECHNOLOGY innovative Field Flattener lenses HD optics optimised coatings large eye relief distance SEE THE UNSEEN WWW.SWAROVSKIOPTIK.COM BY APPOINTMENT TO HER MAJESTY QUEEN ELIZABETH II SWAROVSKI OPTIK SUPPLIER OF BINOCULARS FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM SWAROVSKI INTERNATIONAL (AUSTRALIA) PTY LTD 12 Primrose Avenue Rosebery NSW 2018 Australia Tel. 61 (02) 8345 7200 Fax 61 (02) 9313 6506 swarovskioptik 19 THE JEWEL OF AFRICA (CONT) of hindsight why wouldn t he have scaled breeding s Everest given he s a full-brother to champion duo El Gran Senor and Try My Best Goss with complete understatement says We owe it all to him. Northern Guest lies behind everything you see here today. Of course since those halcyon days Summerhill has been associated with many many outstanding stallions and their current line-up is no exception. Following the sad loss of exciting young Medicean sire-son Bankable earlier this year Summerhill currently has 11 stallions on its books. Reflecting a nice cross-section of sirelines but with an inevitable nod to the ubiquitous Northern Dancer and Mr Prospector lines they include Admire Man (Sunday Silence) AP Arrow (AP Indy) Brave Tin Soldier (Storm Cat) Kahal (Machiavellian) Malhub (Kingmambo) Muhtafal (Mr Prospector) Mullins Bay (Machiavellian) Ravishing (Jet Master) Solskjaer (Danehill) Visionaire (Grand Slam) and Way West (Danehill). It s a collection of sire-power that annually attracts many of the cr me of South Africa s mare crop. Mick Goss is a showman. Beyond the open smile and charisma though lies awareness that that while this game is about horses it s the people who own them that influence outcomes. In what is almost an antithesis to the quip that claims accountants know the cost of everything and the value of nothing Goss has this to say We started out on a handshake and that s still the way we do business. We ve never forgotten transactions build turnovers but relationships build value. HARTFORD HOUSE In reading this you may be tempted to shrug this off as just another studfarm but that d be a million miles from the truth. Summerhill Stud is actually a combination of Summerhill and Hartford Stud the latter an adjoining property with one of the most beautiful houses in the Province. I HAVE NEVER SEEN A HORSE TRY TO HURT A ZULU AND NEITHER HAVE I EVER SEEN A ZULU MISTREAT A HORSE. MICK GOSS Timelessly elegant and graceful Hartford House has quickly risen to become one of South Africa s leading boutique hotels following extensive renovations and the continued epicurean rise of its awardwinning restaurant. A member of Chaine des Rotisseurs one would naturally expect that Hartford House would have fine dining yet it s a surprise to discover that its restaurant is now among South Africa s Top 10 under the tutelage and watchful eye of young chef Jackie Cameron. Summerhill is almost certainly the only stud farm anywhere on earth with a restaurant of this calibre. For anyone who s ever watched Out Of Africa and wondered at Karen Blixen s opening words I had a farm in Africa at the foot of the Ngong Hills Hartford House evokes a sense of the old Africa nostalgia. In any event what s not to like about an evening Pimms on the sandstone balcony listening to the whinny of a nearby colt-foal and the snort of his dam Hartford House s own expressed raison d etre captures its nuance best [It is] The journey s exclamation point a retreat from the hubbub where you make sense of a fast life and its senseless details. This is where we learn to redress ourselves on a first name basis. There are too many luxury hotels in the world offering the same a chocolate on the pillow canned romance and cuisine called haut because it s spelled in French. Hartford stands apart for its integrity. Its architecture views dining sounds smells its racehorses and its people are all exhilarating surprises unique to this Zululand this culture to Africa. Yes you come here to be pampered but at Hartford luxury is the journey not the destination. The truth is Hartford just happened. A home and a grand one at that which grew into a hotel. A community looks to it as its watering hole its nexus of entertainment its fountain of gossip. In so many ways it s gained and regained inspiration from the cultures it celebrates. It is life s exception a place at the same time comfortable beyond dreams yet innocent of pretence. 20 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM To view the New Evolution Equine Aquatrainer at Kolora Lodge and Washpool Lodge email info info PINHOOKERS PARADISE New Zealand Bloodstock s National Weanling Broodmare & Mixed Bloodstock Sale from 7 to 9 May is set to offer buyers a strong selection of local and international bloodlines across the three-day event at Karaka. n addition to a broad broodmare line-up and an emerging feature of the Sale the horses-in-training session the Sale boasts a number of well-bred weanlings offering outstanding pinhooking opportunities. The May Sale has become a consistent source for pinhookers looking to secure quality weanlings for the Yearling Sales a few months later. And for international buyers the low NZ dollar provides outstanding value for those looking to purchase young thoroughbreds. With a number of buyers making profitable returns on yearlings at Karaka 2012 that were pinhooked as weanlings the hot young sire Savabeel provided many of the highlights this year with his progeny proving popular especially among Australian buyers. The leading vendor for the sixth consecutive year at last year s Weanling session Curraghmore Stud offered two pinhooked colts by Savabeel at the 2012 Karaka Sales with both showing a handsome return. Heading the pair was Lot 379 which was purchased for 90 000 in May. The colt was then offered by Curraghmore at this year s Premier Sale where he fetched 240 000 to the bid of Spicer Thoroughbreds. A 27 000 purchase by Whitby Bloodstock from Dormello Stud at the 2011 May Sale Thoroughbreds for 270 000 at the Premier Sale eight months later. Always highly anticipated are the youngsters from the new crop of freshman sires and this year s May Sale offers an appealing selection of well-credentialled sires. Amongst them are the 2008 09 Australian Co-Champion 3YO Sprinter Duporth (Red Ransom) AJC Derby winner Nom du Jeu (Montjeu) Gr1 Oakleigh Plate winner Swiss Ace (Secret Savings) dual Gr1 winners Tavistock (Montjeu) and Road to Rock (Encosta de Lago) and Windsor Park Stud s shuttle stallion Mastercraftsman (Danehill Dancer). A four-time Gr1 winner Mastercraftsman was crowned the Champion 2YO Colt in Ireland and Europe in 2008 after his wins in the Gr1 Curragh Phoenix Stakes and Gr1 National Stakes. At three he won the Gr1 Irish Guineas and Gr1 Royal Ascot St James s Palace Stakes and was awarded a timeform rating of 129. Mastercraftsman covered a large book of 180 mares in his first season in 2010 and was again well supported in 2011. His progeny have made an immediate impact in the sale ring in the Northern Hemisphere with his yearlings selling for up to 200 000 in Ireland. The 2012 May Sale will see the first of Mastercraftsman s progeny sold through the Karaka ring including a half-sister THE LOW NZ DOLLAR PROVIDES to dual Gr1 winner and sire Tavistock (Montjeu) who OUTSTANDING VALUE FOR THOSE LOOKING now stands at Cambridge TO PURCHASE YOUNG THOROUGHBREDS... Stud a half-sister to the stakes-placed Pirate Queen (Marauding) from Tender Curraghmore Stud also offered the Savabeel Poison (Palace Music) and a colt from Our colt as Lot 982 at the 2012 Select Sale where Joan of Arc (Beautiful Crown) winner of the he was knocked down to Heinrich Bloodstock Gr3 Maribyrnong Plate and Listed Gimcrack for 125 000. Stakes. Bruce and Maureen Harvey s Ascot Farm Europe s Champion First Season Sire in was also in on the action purchasing a 2010 Iffraaj (Zafonic) - already the sire of Savabeel colt from Haunui Farm for 42 500 the Gr1 winner Wootton Basset from his first at last year s May Sale and selling him to DGR Southern Hemisphere crop - created a huge I impression at Karaka 2011 where 47 of his yearlings sold for an average of 100 000. As the 2011 12 season has progressed Iffraaj s progeny have become more prominent on Australasian tracks. His daughter Liberating was one of the first to reach the track and has since won and is Gr2placed in the Matamata Breeders Stakes. New Zealand has also seen his unbeaten daughter Fix create a big impression when winning on debut and then coming out and winning with authority at Ellerslie. She and Liberating are heading to the Gr1 Manawatu Sires Produce Stakes in late March. Iffraaj has a number of entries in the May Sale including a half-sister to dual Gr1 winner Booming (Don Eduardo) and a halfsister to the Gr2 Matamata Breeders Stakes winner and Gr1-placed two-year-old Katana (Volksraad). Other sires with weanlings in the May Sale include Alamosa Any Suggestion Darci Brahma Don Eduardo High Chaparral Keeper Nadeem O Reilly Pentire Perfectly Ready Pins Red Giant Rios Sakhee s Secret Savabeel Sir Percy Thewayyouare Volksraad Wanted and many more. Added to the mix in 2011 the Sale will feature the second Horses-in-Training session for horses that have trialled raced or breezed up for the NZB Ready to Run Sale in the current season. Targeting a gap in the auction market this session offers a host of opportunities for those looking for a current racing proposition with each entry is accompanied by a video of its track performance on the NZB website. Horses that have been purchased off the NZ tracks have proven themselves at the highest level in Australia already and the Horses-inTraining session will be looking to add to the success. Catalogues will be available from the first week of April for New Zealand Bloodstock s National Weanling Broodmare & Mixed Bloodstock Sale. 22 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM NATIONAL WEANLING BROODMARE & MIXED BLOODSTOCK SALE 7 8 & 9 MAY 2012 AT KARAKA Presenting an abundance of breeding investment and pinhooking opportunities the largest breeding stock sale of the year will offer a quality selection of weanlings broodmares yearlings racehorses and unraced stock in 2012. PLUS don t miss the successful NEW Horses-inTraining session at this May Sale. Featuring horses that have raced trialled or breezed up in the current season the Horses-in-Training session is a new buying opportunity that already boasts graduate success on the racetrack. View footage of their performances online at NEW ZEALAND BLOODSTOCK S w w w . n zb . c o . n z 64 9 298 0055 James Ross TOP WEIGHT IN HONG KONG Hong Kong is racing s home away from home for many Australians. Jason Gregory found that ex-pat James Ross is just one of those throwing his weight around. little over ten years ago the Bathurst boy completed a Bachelor of Business and Equine Studies Course which included a harness racing driver s certificate at the same time. Facing the proverbial fork in the road Ross decided to don the white collar and head to Sydney to be a bloodstock broker with Howard Insurance Australia. A brief stint as a handicapper with Racing NSW and then an executive position with the Australian Racing Board led him to his current role - senior Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) handicapper and race planner. I was more fortunate than anything else to get here I suppose the 31-year-old said. That was seven years ago and Ross now shares responsibility for weighting and rating every horse to run in ultra-rich ultra-competitive Hong Kong and is entrusted with designing an annual racing program the industry can sensibly follow. I am very interested in race planning and programming and race analysis and the statistics 24 A behind that programming there is a pressure but it is really interesting to set a racing program and work out the ratings for horses in big races he said. You are trying to handicap a horse to the best of its ability to equalise every horse s chance of winning while trying to not detract from any horse s competitiveness. The bottom line is you want all the horses to be competitive as much as the connections do. Ross position is unique for two reasons. Firstly his merged roles are usually split in other racing authorities. The second is that Hong Kong is a racing melting pot and Ross must accurately decipher rating systems from scores of different jurisdictions in order to formulate a Hong Kong rating. For example broadly-speaking southern hemisphere handicapping systems are more arbitrary and class-based with varying domestic rating practices than northern hemisphere systems which are a more literal application of performance rating practices and have higher rating scales that align more closely with international ratings. Ross also discusses eligibility and ratings with agents owners and trainers and informs them what horses are eligible to be imported which are best for Hong Kong conditions and where individual horses will fall in the system upon arrival. And given his background he is charged with performing the groundwork for those horses slated to arrive from Australia and New Zealand. When Ross arrived in Hong Kong he soon discovered that many Australians held important posts from high-level administrators such as racing operations head John Ridley and a number of stipendiary stewards to race caller Darren Flindell and trainers and jockeys throughout the local racing industry. Gun riders Darren Beadman Zac Purton and Brett Prebble for instance are big names in Hong Kong households as are trainers John Moore David Hall and John Size. The latter according to Ross has mastered the art of sourcing attractively rated horses and often unraced to bring through Hong Kong s lucrative ranks. One of the best examples of this is Entrapment who has won eight of 11 starts and ran second in the Group One HK International Sprint. Other notable Australian-bred horses to overachieve in Hong Kong were super sprinters Sacred Kingdom and Silent Witness as well as Happy Zero Absolute Champion One World Elegant Fashion Inspiration and Scintillation. In fact over 40 per cent of Hong Kong racehorses are bred and bought in Australia. For the uninitiated the quirks of the Hong Kong racing scene perfectly lend themselves to Ross s dual responsibilities. The population of horses is limited to FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM Gow-Gates Group Protecting your assets Attention Yearling Buyers Be prepared for the 2012 sales by arranging Fall of Hammer Insurance for your 2012 Yearling Purchases. Gow-Gates can offer you easy to arrange cover at the right price to protect your investment from the moment it is knocked down to you. All you need to do in order to take up this offer is contact us 48 hours prior to any 2012 yearling sale. Call Bert Clarke 0414 353 867 Kingsley Edwards 0404 494 325 or Ann-Marie Gordon 0410 515 169 P 1800 652 006 F (02) 8836 1100 E info Gow-Gates Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd ABN 12 000 837 785 TOP WEIGHT IN HONG KONG (CONT) AUS bred horse analysis (as at 2 Mar 2012) Imp Yr 2002 2000 2005 2001 2004 2005 2008 2002 2001 2004 2000 2009 2006 2004 2002 2005 2004 2005 2009 Export Ctry AUS AUS AUS AUS AUS AUS AUS AUS NZ NZ AUS NZ AUS AUS AUS NZ MAC AUS NZ Import Type PPG-older PPG-older PPG PP PP PPG PPG-older PPG PPG PP PPG-older PPG-older PPG PP PP PPG-older PP PP PP Normal Normal Special Special Retired Retired Retired Retired Retired Retired Normal Retired Retired Retired Retired Retired Retired Retired Retired Repl. Type Status Retired Retired Horse No C140 A100 G268 B355 E060 G111 K079 C228 B282 E045 A043 L152 H133 E210 C190 G011 E227 G054 L389 Horse Name SILENT WITNESS ALL THRILLS TOO SACRED KINGDOM GRAND DELIGHT ABSOLUTE CHAMPION INSPIRATION HAPPY ZERO SCINTILLATION THE DUKE JOYFUL WINNER SUPER MOLLY ENTRAPMENT ONE WORLD HELLO PRETTY ELEGANT FASHION FLORAL PEGASUS NATURAL BLITZ DOWN TOWN FLYING BLUE Origin AUS AUS AUS AUS AUS AUS AUS AUS AUS AUS AUS AUS AUS AUS AUS AUS AUS AUS AUS Import Age 3 3 2 4 3 2 4 2 2 4 2 3 2 3 4 2 4 3 3 Overseas Import Date Trainer 9 23 2002 8 28 2000 3 20 2006 2 9 2002 8 16 2004 10 18 2005 8 19 2008 12 14 2002 12 15 2001 8 14 2004 7 24 2000 10 4 2009 10 9 2006 12 20 2004 11 19 2002 7 16 2005 12 22 2004 8 15 2005 5 19 2010 Malcolm Thwaites George Daly Gareth Mcrae & Garry Newham David Hayes Mathew Ellerton Tony McEvoy Steve Englebrecht HK Trainer Cruz A.S. Hayes D.A. Yiu P .F. Size J. Hall D.J. Moore J. Moore J. Shum C.S. Fownes C. Chris & Yip C.H. Colleen Wood Size J. Moore J. Cruz A.S. Hayes D.A. Shum C.S. Cruz D. Yip C.H. Cruz D. Overall Overseas Perf. - - -13 5-2-0 8 1-1-2 - - - -8 2-1-0 Peak Int l Rtg in HK 123 117 123 116 121 117 119 114 117 115 114 107 118 116 115 115 113 111 116 HK Racing Record 26 17-3-1 29 8-3-4 32 16-7-2 28 6-1-5 23 6-5-1 30 9-6-2 12 8-1-2 45 12-8-4 59 10-13-9 61 8-3-6 26 9-1-2 11 8-2-1 39 8-7-6 13 5-1-1 24 4-5-7 27 9-7-3 33 1-1-4 30 4-4-4 12 4-3-1 Ferraris D.E. - - -3 1-1-0 11 4-2-1 -15 10-2-1 8 3-2-3 1 1-0-0 2005 AUS PP Retired G311 ULTRA FANTASY AUS 3 6 26 2006 Yiu P .F. 10 1-2-2 115 41 7-7-3 around 1 300 (including imports) because the industry simply cannot handle any more. Nearly 900 of those are in training at any one time and there is often repeat competition between horses within the same class structure for months on end. In Hong Kong we have the same horses on the same tracks each week so you cannot exploit different jurisdictions or tracks to gain any sort of class advantage. For example if it worked like this in Australia your horse would race one Wednesday at Sandown then be in again the next Wednesday at Sandown against much the same horses. Given this it is of great importance how we assess horses and mark subtle changes in form to make every horse competitive. Ratings are adjusted up and down as always through both good and poor performances. Importantly however Ross must ensure an appropriate number of horses remain in all class and group race bands throughout the yearly race program. In 2010 2011 1 500-odd horses started 9 502 times between them in 767 races. Those races were held over 83 meetings split between two racecourses - Sha Tin and Happy Valley which were attended by nearly two million race goers. A staggering 97 per cent of the 767 races were handicaps and 85 per cent were run at a mile or less. On and off-course betting turnover topped 80 billion (HK) for the year. About a quarter of the thoroughbred population for one reason or another is retired each season and must be replaced under 26 Hong Kong s unique permit system. Under that system where owners must hold a license to purchase a racehorse there are four categories of imports. These include unraced horses and raced horses which have reached a certain level in prize money or class in their home countries. An owner can also purchase a high-class horse to replace one that retires or they can buy a younger horse from the HKJC. In short the supply side contains a limited number of young horses for sale and able to race the demand side is over-crowded with a sport-starved population of racing diehards willing to pay big bucks for even a sliver of the action. But the sultry heat of late-afternoon Hong Kong is a world away from the dusty Bathurst streets where Ross first fell for the sport. The area across the Great Plains from Bendigo to Bathurst is the nation s harness racing heartland so it is not surprising that Ross was firstly drawn to the almost musical tempo of the trotter s two-beat gait. His is a non-racing family who for Ross at least fortunately moved in next door to Kevin Rivett and his small stable of square gaiters . I always wanted to get into the racing industry. When I was completing my degree I was doing some part time work with a galloping stable and at the same time working in harness stables. I went on to complete my harness racing driver s certificate but regrettably I never got to use it as the day I received it I actually got a full-time job at (Howards) went to Sydney and that was the end of my practical involvement unfortunately. I really would have liked to have continued with a hands-on role but it is hard once you have an administrative role. But if you are going to collect dust in a corner office you may as well make it count by deciding how once horses arrive in Hong Kong they will be divided. A horse is placed into one of five race classes in addition to Group and Griffin races. They are Class 1 (which has a standard upper rating limit of 120) Class 2 (100) Class 3 (80) Class 4 (60) and Class 5 (40). Ratings for raced imports are based on the HKJC handicappers assessment of their overseas performances. Unraced imports are generally allotted a 57 rating if bred in the northern hemisphere-bred and 52 if from the southern. And while Ross said Hong Kong s strong rating system made his job easier as everyone who works within the system has a detailed knowledge of how the system works changes in the handicapping landscape globally over recent years have spiced the role up. He said the growing global acceptance of International Thoroughbred Rankings and ratings-based programming coupled with the advent of published ratings had led to a greater understanding and acceptance and questioning of the handicappers work. It is good that people have a greater understanding of our work but published sets of ratings in form guides mean that more people can now work out the differentials between the ratings and the weights. FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM USED AND RECOMMENDED BY LEADING THOROUGHBRED FARMS SAFEST FENCING THE N The strongest and most durable fence construction for horses N Heavily galvanzied for long life N Quickly and easily erected N Low maintenance N Be confident in the knowledge your valuable bloodstock is not only secure but also safe from predators N Diamond Mesh fencing construction is safe strong and flexible it does not rust or break nor sag or roll up at the bottom N What price will you pay for the world s best and proven safest fencing for horses that will reduce your vet bill and last a lifetime DIAMNND MESH H O R S E F E N C I N G Sole agent for Australia New Zealand and SE Asia Ph 1300 308 186 Mob 043 976 1247 TOP WEIGHT IN HONG KONG (CONT) But this also means they can get confused between domestic and international ratings and the disparity between those figures and the weight the horse may be allotted. In reality you need a flexible framework to move horses up and down domestically from race to race but that gets constrained when published figures often are final. It can be frustrating. Ross said it was becoming nearly impossible for the modern handicapper to consider factors once allowable under more traditional handicap systems. Before published ratings handicappers probably had more flexibility but then there was that uncertainty as to whether people knew what handicappers were doing was fair. You could once take account of the fact a horse was first-up for a long-time or over a distance that is too short or collateral form from a previous run. We should still have the flexibility to adjust ratings upon entry to allow horses to run off a more competitive rating knowing it will be less competitive if we did not. I think it would add to the product. It is hard though. Do you create a system that everyone can see and have a greater understanding off but then run the risk of seeing the shortfalls of the system Given his role Ross is in a unique position to discuss with trainers owners and agents IT IS A GIVEN IN A LOT OF CIRCUMSTANCES THAT THERE WILL BE CRITICISM OF YOUR FIGURES... JAMES ROSS which horses are best suited to racing in Hong Kong. It is important they are well-informed when they go out and purchase a horse for here confident that it is going to be suitable and reasonably successful in an acceptable timeframe he said. He believes the single greatest key to overall success in Hong Kong can be to import a galloper not over-exposed in its ratings before it arrives but with plenty of upside. He said initial success turns on which animals best acclimatise with a small few never accepting the environment. Ross said durable tough resilient horses had proven time and again to do well in the long-term in Hong Kong. This is because a lack of available land has placed spelling facilities at a premium forcing connections to keep horses in training and in stables for a larger part of the year than normal. Horses that fail to cope with a heavy training regime and stables environment can struggle to handle the competitive racing and fail to realise their full potential. And given the limited amount of opportunities to race those horses adaptable over a greater range of distances especially from 1200m to 1800m are usually more easily placed more often and successful. But it is a strange sport racing. The owners and trainers who sometimes wait decades for a horse good enough to be highly-weighted in a highly-regarded race are the first to crow at the handicapper for treating it too harshly. Ross tackles the criticism head-on. It is a given in a lot of circumstances that there will be criticism of your figures and I see that as almost a trainer s job to question the weights. I am very positive towards informing connections as to the reasoning behind a set of weights and why a particular horse was allocated a certain rating and the differentials between runners. Ever since handicaps have been in practice people have publically questioned the weights whether it is connections before the Melbourne Cup or a trainer before the Doncaster or a Hong Kong owner Work and play all in one day Surround your day with the reliability and performance of the GatorTM XUV Series. Every Gator XUV features advanced independent four-wheel suspension best in class stability true on-demand 4WD biggest in class cargo capacity and a rear hitch to carry and tow more. That s not all. These Gators are fast powerful and a heap of fun to drive to fit work and play all in the one day. Learn more xuv 28 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM s It k ac b P ENETREN E A LINIMENT 500mL 2L 200mL 5L A medicinal fluid rubbed into the skin to combat sprains strains and rheumatism. enetrating and absorbing P liniment with mild antiseptic qualities. elief of sprains strains and R rheumatism in horses. Can be used to help maintain and protect the animal s muscular system by applying both before and after training. nhances natural repair and E reduces internal scarring. timulates blood circulation to S muscles ligaments and tendons underlying the area of application. PENTRENE A LINIMENT IS AVAILABLE FROM YOUR NEAREST WHOLESALER info (02) 9517 1166 Club patron Redoute s Choice INNER SANCTUM T By Gary Knowles he world of racing is often viewed by those outside the inner sanctum as a secretive information-laden world of alchemy. What to do about it Supported by Arrowfield s visionary maestro John Messara three prominent young racing industry professionals Vicky Leonard Gus Roland and Bruce Slade have set out to do away with that perception of a closed door via the introduction of the Redoute s Choice Club. Oficially launched at an upmarket function at Inglis heritage-listed Stable complex in Sydney late in February the Redoute s Choice Club was founded to give young professionals with an interest in horse racing access to the wider world of the thoroughbred racing industry. Members of the Redoute s Choice Club are invited to exclusive events will meet some of the greatest racing industry participants in Australia and get the opportunity to mingle network and make friends with other young professionals with the same love for horse racing. The ultimate long-term goal of the Redoute s Choice Club is to offer members access to knowledge and industry contacts so that they may have the confidence to make informed decisions if they ever choose to invest in the horse racing industry in the future. It is also hoped the Redoute s Choice Club experience encourages members to become ambassadors for the sport sharing their passion and knowledge of horse racing with a wider audience of friends family and colleagues to help grow the racing industry fan base. MEMBERSHIP THE CLUB WAS FOUNDED TO GIVE YOUNG PROFESSIONALS... ACCESS TO THE WIDER WORLD OF THE THOROUGHBRED RACING INDUSTRY. At this point the club is capped at (a manageable) 70 members and membership is free although some of the larger events i.e. trips to the Hunter Valley will have a cost associated. Membership for the Redoute s Choice Club is for two years after that period it is anticipated that the club members will have the knowledge and contacts to get involved themselves. The Club reached its membership capacity after the first month of going live with the Redoute s Choice Club and are currently assessing their capability to increase the capacity. There will be events with a bigger capacity throughout the year so that those that have missed out on becoming a member can still be included from time to time and these people will also have priority when membership spots open up. EVENTS Redoute s Choice Club events will generally be held monthly and have a focus ranging from racing to breeding and horse sales. The racing focused events will give members the opportunity to see what goes on during a raceday from many different perspectives. The 30 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM RACING ROYAL ASCOT 2012 TOUR 17-24 June Co-hosted by racing identity Simon Marshall Bruce Slade Vicky Leonard and Gus Roland first racing focused event was held on the morning of the Silver Slipper at Rosehill and club members heard from a range of speakers. James Harron from James Harron Bloodstock spoke about selecting buying and managing the careers of Foxwedge and Satin Shoes Dominic Beirne who provides pre-race analysis for Betfair discussed how he objectively assesses each race based on a broad range of parameters then took club members through his thoughts for the Silver Slipper this was followed by John McDonnell discussing his experiences racing top 2YOs Sebring No Looking Back and Raceway. Some of the club members were then able to enjoy the experience of being the owner of Nobby Snip from the pre-race discussion with the jockey watching the race with the trainer then enjoying the hospitality of the winners enclosure. The opportunity to attend trackwork on gallop mornings will be available to the club members. The breeding events will incorporate trips to the Hunter Valley where club members will be able to see the stallions the farms and meet the people behind the breeding industry. The first trip to the Hunter Valley will be during the weekend of Scone Cup where club members will be able to meet the club patron Redoute s Choice visit some of the most beautiful breeding establishments in Australia and enjoy country racing over the Scone Cup carnival. The Inglis Easter yearling and broodmare sales provide the opportunity to learn about what goes into the thoroughbred sales. During one of these events club members will hear about sales preparation from a stud manager what to look for when assessing the conformation and pedigree for racing and breeding purposes and how to value the horse accordingly. At another event club members will hear how the yearling market is currently placed how the Australian breeding industry is marketed and how global buyers are attracted to buy at Australian sales. Contact 1300 713 043 or go to to view the PDF and to secure your place on this amazing tour. CLUB NAME There are three reasons that Redoute s Choice was selected as the club patron keeping in mind that Arrowfield Stud is the founding sponsor of the club. The unique selling point of racing is the horse. Everything should keep coming back to the horse as it is the foundation on which our entire industry is built. A stallion provides accessibility to the wider industry so many people are connected and have some association with each horse. Many different trainers train them loads of jockeys ride them other studs stand his sons and breed from his daughters many owners race them and almost everybody at some point will have a bet on one in a race. Redoute s Choice as a champion sire represents the status and prestige of the horse racing industry FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM 31 WARDS OF THE KINGS In a market niche that s difficult to break into Triple Crown are a rising syndication star. Peter Falconer reveals what lies behind their success. here was a time when distinctive racing silks were only the domain of the ridiculously rich and famous. The blue green and white of Robert Sangster the steel grey of Stan and Millie Fox the all cerise of the Ingham brothers there was never any mistaking in whose interests their gallopers were racing and a general appreciation existed regarding the considerable investment each was making into the sport. These days it s really quite different. While prominent livery is still a major facet of the universal racing scene it has increasingly become associated with outfits providing ordinary folk with an affordable means to live a common dream. If royalty noblemen and the landed gentry proved to be the nucleus of thoroughbred competition racehorse syndication is now arguably the life-blood of the very same pursuit circa 2012. One outfit helping maintain the industry s heartbeat by introducing genuine racing enthusiasts to the realms of racehorse ownership is Triple Crown Syndications headed by brothers Michael and Chris Ward. The outfit s vivid red colours and definitive insignia are now a common sight at racetracks up and down the eastern seaboard and particularly so when it comes to feature metropolitan race meetings conducted in Sydney. In more recent racing seasons individual Triple Crown syndicates have enjoyed very valuable victories in sales-incentive races and or notable success in time-honoured black-type events. Moreover the colours are seemingly being greeted back in to winners enclosures with greater and greater frequency. 32 SPORT OF T This year s 250 000 Inglis Classic at the beginning of the year for instance went to the Triple Crown-raced Cavalry Rose who landed the quarter-of-a-million-dollar contest on debut no less. Identified by Michael and Chris Ward in January 2011 as possibly a potential runner in the outfit s unmistakable colours Cavalry Rose was secured for 85 000 yet has already accumulated 192 000 in earnings from two unbeaten outings some 12-13 months down the track. Multiple Group winner Hot Snitzel is another glowing endorsement for the very same organization. Purchased for 60 000 at the 2010 Premier Yearling Sale the gelding s earnings now exceed 600 000 following victories in such coveted stakes events as the Ken Russell Memorial Classic (LR) Sir Brian Crowley Stakes (LR) Queensland s Sires Produce Stakes (G2) and much more recently the Royal Sovereign Stakes (G2). These results are proof positive of the fact that the methods applied by the Ward brothers are most definitely paying dividends and should continue to stand them - and whoever joins their growing number of followers - in good stead for well into the foreseeable future. We probably have around 200 owners on the books claimed Michael Ward when recently asked the size of the operation and revealing its basic modus operandi. We communicate with them on at least a weekly basis with trainer feedback. In addition to that we are supplying pre- and post-race reports. Communication is a big priority for us Ward continued keeping our owners well informed. Hot Snitzel FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM 33 WARDS OF THE SPORT OF KINGS (CONT) We ve all heard the stories in the past when people have found out after the race that their horse has gone around without them knowing and we are very mindful of that. A two-man operation formed in 2004 the Wards are in complete control of Triple Crown s destiny and leave very little if anything to chance. The selection process is entirely done between my brother Chris and myself. We basically shortlist prospective purchases through pedigree research before we go to the sales. We have then still got a pretty extensive list to inspect once we turn up on the sales ground where we basically make sure that physically they are well conformed and that physically they also match their pedigrees and are how we expect them to present. But most importantly we want to be sure we are looking at an athlete. So Chris and I make the selections between us and we never go ahead unless we both agree on a particular horse. In addition to Cavalry Rose and Hot Snitzel being representative of the horses to have met the criteria of both Michael and Chris Ward over the years there s also been another previous 250 000 Inglis Classic winner in the form of Miss Independent. Add to that the bonny little racemare Patronyme. The Joe Pride-trained daughter of More Than Ready (USA) won six races including the Gr3 Birthday Card Stakes and Listed Triscay Stakes and 315 200 in prizemoney before being sold for 425 000 at the 2011 Australian Broodmare Sale when her time on the racetrack had come to an end. All and all not a bad return for a filly that cost just 70 000 as a yearling back in 2006. We use a range of stables said Michael in further explanation of their methods and what we do is we marry a horse to a particular trainer. Each trainer has his or her own strengths obviously so we put each horse to the most appropriate trainer to maximize results. As Michael Ward is keen to point out a share in a Triple Crown galloper doesn t cost a fortune either. We tend to work between 7000-8000 to a maximum of say 24 000 per share. We find that that is very much the middle market and that s where we like to play. Everyone has heard the Takeover Target story but that is very much the needle in the haystack sort of scenario. What we are looking to do is play the percentages with everything we do and part of that is operating in the middle market. Also we are doing plenty of leg-work and we feel that if we continue doing the research and putting in the effort in terms of inspecting horses we can get very good horses at value for money. We have evolved over time. The business commenced in 2004 and we have developed to what we now feel is a very successful approach. As I ve already said we play the percentages and 34 that includes using a range of leading trainers coupled with leading jockeys. We are also using leading farms to agist as well as for breaking-in and pre-training. Triple Crown clients can thank the dual Gr1-winning Redoute s Choice racemare Lotteria for the committed approach the Ward brothers have applied to their bloodstock business. The 2004 AJC Flight Stakes (G1) and 2005 VRC Myer Classic (G1) winner THESE RESULTS ARE PROOF POSITIVE OF THE FACT THAT THE METHODS APPLIED BY THE WARD BROTHERS ARE MOST DEFINITELY PAYING DIVIDENDS... was partly owned by their family and helped the siblings realize the profound sense of satisfaction experienced when racing a topline galloper. She s a horse we recommended to our father recalls Michael. We raced her in partnership with Gerry Harvey and a couple of others so that was a very successful result. It s not just the clientele of Triple Crown who should be happy Lotteria came along. The outfit s activity and that of a growing number of reputable racehorse syndication companies like it is not to be underestimated in terms of to their importance to the domestic thoroughbred industry as a whole. Their collective investment now represents a considerable amount of revenue generated at yearling sales at the beginning of each and every year while their industry attracts a vast number of new owners into the game that might otherwise have found the exercise too difficult to navigate and too costly to consider. So far in 2012 Triple Crown has spent close to 1.1 million on 13 yearling sale purchases that are now in the process of being marketed to a potential 130 existing or new owners. We ve got 13 so far for this year confirmed Michael. One of those is in partnership with Mick Price. We got five at the Magic Millions [Gold Coast] sale one at the Inglis Classic sale and just down there recently in Melbourne we bought seven one being with Mick Price. [In addition] We will definitely be attending the other sales and if we see anything at the right price we will be adding to that crop for sure. There are effectively a maximum of 10 shareholders in a syndicate and people can buy their tenth share or a larger percentage. Of the horses we have purchased this year we probably can expect a 50-50 split between existing clients committing to another horse and new owners getting involved with Triple Cavalry Rose wins the 2012 Inglis Classic Crown for the first time. In terms of repeat owners a lot of people have limited budgets which precludes from going endlessly into new horses. A number of the existing clients express interest before the sales but you also get those who wait to see what you pick up as well. Triple Crown s baker s dozen includes three colts by Hot Snitzel s sire Snitzel sons of Lonhro Bel Esprit and Commands plus a daughter of Choisir. There s also first-crop offspring of freshman sires Northern Meteor Sebring and the shuttle stallion Myboycharlie (Ire). With the first season sires we try and identity the stallions that will succeed here in our market and target those in terms of getting value for money. In the case of Myboycharlie he was a champion 2-year-old in France so we are expecting him to get a horse that will get up and run very early. He s also himself from a family that is very well-known to Australians in terms of Snippetson and Snowland so he s a stallion that we are backing will make it here. Articulate men with formal educations Michael and Chris Ward play critical roles in the modern-day thoroughbred racing industry. Once left to trainers to be speculated and shared between close associates of the stable the huge responsibility of ensuring that the annual yearling yield filters smoothly into the racing system is now very much on their shoulders and others like them. The importance of the new role cannot be overstated the job description of syndicator being grossly inadequate and by no means doing them justice. In another era Michael and Chris of Triple Crown fame would be rightfully be regarded as Wards of the Sport of Kings. FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM MY hORSE MY SALE MY chAMpION 28 MAY 7 J U N E 2 0 12 G O L D C OA S T Au s t r AliA sAlEs COMPlEX 28 AsCOt COurt BuNDAll QuEENslAND NATIONAL BROODMARE WEANLING & YEARLING SALE During May and June the Gold Coast plays host to Australia s premier breeding stock sale. The Magic Millions National Sale will present buyers with a quality line up of weanlings yearlings race fillies stallions broodmares and racehorses. No matter what you re looking for there will be something for you at the 2012 National Sale. Recent graduates of the sale include star gallopers Rocket Man Sister Madly Anabandana and Gimmethegreenlight. Magic Millions is Australia s number one sales source of Australian and international stakes winners. fOr MOrE INfOrMATION GO tO Or CONtACt MAGIC MILLIONS HEAD OffICE PO Box 5246 GCMC Queensland 9726 t 61 7 5504 1200 F 61 7 5531 7082 E info m ag i c millions insurance only the bes t rates t 61 7 55041200 . au Official Outfitter Official Wagering Partner WYER Following his sale-topping purchase at 2012 s MM Perth Premier Sale Merissa Borg caught up with outspoken WA personality Damien Wyer. hen Damien Wyer secured the sale topper at this year s Magic Millions Perth Sale for unnamed clients a Snitzel colt for 240 000 he out-bid a stack of others including Melbourne-based bloodstock agent Mark Pilkington to pay the top price but insists it wasn t inflated. There were 12 other people on the horse when I started bidding and he was in our opinion the colt of the sale. He had a great walk good x-rays and we were keen to buy him . The colt in question was the sixth foal out of unraced Charnwood Forest mare Diamonds And Dust who had previously produced triple-winner and stakes-placed Darrange. The mare is a half-sister to Gr2winner Burrito 5-time-winner and Gr2placed Amah Dramas winning mare Calfree (dam of dual Gr3-winning sire Collate) and triple-winner Navidad (dam of Gr3-winner Posadas). Neville Duncan bred the horse and local Perth trainer Jeff Taylor a trainer who Wyer holds in high regard will train him. But despite the elation of nabbing the top lot Wyer s assessment of the sale was that it was a poor showing at the Perth Sale and that it struggled with its quality of mares and in some cases very questionable stallion progeny on offer. Wyer mused on Perth Turf Talk There were plenty of buyers from Malaysia and Singapore several interstate studs were represented as buyers and some leading trainers turned up to augment the local contingent however I don t agree with a lot of the grading of yearlings this year they simply were not good enough to have been included as our Premier product of this State. That s a view that some will question particularly as this year s sale was streamlined and the Premier session was restricted to 130 lots. Comparatively the 2011 Premier session saw more than 280 yearlings catalogued. It is also interesting to note that the top 19 lots from the sale ten of those came from eastern state stallions and one from New Zealand (O Reilly). These included progeny by Snitzel Fastnet Rock More Than Ready Bernardini DOWN TO THE W Commands Choisir and Lonhro. Local stallions who featured in the top lots included Blackfriars Oratorio Bletchley Park So Secret and Citidancer. Competition breeds better quality so it s good to see a higher representation of eastern state stallions at the sale notes Wyer. Looking at the statistics the opening session of the Perth Magic Millions Premier sale 98 yearlings sold for 6 930 000 (up 80% on last year s 77 sold for 3 580 500). The Premier average of 70 714 (a record for any session of the Perth Yearling Sale) was up 52.1% (last year 46 500) and the median of this country has seen possibly better than Hay List. To date Barakey (by Key Business) has notched six wins from six starts. He also sees a strong way forward for the industry in terms of marketing their product through the internet and more importantly social media. It is here that Wyer comes into his own and his skills as a photographer are best utilised. He is very active on Facebook and has built a solid following predominantly WYER THINKS THAT BARAKEY IS THE BEST UP-ANDCOMING HORSE THIS COUNTRY HAS SEEN POSSIBLY BETTER THAN HAY LIST... 57 500 was up 40% (last year 46 500). Notwithstanding his assessment around some local stallions Wyer has a strong liking for sandgropers Blackfriars Viscount and Saxon. He also reckons that Scandal Keeper is going to be top quality and shuttle stallion War Chant will be big in the sale ring. War Chant s first crop Australian progeny will be foals in 2012-13. We have too many stallions in this State far too many that are marketed as having commercial credibility when in fact they have almost none. Ultimately breeders need to be accountable for their choices in recent years of stallion and mare populations. Despite these seemingly harsh words Wyer also claims a lot of good horses have come out of the West. In his opinion these include Bliss Street Like An Eagle Scenic Blast and Scenic Shot. He also thinks that Barakey trained by Jim Taylor is the best up-and-coming horse through his unique photography service which showcases racing from unique angles. At last check he had 2 222 followers on Facebook and he reckons over 1 000 of those are from Asia which is certainly a strong growth area for prospective buyers. A jack-of-all-trades Wyer is viewed as controversial by some in the industry yet he comes across as an innovative person who has a real passion for his local industry having lived in Western Australia for 11 years. First and foremost a bloodstock agent Wyer is involved in all aspects of thoroughbred management breeding and purchasing representation. He s also involved in stud and stallion marketing plus advertising and social media. Like every other buyer Wyer knows that his sale-topping buy this year comes with that most ubiquitous of riders You pays your money and you takes your chances. 36 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM For a one-stop thoroughbred resource... visit Australia and New Zealand s leading thoroughbred pedigree provider Pedigrees Produce a catalogue-style pedigree in either Magic Millions Inglis or NZ Bloodstock style. Horse Tracker Race Records Leading Sires Set your mares up on our Horse Tracker service and we will email you when their progeny or grand-progeny trial are nominated or race. Race records from full charts to a summarised product. Select the country the criteria and the season. Now operating out of our new Cambridge office in The National Hotel 47 Alpha Street PO Box 941 Cambridge Telephone (07) 827 7730 Freephone 0800 4ARION Kyla Johnston Managing Director Mob 64 (0) 21 864 224 Email kylaj Andrew Stewart Bloodstock Manager Mob 64 (0) 21 864 226 Email andrews Arion Pedigrees W agga Wagga has long been considered as home of one of the best country race clubs in Australia. In 2011 that opinion received official sanction when the Murrumbidgee Turf Club was crowned Premier New South Wales Club of the Year. With a wonderful history stretching back over 150 years the MTC is one of the oldest in the country. As retailers and realtors will attest to position matters. Geographically the Riverina is exquisitely positioned falling as it does about halfway between Sydney and Melbourne and not too much further from Adelaide. Of course even the best position counts for little without the requisite other variables and Wagga Wagga is acknowledged for having one of the best racing surfaces in New South Wales something that is hard to miss when its races are beamed into pubs clubs and homes courtesy of Sky Channel. But what other factors make the Club as successful as it is today Stuart Lamont president of the Club for eight years now divulges some of the secrets that lie behind their award-winning recipe. It won for various reasons and for its non-racing activities as well. A lot of it has to do with the way it had been going financially through that year. The Murrumbidgee Turf Club hosts twenty-six trainers with 120 horses in work. It has five tracks and with 70 acres of land it is also one of the biggest clubs in New South Wales. Lamont praises the all round staff Our success is a combination of input from directors as well as very good staff not only in the CEO position but also the racecourse managers. On that score the Murrumbidgee Turf Club s racecourse manager has won an award for his efforts in 2010. It runs all the way through everybody is key for the success of the club. According to Lamont it comes down to the CEO and board of directors to choose the right people and steer the Club in the right direction. The ongoing success of Wagga s racing headquarters has proved pivotal to the social landscape for the region and perhaps more importantly has contributed significantly economically. It particularly provides a great burst to Wagga Wagga s economy during the Wagga Wagga Gold Cup in May something Lamont is proud of. The influx of income is enormous the whole city is completely sold out. Hotels and restaurants are packed and a lot of women will shop till they drop Also acknowledging the extent to which Wagga s racing success is very much bolstered by the community Lamont comments We are very fortunate to be in a city big enough to attract a lot of expertise. Local stud farms play a big part in the Gold Cup too. The ownerbreeder is still out there and they are breeding a lot notes Lamont who knows more than most on the subject. When he s not focussed on the Club s affairs in town he has his hands full with Kooringal Stud the familyowned property which only recently celebrated its 100th year 38 GOLD GOLD CLUB S CUP Last year was a marquee year for Wagga Wagga in more ways than one. Mich le Giebing reports. in the same hands. On the subject of longevity the award-winning 100 Club sponsorship program is now in its 16th year. 100 Local businesses pay to join the 100 Club and the order in which their business name is drawn from the barrel at the gala night determines which race that business sponsors throughout the year. It s one of those races where everybody wants to come last as the last drawn businesses win the prestigious naming rights to the biggest races. The MTC recently switched to a new chief executive following the long and successful stint by former CEO Christine Williams who chose to move in a new direction. She did a fantastic job remarks Lamont who is equally quick to sing the praises of new CEO Scott Sandbrook. He s a local to Wagga Wagga who has done very well so far. He is a quick learner and a great communicator. The staff are very happy with him in the CEO position which is very important. However difficult it may be to trump one s contemporaries history demonstrates how equally difficult it is to remain on top. The brains trust behind the success at Wagga Wagga s picturesque racetrack is united in guarding against second-up syndrome and is working flat out to ensure that 2012 s Gold Cup meeting on Friday May 4 is its best yet. FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM Inspired by the dominance of Athlete Plus on the track... Photo Peter Stoop NEW Athlete Plus Stud Concentrate Photo Graham Potter From a nutritional perspective apart from carbohydrates needed to support strenuous exercise the requirements of horses in racing are not poles apart from those of growing youngstock. Low starch low GI low in carbohydrates and rich in essential amino acids oils vitamins and minerals. Contains no wheat or wheat products only 5.2% starch and 25% protein formulated using soybean meal lupins faba beans & lucerne. Also contains Bonafide to support bone and cartilage integrity. The development of lean muscle mass a strong sound skeletal structure and minimal fat deposition is a common aim of stud masters and thoroughbred trainers alike. As with trainers Athlete Plus low feeding rate make it a cost effective option for commercial operators saving on storage labour and freight costs. It is compatible with most mixing systems is flowable and highly palatable. ost effective Available in c Bulka Bags Find us on Premium Equine Nutrition For more information on the Mitavite range visit our informative website or freecall 1800 025 487 ROTATION OF WORMERS B Class ecause horse worms have the ability to become resistant horse owners are advised not to rely on any one class of wormer. That means to prolong their life you should rotate wormers. Here is an explanation becoming available in the foreseeable future. Many horse owners guess the weight of their horses leading to under dosing or over dosing. CLASSES OF HORSE WORMERS There are 6 classes of compounds Activity Broad spectrum of activity including the control of bots A STRATEGY FOR WORM CONTROL WEIGHING HORSES 1- Scales are always the best option. 2- It is easy to estimate the weight of any horse or pony by using a piece of string (baling twine etc) a tape measure and a calculator. First using the string measure around the girth and record the measurement then measure the body length from the front of the chest to the base of the tail. When you have both measurements use the equation below to calculate the weight. N.B. Remember girth squared. Equation Bodyweight Girth (cm) X Body length (cm) (kilograms) 11 877 Source Carroll & Huntington 1988 Possible Solutions This is an EXAMPLE ONLY and depends on stocking rates grazing pressure location etc (also see Other Strategies). It gives two suggested worming programs assuming 2 x wormings per season Season Target parasites Strongyles and Tapes Option 1 Morantel or Pyrantel Mectin BZ Mectin Product MecWorma & Tape MecWorma & Bot Worma Drench MecWorma & Bot Option 2 Mectin Praziquantel Mectin BZ Piperazine Mectin Morantel or Pyrantel MecWorma & Bot Worma Paste MecWorma & Bot Mectin BZ Mectin MecWorma & Bot Worma Paste MecWorma & Bot MecWorma & Tape MecWorma & Bot Worma Drench MecWorma & Bot Product Macrocyclic Lactones (mectins) such as abamectin ivermectin & moxidectin Benzimidazoles (BZ s) including thiabendazole oxibendazole oxfendazole febendazole mebendazole & febantel Tetrahydropyrimidines include pyrantel & morantel Broad spectrum wormer. Broad spectrum wormer plus one species of tapeworm. Effective against the three tapeworm species. Strongyles and especially roundworms Bots and some worms Isoquinolones praziquantel Spring Heterocyclic piperazine Organophosphates dichlorvos & trichlorfon Strongyles Summer & Bots Autumn THE BIG ISSUES ARE Strongyles Mectin Bots and Praziquantel possibly Mectin Tapes BZ Piperazine Mectin The most important parasites are the small strongyles which are controlled by broad spectrum wormers. No one class of compounds is effective against all worms and that is the reason why wormers often contain more than one active e.g. mectin & praziquantel. Resistance to wormers is a fact of life. When a single class of compound is overused it loses its effectiveness. There is resistance to the BZ s and emerging resistance to mectins most particularly roundworms & pinworms. Mectin resistance to roundworms is proven overseas and cases have been found in Australia. Further there is evidence of ivermectin resistance to small strongyles developing overseas. There is reported resistance to pyrantel in the USA but no evidence in Australia as yet. We should protect the mectins tetrahydropyrimidines and isoquinolones from overuse. Many horse owners continue to use the same wormers OR change their wormers by brand name not actives. Some worm types are seasonal Tapeworms occur in spring and possibly autumn. Bots occur in late summer and autumn Annual chemical rotation (using one class for a year then switching to another) has been advocated for years but is not commonly adopted because annual rotation is at odds with seasonal worm activity. There is little likelihood of any new classes of wormers Winter Strongyles Tapeworms occur in Spring and possibly Autumn Bots become active late summer & autumn depending on the season and your location. OTHER STRATEGIES Remove manure from stables yards or paddocks weekly. Spell paddocks especially in summer. Cross graze using e.g. cattle sheep for 6 month periods. Dose and contain animals for 48 hours prior to introduction to the herd. Do not rely exclusively on any one class of compounds. WORM TESTS Faecal egg counts (FECs) can be performed in the laboratory Treat only when levels are high enough For individuals 400epg (eggs per gram) Herd (min.10) 200epg Check for anthelmintic resistance - Ensure the treatments you use are effective (consult your veterinarian). Identify & selectively treat wormy horses. These horses tend to be carrier animals and routinely may have high FECs that contaminate your paddocks and so infect other horses. 40 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM While Others Talk The Talk PROUD AUSTR LY ALIAN MADE EquineAuto Land Walkers WE HAVE BEEN REFINING OUR PRODUCT FOR OVER 25 YEARS TO BRING YOU THE MOST RELIABLE WALKERS AVAILABLE. 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Boundary fencing is all in very good condition with approximately 18 kilometres of galvanised steel rail fencing dominating a large part of the front of the property. Infrastructure on the property is extensive and a detailed synopsis is available upon request. On-site accommodation consists of a main residence which is a comfortable brick and tile 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home with reverse cycle air-conditioning throughout. There are also two air-conditioned workers accommodation facilities. Inspection of this meticulously maintained property is strictly by appointment only. For a detailed Information Memorandum contact Keith Edwards at LJ Hooker Ipswich on 0427 195 530 or email kedwards.ipswich n a renowned breeding area of Queensland lies Le Cheval currently home to leading edge quarter horses. A magnificent 557-acres (approx) rural hinterland property set in the heart of the picturesque Scenic Rim Le Cheval is located within an easy one and a half hour s drive from Brisbane or the Gold Coast. It presents stunning views of the surrounding countryside and this could well be your own special piece of paradise. Le Cheval is located 25 minutes south of Beaudesert a thriving and bustling community with a population of 5 300 (Note 2) and in the hub of the surrounding communities of Kooralbyn Rathdowney Canungra Jimboomba and Tamborine Mountain. The property currently stands in excess of 100 horses which includes 5 breeding stallions. Within a 5km straight line are two of Australia s premier thoroughbred nurseries Glenlogan Park and Racetree. At Le Cheval a natural barrier has prevented the transmission of diseases between the properties with the simplest of measures. Santa 42 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM FINDLEY SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS BREAKING IN EXCLUSIVE TO RACING GAVIN T EDWARDS Greenhills Road Berrima NSW 2577 Mobile 0419 233 215 findley3 MAGIC MILLIONS GOLD COAST APRIL 10 - 12 YEARLING SALE INGLIS EASTER SALE Sun Classique s Inglis Easter yearling THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE BENCHMARK n April 10 to 12 leading thoroughbred auctioneers Inglis will conduct their 96th annual Australian Easter Yearling Sale from their Newmarket complex at Randwick in Sydney. As has been the tradition since 1917 all of the region s leading trainers owners and bloodstock agents will descend on the historic property in search for the next champion. The next Heroic Flight Wenona Girl or Might And Power all Australian Hall Of Fame inductees that were purchased from below the famous Moreton Bay Fig Tree at Inglis iconic sale. 4 240 entries were received for Inglis major select yearling sales for 2012 with the depth of pedigree and strictness of conformation selection criteria to make Easter unsurpassed at any other southern hemisphere sale. 579 lots have been catalogued for this year s Easter Sale representing the cream of the thoroughbred yearling crop from Australia and New Zealand as well as two Argentinianbred youngsters. The sheer quality that comes out of Easter is mind-boggling. A quick analysis of the 2008 Easter Sale crop provides a snapshot of the depth of horse produced from an Easter Sale. Now five-year-olds the horses offered at Easter in 2008 include two champions (Faint Perfume & Musir) eight Gr1 winners (Response Dariana Headway Speed Baby Irish Lights Rock Classic Wanted and Onemorenomore) 16 other Group winners (such as Rothesay Monton No Evidence Needed Sichuan Success Better Be The One and Stryker) 19 Listed winners and another 38 stakes place-getters. Gr1 placegetters such as We re Gonna Rock Solid Choice (South Africa) Galileo s Galaxy (South Africa) St Fevre (New 44 O Zealand) Make Ena and clair Fastpass (Singapore) might not have been able to crack it at stakes level yet but they have also proven very competitive at the highest level for their purchasers from Easter 2008. The studmasters of recently retired Gr1 winning entires Bon Hoffa Floral Pegasus Red Dazzler Nadeem Reaan Onemorenomore and Wanted are hoping their stallion will follow in the giant footsteps of their famed Easter predecessors like Encosta de Lago Flying Spur Exceed And Excel and Fastnet Rock. Patinack Farm s Nathan Tinkler shelved out 1 025 000 via Hawkes Racing to secure the top-priced colt at last year s Easter Sale. By Casino Prince from Helsinge the halfbrother to Black Caviar named All Too Hard is certainly worth a pretty penny or two now following a four-length romp in the Group Two VRC Sires Produce Stakes on March 10. If All Too Hard can win the 3.5million Gr1 ATC Golden Slipper his stud value will sky-rocket as he joins the likes of Luskin Star Marscay Sir Dapper Rory s Jester John s Hope Star Watch Tierce Flying Spur and Catbird as Easter colts to win the feature twoyear-old dash. 17 Golden Slipper winners have been purchased at the Inglis Australian Easter Yearling Sale more than any other sale. Easter fillies successful in the Golden Slipper such as Bint Marscay have gone on to create breeding barn dynasties in their own right with the daughter of Bletchingly producing Gr1 winner Bollinger (dam of USA G2 winner Fresian Fire) and Gr3 winner Mannington (dam of VRC Derby-winning Easter graduate Benicio). 2012 Gr1 MRC Blue Diamond Stakes winner Samaready is the current favourite Makybe Diva s 2010 Fusaichi Pegasus filly 21 STAKES-WINNERS IN AUSTRALIA THIS SEASON SO FAR COULD HAVE BEEN PURCHASED FROM EASTER FOR 220 000 OR LESS. for this year s Golden Slipper. The 150 000 Easter Sale buy certainly looks capable of joining recent Easter fillies Forensics and Miss Finland on the Golden Slipper honour roll. Miss Finland is without doubt one the most versatile fillies seen on an Australian racetrack for decades. Purchased from Easter FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM MAGIC MILLIONS GOLD COAST APRIL 10 - 12 YEARLING SALE INGLIS EASTER SALE Sun Classique s Inglis Easter yearling for 450 000 the daughter of Redoute s Choice took all before her winning the crown of Champion Australian Two-year-old in 2006 thanks to victory in the Golden Slipper and Champion Australian Three-year-old filly crown in 2007 after Gr1 wins in the One Thousand Guineas VRC Oaks Australian Guineas and Arrowfield Stud Stakes. Last November 250 000 buy Mosheen became the fifth winner in the last seven running s of the VRC Oaks to have been sold at Easter joining Serenade Rose Miss Finland Samantha Miss and Faint Perfume who all went on to be crowned Australian Champion Three-year-old Filly for each of their crops. With a reserve price of just 50 000 Faint Perfume is one of many topline gallopers that could have been picked up from Easter for less than the sale s 220 000 average price. In fact 21 stakes-winners in Australia this season so far that could have been purchased from Easter for 220 000 or less Samaready Neeson Monton Darci Be Good Golden Archer Strike The Stars Psychologist No Evidence Needed Sabrage Niwot Specter Armed For Action Galizani Raceway Collar Soft Sand Nobby Snip Amah Rock Tanby Proliferate and Big Time. No doubt there ll be more bargains to be had in 2012 The 2012 Easter catalogue features yearlings by 63 stallions headed by Australia s current leading sire Fastnet Rock with 50 lots. Encosta de Lago is represented by 47 yearlings Redoute s Choice 43 More Than Ready 30 Flying Spur 30 and Lonhro 20. Other stallions with double figure drafts include Bernardini High Chaparral Street Cry Exceed And Excel Choisir Street Sense Charge Forward Red Ransom Stratum Tale Of The Cat and Zabeel. Widden Stud residents Sebring and Northern Meteor head the first season sires list with 39 and 20 yearlings catalogued respectively. Again the depth of female family represented in the Australian Easter Yearling Sale catalogue this year is unsurpassed by any other southern hemisphere sale with 139 yearlings who are siblings to stakes-winners including the three highest ever rated Australian trained gallopers in Black Caviar So You Think and Makybe Diva. 174 of the dams represented with yearling at the sale are stakes winners including outstanding racetrack performers Tuesday Joy Sun Classique Gold Edition and outstanding Easter graduate Miss Finland. In a word it s Class with a capital C. 45 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM MAGIC 10 - 12 APRIL MILLIONS GOLD COAST YEARLING SALE JANUARY 6-14 INGLIS EASTER SALE KEY 3YO INGLIS EASTER STATISTICS n the eve of the 2012 renewal of the time-honoured Inglis Easter Yearling Sale it s worth taking the time to digest some critical classic statistics from the sale. Mosheen s Australian Guineas win in March marked the 60th Gr1 victory for an Inglis sale graduate in an Australian threeyear-old event in the last ten years. Time-honoured Classics such as the Australian Guineas VRC Oaks Caulfield Guineas One Thousand Guineas Spring Champion Stakes and Rosehill Guineas along with the renamed Randwick Guineas and O offered at the Australian Easter Yearling Sale two years earlier. It s plain to see that yearlings purchased at Easter set the benchmark on the track and at stud and we are very much looking forward to offer another 579 of Australasia s finest bred and conformed yearlings entered for auction at this year s Easter sale Webster adds. Representing the cream of the thoroughbred yearling crop from Australia and New Zealand s leading breeders the depth of pedigree and strictness of conformation selection criteria is unsurpassed at any other Southern Hemisphere Sale. Inglis managing director Mark Webster 26% OF THE GR1 RACES FOR THREE-YEAR-OLDS THAT WERE WON BY A HORSE OFFERED AT AUCTION WERE WON BY AN INGLIS EASTER GRADUATE... Vinery Stud Stakes have fallen the way of Inglis graduates more than graduates of any other sales company. Seven Caulfield Guineas seven VRC Oaks five One Thousand Guineas and five Australian Guineas from the last ten runnings of each is a tremendous achievement for the horses sold here at Inglis and I congratulate our loyal clients on so much success Inglis managing director Mark Webster points out. Despite the myths Easter has also produced more Victoria Derby winners in the last ten years than any other individual sale and the statistics are tipping Easter s way in races such as the Australian Oaks thanks to Absolutely s victory in 2011 Webster states. 26% of the Gr1 races for three-year-olds that were won by a horse offered at auction were won by an Easter graduate a fantastic result for a sale that makes up just 8% of the Australasian yearling sale crop and 3% of the total foal crop. Easter sale graduates in their three-year-old season have also excelled outside their age group. Leading stallions Fastnet Rock and Exceed And Excel both claimed Australia s Champion Sprinter award at three after being 46 Mosheen won the Gr1 VRC Australian Guineas FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM Thoroughbred Perfection Our stallion roster offers breeders access to some of the world s most awarded Stallions as well as the next generation of prospective Sires. Photo More Than Ready Talk to us now about how we can help you with your blood stock requirements. Benicio Big Brown Congrats Dubleo Excites More Than Ready Mossman Myboycharlie Onemorenomore Testa Rossa Visit MAGIC MILLIONS GOLD COAST YEARLING SALE APRIL 10 - 12 JANUARY 6-14 Karuta Queen a typical sprinter INGLIS EASTER SALE THE PRECOCIOUS Y earling selection is undoubtedly a crucial element to any owner or trainer s success. Although most owners race horses for the pure enjoyment in the knowledge that a profitable return on the outlay is unlikely the ongoing costs ensure that any yearling purchase must to an extent be financially reasoned. The yearling that stands the best chance of an earlier preparation and quick return on outlay without ongoing costs is therefore a popular choice. The 2YO sprinter is most likely to be capable of showing its potential in quick time and being a stronger type will be more likely to handle the rigours of 2YO racing. With leading 2YO races such as the Golden Slipper Magic Millions and Blue Diamond and their lead up races offering huge prize-money a quick and profitable return is not totally unrealistic. Success in these types of 2YO races also goes hand in hand with lucrative stud YEARLING SELECTION 2-YEAR-OLD deals especially for colts. Alternatively for the sprinter found to be lacking ability its owner and or trainer can cut losses and move on to another horse where as the stayer generally needs more time. Naturally a yearling s pedigree can indicate early sprinting ability but the buyer looking for an early return needs everything on side when attempting to push the boundaries and win races with a horse that is yet to fully mature. Therefore the yearling s type also plays a large part when determining 2YO sprint potential. Although one can never expect to purchase the perfect yearling and its largely a matter of give and take in this article we look at the theory behind sprint levering and growth patterns and analyze how they can be best used for selecting the precocious 2YO. Obviously selecting a good early type offers no guarantee of ability or soundness and can only place the odds further on the purchaser s side. 48 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM Who needs friends with relations like these Find them in our Easter yearling draft in Stable 2 Row G TESTA ROSSA half sister to (ATC Kindergarten S Gr 3) ANISE I MTOOGOODTOBETRUE (Stakes winner of US 348 936) EXCEED & EXCEL colt from REDOUTE S CHOICE full brother to Champion 3YO Filly in Australia (Triple Gr 1 winner) SAMANTHA MISS REDOUTE S CHOICE colt from (Gr 2 winner) HIGH CHAPARRAL full brother to Champion 3YO Colt in Australia MVRC WS Cox P Gr 1-twice PRAVDA SO YOU THINK BELIEVE N SUCCEED (Group winning 2YO) LONHRO filly from LONHRO filly from (Flemington Gr 2 winner) ZANNA FASTNET ROCK filly from ABSOLUT GLAM (Gr 1 winner) REDOUTE S CHOICE colt from (Gr 1 winner of 10 races in 20 starts) ELLICORSAM COMMANDS half brother to NORTHERN METEOR filly from (Triple Stakes winning full sister to FAIRY KING PRAWN) SHINING DRAGON (HK 4 533 900) CREVETTE REDOUTE S CHOICE half brother to ROMAN EMPEROR (Australian Derby Gr 1) Glenn Burrows 61 (0) 408 644 630 MAGIC MILLIONS GOLD COAST YEARLING SALE APRIL 10 - 12 JANUARY 6-14 Beware of the lean hind. If a yearling possesses a short croup and femur these will be unlikely to significantly grow by proportion with age as its overall body length and forequarters play catch-up and lengthen further with maturity Beware of the triple whammy. The combination of a sloping croup short femur and backward set stifle can result in a straight and shortened overall rear lever. While this may produce a strong and sharp stride its lack of under-reach and stride length can be telling in regard to sustained galloping speed. SHAPED MUSCLE TYPE Indicates fast twitch muscle fibres and the promise of fast on-pace sprinting ability which is ideal for 2YO races. This can be assessed by assessing the gaskin forearm chest muscles etc. For the potential 2YO ideally shorter muscles with further rounded shape (not elongated) rather than overly large bulky muscle may be apt as a lighter muscle mass reduces weight force and pressure on the lower limbs. STRONG BONE Strong bone such as wide cannons and flat knees indicate strong and mature bones and joints. Thick bone is also a sprinter s trait. WIDE CHEST AND HIPS From the front and back views. Indication of maturity and adds prime moving and sprinting strength to a stride. MOVEMENT Good flowing and smooth movement through the entire body are indications of superior coordination and athleticism and an early runner and ability. Although movement can be improved with work and education (particularly figure-8 lunging) the naturally heavy plodding type that appears to have a lazy action is lesser preferred. INGLIS EASTER SALE THE SPRINTER S TRAITS Mature sprinters generally have a levering bias towards strength and short-term power. These traits include Forequarters Slightly shorter and well muscle limbs. Shorter shoulder blade and forward wet wither. Wide chest. Lower neck set. Slightly upright and shorter pasterns and short cannons. Core A slightly deep girth and large barrel Hindquarters Long croup femur and tibia and a particularly short rear cannons. Wide hips. Overall body type Longer body and a lowered and shorter neck. Strong thick bone. Well-shaped head Good width between the eyes and a deep and wide jaw. Apart from the shorter shoulder blade the above traits generally also indicate maturity. PREFERRED YEARLING TRAITS From a 2YO sprinting viewpoint the following traits should be considered as strong preferences. Keep in mind that traits and proportions should take into account possible growth spurts of each horse. STRONG HIND This is a key sprinter s trait that provides both power and strength. A yearling can be expected to possess a higher hindquarter in relation to its wither. Both the croup and femur should be long and the stifle forward set. The croup may have a touch extra slope as a yearling. For the yearling the strength of the upper hind is better assessed by its length vertically across the top-line rather than by its height. A longer tibia adds stride strength and sprinting power to the hind and is also preferred. SHOULDER BLADE SLOPE AND LENGTH The typical sprinter may possess a slightly upright and short shoulder blade or like a quality or staying type a long and sloped shoulder blade. The long shoulder blade also indicates maturity and vice versa the short blade immaturity. Therefore an open mind may be kept with regard to the shoulder formation. Essentially however either combination should be matched with the strong sprinting hindquarters. Although a shoulder blade s slope may only marginally improve with maturity it can significantly lengthen resulting in an improved wither set and top-line. HEIGHT Generally for the slightly shorter yearling the lack of potential growth should not necessarily be considered as a negative as studies indicate that smaller racehorses possess very comparable win ability (if not necessarily always top-end ability) to their larger rivals. The small size is also associated EACH WAY Above Growth Rates 50 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM Increase your chances of Group 1 glory Buy from Luskin Park Stud s Easter Sale Draft We bred and sold multiple Group winner FOXWEDGE And we have FOXWEDGE S FULL SISTER Come see LOT 164 and secure yourself a filly from this fabulous family Foxwedge Lot 164 FOXWEDGE full-sister Lot 139 Lot 164 Lot 362 Lot 461 Lot 464 Lot 518 Br. B. Br. B. Br. B. or Br. Colt Filly Filly Filly Filly Filly Charge Forward Fastnet Rock Sebring Charge Forward O Reilly (NZ) Charge Forward Dyna Slam (USA) Forest Native (USA) Rockin Babe Evening Pleasures Fashion Police Rite of Passage We bred and sold 2010 Gr1 Australian Guineas winner ROCK CLASSIC Enquiries Paul Whelan Ph 0418 798 653 e-mail paul Luskin Park MAGIC MILLIONS GOLD COAST YEARLING SALE APRIL 10 - 12 JANUARY 6-14 INGLIS EASTER SALE FOR THE SPRINTER FOUND TO BE LACKING ABILITY ITS OWNER AND OR TRAINER CAN CUT LOSSES AND MOVE ON TO ANOTHER HORSE... shoulder blade and forward set wither (especially when coupled with further immaturity traits) a small barrel and an overall tall body type with a lean neck and a significantly higher croup in comparison to the wither. Mentality and the related learning ability are also considerations. THE CLAYTONS SPRINTER The common yearling formation of a high croup and strong hind in comparison to weaker forequarters can provide the false impression of a potential sprinter. However when the yearling is educated and its forequarters lengthen with an improved wither set etc its levering can balance and favour staying. with increased coordination a higher stride turnover (sprinters trait) and sounder limbs which are all key traits when targeting 2YO races. If in doubt the string test can always be applied as a good guide to potential height. A typical stayer Atlantic Jewel SOUNDNESS CONSIDERATIONS CONTRADICTIONS These are traits that indicate sprinting ability although one should be careful they are not taken to the extreme with the yearling considering their relationship to later growth spurts. THE DEEPER GIRTH AND SHORTER LIMBS These are technically sprinting traits although it appears that the leading horses generally possess only small variations of the girth to limb ratios regardless of distance orientation. This indicates that when this ratio is taken to the extreme as in a very deep girth and very short limbs although being type consistent may not necessarily be positives. As horses grow vertically from the limbs up they may also indicate lessened potential growth height-wise and therefore an open mind may be apt. THE LARGE BARREL AND LONGER BODY These are sprinter s traits but the yearling s body will continue to lengthen with maturity which for the already longer yearling may result in a pronounced overly long body and a lack of balance as an aged racehorse. However a slightly longer body and larger barrel for the purpose of selecting a 2YO may be ideal as they re sprinting maturity traits. Keep a watch on horses with large barrels as it may also be associated with a lack of prime moving strength through the upper fore and hind. TRAITS OF AN IMMATURE YEARLING One setting out to purchase a 2YO naturally also needs to keep an eye out for the obvious traits that indicate a yearling may need further time to mature and or distance to show its best form. These include long sloping pasterns and long cannons open and shaped knee joints overall refined and elongated limbs a shallow girth with a short 52 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM Of course for the yearling that is expected to perform as a 2YO soundness is of paramount importance. The sprinting maturity traits detailed in this article generally add to a horse s soundness for the purpose of high intensity sprinting. An example is the sometimes frowned upon short upright pasterns yet these remain strong and durable and provide natural sprinting strength as a short end lever. To an extent the longer humerus bone (in comparison to the shoulder blade) which appears more common in sprinting types can also add suspension to the heavy upper body as it lowers during the stance phase of a gallop. Recent studies (C. Wayne McIlwraith BVSc PhD FRCVS Diploma ACVS & Tina M. Anderson PhD Colorado State University) also indicate that some yearlings may be naturally prone to being back at the knee but further explain that this flaw can be expected to improve with age. This can be caused by the youngster s fast growing bone lengths of its lower limbs leaving behind shorter and contracted soft tissue etc. With time the soft tissues lengthen and stretch to again match the bone lengths once again providing a correct and straight leg. Importantly the studies also detailed that yearlings that are already over at the knee are less likely to improve with time. Of course straight and correct veterinary type conformation is always preferred and of prime consideration for a potential 2YO. Pre-purchase exams X rays etc are available through most leading yearling sales and can be used as a guide to not only assess joint health etc but maturity levels. Many factors will ultimately determine a 2YO s success such as education mentality breeding etc. A yearling can also change significantly with work as a matured horse. Therefore conformation should only be used as a guide to a yearling s potential and should never be considered as definitive. Ross Brunt Analyst of Racehorse Conformation & Biomechanics ner Multiple Group 1 win d Rocket Man was bre and sold by Tyreel Lot 30 Lot 38 Lot 128 Lot 224 Lot 272 Lot 302 Lot 367 b f More Than Ready - African Rain b c Medaglia d Oro - Amazing Tale b c Sebring - Devils Marble b br c Red Ransom - Just Dancing ch f Teofilo - Mermaid Island br c Magnus - Northpoint br c More Than Ready - Royal Mask A half sister to the Group Three placed Imvula (Rock Of Gibraltar) and out of a Woodman sister to the Group Two winner Rose O War (Danehill) and the sire Danehill Express (Danehill). Out of the Listed winner Amazing Tale (Tale Of The Cat) who is a daughter of the Group Three scorer Svea Dahl (Honor Grades). Out of the dual winner Devils Marble (Danehill) who is a half sister to the Group 1 winner Stella Cadenta (Centaine) from the family of Bint Marscay Mannington and Bollinger. Out of the Group Two winner Just Dancing (Fusaichi Pegasus) who was placed at Group One level four times. Just Dancing is out of the triple Group One winner Ballroom Babe (Citidancer). Out of the Listed placed Mermaid Island (Mujadil) a half sister to the Irish Classic winner Nightime (Galileo). Their dam is the Irish Champion Older mare Caumshinaun (Indian Ridge). A half sister to the triple Group Two winner Set For Fame (Reset) whose dam is a half sister to the Listed winner Bond Street (Testa Rossa). From the family of Bletchingly. Out of the Listed winner Royal Mask (Royal Academy) who is a half sister to the Group Two winner Masked Assassin (Danzero). Lot 404 ch c Choisir - Star Mystic Out of a stakes placed sister to the Champion Older Sprinter Alverta (Flying Spur). Lot 421 br blk c Statue Of Liberty - Tahnee Tango Out of the Group Three placed Tahnee Tango (Grand Lodge) and from the family of the Group One winners Shogun Lodge (Grand Lodge) and Singing The Blues (Bluebird). Scott Holcombe - Stud Manager Tel 61 (0)2 4776 1142 Mobile 61 (0)452 213 762 MAGIC MILLIONS GOLD COAST APRIL 10 - 12 YEARLING SALE INGLIS EASTER SALE Sun Classique s Inglis Easter yearling Patinack Farm s Oasis Dream Sun Classique Inglis Easter colt THE CHAMPION RACEMARE CONUNDRUM By Renee Geelen t is sometimes jokingly said that genius skips a generation. But does it really With Black Caviar likely in the second half of her track career inevitable questions are being asked about what she will be like as a broodmare. Questions sometimes raise more questions and one of those is will she or any of the great female gallopers make a better grand dam than a dam i.e. will her daughters prove to be better producers than her This myth has been perpetrated by people misquoting Italian breeder trainer Frederico Tesio. There is a widely held belief that Tesio claimed champion racemares make useless broodmares but their daughters are better prospects because they have all the champions qualities as well as enough nervous energy for their foals. What he actually expressed was Famous racing mares are frequently poor producers for the very reason which made them famous they have expended so much of their nervous energy in their races that they have little to pass on to their progeny. This is especially true during their first period as broodmares. Tesio went on to say that to counter this it 54 I is best to retire a top class filly to stud after her 3YO season as soon as she has made her name in a classic race. One of his best broodmares was Nogara who he described as small elegant light magnificent hocks magnificent action. Top class from six furlongs to a mile . A dual THERE IS A WIDELY HELD ERRONEOUS BELIEF THAT TESIO CLAIMED CHAMPION RACEMARES MAKE USELESS BROODMARES... Gr1-winner at 2 Nogara went on the win the Italian 1000 Guineas at 3. At stud she was a superior broodmare leaving 8 winners from 8 foals. As per Tesio s theory her first foal Nicoletto da Modena did not amount to much being only a minor winner. But her second foal was undoubtedly the best of all. Legendary Nearco is best summed up by Tesio Beautifully balanced of perfect size and great quality. Won all his 14 races as soon as he was asked. Not a true stayer... he won these longer races by his superb class and brilliant speed. Sold to an English Stud for a record price Nearco went on to spectacular success as a stallion. Of Nogara s other six foals she also produced the champion racehorses Naucide and Niccolo Della Arca (who was also a leading stallion) the Italian Oaks winner Nervesa and stakes winners Nicolaus and Nakamura. Typical of horse racing examples for each side of the debate are easily found in racing s archives. Unbeaten mare Personal Ensign (Private Account-Grecian Banner) had won all of her 13 starts including eight at Gr1 level. Top of both the USA 3YO Free Handicap and 4YO Free Handicap her dam was a minor winning daughter of Dorine Champion 3YO in Argentina in 1961 2. Personal Ensign has been as good at stud as she was on the track with nine winners from as many to race. FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM Image courtesy of Georgina Lomax Corumbene Stud where winners are bred CoRUMBENESTUDPRoUDLyPRESENTSITS2012INGLISEASTERyEARLINGSALEDRAFT Lot 61 72 115 232 234 341 346 416 454 477 CoL Brown Chestnut Brown Brown Bay Brown Chestnut Bay Brown Chestnut Chestnut Sex Filly Filly Filly Filly Filly Colt Colt Colt Colt Colt Sire Lonhro MoreThanReady(USA) FastnetRock Dehere(USA) NotaSingleDoubt Lonhro EncostadeLago EncostadeLago TaleoftheCat(USA) RockofGibraltar(IRE) Dam Baranbali BelongtoMany DameCath(NZ) Kylie LaMarama Proclaim(NZ) Purespeed SuperiorStar Dazzling(NZ) Jolie Champion 2YO Sebring was bred by Corumbene Stud For further information phone or email Toby Frazer 0428 11 55 28 or 02 63 751 275 tfrazer MAGIC MILLIONS GOLD COAST APRIL 10 - 12 YEARLING SALE INGLIS EASTER SALE Sun Classique s Inglis Easter yearling Virage de Fortune granddaughter of Emancipation Three of her foals are Gr1 winners My Flag (Champion USA 2YO filly with 4 Gr1 wins) Traditionally (who stood at stud in NZ) and Miner s Mark. Of her other 6 winners 3 are stakes-placed. Her daughter My Flag is the dam of Storm Flag Flying whose race record mirrors her dam (Champion 2YO filly with 4 Gr1 wins ) and two of her other daughters have left stakes winners at stud. A local example is Tracy s Element a rare mare who was a Champion racemare and has left a Champion at stud. Crowned Champion 2YO filly & 4YO mare in South Africa in 1993 & 1995 Tracy s Element is the dam of seven to race all winners. Her best foal is 2009 10 Horse of the Year Typhoon Tracy (6 Gr1 wins and 2.4 million). Tracy s Element has also left stakes- winner Red Element stakes-placed Kylikwong and Tracy s Choice. Further Tracy s Element s eldest daughter is the dam of Gr2 winner Shaft. Patinack Farm has champion racemare Sun Classique on their books. She may not be overly familiar to Australian racing fans as she did her racing overseas. The Champion 3YO filly in South Africa in 2007 with 3 Gr1 victories she went on to compete against the best horses in the world and win in the Gr1 Dubai Sheema Classic on Dubai World Cup day in 2008. Her first foal a colt by Oasis Dream is Lot 414 at the Inglis Easter Yearling Sale this year. Stud Manager Ben Lawrence says Ability matters in a broodmare and a champion racemare is the ultimate example of ability. A mare like Sun Classique gives a breeder every chance of success. We are really pleased with her Oasis Dream colt he is a beautifully balanced colt with great athleticism and has very similar attributes to his champion mother good scope good shoulder and hindquarters and a very deep girth. He is an attractive correct colt that gives every indication that he will run and has athlete 56 Makybe Diva weight of expectation wins in the Cox Plate and a myriad of other victories. She didn t have much chance to prove herself with only 5 foals but none of them were much good Named Pegasus her first foal had one start and was sent to stud where he faded into obscurity (only one foal can be found for him but it did go better than him and managed a maiden win). Her second foal was her only filly. Three more colts followed one had 35 starts for no wins but 6 placings. Sent to stud he sired 3 winners. The next colt had 39 starts but did win 6 of them (none in the city). As Flight s most successful racing foal he also went to stud and left the 1963 Ballarat Cup winner Morning Breeze. Her final colt was unraced and had no progeny. But the daughters of champions theory lives on for Flight. Her imaginatively named only filly Flight s Daughter was placed at 2 and had only three foals (all colts) but two of them were stakes-winning colts both by Star Kingdom. Even more amazingly these two colts BOTH won the Golden Slipper at 2 (Skyline in 1958 Sky High in 1960) then went on to win a Derby at 3 (Skyline AJC Derby Sky High VRC Derby). The younger of the pair Sky High was as good as his grand dam winning 29 races and held the Flemington 2000m record until 2005 (broken by Makybe Diva). Skyline may have only won 5 races and was overshadowed by his little brother but he was still pretty special. Skyline left 3 stakes-winners in his stallion career while Sky High went to stud in Australia and later to the USA and left at least 10 stakes-winners including US Gr1 winner Autobiography. The third colt from Flight s Daughter was named Skyrocket a name he couldn t live up to as he was unraced and didn t go to stud. Two out of three is a pretty good effort none-the-less A champion that suffered from the weight of expectation problem was BUT THE DAUGHTERS OF CHAMPIONS THEORY LIVES ON FOR FLIGHT GRAND DAM OF TWO SLIPPER WINNERS... ] written all over him. Her sire Fuji Kiseki has been better than the general consensus (55 SW including 5 Gr1 winners) and is now kicking goals as a broodmare sire with Yosei his first Gr1 winner in this role. Lawrence tells B&R that he felt most great broodmares had ability but may not have shown it on the track for various reasons. Helsinge is one such example unraced due to an injury suffered while being broken in but rumour has it that she was very quick. Lawrence also notes There is a much bigger expectation around mares like Sun Classique than for the lesser-performed racemare. A mare like Sun Classique or Makybe Diva generates public interest because they were such tremendous athletes and this interest sets up an additional expectation for success. The first few foals are overly scrutinized and this can lead to criticism but people need to be more patient. A great racemare will usually leave a good one at some point in their career. I am sure if given a choice every breeder you talk to would rather breed from a Gr1 winner as opposed to a class one winner. Such is the expectation on these great racemares that often they are quoted as being failures at stud when the reality is that they only failed to live up to unrealistic expectations. An often-mentioned example of a failed champion is Flight. Foaled in 1940 by Royal Sun Flight raced from 2 to 6 and won 24 races capturing the public s hearts with two FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM ROTHWELL PARK ANYWHERE ANYWAY .... We cater for all your needs Sold as a weanling 3 in 1 package Sold as a yearling SECRET ADMIRER Multiple Gr.1 Winner 1st AJC Flight Stakes (Gr.1) 1st ATC Epsom Handicap (Gr.1) Sold as a yearling CHINCHILLA 1st SAJC Queen Adelaide Stakes (LR) ALEZAN THUNDER 3rd VRC Emirates Air (LR) WRITTEN CONSENT 2nd ATC Canonbury Stakes (LR) Sold as a yearling GINGERBREAD MAN Champion 2YO and 3YO of Singapore MAGIC MILLIONS GOLD COAST APRIL 10 - 12 YEARLING SALE INGLIS EASTER SALE Sun Classique s Inglis Easter yearling Typhoon Tracey s dam was a champion Emancipation. By Bletchingly she won 19 races six at Gr1 level and was rated Champion 3YO 4YO and 1984 s Horse of the Year. At stud she had 7 named foals but only 3 won races making people leap to the conclusion that she was a hopeless broodmare. But that leap would be incorrect. One of Emancipation s winners was the Gr2 winner (and AJC Derby placed) Royal Pardon and therefore Emancipation can t really be called a failure. Any mare that can leave a Gr1 standard horse surely must be considered a successful broodmare. And again it s her daughters that have helped perpetuate the myth that a champion s daughters are better than the champion herself. Her daughter Virage (placed at 2 and 3) is the dam of dual Gr1 winner Virage de Fortune and her unraced daughter La Suffragette is the dam of dual Gr1 winner Railings. Bred by Gerry Ryan at Limerick Lane Thoroughbreds and being sold through Yarraman Park is Lot 3 in the Inglis Easter Sale a colt by Redoute s Choice from Virage. Harry Mitchell says that this colt has an air of expectation around him that didn t apply when his dam Virage first went to stud. There was not much fanfare back then given her race record but now she has proven that she can leave something with 58 ANY MARE THAT CAN LEAVE A GR1 STANDARD HORSE SURELY MUST BE CONSIDERED A SUCCESSFUL BROODMARE... the ability of her champion dam. Mitchell says this colt is very typical of the family an athletic tall lean type. He doesn t have much of the Danehill look about him that you d normally expect from a Redoute s Choice and Mitchell says that he is more similar to his grand dam Emancipation. Yarraman Park didn t sell his half-sister Virage de Fortune but they did break her in. Mitchell says she was a plain yet functional type of filly that just kept on improving every time they put a saddle on her. Mitchell is also excited to present a colt that he says might just go close to topping the sale at Easter if he was just a little bit bigger. Lot 60 by hot sire Fastnet Rock from stakes winner Banc de Fortune is a grandson of Champion 3YO filly Danendri (by Danehill). Mitchell has been associated with this family back to the colt s Gr1winning 4th dam Copperama and says that this colt is typical in size for the family although is slightly stronger than expected. Perhaps he says this is because of the Danehill influence in this colt. Further if you are going to buy from a daughter of a champion says Mitchell you can t get much better than a foal from that champion s best filly since the buyer can be assured that the champion racemare has passed on her ability. This makes it more likely that the champion s ability is going to get passed on to the next generation as well. But and you were thinking this anyway examples alone are not going to solve this riddle. The only way to decide whether this theory has any weight is to look at the overall numbers. Arion Pedigrees found 306 locally raced mares in their database that were granted championship status. These mares born between 1938 and 2008 include 41 mares that have no foals either because they are yet to retire (eg Black Caviar) or because they died without progeny (eg Champion 2YO Filly Belle du Jour who died giving birth to her first foal). Of the champions that did have progeny they averaged 7.3 foals each. FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM THE EFFECTIVE & ECONOMICAL SOLUTION TO A SERIOUS PROBLEM Scan with your Smartphone Nutrition Advice Hotline 1800 772 198 advice MAGIC MILLIONS GOLD COAST APRIL 10 - 12 YEARLING SALE D & E 1 2 Stable 3 Rows B C Plains MORE STUD Jerry s On Account of COOL Agent) (As Lot 98 INGLIS EASTER SALE Sun Classique s Inglis Easter yearling Champions with progeny Foals Foals (not of racing age) Racing age Foals Stakes winning Foals Gr1 winning Foals SW foals 265 1 926 100 1 826 171 29 9.4% BAY COLT Northern Dancer ......... Fairy King (USA) ............. Fairy Bridge..................... (SIRE) Star Way (GB)................. .. ENCOSTA DE LAGO... Shoal Creek .................... Rolls (USA)...................... (Branded nr sh. 123 off sh. Foaled 27th September 2010) 0 ...................... by Nearctic . by Bold Reason.............. ... by Star Appeal ............. by Mr. Prospector ........... ... Storm Bird.................... . (DAM) Storm Cat ....................... Terlingua........................ .. CHATTY ONE (IRE)... Phone Trick ..................... .. 2007 Phone Chatter............... Passing My Way.............. lth Cup . 3 wins VATC VicHea (Bay 1993-Stud 1997) wnrs 86 SW inc. ENCOSTA DE LAGO (AUS) twice. Sire of 1182 rnrs 794 Sirmione Racing to Sire Gr.1. Champion Aust. Bay Kelt Capital S. Gr.1) Lashed Road to Rock e s Princess Coup (Hawk Kingdom Mnemosyne Delago DeluxeNorthern Meteor ttan Rain i Sacred Win Alingh rt Delago Brom Manha Douro Valley etc. Shadoways Titanic Jack Aloha -Newpo Ultra Fantasy (H.K.) Apercu Quay Lago to CAT CHAT half-sister 1st Dam Cat. Unraced. Sister to Y ONE (IRE) by Storm CHATTER RUMOR). This is her first foal. CHATT Mini Chat (dam of DIXIE USA 2YO Free H. on The 1993 2nd Dam le Fillies S. Phone Trick. Top filly PHONE CHATTER by f to 8 f 838 741 Breeders Cup Juveni CERF S. L 5 wins 4 at 2 5 Leaf S. Gr 1 Del Mar Sorrento S. Gr 3 ood Melvin Gr 1 Santa Anita Oak S. Gr 2 Del Mar Vieille Vigne H. L Hollyw 2d Del Mar Debutante 9 foals 5 to race 3 winners inc u County S. Durslag S. L. Dam of 3 wins 1 at 2 154 040 Belmont Nassa CAT CHAT (f Storm Cat) nce. Producer. rsGr 2 Aqueduct Allowa Noblesse S. in U.S.A. Dam of 5 winne Doula. Winner at 1m(f Galileo) Winner at 11 f in 2011 3d Cork Trigo S. L. Leopardstown Amazing Beauty 3 Curragh Finale S. L at 2 7f to 1 m Ascot Gr 3 Give Thanks S. Gr 4 wins 2 (g Giant s Causeway)ort Mile 3d Windsor Midsummer S. L. Humungous ood Totesp Sodexo S. 2d Goodw winnersof 2 8 f 464 606 Mini Chat. Unraced. Dam Dixie Union) 4 wins 2 at 2 5 f to Gr 2 Del Mar DIXIE CHATTER (c k S. Gr 1 Santa Anita Arcadia H. H. Gr 1 Oak Tree Oak Tree Norfol Anita Frank E Kilroe Mile Gr 3 Affirmed H. rial S. Oceanside S. L 3d Santa Lazaro Barrera Memo Strub S. Gr 2. Derby Gr 2 Hollywood 2012 Derby Gr 1 Santa Anita Gr 3 4th Hollywood ) 4 wins 1 at 2 at 6f 6 f 201 718 to RUMOR (f Indian Charlie Queen H. L Del Mar CERF S. Santa Anita Kalookan ALIAS d. Half-sister to AFIFA JUNE) 3rd Dam Pass the Glass. Unrace of SECOND OF PASSING MY WAY by RING WHOW (dam 5 winners inc SMITH AUCTION of 12 foals 7 to race Northern Walker. Dam Trick) 5 wins. See above. TER (f Phone rsPHONE CHAT 57 2d Bay in U.S.A. Dam of 5 winne Going Her Way. 4 wins(g Irish Scoundrel) 12 wins 5f to 6f 150 6 Big Red Irishman uct H. L. uct Allowance 2d Aqued Meadows West 12 Ranch 2 wins at 6f 7f Aqued Bonneville (f Salt Lake) of 2 winners2012 to 7 f 259 321 to Broadway H. L. Dam ndo) 5 wins 1 at 2 5f S. L. Salty Sarah (f Bertra S. 3d Santa Anita California Cup Distaff 2d Del Mar CERF 2d Dam of 3 winners2000m to 2011 in Peru Holy Way. Placed in U.S.A. Gold) 6 wins 1500 to Huachano (c Touch Almirante Miguel Grau Seminario Gr 2. Monterrico Clasico Dam of 5 winners- at 2 at 8 f 8 f 123 532 of the Bull. Unraced. Heart It s True) 4 wins 1 Yes It s Bull (c Yesnce 3d Woodbine Victoria S. L. Woodbine Allowa by Northern Dancer .... by Secretariat ................. by Clever Trick................ by Pass the Glass............ THE REALITY IS THAT [GREAT MARES] ONLY FAILED TO LIVE UP TO UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS... stallions but you could also say that the best stallions are helped along by being sent top class racemares The various influences of sire and dam will hopefully be forever one of the mysteries of horse breeding. Similar thinking can be applied to the daughters of champions they are most probably sired by the best stallions and are likely to be sent to the best themselves. This would give them a natural advantage over the rest of the broodmares out there but this shouldn t detract from their performance. The champions in our dataset have had nearly 700 fillies that have themselves gone to stud and produced progeny. These daughters of champions range in race record from quality Phone Chatter s daughters are throwing on To put these results into context the average for all broodmares is 1.5%SW foals so the champion racemares have smashed the breed average into oblivion. Critics might say that these mares would be expected to do better than the breed average because most of them would be mated with the best stallions available. Even taking this into account the results are still massive. Not many of the best stallions get figures as good as this. The top four stallions on the current sire s premiership are Fastnet Rock 4.1% (26SW) Redoute s Choice 7.6% (83 SW) Commands 4.1% (44SW) Bel Esprit 1.8% (13SW) Champion racemares out-perform these stallions by a fairly decent margin. They might be helped along the way by going to excellent 2012 INGLIS EASTER Yearling Sale Draft Lot 170 Lot 174 Lot 237 Lot 311 Lot 315 Lot 317 Lot 326 Lot 361 Lot 408 B Ch Ch B Br B Br B B B B Br Filly Colt Colt Filly Colt Colt Colt Filly Colt Fastnet Rock Exceed and Excel Sebring Commands Red Ransom (USA) Redoute s Choice Redoute s Choice Exceed and Excel Redoute s Choice Full Bloom Galapagos Girl Lady Cay Our Egyptian Raine (NZ) Palia Park Esteem (IRE) Personify River Dove Star Satire (NZ) C R E S SselectI breeding for F E L D 60 Wayne Bedggood 0419 226 551 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM MAGIC MILLIONS GOLD COAST APRIL 10 - 12 YEARLING SALE Gr1 winners down through the racing classes to the slowest plodders. Given the results for the champions above the daughters are also more likely than the general population to be excellent racehorses even if they aren t as good as their dams. Daughters with progeny Foals Foals (not of racing age) Racing age Foals Stakes winning Foals Gr1 winning Foals SW foals 693 4 370 300 4 070 177 50 4.3% INGLIS EASTER SALE Sun Classique s Inglis Easter yearling Belle de Jour died without a live foal And the results for the daughters highlight how this daughters theory can be given credence by those who believe in it. With more foals the daughters produce more stakes-winners and therefore by weight of numbers they have more examples for breeders to observe. The rate of production of stakes-winners is lower than their illustrious dams but is still excellent compared to the general population. The figures debunk the myth that the daughters are better than the champions but the daughters are still worth having in your broodmare band. And if you are a buyer there might just be less hype around the progeny of the daughters which means they may turn out to be better value. And value might just be the main reason that this idea has been perpetuated through the ages. The progeny of champion racemares attract attention and therefore are likely to be more expensive than the progeny of their daughters. And as for Black Caviar the public are simply enjoying watching her race and win for now. And that s what we ultimately breed racehorses to do. So... let s all hold our horses enjoy her career and we can contemplate her progeny at a much later date A m A r iFn r m A Focusing on Quality From the foaling paddock to the track PO Box 132 Denman nSW Australia 2328 - T 61 (0)2 6547 1261 - F 61 (0)2 6547 1265 E office FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM 61 MAGIC MILLIONS GOLD COAST YEARLING SALE APRIL 10 - 12 JANUARY 6-14 INGLIS EASTER SALE VENDOR AMARINA FARM PROFILES The racing industry is all about momentum and Amarina Farm has it at the moment. With the 420 000 filly they prepared at the recent Magic Millions Sale propelling them into Easter fireworks will fly early when Lot 12 the filly by More Than Ready struts into the ring. By dashing Gr2-winning Hussonet mare Wild Storm herself a three-quarter sister to stakes-winner Hospitably and a halfsister to Gr3 winner L Eclipse this is a clever mating. Catch your breath and wait for Lot 175 the filly by Encosta de Lago from USA Gr2 winner Gaudeamus. This is the prolific family of luminaries Bosra Sham Hector Protector and Shanghai with appealing residual value. Lot 206 is by Sebring from stakes-winner Danzari s half-sister Household. This pedigree traces to the outstanding dual Gr1 winner Zafonic. One lot later is the Zabeel colt from Howgoodwasthat the half-sister to Gr2 MRC Norman Robinson Stakes-winner Cedar Manor and featuring a double cross of Sir Tristram. The family of Procrastinate has commerciality writ large and Lot 318 the filly by Red Ransom hails from it. From stakesplaced Danehill Dancer mare Patasi herself a three-quarter sister to Gr1 winner Laisserfaire and promising stallion Foreplay this is also the family of Gr2 winner Centennial Park and his talented half-brother Ballack. Speaking of precocity it s there in spades in Lot 493 the colt by Tale of the Cat from stakes-placed mare Mango Daiquiri. The half-brother to the budding Upon this family features Gr1 winners Cherokee Rose Bowman Kirklees and Mastery. The Amarina draft concludes on a high note with the colt by High Chaparral (Lot 538). Bulla Borghese From Encosta de Lago mare Summer Daze grand dam Fayeda is a half-sister to Gr3 winner Bella Serata Marneat (dam of Gr1 winner Marstic) and Raise a Ransom (dam of Gr2 VRC Ascot Vale stakes-winner Theatre). Exclaim n Exclude and a half-sister to the talented stakes-placed Sydney filly Fantene. Burgeoning stallion Street Sense is the sire of Lot 519 from Royal Oak. A classy NZ family it features Gr3-winning grand dam Spottswoode herself a sister to Gr1 STC Arrowfield Stud Stakes-winning filly Sixty Seconds as well as Gr2 AJC Villiers Stakeswinner Arletty. Widden Stud s two speed-driven first crop stallions Northern Meteor and Sebring are each represented by a filly in the Broadwater Thoroughbreds draft. Lot 83 by Northern Meteor is from VRC Oaks Gr1 winner Bulla Borghese dam already of two stakes-winners in Romanus and Melpomene while Lot 489 by Sebring is from stakes-winning NZ mare Luscilla a half-sister to Gr2 winners Falkirk and Mulan Princess. Rounding out what is a classy draft is the colt by Pentire (Lot 456). With (King) Mufhasa making headlines for him amongst many others this colt is from a Zabeel blood-sister to Gr2-winning filly Lafleur. Third dam is Champion filly Habibti. BROADWATER THOROUGHBREDS From the prime Hunter land that has produced outstanding performers such as Mnemosyne and Court Command comes another skillfully prepared draft by the highly respected Mike Fleming and his team. This draft is a well-balanced mixture of commerciality and first crop hype. On the commercial side of the ledger it s hard to go past the Redoute s Choice colt from Red Hot Mama (Lot 356). A full-brother to recent Listed MRC Chairman s Stakes winner Mama s Choice as well as stakes-placed Red Hot Choice this is a family on the rise with the diversity to also produce fillies such as Red Hot Mama s Gr1 VRC Oaks winning half-sister Hollow Bullet. Helmet s sire Exceed and Excel has imposed himself on Lot 344 the filly from Punchess. From an interesting American family this filly is a full sister to stakes-placed CORUMBENE STUD In the last two weeks of February two races a week apart typified the type of results we have come to expect from Corumbene Are you happy with the quality of your horse feed SINCE 1955 2 Meadow Way Banksmeadow NSW 2019 5 minutes from Randwick Supplying Australia s leading racehorse trainers and thoroughbred auctioneers William Inglis & Sons (02) 9666 7755 62 Give us a call today FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM P r e -T r a i n i n g M a r e & F oa l C a r e ag i sT M e n T s P e l l i n g Close To sydney All new FACiliTy Located on the beautiful Mudgee river flats amongst the best purpose built AGISTMENT & PRE-TRAINING complexes for thoroughbred horses in NSW. Fully iRRigATed wiTh 24 houR seCuRiTy & veT ACCess Oakey Creek s all new facilities include Excellent post & rail fencing Electric outriders Shelters in all paddock Stables All paddocks sown down in lucerne tall fescue cocksfoot & white clover Full on-site farrier service Only one place to send the likes of SNIPERS BULLET keep up the good work - Tracey Bartley Arthur Collins Property Owner E arthur M 61 (0)413 734 532 Ross Bone Property Manager E ross M 61 (0)408 600 254 MAGIC MILLIONS GOLD COAST YEARLING SALE APRIL 10 - 12 JANUARY 6-14 Stud one of the most understated boutique breeders in Australia. The George Altomonte-owned property equidistant from Dubbo and Mudgee celebrated the success of Eagle Falls in the Gr3 Rubiton Stakes (1100m) at Caulfield followed up by victory a week later by Raceway in the Listed Canonbury Stakes for 2YO males at Warwick Farm. Just for good measure Narcissus (out of Corumbene s former champion 2YO Hasna) was third. Their 2012 Easter draft presented as always in outstanding condition by Toby Frazer consists of just 10 yearlings split 50 50 between colts and fillies. The five females sell first and include a Lonhro miss from the family of Tynia. She is Lot 61 and is followed soon after by a filly many buyers will have their eye on. Lot 72 is by Vinery s exciting sire of 2YOs More Than Ready and is the first foal of multiple Group-performed Gr2 winner Belong To Many. She is a daughter of Snippets mare Foil a half-sister to Gr1 Goodwood Handicap winner Sword. With Fastnet Rock currently red hot his daughter (Lot 115) is a half-sister to Gr1-placed Gr3 winner Red Lord. She ll be inspected from dawn to dusk. A Dehere filly (Lot 232) is followed immediately by Lot 234 a Not A Single Doubt filly whose halfbrother is Group-placed stakes-winner Mr Unforgettable. Following a Lonhro grandson of champion Flitter (Lot 341) Corumbene presents two colts by Encosta de Lago. The first Lot 346 is a half-brother to Corumbene-bred Champion 2YO Sebring while the second (Lot 416) is out of former leading Singapore performer Superior Star. If black-type is your yardstick look no further than the Tale Of The Cat colt out of Dazzling (Lot 454). It s a page drenched in Group performers. INGLIS EASTER SALE CRESSFIELD With yearlings the calibre of Gr2 winner Satin Shoes hailing from recent Easter drafts Cressfield is once again poised to present another silky draft. Of course the Redoute s Choice half-brother to Satin Shoes (Lot 408) is sure to be promote spirited bidding. From Star Satire Top Filly on the 2000-2001 NZ 3YO Free Handicap this colt is also the half-brother to dual Gr2 winner Zarzuela. Cressfield offers another two by Redoute s Choice. First up is the colt (Lot 317) from Raceway stakes-placed Park Esteem the three-quarter sister to Italy s Champion 3YO colt Central Park as well as Gr2 winner Velvet Moon herself dam of U.A.E. Dubai World Cup Gr1 winner Moon Ballad. Then there s the Redoute s colt from Personify (Lot 326) another rare offering from the lofty family of Procrastinate. NEW by Sire Page (Updated Daily) Go online and check it out in our breeding section. 64 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM MAGIC MILLIONS GOLD COAST YEARLING SALE APRIL 10 - 12 JANUARY 6-14 With Fastnet Rock s progeny hotter than hot coals at present Lot 170 will be on many shopping lists. She s from the Snippets mare Full Bloom the stakes-placed three-quarter sister to Snippet s Lass herself dam of the brilliant Gr1 winner and leading speed influence Snitzel as well as multiple Gr1 placed Hinchinbrook. With Rain Affair in the headlines in Sydney his sire Commands brings definite momentum into Easter. Lot 311 is his daughter from Gr1 winning millionaire Our Egyptian Raine (NZ) the half-sister to HKJC Gr1 winner Egyptian Ra. The colt and filly by Exceed and Excel look exceptional prospects. The colt (Lot 174) is another gem from the family of Procrastinate et al. He s out of Galapagos Girl a Gr3 winner with three to race for three winners. The filly (Lot 361) is from Gr1 MRC Oakleigh Plate winner River Dove a full-sister to Gr1 winners First Command and One World. This is also the very topical family of Kulgrinda. Lot 315 meanwhile is another bred in the purple. This colt is by Red Ransom from multiple stakes-winner Palia. She of course is the dam of Gr1 winner Onemorenomore stakes-winner Dr Green and stakes-placed INGLIS EASTER SALE Satin Shoes Fury and Roussay. Now that s runs on the board . Meanwhile Lot 237 by Sebring is from Marscay mare Lady Cay a stakes-placed producer of two winners from the family of Champion German mare Premier Cuvee. colt Continental Flyer Edinglassie presents yet another outstanding draft at Easter this year. On that note Lot 129 will demand attention. From Danehill mare Diamond Hill he s the half-brother to Continental Flyer by ultra precocious sire Charge Forward. Fastnet Rock s colt from MRC Debutante Stakes-winner Carlton Spirit (Lot 90) will be equally appealing. Speaking of EDINGLASSIE STUD Hot on the heels of success stories such as Wonderful Lass and talented Singaporean FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM 65 MAGIC MILLIONS GOLD COAST YEARLING SALE APRIL 10 - 12 JANUARY 6-14 buzz sires More Than Ready is stratospheric and his daughter (Lot 463) from Gr2-winning Danehill mare Faith Hill already dam of dual stakes-winning filly Black Minx looms as a high-ranking option. The quality continues with colts by Choisir (Lot 74) from Gr3 stakes-winning Encosta de Lago mare Besame Mucho Danehill Dancer (Lot 231) from twice stakes producer Kirtlington Street Cry (Lot 258) from Melbourne Cup Rogan Josh s half-sister Maat Street Sense (Lot 516) from a sister to stakes-placed Marrego dam of five-time Gr1 winner Eremein. Then there s a Duke of Marmalade (Lot 301) from a half-sister to MRC Blue Diamond Stakes-winner Nadeem and Hong Kong Gr1 winner Billion Win and exciting first crop stallion Northern Meteor (Lot 248) from stakes-winner Listen Here. There s also a colt and a filly by Champion Stallion Lonhro. The colt s pedigree (Lot 547) features names like Gr1 AJC Epsom Stakes-winner Golden Sword and Gr2 winner Falkirk while the filly is out of a daughter of Gr1 Queensland Oaks winning Vitesse Dane. There are also super credentialed fillies by Encosta de Lago (Lot 40) from stakeswinning Redoute s Choice mare Amelia s Dream Tale of the Cat (Lot 514) from another half-sister to Nadeem and Billion Win and High Chaparral (Lot 579) from the running family of stakes-winner Snippets Girl. Last but certainly not least are the colt and two fillies by Golden Slipper winning first crop stallion Sebring. Lot 44 is the halfbrother to both Gr1 MRC Caulfield Guineas winner God s Own while the two Sebring fillies Lots 316 and 560 are from stakeswinner Paris Return and from a three-quarter sister to Gr1 winner Shindig respectively. Fastnet Rock INGLIS EASTER SALE EVERGREEN STUD FARM Evergreen Stud has nine lots on offer with close to an equal balance of the sexes. The High Chaparral colt is early in the sale and he is a half-brother to two winners. His dam Cabella was a 7-time winner with placings including a second in the Gr2 New Zealand Cup and Gr3 Canterbury Gold Cup. Close up the family includes dual Gr1-winner Loader and Gr3-winner Zupaone. There s also a Redoute s Choice filly with strong credentials at Lot 80. Her dam is a daughter of top 3YO filly Bravery making her a half-sister or better to stakes-winners Timbourina Valourina and Brave Prince. To top it off the filly s 2YO half-sister is a recent stakes-winner and placed in the Gr1 Blue Diamond Stakes. Straight after her the Encosta filly at Lot 104 also looks smart. She s out of the Group-performed Cirque du Soleil who is a full-sister to Fastnet Rock obvious Holbrook THorougHbreds Lot 18 Lot 57 Lot 149 Lot 205 Lot 319 Lot 559 Lot 566 B. Br. Br. Ch. Br. Br. B. B. Colt Filly Colt Colt Filly Colt Filly Northern Meteor Street Cry (IRE) New Approach (IRE) Encosta de Lago Lonhro Dylan Thomas (IRE) Duke of Marmalade (IRE) Zacushla (NZ) Ballet Girl Escarpment Hot n Breezy Patpong All Angels Belle Salieri Holbrook Thoroughbreds 1208 Gundy Road Scone NSW E holbrook18 M 0417 473 195 Enquiries Julie Harris 66 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM MAGIC MILLIONS GOLD COAST YEARLING SALE APRIL 10 - 12 JANUARY 6-14 residual value there Speaking of Fastnet Rock there are two in this draft a filly and a colt. The filly is out of a winning Woodman mare who has produced two winners including Gr3-placed Back Off. The colt is Lot 324 and he s from the stakeswinning 2YO producer Permissive. What s equally impressive is her dam is a half-sister to Danzero. Also liked will be the Lonhro filly out of a stakes-winning granddaughter of NZ Filly of the Year Solveig and the Sebring colt whose dam is a stakes-placed winning 2YO. The Commands colt catalogued at Lot 531 should keep buyers hanging around. He is out of a half-sister to top 2YO and successful sire Dehere. To top it off the colt is a half-brother to Gr2-winner Hanks who has also recently notched another stakes-win at Moonee Valley. Don t miss the Street Cry filly a half-sister to five winners including stakes-placed Bouboulina. Her dam is a half-sister to 4-time stakes-winner and Gr1 runner-up Pictavia. INGLIS EASTER SALE Hot Danish put the polish on another exceptional Easter draft. It s fitting that they re early out of the blocks with a colt by the explosive Northern Meteor (Lot 18). From stakes-placed Zabeel mare Zacushla dam of four winners from four runners this family features stakeswinners (Mr) Starstruck Master Mcginty and Lumley Lass. Next up is Lot 57 the Street Cry filly from stakes-winning WA filly Ballet Girl. She is already the dam of the stakes-winning Empire Dancer and stakes-placed Admiring. First crop sire New Approach (by Galileo) has high appeal as the sire of Lot 149. This colt is from a Woodman half-sister to stakeswinners Shanzero and What s The Mail. It s a HOLBROOK THOROUGHBREDS Julie Harris and her dedicated team at Sconebased Holbrook Thoroughbreds once again BE QUICK (our horses are) We have bred raised and sold 10 Group 1 winners 5 Group winners 10 stakesperformers plus stallion prospects WONDERFUL WORLD NADEEM FOREPLAY and GOD S OWN. Can you a ord not to inspect our 2012 Inglis Easter yearlings Contact Mick Talty M 0412 045 694 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM 67 MAGIC MILLIONS GOLD COAST YEARLING SALE APRIL 10 - 12 JANUARY 6-14 classy family that also includes Gr1 winners Danestorm Copperama Danendri and Faint Perfume. From new sires to established and the Encosta de Lago colt from Hot N Breezy. This is the half-brother to the dual Gr1 winning Champion Hot Danish. Enough said The filly by Champion Sire Lonhro (Lot 319) has much upside. She s from Gr2 MRC Schillaci stakes-winner Patpong a daughter of stakes-winner Rouquin. Longchamp Prix de l arc de Triomphewinning stallion Dylan Thomas is the sire of Lot 559 from All Angels. This colt is the half-brother to stakes-placed But I m Serious. First-cropper Duke of Marmalade has lot 566 the half-sister to stakes-winner Roman Squire from Salieri mare Belle Salieri. She has had seven to race for six winners so the odds are in your favour INGLIS EASTER SALE Foxwedge recently rattled home into 3rd place in the Gr1 Newmarket Handicap at Flemington. His full-sister (Lot 164) is on offer at Easter as part of the exclusive 6-strong draft consigned by Foxwedge s vendor Luskin Park Stud and it s odds-on she will be on every major buyer of note s short-list. Principal Paul Whelan is totally focused on quality and every one of these half-dozen horses will be spot-on come sale time. Like Forest Native dam of Foxwedge stakes-winning Dyna Slam is a US mare and she is the mother of Luskin Park s first yearling through the ring. Lot 139 the colt is by successful Arrowfield sire Charge Forward and his dam is from one of those North American families that just keeps producing. Charge Forward is also sire of Lot 461 which LUSKIN PARK STUD Racing stories by their nature abound with what if stories but gee you have to feel sorry for any horses that have struck the likes of Black Caviar and Hay List. In any other era their contemporaries would have been the best of their year. Among them is the crack Fastnet Rock colt Foxwedge who Werai Park LOT 20 LOT 54 LOT 213 LOT 415 LOT 515 Grey Chestnut Bay Bay Brown Brown Filly Filly Filly Filly Filly Fastnet Rock Flying Spur Zabeel (NZ) More Than Ready (USA) Lonhro Zamsong (NZ) Assertiveobsession Illinois Girl (NZ) Super Smudge Rejoice Peter Durney WERAI PARK STUD 506 Greenhills Rd Moss Vale NSW P 02 4883 4014 E pdurney 68 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM MAGIC MILLIONS GOLD COAST YEARLING SALE APRIL 10 - 12 JANUARY 6-14 repeats the familial cross that produced Champion 2YO Filly Headway whose dam is out of a half-sister to this filly s grand dam. Widden s Golden Slipper-winning son Sebring has met with instant sales ring success and Lot 362 is a filly by him out of beautifully bred Rockin Babe a Rock Of Gibraltar half-sister to the Group-performed trio Just Dancing Tahni Girl and Hidden Dragon. Grand dam is crack 2YO Ballroom Babe and this lass should have great residual value. Another sire capable of getting genuine Gr1 performers is O Reilly and Luskin Park is selling a daughter of his (Lot 464) from a citywinning Elusive Quality mare whose dam was Gr2-placed. INGLIS EASTER SALE PATINACK FARM Casino Prince - Helsinge watershed year for Patinack Farm. This year the dynamic young stud farm has its first Inglis Easter draft and they re starting with a bang by presenting 17 high-class yearlings. Fittingly Patinack has consigned a rare colt by brilliant European sire Oasis Dream in utero when Patinack purchased globetrotting Gr1 winner Sun Classique from Lionel Cohen the mare being a daughter of Patinack-owned Elfenjer. Lot 414 he is one of 9 colts in the Patinack draft and they re by a great spread of different stallions. Lot 138 is the first of their colts in the ring by Red Ransom out of a city-winning half-sister to Gr1 winner Northern Drake. He s followed by a Shamardal grandson of NZ Champion Lycra (Lot 257) a Lonhro from a half-sister to So You Think (Lot 338) and then a Redoute s At Inglis Easter in 2011 Patinack Farm s principal Nathan Tinkler purchased a colt by his own freshman sire Casino Prince out of Black Caviar s dam Helsinge. A year down the track All Too Hard is at the time of writing two for two including a stakes victory and a 4-lengths romp in the Gr2 VRC Sires Produce Stakes. The Hunter Valley outfit will be hoping that sets the tone for 2012 a Broadwater thoroughBreds a B e r d e eN 83 344 356 456 489 519 BROWN BAY BAY BAY CHESTNUT BAY F F C C F C NORTHERN METEOR EXCEED AND EXCEL REDOUTE S CHOICE PENTIRE (GB) SEBRING STREET SENSE (USA) BULLA BORGHESE PUNCHESS (USA) RED HOT MAMA DIAMOND DARLING (NZ) LUSCILLA (NZ) ROYAL OAK (NZ) BOBS ELIGIBLE BOBS ELIGIBLE BOBS ELIGIBLE BOBS ELIGIBLE BOBS ELIGIBLE BROADWATER THOROUGHBREDS Mike Fleming PO Box 99 ABERDEEN NSW 2336 61 448 254 365 - Mobile 61 2 6543 8114 - Office 61 2 6543 8115 - Fax FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM 69 MAGIC MILLIONS GOLD COAST YEARLING SALE APRIL 10 - 12 JANUARY 6-14 Choice colt out of speedy Gr3 winner Royal Asscher. Either side of a Starcraft (Lot 565) is a brace of Casino Princes. Lots 430 and 569 they re both from strong stakes families. Contrastingly Patinack s last colt (Lot 578) is by their own freshman yearling sire Murtajill as is their first filly (Lot 113). She is from a truly exceptional Chilean family. The Chilean connection also extends to two fillies by resident Chilean-bred Patinack sire Husson who sits 2nd behind Casino Prince on the Freshman Sires table. Both first foals they are Lots 119 and 249. Patinack has no less than three Redoute s Choice fillies consigned. Lots 259 437 and 558 it s a given that each of these young sale debutantes comes armed with a requisite residual pedigree. a multiple stakes-winner in South Africa. The Lonhro at Lot 148 is another smart colt. He is the first foal for Encosta mare Enduja and her dam Caraniya was an outstanding producer of eight winners including stakes-performers Cajarian Very Sydney Floral Dynamite and Dancer and Son. The pedigree is also where you ll find Gr1winners Margot Did and Caradak. A standout for would-be breeders could well be the Nadeem filly from a daughter of multiple Group-winner La Caissiere. La Guichet is a half-sister to Gr1 Thousand Guineas winner Dashing Eagle and has produced three winners including stakeswinning 2YO filly Ringa Ringa Rosie. Exceed and Excel has a couple of well credentialed colts in this bunch. The one at Lot 451 is out of consistent producer Undercover who also happens to be the threequarter sister to the dam of Golden Slipper winner Polar Success. The other at Lot 375 is a first foal for Gr1-placed Sashenka who is a half-sister to Champion sprinter War Artist. The Commands colt s pedigree is home to some outstanding performers. His dam is a half-sister to Gr1-winners Golden Snake and Sayyedati as well as three other stakes-performers. While she has produced four winners to date her Gr1-winning dam produced nine winners. Bernardini also rates a mention with a colt half-sibling to four winners including Gr2winner and Gr1 runner-up Sir Breakfast and a filly whose half-brother Gingerbread Man was a Champion 2YO in Singapore in 2010. INGLIS EASTER SALE SLEDMERE ROTHWELL PARK With ten yearlings on offer the first cab off the rank is a Street Cry colt at Lot 53. His dam is Gr1-performed and her dam Hula Guest produced a couple of stakes-performers. Others in the draft by Street Cry include a third foal filly from a long line of stakesproducers and a colt from a three-quarter sister to Naturalism who has already produced From the quality of their website to their immaculate property in the Upper Hunter Sledmere does nothing by half. And their 2012 Easter draft dots every i and crosses every t . The filly by dominating sire Fastnet Rock (Lot 468) deserves prime billing. She s from stakes-placed Fairy King mare Gwendolyn and is a half-sister to the promising metropolitan winner Pimpernel. This family traces to the exceptional Champion Australian 3YO and high-ranking sire Starcraft. The Exceed and Excel filly (Lot 557) from You Smarty Pants is intriguing not only by name. This is a prime US family that includes grand dam Til Forbid Gr3 winner and Gr1 placed and her stakes-winning daughter Scoop. The Lonhro colt (Lot 287) from Flying established ... emerging ... exciting ... EVERGREEN has 8 quality yearlings on offer at the 2012 Inglis Easter Sale Sires represented include the best this country has to offer ... FASTNET ROCK (Australia s current Leading Sire) LONHRO (Australia s reigning Champion Sire) ENCOSTA DE LAGO (Twice Champion Australian Sire) COMMANDS (Over 500 winners & 40 stakes winners) HIGH CHAPARRAL (Sire of 2012 G1 winners Shoot Out and Top Spot) STREET CRY (55 stakes winners) and the most promising ... SEBRING (Golden Slipper winner) Dynamic 6 length debut winner Sizzling and Jimando (Debutante Stakes) were both consigned by Evergreen Farm. Visit EVERGREEN STUD at Row QF or contact Andrew Russell 0402 649 088 or ajr3 70 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM MAGIC MILLIONS GOLD COAST YEARLING SALE APRIL 10 - 12 JANUARY 6-14 solid middle distance claims. He s by Tale of the Cat a noted speed influence from stakesplaced La Viscomtessa a half-sister to stakesplaced Big on Broadway and Wedgetail Eagle dam of stakes-winners Impressive Eagle and Soaressa. Theseo s sire Danewin has Lot 556. She s from Xaar mare Xaarhea a half-sister to stakes-placed Lotto Rock and Mono Rock. INGLIS EASTER SALE TYREEL STUD Just Dancing Spur mare Miss Portofino is sure to have admirers. Miss Portofino is the half-sister to both Gr2 AJC Silver Shadow Stakeswinner Katima and stakes-placed Keeping Up. Bernardini and his progeny have been spruiked from day one and his filly (Lot 236) from Ladies Day offers high level appeal. Herself a half-sister to Canadian Gr1 winner Great Regent she is also a half-sister to Dancing Show dam of the brilliant Gr1 performers Hurricane Sky and Umatilla and the immediate family of Redoute s Choice. Lot 73 (the first offering this year by Sledmere) has definite appeal. This filly is by the very well regarded young sire Street Sense from Commands mare Berengaria. She is a half-sister to Gr2 winner Thackeray and stakes-winner Fairytales herself dam of Gr2 ATC Surround Stakes-winner Parables. Lot 482 should have precocity but also has Buyers will find it a pleasure to inspect this top offering which includes two by More Than Ready and a colt by Medaglia D Oro well known as the sire of Kentucky Oaks winner Rachel Alexandra. This Medaglia D Oro colt is a first foal for Tale of the Cat mare Amazing Tale herself a US stakeswinner. The African Rain filly by More Than Ready is early at Lot 30. There s plenty to like with her dam a producer of two winners including Gr3-placed Imvula. The fact she s a granddaughter of Savana City is a big plus. The other is a colt from a stakes-winning halfsister to Gr2-winner Masked Assassin. What s more Royal Mask has already produced two winners from two foals to race. A Choisir colt out of a full-sister to FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM 71 MAGIC MILLIONS GOLD COAST YEARLING SALE APRIL 10 - 12 JANUARY 6-14 Champion sprinter Alverta should cause a stir. His dam was a Gr2-placed winning 2YO and Alverta won at Gr1 level across two continents. Gr1-winner Hay List has helped raise the profile of Statue of Liberty and the one at Lot 421 should be a standout. A first foal for Gr3placed Tahnee Tango she is a granddaughter of purple hen Pride of Tahnee and a threequarter sister to Shogun Lodge. Speaking of outstanding families the Sebring colt from a three-quarter sister to Mannington will be highly regarded. Mannington is a daughter of Golden Slipper winner Bint Marscay and the colt s dam is a granddaughter of another blue hen Eau D Etoile. And Gr1-placed Just Dancing has shared the limelight with her Gr3-winning siblings Hidden Dragon and Tahni Girl. She s got a second foal colt by Red Ransom worth serious consideration. Another favourite could be the Magnus colt. He s a half-brother to Set for Fame who has notched three wins at Gr2 level and a runner-up in the Gr1 Australian Guineas. The pedigree also contains Champion sire Bletchingly. Don t miss the Teofilo filly either. She s INGLIS EASTER SALE Meurice a granddaughter of Champion Irish mare Caumshinaun who produced Gr1 Irish Thousand Guineas winner Nightime (by Galileo). big goals worldwide franked again by Samaready s Gr1 Blue Diamond win last month. Among their 13 yearlings consigned at Easter are three youngsters by Southern Halo s boom son all of them fillies like Samaready. Lot 93 is the second foal of beautifully bred Catbird mare Catechuchu VINERY STUD Vinery s More Than Ready story just gets better and better with his 2YOs kicking VICTORIA S PREMIER PRETRAINING REHABILITATION & SPELLING CENTRE PRETRAINING GRADUATES IN THE LAST TWO RACING SEASONS INCLUDE Anacheeva Yosei Whobegotyou Dubleanny Catapulted King Diamond Shocking Le Societe Samaready December Draw Liberty Rock Proliferate Supreme Win Szewinska Glory Horsie Damian Murphy - Manager 0419 694 825 72 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM MAGIC MILLIONS GOLD COAST YEARLING SALE APRIL 10 - 12 JANUARY 6-14 who won three times at Gr3 level with multiple Group placings and a Gr1 4th. Lot 192 is a half-sister to Gr1 WATC Derby winner Grand Journey and Lot 322 from the family of Triscay is out of dual Gr1 runnerup Perfect Drop. Vinery s first colt is a Flying Spur son of a winning full-sister to Typhoon Tracey. It is simply a magnificent family and if Lot 144 can gallop he has a ready-made stallion pedigree. The same could be said for Lot 151 a Street Cry half-brother to 2007 Champion Australian 2YO Meurice out of a half-sister to Rubiton and Euclase. Their only Lonhro in the sale Lot 161 is a half-sibling to Gr1 winner Tully Thunder. The damline has also produced globetrotting Gr1 Kiwi mare Black Mamba. From a real happening family is Lot 198. By resident Vinery sire Testa Rossa this filly is closely related to exciting young sires Not A Single Doubt and Zizou from the family of Snippets. While lovers of stayers will be drawn to Lot 321 a Zabeel colt out of a half-sister to Gr1 performer Fubu a full-brother to multiple Gr2 winner Majestic Music (from a full-sister to Gr1 Thousand Guineas heroine Serious Speed) should also attract serious attention as should Lot 370 a Fastnet Rock filly whose damline has produced Easy Rocking and Hong Kong star Fairy King Prawn. Vinery s last trio is made up of a filly and a colt by hot young prospect Bernardini (Lots 407 and 422) and a colt by exciting young stallion Snitzel. INGLIS EASTER SALE WERAI PARK Southern Highlands based Werai Park Stud has grown a strong reputation for their well-prepared drafts at Easter. Five quality yearlings will be set to tempt buyers this year and with five fillies on offer there will be plenty of breeder interest. The Fastnet Rock filly at Lot 20 is likely to be a stand out and not just because she s a grey. More likely it will be her family connections being a half-sister to dual Gr1-winner Sarrera and stakes-placed Detroit Song. This is also the family of dual Champion 3YO and 4YO Beau Zam and Gr2 Waikato Gold Cup winner Bruce Almighty. From the first filly to the last Lot 515 is by Champion sire Lonhro and her winning dam is a half-sister to Gr1-winner Hit the Roof. Her pedigree reads like a who s who that includes Gr1-winners Alynda Turffontein Assertive Lad and Penny Gem. Don t gloss over the first foal filly from 5-time winner and stakes-performed Super Smudge. She s from a super family being a daughter of Gr3-winner Verocative and a fullsister to Jet Spur. There s also a second foal filly from Gr2placed 4-time winner Illinois Girl catalogued at Lot 213. She s by Zabeel and her grand dam Sledmere Stud Lot 73 Bay or Brown filly Street Sense (USA) x Berengaria Third foal from young mare family of PARABLES THACKERAY and FAIRYTALES. Well grown good moving filly who is all quality. Lot 236 Bay filly Bernardini (USA) x Ladies Day (CAN) Half sister to Gr 1 winner HE S NO PIE EATER from one of the best families in the international studbook in the 2nd dam is REDOUTE S CHOICE quality filly with plenty of residual. Lot 287 Bay colt Lonhro x Miss Portofino Striking colt by the current champion stallion 2nd foal from a Sydney winner who s first foal is a 2yo trial winner by 4.5 lengths this season family of KATIMA DEFERENTIAL SPEED BABY and GOLDSTONE. Lot 468 Bay filly Fastnet Rock x Gwendolyn Quality filly by stallion taking all that is before him from a Listed winning mare from the family of BREEZY and champion 3yo and leading sire STARCRAFT. Lot 482 Brown colt Tale of the Cat (USA) x La Viscomtessa First foal from stakes placed mare by proven stallion from a fast running pedigree family of SOARESSA and IMPRESSIVE EAGLE. Lot 556 Bay filly Danewin x Xaarhea Second foal from stakes placed mare by a great stallion. This filly is big strong and all quality Xaarhea is a half sister to LOTTO ROCK and MONO ROCK Lot 557 Chestnut filly Exceed and Excel x You Smarty Pants (USA) First foal from mare by a stallion who gets them early. 9 stakes horses on page 7 filly s. From the family of TIL FORBID SCOOP and SARA LOUISE could be a quick return on investment. SLEDMERE STUD CATRIONA MURPHY (stud manager) 0409 369 965 treenmurphy FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM 73 MAGIC MILLIONS GOLD COAST YEARLING SALE APRIL 10 - 12 JANUARY 6-14 is a half-sister or better to stakes-winning 2YOs Faithful Love and Talaga who was also runner-up in the Gr1 Champagne Stakes. Last but not least another exciting prospect will be the Flying Spur filly at Lot 54. She is a first foal for Assertiveobsession who is a fullsister to both Champion 2YO Assertive Lad and dual Gr1-winner Assertive Lass. It s worth remembering that Assertive Lass has also been a top producer of four Group-performers including Gr1-winner Reset Gr3-winners Dynamic Blitz and So Assertive and Gr3placed juvenile Assertive Choice and her halfsister Quadrophonic Sound also produced stakes-winner Sakima. All in all it will be a top draft to inspect. So You Think wrong with this lad. Of the fillies sure to be a standout is the Testa Rossa at Lot 329. She is a half-sister to Gr3-winning 2YO Anise and her winning dam Pimpinella is a three-quarter sister to Fairy King Prawn and Crevette. She is also a half-sister to Dora Maar who produced stakes-winning 2YO Mrs Kipling her halfsister is also on offer at Lot 134. Two Lonhro fillies should also draw admirers one being from Gr2-winning Pentire mare Zanna the other a first foal from Gr3 Blue Diamond Prelude winner Believe n Succeed. This mare also notched a fourth placing in the Gr1 Blue Diamond Stakes. Other superbly bred fillies include a first foal by Fastnet Rock from Gr1-winner Absolute Glam a Northern Meteor filly from triple stakes-winner Crevette and an O Reilly filly from a three-quarter sister to dual Gr2winner Pentastic which is the direct female line of Joie Denise (producer of both Sunday Joy and Tuesday Joy). Also expected to be popular is the colt by Exceed and Excel whose dam produced a winner in 2012. The US-bred mare was a 5-time stakes-winner and a half-sister to three individual stakes-winners. INGLIS EASTER SALE WILLOW PARK STUD From the stud that bred and sold super star Samantha Miss a draft of 14 yearlings will see this stud run off their feet. Four Redoute s Choice colts may well headline the draft with a full-brother to Samantha Miss a likely favourite. The others include a third foal from Gr1winner Ellicorsam a half-brother to Gr1 Australian Derby winner Roman Emperor and a three-quarter brother to Samantha Miss from Gr2-winning stakes-producer Pravda. From one top producer to another Pravda s full-sister Zebizan has a Commands colt in this draft. If you thought it couldn t get any better think again. At Lot 436 the farm has a full-brother to Champion 3YO and Champion Middle Distance Performer So You Think. What s more Triassic s eight foals to race are all winners so you couldn t go SPECIALISED AGISTMENT FOR BROODMARES AND YEARLINGS Foaling down of broodmares. Walking in of broodmares to stallions throughout Victoria. Preparing yearlings for Melbourne sales. Contact Damian Gleeson Ph 03 5795 3145 Fax 03 5795 2145 Mob 0427 960 502 RMB 3130 Euroa VIC 3666 74 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM ESSENTIALLUXURY Left ClubXtra Top Luxbet s racing page Bottom Weekly specials V ictoria s recent prize money increases are most heartening. They also serve to illustrate that without the muscle of the TAB owners trainers and other racehorse connections would be unable to tap into this rich vein of gold. As is so clearly outlined in French Lessons which appears earlier in this volume it is vital that racing looks after its own interests by ensuring the maximum return from the punting dollar. One way in which we can all help ourselves is by thinking carefully about who we choose to have a flutter with. Luxbet (which offers both fixed odds and traditional totalisator options) is owned by the TAB and so it s heartening to know if you lose that some of that will end up back in prize money. With 24 7 betting online Luxbet claims to have Australia s highest paying racing products Best of the Best and LuxDiv. There s a huge range of racing betting options on every race plus Fixed Odds Top Fluc and Exotics. For those readers who spend a lot of time navigating their favourite wagering website look and feel are really important and Luxbet s easy navigation an user-friendly interface makes it hard to log out In addition to LuxBook the most advanced horse racing blackbook in the marketplace offering email and SMS alerts Luxbet is renowned for some of the biggest promotions around. Boasting zero fees or charges for deposits via credit debit Card Moneybookers POLi BPAY bank transfer or cheque and with one of the fastest withdrawal clearance times in the industry Luxbet is loved by owners and trainers because of ClubXtra. CLUBXTRA REWARDS THOSE WHO ARE PUTTING ON THE SHOW BY PAYING OUT A 12% BONUS ON TOP OF WINNINGS... In a nutshell ClubXtra rewards those who are putting on the show by paying out a 12% bonus on top of winnings. Part of the Tabcorp stable Luxbet in addition being a sponsor of Breeding&Racing s Daily News also supports Inglis and Magic Millions and various racehorse owners associations. Luxbet s general manager Andrew Vouris states Since launching in 2008 Luxbet has had a clear vision to set the benchmark in price product and service with a whole of business approach. I am proud to say that our luxury service caters for all clients large and small both domestically and abroad. We have made a concerted effort to raise the bar with the biggest promotions and highest paying products to ensure every customer regardless of how big or little they punt never settles for less. We have given away a 140 000 Private Jet and Holiday package as well as Millions of Dollars in Bonus Bets. Look out for our exciting new promotions. For racing punters we are extremely proud of our product offering with the launch of the Best of the Best product in 2009. Best of the Best is Australia s highest paying racing product offering customers the best price of the three Tabs or the on course Top Fluctuation whichever pays more. When it comes to the bookies most of us take the view particularly when we lose that there s no such thing as a good bagman Be that as it may when it comes to Luxbet we can be rest assured that even when we lose a little racing s still a winner. FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM 75 ALL TOO HARD BECAME THE FIRST STAKES WINNER FOR CASINO PRINCE WINNING THE LISTED TALINDERT STAKES (1100M) THE 1M MAN CASINO PRINCE SENSATIONAL AT TWO. A STAR AT THREE. CROWNED AT FOUR Bradley Knox 0417 252 178 Adam Henry 0408 053 234 Fergal Connolly 0416 381 786 Troy Jones 0428 632 966 Ben Lawrence 0427 392 130 Joe Heather 0413 712 465 nominations CASINO PRINCE HUSSON (ARG) MURTAJILL WONDERFUL WORLD RAHEEB BEAUTIFUL CROWN (USA) LOPE DE VEGA (IRE) MONACO CONSUL (NZ) TERANABA