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BREEDING RACING AU S TR N BRED L IA A LD SALES SPECIAL Inglis Premier MM Adelaide O IN G L I S S Y S GLI ERIES IN S 012 SALE 2 G LIN EAR ISSUE 102 FEB 2012 WEBSITE RE-LAUNCH SPECIAL EDITION BREEDING RACING FEATURE 2012 AUTUMN YEARLING SALES COVERAGE Dear reader A decade ago Breeding&Racing s Daily News started out with a handful of text emails sent to a few hundred industry aficionados. A format change via a html email linked to our website happened a few years later. What followed from a combination of a no-nonsense news style that concentrates on the facts and word-of-mouth around the globe is one of the most read thoroughbred news columns in the world today. For the past 8-months in tandem with publishing our hard copy and digital magazines Breeding&Racing s team has worked on producing a new website one which would not only be well received aesthetically but that would also allow us to provide our readers and sponsors with access to new technologies more information and the benefits of enhanced search engine optimization. With almost 50 000 news item in our archive we had to completely overhaul our site to ensure that search engine spiders could find and trawl the extraordinary depths of what is quite possibly the best archive of its genre in the world. Change is seldom comfortable in this industry more so than most yet when we went live we were delighted with the overwhelmingly positive response to the changed format of the new website essentially allowing our readers to choose the stories they want to read along similar lines to every major news website in the world. Nonetheless we quickly reacted when a handful of our valued subscribers expressed a desire to retain the old format. While the news automatically defaults to a modern setting by clicking Expand Daily News Articles at the top of the Daily News home page readers can view the entire column in the old way to return to the new format they can click Only Show Daily News Headlines. The original galloping horse archive the horse has since retired used a basic MySQL search function that while accurate also allowed peripheral data to creep into the results. Circa February 2012 the archive search is incredibly accurate. It will instantly pull up in newest to oldest date sequence the most recent 100 items that relate EXACTLY to the word s searched. Even better though is the ability to drill down to articles that contain only a combination of selected words by separating them in the search with commas. For example if you re searching for Lonhro where Snowden & Rosehill are also mentioned in the same item type Lonhro Snowden Rosehill. Key words in the resulting found articles are highlighted in different colours. Over the coming months further new and exciting additions will be added to the site. Until then here s wishing owners and vendors all the best for the next round of yearling sales. Gary Knowles Editor-In-Chief KEY CONTACTS AT BREEDING&RACING Editor-In-Chief Gary Knowles gknowles Editor-At-Large Renee Geelen dekabat Advertising Manager Christian Whitehead girdlestone15 Staff Writer Merissa Borg Art Director St phanie Blandin de Chalian Designers Louise Summerton Luke Gover Chief Photographer Steve Hart Photographers Mark Gatt & Bruno Cannatelli Production Manager Victoria Hordern ADVERTISING INQUIRIES Christian Whitehead girdlestone15 Ph 0413 112 020 Fax 61 2 9281 7529 EDITORIAL DISTRIBUTION & SUBSCRIPTION Gary Knowles gknowles Ph 61 2 8204 1007 Fax 61 2 9281 7529 PRODUCED & PUBLISHED BY GADFLY MEDIA ABN 86 066 598 427 Level 1 579 Harris Street Ultimo NSW 2007 Australia Managing Director Gary Allen Reproduction in whole or in part is not permitted without the written authorisation of the publisher. All reasonable efforts have been made to trace copyright holders. This magazine contains general information only and does not purport to be a substitute for expert advice. All readers are advised to seek expert advice from a travel agent if considering travelling to a specific destination. The publisher and the authors do not accept any liability whatsoever in respect of any action taken by readers in reliance on the recommendations set out in this magazine. For FREE Daily Industry News Updates 2 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM CONFORMATION SPECIAL SPEED & UNSOUNDNESS PLUMBING THE DEPTHS ARION S DATA CENTRE E PAGE 4 E PAGE 8 STEADY AS SHE GOES EARLY SALES REVIEWS INGLIS PREMIER SALE BUMPER PREVIEW E PAGE 12 E PAGE 18 MM ADELAIDE SALE WHAT TO EXPECT FEEDING SPECIAL FROM SALES RING TO RACETRACK 200 % OF REQUIRED SUPPLIED 175 150 125 100 75 50 25 0 DE CP LYSINE CA P E PAGE 34 E PAGE 44 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM 3 BREAKING THE SOUND BARRIER The quarterhorse designed for a compact low profile stride Ross Brunt of Racehorse Conformation analyses what s required when breeding speed for soundness. I t is generally accepted that there are three common denominators for best identifying potential stallions in Australia. They are sprinters they are fast and they generally win leading two-year-old races. Dr Robert (Bert) Inglis promoted fast sprinters success as sires during the 1980s and this has since been supported by the overwhelming success of stallions matching this criterion. The Golden Slipper is Australia s foremost test of two-year-old sprinting ability. Recent winner Stratum is proving an outstanding success at stud while the race s winners list of sires include the ill-fated Catbird Flying Spur Danzero Canny Lad Star Watch Marauding Rory s Jester Luskin Star Vain and a number of others dating all the way back to the inaugural winner Todman. The Blue Diamond is Melbourne s leading two-year-old race and its sire s winner list includes Champion stallion Redoute s Choice Bel Esprit and a number of others. As further evidence in 2012 four of the five leading Australian bred freshman yearling sires by their initial stud fee are the quality two-year-olds Sebring Reaan Murtajill and Real Saga 4 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM Exciting young sire Sebring while the fifth is the outstanding three-yearold sprinter Northern Meteor. Precocious types are considered by many of the leading Thoroughbred breeders as among the most potent stallions. This high level of potency allows them to dominate the gene pool and pass down their own raw speed and ability. However is there more to this speedy type of stallion s success than meets the eye Keeping in mind that the racing industry is regularly aligned with an obsession for twoyear-olds and speed at the apparent ignorance of soundness we analyze the breeding relationship between Thoroughbreds precocious speed and soundness. horses performance soundness remains relatively untested regardless. A STRONG CONSTITUTION FOR WINNING TWO-YEAR-OLD RACES By winning leading races as two-year-olds despite still being years from full maturity these precocious racehorses further strengthen the argument that they possess superior performance soundness . Again this is something that slower and often finer types of racehorses have not achieved with many remaining unraced as two-year-olds. Racing and winning as a two-year-old is an SOUNDNESS QUALITIES OF THE FAST RACEHORSE Thoroughbred breeding may be considered a form of natural selection as generally the fastest racehorses make the best stallions. These stallions have demonstrated that they possess speed and the will to win and without breaking down. One may suggest that once a racehorse attains a reasonable speed threshold the forces on its limbs thereafter compound and multiply with each further speed increment. This may indicate that Champion racehorses possess a unique type of functional or performance soundness which includes qualities that are not recognizable in a visual or text book way. A possible example may be an ability to withstand micro muscle tears that otherwise may lead to serious injury. In effect the fastest stallions have proven that they can withstand powerful levering forces or pressure through sustained pace. Lower performed or slower racehorses have not achieved this. Therefore even if technically correct and sound the slower Potential stallions are sprinters are fast and generally win leading two-year-old races... exam of soundness and does ideally require a good constitution with early maturity and good strong bone and further injury resistant tendons and muscles etc. Corresponding traits typically associated with maturity speedy two-year-olds and sprinting soundness include shorter cannons not overly long or sloped pasterns closed knees with flat bone and further matured joints shaped muscle type and a strong stride with superior coordination. Generally leading two-year-olds begin their education as late yearlings and progress steadily through a buildup of slower moderate and fast work trial at least once and then win or are competitive in a successive number of high pressure two-year-old races. Many have more than one preparation as a two-year-old. During the leading two-yearold races such as the Golden Slipper and Blue Diamond the pace is generally on throughout and it s no place for the fragile or mentally flawed racehorse. This mind over body focus on speed and the will to win may also help the Champion two-year-old over-ride and prevent the onset of injury. The rare Champion two-year-old that can go on and race over a number of seasons must also be proven sounder by the above reckoning. However with the high quality colt this generally is not feasible as its guaranteed shorter term breeding earnings far outweigh possible racetrack winnings. Even when breeding is of no interest to the owner the huge and ongoing offers from the leading studs prove extremely hard to resist. Shortly after the 2008 Golden Slipper the winning Sebring sold for a reported 30 million. The entire was purchased by Widden Stud and looks set to continue the unparalleled success of Slipper winners at stud. THE FAST ONES THAT BREAKDOWN Horseracing trainers are often quoted with comments such as It s the good ones that always breakdown and He could not go fast enough to hurt himself . The majority of Champions eventually break down and the hit list reads like a who s who of Australian racing including Kingston Town Might and Power Placid Ark Northerly Saintly etc. They do however first prove themselves with successful racing careers and one may question just how many potential champions break down before even racing due to a lack of ability to withstand the forces of their own extreme levering The speedy Bel Esprit won a Blue Diamond and has produced speed 5 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM BREAKING THE SOUND BARRIER (CONT) Barrel turns would impact long sloping pasterns machine Black Caviar. The Champion mare reputably possesses a not so perfect forelimb set but regardless both sire and offspring have already proven racetrack successful and to an extent performance sound at break-neck speeds. SELECTIVE BREEDING DOES IT PRODUCE NEGATIVE OR VARIED TRAITS One has to expect that with selective breeding (such as breeding for speed) the results will provide positive negative and varied outcomes. The poor reputation of the related inbreeding considered there may be a human tendency to rate any unexpected results of the less deleterious selective breeding as negative outcomes. In reality an outcome may at times only be a variation on the original. Without doubt certain bloodlines of Thoroughbreds possess serious soundness issues such as a number of the Raise a Native lines. There is no argument that breeders do need to consider these specific issues. However problems with specific pedigree lines also apply to breeds outside of the Thoroughbred although this may not be as well documented or publicised. With the pure blood Thoroughbred the negative is regularly referred to as the so-called fragile limbs. However are the refined limbs a genuine flaw or to a greater extent a standard variation that should be expected with selective breeding by strength orientations. The Quarter Horse is certainly a tough and ready breed and on paper appears sounder than the Thoroughbred. However considering the intended purposes of each a closer analysis may suggest that the soundness-related variations of the breeds are just that variations. As an example let s consider the long and sloping pasterns of the Thoroughbred that western folk often refer to as weak and a serious flaw. Typical Quarter horse pasterns are further upright shorter and thicker by comparison. As well as adding short term power the slightly upright angle and shorter length enables the fetlocks to stay up and off the hard and unforgiving western surface particularly when getting down in the dirt during tight spins and turns around barrels etc. The Thoroughbred s pasterns of extra length and slope certainly leave it prone to injury under western working horse conditions however in contrast during refined work they also further cushion the stride and joints add spring to jumping and stride length and endurance to galloping. Another obvious trait that would also leave the Quarter Horse prone to injury under Thoroughbred racing conditions is its powerful and speedy muscle type which lacks sustained endurance capabilities leaving it open to micro muscle tears and soreness over further distances. Significantly the Thoroughbred possesses a muscle type that is capable of sustaining speed for increased durations. These variations are typical of a number of further traits from each breed. It s also clear that the Thoroughbred s refinement is not ideally suited to the high intensity strength based disciplines of western similarly the Quarter Horse is not ideally suited to the long extended gallops of Thoroughbred horseracing. Furthermore outside racing the Thoroughbred has an excellent reputation as a Sport Horse. This requires varied athletic skills such as gallops and jumping at speed and refined movement. Many breeds partake in these disciplines including the Warmblood Arabian Anglo Arabian Quarab and occasionally Quarter Horses etc. In the company of these highly respected breeds the Thoroughbred despite being placed away from its purpose bred discipline which is generally racing is not associated with unsoundness all being equal. For breeds outside of the Thoroughbred when assessing horses for breeding potential their type appearance and pedigree take a far greater relevance. The US western halter breed may be an extreme example and despite the individuals that appear as correct and with ample apparent prime moving strength and athleticism they are generally bred to look and may lack actual performance soundness . Not surprisingly they are rarely considered as serious riding horses being prone to breakdown etc. Therefore the Thoroughbred that is selected for breeding is much more likely to have proved performance sound . Its racetrack success will be highly transparent and can be clearly rated by statistics often over a period of time against varied class horses and over varied conditions distances and tracks. Consider that the greater majority of Thoroughbreds are trained professionally have been purpose-bred for centuries exist in large numbers and will require a degree of natural galloping ability to be successful. This indicates that for the Thoroughbred racing stallion to be considered commercially viable it must first measure up to a higher objective performance standard than those from other breeds. All considered a strong argument may be made for the Thoroughbred as not only being the fastest but the soundest breed for its intended purpose and that purpose is galloping at sustained speed over middle distances . MONEY TALKS There is no doubt that being proven as a fast and strong two-year-old does not automatically mean a racehorse possesses superior soundness qualities to match. Flaws such as offset knees and toeing in or out are inheritable and are less preferred in any breeding program including Thoroughbreds. However leading two-yearold racehorses have been tested as sound at the highest intensity and the question may not be whether proven two-year-old speed and soundness correlate in a positive manner but rather to what extent. Leading Australian studs such as Arrowfield and Widden are prepared to pay huge amounts for Champion two-yearolds while in contrast many leading staying types with extended careers as older horses are not considered as serious commercial stallion prospects. For the precocious sprinter that does not make an outstanding sire they can prove valuable bread and butter sires for trainers and owners looking for a lower risk investment. Their value lies in their ability to sire speedy sound and early like-types with very good winners-to-runners ratios. Nature does have a funny way of obtaining what often remain as hidden benefits from so-called flaws and Australia is fast gaining a reputation for producing the world s fastest sprinters h Ross Brunt Analyst of Racehorse Conformation & Biomechanics THOROUGHBRED VERSES THE QUARTER HORSE Talk about the Thoroughbred lacking soundness often emulates from individuals involved in the hardy western horse disciplines who may not appreciate the benefits of the Thoroughbred refinement that also encourages stride extension and expression. This is in contrast to the typical western Quarter Horse type that is designed for a compact low profile stride that is dominated 6 BREEDING BY PERFORMANCE OR APPEARANCE Another factor that separates the Thoroughbred from most other breeds is that its stallions are initially judged for their breeding potential predominately based on racetrack ability. Broodmares will also be valued significantly higher if they have performance on the board. Although a wellbred broodmare is advantaged many on the fringe and almost to the exclusion of type will not be bred due to a lack of performance. FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM WHEN THE SEAS OF L IFE GET ROUGH WATERTIGHT COVER IS YOUR LIFEBOAT With horses as in life it pays to know the risks involved. As a genuine equine insurance broker we re here to look after YOUR interests and we know that price is irrelevant unless you have the right cover for your needs. We ll get the right cover at the right price and because we ve already done your homework for you your time can be better spent finding another winner. Want to know more Simply go to our website at or call Wayne Aldridge on 61 2 9988 4546 0412 333 808 & wayne SALES DATA AT YOUR FINGER TIPS With information a key driver in decisionmaking Editor-At-Large Renee Geelen finds a smorgasbord of valuable data on Arion Pedigrees Data Centre web page. Data Centre Home Page O ne of the features on the Arion Pedigrees website is the Data Centre . This function allows a user to search the extensive Arion database for a variety of information including race acceptances recent racing results and auction sales results. Designed to provide quick access to a wide variety of information the Data Centre includes a mixture of free and subscriber information. Auction sales data is free and can be accessed without a login by simply clicking on any of the green links in the Data Centre. The sales section of the Data Centre allows you to search sales results by company vendor buyer dam or individual. The sales covered include the majors Inglis Magic Millions and New Zealand Bloodstock as well as the HKJC International Sale and several smaller sales companies. To find the full list click on the go button on the top left column next to Sales by Sale Company . This will bring up a list of the different sale companies with data in the Arion database along with a green link for each company. 8 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM World champion Black Caviar WHAT IT CAN DO FOR YOU There are several ways to access the sales data in the Data Centre. You can search for specific results via entering a horse vendor buyer or dam in the Search by column on the left hand side of the screen. This will bring up a list of options to select from with links in either green (free) or blue (subscriber). For example to find Black Caviar s sale details you can either type Black Caviar into the Horse sire or dam name section or type Helsinge in the Dams in Catalogue section (see below). As you can see from this screen shot the horse details are blue links while the sale details are green. The column Remove gives you the generation removed from the horse that you searched. When remove equals 0 this tells you that Helsinge herself was sold while remove equals 1 gives you the sale details of the progeny of Helsinge. Further down the screen are the horses (with sale records) that follow Helsinge in alphabetical order in Arion s database. This is a handy function if you spell the horse s name wrong when entering it in the search function. Selecting one of the green links will take you to the full results for that sale vendor or buyer thus allowing you to see what other horses sold for alongside Black Caviar or have been offered by the same vendor or bought by the same buyer. The other way to find Black Caviar is to go via the Sales by Sales Company button. If you select Inglis from the list of sale companies you can scroll down the list of their sales until you find the 2008 Melbourne Premier Sale. The sales for each company are listed in date order. When you select the sale you want a summary of the sale is given as well as the full list of lots offered in Alphabetical interrelated Horse Info numerical order. Additionally Arion also lists the summary of results for the 2 years prior and the 2 years after the sale that you have selected. For example for the 2008 Melbourne Premier Sale you also get the summary of results for the 2006 2007 2009 and 2010 Melbourne Premier Sales. As you can see from the screen shot Arion Pedigrees provide a really useful summary of each sale. Each sale is summarised with two lines the top line is an overview of the sale results (lots offered sold passed sale aggregate and average) and the second line shows the racing results for sale graduates. The racing overview shows the number of runners winners stakes winners group winners and Gr1 winners to emerge from the sale. A quick scroll down on the 2008 sale results (sorted by Lot number) finds Black Caviar as Lot 520. She is one of four Gr1 winners from the 2008 Melbourne sale. The Gr1 winners can be easily found by clicking on the green graduates link which sorts the lots offered by their current race record. With this button in one simple selection a user can discover that the other three Gr1 winners from 2008 Melbourne Premier Yearling sale are Reward for Effort (Blue Diamond) Rostova (SAJC Robert Sangster S) and Starspangledbanner (Caulfield Guineas Oakleigh Plate 9 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM SALES DATA AT YOUR FINGER TIPS (CONT) Golden Jubilee July Cup). The graduates list also includes the date that the horse last raced and which country that start was in as well as their last known trainer. With many of the graduates from this sale still racing the figures are bound to improve further. Another benefit of using Arion for this data is that their racing data is updated daily and therefore is as current as is possible. MEMBER FUNCTIONS A massive benefit for subscribers to Arion s extensive database is that all lots catalogued have been updated with their racing names with links to their racing careers as well as the race record and stud record of their sire and dam. This list of names is available to non-subscribers as well but a login is required to access any further racing information. Continuing on our Black Caviar example by selecting her name (blue link) her full race record appears as below. This page highlights how a subscriber with curiosity and time could spend hours on this website. The breadth of links to different information will have you burrowing around and searching for all sorts of interesting information for example the full racing and stud record of Bel Esprit Helsinge and Desert Sun and even the fields for the races Black Caviar has competed in plus the race records of her competitors and so on. And on that note the 17 horses that have run second to her is a pretty strong list of Australian sprinters. The include (in order) Kwassa Kwassa (stakes-placed 309 000) Demerit (Gr3 winner of 260 000) Miraculous Miss (stakes placed 43 000) Wanted (Gr1 winner of 1.2m) Here de Angels (Gr3 winner of 770 000) Winter King (Listed winner of 530 000) Hot Danish (Gr1 winner of 2.3m) Star Witness (Gr1 winner of 1.4m) Hay List (Gr1 winner of 1.7m) Crystal Lily (Gr1 winner of 2.7m) Crystal Lily Hay List Hay List Karuta Queen (Gr3 winner of 1.7m) Doubtful Jack (Gr3 winner of 700 000) Buffering (Gr2 winner of 1.1m) Zedi Knight (Listed winner of 590 000) From breeders wanting to know which sale will best suit their yearling to buyers wanting to know where to find value for money the Arion Pedigree s Data Centre can provide the answers. As well as ensuring the data in their system is up to date and accurate the team at Arion Pedigrees are continually improving their website its usability and its speed. Isn t it time you logged on and explored h Inglis Melbourne Premier Summaries THE BREADTH OF LINKS TO DIFFERENT INFORMATION WILL HAVE YOU BURROWING AROUND AND SEARCHING FOR ALL SORTS OF INTERESTING INFORMATION... Black Caviar s Race Record 10 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM The Number One Choice With Veterinarians Fence Contractors Horse Owners and Horses The World s Safest & Most Durable Horse Fencing In a class of its own... Ben Duncan Horserail Australia Freecall 1800 259 365 Email horserail Horserail Patent No. 6533881 Spoolers Patent No. 6431487 Buckles Patent No. 7 566 047 With the first majors for 2012 over Mich le Giebing assesses where the yearling market finds itself. AS SHE GOES T here s something strange happening in the global thoroughbred world. The US and European economies are if not on their knees in relatively unchartered waters and yet their respective bloodstock sales are fairly zooming along. Notwithstanding that New Zealand s economy has not been cushioned as much from the global financial crisis as Australia s down under has generally fared better than our northern counterparts. Which is why it s so strange that after the opening three majors in Australia and New Zealand the best way to sum it up is that it s steady as she goes . If there s any consolation it s that the market seems to have bottomed and so long as production costs remain steady the ship should get back onto an even keel as early as next year. over the next couple of days so the figures will hopefully rise. The average of 118 952 was down 6.5% on 2011 but the median of 100 000 was up 5.3%. The clearance rate remained identical at 75%. Former Australian Champion Sire Redoute s Choice held sway with Sydney trainer Gai Waterhouse paying top price of 450 000 for a colt by the flagship Arrowfield Stud stallion. The youngster is the second foal of dual stakes-winning eight-year-old General Nediyim mare I Got Chills. New Segenhoe Stud principal Kevin Maloney shelled out the same amount for another colt by Redoute s Choice the eighth foal out of winning 13-year-old Unbridled s Song mare Miss Jakeo. He was consigned by Gerry Harvey s Baramul Stud. Major overseas buyer The Hong Kong Jockey Club paid 350 00 for a colt by former Australian champion first season sire Exceed And Excel who is enjoying a purple patch of form with his offspring. This half-brother to No Looking Back is the second foal out of dual stakes-winning 8-year-old Dehere mare Mirror Mirror and was consigned by Strawberry Hill Stud. On Day-2 Coolmore representative Demi O Byrne and bloodstock agent James Bester paid top price of 960 000 for a colt by former Australian Champion second season Sire and multiple Gr1-winning Australian-bred stallion Fastnet Rock. He is the first foal of dual-winning 7-year-old Bite The Bullet mare Rose of Cimmaron. Connections of the colt declared He has plenty of quality and we really wanted to buy him. We knew there were plenty of people interested in him and we would have to do a bit of fighting to get him. Other big buyers were Gai Waterhouse who paid 600 000 for a filly by Vinery Stud shuttler More Than Ready. Segenhoe Stud followed her lead parting with 470 000 for a More Than Ready colt. On day three it was back to Redoute s Choice heading affairs with Sydney trainer Gerald Ryan winning out at 750 000 for a colt the eighth out of stakes-winning 15-year-old Marauding mare Cloister. He is a full brother to dual Gr1-winning and seven time Gr1-placed racemare Melito. After the fall of hammer Ryan commented There is a lot to like about him. He is very athletic and a good mover. Waterhouse was active again when spending 680 000 to secure a colt by More Than Ready. He is the third foal out of Gr1winning and five time Gr1-placed 10-year-old Danehill mare Aqua D Amore one of the best females in training at her peak. MAGIC MILLIONS GOLD COAST 2012 s majors kicked off with the annual Magic Millions Gold Coast extravaganza on 11 January where 124 lots were sold for 14 750 000 leaving Millions managing director Vin Cox fairly contented We re pretty happy with how things are sitting after the first session. People have been telling us that many of the better horses are still to come WE RE THRILLED WITH THE FIGURES. THE STORY OF THE SALE IS THE CLEARANCE AND THE MEDIAN PRICE... MAGIC MILLIONS M D VIN COX 12 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM IAH Sales Pty. Ltd. 18 Healey Circuit Huntingwood NSW 2148 Australia Freecall Australia 1800 801 201 Email info Website International Toll Free New Zealand 0800 424 999 Charges may apply from some mobiles. Livamol Livamol Coat Nothing Matches It The perfect grooming combination. Livamol Australia s leading coat conditioning supplement for the past 50 years and the perfect partners grooming range of SUDS BLU and GLO . The Stud Animals Show Animals Yearling Preparation Racing Animals 20kg 10kg 2kg 750mL 5L 750mL 5L 25L 750mL 5L Free Advice Line A Advice You can FREE CALL from our website by clicking on FREE CALL C STEADY AS SHE GOES (CONT) Ronstell Thoroughbreds paid 450 000 for a colt from the first crop of Widden Stud s Gr1 Golden Slipper-winning former Australian Champion two-year-old Sebring consigned by Murrulla Stud as agent. The colt is the second foal out of five time-winning 12-year-old Hennessy mare Valda Merceda. Prices dipped a little on the last day of Book 1 however generally held their own sufficiently for the sale to end with vendors and buyers about even. Overall during the initial sessions 1-4 at Magic Millions 492 yearlings sold for 62 570 000 (down 1.7% on last year s 515 sold for 63 669 000). However the 127 125 average was up 2.9% (last year 123 629) and the 100 000 median was up 11.1% (last year 90 000). The clearance rate also improved to 84.4% (last year 83%). Magic Millions managing director Vin Cox commented We re thrilled with the figures. The story of the sale is the clearance and the median price. The clearance rate is outstanding and this will grow over the next day or so. And the average price has increased on last year s figures - so all-in-all we re very happy. Demand on the quality lots was strong and many vendors returned some positive results. Young bloodstock agent James Harron s contribution to the sale was highly evident and the relationship he has forged with Gai Waterhouse should pay some plum dividends in the next few years for his supporters. INGLIS CLASSIC Following another exceptional year of on-track performances by Classic graduates expectations were reasonably high for this Inglis sale that has earned a reputation for athletic types. The opening day was headed by the 100 000 outlaid for a Fastnet Rock filly from 7-year-old US-bred Elusive Quality mare Polite (a granddaughter of influential matron Fanfreluche whose many well-known descendants include champion sires Encosta de Lago and Flying Spur). The top bid was shared when Denise Martin s Star Thoroughbreds also paid 100 000 for a colt by Patinack Farm stallion Beautiful Crown (the 5th foal out of 13-yearold Octagonal mare Pretty Special) consigned by Bowness Stud as agent. The colt (to be trained in Sydney by Gai Waterhouse) is a halfbrother to recent stakes-winner Kontiki Park. When stumps were drawn on Day-1 110 yearlings had been sold for 3 494 727 (down 3.1% on last year s 104 sold for 3 608 000). The average of 31 770 was down 8.4% (last year 34 692) and the median of 27 500 was down 8.3% (last year 30 000). The clearance rate was 79% (last year 79%). Although marginally off the pace Inglis managing director Mark Webster commented Today s figures are slightly down on those recorded for this session 12 months ago but I do congratulate our vendors for meeting the current market. Classic has produced 25 Gr1winners in the last 10 years an amazing feat for a sale that averages just 30 000 and we expect more again from this year s selection. As if on cue Day-2 started with some higher prices when Les Bridge and Kim Harding paid top price of 120 000 for a filly by shuttler Tale Of The Cat. Other high bids that day were by Lockyer Thoroughbreds and Albert Stapleford the former parting with 110 000 for the Choisir-Tagine filly and the later spending the same price for the aptly pedigreed Magic Albert-Benevolent colt. Others to crack the 100 000 mark were Aquanita Racing s purchase of the SnitzelBanishing colt and BC3 Thoroughbreds Ready s Image-Topsinga colt. On Day-3 Mauro Poletti paid top price of 140 000 for a colt by former 6-time Chilean Champion Sire Hussonet during the closing. The colt is the 6th foal out of unraced 11-year-old Fraar mare Monte Rosa who is a full-sister to Gr1-winner and four times Gr1-placed Nina Haraka. 105 000 won the bidding duel on two occasions a Dubawi filly out of Greta s Yarn (Inglis as agent) and the Robbie Laing-purchased Charge Forward-Lady Of Choice colt. NZ BLOODSTOCK PREMIER Coupled with the outstanding year enjoyed by New Zealand-breds a subdued local dollar and off the back of a strong 2011 Premier Sale at Karaka 2012 s renewal promised plenty. Although it took until Day-2 for the sale to really find its feet Day-1 also yielded plenty of highlights headed by Te Akau Stud s David Ellis paying top price of NZ 740 000 for a filly by Cambridge Stud s Gr1-winning shuttler Stravinsky. The filly is the 5th foal out of unraced 10-year-old Magic Of Sydney mare Jesmonds Gift and post-sale Ellis commented We are thrilled to be training her. You have got to be prepared to pay for the best fillies and we were prepared to do that today. Hong Kong agent Willie Leung paid NZ 650 000 for a colt by dual Derbywinning shuttler and 6-time Gr1 victor High Chaparral consigned by Lyndhurst Farm. We paid a premium to get him but in order to get such a quality horse that is sometimes necessary said new owner Leung. The colt is the 3rd foal out of Gr1-winning 12-year-old Frenchpark mare Creil. According to Leung he will first be trained in Australia before being sent to Hong Kong. Gai Waterhouse in partnership with bloodstock agent James Harron paid NZ 650 000 for a filly by dual Derbywinning shuttler and 6-time Gr1 victor High Chaparral. She is the 4th foal out of stakeswinning and Gr1-placed 12-year-old Danehill mare Diamond Like. Another big winning bid on the opening day was placed by Australia s Hawkes Racing who went to NZ 420 000 to secure a colt by Cambridge Stud s multiple champion sire Zabeel. He is the 5th foal out of unraced 10-year-old Stravinsky mare Dawninsky herself a half-sister to Gr2-winner and dual Gr1-placed Beat The Fade as well as Gr3winner Dawn Till Dusk. Overall on Day-1 at Karaka 170 lots were sold for a total of NZ 24 817 500 (down 16.9% on last year s 180 sold for NZ 29 861 000). The average of NZ 145 985 was down 12% (last year NZ 130 000) while the initial clearance rate was 70% (last year 75%). During the second session Te Akau Stud s David Ellis out-bid Coolmore Stud to pay the Day-2 top price of NZ 1.75 million for a colt by former Australian Champion 2nd-Season Sire and multiple Gr1-winning Australianbred stallion Fastnet Rock. He is the 4th foal out of triple-winning and stakes-placed 11-year-old Nureyev mare Nureyev s Girl. An obviously delighted Ellis commented I did expect a high price for this colt and I thought I would get him for about NZ 1.5 million but the others went beyond that. I wanted to secure him for the New Zealand racing and breeding industry it is essential that we retain horses like this in New CLASSIC HAS PRODUCED 25 GR1-WINNERS IN THE LAST 10 YEARS [FROM A] SALE THAT AVERAGES JUST 30 000... INGLIS M D MARK WEBSTER Overall the 3-day Inglis Sydney Classic Yearling Sale concluded with 424 lots sold for 12 804 727 (down 10.7% on last year s 428 for 14 342 000). The final average of 30 200 was down 9.9% (last year 33 509) & the final median of 25 000 was down 3.8% (last year 26 000). The final clearance rate was 81% (last year 82%). 14 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM USED AND RECOMMENDED BY LEADING THOROUGHBRED FARMS SAFEST FENCING THE N The strongest and most durable fence construction for horses N Heavily galvanzied for long life N Quickly and easily erected N Low maintenance N Be confident in the knowledge your valuable bloodstock is not only secure but also safe from predators N Diamond Mesh fencing construction is safe strong and flexible it does not rust or break nor sag or roll up at the bottom N What price will you pay for the world s best and proven safest fencing for horses that will reduce your vet bill and last a lifetime DIAMNND MESH H O R S E F E N C I N G Sole agent for Australia New Zealand and SE Asia Ph 1300 308 186 Mob 043 976 1247 STEADY AS SHE GOES (CONT) Zealand. He is an outstanding individual and the fact that he s by such a great sire out of a Nureyev mare gives him the potential to win Gr1 races. He will be trained by Jason Bridgman with a racing campaign intended to maximise his stud potential. If he s as good as his sister King s Rose we will be very happy. Also in the thick of the action again on Day-2 was Willie Leung this time going to NZ 800 000 for a colt by dual Derby-winning shuttler and 6-time Gr1 victor High Chaparral sire of So You Think. The yearling is the first foal out of 6-yearold Nuclear Freeze mare La Souvenir. Bloodstock agent Michael Wallace paid NZ 675 000 for a filly by Cambridge Stud s Gr1winning shuttler Stravinsky. She is the 11th foal out of Gr1-winning 20-year-old Gold And Ivory mare Marquise. Overall during the 2-day Premier Section of the NZ Bloodstock National Yearling Sale WE HAVE BEEN THRILLED WITH THE BUYER TURNOUT AT KARAKA THERE WAS PLENTY OF GOOD COMPETITION... NZ BLOODSTOCK CO M D PETREA VELA series 350 lots sold for NZ 54 137 000 (down 17.4% on lat year s 375 sold for 65 574 000). The final average of NZ 154 677 was down 11.6% (last year NZ 174 864) & the final median of NZ 120 000 was down 14.3% (last year NZ 140 000). The clearance rate was 74% (last year 79%). NZ Bloodstock co-managing director Petrea Vela commented We have been thrilled with the buyer turnout at Karaka & there was plenty of good competition on the appealing lots. It s disappointing not to have been able to get the clearance rate up a bit higher but hopefully over the course of the next couple of days there ll be more sales completed from this session. Encouragingly for New Zealand Bloodstock overall at the conclusion of the 3-Day Select Section of the NZ Bloodstock National Sales series (which followed the 2-day Premier Sale) 415 yearlings had sold for NZ 19 114 500 (up fractionally on last year s 418 sold for NZ 19 107 000). The final average of 46 059 was up 0.8% (last year NZ 45 711) though the final median of 35 000 was down 10.3% (last year NZ 39 000). Select s clearance rate also improved marginally to 74% (last year 73%) and NZB comanaging director observed To have exceeded last year s aggregate & average while maintaining a stronger clearance rate is a great result. Selling felt solid right throughout the 3 days with a good number of international buyers staying on (after last week s Premier Sale) to compete with the locals. With Magic Millions Perth Tasmania and Adelaide still to come in addition to Inglis Premier and Easter sales the jury could be said to still be out yet there is a sense that the worst is over. While it may be steady as she goes it needs to be remembered that for the main stallion fees have dropped some considerably and if the markets do start to climb again over the next 24 months that should put a smile on most vendors faces. h DAILY NEWS VERSION Breeding&Racing s new website now offers you the choice of reading the Daily News in one of two formats The global news standard of headlines with the first sentence (so you can read just the items that interest you) The original format where all the news can be seen by scrolling all the way down the page. OR BREEDINGRACING 16 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM Patinack Farm has launched the Patinack 1 Million Breeders Bonus - a scheme that will see 1 million in bonuses divided between the breeders and owners of metropolitan winners sired by Patinack Farm s stallions . An annual pool of 1 000 000 will be distributed 50 50 to both the breeder and the owner s of metropolitan race winners (does not include Group races) sired by a Patinack stallion . The break-up will be 20 000 for each Saturday metropolitan winner in NSW and Victoria. 10 000 for each mid-week metropolitan winner in NSW and Victoria. 10 000 for each Saturday metropolitan winner in Queensland. WHAT IF MY HORSE IS ALREADY REGISTERED FOR A BONUS SCHEME The Patinack Farm Bonus will be distributed on top of any other bonuses that are accumulated - BOBS Super VOBIS and QTIS etc. EXAMPLE MRC 2yo 1000m Handicap. 70 000 30 000 20 000 120 000 Prizemoney Super VOBIS PF Breeders Bonus TOTAL HOW WILL THE BONUS BE DISTRIBUTED The bonus will be shared equally between the Owner and the Breeder of the horse on a 50 50 basis. HOW ARE THE OWNER AND BREEDER DETERMINED The Breeder will be determined by reference to the owner s listed on the Stallion Service Contract. The Owner will be determined by reference to the owner s listed by the State s racing body in which the horse predominantly resides. HOW DO I CLAIM MY BONUS The onus will be on the Owner and the Breeder to notify and claim their respective proportion of the bonus from Patinack Farm (Forms can be downloaded from our website). The Owner and Breeder will have 12 months from the date of the win to apply for bonus payments. WHY HAVE PATINACK FARM INITIATED THIS BONUS SCHEME To reward the broodmare owners who have supported Patinack Farm s roster and the industry participants who have purchased the progeny of our stallions. We view breeders and owners as an integral part of our operation and we welcome you all to share in the wave of success. Not applicable to Beautiful Crown (USA) and applicable to 2 and 3yo only. 20 000 10 000 10 000 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS HOW WILL THE BONUS POOL OPERATE Patinack Farm will make a maximum pool amount of 1 000 000 available to be paid to eligible Breeders and Owners during the racing season. 1st August - July 31st in any given year. WHICH HORSES ARE ELIGIBLE FOR THE BONUS The progeny of all Patinack Farm stallions are eligible to receive the bonus. Excluding Beautiful Crown. WHICH RACES DOES THE BONUS APPLY TO All metropolitan 2 and 3 year old races conducted in NSW and Victoria. And every Saturday metropolitan 2 and 3 year old race conducted in Queensland. Excluding Group events. Bradley Knox 0417 252 178 Adam Henry 0408 053 234 Fergal Connolly 0416 381 786 Troy Jones 0428 632 966 Ben Lawrence 0427 392 130 Joe Heather 0413 712 465 Visit for more information & full Breeder s Bonus Terms & Conditions nominations CASINO PRINCE HUSSON (ARG) MURTAJILL WONDERFUL WORLD RAHEEB BEAUTIFUL CROWN (USA) LOPE DE VEGA (IRE) MONACO CONSUL (NZ) TERANABA MAGIC MILLIONS GOLD COAST YEARLING SALE FEB 27 MAR 1 JANUARY 6-14 INGLIS MELBOURNE PREMIER MELBOURNE he Inglis Melbourne Premier Yearling Sale with an average price of just over 70 000 has a very enviable record of unearthing Gr1 winners highlighted by current Australian and South African Horses of the Year Black Caviar and Igugu. Statistics show that the catalogue for the Victorian sale keeps improving year after year like its graduates who have won 45 Gr1 races across Australia South Africa Japan Hong Kong the United Kingdom Malaysia and Macau in the last five seasons. The catalogue for 2012 sale is again full of diversity and depth with yearlings to suit all buyers due to go under the hammer at Oaklands Junction from Monday 27 February to Thursday 1 March. All told 790 yearlings by 108 stallions will be offered this year 614 lots in Session 1 held on the Monday Tuesday and Wednesday followed by 176 lots in Session 2 on Thursday. Inglis famous Open Inspection Day will be held on Sunday 26 February following Super Saturday at Caulfield when three Gr1 events including the Blue Diamond Futurity Stakes and Oakleigh Plate will be run. The open day will feature the official drawing of the Sunday Herald Sun Inglis Win A Share in a Racehorse Competition New Owners Forum Owners & Trainers Discussion Panel Callaway Golf Driving Range and a live band in the afternoon. Among star worldwide performers purchased at Inglis Melbourne Premier are nBlack Caviar Australian Horse Of The Year & World Champion Sprinter nIgugu South African Horse Of The Year nStarspangledbanner Australian & European Champion Sprinter nSacred Kingdom Four-time Hong Kong Champion Sprinter nWeekend Hussler Australian Horse Of The Year n Pinker Pinker Winner of the W.S Cox Plate Australasia s weight-for-age championship 18 T PREMIER 2011 250 000 Inglis Premier winner Masthead nOther individual Gr1 winners in the past five years include Ortensia Littorio Turffontein Arapaho Miss Le Drakkar Reward For Effort Rostova Sakima Golden Gunner Sanjuan and Ultra Fantasy. Trainers owners and bloodstock agents all have great records buying professional racehorses from Inglis Premier many outperforming their price tags. Hong Kong s Ricky Yiu has been a regular at the Melbourne Sale for many years with HK 45million earner Sacred Kingdom his prize purchase from Oaklands for 200 000. Yiu will no doubt be interested in Lot 478 at this year s sale the full-brother of Sacred Kingdom (by Encosta de Lago) who will be offered by Kornong Stud Farm. Superstar mare Black Caviar was picked out of Melbourne Premier by her trainer Peter Moody in 2008 from the draft of Swettenham Stud as agents for Gilgai Farm for 210 000. The daughter of Eliza Park stallion Bel Esprit is the undisputed queen of Australasia with her races becoming a national event every time she lines up to break a new record. 65 000 Melbourne Premier purchase Igugu Image courtesy of Inglis GOING FROM STRENGTH TO STRENGTH Inglis launch of a new 2.4m Inglis Triple Crown Bonus for 2YOs and 3YOs takes the total prize pool on offer across the Inglis Race Series to 5 million. FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM MAGIC MILLIONS GOLD COAST YEARLING SALE FEB 27 MAR 1 JANUARY 6-14 SIRE Bel Esprit Magnus Lonhro Fastnet Rock Statue Of Liberty (USA) Choisir Rock Of Gibraltar (IRE) Not A Single Doubt Tale Of The Cat (USA) Testa Rossa Encosta de Lago High Chaparral (IRE) Stratum Starcraft (NZ) Churchill Downs Snitzel Flying Spur Artie Schiller (USA) Charge Forward Hard Spun (USA) YEARLINGS 36 34 28 27 24 22 22 19 19 19 17 13 13 12 11 11 11 10 10 10 three-year-old sprinter accumulating over 3 million in career prize money. Australia s weight-for-age championship the Gr1 MVRC W.S. Cox Plate over the famed Moonee Valley 2040m course has close ties with Inglis especially in recent years through the deeds of Melbourne Premier graduate Fields Of Omagh who won the race twice and placed another two times from 2003 and 2006. When Cranbourne trainer Greg Eurell purchased a Reset filly from Milford Thoroughbreds draft at the 2009 Melbourne Premier Sale he dreamt of having her run in the Cox Plate. Pinker Pinker didn t just run in the 2011 Cox Plate she won it turning her 120 000 yearling sale purchase price into 1.85 million in a thrilling 2.05.39 mins the second fastest Cox Plate since the great Inglis graduate Might And Power in 1998. Melbourne Premier graduates are the hottest ticket items around the world and there is plenty to like in the 2012 catalogue. There are 92 siblings to stakes-winners catalogued including 11 Gr1 winners such as Divine Madonna Rebel Raider Fashions Afield Miss Keepsake and Sacred Kingdom. Also heading to Oaklands are 88 youngsters from stakes-winning dams including 13 Gr1 winners such as Macedon Lady Special Mission Asylum Seeker and Mannerism. Underlining the strength of the stallion representation in this year s catalogue the number of yearlings by Australian Champion Sire Lonhro has more than doubled from 13 in 2011 to 30 in 2012. Highlight lots include Lot 541 a daughter of Gr1 winner Fine Society and Lot 150 a half-sister to Peter Snowden s Gr2 winner Pinwheel. Inglis are also set to offer more yearlings than they ever have in Melbourne by red hot sire Fastnet Rock with 28 by the son of Danehill catalogued including Lot 162 a half-brother to Gr1 winner Morshdi from the Eight Carat family and Lot 473 the first foal of stakes winning two-year-old Corsaire. Former Australian Champion Sires Encosta de Lago (17 lots) Flying Spur (11) and Redoute s Choice (5 lots) will again be represented at the flourishing sale. Amongst Encosta de Lago s draft are Melbourne Sale graduate Sacred Kingdom s full-brother (Lot 478) and a filly from Gr1 winner Special Mission (Lot 248). Flying Spur s representation is highlighted by a filly from stakes winner Made Of Diamonds (Lot 49) and a full-brother to Gr2 winner Vintedge (Lot 374). Redoute s Choice provided the equal top lot at last year s sale and the Champion son of Danehill has another select offering coming to Melbourne including the first foals of Gr3 winner Bianca (Lot 415) and Personal Service (Lot 128) who is a half-sister to Champion three-year-old Universal Prince. An impressive 39 yearlings by Black Caviar s sire Bel Esprit are set to go under the hammer from February 27 to March 1. Meanwhile Starspangledbanner s globetrotting sire Choisir has 22 to be offered at Premier in 2012 Pinker Pinker s sire Reset has 8 catalogued for the sale and Weekend Hussler s sire Hussonet has 8. Exceed And Excel whose Blue Diamond winning son Reward For Effort was plucked from this sale has 11 and Testa Rossa the sire of Ortensia has 20. Other proven stallions well represented include Statue Of Liberty (24) Rock Of Gibraltar (23) Tale Of The Cat (21) Not A Single Doubt (19) High Chaparral (13) Stratum (13) Starcraft (12) Snitzel (11) Charge Forward (10) and Commands (8). An exciting group of first crop sires are heading to Premier in 2012 led by Sebring (27) Northern Meteor (21) Henrythenavigator (20) Astronomer Royal (17) Duke Of Marmalade (10) Myboycharlie (10) and New Approach (9). FIRST SEASON SIRE Sebring Henrythenavigator (USA) Northern Meteor Astronomer Royal (USA) Duke Of Marmalade (IRE) Myboycharlie (IRE) New Approach (IRE) Kaphero Real Saga Street Hero (USA) Sharkbite Street Boss (USA) Teofilo (IRE) War Pass (USA) Alamosa (NZ) Authorized (IRE) Mutawaajid Reaan Kheleyf (USA) Exceedingly Good Murtajill YEARLINGS 25 19 21 17 9 9 8 7 6 6 5 4 4 4 3 3 2 3 2 1 1 19 INGLIS MELBOURNE PREMIER is another breaking records each time she steps out. The daughter of Galileo became the first filly to ever win South Africa s Triple Tiara last year before becoming only the fifth horse in the past 75 years to complete the double of South Africa s biggest races the Durban July (2200m) and J&B Met (2000m). It was a great result for Mike Bass and Summerhill Stud who picked the mare out of Kia Ora Stud s draft in 2009. Powerful chestnut colt Starspangledbanner was selected by Troy Corstens and Gary Mudgeway s Newmarc Bloodstock Grange Partnership at Premier from the draft of Makybe for 120 000 before going on to claim Champion Sprinter titles in Australia and Europe. The son of Choisir was also the winner of the inaugural 250 000 Inglis Juvenile for two-year-olds at Moonee Valley on Cox Plate day which has subsequently been renamed the Inglis Banner in the great Victorian s honour. Weekend Hussler is another great success story for Melbourne Premier. Trainer Ross McDonald purchased the son of Hussonet from Arrowfield Stud s draft at Oaklands for 80 000. The enigmatic gelding took all before him in 2007 08 equalling Kingston Town s Australian record of the most (six) Gr1 victories in a single season on his way to being crowned Australian Horse Of The Year and the world s highest rated Miler and FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM INGLIS MELBOURNE PREMIER FEB 27 MAR 1 Eliza Park Stud leads the strong vendors list compiled for the 2012 Inglis Melbourne Premier Yearling Sale with 64 lots. Yallambee Stud the sales source of Gr1 winner Rostova will bring a large draft of 31 yearlings to Oaklands this year. Swettenham Stud had the pleasure of offering Black Caviar amongst their Premier draft a few years ago and Adam Sangster s stud will bring another strong group of 29 to the sale in 2012. Other vendors with considerable size drafts coming to Melbourne this February include Supreme Thoroughbreds (31 lots) Bellerive Stud (29) Makybe (26) Three Bridges Thoroughbreds (26) Blue Gum Farm (21) Erinvale Thoroughbreds (21) and Phoenix Broodmare Farm (21). Over a dozen new vendors will be welcomed to Melbourne Premier for the first time bringing with them 74 yearlings from Victoria New South Wales Tasmania and New Zealand. Image courtesy of Inglis MELBOURNE FESTIVAL OF RACING The Inglis Melbourne Premier Yearling Sale forms part of the prestigious Melbourne Festival of Racing. This festival runs for 41 days throughout February March each year. The festival is highlighted by the world renowned Australia Cup and Blue Diamond Stakes as well as major international race series such as the Global Sprint Challenge and Asian Mile Challenge. United with five key industry partners Inglis combines its skills to create a team with extensive experience in racing tourism business and event management. Together the group has the ability to provide substantial spending power through co-operative funds on marketing and promotion. The 2012 Melbourne Festival of Racing will include a mouth-watering feast of world-class racing featuring five consecutive Saturdays with Gr1 racing and its culmination under lights at Moonee Valley with the running of the Gr1 MVRC William Reid Stakes. Some of the exciting innovations for the 2012 Melbourne Festival of Racing include A significantly enhanced Blue Diamond Stakes Day program at Caulfield on Saturday 25 February that will now include three Gr1 races three Gr2 races and a Gr3 race. Feature race prize money increases headlined by a boost of 250 000 for the opening leg of the Global Sprint Challenge the 750 000 Gr1 Lightning Stakes (1000m) at Flemington and an increase in prize money for the Gr2 Alister Clark Stakes (2040m) at Moonee Valley which will now be run for 200 000. A 1 million bonus for any 2YO that can win all three races during the Blue Diamond Stakes series at Caulfield as part of a new sponsorship with Patinack Farm. 20 Inglis Oaklands sales ring 5M INGLIS RACE SERIES All yearlings offered exclusively at Inglis Yearling Sales including the 2012 Inglis Melbourne Premier Yearling Sale are eligible for nomination to the 5 million Inglis Race Series. The Series comprises over 20 races from 1000m to 1600m for 2YOs and 3YOs held throughout NSW Victoria and the ACT. The series consists of Select races of 100 000 to 400 000 in prize money which are restricted to Inglis Race Series nominated horses and Bonus races of 100 000 or 50 000 which is paid by Inglis to the winner if nominated to the Series on top of first place prize money and BOBS or Super VOBIS incentives. The Series has produced quality black type horses including the winner of last year s 250 000 Inglis Premier Masthead who went on to run third in the G1 MRC Blue Diamond Stakes at his next start. The Inglis Premier is restricted to 2YOs nominated to the Inglis Race Series which were offered through the Melbourne Premier Yearling Sale. The race is programmed ten days prior to the Blue Diamond Stakes on Mornington Cup Day with a win effectively guaranteeing a spot in the 1 million Blue Diamond Stakes with first place prize money allowed when assessing Blue Diamond ballot conditions. For the first time in 2012 Inglis has launched a new 2.4m Inglis Triple Crown Bonus for 2YOs and 3YOs which takes the total prize pool on offer across the Inglis Race Series to 5 million. A 2.4m Bonus will be paid by Inglis to the connections of the same horse that can win three legs of the new Inglis Triple Crown. Leg 1 of the Inglis Triple Crown commences with a win in either the 250 000 Inglis Banner (2YO 1000m) at Moonee Valley on Cox Plate Day this October or the 250 000 Inglis Nursery (2YO 1000m) at Randwick on Villiers Stakes Day in December. Leg 2 of the Triple Crown involves winning either the VRC or ATC Sires Produce Stakes (2YO 1400m) in March April 2013. Whilst the final leg of the Inglis Triple Crown is the 400 000 Inglis Guineas for 3YOs over 1400m held in April May 2014. For further information on the Inglis Race Series including terms and conditions for the Inglis Triple Crown Bonus visit www.inglis. races SUPER VOBIS & SUPER VOBIS GOLD BOBS Over 350 yearlings catalogued are Super VOBIS qualified making them also eligible for Racing Victoria s VOBIS Gold incentive program. A further 60% of yearlings catalogued are BOBS eligible. Horse racing in Victoria has never been stronger and with the added incentive of the 2.6million Inglis Race Series Super VOBIS and Super VOBIS Gold there is no better time to get involved in this amazing sport. h An impressive 39 yearlings by Black Caviar s sire Bel Esprit are set to go under the hammer in Melbourne... FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM MELBOURNE PREMIER SALE FEB 27 - MAR 1 2012 FRESHMAN YEARLING SIRES (SERVED 50 MARES 2009) ASTRONOMER ROYAL (USA) (Danzig-Sheepscot by Easy Goer) Stood 2009 at Blue Gum Farm VIC As a son of Danzig and a French Gr1 mile winner at 3 Astronomer Royal will draw some parallels to Danehill (a Gr1 sprint winner at 3 in England). Like the great sire he was also a minor winner at 2. Astronomer Royal trained on at 4 to pick up a Gr3 in Ireland and ran a decent fourth in the Gr1 July Cup (to Marchand d Or). His dam a Listed winner is a half-sister to Gr1 Florida Derby winner Vicar and she has also left a Gr2 winner. Rated 121 at his peak expect the foals of this Gr1 winner to improve with age. AUTHORIZED (IRE) (Montjeu-Funsie by Saumarez) Stood 2009 at Darley NSW A triple Gr1 winner by Montjeu Authorized reflects the desire by Australian breeders to look for more than just sprinters. That said Authorized was precocious enough to win a Gr1 at 2 before going on to win The (English) Derby at 3 as well as beating Dylan Thomas in the Gr1 Juddmonte International. From a strong staying European family Authorized served a book in excess of 100 mares in his first season and should provide buyers with good opportunities. His first crop in Europe includes several 2YO winners so Authorized is kicking goals already. DUKE OF MARMALADE (IRE) (Danehill-Love me True by Kingmambo) Stood 2009 at Coolmore Australia NSW A son of Danehill that won at 2 Duke of Marmalade was unfortunate to miss out on a Gr1 at 3. He gained five Gr1 placings that season before really hitting his straps at 4. In a wonderful season Duke of Marmalade won 5 Gr1 races as a 4YO including the King George VI & Queen Elizabeth S. His sire Danehill needs no introduction and his stakes placed dam is by top sire Kingmambo. He is from a marvelous stallion making family that of AP Indy and a few that are familiar to local buyers including Statue of Liberty Bite the Bullet and Foxhound. Expect Coolmore to have a draft of excellent yearlings by this horse at the sales this year. EXCEEDINGLY GOOD (AUS) (Exceed and Excel-Common Smytzer by Snippets) Stood 2009 at Secret Hill T breds NSW By Exceed and Excel who has been in the news lately as the sire of Gr1 2YO Helmet Exceedingly Good was also a precocious 2YO. He won the Gr3 Maribyrnong Plate at 2 and trained on to be stakes placed at 3. His dual Gr3 winning half-brother Better Be the One is kicking goals in Singapore at the moment recently 2nd at Gr1 level to international champion Rocket Man. Exceedingly Good is out of a stakes placed 2YO city winner by Snippets. He has the pedigree and race record to produce precocious youngsters that should get up and run early for buyers. HENRYTHENAVIGATOR (USA) KAPHERO (AUS) (Kingmambo-Sequoyah by Sadler s Wells) Stood 2009 at Coolmore Australia NSW If you can get past this horse s name you ll find a good style of a horse with a race record that looks well suited to Australian conditions. A Gr2 winner in England at 2 Henrythenavigator improved at 3 to win 4 Gr1 races including the English and Irish 2000 Guineas both over a mile. All up he won 6 races one more than his famous sire Kingmambo. Kingmambo won sire championships in 2 nations (France and Japan) and was third on the USA general sires list as well. His 80 stakes winners 22 at Gr1 level include local Gr1 winners Tawqeet and Our Kingdom of Fife. As you would expect from a Coolmore stallion Henry comes from a strong family full of stakes winners. His dam is a 2YO Gr1 winner by Sadler s Wells. (Danzero-Kapchat by Centaine) Stood 2009 at Swettenham Stud VIC A son of Golden Slipper winner Danzero and Gr1 winner Kapchat who is by champion broodmare sire Centaine Kaphero lived up to his breeding with a Listed win at 2. He followed this with another 9 wins including a Gr3 over 1000m and a good third in the Gr1 Manikato Stakes. Danzero has been a consistent son of Danehill with six Gr1 winners and Kaphero is his first son to go to stud. His stock are tough and suit Australian racing conditions. Covering nearly 100 mares in his first season Kaphero is a locally bred and locally raced sprinter. The combination of that along with his quality pedigree means that Kaphero s progeny should attract all buyers. 22 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM MURTAJILL (AUS) (Rock of Gibraltar-Skating by At Talaq) Stood 2009 at Patinack Farm NSW A half-brother to Bradbury s Luck the sire of WA Gr1 Railway winner Luckygray Murtajill is one of seven stakes horses from dual Gr1 winner Skating. Her daughters have already left a further four stakes horses including Gr1 Juste Momente. This is a family on the rise and this young stallion looks like he will provide more to the story into the future. A Gr3 winner at 2 Murtajill was twice second at Gr1 level as a 3YO beaten by two serious gallopers Racing to Win and Apache Cat. His sire Rock of Gibraltar won 7 Gr1 races and includes 7 individual Gr1 winners among his 68 stakes winners. A grey like his dam and Gr1 producing brother Murtajill s family is in fashion just in time for the sales. Check them out. MUTAWAAJID (AUS) (Redoute s Choice-Elated Lady by Vain) Stood 2009 at Emirates Park NSW One of four stakes winners out of his dam Mutawaajid started his racing career in strong fashion with two 2YO city wins. A dual Gr2 winner at 3 and 4th in the Gr1 Randwick Guineas Mutawaajid was rated third top 3YO sprinter of his year. His owners took the ambitious route towards England where he ran 4th in the race made famous by his grandsire Danehill (Gr1 Haydock Sprint Cup). By Redoute s Choice this big strapping horse is out of a Vain mare from a solid Australian family. He covered nearly 100 mares in his first season and should be well supported by his stud. MYBOYCHARLIE (IRE) (Danetime-Dulceata by Rousillon) Stood 2009 at Vinery Stud Australia P L NSW A 2YO Gr1 winner in France Myboycharlie won 3 of his 4 races at 2. One of 3 Gr1 winners by Danetime a son of Danehill Myboycharlie was popular in his first season at stud covering over 100 mares. His dam is a half-sister to Snowdrift the dam of three stakes winners including Gr1 Snowland (sire of Gr1 Absolut Glam). If he can leave progeny that run early like himself Myboycharlie is set to be a commercial success. He is a lovely type so get in quick before they show his precocious ability and become too expensive. NEW APPROACH (IRE) (Galileo-Park Express by Ahonoora) Stood 2009 at Darley VIC New Approach has the traditional perfect race record. Racing in England and Ireland New Approach was a dual Gr1 winner at 2 then he trained on to win a trio of Gr1s at 3 including The (English) Derby. His sire Galileo has been headlining lately with his star Frankel recently crowned Horse of the Year in Europe and his Australian bred daughter Igugu gaining recognition as South Africa s Horse of the Year. New Approach is one of 26 Gr1 winners for his dual Derby winning sire. New Approach is one of three stakes winners for his dam champion 2YO and 3YO filly Park Express. This is one heck of a racehorse and odds are good that one of his foals will be just as good. NORTHERN METEOR (AUS) (Encosta de Lago-Explosive by Fappiano) Stood 2009 at Widden Stud Australia P L NSW The most popular first season sire Northern Meteor covered 198 mares in his first season. What made him so popular His race record a win in the stallion making Gr1 Coolmore Classic his track record in a Listed race over 1200m and a Gr1 second to world champion sprinter Takeover Target. Or perhaps his top class pedigree. By Encosta de Lago whose best sons are about to emerge as stallions from stakes placed Explosive dam of three stakes winners. Northern Meteor is a local Gr1 sprinter by one of the best sires at stud in Australia. He ll have plenty of yearlings to pick from and if they look anything like him they are bound to be popular. REAAN (AUS) (Hussonet-Ribe by Danehill) Stood 2009 at Lindsay Park SA A Gr1 2YO Blue Diamond winner like Redoute s Choice Reaan is by Chile s Champion sire Hussonet. Hussonet has a bunch of sons at stud including the promising Husson that has started his career in the perfect fashion with a 2YO stakes winner from his first runner. Reaan s pedigree oozes quality as his dam is by Danehill and his second dam by top broodmare sire Kaapstad. Not only that but these names should just say 2YO to everyone. Reaan s family suggests that his stock will be more than just 2YOs as there are plenty of stakes winners in his female line that have trained on to greater things as they age including his own dam who won the Gr2 Moonee Valley Oaks. Don t overlook them. 23 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM MELBOURNE PREMIER SALE FEB 27 - MAR 1 2012 FRESHMAN YEARLING SIRES (SERVED 50 MARES 2009) REAL SAGA (AUS) (Tale of the Cat-Windy Kate by Air Express) Stood 2009 at Glenlogan Park QLD A flying 2YO that won 4 races at 2 including the Gr2 Todman beating Golden Slipper winner Phelan Ready. He ran 2nd to Reward for Effort in the Blue Diamond and 4th in the Slipper. Sadly injury ended his racing career just as it was starting and now buyers have a chance to purchase one of his first crop. By Tale of the Cat whose 8 Gr1 winners include Glamour Puss and Gathering from stakes placed 2YO Windy Kate. She is a halfsister to tough Gr2 winner Another Warrior. Real Saga served nearly 150 mares in his first season and his stock should fly out of the gates. Grab one. SEBRING (AUS) (More than Ready-Purespeed by Flying Spur) Stood 2009 at Widden Stud Australia P L NSW Sebring is a dual 2YO Gr1 winner standing at the home of fellow Golden Slipper winners Todman Vain Marscay and Stratum. Sebring has plenty to live up to but breeders voted in his favour sending him 190 mares in his first season. And why wouldn t they The record of Golden Slipper winners at stud is too good to be ignored. Sebring narrowly missed the Gr1 2YO treble he won the Slipper the Sires Produce and was second to Samantha Miss in the Champagne. His dam Purespeed is by Golden Slipper winner Flying Spur and she has already left another stakes winner Gr2 winner Pureness. Sebring is by More than Ready the American shuttler that has 2 Golden Slipper winners to his name. SHARKBITE (AUS) (Redoute s Choice-Back Pass by Quest for Fame). Stood 2009 at Eliza Park VIC A son of Redoute s Choice Sharkbite won five races including 2 at 2 and a Listed race at 4. He also ran second to Haradasun and third to Wonderful World on different occasions at 3. Redoute s Choice is emerging as a sire of sires with the likes of Not a Single Doubt and more is yet to come. Sharkbite might only be a Listed winner but so was Not a Single Doubt and look how he is going Sharkbite is also from a standout family. His second dam is a half-sister to super broodmare Hasili who has left 7 stakeswinners 5 at Gr1 level. One of her foals is top sire Dansili. Sharkbite was well supported by breeders covering 130 mares. He has plenty going for him. STREET BOSS (USA) (Street Cry-Blushing Ogygian by Ogygian) Stood 2009 at Darley VIC Since Street Boss retired to stud his sire Street Cry has continued to kick goals. He looked the part back in 2009 but now he is properly cemented as a successful sire. Sire of 53 stakes winners Street Cry has left Gr1 horses all over the world including Zenyatta Shocking Whobegotyou and Street Sense. Street Boss needs to be included on this list as he won two Gr1 races in America over 1200m and 1400m and ran 3rd in the Breeders Cup Sprint. From a stakes placed mare Street Boss is from a running family and buyers will be looking to see if his stock will run too. TEOFILO (IRE) (Galileo-Speirbhean by Danehill) Stood 2009 at Darley NSW Champion 2YO colt of Europe in 2006 Teofilo retired to stud unbeaten in five starts. Four of his five wins were at stakes level including two Gr1 events one of which is England s version of the Slipper the Dewhurst Stakes. By Galileo his race record would suggest that he is an atypical son of the champion sire being more precocious that is normally expected. This could be a good thing with early speed and ability much prized in this part of the world. Teofilo comes from a strong family his dam is a Listed winner over a mile while his third dam was the Champion 3YO filly in Canada. There are plenty of stakes winners in this family and many of them suggest that they improve with time. WAR PASS (USA) (Cherokee Run-Vue by Mr. Prospetor) Stood 2009 at Widden Stud Australia P L NSW War Pass just screams 2YO . He has a pedigree full of top 2YO performers including his half-sister who was a Gr1 winner at 2. His sire Cherokee Run won 5 races at 2 (13 in total including a Breeders Cup Sprint). His damsire is sprint king Mr Prospector. So it s no surprise to look at the race record of War Pass and find that he excelled as a 2YO. Four wins at 2 two at Gr1 level including the Breeders Cup Juvenile. Crowned Champion 2YO colt in the USA War Pass wasn t a one season wonder picking up another win later in his career. He has the support of one of Australia s best studs (and broodmares) and this should make his yearlings attractive to buyers who want a jump and run horse with plenty of speed. 24 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM INGLIS MELBOURNE PREMIER FEB 27 MAR 1 VENDOR PEOFILES BOMBORA DOWNS The popular food claim No artificial colours or preservatives is reflected in the adherence by Christoph Bruechert and his dedicated team to biodynamic farming principles. And as with humans this implementation is reflected in the quality of yearlings this Mornington Peninsula operation continually produces. Its 2012 Melbourne Premier Draft is dominated by the fairer sex and it s full of speed and commerciality. And they don t come much more commercial than Lot 71 by reigning Champion Australian Sire Lonhro from a half-sister to Champion Australian Sprinter Apache Cat. Two fillies by Starspangledbanner s sire Choisir are certain to be equally sought-after. The first (Lot 120) is from a half-sister to Gr2 winner Burrito and the stakes-placed Amah Dreams. The second (Lot 616) is from the superb family of Jewel Flight that boasts names such as Diamond Shower Double Your Bet and Our Cashel. With Bel Esprit having not only the miraculous Black Caviar but also Bel Sprinter dominating Australian sprinting events at present his son (Lot 676) from Secret Cause is sure to have great appeal. Plus the dam is from a half-sister to Gr2 winner Pleasant Secret. Exciting young sire Hard Spun has the precocious filly (Lot 702) from another halfsister to Apache Cat in Tiger Belle already the dam of two winners while buzz stallion Artie Schiller is represented by Lot 772 from Grano D Oro the half-sister to US Gr2 sprinter Man of Illusion. The lone colt in the draft (Lot 649) certainly won t fade amongst the fillies though. He s by the high-ranking Dash For Cash from a halfsister to stakes-placed Prince Hal. His dam Pals has already produced three stakes horses from only seven foals. Adding extra spice is the colt s grand dam Gr1 winner Palace Revolt. Arapaho Miss is a half-sister to Lot 43 with Snippet s dam Fairbit already producing three-time winner Tears n cheers (by Street Cry). A first cropper by Gr1 winning sire Astronomer Royal struts out as Lot 608 and he s from stakes-winning mare Just A Kiseki. Four lots later pedigree buffs will be salivating at the Lonhro colt from Klairevoyant when the Eight Carat family merges in sire line and dam line. Then Lot 617 sees the colt by Bianconi take the stage. This colt will have major appeal being from a half-sister to Nicola Lass (dam of Niconero and Nicconi). Of course Nicconi is by Bianconi. Lot 715 is a colt by Metal Bender s sire Danasinga and is a half-brother to the stakesplaced Marvellous Miss. The home straight sees exciting lots by Street Sense (Lot 737) from the running family of Laura s Express and Laura s Charm Authorized s son (Lot 747) from a granddaughter of Gr3 SAJC Swettenham Stakes-winner Tree of Renown and Arc winner Dylan Thomas son (Lot 785) from a daughter to the sister of French stakeswinner Sensible. of admirers on sire alone. By Bel Esprit she s out of a half-sister to stakes-winner Hazard and stakes-placed Faalcon. It s a pedigree with precocity and strength tracing to Gr1 miler Kinjite and speedy Gr2 winner Scaredee Cat. First crop yearling sire Kaphero is represented by Lot 771 a colt from Grand Lodge mare Grand Empress. Herself a halfsister to stakes-winner Spellmaker Best of the Best this colt s grand dam is the stakes-placed Rory s Jester mare Like Madonna. Bucklee Farm s final offering in the ring will be the Hard Spun colt from Induct (Lot 782). This mare has already produced the stakes-placed Broken amongst three winners from only four foals so the odds are certainly in favour of racetrack success. It s a gritty reliable talented family that includes Gr1 sprinter Keeper ten-time winner and stakes-placed Downing Street Jovial Mood and triple Gr1 winner Metal Bender. BOWNESS STUD The eight colts and three fillies presented by this elite operation exude all the quality of being nurtured in NSW s Golden Triangle a region blessed with the production of fine wine and thoroughbreds. The filly (Lot 43) by dominating speed influence Statue of Liberty opens the Bowness account. And she s a half-sister to Gr1 winner Arapaho Miss and stakes-placed Heartsareforlove. More Than Ready s freshman son Sebring has left his polish on Lot 188 from Encosta De Lago mare Ruby Draw already dam of three winners. Take a breath and prepare for Lot 370 by another highly-spruiked young freshman in Henrythenavigator from the grand dam of Flying Spur and Encosta de Lago. Interestingly Lot 528 is by Street Cry s first crop son Street Sense. This is a proven nick 26 BURNEWANG NORTH PASTORAL Rochester-based Burnewang North Pastoral is 2 500 acres of horse heaven and it s managed by a team completely dedicated to producing the loftiest racetrack results. BNP also sets itself apart from many other vendors in its canny acquisition of some of the southern hemisphere s elite bloodlines. This year it proudly presents five impeccably bred and prepared colts and seven dashing fillies. Lot 105 is by twice Champion Australian Sire Encosta De Lago. From US bred mare Note of Desire he is the half-brother to Champion German 2YO filly Narooma. Maximising the Encosta flavour is the Choisir colt from his stakes-placed daughter Swinging BUCKLEE FARM If you re the vendor of the horse who can run second in a Maribyrnong Trial to the World Champion Three-Year-Old Sprinter Sepoy you are obviously doing most things right. Delago s Lad achieved just that in 2010 and the four lots for offer this year by this respected Greta West establishment are sure to be equally likely. First up is the Bianconi filly (Lot 687) from Delago Lad s half-sister Slickly. This is also the athletic family of Brom s Girl and traces to French stakes-winners All Along Arnaquer and Adventure Seeker. Lot 758 will have a host FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM 2012 MELBOURNE PREMIER YEARLING SALE LOT 25 62 105 130 137 277 319 332 477 486 505 553 BROWN FILLY BAY FILLY BAY COLT BAY COLT BAY FILLY CHESTNUT COLT BAY FILLY CHESTNUT FILLY BROWN COLT BAY FILLY CHESTNUT FILLY BAY COLT SIRE TALE OF THE CAT (USA) SNITZEL ENCOSTA DE LAGO STATUE OF LIBERTY (USA) CHARGE FORWARD CHOISIR NOT A SINGLE DOUBT MAGNUS HOLY ROMAN EMPEROR (IRE) STREET SENSE (USA) MAGNUS CHOISIR DAM LES RY LEIGH (USA) MERIBEL NOTE OF DESIRE (USA) PETITE OISEAU PORT ISABEL SWINGING BABE VALENTINE ROSE (NZ) VIVA LA DIVA COUP DE MAITRE DANCE OF DANES DUBAI DREAM GALLETA Contact Darren Mackereth 0400 894 506 or Cathy Hains 0409 705 575 Burnewang North Rochester VIC FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM 27 INGLIS MELBOURNE PREMIER FEB 27 MAR 1 VENDOR PEOFILES Babe (Lot 277). Lot 553 also by the flying Choisir is equally appealing. From Zabeel mare Galleta and a half-brother to talented WA filly Straleta this is the all-conquering family of Marauding. BNP is also represented by the slashing colt (Lot 130) by Hay List s sire Statue of Liberty from the Tasmania Oaks winner Petite Oiseau already dam of one runner for one stakes horse. There s also a regally bred colt (Lot 477) by the highly touted Holy Roman Emperor from the half-sister to Gr1 winner Coup De Grace of course the family of Kingston Rule Portland Player and Rose of Kingston. The seven BNP fillies have a definite speed objective. There s a Snitzel half-sister to six winners including stakes-placed Amerryking (Lot 62) the Not A Single Doubt half-sister to the HKJC stakes-placed Flying In (Lot 319) the Charge Forward from Encosta De Lago mare Port Isabel (Lot 137) the granddaughter of multiple Gr1 winner Republic Lass by hyped young stallion Street Sense (Lot 486) and the Tale Of The Cat filly from intriguing US stakes-winner Les Ry Leigh from a family dripping with black type (Lot 25). As for dessert Try Lot 332. By superstar Magnus from a daughter of the blistering Gr1 Blue Diamond Stakes-winner Riva Diva herself dam of the exciting Hermes. Then there s Lot 505 another Magnus this time a half-sister to stakes-winning Al Dhafra. Gallant Tess half-sister is dam of Lot 704 the filly by Karuta Queen s sire and definitive speed influence Not A Single Doubt. From the Kenmare mare Young And Free she s a half-sister to stakes-placed Miss Sharapova whose Danehill half-sister Bringing Joy is the dam of the talented Gai Waterhouse-trained galloper Faulconbridge. Second dam is the flying stakes-winner Sushi Rocket and the third dam is a well of precocity with Rory s Rocket the dam of Rory s Jester Rory s Twig and Rory s Girl (grand dam of Gr1 STC Golden Slipper winning filly Ha Ha). The second of the Kiah Glenn lots is a bay colt by buzz stallion Bernardini (Lot 571) the Gr1 Pimlico Stakes-winning son of A.P. Indy. This colt is from the five-time winner and metropolitan performer Gracious Curves. Irish born second dam Keralia is a threequarter sister to Kerasha (dam of French Gr3 winner Keriyata. This is a very strong and progressive Aga Khan-influenced distaff line laced with black type performers. KIAH GLENN Ultra professional Mt Barker operation Kiah Glenn comes to this year s Melbourne Premier Sale with two exceptional offerings. Lot 349 is LIMERICK LANE THOROUGHBREDS In music terminology Mangalore based Limerick Lane Thoroughbreds continually produces hit singles. And judging by their draft this year they are again sure to be Top of the Pops. Vying for this honour will be Lot 175 the Fastnet Rock colt from Rock Diva. Fastnet Rock is rapidly becoming a breeding colossus in the mould of his father Danehill. Champion Australian Second Season Sire and producer of freakish commodities like Atlantic Jewel and Mosheen his sire average at the recent NZ Karaka Sale was nearly double his nearest rival. This colt s distaff line is elite. Grand dam Canny Lass was of course a triple Gr1 winner and has already produced stakeswinners Causeway Lass and Astute Angel. And the Fastnet Rock connection is cemented in the pedigree through the deeds of Gr2 winner Rothesay (from a sister to Rock Diva). Speaking of elite Lot 448 is by twice Champion Australian Sire Redoute s Choice. From a stakes-placed Irish mare herself a daughter of Gr2 winning British speedster Don t Worry Me this is a family boasting generations of precocity. Don t miss Lot 17 the Danehill Dancer colt from Latchkey a halfsister to Gr1 winner Price Tag. This is an ultra talented family with ten stakes-winners in the Faulconbridge features in Lot 349 s pedigree 28 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM Lot 71 b.f 2nd foal of a city placed half sister to the champion sprinter APACHE CAT eight times Gr.1 winner. Lonhro Miss Evangeline (by Success Express) Choisir Paris Express (by Grand Lodge) Lot 120 ch.f to recent winners Dominator & Acclaimed out of sister to Gr.2 winner BURRITO and to the dams of POSADAS & COLLATE. Lot 616 b.f 2nd foal of a city placed winner from the prolific black type family of DIAMOND SHOWER DOUBLE YOUR BET LE DESTINA EXCHEQUER CHEVAL DE TROY & DIAMOND DANE. Choisir Lady Astor (by Viscount) Lot 649 gr.c to four winners including the s p metro winners Jennifer Palzago & Class Prevails out of a daughter of Sydney Cup winner PALAC E REVOLT. Dash For Cash Pals (by Palace Music) Lot 676 b.f 2nd foal of a two times winning to dual Grp winner PLEASANT SECRET and to dam of Listed winner TESTA SECRET. Female line of MR PROSPECTOR & SEATTLE SLEW. Bel Esprit Secret Cause (by Giant s Causeway) Lot 702 Lot 772 b.f b.f Hard Spun Tiger Belle (by Sports Works) to metro winners Liger & Piece Of The Sky out of to champion APACHE CAT. full to promising Grand Schiller out of two times winning to Gr.3 sprinter MAN OF ILLUSION & dual Grp winner REALLY GOOD. Artie Schiller Grand D Oro (by Gold Ace) Agistment Breeding Foaling Permanent and or Seasonal for all To our Stallions Lago Delight Golden Snake & Desert King and or walkout service. 24 7 care and supervision Weaning Breaking In Intensive handling & education Breaking in and flat work Yearling Prep Sales preparation & presentation Spelling Short and long term available For further information phone Christoph Bruechert on 0419 534 961 or 03 5983 6802 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS visit UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM 29 INGLIS MELBOURNE PREMIER FEB 27 MAR 1 VENDOR PEOFILES MILL PARK STUD Undoubtedly in the upper echelon of yearling producers in Australasia this Limestone Coast-based juggernaut recently finished second of all vendors by average at the recent Gold Coast Magic Millions. And this trend is sure to continue judging by the quality on offer at the Melbourne Premier this year. How better to start a sale than with a half-brother to four-time Gr1 winner Divine Madonna This colt (Lot 89) is by the super hyped young sire Bernardini. Next to strut out (Lot 146) is the Starcraft filly from the exceptional family of Maribyrnong Trial Stakes-winner Loving Cup. Twenty lots later it s the daughter of Reset of course sire of the 2011 Gr1 W.S. Cox Plate heroine Pinker Pinker. A really nice family featuring luminaries like Awaasif and her exceptional daughter and producer Snow Bride. Meanwhile for pure speed Lot 231 must be loaded. He s by Testa Rossa and is a halfbrother to Gr2 winner Catapulted. New Approach is an interesting new stallion. A son of leading stallion Galileo Mill Park offers two of his first crop yearlings at Lots 265 and 268. The first is a half-brother to Lot 198 s dam is a half-sister to Uber first three dams. It s also a family that oozes class over multiple distances. Lot 629 rounds out the Limerick Lane draft with an exclamation mark. This filly by Danehill s exciting stallion son Churchill Downs is from a granddaughter to Zabeel who has already produced the stakes-placed Carnero and Gratis from only five foals. This is a lovely filly family with tremendous residual value featuring the Gr1 VRC Oaks-placed Captiva as well as talented Queensland filly Emmalene. 30 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM MAGIC MILLIONS GOLD COAST YEARLING SALE VENDOR PEOFILES JANUARY 6-14 the US stakes-winner Storm Rolling In and the dam Stormy Flyer boasts a perfect record of six foals to race for six winners. Prominent on his pedigree page are South African Champions Surfing Home and Badger s Coast. The second New Approach is from the stakes-placed Northern Dancer line mare Subsequential her first foal to race being smart Adelaide performer Moving Money. A grey flying machine like Schillaci Why not inspect Lot 314 by Choisir. From the Volksraad mare Typify herself a sister to stakes-winner Ponte Piccolo and stakesplaced Global News this family traces to Miss Prospect and Gr1 MRC Blue Diamond winner Reward For Effort. Next up is Lot 461. He s another likely to be blessed with speed. This colt is by the hugely respected Testa Rossa and is a half-brother to the flying Adelaide stakes-winner Victory Chant. Close up in his tree are Gr1 winner Serious Speed and the equally talented Gr2 winner Majestic Music. And what a way to finish. Straight to the top of the sire list with two colts by Fastnet Rock The first (Lot 517) is from stakeswinning mare Elusive Wonder a daughter of Sepoy s sire Elusive Quality. She s also a half-sister to the promising stakes winning filly Tantra. This is a prodigious family that descends to stakes-winner Freedom Fields and her talented clan. The second Fastnet Rock is Lot 573. Also from the family of Freedom Fields (second dam) this colt is from Great Meadows a half-sister to Abbotswood (dam of Tantra). INGLIS MELBOURNE PREMIER FEB 27 MAR 1 PATINACK FARM Patinack Farm springs into action with a draft of yearlings certain to add further kudos to this goliath of the breeding and racing industry. With the Casino Prince half-brother to Black Caviar topping the Easter Sale last year the two colts and filly in this draft will demand attention. The first colt (Lot 222) is from a half-sister to two stakes-winners in Count Encosta and Lieutenant. Lot 534 sees the appearance of the filly from GB mare Fees Des Iles also a half-sister to two stakeswinners in Shaanmer and Nordican Inch. This is a prolific family that features French Gr1 winner Best of the Bests. If you were outbid on these two then there s another Casino Prince at Lot 704. He s from a half-sister to Gr2 Breeders Classic winner Gallant Tess. Another popular Patinack stallion the superbly bred Husson also has a major say in this draft. His three colts for offer include Lot 198 from Al Maher mare Scantily herself a half-sister to Gr3 Black Opal Stakes-winner Uber as well as the stakes-placed Baci Amore and Viva Caro. Lot 564 is from Glimmering Hope the three-quarter sister to Gr1 US winner Military. Highlighted here is second dam Wavering Girl Champion Two-Year-Old Filly in Canada. The third Husson colt (Lot 647) really appeals. His dam Overspeed is by Fastnet Rock and is a half-sister to One in a Million (dam of stakes-winner Shamillion). This is a precocious family that includes stakes-winners Major and Happen. There s also a Husson filly for sale (Lot 358). And she should fly. From the lightning quick Keltrice stakes-placed mare Aadelaidee she comes from the family of Gr1 winner Rouslan. Speaking of speed the three other colts on offer should have it in spades. Lot 24 is by another exciting son of Galileo with his first yearlings in Teofilo. This colt features a double cross of Danehill and is a half-brother to 2011 VRC Maribyrnong Plate winner Real Stolle. Lot 43 188 370 528 608 612 689 715 737 747 785 Col B. or Br. B. B. B. B. B. B. or Br. B. B. B. Br. Sex Filly Colt Filly Colt Colt Colt Colt Colt Filly Colt Colt Sire Statue of Liberty (USA) Sebring Henrythenavigator (USA) Street Sense (USA) Astronomer Royal (USA) Lonhro Bianconi (USA) Danasinga Street Sense (USA) Authorized (IRE) Dylan Thomas (IRE) Dam Love Buggy Ruby Draw Allisonic Fairbit Just a Kiseki Klairevoyant Sorella Wishing Star (GB) Canny Cait Contessa Rossa Isn t She Fabulous Enquiries John North BOWNESS STUD YOUNG NSW 2594 Telephone (02) 6384 6270 Facsimile (02) 6384 6221 Email bownesstud Website bowness.indd 1 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM 14 02 12 5 24 PM 31 INGLIS MELBOURNE PREMIER FEB 27 MAR 1 VENDOR PEOFILES high level stakes-winning sprinter Morgan Dollar. Lot 223 is a first crop yearling by the explosive Northern Meteor from a halfsister to the stakes-winning duo Common World and Speciale while another first crop yearling comes in the form of Lot 566 by Gr1-winning stallion Astronomer Royal. She s from five-time winning daughter of Gr2 winner Suma Peace. SHADY LANE THOROUGHBREDS Ballarat based Shady Lane Thoroughbreds will certainly have a queue of interested potential buyers heading to Barn C Stable 11 to inspect Lot 177. By Exceed and Excel sire of Helmet Reward For Effort and Darley s promising Blue Diamond filly Applegate this colt is the halfbrother to two stakes-performers in Ankaret and Graskop. In fact she s had seven to race for six winners. Dam Rondavel (by Snippets) was a talented metropolitan-winning sprinter and is also a half-sister to the dam of stakes-winner Moet Magic. Also likely to command attention will be Lot 164 by emerging speed influence Henny Hughes from the Peintre Celebre mare Reine Apache Cat features in two Bombora pedigrees Lot 598 by Charge Forward and Red Dazzler s sire Red Ransom features another Maribyrnong Plate winner in the flashy Catnipped as his second dam while Lot 680 looks equally as precocious being from the stakes-placed ten- time winning sprinter Shaye Spice by the Gr1 MRC Blue Diamond winner producing stallion Starcraft. The speed domination continues with a filly (Lot 195) by Murtajil. She s a half-sister to PROUDLY PRESENTS ITS 2012 MELBOURNE PREMIER SALE YEARLING DRAFT LOT 164 177 432 648 756 COL SEX SIRE DAM CHESTNUT CHESTNUT BLACK OR BROWN CHESTNUT GREY COLT COLT FILLY COLT COLT HENNY HUGHES (USA) EXCEED AND EXCEL EXCELLENT ART (GB) AD VALOREM (USA) GOLDEN SNAKE (USA) REINE DU SOIR RONDAVEL BUT ONE REGRET PAILLASSE DOMITRIX SHADY LANE Thoroughbreds SHAY BROWN ENQUIRIES CONTACT M 0407 836 239 32 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM MAGIC MILLIONS GOLD COAST YEARLING SALE VENDOR PEOFILES JANUARY 6-14 Du Soir. With one winner from only two to race this colt is bred to run. Grand dam Twilight Hour was a stakes-winner in Sydney and the family traces to Gr2 winner Never Quit. Lot 432 is by the exciting Excellent Art. With his oldest being two-year-olds of the current season he s already produced Family Portrait. And this filly is from a winning daughter of Redoute s Choice who s already produced one winner and is a half-sister to stakes-winners Kenwood Melody Kalamarco and stakes-placed Princess Shorna (dam of stakes winning mare Hidden Wonder). The colt by Ad Valorem (Lot 648) jumps off the page. With headliners Free Wheeling Uate and the ultra promising Pied a Terre representing a sire with many talented gallopers to emerge this colt is the half-brother to stakes-placed filly Safe. It s a strong family that also includes stakeswinners the calibre of Luther Cushion Cushy and Comforts. Shady Lane rounds out the sale with the full-brother to stakes-winning Hissing Sid (Lot 756). This is a diverse family that traces to third dam Deck The Halls a Gr1 winner as well as precocious types like the Peter Moody-trained Panipique. h INGLIS MELBOURNE PREMIER FEB 27 MAR 1 Mill Park sells Divine Madonna s half-brother BUCKLEE FARM 2012 Melbourne Premier Sale Draft LOT 687 LOT 758 LOT 771 LOT 782 BAY FILLY BIANCONI (USA) - SLICKLY BAY FILLY BEL ESPRIT - ELLEPIN GAL (NZ) BAY COLT KAPHERO - GRAND EMPRESS BAY OR BR COLT HARD SPUN (USA) - INDUCT BUCKLEE FARM GRETA WEST VICTORIA LEEANE SMITH M 0427 662 394 E lcsmith3 bucklee.indd 1 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM 14 02 12 5 26 PM 33 2012 MAGIC MILLIONS ADELAIDE SALE MAR 13-14 Image courtesy of Magic Millions Catapulted is among Adelaide s alumni ADELAIDE F THE BEST VALUE IN AUSTRALIA rom Mummify to Torio s Quest Augusta Proud to Undoubtedly Divine Madonna to Casino Prince and Catapulted to Devil Moon - graduates of the Magic Millions Adelaide Yearling Sale match it with the best in Australasia. No other Yearling Sale in Australia can boast such an outstanding record of producing top class racehorses at value prices. Magic Millions managing director Vin Cox said the Adelaide Sale is regarded by many astute buyers as THE value sale of Australasia. The Adelaide Yearling Sale has a proud history of producing outstanding racehorses at bargain prices Cox commented. It s got a reputation of being a real trainers sale. You don t have to come and part with your life savings to buy a nice horse who will win you plenty of races. That said the only three yearlings in the sales history to sell for 300 000 or more are the quality performers Tipungwuti Victory Chant and Tullamarine - all stakes horses. At the other end of the sale numerous stakes-winning graduates of the Adelaide Sale that could have been yours for under 50 000. That list includes the likes of Devil Moon Atapi Young Centaur Mummify FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM Rinky Dink Rosden Lacey Underall King s Choir Blahnik Torio s Quest Maximus Moonard So Swift Moment in Time Baughurst Arinos Cargo Cult Dollops Snort Silent Surround and Macau champion Crown s Master. It s also interesting to note that the champion Kiwi mare Princess Coup was bred and reared in South Australia prior to being sold on the Gold Coast as a yearling. She made a Magic Millions record price of 3 million as a broodmare when sold a couple of years back. The previous Magic Millions record of 2.7 million was held by the Adelaide sale graduate Divine Madonna a four time Gr1 winner who cost leading trainer Mark Kavanagh just 82 500 as a yearling. Kavanagh also purchased the likes of Undoubtedly Alezan Thunder Tipungwuti Dr Doute s and Catapulted from the sale in recent years. According to Cox The whole Adelaide and South Australian package is a great one to sell for our interstate and international clients. With the wonderful food world class wines great beaches and seaside suburbs Adelaide is a great location for a sale and the state s proud history for producing quality thoroughbreds works well with this. 34 ADELAIDE MAGIC MILLIONS 2012 YEARLING DRAFT LOT 17 109 133 134 141 169 178 195 227 272 314 344 COL Bay Chestnut Chestnut Bay Bay Bay Bay Brown Bay or Brown Bay or Brown Bay Bay or Brown SEX C F F C F C F C C C C C SIRE Choisir Encosta de Lago Ferocity Mutawaajid Exceedingly Good Henrythenavigator (USA) Jet Spur Sharkbite Mutawaajid Redoute s Choice All Bar One Niello DAM Morwell Alliance (IRE) Boss Girl Botticelli Chic Carnegie Minstrel (NZ) Dragon Maiden (NZ) Fair Ransom Green Mirage Madame Danzer Shapira (CHI) Arborelle Conscription FOR PHOTOS OR MORE INFORMATION ON ANY OF THE YEARLINGS PLEASE CONTACT DANNY PENNA AT COMMERCIAL THOROUGHBREDS SA LOT 10 LONG VALLEY ROAD STRATHALBYN SA 5255 PH 0400 993 966 OR EMAIL MANAGER CTBSA.COM.AU 2012 MAGIC MILLIONS ADELAIDE SALE MAR 13-14 AMONG THE HIGHLIGHTS OF A QUALITY PACKED CATALOGUE ARE Deerstalker. By Silver Slipper winning son of Flying Spur. LOT 105 More Than Ready-Zali (Brown Colt). Half-sister to Tokyo City Cup winner Zauberin (4 wins 218 918). From a Sydney performed Danehill sister to Dubai Ice and Skates (dam of Juste Momente Captain Coltish) three quarter-sister to Murtajill and Bradbury s Luck. LOT 107 Musket-Akarana (Bay Colt). Half-brother to star Singapore galloper Always Certain (7 wins and 859 033). From a stakes winning Akaaber full sister to Derby winner Suavity. Member of first crop of Makybe Diva s group winning half-brother Musket. LOT 109 Encosta de Lago-Alliance (Chestnut Filly). Second foal of an Irish performed Danehill Dancer full-sister to Walk on Bye. From a daughter of Haydock Sprint Cup winner Pipalong. By same sire as Alinghi Lashed Princess Coup etc. LOT 124 Sebring-Bella Cassani (Chestnut Filly). First foal of a group performed four-time winning daughter of Testa Rossa. Dam is from a half-sister to stakes winners Mr Prudent and Zamination. By Golden Slipper winning son of More Than Ready. LOT 152 Bel Esprit-Christmas Joy (Bay Colt). Second foal of a lightly raced Perugino half-sister to Group Two winner Love Comes to Town and stakes performed Cup of Cheer. By the sire of world champion sprinter Black Caviar Bel Mer Gabbidon etc. LOT 153 Starcraft-Civelb (Bay or Brown Filly). Half-sister to winners Shady Street and Eye Seen. From a winning Blevic half-sister to stakes placed Hidden Lake (dam of Group Two winner Magnifier) and stakes placed Palace Lord. By sire of Star Witness. LOT 156 Dylan ThomasConcluding (Chestnut Colt). Half-brother to four time stakes winning and Gr1 runner-up Moment in Time and stakes performed Condelago. From a four-time winning Kenny s Best Pal. By record breaking son of Danehill. LOT 161 Reaan-Cubicle (Chestnut Colt). Half-brother to multiple stakes winner Go Cart (8 wins and 399 800). From a city winner and stakes race fourth placegetter Cubicle. Member of first crop of a Blue Diamond Stakes winner. LOT 165 Lonhro-Dazzerdame (Bay Colt). Half-brother to multiple winner Villiers. From a winning Danzero half-sister to stakes winners Ellendale and (Mighty) Macarno. By same sire as stars including Pierro Benfica Pinwheel Scarf etc. LOT 169 Henrythenavigator-Dragon Maiden (Bay Colt). By Kingmambo s champion son Henrythenavigator the Champion 3YO Miler of Ireland in 2008. From a group winning juvenile by Mughtanim. Family of multiple Oaks winner Irish Darling. LOT 170 Reaan-Duchess Cara (Bay or Brown Filly). Half-sister to stakes placed four-time winning Perth galloper Mr President. From an unraced Quest for Fame mare whose four foals to race are all winners. Member of first crop of Blue Diamond Stakes winner. LOT 177 Stratum-Ettu Blu (Chestnut Filly). Half-sister to seventime winner Moggaden. From a multiple city winning daughter of Prince Echo. Dam is a half-sister to stakes gallopers Lotto Rock Mono Rock and Xaarhea. Filly is by sire of Crystal Lily Streama etc. LOT 218 Testa Rossa-La Goulue (Chestnut Colt). First foal of a stakes performed four-time winning daughter of influential sire Danehill Dancer. Dam is a half-sister to recent South African Gr1 winner Gimmethegreenlight and stakes winner Ofcourseican. LOT 219 Sebring-Lady Natasha (Bay Colt). Second living foal of a stakes winning daughter of Real Quiet. Her first foal is already a multiple winner. Member of the first crop of a Golden Slipper winning son of More Than Ready. Top G1 family. LOT 225 Dubleo-Love You (Brown or Black Colt). Second foal of an unraced Shinko Forest half-sister to stakes performer It s a Dane. Dam is from the stakes winning Take Your Partner mare Our Believingly. By same sire as Dubleanny Queenian etc. LOT 3 Henny Hughes-Madame Flurry (Chestnut Colt). Halfbrother to triple group race runner-up and 230 000 earner Happy Trails. From a three quarter-sister to Flurry s Gem and half-sister to Lake Villa and the stakes-performed dam of Royal Dash. LOT 14 Good Journey-Misty Lane (Bay Colt). Three quarterbrother to Magic Millions 3YO Guineas winner Tempest Tost. Dam an unraced daughter of Last Tycoon is a half-sister to Gr1 winner Notoire and stakes performers Well Known and Tullamarine. LOT 15 Mugharreb-M Lady Fonteyn (Bay Colt). Half-brother to listed Canberra National Sprint winner Bacchanal Woman a ninetime winner and earner of over 319 000. From a Zabeel sister to Arrabeea and half-sister to Marie Claire. LOT 38 Reaan-Pommery Princess (Bay Colt). Third foal of a fourtime winning and two-year-old stakes performed daughter of Fraar. Family of record-breaking Gr1 winner Princess Coup. Member of the first crop of Blue Diamond Stakes winner. LOT 39 Testa Rossa-Princess Polonia (Chestnut Colt). Halfbrother to international group winner Molto Vita (8 wins and 576 997) and the group performed nine-time winner Mazuka. From a group winning and three-time stakes winning mare by Danzig. LOT 41 Excites-Quaglino (Brown or Black Colt). Half-brother to last season s Merson Cooper Stakes winning juvenile Dinner Date. From a three-time winning Rory s Jester half sister to the dams of stakes winners Pressday and The Mighty Lions. LOT 47 Testa Rossa-Retro Chic (Bay or Brown Filly). Half-sister to recent stakes winning Macau star Dr Sweet (8 wins). From an unraced Canny Lad sister to the dam of stakes winner Spirited One. By the sire of star fillies Ortensia Vormista Sistine Angel etc. LOT 53 Stratum-Shabet (Bay Filly). Half-sister to the triple stakes winning and Gr1 performed sprint star Shablec (6 wins and 376 890). From a two-year-old winning Amen Brother mare. By Golden Slipper winner and winning sire Stratum. LOT 57 Kaphero-Shell I Swing (Bay Filly). Half-sister to two winners. From a four-time winning Celtic Swing daughter of the stakes performer Shadwell Lass (At Talaq). Member of first crop of Magic Millions Classic winner Kaphero (Danzero). LOT 66 New Approach-Southern Rose (Grey Colt). Half-brother to Sydney winners French Rose and Eight Thorns. From a four time Sydney winning Unbridled s Song mare. Member of first crop of a fivetime Gr1-winning son of Galileo. LOT 73 Sebring-Sunday Shoes (Grey Filly). Half-sister to Melbourne winner I Need to Fly. From a stakes performed and six-time winning Kenvain mare earner of almost 200 000. Member of first crop of a Golden Slipper-winning son of More Than Ready. LOT 81 Astronomer Royal-Swirly Dream (Chestnut Colt). From a winning and 110 000 earning Alannan half-sister to Gr1 Galaxy Handicap winner Padstow. Member of the first Australian crop of French Gr1 winning son of champion sire of sires Danzig. LOT 88 Dehere-Thong Special (Bay Colt). Half-brother to multiple winner and Sydney performer Special Mention. From a Gold Brose full sister to group winner Demographic and stakes performer Chalonnaise. By the sire of stars Belle du Jour Defier etc. LOT 94 Rock of Gibraltar-Treasury Gardens (Bay Colt). Three quarter-brother to city winner and stakes race fourth placegetter Ejaad. From a winning Miswaki half-sister to international stakes winner Silver Spool. Family of group winner Star Touch. LOT 99 Shaft-Voice Mail (Bay Colt). Half-brother to four time stakes winner Voice Commander (12 wins and 723 180). From a Brisbane winning Magic Ring half-sister to kiwi stakes winner 36 Adelaide Yearling Sale has a proud history of producing outstanding racehorses at bargain prices... FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM MY hoRSE MY SALE MY chAMpIoN 13 1 4 M ARCH 201 2 ADELAI DE AustrA l i A MOrPHEttVillE sAlEs COMPlEX ADElAiDE sOutH AustrAliA ADELAIDE YEARLING SALE This March the thoroughbred world turns to South Australia for the 2012 Adelaide Yearling Sale. Adelaide Sale graduates have a proud history of performing at racing s highest levels around the world and this year s catalogue is packed full of youngsters destined for the same success. Come and find the next Alezan Thunder Catapulted Torio s Quest Mummify Tzar One More Minute or Divine Madonna from March 13. Magic Millions is Australia s number one sales source of Australian and international stakes winners. FOR MORE INFORMAtION gO tO Or COntACt ADELAIDE BRANCH OFFICE PO Box 100 Park Holme south Australia 5043 CHRIS RUSSELL M 0412 644 452 t 61 8 8297 8055 F 61 8 8297 2136 E adelaide m agic millio ns ins ura nce only the bes t rates t 61 7 5 5041200 www. in su ra nce.magi cmi l li au Official Outfitter Official Wagering Partner 2012 MAGIC MILLIONS ADELAIDE SALE MAR 13-14 SABOIS 16 YEARS STRONG W There s nothing like the sweet taste of success. hen the South Australian breeding industry was nominating 2010 born foals will be eligible to compete for bonuses going through a hard time and needed a shot in in over 550 races. Throughout the whole of South Australia SABOIS the arm it was decided the best way to encourage qualified horses run for over 5m in SABOIS bonuses each season. people to buy our product was to give them a little The 2009 10 season was particularly successful for SABOIS with incentive. The introduction of the South Australian Breeders and many qualified horses performing well in Adelaide and country areas Owners Incentive Scheme (SABOIS) did encourage people to buy local. to win bonuses. The Paul Seater-trained My Choisir won the SABOIS Local sales became stronger local buyers were Two-Year-Old Premiership with more than staying home instead of heading off interstate 22 000 in bonuses. The Choisir filly is owned in search of a bargain and eventually better and bred by Kym Burke of Adelaide. horses began to win races. Addiction to Rock sired by Rock of THE 2009 10 SEASON WAS It was a simple idea provide a financial Gibraltar (IRE) was the Three-Year-Old PARTICULARLY SUCCESSFUL FOR SABOIS Premiership winner. Trained by Mark reward in the shape of added prizemoney for SABOIS WITH MANY QUALIFIED locally bred and purchased yearlings. Now 16 Minervini of Morphettville the gelding has years on the scheme has ensured people want now exceeded 63 000 in SABOIS Bonuses HORSES PERFORMING WELL IN to breed buy and own the local product. racing as a two and three-year-old. ADELAIDE AND COUNTRY AREAS TO The 2010 11 season delivered bonuses of In the 2010 11 Racing Season the WIN BONUSES. 1 875 675 to breeders owners trainers and SABOIS Trainers Bonus was won by riders from over 550 SABOIS races throughout Caulfield Cup winning trainers Leon South Australia. Macdonald & Andrew Gluyas while the To nominate for SABOIS the conditions SABOIS Jockeys Premiership was won by haven t changed horse eligibility falls into three categories. the ever consistent Matthew Neilson. South Australian Sired (Category 1) Horses by stallions who stand The recent addition of SABOIS-Plus created great interest including in SA. a three-way tie for the Premiership. SABOIS-Plus is run over a distance Breed Back (Category 2) Horses by stallions who do not stand in of 1800m or further for selected races and carries a 10 000 bonus. SA provided the dam is bred back to a SA-based stallion in the year the Regardless of age any horse that was registered for SABOIS as a yearling horse is born. is eligible to compete for the extra bonus on offer. Brad Star Currency South Australian Breeder (Category 3) Horses by stallions who do Cugat and Willego were declared the premiership winners with all three not stand in SA provided the horse is owned at birth by a South horses collecting 10 000 each in SABOIS Plus bonuses. Australian breeder or the dam is bought by a South The 2011 12 season is shaping up to be another positive year for Australian breeder or the dam is bought by a the scheme. We wish owners and breeders continued success and to South Australian breeder with the horse as a remember SABOIS there s nothing like the sweet taste of success. weanling or foal at foot of that mare. For further information regarding SABOIS Please Every racing club in South Australia will contact Melissa on 08 8179 9812 or email mware host SABOIS bonus races. Owners and Breeders IMAGE BY ATKINS PHOTOGRAPHY THERE S NOTHING LIKE THE SWEET TASTE OF SUCCESS EVERY SOUTH AUSTRALIAN RACE MEETING WILL RUN SABOIS RACES IN 2011 12 INCENTIVES INCLUDE BONUSES ON ALL 2YO & 3YO RACES SABOIS PLUS BREEDERS SUPER BONUSES 4YO MAIDENS (programmed maiden races only) CONTACT Melissa 08 8179 9812 or Julie 08 8179 9816 mware Streetcar Magic Total SABOIS Bonuses 55 050 2012 MAGIC MILLIONS ADELAIDE SALE MAR 13-14 VENDOR PEOFILES BALCREST STUD Diversity is a risk-averse strategy and Balcrest has nailed it down flat with 6 different sires for their half-dozen Adelaide yearlings. Having consigned a 100 000 colt in 2010 out of their top producer Cubicle (dam of multiple stakes-winning Go Cart) they clearly know what s required to get buyers attention. A half-brother to Go Cart (Lot 161) is by Hussonet s cracking Gr1 Blue Diamond-winning son Reaan whose first crop are yearlings from the family of Bullet Sprinter and leading sire Testa Rossa and commands attention. Balcrest kick-starts their sale with Lot 146 a colt by Nureyev s US Gr1 mile-winning son Good Journey and established sire with an Australian Gr1 winner on his CV. Stakes-placed dam Chantella has already produced 2 winners from her only 3 runners with her other runner placed as a 2YO last season including the highly promising Alpha Man a strong winner of 2 of his last 3 city starts in Metro Adelaide this campaign. With Lot 243 Balcrest has again tested the waters with a freshman yearling sire this time in the shape of Kaphero an exceptionally fast and precocious Danzero son whose victories included the Magic Millions Adelaide 2YO Classic. Grand-dam Ambala won the Gr1 Goodwood Handicap in Adelaide so you won t find a better combination of horses-for-courses local form than this. Another local sire and one which throws beautiful lookers is Barely A Moment he s the sire of Lot 245 a colt out of Patter Song a Blevic half-sister to Go Cart and Lot 161 covered above. Lot 363 is by Red Ransom s sire-son Face Value and is out of dual-winning Blazing Saddles mare Ebullient while Lot 400 rounds off their draft. Also a colt this youngster by Gr1 Caulfield Guineas MAGIC MILLIONS ADELAIDE KG KIAHGLENN The boutique operation of Kiah Glenn in the Adelaide Hills presents another quality draft at the Magic Millions Adelaide Yearling sale find them at Barn 3... VENDOR PROFILES Chestnut colt Magic Albert - Nixie s New Shoes Bay filly Kaphero - Shell I Swing Brown filly Good Journey - Barabba Star Chestnut colt Good Journey - Gold Leaf Chestnut colt Host - Holy Connection Brown filly Danewin - Moxie s Jewel Bay colt Akhadan - She s Posh Bay colt Gonski - Star s Delight Bay filly Mugharreb - Angel s Wing Bay colt Kaphero - Fly In Style Bay filly Any Given Saturday - Her Majesty Lot 22 Lot 57 Lot 122 Lot 190 Lot 201 Lot 238 Lot 273 Lot 283 Lot 313 Lot 369 Lot 389 For any enquiries contact Janita Edwards KIAH GLENN Macclesfield SA Ph fax 08 8388 9746 Mob 0403 272 360 janita 40 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM 2012 MAGIC MILLIONS ADELAIDE SALE MAR 13-14 VENDOR PEOFILES winner Econsul is out of a winning half-sister to Gr1 Goodwood Handicap winner Ambala. and run type from a strong Kiwi family while the colt s sire is already proving very popular among buyers. Jet Spur continues to impress and Lot 178 from the immediate family of imposing UK filly Rebecca Sharp looks a nice type on paper particularly as an August foal. Although the remainder of the draft contains other appealing types the real stand-out and a possible sale topper is the Redoute s Choice colt out of Shapira. A first foal his dam is a Chilean-bred Gr1-winning daughter of Hussonet. The family is as thick as treacle with Gr1 performers and if his conformation is up to his pedigree this colt won t want for a bevy of inspectors. COMMERCIAL THOROUGHBREDS SA Progressive group Commercial Thoroughbreds who last year took on Gr2-winning stallion Scaredee Cat (Tale Of The Cat-Last Lady by Centaine) from Waikato Stud in New Zealand bring a baker s dozen to Adelaide in 2012. It s a draft chock full of quality and enjoys an early start courtesy of Lot 17 a colt by Choisir out of a Royal Academy daughter of Melbourne stakes-winner Marwell Lady herself dam of three individual stakesperformers including speedy juvenile Jestarella Boy. If differentiation is the key then Commercial Thoroughbreds SA has two yearlings that stand out from the crowd the only Encosta de Lago and Redoute s Choice in the sale. The first is Lot 109 an Encosta filly out of an Irish-bred daughter of Danehill Dancer. Her dam Pipalong was Europe s Champion older mare whose 10 wins included the Gr1 Haydock Cup Sprint plus the Gr3 Newmarket Palace House Stakes over 1000m in track record time. Her residual value alone makes her one to inspect. Another filly with a slick pedigree is Lot 133. Out of a three quartersister to Champion 2YO Rory s Jester she is by Ferocity a proven sire-son of Danehill s very fast Lion Hunter. She is followed very next lot by a colt with a lovely pedigree. By Redoute s Choice boom freshman Mutaawajid his multiple-winning dam is a half-sister to Permai dam of Gr1-performed Permaiscuous from the very smart Tynia family. The next two yearlings consigned from this draft are also by freshman sires Lot 141 a filly by Exceedingly Good and Lot 169 a colt by Henrythenavigator. The filly has plenty of upside being by a jump KIAH GLENN It s a case of legs eleven for Kiah Glen whose even mix of colts and fillies includes three of their own and eight as agent. First cab off the rank is a BOBS-eligible Magic Albert colt out of a half-sister to Gr1 VRC Sires Produce runner-up Big Poppa Pump and stakes-placed Flying Chance. Kaphero is likely to prove popular with buyers and Kiah Glenn has two in their draft including a filly out of Celtic Swing mare Shell I Swing who placed 4th in the Listed VATC Debutante Stake and won four races to 1100m. With good black type below on the page it s a pedigree that smacks of precocious speed. One to watch closely as is the other Kaphero a colt (Lot 369) whose Fkying Spur dam won over 1200m and whose only foal to race thus far has won twice over sprint trips and placed twice in the city. Kiah Glenn sells two youngsters by Nureyev s Gr1-winning son Good Journey. Lots 122 and 190 respectively the first is a filly out of the Riva Ridge Adelaide Magic Millions Lot 29 Purrealist Our Indian Rose colt Forward colt closely related to recent stakes performer STRAIGHT GOLD. Lot 54 Purrealist Shankadi colt Dam a 3 4 sister to ELECTRIC GENERAL. Lot 264 Blevic Rose of Barossa filly Lot 281 Southern Image Snow Flight colt Dam a multiple Melbourne winner. Bred on the same cross as SOUTHERN SPEED. Lot 304 Hold That Tiger Winning Team filly Half sister to recent Melbourne winner IT IS WRITTEN. Lot 324 Blevic Blazing Sky filly Lot 330 Seidnazar Bugle Calls filly Lot 364 Akhadan Em Yeu Anh filly Lot 365 California Dane Emmaagh filly Half sister to recent Sydney winner HURRARA. Lot 392 Akhadan Holiday Time filly In the last month impressive Melbourne metropolitan winners GOLDEN PENNY and IT IS WRITTEN were bred and sold by Riva Ridge. INSPECTION WELCOME AT BARN 2 ROW B INQUIRIES CONTACT JOHN HODGSON 0408 371 598 RivaRidge.indd 1 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM 14 02 12 5 48 PM 41 2012 MAGIC MILLIONS ADELAIDE SALE MAR 13-14 VENDOR PEOFILES 4-time winning mare Barabba Star a half-sister to multiple Groupplaced Barabba Road with the pedigree containing a double cross of Northern Dancer s sire Nearctic. Although the colt s dam was unplaced she is by Woodman providing the pedigree with a well-proven Northern Dancer Mr. Prospector cross. Few Magic Millions Adelaide graduates can compare with brilliant quadruple Gr1-winner Divine Madonna and Lot 201 a colt out of her half-sister Holy Connection by Hussonet s Chilean-bred Gr1 winner Host could be one out of the box. Lot 238 has a sex-balanced cross of Danzig. By the very good Emirates Park sire Danewin his dam won three to 1400m. Meanwhile recent form is good form and Lot 273 is an Akhadan half-brother to Gr3-placed five-time winner Imacruiser. Selling in Kiah Glenn s own right is Lot 283 a Gonski colt whose Zeditave dam is a half-sister to a trio of stakes-performers among them Gr3 winners Red Colossus and Nediym s Glow both of which are also Gr2-placed. Also keep an eye on Lot 313 a Mugharreb filly and Lot Lot 389 a filly by Any Given Saturday. The former is a half-sister to stakes-performed Happy Angel while the latter is from the family of Gr1 heroine St. Clemens Belle. Little Hills Stud has got right behind the freshman sire with a filly and two colts consigned by Reaan of their nine-strong draft. The first of them is a filly (Lot 103) the first foal of Gr2 runner-up Youthful High. Of the colts Lot 118 is out of a Strategic half-sister to brilliantly fast stakes-winning track record breaker Fappiano s Son while Lot 359 is a half-brother to three winners including multiple metropolitan-winning stakes-placed Princess Joy from a very strong black-type family. It s an early start though for Little Hills with their early-foaled Elvstroem colt selling as Lot 5. His city-winning dam (who has two recent city winners to her credit) is out of Gr1-placed Gr2 winner Mystic Chantry. Magic Albert has had another highly successful season and Lot 119 should attract a steady stream of visitors. The colt is out of an unraced Hussonet daughter of good producer and stakes-winner Western Zip. There are few better bred stallions in the world than Bianconi (Danzig-Fall Aspen) and Lot 135 is out of a mare who has already produced three individual winners including a winner of four plus Hong Kong performer True Valour. She is a filly as is another female in this draft with a most appealing pedigree. Lot 153 is by Starcraft one of the most promising young sires in the country and she s an August foal to boot with plenty of black type on the page. In a game where speed is an essential Lot 348 offers plenty. By smart 2YO Face Value (Red Ransom) he is out of a 3-time winning daughter of speed merchant Umatilla. LITTLE HILLS STUD Notwithstanding Hussonet s obvious ability as a top sire his addition the stallion ranks in Australia is now being felt as an outcross for mares and also via his local and imported sons. One of the former is Reaan a Hussonet colt who leap-frogged from a maiden win at Bendigo to a Gr1 Blue Diamond Stakes victory in just four starts. RIVA RIDGE STUD Last year Riva Ridge enjoyed overseas success when Rocket Man s trainer Patrick Shaw twice led in 2YO Tzar in Singapore. The gelding is Balcrest Stud proudly presents its 2012 Adelaide Magic Millions Draft Lot 146 Lot 161 Lot 243 Lot 245 Lot 363 Lot 400 Good Journey Chantella colt Reaan Cubicle colt Kaphero Nagina colt Barely a Moment Patter Song colt Face Value Ebullient colt Econsul Kirka colt Contact the stud for more information on (08) 8388 4237 42 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM 2012 MAGIC MILLIONS ADELAIDE SALE MAR 13-14 VENDOR PEOFILES out of Blazing Sky and Riva Ridge has consigned a half-sister (Lot 324) by Blevic. The vendor s opening duo are both by Makybes exciting young sire Purrealist and both are colts (Lots 29 and 54). From the family of exciting WA mare Golden Delicious Lot 29 is the first foal of his dualwinning Indian Danehill dam while Lot 54 is out of a half-sister to a Gr3 winner and is by General Nediym s sire Nediym. Golden Delicious smart enough to bring to the Eastern states is a half-sister to the dam of Lot 264 whose first four to the track are all winners. A filly she is by Blevic. Gr1 Caulfield Cup winner Southern Speed s sire Southern Image is the sire of Lot 281 a first-foal colt whose city-winning dam won five races and who is a half-sister to stakes-placed winner of nine Zeddane. Former star 2YO and proven stallion Hold That Tiger is the sire of Lot 304 a filly whose Danehill Dancer dam has produced two winners from three to race with her only other runner placed this season. It s the damline responsible for Winter King and Lockley s Daughter. Two fillies later in the draft offer some interesting options. Lot 330 is by Rory s Jester s flying son Seidnazar and the pedigree has a doublecross of Mr. Prospector. From the family of Markham and Fubu her dam was placed at Moonee Valley so obviously had ability could be a smokey. Meanwhile Lot 364 is out of a winning full-sister to multiple Group-performed Gr3 winner Gold Crystal from the family of Lyric Fantasy. She is by Akhadan. Another year-old-female is by a young sire with brilliant speed figures in California Dane. He s already tasting success in Asia and this filly is out of a half-sister to Group-winning duo Blur and Shrewd Rhythm. It s a smart family and the dam has already produced two winners. Torio s Quest is among Adelaide s most recent star graduates Little Hills Magic Millions Adelaide Draft 2011 LOT 5 Chestnut colt - Elvstroem x Magic Broom LOT 135 Brown or Black filly - Bianconi x Brave Deed Pastoral Co. Averywellconformedoutstandingathleticfilly bytheevergreenBianconiexBraveDeed.Damof citywinnersincludingOpononiandMrDoubtfire( TrueValourHK).BraveDeedisahalfsistertoBrave LeadthedamofMrArmstrongcurrentmetrowinner Brisbane.VobisandSaboisqualified.Thisfillyhasgreat potential. Averystrongwellconformedwellgrownandathletic AugustfoalbythehighlysuccessfulPatinackowned BeautifulCrown(NSW)exChiffon.Thisisthefamily ofParisHeartBeat.HeisBobsqualifiedandSobois eligible.Thereisalotofpotentialinthiscolt. AoutstandingelegantathleticcorrectfillbyStarcraft exCivelb.ThisisthefamilyofMagnifierandisBobs qualifiedandSaboisqualified. Hepresentsasaveryathleticleggycolt verywellgrown foraOctoberfoal.ByFaceValueaestablishedsireson ofRedRansomexCumquatdamamultiplewinning daughterofUmatilla.HeisSaboisqualified.Arunning family. LOT 151 Bay colt - Beautiful Crown x Chiffon AnoutstandingcoltineverywaybyElvstroemexMagicBroom afull brothertoZipCodeamultiplewinnerinPerthandahalfbrothertothe outstandingmultiplewinningmetromareMysticMoments(Adelaide) andVobisqualifiedandeligibleforSabois.Aspecialcolt. AverywellconformedbayfillybytheBlueDiamondGroup1winning ReaanextheGrp2placedYouthfulHigh awinnerof 271 423.00.Her firstfoal.EligibleforSabois.Aspecialfilly. 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PO BOX 179 Yorketown SA Australia 5576 Contact 08 8852 1087 LittleHills.indd 1 FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM PM 14 02 12 5 52 43 FROM SALE RING TO RACETRACK Feeding During The Training Transition M ost Thoroughbreds destined for the racetrack will endure a short but intense period of yearling prep before entering training as young as 18 months of age with many racing in their two-year-old year. Feeding these young horses is a challenge because nutrients must be supplied to cater for both growth and exercise. Additionally little research has been done to quantify the nutrient requirements of horses this age particularly during the transition period from untrained yearling to intensely exercised two-year-old. Ideally the yearling Thoroughbred should have been on a sound nutritional program from birth giving it the best opportunity to develop a strong skeleton able to withstand the rigors of training. If purchased at a yearling sale the animal will likely have been on a high plane of nutrition for several months so it is important to taper off the energy intake if the yearling is going to be turned out for some time before pre-training. Yearlings fresh from the sales can be maintained on good quality forage (1-1.5% of body weight) including good pasture and a feed formulated for breeding and growing horses. If the yearling is a good-doer then cutting back the grain concentrate and feeding a low intake concentrated balancer is a good approach to keep the kilos down while still providing essential nutrition. FEEDING PROGRAMS FOR TWO-YEAR-OLDS Once the yearling has entered the training environment a real concern for trainers is how differently to feed rising two-year-olds compared with older horses in the stable. A typical feeding program for an adult racehorse in training consists of good quality forage (grass and or lucerne hay chaff pasture turn out if available) grain commercial concentrate and supplements if necessary. Forage must be fed at a minimum of 1% body weight per day that is a minimum of about 4-5kg hay per day. The energy and majority of the nutrients are provided by grain and or a commercial grain concentrate. Commercial concentrate feeds are usually fully fortified to contain all the energy protein minerals and vitamins the horse needs provided it is fed at the recommended amount (usually about 4-8kg per day) and is fed alongside good quality forage. Some commercial racing feeds are formulated so that you can add your own grain (oats barley maize) to top up the energy intake. Rising two-year-olds will require more protein calcium phosphorus and trace minerals than mature horses because they are growing as well as working. If we look at an example an adult Thoroughbred in race training and his rising two-year-old stable mate in moderate work. Both horses are fed 5kg of high quality grass lucerne mixed hay and a 13.0% protein commercial grain mix that supplies 13 MJ DE kg. The adult racehorse would require 6 kg of grain per day to meet its energy requirement while the two-year-old requires 5 kg day. Figure 2 shows how well these rations meet the nutrient requirements of the two types of horses. Figure 2 Nutrients supplied from a ration consisting of good quality grass hay () and a commercial grain mix ( ) for an adult racehorse (left) and nutrients supplied from a ration consisting of good quality grass hay () and a commercial grain mix ( ) for a rising two year-old in moderate work (right) Although the hay and grain are not excessively high in protein or minerals the adult racehorse s ration supplies more protein lysine calcium and phosphorus than needed because of the high level of intake required to meet the racehorse s energy requirement. A ration using the same hay and grain mix also meets the nutrient requirements of the two-year-old in moderate work. Again a fairly high level of intake provides adequate nutrients from feedstuffs containing fairly low concentrations of protein and minerals. The bottom line from this comparison is that most rations fed to adult racehorses contain adequate protein calcium and phosphorus for rising two-year-olds. If energy intake must be restricted in a rising two-year-old (if they re a gooddoer for example) higher levels of fortification may be needed. In these cases topping up the diet with a ration balancer would be appropriate. In conclusion the nutrient requirements of the rising two-year-old fall between the growing weanling yearling and the adult performance horse. If the rising two-year-old is in training feeds that are typically formulated for adult performance horses are appropriate because the elevated level of feed intake required to meet the energy required for exercise will provide the extra protein and minerals needed for growth. For more information about feeding the racehorse in training or equine nutrition in general contact Kentucky Equine Research on 1800 772198 or email advice We invite you to sign up to the free equine nutrition newsletter at COMMERCIAL CONCENTRATE FEEDS ARE USUALLY FULLY FORTIFIED TO CONTAIN ALL THE ENERGY PROTEIN MINERALS AND VITAMINS THE HORSE NEEDS... 200 % OF REQUIRED SUPPLIED 175 150 125 100 75 50 25 0 DE CP LYSINE CA P 150 % OF REQUIRED SUPPLIED 125 100 75 50 25 0 44 DE CP LYSINE CA P FOR DAILY INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATES VISIT WWW.BREEDINGRACING.COM Champagne lifestyle IMAGES BY STEVE HART ATC SPRING CARNIVAL 45 LOPE DE VEGA (ire) The dominanT dual Group 1 classic winner. 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