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SUMMER EDITION 2011 MESSagE IN a bOx ONE HAMPER AT A TIME HOUSINg FOR SENIORS NEw LOw-COsT LIvINg AT LIsMORE agED caRE S RIcHEST pRIzE BCs MANAgER AwARdEd ceo welcome Our Mission To express Christ s love as we serve individuals families and people in the community who have unmet spiritual emotional or physical needs Our Vision To be a passionate innovative Christian organisation bringing life transforming care to our clients In this edition of Trust our cover story features the Christmas Hampers that BCS is distributing across a number of our programs this year. While there are organisations whose mission is devoted entirely to providing resources to people in need during Christmas I am proud of the extra effort and attention that BCS staff afford to our AgeCare and LifeCare clients at this time of the year. Values Mutual respect and trust in all relationships Integrity and the highest ethical standards Stewardship of the resources and responsibilities in our care Communication that is open consistent and two way Continuous improvement in all we do Performance with recognition for results Creativity co-operation and commitment in the workplace I have thoroughly enjoyed my first year as cEO of bcS and as the year draws to a close I am thankful to god for what I believe has been a fruitful and successful year at bcS. At this time last year I informed you of my three focus areas our people our clients and our major projects. In each of these areas it is my vision that BCS will be an easily accessible responsive consolidated organisation delivering care with the passion that our residents and clients deserve. My desire is that this care will be delivered by a vibrant inspired capable and well resourced workforce. Furthermore that BCS will be a financially viable secure and sustainable organisation in which all employees have a positive attitude feel accountable through being empowered to take the initiative and approach change with enthusiasm. I am pleased to report to you that I am confident BCS is moving ahead and in the right direction and I am indebted to the Baptist family of Churches BCS supporters donors and volunteers for the very real contribution you have made to this organisation. Further details about BCS activities this year can be found in our Annual Report now available on our website or by contacting BCS Support Services. As you will read on page 8 our second community housing development located in Lismore was officially opened in late October. The provision of affordable housing for seniors is a very real need in our community and I am delighted that BCS has been chosen to provide these services in Goulburn and now Lismore. BCS continues to receive national and local recognition from our aged care managers to our early childhood services which you can read about on pages 5 and 7. Finally I am pleased to announce the Baptist Churches who have successfully applied for and won a 2011 BCS Connect Grant. We look forward to working alongside these churches as we support them in their various ministries which you can read about on page 6. As we approach the Christmas season I again thank you for your support of BCS many care ministries and I pray that you and your family would experience the joy and grace that comes from our Lord Jesus at this very special time of year. Ross Low cHIEF ExEcUTIVE OFFIcER ABN 90 000 049 525 Your Care Our Passion contents 2 cOVER STORY MEssAgE IN A BOx Hope. One Hamper at a Time 4 agEcaRE NEWS Construction Begins at gracewood Kellyville Just for Laughs and Health 5 Aged Care s Richest Prize won by BCs Manager 6 bcS cONNEcT gRaNTS 2011 winners Announced 7 LIFEcaRE NEWS Early Childhood duo win Awards 8 second Low-Cost Housing development Launched with brendan Wood new seasons of ministry Australians are no different from the rest of the world in that we love a good hero story. Our nation has been built on the backs of inspirational men women and children who have stepped up to the plate to have a go at the seemingly impossible. Driving these people is the belief that they can make a difference and that if they don t get in and do something then maybe nothing will change. This year s BCS Connect Grant applications round demonstrated once again that individuals and churches right across NSW and the ACT are prepared to step up to the plate through fresh and sometimes risky endeavours. This year BCS received 33 applications for seed funding to support new and innovative outreach programs. As always there was a rich diversity in what churches are undertaking to seek connections and inroads into their local communities. At the heart of this activity is a passion and a desire to see God s Kingdom grow and to make the gospel known to all people. Of particular encouragement to the Connect Grant panel were those churches that are moving beyond the safety of the sanctuary to meet some identified needs in the lives of the people they are called to serve. Beyond risk this kind of service also calls for a commitment and a sacrifice on behalf of all involved. In reward churches are rediscovering their reason for being and in many cases unleashing a new season of ministry. To this end our hope is that every church will embrace this great privilege of stepping up to the plate in some form this coming year. Our earnest prayer is that people will continue to be inspired by Jesus to have a go even when the task seems overwhelming. Finally as we look to the future may we each discover purpose and inspiration in God s mission for us in this time and place. To all of our brothers and sisters in Christ Merry Christmas. regulars 9 SERVE 10 VOLUNTEERINg OppORTUNITIES 11 bcS VOLUNTEERINg 13 TRUST FILE BW Sign up for E-News Like us on Facebook baptistcommunityservices Visit our You Tube channel user BCsNswACT TRUST SUMMER 2011 1 This publication is printed on Evolve 100% recycled paper TRUST Editorial Team Brendan Wood & Elizabeth Byrne Graphic Designer Zo Scott COVER STORY Hope. One Hamper at a Time As the school term draws to a close and Christmas holidays loom in the eyes of parents across the country a single mother Catherine is taking her youngest daughter to playgroup at BCS Warilla North Community Centre just south of Wollongong. With four children aged between 5 and 14 Catherine struggles to afford even basic necessities let alone anything extra for Christmas. Life in general isn t easy her oldest son has a mental illness she has no car and the idea of shopping for Christmas treats and goodies that she can t afford is overwhelming. As is the guilt of knowing her children are missing out even just a little bit. That morning at playgroup the Coordinator places into her arms a hamper she can only just carry filled with items that Catherine would never consider putting in her own trolley at the supermarket. Relieved and grateful some of the dread in Catherine s heart is replaced with joy this Christmas. Message in a box names have been changed. 2 TRUST SUMMER 2011 COVER STORY The Christmas Card distributed with every hamper this year reads You matter to god At Christmas we celebrate god s incredible love for all people seen in the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas reminds us that we are not alone in this world. It points us to the possibilities of a life of hope and meaning found in relationship with god a god who loves and cares for us like no other. Here is the reason to truly celebrate this Christmas. Happy Christmas Christmas Hampers bringing hope Every year since 2001 BCS has provided Christmas hampers to some of our most disadvantaged and isolated clients through the dedicated men of Sercom. This group of BCS volunteers have worked tirelessly to raise funds shop pack and distribute a little bag of Christmas cheer to thousands of BCS disadvantaged clients who might otherwise not receive a Christmas gift or who can t afford a special meal at this festive time of year. After 37 years of faithful service to BCS the men of Sercom retired earlier this year. Despite the loss of these wonderful volunteers BCS is determined to continue Sercom s Christmas hamper tradition and so we have enlisted the aid of Foodbank Australia to supply hampers for our clients this year. Foodbank Australia is a notfor-profit non-denominational organisation that sources and then distributes food and grocery industry donations to welfare agencies who feed the hungry. BCS will buy pre-packed hampers from Foodbank and our staff will personally deliver the hampers to our clients in early December. As Foodbank Australia receives donated items directly from grocery suppliers this year BCS are not asking our supporters to donate food or goods for the hampers. Instead we are seeking financial donations to cover the cost of the hampers through our Christmas Hamper Appeal. Donations to the Christmas Hamper Appeal can be made by using the coupon on the inside back cover of this magazine by telephoning us on 1300 275 227 or visiting our website Each hamper will cost 20.00 to buy and deliver and over 800 Christmas hampers will be needed for our most disadvantaged clients. Our aim in giving hampers to our clients who are living on the margins of society is to bless them practically with food and gifts at Christmas time. We also long for them to know Jesus so we will be including a Christmas card with each hamper. The cards are produced by Crossover Australia providing a simple yet powerful message of God s love for each person. pray Pray for wisdom for staff in deciding which clients will receive a hamper. Pray that the clients who receive a Christmas hamper will read the card and understand the true meaning of Christmas. Pray for opportunities for BCS staff to share God s unconditional love with our clients. participate Support the Christmas Hamper Appeal financially using the coupon on the back page or by donating online at over 800 Christmas Hampers will be needed for our most disadvantaged clients... TRUST SUMMER 2011 3 agecare news Construction Begins at gracewood Kellyville Mandy with a BCS client during the humour therapy workshop Just for laughs Aerial view of the Kellyville site Laughable limericks theatre sport style improvisations and stand up comedy have become common place for a group of bcS care centre Northern Rivers clients living with dementia who have completed an eight week workshop with local comedian of 20 years Mandy Nolan. Mandy has been working with people with dementia for about three years but this particular program also has a research component. Mandy s husband John Stevens is an associate professor at Southern Cross University s School of Health and Human Sciences and has been looking at the therapeutic benefits that comedy workshops and having a good old laugh can have. Mandy would come home and tell me about how people could remember characters they had played from week to week which is not what you d expect from people with dementia he said. According to Mandy the trick to working with people with dementia is improvisation and working in the moment. I think when you have dementia you spend a lot of your life improvising because that s how you survive she said. BCS Community Services Manager Tarnya Daniels reports that the program has successfully involved lots of laughter and role playing between clients with great feedback from families and carers. Due to the ongoing nature of the group and the interaction between clients and Mandy trust has been developed and there is a strong sense of fun and enjoyment she said. Research suggests that laughter improves memory mood sociability and confidence in people living with dementia. BCS has also received funding to work alongside Southern Cross University to create a training package for other organisations to deliver the humour therapy program. Parts of this story were taken from The Northern Rivers Echo courtesy of Andy Parks. 4 TRUST SUMMER 2011 Following the sod turning event at BCS Gracewood Kellyville site in June building officially commenced in early September with Broad Construction appointed to undertake construction for the first stage including 73 apartments a Wellness Centre and a Club House. Broad Construction Services is a national construction company with a long history in successfully delivering award-winning aged care facilities across the country. To date the basement for stage one has largely been excavated with the development on track to be completed by December 2012. Friend Civil are currently constructing the roads and services around the Gracewood Kellyville site which are expected to be completed by late November 2011. Da approved for gracewood development in griffith BCS is excited to announce it has received consent to build a 160-bed aged care facility at Griffith ACT. Construction will commence in December 2011 and is estimated to be completed by April 2013. The proposed Gracewood development will comprise a Wellness Centre and a 160-bed residential aged care centre catering for people with low care and high care needs as well as people living with dementia. Denham Construction has been awarded the contract to build this development and recently built the stage three extensions at BCS Warena Centre in Sydney s Sutherland Shire. agecare news aged care s Richest prize won by BCs Manager In his current role at BCS Maranoa Centre Greg has introduced three new projects including a community network development initiative with a retired university professor to develop links with a range of local identities and groups and a 12 month interactive change management program to develop and embed new care initiatives. The third project interactive life stories helps care staff to discover what is genuinely important to residents while reinforcing the organisation s focus on providing person-centered care and support. One feature of the project proving popular with BCS residents is the production of short videos to document each individual s experiences insights and interests. Greg has a diploma in nursing administration and a degree in health administration. In 2001 he received the Minister s Award for Professional Excellence in Residential Aged Care from the Department of Health and Ageing. He has presented 18 papers at Australian conferences and seminars and his work has been widely published. Greg Price receiving his award at the ACSA Conference greg price Executive care Manager at bcS Maranoa centre in alstonville has secured the first provider assist National Scholarship at September s aged and community Services australia (acSa) National conference. The 35 000 scholarship with the highest dollar value of any aged care industry award includes a trophy and plaque as well as an all-expensespaid SAGE study tour of Chicago New York and Washington including education and training activities and 2 000 in spending money. While on the study tour Mr Price will attend the International Association of Homes and Services for the Ageing (IHASA) Global Ageing Conference in Washington and meet with key international leaders in aged care. With more than twenty years experience as a Director of Nursing in aged care in NSW and Queensland Greg is passionate about enriching resident s lives through a holistic approach to their care. Greg has a long history of creating innovative approaches to assist staff to re-assess how they connect with the older people in their care while emphasizing the importance of developing relationships and ensuring older people feel valued as individuals. This experience has been so rewarding as it promotes balance of reflection and forward thinking. Mr Greg Price TRUST SUMMER 2011 5 church partnerships con-nect (kon-ekt) [verb] To join link or fasten together to partner to establish communication to form relationship to unite. BCS Connect Grants Celebrating 10 years of supporting Baptist Churches BCS is privileged to partner with Baptist Churches in NSW and the ACT in expressing the love of Christ to people in the community through the BCS Connect Grant program. At the heart of this program is a desire to see lives changed through an encounter with our compassionate and merciful God. The BCS Connect Grant program has been going for 10 years. In that time BCS has awarded 107 grants totalling 381 465 to Baptist churches in NSW and the ACT to fund new (or expand existing) church-based compassion or outreach ministries. More than 90 Baptist churches have received a Connect Grant of up to 5 000 to assist them in reaching out to their local community with the love of Christ. This year 33 applications were received from Baptist churches seeking funding for a broad range of compassion ministries. This represents 10% of all Baptist Churches in NSW and the ACT and is the highest number of applications received in recent memory. Each application was assessed by a panel against the Grant criteria. First and foremost the project requiring funding had to be either a new initiative in need of start-up capital or an existing ministry that required an injection of funds to take it to a significantly higher level. Each applicant also had to demonstrate the following that they were responding to a researched need in the community that the project will benefit people living with disadvantage or distress that specific outcomes had been identified and would be evaluated and that the church would be able to sustain the project beyond the first 12 months if necessary without additional funding from BCS. Merrylands baptist church Encounter Youth Centre Band Ministry An opportunity exists to further develop relationships with the youth who come along to Merrylands Baptist Church s Encounter Youth Centre through listening to and playing in bands. Merrylands Baptist Church will use their BCS Connect Grant to purchase instruments music and equipment for the young people to use in practising and performing. bridgewater baptist church Mobile Maintenance Program Bridgewater Baptist will use their BCS Connect Grant to buy a trailer tools and cleaning equipment to start a mobile cleaning and maintenance ministry to the disadvantaged and elderly people in the Hawkesbury community. We are delighted to announce that the following BCS Connect Grant Applicants were successful in gaining funding for 2012. port Macquarie baptist church (pMbc) Community Garden Port Macquarie Baptist Church will use some of their church grounds and their BCS Connect Grant to create a Community Garden. The Garden will provide opportunities for church members to meet and offer support to people from the community including Seniors Groups Garden Club clients of the Port Macquarie Men s Shed Playgroups etc many of whom currently meet at the PMBC site. We hope you are encouraged and inspired by these ministry initiatives and might consider ways in which your church or group can connect in new ways with your local community. Nelson bay baptist church (Nbbc) Shoal Bay Primary School Breakfast Program Through their involvement in the Shoal Bay Primary school NBBC has become aware of a number of children with learning difficulties who are malnourished and come to school without breakfast. NBBC will use their BCS Connect Grant to provide breakfast for these children for four days a week during each school term. Northside baptist church Manna Caf Northside Baptist Church will use their BCS Connect Grant to start a monthly Saturday Community Breakfast for the homeless people who are vulnerable and socially isolated and people with a mental illness in the Crows Nest area. Volunteers will aim to build sustainable and engaged relationships with guests and connect them with local support services. 6 TRUST SUMMER 2011 lifecare news Matraville baptist church Computer and English Classes Outreach Matraville Baptist Church has a significant ministry among Latin American and other multicultural groups in eastern Sydney. Language and cultural barriers mean many people are socially isolated and have poor access to information and educational opportunities. Matraville Baptist Church will use their BCS Connect Grant to purchase computers and software and commence English and Computer classes for this group and others in the wider community. Early Childhood duo win Awards Narara Valley baptist church (NVbc) Poverty Relief Project NVBC want to expand their ministry to the marginalised and homeless people on the NSW Central Coast through the creation of a new multi-purpose room in the Central Coast Community Centre in Gosford. They will use their BCS Connect Grant to purchase Audio Visual equipment DVDs a laptop and craft equipment which will assist them in building relationships with the people who access the Community Centre for meals showers clothes and blankets. ABC Baptist Preschool staff accepting their award Staff children and parents at BCS Northmead Baptist Child Care Centre in western Sydney were thrilled to be awarded for their commitment to protecting children against the risk of skin cancer. Cancer Council NSW provided the centre with SunSmart status during a special ceremony in late August where BCS Director Ms Shivani Naidoo was presented with a marquee by the Cancer Council s Greater Western Sydney Regional Manager. The SunSmart Early Childhood Program helps centres protect children by introducing a sun protection plan ensuring children have broad brimmed hats plenty of sunscreen shade in the playground and education on the sun s dangers. The centre s sun protection policy must be submitted every two years to the Cancer Council for review to ensure continued best practice. We love having the kids outside getting fresh air as they play and learn about the environment around them but teaching them to be sun smart is critical for both children and adults said Ms Naidoo. We hope [the centre s] shining example will be followed by other Child Care centres said Aruni Ratnayake Regional Programs Coordinator. Just around the corner BCS Auburn Baptist Preschool also won the 2011 Auburn City Business Awards for Outstanding Child Care Services. The preschool was nominated by the local community and was one of seven finalists. Winners are judged on presentation product value for money and customer service. Staff from the Preschool attended the Council s awards night on Wednesday 14 September to receive their award. BCS Auburn Baptist Preschool cares for children aged between three and five and has a strong and diverse multicultural community. baptist community church burwood (bccb) Positive Parenting Program (Triple P) Funding will be provided to enable BCCB to run a four-week Positive Parenting Program for parents and carers from the community who attend the three playgroups run by BCCB. Most of the families who attend the playgroups do not attend any other church-based activity and have a significant need for parenting information and skills development. Applications for 2012 BCs Connect grants will be sought between June and september 2012. More information is available on our website getInvolved bcSconnectgrants.aspx Children and staff at Northmead Baptist Child Care with their new marquee TRUST SUMMER 2011 7 lifecare news A new unit at BCS Illowra Place Dr Graham Henderson Clr Jenny Dowell and Mr Ross Low A new unit at BCS Illowra Place second Low-Cost Housing development Launched in Lismore BCs second low-cost community housing development BCs Illowra Place has been launched in Lismore providing significant affordable and quality housing to seniors who are struggling to find suitable accommodation. The local community joined with Clr Jenny Dowell Mayor of Lismore City Council Mr Ross Low BCS Chief Executive Officer Dr Graham Henderson BCS Chairman and residents of BCS Illowra Place to launch the 26 one and two bedroom unit development on Monday 31 October. BCS Community Housing provides appropriate and affordable housing for seniors through social and affordable housing options. Located on Dibbs Street opposite BCS Maranoa Centre Lismore the 4.7million project provides a social housing complex for older people who wish to live in a community of older Australians who share similar interests and needs and have access to formal and informal support systems. This much needed housing is a direct outworking of BCS mission which causes us to continue looking for ways to reach out to seniors and others who are struggling to access suitable affordable accommodation. Housing is something many of us take for granted but for some older Australians there is a very real need said Mr Ross Low Chief Executive Officer of BCS. As with BCS community housing development in Goulburn BCS has again worked to ensure that the development incorporates both age friendly design features to ensure accessibility for all and environmental sustainability design features to reduce living costs for residents and the impact on the environment. The name Illowra is an Aboriginal word meaning pleasant happy and beautiful place and acknowledges the rich indigenous history of the Northern Rivers area. 8 The development was funded by the Department of Sustainability Environment Water Population and Communities under the National Rental Affordability Scheme and also with funds from the NSW Housing Social Housing Growth Fund. BCS Illowra Place compliments BCS existing aged care services in the Northern Rivers area including BCS Maranoa Centres in Lismore and Alstonville BCS Mid Richmond Centre at Coraki BCS Maranoa Village in Alstonville and in-home care services throughout the Ballina and Richmond Valley local government areas. For more information visit TRUST SUMMER 2011 Serve serve Let s join a BCs chaplain walking through the BCs aged care hostel. He arrives at Fred s suite. Fred is almost 90 and has just come in to the hostel. He had a stroke about 18 months ago. Then he had a second one at the beginning of the year. While he was in hospital Fred s wife passed away after a long illness. Since then he has had a third stroke and has lost some function in the right side. The chaplain pauses at the door for a quick prayer and his knock is greeted with a warm invitation to come it. Fred is not alone. An old friend has come to admire Fred s new comfy digs and thinks Fred has landed on his feet. When the friend sees the new arrival is the chaplain he immediately turns the conversation to some God talk and asks Fred if he knows which way he is going up or down. Fred replies with a smile down . The chaplain is welcomed to join their conversation however soon the friend is ready to leave. The chaplain continues to talk with Fred and asks him why he had said that he was going down . He replied that he didn t really know. He thought that as he had lived a relatively good life he didn t know what else he could do to get right with God. What does Fred believe The chaplain and Fred talk some more and Fred confirms that he believes the Christmas story. He believes that Jesus was God s Son and he believes that Jesus died and rose again. In his head Fred knows some Bible truths but he doesn t have a personal relationship with Jesus. Salvation is only in Jesus. So the conversation moves away from going down to going up and on the importance of Jesus. The light goes on for Fred. Going up wasn t about being good enough. It was about who Jesus is and it is about having a relationship with him. Fred prays and acknowledges that he believes that Jesus is God Son who died for him. He confesses his sin and asks God to make him His child. And the angels burst into song To support the work of BCs chaplains please visit the BCs website Rev Ian duncan bcS HEaD cHapLaIN Whoever has the Son has life. Whoever does not have the Son of God does not have life. (1 John 5 12) TRUST SUMMER 2011 9 Be part of the change... today Do you want to make a difference in the lives of people in need BCS greatly values the contribution of volunteers as we pursue our vision of life-transforming care. Read on and find out more about current opportunities. SYDNEY BCS Care Centre Hills District (Castle Hill) Companion Social Activity and Shopping Assistants Volunteers are needed to provide transport companionship and support to isolated and or housebound aged frail aged and younger people with a disability. The time commitment is 2 hours weekly or fortnightly depending on the volunteer s availability. NSW drivers license and own vehicle (with comprehensive insurance) are a requirement of this role. Please contact Agnes on 02 8896 4700 for more information. BCS Crystal Street Community Shop (Petersham) Events Volunteer Volunteers are invited to join this incredible community program as an Events Volunteer for 5 hours 1 morning a week (preferably Tuesdays). This person needs to understand how to use Microsoft Publisher have good communication skills work with program partners in organising events and be good at working in a team. Please contact Laurie Besant 0423-883-634 or fax a letter of interest to 9572-9425 FAR WEST BCS Care Centre Mid State (Dubbo) Social Support Volunteers Volunteers are needed to provide transport for our valued clients. Desired times for this role are 9.45 - 10.00 am and 2.00 to 2.15 pm every Thursday. NSW drivers license and own vehicle (with comprehensive insurance) are a requirement of this role. Please contact Janice Trumper JTrumper au if you would like to become involved in this vital service. MID NORTH COAST BCS Blue Gum Cottage (Taree) Men s Gardening Group Volunteer Do you love gardening Do you have a few hours on a Wednesday from 9.30am - 1pm Now that summer is on its way we need a male volunteer to assist with general veggie patch gardening The men s group would love to interact with the volunteer gardener especially if they know the magic recipe for growing amazing tomatoes The volunteer would be invited to join us for morning tea and lunch. Please contact Marylou for more information on 02 6557 7369. BCS Care Centre Mid North Coast (Tuncurry) Companionship Volunteers We would love volunteers who have 2 3 hours a week to take clients for socialisation coffee library and shopping outings. For more information please contact Joanne Cowan on 02 6555 1100 or JCowen ACT BCS Carey Gardens (Red Hill ACT) Art and Craft Assistants Volunteers are needed to help our residents to participate in art and craft sessions. Any day morning or afternoon Please contact Julie Grant for more information JGrant or 02 6221 8101. BCS Morling Lodge (Red Hill ACT) Bus Driver Light rigid license required to drive 12 seater bus for scenic drives and local outings on alternate Tuesday afternoons (1.00 3.00pm) and occasional weekdays for 1-3 hour periods. Companion Pets A great opportunity for volunteers Volunteers are invited to bring in suitable pets for residents to enjoy. Days and times are variable depending on volunteer s availability. For more information please contact Susan Wardell-Jackson on SWardell-Jackson or 02 6112 0600. BCS Dorothy Henderson Lodge (Marsfield) Various Roles Available BCS Dorothy Henderson Lodge welcomes volunteers who would like to assist with a range of important roles including 1. Visiting clients individually 2. A social person with knitting skills to assist at the Thursday knitting group (1 30pm) 3. Someone who would like to assist with a social morning tea group 4. Male volunteers to run a men s group. If you would like more information about these roles please contact Carolyn Moir at CMoir 10 TRUST SUMMER 2011 volunteer bcS Volunteering volunteering Out of the Box When you think about a volunteer what do you picture Do you see a bubbly middle aged female chatting happily away with a client over a cup of coffee Do you see an older gentleman helping in a garden How about a young girl playing the piano while her mum leads a devotional service Or perhaps the person you are visualizing is helping with administrative tasks or a high school student teaching a resident how to set up an email account Maybe you are picturing a man helping to pack a food hamper or even a uni student reading the newspaper out loud. So what do volunteers actually do Let me help you If you were picturing volunteers in any of the above roles in BCS you were right Many of our 1000 volunteers do serve in the above roles. These aren t the only things that volunteers do by any means The truth is volunteering takes on many shapes and forms in BCS there is no cookie cutter box that volunteers fit into. In BCS our volunteers bring a wide variety of skills gifts talents and expertise to our clients. Some volunteers come to help at BCS after seeing an advertisement for specific roles such as drivers shop assistants or games coordinators. Others contact us and offer a skill or a hobby they love like card making or singing. Many volunteers bring special demonstrations to our clients. Don t be surprised if you walk in to a residential home and there is someone running a flower arranging class or reciting Shakespeare Even if someone doesn t live near a BCS site it doesn t mean they can t volunteer One of the growing areas of volunteering in BCS is volunteering from home. Recording books aloud onto cassette tapes preparing puzzle or craft packs doing administrative tasks or even becoming a pen pal to a resident with no family are all roles volunteers have taken up to serve BCS from their own homes. Regardless of what role our volunteers take up with us the end result is the same volunteers make a difference in the lives of our clients. So when you think of a volunteer don t limit yourself to thinking about 3 or 4 things volunteers can do think outside the box For some of our current volunteer Opportunities please see the opposite page or contact BCs at volunteering TRUST SUMMER 2011 11 Enjoy a range of choices in retirement living that let you live the way you want CONSTRUCTION HAS COMMENCED AT GRACEWOOD KELLYVILLE. REGISTER YOUR INTEREST TODAY. Secure a new Gracewood Kellyville apartment of your choice Gracewood Kellyville offers a choice of living options for seniors from independent and assisted living to aged care. It s up to you how you want to live and what services you d like us to provide. You can live independently for as long as you want in the comfort of a new apartment knowing that care and support is on your doorstep. Choose from 1 2 and 3 bedroom apartments. Each one is spacious modern and features large open-plan living areas with generous balconies and parkland views. Our marketing suite features a sample floor plan and a wide selection of fittings floor coverings and finishes for you to personalise your apartment and make it your home. Everything you need in one place inside and outside Every apartment is designed with age-friendly features such as easy-open drawers power points located at waist-level wide doorways for wheelchair access and the latest emergency monitoring technology. And just outside your front door you ll find everything you need to enjoy the social side of life. Residents can participate in a range of healthy and friendly activities hold family picnics and barbecues stroll walking tracks through peaceful gardens and catch up with friends at the clubhouse hairdresser or caf . INSPECT GRACEWOOD KELLYVILLE TODAY TO ENJOY A BETTER STANDARD OF LIVING TOMORROW FREE CALL 1800 116 550 TO ARRANGE A PERSONAL APPOINTMENT AT GRACEWOOD KELLYVILLE 34 MEMORIAL AVENUE. OR VISIT THE WEBSITE TO REGISTER YOUR INTEREST WWW.GRACEWOODKELLYVILLE.COM.AU OWNED AND OPERATED BY Baptist Community Services - NSW & ACT Leaders in Community Service since 1944 trust file The Trust File BCS in Film During September BCS released a number of films promoting the organisation s mission and services. All films are available on BCS You Tube Channel www. user BCSNSWACT or via the BCS website. Chaplaincy at BCS Featuring three of BCS 40 Chaplains who play a vital role at BCS providing holistic Christian care to our clients and staff. BCS In-home Care for Seniors Meet artist Mrs Church in her home and hear about her love of her art craft and living at home while BCS brings the care services she needs directly to her. BCS Residential Aged Care An insight into the lives of our residents living in BCS residential centres and the staff who provide care each day. BCS Retirement Living Retiring doesn t always mean you sit back and take a rest Our BCS Village residents are busier than ever playing bowls and snooker having visitors and enjoying luncheons together. Steps into In-home Care A short and easy-to-understand animated film outlining in-home care and the simple steps to access care services. Steps into Residential Aged Care A short and helpful animated film outlining the steps into residential aged care. Baptist Community Services NSW & ACT (BCS) Team BCS City2Surf Team BCS braved the 14 kilometre walk and run during this year s annual City2Surf event raising over 8000 for BCS LifeCare services. Thirty BCS staff and supporters participated in the event and enjoyed refreshments at the BCS meeting point following the race. 28A Cambridge St Epping NSW 2121 PO Box 655 Epping NSW 1710 T (02) 9023 2500 F (02) 9023 2501 E ask W ABN 90 000 049 525 BCS Life Member receives OAM BCS Life Member and Aminya Village resident Mr Roy Gilchrist was honoured for his service to the community with an Order of Australia Medal for his work with children. Speaking to the Hills Shire Times in Baulkham Hills Sydney Roy said It was unexpected to me. I had no idea it would happen and I am quite honoured to be given the award. 2011 Annual General Meeting BCS Members will be attending BCS Annual General Meeting on Friday 25 November at BCS Shalom Centre Marsfield. The President of the Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT Rev John Brew will bring the meeting s devotion and a 2011 BCS Connect Grant recipient will present a report on their care ministry. Hear Pastor Matthew Barnett of the Dream Center speak at Revive 2012 The Dream Center is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year bringing a message of hope and transformation to some of the most marginalised and struggling people in Los Angeles. 12 2 0 17-18 August Sydney Showground Sydney Olympic Park REGISTER NOW Register before Dec 12 and mention this ad to receive the special conference rate of only 40. For more information on Revive or to register contact Kylie Hood Hear how a community is being 02 9023 2500 transformed by God s people revive answering the call to be salt and light . His is a testimony to inspire you in being the person God has gifted you to be For more information visit TRUST SUMMER 2011 13 Your Care Our Passion Bringing hope practical help and Christ-like compassion BCS LifeCare ministry is a direct outworking of the BCS mission to express Christ s love as we serve individuals families and people in the community who have unmet spiritual emotional or physical needs. BCS are privileged to be serving people on the margins of society such as women and children escaping domestic violence youth at risk struggling families and the homeless. With limited government funding BCS LifeCare relies on the generous contributions and support from individual donors and church communities. online at or by calling 1300 ASK BCS Baptist Community Services - NSW & ACT (1300 275 227) trust file Baptist This December Community BCS will be distributing Services NSW & ACT (BCS) over 800 Christmas 28A Cambridge St Team BCS City2Surf Epping Hampers to some of PO Box 655 Epping our NSW 2121 Team BCS braved the 14 NSW 1710 most disadvantaged kilometre walk and run during clients. Each hamper T (02) 9023 2500 this year s annual City2Surf F (02) 9023 2501 event raising over 8000 for BCSbox is more than just a E ask LifeCare services. Thirty BCS staff of Christmas treats and supporters participated in the event and enjoyed refreshments an and groceries it s at the BCS meeting point expression following the race. of God s love for every person BCS Life Member who receives it. receives OAM ABN 90 000 049 525 Yes First name Surname Address Mobile H( DOB Email ) Your Care Our Passion I want to help BCS share God s love for people this Christmas (please circle) ts are g bowls tors and ether. 1. My details (please print) Rev Dr Mr Mrs Ms Miss are erstand n-home ps to Aged ful he steps e. W( ) eral tending eeting at BCS d. The Churches n Brew devotion ct Grant eport on 1300 275 227 BCS Life Member and Aminya Please join with us in Village resident Mr Roy Gilchrist sharing the true message of was honoured for his service to Christmas by donating to our the community with an Order Christmas Hamper Appeal of Australia Medal for his work using the Speaking overleaf with children. couponto the calling Times in Hills Shire us on Baulkham Hills Sydney Roy said It was unexpected to me. I had no idea it would happen and I am quite honoured to our website or visitingbe given the award. 2. Decide your life-transforming gift I would like to make a gift of to help BCS bless people in need this Christmas. Please direct my gift to Christmas Hamper Appeal BCS Chaplaincy Services BCS LifeCare Relationship Services Where most needed Brin help com 3. Payment details I enclose my cheque money order made payable to Baptist Community Services - NSW & ACT OR Please debit my credit card Visa Mastercard Diners BCS L of the as we in the emotio 17-18 August Sydney Showground Sydney Olympic Park REGISTER NOW ....................... ....................... ....................... ....................... Name of cardholder Expiry date Signature BCS ar margin escapi struggl With lim relies o from in c 12 and mention he special only 40. 4. Request more information Please send me information on How I can support BCS regularly Including BCS in my Will Becoming a BCS Company Member Subscribing to TRUST Volunteering on on Revive or to onlin ww u Thank You or Please detach coupon and mail to Baptist Community Services - NSW & ACT PO Box 655 Epping NSW 1710 DONATIONS OF 2 AND OVER ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE TRUST SUMMER 2011 2 1 Baptist Community Services - NSW & ACT ABN 90 000 049 525 NEWSSUM11