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Published by F E MAP islan www.niue Welcome to Niue The Island Niue is a large upraised coral atoll and is a standalone land mass in the centre of a triangle of Polynesian islands made up of Tonga Samoa and the Cook Islands. Located 2400km north east of New Zealand on the eastern side of the international dateline Niue is 11 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time. The general formation of the island takes the shape of two terraces the lower terrace being 28m above sea level and the upper terrace is about 69m above sea level. The island s isolation and coral makeup creates an exciting rugged coastline and reef which provides intimate swimming coves as opposed to the typical long stretches of sandy beaches so predominant elsewhere in Polynesia. The whole island is dotted with a myriad of caves and sheltered rocky coves some of which have yet to be explored. The Huvalu Rainforest is home to some amazing indigenous trees and has been designated as a Conservation Area to protect and conserve the island s primary rainforest and natural fauna and flora. Niue is also one of the world s safest destinations and one of the few countries in the world where crime is almost unheard of. It s also free of any harmful animals or insects Things to See Scenic and historical sites Niue s coastline is adorned with unique geological landmarks spectacular limestone formations and extensive cave systems. Many of Niue s historical landmarks and sites are clearly signposted and make for a great trip of self discovery on your visit to Niue. Local tour operators are also available for guided tours to places of interest. Anapala (moderate) Descending 155 steps into a well known chasm and pool of fresh water situated near the track leading from the village of Hakupu to the sea Anapala was a main source of fresh water for residents of the surrounding village. Avaiki (moderate) A historical place in Niue as this was where the first canoe landed. It is advisable to visit Avaiki during a low tide as there is an amazing swimming cave to the north of the main cave and perfect for a sunset swim. Limu (easy) One of the most beautiful swimming and snorkeling areas on the northern coast of the island the crystal clear waters of Limu hold a wide variety of fish life and caves to explore. The mixture of salt and fresh water flowing out from the island provides a refreshing and unique snorkeling experience. The track to Limu is clearly marked at the northern end of Namukulu Village. Hio (moderate) Located just on the outskirts of Tuapa village heading north is a small secluded sandy cove. At low tide a cave to the north of the cove can be accessed. It was here that the Peruvian black birder Irole wrecked in 1877. Matapa Chasm (easy) Noted for its expansive cliff face and historical importance as a reserved bathing place for Niue s traditional kings Matapa Chasm is reached by a track which branches off from the main road at the foot of Hikutavake Hill and beside the start of the trek to Talava Arches. A great snorkelling swimming place for all. Opaahi (easy) This was the site of Captain Cook s second landing attempt in June 1774. Cook s landing party was challenged by the locals who retreated after several volleys were fired and the landing party returned to the ship. Palaha (moderate) Located south of Tuapa village along the North West coast of the island Palaha is notable for its limestone formations in varying shades of green and red. The reef flat is accessible at low tide with small pools to snorkel in. The rock formations can get quite slippery so do navigate them with caution. Peniamina s Grave (easy) Located in a small clearing on the left hand side of the road 5km north of Alofi is the burial site of Peniamina the first Niuean to bring Christianity to the island. Talava Arches (moderate to hard) Branching off to the right of the access track to Matapa Chasm is a clearly marked trek to Talava Arches. Traditionally used as a lookout point to keep watch for impending raids or foreign vessels Talava is now home to one of Niue s unique landmarks the Arches. Togo (moderate to hard) Togo is reached by a track starting about 4km north of Hakupu. After leaving the bush the track descends through a mass of jagged coral pinnacles to a grassy flat where a passage leads off to the edge of a chasm. At the foot of the chasm there is a beach of fine golden sand from which some coconut trees rise almost reaching to the rim of the chasm. Tomb Point (easy) An easy walk next to church in Alofi opposite the main shopping centre and with a lookout and 180 degree views of the Alofi bay. There are picnic areas nearby and two of Niue s former kings are buried within the grounds of the church. Ulupaka (hard) Located 800m south of Lakepa village is Ulupaka Cave which was used as a traditional dwelling place. It s filled with a vast array of limestone formations - great clusters of stalactites and stalagmites are abundant in this guided-only cave. For tour bookings visit the Visitors Information Centre or email info Uluvehi (easy) 1846 hailed the arrival of Christianity to the island through Peniamina. In1863 Peruvian Slave traders arrived at Uluvehi and carried away 109 young Niuean men in 3 ships to work in the guano mines of Chile. None ever returned. Uluvehi offers a great view of the ocean and with a coconut stop at the start of the road. Vaila (easy) The rock pools of Vaila in Alofi North are a snorkeler s delight and is also an access track into the Alofi North Marine Protected Area. The marine protected area is a no-take area however visitors are welcome to use the picnic facilities. People Scattered throughout the 14 neat and colourful villages Niue s less than 1500 residents enjoy dual citizenship as a self-governing nation in free association with New Zealand. They are bilingual speaking both Niuean and English and enjoy an independent lifestyle. The locals are very respectful genuinely friendly and hospitable to visitors and have accepted tourism as an important component to their economic development and well being. They are well educated and enjoy life. History & Governance Niue s history falls into four defined periods pre-Christianity Christianity the Colonial era and self government. The documentation of Niue s history was primarily oral and passed down through the generations. It has only been since the period of New Zealand governance that a great deal of literature has been compiled on Niue s history. Niue is believed to have been inhabited for over a thousand years. Oral tradition and legends speak of the first settlement by Huanaki and Fao together with the Fire Gods from Fonuagalo the Hidden Land. Some authorities believe that the island was settled during two principal migrations one from Samoa and one from Tonga with a smaller migration from Pukapuka in the Cook Islands. In 1774 the English navigator Captain James Cook sighted Niue but was refused landing by the locals on three different attempts. He then named Niue Savage Island . Missionaries from the LMS (London Missionary Society) established Christianity in 1846. Niue chiefs gained British Protectorate status in 1900 and in 1901 Niue was annexed to New Zealand. In 1974 Niue gained self-government in free association with New Zealand and government to this day has followed a Westminster-style rule with a 20 member assembly. The Premier is selected by the House and the Premier then selects 3 other members for Cabinet posts. Niuean Culture Niueans take great pride in their many customs and traditions which have been handed down from generation to generation as a living entity and form key aspects of the Taoga Niue . Many are still being observed today such as the spawning season of a particular species of fish the kaloama. During this period certain areas are closed to public swimming but there are still numerous other swimming pools and coves that can be used. Wearing swimwear in villages and the town is not advised. A paleu (sarong) should be worn around swimwear in public so as not to offend locals. Sunday is a respected and quiet day in Niue. Most people attend church in the morning and again in the afternoon. Throughout the country Sunday is considered to be a day of rest and worship and visitors are asked to be considerate of the local Sunday observances. Many people play golf go sightseeing and swimming on Sunday but certain activities such as boating and fishing are not allowed. Anyone not sure of Sunday protocols are welcome to check at the Visitors Information Centre for guidance. Things to Do Beaches Niue is a raised coral island so has sandy and secluded coves dotted Traveller Tips Must bring A keen sense of adventure and a appreciation for the unspoilt- but don t forget sunscreen hat mosquito repellent reef shoes strong shoes. around the coast as opposed to long sandy beaches. Discovering your favourite one is all part of the adventure. Buffet Nights Some establishments offer an island night feast and culture show. The dishes on offer range from traditional food baked in a ground oven or umu to seafood and more western dishes. Niuean song and dances also make for an entertaining night. Caves & chasms Niue s coastline is punctuated by literally hundreds of magnificent caves and chasms. Many are still being formed with stalagmites and stalactites in all stages of formation some have been used as ancient burial places. Church Services Sunday is a day of prayer families and singing. You will be welcomed at a church service regardless of your religious affiliation. Cultural Experience There are a variety of cultural tours available for visitors to join and experience from plantation tours to vanilla tours guided forest treks and lessons in construction of a traditional fishing canoe. Time your visit with one of the 14 village show days and you can join in on a day s feasting arts dancing and music. Cycling Niue is riddled with well-maintained and clearly signposted cycle tracks to discover. Enquire at the Visitor s Information Centre for your own cycle track guide. Cycles are available for hire. Diving Diving in Niue is world class. Visibility can be up to 80m. Divers explore caverns caves and chasms in waters that provide sanctuary to a variety of marine life. Contact Niue dive directly on niuedive or the Visitors Information Centre on info Exploring Niue The Island is encircled by a 64km coastal road. Hiring a vehicle motorbike or bicycle is an ideal way of exploring the island. Fishing Niue has several professional operators running established safe & reliable charters targeting Marlin Skipjack and Yellowfin Tuna red Bass Mahimahi Sailfish Wahoo and Giant Trevally amongst many others. Forests Niue s forests are abound in myths and legends. There are sacred places deep in the forest where no one goes such as Huvalu Rainforest. Guided forest tours can be arranged and these tours will give an insight to traditional life and show the trees and plants used by Niueans over the years and their uses. Nightlife The Niue Golf and Sports Club (Top Club) Pacific Way Bar Nukututaha Club Alofi Club and Clayton s Bar are Sports Bar venues and are often a venue for a dance on a Friday or Saturday night. Visitors are most welcome however opening hours do vary so check in at the Visitors Information Centre for details. Falala Fa Bar and Juannas Bar and Restaurant are open late throughout the week Matapa Bar is open on a Wednesday night Uluvehi Bar in Mutalau is open on Saturday nights and Washaway Caf is popular on Sunday evenings. Noni Farm Located on the southern side of the island just past the village of Vaiea it was originally cleared for a dairy farm since then it has been used as both a passionfruit farm and a quarantine station then finally converted into a Noni farm in late 2004. Sports Alofi Lakepa and Avatele have gyms available. Visitors are welcome to join in with local sports events. These include ta kilikiki (traditional cricket) volleyball netball rugby rugby league touch rugby and golf. The Niue Golf and Sports Club welcomes visitors and has a well-stocked bar. A 1pm tee off time is set for Saturday golf. Swimming Crystal-clear unpolluted waters surround Niue. For the more adventurous there is the opportunity to dive off the rocks into Matapa Chasm. Snorkelling is well worthwhile and Utuko Avaiki Limu Avatele Hikutavake and Matapa Chasm in particular. Traditional Arts Niuean handicrafts are noted for their quality and original design. Hats baskets handbags and mats are made from local materials and can be bought at several outlets around the island. Each woman s weaving group has their own particular day to get together and weave and visitors are welcome to observe and participate. Enquire at the Visitor s Information Centre for times and venues. Travel agents Climate Peleni s Travel are the travel agents for Air New Zealand in Niue and can be contacted on pelenistravel Niue is a tropical island warm during the day with a pleasant drop in temperature at night all year round. Like all South Pacific tropical islands Summer is from May October and Winter from November to April. Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Ave Max 30 30 30 29 28 27 27 27 27 28 28 29 Ave Min 23 23 23 22 21 20 20 19 19 20 21 22 Shopping Supermarkets and stores are located in Alofi and stock a full range of groceries frozen goods and hardware. Most shops are open from 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday and Saturdays 4pm-7pm. There are other smaller stores in some villages that open early mornings and evenings. Markets The makete or market runs twice weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays in the village of Alofi from 6am. Fresh produce as well as handicrafts are available for sale. Quarantine information Money All food animal products plant material and other goods taken from Niue must be issued with a phytosanitary certificate from the Quarantine Office located at the Hanan Airport Terminal prior to flight departure. Currency The New Zealand dollar is legal tender in Niue. The Bank of the South Pacific is located in the main shopping centre in Alofi and can change travellers cheques and exchange foreign currency. Cash advances are available on credit cards with Visa as the most widely accepted. Its opening hours are Monday to Thursday 9am-3pm and Friday 8.30am-3pm. Western Union money transfers are also offered. ATM cash machines are available and some businesses do accept credit cards. Immigration Customs Passports required by all. Visa Not required by bona fide tourists staying less than 30 days with return or onward tickets and sufficient funds for length of stay. Extensions are available by applying to the Immigration Office before arrival PO Box 67 Alofi. Ph 4349 or email info for enquiries. Departure Tax NZ 34 for all people aged over 12yrs. Duty Free Each visitor to Niue 18 years and over may bring in 3 x 1125ml bottle of spirits or 3 x 1125 bottles of wine or 3x 1125ml bottles of liqueur or a combination of the above provided that is does not exceed 3.5 litres or 8 litres of beer and 1 x carton of cigarettes (200 cigarettes) or 250gms of tobacco. Restricted imports Firearms and ammunition. Glass beer bottles (cans only) Restricted exports Artifacts coral and valuable shells email immigrationniue or info Arriving yachts please check for clearance and mooring fee details. Getting around There are 123km (76 miles) of paved roads in Niue. Driving is on the left side. Vehicles can be hired from several rental companies on the island. A local license needs to be obtained from the Niue Police Department. The speed limit is 40km hr within villages and 60km hr on open roads. Travel international Health Air New Zealand services Niue with weekly flights from Auckland. Flight time from Auckland is just over 3 hours. Please visit for the latest flight details and prices. The Niue Hospital is located at Kaimiti Alofi. Clinic Hours Mon-Fri 8am - 4pm Sun & Public Holidays 9am - 10am & 7pm 8pm ph 4100.Emergency ph 999. Charges for health services will apply to all visitors. Alofi Town Map Pacific Way Bar Clayton s Bar Anokula To Matavai Resort 6km Niue Fish Processors Talipouli BCN (Radio Sunshine & TV Niue) Tui-na Health Clinic Limestone Mechanics RockBak Bakery Tano s Gym Niue Development Bank Catholic Mission Market Nur Bakery RockET Internet Caf Tukuitonga Guesthouse To Makefu 4km Kilocutz Multimedia Okesene Express Restoration Peleni s Vaila Nukututaha Bar Fale Fono (Parliament) Reef Travel Agent Sea Track Wharf Crazy Uga Driveaway Rentals Central Services Vilina s Hair Salon (Petrol) Seventh Day Tomb Ekalesia Church Adventist Church Niue Backpackers Niue Adventures Point Cook s Landing Niue Yacht Club Millenium Hall Utuko Vailahi Teresa s Opaahi Canoe Swan Sons Supermarket Cave Guesthouse Landing BJ Hardware Kalaone Hinas Laundromat Visitor Information Centre 4 Kololi s Motel Katuali 1 Ali s Enterprise POLICE Coffee Alofi Jennas House Gill s Bond Store Rentals Indian Latter Taki s Falala Fa (Duty-free liquor) Day Caf Caf & Bar Peleni sCaf Restaurant Saints Niue Stamps and Coins Guesthouse Immigration Apostolic Church Stone Department New Zealand Church Villas High Commission Public Library Mitaki s Makini Hall & Niue Chamber of Commerce Guesthouse Women s Handcraft Niue Fishermen s Association NIASCO Juanna s Restaurant Pacific Ocean N Niue Honey Industrial Park Niue Government Buiding The shopping centre includes Taoke Prints Telecom Attorney General s Office Tahiono Art Gallery Hinapoto Handcrafts Sala s Hair Salon Tavana s Caf Ali s Giftware Double M Okakoa Multimedia Systems Post Office Bank of the South Pacific South Sea Traders. 0m 250m 500m MAIN SHOPPING CENTRE A LO Restaurant FI HA KU PU To Talo s AD RO To Paliati 500m 750m 1km To Airport 1km Niue Golf and Sports Club 400 500m Jasons Travel Media Ltd Tourism Office Contact Details Niue Tourism Office Niue PO Box 42 Alofi Niue Ph 683 4224 Fax 683 4225 Email info Niue Tourism Office New Zealand Mike Hogan & Associates 123 Shakespeare Rd Milford Auckland Ph 64 9 585 1493 Fax 64 9 585 1493 Email niuetourism Niue Tourism Office Australia Richard Skewes Level 3 313 Burwood Rd Hawthorn Victoria 3122 Email niue Ph 1300 136 483 Fax 613 9818 1851 www.niue