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ECC MILAN REPORT 2011 Cover Image Big... Sketching on the ceiling by Lievore Altherr Molina for Vibia Minotti _ _ _ 04 __ Ingo Maurer _ _ _ 06 __ IPE Cavalli _ _ _ 08 __ Tom Dixon _ _ _ 10 __ Giorgetti _ _ _ 12 __ Verpan _ _ _ 13 __ Redaelli _ _ _ 14 __ Riva 1920 _ _ _ 16 __ Pierantonio Bonacina _ _ _ 18 __ Authentics _ _ _ 20 __ Slide _ _ _ 22 __ Royal Botania _ _ _ 24 __ Paola Lenti _ _ _ 26 __ Linteloo _ _ _ 28 __ Swarovski _ _ _ 30 __ Artemide _ _ _ 31 __ Lasvit _ _ _ 32 __ Directory _ _ _ 33 __ 2011 -- DEFINED BY LUXURY I have recently returned from Milan where the best of international lighting and furniture design was presented to the world. This year I took a team from ECC with me including our Showroom Managers for lighting and furniture in order to cover the massive exhibition halls. As well as meetings with our long term supplier partners we were able to find a host of new and exciting products. On alternate years the Euroluce lighting show is combined with the Milan Furniture Fair. This year the two shows along with a more positive economic vibe created a feast of new releases. The investment in new product design was definitely more obvious than last year. The lighting companies in Milan focused on the decorative side of the business although the integration of LED technology was still a distinct trend. I noticed many companies exhibiting hemisphere pendants. Some were large scale others small but the shape was apparent. Materials like steel concrete and wood were used in decorative lighting and while they were exquisitely shaped and finished they had a certain raw natural feel to them. A prevalence of gold added to the glamour at this fair with its rich warm glow. The trends of luxury and comfort continued on from previous years from the high-end manufacturers. There was a hint of retro coming through in these collections with both Giorgetti and Minotti producing armchairs and dining chairs with a nod to the past. We were treated to the ultimate in opulence at the IPE Cavalli showroom which would have to be one of the highlights of the show. The following pages reveal the best of what we saw that you can purchase here in New Zealand exclusively through ECC. But remember this is only a snapshot of what is available with each supplier having a full product catalogue. Our experienced sales people are always on hand to help you find the perfect piece. Mike Thorburn Managing Director ECC Lighting Furniture MINOTTI 1 3 4 04 A hint of retro style in armchairs and dining chairs crept into the Minotti collection which is known traditionally for its clean minimalist look. Comfort was again at the forefront. Side tables integrated cleverly with sofas and ottomans for space savings. Tweeds and burnt orange rust came through as accents on the neutral grey and white pallet. 1 2 3 4 -- -- -- Donovan by Rodolfo Dordoni ---- -- -- -- Jensen by Rodolfo Dordoni ---- -- -- -- Duchamp by Rodolfo Dordoni ---- -- -- -- Davis by Rodolfo Dordoni ---- 2 05 INgO MaURER 1 Ingo Maurer presented these two limited-edition pendants in Milan. The butterflies dancing around a large light bulb called J. B. Schmetterling are made by a passionate enthusiast from the USA -- each is an artwork in itself. BangBoom Zettel z is a new limited edition of Zettel z 5 featuring comic sketches by the German comic artist Thilo Rothacker. On closer examination you will find that the sheets of Japanese paper tell cohesive little stories. 1 -- -- -- Bang Boom Zettel z ---- -- -- -- JB Schmetterling ---- by Ingo Maurer and Axel Schmid by Ingo Maurer 2 06 2 07 IPE CavaLLI 08 Everything in The Visionnaire Collection is opulent embossed glittering. Inspired by what lies behind the castle gates it transports you to the era of Hollywood glamour and yet is still effortlessly contemporary. This year s collection included a bit of Rock n Roll with images of Jimi Hendrix and a crystal-encrusted guitar skeleton and rifle on display. 1 -- -- -- Chester Dudley ---- 1 09 TOM DIXON Extremism the theme of Tom Dixon s new collection is a celebration of the intense and purposeful a reflection on the things that leave the most impact. In design terms Extremism is about being at the very tip of the scale where it really counts. On one hand it could be about more efficiency and affordability on the other about making things that are longer lasting or rougher than what already exists. Otherwise Dixon says what s the point 1 -- -- -- Etch Pendant and Tower ---- by Tom Dixon 10 1 11 gIORgETTI Attention to detail and beautiful materials are hallmarks of the Giorgetti range. The main character this year was walnut canaletto wood with an open-pore polish which gives the products a tactile sensation inviting you to touch it. Rich browns in fabrics leather and wood were offset with sky blue flooring and accents. Circular elements in sofas and tables were a strong theme. 1 -- -- -- Mobius by ---- 2 -- -- -- Eos by Chi Wing Lo ---- Umberto Asnago 1 2 12 vERPaN Verpan introduced two chairs -- a dining and a lounge chair -- from the original 1-2-3 series designed by Verner Panton in 1973. It took Verner Panton three years to develop the series and the result was a unique chair concept where the design grows up organically out of the floor. Both new models are available in fabric and a deluxe version in leather. 1 -- -- -- System 123 Panton ---- Table & Chair by Verner Panton 1 13 14 REDaELLI Silk cashmere furs linen. The sound of these words is enough to let the mind imagine exquisite sensations beauty and absolute pleasure. That is what Ivano Redaelli is all about -- expressions of real luxury in the spaces that we relax in. The coordinated sets of bed linen extend beyond sheet sets to encompass the blankets throws and furs that complete the look. 15 RIva 1920 16 This New Zealand kauri table by Renzo Piano is one of five pieces made by Riva 1920 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9 11. Swamp kauri lies buried for more than 50 000 years without petrifying and has a unique golden wood. The tables will be auctioned with the proceeds going to the families of the firefighters who died at Ground Zero. 1 -- -- -- Kauri Table ---- by Renzo Piano and Matteo Piano 1 17 PIERaNTONIO BONaCINa 1 18 The dramatic Pierantonio Bonacina stand at Milan took on the feeling of an outdoor room with elegant magnolia bush walls. The new Pallet collection took its inspiration from the shape and the functionality of an industrial object in everyday use. The material beauty of the wooden slat frame was the leitmotif of the project naturalness and environmental sustainability. 1 2 3 4 -- -- -- Maine by Piero Lissoni ---- -- -- -- Pallet by Piero Lissoni ---- -- -- -- Muffin by Piero Lissoni ---- -- -- -- Lime by Piero Lissoni ---- 2 3 4 19 20 1 aUThENTICs -- -- -- Labware Series ---- The current darling of the design world Benjamin Hubert teams up with Authentics to produce his Labware series. This series won Hubert the Blueprint Award for Best New Product at 100% Design. The lamps are made from mouth-blown white opaque glass with a hand-turned oak cork bark stopper from Portugal. 1 21 sLIDE 22 A ton of colour light and robust designs and products that glow from within are the guidelines that Slide has chosen for their product development. They engage leading designers such as Marc Sadler Marcel Wanders Karim Rashid and Paola Navone to contribute to their range. Slide are one of the largest rotation-moulded plastic manufacturers in Italy and all their products are 100% recyclable. 1 -- -- -- Chubby ---- by Marcel Wanders 1 23 ROYaL BOTaNIa 1 24 The new Red Label Collection is a complementary collection to Royal Botania s Outdoor Luxury aimed at young dynamic people. Clean lines fresh ideas and premium raw materials carry through this new range. Whether you prefer the comfortable armchair or the inspiring director s chair combined with matching table this outdoor living collection will aesthetically delight. 1 -- -- -- Little L Chair Table and ---- Lounger by Frank Boschman 25 PaOLa LENTI Paola Lenti presented their 2011 collection in a very special location a former 15th century Franciscan monastery developed around four renaissance cloisters with secret gardens and captivating spaces full of charm and history. The beautiful surroundings along with the bright colours of their indoor and outdoor collection incorporating their signature techno weaves combined for an outstanding display. 1 -- -- -- Shell Pouf ---- 2 -- -- -- Wave Recliner ---- -- -- -- Nido Pouf ---- by CRS Paola Lenti by Francesco Rota by Patricia Urquiola and Eliana Gerotto 3 1 2 26 3 27 LINTELOO Following on from their successful collaboration with Paola Navone last year Linteloo presented a new range called Paola after the well-known designer. The collection has soft rounded forms and the natural lines follow the generous volume around the back. Again soft linens and detailed stitching feature which create a gentle relaxing presence. 1 -- -- -- Paola Sofa and Armchairs ---- by Paola Navone 1 28 29 30 swaROvskI 1 Strings and cascades of delicate crystals characterised this year s collection which gave a lightness to the classic chandelier forms. The signature Swarovski crystals each precisely cut sparkle in the light and emit their own special energy which is instrumental in awakening the interest of the designer in creating each unique piece. -- -- -- Crystal Empire ---- 1 aRTEMIDE 1 Artemide is renowned all over the world as an icon of Italian excellence style and culture and has always cooperated with some of the most famous and outstanding international designers. Here Karim Rashid has created a unique organic pendant that comes as a single module or can be combined in multiples with striking effect. 1 -- -- -- Nearco by Karim Rashid ---- 31 LasvIT The cascade of hand-blown glass icicles that form Icefalls are derived directly from frozen mountain waterfalls. The whole composition is enhanced by the sparkling effect of sunrays on ice that the light source gives. Specialising in custom lighting design Lasvit has an impressive portfolio of grand scale installations in hotels shopping malls and corporate offices. 1 2 -- -- -- Icefalls by Jitka Kamencov Skuhrav ---- -- -- -- Leaf by Kater na Kudjov Ful nov ---- 1 2 32 Denny by Laura Silvestrini Dhow by Andrei Munteanu Mobius by Umberto Asnago Mobius Wing Chair by Umberto Asnago Soi by Chi Wing Lo Leo by Laura Silvestrini Oscar by Laura Silvestrini Ino by Chi Wing Lo Frida by Centro Ricerche Giorgetti Idra Chair and Argo Table by Centro Ricerche Giorgetti Beat Light Stout White Beat Light Tall White Beat Light Fat White Beat Light Wide White Bulb Single Reflector Bulb Chandelier Round Bulb Chandelier Wide Bulb Chandelier Long Scoop Chair High Back Scoop Chair Low Back Cast Chair Peg Chair Birch Fan Chair Roll Square Birch Table Etch Tower Jensen High Back by Rodolfo Dordoni Jensen Low Back by Rodolfo Dordoni Mills by Rodolfo Dordoni Riley by Rodolfo Dordoni Morrison by Rodolfo Dordoni Tatlin by Rodolfo Dordoni Perry Square by Rodolfo Dordoni Davis by Rodolfo Dordoni Saville by Gordon Guillaumier Allen by Rodolfo Dordoni Perry Round and Davis by Rodolfo Dordoni Maine by Piero Lissoni Pallet Dining Table by Piero Lissoni Wild by Piero Lissoni Pallet Sofa by Piero Lissoni Pallet Coffee Table by Piero Lissoni Canap Louis Cruso by Frank Lefebvre & Bastien Taillard Moving by Lorena D Ilio with Studio Mamo Beg re Louise Cruso by Frank Lefebvre & Bastien Taillard Ouverture by Lorena D Ilio with Studio Mamo System 123 Lounge Chair Deluxe by Verner Panton Panton Rug Grande by Verner Panton Pinquadro by Luca Villa for Villa Squeeze by Maria Saadeh Vitae Natura Collection by Riva Napa by Terry Dwan Fiji by Terry Dwan Motley 60 by Samuel Chan Motley 40 by Samuel Chan Cervino by Wolterinck Play Barstool by Alain Berteau Play Chair by Alain Berteau Figlio Dining Chair by Wolterinck Tray Table by Wolterinck Stol by Borja & Jordi Veciana Visa by Anita Nevens Dining Table by Wolterinck TV Rhapis Hubertus Alley Esmeralda Sunshine Janas Chair & Solstice Table Ironside Alice Cycas Genevra Diplomate Bismarck 7165 by Davey Lighting 7679 by Davey Lighting 7200 by Davey Lighting 7242 by Davey Lighting 7680 by Davey Lighting 7677 by Davey Lighting 7207 by Davey Lighting Giant Pendant by BTC Hector 21 by BTC Task Wall by BTC AX66 AX76 K7 No 121 Aires by Ivan Lolli and Mario Memmoli Plaza 6680 Shadow Dance Deconstruct Pendant Inside Out Circle Pendant by Stephen Burks Inside Out Linear Pendant by Stephen Burks Strandelier Pendant by Todd Bracher Vol de Cristal 789750 Vol de Cristal 789840 Vol de Cristal 797340 Vol de Cristal 799140 Diamonds by William Brand & Annet van Egmond Pin-Up by Richard Hutton Miuu Super Bossa by Fernando Prado PA 1803 PA 1822 PA 1823 Heracleum by Bertjan Pot Lighting Sombrero by Enzo Berti for Torremato Sunset by Enzo Berti for Torremato Capitone by Almalight Spain Outsider by Jacco Maris Mahari Floor by Nahoor Mahari Joy by Nahoor Mahari Table Lamp by Nahoor Kiddi Table Lamp by Nahoor Al e Bab by Matteo Ugolini for Karman Cell by Matteo Ugolini for Karman Spillray by Manuel Vivian for Axo Polia by Manuel Vivian for Axo Wire Pendant by Nada Lin for Elite Ray - scratched rust by Danelon Meroni for Elite Wire Floor Lamp by Nada Lin for Elite Mistral by Moooi Works for Moooi Bridge by Enzo Berti Evelina by Laura Cocchis Bitta by Enzo Berti Heavy Light Wall Light by Benjamin Hubert Heavy Light Pendant by Benjamin Hubert Wire Light by Viable London No 222 by Bernhard-Albin Gras Heavy Desk Light by Benjamin Hubert Bell Table by T I M Cutaway by Jethro Macey No 214 by Bernhard-Albin Gras Shape by Andrea Fogli Messalina & Cornelia by M. Raggi Muse by Tristan Auer No 304 by Bernhard-Albin Gras Apollo by Marco Maran Design Swivel Wall Lamp by Dick van Hoff Swivel Floor Lamp by Dick van Hoff Stool by Serener Continuum by Fabio Bortolani Miunn by Karri Monni Bonsai by Roderick Vos Lloyd Pub Table by Serener Aim by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec Can Can by Marcel Wanders Reflect 299 by Philippe Starck with Eugeni Quitllet Piani by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec Tatou Floor by Patricia Urquiola Wall Piercing 2620 LEDs by Ron Gilad Extension Chair by Sjoerd Vroonland Versioni del logotipo Artemide da stampare con due passaggi di pantone W arm Red C Looksoflat by Stefan Geisbauer Birdie s Busch by Ingo Maurer und Team Illiria by Ernesto Gismondi Tye (Test your eye) by Carlotta de Bevilacqua & Laura Pessoni Read Noon by El Schmid Noon 12 by El Schmid Noon 2 by El Schmid Morph by Formstelle Koppa by Karim Rashid Noor by Takashi Kirimoto 96 Molecules collection by Ofir Zucker & Albi Serfaty 480 Molecules collection by Ofir Zucker & Albi Serfaty Curl My Light by Dima Loginoff Orion by Marina Buchan 96 Molecules collection by Ofir Zucker & Albi Serfaty Gladis by Ayala Serfaty Zartan by Philippe Starck Cyborg Perspex by Marcel Wanders Pi a by Jaime Hay n Venice by Konstantin Grcic Raviolo by Ron Arad Magis Proust by Alessandro Mendini Pingy by Eero Aarnio Bunky by Marc Newson Tom & Jerry by Konstantin Grcic Pizza Table by Naoto Fukasawa Reiet Chair & Table by Javier Mariscal Tide by Zaha Hadid Troy Table by Marcel Wanders Baguette Table & Chair by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec Central by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec Low Lita by Paola Navone Kalla by Gianni Arnaudo Il Vaso by Gi Colonna Romano Y-Pot Light by Slide Studio Land by Letizia Mammini & Valeria Candido Land by Letizia Mammini & Valeria Candido Vesta Major by Gritti Rollo Vesta Minor by Gritti Rollo Louis XIV Toile de Jouy Flower Girl Sky Blue Wind by Jordi Vilardell Wind by Jordi Vilardell Break by Xucl & Alemany Wind Umbrella by Jordi Vilardell QT by Kris Van Puyvelde Little L Folding by Frank Boschman Little L by Frank Boschman XQI Chair by Kris Van Puyvelde XQI Table by Kris Van Puyvelde Little L lounger by Frank Boschman Kiti by Francesco Rota Mira by Francesco Rota Heron by Francesco Rota Baia by Francesco Rota Sabi by Francesco Rota Teatime by Francesco Rota Monza Lloyd Olan San Marino Solo Puzzle Knick by Bart Lens Out by Bart Lens In by Bart Lens Dot by Bart Lens Hydrogen by Lars Kemper & Peter Olah Growing Vases by Nendo (Oki Sato) Polaris by for Buzzi & Buzzi Supernova by for Buzzi & Buzzi Crown by Michele De Lucchi Reflex Easy Round by iGuzzini Reflex Easy Square by iGuzzini Reflex Easy Round 2 by iGuzzini Request a hard copy of Milan Report 2011 Auckland 39 Nugent Street Grafton Auckland 1023 PO Box 391 Auckland 1140 New Zealand Phone 64 9 379 9680 Fax 64 9 373 5614 Wellington 61-63 Thorndon Quay Wellington 6011 PO Box 1554 Wellington 6140 New Zealand Phone 64 4 473 3456 Fax 64 4 473 3567 Christchurch KS Lighting Unit 3 75 Blenheim Rd Christchurch 8011 New Zealand Phone 64 3 365 0012 Fax 64 3 365 0014 SINCE 1909