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June.2011 FREE EVERY MONTH SINGAPORE (because everyday should be a holiday) GIRLS ROCK PRESENTS DJ QUEST 2011 Like any wheel of steel DJ Quest is rolling around again and we ll be lining up four finalists to pit it out behind the decks at Zouk on Friday 24 June 2011. For the ninth year in a row will be giving budding local jocks the chance to spin their magic in front of a packed dancefloor showcasing what they can do in terms of skill creativity and ability to throw shapes before our DJ Quest 2011 champion is kissed and crowned. Club history will be made and fun times will be had so of course you want in. Date. Friday 24 June 2011 Time. 9pm (Doors open 8.30pm) Venue. Zouk SCORE INVITES TO THIS EVENT SIMPLY BY CLICKING TO GOO BAGS DIE THE FIFOR 500 GU RST ESTS WWW.JUICE.COM.SG DJQUEST OFFICIAL APPAREL OFFICIAL BEER OFFICIAL DJ EQUIPMENT OFFICIAL FOOTWEAR OFFICIAL VENUE 1. Insert Token of Appreciation 2. Turn the knob 4 times 3. The wait is worth it 4. Be surprised This year s DJ Quest winner will emerge on 24 June 2011 start juicesg DEAR PIXELS Because the grass does seem greener on the digital side you can t fault us (or anyone else) for turning to the WWW for creation and recreation. The savvy creatures amassed on our cover and in our feature story (pg 48) have done just that wiring up their bright ideas and projects to a spot online and letting the digital revolution do the rest. Crafty And of course never misses out on a deal such as this one and has been duly digitised for your online viewing all it takes is a simple click at to get you to the latest edition of in all its digital glory so no more will you moan about missing out on an issue or that the Internet is boring. Yup all that grass is just a click away at your fingertips free easy and always in your favourite shade of green. likes this. editorial editor min chen [min] writer fiona chen [fiona] writer hidzir junaini [hidzir] editorial intern therese heng [therese] contributors stephanie er chris ujine ong ivanho harlim shysilia novita shawn chen art direction art director lydia foo [lydia] advertising & marketing head of sales yu-jin lau [yujin] DID 6325 8031 M 9844 4417 account executive jarrold tham [jarrold] DID 6325 8032 M 9820 2126 publisher & director david see [david] director calvin cheng [calvin] regional contacts MALAYSIA editor kevin yeoh [kevin] INDONESIA editor agiani salima [agiani.salima] ON THE COVER is a free monthly publication Published by JUICE Media Pte Ltd Under license from Catcha Media Group Pte Ltd JUICE Media Pte Ltd 28 Maxwell Road 03-12 Red Dot Traffic Building Singapore 069120 T 6325 8042 F 6221 2230 JUICE Media Pte Ltd is part of CATCHA MEDIA GROUP group head of publishing luke elliott chief operating officer ken tsurumaru chief executive officer patrick grove regional advertising enquiries voon tze khay [tzekhay T 60 12 307 6737] Distributed by Mediawheel Singapore 31 Toh Guan Road East 07-01 LW Technocentre Singapore 608608. Printed by KHL Printing Co Pte Ltd 57 Loyang Drive Singapore 508968. Kick ass Arissa Cheo and Lin Ting Partners in crime Arissa and Lin Ting are the masterminds and faces behind Carte Blanche X their spanking new online portal dedicated to the best in female-centric fashion music art and lifestyle. Girls rock after all and Carte Blanche X is just one place they do it. But not just confined to a digital spot plans are underway for the concept to also fill out a retail space a caf bar and a magazine nothing less than an empire for these ladies and all the better to kick ass with. Photography Stephanie Er We chat up Carte Blanche X on page 48 MICA (P) 106 04 2011 shall not without the written consent of the Publisher or his gerbil be given lent resold utilised as a religious document hired out or otherwise disposed of in a mutilated condition or in any unauthorised way or affixed to any part of any publication or advertising literary or pictorial matter whatsoever or we will send the legal dogs for your ass biatch. While every reasonable care is taken for editorial contributions no responsibility will be assumed for return of materials or for corrections of contributed stupidity. Opinions expressed or implied in are solely those of the writers and are not necessarily well thought out intelligent interesting or endorsed by the Editor or Publisher. Advertisers and or their representatives indemnify the Publisher in relation to defamation slander breach copyright infringement of trademarks of name of publication titles unfair competitive or trade practices royalties or violation of rights or privacy. All editorial and design requests for July issue of should be received by 9 June. All advertising bookings and materials should be received by 16 June. 4 contents JUNE 48 DIGITAL DEEDS 33 YACHT Is it a band Is it a cult No it s what happens when hippies make disco If you ve got a project that needs doing you re best off getting it on a digital platform for that extra WWW mileage. We click through to some local online projects from zines to stores to blogs that prove that every bright idea could do with some wiring up. 62 68 ELECTRIC FEEL The future is bright neon and quite possibly electric 36 THE DRUMS watch but a darn Not just a band to good pop band to boot WYKIDD All is fixed up and looking sharp on Wykidd s eponymous menswear line RHYS 38 GRUFF furry man and his idea of a holiday The super (which is not a holiday at all) 72 CONVERSE FIRST STRING The gentlemanly handshake between Jack Purcell and Mackintosh REGULARS 8Inbox 10Flash 30Sounds 33Focus Artist 52Wardrobe 60Made Up 80Spin 90Scene 98Navigator 102Stockists 104Final Word 6 inbox Stop staring and email inbox POLISHED Hello I m Polish and have come to this lovely country with my hubby to know and explore something new. I must say I am very much impressed with your mag. We have lived in UK for four years before and even there it s quite hard to find some good magazines not focused on all the commercial stuff. You do make an effort in recommending some great music. So far I quite like Cheating Sons discovered thanks to you of course. Thanks also for Wander I got it of course Really great and interesting job Magdalena OF THE MONTH OF MOONS BIRDS AND BENDREW Greetings Can I just say that Benjamin and Andrew look positively adorbz on your cover last month The boys even made me forget that my heart forever belongs to Erlend ye but hey a girl s gotta have (delusional) options. I can t begin to tell you how many times I ve stared at that Bendrew cover. I may even have missed a bus stop or two a couple of times during a longing gaze. I love Bendrew and I love Sarah We should have put a disclaimer on that baby. To show you how much we appreciate the love have yourself a pair of Skullcandy headphones so you can listen to Bendrew (or MGMT as we call them) as clearly as you see them. Dziki There are few rags here better equipped to prep you on discovering culture off the beaten path. Once back in Poland you can always keep reading the digital edition of via our website. POSTAL DISSERVICE Guys Seriously. What do I have to do to get my letters in your Inbox I ve written some insightful and or funny entries and yet I never get chosen. I still love anyways but what gives Daniel There there. All you had to do was ask. BEER US Heyhey Had this urge to let you guys know that you re the best But then again you folks already know that don t you Not only does keep my ears attuned to all the cutting edge tunes it leaves the fashion side of my brain flabbergasted too I m sure it takes a lot of hard work to keep as fresh as it is and for that you guys deserve hugs and maybe some free beer. Keep on keepin on and I ll keep reading. Elizabeth Loyal peeps like you is why we do what we do. And of course we ll take you up on that free beer Do you do deliveries FRESH MEAT What up This is a little embarrassing but I only just began reading your magazine a couple of months ago. I know I know I ve been missing out. Nobody feels worse about that I do But I do have to say that ever since I picked up your nifty little rag my horizons have expanded exponentially. Who knew there were so many good bands hangouts parties and threads to check out Kudos on the fab work guys You have yourselves a new fan. Darius THIS MONTH S MAIL OF THE MONTH WINS A PAIR OF SKULLCANDY HEADPHONES COURTESY OF ACCELERATE. 8 Where have you been my good man You have some serious catching up to do but better late than never Welcome aboard. flash Text Min Chen Fiona Chen and Hidzir Junaini Images Various sources DR. MARTENS YOUTH SPRING SUMMER 11 Fierce things do come in small packages and the latest addition to the Dr. Martens family proves just that. As part of the doc s Youth S S 11 range the 8175 6-eye boot now faces the world in three vivid cloaks of leopard print leather Snow Leopard Azzuro and Tan Leopard. And like its predecessor the 1460 8-eye boot these babies are crafted out of the softest suede and the toughest soles and shine with the same sense of attitude and style that even the small-footed amongst us can pack a punch with. MC Available at Dr. Martens stores at Wheelock Place 02-17A and Orchard Central 03-05. WASHED OUT WITHIN AND WITHOUT Chillwave may no longer be a thing but then again it was just a thing. And Ernest Greene commonly known as Washed Out ain t hanging on to the label. Having spent the past two years mucking around his bedroom making lo-fi hip-pop melodies and causing quite the stir in the music blogging community dude has lately landed a record deal with Sub Pop and has a debut LP on the way. It s called Within and Without and offers up a refined view of his atmospheric lullabies its warm textures and whispery effects laying a soft and hazy rug so you re never too far from Ernest s bedroom. Get a whiff of first single Eyes Be Closed and see if it doesn t put you in the mood for 1986. MC thebabeinthewoods CLUTTERISM What s a home without clutter It ll be like a shell without a turtle. But no such issues with Clutterism an online store that has arrayed a selection of quality home wares that sparkle with individuality and wit and that will take up just as much space. Try these on for size stag antlers massive chess pieces skull and bone reproductions lamps shaped like Olympic torches and (why not ) an airplane propeller. All that s really missing is your roof to house it all under. MC LISTEN TO THIS DIRTY BEACHES MISSONI HAVAIANAS For one very special collection Havaianas has left its soles in the good hands of fashion house Missoni. Or more specifically creative director Angela Missoni who drew inspiration from Brazil and its joyful mode of life and applied it to the two styles on the Missoni Havaianas collection. Both the Slim Wave and Top Unisex feature Missoni s signature enlarged space-dye and wave patterns on Havaianas stylish and buttery-soft soles and come packed in an exclusive Missoni knit bag. Your feet are in for a treat MC Available at the Missoni store Hilton Hotel 01-16 17. It s a skuzzy and distorted racket that Alex Zhang chooses to make under his Dirty Beaches moniker a loose tie-up of rockabilly blues and lo-fi upon which Alex enacts on his best Elvis impersonation. If you ve heard it all before it s because Alan Vega s already been there but hey Alex is makes a pretty cracking entrance himself. Badlands is his first LP (following a handful of 7 s) a cinematic spread of 50s riffs blues mythology and derelict sonic effects that manage to straddle both the dirty and the romantic. It certainly was born under the shadow of Suicide s first LP but there s no reason it should remain there for long. MC dirtybeaches 10 GIVEAWAYS QUEEN A DAY AT THE RACES FLEET FOXES HELPLESSNESS BLUES Three years after their critical hit of a debut Seattle-based folksters Fleet Foxes return with a sophomore that however much a reiteration of their folk motif dives harder into its baroque and psychedelic depths. Kind of like a bridge between Roy Harper s Stormcock and Van Morrison s Astral Weeks Helplessness Blues is an intricate tapestry of the quintet s signature harmonics and introspection woven with a new emotionality and empathy and with choice cuts such as Grown Ocean and Battery Kinzie . It isn t exactly the kind of record that s begging to be as cool as chillwave but as with all things Fleet Foxes it doesn t have to be. MC It s Queen s 40th year of greatness and long live Queen indeed For this momentous occasion we re getting a swarm of re-mastered albums including selections from Queen s 1977 to 1982 output like Jazz and News of The World (following up on the first wave of re-issues for albums like Queen and A Night at The Opera) in addition to compilation Deep Cuts Vol 2 which features tracks hand-picked by Brian May and Roger Taylor themselves. And thanks to Universal Music we have Queen things of our own to giveaway Three sets of A Day at The Races albums and T-shirts are up for grabs and to stand your chance to win simply write to grabs with your name IC and contact numbers naming us an album off Queen s 77 to 82 catalogue. Contest ends 20 June. MC F1RST RECORDS Following their team-up on the Oniwaye EP Zouk resident djB and house-bound DJ producer Danny Marquez (Bubble Soul Music) are strengthening those bonds with the founding of F1rst Records. The imprint will be illuminating not just a path unto progressive electronic nirvana but with its sub-label O4M aims to unearth talents in electro new wave techno and house. And O4M s virgin release does just that Vilanova & Chunks Bust The Beat is a hardthumping tech-house killer that doesn t so much as arrive on the dancefloor as it crashes its way in. As far as entrances go F1rst Records and O4M couldn t have asked for a better one. MC f1rstrecords OKKERVIL RIVER I AM VERY FAR Not only is this set to be Okkervil River s longest record it s also set to be their most ambitious. Challenging and monstrously expansive I Am Very Far sets its salvo to melodramatic heights and somehow manages to eclipse its own expectations. Will Sheff has always been one to be lyrically adventurous but this time the music follows his consuming narratives. Epic strings on White Shadow Waltz and the densely arranged Show Yourself indicates a huge stylistic departure but the rewards justify the risks. HJ AGN S B. TRAVEL PRESENTS MARTINIQUE Where better for agn s b. to travel to this summer than Martinique a tropical island in the eastern Caribbean Sea that s fit for water sports dolphins and that side of suntan And it s under that Caribbean sun that agn s b. Travel has created a line of handmade accessories like scarves straw bags and hats cotton dolls and maracas each flavoured by a Martinique way of life and ably accompanied by an exhibition dedicated to the island s architecture food culture and practices. So never mind if you can t get to Martinique cos agn s b. Travel is bringing it right to you. MC Available at the agn s b. Travel Concept Store at Raffles City Shopping Centre 01-26. flash FALCONIERE New York-based designer Juniper Rose comes with a solid background in the clothing industry (having worked on Earl Jean the Olsen twins children collection and her own line) so when she turns her hand to accessory design don t expect wispy little things. Instead Falconiere is a statement-making range that takes it cue from medieval armoury and champions the hardest of hardware. It s all chain-mail necklaces studded leather cuffs metal epaulets and rhinestones extravagantly strung together as Juniper intended them to serve as a piece of clothing rather than a little accessory . And so far these toughluxe pieces have already drawn the attention of Donna Karan and the fashion world at large so they can t be anything but ready for war. MC Available from Carte Blanche X s online store at NEW LOOK SPRING SUMMER 11 Accessibility is the main aim of New Look all year round and how well have they done to help you ease into the rainbow hues of this season. Take your pick from florals and 70s inspired togs that are straight out of Studio 54 and you bet there s a flared bottom in there somewhere. The boys do get it at New Look too with workwear inspired by 30s industrial America meaning an excess of denim and raw-edges to be found in the mix. FC New Look is located at ION Orchard B2-04 05 Suntec City Mall 01-151 153 155 157 313 Somerset B2-34 35 36 37 and Tampines 1 02-26. EMA PAST LIFE MARTYRED SAINTS Former Gowns singer and guitarist Erika M. Anderson is moving out of the downtempo confines of her former band to embrace a whole new acronymic moniker and genre-blurring soundscape for her solo efforts. Past Life Martyred Saints as its title suggests is a raspy epic of that submerges you in the distortion of Sonic Youth punctuated by vocals that can be either Emmylou Harris or Patti Smith depending on her mood. It s that disconcerting schizophrenia that makes this debut so eye-opening. HJ LISTEN TO THIS BLEEDING KNEES CLUB ART BRUT BRILLIANT TRAGIC Made up of Alex Wall (vocals drums) and Jordan Malane (guitar vocals) these brothers from Brisbane have been building up from the basement. Starting out last year playing house parties and the odd club gig or two their surf-thrash fash has since gained a fair amount of attention Down Under and online. Raw rockabilly punk is what they dispense in brief shambolic bursts echoing kindred spirits like Wavves and The Black Lips. Listening to their playful lead single Have Fun lets you know immediately what they re all about. HJ thebleedingkneesclub Nobody does post-punk sarcasm better than Art Brut and the endearing smart alecks are back with a fourth album. The follow-up to Art Brut vs. Satan reunites the band with ex-Pixies frontman Black Francis who once again serves as producer. The first single Lost Weekend boasts a music video of blue-haired boxers holographic unicorns... and Eddie Argos singing Black reportedly coaxed Argos to sing on this record and though we adore his spoken-word wit we re eager for him serenade us with irony too HJ 12 flash BEIRUT S BACK Zach Condon s been busy lately with his recent Caetano Veloso cover for the Red Hot Rio charity compilation and score contribution for a documentary called Bombay Beach. It s a spur of sudden activity from the dormant Beirut that indicates a new full-length is forthcoming and true enough the longbrewing LP is finally ready to be served. As yet untitled the record was made last winter but is paradoxically going to be a sunny outing made up of Condon s trademark vibrato and Balkan folk. We can t wait HJ Images plussixfive PURE BLUE JAPAN X THE DENIM STORE Though Pure Blue Japan is known for its faultless blue denim (a result of using pure indigo dyes) its first-time collaboration with The Denim Store is one that focuses on black denim aptly named Black On Black . Yup that means just about everything from its thread to hardware is inky black with the exception of its selvage which is in a rare blue. Crazy but if you think this looks good it can only look better after a little wear and tear... FC There are only 100 pieces of Black on Black available exclusively at The Denim Store Mandarin Gallery 03-09 10 11. FRED PERRY SPRING SUMMER 11 WOMEN S FOOTWEAR Keeping things simple and fresh as always are Fred Perry s S S 11 servings of women s footwear. From the Laurel Wreath collection make classic cuts like the Wardour a low cut canvas model from the 50s and the Meaden Linen a plimsoll-like shoe your new sole mates for Summer. Also you girls can stop raiding the men s department now that there s the Moke an updated version of the traditional chukka right smack in its Authentic collection. FC The Laurel Wreath collection is available at the Fred Perry Laurel Wreath Collection Shop 19 Ann Siang Road while the Authentic collection is available at Fred Perry Authentic Stores at ION Orchard B3-01 and Cathay Cineleisure 03-0A. SANRIO X VANS MUJI SPRING 11 The purveyor of Japanese minimal fashion Muji s Spring 11 apparel collection places emphasis on the brand s environmental causes and what better way to do it than by featuring apparel spurn from organic cotton Apart from being free of agricultural chemicals and commercial fertilisers the fabric is also super-soft after benefiting from an extra slow spin on the weaving machine. Muji s simple aesthetic is also kept strong and this season with slouchy tees and cardigans making up much of the collection. FC The Kitty fever never dies at least not in our part of the world. Once again unleashing its saccharine sweetness is Hello Kitty and her Sanrio fam in the name of Vans and we can t quite get over how for lack of a better word cute it is. Models swathed in the Hello Kitty print includes the SK8-HI D-Lo the Slip-On and the Authentic Lo Pro perfect for those not quite ready to grow up yet ie. Hello Kitty fans (we know you re out there). FC Sanrio x Vans will drop mid-June at all Vans stores including Vans Orchard Central and Vans Marina Square. 14 LISTEN TO THIS JAMES VINCENT MCMORROW TED BAKER SUMMER 11 JEWELLERY For the first time in Singapore high street retailer Ted Baker s range of jewellery reaches our shores... though we wish it ll go straight onto our hands and necks instead. In full technicolour glory is the Charry an acrylic bangle with geometric shapes and the Taylor a necklace with the perfect summer combi of aqua and gold. FC Get it at all Ted Baker stores including Ngee Ann City and TANGS Orchard L2 & 3. You might think that a kid growing up hardcore on bands like Refused and At The Drive-In would develop a wilder streak. Yet somehow James Vincent McMorrow has given up on primal pummeling for ambient acoustics. Joining the bearded wintry ilk of Sufjan Stevens and Bon Iver his sparse strumming and huskily enunciated sorrow may not be unique but it makes up by being breathtaking. James debut album Early In The Morning sounds like it was written in a lonely house overlooking the Dublin sea and strangely enough it was. HJ jamesvmcmorrow FRIENDLY FIRES PALA Taking inspiration from Aldous Huxley s 1962 novel Island Friendly Fires sophomore LP Pala sounds exactly as gloriously blissful as its utopian namesake. The electro paradise of the first single Live These Days Tonight and the psychedelic samba of the second single Hawaiian Air suggest more breathy doses of serotonin-induced dance punk in store. It all sounds a little more refined and less in-yourface than its predecessor but Ed MacFarlane and company still bring the fizzy fun and shanty rhythms. Undoubtedly destined to be a summer favourite. HJ flash GIVEAWAYS PIONEER SE-CL721 HEADPHONES ABOUT GROUP START AND COMPLETE This is the second record from super-band About Group consisting of Hot Chip s Alexis Taylor jazz vet Pat Thomas This Heat drummer Charles Hayward and Spiritualized guitarist John Coxon. It s quite the ensemble but the end result is an even more spectacular patchwork of ingenious spontaneity that can never be recaptured. That s because Start and Complete was astoundingly started and completed within a day and it sounds like a melodic brainstorm of lengthy improvised instrumentals and jazzy experimentation. Pure freewheeling creativity. HJ Bass heads rejoice The Pioneer SE-CL721 headphones are a wonder of technology with high clarity and powerful bass on its side. It does it with a ear-direct mount structure and silicone padding which help increase sealing and making sure those club beats reach your ears in all their 110dB glory. But tech jargon aside these headphones still stand up with lightweight and sleek design a comfortable fit and three different colourways to match the cut of your hair. Courtesy of Pioneer we have 10 pairs of the SE-CL721 headphones to pass around. Stand your chance to win simply by dropping your name IC and contact numbers to grabs before 20 June. MC HOW SWEET HANDMADE ACCESSORIES ZADIG & VOLTAIRE SPRING SUMMER 11 Making its debut here late last year was Zadig & Voltaire a French cult label with all ten fingers in the rock n roll aesthetic. Created by Thierry Gillier (whose dad is the co-founder of Lacoste) in 1997 Zadig & Voltaire has collaborated with the likes of The Kills and Mark Ronson so there s no doubt about its musical associations there. For its Spring Summer collection its blood ties with rock remain a staple and that means lots of leather skull prints and biker boots. As for the men be prepared to take a trek into the woods in your military fatigues. FC Zadig and Voltaire is located at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands B2-71 72. Tetsuya Sato is a shoemaker by profession but he has been applying his cobbler s techniques to wonderful results his leather bowties and pocket squares from his label How Sweet are crafted from calf leather and meticulously by hand. Recognise the decorative perforations They re usually found on wingtips and brogue shoes and it s just Tetsuya and his gifted hands paying homage to his shoemaking roots. FC For more information email howsweetjapan 16 PRESENTS SOUNDS OF STOCKHOLM GLOBA L MUSIC PERSPECTIVES it. In this feature ful music that comes with it dwells in and the wonder er for Heineken loves the world these two element s togeth beer brings the beloved international with series sic scenes. and who s hot in various mu a spin and explores where ... Kool DJ Dust Stockholm with R10 fur ther purchase of an AS Skweee in An 18th bir thday mpling earp based genre so The glitchy hip ho originally bbed as Skweee screechingly du dra of odd electronic tun simmered in the founders was a synth. One of its Scandinavian niel Savio by the name of Da Stockholm native le of Kool DJ Dust. by his deck hand better known ined by m Skweee was co In fact the ver y ter nre forefather self and fellow ge Daniel when him s for their ying about name Pavan were band ed from Daniel s le. The name deriv quirk y new sty elements of squeeze all of the mad attempts to his brand new of a single synth one track out ct that Juno 1. In retrospe the Roland Alpha be more apt for moniker couldn t onomatopoeic ak y melodies. the genre s sque s already a kweee Daniel wa However a pre-S music circles e head in Swedish veteran scen mid- 90s. His tive DJ since the having been an ac ed from his immersion in stemm love for music niel became ce childhood. Da hip hop culture sin i to rapping but rything from graffit the hardest. involved in eve the DJ bug that bit y in the end it was due to his curiosit rizons expanded re Soon his ho mpling. From the ol breaks and sa with old scho er electronic embraced the wid Kool DJ Dust especially the k soul rock and r spectrums of fun Kraftwerk Arthu soundscapes of early electro ul Hardcastle. Baker and Pa ung DJ to begin sa encouraged the yo tes obsessively. A friendship g cra loops and diggin which fur ther or soon followed with DJ Mighty Th incorporate hop influences to stretched his hip school house grooves and new old school disco d Mighty . Kool DJ Dust an and techno tunes a white label teamed up to do Thor eventually Nordic trio on to form gnarly 12 before going sed two albums Soder which relea ) and a bunch Hundarna Fran 04 ish Grammy in 20 (one won a Swed EPs. of well-received lo stuff began to same time his so Of course at the wntempo hip hop into a blend of do naturally steer t eventually synths a sound tha informed and high-pitched avily n as Skweee. He came to be know from p hybrid emerging by the 8-bit hip ho nshall label (which he now ta Da Sweden s Flogs er with the l broke out togeth calls home) Danie helped define. 2006 onwards d and ol DJ Dust s genre he name g up along with Ko saw Skweee blowin his anthemic track We Call ting in profile culmina announcement eetly triumphant It Skweee a sw ge. l to the world at lar of scene s arriva Stockholm wn wa s onc e be st kno The Swedi sh cap ital Ab ba bu t e po p gro up s like for sac cha rin e ay bo ast s a divers the Sto ckh olm of tod ne. Ac ts suc h as sce and dyn am ic mu sic De pt Lyk ke Li The Ra dio Co ncr ete s Ro byn nza lez and The Hives Jos e Go The Kn ife rdi c all hai l fro m the No Pe ter Bjo rn & Joh n hile clu bs nig hts like me tro po lis. Me anw t-u p by at Ma rie Laveau (se Ba nge rs n Ma sh Ba ba So nic at Ca f ) and An dy Be ll of Oa sis tur nal revelr y. Tivoli provid e the noc Skweee mercial latest Heineken com ema If you caught the the cin rance on TV or at titled The Ent y catchy randy barracuda have heard the ver recently you would Age per formed rack The Golden soundt soulful Galax y Tour. The by The Asteroids band consists of chedelic Danish pop psy an Mette rsen and frontwom producer Lar s Ive ece including extends to a six-pi Lindberg which and as seen en per forming live a horn section wh pavan mercial. in the com gle from is the stand- out sin The Golden Age Fruit sed debut album lea the band s self-re duced in recorded and pro which was written ce received studio and has sin Lar s small home spite forming critical acclaim. De overwhelming Tour has Asteroids Galax y only in 2007 The y Winehouse who the attention of Am caught for her l ele ctr on ic be the opening act ica lly ins tru me nta The invited the band to Sk we ee is a typ wn Copenhagen. mi xe d lou de r cer t in their hometo ple sy nth lea ds con sty le wit h sim ed down is histor y. rest as they say dru ms . It s str ipp d ck at tha n the ba ss an ina tio n ver sion of the tra rived fro m a co mb Listen to the full ac e fun k flavo ur is de steroidsgala xytou overl aid wit h sp d so ul ww w.thea of r&b hip ho p an Wh en the be viewed at ctr o infl ue nc es . The Entrance can dis co an d 80 s ele sg. ble du bs tep ww w.theentrance. Lo nd on no tic ea eero johanne s HEINEKEN WELC GOLDEN AGE OMES THE ge nre sp rea d to ted. Sk we ee be ing inc orp ora an d ele me nts be ga n Ra nd y Ba rra cu da alo ng es pio ne ers Pava n like Ee ro Jo ha nn we ero es . newe r bre ed Sk n into the ge nre int rod uc tio provid e the be st sg on ww w.heineke wing Sneak preview of bsite will be previe the Heineken we Eve ry month ck content. Go che the late st report ZOO RAVE THE BUTTER FACTORY S 5TH BIRTHDAY Text Hidzir Junaini Images The Butter Factory WILD THINGS Pretty much any trip to The Butter Factor begets a wild ride but nothing quite prepared us for the insanity of their beastly fifth anniversary party Commemorating half a decade (wow time passes when you re having fun) of churning out the fresh creamy party condiments for you boogie down to the loud and proud club strutted out with an epic creature feature to take you into the groovy wilderness. The safari shindig spared no expense as the usual Butter party animals danced alongside costumed animal dancers and performers to untamed tunes by the resident DJs Dave Does and Shawn Livewire in Fash and Stanley and Andrew T in Bump. Not one to shamelessly blow their own trumpet The Butter Factory brought along trumpeter Rio from Bali to blow his horn for them It never hurts to add primal blasts of brass to inject a little tropical flavour to the feral festivities. Mammals reptiles predator or prey this was one watering hole where all species got in touch with their instinct to let loose and get a lot silly. The smorgasbord of furry friends flocked to the only shindig in the animal kingdom that mattered and revelled all night long till their roars turned hoarse and their well-heeled paws sprouted happy blisters. No one does it wilder than The Butter Factory and this proves it so here s to many more anniversaries to come 18 report TOPMAN PRESENTS HURTS LIVE IN SINGAPORE Text Hidzir Junaini Images Sony Music Singapore WONDERFUL LIFE Everything about Hurts oozes theatricality and style (and perhaps some Brylcreem) so it s not much of a shock that their live show indulges in the same New Romantic dramatics. Coming out to foreboding industrial synth and crashing cymbals the monochrome duo of Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson appeared immaculately tailored as always accompanied by a back-up man on synth-wallah and an imposing portly tenor to lend gravitas and a little operatic flair. Looking impossibly polished is one thing but what most impresses about a Hurts concert is their ability to magnify minimalist melancholy into majestic Anton Corbijn-esque lavishness. Opening grandly with Unspoken it didn t take long for the sing-a-long to begin before the euphoria of Wonderful Life brought the Esplanade Theatre to its feet. The band sounds as effortlessly retro as it does on record belting pop sincerity free from irony a 21st century mix of Eurythmics new wave and old Hollywood glamour. As predicted Hurts are impressively honed but little did we know that beneath the pair s clean-lined calm belies intense showmen simmering in their suits. Theo is a charismatic frontman he swings his mic twitchily dances like a contemporary Ian Curtis and bandies flowers about. It s an elegant domination under mood lighting and it s enough to make girls fluster and guys admiringly envious. A tender rendition of Verona also provided their stern tenor with a glorious showcase while a cover of Kylie Minogue s Confide In Me aroused goosebumps before the a billowing encore of Better Than Love left all clamoring for more. With that Hurts gracefully exited with our hearts in tow. was proud to be the official magazine for Topman Presents Hurts Live in Singapore. report DEADMAU5 LIVE IN SINGAPORE Text Hidzir Junaini Images Amos Wong A MAU5 TALE We were warned that Deadmau5 s penchant for the stunning live sets would be awfully spectacular but oh boy we had no idea. The SCAPE Playhouse served as the site for the Mau5 s live showing with Zouk stalwart HonG providing a sweaty prologue before Toronto s favourite rodent-producer Joel Zimmerman emerged to pixelated splendor and thunderous cacophony. In true Deadmau5 fashion ribcage shuddering bass relentless kick drums and melodious Nintendo-esque bleeps were the order for the night. Whether he was lifting us up with pulsating trance or briefly dropping us into the grimy lows of dubstep Deadmau5 s music puppetry was all spot on and the mau5keteers just lapped it all up. Surprise guest SOFI even dropped in to lend her considerable vocals for a handful of tracks such as Sofi Needs A Ladder . More than just a DJ Deadmau5 proves to be a true performer who manages to weave an exhilarating sense of theatre to his seamless live experience. Mice FRED PERRY SUBCULTURE NIGHT Text Hidzir Junaini Images Fred Perry TRUE BRIT As the first couple of Subculture Nights here have proved Fred Perry has provided a fantastic platform for local acts to get some love. The first Fred Perry Subculture Night of the year does no different and sees the event returning to its Anglican roots by combining Singapore s brightest bands with iconic UK tunes that touched everything from post-punk somberness to Britpop sing-alongs. The night jumpstarted with an opening set by electro trio Elektone that overwhelmed with synth pleasures inclusive of a syncopated version of Hurts Wonderful Life . Homegrown gig legends Tiramisu followed by serving up an aggressive goulash of outrageous costumes chicken dancing and a spirited cover of Sex Pistols Anarchy In The UK . Resonance Quartet concluded the live festivities with some inventive string rearrangements of great Brit tunes before Aldrin took us all to Onederland to close another bangin British-invaded installment of Fred Perry Subculture. 20 report THE DRUMS LIVE IN SINGAPORE Text Hidzir Junaini Images Shawn Chen Ryan Chang and Aloysius Lim DRUM ROLL D What s a band to do when saddled with all that hype The Drums just shrug march on and exclaim You ain t seen nothing yet . It sure seems that the boys from Brooklyn play a live set with something to prove and the result is an hour of amplified summery vigor and a whole load of bouncy indie kids. Wasting no time at their Singapore debut at St. James Power Station the band immediately launch into a freshly squeezed cut called What You Were from their forthcoming sophomore album before driving right into the jangly familiarity of Me And The Moon . Infectious chiming euphoric melodies and reverb riotousness ensued with frontman Jonathan Pierce taking effortless ownership of the intimate space with his quirky flailing and Morrissey-esque presence. The onstage versions of The Drums appear to be infused with much more energy than their records and that praise extends to Connor Hanwick Jacob Graham and Myles Matheny too. It was as if they fed off Jonny s lighting rod electricity and channeled it straight into a willing crowd. The band may be American but the C86 Anglophilia is crystal clear when tracks like Best Friend and Let s Go Surfing pop up. Alternately like Orange Juice or The Cure with a postmodern pomp The Drums are a sight to behold. Demanding more the audience broke into a goosebump-inducing rendition of Down By The Water to coax the band out for an encore. That sure got their attention because the boys returned to deliver that very song sandwiched in between Skippin Town and The Future. We love The Drums forever and ever amen. report HEINEKEN SECRET GALLERY WITH NOSAJ THING & CARIBOU Text Min Chen Images Heineken UNDERGROUND OPERATION It s been all hush-hush with Heineken lately in line with the launch of its STR bottle which reveals its true colours only under UV light the brand has been seeking to uncover yours ours and everybody else s dirtiest secrets (which may or may not appear under UV lights). It s done so via its Truth Booth a mobile contraption that works like a confessional booth for your darkest revelations though the biggest mystery was saved for its exclusive event the Secret Gallery. Taking up space at an abandoned school on Margaret Drive the Gallery wasn t just UV-friendly d cor and beers galore but also the proud host of two secret acts. And what Heineken really means by secret is a pair of the brightest names the electronic underground could cough up Nosaj Thing and Caribou. A stunning opening set by local jock Ming set the pulse for the night s soundtrack deep and dubby but not without its groovy moments (including a smidge of drum n bass for da heads). Stealing the show though was Nosaj Thing aka Jason Ford who stepped up next for an hour-long sonic and visual experiment. Hot off his Coachella stint Nosaj provided live entertainment with his witchy brew of hip hop x electronica harmonies alternating between ethereal washes and bass-rich beats brilliantly executed against a minimal and clever light show (created by his partner-in-crime Julia Tsao). Ah Low End bliss all round. Caribou or Mr Daniel Snaith neatly cleaned up after Nosaj Thing digging into his record bag for a DJ set steeped in psychedelic disco flavours and ensuring movement on the dancefloor way into the early morn. The secret s out (and so was the underground) and aren t we better for it. 22 boombox THE KILLS FOUR ALBUMS ON AND THE KILLS BRAND OF BLUES-PUNK REMAINS AS LEAN MEAN AND GRIMY AS THE BASEMENT THEY FELL OUT OF. WHERE THEIR 2002 DEBUT KEEP ON YOUR MEAN SIDE UNFOLDED WITH MINIMAL BLUES AND A COUGHING DRUM MACHINE ALISON AND JAMIE S NEWEST BLOOD PRESSURES CARPETS THEIR SOUND WITH DIRTIER TEXTURES AND POSTURES AS THE DUO CONTINUES RECALIBRATING ROCK N ROLL TO SUIT THEIR NEEDS. AND TO BACK IT ALL UP ALISON AND JAMIE ALSO BOAST AN EQUALLY GRUNGY AND BLUES-RIDDEN PLAYLIST (SORRY NO ROYAL TRUX) THAT CONFIRMS THAT THESE CATS ARE MORE PURISTS THAN TOURISTS. Text Min Chen Interview courtesy of Domino Record Co Captain Beefheart Sure Nuff n Yes I Do Alison This is one of my favourite songs in the world. Roxy Music If There Is Something Jamie This song plays a brilliant trick. Starts off as a lighthearted upbeat summer song then verse by verse it gradually descends further and further into epic nostalgia and incurable melancholy. Them Baby Please Don t Go Alison The Kills covered this with The Horrors on tour a few years ago. I broke my nose while performing it. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Stagger Lee Jamie The best version of Stagger Lee ever recorded. I had the fortune to play this live with Nick Cave and I swear he s the greatest rabble rouser I ve come across. Etta James I Just Want to Make Love to You Alison What a voice What a song. This one never gets old it s too good sounding. Velvet Underground Run Run Run Jamie Bad sound muffled vocals stumbling drums solos coming in too loud. For all its faults it s perfect. Death You re a Prisoner Alison 70s black punk trio of brothers from Detroit. Death is really incredible Neil Young Borrowed Tune Jamie By the time you work out the melody is stolen from Lady Jane Neil is already telling you I m singing this borrowed tune I took from The Rolling Stones alone in my empty room too wasted to write my own. Peter Tosh Stepping Razor Jamie Possibly the coolest cat in the history of rock music I m like a steppin razor don t watch my size I m dangerous... Ry Cooder Get Away Alison Come back I love this song. It s just guitars and it s perfect. The Mob Witch Hunt Jamie I remember the first time I heard this record. It was one of the many records I bought aged 15 purely on the strength of the artwork without hearing the band at all. When I got this one home it sounded like a 60s psych band playing the greatest punk rock music I d ever heard. Overnight I ditched my Parka and painted my mum s old leather jacket with a nuclear mushroom cloud and The Mob in Tippex. The start of many a beating... The Staple Singers Too Close Jamie A live jam of Too Close with tremolo guitar and Papa Staple singing his heart out as if his vocal chords were attached to his guitar strings... Turns into a staggering gospel. 26 special INDULGE YOURSELF MASTERS OF MALT No other beverage retains the essence of its homeland in a bottle quite like whisky. A good Scotch is not only symbolic of the rugged highlands but also of its drinker s maturity and distinction. That romanticism associated with a glass of single malt seems to be catching on in Singapore and as usual OCBC Cards is your trusty chaperon to best places serving that bold Gaelic spirit. WHAT S IN A SCOTCH While bourbon and rye may technically be termed whisky a true Scotch must have Celtic roots namely Scottish barley. A fine blend of barley malt cured with a peat-fired flame and tempered with cold water is what gives a Scotch its distinctively bold flavor. Its worldwide variations all retain that quintessential smoky essence but tellingly differ in taste due to different grains or distillation techniques. Regardless of geography there s nothing like a little malt magic to savour life with. FABRIKA BY CHIVAS 18 This rooftop watering hole is collaboration between Klapsons and the whisky label so expect lots of handcrafted malts on the menu along with specialised Scotch cocktails. And you know the place is really serious about its whisky when even its delectable beef skewers are Chivas-marinated. Its Moroccan aesthetic and canopied alfresco ambience makes this sky bar the perfect retreat for serious whisky aficionados to take in the cityscape. Fabrika by Chivas 18 is located at 17 F Klapsons The Boutique Hotel 15 Hoe Chiang Rd. Call 6521 9029 or visit for more information. Opening hours are 5pm to midnight from Monday to Wednesday and 5pm to 1am on Thursday to Saturday. OCBC CARDMEMBERS EXCLUSIVE 1-for-1 bottle of Chivas 18 at S 280 nett (U.P. S 560 nett) 1-for-1 Fruity Champagne Cocktails at S 28 nett (U.P. S 56 nett) 28 NAUMI BAR & LOUNGE Within the sleek intimacy of Naumi Hotel lies an urban oasis that shares its meticulous attention to attitude and atmosphere. Boasting an extensive collection of over 50 different whiskies and single malts Naumi Bar & Lounge is a stylish haven for discerning connoisseurs and weary travellers alike. Its exquisite portfolio includes a number of 30-year makes among dozens of other well-aged malts for your refined pallete. Naumi Bar & Lounge is located at 41 Seah Street. Call 6403 6000 or visit for more information. Opening hours are 7am to 10.30pm on weekdays and 7am to 11pm on weekends and P.H. OCBC CARDMEMBERS EXCLUSIVE 15% off drinks and a la carte food menu THE OLDE CUBAN Serving as Singapore s largest walk-in humidor The Olde Cuban also possesses a massive array of rare Scotches and whiskies at its disposal 101 to be exact Sink yourself into their plush couches and let the Caribbean strings wash over as you indulge in vintage amber nectar. This hidden gem along Chinatown is truly a den only for those in the know and luckily you re one of them. The Olde Cuban is located at 2 Trengganu Street 02-01. Call 6403 6000 or visit for more information. Opening hours are noon to 8pm on weekdays (reservations only after 8pm) and 1pm to 8pm on weekends and P.H. OCBC CARDMEMBERS EXCLUSIVE 15% off drinks and food OCBC Cards. For all the musts in life. Don t have an OCBC Card SMS OCBC Cards space your name to 76062 or visit cards Co.Reg.No 193200032W TERMS AND CONDITIONS Payment must be made with an OCBC Credit Debit Card. Promotion is valid from 1 30 June 2011 for Naumi Bar & Lounge and The Olde Cuban. Promotion is valid on Mondays to Saturdays until 31 July for Fabrika by Chivas 18. Reservations are required (subject to availability) for Fabrika by Chivas 18 and please quote OCBC GSS Privilege during reservation. Not valid with other promotions. Merchants terms and conditions apply. OCBC Bank shall not be responsible for the quality merchantability or the fitness for any purpose or any other aspect of any offer product. Notwithstanding anything herein OCBC Bank shall not at any time be responsible or held liable for any defect or malfunction in any offer product and or for any loss injury damage or harm suffered or incurred by or in connection with the use of any offer product by any person. Other terms and conditions apply. Annual fee for the OCBC Titanium MasterCard is S 180 p.a. OCBC Platinum MasterCard is S 150 p.a. and OCBC Robinsons Visa Platinum is S 120 p.a. The effective interest rate is 24.96% p.a. and interest is subject to compounding if the monthly interest charges are not repaid in full. Terms and conditions apply. sounds ESSENTIAL TUNES FROM PICKS OF THE MONTH Text Christopher Ujine Ong NINE TYPES OF LIGHT TV ON THE RADIO (Interscope Records) TOUCH AND GO RECORDS When Touch and Go shrunk and shuttered its manufacturing and distribution arm in 2009 the music industry was left with an immeasurable void. Such was the uniqueness of its business practices and the importance of its sterling releases that the Chicago-based company was mourned over by anyone who valued quality music. Corey Rusk was the visionary that begun the label 1981 but going back even further Touch and Go s first incarnation was as a homespun fanzine in 1979. Formed in little East Lansing Michigan and written and run by Tesco Vee (soon to be frontman of The Meatmen) and Dave Stimson the DIY fanzine gained a reputation for its coverage of little-heard bands before going the Sub Pop route and transforming into a full-fledged record company. The 80s also saw a transition in the rock landscape with hardcore replacing punk as the testosterone-fueled soundtrack for youthful rebellion. Touch and Go tapped right into the heart of that emergence by putting out records from influential hardcore acts of the time such as Necros The Fix the Meatmen and Negative Approach. Necros close working relationship with Touch and Go provided the platform for their bassist Rusk to jump over from making music to distributing music. Within a couple of years Rusk and his wife Lisa took over the keys to the castle (with Tusco s blessing) and subsequently relocated to Chicago. Touch and Go went on to make a considerable splash when they added the Butthole Surfers and Virgin Prunes to their roster during mid- 80s to mid- 90s. Bands like Big Black the Jesus Lizard Scratch Acid the Didjits and Killdozer also provided recognisable noise-rock luster during that era. Ever on the cutting edge of vanguard sounds Touch and Go kept plucking great up-and-coming acts from the abyss well into the new millennium by signing names like Shellac Yeah Yeah Yeahs TV on the Radio CocoRosie and Ted Leo and the Pharmacists. Remarkably for most of its existence Touch and Go never engaged its artists in contracts preferring instead to conduct its dealings through handshakes deals and a verbal agreement to split the profits 50 50. However a 1999 legal dispute with the Butthole Surfers over catalogue rights forced them to rethink that practice. In hindsight it s quite amazing that the label lasted that long before encountering a problem with their paperless transactions with bands. That longevity is a testament to the Touch and Go s integrity and dedication to its artists. 2006 marked a quarter of a century for Touch and Go and it celebrated with a three-day block party event in downtown Chicago. Sadly the spiraling economy soon took its toll on the music industry and Touch and Go was far from unaffected. Their devastating downsizing was unfortunate but the company is still around and we certainly hope that Rusk s remarkable institution will someday return to glory. LABEL Nearly a decade s worth of work three albums and a heap of critical laudations (and attendant expectations) it was enough for TV On The Radio to go an indefinite hiatus in 2009. Meantime lead singer Tunde Adebimpe tag teamed with bassist Gerard Smith for Fake Male Voice singer-guitarist Kyp Malone released a solo album as Rain Machine and guitarist producer Dave Sitek decamped into a home studio and created a dance project called Maximum Balloon. But now they are back with a fourth that sees that band settling into a comfort zone plainly performing... love songs. Settling into a less incessant groove the artsy ones do not thump listeners with their usual immediate hard hitters but seduce with relatively mild openers Second Song and Keep Your Heart . The six-minute Killer Crane may beat calmly as the album s folksy heart with its flourishes of strings but it is to Repetition and No Future Shock that TVOTR fans will listen longingly to for the noisier flashes of the band s flashier past. But if the fans persist enough they will just get (to see) the Nine Types Of Light at the end of this tunnel of change. CHERISH THE LIGHT YEARS COLD CAVE (Matador Records) The synth drums come stuttering in guitars make a ubiquitous background swarm of noise and a man makes a guttered guts and glory delivery singing I will come running gunning through the years armed with vocals that could have been just a voice from any of a number of 80s synth-pop bands. This is The Great Pan Is Dead . And on this opening track alone Wesley Eisold and his band Cold Cave will make their name. It is the first great epic euphoric emo-synth-pop track of 2011 and is testament to how Eisold has bounded from his earlier noise and metalcore work and even the earlier cold wave sounds of Cold Cave s debut. It is a sophomore dedicated to his new fave place NYC which seals the narrow gap between basement-alley electronic pop and garage guitar rock pop. Yes New Order Joy Division The Cure and even LCD Soundsystem impressions are all undeniable and yes the opener puts the eight tracks that follow somewhat in the pale but glory will come to Cold Cave as they take industrial goth-pop into the future even if they are still ensconced in the dark synth-pop of the past. 30 Text Hidzir Junaini SPACE NUTZ KANE IAN (Dustpan Recordings) WASTING LIGHT (Sony Music) 4X4 12 FOO FIGHTERS So what s a rocker to do after playing Wembley done time in one of rock music s great bands and crunched out six albums with a self-fronted band Go back into the garage that s what. Dave Grohl and co. decided that seven is the number of reinvention recording straight to analogue for their latest. With the help of Nirvana producer Butch Vig Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic and Bob Mould of H sker D it s the band at their basic (and perhaps best) look into Bridge Burning Arlandria and I Should Have Known to see the light. DEADMAU5 Now the head of his own four-yearold label Dustpan Recordings local DJ producer Kane Ian adds two more feathers to his cap Space Nutz an album of new original house tracks and following a North American tour promoting his album a new Saturday residency at Alley Bar. And it s easy to see why Ian s achieved what he has Space Nutz s a bowlful of house tunes flavoured with jazz soul and funk that are fried friendly enough to pop easily into your party platter. Imagine a humansized Mickey Mouse as an electro house DJ that sums up Joel Zimmerman aka Deadmau5 for ya. Well the masked one is no mousey fella seeing how he has won armfuls of accolades and did fashionable stuff like playing at MTV s shows appear on Gossip Girl and collapse onstage due to exhaustion. And his music Unlike the album title the sum is not more than its parts but is still a jug of super friendly house-techno club juice that even the hard livered will enjoy chugging. (Virgin Records Ltd) WELCOME HOME ARMAGEDDON FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND (Roadrunner Records) WORDS AND PICTURES NU TONE (Hospital Records) A Hospital Records fan Then you know when the bro of Logistics Ben Gresham aka Nu Tone shows you his Words And Pictures it s gonna be drum n bass done on a different tip. On his third stunner Gresham swiftly conjures up clickety clean clicks and techy snaps around eight vocalists get your (hi) kicks with Shine In and Invisible (feat. the legendary 4Hero). And if you like your d n b purer than pure than there s an Instrumentals Acapellas version for wannabe DJs to play God with. BIBLE EYES EGYPTRIXX There are new stars in the electronic music firmament and all eyes are on David Psutka aka Egyptrixx as the Toronto DJ producer turns out the first triumphant single artist disc for Night Slugs. The Flying Lotus smoke of abstract hip hop is suffused into Aphex Twin-styled ambient techno and hosed down through the wider waters of house techno and dubstep. The resultant dye is other-godly galaxial gold dust your ears wild and trippy with Rooks Theme Fuji Club and Liberation Front . (Night Slugs) After 10 years of kerrrunching post-hardcore Welshmen Funeral For A Friend rebound back with their fifth album after a few years of being buried under the tiresomeness of sounding noisy and same-y (a genre limitation perhaps). Not that they have grown beyond the genre of screamo but there s a tightening of both melodic and aggro elements. Start cleaning out yer ears for Front Row Seats To The End Of The World . LAST NIGHT ON EARTH NOAH & THE WHALE (V2 International Ltd) HALO BLACKBIRD BLACKBIRD EUPHORIC HEARTBREAK GLASVEGAS (Sony Music) When Glasvegas debut came out it was like hearing the sound of an indie band calling out to be heard. With their sophomore it s become more of a band calling out to be U2. Flood provides Spectorian bombast with church organs and explosive drums but the density obfuscates any emotions that James Allan may have hoped to express. It is overwhelming and impressive but ultimately it feels like empty emotional badgering when the sonic barrels finally stop spinning. (VFolk Records) Nu folk hits its stride but forerunners Noah & The Whale have run ahead of the curve. As his ex Laura Marling dates a Mumford Charlie Fink leaves his heartbreak (so nakedly expressed on The First Days Of Spring) behind and ditches dinky folk for some lightly flamb d 80s pop. Fans and critics might find the dilettantism vacuous but Fink does keep things interesting instead of stagnant the Lou Reed-ish Wild Thing and Tom Petty-ish L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N just show how much so. Mikey Sanders is yet another one of the newbies who think nothing of putting pop next to folk next to glitch-hop. Under the Blackbird Blackbird moniker the San Fran lad progresses from his chillwave beach pop origins of his Summer Heart debut to release a compilation of b-sides unreleased tracks and old and new songs. A grab bag of 19 it may be but it is a stellar showcase of what he is capable of from avant-hop ( Left To Hurt ) to lo-fi indie pop ( No Rush ). MOMENT BENDS (Downtown) ARCHITECTURE IN HELSINKI Looks like bands are pushing past the more immediate aspects of 80s music (synths and beats) to recapture more of the insidious elements of the era (melodies and lyrics). Melbourne quintet Architecture in Helsinki tones down the flim-flam flummery for an 80s FM radio polished gleam. That s not to say the band s no longer enjoyable Contact High Escapee and Yr Go To connects with the right balance of kitschy pop sounds and indie derring-do to make them a quirky band of note. I DONE AN ALBUM BEARDYMAN (101 Distribution) This screams novelty album Brighton s weirdest beatboxer Darren Foreman aka Beardyman makes a 20-track album with looped beats and character impressions. Interspersed between instrumentals showcasing his crazed glitch-techno dubstep and break beat making skillz are skits and odd bits that will either irritate or cause a titter. Pity about the lost musical ideas cos yeah Beardyman may have done an album but whether for music or comedy s sake no one really knows or gives a shave . WONDER RHYMES LYKKE LI Looks like lil Ms Lykke Li s got a point to make. In her videos she bares skin wears fur and brandishes a mic-stand as a psycho-sexual implement. That this Swedish sweetie has grown into a growling goth witch over heartbreak and that Li does not want to be baked as cookie cutter cute is apparent Get Some has her singing as a prostitute and I Follow Rivers is like a naturalist s stalker-ish paean. A Swedish pop star with bite We Lykke what we see. (Warner Music) listen up Who s h t on the playlist this month We tell. Text Hidzir Junaini staring problem STOKED (ROBBIE) foster the people PUMPED UP KICKS Hands down one of the best tracks for summer listening Pumped Up Kicks washes over you like a chillwave of lo-fi catchiness. But as mesmerisingly easy-breezy as it is its content is anything but making for a stunning juxtaposition between mood and lyric. There you are whistling humming and singing along All the other kids with the pumped up kicks you d better run better run faster than my bullet . How can a song about juvenile homicide sound so refreshingly snug Well it does and it s sheer brilliance. Look for the band s inevitably fab full-length LP to drop soon. Post-punk acts tend sound derivative after a while so it takes a special band to get us stoked which is exactly the improbability that Staring Problem accomplished with a track aptly called Stoked (Robbie) . While easy comparisons to Interpol may be casually tossed about their goth-tinged ramshackle sound (akin to The Jesus & Mary Chain) clearly carves them out as something special. Stoked (Robbie) even comes with a morbidly stylised music video featuring the entire band hanging themselves in slow motion. Gallows aesthetic notwithstanding Staring Problem is actually pretty snappy and playful when you get around to a listen. album staring-problem craft spells AFTER THE MOMENT Craft Spells is Justin Vallesteros bedroom baby a C86 and The Radio Dept-inspired bit of jangly insularity that s as dreamily ruminative as it is sometimes ebullient. Taken off the Idle Labor album After The Moment is a track that falls under the latter category buoyed by delicate beats and heavenly pop basslines. It s a song that s coated in beautiful synths dazed atmospherics and eerily befitting a forlorn disco party. It wouldn t be a stretch to say that Vallesteros vocal delivery sounds positively lovelorn but it s that very ennui that enraptures when paired with anodyne melody. craftspells 32 YACHT PARADISE FOUND Text Min Chen FOCUS ARTIST YACHT is a band not just any ol band your dad listens to but one that prides itself on its own belief system because well someone s got to keep the faith after all. For the Portland-born duo music and spirituality are intricately connected and the point of their pet project has been to bridge both cultures with something more real special and rare than what is being presented by conventional organisations (the band s MySpace does clarify YACHT is not a cult ). And that special something has meant a disciplinary-spanning effort encompassing music visual and performances all individually informed by founder Jona Bechtolt and Claire L. Evans obsessions with life and death the esoteric and the mystical light and dark. Ooh such heavy stuff but lucky for us YACHT s got strong shoulders. So where their 2009 album See Mystery Lights may take its spiritual inspiration from the Marfa lights (paranormal flashes of lights that occur in the sky over the West Texas desert) Jona and Claire have nonetheless managed a sassy and experimental pool of electro-punk and tribal-funk jams that aren t just easy on the ear but pretty darn sweet too. Hanging out under a Texan sky apparently robs nobody of their ability to write a good dance song. The album also happened to be a re-birth of sorts for YACHT it marked Claire s official membership in the band (which was originally Jona s solo project) represented the pair s first release under DFA Records and scored them both some mighty acclaim in critical quarters. With that YACHT can t be anything but totally geared up to take on the rest of the world... and even Utopia. And Utopia is it for YACHT s upcoming trick. Shangri-La will make the twosome s fifth album and will see Jona and Claire expound on a Utopian philosophy that goes something like this The only real sustainable paradise is in our minds and hence creative output can be a tangible piece of the Utopia within each individual . That s great though ultimately Utopia is really just a place with songs innit And Shangri-La s got that 10 tightly wound synth-pop nuggets that pick up where See Mystery Lights left off with heavier funk and disco influences and as always those cosmic vibrations. It s all over numbers like Beam Me Up Paradise Engineering and the stunning lead track Dystopia . The groove is there so are the poignancy and even the possibility of paradise look up into this sky and see if you don t believe. IF YOU LIKE THAT YOU LL LOVE THESE... LCD SOUNDSYSTEM SOUND OF SILVER The patron saint of dance punks everywhere James Murphy was quick to spot YACHT coming over the horizon the band in turn paying tribute to LCD Soundsystem s sonic silver most notably on Summer Song . THE RAPTURE ECHOES The paradigm shifts and The Rapture are first on the scene with a sound that hit the disco-punk nail right on the head and more crucially taught indie kids how to dance again. TALKING HEADS REMAIN IN LIGHT The Talking Heads fourth album didn t just put the worldbeat and funk into post-punk but provided it an arty literate and spiritual backdrop. David Byrne himself calls it joyous and ecstatic and yet serious . TOM TOM CLUB TOM TOM CLUB Though a Talking Heads offshoot Tom Tom Club nonetheless prevailed with a set of playful tunes ( Wordy Rappinghood ) that uncovered the missing links between hip hop new wave and um the Barbados. essentials THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS Text Min Chen KEY CHEMICAL BROTHERS Exit Planet Dust (1995) With beats fit for arenas songs for sirens and the perfect landscaping for a post-techno world here s every reason the Chems are as loved as they are. Dig Your Own Hole (1997) The galaxy s the limit on this one where the Brothers scandalise every wellheld idea in electronica psychedelia and hip hop and present it all in a propulsive pop package. Whether it is a time of boom or famine for dance music has never made any difference to us. We never saw ourselves responsible for a scene or anything. For us it was always all about making a record that would excite people and show them that we had something interesting to offer. - Tom Rowlands Surrender (1999) More than just the sum of its guest drops (Noel Gallagher Bernard Sumner) Surrender puts its four to the floor and reclaims whatever inch of the dancefloor they don t already own. WHEN THE BEAT GOES BIG Once upon a time in Manchester lived Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons two childhood pals who d left the considerable comfort of England s capital city in order to find sanctuary in the hallowed Ha ienda (and oh to get degrees too). After all when the dancefloor calls you d damn well answer. And Tom and Ed did so by coming together as a DJ duo in 1992 to disseminate their favourite sonic blend a pinch of Krautrock a spread of techno a litter of samples and a whole load of hip hop. Calling themselves The Dust Brothers the pair would go on to create its own tracks starting with Song To The Siren and following some mad props from Andrew Weatherall the Fourteenth Century Sky EP (which included the seminal Chemical Beats ) in 1994. The natural thing happened the Brothers found themselves inundated with remix requests a residency at London s Heavenly Social on tour with Orbital and Underworld and responsible for the founding of something known as big beat. All this and The Chemical Brothers hadn t even begun. Following legal action from the real Dust Brothers Tom and Ed became The Chemical Brothers in 1995 and just in time for the release of their full-length debut. Exit Planet Dust did exactly what it set out to do shifting the dancefloor on its axis selling gazillion amount of copies and ensuring big beat kept in close competition with whatever was going on in Britpop. The likes of The Prodigy Oasis Tim Burgess and Spiritualized swarmed around the Bros for collabs remixes and tours and starting from 1999 s Surrender the duo would increasingly incorporate any number of high profiles (Bernard Sumner Bobby Gillespie et al) into its album line-ups. That kinda stuff hurts no one and especially with Surrender s move into house territory Tom and Ed would find themselves with Glastonbury-sized jobs to do. Subsequent releases with alternately pop and psychedelic shifts have popped none of the Brothers balloons. Even their Electronic Battle Weapon series white labels that feature experimental and club-length cuts of new tracks have generated an industry all of their own. But the Brotherhood is in no way resting on those legendary laurels. Recent activity has seen them dip into more visual aspects of their sound 2010 s Further offered eight tracks each accompanied by a short film while the pair has also scored feature film Hanna (and a little of Black Swan). And you ll notice that when the dancefloor calls these days it s still in the name of The Chemical Brothers. 34 Come With Us (2002) The sonic energy on the Brothers fourth release still booms baps and functions as it should. And despite its one-dimensionality this one still contains more hits ( Star Guitar ) than misses. Further (2010) After more than a decade of bigging up the beat the Chems take it down a notch for their latest album where the bangers and superstar collabs get replaced with a blissful array of come-down music. chat THE DRUMS A GREAT POP BAND Text Min Chen Image and interview courtesy of Chugg Entertainment Hello Drums. We understand you ve undergone some pretty serious touring how are you guys handling it Jonathan Right now I feel like as far as the shows go we re just like... getting by We ve been on the road for two years so we re pretty solid and just learning how to deal with it. None of us knew we were gonna be doing this now and so it s like been two years of adjustment. And coming to a place like this is really cool and we never been here before and it really helps being places we ve never been before. Keeps things exciting. Jacob I think the weather helps as well It has such an effect on your mood. The last extensive tour we did was in the winter and it was just so cold... And if it s not the weather it s the incredible hype that surrounds the band. Does it ever get to you Jonathan It doesn t get to us. I think the things that get to us are being on the road for months at a time and giving up a lot of normal life to be gone all the time but I m not complaining or anything it s just a big adjustment. But as far as press and what people say about us you know at first it s kind of exciting like Wow people really love what we re doing But there s always the other side of that coin where people really hate when a band is hyped. Did you feel you had to justify all that media attention Jonathan Well we weren t trying to save the world or anything grand we were just trying to write simple songs and the press just took it and ran with it. But we haven t changed we re still writing songs in our bedroom and just doing what a band does. And now that things have settled down I feel more like a band than this SENSATION. And it s really nice to be a solid band playing shows and putting out records those were our goals in the beginning and those are still our goals. You bet. And we hear you re just putting the finishing touches to your sophomore album. What s different on this one Jonathan The main difference is that the first record was half-written before we met Connor and it was kind of weird how it was put together. It was just us doing it how we had to do it so you know I would play guitar and bass and Jacob would play guitar and then I would play synth and Connor would play guitar and certain things... But on the new record we ve written recorded and put it together in a little bit more of a traditional way maybe. Wouldn t you say At least comparing to the first album Jacob I suppose... I thought they were both done pretty similar Jonathan Okay I guess they are Will it reflect a new mindset or musical shift though Jonathan Well it does and it doesn t. I think the first album had much more of an air of innocence and there were a lot of sad songs but I think overall people took on its optimistic vibe. But I don t think that would be the case on the second album. I think there s much more of a personal and serious tone and there are songs that are danceable but I think people will view us in a different way... I don t know or maybe they ll still call us a surf rock band Ooh. Is that surfing song a heavy weight to carry sometimes Jonathan Well it kind of sets a precedent before people actually meet us or talk with us or listen to our album. I mean we have like 40 songs and one of them mentions surfing... Jacob When you specifically single that one out apart from the other ones... Jonathan Or you just don t listen to the other ones Jacob Yeah you can t just look at a tiny little piece of any picture and feel like you ve seen the whole picture. True enough. Compared to surfing your other songs have slightly sad and melancholic undertones. Why so serious Jonathan I think that kind of thing comes really naturally. If anything s a conscious thing is writing a song like Let s Go Surfing or even like Forever and Ever Amen that kind of optimistic tone doesn t come really natural for us. And most music that we love and bands that influenced us always have that sad tinge to it... It s a pop music thing. Jonathan Oh absolutely. At the end of the day when people ask how we want to be viewed I say I just want us to be a great pop band. The pop song for us is really simple straight to the point and it shouldn t have complex subject matter. A song is great if it conveys a simple message with a little twist here and there instead of a bunch of layers. We never wanted to do more than that. And there are people who can t stand that about us... but whatever So what s the view of your first album in hindsight Jonathan I think like anything you do there are things that you would change like if we could go back in time we probably wouldn t put Let s Go Surfing on the album. You know little things like that... Jacob It s not something I look back one and think I would do this or that differently. I think we re pretty content how it all turned out and touring that record it just all seemed to come together really naturally and it all fell into place. Jonathan It s definitely a time stamp in our lives and we view it in a fond nostalgic sort of way. It already feels like 10 years old Not too many regrets about that album but maybe of that time. 36 Just last year you couldn t turn a corner without being confronted with indie s hottest entity The Drums. The Brooklyn group was hailed as the coolest band in town the band you have to listen to the band with a plan and everything else in between. But drummer boys Jonathan Jacob and Connor will have you know that all they really wanna do is be a really good pop band (and no they don t actually wanna go surfing). And they ve made a pretty decent crack of it their muchloved eponymous debut was jammed with all sorts of catchy pop goodness made in the mold of Orange Juice and The Smiths that left us with such gems like Let s Go Surfing and Best Friend . It was only about time that the band made its way to ours for a poptastic gig and this little pow-wow with us. CHAT SUPER FURRY MAN When not busy fronting Super Furry Animals or working with Boom Bip on electro-pop outfit Neon Neon Gruff Rhys idea of a refreshing holiday is writing performing and touring solo. Doesn t sound like much of a break to us but hey music is his life and our ears couldn t be more grateful especially when his third solo album Hotel Shampoo is such beautiful bucolic pop. Gruff was recently in town for a showcase at TAB and just in time for us to find out just how he s been spending quality time with his own furry self. Text Hidzir Junaini Image and interview courtesy of TAB We notice you play the guitar upside down. Why do you do that Oh you noticed that It s one of those accidents. I m left-handed but I started fiddling with a right-handed guitar at home so I learnt to play it upside down by mistake... instead of getting a left-handed guitar like normal people. By the time I realised it was wrong I was already proficient enough playing like this. It was my ambition to be a drummer actually and I never really wanted to be a guitarist which was why I didn t take it too seriously at the time. Onto your latest album how is Hotel Shampoo different from your two previous efforts It seems more vocal-based. I ll tell you why it sounds different I spent more time on it. My first solo record took one week while Candylion took two weeks. This one took several weeks so I had time to refine it add in more orchestration and yes more vocal-based harmony. Speaking of vocals you got Sarah Assbring to provide some of her patented El Perro del Mar ethereal pipes on Space Dust 2. How did that come about Well I was a huge fan of her songwriting and record and thought she d be perfect so I gave her a buzz and asked her if she would do it. I was shocked when she agreed actually. It was such an honour to have her voice on my record. We bet it was an honour for her too. Is writing solo easier or harder than writing with a band It s very different. I love playing with Super Furry Animals. It s one of my greatest loves. I do think I feel less responsibility when playing with Super Furry Animals not because I m taking it easy but because the burden is shared by the lot of us. When I m alone all the pressure is on me and I take on the entire burden which can be scary. But it s a challenge that I enjoy. You ve also collaborated with Simian Mobile Disco and Danger Mouse before. What s it like working with artists outside of your usual comfort zone I find it interesting seeing how other people work especially people from different genres. I feel that I m still learning about recording and writing music and I enjoy working with different people. These collaborations aren t usually planned but I embrace the process behind working with them. So what s the time away from Super Furry Animals been like for you We ve been touring and recording together solidly for 15 years and I can t quite recall if we ve ever taken an extended break. I m enjoying doing my own thing now taking it a little easier and going at my own pace. It s actually the first time I ve toured extensively with a solo record and I really like it. We ll get back to doing Super Furry Animals quite soon enough though. Hopefully after this little break we ll all come back fresh. 38 CHAT SWIMMING LESSONS A few years ago you may have known him as Manitoba. Well that was before a strange legal dispute brought about the Caribou moniker. The name isn t the only thing that s changed about Dan Snaith s bedroom produced and Polaris-winning act though. First caught within the psychedelic prism of the sun-kissed 60s Caribou s records have progressively veered towards deep house territory culminating in the gutsy and cerebral club-friendly craft that was his latest LP Swim released last year. So how could we resist when the exmathematician and endearingly geeky Dan decided to add it all up for us Text Hidzir Junaini Interview courtesy of Heineken The situation with your name change from Manitoba to Caribou was a strange one... Yeah I was sued by this punk singer called Handsome Dick Manitoba. He sent a P.I. to one of my gigs in LA. The promoter came to me and said that there was somebody at the door who knew my brother. I didn t have a brother but I went to see who it was anyway. That s how I got served with the court summons. It made no sense but I figured it d be too expensive to fight it so I just picked a new name and moved on. So why name yourself after a moose See the most frustrating thing was that this dude was American and I m Canadian and he s forcing me to change my name from this Canadian province. Felt like I let my country down (laughs). So with the new name it s the native Canadian word for reindeer basically and it had the same kind of hometown connection. And then there s the fact that you have a Ph.D. in Mathematics so why jump into music I was always doing both my whole life. While I did my Math Ph.D. in London I was already recording. It just sort of took off after I met Four Tet who helped get my music released in the first place. It was so much fun that I knew immediately that if the music thing happened that s what I really wanted to do. Besides longtime loves of math and music what are your current obsessions I recently started swimming a lot. I was so bad that my wife bought me swimming lessons Oh is that why your latest album is called Swim Yes I found that whenever I was swimming lengths it was just a good subconscious headspace to develop music in my head. Not only does it help me think about the music I d been writing it s also a great sonic environment that informed the aesthetic of the album which was the liquid-y sound. That flow it surrounds you throughout the album with the pitch just constantly wavering up and down. Your early stuff was very rooted in experimental pop while your later albums appear to embrace dance music. Could you explain the progression I ve always been interested in lots and lots of different things. I m interested in the ideas behind different genres so I tend to move around a lot from pop to techno for example. The important thing though is that everything I do still sounds like me regardless of what genre I do and that it all links back what I ve done in the past. Do you have goals to accomplish for Caribou in the future I ve never had any goals or any plans and that s worked out so well The one goal I want to stick to is to always do what feels right to me. I don t make music to fit in with a trend or because it s the right time. I almost don t have a choice when I sit down to make music because it s only whatever s that exciting me that can get me stimulated to write. If I just follow that I think that s a pretty good plan. cariboumanitoba CHAT BUILDING TRUS Text Hidzir Junaini Image and interview courtesy of Zouk Managament ME It s also a thrill to take a skeptical floor to areas they don t expect isn t it That challenge plays a big part in my enjoyment too. I have the mentality of playing a certain way they expect me to play and then once I ve won their appreciation I take them on diverse routes. I try to keep them dancing with things I love but that they are unfamiliar with. That s the bit I enjoy the most when I m putting down something I love and dancing the same as they are in the booth. Is that why you dance so much behind the decks It s quite a sight. Yeah because I genuinely want to hear these records myself I mean if you re a DJ and you re just cheaply playing to the masses and not getting turned on by what you re playing then what s the point What makes the set you re spinning unique then You have to love your music and your records. Do you believe there is such a thing as being too into music then A few years I d have said no but ever since I began really working and travelling just being engrossed in that music lifestyle... you can see it my body. (Laughs) I was slim toned and went to gym but now look at me For a couple of years I was just drinking partying eating all the rich food of the world and loving life basically. Luckily I ve started to find equilibrium. Take care of your body along with your ears and all will be right. trusme There are very few we d rather trust with a melting pot of party tunes than Mancunian edit entrepreneur David Wolstencroft aka Trus me. First emerging with an innocuous CD sampler in 2007 his disco-sampled track Nards instantly turned heads to become one of the hottest dancefloor anthems in the UK. Massive airplay love from the likes of Gilles Peterson and a pickup by Chicago s Still Music ensued. Despite his demand David still keeps mixing and digging like the obscurityobsessed bloke that he is the only difference is that he s an prolific DJ producer who happens to run his own imprint now. David tells us why we should put our trust in his gritty-funk sampleheavy house and techno. 40 It s your second time at here in less than six months Do you miss us already At first I kind of took Singapore as a stopover place on the way to Japan or something but now it feels like a home away from home. The people who run Zouk are so well-organised easy and fun. Plus there s no legislation about what to play. This is one of the few places that books you because they want you to do your thing which doesn t happen everywhere. Where are your off to next You won t believe this but I m actually going to play Francesco Totti s wedding You know the Italian footballer I got this phone call from this friend of mine asking me to play a wedding and immediately I thought Oh God is my career over (Laughs). The he told me it s for Totti from Roma and I was stunned. Nice to have famous fans What else do you love about being a DJ In the beginning when I was younger I always kind of preached that I was a DJ first and foremost and I still feel like that. I love being versatile and being able to tell a story with my music using hip hop house reggae soul or disco or whatever. When I started travelling the world I began to realise that being that free isn t easy and not many DJs have the belief to do that to lose a crowd and then try and win them back. I thrive being able to do that. CHAT SOPHIE ELLISBEXTER Text Min Chen Image and interview courtesy of Audi Fashion Festival THE MAKING OF A SCENE Club buster Groovejet alighted upon our airwaves in 2000 and has never really left it s just been crowned the decade s most played track on radio and even better it did present us with Sophie Ellis-Bexter. And in the years since the London-based songstress has certainly made good on that opening statement with a delectable catalogue of discopop ( Murder on the Dancefloor Take Me Home ) as well as a pretty solid modelling and DJ career. It s now album number four for her and Make a Scene is as always easy on the ear the radio and the dancefloor. Mademoiselle EB was recently in town for a private showcase at the Audi Red Carpet Night and of course she made time for us. In between making music touring modelling DJ-ing and being a fulltime mum how do you manage to keep up with everything Well it s a bit chaotic when it comes to my diary but luckily we enjoy a bit of spontaneity and it s all that we know. I just try to live in the moment and make sure I enjoy it all. It won t be this busy forever and if it is so much the better That s the spirit It s also been four long years between your last album Trip The Light Fantastic and your newest one. Why the long gestation period I am not sure exactly why it takes me so long Then again I don t know how people do get albums together quicker I could use the excuse that I had a baby two years ago but truth be told I think the problem is that I enjoy the process of writing so much that I find it hard to draw a line under it and say Right that s the album done . For the fifth album I ll experiment with being a bit speedier... if I can So what s special on Make a Scene It s my most upbeat dance-y positive album so far. It features the talents of lots of DJ producers people like Calvin Harris The Freemasons Armin van Buuren and Metronomy. How did you go about putting that power team together It was a question of working with some of my favourite collaborators from the past a little bit of a wishlist of new folks and also talking to my friends to see if they had any ideas. I m always open to new ideas. It s only writing pop music after all. It should be fun. Must have been fun making the record too. I loved making this record. I can honestly say there isn t a single track on there that wasn t fun to write. It was a pleasure. Lots of dancing around the studio while we worked And your brand of dance music electro-pop and disco has been coming up real nicely lately. Well I ve been enjoying it hugely I ve always loved a good bit of disco and electro-pop and the technology just gets better and better. The production on some of the newer stuff is phenomenal. But so is the classic stuff Groovejet has recently been awarded the accolade of the decade s most played track on the radio. You must be proud Yes it s been amazing how successful that song is I could never have predicted it. What s kept you going within that last decade Well I love what I do and I am always fascinated to see what happens next. I like not knowing where the next song or gig will take me. And also I fell on my feet early on with good folk around me and I couldn t have gone on this long without my team. That and the fact I am quite good at working with little sleep that has certainly been an advantage CHAT Derrick May HI-TEK SOUL Kevin Saunderson Derrick May s globetrotting club night Hi-Tek Soul derives its name from the documentary High Tech Soul which chronicles the dawn and progression of Detroit techno. Likewise Derrick being a thoroughbred Motor City kid has sought to remind us just what techno is really made of with the help of comrades such as Stacey Pullen Carl Craig and Kevin Saunderson. Hi-Tek Soul has exported its ghetto soul sounds to far-flung metropolises like London Miami and Tokyo and lucky for us Singapore was recently on the itinerary. We spoke to Kevin during their stopover to find out just what the soul of techno is made of. 42 SOUL POWER Text Hidzir Junaini Image and interview courtesy of Zouk Management How did Hi-Tek Soul come about It s been around for several years now and was begun by Derrick May. I m not completely sure what his reasons were but he suggested we tour using the name Hi-Tek Soul. I always liked the name it s funky it s techno and it s soulful. Techno in general is so broad and it gets confused with so many genres of music so Hi-Tek Soul was an expression of its Detroit form. What s going on with techno these days It s here its round and it s broad. There are so many different types of techno but the important thing is it s still being created and we re still creating Detroit. There s Carl Craig there s myself working there s Stacey Pullen and the younger generation. It sounds a little different because it s a different time but it s still out there and around which is great. So what do you think is Hi-Tek Soul s place in the techno landscape of today Hi-Tek Soul brings back what people will say is a funkier and groovier style of techno. We want to make them realise that there s a certain groove to it I think that s what we bring to the table. We remind people of the soul in techno whereas other types have no feelin in them. Describe your sound for us... Hi-Tek Soul is funky groovy electronic and simply techno. It is music that s created with a feel a sound and an element that gives it a swing and that you can dance to. The common denominator is the groove. What s the reaction to Hi-Tek Soul been around the world The whole concept of Derrick and me doing this tour has been taken well. It s perceived as unique because it s a one-time thing and you might never see us play this way ever again. It s a special show where we incorporate some instruments some keyboards and a drum machine with the key thing being that we bounce off each very well. It s a rare experience for people who know who we are or even for those who don t know who we are. After so many years at the decks what keeps you doing what you do Derrick and I grew up together from the age of 13 so the greatest satisfaction for me is that we re still out here doing it. I m 46 now but I remember when we used to dream about making music and travelling and it s gone beyond our dreams and expectations. For us to sit up here and do this and enjoy what we re doing is a blessing. What does the future hold for you guys My future plan is to continue doing what I do make music enjoy what I do for as long as I can and help inspire people. I hope that everyone walks away from my music with hope a feeling they ve never experienced before and they say Wow hiteksoul special SHEILA SIM Signing up with SingTel is like immersing yourself into a world of endless shopping possibilities where else in town would you be able to enjoy perks at the hippest entertainment retail and F&B spots with your phone line Well Sheila Sim arguably Singapore s hottest export on the runway has certainly picked up on that and the self-confessed shopping queen can t be any more stoked about it. Here the cool clotheshorse shares with us her experiences as a happy SingTel user. Can you still remember your first modeling stint My very first photo shoot was done with Geoff Ang 10 years ago. I had just signed on with my agency Carrie Models and they needed close-up shots of all the models for their annual agency poster. I remember very vividly that my biggest worry wasn t my ability to pose well but about the plucking of my eyebrows You took a breather in Tokyo before returning to Singapore what did you learn from that experience I love Japan for its food vibrancy and strong beliefs in its culture and values. However with that being said leaving Singapore for such a prolonged period of time always makes me very homesick. There is no place like home therapeutic and definitely be filled with variety. I love surprises thus I love cities where I can find surprises at every corner. There s Taipei Seoul Hong Kong Tokyo and Milan I love them all What about back home in Singapore Shopping is easy here. Orchard Road is definitely a one-stop shopping district for people regardless of gender or age. Far East Plaza and ION Orchard are amongst my favourite haunts and I especially enjoying browsing the racks at Eclecticism thanks to the international array of labels on offer. How are you enjoying the perks as a SingTel subscriber Apart from the flawless reception I ve also been enjoying As a model fashion must have a the shopping perks ever since I special place in your heart... switched over to SingTel I love Fashion to me is like a painting how diverse the privileges are to an artist. What I wear should it s like there s something for convey a message. Most everyone from fashion to beauty importantly it should be a style that treats. uniquely defines me. I don t believe in ugly garments only fitting the How would you convince your outfits on the wrong person. friends to become a subscriber as well You must travel quite a lot Action speaks louder than words. where in the world has got the My friends will be convinced best shopping spots once they see me in retail Shopping should be fun therapy mode BROWHAUS FEATURED RED PRIVI MERCHANT FLASH YOUR SINGTEL LOGO ON YOUR MOBILE PHONE ALONG WITH YOUR STUDENT PASS 11B TO ENJOY RED PRIVI BENEFITS AT THE FOLLOWING JOINTS yoghurt when you buy a Cup B until 30 A Curious Teepee SCAPE 02-24 (Free June 2011) gourmet coffee tea with any purchase until F rrMUSE Cathay Cineleisure 02-13 14 June 2011) (10% discount on all regular items until Ambush Mandarin Gallery 03-14 (10% off 14 Aug 2011) regular items until 18 July 2011) Leftfoot Orchard Cineleisure 02-07A A Bathing Ape Mandarin Gallery 02-02 03 Leftfoot Entrepot The Cathay (Spend 150 to get a free gift per receipt until 01-19 20 30 Dec 2011) Leftfoot & LARGE Far East Plaza Browhaus ( 8 Brow Threading (U.P. 15) 03-94 (10% off selected premium shoe Promotion is valid at all outlets until 30 June labels until 2 Sept 2011) 2011 and for new customers only) W Strip (Underarm Wax at 8 (U.P. 15) NE Eclecticism Paragon 03-08 (5% off American Apparel items until 14 Sep 2011) PROMO Promotion is valid at all outlets until 30 June 2011 and for new customers only) Fred Perry Orchard Cineleisure Surrender Raffles Hotel Arcade 02-31 03-07A & ION Orchard B3-01 19 Ann Siang (10% off all Clot and BBC Ice-cream Road (10% off all regular items until 31 Aug items until 18 July 2011) 2011) Frolick Millenia Walk 01-K7 4 Kensington Park Road 10 Tampines Central 1 B1-32 and 38 Lorong Mambong (Get a free Cup A The place where unruly brows and facial hair go to get beautified Browhaus is the one-stop place to get your face in tip-top shape. From ensuring that your brows get the perfect arch to filling up sparse lashlines this place has got it all no prizes for guessing why numerous magazines have crowned Browhaus gold for their services. And here s the good news for SingTel subscribers get your brows threaded for just 8 instead of the usual price of 15 Visit youth for more details. CHAT TIM FAGAN GREEN LIT When John Mayer first co-wrote the bluesy Deeper with Tim Fagan Mayer beamed that his composition is a string of events laid out so that there s always something else to look forward to . That statement seemed to be a little prophetic of Fagan s career which has also involved a stint as lead guitarist for Colbie Caillat and a songwriting credit on her Grammy-winning hit duet with Jason Mraz called Lucky . During his weeklong residency at TAB the brilliant Tim opened up to us about his solo ventures and that perpetual something else to look forward to. Text Hidzir Junaini Image and interview courtesy of TAB Tell us about writing Lucky with Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat. I was touring with Colbie in Germany when Jason Mraz randomly sent her an email basically just congratulating her on the success of Bubbly and mentioning that he d like to do a song with her. Colbie then asked for my take on it and I jumped on the chance. It was still rough back then but boy what a chorus. The three of us kept in touch working on the song over long distances because we were all touring. I remember vividly singing into my laptop at 5am and just recording snippets of it all over the world to email over to Jason before we met up in San Diego. It s a fitting way to finish a song which is... basically about love across long distances. Symbolic On the topic of famous collaborations how did hook up with John Mayer on Deeper Oh that s a really cool story Back in 2005 I was new in music and just moved to LA so I was kind of lost. I heard about this contest in Esquire magazine where John announced that he had these orphaned lyrics which were part of a song he had written but then cut out. So the contest was like here s the lyrics write a song to it play it sing it and John will pick the winner. And I ended being the guy who won which was a complete surprise Lots of folks love those songs but not everybody knows that you co-wrote them. Does that ever bug you It s opened so many doors that if I ever had a moment where I wasn t grateful I d be missing the point. I m just trying to take everything good from it and turn it into more. Plus they came during times when I needed the reassurance something that told me I wasn t crazy and I m on track. They were green lights to do my own thing. Yes we re excited for the self-titled solo album How s that coming along Well it s just finished I couldn t be happier or more proud of it. It s this great mix of singer songwriter and all the people I love. You ll hear traces of Jeff Buckley Radiohead Ben Folds The Beatles and Weezer... a lot of variety because I m a chameleon by nature. But hopefully there s a thread that run through it a signature quality in my sound. MONSTER CAT HELLO KITTY Text Hidzir Junaini Image MONSTER CAT Taking its cue from Japanese folklore freshly minted local outfit MONSTER CAT is of the most mysterious breed. Known only as Hentai Cat Copy Cat Psycho Cat Black Cat Bankai Cat and Paper Cat its members identities are cloaked in the enigma of the fur and fury but only because these felines prefer to let their music do the talking. Just as well because their recently released debut EP Mannequins is a dynamic fey and introspective five-track folk rock wonder that conjures the autumnal demons lurking underneath. We got the elusive MONSTER CAT purring about its secret origins. Where did MONSTER CAT mutate out of Dissatisfaction frustration and broken human connections. What is it about the fabled Japanese bakeneko that inspires you The bakeneko is a cat with supernatural abilities. It s said to haunt any household it is kept in menacing sleepers walking on its hind legs even devouring its owner and shapeshifting to take his place. Yet there are also stories that depict the bakeneko as a fiercely protective and loyal creature readily sacrificing its life for its owner. It s this mythical supernatural element that inspires us. Also it s a demon cat man. There s a cool Gorillaz-ish image surrounding you guys from the back story down to the names... but who really makes up MONSTER CAT We guess who we are doesn t matter as much as what we want to share. We re quite content with our songs as the focus. No one is ever normal in 44 the creative process. People get elevated to a heightened awareness of thought and being. The MONSTER CAT image is a reflection of this. Describe your sound for the uninitiated. Well we d say Mannequins is a blend of folk and rock driven by moments of menace mystery and vulnerability. It s us trying to find a sound to go with the image in our heads something animalistic close to nature fragile yet potentially vicious. We ended up leaning towards an area somewhere between Mellon Collie-era Smashing Pumpkins and Fever Ray in terms of the emotional drama in songwriting as well as vocal layering. We want our sounds to transport you somewhere else... even if that s not where you want to be. Mannequins will be on sale worldwide from 7th June onwards and can be purchased from their official website. road trip KEVIN LESTER NEW SKOOL RULES Text Hidzir Junaini Images Bedsty (Music.Parties.Design) BEDSTY GOES DUTCH Sixx emcee Kevin Lester recently headed to Netherlands to spread the Bedsty gospel of Singaporean hip hop to an eager Dutch contingent at the famed New Skool Rules conference in Rotterdam. Recognised as the biggest international conference in the world for the urban music industry the threeday fest saw fit to invite Kevin over for a showcase performance (alongside Syaheed of Bedsty Music.Parties.Design who served as a panel member) where the lion city boy represented proudly and with trademark panache. We got Kevin to provide some snaps so y all can live vicariously. Doing what Singaporeans do best on vacation SHOPPING Hooking up with Spec Boogie to lay down a track at The Prince Of Beatz Getting high in Holland Kevin flanked by Syaheed and Sona One (Kartel Record) Mingling with the World Famous G Mack Syaheed holding the floor at an industry panel Did we pack enough underwear I can has cheezburger Even the monorails are vibrant there Architecture in Amsterdam special HTC SENSATION SENSE & SENSIBILITY Ain t it about time we got ourselves a multimedia superphone to provide us with all the trappings of hi-def and crystal clear entertainment Well here it is folks the HTC Sensation lives up well and truly to its name delivering crisp qHD display and Hi-Fi audio technology direct into the palm of your hand while checking all the boxes for functionality and premium design. Best of all the HTC Sensation comes equipped with HTC Sense an experience designed around insightful ideas and inspired by your own senses. Is that savvy or what Well let s dig in... MAKES HTC SENSE The HTC Sensation boasts the newest version of HTC Sense in order to make your smartphone that little bit smarter. This holistic user experience puts you in the centre of the universe and ensures your phone works simply and sharply around you. So insightful is this interface that every one of its features will answer your needs brilliantly enabling you to define your own unique mobile experience. Some key features include the ability to silence your phone simply by flipping it over so as not to interrupt your quiet moments a louder ringer for your phone when it s in your bag an integrated map and compass so you ll never be lost and other multi-tasking capabilities like being able to browse a map and take a call all at once. And if there s anything else you might not have thought about rest assured that HTC Sense already has. ACCESS ALL AREAS With the HTC Sensation s lock screen you re guaranteed the swiftest and shortest cut into the good stuff on your phone. Without having to unlock your phone you may access your favourite apps (your inbox your portfolio or your photos) sans the hassle of scrolling through multiple menus. Easy said and easily done 46 Work without play makes anyone dull which is why the HTC Sensation is armed with an awesome array of video and surround sound capabilities. With it you ll get to shoot full HD videos in a crisp 1080p resolution at up to 30 frames a second and with full stereo sound making for totally rich and smooth videos. And more so with the Sensation s new Video Trimmer tool with which you can crop your video clips to perfect size for easy sharing amongst your pals. VIDEO STAR IT S A SNAP Every moment may be fleeting but nothing that the HTC Sensation camera will miss. With its instant camera capture this superphone will make sure that the moment you press the shutter button is the same second that your photo is captured in all its 8-megapixel glory so you re reliving those moments as they happen. Of course it also helps that the Sensation comes furnished with a full HD camcorder with stereo sound recording ensuring every detail of your life is captured in vivid shades and sound. HTTP WWW.HTC.COM GO SURFING HTC Sensation s immersive experience also extends onto its online features. You ll be surfing the Internet with ease speed and style with the phone s multi-window browsing capabilities its dual core processor that makes for the fastest Internet connection around as well as its awesome Flash support so you get only the smoothest video playback. DESIGN FOR LIFE All those functions and just one sleek body the HTC Sensation keeps it lean with its 126.1mm x 65.4mm x 11.3mm frame and prides itself on a concave screen that won t be picking up scratches when placed facedown. And being ergonomically minded the phone will be as easy to navigate with one hand as it ll sit comfortably in your palm. The HTC Sensation retails at 838 at all mobile operators and authorised resellers. DIGITAL DEEDS CARTE BLANCHE X feature If you ve got a project that needs doing you re best off shouting about it on an online platform where the space is always available the reach is immeasurable and the galaxy s the limit. The following cool kids have done just that wiring up their bright ideas to the World Wide Web and ensuring local goes global so that ingenuity is just a click away. Text Min Chen Images Various sources Created by girls about girls and for girls Carte Blanche X is a platform where an Asian female-centric culture is given full rein of the premises and allowed to run wild and sassy. Founders Arissa Cheo and Lin Ting have plans for Carte Blanche X to encompass a retail space a caf bar and a magazine but first they ve kicked off with an online portal to spread the girl word. Click on and you ll find articles illuminating corners of fashion music and art blogs headed by a crew of cool femmes and an online store retailing the best in accessory design (Falconiere AM Eyewear etc). It s as much of an all-rounded experience as it is an empire and with girls both fronting and backing it you bet it s gonna kick ass. How did the idea for Carte Blanche X come about We were both in different lines of work but when the opportunity to start something together arose we decided that it would be a great idea to combine different niches in various industries and try to incorporate them into a feasible work project. Being cousins of the same age we have a very close relationship and share similar interests. We are both interested in fashion media production f&b and property development and tried to create a single entity where we can factor all of those elements in hence Carte Blanche X. And in which direction is Carte Blanche X headed Our project on a whole is very Girl Culture centered as we focus on creating a unique experience for young women all over the world. We aim to promote a strong sense of Girl Culture through our avenues of fashion media and f&b such as our online media platform our quarterly publication retail store and caf bar. How does that translate onto the Carte Blanche s online presence In this digital age we re very fortunate to be able to connect with people on a global level we thought that it would be rather foolish if we didn t try to fully utilise that outlet. Our website serves as an media platform for us to reach out to a widespread audience through our editorial page with content that caters to the image we want to project a blog community of select girls that represent what we stand for as well as an online store that is an extension of our upcoming physical store. How did you pool together the girl-centric team of contributors We are constantly trying to identify women with great personal styles that have strong voices personalities and creative insights. We decided to only use girls because we noticed that there Photography Stephanie Er was a gap in the market for it as websites such as Hypebeast or Honeyee cater only to guys or both girls and guys. We decided that we needed an outlet where not just girls but strong and individualistic Asian girls will be the center of focus thus promoting a strong sense of Asian Girl Culture. So how would you describe the Carte Blanche X girl A Carte Blanche X woman is strong individualistic and possesses a multi-faceted personality. More importantly she knows how to inject a good dose of fun into everything that she does and is not constrained by the norms and expectations of society. She is her own woman. You can immediately identify a Carte Blanche X girl. She just stands out. What are your hopes and dreams for Carte Blanche X For now our eventual goal is to venture into property development. We want to develop a cluster of cool and edgy retail stores and caf bars where girls can shop and hang out at. Here at Carte Blanche X dreams will come true anything that we believe in we can definitely achieve. 48 ACTUALLYMAG Though born and bred on the store floor of Actually... ActuallyMAG has blossomed into its own adventurous and self-driven entity. The webzine clearly has its eyes ears and heart in the right place besides being a site for savvy cultural outpouring (from luxe fashion to clever design to rad personalities) ActuallyMAG also seeks to address key social issues (such as child abuse and gay bashing) via its You Are Love project. If anything it s like a community that shares cares and looks pretty darn good whilst doing it. We got its editorial team Paul Khor Toke and Dawn to do the talking. How did ActuallyMAG come about Back then when Actually... first started six years ago I used to love hanging around in the store and conversing with customers. That was when I thought up the concept of ActuallyMAG. I wanted to have a platform where I was able to revisit that feeling of being able to reach out communicate and share topics. Thanks to the availability and accessibility of the Internet the idea was made more feasible. The raw concept faced many changes and revisions until January 2011 when it finally went live. What s the editorial policy on ActuallyMAG Our policy is to stay as grounded as possible. We re not hoping for a cool image. We want to maintain the rawness of a face-to-face conversation but at the same time bearing all the characteristics and formalities of a magazine. Besides what better way to tell our stories than through a magazine right As readers we wouldn t want to read boring articles and in turn it s only natural that we wouldn t want to bore our readers either. The website also highlights key social issues namely through its You Are Love project. Tell us more about that. We dedicate this section to bringing awareness to some very human and social issues that we normally find too hard to talk about. While we are not qualified to advice or counsel these affected individuals we just hope to alleviate their burdens by acknowledging these issues and letting them know that someone out there cares. We are currently working on a few other topics involving issues that hit closer to heart such as poverty and insecurities. What are your hopes and dreams for ActuallyMAG We hope to become a platform that is able to run independently one where people can come and share their interests to a larger audience. And like every other decent magazine out there we re planning for world domination. Duh. mag MIDNIGHT SHIFT If you party at all you ll know how Midnight Shift has been shaking us down with gigs that recall all that s great about house and techno. And now make way for Midnight Shift s very own imprint an outlet for more house and techno goodness but also an education on the past present and future of dance music. Helping in that latter aspect will be the label s own blog which has gathered the scene s top EDM heads to drop knowledge and opinions for the benefit for your playlist. Kavan Midnight Shift s main man promises you ll love what you read as much as what you hear. Tell us more about the Midnight Shift label. The Midnight Shift label will publish the music that you heard at the parties. They are peak-time house and techno tracks made for the Midnight Shift. We partnered an international label Ibadan Records and they will manage our distribution worldwide. Every release will see emerging talent published alongside established artists. This is to provide exposure to the new and also give education to what has been established before. How is the MNS blog an extension of the label It is in some ways a part of our educational aims and we also want to provide a space for thoughts on electronic dance music to live. We also think that there are many colourful opinions in the electronic music scene that we should hear about and want to encourage discussion and discovery. The blog is not limited to the Midnight Shift label news but will also show and create the world of electronic dance music that the label belongs in. And how did your crew of contributors come about It s a matter of finding people who wanted to do it as well and believe in the role of music journalism. We gathered a hotchpotch of contributors with different interests and backgrounds but what unifies them are their opinions breadth and depth of knowledge and commitment to electronic music. What are your hopes and dreams for the label It has all been laid out but we do hope that it will eventually be a self-turning wheel for giving and receiving. Together we envision the Midnight Shift label will be the vehicle for many young talented artists to come together. feature Who says the fashion industry is tough to crack Definitely not the Test Shoot Gallery a dynamic online platform that bands together local designers stylists and photographers to make fashion happen just like that. There you ll find collaborative fashion shoots and other image-led projects all guided by the unconventional as opposed to the commercial as well as enlightening profiles of emerging and established designers and visionaries. It s a good-looking and dynamic blend that sets itself no limits and as a portrait of our budding style set it s spot-on. TSG s creative director Ashburn Eng paints us this pretty picture. sourcing the right talents and piecing everything together. How would you describe TSG s readers I would like to think that we are forward-thinking in pushing the boundaries and taking risks to experiment with a new subject for each shoot. The people who appreciate our works on Test Shoot Gallery are slightly edgier and seek differences in life. What do you look out for in collaborators and talents We are always looking out for new talents to provide new perspectives and also they should understand our starting point and share our aesthetics. So how would you sum up that aesthetic Vision taste and persona. TEST SHOOT GALLERY How did the idea for Test Shoot Gallery come about We wanted a portal devoted to promoting new talents artists through collaborations across various creative disciplines. It s about photographic experimentation through exploring limitations and not being confined to commercial placements. My idea is to explore creativity and using TSG as an online gallery to showcase our local talents through combined efforts expressing our work primarily through fashion shoots. And how does a shoot come together at the TSG In Test Shoot Gallery the designs come from fresh graduates and current students from various Singaporean design institutes. Students are more willing to explore other outlets with their clothing before they get fixed into a certain view on clothes and how to present them. There is not a fixed formula on how a shoot should be done. I feel the main source of success comes from the art direction THEM.SG For the past six years POOL has had its fingers on the pulse of Singapore s creative scene generating such projects as Rightclicka and Dope that have individually documented and nurtured our artistic milieu. So it s only logical that the same people should bring us THEM.SG a spanking web concept to generate creative dialogue and collaborations amongst a select set of curators and artists. THEM.SG already had a superb launch with the Thread on Frame fashion film series (curated by Blackmarket and featuring 10 visual artists) and more good things are set to emerge from this bubbling brew. We asked Brian Tiong one of THEM.SG s masterminds what s cookin . How did the idea for THEM.SG come about We ve always been interested in sub-culture creative people and how local communities aggregate. And we believe that the local creative scene has really grown in quality and quantity in the past two years and is ready to match what is on the world creative stage today. How will THEM.SG be doing that THEM.SG is a multi-disciplinary platform that allows selected established or emerging curators the freedom to collaborate with artists across various genres to create authentic shows exhibitions and presentations. The intent is simple and sincere to provide creative opportunities avenues platforms open doors forge partnerships and create alliances between the right creative or collectives. And what do you look out for in curators talents for THEM.SG There is no hard and fast rule but... We normally start by looking at the creative content that they produce their kind of audience that they attract and their ability to innovate and produce interesting and intelligent ideas to excite their community in general. Give us a peek into what s in the pipeline for THEM.SG. We launched the THEM.SG platform in May with a fashion film series curated by Quincy and Jasmine (Blackmarket). What will come next will be a series of three more cross-disciplinary collaborations that are themed with the colours RED GOLD GREEN with more curators such as Alvin Tan ( phunk Studio) Steve Lawler (Mojoko) and Felix Huang (Radikal Forze) all leading up to a big red show during F1 where there will be with multiple artists involved in a creative festival of sorts. And beyond that what are your hopes and dreams for THEM.SG That they will always hope and dream because without THEM we are nothing. 50 wardrobe SYDNEY WEARS RED BLAZER 99.90 FROM PULL & BEAR PRINTED TOP 19.90 FROM BERSHKA PANTS 258 BY LIMEDROP FROM ANTIPODEAN BANGLES P.O.A FROM BERSHKA NECKLACE 49 BY NO MILK TODAY FROM DULCET FIG BRACELET 288 BY SAMANTHA WILLS FROM ANTIPODEAN text & styling fiona chen styling assistant therese heng photography ivanho harlim [model] and schnap studio [products] assisted by marie liang models sydney edmonds & edmond r [ave] 52 skirt 160 from a x armani exchange printed shirt 329 by gitman brothers from k.i.n bandage skirt 29.90 from pull & bear crochet dress 179 from victoria jomo printed top p.o.a from witchery striped watch p.o.a from swatch tasseled bandeau top 9.90 from bershka top 49 from very woonderland flats p.o.a from witchery Into the wild wardrobe EDMOND WEARS PRINTED TEE 59 FROM VERY WOONDERLAND ASYMMETRICAL VEST 648 BY FRIEDRICH GRAY FROM THE SOCIETY OF BLACK SHEEP LIGHT BULB NECKLACE 31.90 FROM TANGS DENIM SHORTS 75 FROM PULL & BERSHKA CANVAS SNEAKERS 79 BY FEIYUE FROM LEFTFOOT TOTE STYLIST S OWN 54 layered top p.o.a by sifr from antipodean layered jacket p.o.a from the society of black sheep shirt 190 from a x armani exchange singlet p.o.a by sundays from antipodean union jack shirt 238 by bolongaro trevor from the society of black sheep top 119 by tuesday night band practice from asylum printed tee 39.90 from pull & bear polo shirt 120 from a x armani exchange Home is where the ghetto is wardrobe WE LOVE... au revoir simone dirty projectors the pipettes electrelane vivian girls GOOD OL PLAIN JANES polka dot cardi 89 by martina pink from tangs jumpsuit 290 from a x armani exchange floral jumper 149 by martina pink from tangs dress 399 by richard nicoll x fred perry from fred perry polka dot dress 59.90 from bershka top 79 from victoria jomo cardigan 159 by hansel from antipodean 56 Beastie Boys Before there was Eminem there were Beastie Boys doing their white thing in the black scene and to worldwide commercial success too mind you. What initially started out as a hardcore punk band ( ) for Mike D MCA and Ad-Rock eventually evolved to become the rap trio of today their potty mouths and pottier lyrics still rocking harder than ever two decades into the game. After a recent four-year hiatus the boys are back with Hot Sauce Committee Part Two a glorious vintage ride into the old school Beastie Boys sound that we love so well all that s missing are the 90s b-boy threads for that extra bit of stylin . cap 49 from sup jacket 599 from fred perry cap 59 by obey from sup camo hoodie 439 from bape jacket 779 by tuesday night band practice from asylum t-shirt p.o.a by billionaire boys club from surrender t-shirt 119 from bape jacket 169.90 from smudge wardrobe Dapper Swagger THE LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN S SHOES 399 by rolando sturlini from tangs p.o.a from dr.martens 398 by b store from the society of black sheep p.o.a from dr.martens p.o.a from berluti p.o.a by thom browne from surrender 569 by oliver sweeney from tangs p.o.a from dr.martens 1770 from berluti 58 The shopping cart WHAT S HOT IN STORES trucker cap 35 by ambiguous from very woonderland bag p.o.a from witchery t-shirt 39.90 from pull & bear scarf p.o.a from witchery top 339 by richard nicoll x fred perry from fred perry hoodie 79.90 from pull & bear shirt 299 from bape watch p.o.a from swatch tank top p.o.a by obey from sup made up Ethereal presence SHE PLUCKS THE HARP WHILE SINGING US SONGS WITH LUSH POETIC LICENSE IN HER SHRILL ALMOST CHILD-LIKE VOICE ALL OF JOANNA NEWSOM S TRADEMARKS HAVE EARNED HER GLOWING REVIEWS FOR HER THREE STUDIO ALBUMS (THE LAST BEING 2010 S HAVE ONE ON ME) AND SURELY THE HEARTS OF MANY. TOP OFF THAT TALENT WITH A FACE LIKE HERS AND WE MAY VERY WELL HAVE A NEW INDIE-FOLK QUEEN IN THE WORKS. Text Fiona Chen Images Various sources 1 2 4 5 3 1. Curl Impact Collagen E mascara by L Oreal 2. Multi-Defense UV Protector Sunscreen SPF 50 PA by Shiseido 3. COULEURS 5 Couleurs in Rosy Tan by Dior 4. Baked Eyeshadow Duo in Solar Cell by Topshop 5. Quick Fix Powder by Ettusais Bye bye bush We know how intimidating it feels to be at the mercy of your waxing therapist especially if it s your very first time. Well worry no more because Strip has heard those cries (and yelps) and has developed a wax specially for waxing virgins. The strawberry-scented wax has chamomile and aloe that calms skin as well as a secret ingredient formulated to ensure virgin hairs are removed as gently as possible. After that the Virgin Brazilian Kit (which has good stuff like trial-sized soothing creams and strawberry scrubs) should ensure that your newly trimmed garden will receive all the TLC it needs. The Strawberry Wax Virgin Brazilian treatment and a Strawberry Brazilian Virgin kit is now available at Strip for just 50 (u.p. 70) till 30 June. Visit for the full list of Strip outlets. 60 Classic cuts Text Fiona Chen Photography Ivanho Harlim and Shysilia Novita Model Edmond [Ave] Clean cuts are back with a vengeance boys and it doesn t hurt to match your freshly acquired sartorial wardrobe with a nice slicked back do. Following the footsteps of gentlemen pin-ups like Theo Hutchcraft of Hurts say goodbye to floppy fringes and hobo cuts and make brylcreem your new best friend. Apart from a nice crop of hair with a fringe long enough to sweep back and hair products to keep it in place it also wouldn t hurt to adopt a cool swagger because you want to be like Mad Men s Don Draper not Rick Astley. 2 TO GET THE LOOK TRY 1 CRUDE CLAY BY SEBASTIAN 2 STRUCTURE WAX BY REDKEN 3 BOOST-IT MOUSSE BY TONI&GUY WEAR IT WITH A SPORTS COAT OVER AN OXFORD SHIRT 1 3 CHIC electric feel PHOTOGRAPHY IVANHO HARLIM AND SHYSILIA NOVITA ASSISTED BY MARIE LIANG STYLING FIONA CHEN ASSISTED BY THERESE HENG MODELS STEPHANIE & YANNAH [AVE] SHADES BY KAREN WALKER FROM FRONT ROW JACKET BY KTZ FROM GLAMOUR INC GEOMETRIC TANK FROM BERSHKA COLOUR BLOCK VEST BY KAAL E. SUKTAE FROM ACTUALLYACTUALLY PRINTED NECKLACE FROM ACCESSORIZE PRINTED DRESS BY KTZ FROM GLAMOUR INC NECKLACE FROM DIVA FEATHER EARRINGS FROM TOPSHOP PORCELAIN BOW TIE BY CORSINE LABE DOLI FROM GLAMOUR INC NECKLACE FROM BERSHKA TOP STYLIST S OWN FEATHER EARRINGS FROM DIVA FEATHER HEADBAND (USED AS NECKLACE) FROM ACCESSORIZE BIB NECKLACE BY JOANNE HYNES FROM GLAMOUR INC ASYMMETRICAL TOP FROM STRADIVARIUS NECKLACES FROM TOPSHOP JACKET BY KTZ FROM GLAMOUR INC GRAPHIC TEE BY DR. DENIM FROM VERY WOONDERLAND profile WYKIDD S S 11 THE EXPOSED COLLECTION KEY LOOKS Jackets that are tailored and slim-cut can do you no wrong SHARP SUITED WYKIDD SUIT YOURSELF Text Fiona Chen Photography Ivanho Harlim & Shysilia Novita [model] Model Edmond R [Ave] CLOTHES BY WYKIDD Have a nice jacket Don t let your shirt outshine it NUDE SHIRT Back in the day Wykidd Song was busy planting the Singapore flag around the globe as one half of Song Kelly 21 a label that during its heyday found its collections on the racks of major retailers like Harrods Selfridges and Neiman Marcus. But like all good things the label came to an end in 2007 and Wykidd went off the radar for a while (well sort of). But oh such good things have resulted from his fashion design hiatus enter Wykidd his eponymous menswear label that can only be good news to sartorially inclined folks. We revisit the good ol days and talk about his latest baby with Wykidd himself. There must be some very fond memories of Song Kelly 21... what was the most memorable There are so many heart-warming moments and beautiful and generous people that I ve met over the years. But I remember a funnier moment (well funny now not then) during one New York Fashion Week when we were there to do our Autumn Winter show for the first time I was so stressed out that a huge cold sore grew on my lip I couldn t smile or really speak (I had to suck my dinner through a straw) But the show went very well a major store picked us up and that made up for the cracked lip. Between then and now you ve also ventured into other design disciplines like interior and jewellery with your own design studio WK Design. How was that like I love all forms of design whether it s jewellery interiors or furniture. And I m fortunate enough to be asked to design different things. I get revitalised after doing a collaboration design project that is not fashion-related. As the saying goes a change is as good as a rest . How long was Wykidd in the works before it was fulfilled It had been in the oven for some time cooking away in my mind. I d say about a year and half. It was all about sourcing for the right fabrics factories and handcraft people. What s the look and feel of the Wykidd S S 11 collection Understated luxury. The S S 11 collection Exposed is inspired by the discovery of strength in fragility. It is a dialogue between the symmetry of light and shadow reflection and textures. It is a focused collection comprising of slim-silhouetted tailored jackets shirts and trousers with hand lacing in graphic motifs and a selection of printed T-shirts and knitwear. Jackets and trousers are created from fabrics like muslin wool cotton linen canvas and denim. This must have been asked a lot but how is Wykidd different from Song Kelly 21 Well to begin with Wykidd is menswear and it s a very small concise and focused collection of about 30 pieces. I was close to designing up to 100 different pieces per season during Song Kelly 21. Wykidd s look is more disciplined and the lines are cleaner. As an observer and veteran of the local fashion scene what are your thoughts on how it s grown The local labels are now a lot more diverse than they used to be. With labels like alldressedup and Raoul that are doing the Singaporean fashion proud we can look up to them for sense of professionalism and market finesse. Then there are the cool indie labels in Blackmarket and along Haji Lane that help diversify the scene by offering an alternative to high street dressing. Wykidd can be found at TANGS and 11D Mount Sophia Road 02-23. A surprise burst of subtle colour in the otherwise muted collection CMYK Flaunt your new bright bottoms with a casual and light coloured jacket after all it s summer BRIGHT BOTTOMED Is indigo the new blue Apparently so according to this Wykidd shirt A COOLER SHADE OF BLUE 68 GET OUT IN THE SUN IN STYLE WITH SPRING SUMMER 2011 The mercury s rising and there s no better excuse to head out now to frolic in the sun and sand especially when you re togged out in FOX s sun-soaked beachwear. Take your pick from a range of candy-hued bikinis to cool surf shorts for the dudes there your summer wardrobe is now complete. special striped bikini top 33.90 bikini bottom 23.90 polka dot bikini top 33.90 striped tank top 23.90 soul surfer mens t-shirt 19.90 flip flops 16.90 each sequinned denim shorts 53.90 board shorts 39.90 carribean lifestyle t-shirt 29.90 Find Fox at Bugis Junction 01-18 IMM 01-17 ION Orchard B4-25A Junction 8 02-05 Jurong Point 02-28 Marina Square 02-209 Ngee Ann City B2-34 Parkway Parade 01-37 Plaza Singapura 02-01 VivoCity 01-29 watches 69.90 each focus label DR. MARTENS APPAREL SPRING SUMMER 11 Text Fiona Chen Images Dr. Martens WHAT S UP DOC With a time-tested track record (50 years ) of keeping its denizens well protected in their iconic boots it s only natural that a spinoff eventually springs forth from Dr. Martens. And so we present to you Dr. Martens debut apparel offering for both boys and girls. The collection is one that still has both feet firmly rooted in English soil featuring a heady mix of hardy gingham shirts slouchy cardigans and of course logo T-shirts for the fanboys. Also rolling out for the first time from the label are delectable arm candies but be quick in getting your paws on its line of preppy satchel bags (moulded from the same leather used in its Made-in-England collection) cos there are only 350 pieces available per colour globally. Lucked out on that one You might have a chance copping its industrial-strength Parachute bags though it s also as precious with just 300 pieces per colourway hitting the stores worldwide. Oh and don t worry about going overboard decking yourself out in DMs because their boots were not just made for walkin but also to be worn proudly with your spanking new DM threads. Available exclusively at the Dr. Martens Store at Wheelock Place 02-17. 70 focus label NIXON SPRING SUMMER 11 CH-CHECK THIS OUT Text Fiona Chen Images Nixon It all started in Encinitas California where specialty board sports and fashion retailers begin to stock a small but discerning collection of watches designed for the stylish athlete. It didn t take long before Nixon caught the eyes of more than just those doing their board sport thing in the Westside and today the brand not only has presence in over 45 countries it has also found a warm nest on your wrist and in many wardrobes as well. Now back to where it all started its timepieces. This season the most popular kid in the Nixon family the Time Teller gets reinvented in a number of styles to keep those in its fanbase happy and to convert those who aren t. The Acetate edition is a classy take and best of all it doesn t have to feel like it with its lightweight yet durable material. Happiness also can be found in the form of the hot Beastie Boys x Nixon collab where Mike D. gets immortalised in a quartet of cheery maritime-themed watches (with a message from the rapper inscribed onto the watch band and case. Sorry guys you ll have to buy to find out what). Apparently the release of this watch is also to commemorate Mike being crowned Yachtsman of the Year for his role in discovering a pile of sunken treasure off the coast of Nantucket... Believe what you will but first to the stores cos there are only 20 retailers stocking this baby globally and just one in Singapore. Precious santigold The Beastie Boys x Nixon watch is available exclusively at TANGS Orchard. For more Nixon news and updates bookmark www.facebook. com NixonSEA and NixonSEA PLUG THIS Music is cool and so are these Nixon accessories created for your listening pleasure. Apart from a myriad of colourways and styles to pick from (we especially like how The Loop looks like it was seamlessly lifted from a block of plastic) its impressive set of tech specs will also sway your decision in the right direction. focus label CONVERSE FIRST STRING X MACKINTOSH Text Min Chen Images & interview courtesy of Converse First String IAN GINOZA CREATIVE DIRECTOR OF CONVERSE FIRST STRING ILLUMINATES THE BRAND S WELL-TRODDEN PATH How did you get on board with Converse I was consulting for Converse prior to joining and they kind of made me an offer after consulting for a while. I moved there from Honolulu and I ve been there for almost three years. And I like it I m a big fan of the brand and products and I grew up skating with Chuck Taylors so it was a natural thing for me. And how would you describe the sensibility behind Converse First String First String is Converse s pinnacle expression of craftsmanship and product detailing so everything that comes out of First String is the best of Converse. What it does is it elevates the brand and products cos we use the best materials and craftsmanship. And because we re available in only 60 stores globally and in limited runs it s also a very exclusive product. How did the collaboration with Mackintosh come about Mackintosh is an amazing brand with amazing textiles. Their process is a vulcanising process where they take rubber and fabric and fuse it together. And since that s our process as well especially for Chuck Taylor and Jack Purcell it was a very natural partnership. You both also come backed with some mad heritage. Your thoughts on how far Converse has come I think Converse has gone through many changes over its hundred-year history but the one thing that s always been a constant is its place within youth culture. It has great connections on both the music and fashion fronts and as far as artists are concerned the Jackson Pollocks to the Hunter S Thompsons of the world have worn and represented Converse in a way. And it s just that Converse is a classic a classic American brand and icon. It s very hard to reach that classic level... and classics are classics for a reason THE NEW JACK By now you should know that Converse comes backed with a rock solid century-spanning rep and heritage it having been the footwear of choice for rebels rockers tennis punks and anyone else with an edge. Case in point being its Jack Purcell shoe with 75 years behind it it s been as at home on badminton courts and country clubs as it has been on the feet of the late James Dean. Such is the stuff that classics are made of and Jack Purcell s timelessness wanes not one bit on its recent refitting. In a historical collaboration Converse s premium First String line has teamed up with Mackintosh the Brit-born brand that matches Converse in the heritage stakes with its 150-year-old background in high function and high fashion rainwear to re-launch its iconic Jack Purcell with an all-new face. It s a seamless blend of American and British styles on Mackintosh s rethinking of Converse s Jack Purcell. The classic Johnny model now comes furnished with the Mac s trademark waterproof rubberised cotton yet retains all of its signature touches like its white rubber soles and toe-smile. New colourways are also fresh and preppy ones (navy blue with lime interior putty with chocolate and dark olive with deep plum) allowing the shoes a subdued but totally classy attitude. And as a special complement to the footwear Mackintosh has also produced matching versions of its single breasted Mac jacket in similar materials and shades plus a cheeky smile sewn under its collar none of it is available in Singapore but it s nice enough to look at. Your kicks don t get cooler than this one where solid gold heritage meets cred the refined joins the rebellious and everyone gets to step out in authentic style. The Mackintosh for Converse Jack Purcell Johnny Shoe is available in three limited edition versions at Singapore s exclusive Converse First String Store Surrender Raffles Hotel Arcade 02-31. 72 CHIC report DKNY JEANS SPRING SUMMER 11 FASHION PARTY NEW YORK NEW YORK Text Fiona Chen Images DKNY Jeans If you didn t know by now DKNY Jeans is one helluva unconventional brand so no surprises as to why it chose to hold a fashion party in an off-the-beaten-track venue (a former warehouse that was thankfully well-ventilated). And yet despite its location the place was already teeming with cool cats just a little after the doors opened all eager to cop a peek into the brand s edgy Spring Summer line-up and a feel of its fashion-savvy credentials. Letting guests get a taste of New York (the core inspiration of DKNY Jeans S S 11 collection) were swirls of tangy frozen yoghurt beer and American deli-styled bites. Superimposed onto screens around the warehouse were depictions of the brand s inspiration mood boards a smorgasbord of arty fare with loads of texture and grit. That was however all but just a flirty tease cos the fashion show that followed in the adjacent space was what the night was really about. The show s producers sure got the memo alright because our eyeballs were treated to a feast of models looking like animated lookbooks of DKNY Jeans S S 11 offerings which consisted of contrasting pairings and proportions ranging from paper-like fabrics to vintage denims. If you like what you saw here s a tip the collection is already out in all DKNY Jeans stores. was the official rag for this party and we couldn t be prouder. my shop IN THE CLUB ZOUK BOUTIQUE. You already know Zouk for the two decades it s spent shaping our clubbing experiences but there s every chance for you to get re-acquainted with it via the Zouk Boutique. The retail concept has long had its sights set on complementing your clubbing exploits with its full range of Zouk swag an assortment of clubbing essentials and a curation of labels that ll fit neatly into your party wardrobe. Better yet are the Boutique s efforts to engage local talents in creative discourse besides boasting an interior fashioned by homegrown design firm Asylum the store also champions emerging names in art fashion and music in its many collabs. How very Zouk We got Andy Chua the Boutique s merchandiser to show and tell. Text Min Chen Images & interview courtesy of Zouk Management WHERE S THE PARTY ZOUK MERCHANDISE This is precisely (and literally) how you take home a piece of Zouk with the Boutique s wide array of merch that covers tees tote bags and staff tags that let everyone know that your name is Mambo King . How did the Zouk Boutique come about The Zouk Boutique was conceived to provide clubbers with a holistic clubbing experience by incorporating a lifestyle component tying in elements of art design and fashion. Think of the Zouk Boutique as being like what the MoMA store is to MoMA (Museum of Modern Art). It s a wonderful chance to bring a piece of Zouk home with you. But surely there must be challenges to operating a retail store within a club... To be honest shopping is not the main reason why most clubbers come to Zouk. However with these challenges it has led to us coming up with experimental ideas and crazy concepts for Zouk Boutique To a large extent such challenges have influenced our retail mix we sell items such as novelty party headgear fingerlights and quirky staff badges which enhance our clubbers experience in the club. What else can we find on the Zouk Boutique racks We produce merchandise for our themed and Zouk resident DJ nights. For eg. on Mambo Jambo nights Mambo Jambo CDs and T-shirts are higher in demand. Rollies are always awesome for soothing the aching feet of our female clubbers after a whole night of dancing. We also have products that are exclusive to the Zouk Boutique Tatty Devine accessories and Aerial 7 headphones that do sell very well too. We have something every night for everybody 74 What do you reckon the Boutique adds to the Zouk brand Zouk is not just a club but also a playground for all trendsetters and go-getters. With the addition of the boutique it actually synergises the entire clubbing experience and lifestyle adding a whole new dimension to many people s perception of a clubbing lifestyle. It is also a platform for up-and-coming talents in their respective fields to get involved and create unexpected surprises through collaborations with Zouk. Tell us more about your latest collaborations for Zouk s 20th Anniversary. Our latest collaborations are with Max Tan from max.tan and Larry Lam from Sundays. They have created a range of exclusive merchandise Max worked on deconstruction transforming one dress into 20 different pieces ranging from blouse bottoms and dresses. Larry on the other hand translates his ideas of the clubbing culture from way back eg. Studio54 applying colours and clever details throughout the exclusive range of pieces. Lastly give us a peek into what s the pipeline for Zouk Boutique We will be expanding our ever-popular series of Zoukbranded merchandise and exclusive brands as well as lots of awesome projects and collaboration works. Be sure to look out for it Find the Zouk Boutique at Zouk 17 Jiak Kim Street. IRREGULAR CHOICE If there s anything that fits Zouk s clubbing outlook right down to a point it s Irregular Choice that quirky and sassy line-up of heels that you girls could totally get a grind on. (The Boutique also stocks Rollies you know just in case) ZOUK CLASSICS CELEBRATING 20 YEARS OF MUSIC In loving celebration of Zouk s 20th year the club has teamed up with Defected Records for a compilation featuring tracks that have done their duty to the Zouk dancefloor. It s three-CDs thick so you re in for a real journey. gear THIS MONTH HELP YOURSELF TO SOME FRESH AND JUICY TECH BITES Text Fiona Chen SAMSUNG HMX-Q10 CAMCORDER 799 Available at Samsung authorised retailers PANASONIC LUMIX DMC-FT3 649 Available at Panasonic authorised retailers OLYMPUS XZ-1 748 Available at Olympus authorised retailers SONY ERICSSON W8 WALKMAN P.O.A Available at Sony Ericsson authorised retailers SONY ERICSSON XPERIA PLAY 888 Available at all Sony Ericsson concept stores PHILIPS IN-EAR HEADSETS SHE2675 P.O.A Available at at all major electronics retailers CREATIVE D80 WIRELESS SPEAKER 49.90 Available at The Creative Store at International Business Park and Marina Square authorised dealers and online at LENOVO IDEAPAD Z470 1 149 Available at Lenovo authorised dealers SONY DIGITAL PHOTO FRAME 399 Available at Sony authorised dealers SONY NWZ-B160 WALKMAN MP3 PLAYER P.O.A Available at Sony authorised dealers LENOVO G470 999 Available at Lenovo authorised dealers EPSON STYLUS PHOTO R3000 P.O.A Available at Epson authorised dealers 76 CULTURE BOOK ART Text Hidzir Junaini ICONIC SCULPTURES AND INSTALLATIONS MADE FROM BOOKS Radio film television and the omnipresence of the digital age have perhaps lessened its allure but despite everything the written word and the bounded page still possess a certain inescapable romanticism that soft copy simply cannot facsimile. While the medium has evolved over the centuries its essence was always as a textual interpreter to the world. Book Art turns that concept on its head and instead provides an artistic interpretation of the book. This 220-page examination of the form function structure and format of books articulates just how beautifully the ideas and narratives contained can easily be manipulated into different contexts. As described and edited by Christine Antaya and Paul Sloman Book Art features creative structures and installations from Thomas Allen Line Andersen Martin Andersen and Cara Barer along with dozens of other artists. It s an extensive and elaborate deconstruction of the book sometimes literally. For instance artist Brian Dettmer takes vintage books such as dictionaries medical texts and fashions them into intricate sculptures. Pages are carved and words are peeled before being glued or reassembled together to transform what once a heavy omnibus into a visual opus of another kind. Dettner s pieces offer up a microcosm of what Book Art beautifully presents a semantic redefinition of an age-old medium. MORE BOOK-BASED FUN ADAPTATION Adaptation was a ludicrously layered examination of fiction writing and its two most popular mediums the novel and the film. When hired to adapt a book called The Orchid Thief into a feature screenwriter Charlie Kaufman turned a bewildering task into bewildering genius. Unable to fashion Susan Orlean s non-fiction account into traditional narrative Kaufman instead wrote a movie about himself trying to write a film based on The Orchid Thief. The result is a spellbindingly clever meta commentary about the creative process. Book Art is available at Page One VivoCity 02-41 42. DAVID BOWIE DIAMOND DOGS David Bowie s concept album was supposed to be a spiritual successor to George Orwell s Nineteen EightyFour though we don t remember the Ministry of Truth to be quite so deliciously glam. Diamond Dogs nevertheless did feature the nihilistic epic-ness befitting its dystopic inspiration with thematic tracks such as 1984 and Big Brother offering very obvious lyrical homages to Winston Smith s brainwashing and brave rebellion. Originally meant for a musical production Bowie s vision for a Nineteen EightyFour stage spectacle sadly never materialised. ART MONTH OF PHOTOGRAPHY ASIA 2011 THE POWER OF RECALL Photography in Singapore has only been flourishing by leaps and bounds and the Month of Photography Asia (MOPA) has been growing right alongside it. Since its 2002 launch this locally based affair has blossomed into the regionally positioned platform it is today where photography continues to be celebrated as an art form and an industry. Now kicking ass as the leading photography event in Singapore this year s serving of MOPA comes our way again and via an exploration of the theme Memory. After all whatever else leaves the biggest clues on the passing of time than a photograph The theme will be ably addressed in three highlight exhibitions that array such renowned names as Sean Flynn Robert Capa and Larry Burrows in poignant and powerful statements of remembering and remembrance. Text Min Chen Images Month of Photography Asia Larry Burrows Roger Mattingly courtesy of Horst Faas & Tim Page provided by George Eastman House SUPERHISTORY 29 JUNE TO 8 JULY AT THE ION ART GALLERY Viewing the past through the lens of pop culture Superhistory sees Indonesian photog Agan Harahap taking the liberty of inserting superhero icons into key historical moments. So we get Superman hanging out with Allied troops at the Normandy D-Day Landings Darth Vader meeting up with Churchill Roosevelt and Stalin at Yalta and Batman inspecting paratroopers before the first assault on the European continent. It s tongue-in-cheek stuff but still a genuine questioning of how popular culture and imagination have shaped the way we remember the past. WALLS BETWEEN PEOPLES 29 JUNE TO 27 JULY AT THE SOCI T G N RALE PRIVATE BANKING GALLERY AT ALLIANCE FRAN AISE For Walls Between Peoples photogs Alexandra Novosseloff and Frank Neisse embarked on a twoyear journey around the globe to document the walls and manmade divides that have been erected to separate or safeguard people. In plaintive photographs of borderlines like the Green Line in Cyprus the Demilitarised Zone between the two Koreas or the electrified fence in Kashmir it s disquieting not just in what s being depicted (geopolitical divides) but in the unspoken physical emotional and psychological ramifications behind these unnatural separations. REQUIEM 5 JULY TO 7 AUGUST AT THE NANYANG ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS GALLERIES 1 & 2 Requiem serves as a memorial to the 135 photographers who risked death and injury in order to bring the world coverage on the Indochina and Vietnam wars. Over 250 photographs depicting the horrors of the battlefield will be on display for which photogs including Larry Burrows Henri Huet and local lensmen like Terrence Khoo and Sam Kay Faye lost their lives to capture. Curated by Horst Faas and Tim Page (both photojournalists that were wounded in the Vietnam War) the exhibition is moving both for what it remembers and how it remembers. The Month of Photography Asia happens from 28 June to 7 August. Admission to the exhibitions is free. 78 spin OUR GIG PICKS OF THE MONTH Text Hidzir Junaini YUKUN AND P T SATURDAY 18 JUNE AT ZIRCA Local party peeps will know the names Yukun and P t immediately and if you don t you should These two have become synonymous with uplifting melody and quality trance after the booming success of their Progressions events. They ve supported luminaries like Gareth Emery John Askew and Kyau vs Albert and after seven years in the game their profile is still snowballing. Be sure to catch these born and bred Singaporean trance stalwarts. LOOP VS THE DIG SATURDAY 25 JUNE AT HOME CLUB You really wouldn t want to miss this epic encounter between the residents of Loop and The Dig behind the decks of Home Club. The folks from both fronts will be dueling it out and blurring genre lines so prepare to have your faces melted by an intense grab-bag of techno dubstep and dubtek beats. Expect to hear everything from soulful Detroit techno to grimy bass wobbles as the digital showdown unfolds. You can t not have heard of Fatboy Slim. The man is a legendary pioneer of big beat and his 90s hits such as The Rockafeller Skank and Right Here Right Now found success amongst the ravers and mainstream MTV public alike. He s headlined the biggest festivals across the globe he s even remixed for Queen and thankfully Brighton s best is coming to our shores. You better praise him like you should. THURSDAY 9 JUNE AT ZOUK FATBOY SLIM AJAX SATURDAY 18 JUNE AT THE BUTTER FACTORY Ajax is one of the biggest DJs Down Under having been hailed multiple times by multiple publications and luminaries (like Digitilasm and Busy P ) as best DJ of the year. But don t just take their word for it come check out head honcho at Sweat It Out music and founding member of Bang Gang as he blitzes out the dancefloor for all you Fash hags with his paste mixing electroclash irreverence. ajaxbanggang TIMO MAAS FRIDAY 24 JUNE AT ZOUK SYNDICATE DEBUTS THE BEAT INVITATIONAL In an effort to keep on showcasing the cutting edge sounds of tomorrow Syndicate presents The Beat Invitational a platform to get Singapore s finest beatmakers out of the studio and into the public consciousness. Local heroes like Koflow DJ Reiki Trytoplay and other fresh producers will be strutting their stuff. The launch of this open forum will also be graced with a special set by Low End Theory s resident turntablist D-Styles. SATURDAY 11 JUNE AT HOME CLUB FERRY CORSTEN SATURDAY 18 JUNE AT ZOUK This Dutch trance superstar DJ is ranked 7 according to DJ Mag (he s a perpetual top 10 man) and he s claimed the Best Trance DJ gong at the Ibiza DJ Awards. But we reckon the accolades are superfluous when Corsten can carry a show on his considerable talents and name alone. Universally regarded as one of trance s leading men you d best get on board this Ferry when he returns to rock Zouk. Nearly three decades on and Timo Mass is still at it better than ever. He s remixed everyone from Muse to Madonna Fatboy Slim to Jamiroquai and he s even introduced a funked up Kelis to Europe. From his days in the early German underground rave scene to high profile residencies in clubs like New York s Twilo the progressive house and techno Maas-ter has done it all and we bow to him. MARK DOYLE SATURDAY 25 JUNE AT STEREOLAB Is there anything Mark Doyle can t do This man once masterminded the founding of lifestyle institution Hed Kandi back in 1999 and is now the brains behind the illustrious Fierce Angel Records. He also created and hosts the weekly Hed Kandi Radio Show that s broadcasted worldwide (including Singapore on Lush 99.5 FM) Oh and did we mention that he s an unbelievable house DJ too You have to check this guy out. 2011 DJ QUEST FRIDAY 24 JUNE AT ZOUK Fast rising disco duo Jean Vanesse and Thomas Sohet (aka Spirit Catcher) are being hailed as one of the best producer teams in the biz right now thanks to their shocking excellent debut album Night Vision. Their tasty cross of fresh disco and space-y techno is the best thing to come of Belgium since waffles so you re in for a treat when they make their Singapore debut at Velvet Tech. spiritcatcher1 80 SATURDAY 11 JUNE AT VELVET UNDERGROUND VELVET TECH WITH SPIRIT CATCHER For the ninth year running is looking out for the best undiscovered DJ around town and giving them a chance to wax their magic in front of a stuffed dancefloor. We only covet the best and brightest so the battle behind the decks is inevitably always a spectacle. There s new talent to be heralded a champ to be crowned and fun times to be had so why not sign up for your free invites now djquest residencies THE DIG MONTHLY AT HOME CLUB Text Hidzir Junaini Images and interview courtesy of The Dig and Home Club Always known for bringing out the freshest pretense-free nights for serious audiophiles Home Club has come up with another gem of a residency in The Dig. Its launch featured Hotflush Recordings curator and London dubstep pioneer Scuba just to give you folks an idea of the sonic amalgamations in store. The key phrase for The Dig will be audio experimentation so while the night has intersecting roots in garage dubstep techno and house do expect perpetual evolution as they continually dig out great obscurities to share with the dancefloor. Clark (44 BEATZ) fills us in on what his boundary-less baby is all about. What s The Dig all about Musically we have diverse tastes and very different styles - it s refreshing to be able to throw everything together mess about and have fun with the consequences. Whilst we accept you need to have some kind of label for folks to hang their hats on the beauty of The Dig is that it s deliberately splintered. Call it harmonised chaos with lots of bass So who does the deck wrecking at the party Dan (Buckers) Jon (RTYPE) Clark (44BEATZ) and Ming. Dan Jon and I have been playing together for a few months now. Ming s part of the crew because he s a cool DJ and knows where all the beer is. We like beer. Describe for us what happens at The Dig. Collectively we play everything from deep house to jungle and by midnight we get people pogoing inside and outside the club. Think of it as us digging through stacks of tracks in order to move people in a direction they love but maybe weren t fully expecting. Most importantly we re out to have a good time ourselves and are normally bouncing off the walls whenever we re not behind the decks. The venue obviously plays a huge part in all of this Home is ideal for us it s industrial and dark with a kick-arse sound system. 82 What makes the night unique in Singapore s club-scape Nobody else is playing DIGTEK Seriously though quite a lot I think. First up there s four residents and we ll be playing at every night individually and often back-to-back so lots going on behind the decks. Secondly the music obviously We re being almost evangelical about the stuff we like and aim to help people to open up and take it in. Finally and always most importantly the crowd. Folks come to our nights because of the music and the passion we have for it to hear not just to be seen. What do you envision The Dig to become in the months ahead We re already talking about introducing live sets as well as having the occasional battle potentially via two rival DJ booths. Hopefully we ll keep having lots of fun too. There are a lot of people in Singapore we want to collaborate with and are already talking to. We re in discussions with a few overseas DJs too so plenty to keep us busy and everyone smiling. alert FULL STEAM AHEAD THE FULL MOON PARTY SEQUEL THE MOON IN JUNE Text Min Chen Images Tanjong Beach Club You know what they say when the moon be full the animals come out to play. That s what happened at Tanjong Beach Club s last Full Steam Ahead party where we gathered under the full moon on the beach and lived it up like it was lunar toons. If you weren t there you seriously missed out... but not for long. As the moon rounds out again this month TBC will be unleashing its sequel to Full Steam Ahead with get this 11 whole hours of fire twirlers stilt walkers roving percussionists and eyefuls of beach bods as well as the requisite disco grooves. Manning the decks at this shindig will seven ( ) DJs including local jocks Uncle Johnny Tyler Made KFC Has Maurice Simon and Brendon P and guest star Social Disco Club. Real name Humberto Matias this Portuguese native s made quite the rep for himself on the nu-disco scene having released a string of stunning 12 s ( Peaceful Warrior ) and toured Europe s top clubs in the name of disco. His stuff is 100% golden so if you ain t kicking up a sandstorm it s not his fault. See you animals on the beach Full Steam Ahead The Full Moon Party Sequel happens at Tanjong Beach Club on 18 June from 5pm to 4am. MIDNIGHT SHIFT 04 COLLAB COME TOGETHER Text Min Chen Images Midnight Shift Back for its first serving of 2011 Midnight Shift will be getting into the spirit of symbiosis and synergy for a night of collaborative energy. The touchstone of the night remains its secret guest this one s a stalwart in the Chicago house and Detroit techno scene hails from Switzerland boasts watertight multi-deck mixing skills and has been loved for his remixes for people like Danny Howells and DJ Hell. The mystery man will be spinning alongside MNS two-timer Jerome Syndenham on top of a brilliant line-up of local DJs such as Norman Chung and Ulysses and visual wizards LLDFF and Av Neesh. Now that s a group hug in the making. And for that extra poignant touch the night will see the launch of Midnight Shift s own music label a collaborative platform with the aim of pairing emerging talents with established names Norman Chung in order to educate and expose. Word to that There s gonna be a whole lot of synergetic love going down on this night that the only thing that s really Jerome Sydenham missing is well you. Come do your part for the party. Midnight Shift 04 Collab happens on 24 June at Soul. Non Midnight Shift members will have to pay cover at the door ( 25 for females and 28 for males including one free drink). Early bird tickets are available at 18 until 17 June. Email rsvp for more information. Ulysses 84 alert DIPLO (DJ SET) ATASCENT ZIRCA MAD Once upon a time Diplo may have been best known as that guy who produced M.I.A. s ber-catchy Paper Planes but those days are far behind him. His numerous projects as a producer DJ filmmaker label owner (Mad Decent) and zombie-slaying Jamaican rebel warrior have kept him fixed upon multiple spotlights all at once. Whether he s producing Santigold remixing Radiohead doing dancehall with Major Lazer partner Switch making a documentary about funk in the Favelas or simply whipping the crowd up behind the consoles Diplo does it all in alchemistic style. Creativity is the man s blood and Wesley tells us what keeps the veins pumping on his many fronts prior to his showcase in Zirca. Text Hidzir Junaini Image and interview courtesy of Zirca This will make it four visits in a year You must love us That s because Singapore scene is exploding It s a mix of all Asia so you get the pop the lector the underground and the kids all together. Singapore is the only town with a history for electronic music and DJs so it s just exploding. Are you excited to be hitting up Zirca and how will your set be different from your past shindigs here It s my fourth venue to play in Singapore and over time and the party just keeps getting more and more crazy. It just keeps building up so I hope Zirca will be the craziest Yeah But before that tell us what s going on with your latest dubstep-only compilation Blow Your Head. Well the Blow Your Head series is something we are going to do three of four times a year with Mad Decent to showcase the new scenes. When we started the dubstep version a year ago it was very new and now it s exploded Suddenly it wasn t so underground anymore. Volume two will be called Moombahton. That is the sound that is taking over for the summer all over the USA and Europe Check out Dillon Francis new EP on Mad Decent to get an idea. So what s your take on the way dubstep has blown up over the last year or so Do you see it as progress or dilution A little of both. When things blow up parts go underground and the rest just keep developing. Let s see what happens I m just so happy to see my friends and label-mates like Rusk Borgore and Magnetic Man getting huge They all deserve it. 86 Your directorial film debut Favela on Blast was released last year. What was the inspiration behind your documentary on baile funk I love to make music and love to make films so hopefully I can do a lot more because I have this need to be constantly working and creating. I want to be a little Werner Herzog. I just need to DJ a bit more What s been up with Mad Decent Crazy year Blow Your Head compilations Rusk Borgore s new joint and new Major Lazer hitting this summer. We re going to be dropping some rock albums too like PO PO and Bosco Delrey in addition to lots of cool singles Dillon Francis Slachthofbronx Toy Selectah Savage Skulls Kito & Reija Lee and so much more already out there. Man we ve had a killer year and it s about to get even crazier this summer. Given your tastemaker rep what s out there that excites you at the moment Moombahton drumstep and new sounds from the house scene. Marble is a cool new label that I love and one of their guys Sound Pelligrino from France is making some rad stuff. Loads of good stuff out there if you look hard enough. Diplo makes his mad descent onto Zirca s fabled floors on Friday 3 June. Tickets are 30 for early birds (inclusive of one drink) and 38 for standard entry. Club rules do apply. diplo SPECIAL ZESTA LETS YOU DO MORE Zesta is F&N s latest addition to the family and it looks to be the peppiest of the lot. The exotic pack graphics hint at the origins of the star ingredient in this bubbly potion. Made with a remarkable little wonder of a berry known as the Guarana berry Zesta is set to be the ultimate thirst quencher with benefits. Originating from the Amazon the Guarana berry has been consumed by generations of South Americans for its source of sustainable natural energy. Upliftingly refreshing and delightfully crisp and fruity Zesta which contains natural Guarana is the perfect companion throughout your busy day. Be it at mealtimes school work or play this great tasting golden sparkling beverage will keep your lethargy at bay and add that extra bounce to your step This perk-me-up is available in handy on-the-go bottles as well as sexy metallic cans. zestasg 88 SCEne LABOUR DAY PARTY - THE PARTY WITHOUT OPPOSITION NO REST FOR THE WICKED THE BUTTER FACTORY 5TH ANNIVERSARY IT S CAKE AND CANDLES FOR THE BUTTERY MENAGERIE 90 WINE . DINE . GOOD TIMES AT CLARKE QUAY BELVEDERE PRESENTS OPENING PARTY OF AUDI FASHION FESTIVAL AT ATTICA YOU BETTER BE FEELIN FASHIONABLE COS EVERYONE HERE IS READYSET GLO WITH CROOKERS AT ZOUK WAVE THAT GLOW STICK LIKE IT S 2007 SCEne ICE COLD BEER 17TH ANNIVERSARY BEER-Y NICE NEVER HIDE ON THE STREETS WITH RAY-BAN WE SPY WITH OUR LITTLE EYE THE COOLEST CATS IN TOWN AND THEIR COVETED RAY-BANS. ARE YOU ONE OF THEM Hosan Denise Bealson Val Genevieve 92 92 Jeannette We ll be prowling the pavement for more Ray-Ban clad trendsetters be there in your Sunday best sg SCEne ZOUK SOUNDSYSTEM WITH DJB & ECLIPSE ZOUK HOMEBOYS TURN IT UP AND LOCK IT DOWN SCEne BEAT AT HOME CLUB GOOD TUNES GOOD VIBES GOOD COMPANY AND DAMN GOOD NEWS 96 DJ MAXWELL VERSUS DJ OLLIE DES AT DBL O YEAH SOMETHING IS HAPPENING HERE navigator This month Text Fiona Chen Eat drink and be very merry GRAZE TAKE TWO If you ve been to Graze at Rochester Park and liked it then welcome its baby sister Graze at Martin No. 38 into the family. Located in Robertson Quay (undoubtedly the new It neighbourhood for chic eats and drinks) Graze at Martin No.38 offers all-day casual dining with an extensive menu (you won t regret ordering their duck confit) in a loft-inspired interior and an al-fresco area to while away your Sunday with a cuppa in hand. Graze at No. 38 is located at 38 Martin Road. HAVE A SHOT Designed to be extra dainty for the fairer sex the new BK Shots burger by Burger King looks set to become the perfect midday snack sans the guilt trip. With three new flavours to choose from the Rodeo Beef (beef patties smothered with BBQ sauce and topped with onion rings and cheese) the Spicy Chicken (breaded chicken spread with spicy BBQ sauce and mayo) and the Grilled Onion Beef (beef patties with caramelised onions and cheese) it s going to be a challenge to stop at just one. Available at 2.50 a pop from all Burger King outlets. DOGGONE GOOD First there were gourmet burgers and now gourmet hot dogs to entice our spoilt-silly appetites. You might know 40 Hands as THE place for great specialty coffee and tasty light grub and well now you can add fresh gourmet dawgs to the list. Take your pick from Spicy Harrissa Chicken Lamb and Mint and the Guinness beef and pork dogs all made from grain-fed (read real) meat and nestled between handcrafted buns. Even the condiments are given the special touch at 40 Hands forget deli-standard ketchup and go for their handmade chutneys instead. 40 Hands is located at 78 Yong Siak Street. BEER AND THERE BOOZY CHOCOLATES Not that we ll ever get sick of good ol milk and dark chocolate but it is creations like those from the Ch c late Research Facility that keep our tastebuds piqued. This season the creative folks at CRF have churned out a bunch of cocktail-inspired confectionaries and that means wonderful flavours like the Pina Colada Strawberry Daiquiri and the Singapore Sling all packed into one mean bar. Getting drunk on chocolates actually sounds like quite a good idea... Ch c late Research Facility is located at Wheelock Place 02-10 Millenia Walk 01-30 and Raffles City B1-49. Good news for fans of Asahi everyone s favourite Japanese beer will be appearing at various secret locations from now till July in the form of pop-up bars and apart from awesome music and activities taking place fresh Asahi Super Dry beer will be on offer at a special price (yay ) straight from the tap. Each location setup will only last for three hours though so keep tabs on their Facebook page to find out where before scurrying there pronto. asahibeer.singapore 98 navigator FIVE MINUTES WITH... Ali Dedianko BELVEDERE VODKA GLOBAL BRAND AMBASSADOR A girl working in a man s world always attracts extra interest and especially with a lass like Ali Dedianko who cinched the role as the new global brand ambassador for Belvedere by winning the Belvedere Vodka Bartender Dream Job competition with her original concoction the Silk Thai. Here in town to host the bar at World Gourmet Summit 2011 we got to try her Asian-inspired creation (two words damn good) and have a chat with her... not at the same time of course. My bartending career started when I was working in a bar in New York. I became interested to know what were in the drinks that were served so I stepped behind a bar and got a shot at mixing that s when I realised that my drinks were actually quite good A good cocktail is less about sticking to measurements but more of relying on your sense of taste. Anyone can follow a recipe but a good chef relies best on his instincts. Likewise I am often inspired by the dishes I taste and with my instincts I try to recreate them in my cocktails. I don t think women are any different from the men behind the bar gender certainly doesn t play a role Plus I believe women are more creative... we have better palates You d be surprised at how many men order Cosmopolitans you can be a masculine man and still like a sweet drink. It really depends on your mood. That s why I love using Belvedere as a base it s so versatile that I can use it in all sorts of cocktails and the best part It doesn t disappear after being mixed and you can still taste the vodka afterwards. To me the best way to enjoy Belvedere is in a martini with a splash of vermouth and maybe a twist like an olive Image Belvedere CALIDRIS 28BLACK NATURALLY PERKY THE DRINK The only one thing 28BLACK has in common with the rest of the K energy drinks in the market is that it serves to perk you up but everything else e from its refreshing fruity taste to its sleek packaging is entirely different. And if f you were wondering 28BLACK derives its namesake from being able to pack in K another four hours worth of energy in a day with just one serving. SPECIA SPECIAL THE INGREDIENTS Featuring a a berries (which has been christened the Wonder Berry) as one of its main components the fruit contains isomaltulose a natural sugar that releases energy over an extended period so that you can keep on going for a longer time. The best part 28BLACK contains no artificial K ingredients so all you get is a natural energy booster without a lingering artificial cial a aftertaste. THE POSSIBILITIES With a light tangy taste the bubbly 28BLACK is a perfect K base to many types of liquor and it should fare especially well with the crisp notes of vodka and the tropical flavours of rum. The possibilities are endless though why not do the exploration with your taste buds Check this space for delicious 28BLACK cocktails recipes coming your way way a 28BLACK is available at all good drinking holes including Stereolab K Stereolounge and Ku d ta. For more information please call Calidris 28 at at 6634 1070 or visit their facebook fanpage at 28 BLACK Singapore. K navigator alert THUNDER ROCK SCHOOL REMEMBER THE THUNDER Text Therese Heng Images Thunder Rock School From the get go the people at Thunder Rock School have only ever had one thing in common to pay homage and to carry on the legacy of the late Wayne Thunder Seah whose untimely passing in 2007 left many in the local music circuit disheartened at the loss of an amazing musician. Coming together to preserve what he would have wanted to achieve (a bustling and energetic music scene) this dynamic mixture of seasoned musicians (all stalwarts of the industry don t mess ) have just banded together to form Thunder Rock a school centered on providing music education and nurturing a new generation of musicians. Spearheaded by ex-Electrico keyboardist Amanda Ling vocalist of Fly Bar Ian Toh and audio producer maestro Leonard Soosay (mastermind of Snakeweed Studios) Thunder Rock stands out from other music schools with its main focus of discovering originality and unleashing creativity in every individual at the school. With new areas to explore like Basic Recording Songwriting and Disc Jockey training to the familiar like Drumming Keyboards and Guitars this is a school that comes fully loaded not just with talent but also the outpouring dedication of musicians who are willing to educate and impart their skills to us common folk. Yup believe it or not your favorite local musicians have just turned into teachers and your once futile attempt at becoming the next big thing has now become a possibility. Go for it. Thunder Rock School is located at 61 Kaki Bukit Ave 1 04-14 Shun Li Industrial Park. WE GET SCHOOLED BY THUNDER ROCK STARS AMANDA LEONARD AND IAN Talk us through some of the classes and your designated roles. I We provide guitar drums keyboards songwriting vocals basic recording and even DJ training. They are all held in our colourful pop art-inspired rooms that we painted ourselves so we could give our students a fun and conducive learning environment. L Along with that we will also be inviting guest teachers who will be conducting workshops on Songwriting Music and the law Music in New Media Performing Lets go back to basics. How did this Live on Stage and so on. all come together Amanda It started out one day during And what is the best part of your dinner between Leonard and Ian who job were throwing ideas about on how to A The friends that we work alongside with and the fact that we help the music scene. are all doing what we love I I asked Leonard how we could L I find that we not only teach but improve the scene and he said at the same time there is so much to Education is the key. We put learn from our students so I guess forward the idea to our peers who it s a whole learning experience for were all very supportive so we each and everyone of us. decided to go ahead with it. What s a typical day at Thunder Rock is like Ian Its fun inspiring and always filled with great company Leonard So far we ve had students come in for all sorts of lessons. When classes are held concurrently Thunder Rock suddenly comes alive and there is this sense of accomplishment. When classroom doors are closed and you hear music coming out of every room you know that you have inspired someone and made their day better. 100 navigator alert Kronenbourg THE FINER THINGS IN LIFE Text Fiona Chen Images Kronenbourg There is only one reason why Kronenbourg has successfully wiggled its way into our hearts within months of entering the Singaporean market the simple fact that it tastes freaking good. There are two types to choose from the Kronenbourg 1664 a pale and crisp lager with subtle hints of Mirabelle plums bananas peppers and grapefruit and the Blanc 1664 a cloudy white beer with a citrusy and lightly spiced bite. And trust us both taste smashing icy-cold especially in our stifling climate. But the Kronenbourg story doesn t just end there. While you savour the beer have a thought about Kronenbourg s impact on the fashion arts and photography (FAP) scene here. It is thanks to the recently concluded FAP nights (a series of art and fashion-centric exhibitions and competitions) that the local scene got that extra nudge it so deserves. If you re the sort who appreciates a good pint as much as the finer things in life well then this one s for you. Find Kronenbourg on tap at places like KPO Killiney La Viva at CHIJMES and SOUL. Check this space for more Kronenbourg happenings flying your way SHOP AT THESE CLUBS PUBS & BARS to check out 1-ALTITUDE Level 63 1 Raffles Place T 6438 0410 Music Chill out STOCKISTS ACCESSORIZE ION ORCHARD B2-32 HARRY S BAR ACID BAR ASYLUM 22 ANN SIANG ROAD T 6325 3019 ACTUALLYACTUALLY 16 PURVIS STREET 02-01 T 6336 7002 ANTIPODEAN 7A LORONG MAMBONG T 6463 7336 A X ARMANI EXCHANGE B1-03 ION ORCHARD BAPE MANDARIN GALLERY 02-02 03 BERSHKA ION ORCHARD B2-09 10 11 DR. MARTENS ORCHARD CENTRAL 03-05 T 6884 7578 DULCET FIG 41 HAJI LANE FRONT ROW RAFFLES HOTEL ARCADE 02-08 T 6224 5501 FRED PERRY LAUREL WREATH SHOP 19 ANN SIANG ROAD K.I.N 51 HAJI LANE T 6369 5475 LEFTFOOT ORCHARD CINELEISURE 02-07A T 6736 3227 PULL AND BEAR ION ORCHARD B2-08 T 6238 7655 SMUDGE ORCHARD CINELEISURE 03-03A T 6836 5282 SUP 34 HAJI LANE SURRENDER RAFFLES HOTEL ARCADE 02-31 T 6733 2130 THE SOCIETY OF BLACK SHEEP THE SHOPPES AT MARINA BAY SANDS B1-64 TANGS 310 ORCHARD ROAD T 6737 5500 THE LITTLE DR M STORE 7A ANN SIANG ROAD TOPSHOP ION ORCHARD B2-01 SMUDGE CATHAY CINELEISURE 03-03A WITCHERY ISETAN ORCHARD L1 VERY WOONDERLAND ION ORCHARD B3-12 VICTORIA JOMO 9A HAJI LANE Looking for where-to-find-juice 180 Orchard Road Peranakan Place T 6738 8828 Music Live acoustic ALLEY BAR 180 Orchard Road Peranakan Place T 6738 8818 Music Nu-groove lounge acid jazz and funk Harbour Front Centre 01-64 T 6271 8234 Clarke Quay Marrakesh-Morrocan Lounge and Bar Block 3D 01-01 T 6331 7331 Changi Airport T2 Departure Transit Lounge North T 6542 2261 Changi Airport T1 Departure and Transit Lounge West (Cactus Garden) T 6542 7035 Changi Airport T1 Nexus Lounge T 6214 0865 1 Esplanade Drive 01-05 07 The Esplanade Mall Music Jazz blues country and r&b POST BAR The Fullerton Singapore 1 Fullerton Square T 6877 8135 Music New age and chill out POWERHOUSE GALLERY BAR MOVIDA BELLINI ROOM St. James Power Station 3 Sentosa Gateway 01-01 T 6270 7676 Music Pop house (Powerhouse) Disco funk (Gallery bar) World music (Movida) Jazz (Bellini room) Q BAR ALTIVO Beside Mount Faber Cable Car Station T 6270 8855 6270 8223 Music Down-tempo and World music HELIPAD 6 Eu Tong San Street 5th Floor The Central T 6324 8118 Music House electro new rave down tempo lounge The Annex The Old Parliament House 1 Old Parliament Lane 01-04 T 6336 3386 Music Hip hop r&b dance and house music ATTICA & ATTICA TOO 3A River Valley Road 01-03 Clarke Quay T 6333 9973 Music Classic dance anthems r&b and hip hop HOME CLUB QUE PASA 20 Upper Circular Road The Riverwalk B1-01 06 T 6538 2928 Music Indie rock electro drum and bass 7 Emerald Hill Road T 235 6626 Music Modern & traditional jazz guitar instrumental & acid jazz with female vocals THE ARENA 3B River Valley Road 01-08 Clarke Quay T 6338 3158 Music Live music ICE COLD BEER THE RABBIT HOLE REBEL BARRACKS & TIPPLING CLUB 8D Dempsey Rd T 6475 7787 9 Emerald Hill Road T 6735 9929 50 Stamford Road Singapore Management University Lee Kong Chian School of Business 01-01 T 6837 3585 Music Classic alternative and adult contemporary rock 3C Harding Road T 6473 9965 3C The Cannery River Valley Road 01-07 08 T 6235 2292 Music Hip hop r&b urban BAR COCOON 3A Merchant s Court Clarke Quay River Valley Rd 01-02 T 6557 6268 Music Eclectic new wave electro uplifting house big tunes & deep house INK CLUB BAR SIAM SUPPER CLUB Raffles The Plaza 80 Bras Basah Road T 6431 5315 Music Sexy funky house 207 River Valley Rd T 6732 0938 ssc index.htm Music Retro & Top 40s STELLAR BAR J BAR BAR OPIUME 1 Empress Place ACM T 6339 2876 Music Rosanna & Her Jazz Players Mon - Sat from 9.30pm M-Hotel 81 Anson Road Level 9 T 6421 6128 Music Live acoustic pop rock r&b jazz contemporary 9 Emerald Hill Road T 67359929 Music Classic rock STEREOLAB KU D TA 7 Raffles Boulevard Pan Pacific Singapore T 6337 0880 BLUJAZ CAF 11 Bali Lane T 6292 3800 Music Live jazz funk boogie 1 Bayfront Ave Sands Skypark T 6688 7688 SOUL LA MAISON LANTERN THE BUTTER FACTORY One Fullerton 1 Fullerton Road T 6333 8243 Music (Fash) Eclectic-Indie electro Music (Bump) Hip hop r&b 55 Fairways Drive T 6467 7748 The Fullerton Bay Hotel 1 Fullerton Road T 6597 5299 Music Live cuban band nightly Odeon Towers 331 North Bridge Road T 8100 9991 Music Trance TAB 442 Orchard Road Orchard Hotel T 6493 6952 Music Live music TAK CAF DEL MAR 40 Siloso Beach Walk Siloso Beach Sentosa T 6235 1296 LOOF CAMP 331 North Bridge Road Odeon Towers (extension rooftop) 03-07 T 6338 8035 Music Eclectic chill out 3 Nanson Road Studio M Hotel T 6808 8888 Music Live music on Fridays and Saturdays TIMBR MUSIC BISTRO 8D Dempsey Rd T 6475 7787 Music Inspired mix of Disco Synth-pop House Electro 222 Queen Street 01-01 02 T 6735 2008 Music Commercial dance and dance chart hits LUNAR DBL 0 3C The Cannery River Valley Road Clarke Quay 01-03 T 6887 3733 Music Live band 45 Armenian Street (The Substation Garden) T 6338 8277 Music EIC Ngak & Jack Timmy and Alemay Fernandez MULLIGAN S WALA WALA CAF The Forum Resorts World Sentosa B1-215 216 217 218 T 6733 3280 31 Lorong Mambong Holland Village T 6462 4288 Music Live band plays nightly from 9pm onwards COASTES 50 Siloso Beach Walk 01-05 NEW ASIA BAR EM BY THE RIVER 1 Nanson Road 01-05 Gallery Hotel T 6836 9691 Music Weekdays- Down Tempo Bar Sounds Weekends- Bar Sounds Soulful and Deep House Level 71 Swissotel The Stamford T 6431 6156 Music Top 40s & r&b WAVEHOUSE 36 Siloso Beach Walk T 6377 3113 NO.5 EMERALD HILL COCKTAIL BAR YING YANG EM STUDIO 1 Nanson Road Gallery Hotel 02-05 T 6836 9691 Music All genres of house 5 Emerald Hill Road T 6732 0818 Music Acid jazz blues r&b and classic charts hits 28 Ann Siang Road The Club Hotel T 6808 2188 Music Bar grooves & House ZIRCA NOVUS COURTYARD FABRIKA klapsons The Boutique Hotel 15 Hoe Chiang Road 17th Floor Sky Terrace National Museum of Singapore 93 Stamford Road 01-04 T 6732 0818 Music Live acoustic 3C The Cannery River Valley Road Clark Quay 02-01 08 T 6235 2292 Music Electro house progressive techno trance OOSH FILTER MEMBERS CLUB HARD ROCK CAF 1 Nanson Road 02-05 Music Hip hop r&b and mash-up 50 Cuscaden Road T 6235 5232 Music Live acoustic and rock 22 Dempsey Road T 6475 0002 ZOUK PHUTURE VELVET UNDERGROUND WINEBAR ONE ROCHESTER OVEREASY 1 Rochester Park T 6773 0070 1 Fullerton Road 01-06 One Fullerton T 6423 0769 17 Jiak Kim Street T 6738 2988 Music Techno electro (Zouk) hip hop r&b (Phuture) deep house soul (Velvet Underground) downtempo (Winebar) IS AVAILABLE AT... 1 Caramel 6 Handy Rd The Luxe 01-01A A Curious Teepee 2 Orchard Link SCAPE 02-24 Actually... 29A Seah Street Adidas 2 Handy Rd The Cathay 02-30 32 201 Victoria Street Iluma Mall 01-04 09 333A Orchard Rd Mandarin Gallery 03-13 Adidas Originals 9 Scotts Rd Pacific Plaza 01-09 12 Alliance Francaise 1 Sarkies Road ARK 259 Lodge No 259A Jalan Besar Asylum 29 Ann Siang Road Attica & Attica Too 3A River Valley Road Clarke Quay 01-13 14 Baize & China One Blk 3E Clarke Quay River Valley Road 02-01 03 Basheer Graphic Books Bras Basah Complex 04-19 Baylene Mandarin Gallery Mandarin Hotel 03-27 BBH 12 Eu Tong Sen Street Central Mall 03-03 Beluga 2 Handy Road The Cathay 02-05 Berrylite 201 Victoria Street Iluma 04-02 Birds & Co. 8 Grange Road Cathay Orchard Cineleisure 03-05A Blackmarket 19 Jalan Pisang Blood Bros Caf 290 Orchard Road Paragon Shopping Centre 03-41 44 BluJaz Caf 11 Bali Lane BooksActually 86 Club Street Brewerkz Singapore 30 Merchant Road Riverside Point 02-07 Caf Del Mar 40 Siloso Beach Walk Check 260 Orchard Road The Heeren 04-23 24 Collage 14 Scotts Road Far East Plaza 04-138 Cream Bistro Pacific Plaza 01-456 Crumpler 501 Orchard Road Wheelock Place 02-06 290 Orchard Road Paragon 04-43 44 2 Orchard Turn Ion Orchard B3-62 Dbl O 222 Queen Street 01-01 02 Diesel 583 Orchard Road Forum The Shopping Mall 01-24 DKNY Jeans 583 Orchard Road Forum The Shopping Mall 01-05 Dome Coffee 71 Bras Basah Road Singapore Art Museum 01-01 80 Raffles Place UOB Plaza 01-02 Dr Martens 181 Orchard Road Orchard Central 03-05 Dusty Far East Plaza 02-03 DYR 300 Beach Road 30-00 The Concourse Eggthree 33 Erskine Road 01-08 EPI Centre Orchard 501 Orchard Road Wheelock Place 02-07 08 Far East Plaza Info Counter 14 Scotts Road Level 2 Estique Salon 9 Scotts Road Pacific Plaza 03-11 12 Felt 11 Stamford Road Capitol Building 01-18 Fifteen Minutes Private Limited 1 McNally Street Lasalle College of the Arts 5th Ave Shoe Repair 581 Orchard Rd Hilton Shopping Gallery 02-13 14 Fish & Co 9 Penang Road Glass House 01-24 Fitness First 1 Raffles Place OUB Centre 06-00 168 Robinson Road Capital Tower 09-01 290 Orchard Road Paragon Shopping Centre 05-01 9 Raffles Boulevard Millenia Walk 02-38 2 Handy Road The Cathay 04-05 1 Raffles Quay One Raffles Quay (North Tower) 08-01 Flash & Splash 260 Orchard Road The Heeren 02-07 09 Flesh Imp 435 Orchard Road Wisma Atria 03-27 260 Orchard Road The Heeren 04-17 19 Fred Perry 19 Ann Siang Road 8 Grange Road Orchard Cineleisure 03-07A 2 Orchard Turn ION Orchard B3-01 Frolick Millenia Walk 01-K7 4 Kensington Park Road Front Row The Raffles Hotel Arcade 02-08 09 Furrmuse 8 Grange Rd Orchard Cineleisure 03-07 Gallery 14 Scotts Road Far East Plaza 04-30 Gap 3 Temasek Boulevard Suntec City Mall 01-009 01 1 Habourwalk Front Vivocity 01-129 131 435 Orchard Road Wisma Atria 01-18 23 176 Orchard Road Centrepoint 02-13 Garage 227 Orchard Road Orchard Central 03-29 Gelare Caf 3 Temasek Boulevard Suntec City Mall 02-084 086 088 1 Raffles Link Citylink Mall B1-26B 14 Scotts Road Far East Plaza 01-23 Gloria Jean s Coffee 1 HarbourFront Walk Vivocity 01-100 101 8 Shenton Way 01-16 19 Granny s Day Out 3 Coleman Street Peninsula Shopping Centre 03-25 Guess 391 Orchard Road Ngee Ann City B1-24A B 290 Orchard Road Paragon Shopping Centre 02-01 3 Temasek Boulevard Suntec City 01-014 016 Hansel 333 Orchard Road Mandarin Gallery 02-14 Hard Rock Caf 50 Cuscaden Road Harry s Esplanade 8 Raffles Avenue The Esplanade Mall 01-05 07 Harry s The Harbour Front 1 Maritime Square Harbour Front Centre 01-64 Harry s Bar 28 Boat Quay Hatched 26 Evans Road Evans Lodge 01-06 Heeren Info Counter 260 Orchard Road The Heeren Basement Hide And Seek 176 Telok Ayer Street HMV Singapore 313 Orchard Road 313 Somerset 04-23 24 1 Raffles Link Citylink Mall B1-26B Home Club 20 Upper Circular Road The Riverwalk B1-01 06 Hooked Clothings 14 Scotts Road Far East Plaza 01-30 Hotel Re 175A Chin Swee Road House 8D Dempsey Roaad Ice Cold B s 50 Stamford Road Singapore Management University Lee Kong Chian School of Business 01-01 IndoChine Club Street 47-49 Club Street Indochine Empress Place 1 Empress Place Asian Civilisations Museum J Bar 81 Anson Road M-Hotel Level 9 Kith Caf 7 Rodyk Street Watermark Robertson Quay 01-33 Kki 7 Ann Siang Hill Kizuki 328 North Bridge Road Raffles Hotel Arcade 03-03 K.I.N. 51 Haji Lane Lasalle College of the Arts 1 Mcnally Road CENTRAL Leftfoot 8 Grange Road Orchard Cineleisure 02-07A Leftfoot Entrepot The Cathay 01-19 20 Leftfoot & LARGE 14 Scotts Road Far East Plaza 03-98 Levi s 250 North Bridge Road Raffles City Shopping Centre 01-32 6 Raffles Boulevard Marina Square 02-319 230 Victoria Street Bugis Junction 02-17 18 3 Temasek Boulevard Suntec City Mall 01-62 391 Orchard Road Ngee Ann City B1-30 68 Orchard Road Plaza Singapura B1-19 Limited Edt Vault 313 Somerset 04-13 Limited Edt Peninsula Peninsula Shopping Centre 01-09 Loof 331 North Bridge Road Odeon Towers 03-07 Manhattan Fishmarket 6 Eu Tong Sen Street The Central 02-79 90 68 Orchard Road Plaza Singapura 06-07 201 Victoria Street Iluma Bugis 04-05 9 Bishan Place Junction 8 01-22 30 Marmalade Group 10 Anson Road International Plaza 40-14 McCafe 350 Orchard Road Amphitheatre Shaw House B1-100 1 Kim Seng Promenade Great World City 01-24 Mr Bean s Caf 30 Selegie Road 01-00 MTV Asia LDC Reception Counter 60A Orchard Road Tower 1 The Atrium Orchard 04-01 MUJI 290 Orchard Road The Paragon Shopping Centre 04-46 47 48 My Art Space 21 Tanjong Pagar Road 04-01 NAC 140 Hill Street MITA Building 03-01 National Youth Council 113 Somerset Road National Youth Centre 01-02 Nectarie Blk 3C River Valley Road The Cannery 01-05 1 Raffles Link CityLink Mall B1-17 1 HarbourFront Walk Vivocity 02-17 18 260 Orchard Road The Heeren 04-08 8 Grange Road Orchard Cineleisure 02-01 New York New York Caf 1 Raffles Link CityLink Mall B1-47A Next Salon 2 Orchard Turn ION Orchard 03-24A NYDC 3 Temasek Boulevard Suntec City Mall B1-012 501 Orchard Road Wheelock Place 02-19 O Briens Irish Sandwich Bar 9 Raffles Boulevard Millenia Walk 01-85 87 460 Alexandra Road PSA Building 01-04 3 Pickering St China Square Central 01-26 6 Eu Tong Sen Street The Central 01 58-59 176 Orchard Road The Centrepoint B1-106 5 Shenton Way UIC Building Level 1 Overeasy 1 Fullerton Road One Fullerton 01-06 Pacific Coffee Company 28 Maxwell Road Red Dot Building 01-01 1 Habourwalk Front VivoCity 02-147 Page One 1 Harbourfront Walk VivoCity 02-41 42 Parco NEXT NEXT 9 Raffles Boulevard Millenia Walk 03-02 Paulaner Brauhaus 9 Raffles Boulevard Millenia Walk 01-01 Peek 36 Armenian Street 01-04 02-04 Perakanan Place Complex 180 Orchard Road Peranakan Place Prive Caf 2 Keppel Bay Vista Marina at Keppel Bay Project Shop Blood Brothers 252 North Bridge Road Raffles City Shopping Centre 01-42 290 Orchard Road Paragon Shopping Centre 02-20 21 Post Bar 1 Fullerton Square The Fullerton Singapore Puma 1 Harbourfront Walk Vivocity 01-65 391 Orchard Road Ngee Ann City B2-15 313 Orchard Road 313 Somerset 02-10 2 Orchard Turn ION Orchard B2-23 Que Pasa and Ice Cold Beer 7 9 Emerald Hill Road Queen s Couture 260 Orchard Road The Heeren 04-01 Rockstar by Soon Lee 8 Grange Rd Orchard Cineleisure 03-08 Red Dot Traffic Building 28 Maxwell Road (Info Counter) Resolution 91 Bencoolen Street 01-70 Sunshine Plaza Revoltage 8 Grange Road Cathay Cineleisure Orchard 03-03 Roxy Music 5 Coleman Street Excelsior Shopping Centre 02-15 Rucksack Inn 33B Hongkong Street Sinema Old School 11B Mount Sophia B1-12 SAE Institute 20 Upper Circular Road The Riverwalk Galleria 01-42 49 Shots 8 Ann Siang Hill Sketches Pasta 200 Victoria Street Parco Bugis Junction 01-85 Robertson Walk 01-14 15 SMUDGE 8 Grange Road Cathay Cineleisure Orchard 03-03A Society Bistro 1 Fullerton Road One Fullerton 01-11 SOUL 331 North Bridge Rd Odeon Towers 02-01 Spinelli s Peninsula Hotel Hotel Lobby 1st Storey 252 North Bridge Road Raffles City Shopping Centre 01-45 Robinson Point 01-01 16 Collyer Quay Change Ally 01-15 260 Orchard Road The Heeren 01-10 1 Harbourfront Place Harbourfront Tower 1 01-08 165 Tanjong Pagar Road Amara Shopping Centre 01-16 1 Kim Seng Promenade Great World City 01-05 181 Orchard Road Orchard Central 02-03 585 North Bridge Road Raffles Hospital 01-04 3 Temesak Boulevard Suntec City Mall B1-008 STA 534A North Bridge Rd 21 Lower Kent Ridge Road National University of Singapore (LT 27) Starbucks 255 Holland Ave Holland Village 117 River Valley Road Liang Court 01-13 435 Orchard Road Wisma Atria 03-35 40 68 Orchard Road Plaza Singapura 01-34 290 Orchard Road Paragon Shopping Centre B1-34 541 Orchard Road Liat Towers 01-01A 8 Shenton Way Temasek Tower B1-12 13 6 Shenton Way DBS Tower 2 01-01 3 Temasek Boulevard Suntec City Mall 01-126 1 Raffles Boulevard Suntec Convention Centre Unit 139 6 Raffles Boulevard Marina Square 03-217 218 9 Raffles Boulevard Millenia Walk 01-K5 1 Raffles Link Citylink Mall B1-01 02 100 Beach Road Shaw Leisure Gallery 01-57 60 300 Beach Road The Concourse 1st Storey Lobby 250 North Bridge Road Raffles City Tower 01-15 252 North Bridge Road Raffles City Shopping Centre 01-46 47 48 63 Chulia Street OCBC Centre East 01 01A 01B 230 Victoria Street Bugis Junction 01-15 36 Robinson Road City House 01-02 168 Robinson Road Capital Tower 01-01 02 350 Orchard Road Shaw House Lido Cineplex Foyer 05-13 9 Scotts Road Pacific Plaza 01-01A 160 Orchard Road Orchard Point Mall BK-01 176 Orchard Road Centrepoint 01-41 42 83 Clemenceau Ave UE Square 01-31 1 Harbourfront Walk Vivocity 02-60 61 Strangelets 87 Amoy Street Style Nordic 39 Ann Siang Road Subway 165 Tanjong Pagar Road The Amara 01-06 3 Temasek Blvd Suntec City Mall B1-050 051 442 Orchard Road Orchard Hotel Shopping Arcade B1-13 252 North Bridge Road Raffles City Shopping Centre B1-36 100 Beach Road Shaw Tower Lobby 9 Raffles Place Republic Plaza B1-04 302 Tiong Bahru Road Tiong Bahru Plaza 01-57 58 604 Sembawang Road Sembawang Shopping Centre B1-20 260 Orchard Road The Heeren B1-06 Swirl Art 417 River Valley Road TBWA TEQUILA T Junction No.5 Kadayanallur Street The Arts House 1 Old Parliament Lane Level 2 Annex Building The Denim Store 333A Orchard Road Mandarin Gallery 03-09 10 11 The Butter Factory One Fullerton 1 Fullerton Road 02-02 03 04 The Forbidden City 3A River Valley Road 01-02 The Reckless Shop 181 Orchard Road Orchard Central 02-08 09 The Substation 45 Armenian Street Timbre 45 Armenian Street Timbre Old School 1 Old Parliament Lane 01-04 Toast OUB Centre 01-09 Ngee Ann City 02-11 (next to Tower B Office Lift Lobby) Toni&Guy 260 Orchard Road The Heeren 03-03 Topshop Topman 435 Orchard Road Isetan Wisma Level 1 230 Victoria Street Parco Bugis Junction 01-25 1 Harbourfront Walk VivoCity 01-72 6 Raffles Boulevard Marina Square 02-109 114 2 Orchard Turn ION Orchard B02-01 3 Temasek Boulevard Suntec City Mall 01-039a 041 043 Valentine Music Centre 451 Race Course Road VANGUARD 7 Rodyk Street Watermark Robertson Quay 01-30 Very Wooonderland 2 Orchard Turn ION Orchard B3-12 Vol.ta 8 Grange Road Cathay Cineleisure 03-02 Vol.ta Marque 2 Handy Road The Cathay 02-09 Welcome Inn Backpacker s Hostel No 259A Jalan Besar Wood Would 2 Handy Road The Cathay 03-03 & 333A Orchard Road Mandarin Gallery 03-24 Zenith Media 137 Telok Ayer Street 06-01 Zouk 17 Jiak Kim Street Zirca 3C The Cannery Clark Quay WEST adidas 1 Harbourfront Walk Vivocity 01-38 39 40 Antipodean 27A Lorong Mambong Breko Holland Village 38 Lorong Mambong Fosters Caf & Restaurant 277 Holland Avenue Holland Village Frolick Yoghurt 38 Lorong Mambong Island Creamery 11 King Albert Park McDonald s Place 01-02 Krish 9 Rochester Park LE2 1 Queensway Queensway Shopping Centre 01-22 Levi s 1 Harbourfront Walk Vivocity 01-67 Michelangelo s Italian Restaurant 44 Jalan Merah Saga 01-60 (Chip Bee Loft at Holland Village) NYDC 30 Lorong Mambong Holland Village Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Nanyang Ave (Communications and Information Club) O Briens Irish Sandwich Bar 293 Holland Road Cold Storage Jelita Shopping Centre 01-05 06 One Rochester 1 Rochester Park Siem Riep Caf Bar & Water 44 Lorong Mambong Holland Village Sogurt 617 Bukit Timah Road Spinelli NUS University Hall The Strategy 2 International Business Park 01-10 Terminal 2 Singapore Changi Airport Departure Check-in Hall South Unit No 026-049 Toni&Guy 24B Lorong Mambong Holland Village Wala Wala 31 Lorong Mambong Holland Village EAST Artoholic Gallery 422 Joo Chiat Road Nota House Berrylite 80 Marine Parade Road Parkway Parade B-83J Gel re 9 Upper East Coast 01-01 Fish & Co. 4 Tampines Central 5 Tampines Mall B1-02 80 Marine Parade Road Parkway Parade 01-18B Frolick 10 Tampines Central 1 B1-32 Manhattan Fish Market 1 Pasir Ris Central Street 3 White Sands 01-18 19 Pacific Coffee (Inside MPH Bookstore on basement of Parkway Parade) 80 Marine Parade Road Parkway Parade Temasek Polytechnic 21 Tampines Avenue 1 Temasek Polytechnic Corporate Communications Department Lift Lobby C Level 4 Toni & Guy 170 East Coast Road NORTH McCafe United Square 101 Thomson Road United Square B1-11 12 New Balance Junction 8 Shopping Centre 02-19 Novena Square Velocity 01-39 42 Spinelli 238 Thomson Road Velocity Novena Square 01-61 Starbucks 101 Thomson Road United Square 01-01 final word BANDS YOU WISHED WERE REAL. There are plenty of biopics going around about aged rockstars and their all too predictable tales of meteoric rise burdened by the glare of the spotlight and the temptation of drugs and alcohol. Boring Which is why here at we sometimes have way more fun watching the exploits of fictional bands They ve got the same larger than life stories but they re imbued with a sense of irony and self-awareness that makes them a lot more identifiable than flesh-and-blood musicians. Here are just a few of the silver screen bands that we wish really existed. Text Hidzir Junaini MUNCHAUSEN BY PROXY (YES MAN) They may be a fictional four-piece but Munchausen by Proxy is made up of a quintet of very talented real-life girls. Fronted by every indie kid s dream girl Zooey Deschanel and backed by San Franciscan electropunk trio Von Iva the idiosyncratic band is an 80 synth wave of hilarious lyrics and keytar solos. They have four original songs and even a MySpace Call them cute call them quirky but don t call them past 11 cos that s their rule now. SEX BOB-OMB ( SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD) They are Sex Bob-Omb and they re here to make you think about death and get sad and stuff Michael Cera may be the star of the movie but Scott Pilgrim is merely a bassist in this (way too) indie garage outfit. Heck he even gets replaced by Young Neil at the end. In any case what makes Sex Bob-Omb awesome well besides its name is that all its music was composed by Beck We ve practically fallen in lesbians with them. Standout track Uh Huh Standout track We Are Sex Bob-Omb SPINAL TAP (THIS IS SPINAL TAP ) The film s depiction of an aging metal band desperately clinging on to their glory days is hilarious but the underlying misery and desperation is an all-too-real occurrence. The strange thing is this satirical laughing stock sort of manifested itself into reality after the movie. Though still soaked in cheese and tongue-in-cheek absurdity Spinal Tap went on to release two albums achieve three hit singles and play Glastonbury. How many real bands can say that STILLWATER (ALMOST FAMOUS) There actually was a real-life Stillwater but for our money they re nowhere near as great as the fictional Led Zeppelin-esque one from Almost Famous. More than being a composite of iconic 70s bands Stillwater was entirely relatable and its members vividly human (despite Russell Hammond s proclamations of being a Golden God) thanks to Cameron Crowe s experiences following groups of that ilk as a young Rolling Stone writer. Best of all their original music was genuinely incendiary . Standout track (Listen to The) Flower People 104 Standout track Fever Dog