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Newsletter info Hallett Cove School Ph 61 8 8392 1020 Fax (08) 8381 6713 2 - 32 Gledsdale Road Hallett Cove South Australia 5158 Junior School Interviews The Junior School conducted interviews during week 9 for all parents that could attend. These interviews are an important way in which we can build communication between teachers and parents to ensure greater understanding of your child s learning. Secondary Reports Reports for Secondary Students are being written at the time of this newsletter and will be out by the last day of term. Interviews will be held next term and it is a wonderful chance to develop further communication between parents and teachers. Long Service Leave I have decided to take some leave next term to allow myself to have a big rest and to re-energise the system. During this time Richard Abell will be the acting Principal and will continue all of the activities I was involved with. It has been a difficult time for me this term and I found I was getting tired often. A long break should refresh me for the future. Please give your full support to Richard and Julie Cooper as they guide the school through the next two terms at Hallett Cove School. Peter Leverenz Principal FROM THE PRINCIPAL Sports Day 2011 The Secondary Sports Day was held on Friday the 18th of March. It was a wonderful colourful day where the four houses competed vigorously through all types of track field and novelty events. The students were colourfully decorated and cheered all day for their particular house. This year it was Cooper House who were the eventual winners finally capping off a victory after 18 years. The organisers of the day led by Mr Jordan have to be thanked for a wonderful event involving all of the Secondary Students. AGM The AGM of the Governing Council was held in week 7 and the parents were elected to the Council and the various committees of Council. This is an important body as it overseas policies of the school a Canteen the OHSC and the grounds of the school. The Annual Report was presented to the parents and this highlighted various achievements of the school during 2010 and the areas that we wish to work on in 2011. The new site learning plan will incorporate three priorities which will be the focus for teachers and school development during 2011. These priorities include trying to raise the standards across all years of Hallett Cove School. Open-Night The Open-Night was held at the Hallett Cove School on 23 March 2011. Many prospective parents visited the school to see some of the school in action during this evening. Unfortunately the Library and the Junior Primary block are still not finished but should be readily available in Term 2. Any parents who are interested in coming to see HC School should contact the office and arrange for a personal tour if they weren t able to come on the Open Night. Assumption College Visit A group of teachers from the Assumption College in Thailand visited the school on 22 March 2011. The teachers were here to see Primary and Secondary classes in the field of Science. They also had a look around the school and discussed with our leaders the ways in which the school is trying to improve. They were very impressed with our student s behaviour our friendly welcome and the way in which we try to engage all students in their learning. Kokubunji High School Visit The Kokubunji High School visited our school during week 9 for their annual trip. As we know Japan has been under tremendous pressure after the earthquake and subsequent tsunami. We welcomed the young students and 3 teachers to learn about Australian culture and language during their stay. There will be more details in the next newsletter. Earthquake in Japan It is with much sadness that we heard about the horrendous earthquake that hit Japan during the month of March. We have many students who visit our school from schools in Japan. Some come for one or two weeks others for one or two years to study at our school. Our students have made very good friendships through these visits. We would like to extend our sympathy to the people of Japan on this frightening occasion. We know that the Japanese people will be resilient and get through these troubled times. We would like to say however that we will support you in any way we can during your time of crisis. Some Australians have been able to go over and help them with the cleanups after the tsunami. The rest of us in Australia are thinking of you and hoping you will be able to get back on your feet again soon. Sports Day 2011 DIARY DATES Kokubunji Visit Reception Transition Visit 3 Governing Council Meeting R-6 Sports Day 7-12 Reports End of Term 1 Early Dismissal 2 15pm Term 2 Begins NAPLAN Monday 28 March 3 April Friday 8 April Tuesday 12 April 7pm Tuesday 12 April Friday 15 April 2 15pm Friday 15 April Monday 2 May Tuesday 10 May Wednesday 11 May Thursday 12 May HONOUR COMMITMENT Halle tt C ov e S oo l ch RECEPTION TO YEAR 12 ISSUE 3 2011 SUCCESS JUNIOR SCHOOL NEWS Student Achievement and Personal Best Since 2005 Junior School students have worked with a social emotional and behavioural program that supports the development of habits of the mind that lead to success as students and throughout life. The habits of mind are organised into five foundations Confidence Getting Along Persistence Organisation and Emotional Resilience. At each small Junior School Assembly we acknowledge students who are working towards their personal best and applying the successful habits of mind. We have always valued these certificates enormously and plan to announce them each newsletter. Students who have received awards in weeks 6 and 7 include April Kannane Andre Stewart Ameaka Delaine Daniel Gepp Aidan Carstensen Ava Sinclair Ryan Houston Kane Scott Shae Ward Cooper Jones Lucas Tyler Olivia Bennett Jacob Gohl Cooper Lovett Cassie Waters Piper Wales Warrick Puttergill Seb Amerl Chloe Meuli Chantelle Domiter Darcy Lucas Bella Sola Charlie Saunders Tahlia Gepp Tamsyn Morriss Saxon Galpin Trevor Pulham Kimberly Challis Cooper Blaess Jasmine Robertson Thomas Chadburn Harry Sola Luke Rowland Jocelyn Weston Natasha Fairbairn Will Durant Daniel Carlin Max Amerl Lachlan Evans Eddie Robinson Frieda Gohl Jacasta Jordan-Hammond Jordan Richardson-Trevarton. Well done You are to be congratulated. Parent Teacher Student Interviews Parent student teacher interviews have been well attended and have provided a strong foundation for ongoing learning of our children as the year progresses. We thank parents and caregivers who met with teachers to support their children s learning. If you have not managed to meet with your child s teacher we encourage you to make an appointment before the end of term. NAPLAN Testing Year 3 and 5 students will undertake the NAPLAN tests in Literacy and Numeracy in week 2 of Term 2. Testing will take place on the mornings of Tuesday 10 May Wednesday 11 May and Thursday 12 May. On Friday 13 May catch up tests will be administered to students who were absent for testing during the week. A site parents may find interesting is The Literacy Secretariat website as it has a range of resources to support NAPLAN. http literacy In particular there is a NAPLAN section under the resources tab and the Persuasive Writing resource paper. R-6 Staff Congratulations Olly Moore and Wilbur Gohl were part of the team that won the 2011 Under 9 Wade Relay State Championship for Surf Life Saving on Sunday 20 March. Congratulations boys great team work and persistence Julie Cooper for Junior School Staff Last we met Lauren Brant from the new series of Hi Five. All she wanted to do was act sing and dance. She joined Hi Five in 2009 and she loves it. She always wanted to make a difference. We had a great time and we all can t wait to make our school better. By Lauryn EMILY WOODWARD Congratulations to Emily Woodward recipient of the 2010 2011 Dean Lawrence Incentive Award. Each week during the summer season the Umpires in the U13 grade are asked to vote for the player who demonstrates skill good sportsmanship team work and shows potential. Emily won the award being the U13 player to receive the highest number of votes for the season. She was selected as the best player from thirty teams in the U13 grade. Well Done Emily. NSW SCIENCE COMPETITION If your child is in Years 3-6 and it would suit them to enter in the NSW Science Competition entry forms may be obtained from your child s class teacher or Mr Lech in Room 203. The closing date for the application is 15 April 2011 and the cost is 7.00. Please return the money and the form to Ms McCann in the Cashiers Office. If you have any queries about the matter see Mr Lech. Thank you. ACTIVE AFTER SCHOOL SPORTS Children playing cricket at Active After School Sports. MIDDLE SCHOOL NEWS NAPLAN 2011 The National Assessment in Literacy and Numeracy will be held on Tuesday 10 April to Thursday 13 April. All Year 7 and Year 9 students will undertake the tests. All students will need a lead pencil and eraser and a calculator. Please note that no calculators will be available for students to use so students must have their own on the day of the numeracy test (Thursday 13 April). . Year 8 Camp As you would have seen from the last Newsletter our Year 8 camp was a great success. Thank you to Andrew Gohl for his organisation and management and to the teachers who so willingly gave their own time so that the students could experience camp. Reminder that any outstanding camp payments need to be finalised as soon as possible. Assessment and Reports Teachers will soon be finalising their marks and writing student reports. It is important that all set tasks are submitted for marking. Teachers use a Notice of Student Concern (bright orange form) or a diary note to alert parents when work has not been submitted. If you have received a notice or there has been a diary note please follow up with your child to ensure that work is being completed. Our goal is for all students to achieve their personal best. This can only be achieved when all required work is submitted for assessment. Reports will be sent home with students on the last day of term. Annette Ryan Assistant Principal Middle School 2011 NATIONAL YOUNG LEADERS DAY On the 18th of March 6 students and Mrs Truran went to the National Young Leaders Day to learn about what it takes to be a Leader. We met some amazing people who told us many different things on how we can become a great Leader. The first person we met was Mike Martin. He was in the army and he told us that perseverance and respect are very import in the Junior Leader s job. We also met Commander Roy Thompson who had been working in the Fire Fighting business for about 25 years. He told us never act without a plan . His way to remember what to do was Situation Plan Act and then Review . Next we watched a short video about a girl called Lucy who is only nine and lives in Uganda. We also talked to Kate Leeming who rode her bike 22 040km around Africa. That s like riding your bike twice around the world on the equator. We all thought that she was a great example of the entire programme achieve keys. She said that working hard trust and respect is everything. After Kate we talked to Sam Offord a Commonwealth Gold Medallist. He trained 30 hours a week for over 10 years. He won Gold in the Men s Gymnastics last year in Deli. Some people got the privilege of actually holding his medals. 7-12 SPORTS DAY Congratulations to all the staff and students of COOPER Sports Day champions for 2011. Final placing s were 1st Cooper 1816 2nd Sandison 1674 3rd Tate 1668 4th Howchin 1291 All students are to be congratulated on the positive way they competed in events encouraged and supported their team-mates. It was very pleasing to see so many student dress up in their House colours and engage in the spirit of the day. Congratulations to the following students who were elected House Captains for 2011. Captains Vice Captains Tate Sophie Birtwistle Ben Jaspers Kacy Blackburn Ryan Tilling Sandison Ashleigh Mitchell Matt Corren Lauren Johns Braedon Meakin Cooper Caili Jackaman Sam Pennifold Selena Hill Adam Nelson Howchin Katrina Hogan Braedon Tonkin Tayla Lewis George Sharland I would like to compliment all competitors for their outstanding efforts and behaviour during the day. Many thanks to all the staff and student officials who performed their duties exceptionally well. Special thanks to the PE staff for their efforts in helping to organise and set up for the day. Congratulations also go to all the House Captains and Vice Captains who displayed high levels of commitment and enthusiasm in their roles and also helped set up for the day. Age Group Winners U13 Girls Tessa Quinn U13 Boys Blake Lawrence U14 Girls Rachael Sharman U14 Boys Cruise Beaumont U15 Girls Izzy Blaess U15 Boys Jack Glazbrook U16 Girls Alex Elliss U16 Boys DJ Adair Open Girls Katrina Hogan Open Boys Sam Pennifold Brian Jordan Health & Physical Education Coordinator If a subject teacher has not seen a student s work during the drafting process or had a discussion with the students regarding the progress of the assignment the student is in breach of SACE rules and the assessment is liable to receive a zero grade. It is the student s responsibility to ensure that they submit assignments that are their own work. Students are required to submit their work to their subject teacher by the due date or negotiate an extension to the original deadline if this is necessary (see Extension and Deadline policy in student diary). Failure to submit work by the due date will receive a zero grade although teachers will mark the work for feedback purposes only. In addition students are not permitted to use work of another student nor the work of others - including tutors parents family or friends. Students must also be careful to make sure that they do not allow other students to use their work. In regard to tests and exams it is essential that students are not guilty of any breach of good order or propriety (disturbing others during tests exams). Once again the breach of any of the above conditions may result in a student receiving a zero grade for an assessment item. If you would like further details regarding any of these matters please contact Hallett Cove s SACE Co-ordinator (Ms Lee Knight). Uniform As the weather becomes cooler parents are reminded that students are required to wear winter windcheaters or tops that conform to the Hallett Cove Uniform Policy. This means that students are not permitted to wear a long sleeve skivvies etc under their summer top. We anticipate that the Year 12 tops will arrive towards the end of this term however Year 12 students who elect to not purchase a Year 12 top are expected to wear the standard Hallett Cove School winter windcheater top or jacket. The Uniform Policy is outlined on page 8 of the School Diary. Anne Thornton Assistant Principal Senior School YR 12 EXCURSION Yr 12 Food and Hospitality excursion to the Central Market and Celsius Restaurant. The Yr 12 Food and Hospitality class are currently studying cultural influences on Australian Cuisine. As a class we visited the Central Market to select an exotic food to work with for their current assignment which is to create a signature fusion dish for a high end restaurant. We were very fortunate this year to arrange a lunch at Celsius voted the best new restaurant in Adelaide. As many of the students have not experienced a high end restaurant before this was a view into another world - even with what seemed like another language on the menu The restaurant uses some of the cutting edge molecular gastronomy techniques to create dishes. We were even treated to the chef preparing a sorbet using liquid nitrogen right next to us for our enjoyment. What an experience Miss Yvonne Ashton SENIOR SCHOOL NEWS Year 10 The Work Experience Week for Year 10 students this year will be held from 22 August-26 August. Students should be well underway in securing a suitable placement in order to ensure that their Work Experience Week is interesting and relevant. Students who are going on the Ski Trip will need to organise their Work Experience Placement for the April July or October school holidays. Work Experience plays an important part of the Year 10 Personal Learning Plan (PLP) subject. The Work Experience placement and the associated tasks will be formally assessed as part of the assessment requirements for this subject. Parents are reminded that completed Work Experience Agreement forms are due to Home Group teachers on the last day of this term April 16 2011. Year 12 Year 12 is a very demanding and challenging year for our Senior school students. Due to the serious nature of Year 12 it is important that we draw parent and student attention to the strict rules and regulations that surround the assessment of Year 12 subjects. Year 12 teachers are responsible for ensuring that they can verify that each assessment task is actually the student s own work. This means that teachers must be able to see the development of each stage of a student s final assignment. A draft copy of each assignment should be available to the subject teacher for verification purposes and to also provide the opportunity for the teacher to give constructive feedback to the students. HONOUR COMMITMENT SUCCESS LOST PROPERTY We have lots of lost property jumpers jackets drink bottles hats reading glasses lunch boxes books wallets and a lot of non school uniform items. Please come and see if they belong to your child as we would prefer to give them to the rightful owner. If items have not been collected by the end of term they will be given to Goodwill. Thank you Front office staff FREE DENTAL CARE FOR TODDLERS AND PRESCHOOLERS The School Dental Service is available to children aged from birth up until 18 at public dental clinics throughout South Australia. Dental care is provided by teams of Dentists Dental Therapists and Dental Assistants. For all toddlers and preschoolers dental care is free. The School Dental Service recommends children have their first dental visit at around 12 -24 months. Fees apply for Primary school or High school aged children unless your child is the dependant of or holder of a current Centrelink Concession Card Department of Veterans Affairs Pensioner Concession Card School Card or Medicare Teen Dental Voucher. It is very important children develop good dental habits early in life. Dental staff will talk to you about your child s individual dental health needs. Contact your local School Dental Clinic to make an appointment for your preschooler. The contact details are Phone 8387 4859 Address Hallett Cove Dental Clinic Hallett Cove R-12 School Sandison Rd Hallett Cove SA 5158 Open Wednesday Friday 8.30am- 4.30pm SCHOOL WORKING BEE On Sunday 20 March we held our annual working bee. Again it was organised by our active Parents and Friends Committee under the leadership of Belinda Boss and was a successful community event. There were over 40 people in attendance and a great deal of general tidying and gardening was accomplished including new sand in the sand pit bark near the car park was spread there was also sweeping and cleaning of the yard and cleaning of the drink fountains. We thank all families and staff who volunteered their time to support the school and its students. Julie Cooper For R-12 Staff FREE PARENTING SEMINARS Sleep and School Aged Children Are you a parent of a school or kindy aged child Do you worry about how much sleep they get Does your child have trouble falling asleep or staying awake Come and hear Dr Sarah Blunden Centre of Sleep Research. Session 1 Monday 4 April 2011 Time 10 15am -12 00pm Venue Marion Cultural Centre (Next to Marion Shopping Centre) 287 Diagonal Rd Oaklands Park. Session 2 Wednesday 6 April 2011 Time 7 15pm 9 00pm Venue Queen Victoria Lecture Theatre Womens and Childrens Hospital 72 King William Street North Adelaide To book contact 8161 7777 or Michelle.gordon SECONDHAND UNIFORM SALES WANTED SUMMER DRESSES ALL SIZES JUNIOR AND SENIOR AND RUGBY TOPS We have had a number of students looking for summer dresses. Coming up to the colder months Rugby tops will be in demand also. Please check the wardrobe and if you have one or more of these items that no longer fits please consider selling or donating it to the Secondhand Uniform Shop. The Secondhand Uniform Shop has a selection of school uniform items from Junior School through to Senior School. We have polo tops windcheaters PE tops shorts skirts long pants for girls and boys and a few summer dresses. If you have any unwanted school uniform please consider donating or selling them through the Secondhand Uniform Shop. Items can be brought along on the days we are open or left at the Front Office. Please include name address contact phone number and price you are willing to sell for. Our next opening is on Wednesday 6th April room 305 between 3.00pm and 4.00pm. Sandy Leanne & Mandy P & F Committee UNIFORM SHOP I am now taking orders for the zip jacket for Middle and Senior school students. To ensure you have your jacket by the 2nd week of Term 2 I must receive your order and payment before Friday 8 April 2011. Jacket sizes start at a 12 and go up to a 3XL and the price is 43.00. Please be advised that the Uniform Shop will be closed on Wednesday 6 April. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you Julia Taylor Uniform Shop KUMON LIBRARY CARD INCREASE Parents caregivers are advised that replacement Library cards have increased in cost. The previous advised amount in the Beginning 2011 Newsletter was 4.00 for Reception to Year 6 inclusive. With the increase the cost for 2011 will now be 5.00. The increase is out of Hallett Cove School s control. Monte Leverington Business Manager Marion Youth is saying goodbye to its home of 13 years Marion Youth will close for the last time at 249 Diagonal Road at 4pm on Friday 15 April 2011. We will reopen at GP Plus Health Care Centre Marion 10 Milham St Oaklands Park (behind the new swim centre) on May 2 2011 so don t forget to come and check out our new space. Please note we may be closed during the April school holidays with limited services available so please contact us to confirm availability. MARION YOUTH HALLETT COVE KUMON EDUCATION CENTRE Lutheran Church 20 Ragamuffin Drive Hallett Cove. SA. 5158 To make an appointment for enrolment Phone 08 8326 0008 BEACH VOLLEYBALL WINNERS More than 200 students from Hallett Cove School participated in the annual Volleyball SA schools beach competition held at Glenelg beach recently. Again this was easily the largest representation from any school in the state at the championships. On Monday 7 March 20 teams (pairs) participated in the Year 10 and Open Beach competition. Congratulations to Kelli Powell and Natalie Porter on winning Silver in the Year 10 girls pairs against some quality opposition a fantastic achievement. The following day another 18 teams (fours) competed in the Year 8 and 9 Beach competition. This was another successful day with Jack Glazbrook Turner Martene Zac Patch Dylan Jaspers and Mitchell Sumnall winning gold in the Year 9 boys competition while Tom Roberts Lucas Ruth Alex Wilson and James Farrugia won gold in the Year 8 boys. Also Rhianna Dickson Rheanne Kearnan Rebekah Brierton and Georgia Mesecke won silver in the Year 9 girls competition. On Thursday 10 March 10 Year 6 7 teams competed in the Primary schools beach competition. This was the Year 6 s first volleyball experience and all had a great time. Students from the Volleyball Focus Program in Years 9-10 refereed all the matches on the day. Our Volleyball Focus students also helped teach our Year 6 7 students the basic skills and provided coaching on the day. Congratulations to Renee Jackson Georgia Martene Shayla Armistead and Olivia Taylor (and Coach Keeley Tonkin) on winning gold in the Year 6 7 girls event. Well done to all concerned - Students Teachers and the many parents who transported and provided support and encouragement across the 3 days.