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April.2011 FREE EVERY MONTH (for better or for worse) SINGAPORE THE MAN FROM DUSTPAN start juicesg DEAR SONIC YOUTH Music is hardly the most viable career to have on this fair isle but many a brave and enthusiastic soul has made a decent crack of it. One of them Kane Ian appears on our cover space and though the rest of yous may still be hidden in your respective underground communities we nonetheless say woohoo for you guys. This month our feature story (page 42) digs up some of our independent record labels that are doing it simply for the love of it while elsewhere we throw light on some local names from Subvert (page 20) to Loop (page 87) whose musical fires continue to burn in red and white. Yes viable or not our sound levels do get pretty high for such a tiny red dot. Start listening in. Woohoo editorial editor min chen [min] writer fiona chen [fiona] writer hidzir junaini [hidzir] contributors chris ujine ong ivanho harlim shysilia novita jervin tay and stephanie er art direction art director lydia foo [lydia] advertising & marketing head of sales yu-jin lau [yujin] DID 6325 8031 M 9844 4417 account executive jarrold tham [jarrold] DID 6325 8032 M 9820 2126 publisher & director david see [david] director calvin cheng [calvin] regional contacts MALAYSIA editor kevin yeoh [kevin] INDONESIA editor agiani salima [agiani.salima] ON THE COVER is a free monthly publication Published by JUICE Media Pte Ltd Under license from Catcha Media Group Pte Ltd JUICE Media Pte Ltd 28 Maxwell Road 03-12 Red Dot Traffic Building Singapore 069120 T 6325 8042 F 6221 2230 JUICE Media Pte Ltd is part of CATCHA MEDIA GROUP group head of publishing luke elliott chief operating officer ken tsurumaru chief executive officer patrick grove regional advertising enquiries voon tze khay [tzekhay T 60 12 307 6737] Distributed by Mediawheel Singapore 31 Toh Guan Road East 07-01 LW Technocentre Singapore 608608. Printed by KHL Printing Co Pte Ltd 57 Loyang Drive Singapore 508968. The Man From Dustpan Kane Ian He s a man with a plan this Kane Ian. Already strong at the head of indie local label Dustpan Recordings Kane has also been busy hammering out his own house-rich productions enough to fill one LP Space Nutz and has undertaken a smashing tour of America because well he can. He s surely got more ambitions brewing in that head of his (watch out world ) but for now and for us he puts his best face forward. Photography by Stephanie Er Find out about Kane Ian s American adventure on page 41 and more on Dustpan (and other local indie imprints) on page 42. MICA (P) 193 02 2008 shall not without the written consent of the Publisher or his gerbil be given lent resold utilised as a religious document hired out or otherwise disposed of in a mutilated condition or in any unauthorised way or affixed to any part of any publication or advertising literary or pictorial matter whatsoever or we will send the legal dogs for your ass biatch. While every reasonable care is taken for editorial contributions no responsibility will be assumed for return of materials or for corrections of contributed stupidity. Opinions expressed or implied in are solely those of the writers and are not necessarily well thought out intelligent interesting or endorsed by the Editor or Publisher. Advertisers and or their representatives indemnify the Publisher in relation to defamation slander breach copyright infringement of trademarks of name of publication titles unfair competitive or trade practices royalties or violation of rights or privacy. All editorial and design requests for May issue of should be received by 8 April. All advertising bookings and materials should be received by 15 April. 2 contents APRIL LABELS OF LOVE Plugging music in Singapore may be an uphill task but check out how a handful of local and independent record labels are doing it armed with nothing but passion savvy and enthusiasm for our music scene. We pay our respects. 16 FAITHLESS & FRIENDLY FIRES LIVE Dance legends meet dance punks and everyone wins 32 THE VILLAGERS No one populates a village quite like Conor O Brien 27 THE KILLScool before we met them The Kills were and (newsflash ) they still are 56 64 LING WU Less is more in this local label s bag of tricks 30 CRYSTAL CASTLES Injury sickness and isolation Just another day at the CC camp GUESS DENIM SPRING SUMMER 11 The brand that once changed the face of denim does it all over again REGULARS 6Inbox 8Flash 24Sounds 27Focus Artist 46Wardrobe 54Made Up 84Spin 90Scene 96Navigator 102Stockists 104Final Word 4 inbox Paint us a pretty picture at inbox STARBUCKED OF THE MONTH WHAT A PAINT JOB Hey Amazing to see the lovely Warpaint girls on your cover this month (March 2011) I ve had such a crush on Jenny Lee ever since I saw her from across a muddy field. I m pretty sure our eyes met... or not. Anyways it was definitely the Laneway moment for me. Don t get me wrong Foals and Holy F ck blew my mind too but oh Jenny. As you can imagine it practically made my month to read their interview in to remind me of my Laneway crush. You go Imran H You re slightly creepy... but great We could also telepathically tell you wanted a pair of New Balance shoes so here you go Dear For some of us (and that s me for sure ) we visit Starbucks for a cuppa just because is on their racks. So Starbucks should totally give you a cut of their earnings. Can I also add that the magazines run out way too soon but thankfully we receive your Tweets when they re ready for steals so we scurry down to the nearest Starbucks for our favourite magazine. Thank you for putting together for us every month. You guys never fail to fascinate us Josephine We deserve free coffee at the very least. Much like the Gilmore Girls it s the only way we function. HIPSTER LONELY PLANET Hello From time to time I ve had to endure the same old complaints from the same old boring people saying There isn t anything to do in Singapore . They obviously don t read . It s a bustling little place we live in if you only know where to look and you guys are the hippest travel guides around. Michelle And just wait till you set your eyes on the 2011 edition of our city guide . It s like a love letter to Singapore but better. MAY DIVORCE BE WITH YOU Dear I love the magazine so much that I want to marry all of you. Are any of you single and or looking for matrimony The problem is that I m married already but shhh Every interview you do with an indie band makes me want to run away with you You can bring Temper Trap if you like Nicholas It s not that we don t want to be the Norah to your Nick but at least buy us dinner first. STARBUCKED TOO THIS MONTH S MAIL OF THE MONTH WALKS OFF WITH A PAIR OF NEW BALANCE 890 RUNNING SHOES WORTH 185. PROPS TO NEW BALANCE 6 Hi The only local magazine I yearn for. Every time I step into Starbucks I pick up a copy first instead of ordering drinks You provide the latest coverage of everything from fashion to music to the latest highlights of happening events. Whole package in one magazine Thank you Kin Kin Gosh we really need to look into this profit sharing thing. flash Text Min Chen Fiona Chen and Hidzir Junaini Images Various sources UNIQLO SPRING SUMMER 11 Are chinos and cargo bottoms the new denim It sure looks set to be so with Uniqlo making them one of its key items for its Spring Summer collection with a twist of course. To fit your modern silhouette Uniqlo has cleverly updated the cuts so that they are slimmer (ladies you ll be glad know one of them s designed to accentuate your gams while playing down your hips) and cleaner-looking without the frills. In other Uniqlo news Charlize Theron and Orlando Bloom continue their run as poster girl and boy oh joy FC Available at all Uniqlo stores including 313 somerset 03-27 to 34. FOO FIGHTERS WASTING LIGHT Look who s coming back with its game face on. It s the Foo Fighters with its first album in four years Wasting Light marks number seven for the Dave Grohl (NME s Genius of the Universe or something) & co. and is ready with more of those hard and alt rock riffs that have always been the band s rice bowl. You must ve stolen a hearing of first single Rope which sets the pace with ripe and fleshy licks choice Yow s and a catchy enough chorus as if you needed a louder sign that the Foos are still in the pink of health. MC MORGAN SPRING SUMMER 11 Our French sister is sure getting its sexy on now that Spring Summer has arrived. The seasonal shift sees Morgan throw off its winter jacket for looks that cover the worlds of 50s glamour and urban bohemia. The former takes the shape of high and well-defined waists voluminous skirts wide trousers and sunny prints (floral and gingham) that put together are entirely pin-up worthy. Equally beautiful are the bohemian-centric pieces which cop a bit of Sante Fe spirit in natural fabrics (leather suede) neutral shades and a fierce sense of adventure. MC Morgan is located at Wisma Atria 02-25 27. OH LAND OH LAND 100 BANDS IN 100 DAYS A couple of years ago Nick Sonderup vowed to see 100 bands live in 100 consecutive days. Call it crazy call it awesome (it s crazily awesome) but the dude actually did it. Nick s binge gigging marathon had Tapes n Tapes and Takka Takka on the itinerary but more than any particular band it was the experience that was life changing. The epic journey was caught on camera and it s now been made into a short film which will be premiering at SXSW. Even more amazing the guy kept his day job. HJ Her real name is Nanna land Fabricius so yes the nom de plume is indeed a play on her middle name which isn t the only playful thing about the Copenhagen crooner judging by her balloon-filled videos and enchanting experimental a cappella. Even before she even wrote and released her eponymous debut LP (out now ) she was already being hailed as one of 2011 s bright young hopes. Not that it s going to be too hard since Oh Land is pretty much everywhere right now and has pressed one idiosyncratic and ambitious album to have you know that she s sticking around for good. HJ ohlandmusic 8 flash LISTEN TO THIS SAN CISCO SURFACE TO AIR SPRING SUMMER 11 The French do it best as Surface to Air proves season after season. This time round it doesn t stray far from its design ethos presenting a very handsome and wearable collection that will dress you well enough for both work and play. The colour palette is dark but never boring with tones like earthy browns dominating its chic jackets shorts and cardigans. Also worth a mention are its seafoam-green pieces tr s chic for Spring FC Availabe at The Asylum Shop 22 Ann Siang Road. This summery-sounding Fremantle group is overflowing with gooey youth which isn t a surprise considering that they ve just graduated high school. Still unsigned (though that shouldn t be for long) the quartet s Best Coast-y single Golden Revolver is like injecting peppy-insulin right into your tummy. Coated in 1960s Americana ambivalence you can t watch these kids smile and set sail in their first official video without singing along and thinking that life s just amazing. Their debut EP is set to drop real soon so keep your ears peeled. HJ sancisco CONVERSE X MISSONI The third collab between these two fashion giants has given many a sneakerhead a warm tingly feeling and we can see why. Though we all know Missoni for its signature zig-zag patterns we re also feeling the love for its new spacey designs that reminds us of white noise brought to life in colour. If third time s the charm we wonder what the fourth would bring. FC Available at Surrender Raffles Hotel Arcade 02-31. ZKIN Now that photography has become part and parcel of our creative lives it s only sensible that you and your camera do it in style. Enter Zkin a range of camera carriers that are set to match both your functional and aesthetic needs. Made from durable and splash-proof materials and trusty accessories like the Military Duraflex lock and YKK Zipper these carry-alls are ergonomically and beautifully designed and are just about ready for any adventure. MC Get Zkin at the Red Dot Design Museum Shop 28 Maxwell Road. STRFKR REPTILIANS Originally known as Starfu ker the Portland outfit changed its name to Pyramid (for obvious reasons) before changing it again to Pyramiddd and then later back to Starfu ker. The band is now also called STRFKR when trying to elude prudish censors which is a little bit of a branding nightmare as you can imagine. But despite the inaccessible moniker the band s music certainly isn t. The new effort is a hook-heavy and endlessly catchy electro-pop record that s as much Passion Pit as it is Pet Shop Boys. HJ strfkrmusic WILD BEASTS SMOTHER The English quartet known as Wild Beasts has always been out of time and out of fashion but it s all for the better because these boys are very much braving their own way. Two albums have been evidence of the band s odd and operatic ear for pop (of which Two Dancers has been blessed with a Mercury nomination) and the third is about to work its charm. Entitled Smother the new record still delivers on the intense and romantic Beasts we ve come to love now layered with more textures of sensuality and delicacy. Sounds like another singular and challenging outing but since these Beasts be Wild it s the least they could do. MC 10 flash GIVEAWAYS FEIST LOOK AT WHAT THE LIGHT DID NOW FRED PERRY SPRING SUMMER 11 With so much fresh stuff rolling out from Fred Perry this season we re hard-pressed to select a collection we like best. From Fred Perry Laurel Wreath s Menswear that urges you to play Sartorial Tennis to its Authentic Womenswear that wants girls to embrace their tomboyish side there s really no way you can t find something for yourself. And if you succeed well... FC Fred Perry is located at ION Orchard B3-01 Orchard Cineleisure 03-07 and Takashimaya. The Fred Perry Laurel Wreath store is at 19 Ann Siang Road. Directed by Anthony Seck Look At What The Light Did Now is a documentary that looks back on the making of Feist s 2007 record The Reminder (Grammy and Juno nominated and certified gold booya ) and the heap of work that went into making it. Peeking behind the scenes it explores the intimate working relationships that went on between Feist and her photographer shadow puppeteer video director and pianist as well as her musical collaborators like Chilly Gonzales Jamie Lidell and Kevin Drew effectively pulling together the creative mosaic that is The Reminder while illuminating the synergy of collaboration. MC Thanks to Universal Music we have three copies of the Look At What The Light Did Now DVD to giveaway. To stand your chance to win one simply write to grabs with your name IC and contact numbers by 20 April. lawtldn ARCTIC MONKEYS SUCK IT AND SEE Good news Alex Turner and company are back with a new 12-track LP that s promising to melt your faces. It s been a while the Sheffield band s last album (2009 s Humbug) and so we ve been a little starved. The new single Brick by Brick has been making the blogosphere rounds and its post-punk radness will be further elaborated on Suck It And See (seriously). And just this once we ll do as we re told. HJ BETTER THAN SOMETHING JAY REATARD There aren t enough Jay Reatards in the world and so we miss the man dearly. A year after his tragic passing comes a full-length feature documentary about the garage-punk s life. The Tennessee musician had a tumultuous 29 years and it s all candidly documented within Better Than Something. Alex Hammond and Ian Markiewicz include previously unseen concert and home footage to frame a manic yet tender portrait. The doc is featuring at On Location Memphis International Film & Music Festival (in Reatard s hometown) and the Nashville Film Festival this month. Hopefully DVDs ensue. HJ jayreatard THE RAVEONETTES RAVEN IN THE GRAVE This is apparently a Raveonettes album that ll be quite un-Raveonettes like. On it there ll be none of the Raves signature surf drumbeats or happy-clappy 50s sounds instead the duo s fifth outing will be a dark and dangerous trek through ethereal pop terrain and the perfect winter soundtrack just in time for spring . The dreamy vibe of tracks like Forget That You Are Young and War in Heaven should set the tone and if not some black eyeliner will help. MC 12 FCUK TIME SPRING SUMMER 11 Basics are always good effortlessly chic and reliable so it s no wonder FCUK Timewear is going right back to it this season. Your wrists should look pretty darn good with the addition of a monotone piece embellished with crystals (Swarovski no less) and a classic sleek time-teller with the can t-go-wrong combination of leather and stainless steel. FC Available at all City Chain stores and major departmental stores including Tangs Orchard L3. CK ONE JEANS AND UNDERWEAR That s one smart move from Calvin Klein right there for combining two of what the brand does best (jeans and underwear) under the moniker of its most famous fragrance. As always its underwear line is as comfy as it was back when Kate Moss declared that nothing comes between her and her Calvins while its denim line this season is slouchy yet slim and complemented by woven and knit pieces. FC Available at all Calvin Klein Jeans and Underwear stores including ION Orchard B1-08 and Paragon 03-19 CLOSE APART WHISPERS IN THE WIRE Local rock band Close Apart cites influences as diverse as Led Zeppelin and Kasabian so it s no wonder that their maiden full-length offering Whispers In The Wire hits all our sweet spots. While it s easy to get hung up on the lack of focus some of us don t mind jumping between 70s classic rock and early 90s alternative Britannia willy-nilly. Their opening track might be titled The Death Of Rock N Roll (Part II) but keep listening and you ll realise that it s actually alive and well. HJ The album is available at Gramophone outlets Esplanade Shop Roxy Records and Straits Records. closeapart flash DKNY JEANS SPRING 11 SHOW New York City continues to form the backdrop of DKNY Jeans aesthetic this Spring. Manhattan Island Life is its theme as the brand plumbs new depths of inspiration exploring the huge body of water that surrounds its favourite city industrial wear-andtear line its new collection with rumpled layers twisted seams and metallic rust washes juxtaposed against a liquid dreamscape of glossy synthetics. But see it all for yourself at the DKNY Jeans SP11 Show an invite-only event where 60 looks from this collection will be on show alongside great tipples foods and DJ in residence. A party We re there MC The DKNY Jeans SP11 Show takes place on 21 April at 72-13 Theatreworks from 8pm till late. Thanks to DKNY Jeans we ve got 10 pairs of invites to the show to giveaway. Stand a chance to win a pair by writing to grabs with your name IC and contact numbers by 15 April. Alternatively invites are also up for grabs at FEIYUE SPRING SUMMER 11 DELTA MID COLLECTION The creative cats behind Feiyue step into Spring Summer with more dapper options for you stylish individuals. Come and be introduced to the Delta Mid series a shoe that blends the brand s classic high and low cut for a mid cut. This marks Feiyue s fourth original model and will come in an array of new colorways finishes and detailing. We re particularly into the mix of fabrics on these babies there s canvas suede and leather suede coming together to make some bold and beautiful statements. MC Get Feiyue at Blackmarket Granny s Day Out Leftfoot Cineleisure Leftfoot Cine Entrepot and Sup Clothing. LISTEN TO THIS CAT S EYES ADIDAS ORIGINALS BY ORIGINALS SPRING SUMMER 11 More refreshing picks from adidas Originals by Originals this way come Once again design partners Jeremy Scott Kazuki and David Beckham James Bond are on board with their respective interpretations of adidas signature style. Jeremy Scott goes full-blown on graphic prints (eg. French Fries and Boot Stomp) across iconic adidas silhouettes Kazuki takes it easy with technically advanced and cleverly designed options in classic footwear (ZX ADV sneaker) and apparel (3 L Shell Jacket) while Beckham and Bond go for a fine take on menswear with their blend of vintage Americana and prep. MC Available at adidas Originals concept stores at Pacific Plaza and L.E. Chamber (Kazuki rolls in from mid-April). While waiting out The Horrors third LP goth-punk spokesperson Faris Badwan has gotten together with Canadian multi-instrumentalist and opera soprano Rachel Zeffira for Cat s Eyes. This unlikely pairing has its sound set on girl-group pop finished off with a glassy and dreamy sheen and has been shopping around their superb Broken Glass EP (art directed by Chris Cunningham natch) to show us how they re doing it. And to prove how serious they are Faris and Rachel had their live debut inside the St. Peter s Basilica in Vatican ( attended by seven high-ranking cardinals says they) and are set to release their selftitled LP this month. Sounds like good company for your lonely nights in your lonely castle. MC OLIVER PEOPLES RESORT 11 Short-sightedness is probably the coolest infliction these days thanks to all the beautiful frames flooding the market (thank you too geek chic trend). For its Resort collection the brand has cast the annoyingly perfect couple of musician Devandra Banhart and his muse Rebecca Schwartz for their campaign and oh how well it has worked. Moving on this season s offerings are a mix of modern and vintage think tortoise shell frames in cuts so classic that it should serve you well for a long time to come. FC Check out for the full list of local retailers. 14 PRESENTS SOUNDS OF NEW YORK GLOBA L MUSIC PERSPECTIVES it. In this feature ful music that comes with it dwells in and the wonder er for Heineken loves the world these two element s togeth beer brings the beloved international with series sic scenes. and who s hot in various mu a spin and explores where Lime with... Drop the in New York City with riotous uctured and filled Breakcore grime all innovatively str e heav y slabs of there are ngsid artist to be any kind of s This jungle mayhem alo If you were going t two full-length LP culture capital of and gabber. His firs both released conducive as the few places as d We Never Sleep into a Brooklyn Means Forever an York City. Born el Tigerbeat6 the world New Vincent indie-electronic lab l Bay movie. Presley and Gene under prominent chae home where Elvis like robots in a Mi kers it s easy le and Bass blaring on spea quickly blew up were perpetually formation of Troub tter known by Luca Venezia be The hype led to the ry-shoving NYC to figure out how got inspired to ver y own bounda rop the Lime in 2006 Luca s his deck handle D nces into his club night. rockabilly influe dance label and meld cowboy surfin h a guitar in hand his kick-drum s been bringing al. He grew up wit rld Recently he console arsen getting neckss around the wo nd of drill and ba part of his youth n friendly bra for the better nk and hardcore if you recall) eve Home Club in 09 flourishing local pu c (he graced deep into the in London s Fabri mmer residency ay scoring a su scenes. been breaking aw t the 08. Lately Luca s rground rave tha first unde back in 20 gh-edged It wasn t until his Drop the dead serious rou ychobilly. As if the enough from the genre s red into a happier DJ bug bit the ps tangled etal roots and vee n t keep him industrial-m llabs with Lime moniker did nt of hardcore. Co ctro alter-ego h sidelines as his ele more humorous sla followed along wit Luca sometimes titubes. Now the se duo Crookers h label Ins fidget-hou received remixes rCurses on Frenc h-profile warmlyknown for his eve dman is several hig Little Boots genre-jumping wil hing from live and Van Helden orporating everyt for the likes of Arm roobius Pip to boot. His ver y elaborate sets inc Sac vs Sc ge shows. It s all ncing sta t epic and Dan le vocals to swing da re s hardly Hell (check out tha his Drop the Lime the new single Hot As tasty appetizer to ve rock n roll but to drop) serves as a e ough and aggressi harmonica ce. If it s dir ty en ld be out sometim e a dif feren which shou s with a little danc upcoming album lot of for ward he has no issue enough old soul . There s a p blues nu-rave during springtime Lime to look floor alchemy jum r game in his the wobbling ss from Drop the sounding goodne ch it s all fai ghettote brew. akcore for ward to. chaos of Luca s bre described work can best be dream op the Lime s early Dr wet nce Music (IDM) as an Intelligent Da Venetian Snares HEINEKEN LIGHT Trouble and Bass Otto Von Schirac h ity New York Cculture scene is a gen eou s New Yo rk s hetero tiva ted eith er bir the d or cul me ltin g po t tha t s es -ho p jaz z pu nk blu - hou se dis co hip ie and eve ry oth er ind Lat in heavy me tal k of. en tha t you can thin sub -ge nre in bet we nki e Kn uck les ce leg end s like Fra Wi th dan erg ing stil l act ive and em and Ro ger Sa nch ez ix The For Mo ney and Mik DJ s like Zo mb ies kin d nt- gar de bea ts you Ca t tra ilbl azi ng ava sle eps . never of get why the city Breakcore rave over- de str uc tive An avala nc he of m kic ks h-tem po ac id dru rhy thm s an d hig e st way to de sc rib be is pro ba bly the e on ly as bre akco re. Th sive oso me thi ng as elu h oc tan e take-n is its hig co mm on thr ea d nd s the bo un ce ae sth eti c tha t ble pri so ne rs sh atteri ng b wit h ea rdr um of jun gle an d d n r tha n e. Lo ok no fur the au dio be llig ere nc Vo n Sc hir ac h or Ot to Ve ne tia n Sn are s er-fre ak s sta ble of ga bb Tro ub le an d Ba ss . se of powe rno ise for yo ur do the STR bot tle ces the launch of Heineken announ eals hidden um bot tle that rev UV an upscale alumin when exposed to stars and streaks the STR graphics of the hidden side of oth an d as a tribute to light. An the Truth Bo will be unveiling bot tle Heineken to reveal hidden prompting users led interactive screen h identities concea ut themselves. Wit ed on secrets abo orded and featur elations will be rec e. The Truth Booth will the rev ebook pag the Heineken Fac starting from locations in April at the visit five different king a final stop (1 April) before ma nt held at an Stereolounge y an exclusive eve oer s will ken Secret Galler Heine ere par tyg n on 29 April wh undisclosed locatio a mystery act. be entertained by ineken Secret tickets to the He oth to share Win a pair of VIP iting the Truth Bo vis Galler y by either your favourite rets or voting for your deepest sec to par ticipate log information and entry. For more ww on to sg on ww w.heineke wing Sneak preview of bsite will be previe the Heineken we Eve ry month ck content. Go che the late st S UP THE NIGH T report FAITHLESS & FRIENDLY FIRES LIVE Text Hidzir Junaini Images Amos Wong and Dominic Phua for LAMC Productions DIVINITY BEHIND THE DECKS Fort Canning played host to a double-bill Anglo-electronica invasion with trip hop legends Faithless and St Albans upstarts Friendly Fires featuring as special guests. The alliterative headliners drew out a couple of distinct demographics each there for different acts but both leaving as fans of a new band. Isn t that just heartwarming As much as Paris and Skeleton Boy have become dance-rock anthems for the hipster present the indie kids who missed out on Rollo Sister Bliss and Maxi Jazz in the mid-90s were wholeheartedly converted to the church of Faithless by the end of the night. And judging from the reception Fires received from the old-school ravers the appreciation was mutual. The younger Englishmen kicked off the hillside sweat-fest with multitude of drum-heavy grooves and endless jaunty dance moves that left the crowd eager to follow in vocalist s Ed MacFarlane s nimble steps. With only one album in tow Friendly Fires didn t take long to deplete their repertoire but what the introductory set lacked in length the boys more than made up for in dripping charisma. As rollicking fun as the opening act was the senior statesmen of trance-pop wouldn t be outdone. Popping up bathed in smoky red neon a topless Jazz displayed a skeletally ripped physique (can you believe he s northwards of 50 ) as Maxi s tireless energy and precisely intonated bellows tied together the cacophony of synth and percussion. The call to service erupted immediately upon the somber opening beats of God Is A DJ senses at once drowned out by the frenzied crowd singing along. By the time the feverishly pit-pleasing Insomnia dropped a state of enraptured bliss swept through the lager and J ger-drenched masses. Wrapping up the night with the populist-tinged We Come 1 was a sure-fire way to whip up a hysterical delirium fit for the glory days of yesteryears Ibiza. Nearly two decades on Faithless have proven that not only have they still got it they ve never lost it kiddos. For a night at least the strange blend of rapturous old-school rave and skanking reggae rhapsodies came calling for a whole new crop of dance-heads as if to emphatically decree that yes divinity is behind the decks. 16 report FASH MOB PRESENTS STYLE WARS Text Min Chen Images The Butter Factory GET READY TO WEAR Who says fashion has to be taken with a serious face darling At Style Wars it s meant to be every bit fun and wildly imaginative but without once losing the glamour that comes with high fashion. Pitched somewhere between a rap battle and a runway show this fashion tournament faces off teams of young designers in knockout rounds of speed styling where each of them have just five minutes to turn ordinary everyday objects (lamp shades aluminum foil etc) into bold and original fashion statements. The idea originated from New York s artsy duo House of Diehl but has lately drawn battle lines across four continents and our side of the world has not been spared. So put away that scowl Lagerfeld cos it s the local debut of Style Wars at The Butter Factory. Woot House of Diehl s deadly combo of Mary Jo Diehl and Roman Milisic was in the house to play friendly hosts and to kick off the battle with a live styling demonstration involving umbrellas and lots of quick wit. Ably following up on the experts were up to six teams of contestants who got their hands all over duct tape rubber gloves straw hats bin liners and other doo-dahs to shape up looks that were mad bad(ass) and dangerous to know. Rapid rounds of cut tear paste and i-D-worthy pieces on the champions were duly crowned by a trio of the judges (veteran stylists natch) and the audience the pairing of Nathaniel and Shanna came up tops for its creative use of um tape and spray paint and scored an opportunity to compete in the Style Wars Championship Battle in New York City. Now that dear friends is simply stylin . report 65 FEAT. LTJ BUKEM & MC CONRAD Text Min Chen Images Home Club WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE A legend s in the house A professional in all matters of drum n bass LTJ Bukem has been active in the community since its early days and it shows in his hefty discography (which includes the vital four-volume series Logical Progression) and pioneering label Good Looking Records. And of course he s also right at home behind the decks where his brand of d n b comes animated in all its progressive glory. Us and a bunch of hardcore junglists saw it all happen one night at Home Club where LTJ and his long-time partner-in-crime MC Conrad made good on their seasoned chops. Lightly flavoured with techno and breakbeats and wholly jungle-friendly LTJ s set whipped up a dark and bewitching storm on the dancefloor skillfully helped along by Conrad s bright and steady wordplay. Oh you bet a party was in session. Heads were bopped and feet were moved as these jungle cats explored every dimension of d n b and delivered on an intelligent session in progression just the stuff legends are made of. BLUE VELVETEEN SESSIONS WITH ANDY FLETCHER Text Min Chen Images Ku D Ta LA DEPECHE MODE Now this was a special night when Andy Fletcher one of the key cogs of Depeche Mode alighted upon our little red dot and gave us all something to shout about. If you know your DM you d realise that we re talkin one of the earth s major electronic groups and one-third of that counts for quite a bit kiddos. Happening as one of Ku D Ta s Blue Velveteen Sessions the event was well-supported by local jocks like Shigeki Dave T and Godwin P and augmented by a visual feast orchestrated by Flex Jasmine and Quincy. All that ably paved the way for the Fletch himself who travelled light (just a laptop sans the headphones) but played a heavy and tight game of tech-house. Ah bliss And of course with the amount of diehards in attendance the guy couldn t leave without dropping the odd DM track ( Enjoy The Silence anyone ) to keep those fists in the air. Electronic gold set against an awesome skyline and with one of your teenage heroes behind the deck If you just couldn t get enough you weren t the only one. 18 EVERYONE S GOT A SECRET Text Shehan Karunatilaka Images Joan Lai Visit the Truth Booth at selected bars share a secret under UV light and you could win VIP passes to the Heineken Secret Gallery a mysterious night out in a secret location. If you re curious for a peek at what people have been revealing visit And catch the Truth Booth at selected locations throughout April starting at Stereolounge on 1 - 2 Apr. Visit to find out where the Truth Booth will appear next. Just like Heineken confession is great for the soul. STRANGE THINGS CAN HAPPEN WHEN THE LIGHTS ARE OUT. AND NOW WITH THE NEW HEINEKEN STR BOTTLE EVERYBODY S SECRETS ARE OUT. boombox ZUL AS ONE OF THE FRONTIER SETTLERS OF OUR DRUM N BASS SCENE DJ ZUL AND HIS SWASHBUCKLING SUBVERT CREW HAVE BEEN HERALDING THE JUNGLIST MASSIVE FOR WELL OVER A DECADE. WHEN NOT BRINGING OVER BREAKBEAT BASTIONS SUCH AS FRICTION STAMINA MC AND CRISS GOSS OVER TO OUR TINY RED DOT HE S BUSY GLOBETROTTING HIMSELF HAVING RESIDED OVER AT HONG KONG S WHITE LABEL AND HELMED THE PRESTIGIOUS TURNTABLES OF LONDON S HOSPITALITY. THOUGH THIS DNB STALWART HAS MADE A LIVING ON THE LOWER END OF THE FREQUENCY HIS DIVERSE RECORD COLLECTION DISPLAYS AN ASTOUNDING ECLECTICISM OF NOISE. Text Hidzir Junaini Image Ungku Muhammad Ibrahim ASC Nothing is Certain One of the best drum n bass albums in my opinion working within the confines of the 170bpm framework but breaking the rules at the same time. Deeply melodic intensely emotional yet fiercely experimental this will stand the test of time. The Big Black Atomizer Thanks to my mate Ayong for recommending this back in the day Steve Albini s Big Black was loud brash and utterly punk rock. They were there years before much of the industrial rock fraternity peddled the guitars and drum machine formula. The Dead Kennedys Fresh Fruits For Rotting Vegetables Of all the punk rock albums in my collection this is one I keep coming back to. While the surf and rockabilly-inspired riff had us pogo-ing back in the day the jewel in the crown is the mix of satire sarcasm and left wing politics which left a huge impression on me from the get go. LTJ Bukem MixMag Live Volume 3 This started my journey into drum n bass in 1995. One of the best mixes ever released Bukem s melodic take on jungle mixing the genre s stinging beats with a cosmic 1970s jazz feel was a fresh air back in the days of 4 4 house and crap hip hop. Vangelis Blade Runner It s almost a clich to cite Blade Runner and its soundtrack as essential but trust me when I say that as far as albums go this ode to sodium-lit nightscapes has never been bettered. It still sounds as fresh as that day back in 1982 when I watched the movie with my granddad. Depeche Mode Black Celebration This was the perfect soundtrack of my teenage years moody complicated but filled with joyous interludes. Even today I get a bit weepy every time I hear A Question Of Lust . Coldcut Journey By DJ 70 Minutes Of Madness Aptly titled Coldcut s mix is a roller coaster ride that goes from jungle techno old skool hip hop to house and back again schooling my ears and opening my eyes to the endless possibilities of digging deep into your record collection. A Guy Called Gerald Black Science Technology Acid house legend Gerald Simpson weaves abstract techno and intricate melodies to create this unappreciated yet immensely listenable jungle classic. In my opinion no other album has come close to mimicking Simpson s knack of fashioning melodies this spaced out. My Bloody Valentine Loveless When I first heard this I was gobsmacked to say the least. Perfectly balancing the art of melody and noise My Bloody Valentine s shoegazer epic still stands as one of the genre s greatest albums. Beneath the mountain of feedback were some great tunes that still bear repeated listening. Plaid Not For Threes To be honest the only reason I got this album was for the Bj rk collaboration ( Lilith ) but Plaid s second album opened my ears to the world of experimental techno. The innovative compositions also bring joy to my heart whenever I hear it. Bad Brains Bad Brains Furious punk rock and skunking reggae tunes On the same album By the same band It could only be the Bad Brains I bought this album on the recommendation of one X Ho and it was money well spent. It s still impressive how the band can switch from hardcore to reggae in the blink of an eye. 20 Beastie Boys Licensed To Ill I was never a massive hip hop fan but the Beastie Boys debut was an absolute joy and the soundtrack of my secondary school days. I mean where else can you get the teenage angst of Fight For Your Right (To Party) and the absurd No Sleep Till Brooklyn all in the same place Doc Scott Reinforced Presents Doc Scott The Early Plates I give thanks to my erstwhile DJ partner Chuan for opening my ears to this record. This recently released compilation is a good place to savour the good old days of jungle when a good tune only meant it had to have equal parts turbo charged breakbeats and molten bass lines. The Smiths The Queen is Dead Not only does singer Morrissey deliver a set of witty satires here but this album also is home to two of the band s masterpieces There Is A Light That Never Goes Out and The Boy With The Thorn In His Side . Slayer Reign in Blood Clocking in at less than 30 minutes this furious blend of riffs and thunderous drumming is said to have single handedly inspired the death metal genre in America. I love it because it is an exhibition of energy and musicianship pure and simple. z-1 The new Heineken STR bottle. Unveil its secrets under UV light. Find out more at Available at selected outlets for a limited time only. special INDULGE YOURSELF CHEERS TO FRESH BEER There s nothing quite like knocking back of a couple of beers with your best buds after a long hard day at work. Now imagine the same scenario but this time with freshly brewed beer. Sounds like a perfect combination You bet it is and of course OCBC Cards knows where you can find the best tasting fresh brews in town. MICROBREWERIES WHAT S BREWING Unlike wine beer is best drunk fresh and straight from the tap. Or even better straight from the barrel that it was produced in-house in. That s when a visit to a microbrewery is in order serious beer appreciation ahead In looser terms a microbrewery is classified as a small brewery where beers are brewed lovingly by hand in limited quantities resulting in flavours that are superior to its canned and bottled cousins. PAULANER BR UHAUS Mention microbrewery and Paulaner Br uhaus is probably one of the first that ll come to mind no surprise really considering it s been in Singapore since 1999 though its history goes further back having first set root in Munich almost four centuries ago. Freshly brewed beer is of course Paulaner Br uhaus specialty though they do a pretty darn good job with the fine German cuisine on offer too. Paulaner Br uhaus is located at 9 Raffles Boulevard Millenia Walk 01-01. Call 6883 2572 or visit singapore for more information. OCBC CARDMEMBERS EXCLUSIVE 15% off total bill 22 PRAGUE MICROBREWERY What it lacks in age this new kid on the microbrewery block makes up for it by standing out in the German and Belgian beer-dominated scene with its Czech offerings. Yup you ve heard that right Prague is brewing up a Czech beer storm and it s even got pretty exotic cuisine from the Republic on the side to ensure a well-rounded experience. Prague Microbrewery is located at 165 Tanjong Pagar Road Amara Singapore Hotel 01-00. Call 6879 2608 or visit for more information. OCBC CARDMEMBERS EXCLUSIVE 15% off total bill TAWANDANG MICROBREWERY Though Tawandang Microbrewery calls Thailand home the beers to come out from this microbrewery is decidedly German and that s not a bad thing since Germany produces some of the best beers around. Accompanying your mug of tasty German beer are German delicacies like pork knuckles and sausages as well as yummy Thai favourites like Tom Yum Goong (which goes surprisingly well with beer). Tawandang Microbrewery is located at Blk 26 Dempsey Road and 1 Raffles Boulevard Suntec City International Convention and Exhibition Centre. Call 6476 6742 and 6243 2291 respectively or visit for more information. OCBC CARDMEMBERS EXCLUSIVE 10% off total bill from Sunday - Thursday TERMS AND CONDITIONS Payment must be made with an OCBC Credit Debit Card. Promotion is valid from 1 30 April 2011 and not valid with other promotions. OCBC Bank and the merchant reserve the right to withdraw card privileges and alter terms without prior notice. Merchants terms and conditions apply. OCBC Bank shall not be responsible for the quality merchantability or the fitness for any purpose or any other aspect of any gift offer product. Notwithstanding anything herein OCBC Bank shall not at any time be responsible or held liable for any defect or malfunction in any gift offer product and or for any loss injury damage or harm suffered or incurred by or in connection with the use of any gift offer product by any person. Other terms and conditions apply. sounds ESSENTIAL TUNES FROM PICKS OF THE MONTH Text Christopher Ujine Ong THE KING OF LIMBS RADIOHEAD (Warner) Radiohead are such bastards. Releasing their eighth album on digital a month before it gets pressed on other formats springing it one day before the anointed day of official release (Valentine s Day) giving critics no chance to cast their holier judgements making it the shortest album yet at eight songs it s like a pie in the face of fans critics and industry types ain t it And oh how every fan is licking it up like servile wusses prostate before The King Of Limbs Radiohead. Masochists we must be to wait three years for the world s most arty-farty commercial band to make a hybrid of Thom Yorke s own The Eraser and all of the band s albums after OK Computer. And just how silly is Thom Yorke dancing like a dullard cousin of Michael Stipe and Bono as a jerk-on-a-string in the video for Lotus Flower In a nutshell Radiohead rules The album is everything expected of them avantgarde spectral glitchy minimal relevant. And accessible even if it is as slow blooming as an oak tree (the real King of Limbs). POSTCARD RECORDS Few labels are as synonymous with a singular band as Postcard was with Orange Juice. Originally dubbed Nu-Sonics the group grew organically out of the post-punk ground floor by way of little Scottish suburb Bearsden. Enigmatic frontman Edwyn Collins was unequivocally the heart of the group their very own Morrissey writing witty homespun indie-pop in the late 70s years before The Smiths existed or anyone knew what in twee heaven indiepop even was. Postcard founder Alan Horne probably never intended to usher in a new wrier breed of revivalist pop he just set up the label in 1979 as a place for his mates to distribute away from the London-biased establishment. LABEL It s fitting that both Postcard s and Orange Juice s first single was the ambrosial Falling And Laughing in 1980. Not only was the Glasgow scene swiftly transformed the whole UK indie landscape became enamoured. That first single with barely a thousand copies pressed and packaged into hand-folded sleeves sold directly to music stores out of Alan s trunk managed to land Collins the cover of NME. That s quite a bit of legitimacy for a shoestring operation run from a dusty closet within Alan s tiny tenement flat. Postcard was punk but only in ethos. People had gotten tired of the hard-drinking destruction of the Sex Pistols and the depressive bleakness of Joy Division. Ian Curtis suicide shook a lot of people up and altered post-punk irreversibly much like Kurt Cobain s suicide would do to grunge 14 years later. People responded to the ruminative rattling and whimsical intelligence of the Postcard sound or as Alan called it The Sound of Young Scotland . The tag was a play on the Motown motto but it accurately reflected the enthusiasm for Postcard s infectiously saccharine product. New-wave colonists Aztec Cameras Kafka-inspired funk-punkers Josef K and Brisbane-born jangle-popsters The Go-Betweens were soon signed on each providing a welcome textural diversity to Postcard s discography. In particular Josef K s sparse and lachrymose darkness provided a subtle counterpoint to Orange Juice s sunny disposition. Alan reportedly even had a tenuous relationship with Josef K vocalist Paul Haig and the rest of his Edinburgh cohorts but despite personal reservations Postcard knew talent when they saw it and signed them anyway. Though the label was fawned over by critics their bands were never going to be on Top of the Pops. And as with anything with such deafening buzz the big corporate vultures took notice. A swarm of major labels and A&R types descended upon Glasgow to snap up The Sound of Young Scotland. Once unsigned bands realised the EMIs of the world would beckon Postcard didn t stand a chance. The company went under in 1981 but its shortlived barely two-year reign would go on to inspire a memorable legacy. Subsequent C81 and C86 revolutions along with bands like Camera Obscura and Franz Ferdinand owe Postcard more than a debt of gratitude for paving the indie-pop highway. LET ENGLAND SHAKE PJ HARVEY (Universal Island Records Ltd) Let all of England shake but all hail the return of Queen Polly Jean Harvey. 2007 s White Chalk saw Harvey creeping across personal interior-scapes and England s psychogeographies like an anchorless siren. For her latest she shakes rattles and rolls across England s World War history like an off-kilter ministering priestess singing about death war and other such merry things. But there are no typical patriot songs bar singalongs or folk hymns instead it is Harvey drafting her earlier forms of guitar rock in new ways. Hence the seemingly misplaced trumpet reveille in The Glorious Land the snaked in wails and strings from Said El Kurdi s Kassem Miro into England and a sampled vocal off Niney the Observer s Blood & Fire on Written On The Forehead with the reggae singer s voice inserted at first then interplayed with Harvey Mick Harvey and John Parrish s voices singing almost cheerily Let it burn . Resonant hazy dreamy this is Harvey s indomitable musical and conceptual vision of England. 24 Text Hidzir Junaini FABRICLIVE. 55 DJ MARKY (fabric records) D n b heads here s your 24-shooters set to get your blood pumping. The man who bashed his trademark Brazilian flava into d n b DJ Marky steps up to justify his time at Fabric with instalment no. 55. And his 25-year-honed experience shows the beats shower sunny and steady with S.P.Y s By Your Side and Die and Interface s Bright Lights before DJ Marky hails forth a dark and metallic bullet storm with Skream s Motorway and Marcus Intalex s Steady . COULEURS SUR PARIS NOUVELLE VAGUE (Kwaidan Records) VALHALLA DANCEHALL BRITISH SEA POWER (Rough Trade Records Ltd) Ah the Frenchmen behind Nouvelle Vague Marc Collin and Olivier Libaux sure know how to extend and expand the shelf life of what is a novelty concept oui Clever tomcats they are turning towards French post-punk music for their fourth album. So corralled from 1979-1989 are 16 French postpunk hits sung by the likes of nymphs such as Camille Soko M lanie Pain and Vanessa Paradis. So par for the course for this lounge pop group yet so cannily tr s chic. The name in itself is a (self-mocking) statement and their music steers towards the bombastic end of orchestral indie pop. For their latest BSP have described it as a mixture of Serge Gainsbourg and Ralf und Florian-era Kraftwerk with a sprinkle of Stock Aitken and Waterman not by a thousand nautical miles. What it is well done half swelling half squalling guitars in Manic Street Preachers-meets-Pulp style epic build ups with an overreaching fondness for esotericism. FREAKS COME OUT LEONARD T PRESENTS STARFUNK (EQ Music) HABITS NEON TREES (UMG Recordings Inc) THE DEEP FIELD Rarely do we get a Singaporean artiste who has been going at commercial dance music like Leonard T. From 1992 s Club Ecstasy to The New Romantics and now StarFunk his experimental project showcasing a glamorous electro-dance persona Leonard T knows what makes the masses move. But as friendly as the baker s dozen and as inspired as his inspirations (Prince and Calvin Harris) are one doesn t quite know what to make of the hodge-podge of dated sounds. The 80s are a hard habit to break and Utah s Neon Trees are smart enough to latch on to our weakness. A cross between a less pretentious The Killers and a less Eurotrash-y Tokio Hotel the band has in fact supported The Killers on tour and the similarities are immediate. The diff is that their electro rock-pop is catchy to a fault as much as Tyler Glenn emotes on the 10 songs one is more likely to bop along too happily to pay the band s deeper intentions any proper attention. JOAN AS POLICE WOMAN Lover to Jeff Buckley at the time of his death and sometime collaborator with Rufus Wainwright and Antony Hegarty Joan Wasser has made some damn affecting piano ballads on her earlier albums. But this time round her music s more plush and rounded with saxophones guitars and moogs with Wasser herself sounding more affirmed and sublime than ever before. Just be grateful for such an artist with depth and plumb into the triumph that is The Deep Field. (Love Da Records) ROLLING BLACKOUTS STAR OF LOVE CRYSTAL FIGHTERS (Love Da Records) THE GO TEAM (Love Da Records) THE GOLDEN AGE OF KNOWLEDGE FUNERAL PARTY (Sony Music Entertainment) T.O.R.N.A.D.O explodes like a Beastie Boys led pom-pom military marching band and such exuberant flamboyance is what precisely makes The Go Team such a lovable sextet. Progress they show with an infusion of 60s girl-group and cinematic sounds for their new musical strains stuffed in an already burgeoned sonic template of carnivalesque hip hop big band noise pop party crackers. Get rolling to and blacked out by Apollo Throwdown BustOut Brigade and Back Like 8 Track . There s Crystal Castles and Crystal Antlers and now there s Crystal Fighters. Monikers aside they do share one other similarity making some of the most exciting music to shape the limbs of scene kids everywhere. The Argentinean quintet typifies the collision between the musical worlds of technology and old world culture glitchy 8-bit Casiotone beats are pitted against Basque txalaparta with plucky acoustic guitars and upbeat group sing-alongs tossed atop. The indie rock wheel turns faster than tricks at a street corner just before we can get over the 80s along comes Funeral Party to remind us of the naughts. This LA band is The Strokes The Rapture (ver. 2011.1) just snottier and more attitudinal. It s all the same-old-new-old jerky riffs shouty vocals and rat-a-tat drums trussed up in punk-funk. Even so New York City Moves To The Sound of L.A. and the title track are crackling enough to prove that these hotshots have a spiky punch. UNDERNEATH THE PINE TORO Y MOI (Carpark) Toro Y Moi aka Chaz Bundick s debut Causers Of This was one of the beloved albums that signalled the coming of chillwave (alongside Neon Indian Washed Out et al). While the genre s still eddying in inner circles Bundick uproots himself by going live with his instrumentation revealing that the heartbeat of his sonic experiments is essentially pop. Bundick flits through this expansive textured collection of kraut-rocked dream pop numbers with his sight on further shores beyond chillwave. BOYS NOIZE PRESENTS SUPER ACID VARIOUS ARTISTES (Boysnoize Records) NO MORE IDOLS CHASE AND STATUS The year is 1982 and the perps were Roland TB-303 DJ Pierre and the evil follicular trio of perm set and colour. The damage caused by acid house is indelible at least for Boys Noize and his co-conspirators. Working with classic Roland 303s 303 clones 303 plug-ins and even the fun-tastic 303 iPhone apps some of techno and house music s esteemed such as Jan Driver Erol Alkan and Feadz indulge in 12 pitch-crazed and stomping acid house destructors. You have been warned. After The Prodigy was Pendulum and now Saul Chase Milton and Will Status Kennard are next in line to drill their monster mash of d n b rave and breakbeat into the charts. Having written for RiRi and getting some success with their debut More Than Alot makes the duo only covet more. So on their sophomore they use Brit star wattage in the form of Plan B Tinie Tempah Dizzee Rascal White Lies and Clare Maguire to power their made-for-the-loins mass-pleaser aggro sounds. (Mercury Records Limited) listen up Who s h t on the playlist this month We tell. Text Hidzir Junaini koya KILLING DISTANCE m.i.a. ZIG ZAG First there was the auto-tune bubblegum that was XXXO on the massively listenable (but annoying-to-type) Y and now this Maya Arulpragasam sure has a knack for an earworm when she put her mind to it. Released outside of any album or EP Zig Zag seems to be an online-only leak making the blogosphere rounds. It s a breezy and fun track that s noticeably bereft of any heavy-handed political leitmotifs. Instead what we have is the avant-garde guerrilla activist playfully crooning Kiss and I ll kiss you back you zig me and I ll zag you back while borrowing the Oh oh oh-oh-oh part from New Kids On The Block s You ve Got It (The Right Stuff) . As silly as it is it s a catchy recently unearthed lost track from way back in 2003 that you d want to get your headphones on to. mia Koya has only been around for a couple of years but these four lads from the grime capital of the world better known as London has been tearing up the UK dubstep scene with some brutally heavy boundary-pushing stuff. Made up of Fermi Pi Loska and Rutile the fantastic foursome has diverse backgrounds in electro metal and even dancehall so do be expecting a fresher perspective to the usual booming basslines and black melodies. Their newest cut Killing Distance has been blowing up Beatport lately and with good reason. A creepy intro consisting of muffled warnings from a dystopian authority leading into a monster drop that mixes heavy with techy translates into top-notch stuff. Killing Distance is out now on Section 8 Dub. koyadub operator please BACK AND FORTH Little-known Gold Coast based indie-pop outfit Operator Please have been around since 2005 but it s taken a while for the buzz to spread from Down Under. Their debut studio album Yes Yes Vindictive featured a song about ping pong called well Just a Song About Ping Pong which proved to be their biggest hit to date. The sophomore full-length effort Gloves came out a few months back and saddled up on the strength of its cutesy single Back and Forth . With it singer guitarist Amandah Wilkinson drummer Tim Commandeur keyboardist Chris Holland bassist Ashley McConnell and violinist Taylor Henderson have crafted a feel-good ditty that s a little Black Kids and a little Architecture in Helsinki. operatorplease 26 FOCUS ARTIST THE KILLS COOL KIDS BELONG TOGETHER Text Min Chen Image Shawn Brackbill The Kills have always been a bunch of cool cats when not busy oozing style and sex appeal all over the place they re fashioning their own lo-fi universe of blues garage typewritten lyrics and photobooth poses to go with it. They came for us back in 2002 in a dusty fourtrack vehicle known as Keep On Your Mean Side which coughed its way through a tatty hybrid of minimal blues and a Velvet Underground bias. It was sharp and subversive the desert black to The White Stripes candy colours and not exactly the kind of thing that s begging for mainstream recognition. But hell no our Kills are way above that stuff and over their next two albums (No Wow and the sleeper hit Midnight Boom) will continue to ravage the blues tradition with throbbing intensity conviction and not one hair out of place. These days no longer just lonely tumbleweed rolling through the art rock terrain the pairing of Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince has been gaining critical momentum and entry right into the heart of rock city. Besides The Kills Alison s been kept occupied with The Dead Weather Jack White s brainchild which has been widely loved while Jamie s been involved with Kate Moss which is nice too. But hype be damned get those two Kills in a room together (or more specifically the Key Club Studios in Michigan) and they re back in their world of broken down blues and wasted elegance where isolated from the general public their black magic gets laid to rest on tape. Such an occasion happened recently and has resulted in Blood Pressures Alison and Jamie s fourth album and 11 good reasons to stay on the mean side. Where their previous albums were minimal and angular affairs The Kills new monster has been fattened with complex textures and dense instrumentation offering up more layers and harmonies to pick from. Them two have singled out key tracks such as DNA the final number to be recorded and a personal fave of Alison s The Last Goodbye which embarks on some bold time shifts and first single Satellite which chugs and churns to its logical conclusion. The band s pillars of strengths raw edges snarling rhythms and sass are all still in attendance now tempered by a new brand of depth and wistfulness. Ain t nothing you can fault with a new Kills album not when it swaggers in like so and delivers on every inch of the duo s mythical cool. Business as usual then. IF YOU LIKE THAT YOU LL LOVE THESE... ROYAL TRUX THANK YOU Squint and The Kills could almost pass for Royal Trux the coupling of Jennifer Herrema and Neil Hegarty that gave the 90s a renegade voice in avant noise. This one s their most accessible (ie. major label) outing into scuzz rock. CAPTAIN BEEFHEART TROUT MASK REPLICA A touchstone for all the world s experimentalists Captain Beefheart s masterwork was a decidedly dissonant and indecipherable album that stretched blues jazz folk and rock into avant-garde proportions. THE WHITE STRIPES WHITE BLOOD CELLS The Kills and The White Stripes have always been kindred souls both sharing a minimalist approach to the blues except where Alison and Jamie kept on their mean side Jack and Meg just wanted to be friends. THE VELVET UNDERGROUND & NICO THE VELVET UNDERGROUND & NICO Not just a seminal album the Velvets debut is apparently a bottomless chest of art rock treasures that s been mined for ideas and inspired cool. The Kills are just one band that did so and they won t be the last. essentials MY BLOODY VALENTINE Text Min Chen It s like if you did something when you were completely pissed and it was actually quite a good thing and so you kind of know how you did it because you half remember but you re never going to be there again. Kevin Shields KEY MY BLOODY VALENTINE LABOUR OF LOVE In August of 1988 Creation Records issued a four-track EP by a band of young and shambolic Irish punks known as My Bloody Valentine. The quartet led by Kevin Shields was apparently signed to Creation in a bid to fill the void that The Jesus & Mary Chain left behind (the Reid bros having moved on to a major label) but with the release of said-EP You Made Me Realise the label got more than it bargained for. On it the band would give vent to a fresh storm of sonic textures that were part harmony part noise and entirely mesmerising. The title track in particular would come to life onstage during which the band would wring ungodly and often unbearable frequencies out of their instruments in what was officially declared the Holocaust section . More than just an innocent debut on Creation Records MBV would quite accidentally lay the tracks and deliver a primer to what we now know as shoegaze. Whatever was started on You Made Me Realise would be further articulated on the band s debut LP Isn t Anything which pretty much birthed the shoegaze scene while also setting the stage for the band s magnum opus. Yes our precious Loveless did follow two years on its making fraught by financial difficulties mental breakdowns and falling outs. Kevin Shield s obsessive and increasingly paranoid pursuit for perfectionism on the record would stretch out studio hours cost Creation 250 000 in funds (and nearly bankrupting it) and apparently caused co-founder Dick Green s hair to turn grey overnight. But hey it s all for the best Loveless was and still is loved by all for its heady complex and pioneering experiments in noise and pop and a decade on continues to be immensely influential and remains the yardstick by which all shoegaze is measured. It s virtually impossible to match a masterpiece like Loveless... and so MBV never have. In the 90s money was put up by Island Records and attempts were made but according to Kevin We lost the plot majorly . MBV would be silent for at least another 16 years before a set of reunion shows in 2007 would see the quartet return to the live stage and Kevin expressing hopes ( unless I died ) of completing the band s third record. Then again even if he never does so MBV would still be responsible for the impression it s left on the alternative landscape it having inspired acts as disparate as Smashing Pumpkins Sigur R s Yo La Tengo Deerhunter Nine Inch Nails and No Age and birthing generation after generation of shoegazers. And that right there is your follow-up to Loveless. Strawberry Wine EP (1987) After years mucking about the London gig circuit with a goth-punk template ripped off from The Birthday Party MBV discover their voice (or more specifically that of Bilinda Bitcher s) and a lush guitar-pop landscape on which it would build its chapel to shoegaze. Listen to Strawberry Wine You Made Me Realise EP (1988) Here s the legendary moment when shoegaze first peeked into the world. Filled with equal measures of unholy noise and sweet harmonics the EP s title track would go on to define the band s vision and direction and give it something to do on stage. Listen to You Made Me Realise Isn t Anything (1988) MBV s first LP may often be overlooked in favour of its second but Isn t Anything happens to be a lush little miracle in itself. All open tunings reverb feedback and hazy pacing the album expertly straddled the fragile and the menacing and set the group s signature sound in stone. Listen to Feed Me With Your Kiss Lose My Breath Loveless (1991) The inventive sonic manipulations lyrical abstractions pop immediacy and electronic symphonies on Loveless have rarely and barely been bettered. It s noise-pop perfection made flesh and if Kevin Shields himself can t top it then nothing can. Listen to Loomer Only Shallow To Here Knows When 28 chat If you re looking for shiny happy people look elsewhere. At Crystal Castles the black flag flies high nihilism is the order of the day and you d be lucky if anybody cracks a joke. But hey at least Alice and Ethan aren t being facetious about anything and instead have kept it real over two selftitled albums of dark and highly dangerous dance-punk that though made in isolation have managed to reach critical mass on the dancefloor. Not that that s lightened the mood in the CC camp but it did get Ethan talking (or mumbling) to us at the recent Zouk Live gig... 30 crystal castles dark days Text Min Chen Image & interview courtesy of Zouk Management What ve you guys been up to We ve been up to injuries and sicknesses all bad things. Everybody s just sick and injured so it s not going well. Is that life as Crystal Castles It s rough. It s always dealing with some new bullsh t everyday. Isn t there a silver lining Yeah I love our second album and I m really happy with it. It s been pretty well-received huh Um I don t pay attention to that... so it s been well received That s good to hear. It sounds incredibly bleak though... Well I think all Crystal Castles music has the same sad bleak mood... we don t make songs in any other mood. Why not We just try to be true to ourselves and we re very selfish when we make music for ourselves. It s a shock that anybody else is listening cos we were never anticipating that other people would want to hear our music. We always thought it d be a personal thing that we did. Really We thought that we d just play like some basement parties and sell like 20 CDRs. We just never thought about it. And how did your first album come together The first album isn t even like a work it s more of a compilation of all the earlier stuff that we put on vinyl. I remember we were touring and we kept getting these messages from this label called Lies saying that it s impossible to find our music cos we only released limited vinyl so they wanted to collect all the vinyl onto a CD. We kept ignoring the messages and finally after they wrote us like 30 times we were just like okay shut up and just do it and put all the vinyl together onto a CD. So the first album was just a compilation that we were pressured into putting together. The second album is actually a work that s meant to be together. So any progression between the albums was just... Well we just had in mind that all these songs were gonna be together which we didn t have on the first album. That was just demos scattered amongst three or four years some from 2005 that weren t even mixed or finished really. So on the second album we knew what mood we wanted and what sound we wanted and we worked towards that until we had it. Did the fact that you recorded it in a bunch of abandoned places affect the making of it I don t think where we are could ever influence our sound. Geography didn t have anything to do with it. Basically wherever we are in the world we ll isolate ourselves and set up our gear so isolation has more to do with our sound than anything else. And those places we recorded at we didn t choose them. We d just be on tour and we d have a few days or weeks off before the next show and because we both left our homes there was nowhere to go home to so we re not gonna travel anywhere and we re just gonna stay put wherever the shows are. Where did that happen We played a show in Iceland and we had two weeks off and we asked people where could we make noise and no one would bother us. Someone said there s this abandoned church where you can set up and no one would bother you and you can do whatever you want. And that s why we went there. The same thing happened in Detroit where there s this whole street of stores that are abandoned every store was empty and nobody goes there and no cars were passing by. It was like a ghost town and we just set up our gear there and recorded songs. Sounds economic enough. We don t really care about techniques or location. We just go for the feeling that s what we re aiming for... just going for the feeling. And the general feeling in the CC camp is... We just live in the moment and we focus on whatever we do right now. We never think of anything like dreams or hopes for the band no. Do you think you ll ever feel satisfied with where it s at I don t think we feel satisfied at all. I haven t found anything to be satisfied about... And if there is I don t know what that is. CHAT villagers he s good alone We heard the band name was chosen because you wanted an ambiguous front to your music I probably wasn t thinking so much at that point of time but looking back now yes most probably. I also wanted a name to describe a group of people who are faceless at the same time. We re guessing the ambiguity means you can easily explore entirely different sounds for other albums Yeah I wanted the freedom to do different stuff. I m not consciously making my albums different but I can imagine myself making music that s a departure from the rest of my compositions. You can describe me as indie or folksy now but that may not be it a few years down the road. Does being a one-man band more creative freedom for you Yeah I m quite precious about what I m writing. I don t want anyone else to go near it I tend to become a little dictatorial but once I pass the music to the band they take it into their own hands and it develops its own flavours. But you re supposed to be dictatorial about your music... No it s okay because once I give them the foundation I trust them with my music as they are my friends. I like the social aspect of music it s cool. What if it veers far away from what you expected That s absolutely fine to me though sometimes I have to get my band to come back... (Laughs). But most of the time we just let it go free and everything usually turns out quite nicely. Some of the versions we play live are very different from the album but in a good way. What happened to your previous band The Immediate Well all of us (from The Immediate) went to school and basically grew up together but it got to a stage where the excitement within the group had ended. Two of the guys were like Actually... I don t really wanna do this with my life . It was difficult but we moved on. So now that you re sort of on your own how s it been so far It s the first time I m writing music on my own so it s quite a new thing. The songwriting process though is a torturous one Tell us more about Becoming a Jackal. It s really hard for me to dissect... To start off I had to sacrifice some of my social life for this album. The main idea of the album revolves around humans being scavengers their animalistic inclinations and not knowing where they stand in this world. That s pretty deep. I think I just like human instincts as themes in music. Does that have anything to do with your Irish roots Yes probably a little. Everything affects what you write about. When I was growing up I was taught Irish fairytales and in some of them people turn into animals... Which of course is an element present in Becoming a Jackal. Contrary to its name there is only one person in this village and that s Conor O Brien. But hey this Irish lad is an entire population on his own. Not only does his brilliant mind conjure up music it also claims ownership to the lyrics and cover art of his debut album Becoming a Jackal. And just so you know that folky good stuff has also been warmly received nominated for a Mercury Music Prize and well made Ireland proud enough to go U2 who Of course we couldn t say no to a chat with him to find out just what his village is made of. Text Fiona Chen Image & interview courtesy of The Esplanade 32 CHAT IMOGEN HEAP TOTAL ELLIPSE She s been one of the most distinctive voices in electronica so if Imogen Heap wants to take a few years between albums then well we re okay with it. Ellipse her third and latest set of synthesised landscapes may have been a full four years-in-the-making but it s been handled with such creative and experimental care that as with all good things it s been worth the wait. And FYI Imogen did write perform and produce that stuff all by her lone self so you bet she deserves the praise petals and Grammy nominations that have followed. She ll soon hit Timbre s Rock & Roots Festival but first we discuss matters close to her art... Text Min Chen Image & interview courtesy of Timbre and Sony Music It s been a while Imogen What happened in the years between 2005 s Speak For Yourself and Ellipse I get asked this a lot and I guess most people don t really understand how long it takes to make an album. I mean if you ve got an entourage of producers and engineers it s much easier but trying to make the album at home by yourself is harder when you re doing chores writing for other people and touring... so the album was pushed back a lot. We heard about the studio you built into your childhood home to record Ellipse. Tell more Yes it s my new playroom It s not a typical studio it s a high tech but also fun and a little messy studio bedroom. It s the one place I m able to sit down and actually be working and happy. It s not the easiest thing for me to do but when I m there it just comes to me. Having written performed and produced the album yourself do you find that you work better solo I love to collaborate too but then there are very few opportunities for people to see what I can really do as one person. Sometimes I do my best work when I collaborate and out of my comfort zone but I also like to look at my work and tell myself I did that myself and that was me. I mean it s not just about me me me but I like to see that there s a sense of progression in my work. And how do you feel your songwriting has progressed or evolved over the years Well in the beginning I was kind of unaware of the listener. I was just making music for myself and it never crossed my mind that I would have listeners. It was only when I got the CD back with my photo on it and my lyrics on it that it hit me that people would be listening to this. And so on my next album there was a conscious effort to explain and justify that what I did meant something and wasn t just nonsense. Did it also help the music-making process that you were blogging and vlogging during the making of Ellipse The blogging was helpful in making me feel more comfortable in my skin and my songwriting skin. It allowed me to see the progression in the studio 34 being able to go back and view the footage because sometimes when you re in the studio you think you re not getting any work done. Again it was to understand what it really takes to make a record. I m not trying to hide the process it s hard work and there are ups and downs. But it s all paid off Ellipse has won a whole lot of critical praise and a Grammy Award. Good on you Yes there have been a lot of amazing words that I never expected and it s kind of embarrassing It s not like I went to school to learn music and I still don t know anything about mic patterns or compressions. But the proof is in the pudding so to say I finished it and it sounds nice. It s made and set on the map so that I don t have to explain myself. So how s life looking from your current perspective My main goal now is to better integrate my music with my life. With Ellipse I ve said that I never want to do another record like that but what I meant was not in one day. It really takes it out of you. I look at it and I m two years older and I ve been living like a hermit I ve not gone out of the house and I ve lost contact with my friends and family. And I don t want to live like that so I want to integrate my personal life with my career have more spare time and more variety in my life. I need that balance in my life. Timbre Rock & Roots will be happening on 15 and 16 April at the Marina Promenade (Imogen plays the latter day). Get your tickets at all SISTIC authorised agents and your copy of Ellipse at all good record stores. CHAT 65daysofstatic WE HAVE NOISE The lads of 65daysofstatic obviously have quite a bit on their minds nothing that they could put in words but in a set of pensive and ponderous instrumentals that run a few feet deep. You could call it post rock or math rock though it s quite simply an epic and emotional journey that the band is embarking on. Its latest statement We Were Exploding Anyway adds a synthsised edge to the UK-based quartet s progressive catalogue and was duly (and noisily) aired at its spot at the Mosaic Music Festival. If you liked that (which you did) you ll love what frontman Paul has to say about it. Text Min Chen Image & interview courtesy of The Esplanade Hey Paul. How about talking up your last record We Were Exploding Anyway We felt we had a lot riding on this record. And it took a long time to make as well. The third record [The Destruction of Small Ideas] was such a studio record so for the new one we wanted one that we could play live and that couldn t be misconstrued as... we often put in the same corner as a lot of post rock bands who are doing these big things that are so wise and clever and insightful but we were trying to reject that and instead just make people dance. Yup it does have a heap of dance elements on it. And we were also kind of surprised at the reaction to this one cos people were saying what a radical departure it was. But to us it was going back to the beginning when we didn t have a live drummer and were programming our own beats. It was kind of like recapturing that image of ourselves we once had. So does the post rock tag bother you It s just interesting that we re called post rock just because we don t have a singer. But I guess it s a simple way for people to draw references. Why no singer It was never a conscious decision. It s just that when we started none of us wanted to sing and since we listen to a lot of electronic music it wasn t a big deal. 36 Do you reckon it s harder to communicate without words or vocals Maybe not harder but different. I ve never been in a singing band so I can t tell. But for us we concentrate a lot on progression whereas when you start writing a song with lyrics the words verse and chorus may just be the same thing. With an instrumental you can easily fill spaces and progress. And how does the band work together on that It s painful I have no idea how we re gonna start the next one We often just spend time apart after each tour and do our own thing build our own ideas before bringing them together at rehearsals. Then there are arguments good days and bad days... but we ve been together so long that we can disagree but at the end of the day still part as friends. So yeah there s no formula though it s not meant to be easy anyway. True enough. So what s with all the mention of explosions and destruction in your album and song titles I guess we just don t really have a positive outlook on the world It s all falling apart before our eyes which is scary. And there are so many bands already so nobody needs any more bands. Since we re in a band we want to be put everything into it with energy reason and urgency which I guess comes through in the titles. And what s the best thing about being in this band It s got to be getting up onstage and being able to share this thing with the world. We don t have words but we have noise. And being able to reach out to people with this noise is a very tangible thing. ART BROS WITH BEATS IF YOU THINK THAT THINGS HAVE BEEN A LITTLE QUIET DOWN UNDER THAT S COS YOU HAVEN T HEARD DENZAL PARK YET. THOUGH THE DUO WAS ONLY FORMED JUST TWO YEARS AGO KAM DENNY AND PAUL ZALA HAVE MORE THAN 15 YEARS OF HOUSE AND FUNK EXPERIENCE COMBINED SO YOU BET THEY VE GOT WHAT IT TAKES TO KEEP THE CROWD MOVING. THAT ABILITY WAS AFFIRMED WHEN THEIR BOOTLEG REMIX OF CE CE PENISTON S FINALLY SOARED TO BEATPORT S TOP SPOT AND MORE RECENTLY WHEN THEIR LATEST RELEASE FILTER FREAK HOGGED ARIA S CLUB CHART FOR WEEKS. AND GUESS WHO KEPT ATTICA ON ITS TOES RECENTLY Text Fiona Chen Image and interview courtesy of Attica Denzal Park s a rather new project for the both of you Paul Kam and I met around three years ago when he was DJ-ing in a club in Melbourne (our hometown) and I asked him if he produced as well. He said he did a bit so I gave him a CD of demos I had been working on. He had a listen right there on the spot and I guess he liked it because we were jamming together not long after As for the name itself it s just a combination of our surnames Denny and Zala. Then we threw a Park in for good measure. What s the energy like between the two of you Kam Pretty good We have a lot of fun both when we are DJ-ing and when we are in the studio. Of course it helps that we have a similar outlook on music and quite a few other things which make for good chemistry in the band... even though Paul kinda sh ts me sometimes K Filter Freak was kind of unusual in how it came about. I was moving house and was going through old computer drives in my garage. I came across the parts for Filter Freak on one of them the project had been sitting there unfinished for years. I remembered it had always been something I wanted to round off on so I put the parts into Protools and started updating all the beats. Denzal Park s got quite a few rocking remixes how does the track selection process go P Usually the records choose us Most of the time we are commissioned to do official remixes for other artists but occasionally one or two pops up that we just can t say no to They are usually the most enjoyable. On stage you guys are... We re all about big house beats We are also always looking forward to playing new projects including our bootlegs and sneaky things Aww. That s love. Such chemistry that nobody has heard yet. Oh and must have laid the foundation for sometimes a bottle of vodka might make an appearance on stage with great musical output then us P We like to keep things as fun as possible. We like it to be pretty What s going to be in the works slammin and a little funky too The for Denzal Park for 2011 and remixes tend to vary a little more beyond as different projects need different K More singles more remixes things emphasised. more touring and we are also producing and co-writing for a few We heard that your latest different labels and artists. single Filter Freak has pretty interesting roots... denzalpark CHAT STEVE LAWLER MY HOUSE Now here s a familiar name face and sound. Steve Lawler s been hanging about the house community for more than two decades and you bet he s got the rep and track record to show for it. He s helmed numberless residencies from Ibiza (Space) to New York (Twilo) runs the rock solid Viva label mans a phat catalogue of singles remixes and comps (Nubreed Lights Out) and can boast of a perennial house sound that s equal parts dark sexy and totally groovy baby. That s quite a house he s built for himself so when Steve offered us a tour around the premises how could we not go along Text Min Chen Image & interview courtesy of Zouk Management Hey Steve. Looks like you got a tan Yeah I ve been on holiday for almost two months now. I was just in Thailand for a holiday and detox. I haven t been home for quite some time and I miss my dog I was on holiday with my wife for five weeks so I m not missing her. But I haven t seen my dog for three months so I really miss her... and I m not ashamed to admit it Now that you re back in the grind tell us what s on your plate. At the moment I ve been focusing all my efforts on my Lights Out album which will be released in June. I ve been working on it while I was away writing music re-editing tracks on Ableton and preparing them for the album... It s been a while since you ve helmed a Lights Out compilation... I haven t done one in seven years. But there are two reasons why I did this one. The first reason is that it s been ten years and anything that gets to a ten-year period is worth celebrating and secondly the music that a lot of the producers are creating now is the Lights Out sound which is darker shades of house and techno laid with lots of percussion and tribalesque rhythms. So because I got hold of some really amazing music in the same style as Lights Out it just seemed like the perfect time and opportunity to do it. And how about some words on your own sound My sound has always been focused around the groove. For me the music is all about the combination 38 of the rhythm the softness of the bass and the groove and that s my style as a DJ. I m not a minimal DJ or a techno DJ or a progressive DJ. I m just a house DJ but my house is darker and built around rhythm and groove. But everybody wants to be associated with a cool sound like when minimal came around and unless you were a minimal DJ you weren t trendy. Well honestly bollocks to that. I have my own sound and what I play I love and many people love and that s all that matters to me. Perfect. Let s talk about your label Viva how s being online-only working out for it First of all it s no longer online-only. We started the label as online-only but because of the music it had a lot of demand for vinyl so we were forced even though I made a big shout about us being digital-only to start releasing vinyl after about two years. Now what we do is select certain releases to go on vinyl which is how pretty much all labels work now. There are no labels left that are just vinyl labels (not that I know of) and they have to rely on digital. Then again digital is a bit of a double-edged sword no Yeah it s like the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other. It s great that people can just go straight to your website and buy your record the marketplace is now the world. The bad side is that unfortunately there still isn t a way of keeping track of piracy and people giving away music for free which I still don t believe is right. I know how f king hard it is to make a record so why should producers have to do that and it be for free A lot of people in the world go to work and they get paid for it and I think a producer should get some kind of financial reward for their work. And I honestly think that music is cheap enough for people to buy. It s 80p for a track on iTunes You must approve of the Radiohead model then. I just purchased the album I went straight online and purchased it for 30 quid. I just think it s a brilliant idea and everything Radiohead does is always one step ahead of everybody else. I m a huge fan. Right on. So after two decades of DJ-ing what keeps you in the business Music and performing. It keeps me really young mentally because one of the aspects of my job is to listen to new music and I still get excited about any new track. And also performing is addictive you know. I just took five weeks off and I f king couldn t wait... it was like I hadn t drunk water and I was in a desert I just needed to get onstage and play music just to find that life and energy again. special STEPHANIE ER Oh SingTel does spoil its subscribers. With its Red Privi program you youth subscribers get to land down sweet deals at our island s hottest outlets in retail F&B and entertainment so there s no way you should be bored. Stephanie Er sure isn t. A personality both in the flesh and online she s been manning the blog and width of Pootsville where you ll find beautiful photographic evidence of her adventures and memories. If you aren t taken by her photog s eye you ll at least be charmed by her personal style. She tells us how SingTel s Red Privi program adds fuel to her fire. Tell us what goes on in a day in your life. I don t quite have a routine. I think that s the best part about my life. Everyday is a new adventure. And we ve noticed photography plays a big part in your everyday life what made you take it up It was a slow process. At first I just enjoyed keeping memories and it became full blown when I realised the beauty you can capture on a lens. It s surreal because sometimes beauty is emphasised through a lens. Are there any particular photogs that influence you Emilio Morenatti. He s a wartime journalist and all his pictures are so powerful and full of emotion. So what captures your photographic eye I just try to document the beauty I see in the world we live in. Little things matter just as much as the big ticket items. There must be some cross-pollination between your work and your personal style... It s more like who I am translates into my creative work. I am very fickle with myself. And so am I with my creative work. I always look for new ways to shoot and new options to explore. And where would you head to for a style fix I shop quite a fair bit online. But I also go to inhabit Tribeca Zara Topshop and Far East Plaza. For coffee I head to A Curious Teepee it s cosy there and not quite as crowded as those cafes with kids studying in them. Also I do my boyfriend s shopping and for menswear I would definitely go to Surrender. It must help being a SingTel user and being able to enjoy its Red Privi benefits then Yes besides keeping me connected with my friends and the rest of the world with reliable coverage SingTel really spoils us users with Red Privi definitely a big bonus that can t be beaten. A CURIOUS TEEPEE FEATURED RED PRIVI MERCHANT FLASH YOUR SINGTEL LOGO ON YOUR MOBILE PHONE ALONG WITH YOUR STUDENT PASS 11B TO ENJOY RED PRIVI BENEFITS AT THE FOLLOWING JOINTS A Curious Teepee SCAPE 02-24 (Free gourmet coffee tea with any purchase until 14 June 2011) Ambush Mandarin Gallery 03-14 (10% off regular items until 18 July 2011) NEW A Bathing Ape Mandarin Gallery 02-02 03 PROMO (Get both designs of the exclusive Singapore Camo tee at 209 (RRP 238) until 30 April 2011. Exclusive to first 5 SingTel youth only and 1 of each design must be purchased. While stocks last ) Browhaus (Complimentary Upper Lip Threading with purchase of Brow Threading (U.P. 15) Promotion is valid at all outlets until 30 April 2011 and for new customers only) Eclecticism Paragon 03-08 (5% off American Apparel items until 14 Sep 2011) NEW Fred Perry Orchard Cineleisure PROMO 03-07A & ION Orchard B3-01 19 Ann Siang Road (20% off all-new Spring Summer 2011arrivals at Fred Perry Laurel Wreath Collection Shop until 30 April 2011) Frolick Millenia Walk 01-K7 4 Kensington Park Road 10 Tampines Central 1 B1-32 and 38 Lorong Mambong (Get a free Cup A yoghurt when you buy a Cup B until 30 April 2011) Furrmuse Cathay Cineleisure 03-07 (10% discount on all regular items until 14 August 2011) Leftfoot Orchard Cineleisure 02-07A Leftfoot Entrepot The Cathay 01-19 20 Leftfoot & LARGE Far East Plaza 03-94 (10% off premium shoe labels until 2 Sept 2011) Strip ( 15 Half Leg Bottom Wax (U.P. 25) Promotion valid at all outlets until 30 April 2011 and for new customers only) Surrender Raffles Hotel Arcade 02-31 (10% off all Clot and BBC Ice-cream items until 18 July 2011) A fresh face on our retail scene A Curious Teepee houses a slew of groovy goodies from threads to toys books to homeware to anything else your kooky mind can think up. And just to make sure you stick around there s also freshly brewed coffee and accompanying cakes in its adjoining caf . More so if you re a SingTel subscriber simply flash your SingTel credentials and enjoy free gourmet tea coffee with any purchase Visit youth for more details. CHAT You don t often see local outfits throwing old school bluesrock vibes so it s a little refreshing to catch a band like Cheating Sons harken back to the 12-bar boogies. Renyi Cheez Don and Andy have only been a collective since late 08 but a quick listen to their debut album Masters Wives Daughter suggests a mature sound that s as savvy as Skynyrd. Their freshman LP is peppered with rock n roll so nostalgically framed and yet invigoratingly arranged that you re smitten at first listen. We catch up with the Sons to discover what goes into making brotherly love so groovy. Text Hidzir Junaini Image Cheating Sons Tell us about your first LP. The songs are inspired by life here at home and the way our society ticks. The production is unique and we were really focused on making this record sound as emotive and organic as possible. We wanted to make a record where the listener feels like they re sitting with us in a room while we tell them a story. Banjos mandolins organs ukuleles quite an impressive setup you guys have there. Yeah we didn t hold back on instrumentation. If we felt a song might sound great with a banjo thrown in we would hunt down a banjo and have a go. And that s how The Last Queen came about. The lick was originally played with a guitar but having a banjo in really propelled the song forward. It gave us such a buzz. The tone of the electric mandolin on Last Rites sits really well with the gain of the electric guitar as well. It adds a fantastic contrast. We have Don and his slender fingers to thank for our folk instrumentation. A little rockabilly a little bluesy your brand of rock and roll is certainly a throwback. Did that sound just come naturally It did and still does come naturally simply because of the music we love. Throw on some Roy Orbison George Harrison and Jackson Browne and you ll see what we mean. The melodies and grooves are timeless. Life as local unsigned band must be liberating yet frustrating at the same time... That s absolutely true. It s liberating because we get to write and record any way and anything we could possibly want. The flip side is that we do a lot of groundwork in terms of promotion marketing performances and generally how to take the band forward. Fortunately there are many musicians like Patrick Chng (TypeWriter ex-Oddfellows) Kevin Mathews (ex-Watchmen) and Leo Soosay (handsome producer) who are always supporting the new and old brood of musicians. Where do you see yourselves in five years Possibly completely broke. But it might be a journey of a lifetime. CHEATING SONS OF KITH AND KIN Are you happy with how Diamond Eyes turned out Chino Diamond Eyes is the most focused album compared to the rest of the records because we tend to drag things a bit and float into outer space but not this time. And it s all thanks to our producer Nick Raskulinecz who helped organise our thoughts. Was it hard to make the album considering recent events like Chi Cheng s tragic accident C All our records are snapshots of the time. We did make an effort though to make sure that we didn t want a pity record or a sad dark record to reflect Chi s accident. We wanted to take the energy that we feel from being still there for each other. Was Eros (the album that the band was working on when Chi Cheng met with the accident) a big departure from Diamond Eyes C The two albums are way different. For Eros we didn t have any rules at all we knew that we re not going to be making like radio hits so we decided to create music that s going to be spacey and far out. Diamond Eyes definitely doesn t sound like that. Can we sneak a peek at your iPod playlists C Sure. Last couple of days I ve been listening to a lot of Best Coast. I like it it s like beach music with distorted vocals. Sergio I ve been listening a lot to Crystal Castles We ve heard about your famous disdain of nu metal. You still have beef against that genre C I m not against the genre just against labels in general. It s convenient for people to lump musicians into categories when they can t classify them. It s not that we re superior but everyone wants their own identity. S Also those bands who like to be categorised often have an end in mind... You know cos a certain genre is trending they jump right into it. But if you really had to you would describe the Deftones sound as... C If people ask I usually say that we re a hard rock band. It s rock but heavier. Is it nu Well... Okay. We re nu metal We shall quote you on that C Fine we re nu-er metal then (Laughs) S Like GM (genetically modified) metal. DEFTONES GENETICALLY MODIFIED METAL Text Fiona Chen Image and interview courtesy of Universal Music DEFTONES HAS NEVER BEEN ABOUT SUBTLETY THEIR LYRICS READ LIKE A MARQUIS DE SADE NOVEL AND THEIR SOUND HITS YOU GOOD LIKE ANY METAL RECORD WOULD. THE BAND S LATEST AND SIXTH WHOPPER OF A RECORD IS DIAMOND EYES WHICH ROSE FROM TRAGEDY (BASSIST CHI CHENG WAS IN AN ACCIDENT WHICH LEFT HIM COMATOSE) TO BE HIGHLY LAUDED AS ONE OF ITS BEST. BUT SORRY GUYS NO HARDCORE PUMMELING OCCURRED WHEN WE MET CHINO MORENO AND SERGIO VEGA BEFORE THEIR GIG AT FORT CANNING PARK IN THE FLESH THEY ARE JUST REALLY NORMAL FOLKS WHO LISTEN TO BEST COAST AND PLAY GOLF. WE VE GOT A LOT IN COMMON THEN... 40 road trip KANE IAN S SPACE NUTZ ALBUM TOUR Text Hidzir Junaini Pictures courtesy of Kane Ian DUSTPAN DOES AMERICA Late last year Dustpan s founding father Kane Ian packed his decks and took to the road for a dizzying North American tour in support of his latest album Space Nutz. The five month-long space circuit began in August 2010 at the desert-bound Burning Man Festival at Black Rock City Nevada (the week-long shindig set an attendance record of over 50 000) and ended on sandy terrain in Honolulu s Asylum. But as Columbus said when he discovered America (not really) Pics or it didn t happen . Fly like a G ... no we can t say it Milwaukee s Highburry certainly wasn t a library Epic 40 foot Bliss Dance sculpture at Burning Man Lion City tech house comes to Hollywood Dustpan s shipping up to Boston Rocking the blue-haired fingerless-gloved LA crowd Kane killin it in Hawaii Burning up the decks for seven days at Burning Man Space Nutz sighting in Area 33 What all Space Nutz look like Thanks to Dustpan Recordings we ve got three copies of Kane Ian s Space Nutz album up for grabs FYI it s been given props by the likes of Mark Farina Mr Clean James Curd and Pezzner so you can t go wrong with it. To score a copy simply write to grabs with your name IC and contact number by 20 April. Otherwise get limited edition prints of the album from Alley Bar at a mere 18. feature LOVE KITTYWU RECORDS Shoegaze has obviously staked its claim on a huge part of the local soundtrack and there s no better place to find out about it than in the house of KittyWu. Launched in 2007 by a crew of creative individuals the imprint is lovingly dedicated to the dreamy and instrumental end of local indie-pop and post-rock. Such is the love for our music scene that it s been actively releasing distributing and promoting records by the forward-thinking likes of Amateur Takes Control The Karl Maka and I Am David Sparkle all of whom are doing interesting things to the shape of shoegaze in Singapore. And not content with occupying our bedroom stereos KittyWu has lately also extended its reach into gigs like Delphic just so we all have a place to go. A fine way to give back to the community that birthed it but also an even better form of fuel on which our scene may run. LABELS OF Text Min Chen Let s face it plugging music in Singapore is an uphill task but the harder the job the more capable hands are needed. Enter our very own record labels not the big guns with their recording contracts but the independently grown efforts that are pressing and releasing music from the ground up and on their own terms. So what if the returns are scarce and the hours long Armed with passion and enthusiasm for all things SG these indie imprints have all it takes to drive a hard bargain for our music scene. We pay props to eight of them. DUSTPAN RECORDINGS When Dustpan says it s in it for the continuous process of creation and re-creation it ain t kidding. Quality house forms the label s backbone as it lives and breathes on innovative yet timeless productions and deep and funky moves from all over the planet. Kane Ian (our cover boy folks) is its mastermind and since 2007 has put his decade-plus experience and address book to good use across underground pressings by local and international talents such as Brandon Black Hokus William Mr. Clean and Sona. More recently Kane has also been spreading the good word of Dustpan to lands as far as America and proving once more that our little red dot s got some big grooves under its belt. 42 STRAITS RECORDS A vet in all matters SG Straits Records has been in the business for 16 odd years and its flame continues to burn bright for our music community. Things got started way back in 1995 when the outfit (then known as Straits Distribution) turned its attention from importing hardcore punk releases onto the budding local scene. Thus came releases from The Jabs Plainsunset Force Vomit Fishtank and so on artists that would leave prints not just on Straits roster but on our musical timeline on top of the organisation of various gigs and events. It s stuff like this that s given the underground a pillar of strength and a sense of community that today can still be evidenced at the Straits Records HQ at Bali Lane. Otherwise there s no underlying secret to Straits longevity other than that of pure passion and a group of people doing it for the simple good of a scene they believe in. And that job is never done. straitsrecords WAKE ME UP MUSIC UJIKAJI RECORDS Yes wake the hell up you guys. Singapore is filled with heaps of unsung and underrated musical talents that you simply have to prick up your ears and eyes to know of. Wake Me Up Music is and has been doing so since 2000 keeping its options open for our island s brightest stars so that today its stable is fat with a mix of names both new and established including Plainsunset The Fire Fight Vertical Rush Suitcase Heart and A Vacant Affair. And as a wake up call the label s also been darn effective having taken it upon itself to promote and represent its artists across the region and organise gigs around the local community. And for that decade-long effort you bet the buzz has ensured more than a few bodies are waking up to the best in SG sounds. We certainly are. With Ujikaji even the most obscure glitch and freaky folk sounds will have a place to call home. This new kid on the block brings along an experimental vision to our local soundscape and has got it in for noises as enigmatic as micro-jazz avant pop lo-fi and power electronics. Basically if there s a sonic realm that s been yet explored this label intends to be first on the scene. And so far so good Ujikaji has already chalked up a substantial set of releases by local and regional names including Stellarium Sawi Lieu Amino Acid Orchestra and Klangmutationen plus a solid mail order catalogue (which retails the awesome Cityscapes sound art compilation). The label s radical and cutting edge will also extend into its next project an anthology of Singapore s experimental and improvised journey. It s a course that s largely an uncharted one but rest assured Ujikaji s got the vision to see it right through. feature RAWJAK AGING YOUTH RECORDS Aging Youth started out like any label does with a bit of DIY. After all if no one s doing it you do it yourself boy. And since 2004 Aging Youth has been this pro-active within Singapore s musical pool setting up events and launching a web-zine with a focus of local musicians before building a record label to house them all under. Have they got their bases covered or what B-Quartet s 2005 EP The Smitten Bard was the first to peek out from Aging Youth Records and has been followed up with issues from Zero Sequence Documentary in Amber and Allura. Though things have been quiet on its release front lately trust that Aging Youth is still keeping those DIY fires burning its online portal still goes hardcore for Singapore and the label s surely got some more tricks up its sleeves. The sky s the limit at Rawjak DJ Has digital label that has rejected and defied all classifications to bring us a genreless generation . Unabashedly eclectic the digital imprint is all about slinky beats and rhythms topped off with a raw edge in all their forward-looking and hipshaking glory. A taste of it can be got from Has monthly podcast and more so in Rawjak s growing catalogue of releases from Beens Ash Clash The Disko Kids Brendon P and Has himself. If you wanna name names it s basically a throw-up of tech house dubstep UK garage and minimal but put that aside for the moment and you got yourself a packed dancefloor. And that s how we do it in Singapore baby. KITCHEN. LABEL For Ricks Ang and April Lee the magic happens in the Kitchen. That s the duo s self-made creative unit that accommodates a studio and a label and that s all about capturing the beautiful the bittersweet and the poetic instances in everyday life. Thus the imprint s output has centered on a delicate and pastoral sonic palette of ambient and electronica typically accompanied by an art book that provides an equally nuanced visual dimension. Japanese musicians Fjordne Haruka Nakamura and Ironomi dominate Kitchen s growing catalogue but Ricks and April s own aspidistrafly does fly our flag high. Add to that the label s cool momentum in the Japanese and UK markets our motherland s surely glowing with pride. 44 wardrobe polka dot shorts 89 from guess graphic tank top 24.90 from victoria jomo graphic t-shirt p.o.a from fox sweater 156 from topman rings 12 each from victoria jomo graphic skirt 265 by fleamadonna from actuallyactually dress 79 from actually... sneakers 190 by forfex from actuallyactually t-shirt 79 from ben sherman When we were young 46 SAARA WEARS HAIR BAND 16 FROM TOPSHOP DRESS P.O.A FROM TSUMORI CHISATO SNEAKERS 36 FROM TOPSHOP BANGLES STYLIST S OWN text & styling fiona chen photography ivanho harlim [model] and schnap studio [products] models saara and andras [ave] wardrobe ANDRAS WEARS JACKET 183 BY TOPMAN AAA FROM TOPMAN 48 shirt 159 from ben sherman graphic t-shirt 45 from quiksilver t-shirt 36 from topman rayon pants 669 by julius ma from actuallyactually jacket 205 from guess cropped top 95 from guess t-shirt p.o.a by juun j x ground zero from actually... skirt 59 from topshop watch 118 from puma The digital life wardrobe liam gallagher WE LOVE... foals travis mccoy STYLISH SPORTY THREADS THAT GIVE US MORE REASONS TO KEEP FIT tinie tempah jacket p.o.a by porsche design hoodie p.o.a from nike t-shirt p.o.a from nike sneakers 105 from new balance calculator watch 120 from adidas sneakers p.o.a by feiyue from leftfoot watch 225 from puma sneakers p.o.a from nike shoes 89 from lacoste 50 Paloma Faith The latest star to emerge from UK s talent nebulae is Paloma Faith who has gained much headway (of course her flamboyant style helped heaps) since debuting with her album Do You Want The Truth or Something Beautiful in 2009. The theatrical chanteuse was embraced by the likes of BBC (who crowned her the best soul singer post-Amy Winehouse) and house masters Basement Jaxx (whom she lent her voice to for their recent album Scars). With her voice as dramatic as her fashion sense it s hard to miss this once-upon-a-time cabaret performer no prizes for guessing what inspires her wardrobe then. cropped cardi 125 from guess lace cropped cardi 265 by fleamadonna from actually... halter top 85 from roxy tank top 25 from forever 21 printed top p.o.a from tsumori chisato tank top 25 from forever 21 floral shorts 76 from topshop beaded clutch 31 from forever 21 wardrobe Get your bling on ALL THAT GLITTERS ISN T GOLD necklace p.o.a from alldressedup cocktail ring p.o.a from m.c.l by matthew campbell laurenza florence welch necklace 43 from topshop ring 155 by fleamadonna from actuallyactually ear studs p.o.a by sport b. feather necklace p.o.a from forever 21 bangle p.o.a from m.c.l by matthew campbell laurenza bangle 13 from forever 21 robot necklace 29 from topshop belt p.o.a from alldressedup dinosaur pin p.o.a by sport b. 52 The shopping cart WHAT S HOT IN STORES knitted sweater 119 from ben sherman mesh top 45 from roxy t-shirt p.o.a from quiksilver dress 195 by fleamadonna from actually... kaftan 109 from roxy crochet top 105 from guess skirt 95 from guess board shorts 85 from quiksilver made up Golden girl IF BRIAN ENO PROCLAIMS ANNA CALVI TO BE THE BIGGEST THING SINCE PATTI SMITH THEN WHO ARE WE TO DISAGREE PLUS OUR GIRL S BEEN ON TOUR WITH LIKES OF INTERPOL GRINDERMAN AND ARCTIC MONKEYS AND PICKED UP A BBC SOUND OF 2011 NOD ALONG THE WAY. DON T BELIEVE THE HYPE HER SELF-TITLED DEBUT SHOULD POINT OUT HER DARK AND BLUES-RICH TALENT AS MUCH AS A THEATRICAL FLOURISH IN BOTH SOUND AND STYLE. Text Fiona Chen Images Various sources 1 3 4 2 5 1. BB Cream SPF 35 PA 50 by Bobbi Brown 2. Loose Powder Compact Set 91 by Anna Sui 3. Earth Lover Shower Gel 14.90 by The Body Shop 4. Shimmering Rouge lipstick 43 by Shiseido 5. Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio p.o.a by Shiseido Topshop Make-up S S 11 Heading to the Burning Man festival Then we d highly recommend packing some of Topshop Make-up s latest offerings along for the ride and it s not just because the seasonal offering is inspired by the music and art fest from Nevada. Apart from being in tune with Spring s metallic trend the rest of the palette will also fit right with your festival getup with yummy sorbet hues and sun-bleached neons. Available at Topshop ION Orchard and Knightsbridge. 54 Bright about now Text Fiona Chen Photography Ivanho Harlim and Shysilia Novita Model Saara [Mannequin] Whoever said that eyeliner has got to be just black or brown obviously hasn t been updated on Spring s trends yet. Taking cues from colour blocks one of this season s runway key looks lining your peepers in neon is one of the ways you can incorporate it in into your daily outfit without looking trying too hard. Take heart though to make sure that the eyeliner (or alternatively cream eye shadow) is waterproof you wouldn t want to look like someone post watercolour attack. 3 TO GET THE LOOK TRY 1 LUNASOL SHINING OCEAN EYES BY KANEBO 2 LIQUID EYELINER N BY ANNA SUI 3 EYESHADOW PRIMER POTION BY URBAN DECAY WEAR IT WITH EQUALLY LIGHT-HEARTED OUTFITS. IT S OKAY IT S SPRING SILLY 1 3 2 profile LING WU SS 11 KEY LOOKS Leather tassels and braids two of Spring s hottest details on one bag FRANCOISE BAG BY LING WU LING WU LIKE SECOND SKIN Text Fiona Chen Images Schnap Studio [products] Origami-like pleats make for a cool and statement-making day bag KAREN.E It s sometimes ironic how a simple fuss-free design shines brightest in a sea of bags that were ostentatiously designed to stand out. But as you may have realised a beautiful aesthetic is best served on its own no frilly details or chunky hardware required. Take local label Ling Wu for an example its debut collection is a sumptuous array of bags despite being just crafted from buttery leather designer Ling s keen eye expert hands and nothing else. Less is always more and in the case of Ling Wu we re quite certain it s for the best. Ling Wu emerged from my own passion of collecting vintage and rare bags. I previously owned a lingerie label Fling and during my trips overseas I d pick up fantastic finds in shops and flea markets and the bags that I didn t keep for myself I d sell in the shop. The response was great and people enjoyed that there was a story behind each piece. But my love for vintage goes way back When I studied in London and stayed there for three years most weekends were spent at Portobello and Camden markets. I love being surrounded by old and beautiful things and I try to show this in my designs. In my current collection one of the bag details was inspired by my mother s vintage belt from the 70s. The design is simple but what really makes it stand out are the beautiful materials I chose. For example lambskin is not just used on the outside but for the lining of the bag as well. It s a holistic and sensual experience every time you reach into your bag. I always think about how people feel when they use my bags. It s an important aspect. You ll notice that there is very little hardware on my bags. Again this is about showing off the natural beauty of the leather and detailing. I like the idea of things being unfinished as I feel it gives it a more human touch. It s kind of a punk philosophy but I wouldn t say that my style is punk or rock n roll although I do like things that are influenced by these ideas. I love using lambskin because of its softness and how it slouches like a second skin. I also include python skin from sustainable sources in my collection. Leather is one of the few materials that gets better as it ages and I like how the wear and tear to the leather adds character to the bags. The bag is a unique fashion accessory as it needs to make a statement while being functional. I don t necessarily believe that form should always follow function but I love the challenge of creating something that looks beautiful and is beautiful to use too. This is one of the reasons why I m so passionate about bags. I want to design and make beautiful things. I ve never believed in owning branded items for the sake of the brand. I d hate to see people going around saying Hey I ve got a Ling Wu bag and not know why they like the style or material. Ling Wu can be found at Blackmarket 19 Jalan Pisang and A Curious Teepee SCAPE 02-24. Beautiful and complex like a M.C Escher artwork Relaxed but always sensual just like understated sexuality CARLA CARLA 2 56 SPECIAL SOFIA WEARS TANKTOP 65 DRAPE SWEATER TOP 260 PLEATED TROUSER 210 TOTE 160 DAINIUS WEARS TEE 65 CARROT JEANS 260 DENIM JACKET 260 SPRING 2011 PHOTOGRAPHY IVANHO HARLIM AND SHYSILIA NOVITA MODELS DANIUS & SOFIA [MANNEQUIN] 58 SOFIA WEARS DRAPE COLLAR JACKET 260 RACERBACK TANKTOP 75 JEGGINGS 110 DAINIUS WEARS TEE 65 ZIPPED POCKET SHORTS 130 TYVEK JACKET 290 SPECIAL SOFIA WEARS SHIRTDRESS 290 COIN TOTE 190 DAINIUS WEARS TEE 75 PAPER NYLON JACKET 260 BOWERY SLIMFIT JEANS 190 60 SOFIA WEARS MAXI DRESS 290 DAINIUS WEARS REVERSIBLE SHIRT 210 HUDSON SKINNY JEANS 190 SPECIAL AGAINST THE FLOW This season there s no better place to be than on Manhattan Island with DKNY JEANS and the proof is in its Spring collection. With the flow of water and the New York City life being the driving force behind its designs the cross-pollination of styles has culiminated in one freshly baked serving that should leave you cool cats warm and happy. A word of warning though this collection isn t for conformists with fashion rules reinnovated bent (asymmetry and worn-down fabrics Bring it on ) and given new tasty takes. Curious enough yet Here s what s in store for you brave ones. INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH BEAUTY IN IMPERFECTION It s okay to be imperfect as DKNY JEANS would tell you. In fact in this collection they are intentionally creating an almost dystopian take on style. Jeans are oil-slicked and fabrics all worn out with twisted seams and puckered fabrics old never looked so fresh. denim jacket 260 bowery jeans 260 The industrial strength vintage denim used in this collection is so authentic that it could have well been worn by someone working in the docks with metallic rust washes dripping paint effects and metal hardware trims generously thrown in for good measure. cardigan 260 ultra skin jeans 260 hot pants 130 cropped jacket 260 GREAT (UN)EXPECTATIONS Proportions and pairings should stretch your imagination in this collection in unexpected and innovative ways that should both titillate and excite. Knits and woven pieces are merged while sheer cotton and paper fabrics (think nylon with the lightness of paper) defy the usual density of fabrics. If that doesn t turn your experimental streak on perhaps a second helping of asymmetrical zippers should do the trick. 62 paper nylon jacket 290 romper 260 paper nylon jacket 260 This jacket ca folded niftily n be into a bag OPPOSITES ATTRACT Fashion is always about keeping things fresh and there s no better way to exemplify it than by throwing whatever they ve taught you in fashion school out of the window. Oversized parka with a ruffled silk mini Perhaps not in your style textbook but rules were made to be broken eh TO THE STREETS What happens when street style meets the military The answer lies in the layers of Tyvek jackets faded crewnecks designed to look like it survived years of wear and tear painted oxfords that swirl around its water theme and of course the militaryubiquitous cargo pants in a slim and flattering cut no less. drape collar jacket 790 long cardigan 190 silk skirt 190 skyline skinny jeans 260 cargo pants 230 wide collar jacket 390 It glows in the d ark tee 75 tee 95 GRAPHICAL PALETTE In this collection graphics belong in two far ends of the spectrum they are either in-your-face or a blink-and-you ll-miss affair. Logos can be found loud and proud or quiet and subtle while watery dreamscapes are painted on fabric like a Monet artwork. tee 75 Find DKNY JEANS at Paragon 02-44 Forum the Shopping Mall 01-05 06 and Isetan Scotts L2 (womenswear). FOCUS LABEL GUESS JEANS SPRING SUMMER 11 Text Min Chen Images Guess JEAN GENIE Back in the 80s no one would ve considered denim to be anything close to a fashion statement. But along came a pair of Marciano brothers to change all that forever adopting a timeless and sexy approach to denim their Guess label would go on to alter the way jeans were cut worn and perceived. The brand s first-ever pair of jeans the Marilyn possessed sensuality and attitude in equal measure and would effectively kickstart the 80s designer denim dream with Guess and its highly recognisable triangle logo right at the front of the race. And even decades and countless fits and washes on few have outrun Guess at this jean game. Respect. This Spring Summer the brand brings us 12 more unique cuts and of course they ve got our attention. VENICE POWER SKINNY WOMEN S Guess approach to women s denim has always centered on a sensual and sultry chic which takes care to accentuate curves and flatter pins. So be careful handling this seasonal serving of denim because it s hot yo. Fits are dangerously slim and skinny key styles like Venice and the killer Power Skinny cut very lean profiles while the Curv-ette goes slim without losing its sex appeal. Elsewhere you ll find staple and evergreen silhouettes from Daredevil which comes in both skinny and boot cuts and characterised by a low waist as well as the Nicole which goes for the mid-waist and a cigarette cut. For such sexy stuff there s obviously still a fresh and edgy touch of cool to be had which is the least you could expect from Guess. NICOLE 64 KURT FALCON LINCOLN MEN S No way you boys are gonna lose out when it comes to Guess Denim. This season s range continues to be rough and rugged stuff topped off a strong and sensuous approach. All your hot favourites are there Kurt and Lincoln keeps it on the straight and narrow Rebel features a regular fit with a straight leg just as Falcon does it with a slim silhouette and boot cut. And if you rock n roll all night you ll dig how cool the Skinny and Brit Rocker get the former does what it says on the label with a snug and modern fit while the latter is all fashionable in a straight cut. Ain t nothing here that won t go with your attitude and swagger so stick it right on guys. Find Guess at Paragon 02-01 Marina Bay Sands Shoppes B2-83 Ngee Ann City B1-25 to 28 ION Orchard B2-31 and Suntec City Mall 01-014 016. Get a limited edition Guess headphone with every 200 purchase (which includes a denim item) at Guess Ngee Ann City Paragon Suntec City Marina Bay Sands and ION Orchard. focus label DIESEL SPRING SUMMER 11 Text Min Chen Images Diesel SPY GAMES You know Diesel is always game for whatever life throws at it that. Hell not even the world of adventure and espionage can stump it. This season the brand getting into lean mean secret agent shape for an action-packed spy game and you know to save the world from destruction. We don t know the full story (apparently we d be killed if we did) but it does come filled with enough hell-raising male bikers and sexy female spies to guarantee second third and fourth glances. Just check out the sleek and slinky silhouettes on the femmes black leather and denim may grant the collection its tough sheen but it also seduces with a throw-up of silky blouses short skirts and playful prints. The men s range doesn t fall short either with badass details vintage effects and denim and leather combos putting together a chic biker look that s equal parts fast rugged and suave. And no spy can fight evil forces without a touch of denim eh The new collection of 5pockets comes awash with more clever innovations and treatments like the miner-friendly The Cool of Coal with its a blue-black tint and smoky effect and the cosmetics-inspired 3D washes of The Powder of Diesel. And of course have your pick of this season s spy gadgets bags are rich in leather and hardware while footwear styles go from retro-futuristic sneakers to heavy-duty boots. After this stylish dish of Diesel you bet your spyglasses the world won t be enough. Diesel is located at Paragon 02-17 18 and Forum The Shopping Mall 01-24 25 38 . 66 focus label LACOSTE SPRING SUMMER 11 Text Fiona Chen Images Lacoste THE HEAT IS ON Casual but never sloppy Lacoste has always managed to sit comfortably on the fence separating sporty and chic so that we get the best of both worlds - lucky us Yup eight decades of brand history can do no wrong though founder Ren Lacoste might have a little difficulty identifying his brand if he were still around today seeing how it has grown from being a provider of chic tennis wear to the preppy mainstay that we all know Lacoste for. As we inch towards the second half of the year the brand brings us styles influenced by places including its motherland the French Riviera and also back to where it all started the tennis court. But enough of small talk here s some visual aid if you haven t seen Lacoste s bumper crop of footwear yet. MEN S Lacoste s sporting heritage rings true and clear in this collection with designs inspired by athletic pursuits but that also belong right in the heart of the city. With the season bringing on fair-weathered activities like yachting it s no surprise to see that Lacoste has incorporated nautical themes into their collection so go forth and soak up the sun kids. WOMENS Stretching the delightful warm weather to the max is the Lacoste womens collection with the adorable Ziane fronting the sunny lifestyle in all its canvas glory. Now that you ve settled your daywear take heart in knowing that Lacoste has even got you girls covered for your night out. Case in point The sexy Ziane a comfy denim ballet flat that doesn t compromise comfort for style meaning the light s green for you to dance your night away without hurting your delicate feet. Cop your Lacoste at a variety of places including 313 somerset 02-43 44 45 Marina Square 02-158 159 Takashimaya L3 and L4 and all Royal Sporting House stores. focus label QUIKSILVER AND ROXY Text Fiona Chen Images Quiksilver and Roxy LIFE S A (VENICE) BEACH Few other brands have managed to make surf and board sport apparel as sexily stylish like Quiksilver and sister label Roxy did you kids have them to thank for making you look like the stylish surfer or skater that you are (or not). It was almost a dicey move when the brand was founded by two ardent surfers (but of course) Robert B. McKnight and Jeffrey Hakman way back in the 70s an era when everyone else was manufacturing swimwear and promoting flower power but their risk-taking certainly paid off. Other than growing from strength to strength through the decades both Quiksilver and Roxy are now undisputedly main names in the board sport world remaining top choices for anyone who wants to be decked out nicely for their sport. This season Quiksilver and Roxy are taking a little stroll from their homeground to nearby SoCal surfing hotspot Venice Beach. Known not just for its scenic coastline Venice Beach (and its famous boardwalk) is also all about its warm embrace of culture art and of course parties. With these in mind both Quiksilver and Roxy have taken the essential elements from Venice Beach and blended them into into their latest collection don t be surprised to see tie-dyes and animal prints that best embody Venice Beach and its denizens. That said we ve also been told to expect everything new-age from digital prints to hand-done geometric details... sounds like we re in for more than just fun in the sun then Find Quiksilver and Roxy at VivoCity 02-21 22 Marina Square 02-155 Orchard Central 01-04 05 and Takashimaya Department Store 04-14. 68 SPECIAL KAROLINA WEARS DENIM JUMPER P.O.A SPORT B. GOLD NECKLACE 115 GOLD BRACELET 95 HORSEHAIR BELT 175 SPRING SUMMER 2011 PHOTOGRAPHY IVANHO HARLIM AND SHYSILIA NOVITA STYLING FIONA CHEN MODELS KAROLINA [AVE] AND KIRILL [LOOQUE] CLOTHES SPORT B. 70 KIRILL WEARS STRIPE SHIRT 225 DINO SWAROVSKI NECKLACE 335 KAROLINA WEARS WHITE JACKET 315 CHECK TUNIC 305 PLASTIC BANGLE 145 SPORT B. GOLD NECKLACE 115 SPECIAL KAROLINA WEARS CHECK BRA TOP P.O.A BLEACHED SHORTS 205 CHECK CHOKER NECKLACE 95 HORSEHAIR BELT 175 BLACK BRACELET BAND 95 KIRILL WEARS WASHED DENIM SHIRT 235 CHECK SHIRT 235 DARK CAPRI JEANS 235 FEATHER NECKLACE 95 DINO SWAROVSKI NECKLACE 355 72 KAROLINA WEARS KHAKI PONCHO 425 WHITE GRAPHIC TANK 125 RED HAREM PANTS 165 PLASTIC BANGLE 145 BUTTON FLATS 215 KIRILL WEARS BLUE JACKET 365 CHECK SHIRT 235 WASHED JEANS 215 SPECIAL KIRILL WEARS POLKA DOT JACKET P.O.A SNOW GRAPHIC T-SHIRT 125 CROPPED JEANS 235 DENIM SNEAKERS 195 DINO SWAROVSKI NECKLACE 355 FEATHER NECKLACE 95 SPORT B. GOLD NECKLACE 115 74 SPRING SUMMER 2011 SUN SPOT SPORT B. IS AGN S B. S SIBLING AFTER ALL SO NATURALLY THE GOOD GENES AND GREAT SENSE OF STYLE RUNS IN THE FAMILY. KNOWN FOR ITS COMFORT WHILE RETAINING THE SIGNATURE LIVELINESS THAT FORMS THE CORE OF THE BRAND SPORT B. IS ALL ABOUT BEING YOUNG AND MAKING SURE THAT YOU LOOK DARN GOOD WHILE YOU KEEP YOUR FEIST ON. THIS SEASON THE LOOK IS KEPT CLEAN AND CRISP WITH NATURAL SHAPES AND LINES DOMINATING THE COLLECTION. NOW BE PREPARED TO FEAST YOUR STYLE-HUNGRY EYES AS WE UNVEIL THE BOUNTY FROM SPORT B. S S S 2011 COLLECTION. TO THE SEA This look s got a lot going on from Skittle-happy colours to stripes polka dots and geometric patterns melded together with warm weatherfriendly fabrics such as transparent nylon and cotton polyester. Sounds like fun But of course BON VOYAGE Stuff your suitcases with SPORT B. s range of light-hearted shirts and shirt dresses in washed checks bright coloured bottoms and you re all good to go for that little weekend getaway that you totally deserve. Life s short right THE ACCESSORIES COLLECTION It s summer so why waste the balmy weather on dull monotones SPORT B. ain t doing that for sure by wrapping up the collection nicely with shiny happy baubles and beach holiday-worthy accessories like straw hats and checked wedge sandals to bring out the free spirit in you. SWEET PASTELS Lending a dreamy touch to the collection are pastel hues like bleached denim and feather-light tees with ethereal graphics of snowflakes but don t go to sleep in them yet the town is waiting. SPORT B. can be found at Isetan Scotts Shaw House Level 2 and 3 Wisma Atria Isetan Orchard Level 2 and Takashimaya Department Store Level 2. my shop the plain simple enough Life is plain good at The Plain where coffees sofas and a tasty array of allday breakfast conspire to turn your Mondays into Saturdays. An Australianinspired affair the caf is owner Vincent Teng s way of sliding a little chill pill under our local noses with a wholesome menu of poached eggs ciabattas toasts and brews and cuddle-worthy service. No fancy waiters or napkins around here but just the good life served nice and easy plain and simple. Vincent lets us in. Text Min Chen Images Fiona Chen What s the story behind The Plain We lived in Melbourne Sydney for about 10 years and we were missing it heaps and wanted to re-create the lifestyle that we were so used to. Caf s played a big part of our lives then so we knew we had to open The Plain. Why the name The name is to draw reference to Duxton Plain Park which is just behind the cafe and also to remind ourselves about how we try to keep everything plain and simple. So what we ll find at The Plain is... A typical laid back Aussie cafe (think no uniforms no table numbers honesty payment system) concrete rendered walls mismatched furniture big communal table (perfect for gossip) and naked light bulbs. It s almost clinical and we hope that it s the people working there that give it life. And what s yummy at The Plain All-day breakfast Darling Eggs and Dean s Breakfast are really popular. Salami ciabatta is another hot favourite. We hear the brews are also superb. What makes them so great Genovese coffee from Melbourne properly extracted espresso and beautifully textured milk. A coffee maker makes coffee a barista makes your coffee and hopefully makes your day Tell us what really happens behind the counter at The Plain. It s basically family and friends that works here. Fun happy and motivated. We try our best for customers making them feel at home within reason. And we bet the customers must be saying good things. Some love it some hate it and some come everyday. It s so easy to love those who love you especially if they are good looking and nice. How about any challenges you ve faced setting up your own caf Lots and like any other businesses eventually perseverance will see us through. The toughest is to find like-minded individuals who want to work as a team. So what do you love about your job The people that walk through the place building relationships from nothing and being able to make coffees for the people I love. It s not a job it s me living my dreams. The Plain is located at 50 Craig Road T 6225 4387 Vincent Teng 76 Call for entries DJ Quest 2011 We Want You Like any wheel of steel DJ Quest is rolling around again and as always we re on the hunt for four DJ talents to do battle at our grand finals at Zouk on 24 June. Our annual mix DJ competition has been in the biz for nine straight years and we re still all up for giving local deck hands a chance to spin their magic in a club setting to a packed dancefloor showcasing what they can do in terms of skill creativity and ability to throw shapes. If that budding jocks sounds right up your alley then here s the deal... Got the watertight DJ mixing skills and a flair for performance Have already experimented with creating your own beats (though not compulsory as entry criteria) Reckon you can cause some major damage on the dancefloor Well then we want you Sign yourself up for DJ Quest 2011 by dropping a 45-minute mixtape and or selfmade production (in any music genre) in CD format along with your contact details a recent picture and short profile of yourself to YOU WANT ME DJ QUEST 2011 28 Maxwell Road 03-12 Red Dot Traffic Building S (069120) All entries should reach us by 1 June. The four selected participants will be informed by phone or email by 7 June. For more information check in at min Please note The competition will be in CD-J format. Participants have to be Singaporean aged 18 and above and not holding down a job as a permanent resident DJ at any joint in Singapore. gear THIS MONTH Text Fiona Chen STOP AND SHOOT CAMERA PENCIL SHARPENER 31.90 Available at Clique The Cathay 03-15 16 OLYMPUS TOUGH TG-810 P.O.A Available at all authorised Olympus dealers CASIO EX-ZS10 269 Available at all authorised Casio dealers JUICEBOX CAMERA 58 Available at Cat Socrates Bras Basah Complex 03-39B DIGITAL BISCUIT CAMERA 52 THIRSTY AL CAMERA CASE 25.89 Available at Crumpler Paragon 04-43 DIANA DELUXE KIT 460 Available at Peek 36 Armenian Street 01-04 02-04 HOLGA CFN 130 Available at Peek 36 Armenian Street 01-04 02-04 SUPERHEADZ GOLDEN HALF 70 CAMERA LED KEYCHAIN USD 3.99 CRUMPLER BUCKET CAMERA BAG 86.67 Available at Crumpler Paragon 04-43 CANVAS CAMERA STRAP P.O.A 78 special SPRING SUMMER 2011 STYLE REMIX Yes we know how important it is to go on that life-changing vacation of your life just before you graduate from college. The good folks over at FOX are only too aware of it and that s why this season they ve put together a collection that s ensures you college types remain stylish on your well-deserved break. We at the camp believe in creating our own style and with the cool options from FOX s S S 11 coffers fashioning out outfits as unique as you are is an easy feat. We show you how. TAKE IVY An Ivy League scholar you may not be but looking like one is possible with some smart layering an oxford shirt over a striped sweater is always a winning combination. As a finishing touch pair them up with a contrasting pair of bermuda shorts and may we also suggest a Penguin Classics paperback in hand. HOT DATE Dressing up for that first date doesn t have to be overdone a lace top matched with denim separates should exude casual sexiness without looking like you tried too hard. AFTER HOURS Throwing on a motorcycle jacket gives even the most casual outfit a chic ruggedness that s almost effortless. Together with bleached denim jeans and a bad-ass graphic tee you re all set to rock whatever club you re heading to. GIRL S DAY OUT A girly excursion calls for something comfortable yet chic and you ll find it in this denim dress. This one-piece will see you through from high tea to the shops effortlessly. Find FOX at Bugis Junction 01-18 IMM 01-17 ION Orchard B4-25A Junction 8 02-05 Jurong Point 02-28 Marina Square 02-209 Ngee Ann City B2-34 Parkway Parade 01-37 Plaza Singapura 02-01 Tampines Mall 02-18 VivoCity 01-29 CULTURE TUNES A COMIC BOOK HISTORY OF ROCK AND ROLL Text Hidzir Junaini They say that a picture paints a thousand words but how much can a graphic novel paint of music milestones Plenty as Vincent Brunner s Tunes proves. Tagged as A Comic Book History of Rock and Roll the illustrated almanac is an informative and enthralling look at the colourful moments in rock s whiskyblazed memory. A motley crew of artists and cartoonists were assembled to quirkily chronicle eras as far ranging as the British Invasion of the 1960s to the hip-shaking heyday of The King himself thank you very much. Being a former music scribe Brunner s dug deep into his encyclopedic brain to provide humorous insightful and sometimes downright maniacal accounts to accompany the dazzling black-and-white illustrations. The art varies from story to story but the flipping through Tunes provides a uniformly stellar pictorial spectacle. Viewing Janis Joplin s death through Catel and Philippe Paringaux s brushstrokes or punk s uprising as drawn by S bastient Lumineau may provide nostalgia for some but perhaps more importantly pulpy education for others. Brunner even provides a comprehensive greatest hits discography for each band within so consider this a historical mixtape for your retinas. MORE GRAPHIC NOVELS IN TUNE WITH YOUR ITUNES PUT THE BOOK BACK ON THE SHELF A BELLE AND SEBASTIAN ANTHOLOGY Belle and Sebastian s music already evokes such dreamy imagery but this graphic novel takes it a step further by getting a select group of indie comic creators and artists to put their own spin on one of indie music s best bands. The collection features whimsical narratives inspired by the band s catalog of Glaswegian 60s folk-pop surrealism. The beauty of music is how open to interpretation it is and some of the comic s passages accentuate surprisingly left-field takes on familiar B&S tracks. SIDE A THE MUSIC LOVER S GRAPHIC NOVEL As compiled by Rachel Dukes Side A is a heartfelt lo-fi love letter to music s impact on all our lives. Published by Poseur Ink Press this anthology collects 33 short stories by underground writers and illustrators detailing deeply personal diaries of what music means to them and how it s shaped their art. Fictional (hopefully ) tales such as Sam Merwin s A Love Supreme where a jazz-buff dumps a hot girl because she s never heard of John Coltrane provide the kind of reading material that would make the Rob Flemings of the world proud. CBGB CBGB has been synonymous with NYC counterculture since the 70s. Even though it s sadly been shuttered the mere utterance of those four letters still brings to mind fun-timed anarchy and graffiti-covered claustrophobia. Moodily-coloured and tenderly-sketched this four-volume series from Boom Studios proudly pays tribute to the mythical hardcore mecca. With tomes of Ramones-inspired rebellion by the likes of Kieron Gillen (Phonogram scribe part-time rock critic) and Kim Krizan (Before Sunrise Before Sunset) among others as well as gorgeous cover art by Love & Rockets Jaime Hernandez this is a must-own. 80 JOHNNY CASH I SEE A DARKNESS Reinhard Kleist s noir-tinged psychological portrait of the Man in Black that isn t so much a biography as it is a subjective take on his impact and influence. Often draped in enveloping blackness the juxtaposition of fluid art and inking with Cash s lyrics provides a vivid backdrop. It s not all rockstar fun though much of it is bleak and deals with his descent into drugs and alcoholism. You might have seen Walk the Line but if you prefer to see the symbolism behind the story this poetically oblique book is better. ART SCHOOL OF PHOTOGRAPHY SINGAPORE ALAN TAKE MY PICTURE Text Hidzir Junaini Images & interview courtesy of Alan Lim amanda leong What does photography mean to you personally Photography is what I see speak think and even dream. It s everything I can t in the real world but I can in my photography world. It s a tool for me to speak without needing words. It s a life of mine. Right on. In which case how has the many years behind the viewfinder changed you My life has always been surrounded by photography since I was around nine when my uncle s TLR (Twin Lens Reflex camera) became my favorite toy. There are two kinds of viewfinders for me in photography a viewfinder for clients that is always a challenge and a viewfinder for me pure joy and love. After 12 years as a photojournalist and founding your own studio why the switch to educator I set up School of Photography Singapore because I ve always enjoyed sharing my knowledge and experience with others who are keen to learn. I was once a beginner so I know exactly what a beginner needs to be fed to become a photographer. Pass it along. Is that the aim behind the curriculum The aim is to broaden the photography culture in Singapore. Everyone seems to be carrying DSLR on the train on the street even in the Alan Lim has lately added another notch to that heavy belt of his already a veteran photojournalist (a dozen years with The Straits Times yo) and the master of his own studio he s started up the brand spanking new School of Photography (SOP) earlier this year. A temple for visual communication SOP seeks to mentally transform its students simply because Alan believes that cameras don t take photographs photographers do. With mountains of experience and accolades (WAN-IFRA and Lucie awards among others) the SOP director curator hopes to pass on his effervescent enthusiasm for visual communication and a few tricks of the trade to the bright-eyed lens maestros of the future. He snaps us the following picture... supermarket. It seems like no one wants to own a compact camera anymore. There s a lot of people who ve been misled by TV commercials and press ads thinking that once you own this DSLR you will able to take better photos. That s like saying once you own a Ferrari you will drive like Michael Schumacher. The truth is you need knowledge and skill not equipment. On that subject what do you think of the bourgeoning lifestyle trend that photography is these days Personally I feel that the prevalence of Internet and digital media provides a big clue. People are increasingly exposed to photography online due to easy-to-use digital cameras and multitudes of different Photoshop software available. This is especially true for the younger generation who are born in front of the computer editing photos and Facebook are what they do. With the right attitude and guidance I see photography doing extraordinarily well in years to come. School of Photography is located at 98 Tanjong Pagar Road. For more information on exhibitions and classes on campus please visit or SOPSG. day out KAISER SAUCY Text and images Fiona Chen BOUNTY HUNTER By night Kaiser Saucy keeps the fancy footwork going on the dancefloor together with his partnerin-crime Lord Fader as part of The Loose Cannons. But when his DJ cape comes off by day he s really just a mere mortal like the rest of us except with mad bargaining skills that ll put your momma to shame. In town recently to blow the minds of all present at The Butter Factory we took him out for a little spin around our part of the world where he shows us how Singaporean he really is. loosecannonsuk Kaiser fondling the shoes on display Is this cool or is this cool And Kaiser gets his way After 15 minutes of hard bargaining he emerged victorious with his bounty. Score WTH I m not going pay this amount for them. Let me speak to the salesgirl. Ah nostalgia. Even DJs have feelings too Everything looks better when you re 57 levels above ground And this is what I ll be donning at my set tonight bit ches 82 spin OUR GIG PICKS OF THE MONTH Text Hidzir Junaini B.TRAITS FRED PERRY SUBCULTURE NIGHT FRIDAY 22 APRIL AT ZOUK As always Fred Perry will be showcasing the bright-eyed brightest in the local music scene. Join bands like Elektone Tiramisu and Resonance Quartet as they perform fresh originals and fab covers of Britain s most iconic bands. With the one-derful Aldrin joining in on consoles too what better way to spend your Good Friday we say. SATURDAY 23 APRIL AT ZIRCA SATURDAY 9 APRIL AT STEREOLAB It s been a mere five years and already Alex Madden has staked his claim with some of the coolest most eclectic house in jolly ole England. He s been knighted by the Ministry of Sound as their UK Club Tour DJ and has graced Pacha with Hed Kandi greats. Not too shabby. Expect the Madden-ing deck wrecker to bedazzle with his Vajazzle. alexmadden ALEX MADDEN Button-cute and young to boot B.Traits has made a name for herself as one of the premiere female (not many men can match up for that matter) d n b DJs on the planet. At only 23 this Digital Sound Girl will be laying down the finest blend of glitch hop electro and dancehall this sound of the underground. djbtraits THE ABC PARTY WITH DJ JOSHYOU ARE SATURDAY 30 APRIL AT THE BUTTER FACTORY ABC stands for Anything But Clothes so get creative and massively ridiculous because it s the one night of the year (well besides Halloween) that you get unleash your inner Gaga. There s even a Belvedere in it for best dressed. Ever outlandish in sound and style London party DJ Joshyou Are will be guest starring and donning jello. Mouthwatering indeed. CARLEY TANCHON LAUNCH OF THE DIG FEAT. SCUBAT SATURDAY 23 APRIL HOME CLUB MONDAY 25 APRIL TO SATURDAY 30 APRIL AT TAB When you ve been around as long as Zouk a birthday just doesn t cut it you got to have a birthday week. The festivities begin with one of the club s staples Mambo Jambo followed by Armin van Buuren ( ) on Thursday. The official party starts on Friday which will be an epic homage to everything Zouk before closing out with a bang on Saturday by welcoming Danny Tenaglia to the decks. Phew. We re excited and exhausted just thinking about it. WEDNESDAY 13 APRIL TO SATURDAY 16 APRIL AT ZOUK ZOUK 20TH ANNIVERSARY WEEK Looking for grime that s techy dirty and undiluted Let Home Club introduce you to Scuba a veritable OG in the dubstep game and head honcho of influential UK label Hotflush Recordings. The man s brand of dubtek is pure and filled with old jungle Sub stance. Which coincidentally is exactly what The Dig is all about ya dig paulhotflush You might not have heard of this young singer-songwriter from Chagrin Falls but we can assure you that that nothing about her music befalls chagrin. Carley is precocious talent whose robust voice and penchant for blending 60s soul with 70s pop evokes a vibrant sense of adventure and flattering comparisons to Brandi Carlile and KT Tunstall. carleytanchon MARKUS SCHULZ SATURDAY 30 APRIL AT ZOUK The German-American electronic luminary is a perpetual top ten fixture in DJ Mag ( 8 last year) and dance floors all over the globe. His melodic and progressive trance pushes boundaries and yet paradoxically accessible. And that s what makes him such a flawless draw. Catch Markus as he flies the colours once again at Zouk. Our weekly local indie night looks to celebrate Queen s 40th anniversary by supporting a cause close to Freddie Mercury s heart AIDS awareness. 2 of every door ticket (priced at the usual 15) and 50% of all proceeds from the specially concocted Bohemian Rhapsody shooter will be going to the AFA. Do your bit and blitz out with Beat 84 FRIDAY 22 APRIL AT HOME CLUB BEAT THE SHOW MUST GO ON READYSET GLO WITH CROOKERS SATURDAY 23 APRIL AT ZOUK Bot and Phra are back again to bring mayhem and mind-bending italo-electro. Their 2009 stopover was one for the ages so if you were there or if you sadly missed out are you seriously thinking twice this time Expect gritty crooked beats ranging from glitch-house to electroclash to hip hop when these boys tear it up. CAHILL SATURDAY 30 APRIL AT STEREOLAB Tim Condran Anton Powers and Scott Rosser named their funky house outfit Cahill in reference to Everton midfielder Tim Cahill which is strange and offputting to Liverpool fans but whatever their remixes are still awesome. The trio s smash hit Trippin On You was a funk earworm that stormed the UK and Singapore s next in line. ilovecahill JONATHAN ULYSSES SUNDAY 1 MAY AT ATTICA TOO Jonathan Ulysses has been in the DJ game for 20 years 13 of which he s spent as a resident at Ibiza super club Space. 2011 also marks his third consecutive year as their worldwide resident. Elite stuff. Influenced by the sounds of South America his up-tempo driving pumping house style never fails to wow the crowd. residencies FULL CIRCLE Text Min Chen Images and interview courtesy of Zouk Management What s Full Circle in a nutshell A guilt-free early night out to scratch the midweek itch a music-centric night for our supporters to have an intimate cosy experience within the existing Velvet Underground space supplemented by the special Full Circle visuals which have to be seen in person What s the big idea behind it Full Circle was borne from the observation that music always goes in cycles. And with respect to urban music it has lately taken a turn towards the more commercial dance palate but we believe it will come back around to its roots. But in the meantime there s Full Circle for those who miss the good old days where hip hop was in its youth just like us. It s a place where like-minded people can celebrate the golden age of hip hop r&b old skool funk and rare groove and where the uninitiated can get acquainted with it. So how does a standard night at Full Circle play out You can expect some feel good music with Ghetto and JNR on the one s and two s. Also expect occasional guest DJs and even special live showcases from local performing artists (an upcoming one s with Mark Bonafide). We try to keep things fresh by throwing some surprises in when we can. You can expect a mature and good-looking client mix and ever so often Zouk s international guest DJs will swing by Full Circle to hang out too. Anything we should bring for a good time Always come with a small group of friends and a nostalgic mindset. THURSDAYS AT VELVET UNDERGROUND Your Thursdays at Velvet Underground now come in a rich shade of gold as Full Circle will reign the decks and dancefloor. This regular party night looks fondly back at our favourite music cycles like soul funk r&b and hip hop and classic eras where the grooves were always hot and heavy. Plus this nostalgia trip will be played out in a new and cosy setting with half of Velvet curtained off to create an intimate space for your moves. What a way to begin the weekend eh Responsible for this classy business are Zouk residents JNR and Ghetto whose record collections you ll find are bottomless chests of treasures. Added to that are the occasional special guests like previous callers Kevin Lester and Sheikh Haikel who ll drop by with live performances and or DJ sets. Looks like these guys have got their sound and style sorted so if you re ever hungry for something gold all you have to do is show up. We ll let JNR do the rest of the talking... 86 residencies How would you describe Loop As we describe it Loop is a techno affair that aims to bring back the raw power of this pure modernist style of synthesised soul. It is more than just a narrowly defined genre or style. It is a way of thinking. Above all we want to show that a music night does not always have to depend on foreign guest DJs to fly that locals can give the audience what they deserve and that techno music was never dead it s just misunderstood especially in this part of the world. So how did the Loop crew come together Av and EJ are not only colleagues in the design company electrocaine but are also housemates with Artihc. Despite us playing different sounds our one common love is techno. The only place we believe could help spread this love is Home Club hence Kelvin with his equal or if not additional affection for techno came into the picture. LOOP And as a collective what do you reckon you bring to our nightlife scene We bring fresh ideas and try to deliver techno to a crowd that s less exposed to the sound making it more digestible. When it comes to the collective we will try to agree in a single direction and stick to it. The main goal is to pull the maximum amount of people with the maximum amount of response. What should we expect on a night at Loop Expect a different range of sounds between our sets at Zirca and Home Club due to the different demographics of crowd. At Home Club we ll feed you with the less familiar and less friendly while at Zirca it s all about the balance between pleasing and educating. Either way what s the best way to enjoy the night We re not expecting much from you just two dancing feet and good energy. We ve got that What else is in the pipeline for Loop If possible the plan is not to have any plan we just wanna play play play. But ideally we wanna bring in more local purveyors of techno music feature new ways of presenting the sound and bringing Loop out of this lil red dot... Check out the next installment of Loop on 21 April at Home Club. MONTHLY AT HOME CLUB ZIRCA Text Min Chen Images & interview courtesy of Home Club Techno ain t just a word that goes with house at Loop it s a way of life. This monthly series is a self-declared techno love affair that looks deep into the genre to locate its beating heart and synthesised soul. And in turn it s exactly the raw energy of those throbbing beats that Loop is intent on bringing back to the clubs. A worthy excursion if you ask us. So pats on the backs all round for the people behind this party Home Club s co-founder Kelvin Tan and a power trio of DJs Artihc EJ and Av Neesh (all DJ Quest winners) who collectively helm the various moods and moves of techno at Loop. Have a go on the dancefloor at any Loop night and see if it isn t contagious. Before that though we throw some questions at the Loop collective who yes techno for an answer. alert HURTS LIVE IN SINGAPORE DRESSED FOR SUCCESS Text Min Chen Synth-pop is like the gift that never stops giving. It s been pretty much responsible for the 80s and even way into our 21st century has found a voice in the likes of Little Boots La Roux and anyone with a funky haircut. And then there s these guys a pair of natty dudes from Manchester who ve nursed the 80s back from the dead and milked its synth-pop for all it s got. Calling themselves Hurts Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson have struck gold with a sound pitched between Depeche Mode and The Lexicon of Love and a look that s practically and smartly dressed for success (which is apparently one half Gary Barlow and the other Johnny Cash). All that style and substance commingle on Hurts debut Happiness which contains lush and effective anthems such as Blood Tears & Gold and Better Than Love and has been warmly greeted by the pop world including the likes of Kylie and the Scissor Sisters. Look who s on top of the pops now The Hurts machine doesn t stop just there. Come May the band and its sharp suits will be making their live debut in Singapore courtesy of Untitled Entertainment. That s a whole evening of excellent synth-pop gems like the classic Wonderful Life and the duo s latest single Stay being executed with heart soul and polish as all pop should be. And as you know Theo and Adam will be suitably dressed and pressed for the occasion so let s give them every reason to be. Hurts will be playing at The Esplanade on 10 May. Ticketing details are TBA at press time so keep your eyes on Untitled Entertainment on Facebook and untitledasia for updates. 88 p51 WANDER 2011 ad half pg.indd 2 2 18 11 6 39 PM HTTP WWW.JUICE.COM.SG SINGAPORE YOUR ONLINE GUIDE TO SOUNDS STYLE AND SEXINESS THIS AD SPACE IS AVAILABLE. To advertise email to sales OMG We have finally got our website up on the triple W and we re stoked. Featuring the freshest content in music fashion art and nightlife we re pretty sure that our site is better than yours and prolly beats your porn links flat with a crack. Join us online and tune in to DESIGN INTERN WANTED Drop your resume and portfolio to lydia WWW.JUICE.COM.SG is also now on [] and [ juicesg] SCEne DR MARTENS DRIFT LAUNCH AT POST MUSEUM IT S A SHOE-IN THE LOOF HOTEL LOOF S 5TH ANNIVERSARY THE BEST ONE NIGHT STAND YOU COULD GET WITHOUT THE COMPLICATIONS 90 LAURENT GARNIER LIVE BOOTH SESSIONS AT ZOUK THE MASTER GOES LIVE AND US MINIONS FOLLOW READYSET GLO WITH DESIGNER DRUGS AT ZOUK READY SET GO ELECTRO SCEne JUST ATTICA S 2ND ANNIVERSARY TWO CANDLES TO BLOW AND A NIGHT OF MAYHEM TO GO CLAUDIA CAZACU AT SOUL TRANCE IS IN DA HOUSE AND SHE LOOKS GREAT 92 SPREAD LOVE FEATURING RATTLE TANG EJ AT ZIRCA NOTHING LIKE A THREESOME TO SPELL LOVE SCEne FASHTASTIC FOUR AT THE BUTTER FACTORY TWO S COMPANY THREE S A CROWD AND FOUR S A PARTY 65 FEAT. LTJ BUKEM & MC CONRAD AT HOME CLUB THERE S ALWAYS ROOM IN THE JUNGLE FOR THESE TWO CATS 94 PUMA SOCIAL CLUB LAUNCH PARTY AT BLUJAZ FINALLY OUR SOCIAL SKILLS COME IN HANDY navigator This month Film fashion and a bit of the Bard in the park Text Fiona Chen FASHION WE ADORE THEE Fashion reaches out further into your psyche more than you think drawing inspiration from objects of desire and their makers are artists like Fleecircus Mojoko and Eeshaun who are part of Idolism an exhibition of illustrations inspired by fashion imagery presented by A Curious Teepee and OIC (Organisation of Illustrators Council). And because the artists are all folks with different strokes the exhibition should be quite an eye-opener indeed. Idolism happens from 5 22 May at A Curious Teepee SCAPE 02-24 and all artworks on display are for sale. To RSVP for the opening party on 5 May at 7.30pm at A Curious Teepee head on to idolism. LOVE IN FRENCH There s something sexy about French films even in the way their film titles roll off our tongues like how Je crois que je l aime (Could This Be Love) did. A rom-com about a man obsessed with an eligible and oddly enough still single woman he seeks to find out the truth about his muses marital status by making the best use of modern surveillance methods. Hilarity and love ensue we think. The screening of Je crois que je l aime happens 19 April at the Alliance Francaise Theatre 1 Sarkies Road. Tickets available at 7.20 from all SISTIC outlets. LO-FI CINEMA In today s world of film where apparently good high-def and 3D movies this film by director Tzang Merwyn Tong is a nice respite especially for the eyes. Titled V1K1 A Techno Fairytale it is a lo-fi modern fairytale that prides itself on being unconventional. And unconventional it shall be since you probably won t be able to catch this film in a theatre or film festival anywhere near you soon the film-makers have decided on a guerilla-style of showing the film so the only way to snag a seat at the next screening is through its Facebook profile updates. V1K1 A Techno Fairytale will be running at Sinema Old School from mid-April. Tickets cost 4. For more visit v1k1technofairy. BACK IN THE BLACK Any fashionista worth her salt ought to know the importance of a black dress as ubiquitous as it may be this wardrobe staple has proven its worth over the decades and celebrating this is the National Museum with Beauty in Black an exhibition paying homage to the LBD. Featuring a bevy of dresses from the 50s to the present designed by the likes of Karl Lagerfeld Azzedine Alaia and local designers Benny Ong and Thomas Wee this is one education in fashion you shouldn t miss. Beauty in Black takes place till 13 June at the National Museum of Singapore 93 Stamford Road. Admission is free. THE BARD IN THE PARK Back for the third time running Shakespeare in the Park makes its return with another classic the timeless Macbeth. We re sure you know what the play is about (in a nutshell bloodshed paranoia and conspiracy galore) so we shall skip that bit but what really makes it fun is the part about watching a play al-fresco style. Just don t forget your picnic mat and mosquito repellent. Oh and ye batteryoperated fan. Shakespeare in the Park happens 28 April 22 May at Fort Canning Park. Advance tickets (available until one day before the performance) are available at 38 while event day tickets are 48 from all SISTIC outlets. 96 navigator alert SONAR RADIO JUICE ON THE RADIO Text Hidzir Junaini Images RADIOactive Video didn t kill the radio star they worked out their differences like grown-ups got along fabulously with their online and mobile cousins and Sonar Radio is like that big multimedia family reunion. Brought to you by RADIOactive in partnership with Samsung Asia and little us Sonar is a mobile streaming channel that combines a cool-as 24 7 radio (fancy TV On The Radio um on your radio ) along with lifestyle content from yours truly all supplemented by modern day essentials like SMS Twitter and Facebook. The good the great and the beautiful about Sonar is that you can rate tracks on air as they re playing view the lyrics (because we all know how embarrassing mouthing the wrong words can be) and even watch the music video if it is available all while Tweeting Facebooking and reading about the latest in fashion music and events. It s almost too much awesomeness to hold in your hands but we re sure it s nothing you multi-tasking and upwardly mobile kids can t handle. Current users of Samsung Android and Bada devices can already download Sonar at The app should hit the marketplace in the next few months. 98 navigator report CITY ALIVE 2011 TAKE IT TO THE STREETS Text Hidzir Junaini Images PAYM Those roars you heard behind Marina Bay s Pit Building weren t the revving engines of finely-tuned horsepower but the thumping reverbs of Singapore s largest street party. Organised by the People s Association Youth Movement (PAYM) to celebrate its big four-oh this year s City Alive extravaganza saw a over 6000 body-grooving youths taking it to the streets. The F1 tracks turned into a massive 360-metre dance floor as guest Japanese deck wreckers DJ Tashi DJ Sarasa (aka Silverboombox) and Singapore s very own DJ Andrew Chow dished out the choons for the b-boys and flygirls to go nuts to. Dance crews around the region were also given a platform to bust their moves and battle it out in the finals of Tri-Crew Best of Asia competition. Bragging rights and more importantly a cash prize of 3 000 (cheddar makes it better) went to the Philippine Allstars. Chris and Cedric a pair of 18-year-old wunderkinds who were recently crowned DJ Prot g Of The Year followed the dance-off with an astonishingly sleek set that whipped everyone up into highly coordinated spasms. It really is too bad if you missed out on the curvy Cyber Japan babes and hip hoppin goodness in general but hey there s always next year HARD ROCK CAFE SINGAPORE S BATTLE OF THE BANDS BLITZKRIEG BOP Text Hidzir Junaini Images Hard Rock Caf The local leg of Hard Rock Caf s worldwide Battle of the Bands saw a sonic skirmish between six of Singapore s finest Final Cut Stage B.A.R.B. (Bay Area Roc Blasta) We The Thousands Madfellas and ETH (Earth To Heaven). After three closely contested qualifying rounds the final night s campaign found everyone slinging their stringed axes and pounding their war skins for glory. The spoils of victory was the opportunity to share the bill with luminaries such as Bon Jovi at the prestigious Hard Rock Calling 2011 held at Hyde Park in June. Judged by a panel of industry experts the night s rock warriors were closely scrutinised for showmanship originality and crowd reaction. After each band rocked our socks with two originals and a Bon Jovi cover ( I ll Be There For You seemed to be a popular choice) B.A.R.B. were declared the grand winners. With a lead vocalist garbed like A Clockwork Orange-inspired voodoo priest and a calypso ska rendition of Bed Of Roses these boys were hard not to root for. London s calling and we wish them all the best in the regionals hardrockcafesingapore rocblasta 100 SUBSCRIBE TO A FREE COPY OF WITH EVERY SUBSCRIPTION Life is hard. And it s hard enough that you don t want to spend it scouring the back alleys elbowing young children and fighting in the street for . We who your monthly copy of totally feel ya which is make why we re about to make your life that much sweeter with the subscription service. For a small fee you ll get to enjoy the manifold at your pleasures of receiving doorstep and hell we ll even throw Singapore s in a free copy of coolest city guide for free Hells yeah If that sounds totally awesome that s because it is. So sharpen that pencil and sign yourself up now SINGAPORE August.2010 FREE EVERY MONTH (like it s 1965) September.2010 FREE EVERY MONTH (unlike your iphone bill) SINGAPORE SINGAPORE GRRL 7 22 10 2 29 PM COVER AUG_FREE v2.indd 68 (like social media October.2010 FREE EVERY MONTH but better) THE GENTLEMEN S CLUB SINGAPORE COVER SEPT_FREE v1.indd 68 SEPT FREE 1 i dd 8 19 10 4 12 PM a JUICE media publication A SINGAPORE CITY GUIDE 2010 edition new AND updated 10.90 MUSICAL WUNDERKIND COVER OCT_FREE FINAL.indd 68 9 18 10 1 29 PM COVER WANDER 2010 FINAL.indd 1 24 2 10 2 19 27 PM SUBSCRIPTION FORM I WOULD LIKE TO SUBSCRIBE TO FOR PERSONAL PARTICULARS (PLEASE USE BLOCK CAPITALS AND FILL IN EVERY FIELD) TITLE NRIC ADDRESS NAME 12 ISSUES FOR ONLY 40 24 ISSUES FOR ONLY 75 ...AND RECEIVE MY FREE COPY OF SINGAPORE S COOLEST CITY GUIDE POSTCODE TELEPHONE EMAIL PAYMENT DETAILS PLEASE MAKE CHEQUE PAYABLE TO JUICE MEDIA PTE LTD BANK CHEQUE NUMBER I WOULD LIKE MY SUBSCRIPTION PLAN TO START IN THE MONTH OF SIGNATURE DATE COMPLETE THE ORDER FORM AND MAIL IT TO TERMS AND CONDITIONS This offer is open to Singapore residents only and is a cheque-only offer. If you cancel your subscription within the first six months you ll be charged a 10 administration fee. Subscription gifts are valid while stocks last and on a first-come-first-served basis. Please allow for up to 4 weeks to process your order. SUBSCRIPTION 28 MAXWELL ROAD 03-12 RED DOT TRAFFIC BUILDING SINGAPORE 069120 OR FAX 6221 2230 STOCKISTS ACTUALLYACTUALLY 16 PURVIS STREET 02-01 T 6336 7002 ADIDAS ORIGINALS RAFFLES CITY SHOPPING CENTRE 01-44 T 6339 7582 AGN S B. RAFFLES CITY SHOPPING CENTRE 01-26 T 6334 4910 ALLDRESSEDUP ION ORCHARD 03-11 T 6509 3089 BEN SHERMAN PARAGON 03-08 T 6836 8467 DKNY JEANS PARAGON 02-44 FOSSIL ION ORCHARD B2-06 FOX ION ORCHARD B4-25A FOREVER 21 VIVOCITY 01-69 71 T 6376 9091 GUESS PARAGON 02-01 T 6235 8847 LACOSTE WISMA ATRIA 02-14 15 T 67338 862 NIKE WISMA ATRIA 02-21 T 6513 3151 ROXY AND QUIKSILVER VIVOCITY 02-21 22 T 6376 8148 TSUMORI CHISATO FORUM THE SHOPPING MALL 01-31 TOPSHOP ION ORCHARD B2-01 TOPMAN ION ORCHARD B3-01 VICTORIA JOMO 9 HAJI LANE Looking for where-to-find-juice SHOP AT THESE CLUBS PUBS & BARS to check out 1-ALTITUDE Level 63 1 Raffles Place T 6438 0410 Music Chill out HARRY S BAR ACID BAR 180 Orchard Road Peranakan Place T 6738 8828 Music Live acoustic ALLEY BAR 180 Orchard Road Peranakan Place T 6738 8818 Music Nu-groove lounge acid jazz and funk Harbour Front Centre 01-64 T 6271 8234 Clarke Quay Marrakesh-Morrocan Lounge and Bar Block 3D 01-01 T 6331 7331 Changi Airport T2 Departure Transit Lounge North T 6542 2261 Changi Airport T1 Departure and Transit Lounge West (Cactus Garden) T 6542 7035 Changi Airport T1 Nexus Lounge T 6214 0865 1 Esplanade Drive 01-05 07 The Esplanade Mall Music Jazz blues country and r&b POST BAR The Fullerton Singapore 1 Fullerton Square T 6877 8135 Music New age and chill out POWERHOUSE GALLERY BAR MOVIDA BELLINI ROOM St. James Power Station 3 Sentosa Gateway 01-01 T 6270 7676 Music Pop house (Powerhouse) Disco funk (Gallery bar) World music (Movida) Jazz (Bellini room) Q BAR ALTIVO Beside Mount Faber Cable Car Station T 6270 8855 6270 8223 Music Down-tempo and World music HELIPAD 6 Eu Tong San Street 5th Floor The Central T 6324 8118 Music House electro new rave down tempo lounge The Annex The Old Parliament House 1 Old Parliament Lane 01-04 T 6336 3386 Music Hip hop r&b dance and house music ATTICA & ATTICA TOO 3A River Valley Road 01-03 Clarke Quay T 6333 9973 Music Classic dance anthems r&b and hip hop HOME CLUB QUE PASA 20 Upper Circular Road The Riverwalk B1-01 06 T 6538 2928 Music Indie rock electro drum and bass 7 Emerald Hill Road T 235 6626 Music Modern & traditional jazz guitar instrumental & acid jazz with female vocals THE ARENA 3B River Valley Road 01-08 Clarke Quay T 6338 3158 Music Live music ICE COLD BEER THE RABBIT HOLE REBEL BARRACKS & TIPPLING CLUB 8D Dempsey Rd T 6475 7787 9 Emerald Hill Road T 6735 9929 50 Stamford Road Singapore Management University Lee Kong Chian School of Business 01-01 T 6837 3585 Music Classic alternative and adult contemporary rock 3C Harding Road T 6473 9965 3C The Cannery River Valley Road 01-07 08 T 6235 2292 Music Hip hop r&b urban BAR COCOON 3A Merchant s Court Clarke Quay River Valley Rd 01-02 T 6557 6268 Music Eclectic new wave electro uplifting house big tunes & deep house INK CLUB BAR SIAM SUPPER CLUB Raffles The Plaza 80 Bras Basah Road T 6431 5315 Music Sexy funky house 207 River Valley Rd T 6732 0938 ssc index.htm Music Retro & Top 40s STELLAR BAR J BAR BAR OPIUME 1 Empress Place ACM T 6339 2876 Music Rosanna & Her Jazz Players Mon - Sat from 9.30pm M-Hotel 81 Anson Road Level 9 T 6421 6128 Music Live acoustic pop rock r&b jazz contemporary 9 Emerald Hill Road T 67359929 Music Classic rock STEREOLAB KU D TA 7 Raffles Boulevard Pan Pacific Singapore T 6337 0880 BLUJAZ CAF 11 Bali Lane T 6292 3800 Music Live jazz funk boogie 1 Bayfront Ave Sands Skypark T 6688 7688 SOUL LA MAISON LANTERN THE BUTTER FACTORY One Fullerton 1 Fullerton Road T 6333 8243 Music (Fash) Eclectic-Indie electro Music (Bump) Hip hop r&b 55 Fairways Drive T 6467 7748 The Fullerton Bay Hotel 1 Fullerton Road T 6597 5299 Music Live cuban band nightly Odeon Towers 331 North Bridge Road T 8100 9991 Music Trance TAB 442 Orchard Road Orchard Hotel T 6493 6952 Music Live music TAK CAF DEL MAR 40 Siloso Beach Walk Siloso Beach Sentosa T 6235 1296 LOOF CAMP 331 North Bridge Road Odeon Towers (extension rooftop) 03-07 T 6338 8035 Music Eclectic chill out 3 Nanson Road Studio M Hotel T 6808 8888 Music Live music on Fridays and Saturdays TIMBR MUSIC BISTRO 8D Dempsey Rd T 6475 7787 Music Inspired mix of Disco Synth-pop House Electro 222 Queen Street 01-01 02 T 6735 2008 Music Commercial dance and dance chart hits LUNAR DBL 0 3C The Cannery River Valley Road Clarke Quay 01-03 T 6887 3733 Music Live band 45 Armenian Street (The Substation Garden) T 6338 8277 Music EIC Ngak & Jack Timmy and Alemay Fernandez MULLIGAN S WALA WALA CAF The Forum Resorts World Sentosa B1-215 216 217 218 T 6733 3280 31 Lorong Mambong Holland Village T 6462 4288 Music Live band plays nightly from 9pm onwards COASTES 50 Siloso Beach Walk 01-05 NEW ASIA BAR EM BY THE RIVER 1 Nanson Road 01-05 Gallery Hotel T 6836 9691 Music Weekdays- Down Tempo Bar Sounds Weekends- Bar Sounds Soulful and Deep House Level 71 Swissotel The Stamford T 6431 6156 Music Top 40s & r&b WAVEHOUSE 36 Siloso Beach Walk T 6377 3113 NO.5 EMERALD HILL COCKTAIL BAR YING YANG EM STUDIO 1 Nanson Road Gallery Hotel 02-05 T 6836 9691 Music All genres of house 5 Emerald Hill Road T 6732 0818 Music Acid jazz blues r&b and classic charts hits 28 Ann Siang Road The Club Hotel T 6808 2188 Music Bar grooves & House ZIRCA NOVUS COURTYARD FABRIKA klapsons The Boutique Hotel 15 Hoe Chiang Road 17th Floor Sky Terrace National Museum of Singapore 93 Stamford Road 01-04 T 6732 0818 Music Live acoustic 3C The Cannery River Valley Road Clark Quay 02-01 08 T 6235 2292 Music Electro house progressive techno trance OOSH FILTER MEMBERS CLUB HARD ROCK CAF 1 Nanson Road 02-05 Music Hip hop r&b and mash-up 50 Cuscaden Road T 6235 5232 Music Live acoustic and rock 22 Dempsey Road T 6475 0002 ZOUK PHUTURE VELVET UNDERGROUND WINEBAR ONE ROCHESTER OVEREASY 1 Rochester Park T 6773 0070 1 Fullerton Road 01-06 One Fullerton T 6423 0769 17 Jiak Kim Street T 6738 2988 Music Techno electro (Zouk) hip hop r&b (Phuture) deep house soul (Velvet Underground) downtempo (Winebar) IS AVAILABLE AT... 1 Caramel 6 Handy Rd The Luxe 01-01A A Curious Teepee 2 Orchard Link SCAPE 02-24 Actually... 29A Seah Street Adidas 2 Handy Rd The Cathay 02-30 32 201 Victoria Street Iluma Mall 01-04 09 333A Orchard Rd Mandarin Gallery 03-13 Adidas Originals 9 Scotts Rd Pacific Plaza 01-09 12 Alliance Francaise 1 Sarkies Road ARK 259 Lodge No 259A Jalan Besar Asylum 29 Ann Siang Road Attica & Attica Too 3A River Valley Road Clarke Quay 01-13 14 Baize & China One Blk 3E Clarke Quay River Valley Road 02-01 03 Basheer Graphic Books Bras Basah Complex 04-19 Baylene Mandarin Gallery Mandarin Hotel 03-27 BBH 12 Eu Tong Sen Street Central Mall 03-03 Beluga 2 Handy Road The Cathay 02-05 Berrylite 201 Victoria Street Iluma 04-02 Birds & Co. 8 Grange Road Cathay Orchard Cineleisure 03-05A Blackmarket 19 Jalan Pisang Blood Bros Caf 290 Orchard Road Paragon Shopping Centre 03-41 44 BluJaz Caf 11 Bali Lane BooksActually 86 Club Street Brewerkz Singapore 30 Merchant Road Riverside Point 02-07 Caf Del Mar 40 Siloso Beach Walk Check 260 Orchard Road The Heeren 04-23 24 Collage 14 Scotts Road Far East Plaza 04-138 Cream Bistro Pacific Plaza 01-456 Crumpler 501 Orchard Road Wheelock Place 02-06 290 Orchard Road Paragon 04-43 44 2 Orchard Turn Ion Orchard B3-62 Dbl O 222 Queen Street 01-01 02 Diesel 583 Orchard Road Forum The Shopping Mall 01-24 DKNY Jeans 583 Orchard Road Forum The Shopping Mall 01-05 Dome Coffee 71 Bras Basah Road Singapore Art Museum 01-01 80 Raffles Place UOB Plaza 01-02 Dr Martens 181 Orchard Road Orchard Central 03-05 Dusty Far East Plaza 02-03 DYR 300 Beach Road 30-00 The Concourse Eggthree 33 Erskine Road 01-08 EPI Centre Orchard 501 Orchard Road Wheelock Place 02-07 08 Far East Plaza Info Counter 14 Scotts Road Level 2 Estique Salon 9 Scotts Road Pacific Plaza 03-11 12 Felt 11 Stamford Road Capitol Building 01-18 Fifteen Minutes Private Limited 1 McNally Street Lasalle College of the Arts 5th Ave Shoe Repair 581 Orchard Rd Hilton Shopping Gallery 02-13 14 Fish & Co 9 Penang Road Glass House 01-24 Fitness First 1 Raffles Place OUB Centre 06-00 168 Robinson Road Capital Tower 09-01 290 Orchard Road Paragon Shopping Centre 05-01 9 Raffles Boulevard Millenia Walk 02-38 2 Handy Road The Cathay 04-05 1 Raffles Quay One Raffles Quay (North Tower) 08-01 Flash & Splash 260 Orchard Road The Heeren 02-07 09 Flesh Imp 435 Orchard Road Wisma Atria 03-27 260 Orchard Road The Heeren 04-17 19 Fred Perry 19 Ann Siang Road 8 Grange Road Orchard Cineleisure 03-07A 2 Orchard Turn ION Orchard B3-01 Frolick Millenia Walk 01-K7 4 Kensington Park Road Front Row The Raffles Hotel Arcade 02-08 09 Furrmuse 8 Grange Rd Orchard Cineleisure 03-07 Gallery 14 Scotts Road Far East Plaza 04-30 Gap 3 Temasek Boulevard Suntec City Mall 01-009 01 1 Habourwalk Front Vivocity 01-129 131 435 Orchard Road Wisma Atria 01-18 23 176 Orchard Road Centrepoint 02-13 Garage 227 Orchard Road Orchard Central 03-29 Gelare Caf 3 Temasek Boulevard Suntec City Mall 02-084 086 088 1 Raffles Link Citylink Mall B1-26B 14 Scotts Road Far East Plaza 01-23 Gloria Jean s Coffee 1 HarbourFront Walk Vivocity 01-100 101 8 Shenton Way 01-16 19 Granny s Day Out 3 Coleman Street Peninsula Shopping Centre 03-25 Guess 391 Orchard Road Ngee Ann City B1-24A B 290 Orchard Road Paragon Shopping Centre 02-01 3 Temasek Boulevard Suntec City 01-014 016 Hansel 333 Orchard Road Mandarin Gallery 02-14 Hard Rock Caf 50 Cuscaden Road Harry s Esplanade 8 Raffles Avenue The Esplanade Mall 01-05 07 Harry s The Harbour Front 1 Maritime Square Harbour Front Centre 01-64 Harry s Bar 28 Boat Quay Hatched 26 Evans Road Evans Lodge 01-06 Heeren Info Counter 260 Orchard Road The Heeren Basement Hide And Seek 176 Telok Ayer Street HMV Singapore 313 Orchard Road 313 Somerset 04-23 24 1 Raffles Link Citylink Mall B1-26B Home Club 20 Upper Circular Road The Riverwalk B1-01 06 Hooked Clothings 14 Scotts Road Far East Plaza 01-30 Hotel Re 175A Chin Swee Road House 8D Dempsey Roaad Ice Cold B s 50 Stamford Road Singapore Management University Lee Kong Chian School of Business 01-01 IndoChine Club Street 47-49 Club Street Indochine Empress Place 1 Empress Place Asian Civilisations Museum J Bar 81 Anson Road M-Hotel Level 9 Kith Caf 7 Rodyk Street Watermark Robertson Quay 01-33 Kki 7 Ann Siang Hill Kizuki 328 North Bridge Road Raffles Hotel Arcade 03-03 K.I.N. 51 Haji Lane Lasalle College of the Arts 1 Mcnally Road CENTRAL Leftfoot 8 Grange Road Orchard Cineleisure 02-07A Leftfoot Entrepot The Cathay 01-19 20 Leftfoot & LARGE 14 Scotts Road Far East Plaza 03-98 Levi s 250 North Bridge Road Raffles City Shopping Centre 01-32 6 Raffles Boulevard Marina Square 02-319 230 Victoria Street Bugis Junction 02-17 18 3 Temasek Boulevard Suntec City Mall 01-62 391 Orchard Road Ngee Ann City B1-30 68 Orchard Road Plaza Singapura B1-19 Limited Edt Vault 313 Somerset 04-13 Limited Edt Peninsula Peninsula Shopping Centre 01-09 Loof 331 North Bridge Road Odeon Towers 03-07 Manhattan Fishmarket 6 Eu Tong Sen Street The Central 02-79 90 68 Orchard Road Plaza Singapura 06-07 201 Victoria Street Iluma Bugis 04-05 9 Bishan Place Junction 8 01-22 30 Marmalade Group 10 Anson Road International Plaza 40-14 McCafe 350 Orchard Road Amphitheatre Shaw House B1-100 1 Kim Seng Promenade Great World City 01-24 Mr Bean s Caf 30 Selegie Road 01-00 MTV Asia LDC Reception Counter 60A Orchard Road Tower 1 The Atrium Orchard 04-01 MUJI 290 Orchard Road The Paragon Shopping Centre 04-46 47 48 My Art Space 21 Tanjong Pagar Road 04-01 NAC 140 Hill Street MITA Building 03-01 National Youth Council 113 Somerset Road National Youth Centre 01-02 Nectarie Blk 3C River Valley Road The Cannery 01-05 1 Raffles Link CityLink Mall B1-17 1 HarbourFront Walk Vivocity 02-17 18 260 Orchard Road The Heeren 04-08 8 Grange Road Orchard Cineleisure 02-01 New York New York Caf 1 Raffles Link CityLink Mall B1-47A Next Salon 2 Orchard Turn ION Orchard 03-24A NYDC 3 Temasek Boulevard Suntec City Mall B1-012 501 Orchard Road Wheelock Place 02-19 O Briens Irish Sandwich Bar 9 Raffles Boulevard Millenia Walk 01-85 87 460 Alexandra Road PSA Building 01-04 3 Pickering St China Square Central 01-26 6 Eu Tong Sen Street The Central 01 58-59 176 Orchard Road The Centrepoint B1-106 5 Shenton Way UIC Building Level 1 Overeasy 1 Fullerton Road One Fullerton 01-06 Pacific Coffee Company 28 Maxwell Road Red Dot Building 01-01 1 Habourwalk Front VivoCity 02-147 Page One 1 Harbourfront Walk VivoCity 02-41 42 Parco NEXT NEXT 9 Raffles Boulevard Millenia Walk 03-02 Paulaner Brauhaus 9 Raffles Boulevard Millenia Walk 01-01 Peek 36 Armenian Street 01-04 02-04 Perakanan Place Complex 180 Orchard Road Peranakan Place Prive Caf 2 Keppel Bay Vista Marina at Keppel Bay Project Shop Blood Brothers 252 North Bridge Road Raffles City Shopping Centre 01-42 290 Orchard Road Paragon Shopping Centre 02-20 21 Post Bar 1 Fullerton Square The Fullerton Singapore Puma 1 Harbourfront Walk Vivocity 01-65 391 Orchard Road Ngee Ann City B2-15 313 Orchard Road 313 Somerset 02-10 2 Orchard Turn ION Orchard B2-23 Que Pasa and Ice Cold Beer 7 9 Emerald Hill Road Queen s Couture 260 Orchard Road The Heeren 04-01 Rockstar by Soon Lee 8 Grange Rd Orchard Cineleisure 03-08 Red Dot Traffic Building 28 Maxwell Road (Info Counter) Resolution 91 Bencoolen Street 01-70 Sunshine Plaza Revoltage 8 Grange Road Cathay Cineleisure Orchard 03-03 Roxy Music 5 Coleman Street Excelsior Shopping Centre 02-15 Rucksack Inn 33B Hongkong Street Sinema Old School 11B Mount Sophia B1-12 SAE Institute 20 Upper Circular Road The Riverwalk Galleria 01-42 49 Shots 8 Ann Siang Hill Sketches Pasta 200 Victoria Street Parco Bugis Junction 01-85 Robertson Walk 01-14 15 SMUDGE 8 Grange Road Cathay Cineleisure Orchard 03-03A Society Bistro 1 Fullerton Road One Fullerton 01-11 SOUL 331 North Bridge Rd Odeon Towers 02-01 Spinelli s Peninsula Hotel Hotel Lobby 1st Storey 252 North Bridge Road Raffles City Shopping Centre 01-45 Robinson Point 01-01 16 Collyer Quay Change Ally 01-15 260 Orchard Road The Heeren 01-10 1 Harbourfront Place Harbourfront Tower 1 01-08 165 Tanjong Pagar Road Amara Shopping Centre 01-16 1 Kim Seng Promenade Great World City 01-05 181 Orchard Road Orchard Central 02-03 585 North Bridge Road Raffles Hospital 01-04 3 Temesak Boulevard Suntec City Mall B1-008 STA 534A North Bridge Rd 21 Lower Kent Ridge Road National University of Singapore (LT 27) Starbucks 255 Holland Ave Holland Village 117 River Valley Road Liang Court 01-13 435 Orchard Road Wisma Atria 03-35 40 68 Orchard Road Plaza Singapura 01-34 290 Orchard Road Paragon Shopping Centre B1-34 541 Orchard Road Liat Towers 01-01A 8 Shenton Way Temasek Tower B1-12 13 6 Shenton Way DBS Tower 2 01-01 3 Temasek Boulevard Suntec City Mall 01-126 1 Raffles Boulevard Suntec Convention Centre Unit 139 6 Raffles Boulevard Marina Square 03-217 218 9 Raffles Boulevard Millenia Walk 01-K5 1 Raffles Link Citylink Mall B1-01 02 100 Beach Road Shaw Leisure Gallery 01-57 60 300 Beach Road The Concourse 1st Storey Lobby 250 North Bridge Road Raffles City Tower 01-15 252 North Bridge Road Raffles City Shopping Centre 01-46 47 48 63 Chulia Street OCBC Centre East 01 01A 01B 230 Victoria Street Bugis Junction 01-15 36 Robinson Road City House 01-02 168 Robinson Road Capital Tower 01-01 02 350 Orchard Road Shaw House Lido Cineplex Foyer 05-13 9 Scotts Road Pacific Plaza 01-01A 160 Orchard Road Orchard Point Mall BK-01 176 Orchard Road Centrepoint 01-41 42 83 Clemenceau Ave UE Square 01-31 1 Harbourfront Walk Vivocity 02-60 61 Strangelets 87 Amoy Street Style Nordic 39 Ann Siang Road Subway 165 Tanjong Pagar Road The Amara 01-06 3 Temasek Blvd Suntec City Mall B1-050 051 442 Orchard Road Orchard Hotel Shopping Arcade B1-13 252 North Bridge Road Raffles City Shopping Centre B1-36 100 Beach Road Shaw Tower Lobby 9 Raffles Place Republic Plaza B1-04 302 Tiong Bahru Road Tiong Bahru Plaza 01-57 58 604 Sembawang Road Sembawang Shopping Centre B1-20 260 Orchard Road The Heeren B1-06 Swirl Art 417 River Valley Road TBWA TEQUILA T Junction No.5 Kadayanallur Street The Arts House 1 Old Parliament Lane Level 2 Annex Building The Denim Store 333A Orchard Road Mandarin Gallery 03-09 10 11 The Butter Factory One Fullerton 1 Fullerton Road 02-02 03 04 The Forbidden City 3A River Valley Road 01-02 The Reckless Shop 181 Orchard Road Orchard Central 02-08 09 The Substation 45 Armenian Street Timbre 45 Armenian Street Timbre Old School 1 Old Parliament Lane 01-04 Toast OUB Centre 01-09 Ngee Ann City 02-11 (next to Tower B Office Lift Lobby) Toni&Guy 260 Orchard Road The Heeren 03-03 Topshop Topman 435 Orchard Road Isetan Wisma Level 1 230 Victoria Street Parco Bugis Junction 01-25 1 Harbourfront Walk VivoCity 01-72 6 Raffles Boulevard Marina Square 02-109 114 2 Orchard Turn ION Orchard B02-01 3 Temasek Boulevard Suntec City Mall 01-039a 041 043 Valentine Music Centre 451 Race Course Road VANGUARD 7 Rodyk Street Watermark Robertson Quay 01-30 Very Wooonderland 2 Orchard Turn ION Orchard B3-12 Vol.ta 8 Grange Road Cathay Cineleisure 03-02 Vol.ta Marque 2 Handy Road The Cathay 02-09 Welcome Inn Backpacker s Hostel No 259A Jalan Besar Wood Would 2 Handy Road The Cathay 03-03 & 333A Orchard Road Mandarin Gallery 03-24 Zenith Media 137 Telok Ayer Street 06-01 Zouk 17 Jiak Kim Street Zirca 3C The Cannery Clark Quay WEST adidas 1 Harbourfront Walk Vivocity 01-38 39 40 Antipodean 27A Lorong Mambong Breko Holland Village 38 Lorong Mambong Fosters Caf & Restaurant 277 Holland Avenue Holland Village Frolick Yoghurt 38 Lorong Mambong Island Creamery 11 King Albert Park McDonald s Place 01-02 Krish 9 Rochester Park LE2 1 Queensway Queensway Shopping Centre 01-22 Levi s 1 Harbourfront Walk Vivocity 01-67 Michelangelo s Italian Restaurant 44 Jalan Merah Saga 01-60 (Chip Bee Loft at Holland Village) NYDC 30 Lorong Mambong Holland Village Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Nanyang Ave (Communications and Information Club) O Briens Irish Sandwich Bar 293 Holland Road Cold Storage Jelita Shopping Centre 01-05 06 One Rochester 1 Rochester Park Siem Riep Caf Bar & Water 44 Lorong Mambong Holland Village Sogurt 617 Bukit Timah Road Spinelli NUS University Hall The Strategy 2 International Business Park 01-10 Terminal 2 Singapore Changi Airport Departure Check-in Hall South Unit No 026-049 Toni&Guy 24B Lorong Mambong Holland Village Wala Wala 31 Lorong Mambong Holland Village EAST Artoholic Gallery 422 Joo Chiat Road Nota House Berrylite 80 Marine Parade Road Parkway Parade B-83J Gel re 9 Upper East Coast 01-01 Fish & Co. 4 Tampines Central 5 Tampines Mall B1-02 80 Marine Parade Road Parkway Parade 01-18B Frolick 10 Tampines Central 1 B1-32 Manhattan Fish Market 1 Pasir Ris Central Street 3 White Sands 01-18 19 Pacific Coffee (Inside MPH Bookstore on basement of Parkway Parade) 80 Marine Parade Road Parkway Parade Temasek Polytechnic 21 Tampines Avenue 1 Temasek Polytechnic Corporate Communications Department Lift Lobby C Level 4 Toni & Guy 170 East Coast Road NORTH McCafe United Square 101 Thomson Road United Square B1-11 12 New Balance Junction 8 Shopping Centre 02-19 Novena Square Velocity 01-39 42 Spinelli 238 Thomson Road Velocity Novena Square 01-61 Starbucks 101 Thomson Road United Square 01-01 final word REMIX REMODEL DAFT PUNK TRON LEGACY VS. TRON LEGACY R3CONF1GUR3D If there s anything that saved the limp Tron Legacy it was Daft Punk s awesome score (and maybe the cameo). And naturally everyone s been dying to get their hands on it including people like M83 Boys Noize Moby Photek and The Crystal Method who ve r3conf1gur3d selected tracks on it to their liking. Disney has looked kindly upon them to release it all on a remix album which sure beats the remix it did on Jeff Bridges face. WHAT COULD BE THE SAME BUT DIFFERENT A REMIX OF COURSE PRACTICALLY AN ART FORM THESE DAYS THE REMIX HAS MADE ITS WAY ACROSS THE 80S DANCEFLOOR AND INTO THE DISCOGRAPHY OF ANY PRODUCER WORTH HIS HER SALT THUS GRANTING THE ORIGINAL TRACKS AND RECORDS A SECOND CHANCE AT LIFE. HERE WE GET OUR EARS ON FOR SEVEN REMIX ALBUMS THAT VE GONE UNDER THE KNIFE AND EMERGED IN PRETTY HEALTHY CONDITION. Text Min Chen GIL SCOTT-HERON AND JAMIE XX BLOC PARTY SILENT ALARM VS. SILENT ALARM REMIXED Though a humble remix cousin Silent Alarm Remixed actually does a good job standing on its own two feet. Its parent may have contributed heaps to the indiedance pantheon but it s this re-imagined counterpart that drives home the point on 13 quality tracks tweaked by the likes of Nick Zinner Erol Alkan Ladytron and Four Tet all of whom demonstrate once and for all that guitar and dance music do share a destiny. I M NEW HERE VS. WE RE NEW HERE Already excellent Gil Scott-Heron s comeback album added a cracked raw edge to his catalogue of talking blues but Jamie xx added some more. With him in the front seat I m New Here goes from grim to gung-ho swimming in a sea of dubby energy and choppy samples that could only come from a post-dubstep landscape (or an xx album). Nothing here is bettered (it doesn t have to be) but as a postmodern rediscovery of the master it s feisty enough. SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO ATTACK DECAY SUSTAIN RELEASE VS. SAMPLE AND HOLD Simian Mobile Disco reckons your dance floor experience shouldn t just end at Attack Decay Sustain Release its squelchy screwball synth-y debut. Which is why it s also given us Sample And Hold which arrays top remixes of the former album s tracks as picked by Jas and James themselves. Some of the reworks are clever (that s you Joakim) and some less so (WTF Danton Eeprom) but ain t nothing you can t cut a rug on. PET SHOP BOYS PLEASE VS. DISCO The remix is practically an art form in Pet Shop Boys hands its first Disco record having set the standard for the Extended Dance Mix. On it are reworkings of hits and B-sides from the PSB debut Please ( Suburbia West End Girls ) capably helmed by names like Arthur Baker Shep Pettibone and Julian Mendelsohn. These remixes do go all the way up to nine minutes but that just gives you more room on the dancefloor eh SOULWAX ANY MINUTE NOW VS. NITE VERSIONS Well Any Minute Now was good though annoyingly it never dared to stray far from its comfort zone. But don t you worry because Soulwax righted that wrong on its immediate followup Nite Versions (as in back in 1982 Duran Duran termed their extended remixes night versions ) where the quartet rip it up and start again on retakes that compromise not on the bounce or boogie. There s even a sick cover of Daft Punk s Teachers if you re not convinced. FRANZ FERDINAND TONIGHT VS. BLOOD Tonight saw Franz Ferdinand work minor changes into their sound (no one likes being jammed into a corner with post-punk anyway) but it s on Blood that the quartet dive face first into experimentation. It s basically Tonight s dub reggae child on which producer Dan Carey weaves sleek hypnotic and echo-rice grooves into the original tracks proving that if the FF wanted it they could always have it so much better. 104