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TECU CopperforRoof andFa adeCladding Product Range KME Germany AG & Co. KG TECU Product Range [GB] Member of the KME Group TECU Classic TECU Oxid TECU Patina TECU Zinn TECU Brass TECU Bronze TECU Gold VISIONTECU TECU Bond TECU SystemProducts TECU RainwaterSystems TECU SizesandAvailability TECU ProjectConsulting TECU References 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 20 22 25 26 28 30 The decision to design building cladding with copper leaves plenty of opportunities for creativity. Durable TECU products from KME offer many unique possibilities. The striking natural surfaces in copper and copper alloys allow for singular design. Prefabricated system elements offer a wide range of solutions from free-form designs to the simple and economic cladding of larger areas. And so that everything fits together there is a complete system of rainwater drainage components available. Once in place TECU products come to life and become even more beautiful over time. 2 TECU Classic Lasting value durable yet changeable Inthebeginning thearchitecturegradematerialisbrightredrolled copper.Butwhatfollowsisanever-changingspectacleofweather lightandthenatural livelylanguageofthematerial Afterinstallation onthebuilding TECU Classicretainsitstypicalbrightredcopper colouringforaperiodoftime.Changesareverygradualandnot entirelypredictable justliketheweather which inturn issolely responsibleforcopper scontinualchanges.First thesurfaceturns matt.Gradually thematerialdevelopsanoxidelayertoprotectit againsttheeffectsofweathering.Thisprocessbringswithitstriking colourvariationsthroughanentirerangeofbrowntones offering varyingnuancesaccordingtochangeoflightandseason. Ultimately ontheslopingsurfaces thecolourprocessyieldsarobust greenpatina asistypicalforcoppersurfaces.Thispatinalendsthe claddingitsdistinctivecharacter atthesametimeprovidinglong- lastingprotectionfordecadestocome. KMEGermanyAG&Co.KG--TECU Classic 3 4 KMEGermanyAG&Co.KG--TECU Oxid TECU Oxid As if touched by nature in magnificent shades of brown Time-testedTECU Classicqualitycopperwithacompletelydifferent look WithTECU Oxid theinitialbright freshly-installedcopper and thegradualchangeofcolourtoshadesofbrownissimplybypassed. Naturalchangesonthebuildingstartimmediatelywithabrownoxide layer.Theprocesscontinuesaswithclassicalcopper Naturechanges thesurfacethroughtheeffectsofsun rain snowandwind givingit anexcitinglifeofitsown alwaysunique typicalcopper. TECU Oxidcoppersheetsandstripsarepre-oxidisedonbothsidesin apatentedindustrialprocessthatisgentleonthematerial.Theoxide layerisnotartificialbutresultsnaturallyfromthecopperitself. KMEGermanyAG&Co.KG--TECU Oxid 5 6 KMEGermanyAG&Co.KG--TECU Patina TECU Patina Green copper for immediate creative application all natural no limits. Oftentheshortestpathtakesyoudirectlytoyourgoal.Whenthe designdemandsthepowerandexpressivenessofthepatinagreen typicalforcopper thenitshouldbeimplementedjustasrequired withoutwaitingforthegradualchangescausedbynaturalweathering. ThesolutionisTECU Patina patinatedcopperforimmediateuseto satisfythehighestaestheticdemandsinbuildingdesign. Usingaspeciallydevelopedindustrialprocess TECU coppersheets arepatinatedgreenononeside.Thisprocesscausesanoxidised layertoformonthesurfaceofthecopper aprocesssimilartothe naturalpatinationthatoccursoveralongperiodoftimewhencopper isexposedtoatmosphericconditions. TECU Patinaisalwaysextremelyvaried justasyouwouldexpect fromanaturalsurface.Themanydifferentcolourtonesandshades eventuallyblendtogether butonlygradually.TheuniquedevelopmentsoccurringinTECU Patinaareexciting justasmodernarchitectureshouldbe. New TECU Patina now with TSP surface protection The temporary yet robust transparent layer ensures long-lasting protection. Processing is virtually dustfree. Traces of processing remain practically invisible on the material surface and even after folding and bending the patina layer remains in good condition. After installation the surface develops in the completely natural manner characteristic of copper. KMEGermanyAG&Co.KG--TECU Patina 7 8 KMEGermanyAG&Co.KG--TECU Zinn TECU Zinn Colourful grey elegance and durability Theelegantunderstatementoftheexquisitemattgreysurfaceharmonisesexcellentlywithmanyotherbuildingmaterials.Andtheconnection betweentwoexceptionalmetalscombinestheproverbiallongevityofthe carriermaterialwithametallicsurfacewhich althoughnottypicalfor copper strikesjusttherightnote. TomanufactureTECU Zinn copperstripsarespeciallytinnedand surface-treatedonbothsides.Theresultingsurfacegraduallytakeson thedistinctivemattgreycolouringwhenexposedtoweathering. KMEGermanyAG&Co.KG--TECU Zinn 9 TECU Brass Copperalloysareexcitingnewhighlightsinfa adematerials individual extremelydurableandexceptionallylively.Asoneofthe bestknowncoppermaterials brassisnowavailableasthenew TECU Brass createdbyblendingaspecialalloyofcopperandzinc. TheTECU copperalloysdeveloptheirown uniquecharacterwhen exposedtotheatmosphere.Weatheringchangestheoriginalreddish goldencolourofTECU Brass aftertheinitialmattingthesurface takesonagreenishbrowntone whichslowlyturnsgreyishbrown beforeevolvingintoadarkbrown-anthracitecolour.Onslopingsurfaces adistinctivepatinalayer typicalofclassicalcoppersurfaces develops. A new kind of Brass modern and expressive KMEGermanyAG&Co.KG--TECU Brass 11 TECU Bronze_mesh TECU Bronze Bronze analloyofcopperandtinandasynonymformetallicworks ofart.Whileartistshavelongmadeuseofbronze architectsarenow alsoabletomakeoptimumuseofthematerial formorerefinement infa adedesign. Theoriginalwarmreddish-browncolourofTECU Bronzedevelops inadistinctivemannerthroughweathering.Abrown-redsurface oxidationwithabrown-greyundertoneistypicalforthisalloy the materialthengraduallychangestodarkbrownanthracitethroughout. Thesubsequentpatinacoatingformsmuchmoreslowlythanwith purecopper. Offering architecture new perspectives KMEGermanyAG&Co.KG--TECU Bronze 13 TECU Gold Golddoesn talwayshavetoglitter TECU Gold anewcopper- aluminiumalloyforfa adecladding turnsmattverysoonafterithas beeninstalledonthebuilding graduallyformingastrikingwarm goldensurfacewhich althoughitdoesn tglitter isstillunmistakably reminiscentofthevaluablepreciousmetal. Fa adescladwithTECU Goldconveyadistinctive pleasingand uniquequality.Inordertomaintainthislastingimpression the surfacechangesverylittleovertime.Furthercolourchangesdueto oxidationprocessesarehardlynoticeableonthefa adesurfaces. Copper and aluminium a combination as good as gold KMEGermanyAG&Co.KG--TECU Gold 15 VISIONTECU _punch Perforationsoffermanynewpossibilitiesforindividualdesignwith TECU surfaces.Manydifferentlevelsoftransparencycanbecreated -fromalmostcompletetransparencytoasubduedtranslucence.The effectofback-litfacadescanbedesignedveryindividuallybyusing differentTECU surfacesandalargenumberofdifferentperforation patterns.Therearealsovirtuallynolimitstotheuseofperforated TECU productsasdecorativeelementsindoors. New vista The impressive TECU surfaces with individual perforation TECU Classic_punch Squareperforation Diagonalrowsoffset TECU Classic_punch Roundperforation Diagonalrows TECU Brass_punch Fishboneperforation TECU Patina_punch Rectangularperforation Straightrows 16 KMEGermanyAG&Co.KG--VISIONTECU VISIONTECU _mesh VISIONTECU _flatmesh Thematerialisfirstperforatedandthenstretchedtocreatea copperribmesh ametalcurtainwithfunctionalaestheticqualities. Themanydifferenttextile-likestructuresoftheTECU _mesh surfacesprovideopennessandcreateasolidbarrier offeringboth transparencyandmechanicalprotection.TECU _meshsurfaces inribmeshdesign forindividualandcharacteristicimpressions oflightandspace. TheevenstructuresoftheflatrolledribmeshofTECU _flatmeshoffer opennessandsolidity themechanicalprotectionofanopenmetal skinandtheporosityofasemi-transparentcurtain.Onthebuilding theuseofTECU _flatmeshbringsapleasantlightnesstothefa ade withthemeshstructureseemingtofloatinfrontofthebackground. WheninstalledinfrontofglassareasTECU _flatmeshproductsoffer securityinanaestheticformaswellasfascinatingimpressionsfrom insideandoutside. New structure Copper curtains for protective transparency TECU Gold_mesh TECU Bronze_mesh (Side12) TECU Patina_mesh TECU Classic_flatmesh TECU Classic_flatmesh KMEGermanyAG&Co.KG--VISIONTECU 17 VISIONTECU _weave Textilewovenstructuresinmetal thewovencopperofTECU _weaveproductscombine functionalitywithaestheticfinesseinaveryunusualway.Withthisadditionalstructure inthesurfaceexteriorswallsinparticulararegivenacompletelynew uniquecharacter. Dependingontheweavepatternthewovencoppertakesoncompletelynewmesh patternswithanindividualdesignandlighteffects.Dependingonthemetalbond the incidenceoflightandtheperspectivethematerialhasatransparent semi-transparent orfullyenclosedeffect. TECU Gold Stainless_weave TECU Gold_weave New effect Woven copper surfaces metallic materials for architectural applications TECU Gold Stainless_weave TECU Gold_weave TECU Classic_weave 18 KMEGermanyAG&Co.KG--VISIONTECU VISIONTECU _shape Amorphousstructures waveshapes organicthree-dimensionalpatterns spherical impressionsincopper TECU surfacesarenowcomplementedbyathirddimension. Forbuildingapplicationsthismeanslivelier moreindividualfacadeswithaveryexpressivepresence.Thenaturalcoppersurfacesnowseemtotakeonadifferentappearance atdifferenttimesofthedayandwitheverychangeinlightandshadow.Thelong-term changeinappearancealsoseemstooccurinadifferentmannerfromwhatweareused to sincethenaturaloxidationprocessoncopperdependsontheangleofthesurface thecolourchangesonthree-dimensionalsurfacesdifferconsiderably. New dimension Time and time again new unexpected fascinating solutions in copper TECU Brass_shape Wave diagonal TECU Classic_shape Bubbles scattered TECU Classic_shape Smallbubbles scattered KMEGermanyAG&Co.KG--VISIONTECU 19 20 KMEGermanyAG&Co.KG--TECU Bond TECU Bond Bonded with copper creating large surfaces fast and perfect Claddinglargefa adesandinteriorareasquicklyandeconomicallywithTECU quality copper withoutcompromisingontheoutwardappearance.Neverbeforehaveprojects beensoeasytoimplementaswithTECU Bond.Thenewcompositematerialoffersall theaestheticpropertiesoftheTECU surfacesbutcanbecuttosizeandinstalledon largeareasmuchmorequicklyandeasily. TECU Bondisextremelyevenandwarpresistant hasanoptimisedweight lowthermal expansionandhighmechanicalresistancetowindloads impact shockandpressure. Thematerialconstructionisamazinglysimpleandefficient underhighpressure 0.3-mm-thicksheetsofTECU copperareappliedontobothsidesofapolyethylene core.Thiscreatesanextremelyrobustcompositematerial. TECU Bondispreparedandcuttosizeintheworkshop thesheetsaretheninstalledon thebuildingsiteinnotimeatall.Andtopreventdamagetothematerials ascan happeninarush aprotectivefilmisappliedtothevisiblesurfaceinthefactory. Thefilmisremovedafterthesheetshavebeeninstalled.Thus TECU Bondoffers elegantsolutionsatareasonablecostformanyprojectssuchasventilatedcurtain walls fascia parapetandsoffitcladding roofingandinteriorworkandmanymore. KMEGermanyAG&Co.KG--TECU Bond 21 TECU System Products TECU Sheets and Strips for Seamed and Batten Cap Cladding Idealforcustomdesignedfreeformsaswellasthe traditionalroofandfa adeconstructiondesign usinganglestandingseamsandbattencapcladding. TECU productsforthesetypesofcladdingare availableinsheetsandstrips. Themodernuseofrolledcopperinfacadeandroofing thehigherproductqualityrequirementsandthe developmentofnew moredemandingtechniquesfor metalworkingmeanthatcopperhastomeetmuch higherexpectationstodaythaneverbefore.TECU sheetsandstripsforfacadeandroofingaremanufacturedinaccordancewithEN1172andKME sown strictqualitycontrolguidelines.Materialtolerances fordimensionsandpropertiesarewellwithinoreven tighterthanstandardlimits andfurtherprocessing bymachineorhandisconsiderablyeasier. 22 KMEGermanyAG&Co.KG--TECU SystemProducts TECU System Shingles TECU System Rhomboids Besidestheirspecialaestheticqualities TECU SystemShinglesandTECU SystemRhomboidsofferdecisiveeconomicadvantagesinfa adedesign claddingelementsarelaidsimplybyhangingthem andinterlockingthemwitheachother. Theshinglesanddiamondsystemshingleshavea 180 borderonallsides.Twosidesareprovided withafoldcomingforwardorwithadownstand. Theindividualelementsareavailableasleftor righttiling.Allfoldsandnotchesareautomatically pre-processedinthefactory.Attheedges allthe usualprocessingtechniquessuchasbevelling foldingandbendingcanbeused.Thisensuresthat thecornersofbuildingsandconnectionstoother constructionalelementssuchaswindowsand doorsarecompletelyweatherproof. KMEGermanyAG&Co.KG--TECU SystemProducts 23 TECU Panels TECU Panelsaretwo-sidedcladdingelements withorwithoutanendbase dependingonthe construction.Individuallengthsareaslongas 4 000mmwithastandardwidthofuptoapprox. 500mm.Assemblyatthebuildingsiteisperformed accordingtothetongueandgrooveprincipleorby overlapping. Thepanelscanbeassembledinvariousdirections vertically horizontallyordiagonally.There arethreebasicforms dependingonthedesign lot-inpanelslaidverticallyasalevelsurface S facadecladding lot-inpanelslaidhorizontallyasalevelsurface S facadecladding pecialpanelswithvisibleorconcealedfixings S laidinvariousways withalevelsurfaceoroverlapped. TECU Cassettes TECU Cassettesarecladdingelementswithfolded edgesonallsidesavailableinarangeofgeometricalproportionsfrom1 1to1 4.Theyareexclusively pre-profiledtothecustomer sspecificationsand or accordingtosuggestionsmadebythearchitect. Cassettecladdingallowsagreatdealofflexibility concerningformats thelayoutofjointsandfixing principles.Foldededgesoneverysidealloweven largersheetmetalpartstolieevenwiththecladdingsurface. Fixingisusuallyachievedbyriveting screwing hidden subsurfacefittingsorbymeansofbolt hookstofixthecassettesdirectlytothesubstrate. 24 KMEGermanyAG&Co.KG--TECU SystemProducts TECU Rainwater Systems TECU roofingandcladdingsystemscanbe supplementedbyrainwatersystemcomponents fromKMEArchitecturalMetalsGmbH&Co.KG. Theirproductrangeincludes avesgutters half-round e (lengthsof3 6m)or avesgutters boxsection e (lengthsof2or3m) utterbrackets g ownpipes d ainwaterpipebrackets r tandpipe s ccessories a 25 TECU Sizes and Availability TECU Sheets TECU Classic Format Thickness 1000x2000 1000x3000 1250x2500 0 5 0 6 0 7 1 0 1 2 1 5 2 0 TECU Strips TECU Classic Width Thickness 200 250 333 400 500 0 5 0 6 0 7 1 0 1 5 TECU Patina Format Thickness 600x2000 600x3000 670x2000 670x3000 800x3000 1000x2000 1000x3000 0 5 0 6 0 7 1 0 1 2 1 5 2 0 600 670 800 1000 1220 1250 TECU Oxid Width Thickness 500 600 0 5 0 6 0 7 1 0 1 5 Manuallypatinatedlongersheetsavailableonrequest TECU Brass Format Thickness 670x2000 670x3000 1000x2000 1000x3000 0 5 0 6 0 7 1 0 1 2 1 5 2 0 670 TECU Zinn Width Thickness 500 600 670 0 5 0 6 0 7 1 0 1 5 BurnishingbyKMEArchitecturalMetalsGmbH&Co.KGavailableonrequest TECU Bronze Format Thickness 670x2000 670x3000 1000x2000 1000x3000 1250x2500 0 5 0 6 0 7 1 0 1 2 1 5 2 0 TECU Brass Width Thickness 670 1000 0 5 0 6 0 7 1 0 1 5 BurnishingbyKMEArchitecturalMetalsGmbH&Co.KGavailableonrequest TECU Gold Format Thickness 670x2000 670x3000 1000x2000 1000x3000 0 5 0 6 0 7 1 0 1 2 1 5 2 0 TECU Bronze Width Thickness 670 1000 1250 0 5 0 6 0 7 1 0 1 5 TECU Gold Width Thickness 1000 0 5 0 6 0 7 1 0 1 5 available onrequest Otherdimensionsandavailabilityavailableonrequest. Furtherinformationen ProjectConsulting Tel. 49541321-2000 Allmeasurementsinmm. 26 KMEGermanyAG&Co.KG--TECU SizesandAvailability VISIONTECU _punch (allperforationtypes) Formats Thickness TECU Classic TECU Oxid TECU Patina TECU Zinn TECU Brass TECU Bronze TECU System TECU Bond TECU System Shingles 1000x2000 1.0 1.2 1.5 2.0 Formats TECU Classic TECU Oxid TECU Patina TECU Zinn TECU Brass TECU Bronze TECU Panels 600x600 Square Lengthsupto4000 Widthsupto400 TECU Classic TECU Oxid TECU Patina1 TECU Zinn TECU Brass TECU Bronze TECU Gold 670x2000 1.0 1.2 1.5 2.0 600x430 Rectangular TECU Gold TECU Gold Otherformatsavailableonrequest max.Thickness1 5 max.Thickness0 7 M anufactureandsale KMEArchitecturalMetalsGmbH&Co.KG 1 Lengthsupto3000 Manufactureandsale KMEArchitecturalMetalsGmbH&Co.KG _mesh (ribmesh) Formats Thickness TECU Classic TECU Oxid TECU Patina TECU Brass TECU System Rhomboids onrequest 1.0 onrequest 1.2 Formats TECU Classic TECU Oxid TECU Patina TECU Zinn TECU Cassettes 518x758 Round Custommanufacturing TECU Classic TECU Oxid TECU Patina TECU Zinn TECU Brass TECU Bronze TECU Gold 518x830 Sharp TECU Bronze TECU Gold TECU Brass TECU Bronze TECU Gold M anufactureandsale KMEArchitecturalMetalsGmbH&Co.KG M anufactureandsale KMEArchitecturalMetalsGmbH&Co.KG _flatmesh (expandedmetal) Formats Thickness TECU Classic TECU Patina 1000x2000 0.7 1 0 1000x3000 0 7 1.0 TECU Fa ade Tiles Format TECU Classic TECU Gold M anufactureandsale KMEArchitecturalMetalsGmbH&Co.KG TECU Profiled sheets 200x200 Corrugatedandtrapezoidalprofiles Formatsavailableonrequest TECU Classic TECU Oxid TECU Patina TECU Zinn TECU Brass 4 0 TECU Bronze TECU Gold _weave (allstripsizes) Thickness TECU Classic TECU Bond 1.0 Nominalthickness Thicknessofcopper0.3onbothsurfaces (alternatively0.5) Format1000x3000 TECU BondClassic TECU BondPatina TECU BondBrass TECU BondGold TECU Oxid TECU Patina TECU Brass TECU Bronze TECU Gold M anufactureandsale KMEArchitecturalMetalsGmbH&Co.KG _shape (alltypes) Formats Thickness TECU Classic TECU Oxid TECU Patina TECU Brass TECU Gold 670x 1000x 1250x 2000 3000 2000 3000 2000 3000 0 7 1.5 0 7 1.5 0 7 1.5 KMEGermanyAG&Co.KG--TECU SizesandAvailability 27 TECU Project Consulting Service TECU productsfromKMEaremadetomeetthe demandsplacedonthembyallkindsofdifferent constructions.Manyoftheirrecognized quality featuresarearesultofclosecommunicationwith expertcustomersinthebuildingindustry. TECU standsforacombinationofhighqualityand completeservice.Astheworld sleadingprocessor andrefinerofcopperandcopperalloyproducts KMEprovidesitstechnicaladvisoryservicetodevelopers architects clientsandroofersthroughout Europeandbeyond. InformationandconsultationprovidedbyTECU ProjectConsultingensureskilfuluseofmaterials andmakepossibletherealisationofperfectand aestheticallydemandingsolutionswithTECU products.ThereferencepublicationTECU Planning Designing and Processing isarichsourceofdetailedinformation nowavailableinfivelanguages. TECU Copper and Copper Alloy Products for Roofing and Fa ade Cladding Planning Designing and Processing 1 Metal and Building Material TECU Copper and Copper Alloy Products for Roofing and Fa ade Cladding Planning Designing and Processing 2 Planning and Realisation 28 KMEGermanyAG&Co.KG--TECU ProjectConsulting Seminars and training courses Foreverydayworkinanarchitect soffice practical knowledgeabouttheprofessionaluseofhigh- qualityTECU productsisjustasvaluableashaving reliableinformationaboutlegalandorganisational issuesornewtechnologies.KMEinvitesanyone withaninterestintheseissuestotakepartin specialseminarsforarchitects whichareheld regularlyintheKMEForuminOsnabr ck. TheaestheticandeconomicsuperiorityofTECU productsisfullyexploitedwhenthematerialis usedinaqualifiedmannerinaccordancewith technicalrequirements.KME sTECU Training CentreinOsnabr ckoffersmulti-levelprofessionalseminarsinwhichtheoreticalandpractical processingtechniquesaretaughtatvariouslevels ofdifficulty.Studentsapplytheirskillsinpractical workonmodels.Thetrainingeventstakeplacein thenewKMEForuminOsnabr ck whichisfully equippedwithallmoderntrainingfacilities and offersapractice-orientedsetting. CoursesareofferedthroughoutEuropeincollaborationwithtradeorganisationsandassociations. ThisserviceispartofTECU qualityofferedbyKME. KMEGermanyAG&Co.KG--TECU ProjectConsulting 29 TECU References TECU Classic De Young Memorial Museum San Francisco USA Herzog&deMeuronArchitekten Basel CH A. Zahner Co. Architectural Metals Kansas City TECU Classic TECU Classic Harbour Control Tower Lisbon P Gon aloByrne G.B.Arquitectos Lisbon Zn-Revestimentos de Zinco Lda. Maia TECU Classic Service Centre Theresienwiese Munich D VolkerStaabArchitekten Berlin Regensburger Metallbau Regensburg TECU Classic THE CORE Information Centre for the Eden Project Cornwall GB NicholasGrimshaw&Partners London Richardson Roofing Co. Ltd. Staines TECU Classic Poppodium Mezz Breda NL (EEA)ErickvanEgeraatassociatedarchitects Rotterdam SV Metaaldak Specialist BV Beek en Donk Brouwers Zink BV Maasmechelen TECU Classic ESA cole Sup rieure d Art Clermont-Ferrand F ArchitectureStudio Paris Raimond SA Saint-Julien de Condelles TECU Classic Offices and industrial building Koblach A AIXArchitects Feldkirch Peter GesMBH CoKG Koblach TECU Classic Private Residence Madrid E BernalteyLe nAsociados CiudadReal METAZINCO Madrid Olloniego (Asturias) TECU Classic Officer s quarters of the Royal Marines of the Netherlands Den Helder NL VanHerk&deKleijnArchitectenBV Amsterdam Ridder BV Hoorn TECU Classic Kulturhus De Bijenkorf Borne NL MASarchitectuurBV Hengelo Dakcentrum Beilen TECU Classic Casa Travella Castel San Pietro CH AldoCeloria Balerna Antonio Corti SA Caslano TECU Classic Cultural Center Chateau-Rouge Annemasse F CabinetR.Plottier Lyon Ets. Fourquet Perouges TECU Classic Fitness Center Sesto Fiorentino I StudioarchitettoFabioCapanni Florence Idroflorence S.r.l. Badia a Settimo Scandicci (FL) TECU Classic Harbour Terminal Barcelona E GrupoJG Barcelona BEAInternational Miami(Florida) USA METAZINCO Madrid Olloniego (Asturias) TECU Classic PSG Copper Tower Nordre Copenhagen DK ArkitemaK S Copenhagen NCC Construction A S Hellerup TECU Classic 30 Object Architects Copper Contractor Cladding TECU Patina Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology Galway IRL MurrayO LaoireArchitects Cork Let it Rain Roofing Ltd. Galway TECU Patina TECU Patina Office and shop building KAI 13 D sseldorf D D ringDahmenJoeressenArchitekten D sseldorf Zitzen GmbH M nchengladbach TECU Patina Villa ArenA (Restaurant) Amsterdam NL Virgile&StoneAssociatesLtd. London incooperationwithBenthemCrouwelArchitecten Leebo bouwsystemen BV Drunen TECU Patina Thunderbird House Poole GB SevenDevelopmentsLtd. Poole Pace Roofing Ltd. Romsey TECU Patina Maggie s Highlands Cancer Caring Centre at Raigmore Hospital Inverness GB Page&ParkArchitects Glasgow W B Watson Ltd. Stewarton TECU Patina TECU Oxid Bank of Friesland Leeuwarden NL VanTilburgIbelingsvonBehrarchitecten Capellea dIJssel Hankel s Wommels in cooperation with C.J. Ockeloen VOF Amsterdam TECU Patina Peckham Library London GB Alsop&St rmer London Cleveco Enfield TECU Patina Underground station Hounslow West London GB MichaelWatkins(Partner) London (Acanthus LawrenceandWrightsonArchitects) Broderick Structures Ltd. Woking TECU Patina Pilgrimage Church Padre Pio San Giovanni Rotondo I RenzoPianoBuildingWorkshop Genoa WAL S.r.l. Bregnano (CO) TECU Patina Residential building Purmerend NL RoyGeldersArchitecten Amsterdam Ridder Dak- en Wandsystemen BV Hoorn TECU Patina Centro Stampa Quotidiani Brescia I TECNES.r.l. Brescia Santinato Castiglione delle Stiviere (MN) TECU Patina Private Residence NL CharlesSlotBureauRuimtelijkeVormgeving Bergen PBK Technische Installaties BV Alkmaar TECU Patina Entrance to University Library Debrecen H J nosGolda J nosMegyik G borSzenderffy Budapest Szolnok KAS Kft Szolnok TECU Patina Yefei s Creative Street Shanghai WillAlsopArchitects London GB U JiangArchitects&Engineers Shanghai Hanchang Industrial Development Co. Shanghai TECU Patina TECU Oxid TECU Bronze Boscotondo Helmond NL AdolfoNataliniArchitetti Florence ArchitectenburoC.Schrauwen Amsterdam Crombach Dakafwerking BV Wittem TECU Patina Orto Botanico Lago Cavazzo Interneppo (UD) I AlbertoAntonelli GemonadelFriuli(UD) Alberto de Cecco Osoppo (UD) TECU Patina 31 TECU References TECU Oxid Production and office building Baar CH Burkart CityofBaarBuildingDepartmentBaar BarkowLeibingerArchitekten Berlin Gebr. Baur AG Baar TECU Oxid TECU Zinn VCNON Traffic control centre Wolfheze NL DeArchitectenCie Amsterdam Verkoelen Dakbedekkingen BV Beegden TECU Zinn Forum Amsterdam NL AtelierPRO TheHague C.J. Ockeloen VOF Amsterdam TECU Oxid Private Residence Herrliberg CH R.Baenziger Zurich Hersperger Meilen (Fa ades) Studer AG Volketswil (Plumbing) TECU Zinn Ferryman s House F n Gods Middelfart DK Schmidt Hammer&LassenA S Aarhus Eddie Clement A S Ejby TECU Oxid St. Mary of the Angels Rotterdam NL Mecanooarchitecten Delft Leidekkersbedrijf Jobse BV Middelburg TECU Zinn Roche Forum Buonas CH Scheitlin Syfrig Luzern Gebr. Baur AG Baar TECU Oxid Administrative building of WeberHaus Rheinau Linxs D Dipl.-Ing.G nterHermann Stuttgart Wittenauer GmbH Sasbach TECU Zinn University Stuttgart Stuttgart D RolfLoew Stuttgart Dangel GmbH Lenningen TECU Oxid Haus am Fluss (House by the river) DGF Stoess AG Eberbach Neckar D Dipl.-Ing.G nterHermann Stuttgart G ther GmbH Feuchtwangen TECU Zinn Motorway Toll Collection Area Lucca I EttorePirasArchitetto Genova Trenkwalder S.r.l. Ovada (AL) TECU Oxid Japan Restaurant My Sushi Milano I StudiodiArchitetturaClerici GalliziaTutucci Milano Copermont S.r.l. Clusone (BG) TECU Zinn Production and office building of Elektro Graf Dornbirn A Baumschlager&Eberle Lochau G ther GmbH Feuchtwangen D TECU Oxid Parque de la Relajaci n Torrevieja E ToyoIto&Associates Tokyo J ToyoItoSpain&Associates Alicante E Vicente Escolano Novelda Alicante TECU Oxid 32 Object Architects Copper Contractor Cladding TECU Brass TECU Bronze TECU Gold Chelsea FC Academy Cobham GB AFLArchitects Manchester Richardson Roofing Co. Ltd. Staines TECU Brass VISIONTECU TECU Bond Office building of the International Ice Hockey Federation Zurich CH TillaTheusundPartnerAG Zurich Scherrer S hne AG Zurich TECU Classic_flatmesh Chiesa di San Giacomo Laives (BZ) I H ller&KlotznerArchitetti Merano(BZ) MetallRitten S.r.l. Collalbo (BZ) TECU Brass InnovationsCampus Wolfsburg AG Wolfsburg D O.M.ArchitektenBDA Braunschweig Bisping GmbH & Co. M nster TECU Patina_mesh UEC Urban Entertainment Centre Almere NL WillAlsopArchitects London Ridder Dak- en Wandsystemen BV Hoorn TECU Brass BTV Bank Innsbruck A HannoVogl-Fernheim Innsbruck Spenglerei & Glaserei Anker Hall TECU Bronze_mesh Cimitero Trescore I Ing.AugustoZambelli TrescoreBalneario(BG) Arch.BasiliaBarcella Bergamo EFFEGI Costruzioni S.r.l. Castelli Calepio (BG) TECU Bronze Private Residence Affoltern am Albis CH DeonAG Luzern W.O.B. GmbH Wolfenschiessen TECU Classic_mesh Le Safran festival hall Brie Comte Robert F S.C.P.A.S mon-RapaportMandatairedeL Equipe BrieComteRobert DUPRE Saintes TECU Gold Residential Building Le Galil e Rennes F ChouzenouxetAssoci s Rennes SABM Guichen TECU Classic_mesh Koningshof Maassluis NL HansGoverde KraaijvangerUrbis Rotterdam MSH Installatie- en Dakdekkersbedrijf BV Schiedam TECU Gold switch M nster D (2007) modulorbeat M nster BSW Anlagenbau Everswinkel D r ckwerk M nster TECU Gold_punch Haus Metzner Residential and Care Centre for the Aged Cremlingen-Gardessen D J rgBaumeister m3xh Braunschweig Musche GmbH Magdeburg TECU Gold Hotel Spa Castillo de Gorraiz Gorraiz E ArquitectosAsociados Navarra E TECU Gold Stainless_weave Residential Building Grazbachgasse Graz A INNOCADPlanungundProjektmanagement GmbH Graz Steinbauer Judenburg TECU Gold Private Residence Nuremberg D Haid PartnerArchitekten Ingenieure Nuremberg Schlosserei Spenglerei Stra l Arnstorf TECU Bond KME Group S.p.A. 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