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OCTOBER.2011 FREE EVERY MONTH (boo ) SINGAPORE GIRL GUIDES 13th Anniversary IN THE BLINK OF A DIAMOND RING IS NOW AN EPIC 13 YEARS OLD. AND OH HOW BETTER TO MARK THOSE RICH AND FULFILLING YEARS THAN WITH AN ATAS PARTY TO CELEBRATE ALL THAT S GOOD AND GRAND IN LIFE... WITH OUR TONGUE FIRMLY IN CHEEK OF COURSE SO YES WE LL BE RUNNING THE WHOLE ATAS GAMUT FROM CHAMPAGNE TO FAST CARS TO BUTLERS TO UM TAI-TAI HAIRDOS BUT THAT DON T MEAN WE RE NOT HAVING FUN ALONG WITH IT. NEEDLESS TO SAY ALL YOU DAHLINGS ARE WELCOME TO JOIN GLAM OR WHAT DATE FRIDAY 11 NOVEMBER 11 TIME 9PM TILL 12MN (DOORS OPEN AT 8.30PM) VENUE SIGN UP FOR YOUR INVITES FROM 1 OCTOBER AT WWW.JUICE.COM.SG JUICEANNIVERSARY start juicesg DEAR CURE FANS DJs aren t born they re made under the light of lamps burning in bedrooms everywhere in the belly of record stores hours spent by a set of borrowed decks and right in the pit we call the dancefloor. Needless to say tis an arduous pilgrim s progress toward DJ nirvana where only the strong of heart and stomach survive and perseverance is called for all in the name of music. So yes any aspiring jock could always do with a bit of an assist be it musically mentally educationally or in beers. That s what is here for (our DJ Quest doesn t exist for nothing) and that s why also constantly approves of the annual FFF Girl DJ Bootcamp. A month-long opportunity not just for DJs but specifically girl DJs to pick up relevant skills behind the decks the Bootcamp is all about enabling and empowering our next generation of female jocks. There s every reason why we named them the finest contribution to the scene in last year s Best of the Best Awards and even more cause for this month s cover to star the Bootcamp s all-woman architects. You go girls Another semester of the FFF Girl DJ Bootcamp is happening as you read this which means more power to our ranks of sonic youth and more homemade jocks on the road to enlightenment. Now that s just music to our ears. Take deck and party EDITORIAL editor min chen [min] writer fiona chen [fiona] writer hidzir junaini [hidzir] editorial intern olivia lin [olivia] contributors chris ujine ong ivanho harlim marcus teague marie liang oky hartanto ryan chang shysilia novita warren wee zul andra ART DIRECTION art director lydia foo [lydia] designer janice lin [janice] ADVERTISING & MARKETING head of sales yu-jin lau [yujin] DID 6325 8031 M 9844 4417 account executive jarrold tham [jarrold] DID 6325 8032 M 9820 2126 PUBLISHER & DIRECTOR david see [david] DIRECTOR calvin cheng [calvin] regional contacts MALAYSIA editor kevin yeoh [kevin] INDONESIA editor agiani salima [agiani.salima] P S Then again while DJs emerge from their bedrooms everyday some also depart suddenly or otherwise. Sad face. You will be dearly missed DJ Mehdi and may you rest in beats. is a free monthly publication Published by JUICE Media Pte Ltd Under license from Catcha Media Group Pte Ltd JUICE Media Pte Ltd 28 Maxwell Road 03-12 Red Dot Traffic Building Singapore 069120 T 6325 8042 F 6221 2230 ON THE COVER JUICE Media Pte Ltd is part of CATCHA MEDIA GROUP group head of publishing luke elliott chief operating officer ken tsurumaru chief executive officer patrick grove regional advertising enquiries voon tze khay [tzekhay T 60 12 307 6737] Distributed by Mediawheel Singapore 31 Toh Guan Road East 07-01 LW Technocentre Singapore 608608. Printed by KHL Printing Co Pte Ltd 57 Loyang Drive Singapore 508968. 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Hey girlfriend FFF Girl DJ Bootcamp Since a thing is always the sum of its parts the FFF Girl DJ Bootcamp is as excellent as the stock it was made from. Behind the Bootcamp s curriculum are Cherry Chan Debbie Chia Natalie Pixiedub and Pamm Hong the three wellseasoned DJs and their creative director who have individually toiled their fields well and hard and who collectively run the Bootcamp to sparkly sonic heights. Here s a salute to their efforts and a cupcake for dessert. Photography by Ryan Chang Apparel courtesy of AL&ALICIA and makeup by Ettusais Read up our chat with the girls on page 40 All editorial and design requests for November issue of should be received by 10 October. All advertising bookings and materials should be received by 17 October. 4 contents OCTOBER GIRL GUIDE 48 24 REETHYM OF LITE IN NEW YORK NYC and us welcome Reebok Classics back into our wardrobes Girl DJs may not be enjoying the spotlight of a Ti sto or the reverence of a Derrick Carter but hey these ladies match their male counterparts in skill and capability any day of the week and with better style at that. Here s how they kick ass. 44 GOTYE Wally On the verge of Where s greatness that s where 36 GIRLSpunks have feelings too Gutter 40 FFF GIRL DJ BOOTCAMP To the decks FFFemales 70 78 THE MIDNIGHT BOOM The only thing darker than this night is our Fall wardrobe TZE GOH The locally made and internationally loved minimal man REGULARS 8Inbox 10Flash Sounds 36Focus Artist 58Wardrobe 66Made Up 92Spin 98Scene 108Navigator 110Stockists 112Final Word 6 inbox Where art thou and thy comments Drop us a line at inbox RULING PARTIES Hello peeps Was September a crazy month or what In between all the F1 parties Worldwide Fest and Avalon s grand entrance I m all partied out and sleep deprived. Not that I m complaining And I d like to credit your Picks Of The Month section for pointing out new releases by Digitalism and Ramadanman because they helped me get ready for their shows here Aizad Sleep is obviously for people who never touch . OF THE MONTH AIWEI OR THE HIGHWAY Hey Well you certainly couldn t have picked a better face to drop an art attack with last month. Aiwei s style and craft makes her one of the few local designers that truly inspires me so it was nice to get a little insight on her favourite knickknacks. We even share a few things in common such as love for Chungking Express It s both kind of sad and awesome that she moved to Helsinki because hey our loss is Finland s gain. Anyways here s to many more tomorrows from her quirky cool See You Tomorrow. Anne Hear hear And we can tell by your Aiwei love that you have a fab sense of style so here s a pair of stylish Boxfresh Swich Canvas Shoes just for you ONLINE AND IN PRINT Hi I must say great job with the September issue and I like your magazine. I follow you guys on Twitter and Facebook too and been checking the updates to know the latest stuff but sometimes like never update also... why like that But I still love you guys Xavier Because our online platforms are run by monkeys bears and elephants you can t fault them for running wild and taking a toilet break every five minutes. They were born free. PLAYLISTED OUT Wassup makers Okay first off I ve never not loved anything recommends... which is kind of the problem actually. With all the quality acts and tunes I ve gathered from Focus Artist or Listen Up or Flash my iPod is on the verge of exploding. And it s not one of those tiny Nanos either it s a 160GB Classic I wanna say keep the good stuff coming but I m afraid for Franny (yeah my iPod is named Franny). Zoe We ll take your worry under consideration but in the meantime check out the cool-as Midnight Shift blog at for more monthly playlist goodness. Sorry Franny. LUCKY THIRTEEN G day I ve been a fan for years but it was only recently that I realised you guys have been around for 13 whole years That s amazing for a free mag. It s nice to see that not only have you guys not compromised on taste over the years but everything has gotten better I also love that always showers love on local talent. Not enough attention is given to them so I m glad that your mag is one of the few platforms for them. Mandy We ll also get to turn that big 13 with a swanky anniversary party happening in a little over a month. And wait for it you re all invited Look for cool local bands and some high class haughtiness. Can t wait right THIS MONTH S MAIL OF THE MONTH WINS A PAIR OF SWICH CANVAS SHOES COURTESY OF BOXFRESH. 8 flash Text Min Chen Fiona Chen Hidzir Junaini Images Various sources DJ SHADOW THE LESS YOU KNOW THE BETTER SIR PETER BLAKE X FRED PERRY AUTUMN WINTER 11 BLANK CANVAS Fred Perry s Blank Canvas has never not delivered the goods in terms of collabs and some fine looking polos. And this time round it s got some major backing in the form of Sir Peter Blake. For the uninitiated this dude s been an active playa on the British pop art scene since before you were born and amongst his many creations his sleeve for Sgt. Pepper s Lonely Hearts Club Band remains all kinds of iconic. Naturally Sir Blake s Blank Canvas designs reference those pop elements his polo shirts (available in red white and kingfisher blue) come with motifs of hearts stars and rainbows complete with brightly coloured tipped collars and sleeve hems. Only 1 000 of these have been produced worldwide so don t sit on it. MC Available exclusively at the Fred Perry Laurel Wreath Collection shop at 19 Ann Siang Road T 6325 3018. If you love and know your Shadow you ll understand the man s always worth the wait. Five long years after The Outsider (however misunderstood a record that was) the instrumental hip hop heavyweight has just gotten around to firing up his fourth missive. Charmingly titled The Less You Know The Better this one s as leftfield as they come promising a melting pot of hip hop abstract pop and psychedelia while packing collaborative names like Talib Kweli Tom Vek Little Dragon and Afrikan Boy. I m Excited jumpstarts this entire business and we recommend you let it run. MC FEIYUE S LADAKH AND VELT Feiyue isn t just made for pounding those pavements but also crafted to meet the great outdoors head on. Just lay your eyes on its two new models Ladakh and Velt each boldly breaking away from the conventional sneaker silhouette and perfect for walking on the wild side. Ladakh is Feiyue s take on trekking footwear put together with black buffalo leather red detailing and an urban outlook just so you may climb every mountain while Velt harks back to military-styled desert boots combining both elegance and comfort in its canvas and grained leather upper and detachable collar belt. The road ahead awaits. MC Available at SUP Clothing 34 Haji Lane and on Feiyue Asia s Online Shop at LOU REED & METALLICA LULU Like some collaborator for hire Lou Reed has recently been around the block with Gorillaz and The Killers but has just settled with Metallica into a beautiful working relationship. The parties met during 2009 s Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame concerts where their onstage chemistry led Lou to believe that we were made for each other and has lately birthed a full-length collab on Lulu. Since two metal machines (MFEO ) power this album expect only the most potent and heaviest of rock to emerge from these guys tracks have names like Frustration Pumping Blood and Mistress Dread and at least three of them run loosely past the 10-minute mark. Kirk Hammett calls it a new animal a hybrid and oh we like the sound of that. MC 10 DR. MARTENS AUTUMN WINTER 11 BROKEN IN COLLECTION Of the many questions that plague our daily existence there s the enduring one that goes How do I break in a pair of Dr. Martens More than three million people have put that question to Google and while you can try fire and freeze on them boots let s just leave it to the professionals eh The Doc has just the solution to season those soles via its multi-step wearing-in process that softens the leather burs the heel and creases your boots in all the right places. The results are all over its latest Autumn Winter Broken In collection where its iconic 1460 8-Eye boot arrives new but with the appearance of having already been well loved and lived-in. Ah the perfect fit. MC Available at Dr. Martens stores at Wheelock Place 02-17 T 6737 6278 and Orchard Central 03-05 T 6884 7578. JAMES BLAKE ENOUGH THUNDER EP PAMELA LOVE There s no way you ll be looking past Pamela Love s eponymous jewellery line not when her pieces stand out and tall enough to earn those second glances. Besides her past experience as a stylist painter and set designer Pamela is also in thrall to nature geometry mysticism and hells yeah rock n roll and has worked those cues to their most opulent and extravagant conclusion. Her latest collection pays homage to the American Southwest with more statement-making rings necklaces and cuffs all dark and romantic and ready to get some compliments on your side. MC Available at A Curious Teepee SCAPE 02-24 T 6820 1680. There s always room for more James Blake. Being one of 2010 s best discoveries the guy s been trailing nothing but love and praise from his early EPs through to his rounds on the festival circuit and right down to the Mercury Music Prize nomination for his self-titled debut. And because you asked nicely for it here s more of him on the upcoming Enough Thunder EP. These will be six new songs including James cover of Joni Mitchell s A Case of You and Fall Creek Boys Choir his collaborative track with Bon Iver s Justin Vernon. First listens inform us this is still tender and dub-friendly stuff and your attention will still be rewarded. MC ZEE AVI GHOSTBIRD One half of Malaysia s dual-chaired queen indie throne has been possessed by Zee Avi for some time now (Yuna occupies the other seat). With signature hit Bitter Heart making fans outta The Raconteurs and Jack Johnson her ascent in Asia and America has been nothing short of impressive. And sophomore album Ghostbird extends that momentum and cements her place as one of Malaysia s proudest exports. Don t expect anything new though it s still stripped down folkpop accompanied by her sunshine voice. Except now there s an added depth to her songwriting to complement her already present gift for melody and candor. Promising stuff HJ LOS CAMPESINOS HELLO SADNESS Last we heard of these Welsh twee-popsters was the unfortunate news that violinist Harriet would be leaving band to pursue her studies. Though she will be dearly missed her work with the band lives on through their forthcoming LP Hello Sadness. Recorded in Girona Spain with Romance is Boring producer John Goodmanson the new album will apparently feature a more grown-up version of our fun-loving Campesinos. Featuring 10 tracks of love lost and heartbreak you d think it d be a downer but rest assured that band s upbeat cacophony will still hold court and get you dancin . HJ flash CITI CLEAR PLATINUM OCTOBER GIVEAWAY All you Citi Clear Platinum cardmembers you are clearly ahead of the rest and we know you deserve this. Stand to win a pair of New Balance USA - M991OX (Red Suede) worth 259 simply by telling us what your favourite Citi Clear Platinum Card reward is in 30 words or less Email your entry to grabs with Citi Clear Platinum Rewards as the subject header and your name NRIC and mobile number by 20 October. With compliments from New Balance Concept Store at Velocity Novena Square 01-39 42. Terms and conditions apply. The prize is not exchangeable for credit or kind. New Balance may at its absolute discretion replace substitute the prize with any other prizes of equal value. Please note that this contest is administered by magazine. Winners will be notified by by 5 November. Particulars (name NRIC mobile no. email address) submitted via this contest will be given to Citibank Singapore Limited for marketing purposes. LAURA MARLING A CREATURE I DON T KNOW You know Laura Marling and you know how good she is at what she does. Over two stellar albums her folk has been frank wise and poetic never frivolous or melodramatic belying both her age and her time. Comparisons to Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan have abounded and with genuine talent and ambition on her side why shouldn t she be A Creature I Don t Know is Laura s third LP and another notch in her flawless rep. On it she plays up her folk into country and jazzy proportions and adds a touch of brass and swagger without once losing her compelling hallmarks of sincerity and poignancy. Put on opening track The Muse and album centerpiece The Beast for a Laura grown in confidence and doing even greater good at what she does. MC ANDREW BIRD NORMAN OST ESPRIT FALL HOLIDAY 11 It s all about you ladies on Esprit s mint Iconic campaign for Fall Holiday. Whether you re picking from the Esprit collection or its casual de.corp range expect only quality lines and contemporary styles in denim (narrow and softly washed) and knits (jacquard and structured) as well as in the standard serving of dresses jackets and tees. Embodying all that fresh and individual spirit is the brand s new face Gisele B ndchen who nails it in campaign visuals shot by David Sims and styled by Camille Bidault-Waddington. As good to look at as it is to wear then. MC Available at all Esprit stores. 12 Scoring movies is the new black and Andrew Bird is latest in a long line of indie rock notables who s taken to soundtracking. This coming-of-age indie concerns a teen (Dan Byrd) pretending to have cancer in order to deal with impeding tragedy and overwhelming responsibility. Precisely the kind of psychological fodder perfectly suited to Bird s melancholy instrumentals. Besides featuring new Bird material the OST also comes with assists from Wolf Parade and The Blow featuring Richard Swift. His follow-up to Noble Beast is also reportedly hot on the heels of this release so we have lots of Andrew Bird to look forward to. Yay HJ CASIO EDIFICE X RED BULL RACING The roads here have barely cooled down from all the burning rubber from F1 and already Casio is feeding us with this hunk of a watch produced in collaboration with Red Bull Racing. Featuring the team colours of the Red Bull Racing team with the dial and lower bezel tinged with blue highlights and a red second hand and dial marks the main focal point of the watch is of course the team logo splashed across the upper dial of this limited edition model from Casio s Edifice line. FC Available at Casio G-Factory stores and authorised dealers. TALK SHOP CONSCIOUS LISTENING Text Zul Andra THE DRUMS PORTAMENTO When we talked to The Drums during their Singapore visit mere months ago Jonathan Pierce was already promising a swift release to their second statement. Songs were apparently fermenting and ready to be bottled. True enough their follow-up Portamento is all set to be unleashed with more happy handclaps and syncopated riffs. The Drums new-wave-meets-jangle-pop template remains which isn t a bad thing (if it ain t broke). Lead single Money is a track flirting with greatness and will be an earworm for the ages. Here s to hoping the full LP similarly sidesteps any sophomore curses. HJ Way back in the days when man grew out from ape suits and gained intelligence from accidental fire-making with rocks and sticks building homes in mountains and decked in the latest fashion from the fur of animals they just had for dinner they entertained themselves with aural pleasantries through hymns and chants around a bonfire. Through the Stone Ages and as part of a no cover charge after-dinner party for their tribes music was a way to show gratitude through a celebratory song and dance routine. Driven by the music they connect as one through a constant and consistent variable of words and sound. At the peak of this unison they break all worldly bondage. The heightened sense of awareness opens up a level of consciousness. With conscious listening as their gateway they step foot on Nirvana. Meanwhile three million years later the power of listening is slowly becoming extinct. And the message purported above might only resonate with the discerning few and perhaps really dead musicians. They say listening is an art and that art is really to just shut up. Shutting up in modern times is probably the hardest thing to do and in Singapore second only to getting a taxi between the hours of 7pm to 11.59pm. When I say shut up I don t mean keeping quiet. What I mean is conscious listening. It s easier than you think it should be. All you got to do is to be present. Present to the music the surroundings and ultimately yourself. So when you read a flyer from Zouk log on to Home Club s website or an article in asking you to dance like no one s watching they are really trying to get you to break all worldly bondage. The worldly bondage is really a bane to music s existence because the essence of music and its substance is immaterial. But with trends subcultures and other elements that pass off their subjective judgments as to whether you belong to its tribe or not you really just got to shake that off. This speaks a lot about musicians and those that consciously listen. They transport themselves to a heightened state of being. In layman terms getting lost in the music. When you open your ears your heart and mind will follow and the whole universe floods in. And no one will ever know how that feels like but you. Oh and by the way sound cannot pass through a vacuum. The medium it passes through must have a mass. We have mass but good music does not need a good amount of mass. CHILDISH GAMBINO CAMP Donald Glover s best known as Troy on Community (if you aren t watching this what s wrong with you ) but the comedian recently stunned fans with the announcement that he s been signed to Glassnote. You know this isn t some actor gimmick when the home of Phoenix and Mumford & Sons picks you up. Donald s rap alter ego Childish Gambino is fo real and once you check out his hip hop chops on his debut you ll know that Camp is anything but campy. His style is a little Lil Wayne just without the handgun fetish so do come prepared for some ferocious verses murderous beats and hopefully an Abed cameo. HJ childishgambinotherapper NATIVE SHOES Native Shoes come moulded out of material that s super lightweight and when worn feels like you re walking on foam-padded roads. It may require some getting used to (especially when you re wearing their Fitzimmons which takes after the shape of hiking boots) but boy will your feet love it. Also worth a mention is the Jefferson model a laceless one-piece shoe that s like a sneaker but not quite. And yes they are all waterproof so go ahead and do whatever you want in the rain. FC Available at TANGS Orchard and VivoCity Playlab. flash GIVEAWAYS LEIGH LEZARK X SURFACE TO AIR Where on earth is miss scene queen now It s been a while since we last saw Leigh in this part of our world but not to worry she s still busy getting her photo taken while seated in the front row of fashion shows and more recently lending her stylish head to Surface to Air. For the French label she s coughed up a pair of killer heels one that has a classic silhouette pump but with a kickass inverted pyramid for a heel that s a fierce 13 cm long. Sounds daunting but welltrained legs will find walking in these a cinch thanks to the hidden 3.5cm platform in the sole. FC Available at Asylum 22 Ann Siang Road T 6325 3019. NEW BALANCE H574J New Balance s current Past Present Future Collection sees its iconic H574 sneakers being given fresh makeovers by online portal Streething and footwear purveyors Leftfoot. And dude these kicks are sweet. We have the full report on the collection on page 68 and here courtesy of New Balance we have a pair of these shoes to hand out to one blessed set of feet. The New Balance H574J is Leftfoot s contemporary reinterpretation of the 574 and leads of with a hiking boot silhouette and some bold shades. And one lucky soul who drops an email to grabs with their name NRIC and contact numbers before 20 October will get to walk off with these limited edition gems. Go on then MC The New Balance H574 Past Present Future Collection will be available form 15 October at all Leftfoot stores and selected New Balance Concept stores. SHE & HIM A VERY SHE & HIM CHRISTMAS There are lots of things to look forward to on Christmas presents eggnog and now Zooey Deschanel being cute while cutely crooning Christmas songs. Oh did we mention the prospect of cuteness Yup She & Him are making a Christmas album and while it s not quite Volume 3 we re still ecstatic. Of course the real songwriting brawn behind the pair is M. Ward (the titular Him) and we think he could pull some refreshing interpretations of these wellworn classics. The biggest plus is that Baby It s Cold Outside is included in the tracklist and we all saw how Zooey absolutely wowed everyone with that in Elf. Extra reason to be jolly HJ PURE BLUE JAPAN X DENIM STORE For the love of denim Pure Blue Japan (also known as Syoaiya Co. Ltd) is re-igniting its collaboration with The Denim Store once more. You already know PBJ for their top-notch denim that aficionados swear by so why not cop one of these raw indigo super tight slim fit selvedges to call your own They are unsaforized meaning they ain t pre-shrunk and other small (but no less important) details include a natural leather patch black hardware and orange thread. FC Available at The Denim Store Mandarin Gallery 03-09 10 11 T 6733 3608. ADIDAS SLVR AUTUMN WINTER 11-12 T-SHIRT SERIES One T-shirt seven different graphics by seven creatives from the fashion and music field adidas SLVR s new A W 11 T-shirt series couldn t get more design-worthy. Printed on a classic unisex crew neck the designs emerge from two groups of cool cats stylish tastemakers (such as Edward Enninful fashion director of W Magazine) and those bangin out the music (like Dan Lissvik founder of record label Information). Wear them proud FC Available at adidas at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands B1-53. 14 THE LOST HAT Text Hidzir Junaini FIVE MINUTES WITH... RACHAEL YAMAGATA CHESAPEAKE Though it s been three years since Elephants nobody s forgotten about Rachael Yamagata. So it s no surprise that news of her third studio album Chesapeake already has fans whooping for more of that heart-on-her-sleeve smoky balladry. Lead single Starlight is a brilliant choice to satiate appetites and it s even accompanied by a vintage-looking video that s as dark and earnest as the song s content. It appears the rest of the album may be a bit of a departure from her typical beautiful depression though. And don t you perverse peeps worry about her lack of heartbreak Rachael can handle poppy optimism with just as much sultry soul. HJ AIR DROPS EP For a dude that did most of his promotion on a Kanye West forum this bedroom electronic act is getting pretty legitimate hype surrounding him. Not much is known except that Air Drops hails from Lancaster and that his debut EP boasts some dope and heavy beats that breathe new life into the tired chillwave genre. Jejune is the standout track of the bunch enchanting with its foggy synth and cloudy brume of felicity. Meanwhile Giants of Canaan soars and tugs at your heart with nostalgic beats and playfully wrenching strings. You can pick up Air Drops self-titled 7-track wonder for only a buck at his Bandcamp. HJ There aren t too many bands in Singapore like The Lost Hat. For one thing the nine-piece band started out in busking and is immensely proud of its street performing roots. Whether they re playing under bridges in Clarke Quay or gigging at Going Om their multicultural fusion of Eastern European folk and jazz-tinted polkas (reminiscent of Beirut) topped off with infectious charisma and convivial showmanship never fails to put a smile on people s faces. We got five minutes with accordionist vocalist Faizal to introduce The Lost Hat to y all. How did The Lost Hat come together It all started when I decided to learned the accordion over a year ago. Then together with Yunos Erksan (guitar) and Mamat Mat (xylophone omnichords) we started experimenting with different genres. After obtaining a busking license from the NAC we began to busk in Clarke Quay Tunnel. After a while we began welcoming new members them into the fun What s the attraction of street performing as opposed to regular gigging The attraction of street performance is that the space and the role between performer and audience are less defined. On the street the audience is less distant and may even become part of the performance as they are more likely to dance sing or play along. The energy given and returned is more dynamic and immediate. Also the entire audible range becomes part of the performance sometimes leading to serendipitous musical events. The band has rather unique gypsy folk sound (especially in the local scene). How did that come about The simple answer is that it came about because of the people available. However having the accordion as the core instrument already delineates portability and certain musical precedents of style form colors and suitability. How long has the band been around and how has the experience been like so far We are pretty new and still have plenty of stuff to learn. But it s so rewarding to be in a band with so many experienced musicians such as Dominic Wan (guitar bass flute) Brian Lim (harmonica pianica accordion violin piano) Tomo (mandolin ukulele harp) Marius Peter (guitar) Syed Osman (French horn trumpet jimbe) Hicham Mhammedi Alaoui (cajun) Lee Weiling (percussion) and Phoung Dao (piano xylophone). We never expect anything in return but to have fun Does you guys plan to put out a record soon We are starting to arrange all the songs now and will be recording mid of October. If all goes well we will release our album in mid-December. FLORENCE THE MACHINE CEREMONIALS There s plenty more in those tremendous lungs after Lungs and so we rejoice because the sequel to Florence Welch s debut is completed and very nearly upon us Adele producer Paul Epsworth takes the helm for this sophomore statement and we certainly can t think of anyone better harness Welch s wail. Lead single What The Water Gave Me is ample evidence of that. With locks as fiery as her stage charisma and unending vocal talent to match the new offering isn t so much a case of how good it ll be as it is a case of how our mortal ears will be handling this awesomeness. HJ flash I DON T FRIEND YOU ANYMORE TOTE BAGS Inspired by the popular primary school lingo I Don t Friend You Anymore is a small collection of two tote bag designs that immortalise the games and things we said as a wee person. Graphics of absolutely senseless (but damn how fun were they) finger games like Chi Ku Pa and Cherry Cherry Long Chiam Pass are etched onto the tote a fun and quirky way of reminding yourself (and everyone else) to remember the good times. FC Available at The Little Dr m Store 7 Ann Siang Hill T 6225 5541. WAVVES LIFE SUX With song titles like I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl (who doesn t ) and guests like Best Coast and F cked Up how can this new Wavves EP be anything other than epic The record is titled Life Sux but considering lead singer Nathan Williams is dating Bethany Cosentino and the fact that band is still riding considerable buzz off 2010 s King of the Beach these lo-fi lads sure seem to be living the life. Heck Williams even has his own label called Ghost Ramp now so all future Wavves records will be selfreleased... including a forthcoming full-length that promises to drop within the year Gasp HJ wavves UNIQLO J FALL WINTER 11 Man aren t we all devastated to learn that this well-loved collaboration between Jil Sander and Uniqlo is ending its amazing run after three years Well as the saying goes all good things come to an end and the least we can do is seek comfort in the fact that its swan song is nothing less than a stunner. Still structured and minimal as ever this collection sees the same technical precision of Jil Sander coupled with Uniqlo s easy-to-wear simplicity with some desirable military-inspired outerwear that ll serve both as a wardrobe staple and a fond keepsake of the collab. FC Available at Uniqlo 313 Somerset 03-27. 16 SOUND BITES Just barely out of the womb the burgeoning genre called Moombahton is already spreading like wildfire and we all have to thank creator Dave Nada for his eureka moment. Nada himself describes Moombahton as a sonic marriage of electronic dance music with Latin island music that flows at a pace of about 108 beats per minute. It s a formula he accidentally discovered at a house party but it s a recipe that some of the most influential DJs in the world right now are intentionally mimicking. It may come as a counterintuitive surprise that the lush measured rhythms of tropical tempos perfectly complement the fast-paced rave of Dirty Dutch. But hey you don t discover new dancefloor dynamics unless you start thinking out of the box. Here s what makes Moombahton so quirkily catchy. MUSIC FOR A PEACEFUL REVOLUTION In the last couple of months the world has been strife with signs of uneasiness riots and turmoil. As we brace ourselves for the recession signs show that a change is coming. Our present existence needs a complete revolution. By putting an end to our destructive habits we shift towards a more compassionate co-existence of equality and peace. As political systems tumble and stock markets crash this is a great moment in time to grab a guitar rock a synthesiser and hit the drums real hard. Get up stand up and let s show everyone what kind of a world we would like with music as our weapon. HERE ARE 5 TRACKS TO INSPIRE YOUR PEACEFUL REVOLUTION Dead Prez Ft. Talib Kweli Fela Kuti Suffering & Smiling Saul Williams - Not In My Name Sa Ra Creative Partners - Love Czars Crass - Do They Owe Us A Living Public Enemy - Fight the Power 40% DUTCH HOUSE The Dirty Dutch influence is the easiest to spot. The harder edge high-pitched leads tribal drums and minimalism are all present just you know coated in Prozac. 30% 30% RAGGAETON The downtempo house and dancehall beats all combine to make the genre seem a little like raggaeton s quirky offspring. Hence the ton in Moombahton. 15% DAVE NADA JUST SLOWING EVERYTHING TO 108BPM 15% 40% 10% 5% Genre founder Dave Nada chanced upon this sound when he slowed down Afrojack s remix of the Silvio Ecomo & DJ Chuckie s Moombah to 108bpm at a party. Hence the Moombah in Moombahton. 10% DIPLO S FASCINATION Mad Decent s head honcho is head over heels with this genre and is pimping it to the high heavens. Diplo is fond of dropping it during his live sets and he s even going to release a compilation album of his favourite Moombahton tracks through his label. 5% NAUGHTY BOOTIES Tribal beats cumbia craziness and hip hop remixes all make this genre perfect for a little dancefloor booty shakin . Sidney Samson Riverside (Dave Nada Moombahton Edit) Munchi Gracias Datsik Firepower (Munchi Moombahcore) David Heartbreak King Kong Yeah Yeah Yeahs Heads Will Roll (A-Mac Moombahton Edit) Dillon Francis Masta Blasta DJ Melo Song for My Children Roska Jamie George Wonderful Day (Dave Nada Moombahton Edit) Nadastrom Sweet Moombahton Mescal Kid Ms Thing Majic (Smutlee Moombahton Edit) report SPORT B. PLUGGED Text Hidzir Junaini Images agn s b. SHEER ELECTRICITY You discerning readers know better than most how fashion and music go hand-in-hand and we love how so many cool brands are coming to that realisation too. More awareness for fresh threads and more awareness for fantastic local bands it s a pretty much a win-win. Take agn s b. s launch of their SPORT B. concept store in Singapore for example. The event was held in conjunction with their ambitious PLUGGED 2011 Asian Music Festival which provided a sterling platform for fostering creativity among our vibrant pool of immensely talented artists and musicians. Early attendees were even treated to a pop-up photography exhibition showcasing artsy snaps from previous PLUGGED concerts in Hong Kong and Taiwan giving them an idea of the awesomeness in store. Three gorgeous tees designed by 98.7 s Rozz (our lovely quick-witted emcee for the evening) Zouk s design team and sneaker guru SBTG were also launched that night. Snap them up at Zouk s Deli or SPORT B. and agn s b. stores while you still can they re dandy But as always the music was our highlight. Progressive metal quintet Bear Culture opened with a refreshing blend of thrash and classic rock awash with technical solos and gripping hair-splattered vox from frontwoman Thahirah. Fellow animal-themed outfit Monster Cat then closed with a mellower folksy set complemented by fabulously hypnotic visuals. Despite minor technical issues the band pulled through splendidly with an emotionally layered performance. These two bands are the future folks so follow SPORT B. s lead and get aboard their bandwagons. 18 report PAPER BOATS Text Hidzir Junaini Images Tanjong Beach Club TANJONG BEACH CLUB S 1ST BIRTHDAY BASH 12 HOUR PARTY PEOPLE Time sure flies when you re having fun in the sun and to commemorate 12 blissful months of beach bumming fun the friendly folk at Tanjong Beach Club spared no expense with a packed 12-hour anniversary party that s gonna be hard to top. Flip flops skimpy swimwear and sweet sangrias were the order of the day and the bronzed Tanjong Beach Club faithful streamed in early from the afternoon to soak in the rays (and perhaps fold cute little paper boats to win cool prizes) while brunching the mid-day away by the breezy surf. Of course the main course happens only when the sun sets and we mean that quite literally. TBC s anniversary set dinner was a sumptuous feast involving four courses and a complimentary cocktail making sure you party peeps have plenty of fuel for the long night ahead And boy what party it was. Lo & Behold stalwarts like Tyler Made Jon Ramsay Has and Brendon P came out in full force to represent behind the decks along with buds such as local DJ duo STASSSH (KFC & Dave Tan) and percussion whiz Aidan Bamrah. Nobody funks out better than these deck maestros let us assure you and the disco grooves were made all the more spectacular by an accompanying UV light show. We re totally hoping these epic TBC parties are to be continued report GOTYE AN ANIMATED ALBUM AT SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE Text Marcus Teague Images Dan Boud OUT OF THE ORDINARY Wally De Backer sings with his eyes closed. One wonders if it s just how the Melbourne musician concentrates flitting as he does here in his Gotye guise between three vocal mics an array of midi-keyboards and a stand-up drum kit. Perhaps it helps him focus on the sophisticated undulations of his brand new 10-piece backing band. Or maybe he can t yet bring himself to confront what the capacity crowd here clearly signifies Gotye is on the verge of being more popular than he could have ever dreamed. Tonight is his second night of two sold-out shows at the Sydney Opera House. It s an unheard of prospect for an artist that s not at all faddish. His pool of un-hip influences range from 80s pop to classic soul to found sounds. He doesn t buzz and his stage name is hard to say. He s a drummer. And yet Gotye s audience has grown significantly over the course of two assured self-recorded albums. And now on the cusp of third effort Making Mirrors De Backer has found himself in possession of a bona fide smash hit. But first things first. De Backer and band play tonight as guests of the Graphic Festival an annual event that sees the nation s animators and enthusiasts come together to celebrate the form. No stranger to neat visual pairings (his father s artwork adorns all of De Backer s official releases) the musician has commissioned an array of animations to accompany his set. This marriage is evident from the outset. The opening woodwind swell of title track Making Mirrors launches a glowing white door on the screen above the band beckoning us to enter. Galloping single Eyes Wide Open pushes us through its widescreen pitch evoked in vast blooming landscapes. But it s not until the fourth song that the occasion is seized. State of the Art is De Backer s paean to an old organ that his parents bought him from a thrift store. Running his voice through heavy effects De Backer s funk-meets-sci-fi tune spits and lurches to life just as the cheerful cartoon organ on screen mutates into a spiteful cranky beast of its own. If De Backer has unleashed such a creature it s undoubtedly Somebody That I Used To Know . The opening strains of his new single sung from the perspective of scorned lovers elicits shrieks throughout the hall. By the time De Backer s voice soars on the descending chorus melody the room is in mass singalong Pint-sized New Zealand singer Kimbra (who s naked back helped propel the song s video to nearly four and half a million YouTube views in the preceding weeks) minces onstage to fulfill her guest duties on the last verse and the place erupts. De Backer grins sheepishly cheering off his brief co-star as if she wrote the thing. Still sensitive to pulling focus. The ordinary man with the inordinate talent. Gotye s Making Mirrors will soon be hitting all good record stores. Look out for it And read on about Gotye in our chat with the man on page 45. 20 report the dirt radicals photo shane chong caracal photo joshua hoong apartment khunpa photo brian seah julianne photo cliff yeo pet conspiracy photo dawn chua BAYBEATS 2011 Text Hidzir Junaini Images courtesy of Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay KEEPING THE FAITH Singapore seems to have become a hub for festivals these days and the music scene is all the healthier for it. But even amidst the multitude of far-reaching festivals attracting big-name acts Baybeats remains a local institution. The long running annual Esplanade-hosted fest is beloved not because of its star power in fact it s so respected precisely because of its commitment to the little guys. Regardless of genre this is where little-known regional and local acts make their names and 2011 s jam-packed edition was no different. Local highlights featured fresh faced upstarts like Nicholas Chim Arajua and We The Thousands who got a chance to impress alongside veteran bands such as Caracal Opposition Party and Ossuary. Regional standouts included the Stars-meets-Mumford-&-Sons sounds of Hong Kong s Noughts and Exes the hypnotic shoegaze brilliance of Philippines Moscow Olympics the Sleigh Bells-esque noise-synth of Turbo Goth (also from the Philippines) and the artrock emotiveness of Malaysia s Furniture. Most of the buzz though was reserved for Japanese indie quintet Buddhistson returning after seven long years to the tearful nostalgic delight of long-time attendees. Meanwhile China s Pet Conspiracy also shone as a festival focal point with their outrageous electro-rock stage antics which sparked a full-on rave in the crowd. Three days over three talent-laden stages there s nothing quite like a rockin Baybeats weekend to reinvigorate your faith in music. pet conspiracy photo dawn chua photo benny loy cheating sons photo dawn chua report cheating sons poptart the pinholes FRED PERRY SUBCULTURE - THE FOURTH GIG Text Hidzir Junaini Images courtesy of Fred Perry FOUR TO THE FLOOR Fred Perry s famed for its never out of style new wave chic but more than just its iconic gear the brand s also beloved for its dedication to quality underground music. Their Subculture gig series has been at the forefront of Fred Perry s street sound renaissance and their fourth go-round in Singapore saw the event strut out one of its most exciting line-ups of burgeoning local acts. Fresh off her performances at Gilles Peterson s Worldwide Festival 2011 in Sete France time-tested hip hop vet Vanessa Fernandez kicked things off with a soulful opening set that showcased her new dub-infused direction. Vanessa s powerhouse moody vocals underlined by minimalist electronica proved compelling listening and one could easily hear why she was chosen by Brainfeeder to contribute to Strangeloop s new audio-visual album Fields. vanessa fernandez The iron-hot Cheating Sons popped up next (these boys just opened for Two Door Cinema Club) to for lack of a better term rock the eff out with a great mix of bluesy originals and inspired covers such as Pink Floyd s Another Brick In The Wall . Closing out the live band portion of proceedings were perennial crowd faves The Pinholes whose reputation as a livewire act cannot possibly be overstated. Charismatic stage presence retrolicious hooks and matching pinstriped suits what s not to love And if you haven t had your fill of sweaty flailing yet the Poptart trio of Weelikeme Jah and Jinmart got you covered till the early morn with their usual dose of indie grunge and punk choons. Thursday nights honestly shouldn t be this much fun 22 report BLUE VELVETEEN SESSIONS FEAT. DAVE ANGEL Text Hidzir Junaini Images Ku D Ta UP ON HIGH Following up on the classy success of their first two events with the Midnight Shift folks and Andy Fletcher of Depeche Mode fame Ku D Ta s Blue Velveteen Sessions looked to round off their mile-high trilogy with a another unforgettable swanky soiree. And boy did they ever Darkly funky liveelectronic alchemists Kaye and Funk Bast rd kicked off a night of classics with a fab grab-bag of boogie that included Afro and cosmic party favours. Homegrown house and techno stalwart Norman Chung kept the quality coming with his eye-opening Chicago-influenced style steeped in deep intelligence and even deeper soul. London techno legend Dave Angel main-evented the night bringing the rooftop masses back the 90s UK acidhouse heyday for a glorious couple of hours. The English luminary by turns enthralled and exalted spirits with his old-school Motor City brand of techno accented with smooth splashes of jazz and bebop sampling. Pretty silky stuff Spinning a wide spectrum of classic sounds the Brit vet seamlessly proved that his repertoire is anything but rusty and his well-seasoned fingers haven t missed a step. Nothing but clean classy grooves to match Blue Velveteen s clean classy style. SPREAD LOVE 1ST ANNIVERSARY Text Hidzir Junaini Images Zirca LOVE IS ALL AROUND The homeboys from Zirca s Spread Love have been dishing out the good vibes for a year now and their anniversary aptly turned that around on residents Rattle Tang and MC EJ. Yup this time it was the popping jocking and glocking dancefloor that showed the main men truckloads of love in the form of non-stop raucous swagger. These cats certainly deserved it because well no other crew in town disseminates the electro hip-hop and r&b with as much skill and scratch wizardry as these two DMC heavyweights and their mic-rockin hypeman. We could make a big deal about how the place was packed to the proverbial rafters but to be honest every Spread Love brings in a full house. It s just that kind of night except that this champagne-poppin celebration brought a little extra love to the usual turntable-propelled tomfoolery. Everyone came to represent with proper threads and attitudes and we guess that s what makes the vibe at Spread Love so special anniversary or no anniversary. From the moment the neon curtains opened till the last spin of the vinyl the Spread Love folks ensured thrills spills sing-a-longs dance battles and eventual hangovers. Just the way we like it. report reebok classics showcase at the entrance of espace new york city REETHYM OF LITE IN NEW YORK Text Fiona Chen Images Reebok swizz beatz and his homies pharrell wiliams and p.diddy REEBOK S BACK If we were to judge a party s hit based on its star factor then the recently concluded Reebok s Reethym of Lite relaunch party in New York was a smashing success to say the least. Rubbing shoulders with the crowd (well not really they were mostly hobnobbing at where they belonged the velvet-roped VIP area) were A-listers like Alicia Keys P.Diddy Pharrell Williams and Busta Rhymes. Of course it helped that they were all homies of one of the stars of the event producer extraordinaire Swizz Beatz the face and personality fronting the radical change of Reebok Classics. Though Reebok s lifestyle range has been quietly hanging out in the back for awhile it s stopping at nothing to step out of the shadows to bring it back once again into the spotlight. All was revealed at eSpace a party destination in the heart of Manhattan where it was packed with New York s best dressed denizens waiting to catch a glimpse of just what Reebok has up its sleeves. Guests got to preview the label s upcoming goods displayed in light boxes as well as the unveiling of the video campaign (starring Swizz Beatz and his fresh single International Party ) that was publicly aired for the first time. The party really got started when Swizz Beatz took to the stage and debuted his catchy Reebok Back prose and you d better believe what he s rapping because it does look like Reebok is once again back in the game. Launching into his performance Swizz Beatz took to the stage together with special guest Lloyd Banks the hip hop-loving crowd lapped up every single beat and verse thrown at them from the pair. To sum it up there were lots of champagne beautiful people celebs and gorgeous eye candy in the form of shoes and threads. Welcome back Reebok. 24 swizz beatz and lloyd banks verbal and swizz beatz REEBOK CLASSICS LITE Where sport and style meet you ll find Reebok Classics Lite as it has always been for the longest time. This time round both the apparel and kicks collections don t scrimp on the colours the overall look is one that s both functional and drenched in solid blocks of brights. Of course there s the ever-popular Pump Fury looking super fly with its jazzed up exterior and given an extra boost in the specs department. Dope Reebok Classics Lite can be found at all Royal Sporting House and Stadium stores. To find our more about the campaign visit Big props to Reebok for all the love extended to us in New York swizz beatz alicia keys clive davis and p.diddy report REEBOK CLASSICS THE MEN AND THEIR BRAND BEHIND A MASSIVE CAMPAIGN LIKE REEBOK CLASSICS IS THE CULMINATION OF HARD WORK OF MANY INDIVIDUALS BOTH IN FRONT AND BEHIND THE SCENES. WE TALK TO THREE OF THE MOVERS AND SHAKERS OF REEBOK CLASSICS TO FIND OUT JUST HOW MUCH LOVE THEY VE GOT FOR THE BRAND. TODD KRINSKY Todd Krinsky has spent a whopping twenty years at Reebok which is why it s not a job but more of a lifelong marriage to the brand. The Global Head of Reebok Classics has literally grown with Reebok and he s certainly come a long way from his beginnings at its mailroom to commanding the moves at its Classics division. Not surprisingly he s also got some serious passion for sports and shoes which basically sums up what Reebok is about. How long have you been with Reebok It s been 20 years since I joined Reebok you could say I grew up with the brand Thanks to my love of shoes I first started working at Foot Locker (an American sportswear and footwear retailer) and then I joined Reebok. I worked my way up from delivering mail and then I moved to Asia for a while. I ve seen a lot of highs and lows in my two decades here. How did your job scope change over the years I ve worked on the development side which includes material sourcing in Asia before I joined the marketing side of the brand. You ve launched quite a few initiatives for the brand. What s the most memorable In 1996 I worked with Allen Iverson on his signature shoe the Question. It has since become one of the most popular basketball shoes in the industry now. Apart from Allen Iverson you ve also worked with many other notable names Yup I ve had the chance to work with athletes like Thierry Henry while on the musical side I ve worked with musicians like Jay-Z and DMX. Is there a reason behind Reebok s marketing shift from featuring athletes to musicians I don t think it s really a shift. We ve already got a great sports business going and we ve got great technology that gave us models like the Zig but for the classics side it s all about art culture and fashion. The goal is not to have one but two balanced businesses. It s interesting how Reebok chose Swizz Beatz and Verbal to present its Classics... First and foremost we discuss internally on who our customers are and what influences them. Like with Swizz Beatz we wanted someone who was terribly creative and passionate about what we re doing. It was the same thing for Verbal. It s always great working with them they always have incredible ideas about how Reebok should be. Was it your main aim to bring in musicians who are more under-the-radar yet influential That was our aim because it s not going to work if all we do is sign popular artists as people are more sophisticated now. Swizz Beatz makes music for people more popular than he is and we respect that. 26 VERBAL Half of m-flo and one-fifth of the Teriyaki Boyz (both of which he lends his mad emceeing skills to) Verbal is known for being a livewire on stage as well as his distinctive take on fashion (and his vast collection of hats). With these sitting pretty on his CV he s the perfect candidate to fill the position of Reebok Classics Asia Pacific Creative Director. We talk sneakers with him and also find out how he s going to colour the region with his creative brush. Does the music you create translate directly into what you wear I grew up listening to hip hop and skate rock cos I used to skateboard those genres mixed up and it became what I wore. Now the music I play is different and so what I wear is vastly different from what I used to wear. Back then hip hop loose-fitting clothes. Was it like that for you Not really. For me it has always been about dope sneakers. Because I m really influenced by hip hop I went through the whole Timberland and army jacket phase. Actually come to think of it it s actually similar to my style now but perhaps with the army jacket in a closer fit and dressed up with details like pins. Different fit different vibe Is that why you re wearing Thom Browne with your Reeboks today Yeah I like to mix and match different looks together. If I were to go the entire mile with the dandy look it ll be what the Japanese describe as following the lookbook . That s why I like to break it down a bit. How big of a sneakerhead are you A huge one I have so many pairs that I have to give many of them away. I ve got a room in my place and my parents that are filled with sneakers. Speaking of which I just helped out at a fundraising event with Reebok and I contributed some 12 to 15 of my beloved Reeboks to charity. There must be one sneaker that has got sentimental value to you... Well Todd Krinsky (Global head of Reebok Classics) was just saying the other day that he bets I don t have Reebok s Pump Fury x Chanel collaboration. And I was like... actually I do have them They never got produced so they re super rare. Now that you re the Creative Director for Reebok Classics Asia Pacific region what can we expect you to bring to the table I ve been watching Reebok for so many years and I know for sure that they have a different research and development approach as opposed to other brands. It s really dope right now but as always it can be better. Like when I see some of their sneakers I would imagine what sort of materials and colours I ll explore with them. And that s a good thing because it inspires you. I m also going to translate what I ve experienced at my own label Ambush into my work for Reebok. Apart from Reebok what have you got in store musically Lots m-flo is going to be back this year it s our third phase and it s going to be really exciting. report SWIZZ BEATZ We don t blame you if you haven t really heard of Swizz Beatz because he s been stealthily producing music (he s responsible for radio hits like Beyonc s Check On It ) and more recently enjoying daddyhood (he married Alicia Keys and had a son with her last year). And just because everyone s a multi-tasker these days Swizz Beatz occasionally dons a painter s hat and his artistic inclinations have also spawned a growing fashion designing career. We can t wait to see what this maestro has got planned for Reebok whom he has collaborated with since 2010 but first we get a preview from the man himself. You wear many hats from music production to art. Which is the one that you hold most dearly I love all of them. Whether it s music fashion or painting they are all just creativity in different mediums. I have to love everything I m doing when I wake up I wanna do something that I love. I was a DJ first then a producer. Everything fell into place after that. Since you re influential in both music and fashion circles how close do you think the link between the two is To me music is fashion and well fashion is music. They both express each other very well. What can we expect to see in Reebok Classics with you on board New and innovative styles closer to the fashion world and I also hope to bring art to the real world. It s all fresh and new... it s going to be like a rebirth. And since I m sparked by travelling art and music it s all going to be felt in Reebok as well. With so many things going on for you right now aren t you the least exhausted Never I m always creatively stimulated. I ve multi-tasked since I was young. Maybe I have ADD or something. Or perhaps I m just a perfectionist. I can look at something and know right away if something s not right such as the balance of colours. Speaking of colours there s quite a fair bit going on in the Classics collection now... To me I ve never been afraid of colours as long as they re in the right places. Pastel neon you name it. Never say never How are you going to retain the flavour of Classics while revamping it It s a little tricky since there s a thin line between keeping purists happy and not overdoing it while still updating it. But we ve got quite an amazing range from Kamikazes to Pumps so there s always room to move around. What s your personal style like I love suits especially those by Tom Ford. I like Balmain too. As for casual wear I m really digging D&G right now. I also like H&M and Zara. Actually I m really a mix of everything. You re known for your style but surely you must have had suffered a fashion faux pas before... Absolutely. The worst was when I wore a baggy orange suit in 2002 or 2003 it was inspired by Robert De Niro s character in Casino. I thought I was getting compliments but in fact people were laughing at me and not with me. Do you still have that in your collection Hell no It s so very gone. 28 boombox VANESSA FERNANDEZ Text Hidzir Junaini Interview courtesy of Fred Perry It s hard to pin down what Vanessa s good at. Whether she s being charming on-air adding aural smoothness to hip hop crews or contributing to Brainfeeder releases she does it all with understated style and cutting edge currency. Much like her fluid song structures we ve seen Vanessa evolve at each turn and her new niche in patient electronica has to be our fave. With a ubiquitous croon and creative caress her recent forays into bass-coated minimalism and deconstructed soul have left fans enthralled as demonstrated during her recent Fred Perry Subculture performance. So you can imagine our excitement when Vanessa offered us a quick browse through her albums of influence. Radiohead OK Computer I loved The Bends but OK Computer turned me into a fan. My first amateur gig in a band was with my cousin and friends at UWC doing Radiohead. They re the only group from my adolescence who I still love today because they evolved yet stayed the same. Exit Music (For a Film) makes me feel comfortable with loneliness. Michael Jackson Dangerous This was the album that first exposed me to MJ s genius. When I was young my parents controlled the stereo on weekends but this was the only album they let me play. Black or White assured me that being a mixed race kid was okay. His talent and influence brought many different types of people together. Legend. R.I.P. Sheryl Crow The Globe Sessions When I first started writing songs at 16 I loved Sheryl Crow. She was edgier than Jewel cooler than Sarah McLachlan and sang better than Alanis. Her lyrics made me think instead of just feeling comforted or providing an escape. She s poetic. I had Riverwide on repeat for ages which I think my brother found highly annoying. Bj rk Medulla This album is epic. It s an electronic album created almost entirely using just vocals. As a singer I m interested in how much a voice can do how far it can be pushed where is the line She s not a particularly amazing singer but she makes you listen because her art has such a strong voice. Fatboy Slim You ve Come A Long Way Baby This was the first electronic music album I owned. When I was younger I was rebellious but shy and terribly insecure. I forgot all of that when I danced and I danced to this every time I got ready to go out to clubs I wasn t supposed to be in. Just a good classic feelgood album. India Arie Acoustic Soul After Mariah Carey a female vocalist didn t impress me for a really long time. Then I heard this crazy run on India Arie s song Beautiful Surprise and it just blew my mind. I love the huskiness of her tone and there s both vulnerability and empowerment in her music. I love that duality. Thundercat The Golden Age of Apocalypse When I heard this I knew nothing else would beat it for me this year. Thundercat together with FlyLo inject funk soul and jazz into the electronic world with such class. They don t try to bullsh t you. They just be and it just works. Madonna Ray of Light When I was seven I loved Madonna s Like A Prayer and my mum made me perform it to people totally fooled by the title. This was Madonna s first album after becoming a mum. Her perception and awareness of the world changed and her sound echoed with a distinctly more electronic vibe. I really relate minus the baby. James Blake James Blake I watched him live in S te at the Theatre De La Mer where he sang in front of the sea. The rhythm and bass on his tracks made everyone lose their minds His voice is drenched with soul and I love his production. Limit to Your Love is spectacular. I wish I were him minus the penis. Massive Attack Collected Slight cop out but this has Live With Me featuring Terry Callier. It was an influence while working with Jason Tan on our album as Octover. I was dealing with pain by exploring pleasure bending rules I had lived by to see which ones would break and I could be free from. I gravitated towards Massive Attack s dark sexiness. Amon Tobin ISAM This album is not for all ears but when you see how it has been translated to work as a live show it will blow your mind. With music focusing on live performances now I think Amon Tobin s team took it to this whole other level surging ahead leaving the rest of us in complete awe. Syndicate EP I started getting more into electronic music quite recently. Pop annoyed me. Initially it was just about getting lost in dance. When Kiat from the Syndicate crew sent this to me I was incredibly inspired. Billie Holiday Jazz At the Philharmonic Vol. 1 I find Lady Day the most intriguing and layered of all the great jazz females. This album has live recordings at various venues and all my favourite songs. Her lifestyle took its toll on her but she transcended that at Carnegie Hall. Tragic yet so beautiful. Q-Tip The Renaissance Q-Tip is my favorite MC. I love his flow and I appreciate that he talks about more than bitches and hos whether he s on a Mark Ronson track or delivering on A Tribe Called Quest. Move is dope produced by J Dilla samples The Jackson 5 and this album also features D Angelo who is one of my favorite neo-soul singers. Felicity OST I loved this series as a teenager and I found a new favourite track off the album each week. Scout Sarah McLachlan Joan Jones Aretha Franklin. The version of Peter Gabriel s Here Comes The Flood on this album is the most beautiful sad song ever. It was also where I first heard Air who are another inspiration for Octover. 30 vanessafernandezofficial sounds ESSENTIAL TUNES FROM LABEL JUNKIE PICKS OF THE MONTH Text Christopher Ujine Ong IN THE GRACE OF YOUR LOVE THE RAPTURE At the some point in the last decade the it band which seemed to be on a trajectory to become some kind of international flag bearer for dance punk kinda ruptured lead singer Luke Jenner left (but whom is now back) bassist Mattie Safer went off and the head honcho of their original label James Murphy captured that flag with LCD Soundsystem instead. So now the boys are back on DFA and in a checkmate move shift all the pieces around on the chessboard of dance punk by merely removing themselves off it. Well almost their nervy NYC-cool sound has been put out to bask in the sun-shininess of 80s new wave house and disco to absorb some kitsch and artsy-pop flourish. The title track sounds like Hercules & Love Affair trying to do pop-rock live Miss You sounds like Mika getting serious about being an artist and How Deep Is Your Love is of course the triumphant returnto-form tour de force that sees Jenner channelling an inner diva in the most um rapturous dance track of 2011. (DFA) HYPERDUB Text Hidzir Junaini Nothing has blanketed the UK dance scene over the last decade quite as ferociously as dubstep. It s a genre that emerged from the dingiest depths of the underground into mainstream saturation rapidly leading practically every DJ in the world to embrace (some might say dilute) the140 BPM realm. It s owed a lot to the early support of Forward a pioneering dubstep club and pirate radio show on East London s Rinse FM hosted by none other than Glaswegian old school jungle and d n b producer Steve Goodman (aka Kode9). As a founding member of the dubstep movement Goodman eventually sought to progress the style even further by opening up his own bass-centric imprint called Hyperdub. Hyperdub peddled the Forward sound brashly snatching up London s most talented dubstep DJs and producers at a frenetic pace. Before long Hyperdub established itself as one of the premier dubstep labels in England and that status was due in no small part to the imprint s most famous and acclaimed signing Burial. Notoriously media shy nobody even knew of Burial s identity when his first two albums an eponymous debut in 2006 and Untrue in 2007 were released. Despite not being able to put a face (or actual name) to the moniker Burial received near universal critical adoration for his deft fusion of 2-step garage and house with ambient melancholic dubstep. Burial s sophomore full-length was later nominated for the 2008 Mercury Prize (though it lost out to Elbow) an event that sparked enough of media frenzy to convince the spotlight-averse producer to finally reveal himself on his MySpace as William Bevan. Ever low-key that revelation was tacked onto an announcement of forthcoming releases under Hyperdub. In a sense Burial epitomised the nature the label they weren t about the limelight it just about making good tunes and basslines to move your soul. Similarly other prominent acts DJs like Joker King Midas Sound Ikonika Darkstar and of course Kode9 himself found Hyperdub to be a most conducive environment for grimy creativity. Over its short lifespan Goodman s imprint has been recognised as dubstep label of the year by Pitchfork (2007) and even as one of the 10 Best British Indie Record Labels of all-time by The Guardian (2011) alongside legendary imprints such as Rough Trade 4AD XL Warp and Creation. Their much-praised 2009 compilation 5 Five Years Of Hyperdub can pretty much be held as summarised gospel of the kind of quality dubstep funky garage and 2-step that Hyperdub so regularly puts forth. The same kind of quality that comes guaranteed with every Hyperdub release. FUERTEVENTURA RUSSIAN RED The season s newest colour is Russian Red well at least it should be. Lourdes Hern ndez is a Spanish cutie pie who sounds as darling as she looks and that s more than enough to steam up the glasses of the more superficial amongst us indie nerds (which could be exactly what she was aiming at with the title of her debut I Love Your Glasses). Hern ndez is still a sapling despite being compared to Feist and Joanna Newsom and really she is neither of them she is too sweet-sounding and twee to pass off as a heavyweight. But that may be exactly why members of Belle & Sebastian and producer Tony Doogan (Teenage Fanclub Mogwai) have come onboard to assist her on her sophomore she s an indie pop princess with crossover transnational potential. Opener Everyday Everynight chugs along as a charming strummer about missing a lover The Memory Is Cruel enchants even if it is about someone who is gone with Hern ndez singing Dadarada insouciantly and A Hat shows off Hern ndez s candied voice with just a guitar as accompaniment. (Sony Music) 32 THE FUTURE IS MEDIEVAL KAISER CHIEFS (Polydor Records Ltd.) Lofty music futurists Kaiser Chiefs put the choice in fans hands to choose and sequence an album out of a possible 20 songs available online. Clever hype but material-wise it s a hit or miss. Nothing s quite I Predict A Riot or Ruby but choose well and you will hear a band on a progressive curve. Our picks Little Shocks Things Change and Long Way From Celebrating . Or you could just screw choice and buy the official album. LEGENDARY WEAPONS I M WITH YOU RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS (Warner Bros) Three decades ago the Red Hot Chilli Peppers whole funk-metal-hip-hopnudity schtick made them white-sun-hot punksters. Maybe age and commercial acceptance explain why their latest is a mildly fried plate of indie rock. Dance and pop elements feature greatly especially on Monarchy of Roses and Dance Dance Dance . The other dozen is still enjoyably RHCP but are dishes set to a toasty-coasty temperature and in need of more piri piri. WU TANG CLAN Hold up ya rap disciples Clan is not on the cover of the latest Wu Tang album. Well GZA and Masta Killa are not on their latest manuscript a probable interim till the real full-fledged Clan album drops. A relaxed punch of muffled woozy beats sampled sounds and verbal sparring it s typical Wu Tang and yet not quite. Ghostface Killa shows his usual aggro face Method Man s a welcome star back in Diesel Fluid with guests such as Trife Diesel and Sean Price shoring up the ranks. (EQ Music Pte Ltd) MASTERPIECE 39 tracks and one master maestro just where does one begin with the very veritably titled Masterpiece by Gilles Peterson The fourth edition is a music gourmand s delight presented as Dusk Dawn and Twilight mixes encompassing the luminous to caliginous in electronic music. From this manna we dare venture to pick a few Peaking Lights Hey Sparrow SBTRKT s Hold On and Young Disciples As We Come (To Be) . This Masterpiece deserves to be acquired. GILLES PETERSON (Ministry of Sound Recordings Ltd) UKULELE SONGS EDDIE VEDDER Eddie Veder plays the ukulele Okay settle down boys it is not that alien or funny an idea he performed a song with a ukulele on Pearl Jam s Binaural. On this batch of 16 originals and covers Vedder sounds intimate and pleasant his manly croon a serious foil to the trebly twangs of the ukulele (superbly played by the way). It can annoy but hearing Can t Keep played acoustically and Cat Power singing on Tonight You Belong To Me does make this less painful laughable. (Universal Music) THIEVERY CORPORATION (ESL Music) CULTURE OF FEAR With Eric Hilton and Ron Garza it s a case of expect the expected with the duo s sonic balm blended from trip hop world music soul and jazz. 16 years and six original studio albums on the ears need more than just the same old moisturising. The title track (feat. Mr Lif) stands out with its looming bassline LouLou enchants with her fey wiles on a few others and the others are luxe-ly kitted out sonically but the edge is missing from this Culture of Fear. CIRCUITAL (ATO Records) MY MORNING JACKET My Morning Jacket is not a band to be straitjacketed the Kentucky quintet has been compared to everyone from The Who to Radiohead and even to Prince. But nobody doubts their ability to evolve. The best one can make of their sixth album a Southern rock and blues band experimenting with prog rock pop and r&b. It s a delicious sonic jam that will get the adventurous licking their lips best tasting genre-mashers include Holdin On To Black Metal and the title track. VIRTUE EMMY THE GREAT Let not Emma-Lee Moss pretty voice fool you the woman has gone through fire. After her fianc left her for a religious calling this pastoral songstress has gone for a denser colouration to her songs. So on Dinosaur Sex a gauze of guitars weaves in and female voices call in the background of A Woman A Woman A Century of Sleep . But it is on Trellick Tower that Moss truly edifies herself as Emmy The Great where stripped down to her and a piano she cuts to the truth and to the heart. (101 Distribution) 100 ACRES OF SYCAMORE Irish folk wonder Fionn Regan indulges in expansiveness on his third album bulking up his acoustic balladry with orchestration. The laddie s planted himself somewhere between Iron & Wine and Damien Rice the title track starts and ends with plaintive violins and in the gloaming of his music Regan is at his heaviest in the ambulating Vodka Sorrow and lightest in For A Nightingale . Depending on how you like your troubadours Regan s either a winner or a whiner. (Heavenly Recordings) FIONN REGAN LIGHTS OUT DECADE STEVE LAWLER (VIVa Music) Has it really been 10 years since Steve Lawler turned out his Lights Out mix series for us This Decade edition confirms the speedy passing of time and it also affirms how Lawler s style of mixing house music is tried tested and just a lil tired. It is two CDs of deep percussive and winding house thudding that only diehard clubbers can revel in. The rest of us stuff-limbed ones might just settle for curios such as Frivolous Ostalgia and Adam Port s Tell You . LOOPING STATE OF MIND THE FIELD (Kompakt) At just seven songs Stockholm producer Axel Willner better have more than repeating loops in mind. But egad His third album is all about loops. Fortunately he has a deft hand at turning them into hypnotic Catherine wheels in lengthy shimmering soundscapes. Cleanly and minimally he sets off sparks with the opener Is This Power ending with the beauties that are the ambient Then It s White and the arrhythmic Sweet Slow Baby each individual track an inventive take on the loop. CSS LA LIBERACI N When an indie-dance rock group such as CSS needs to grow up beyond the flavour-of-the-party phase puberty hits. Does one still do empty rebel dance & rock songs ( F k Everything and City Grrl ) or brave new waters as they do with Bobby Gillespie on lead single Hits Me Like A Rock and the piano-rolling Partners In Crime A difficult third album we want Lovefoxxx and friends to continue to be their colourful selves but there are signs that a maturation is both in order and at play. (Fontana) special INDULGE YOURSELF RAISING THE ROOF From an expanding panoramic skyline to mile-high watering holes offering cozy ambience and impeccable service there s plenty to take in on Singapore s lofty perches. That s precisely why so many cool bars are taking nest on our rooftops recently and as usual OCBC Cards has the inside scoop on which heights to scale. TOP OF THE WORLD Staying grounded isn t all it s cracked up to be and everybody enjoys sipping a few cold ones high above the streets in comfy picturesque settings (other than a few acrophobes). After all there s nothing like the feeling of being on top and we bet the refreshing breeze and the breathtaking view does nothing except elevate one s chillout experience. MR. PUNCH ROOFTOP BAR Perched right above Mint Museum of Toys this quaint establishment is lovingly adorned with throwback paraphernalia such as colourful enamel posters and cute vintage collectibles. Everything from their yesteryear furniture to their name (referencing an old English puppet show) exudes a nostalgic charm which immediately sets you at ease. The place has great happy hour prices and is never uncomfortably crowded so you and your mates can take more time to kick back and catch up. Mr. Punch Rooftop Bar is located at Level 6 26 Seah St. Please call 6334 5155 or visit for more information. Opening hours are 4pm to 12am from Mondays to Thursdays and 4pm to 2am from Fridays to Saturdays. OCBC CARDMEMBERS EXCLUSIVE 15% off total bill 34 ZSOFI TAPAS BAR Eschewing slickness for a more bohemian feel the bucolic Zsofi Tapas Bar and its open-roof terrace bar (lovingly called The Eagle s Nest) is rather unique. Entrenched in the heart of Little India within Dunlop Street s backpackers quarters the warmth and camaraderie felt at Zsofi is more akin to the rustic exuberance of Spanish Granada than metropolitan Singapore. Providing views of pre-war shop houses and tastes of hearty home-styled dishes Zsofi is a slice of Mediterranean-styled paradise. Zsofi Tapas Bar is located at 68 Dunlop Street. Please call 6297 5875 or visit for more information. Opening hours are 5pm to 1am daily. OCBC CARDMEMBERS EXCLUSIVE 15% off total bill HALO Few rooftop bars frame our cityscape as gorgeously as Halo does. Located on the seventh floor of the chic Wangz hotel this posh space boasts spectacular sights and top-notch drinks (try their specially concocted signatures dubbed Halo s Own). As far as pinnacled hangouts go Halo is as chill as they come so the moment you sink into their oversized rattan chairs you know your workaday remedy is only a couple of drinks away. Halo Rooftop Lounge is located at Level 7 Wangz Hotel 231 Outram Rd. Please call 6595 1388 or visit for more information. Opening hours are 4pm to 11.30pm from Sundays to Thursdays and 4pm to 12am on Fridays Saturdays eve of and on public holidays. OCBC CARDMEMBERS EXCLUSIVE 15% off total bill OCBC Cards. For all the musts in life. Don t have an OCBC Card SMS OCBC Cards space your name to 76062 or visit cards Co.Reg.No 193200032W TERMS AND CONDITIONS Payment must be made with an OCBC Credit Debit Card. Promotion is valid from 1 31 October 2011 and not valid with other promotions. OCBC Bank and the merchant reserve the right to withdraw card privileges and alter terms without prior notice. Merchants terms and conditions apply. OCBC Bank shall not be responsible for the quality merchantability or the fitness for any purpose or any other aspect of any offer product. Notwithstanding anything herein OCBC Bank shall not at any time be responsible or held liable for any defect or malfunction in any offer product and or for any loss injury damage or harm suffered or incurred by or in connection with the use of any offer product by any person. Other terms and conditions apply. Annual fee for the OCBC Titanium MasterCard is S 180 p.a. OCBC Platinum MasterCard is S 150 p.a. and OCBC Robinsons Visa Platinum is S 120 p.a. The effective interest rate is 24.96% p.a. and interest is subject to compounding if the monthly interest charges are not repaid in full. Annual fee for the OCBC YES Debit Card is S 20 p.a. Terms and conditions apply. FOCUS ARTIST GIRLS HALLELUJAH Text Min Chen Some of the earliest songs we learn are happy and joyous which is why we sing when we are sad in a sort of effort to get back to that place of happiness is how Girls frontman Christopher Owens talks us up about his band s sophomore Father Son Holy Ghost. And true to his word the all-new record wrests beauty out of pain joy out of misery and hope from every lonely night in a manner so spiritually overwhelming it s entirely deserving of its title. It s the kind of redemption Christopher knows a few things about his own backstory bearing both tragedy and triumph having been born into the cult of The Children of God before fleeing it in his teens to live off the streets of Texas and San Francisco where he discovered drugs messy bedrooms and lo pop music From there it was just a hop and skip to Girls a vehicle Christopher jumpstarted with Chet JR White to house his intimate and troubled songwriting. Songs are written out of sadness to get back to happiness remember And if it s not music doing the redeeming then it s love. Love (or the loss of it) was all over Girls free-spirited debut Album which was a little Elvis Costello a little Beach Boys but made entirely of Christopher s own heart and heartbreak. The lo-fi squalid quality of said-album was wiped clean for the brief interlude that was the Broken Dreams Club EP a step-up in fidelity as much as in composition and a seamless segue to Girls second chapter. Somewhere in the midst of Father Son Holy Ghost Christopher does inform us that he s still tired and lonely and his heart is broken ( My Ma ) and with song titles such as Die and Vomit you can t expect this to be all rosy stuff. But lemons do make good lemonade and every vulnerable moment on here comes coupled with irresistible melodies one three-piece gospel choir and timeless pop power (oh the riffs on this thing ). But nowhere does Christopher fall into an emo pit of hell instead his true confessionals (from the cutting charm of Honey Bunny to the lounge-y heartache of Love Like a River ) aim for that sacred place where music is a spiritual exercise and rock n roll redeems. And by god that calls for a hallelujah. GIRLSsf IF YOU LIKE THAT YOU LL LOVE THESE... ARIEL PINK S HAUNTED GRAFFITI BEFORE TODAY Slightly off to the left and down the rabbit hatch you ll find Ariel Pink and his pile of psychedelic melodies surreal and maddening ones yes but ones that belie an impressive talent and pop finesse. 36 PULP HIS N HERS BEACH BOYS PET SOUNDS If you re gonna talk some of the most lush and pristine pop structures you ll be talkin Pet Sounds. Of course nothing comes close to its majesty but the giant mark and melodies it left behind still smart. CAT POWER THE GREATEST Damn if Girls My Ma isn t a direct descendant of The Greatest and if not Christopher and Chan do share the kind of confessional pop songwriting that quietly steals hope from the clutches of misery. There s everything to love on Pulp s breakthrough record the pathos the romance the joyously transcendental choruses and on the other side of the coin the menace the mood and the visions of life on the fringes. WHO S H0T ON THE PLAYLIST THIS MONTH WE TELL. Text Hidzir Junaini listen up CORNELIA Imagine Oh Land s sweet pipes married with leftfield Brainfeeder production and you get Cornelia a Swedish songstress exuding unending cool during perfectly pitched doses of electronic pop. Her spellbinding By The Fire Now and Hearafter EP was a head turner (partially accredited to great remixes by TOKiMONSTA and Daisuke Tanabe) that s only topped by her gem of a new single entitled Aquarius Dreams . Featuring mischievous keyboards and militaristic drums the track immediately evokes childish wonder even before her fairy tale vocals spins you around with its innocent beauty. We d advice you to check out remixes of the track from DVA Will Ward and Kid Specific as well. LYDIA LOVELESS With the charm of Jenny Lewis and the soulful twang of Neko Case Lydia Loveless at age 20 already possesses the potential to surpass her generation s country contemporaries. In our humble opinion she probably has already. Everyone calls her an old soul and when you listen to that voice to-die-for and her lyrical tales of violence and loneliness you kind of get why. Imagine boozy heartaching experience entrenched in impeccable Patsy Cline-esque songwriting just juxtaposed with punk rock attitude. Her debut record Indestructible Machine was as gutsy as it was vulnerable simultaneously anthemic of rock n roll alienation and rural hardships. Such enviable command for a 5-foot tall fledging. lydialoveless F CKED UP The band wears its fun dysfunction on its sleeve and that s exactly why their name is so apt. They started out punk and then became hardcore and now with their magnum opus David Comes To Life the Polaris-winning sextet is finally getting some limelight outside of the underground. Their new conceptual rock opera (just replace the libretto with liberating screaming) simply defies expectations. Once famed for their lead singer s ferocious blood-strewn (and oft-nude) onstage antics more than their deeply intelligent content the evolution of the band into its current iteration isn t so surprising if you only listened carefully. Expect utterly imaginative songwriting that s both mosh and melodic. epicsinminutes SHABAZZ PALACES When most rappers prefer to indulge shameless self-promotion Shabazz Palaces appears to be the odd loner kid in kindergarten colouring by himself in the corner. The mastermind behind this purposefully enigmatic collective is Palaceer Lazaro otherwise known as Ishmael Butler (formerly of Digable Planets and Cherrywine). While his previous projects were big-time Grammy-winning players Shabazz Palaces is keen to be shrouded in mystery so much so that that his two EPs last year were self-released and unpromoted. Of course with the recent release of a thrilling full-length Black Up on Sub Pop (yes they re Sub Pop s only hip hop signees) full of experimental beats and futuristic sci-fi vision attention is inevitable. TYLER THE CREATOR Forget the controversy and step aside Tegan & Sara s (understandable) outrage at his music s content nobody can deny that 2011 has been Tyler Okonma s year. This certainly wasn t a case of notoriety begetting hype because righteous backlash or no righteous backlash Tyler s Goblin is one the densest and most dazzling (also possibly disturbing) forays into alternative hip hop in recent times. The 20-year-old s uncanny knack for creatively structured raps and unnerving imagination trespasses from outrageous genius to simply outrageous at times but therein lies Tyler s wartsand-all lyrical brilliance. You can take it or leave it but one has to realise that the future belongs to the young Odd Future captain. essentials LADYTRON Text Min Chen We ve never fit into one scene never adhered to one set of rules and never wanted to create anything that was already accepted or in the mainstream. Reuben Wu KEY LADYTRON SYNTH CITY Must ve been a curious day in 2001 when Ladytron s debut descended upon the unsuspecting public. Too pop to be dance and too synthesised to be rock 604 having amalgamated two decades worth of new wave electronic influences that began with Kraftwerk proffered stylised electro-pop that in a polarised musical climate didn t fit neatly into either dance or rock strain. Some would call it electroclash (definitely not the band who felt nothing for that day-glo trash-aesthetic ) others wrote the group off as 80s revivalists but most simply applauded its effort in posing a fresh and experimental perspective to the age-old electronic question. With that a new chapter in synth-based pop was underway. And all it took was for four individuals from varying walks of lives (an industrial designer a label owner a biochemist and a classically trained musician) to come together in Liverpool wear out their copies of Roxy Music and fiddle around with a bunch of analog synths for this arthouse brand of electronica to happen. As much as 604 was a sensation the band was then still a fledging entity that would eventually take steps to reach the blinding heights of 2005 s Witching Hour. Ladytron s third offering emerged following a two-yearlong tour and amidst much record label wrangling and hit all the right notes by mating its synth veneer with dream-pop atmospherics all within a glamorous dystopia. More so it showed the group s songcraft capable of answering to both the needs of pop and the dancefloor. But it s to no particular aesthetic that Ladytron has ever submitted to. Instead the only name of the band s game has simply been experimentation the kind that has ensured its catalogue has diversified beyond synth-pop and across disco and new wave while always keeping in line with a sophisticated songcraft. Even if you re not listening in the likes of Goldfrapp and La Roux certainly have. Keyboardist Reuben Wu reckons that over the years It became ingrained in people s consciousness that it was acceptable even natural to make music this way. And if so one can only thank Ladytron for dropping that first synthesised note into the 21st century. 604 (2001) At the heart of Ladytron s debut is an old soul that s loyal to vintage synths and Kraftwerk-era electronica but on its skin is a fresh and clever coat of paint that shines whichever way you look at it. Light & Magic (2002) The night to 604 s day Light & Magic comes wielding a digitised edge denser layers and that icy artschooled detachment. But don t worry Seventeen is on here so you can still sing along. Witching Hour (2005) Ladytron at its finest hour when its keen songwriting intricate production and an ambitious stab into MBV-ed shoegaze made for a seamless spell of an album. Destroy Everything You Touch says it all. Velocifero (2008) The band s experimental impulse seems to have taken a backseat here conceding instead to its well-worn paths of synthpop. It s still quintessential Ladytron though and nothing s bad about that. Gravity The Seducer (2011) A milestone Ten years on and Ladytron s still in the biz shopping around an album that via the excellent White Elephant already showcases enough hooks and retro-fied disco-pop to keep you in bated breath. 38 chat FFF GIRL DJ BOOTCAMP WHO RUN THE WORLD Text Min Chen Photography Ryan Chang Apparel AL&ALICIA Makeup Ettusais 40 IN CASE YOU DIDN T GET THE BULLETIN GIRLS KICK ASS AND PRETTY OFTEN AT THAT. AND HERE ARE FOUR OF THEM WHO DO IT ON AN ANNUAL BASIS CHERRY CHAN DEBBIE CHIA NATALIE PIXIEDUB AND PAMM HONG THE THREE ACCOMPLISHED DJS AND ONE CREATIVE CAT BEHIND THE FFF GIRL DJ BOOTCAMP. FOR THE PAST FOUR YEARS THE BOOTCAMP HAS BEEN PLAYING FOSTER MOTHER AND MENTOR TO OUR FLEDGING FEMALE JOCKS WITHIN AN ENVIRONMENT THAT S LOVING SUPPORTIVE AND ALWAYS FFFUN. YOU BET JUICE APPROVES ANOTHER SEMESTER IS ALREADY UNDERWAY BUT NOT BEFORE WE STEAL CHERRY DEBBIE NATALIE AND PAMM AWAY TO GRILL THEM ON THE FFFELINE-LED CURRICULUM. Tell us how you girls found each other. Debbie Cherry gave me my first gig in Singapore with Pop My Cherry We re all just girls in the music scene of around the same age that like to do make and share stuff. Natalie Debbie and I knew each other in secondary school when we were listening to riot grrl bands Cherry and I met later at some party. We like to bake and compare notes about boys. We also have a slightly unhealthy obsession with FFFelines. Cherry We hang with the letter F every week it likes to knit and meow softly whilst listening to vintage records. Pamm By some mighty kitty chance Cherry decided to rope me into this project as creative director To this day I ve been grateful and giving my best for these girls. I couldn t have picked a better feline empowered team to work with. How did the FFF Girl DJ Bootcamp emerge from there D It actually arose out of necessity like I needed a good way to spend 10 000 because I was nominated for some award and the Girl DJ Bootcamp had been an idea I was toying about. So although I didn t win the award I went ahead with it anyway with the support of my ex-boss Cynthia Nat Cherry Aresha and recently Pamm. Fundamentally it is about giving other girls the same opportunities that I was given and maybe even make it easier for them. And how does it feel going into your fourth year N It just keeps getting better every time we do it as we experience new lecturers new dynamics new venues and modes of teaching. We also put more and more thought into the process versus the first year where we just went into it head-on with a LET S DO IT attitude. D We re always improving to stay current with new demands and trends. The first ones were more intimate and casual with no barriers and now we re sleeker about how things are run but I still look back on the beginnings with fondness. The 10th year would be a nice milestone. What does the Girl DJ Bootcamp mean to you personally N It is a really great opportunity for girls to step up to the plate take control of their own interest and actually do something about it C A mind-opener and soul enhancer. When you create and get in depth with quality music your world and consciousness expand. The Bootcamp is there to give a taster. D I like how the community gets together and the old get to link up with the new and share what they know in a meaningful and deliberate way. I like how it creates connections where previously there were none before and this applies to everyone who is involved. P I think the Bootcamp does much for simply believing in yourself. The world is so huge and there s no space for conflict and I kind of want to be able to tell other people (girls especially) that it s really just you who steers your route in life and no one else. Oh and that girls can be better than boys at anything Then again girls will indeed face a great number of challenges in their musical journeys... D They ll face the same challenges as the guys but some girls will find it hard to work manually with sweat and pressure in an intense environment. N People expecting us to also want to be models or to make use of our sexuality to sell ourselves. Stop it. We are not going to go topless and pose with headphones covering our breasts. P Whether it be DJ chef designer entrepreneur it s always been a man s world. That s the first hackneyed idea that should be assassinated. The second being how some girls kind of ruin it for others because they ve been labeled as such (DJ) only for the value of being eye-candy and just performers. And who are some of your own DJ heroines D Nina Kraviz always plays stuff I want to play and she has a special vibe. Recently Cassy has been effective for me on the dancefloor. I ve also been listening to Tania Vulcano K Hand and DJ Minx from recommendations. N This is a tough one for me I love all the ones that don t play up their sexuality and manage to wreak DANCEFLOOR DESTRUCTION Magda Miss Kittin Scarlett Etienne Miss Nine. C Mary Anne Hobbs who has a progressive taste in music and immense influence with her radio shows. She is able to drive global dance music trends with her selections opening up ears and minds. DJ Storm for being an incredibly talented DJ her sets are soooo well crafted. P Kemistry and Storm the first ladies of drum n bass their DJ Kicks LP was one of my first vinyls and it changed my life. And to second Cherry when I first found Mary Anne Hobbs Breezeblock on the BBC it was phenomenal to hear a lady take the throne and actually be part of the building block for what dubstep is today. The Bootcamp will also be building our next generation of DJ heroines. Wherein lies the greatest satisfaction for you D Bringing the lecturers and the students together in the common interest of music development. I think the bonds created are real and it goes on as long as they share the love for music. C Being part of the process of someone evolving their skills and musicality. So what can a girl gain from the Bootcamp (even total n00bz) D Besides knowledge support on their music journey from newfound friends lecturers and tutors. N Definitely FFFriends FFFun and maybe some knowledge about electronic music (we hope ). C A new world of wonderful music made with machines new music friends and FFF cupcakes. Lastly share your hopes and dreams for the Bootcamp. D I would like if Singaporean female DJs became a force in the world to be reckoned with. Like a mutant species with special power. N To quote a famous diva I believe that children are our future... teach them well and let them lead the way... C More women and girls getting touched by music using it to express heal themselves or to inspire powerfully. Music can be a very pure and wonderful friend. fffgirldjbootcamp CHAT BEATAUCUE CUE FRENCH BEATS Text Hidzir Junaini Image and interview courtesy of Zirca Normandy up-and-comers Beataucue are frantic raved-up young and in-your-face. And for the love of quality Gallic electro we wouldn t have it any other way. Made up of fun-loving French boys Alex and M d ric the disco duo is steadily gaining recognition for its infectiously glitchy noise and acid synth layers dripping from its proud catalogue of critically acclaimed Kitsun -released EPs. Namemaking remixes of Brodinski and Noob and Two Door Cinema Club got them attention but it was their stunning originals such as Disque Oh and Cha Cha Cha that really made clubland take notice. Here s our t te- -t te with M d ric just before Beatacue s block-rockin set at Zirca. We hear that Beataucue means something rude in French. Care to elaborate (Laughs) Yes. It s supposed to loosely mean cue the beat actually but if you say it really fast it sounds like dick in the ass in French. I don t know why we chose that. When we started we just needed a name for MySpace and we found this too funny. People in England and other countries just think it s a classic name and have no idea. How did you guys first meet We met in school when we were 15 or something. We were just friends but later on we discovered we had the same taste so we were inspired to make music. It was just for fun at first nothing serious. So which DJs or producers did you share common love for and how did they influence you to pick up the craft yourselves When we started it was Diplo Afrojack Laidback Luke and Deadmau5 among many others. We were inspired by their vibe and when we first caught some of these DJs live together and saw their intensity we wanted to be like them too. How did an upstart DJ duo go about getting noticed in the beginning At this time Major Lazer s Pon De Floor wasn t big yet we just heard a rip online and we decided to make a remix of it. It was our first one so it was rough but we sent it to Diplo and he liked it. So he started playing it and that got attention. From there we got more opportunities to remix for Brodinski and Noob and many others so it just kept gaining momentum. When did Kitsun come calling When we got propositioned for more remixes I think that s when Kitsun approached us because they needed a new French electro act. We then released an EP with them which made us very happy... and now we re signed What s it like being on such an influential label They give us freedom to do what we want which is all that we can ask for. There s also the advantage of their image and popularity which helps us a lot because we re still new. Tell us about your latest EP Falcon Punch... It s basically just a collection of the best tracks we made last year. We re happy with it because it stretched our creativity and took us to different places. There s also a collaboration with Shinchi Osawa which was a pleasure. And H.O.W.L was indeed a fabulous track. What was working with Shinchi like Gildas Loa c introduced us and working with him was very interesting and easy. He made the riff and melody and when you got a melody that amazing and with such a nice sound and big kick the hard part is done. All we did was put the finishing touches. What would be the coolest thing Beataucue has to do before you guys call it quits Wow we ve always wanted to play a big festival like Ultra Music in Miami. But I think the coolest thing would be for us to have a release out on Mad Decent because Diplo and so many of the DJs on there were our inspiration. Hopefully we get to accomplish both dreams someday. beataucue 42 CHAT ZEE AVI FLIGHT CLUB Zee Avi s is the kind of rare success story that s seen her graduate from YouTube sensation to full-fledged singer-songwriter one that s been acclaimed for her brilliant debut toured with Pete Yorn and hangs out with Jack White on good days. But that s just the sort of stuff that comes along with singular talent the Malaysian songstress doesn t just write a damn good folkpop tune but also possesses the honeyed and hunky pipes to go along with it. Those things take wing on Ghostbird Zee s sophomore album and a catchy and sunlit offering that perfectly showcases the girl s many gifts. Here she is with its sounds and its stories. Text Min Chen Image and interview courtesy of Universal Music Tell us about the making of Ghostbird. More than half of the songs were written in Florida when I was there for three months and I was actually on a boat parked basically in the middle of the ocean and that was where I wrote them. And then we did that for about a couple of months until we went into the studio and recorded everything into it so but some songs were recorded in my Brooklyn kitchen... and you can tell So what s the story behind the album s title Ghostbird it means owl. And I ve always been attracted to the mythological symbolism of the ghost bird and of rural hunting because I think it symbolises wisdom of course and mystic creation and observation. Which were basically the three formulas that I had in my mind when I was writing this record. And I m a nocturnal creature as well And a lot of that rural quality can be found in first single The Book of Morris Johnson . How did that song come about It s a song that is based from the paintings of this folk artist named Morris Johnson who I met while I was writing the record. There was such an appeal to his words and an innocent quality to it. And I think there should always be a more philosophical view I think in terms of how you do things. I ve always practiced to see people in a less negative lens. It s more of like a positive outlook on that. We also like that you ve included a song in your native language. Tell us about Siboh Kitak Nagis . It s a song that s been waiting to write itself for a very long time now because I ve always wanted to write a song in Bahasa Sarawak. And I did it. Siboh Kitak Nangis means don t you cry. It just seemed like the right moment the right time and the right place and I m very proud of it actually How about the album as a whole Any overriding concepts to it The reason why the album starts with Swell Window is because it s kinda like a mission call. Like I always say this is more than art. This is a mission. And the whole concept of the album basically runs from sunset to sunrise. The progression of the tracklisting was very carefully put together by me and Mario Caldato to get it in sync with the sunset to sunrise idea. That s how the songs progress over the album. So what s special about Swell Window Swell Window is basically a term for the perfect wave that surfers wait for. Once the perfect swell comes you have that whole window to just ride it out and charge through to every last drop of wave. And basically it is a song about seizing the moment and living in the now. I read something somewhere that was so nicely and perfectly universal we are writing the same ways because at the end of the day we are going through the same things as each other. What are your favourite picks on this new album Apart from Swell Window which I think summarises the whole record it would be Stay In The Clouds the closing track which sums up how I feel about everything about being constantly lost in a place between fantasy and reality. And your reality is pretty fantastic itself Are you hoping for a bigger bite of the international market with Ghostbird Well I actually hope so [Laughs] I can t predict the future but you know promises are mysterious things... But yeah I certainly hope so. CHAT GOTYE SELF-MADE MAN Text Hidzir Junaini Interview courtesy of The Deck Media Group Your iTunes may know him as Gotye but to his friends he s just Wally De Backer. The Belgian-born multi-instrumentalist is beloved for his expansive electronic pop tunes that are heady as they are heralded. From his first self-packaged four-track demo adorned with handwritten track listings and pencil-shaded sleeves to his latest self-produced opus Making Mirrors everything Gotye s done has been so distinctively diverse and poetically gallivanting simply because it was all so DIY. That isn t to say that Wally s entirely averse to outside input though. Read on as Gotye converses about his learning curve the basics and of course The Basics. You play a bunch of instruments and sing as well Which was the first one you picked up The first one was the drums. It s still my main instrument actually. I m okay with the synthesizers piano and vocals and stuff like that but I think the studio is my main instrument. I don t think I play too many different things but I do dabble a lot with samplers and studio things. The hard part isn t necessarily playing you just need to know the basics... it s putting all the elements together that s tricky. How has playing in bands like Downstares and The Basics added to your maturity as a solo musician Playing with my high school buddies in Downstares was a lot of fun but at the same time we learnt about writing and producing together so that was how I grew. The same thing with The Basics learning about collaboration and common ground which even as a solo artist I need to be able to do especially when I m managing and touring independently or dealing with the business aspect of things. Most of your previous albums have been self-made and independently released... Up till very recently yes that s mostly the case. I do have help in a couple of great managers recently and a fabulous mixer but I do most of the producing recording writing and performing. It was very difficult but it allowed me a closer look at the mechanics of the Australian music industry. People often confuse independent artists with artists on independent labels. Could you explain the difference Well there are artists signed to independent labels and then there are artists like me who used to do everything on my own. I had a distributor in Creative Vibes who helped me get CDs into stores but essentially all creative and promotional aspects were handled by me. I m not saying one thing is better than the other but you do keep more control being more independent. The downside is the added workload and longer hours though. Your new record is distributed by Universal though which is a big deal. Do you get called out for not remaining as indie as you used to be People sometimes get hung up on these things. If your criterion is that independent artists cannot be distributed by a major label then no I m not an independent artist anymore. But if you define independent artists by how closely involved they are in all aspects of the music that they make from producing it to writing it to marketing it and to how it gets out there then yes I m very independent. It all depends on your criteria I guess. Tell us about your new album Making Mirrors. The name itself implies introspection. Was that the thematic inspiration for the album I actually didn t really set out with a specific concept it was more about exploring different directions and seeing which was the most exciting. And once I ve had a bunch of songs it was a matter of picking ones that had greatest meaning when put together. Song selection and sequencing are very important things to me and it just so happened that this theme emerged as the most interesting. Look out for a possible Gotye sighting at one of your favourite festivals returning in early 2012. Stay tuned... 44 CHAT BRANDT BRAUER FRICK All of you came from classical or jazz backgrounds. So when was the first time you fell in love with dance music Daniel It may have when I was 15 or something like that. Surprisingly the first record that really got me into it wasn t house or techno it was the 4 Hero Two Pages Reinterpretations album which was a d n b remix album. Paul I come from classical music and I studied composition most of my life so I got into dance music really late. I was into hiphop first and only casually liked house music when I was younger but I never took it seriously. I only began to love it when I was 25 or so. The first album that really blew my mind was Akufen s My Way back in 2002. So how did you three get the idea to merge techno with classical instrumentation P That plan wasn t a fusion with techno. We wanted to make something fresh and new and something to surprise ourselves. We love to experiment with old instruments in our studio and we just knock on them to get a weird percussion sound a special sound. This is why we love to work with acoustic instruments it s not just about a crossover we believe live instrumentation can add to the sound and experience. We ve played fun DJ sets before but we prefer playing live there s just more adrenaline in it for us. Jan and Daniel formed a jazz band called Scott early on. How did Paul come into the equation P I met them while watching a Scott a show. Then we both also played a party in Barcelona which was a coincidence and we simply loved each other s stuff. We couldn t wait to jam together The first session was really productive and we wrote five songs in three days it was really quick. Actually we made Bop on the second day. Speaking of we have to ask about the incredible ensemble music video for Bop . How did that whole thing come about D The idea was to viscerally show how we made the music with our instruments. At that moment we wanted to simulate an ensemble because it was only the three of us in the studio playing and recording with dozens of instruments. P In the Bop video we wanted to show people how it would look if all those instruments were played at the same time live and how exciting it can be So in the video you see us cloned four Daniels four Jans and four Pauls. (Laughs) We liked it so much that we ve begun incorporating big ensembles into our live shows too. What kind of audience reactions you get live Do you prefer people to dance or for people to pay attention like a proper recital D We ve played both kinds of shows. When we play Sonar for example it was more rave-y but we ve also played sit-down concerts too. P It depends both are fun and fulfilling in their own ways. We love the change and the chance to experience our music in so many different contexts. Text Hidzir Junaini Image and interview courtesy of Tanjong Beach Club Nature never meant for classical and club music to interbreed but a Berlin trio of mad scientists named Brandt Brauer Frick certainly had other ideas. The dapper Germans come from serious conservatory backgrounds but it was their love for dance music that made them stray from Mozart to Matthew Herbert. The idea that the two genres can t coexist is hogwash to them and judging from the brilliance of their acoustic-house output they re absolutely right. Ditching loops and samples the boys go old-school with vibraphones guitars pianos and other instruments to create jazzy downtempo live techno. We caught Paul and Daniel at Tanjong Beach Club prior to their Worldwide Festival set and we couldn t resist a seaside chat over sangrias. 46 special ZOUK Forget the Merlion Singapore s best landmark has got to be Zouk. Behind this music institution is a team working tirelessly behind the scenes and the latest addition to this family is Wayne Lee their new Head of Entertainment whose good taste has brought us the best music and put the bump and grind in Phuture the groovy sounds over at Velvet Underground and all the bass in its main room. Yup we re lucky we ve got Zouk but SingTel subscribers are even luckier the first 50 of the lot gets in free every Friday We handed Wayne a pen and got him to translate the best bits about Zouk on paper. FLASH YOUR SINGTEL LOGO ON YOUR MOBILE PHONE ALONG WITH YOUR STUDENT PASS 11B TO ENJOY RED PRIVI BENEFITS AT THE FOLLOWING JOINTS A Curious Teepee SCAPE 02-24 (Free gourmet coffee tea with any purchase until 31 Oct 2011) A Bathing Ape Mandarin Gallery 02-02 03 (Spend 150 to get a free gift per receipt until 30 Dec 2011) Browhaus (50% off brow grooming services) Valid till 31 Oct 2011 for new customers and one time use only. 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Promotion is limited to The Cathay Vivocity Dempsey Holland Village & Mandarin Gallery outlets only Surrender Raffles Hotel Arcade 02-31 (10% off all Clot and BBC Ice-cream items until 18 July 2012) The Butter Factory Booty Call (1st 80 SingTel customers get Free Entry and 1 House Pour until 31 March 2012) Topshop Topman Miss Selfridge Dorothy Perkins Ben Sherman Stay tuned for more exclusive offers Zouk 17 Jiak Kim Street (1st 50 SingTel customers get Free Entry every Friday) until 30 March 2012 Visit youth for more details. GIRL GUIDE Text Hidzir Junaini feature For some reason or another female DJs never get as much visibility as their male counterparts. While it s true that there are a few recognisable names out there none of them get the spotlight of a Ti sto or the reverence of a Derrick Carter and that s a shame. Most of these girl DJs are just as skilled and capable as the guys and let s face it they usually pull it off with better style. So we re here to pay the lady contingent their dues and give you a guide into the ever-expanding sorority of kickass chicks storming the consoles. ELLEN ALLIEN Real Name Ellen Fraatz Genre Techno electro As one of the trailblazing girl DJs from the early 90s Ellen Allien holds a special place in the hearts of many female electronic musicians. Even from her early days helming the decks at various notable German clubs Ellen easily gained the respect of a male-dominated scene purely based on her outstanding skill and vision. Her fondly remembered BPitch Control party series would go on to spawn an eponymous sub-label catering to minimal sounds and maximal talents. With adored releases such as Stadtkind and Berlinette Ellen s sterling catalog serves as essential listens for all selfrespecting EDM heads out there. B. TRAITS Real Name Unknown Genre Drum n bass dubstep electro We feel pretty comfortable calling this massively talented girl the female-fronted future of bass. What may surprise you though is that the girl who s leading the charge for such a uniquely British genre isn t from the UK. B. Traits hails from the small Canadian town of Nelson but that didn t stop one adorable 16-year-old suburban girl from learning the craft and absorbing the grimy sounds of dingy London as her own. Subsequently snapped up by Shy FX and his vaunted Digital Soundboy Recordings B. Traits is now the reigning bass princess of the Vancouver scene. All at 23. COLETTE Real Name Colette Marino Genre House The whole singing-while-spinning thing may seem like it s been done to death now but back in 1996 it was still a pretty radical idea. And we have one trendsetting Chi-town chick named Colette Marino to thank for that. Not only is she a mixing talent on par with fellow Chicago house luminaries such as Frankie Knuckles her powerhouse live vocals ain t a gimmick either. What still really amazes us though is that Colette improvises on most of her songs. How many other people can spontaneously freestyle lyrics while running a set as tight as the Belleville Three Yeah not many we reckon. MARY ANNE HOBBS Real Name Mary Anne Hobbs Genre Dubstep Dubstep s boys club was probably more impenetrable than those within other genres (the scene gets pretty agro in case you didn t know) but thanks to Mary Anne Hobbs those walls are all but shattered. As an influential radio host on BBC Radio 1 she was practically the first to introduce the genre to mainstream radio. But besides her on-air championing of dubstep grime and tastemaking compilations (Dubstep Warz Evangeline) Hobbs is also a very talented dubstep DJ herself. Mary Anne Hobbs is the John Peel of bass-born EDM and her status as dubstep s queen bee shouldn t be overlooked. DJ RAP Real Name Charissa Saverio Genre Drum n bass Believe it or not this d n b doyen was actually born in Singapore before moving to the UK. As with most British kids at the time Charissa became immersed in the acid house revolution before graduating from regular partygoer to one of jungle s best mixers and producers. Many of the 90s breakbeat classics such as Spiritual Aura and The Adored were hers and by the time she emerged from the underground to embrace the fast-rising d n b circuit she was already a highly regarded name. Great albums like Learning Curve and Touching Bass has since cemented her rock-solid rep. 48 MAGDA Real Name Magdalena Chojnacka Genre Minimal techno Having crisscrossed the dance circuits in Berlin and Detroit it s no wonder that Magda s weapon of choice is techno. This girl is a prot g of one Richie Hawtin so her cred is as undeniable as her ever-moving everevolving sound. Sometimes eccentrically acid and sometimes magnetically metallic (she is Detroit-bred after all) what s consistent in her line-blurring style is that dramatic element of surprise. As part of Women on Wax and a key player in the M_nus collective Magda has always broken ground for girls from her early residency in Windsor to her present role as Berlin techno s leading lady. unmagda JENNIFER CARDINI Real Name Jennifer Cardini Genre Tech house Jennifer Cardini is a straight-up OG in the French minimal scene welcoming that stripped-down understated brand of techno so familiar in Berlin to the fashionable clubs of Paris. Her distinctive style was so unique (back in 1998 at least) that it landed her residencies in influential clubs like Le Pulp (an avant-garde incubator for electronic music) and Rex Club (an underground bastion that hosted her revolutionary Correspondant parties) where she became known as a techhouse powerhouse. As Kompakt s first female French signee and head honcho of her own label (Correspondant) Jennifer s musical vision is set to shine for the foreseeable future. SISTER BLISS Real Name Ayalah Bentovim Genre Trip-hop house You ll recognise Sister Bliss as a founding member of much-worshipped electronica outfit Faithless but what you may not know is that she s a pretty accomplished musician in her own right. Ayalah s proficient in piano violin saxophone bass guitar and of course she s a killer behind the decks. In fact even before Faithless Sister Bliss was already a featured attraction in major clubs like Cream and Ministry of Sound. Her pioneer path as one of Britain s first few female house DJs and her subsequent success makes a compelling argument that not only is God a DJ she s probably a girl too. sisterblissofficial TOKIMONSTA Real Name Jennifer Lee Genre Psychedelic hip hop experimental She s a distinguished Red Bull Music Academy alum and she s been bred by Brainfeeder so we don t really consider it a surprise that TOKiMONSTA has blown up so big over the last few years. Flatteringly dubbed the first lady of Brainfeeder Jennifer Lee s reputation as one of LA s finest beat makers is just as deserved as her label mates like Daedelus and Gaslamp Killer. This crate-digging manga-monikered Korean-Californian weaves a broad palette of instrumental hip hop and otherworldly electronica to paint bassy textural soundscapes that are both dustily vintage and digitally progressive. TOKiMONSTA is for lack of better term immensely cool. LISA LASHES Real Name Lisa Dawn Rose-Wyatt Genre Trance hard house Christened by DJ Magazine as the first (and only) female to be included in the top 10 of their vaunted yearly top 100 lists you can bet that her status as the world s top female DJ comes with weight. Famed for her Lashed parties in Ibiza and manyvolumed Euphoria mixes Lisa s accolades are practically unmatched here. With headlining stints at major fests like Creamfields and premier clubs like Gatecrasher Lisa is a proven draw and her ability to bring the rave from the floor to the rafters makes her moniker as the Queen Of Hard House less a nickname and more a factual statement. ANJA SCHNEIDER IKONIKA Real Name Sara Abdel-Hamid Genre Experimental garage dubstep Undeniably one of UK s most astute and forward-thinking talents in bass music Ikonika has been leading the next gen of dubstep producers for some time now. Though she began her musical aspirations as a hardcore and metal drummer the electronic bug soon bit. Sara is half-Egyptian and half-Filipino and much like her blood her sound can t be singularly pigeonholed either. Combining odd-hop melodies 8-bit bleeps and unusual rhythms this Hyperdub and Planet Mu affiliated DJ is so difficult to define that much like Aphex Twin she might be a genre unto herself. ikonika Real Name Anja Schneider Genre Techno One can immediately see Anja Schneider s tastemaking sensibilities in virtually everything she does. As a prominent radio broadcaster she was known for her envelope-pushing taste while her day job as the founder and head of mobilee records has seen her unearth plenty of gems from the Berlin scene. This eye and ear for quality also translates to her stellar production and DJ work a passion that has seen her ascend over the many years to the very top. Her 2008 opus Beyond The Valley was the culmination of all that hard work with tracks like Belize and Safari governing dancefloors and charts worldwide. MAYA JANE COLES Real Name Maya Jane Coles Genre House She can do dubstep as Nocturnal Sunshine and she can do electronica as one-half of She Is Danger but the reason why Maya is the name on everybody s mind right now is because of her breathtaking deep house exploits. 2010 saw her grand entrance with What They Say and what they all said were filled with unending superlatives like second coming and breakthrough . This was all before her 2011 masterpiece EP Focus Now dropped mind you. Maya s side-project sounds seep into her house records frequently but we don t mind at all because it s that genredefying genius and technicality that makes her the most special of the new breed. feature As you can tell the female future of electronic music is alive and thriving. And equally so on this island where our own leading ladies are cutting up an electronic path all of their own. DOOPZ Real Name Amanda Ling Genre House minimal tech indie electronica Why did you want to become a DJ I was a very early clubber especially at Zouk in my teens and I grew up observing how the DJs work the decks. I recognised how important the role of a DJ is to set the tone and vibe and I d like to create my own vibe with my music too. Do you feel that it s harder for female DJs to gain respect Well it only seems harder because of the commercialism and media interpretation aspect of the sex sells imagery of female DJs. Therefore true appreciation and respect for the craft is compromised. Ultimately it is really all about the music and substance the DJ possess only then will respect be gained naturally. Is it cheap or smart for female DJs to play up their looks It gets smart only if you play it up wisely and tastefully. Perhaps as a female musician myself who has also experienced and shed the eye-candy aspect of my musical career I strongly do not believe in using looks to achieve milestones in a music career. It is all about the quality music at the end of the day. Which female DJs do you look up to I grew up listening to a lot of DJ Rap and Sister Bliss. Locally Angela Flame and Debbie Chia. amandalingmusic doopzdoopz JAH Real Name Aida Eliza Genre Indie rock punk electro Why did you want to become a DJ To be honest I don t really remember saying to myself Hey I wanna be a DJ . It was just something that happened naturally after years of hanging out in clubs. What started out as messing around with friends turntables at house parties just evolved into a desire to play music that I liked (indie) out in clubs at the time. Do you feel that it s harder for female DJs to gain respect Thankfully I ve never had to deal with this because I started out being in a collective Poptart and we ve received with so much love and respect right from the start. Plus Adrian Jinmart and thenPoptart DJ Zaidi have always been super supportive and awesome buddies. I also think that being a female DJ is sometimes a double-edged sword especially when people go She plays really well and she s a girl Is it cheap or smart for female DJs to play up their looks I think the most fun part about being a woman is dressing up and looking good so I don t think there s anything wrong with us female DJs playing up our looks. It just adds another dimension to our performance and image. Fact is people dress up when they go out to a club and a female DJ looking good is nothing out of the ordinary. I think it s all in good fun as long it doesn t end up as a case of style over substance. Which female DJs do you look up to Definitely Miss Kittin and Ellen Allien. I just love how Miss Kittin sings during her sets it s something I would really like to try one day. JEAN REIKI Real Name Jean Reiki Genre Dubstep house broken beats techno nu-jazz Why did you want to become a DJ I have always enjoyed the whole experience of discovering and putting together lesser-heard tunes into a set. There is always this buzz that I get out of it when I control the energy of the floor and receive positive reaction from the audience. Do you feel that it s harder for female DJs to gain respect I don t think it s hard to gain respect. The way you conduct yourself is more of a factor in any given situation. When you constantly evolve by honing your skills nurture the DJ-ing culture and put in conscious effort to connect well with others people will give the due respect you deserve. Is it cheap or smart for female DJs to play up their looks If they are in it to save their flagging music modeling career or to boost their celebrity status it s low cheap and desperate attempt on their part. Like it or not we are living in an era driven by looks and star power. It s show business as usual. However if they have the talent and the looks to match then kudos to them. Which female DJs do you look up to Ellen Allien a German DJ electronic music producer and founder of BPitch Control music label. In every aspect of the creative field she is crossing mediums and giving her personal touch to everything she does. jeanreiki jeanreiki TWO FACE Real Name Linda Hao and Grace Sunami Genre Electro-pop Why did you want to become a DJ Grace For our love for music and style Besides it was one of the things on my checklist to do before I die Do you feel that it s harder for female DJs to gain respect Linda Do you think that it is easy for male drivers to respect female drivers G Yeah exactly sometimes we let our cuteness get in the way. (Laughs) Is it cheap or smart for female DJs to play up their looks L Everybody loves to watch pretty faces if it makes the performance more interesting so why not go all out It s nothing cheap at all. G I think there is a pretty distinctive line between dressing up fabulously and skankily. 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Since you won t be caught outside topless do spare a thought for your naked wrists and collars too by dressing them up in SPORT B. s drawerful of accessories. There s everything (and we do mean EVERYTHING) from cuffs to scarves and there are even capes for those who like catching the breeze in their threads. Find SPORT B. at Isetan Orchard Wisma Atria Level 2 T 6738 3217 Isetan Scotts Shaw House Level 3 T 6733 3052 56 wardrobe DIOGO WEARS STRIPED PULLOVER 79 FROM GAP SHIRT 199 BY DR.MARTENS JEANS 89.90 FROM PULL & BEAR SNEAKERS 39 FROM MUJI text & styling fiona chen styling assistant olivia lin photography ivanho harlim & shysilia novita [model] and schnap studio [products] models diogo & bibi [upfront] 58 shirt 29.90 from pull & bear top 59 from muji jotter tote bag 25 by airmail from threadbare & squirrel sweatshirt 89.90 from the corner shop tee 79 by micah cohen from k.i.n green skirt 99 from the editor s market star tee 76 from topshop t-shirt 29.90 from pull and bear star shirt 59.90 from stradivarius Stars and Stripes wardrobe BIBI WEARS LION TANK 49 FROM TOPSHOP GOLD NECKLACE 69 FROM THE EDITOR S MARKET AVE SHORTS 31.90 FROM FUNCDEKO BANGLES 29.90 FROM STRADIVARIUS SCARF 39.90 FROM PULL AND BEAR SNEAKERS MODEL S OWN 60 red leopard print shirt 39.90 from stradivarius leopard top 79 from the editor s market ave leopard scarf 59 from the editor s market ave fur vest 89.90 from stradivarius top 95 from guess neck scarf 16.90 from the corner shop fur cossack 49 from topshop leopard skirt 49 from the editor s market ave Animal Collective wardrobe L ykke Li Thank god for Scandinavia they ve given us great design and Bj rk plus the latest entry into this hall of fame Lykke Li a comely Swede who has been romanticising us since her 2008 debut. Slightly off-centre in both her musical inclination and stage presence (that s how we like our girls) Lykke recently presented her second album Wounded Rhymes a more primal take than her debut Youth Novel but no less decadent in its dream pop goodness. Interestingly Lykke s quirkiness doesn t really translate into her wardrobe and there can be no other explanation other than her good Scandi genes plying her with astutely good taste. top 69.90 from black clover sheer top 89 by primary from threadbare & squirrel sheer pleated top 45 from collage top 39 by ecrin from the editor s market ave shirt 93 from muji top 45.90 from black clover tee 29.90 from funcdeko pullover 115 from guess 62 The Horrors Not all bands get it on the get-go take The Horrors for example. After a bit o an image crisis (they were initially described as Tim Burton-esque goths ) the boys with the outlandish post-punk sound finally found the right formula with their second take Primary Colours replete with toned down mascara and personas and the winning combo continues with in Skying their latest and well-loved baby that counts Damon Albarn as a fan. Want some of their style Forget about pulling a Faris Badwan do (unless you ve got industry-strength hairspray) so copping their threads might be an easier option. shirt 89.90 from the corner shop black bomber jacket 169 from topman belt 19.90 from h&m shirt 115 from guess striped pullover 79 from gap jacket 249 from h&m trench coat 139.90 from the corner shop bomber jacket 169 from topman wardrobe Slip on and go SOCKS NOT INCLUDED 35 from 35 from 89 from river island 169 from dr. martens 129 from aldo 29.95 from rubi 76 from topshop 159 from aldo p.o.a from topshop 64 made up Role model Text Fiona Chen Images Various sources Her voice powered what s arguably 2011 s breakthrough hit Rolling In The Deep and that sultry contralto has already filled two spectacular albums (19 and 21) and kept the critics more than enthused. But even with fame calling and being all of 21 Adele has kept a good head on those shoulders and her best face forward that s our girl We haven t got Adele s pair of lungs but her bombshell beauty is just a few reliable face friends away... 3 1 2 5 4 1. J Adore EDT spray 115 for 50ml by Dior 2. Hand & Body Lotion 24.90 by Udderly Smooth 3. Ever Liner for Eyes 11.90 by ZA 4. Lip essence Little Twin Stars (limited edition) 31 by Ettusais 5. Fresh Sugar Honey Lip Treatment SPF 15 29 by Fresh Sugar Strangely beautiful Fancy nail colour inspired by a healing bruise Morbid as it might sound this hue from New York s Strangebeautiful s fifth and latest collection is quite the good-looker with its semi-opaque violet. With five volumes of colours produced so far each with different inspirations and references from an Andy Warhol painting to a taxidermied reindeer head the Big 3 (formaldehyde toluene and dibutyl phthalate) free colours created by founder Jane Schub are endearingly offbeat and are perfect for those tired of the conventional red-tipped fingers. Strangebeautiful is available exclusively at Strip Paragon and Wheelock Place and Beauty Emporium at 8D Dempsey Road. Each bottle is available at 35 with a pedi or mani thrown in for an additional 5. 66 Earth Bound Text Fiona Chen Photography Ivanho Harlim and Shysilia Novita Model Bibi [Upfront] Brown is a hue that has unsavoury associations like grime for example. No wonder then that it s not an oft-seen hue on the face rather it has been working stealthily as eyebrow filler or as the subtler replacement for inky eyeliner. Truth is brown is incredibly flattering when worn on Asian complexions unlike the harsher black brown works great as an eyeshadow when blended into gossamer-like translucency with the aid of an eyeshadow primer. Think of it as the perfect smoky day look. Feeling adventurous Explore further with a brown lipstick that s just a few notches above nude. DON T WEAR IT WITH 1 2 A SAFARI OUTFIT. THAT S OVERDOING IT DARLINGS. 3 TO GET THE LOOK TRY 1. MATTE EYES IN LEATHER BY TOPSHOP MAKE UP 2. POLISH IN TRUFFLE BY TOPSHOP MAKE UP 3. LIPS IN MUTED BY TOPSHOP MAKE UP Special NEW BALANCE H574 PAST PRESENT FUTURE COLLECTION A DESIGN FOR LIFE It s a sign of its abiding form and function that New Balance s 574 sneakers remains as relevant and covetable as the day it was born in the 80s. Initially designed as a running shoe these kicks have since proven to be the pinnacle not just in speed and stability but in timeless style as well. That s how an entire sub-culture has sprung up around it solely dedicated to enhancing the look and attitude of this iconic shoe. New Balance s own APAC project (an initiative grounded in Asian culture) steps in this year to do exactly just that hooking up with two distinctive Asian entities Streething and Leftfoot to re-style the 574 for the future while also proudly upholding its history and heritage. Thus three exceptional representations of 574 s Past Present and Future are amongst us and this is how they re shaping up to be... BY NEW BALANCE X STREETHING As the online go-to for all things street styled Streething has naturally got its fingers on the pulse of sneaker culture. And it shows on its reinterpretation of New Balance s original 574. Vintage nostalgia is all over the HM574 which cuts close to its inspiration by wielding old heritage colours (grey and navy) and a timeless mid-cut upper silhouette. For that extra vintaged aesthetic the sole unit has also been deliberately aged while a faint yellow lines its mesh and nuback. It s one from the vaults but also for the vaults. THE PAST HM574 BY NEW BALANCE X LEFTFOOT Leftfoot Singapore s sneaker mecca helms the Present vision of the New Balance 574 and quite the vision indeed Loud and proud the H574J resembles an outdoor hiking boot at first glance but with its quick release lace hooks and all-terrain laces it s still very much a 574 in spirit. And Leftfoot being keen on the newest trends in fashion has doused these shoes in fiery and contemporary colours of green and brown and re-engineered its design after boots to fit all you culture chameleons. THE PRESENT H574J BY NEW BALANCE X STREETHING X LEFTFOOT Because everyone dreams a dream of the future the final re-imagining of the 574 sees a triple-decked collab between New Balance Streething and Leftfoot. And the resulting HS77 sure is light years ahead. While taking its cue from the original 574 silhouette this gem also comes bearing lighter and slimmer soles crisp colourways (army green beige and black) as well as sonic-welded upper features and reduced stitching for that futuristic touch. Yes it s as lightweight and comfortable as it looks and when worn points in only one direction forward. THE FUTURE HS77 These limited edition shoes will be available from 15 October onwards at all Leftfoot stores and selected New Balance Concept stores. 68 Chooee Hwang Taylor Canby And surely you ve got much love for New Balance s classic 574... T Premiered in 1988 and elevated to iconic status for its comfortable fit eclectic mix of colourways and innovative use of materials the New Balance 574 is always an undisputed style statement. A The classic 574 is like Boston s finest universities and sport teams inspiring generations before now and to come. C The 574 is one of the most versatile of New Balance models. I believe by making quality products and relevant designs will make 574 an evergreen model which both old and new customers will embrace. Anthony Ho A SHOE THING Now that you ve gotten a taste of what s on the racks for New Balance s H574 Past Present Future collection we now pop our heads behind the scenes to find out how its architects Taylor Canby New Balance s Footwear Design Manager Anthony Ho owner of Leftfoot and Chooee Hwang founder of Streething got crackin on these killer kicks. How did the collaboration come about Taylor Canby The sophistication of the Past Present Future concept that Streething and Leftfoot brought to the table was most exciting for me because it allowed us to design some very genuine shoes based off New Balance s heritage. We wanted to do something a little but out of the ordinary and being on the same page from the start made this a great project to work on. Anthony It is a natural progression stemming from the strong working relationship we ve had with New Balance over the years. As for Streething Chooee has been a good friend for a long time and we share similar ideologies on design and style. Chooee I think the biggest inspiration with New Balance is the fact that it has always been true to its identity and heritage. We have been working with New Balance for the past five years and it has always been one of our favourite brands. As for Leftfoot Anthony and I have known each other for a long time and it is a joy to get to work with a like-minded partner who is also a personal friend. Chooee tell us how the HM574 came into being. C Streething started with its main focus on sneakers so we choose to pay more attention to the Past HM574 as we are really into the heritage of New Balance. The sneakerheads in us want to keep the core colours of New Balance navy and grey while using the same materials that were used on the first generation. Our design of the HM574 is very versatile which you can pair with anything from preppy to vintage. And Anthony how does the H574J tie back to Leftfoot A The colours of the H574J carry Leftfoot elements green is my personal lucky colour and brown (as in wood) is evident in all Leftfoot stores. Since the HS77 is a major collab between you three what can we see of each of your respective elements in this shoe T The HS77 has a lot of New Balance elements to it the upper pattern takes its likeness from the 574. I think the concept behind the HS77 is an upcoming trend. Many brands are taking a look into their older models and trying to inject new life into the product. With the HS77 we took a base heritage model and added a new upper construction with a lightweight midsole outsole to give the product a really modern feel. A The characteristics of this shoe speak true to Leftfoot fun experimental and eccentric. C The HS77 shoe is regarded as a lifestyle shoe however its ultra light soles make it perfect as a running shoe as well. The versatility of it encompasses Streething s values and beliefs. Finally share with us what the Past Present Future concept means to you personally. T The PPF concept fits New Balance perfectly. We have been around for a while and have a pretty colourful history. This three-shoe pack compliments our history and shows a glimpse of our future. A The Future is now. Live now. C New Balance is translating their heritage from the past into their present assets and creating excellence for the future. CHIC THE MIDNIGHT BOOM PHOTOGRAPHY WARREN WEE STYLING FIONA CHEN ASSISTED BY OLIVIA LIN GROOMING ANGEL GWEE MODEL TYLER [AVE] PULLOVER FROM PULL & BEAR VEST FROM TOPMAN JEANS BY PURE BLUE JAPAN X THE DENIM STORE FROM THE DENIM STORE SHIRT BY DR. DENIM FROM VERY WOONDERLAND CARDIGAN FROM PAUL SMITH SHIRT BY WHILLAS & GUNN FROM ASYLUM SHOP CARDIGAN FROM PULL AND BEAR PANTS BY DR. DENIM FROM VERY WOONDERLAND SHOES BY DR. MARTENS JACKET FROM BEN SHERMAN PARKA FROM GAP SHIRT BY WHILLAS & GUNN FROM ASYLUM SHOP PULLOVER FROM TOPMAN PANTS MODEL S OWN SHOES FROM BERLUTI STYLIST S OWN SHIRT FROM PAUL SMITH DENIM JACKET BY NUDIE JEANS FROM THE DENIM STORE profile TZE GOH STERILE TEXTILE Text Fiona Chen Images Various sources Tze Goh has been on a worldly fashion sojourn and it has obviously done the Singapore born-and-bred designer a world of good. Though no longer based in this little red dot after receiving his education at London s Parsons and Central Saint Martins we re still pretty stoked that a fellow countryman has made headway in the fashion world with features in magazines like Dazed and Confused and Vogue. And all this despite the youth of his eponymous label a fresh faced operation that proffers creations both immaculately sterile yet sensual hallmarked by curves that remind one of origami expertly folded from the softest fabric. We find out what stirs the mind of this minimal animal. REMEMBERING MCQUEEN Growing up in the 90s I don t think it was hard for teenagers like me who like fashion to love the work of Alexander McQueen as it was quite rebellious and sexual be it in the styling of the red contacts or the low-cut bumsters. tze goh MEANING OF LIFE I enjoyed Terence Malick s Tree of Life which debuted the past summer. It was a slow methodical film that sincerely expresses the intentions of the director. OBJECT OF DESIRE I think that Gucci in the 90s did a really good job in producing very high quality products that people desire. EASY BREEZY Like a poncho but sexier and with an alwayschanging form made possible by movement. UNFAVOURITISM I don t have a current favourite fashion designer because when I was in school I think I liked almost everyone of them ON HIATUS I m not very familiar with the local fashion scene in Singapore though I look forward to finding out more in the future On a related note I like Club 21 in Singapore as they stock the best international designers. 78 SOOTHING SOUNDS I m not that much a fan of music but recently I ve been listening to the music of Avro Part and I quite like it as it is soothing. MALLEABLE IN 3D I ve been working a lot with this material called 3D Jersey which is jersey with a 3D relief. It s very malleable soft but still gives a garment structure STRAIGHT LACED Avant-garde doesn t have to be exaggerated as this symmetrical paneled dress implies. TWIST N TURNS A little black dress with strong shoulders coupled with a detailed collar and a subtle contoured pinch around the torso makes a perfect daywear statement. Tze Goh can be found at PLECTRUM BY BEN SHERMAN AUTUMN 11 Text Min Chen Images Ben Sherman FOCUS LABEL GENTLEMAN S CLUB Throw a glance toward menswear these days and you ll be greeted by a spread of sharply put together silhouettes. Yes today s gentlemen know exactly what s sartorially fit for them and aren t too shy in stepping out in the finest and well-tailored button-downs chinos brogues and slim-cut jackets. And lest we forget Ben Sherman has been right there since the beginning manufacturing Oxford shirts (button-down collar back-pleated) from 1963 before expanding to also meet the stylistic needs of mods skinheads and other lads so to this British clothes horse it s no trend but timeless tradition. It s to this heritage that Ben looks into for the new collection for its sartorially savvy Plectrum arm where the discerning gentleman takes centre stage and looks darn spiffy whilst doing so. This season Plectrum by Ben Sherman ain t just any ol Englishman but an Englishman in New York yup he s that well-travelled. Accompanying the man will be silhouettes informed by a mix of old English and military influences as well as contemporary textures and fabrics. Besides a serving of nice-looking shirts alternately plaid and gingham-crafted colour-blocked and doused in autumnal shades the collection s highlights include its knitwear bag of tweeds and long-line cardigans on top of statement outerwear like the iconic duck-down Parka. And if you ll look closely enough you ll also note that these new pieces come trimmed by dynamic details like twill linings flamboyant checks and leather piping. With that also comes the launch of Ben Sherman s EC1 Chino the quintessential wardrobe item now being offered by big Ben in three different styles and 12 colours all of them crisp enough to match your quality shirting. If clothes maketh the man then consider this gentleman made. Ben Sherman is located at Paragon 03-48 T 6836 8467 and VivoCity 01-24 T 6376 9108. focus label CLUB MONACO FALL WINTER 11 Text Fiona Chen Images Club Monaco DOUBLE DUTY They are known for their work-appropriate (but never bland) threads but the New York born Club Monaco has got some fun surprises sharing the racks with their unfaultable staples as we ve witnessed over the past few seasons. No surprises then that their coming Fall Winter collection has got some funky pieces (we spotted an almostsheer sequined top and metallic netted necklaces) to take you on your nights out and back. The collection is big on all things inspired by wintry and wind-swept landscapes from a palette of cinnamon and berries to fur-trimmed things on wool cashmere sweaters. There s also a bumper crop of accessories for you to mix and match your F W wardrobe with including a sweet stash of weathered leather clutches and skinny belts pouches with ponyhair accents and long beaded scarves that are layering-worthy. Day and night togs under the same roof We ll see you there. Club Monaco is located at Ngee Ann City Shopping Centre B1-12 15 T 6732 1767 A.P.C FALL 11 Text Fiona Chen Images A.P.C FRENCH CONNECTION Just leave it to A.P.C to create unassuming basics (though clean-cut designs would be a better word fit) with a luxe touch because so far founder Jean Touitou hasn t failed to delight us with any of his designs. The Paris-bred Jean is obviously a stern believer of the less is more philosophy because after all he believed and pushed his minimal creations in an era where well more is more. And look what a good place A.P.C is in now more than two decades later since its conception. Onwards to A.P.C s Fall 11 collection a delectable and as always easy-to-wear set of apparel and accessories with a slight utilitarian twist to it. Expect to find kaftanlike tops and shirt dresses in Madras checks for the ladies while men will find keeping warm an effortless task with wool-blend jackets and boldly striped cardigans. These are what you should have in your closet to achieve the elusive je ne sais quoi look kids. A.P.C is located at Raffles Hotel Arcade 02-08 T 6224 5502 80 focus label insetto ISSEY MIYAKE WATCH PROJECT Text Fiona Chen Images courtesy of Arista hu vue WRIST ART When the Issey Miyake Watch Project was conceptualised a decade ago way before collaborations were a popular fashion dictionary entry it was considered a dream pairing between Seiko and Issey Miyake. It wasn t hard to see why with Seiko providing the nondesign aspects from development to sales the famed Japanese label had plenty of room to bounce around ideas in together with a pool of distinguished designers across various fields. There was only one caveat for the designers their designs had to be their interpretations of the Issey Miyake DNA an unadulterated look driven by technical precision and behind it all an experimental concept that works beautifully. The first in the project was Insetto designed by Shunji Yamanaka an industrial designer and scientific engineer. Though it was created with a futuristic look in mind 10 years on the Insetto doesn t seem to have aged a bit. With its holistic features encompassing both soft and hard elements it ll probably still retain its charm and good looks for many years to come. Tokujin Yoshioka s To followed four years later and its chiseled face won enough fans for him to release an automatic version three years later. The third designer to come onboard was Naoto Fukazawa and his designs proved to be the strongest and most iconic in the series. In 2005 the Twelve was conceived a deceptively simple yet striking creation with angles etched on its edge in place of a watch s usual markings. Yup there s a reason why this highly-respected man is on the design advisory board for Muji and this was just one of the many. Naoto is also the brain responsible for the Trapezoid which was released following year a chronograph with a steeply cut bezel and numbers stretched to resemble speed limits on a road surface so that they remain readable despite its slant. In 2009 English designer Ross Lovegrove came up with Hu an organically shaped time-teller designed to incorporate itself into the wearer s wrist and in 2010 Swiss industrial Yves Behar s Vue swung into the market. Yves design forces the wearer to focus only on the current hour or rather only displays it while the past and the upcoming hours are lightly shrouded from view. And finally to celebrate the collaboration s tenth anniversary Tokujin Yoshioka has sculpted his design from what looks like a block of ice. Named simply O (after eau which is French for water) it s a classy and surreal stunner that s a fitting tribute to the past great years and of course a great start to more decades ahead. Issey Miyake watches will be available in Singapore from November onwards at Robinsons The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. twelve 82 trapezoid CHIC report LACOSTE IN MOTION L.12.12 Text Fiona Chen Images Lacoste THE ARTIST AND HIS TAKE WE SPEAK TO THREE OF THE PARTICIPATING ARTISTS ON THEIR CONTRIBUTION FOR LACOSTE IN MOTION L.12.12. MORRIS MOMOROBO The primary inspirations are the two words phrases from the values of Lacoste L.12.12 - Future and Freedom of Movement . Everything else took off from there. We were kind of influenced by Mr Oizo s Moustache record too and visually emulated the way he splices and arranges his music. BENJI KILO I wanted our interpretation of the L.12.12 to be inclusive and not cover the polo too much. Hence I decided to have minimal background imagery of crumpled paper and let the animation run around the front of the polo. There are parts that have the animation running along the seams and buttons of the polo too. QUINCY ACHTUNG ACHTUNG I don t think I really followed the original feel of Lacoste. At first glance my piece may appear to be totally detached from the Lacoste look and feel but if you look closely there s at least 300 Lacoste logos spraying on the screen every second. 12 TIMES THE JOY The Lacoste polo shirt is an icon in its own right but even icons have got to keep up with the times and that was why Lacoste recently commissioned 12 artists to digitally interpret their polo tee. There was of course a party and a showcase to mark this milestone and the action took place in a retired garment factory in the heart of the Robertson area. True the place could do with a little more ventilation but it was nothing that a frozen margarita couldn t solve. Paying homage to its roots Lacoste unabashedly dressed the place up in all things tennis from setting two good looking umpires at the entrance to a Wii tennis corner inside. While Ren Lacoste s polo shirt at 78 years old is already a grand ol dame it obviously hasn t lost its appeal yet and probably wouldn t for a long while. Though never a stranger to collaborations (they previously even managed to rope in the venerable Karl Lagerfeld) it was the French label s first foray into the digital arts and what a stunning start was. In the confines of the dim space the L.12.12 polo was brought to life 12 times by digital artists like Fung Kwok Pan and Nelson Lee who were all given free reign to interpret the Lacoste DNA and heritage through various mediums like illustration and 3D rendering. The Lacoste polo shirt then became a canvas that hosted the animations all accompanied by soundtracks created by musicians like Aditya Permana and Dipha Barus of electronic pop band Agrikulture. The night wasn t just a groundbreaking one for Lacoste but also for the artists involved their contributions will be screened at future global Lacoste events making their mark on foreign territories. That s like double the celebration 84 SHOP THE PIGEONHOLE ONE HOLE MANY USES RAID THE PIGEONHOLE DOUBLE RISTRETTO BROWN LATTE For those in the loop it s the DRB. The Pigeonhole s original concoction is not on the menu (or any other menus for that matter) so do ask for it. Text and Images Olivia Lin Food images courtesy of The Pigeonhole WITH STACKS OF BOOKS AND POSTERS LINING WALLS BULBS SWINGING LIMB TO LIMB OFF CEILINGS SWELL MUSIC THREATENING TO SWALLOW YOU WHOLE HOLING UP AT THE PIGEONHOLE FEELS MUCH LIKE CRASHING AT YOUR BEST MATE S SHACK EXCEPT THIS DEN PACKS THAT BIT MORE PUNCH WITH ITS SLEW OF AWESOME LOCAL INITIATIVES BY WAY OF GIGS SCREENINGS AND EXHIBITIONS. THE BOSS MAN RAYNER LETS US IN. 86 What s the story behind The Pigeonhole s name I like the old school made-in-China Flying Pigeon bicycle and the name The Pigeonhole sort of evolved from that. I think it s quite ironic because we always tell people that we are a dynamic multi-use space and they shouldn t pigeonhole The Pigeonhole by thinking that we are simply a caf . So quite simply The Pigeonhole is ... An embodiment of what my partner Ave and I like. We make the coffee we like sell the books we like offer the beers and whiskies that we like and drink ourselves. We organise exhibitions and gigs with artists and musicians that we wish to support. We try to champion and support local musicians artists and NGOs because we feel that they are not getting the support they need locally. Tell us how The Pigeonhole started. It started out of Ave s bedroom. We talked about what would allow us to explore the stuff we like and after listing out all the things we like a dynamic multi-use caf seemed to be the answer. We can have full creative control on what events to hold which bands to bring in and pretty much do whatever interests us. What are the inspirations behind The Pigeonhole Everything local. Aside from championing local music art and NGOs we also help support small local businesses by working with small local beer distributors. Even our coffee beans are roasted locally. Sounds like you ve got a worthy cause ahead of ya... We hope to change the rigid mindset of a lot of Singaporeans. A question we get a lot is What is this place People can t seem to wrap their heads around the fact that although we have coffee and food we are not just simply a caf . We have old and rare books for sale but we are not a bookshop. We have beers and whisky but we are more then a bar. We hold exhibitions film screenings and music gigs too but our d cor is eclectic and homely. To us the people who inhabit the space define The Pigeonhole. It doesn t have to fit into a particular mold and be limited to serving only one function. Also if we can expose more people to local art music NGOs and get them the support they deserve then all the better. Yes we do love the vibe of the place. I think we have managed to create a comfortable vibe that s cool enough to be hip but yet warm enough to feel completely at home. We have many regular customers that have become friends and that s partly due to them feeling so relaxed here. The Pigeonhole is located at 52 53 Duxton Road. BROTHERS TOFFEE APPLE PEAR AND LEMON FESTIVAL CIDER These great English ciders are unbelievably hard to come by on our sunny shores. Grab pints of the Pear and Lemon. Perfect for the blistering weather. HOMEMADE CHICKEN POT PIE A hearty pot pie with chunky chicken bits carrots and potatoes in a thick stew topped off with a you tiao crust. Dig in already gear DIGITALLY YOURS Text Fiona Chen THIS MONTH SONY ERICSSON XPERIA RAY 598 Available at M1 Singtel and Starhub Sony Ericsson Concept Stores (Parkway Parade and Ang Mo Kio Hub) and selected Sony Stores and Sony Centres SONY WALKMAN NWZ-A860 P.O.A Available at all authorised retailers CREATIVE WP-350 WIRELESS HEADPHONES 139 Available at all Creative authorised retailers and authorised dealers BLACKBERRY BOLD 9900 P.O.A PHILLIPS SHE9000 49 Available at all leading electronics retail outlets SONY A77 P.O.A Available at Sony authorised retailers EPSON ACULASER M1400 PRINTER 138 Available at all authorised retailers PHILLIPS SHE7000 29 Available at all leading electronics retail outlets LOGITECH BEDSIDE DOCK 99 Available at all authorised retailers LENOVO IDEAPAD TABLET K1 699 Available at all authorised retailers CASIO EXILIM EX-ZS15 299 Available at all authorised retailers CANON POWERSHOT SX150 IS 369 88 aRTY JOE HILL PAVEMENTS SLANTED & ENCHANTED Text Hidzir Junaini Images VisitBritain With cinema lost in the 3D rabbit hole why not take a gander at some 3D art as well The only difference is that the kind of street art that Joe Hill so frequently amazes bystanders with isn t reliant on technology or cumbersome glasses just old fashioned craftsmanship creativity and a couple of paint-stained hands. Joe s travelled the world on a mission to involve as many people in his passion as possible which makes him a perfect ambassador for VisitBritain s ambitious Great Britain 3D tour. Joe dropped in to drop jaws along Orchard Road with his stunning anamorphic illusions of British iconography so we took the chance to grab a cuppa with the man to discuss his art in all its dimensions. When did you first develop an interest in art Ever since I was a child I was always sketching. If I ever got bored or something my mother would just say Go over there and draw something But I really became serious when I was 13 or 14 when I started copying comic book characters drawing the Marvel way and that sort of thing. What would you be doing if you weren t a full-time artist I ve always been fascinated with film which goes hand in hand with the dramatic imagery of my art. I write as well. So I m not just an artist. I used to write on a British sitcom called My Family and I ve written a couple of short films and movie in pre-production at the moment. But it s mainly been my artwork that s been my passion and what s taken over for the last seven years. How did you first develop this 3D art style of yours There s this other English artist named Julian Beever who also does it in chalk and I first saw his stuff over the Internet about eight years ago. I thought it was fantastic And then somebody approached me to do a tour of Spain doing those kinds of pictures and I said yes. I didn t really know how to do it then but I learnt quickly. (Laughs) So essentially I got into this through Julian Beever and I ve never even met him. How did you to learn this and how has your style evolved since I learnt it with my best friend Max. Unfortunately Max has since passed but he was such a brilliant artist. Anyways we taught ourselves in about 10 days on the street outside where he lives. It started with tiny little chalk drawings and then it got bigger and bigger. And when we realised that people couldn t stand 90 on the artwork because it was chalk and it d get rubbed off we changed it to paint and canvas. Art is usually a very insular enterprise but it sounds like the process of audience participation is very important to you... We wanted it to be about the people and not us. We wanted it to be so much more than Here is a Joe and Max picture look at it We wanted people to be able to go in the picture interact with it and through that the work became theirs. When I was young I always felt intimidated going into art galleries and I feel awkward even now. So what I really like about this is that its art for everybody and it s inclusive. It also seems to be one of those things that everyone gets immediately... What s really interesting is that it s a universal leveler. Old young people from all walks of life their first reaction when looking at the art on the ground and not through a lens is one of disinterest. They don t see what the big deal is. But when they look through the lens and see the effect they immediately get it and go Oh my God I love to get that positive reaction from people. How s the reaction been like in Singapore We normally have about 300 photographs taken on an artwork on any given day but... over here we had over 1500 It s the best response I ve ever had it s fantastic ARTY SINGAPORE FASHION FILM FESTIVAL Scenes from The Secret World of Haute Couture MORE STYLE OFFERINGS SERVED HAUTE DEEP IN VOGUE Text Min Chen Images Singapore Fashion Film Festival Well a runway will only tell you so much about a label or a collection if you want the goods on what goes on in the head of Jean Paul Gaultier or the atelier of Donatella Versace or the sewing kit of Marc Jacobs you re gonna need to look elsewhere. Not at us but at the inaugural Singapore Fashion Film Festival (SFFF) which will be screening a landmark collection of documentaries that sidles right up to some of the shiniest names in fashion if just to discover what makes these designers tick and chic. It ll be the first time these 10 documentary films will be shown in Singapore and judging from its line-up you couture cats will surely bite. Chief amongst the SFFF highlights is the screening of Yves Saint Laurent Pierre Berg L amour fou which chronicles the lifelong partnership between dearly departed Yves and Pierre Berg via the sale of their private art collection (apparently the auction of the century ) of which each art piece and object tells a moving tale about their personal lives. And oh you dahhhhlings are not going to miss The Secret World of Haute Couture an alluring 60 minutes spent in the company of artistes like Karl Lagerfeld and John Galliano as they mastermind glorious couture creations (always handmade in Paris yo) for glamorous people like Daphne Guinness. This haute couture club basically maintains its own law order and eco-system that this gem of a film helmed by acclaimed filmmaker Margy Kinmonth won t be shying away from. Then if you wish to pick the individual brains of fashion designers there s a whole slew of films at the SFFF that you can start with look up The Day Before episodes featuring Jean Paul Gaultier Alexander Wang and Donatella Versace Sign Chanel which steals behind the scenes of the famed fashion house and Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton which offers an intimate portrait of LV s creative director and the all-round style whiz that is Marc. Yes this is where the big screen goes bonkers for fashion and if you do as well then get with the program ducklings. The Singapore Fashion Film Festival runs from 21 October to 7 November with screenings at Sinema Old School and the Alliance Fran aise de Singapour. Check for more information and screening times. Courtesy of the SFFF we have 15 tickets to The Secret World of Haute Couture to give away. The screening takes place at Sinema Old School on 21 October at 2pm. To stand your chance to score a ticket simply drop your name NRIC and contact number to grabs before 15 October. Coco Chanel The Legend and the Life by Justine Picardie An unprecedented account of the life style and vision of fashion s grand madame The Karl Lagerfeld Diet by Karl Lagerfeld A motivating account of how one man slimmed down and shaped up in the name of Hedi Slimane Marc Jacobs by Bridget Foley Is it glamour Is it irony For fashion s original hipster it s a bit of both and then a bit more Yves Saint Laurent by Florence Muller A crash course on the life and craft of YSL right down to the last stitch on that safari jacket spin OUR GIG PICKS OF THE MONTH Text Hidzir Junaini TUESDAY 25 OCTOBER AT ZOUK ABOVE & BEYOND SYNDICATE FT. SAMIYAM SATURDAY 1 OCTOBER AT HOME CLUB Syndicate s great at mining them LA connections and this time they ve snagged another Brainfeeder heavyweight in Samiyam Funk dubstep soul glitch and hip hop are all inventively splashed about like a Pollock painting infusing Samiyam s idiosyncratic beats with enough shifty patterns to make yer head explode. Kiat will also jamming a live set alongside LA drummer JJ Maics with the usual Syndicate crew holding the fort. The night opens with the third Beat Invitational so prep for more bedroom gems to be unearthed. KOMPAKT NIGHT SATURDAY 8 OCTOBER AT ZOUK No other label has a more impressive minimal tech portfolio than the fabled Kompakt and for one night only the Cologne-based label will be calling Zouk their home The label s visionary co-founder Michael Mayer will be coming down and he ll be bringing one of Kompakt s biggest signees Jennifer Cardini (making her Singapore debut) along for the ride. Accompanied by VJ Okinawa 69 Mayer s microhouse sensibilities and Cardini s status as France s first lady of minimal should ensure an amazing techno journey. kompakt SINDEN SATURDAY 8 OCTOBER AT ZIRCA There ain t no sin in lovin Sinden because boy this London lad can sure get your limbs flailing like no other. Whether he s throwing those famed Mega Warehouse parties back home or conquering clubs around the globe with his lauded eclecticism Sinden means business. With a gnarly goulash of funk carioca Baltimore club kuduro juke house dirty South hip-hop dancehall electro and everything in between his sets are kinda unclassifiable but be known that it s all watertight and full of frenzy. graemesinden Something tells us we don t really need to do much convincing on this one. You don t even have to be a trance-head to be into Above & Beyond their celestial sounds being universal. Currently reigning at 5 in DJ Mag infallible eyes the uplifting Brit trio has had one helluva year. Besides debuting at Glastonbury s 40th the trance kings also recently celebrated a decade of Anjunabeats And we bet there ll be many more milestones forthcoming after they lift Zouk s roof of its hinges again. FRIDAY 28 OCTOBER AT ZOUK BRODINSKI & GESAFFELSTEIN These two are fond of dropping each other s works during their solo sets so it only makes sense for Zouk to bring these fine young DJs together for some techno bromance. The acclaimed Brodinski has remixed and been remixed by the finest while simultaneously earning cred as a bonafide techno beast. Meanwhile the up-and-coming Gesaffelstein may be a tad less known but he s just as exciting and very much on the verge of breaking huge. Expect nothing but epicness from these Zouk debutants. brodinskimusic NEH MIND TUESDAY 4 OCTOBER AT TIMBRE THE SUBSTATION CNTRL WASTELAND 1ST ANNIVERSARY LOOP SATURDAY 8 OCTOBER AT HOME CLUB There s never a night you d want to CNTRL-Z with these experimental techno honchos. And to celebrate 12 amazing months of exploring the upbeat heights and minimal depths of techno in all its forms the CNTRL WASTELAND folks will throwing a big anniversary bash along with fellow techno devotees from the DJ Quest-certified Loop collective. Look for unbelievable visuals and uncompromising quality. CNTRL yourselves now. RENEGADE CREATION FRIDAY 14 OCTOBER AND SATURDAY 15 OCTOBER AT TAB In commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of Nirvana s grunge manifesto Nevermind Timbre Music will be hosting a night of flannel-coated indulgence. Touted as an appreciation of the enormous influence Nirvana exerted five Singaporean artists bands namely Fatskunks Goodfellas Lunarin Michaela Therese and The Lard Brothers have been invited to perform their own unique interpretations of Nevermind classics. Come pay tribute or if not oh well whatever Neh mind. timbremusic Veterans Robben Ford Michael Landau Jimmy Haslip and Gary Novak are ten-foot tall legends in blues-rock circles and recently these greats have joined forces to form a new band called Renegade Creation. Boasting technical interplay between their virtuoso guitarists fiery vocals and propelled by a passion for improvisation the sum of these sterling parts truly embody the very spirit of rock and roll boogie. Catch them on back-to-back nights. michaellandau SATURDAY 29 OCTOBER AT HOME CLUB US AGAINST THE SOUND Halloween s all spooky but at this ghoulish Home Club shindig no one can hear you scream. And that s because the joint s been revamped with a brandnew rib cage shattering sound-system Hot dayum Just for this special launch Home s trotting out and all-star cast of banshees like I Am David Sparkle Ginette Chittick Darren Dubwise Jerls Nez and loopinmotion to blast your eardrums. Post-rock indie dubstep d n b and techno mingling about so there something for every monster to mash to. MAAD PYJAMAS YOU SAY PARTY WE SAY RAVE FRIDAY 7 OCTOBER AT RED DOT DESIGN MUSEUM SATURDAY 15 OCTOBER AT FASH THE BUTTER FACTORY SUPER SPOOKER Yes the monthly MAAD Pyjamas is returning for another cozy night in Red Dot If you ve been to the last couple of well-attended installments you ll know that you can expect ice cold beer cool installations fantastic local bands performing live and a few hundred crazy creatives mingling about making friends. If that sounds like fun that s because it is Whether you re buying or selling or simply looking for great artwork to check out MAAD Pyjamas is right up your alley. Call it what you want we just call it fun Helmed by multiple DJs (Kurt Dave Does The LFK Shawn Livewire and ZuShan) and featuring multiple genres (techno electro nu-rave house d n b breakbeat dubstep) this full-on sweatfest is deadly serious about its BPM-bangin madness. We promise you the boys dishing them out will be nothing but rude loud and possibly intoxicated just the way you like em . SATURDAY 29 OCTOBER AT THE WHITE RABBIT Holy spandex Batman It s gonna be a battle between colourfully costumed heroes and villains at The White Rabbit on Halloween so we d advise you to suit up The forces of good and evil notoriously don t get along but hey that doesn t mean you can t set your differences aside and have a drink and a dance together once a year. World saving domination can wait until after you dig into your Kryptonite cotton candy and claim your Best Dressed Prizes. 92 residencies How did Mad Thrills first come about The night is aptly named Mad Thrills not just due to the gnarliest mix of genres it delivers but also the innovative ways that break the party convention in a club such as crowd surfing and rafting to make every installment a night to remember. Are you surprised the night has grown to be so huge Yes I m really thankful for the friends fans and family that have been supporting me all these years. Shout outs to you people I love you guys What stereo-busting sounds can we expect to hear Expect a psychedelic dish of electro bass heavy house served with complimentary sides of dubstep punk dance rock and drum n bass. Anything from the likes of Skrillex Bare Noize The Glitch Mob Nero Madeon Dada Life Dirtyphonics Avicii etc. Describe what kind of thrills are in store for a Mad Thrills n00b. Besides the usual mind-blowing fist pumping doots womps and bams there s always something new brought to the plate that that will surprise you. What does the future have in store the night Bigger themed parties and hopefully a regional or world tour in the near future MADATTHRILLS MONTHLY ZIRCA Text Hidzir Junaini Images & interview courtesy of Zirca No other local resident night pulls in as much interest purely due to the star power of its head honcho and that s all thanks to the mad skills and mad thrills provided by our very own homegrown console cynosure Inquisitive. If you haven t been to the headbanging hurricane and sweaty mess that is Mad Thrills over at the loud and proud Zirca you pretty much have no right saying that you ve had the craziest night ever . In fact we ll let Inquisitive say it himself... FUNKTION MONTHLY AT ZIRCA Text Hidzir Junaini Images & interview courtesy of Zirca Make no mistake Kennerve has a lot of notches on his weathered belt. The local vet has played alongside Tom Stephan (Superchumbo) Mauro Picotto John Askew and Moshic just to name drop a few and he s also the headlining attraction for Zirca s LOLLIPOP sweetness. But even with all that one of Kennerve s biggest joys is his very own resident night Funktion where he gets to unleash a slightly different sound and display a subtler side to his style. Regulars already know this night s all about quality grooves ranging from electro-house to pulsating progressiveness and here s Kennerve to clue the rest of you in on Funktion s blissful functions. Tell us what Funktion s all about. It s a monthly resident night at Zirca that presents only eminent tunes specially catered to open-minded music punters. Keeping to the no-nonsense grooves wicked track selection and teasing build-ups Funktion is all about music that s worth its every listen. How has it evolved since the night s early days When Funktion first started out it was an exploration to find a bespoke sound that leaned towards a unique blend of electro-pop-house. The musical landscape of the night has since taken its own shape and through its course Funktion has forayed into the darker shades of electro with mainstay of house smattered with trance. It s definitely garnered a following of its own and keeps getting better and better. Describe the kind of craziness we can expect. Girls letting loose on the podiums guys busting crazy energy on the dancefloor waves of hands in the air... you can definitely expect a crowd that really knows how to party. The constant build-ups during the set are always treat to look forward to and when it comes to the big drops we won t disappoint. What s the recommended recipe for the best Funktion experience To best way to experience Funktion is to come with a whole bunch of friends who want nothing less than an awesome night out. We ve seen hoards of clubbers coming in big groups all dressed up for a good party so it s all about chomping big chunks of those feel-good vibes. Where s Funktion headed in the coming months After dishing out the goods all this while stay tuned for special editions of Funktion coming very soon and of course its anniversary alert the great spy experiment white shoes & the couples company deerhoof muon little fox orange grass UPTOTHESKY FESTIVAL Text Min Chen Images & interviews courtesy of Figure8 Agency they will kill us all AN ASIAN THING Southeast Asia s musical cup runneth over with talent. And there s no reason for you not to have a clue especially not with UpToTheSky Festival arriving on our doorsteps to point out these exact bright spots. Jointly brought to you by Figure8 Agency and The Secret Agents two parties keen on pushing SEA s indie scene this inaugural event is all about collecting the finest musical brethren from Hong Kong Thailand Taiwan Malaysia Indonesia the Philippines plus a handful of international draws and spreading them all over a stellar one-day bill at Old School. Yup Asia runs the show here and if that sounds like a blast that s because it is. Riding high on the line-up are two of Indonesia s fastest-rising acts The Trees & The Wild an acoustic-led band specialising in folk-pop of a catchy and colourful quality as well as The White Shoes & The Couples Company purveyors of a 60s-tinged indie-pop that ll win you over just like that. Other regional acts to look out for include Thailand s psych-pop gem Little Fox Malaysia s noise-making quartet They Will Kill Us All an equally loud and youthful Orange Grass from Taiwan and from Hong Kong the innovative pop trio known as 9 Maps. Then stand right up for Singapore s sonic pride and joys as B-Quartet The Great Spy Experiment and Muon will take turns waving flags for our red dot. But UpToTheSky isn t about to stop at the Asian border the festival also casts its net wide for international fish. There ll be electronic soundscapes all the way from Finland courtesy of Zebra & Snake alongside the timeless pop harmonies and kinetic stage presence of Dr. Dog a five-piece which hails from Philadelphia and scores props from no less than Lou Reed. And heading up this entire shebang will be every Brooklyn hipster s wet dream and indie kid s secret little crush Deerhoof. Say woot The San Francisco-based quartet has had 16 years worth of experience in the art-pop game that even at album number 11 (this year s Deerhoof vs. Evil) its bonkers brand of psych-noise-rock remains a potent and challenging broth. So let this date be saved and keep your ears pricked. It ll be a rich and busy day at UpToTheSky but only because Asia has it to offer. UpToTheSky Festival happens on 3 December at Old School 11 Mount Sophia. Tickets cost 89 with reservation and 95 at the door. Email figure8 or call 9866 9259 to reserve your tickets. More information is at 94 FESTIVAL PROJECTION PROJECT UpToTheSky s love for Asia won t be framed just in music but also on film. Running alongside the festival will be a screening programme that takes pride in contemporary and compelling video portraits of music in Asia. And they can do no wrong with Vincent Moon fronting that stuff. The indie filmmaker already celebrated for his work like Arcade Fire s Miroir Noir will be down to showcase his new project Petites Planetes which turns the focus onto non-English speaking countries in an attempt to profile its musical output. First up are his adventures in Indonesia where the Frenchman dives below the surface to document its fading traditional sounds as much as its emerging experimental and popular forms. Surely a unique and vital perspective on our regional sparks and the sounds they make. WE WAVED HELLO AT THE UPTOTHESKY S ROSTER AND LOOKED WHO HOLLERED BACK DR. DOG One of Philly s best-kept secrets Dr. Dog spent years storming its city s barns and basements before its 1999 debut Psychedelic Swamp surfaced upon the world. From there it s only been on the up and up for the quintet whose abiding psychpop harmonics have weathered not one bit over five sparkly albums. Before the doc unleashes their fury on UpToTheSky here they are with answers to our questions. It s been 10 years of Dr. Dog Any thoughts on how far you ve come From playing with sticks on paint-cans in college to playing on late night TV has been quite a ride but no step really ever felt out of proportion to what came before. We never had a break-out moment that changed everything for us it s all come from hard work and playing lots of shows. People constantly describe you guys as feel-good. Is that a vibe you consciously work toward or are you just happy people I think we re generally a pretty cheery group but we definitely tend to shy away from the self-loathing depressed kind of stuff. That s always seemed like a cop out and I think there are more interesting perspectives to write from. And within the band what s the creative dynamic like We work very well together and our upcoming album is a testament to that. Everything was so easy compared to other albums. You excited to be heading to Singapore for UpToTheSky This will be the first time we ve played a gig in Asia We re psyched to see Deerhoof one of our favorite bands and to see what the Southeast Asian music scene is like. 9 MAPS Confidence and ambition marks this trio from Hong Kong as much as innovation and emotion dots its folk-pop. 9 Maps quick blossoming on their local scene has seen them walk off with awards and props galore but Sherin Ciosa and Gabe s attention remains on crafting gently lit compositions that charm enchant and resonate. It s all up for grabs on the band s imminent debut LP and an Asian tour that conveniently stops right on our shores. Tell us the thing that bonds you three. Ciosa I think if there wasn t some kind of intrinsic bond between the band members then the music wouldn t be very good. There s definitely a friendship and respect that s reflected in the way the songs take shape. Have there been any challenges as a working indie band in Hong Kong Sherin Depending on who you talk to there s this general attitude that Hong Kong s so much about the financial industry that the cultural artistic side suffers as a result. All I d say is that unlike classical mainstream or international genres I think local indie forms of art experience more difficulties in taking off here than in other cities. Then again surely your love for the city shows in your music. C Hong Kong is my home and it flows in my veins so anything I write or sing has somehow been inspired by the city. I do think we represent a different part of Hong Kong perhaps a side that might be harder to see underneath the hectic fast-paced ways of this city. We just add a bit of our own cosmopolitan touch. 9maps THE TREES & THE WILD Snake on the cusp of great things Tapio and Matti having just got inked by 100% Records and with a new release in the pipeline. And just as well for the Finnish duo s ambient-electronic pop a haunting and hypnotic concoction of beats and analog keys sure deserves a place to call home. All the same do lay out the welcome mat for these manimals when they alight on ours with their reverb pedals and powers of healing. As suggested The Trees & The Wild own up to a pastoral kind of folk lined with ear-catching melodies and an acoustic strum. It was this delightful sound that chalked up thousands of listens on the group s MySpace in 2001 before its excellent debut Rasuk plastered the Indonesian trio across the map. So while it may have been a quiet hobby that started it and a gentle sway that guides it these guys make nothing short of a deep impact. Watch out kids Since you started making music as a hobby how does it feel to be a working band now Well everything hasn t really changed. I think we are still the band that we were four years ago. How do you reckon Indonesia has influenced your sound We live in an area that has two totally different environments. One part is the industrial part and the other one is the typical green suburbs part. I guess somehow those opposing environments inspired the music. Since it s been two years since your debut Rasuk can we expect a followup soon Yes we are currently working on our second album. The process has been so exciting because our additional members are also involved in the arrangement. It ll be a bit different from the first one. What s been one of your biggest highlights as a band I think playing shows abroad is one the highlights So pumped to play again in Singapore Can t wait to see you guys thetreesandthewild ZEBRA & SNAKE literally caught Zebra & We ve What s new in the world of Zebra & Snake Well we got signed and so it s a lot of hassle getting the record out but we re feeling really happy about it all But take us back to your beginnings... We re both from a small town in Finland so we ve kinda always known each other. But this one time we re just hanging out and had some synths and drum machines plugged in so we just started to play. First it was kind of a therapeutic project just writing silly songs without any limit or censor but nowadays it s more of a world of healing music. What makes up that healing music Analog synths and Tapio s deep voice are the major things but there s this secret weapon we have a 30 reverb pedal that just sounds like nothing else. You excited about heading out to Singapore SUPER EXCITED zebraandsnake ALERT STEPHEN DAY AT GROOOVE BRAND NEW DAY Text Hidzir Junaini Image & interview courtesy of Zirca Local party peeps should know Stephen Day from his days helming Ministry Of Sound s Studio 54 space but the man s affection for those 80s sounds stretches much further back. Stephen actually co-founded a famed Tribute to 54 party series that drenched the length and breadth of the UK in his polyrhythmic funk before heading to our turf to do the same. And we couldn t be more grateful. From residencies in Leeds Gatecrasher to more house-centric stints in various clubs here Stephen returns to familiar surroundings doing what he does best in Zirca s Grooove. We spoke to Stephen about his groovy past present and future. Maybe some of your local fans don t know this but you re best known for your Studio 54 nights back home. Tell us how that came about. One night I got to meet a disco legend from the UK called Nigel Wanless aka Brutus Gold. He had been watching me play at one of my resident nights in Middleborough at a great club called Hush. He approached me and said he loved the way I played and had never seen anyone mix disco like that We eventually joined forces and formed the Tribute to 54 night that we took to many different clubs up and down the UK. The nights were a great success and I m sure if I never moved to Singapore the nights would still be rocking the UK and beyond Considering your success in England why did you decide to move your career to Singapore I got a phone call from my manager with an offer to be a resident at the upcoming Ministry of Sound club in Singapore. Although my career was going great in England and I was happy there this opportunity was too big to turn down. The prospect of playing for the biggest dance music brand in the world and getting to see Asia sealed the deal for me Seeing as how you ve spun here for six solid years what s your opinion on the local clubscape Can or should it learn anything from the UK scene I love the nightlife here there are so many beautiful clubs and I m lucky to have played in some of them. I do think the UK has more underground style clubs that may not have the beautiful d cor and don t book big name DJs but are still rocking and have a great loyal crowd. I am starting to see more nights like this coming up in Singapore though. This is great because there is so much musical talent here that needs to be showcased somehow. You ve played on the same bill as huge names such as Frankie Knuckles and Derrick Carter. Have you ever been star struck I was a little star struck by Boy George for obvious reasons and it was an absolute honour to meet Frankie and my hero Louie Vega One of the highlights for me was to do a back-to-back disco set with Derrick Carter it blew my mind And apart from DJ-ing we understand you re heading into production. I actually started producing about two years ago and have around 20 tracks finished. My first big release comes out in November this year on well-respected DJ producer Scope s new label Seven Music based in the UK. It s a four-track EP with some deep disco style house grooves. I m really looking forward to this release and I hope it can lead to some big things. What can we expect from you at your new home in Grooove I m well excited to be playing in Grooove. I would really like to create a similar vibe to when I played at the old 54 room in MOS but with loads of new cool aspects. Expect quality disco and retro topped with a dash of soul and funk style beats Stephen Day pays more tributes to 54 at Zirca s psychedelic disco-funk space Grooove. Catch him there on Wednesday and Friday nights for some boogie-licous times stephen-day 96 SCEne CODE GEEK AT ZOUK THE FUTURE OF THE INTERNET IS DOWN THERE ON THE DANCEFLOOR ED BANGER NIGHT AT ZOUK YEAH ED BANGER (WHAT ) ED BANGER (CAN T HEAR YOU TOO NOISY ) ED BANGER 98 THE MYSTERIES OF THE HAUNTED ISLAND AT CLARKE QUAY WWW.CLARKEQUAY.COM.SG HALLOWEEN 29 OCTOBER 2011 CENTRAL SQUARE CLARKE QUAY LOLLIPOP WEDNESDAYS WITH B.O.B AT ZIRCA THE BOSS B.O.B ENSURES OUR MID-WEEK DOESN T GO BY WITHOUT SOMETHING SWEET ANDREW CHOW & MC NARA AT ATTICA A HOLLER AND A HOOT SCEne H&M SINGAPORE PREVIEW PARTY IT S SWEDISH IT S SEXY AND NOW IT S OURS BOLS PRESENTS AIRCREW DJS AT ALLEY BAR WE FLY THE FRIENDLY SKIES 100 SCEne FASH MOB AT THE BUTTER FACTORY THE CITIZENS OF FASH COME TOGETHER AS ONE UNITED PEOPLE HAVOC AT THE BUTTER FACTORY ZOMG Y SO CRAZY 102 SCEne LOOP ANNIVERSARY AT HOME CLUB OUR HOMEMADE TEMPLE TO TECHNO COMES OF AGE BOOTY CALL SLEEP OVER AT THE BUTTER FACTORY BREAKFAST NOT INCLUDED NEVER HIDE ON THE STREETS WITH RAY-BAN WHILST MAKING OUR ROUNDS WE EYE-SPIED A HANDFUL OF FOLKS OUT AND ABOUT TOWN WITH THEIR FACES BEAUTIFULLY FRAMED BY THEIR PAIR OF RAY-BAN OPTICALS. THAT S INSTANT COOL IF WE MIGHT SAY SO. Sami Shawn Vanessa Camille Raymond 106 Lynette Wanna get your hands on a pair of Ray-Bans Mosey on down to singapore for more information SHOP AT THESE ALDO ION ORCHARD B2-02 CLUBS PUBS & BARS to check out 1-ALTITUDE Level 63 1 Raffles Place T 6438 0410 Music Chill out STOCKISTS ASYLUM 22 ANN SIANG ROAD T 6325 3019 BEN SHERMAN PARAGON 03-08 T 6836 8467 BLACK CLOVER FAR EAST PLAZA 03-17 COLLAGE 61 HAJI LANE CORNER SHOP FAR EAST PLAZA 03-16 DR. MARTENS ORCHARD CENTRAL 03-05 T 6884 7578 EDITOR MARKET AVE ORCHARD CENTRAL 04-08 09 FUNC DEKO FAR EAST PLAZA 03-90B GAP CENTREPOINT 02-100 T 6732 9541 GUESS NGEE ANN CITY B2-25 28 H&M ORCHARD BUILDING 1 GRANGE ROAD K.I.N 51 HAJI LANE T 6369 5475 MUJI PARAGON 04-46 47 48 PAUL SMITH HILTON SHOPPING GALLERY 02-24 T 6737 8861 PULL AND BEAR ION ORCHARD B2-08 T 6238 7655 RIVER ISLAND ION ORCHARD B2-30 STRADIVARIUS ION ORCHARD B2-15 THE DENIM STORE MANDARIN GALLERY 03-09 11 T 67333 608 TOPSHOP KNIGHTSBRIDGE 01-05 06 T 6733 8912 THREADBARE & SQUIRREL 43 HAJI LANE L2 T 6396 6738 VERY WOONDERLAND ION ORCHARD B3-12 Looking for where-to-find-juice 110 HARD ROCK CAF 50 Cuscaden Road T 6235 5232 Music Live acoustic and rock OVEREASY 1 Fullerton Road 01-06 One Fullerton T 6423 0769 ACID BAR 180 Orchard Road Peranakan Place T 6738 8828 Music Live acoustic HARRY S BAR ALLEY BAR 180 Orchard Road Peranakan Place T 6738 8818 Music Nu-groove lounge acid jazz and funk ALTIVO Beside Mount Faber Cable Car Station T 6270 8855 6270 8223 Music Down-tempo and World music 3A River Valley Road 01-03 Clarke Quay T 6333 9973 Music Classic dance anthems r&b and hip hop Harbour Front Centre 01-64 T 6271 8234 Clarke Quay Marrakesh-Morrocan Lounge and Bar Block 3D 01-01 T 6331 7331 Changi Airport T2 Departure Transit Lounge North T 6542 2261 Changi Airport T1 Departure and Transit Lounge West (Cactus Garden) T 6542 7035 Changi Airport T1 Nexus Lounge T 6214 0865 1 Esplanade Drive 01-05 07 The Esplanade Mall Music Jazz blues country and r&b POST BAR The Fullerton Singapore 1 Fullerton Square T 6877 8135 Music New age and chill out POWERHOUSE GALLERY BAR MOVIDA BELLINI ROOM St. James Power Station 3 Sentosa Gateway 01-01 T 6270 7676 Music Pop house (Powerhouse) Disco funk (Gallery bar) World music (Movida) Jazz (Bellini room) Q BAR HELIPAD ATTICA & ATTICA TOO 6 Eu Tong San Street 5th Floor The Central T 6324 8118 Music House electro new rave down tempo lounge The Annex The Old Parliament House 1 Old Parliament Lane 01-04 T 6336 3386 Music Hip hop r&b dance and house music HOME CLUB QUE PASA AVALON Marina Bay Sands Floating Pavilion T 6597 8325 20 Upper Circular Road The Riverwalk B1-01 06 T 6538 2928 Music Indie rock electro drum and bass 7 Emerald Hill Road T 235 6626 Music Modern & traditional jazz guitar instrumental & acid jazz with female vocals THE ARENA 3B River Valley Road 01-08 Clarke Quay T 6338 3158 Music Live music ICE COLD BEER THE RABBIT HOLE REBEL BARRACKS & TIPPLING CLUB 8D Dempsey Rd T 6475 7787 9 Emerald Hill Road T 6735 9929 50 Stamford Road Singapore Management University Lee Kong Chian School of Business 01-01 T 6837 3585 Music Classic alternative and adult contemporary rock 3C Harding Road T 6473 9965 3C The Cannery River Valley Road 01-07 08 T 6235 2292 Music Hip hop r&b urban BAR COCOON 3A Merchant s Court Clarke Quay River Valley Rd 01-02 T 6557 6268 Music Eclectic new wave electro uplifting house big tunes & deep house INK CLUB BAR SIAM SUPPER CLUB Raffles The Plaza 80 Bras Basah Road T 6431 5315 Music Sexy funky house 207 River Valley Rd T 6732 0938 ssc index.htm Music Retro & Top 40s STELLAR BAR BAR OPIUME J BAR 1 Empress Place ACM T 6339 2876 Music Rosanna & Her Jazz Players Mon - 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You ll find that we rock even in pixels. final word FEAR FACTOR Text Hidzir Junaini We reckon psycho killers fit the scary bill pretty snugly and The Talking Heads sure evoke disturbing images of a nude Patrick Bateman chasing after us with an axe down a hallway. No need to ask qu est-ce que c est we just kind of wanna run run run run away. Seriously who saw this video during their impressionable adolescence and didn t freak the eff out Nobody that s who. The sight of a wild impish pierced-up and PCP-ed out Keith Flint running around abandoned tunnels screaming I m the fear addicted danger illustrated kind of has that effect. This disorienting classic is essentially a short story told over a rock instrumental. The narrative concerns a jealous boyfriend who decides to mail himself to his long-distance girlfriend by hiding inside a box only to have his head sliced open with a sheet metal cutter as she excitedly opens the package. Yikes This pick has as much to do with its fascist connotations (31G and 350125 were Rudolph Hess prisoner ID number) as much its claustrophobic energy (rare for the band). Joy Division has always been known as dark and eerie but this early track introduced the Curtis prototype for unsettling nervousness. We could fill up this entire list with Nick Cave songs but this one off Murder Ballads is surely the most disturbing. Vividly versed and deeply macabre Henry Lee is about a woman who ends up stabbing her object of desire repeatedly before dumping his corpse in a well. Not for the squeamish. The song alone is pretty chill-inducing but when paired with its iconic video (using clips from Johnny Got His Gun) this track becomes downright traumatic. Metallica s tale of a limbless man confined to a cold hospital bed ( I cannot live I cannot die trapped in myself body my holding cell ) is as horrifying as they come. This is the song Hitchcock would have written if he was a goth kid. Accompanied by a creepy fading bass line this song relates the fear of a woman coming home late at night from the subway. Plus that climatic ear-piercing scream is guaranteed to startle the living daylights out of a first time listener. Inspired by Thom Yorke s time working within a mental institution Climbing Up the Walls possesses foreboding synths (a new trick in the band s sound back then) and intensely unstable lyrics that are as poetically abstract as they disturbingly demented. No other song captures the experience of insanity more succinctly. 112